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Common Elves vs High Elves:
A Detailed Look At How I Write Elves

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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Elves FantasyWorldbuilding
Submitted 4 days ago by DrakeGodzilla

Elves self.FantasyWorldbuilding

Submitted 4 days ago by DrakeGodzilla

(Usually I use Reddit's embed feature to embed the question here, however, unlike the Quora embed feature, the Reddit embed feature shows the ENTIRE comment, and not just the first paragraph clip of it. Well, this Reddit post was NOT a question, but rather a 7,000 word long lore post, and trying to use Reddit's embed feature, results in the whole thing loading here. So, instead of the usual embedded question, here are the links both to the Reddit post and to his even longer original post on his website)

(click the link to see the SUPER LONG 7,000 word article:

There is so much here for me to comment on. Where do I even begin?

I love Elves (obsessively so, they are the only characters I'm ever interested in writing or reading or playing in RPGs) and I love seeing how each author does their Elves differently, so I love stuff like this where I get to see the whole concept of the Elf race in their world spelled out. I love how you've taken Elfs and stuck with a lot of the old pre-Toilkien lore, but then made them you own as well.

I feel a need to compare them to my own Elves (which is what I do every time I find an essay like this, because I'm always wanting to see if they did stuff different or the same as I did.). So, this'll be a long post, cause I want to go over everything you wrote here. :)

>>>This topic may cause some confusion as the word elves isn’t the name of a race, better known as the original elves, but is also use to refer a group of races all descendants from the original elves. To help ease the confusion this will cause we call modern elves elfin (it is both singular and plural) and the original elves just elves when talking about them. We will also divine this up into sections one dealing with the elfin races and the other dealing with the elves.

I like this. I do something similar, though not quite. In my own series Elves are generally divided into 2 groups: Common Elves and High Elves. At first some readers might thing common = commoners vs high = royalty, as this is what many writers do. In my own series however Common Elves refers to a species of Human-like creatures that live on the planet, in other words are common to the planet aka native to the planet and are found throughout most of the planet, thus the word common. Where as high refers to a species that has no DNA link to the Common Elves and are instead a type of Elf-like creature that originated in another galaxy, on another planet. They are often referred to as Space Elves. While the Humans mistakenly believe them to be just a type of Elf, the Common Elves know the High Elves are aliens