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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

~From "GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover" (Volume 22 of The Quaraun Series)

The Gremlin's House/Kill The Baby

Chapter ??

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet edited. The published print edition may be different.)

The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane
Volume 22 of 130

GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover:

The Gremlin's House/Kill The Baby

Chapter ??

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet edited. The published print edition may be different.)

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GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover (Volume 22 of The Quaraun Series)

The Gremlin's House/Kill The Baby

2018 Extended Edition UPDATE:

the original 2014 novella was only ~60,000 words

(fewer than 100 paperback pages)

The 2018 Extended Edition is a full length novel

now 140,000+ words long

(300+ paperback pages)

This chapter is...

Word count: 4,283


14 paperback pages.

~From "GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover" (Volume 22 of The Quaraun Series):

Chapter ??

The Gremlin's House/Kill The Baby

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet edited. The published print edition may be different.)

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~o0o~ Chapter  ~o0o~

Days passed in a blur as the trio made the long trek back south in search of The Gremlin. Following the directions provided to them by the saloon girl, they were able to locate Luke Swanzen’s old sheep farm, which the aged Gremlin had moved into.

The old house was in disrepair. Around it was many acres off wooden fences, surrounding many hundreds of sheep contentedly grazing.

My god,” Quaraun exclaimed. “Look at all the sheep!”

Dis definitely where our Ghouly live," Unicorn said.

They knocked at the door.

The old orange robed wizard answered the door.

Quaraun?” The Gremlin was astonished to see them. “What are you doing here?”

We don’t know.”

“You don't know? How typical of you, Quaraun. Do you ever know where you are or how you got there? Well, you might as well come in, now that you’ve found me.”

Someone behind Gremlin ran from the room, scurrying up the stairs. A door slammed somewhere on the 2nd floor.

Is there someone else here?”

That was Sunta. He lives with me.”

Sunta? You don’t live alone?”

I used to. Not any more.”

Who is Sunta?”

He’s, uhm... he’s... a friend.”

You sound uncertain.”

 “I’m uncertain if I should introduce you to him. He’s... shy? Shy’s a good word.”

You sound like you’re lying.”

So what else is new? I’m still a thief too.”

And you still have sheep.”

Ever so many sheep.”

Is it just you and Sunta here?”


Are you happy together?”

Why the questions, Quaraun? You jealous?”

When we saw you before. You were extremely sad. And very lonely. It made me unhappy that you were alone.”

Well, I’m not alone now.”

Are you lovers?”

Gremlin was silent a moment before responding.

What an odd question. You are jealous. I know you too well, Quaraun. We are. Sunta and I are lovers. But I don't think you'll ever meet him. Sunta is... apprehensive.”

Undoubtedly, considering he ran away when we entered.”

We don’t receive visitors often. It’s been years, and... he was severely mutilated. His injuries... he's scarred very badly. You understand what it is to be disfigured. He doesn’t want people to look at him. His face... He can’t talk.”

 “He is mute?”

Something like that. They cut out his tongue.”

“That's cruel. How do you communicate?”'

It seems irrelevant since you didn't know of his existence five minutes ago. I’m a Thullid. Remember? We have no need of tongues for speech.”

The hive mind. Do you have that now?”

Yes. And so does he.”

He is a Thullid as well?”

Gremlin nodded.

I expect we are the last two Thullids left alive. Humans mass massacred the Thullids.”

Gremlin made his way to the stairs.

Sunta,” he called up. “Come down. It’s Unicorn. You’ll like to see Unicorn. I know you would.”

Gremlin waited a moment, then returned to the others.

I don’t think he’ll come down. He’s easily frightened. Like a little jack rabbit.”

"You always called me that."

"Well, not many people out there with foot long ears, is there? Rather unique feature of yours. Does it upset you, I call someone else a jackrabbit?"

Quaraun ignored the question.

Does he know Unicorn?”

Gremlin nodded, then sat down in his red armchair.

"You still have that chair."

"Yes, and in the garage, you'll find I still have the 1974 AMC Gremlin. I'm a creature of habit. I don't like change."

"You're also a hermit who doesn't go outside other than to rewrite your future by disrupting your past."

Gremlin glanced over at GhoulSpawn.

"And I'm disrupting your life GhoulSpawn?"

Quaraun didn't give GhoulSpawn a chance to answer.

"How did you find someone to live with you? I was of the impression, you were absolutely, completely, and insanely obsessed with me? I wouldn't think you would even consider making time for anyone else."

"I don't. I'm still obsessed with you Quaraun. That hasn't changed. It never will. I do love you. That was never a lie. I still do."

"But I died."

"You died. You both died. You and Unicorn. And I was left alone."

"You went to the ends of the world to change history and try to bring me back."

"I did."

"And now you live with someone else?"

You didn’t come here to talk about Sunta. Why are you here? What do you want?”

To go home.”

Home. I remember home. I suppose I should remember being here with you, visiting me. It is my past after all.”

Do you remember coming here?”

Sunta?” Gremlin called upstairs again. “Do we remember visiting us?”

Gremlin waited for an answer but got none.

No. We don’t recall visiting us. But we had a lobotomy. More than once. We don’t remember much any more. Either of us. Me or Sunta. Poor Sunta. They tortured him.”

Who did?”

White Rock. He was in White Rock as well. We both were. He’s alive. But after what they did to him... I’m not sure that’s a good thing.”

Would you like tea? I will make us some tea.”

Gremlin got up and disappeared through a side door, returning moments later.

Water is on the stove.”

Are you okay?”

I’m fine. It’s good to see you.”

What happened to the moon?”

Ah, you noticed that.”

I’m a Moon Elf, of course I did.”

It will crash into the planet any day now. It’s why Draimen brought you here.”

You know about Draimen?”

Of course I do. I’m the occultist he hired to summon you.”


Who else do you expect could locate you and rip you across time and space?”

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

 “Why?” Quaraun’s continuance changed to one of horror. “Why would you do that to us?”

I’m the Summoner of Darkness. You’re Darkness. Thus I Summon you. It’s what we do for eternity Quaraun. You and I. We are not Wizards, Quaraun. We are Gods. Locked in this impossible battle of wits for eternity."



"That's a long time.

"It is. Do you have any idea what year it is?”

What difference does that make?”

Gremlin left his armchair to stand face to face with Quaraun.

It makes a lot of difference, Quaraun. It’s 2525, and the Earth is about to die. We are standing at end the the world. This is the world after Ongadada. You killed 31 billion people. And no one can stop you. Because you are not an Elf like people think you are. You're a God trapped in an Elf's body. We can only tame you. Why do you think the Humans massacred the Thullids? You’re not an Elf, Quaraun. You’ve not been an Elf for a long time. You’re a monster, Quaraun."

I am not a monster.”

"A cruel, cold-hearted beast. Trapped in the body of the Elf you murdered centuries ago.”

"You've turned bitter."

Do you know what happens after the world ends Quaraun? It’s not the end for you and me. The planet dies, but we keep living. I’ve been past the end of Earth. Eternity doesn’t end. Not for us.”

You’ve gone mad.”

The natural life span of an Elf is 450 years, 500 at the most. How old are you right now, Quaraun? 500? 600? 700? Do you even know? Do you want to know how old I am? That little 19-year-old boy travelling with you right now. Do you have any idea what you're going to do to him? You're going to turn him into me. I am 1,125 years old. I should have died 700 years ago. And you know why I don't die? Because I already died. 1,105 years ago. I never made it to 20 years old, Quaraun. He'll be dead in 3 months. And you're a Necromancer. GhoulSpawn is dying, and he knows it. He's very sick. He's struggling to stay alive right now. In a few weeks he's gonna die and you're gonna turn him into me. You want to know how old Sunta is? 1,587. It is 2525, Quaraun. You were born in 938A.D. No Elf should live this long.”

 “How are you so old?”

You bound your soul to a Lich, Quaraun. And then you bound your soul to me. We can’t die, Quaraun. None of us. We’re Liches. You and I. You ripped out your soul and exchanged it with BoomFuzzy’s soul, remember? And BoomFuzzy was a Lich. You turned yourself into a Lich and you didn’t even know it. Do you have any idea what they had to do to you to finally kill you and have stay dead? Do you now what it takes to kill a Lich, Quaraun?”

You’re a Lich?”

I didn’t want to be a Lich, Quaraun. I didn’t ask for this! Ask Unicorn what life is like for me? He knows. He knows what it is like to die a thousand times and never stay dead. To be hunted by everyone. To have them kill you over and over again, and no matter how many times they murder you, you get back up so they can kill you again!”

I’m sorry.”

I know.” Gremlin sat back down in his red armchair. “I know how sorry you are. I'm well acquainted with you're inability to stop telling me how sorry you are. I know you didn’t mean to do this to me. Your trouble is you love too much, Quaraun. Too extreme. You can't let go. Sometimes it's better to let the one you love die."

"That advice coming from you?"

"Ironic isn't it?"

"You've spent the last four centuries trying to undo my death. And apparently your time travelling has ripped the planet apart." 

"Yes. I've stopped trying to change history."


"There are things worse than death. I learned that the hard way.”

"What do you mean?"

"I changed too much. The last time I changed history..."

Gremlin looked up at the stairs.

"That's when Sunta came to live with me. I haven't dared do anything to alter history again. I made matters worse, and I don't want to risk making things even more worse, again. Poor Sunta. He shouldn't have lived through what White Rock did to him."

"What did they do to him?"

"You don't want to know."

"Is there anything we can do to help?"

"Could you kill an innocent baby?"


"I can't."

"Why would you?"

"I've tried so many times. But I can never do it."

"Nor should you!"

"I've never taken a life. I'm not like you, Quaraun. I couldn't kill someone to save someone else."

"What does killing a baby have to do with anything?"

"It was supposed to die."

"No one is supposed to die."

"Ah! There it is."

"There what is?"

"Your inability to let anything die."

"Death can always be avoided."

"No. And even a God isn't all powerful enough to stop death forever. Though he certainly can try."

"What about the baby? And what baby?"

"In my use of portal and time travel, I altered where one person went. It was insignificant. Delaying one man by mere minutes, resulted in a chain reaction. Him not being in a certain place at a certain time, results in a pregnant woman, being saved by an onlooker. In the correct timeline, she and the baby both die. In the altered time line, that baby dies, but the mother lives and a year later, gives birth to another baby. One that never should have existed. That baby grows up and does things that were never supposed to happen. Hundreds of life paths are changed, hundreds of people don't do the things they were born to do. And we get this end result. A world about to be murdered by its own moon. I've seen the end of this world already. Moon crashes into it. Civilization falls into chaos. Planet topples off its access, crashes into the next planet, sending it off its axis, and soon the whole solar system is being sucked into the sun. The sun then overheats and super novas. And this solar system dies."

"And how do you escape to be able to come back here before it happens?"



"It's why we call him Sunta now. The Thullids were right. He really is a God."

"What do mean?"

"He can reset the universe.”

Reset the universe? How?”

 “I don’t know. He just says it and it happens. It’s why they cut his tongue out. Somehow, he rewinds life. Give us a chance to relive it all over again. Let us make different choices and get a different outcome. Our lives are like a game to him. When we die. He just snaps his fingers to trigger the reset button and here we are all over again. Do you know what the worst part is?"

"No. But I'm sure you're going to tell me. You seem particularly talkative today."

"No one believes me. I've lived my life a thousand times now. Over and over again. He won't let me die. He won't let any of us die. I should have known, when I first found out White Rock had locked him in a box, for 400 years, without food and water, and he lived through it... that he couldn't die and possessed powers none of us could imagine. Harrier believes me. Harrier remembers. But most people... they don't remember. They don't remember their past lives, so they don't believe when I tell them, we've lived through this all before."

"No one can do that."

"No? Let me address the Sacred Pink Jelly Fish then. Ask her, how long she lived in a goldfish bowl, in the Temple of the Di'Jinn, worshiped by the Thullids, before ZooLock implanted her inside of you?"


"How old is the Sacred Pink Jelly Fish?"


"She's as old as the universe, isn't she?"

"If allowed time to heal, Jelly Fish continually regenerate. A Jelly Fish can live thousands of years. They are practically immortal."

"And their minds, all powerful. An all powerful Jelly Fish living inside the World's Most Powerful Wizard? Is there anything you CAN'T do, Quaraun?"

"I'm not all powerful. You know that."

"Do I? Why are you here, Quaraun? What do you want?”

We want to go home.”


We were hoping you could help us.”

Did we help them leave here, Sunta?”

Gremlin waited and listened.

No.” Gremlin shook his head. “We didn’t help you. You found your own way out of here.”

You won’t help us?”

I’m sorry. Life is good for me and Sunta right now. As bad as this future may seem, others were worse. A lot worse. In this future, Sunta is alive, we are together, and we are not in White Rock. We are not being daily tortured, by Humans, who exist only to study us. We don’t have much else, but we have that. We didn’t even have that much in any other future we’ve encountered. And you don’t know how hard it was, just to get this. I’m sorry. I can’t help you. I can’t risk losing him.”

Then why d'you bring us here?”

It was required.”


In order to ensure this future for you.”


This is the only future I’ve found, where you don’t die.”

I’m still alive in this timeline?”

You are. And I don’t want to lose you again. Please. Just leave. Find your own way home.”

“But Black Tower’s gone.”

I know.”

I don’t know how to get us back home without it.”

Sunta!” Gremlin called out to his companion. “They want to go home. They want us to risk opening another portal. At risk of changing the future we have now. Do you want that?"

Why don’t you bring him down here, you won’t have to yell.”

Haha. Bring him down here. No. Sunta does what Sunta wants. You always did, didn’t you? You know you have a rather forceful dominance when you really want to.”

A high pitched whistling sound came from the other room

Tea’s ready.”

Gremlin left the room again.

Unicorn slid up close to Quaraun and whispered: “I think we should leave. He not sane.”

No, Unicorn,” Gremlin called out from the kitchen. “I’m not sane. But everyone knows that. I'm also not gone deaf. I may be half sheep, but I'm also half Elf still. I have impeccable Elf hearing. And so does Sunta. He hears you Unicorn. He knows you're here."

Gremlin returned from the kitchen carrying a tea set on a tray and set it on the table in front of the red chair.

"Still have my chair too Quaraun, and all of my Dungeons and Dragons books. I've really not changed much Quaraun."

The old half Elf walked up to Quaraun and handed him a teacup.

"Drugged with your favourite pink sugar cubes, just like you like it."

Quaraun set the cup on the table.

"I don't have time for your LSD, Gremlin."


Gremlin turned to GhoulSpawn.

"Be careful not to touch me. As I am you and you are me. We don't want to create a rip in the fabric of time now, do we?"

"No," GhoulSpawn whispered. He was still terrified of his future self.

"Escape while you can, GhoulSpawn, before you become me. Tea?"

Gremlin handed a teacup to his younger self.

Don’t worry. I don’t drug it like Unicorn does.”

Can you send us home,” GhoulSpawn asked his future self.

Home? Haha! Why not stay here and watch the end of the world? You're just in time for it. It should happen any day now.”

Quaraun,” Unicorn said. “We need to leave.”

Gremlin handed Unicorn a teacup.

Sunta tell you to leave?” Gremlin asked the Phooka. “He did, didn’t he? He can talk to you. He always could talk to you couldn’t he?”

I am so very sorry,” Unicorn said to Gremlin. Then grabbing Quaraun’s arm, forcibly dragged the Elf towards the door. “We have to leave right now.”

Before Quaraun had a chance to protest, Unicorn dragged the Elf from the house. GhoulSpawn looked back and forth from his friends to his future self, uncertain what to do. Gremlin sat back down in his red armchair and stirred his tea while staring back at GhoulSpawn.

What happened to you?” GhoulSpawn asked.

"You became me and I went insane. This is your future GhoulSpawn."

Gremlin pointed to the stairs.

He’s right at the top of the stairs if you want to see him.”

Who? Sunta?”



Quaraun. Or what’s left of him.”

Left of him?"

"Sunta is Quaraun."


I went back in time, hundreds, thousands of times. Trying to change history."

"We know that."

"He died. He died horribly. I couldn’t let him die like that."

"You never told us how he died."

"They captured the Elf. You saw it. You just saw it."

"Saw what?"

"He gave you the wand. When you were in White Rock. That timeline is changed here. It's the only time he hands you the wand. In every other timeline, he doesn't do that. Had he not handed you that wand, you would have watched him die, right there in front of you. And you saw the state Unicorn was in. He couldn't help you. Not once they had the Faerie Iron on him."

"That was the day Quaraun dies?"

"It was. Quaraun and Unicorn never remember it. Neither does ZooLock."

"ZooLock? He wasn't there."

"He was. You didn't recognize him. He's changed bodies. And names. He's Cheecka now. He's the one who kills Quaraun. With Quaraun dead, Harrier kills Unicorn. He has to because Unicorn would kill everyone on planet otherwise. You always remember it. Every time it happens. Harrier always remembers it. He always tries to stop Cheecka. He always fails. And because Quaraun doesn't know that Cheecka is really ZooLock, he doesn't know how much danger he's in."

"They stabbed him. Cheecka stabbed Quaraun."

"He was trying to kill the Thullid. Not the Elf. When he can't do it that way. He rips out Quaraun's tongue, trying to get to the Thullid. They torture him trying to get to the Jelly Fish inside of him. And they finally do get her. They rip her out of his body. With the Elf's body dead, they start torturing the Jelly Fish. She has hundreds of arms, and they start cutting them off. They torture her to death. In some timelines, Harrier attacks Cheecka trying to stop him. The Jelly nearly dead, crawls to the other cell, makes it to Unicorn. And then Cheecka attacks Unicorn trying to get the Jelly Fish away from him. He kills both of them. In this timeline... the one I live in now. Harrier attacked Cheeka, knocked him out, then took Quaraun's body and the Jelly Fish, to Al-Keeme..."


"You don't know him yet. But you will. If you don't kill that baby. That baby is his grandmother. He built White Rock. He's a Thullid. When you do meet him, you can trust him. He's loyal to the Sacred Pink Jelly Fish. And he's ruthless. He'll do anything to protect her. ANYTHING. If you ever need help, you can go to him. But in your time... he's not been born yet. He's Quaraun's grandson. He's a doctor. He knows how to re-implant a Thullid back into its host. And that's why Quaraun is still alive in this timeline, I live in now."

"But how do we get back to where we belong?"

"One day I succeeded in changing the past. So he didn’t die. He lived. He lived through what they did to him. But they still did it. And now that is all that is left of him. I’ve not dared use a portal again. I became terrified I would make it worse for him if I did. I destroyed Black Tower. Before I changed history again and made it worse. I wanted him back. Now I think it had been better had I let him die. I fear to try to change this, for fear, if I change it again, it’ll be even worse for him next time. I take care of him now. And we wait this world to end that we may both die and have to suffer no more. Go. Look at him. See what he has become. And then find a way back to your own time and don’t let this future happen. Please. Undo what I did. Don’t let this happen to him.”

"How do we get back home? We're stuck here, without Black Tower."

"No. You're not. The portals around Black Tower are still there. You have to find the ruins and then don't go back home. Go to the future when Unicorn is dead. The future without Unicorn. That's the one when things went wrong. It's the baby. He was lonely without Unicorn. Quaraun got hurt and was rescued by a Human girl. She was pregnant. On the run from an abusive husband. He found her. Her husband. Found her taking care of Quaraun. Her husband beat her and killed the baby. She tried to kill herself after the baby died. Quaraun felt terrible. He blamed himself for the baby's death. So he married her. She's his 2nd wife. The one he's hiding from you and Unicorn. She was supposed to die. Had he not been there, she would have died with the baby. But because he was there, he saved her life, made her his wife, and she gave birth to a half-Elf that never should have been born. That's the event that triggers everything that leads to Ongadada. This future you are witnessing now... this devastation... it doesn't happen, if that half Elf baby is never born. You have to go back to the dad that girl's husband beat her and stop Quaraun from saving her life. Otherwise this is your future."

"How am I supposed to do that?”

I don't know. All I know, is if you can't stop him from saving her life, then you have to murder his half-Elf baby. And he'll hate you forever if you do that."

"I can't kill a baby. I can't even kill a fly."

"I know. I've gone back in time so many hundreds of times... to kill that baby.... and I can never do it.”

Then how am I supposed to, if you can’t and I’m you?”

I can't take a life. I don't have it in me. You can’t kill the baby. You simply do not have it in you to do it. That's why you have to stop him from rescuing that girl instead. You have to let her die. Her husband is going to beat her to death. And Quaraun’s going to stop the man. She's supposed to die. She's not supposed to be rescued. Quaraun wasn’t supposed to be there. She's not supposed to have Quaraun’s baby. Please, before you leave... go upstairs and look at him. Look what they did to him. You love Quaraun. You’ve already reached that point in your life now. You need to see what they did to him. Never forget what he looks like now, and then go back, and don’t let this happen to him. You’re the only one who can stop it."

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Volume 22: GhoulSpawn & The Lich Lord's Lover

A portal opens up in their path and unexpectedly zaps Quaraun and Unicorn into the middle of the American Civil War, landing them right in the Confederate Army Camp. Mistaking Unicorn for an escaped slave and the French Canadian Quaraun for being an underground railway freedom fight for the North, they both find themselves in irons in front of a firing squad. 

But one should never try to fight the world's most powerful Necromancer in a battle field of dead soldiers, especially not when he also has a Lich at his command.

With the Americans left to fight hoards of zombies, Quaraun and Unicorn escape to the nearby woods, where they discover the past, isn't what they thought it was, and this war, is actually a thousand years in the future... when Humans have progressed too far and are fast destroying themselves and their planet.

In a future after the Battle of Ongadada has already happened, wandering through fields of crashed planes, downed rockets, and dead autos, and worrying about the moon that is now shattered into millions of asteroids, another portal opens up, this one dropping the Chaos Demon GhoulSpawn into the Pink Necromancer's bed.

The three must work together to find their way back to the 1400s where they belong, but the growing relationship between Quaraun and GhoulSpawn has Unicorn venting his Lichish fury on the locals. 

Desperate to return back to their correct time, the trio, head to Black Tower, only to find its been destroyed by GhoulSpawn's future self: Gremlin the deranged Chaos wizard whose only goal now is to crash the moon into Earth and wipe out life entirely...

Trapped In The Civil War

The Scared Necromancer

Someone's Eating The Moon

No Goldfish Today?

Chocolate Covered Elves 

Down By the River

GhoulSpawn and the Drunk Necromancer

Evil Elves 

Two Lovers, Two Armies, and an Angry Lich

How To Kill a Lich

The Lover's Triangle 

The Angry Lich

The Dying Elf



Demon Lover

White Rock Asylum For The Criminally Insane

The Gremlin's House/Kill The Baby

GhoulSpawn & The Lich Lord's Lover Was Written As Part of a Write & Publish A Book In A Week Challenge

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Who is GhoulSpawn?

GhoulSpawn does not a appear in many of the stories in the series, but when he does, he tends to push Quaraun out of centre stage and step in as the main character of the story. His backstory is one of the primary arches of the series. Books with his name in the title, feature him as the primary PoV character.

GhoulSpawn is one of the very early characters from the series and was featured as the main character throughout many stories written in the 1970s and 1980s, where he was then seen as the elderly Gremlin, a mad scientist who claimed to be an ancient wizard and had difficulty staying out of a straight jacket.

Many of the stories from the early Twighlight Manor series were told from Gremlin's perspective, and were presumed to be the narrations of a schizophrenia patent to his psychiatrist (which as you know most every story in this series is, thus why the 1400s scenes are often broken up by White Rock's doctors.

GhoulSpawn is the ancient Gremlin's younger self.

GhoulSpawn is a teenager from the 1970s, who was whisked away to the 1400s by an LSD powered time machine that was built out of a 1974 AMC Gremlin. It is unknown who built the car or why. GhoulSpawn acquired it when he was around 13 years old. The story he tells, is that he one day encountered a group of hippies in the park, and set out to play a game of live action (LARP) Dungeons and Dragons with them, himself playing a Chaos Wizard half-Elf. The game was interrupted by a police raid, as it turned out the hippies were LSD chemists and the glove compartment of the car full of drugs. During a high speed chase to escape police, the car suddenly flew into the sky and was sent through a portal where GhoulSpawn found himself in the 1400s, now transformed into the half-Elf Chaos wizard he had played in the game.

The first time he encounters Quaraun and Unicorn is 2 years later at age 15, in the story The City of the Screaming Statues.

Though Quaraun is the most powerful Wizard ever known, GhoulSpawn far surpasses Quaraun's ability. Quaraun often arrogantly refers to GhoulSpawn as a mage (a slur again magicians) due to the fact that GhoulSpawn has no formal training in Wizardry.

Quaraun, an elderly Elf, 500 years old upon meeting the 15 year old GhoulSpawn; himself spent 300 years learning magic, and can not fathom any belief that GhoulSpawn is a Wizard, due to GhoulSpawn's being so very young.

By the time the 15 year old GhoulSpawn meets Quaraun in City of the Screaming Statues, the young half-Elf has mastered the art of casting in real life the over the top fictional spells from his DnD Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide and has made himself a long green velvet frock coat, the lining of which is lined with more than 2 dozen pockets that are made out of bags of holding.

Amoung other things, GhoulSpawn carries his car, a big red armchair, around 200 Dungeons and Dragons books, and an ever growing herd of sheep in his pockets.

GhoulSpawn is not in the series again until Summoner of Darkness, where he appears as both the 16 year old GhoulSpawn and the 1,000 year old Gremlin.

Quaraun frequently is walking along and suddenly finds himself in a completely different town, with no real understanding of what has happened. Because he has no ability to comprehend the concept of time travel the early novels do not tell the reader that time travel has happened.

While the time travel element is hinted to in previous volumes, Summoner of Darkness is the first volume of the series to specifically introduce the weird events in Quaraun's life as him falling through portals and coming out in different time periods.

In Summoner of Darkness, The Gremlin finds himself stuck in the 1400s when his computer runs out of power before he leaves, resulting in Quaraun discovery that GhoulSpawn is a time traveler and that they keep meeting him at different ages. For example, Quaraun encounters a 15 year old, a 16 year old, a 1,000 year old and a 1,700 year old version of GhoulSpawn, all in the space of about 6 hours, in Summoner of Darkness.

GhoulSpawn and the Lich Lord's Lover, is the first time in the Quaraun series that GhoulSpawn takes on a leading role, with most of the story centering on him instead of primary main character Quaraun.

Lich Lord's Lover is set 4 years after GlouSpawn first meet Quaraun, making him now 19 in the story.

After GhoulSpawn and the Lich Lord's Lover, GhoulSpawn does not again appear in the series until GhoulSpawn the Crazed and The Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer, which is Part 2 of Lich Lord's Lover and picks up 3 days after Lich Lord's Lover ends.

Rose Garden is the last volume to feature GhoulSpawn before he is killed by a Thullid, which sucks out his brain, moves into his body and lives inside his corpse reanimating it, thus becoming The Gremlin.

Rose Garden of The Pink Necromancer is the story which contains the death of GhoulSpawn and the birth of Gremlin in his place.

GhoulSpawn the Thullid infested undead half-Elf continues to make cameo appearances throughout the series, with his most prominent roles being in: 

  • The Haunted Lighthouse
  • City of The Slushies
  • Flamboyant Nipples
  • The Battle of Ongadada
  • Wild Ghosts' Ritual of the Vortex
  • Dread Chant of The Fanboys
  • The Pissed Off Pumpkin Patch
  • The Crystal Palace of Mt Demontooth
  • Lost In a Space That Isn't There
  • The Haunted House of The Mind Controlling Pissed Off Pumkin Patch
  • The Crystal Cave of Time and Necromancy
  • The Poisoned Merman and the Castle of The Signing Sea Slugs
  • The Bloody Embrace of the Thullid
  • The Black Tower
  • Zebulon's Captive
  • The Myth of the Mullusk
  • The Ties That Bind Us
  • The Dragons of Ongadada
  • The Curse of The Pissed Off Pumpkin Patch
  • You Can Not Choose How History Remembers You
  • My Two Favourite People
  • Who Killed Quaraun The Insane
  • The Malignant Candy Maker and The Labyrinth of The Fuzzy Wuzzy Fluffy Bunnies
  • The Blood Stained Asylim of Terror: A Tale of White Rock Asylum For The Criminally Insane
  • The Slaughtering of The Unicorn

And if you think that looks like a lot of volumes, more then could be considered him only appearing in A FEW volumes, do keep in mind that the series has more than 130 novels + an additional 145 volumes planned.

The final volume of the series (The Slaughtering of the Unicorn), is volume #275 of the series. The series starts when Quaraun meets Unicorn and ends when Unicorn dies, in case anyone was wondering about the reason for this particular volume being the end of the series.

In any case, of the 275 volumes of the complete series, GhoulSpawn appears in fewer than 30 volumes, making him only a minor character in the grand scheme of things, even though he is a primary character in most of the novels he is featured in, and events that happen with him or are caused by him, play major roles in most every novel in the series, even the ones he does not appear in.

GhoulSpawn remains one of the most hated and most loved characters in the series. People who dislike him, absolutely despise him and have gone so far as to request I remove his character from the series entirely. While people who love him, often cite him as their favourite character and often request I add him into more stories more often.

For the people who don't like him, I'm sorry, but he remains one of my favourite characters of the series and he's not going anywhere.

For the people who want to see more of him: there are plans to make changes to several stories in the series to include him in the future editions, more often.

You can find out more about GhoulSpawn here:

Explaining GhoulSpawn's Sheep

A staple in every story that features GhoulSpawn, is his glittering technicolour herd of sheep, that gather around him to listen as he reads Dungeon's & Dragons manuals, while sitting in a red armchair, in the middle of some field.

I own the red chair, btw, which you see me sitting in in my BookTube videos while I read. You can see it in this video here:

The 2 most common reader questions asked about GhoulSpawn are:

  1. What the hell is it with the sheep? They don't serve any plot point and seem to be there for no reason at all. What the hell?
  2. Does GhoulSpawn have sex with his sheep or not?

The first story to feature Gremlin as a main character was The Wild Years, published in 1987. In this story he is a member of PETA on a mission to shut down Procter & Gamble, after encountering a local sheep farm that supplies lambs for Iams dogfood. In the slaughterhouse on the farm is a conveyor belt, onto which baby lambs are herded, then dropped into a grinder where they are chopped up while still alive.

If you have a stomach strong enough to view such things, you can see BOTH the Proctor & Gamble animal by-product grinder and McDonald's hamburger making grinder in this video here, which shows it being used on baby chickens and baby cows.

(The chicken grinder shown in this video is P&G's Iams dog food processing plant and the cow grinder seen here are Mcdonald's hamburgers be made for you.)

Please be warned, this anti-war, human rights, and animal rights protest video shows EXTREMELY GRAPHIC real life footage of poachers, slaughterhouses, human trafficing, KKK attacks, beheaded ISIS victims, and children killed by landmines.


Back to GhoulSpawn, the series' resident uber extreme animal rights activist...

This was a very real farm and a very real machine which I had seen when I was 8 years old, and was the reason I became an animal rights activist and a vegetarian. This aspect of GhoulSpawn's character, his being a vegan animal rights activist with a vendetta against P&G is based off my own life. (If you did not know, I am the founder of the real world Procter & Gamble Boycott and many of the Twighlight Manor books were written specifically for the boycott, thus why a character like The Gremlin took centre stage.)

Readers came to know that if Gremlin was in the story, so too would be references to the evils of Procter & Gamble, Iams dogfood's horrific sheep grinding machine, and mysterious disappearing sheep, along with his random ramblings against McDonald's, Burger King, and other giants in the animal abuse industry.

Unfortunately for GhoulSpawn, he's often rambling on deaf ears, as Quaraun, Unicorn, and others from the 1400s, have no way to comprehend the future atrocities being described by the time traveller. The reactions of people from the 1400s varies from thinking GhoulSpawn is a raving lunatic (thus why he is dubbed "GhoulSpawn the Crazed") to people understanding that he has seen something which has horribly upset him and feeling pity for him, but not really being able to understand exactly what he is talking about.

And then, when he can't get people to listen to him, he starts pulling sheep out of his pockets, not realizing that back in the 1400s he's surrounded by superstitious people who view magic, Wizards, and such things as evil sorcery and people practicing them as witches to be burned and destroyed. As a teenager from the 1970s, GhoulSpawn has as much trouble comprehending the 1400s mind as they have comprehending him.

As no one but GhoulSpawn can get anything out of or even see anything in his pockets, he can safely stuff sheep in his pockets and then innocently stand there while people run around like mad trying to figure out where all the sheep are disappearing to. He'll stuff another sheep in his pockets every time no one is looking and will continue to do this until the entire herd is gone/in his pockets. At which point he'll then jump back in his 1974 AMC Gremlin, fly back to the 1400s and set the sheep loose in green pastures.

GhoulSpawn has a particular affinity for Cotswold sheep, and his habit of stealing/rescuing sheep and taking them to the past, is used as an explanation for why Cotswolds were so very overpopulated in Medieval times, yet today are considered an endangered species.

Over the years it became a running gag in the series for other characters to bully and tease Gremlin claiming he had a sex fetish for sheep. However, GhoulSpawn does not have sex with his sheep and often seen deeply upset over the accusation. Because most people in the 1400s do not believe GhoulSpawn is a time traveller from the future, they say that he made up his story of rescuing sheep from "the gambler" to cover up habits of beasillity. Quaraun and Unicorn remain two of the only people to believe GhoulSpawn's story as he has taken them to the future and they have seen the things he speaks of for themselves.

The reason for GhoulSpawn's obsession with sheep, is a secret he rarely reveals and is known only to his closet friends: while the series often bills him as a half-Elf, leaving people to assume in also half-Human, is is rather instead half-Demon, specifically he is an Uruisg, which is a Scottish Sheep Demon, a man with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a Cotswold sheep.

In keeping with the actual Irish, Welsh, and Scottish folklore about Uruisg, GhoulSpawn is somewhat of a trickster and causes chaos to ensure whenever he is around. Also like the actual folklore he is a notorious thief and pickpocket, compulsively unable to control his urge to simply pick up and take every shiny object he sees.

Things You May Not Have Known about GhoulSpawn & The Lich Lord's Lover

It took a grand total of 17 days to plot, outline, write, edit, format, create the cover art, and publish GhoulSpawn & The Lich Lord's Lover, making it my "fastest written" novel ever. 

The text itself was written in a single weekend.

This was the first story in the series to say what colour Unicorn's skin was. While other stories said he was "dark" and EVERY story describes his massive frizzy woolly dreadlocked hair, this was the first story to specifically call him "black" and has racist Civil War solider characters calling him "a niggar".

GhoulSpawn and the Lich Lord's Lover is the most returned novel in the series, with 97% of all copies sold to American readers being returned for a refund. However American sales make up only 5% of the total sales of the Quaraun series, with most of my readership being in Japan,  Germany, and Brazil.

GhoulSpawn and the Lich Lord's Lover is the first volume of the series to show Quaraun having sex with someone other then Unicorn.

I have received more then a 100 emails from angry white power Americans (most of them residents of Maine) who have informed me that upon the discovery the series contained a non-white character, they would read no further books of the series unless I rewrote them to make Unicorn a white man.

More then a dozen emails coplained that there was "no such thing as a black Scotsman", stating that all Scottish people were white.

Scotland has had black kings, and in the 1400s, the time period of the series, not only did Scotland have a black king, but you were MORE LIKELY to encounter a short/pygmy black or brown skinned NATIVE Scotsmen wearing furs, then a tall, red-haired white one wearing kilts, as the "British Invasion of Alba" had not yet happened and kilts (a British invention) would not be invented until the 1800s.

Several people have pointed out that silk kimono are Asian not Scottish and that a Scottish king should not be wearing them. Actually, in the 1400s Persian Gypsies lived in Scotland, and had brought bright coloured silk kimono with them. It was not uncommon for the black and brown skinned Scottish tribal leaders to wear silk kimono in the 1400s.

Meaning Unicorn's being a half-Asian and half-black man, wearing fur wraps and plaid great kilts over silk kimono, is in fact historically accurate for a 1400s Scottish king.

As stated in The Night of the Screaming Unicorn, King Gwallmaiic aka BoomFuzzy The Unicorn, was born in Scotland, but is not Scottish by blood. His father being a black man from the Sepik Region of Papua New Guinea and his mother being a Japanese woman.

His father is a Phooka (a black demon) and his mother is an Aswang (an Asian demon).

In every story he is described as "looking like a dark skinned Asian". Which makes me wonder how readers did not know he was not white, prior to the release of this novel in particular.

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Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

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What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

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The Quaraun series is a set of 2,000 short stories and 130 Fantasy novels about a suicidal, drug addicted, serial killing, transvestite wizard.

Due to the content of the books, you must be 18 or older to buy them and they are sold under M18+ ratings in countries that require book ratings on the cover.

These morbid novels do not have happy endings, and main character Quaraun's depression, suicidal nature, and drug use gets worse as the series progresses. If you are looking for cheerful, happy stories, these novels are not for you.

Most pages on are either sample chapters from these Dark Fantasy Yaoi novels or how-to advice and Q&As about writing Dark Fantasy Bizarro Yaoi, and thus many pages feature mention of suicide, drug use, cutting, depression, BDSM fetishes especially CBT, schizophrenia, ritual murder, and thus many pages are probably NSFW.

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The Quaraun Series 

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The World:

The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane:  First draft/sample chapters from the  novels.

NOTE: The scenes and chapters featured here, are from the unedited first drafts, and NOT from the finished published novels. This was done because many readers had asked to see what the first drafts looked like to see how different they were from the finished product. Because these are from the unedited first drafts, they contain spelling and grammar errors, typos, and sections that are still unrevised. These errors are corrected in the final published editions.

  • More sample chapters can be found here: (note, while these chapters are linked in chronological order, they are not continuing one to the next, they are chapters spanning from Volume 1 all the way to volume 119, of a series that has 130 novels/volumes.)

  • Pink Links are pages on this site. Green links go to the pages found on my DeviantArt account.

  • Chapter 1: King Gwallmaiic & The Sacred Pink JellyFish (Chapter 1 of the entire series)
  • BoomFuzzy's Gingerbread House From Hell
  • The Dying Elf, Gibedon's Head, and King Gwallmaiic's Elf Eating Mansion
  • Santa Claus: Lich Of The North Pole
  • An Elf Gone Mad: The Rise of The Pink Necromancer
  • I Loved My Children, But I Loved BoomFuzzy More
  • Doe'Uan and The Lonely Elf
  • Finding Finderu 
  • Kelim Meets Quaraun The Insane
  • Pocket Lich Unleashed: Quaraun Murders Findaru
  • Captured By The Lich Lord 
  • An Elf and a Lich in the Gingerbread Pit
  • The Lich's True Form Revealed 
  • Bullgaar the Vulgar 
  • The Enchanted Map
  • Waiter, There's a Head In My Soup
  • The Orcs and The Necromancer 
  • The Valley of the Katopas (Part 1)
  • The Valley of the Katopas (Part 2)
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Witch Massimara Of Mount Yenka
  • Psychotic Dead Things
  • Six Days Earlier
  • There is no Mournful Lamb Inn
  • The Swamp of Death
  • The Dungeon Master & The 1974 AMC Gremlin
  • Introducing GhoulSpawn
  • The Demon Cultists & The Coming of The Darkness
  • EelKat and The Kats of Planet Ptarmagin
  • The Moon Elves of Ivujivik
  • The Return of ZooLock The Great
  • The Gremlin's Warning
  • A Field of Poppies On The Road To Witch Pond
  • The Road To Witch Pond (Part 2)
  • The Road To Witch Pond (Part 3)
  • Santa's Dead Floating Body
  • Worms!
  • GhoulSpawn and Quaraun Trapped With A Phooka
  • The Banshee Sisters: Bean-Nighe and Ben-Neeyah In the Swamp of Death
  • A Fourth Letter To Home - The Masochistic Elf With Stockholm Syndrome
  • GhoulSpawn and Quaraun Trapped With A Phooka
  • The Strange Village or I Love The Smell Of Decomposing Bodies In The Morning
  • The Golden Rooster
  • Meeting Mallac
  • Serial Killer At Large
  • The Summoner of Darkness
  • Corsets, Elves, and Undead Faeries.
  • Visiting The Scene of Murder #1 With An UnGelded Stallion
  • I Never Wanted To Be a Wizard
  • Sheep Again
  • Back At The Tavern and Still No Shrimp
  • A Tavern Scene Part 3 - Quaraun, Unicorn, GhoulSpawn, - Time Travel, Chastity Cages, and Whores
  • Tumbling Down Stairs With Slutty Elves and Angry Liches
  • Where Are You Hiding That Horse?
  • The Hostess Twinkie Aisle of Biddeford WalMart
  • Quaraun Meets HellBorne The Evil
  • The Map of the Town
  • Quaraun Meets BatDude & Pigeon Poop Boy
  • Pepperell Square, Saco, Maine, In The Year 2525
  • No Goldfish, Today?
  • Chocolate Covered Elves 
  • Evil Elves 
  • How To Kill A Lich
  • The Lover's Triangle 
  • At Gremlin's House / Kill The Baby
  • I Am Not GhoulSpawn
  • Sheep
  • Santa's Letter to Satan 
  • Going North To Head South
  • Alone
  • In Black Tower
  • You've Only Known Our World Through The Eyes of a Madman
  • "Sold! To Zebulon, for two million dollars."
  • The Last of The Moon Elves
  • FarDarrig and The Baby That Never Should Have Been 

  • Answering Reader Question About The Quaraun Series:

    Behind the Scenes:
    A Look At How I Write The Quaraun Series...

    The Quaraun series is a set of 130 Fantasy novels about a suicidal, drug addicted, serial killing, bi-sexual, polyamorous/polygamous, masochistic, time traveling transvestite Elf wizard, his sex crazed, sadistic, drug dealing unicorn, and their bloodthirsty sentient house. 

    The Quaraun series contains heavy use of the following:

    • suicide
    • drug use
    • cutting
    • depression
    • polygamy
    • BDSM
    • sex fetishes
    • CBT (cock and ball torture) 
    • sounding
    • knoting
    • barbed penises and toothed vaginas 
    • monsters eating Humans
    • blood thirsty Faeries
    • Elves eating Elves
    • Faeries eating Elves
    • squid headed aliens eating brains out of still alive victims
    • medieval torture
    • schizophrenia
    • stockholm syndrome
    • sadism
    • masochism
    • rape
    • incest
    • dub-con
    • necromancy
    • necrophillia
    • ritual murder
    • flaying (skinning a person alive)
    • child sacrifice
    • cannibalism
    • bloodletting
    • vampirism (the mental illness, not the mythical creature)
    • crude language (including an excessive use of the words fuck, cock, dick, testicals, balls, scrotum, and penis) 
    • interracial relationships
    • M/m/m relationships
    • gay men
    • bisexual men
    • transvestite men
    • men who have sex with unicorns(horses)
    • tentacle porn sex with squid headed aliens
    • shape-shifter sex
    • ménage à trois relationships
    • double dicked men
    • tripple dicked penitration gay sex scenes
    • bananas, pickles, candy canes, unicorn horns, and glass wizard wands used as dildos
    • main character Quaraun is a man with 4 wives (one of whom is also his sister, another of whom is also his daughter)  
    • Quaraun has 2 male lovers
    • Quaraun has 4 children by his sister
    • Quaraun has 3 children by his daughter
    • Quaraun has 1 child that is the result of him raping a woman
    • Quaraun has 37 children by prostitutes
    • the primary secondary character, Unicorn, is a chemist "candy maker" and detailed instruction of how he makes his drugs, including recipes to do so are included in the novels

    The Quaraun series has been banned by the following:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka The Mormon Church 

    (1991) (Reason: too much sex)

    (Interestingly, there were no sex scenes in the series before 2014)

    The Arundel Christian Tabernacle, Biddeford-Arundel, Maine 

    (2001) (Reason: evil and influenced by Satan)

    New Life Church, Biddeford, Maine 

    (2003) (Reason: Too gay for the family friendly church)

    (Interestingly, there were no gay characters in the series before 2014) 

    (2012) (Reason: Too violent)

    Curtis Lake Church, Sanford, Maine 

    (2013) (Reason: Too gay for the family friendly church)

    (Interestingly, there were no gay characters in the series before 2014 and I added gay characters to the series BECAUSE of this false complaint)

    Old Orchard Beach Town Hall of the Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, a division of the United States of America Government 

    (January 4, 2016 via court order)(State of Maine, Biddeford District Court: Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574) 

    (Reason #1: Too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach)(Reason #2: Contains transgender characters  depicted as living in Old Orchard Beach, in violation of the ordinance which states Old Orchard Beach is a "Family Friendly Town" by virtue of it's ban on LGBTQ+ residents)

    27 volumes of the Quaraun novels were forced to be unpublished/removed from Amazon by the government issued court order that cited these books as "Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach"

    NOTE: As a result of this ban, and my discovery that OOB had an ordinance banning LGBTQ citizens from living in our town, an additional court case rose up, and on October 21, 2016, Alfred Superior Court overruled the ordinance banning LGBTQs in OOB, AND overturned the town hall's ban on the Quaraun series, citing that both the ordinace baning LGBTQ residents and the court order ordering the Quaraun books to be removed from Amazon.comto be "gross violations of civil rights".)

    Did you notice how 3 different places used the exact same phrase of "Too gay for the family friendly..." In each of these three cases the exact same minister was behind the ban.

    Sample Chapters of Many of the Novels Are Available To Read Online:

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 24: The Dread Chant of the Fan Boys

    Volume 00: 000000

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    Volume 23: The Return To Fire Mountain

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 27: The Sorcerer's Tower of Cake

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 31: The Crystal Palace of Mt. Demontooth

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 48: A Baby For The Necromancer

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 58: Zebulon's Captive

    Volume 00: 000000

    106: The Haunted Lighthouse

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 107: The Battle of Ongadada

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 00: 000000

    Volume 108: Friends Are Forever

    (Volume 1 of The Twighlight Manor series)

    Volume 119: My Two Favorite People

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    April 2015 she returned, filled my motorhome with 1,000s of gallons of feces/raw sewage and cut my cats heads off nailing them to my door. 10 cats are currently still missing. 

    October 2006 she blew up my house with a bomb, in May 2013 put a bomb in my classroom at college, November 2015 put a bomb in my department where I work at Walmart, and June 2016 put yet another bomb in WalMart. The FBI is trying to identity of this woman. More info about these terrorist attacks on my family can be found here:

    If you have any information about this woman, please contact the FBI agent in charge of the case, his contact info is on that page.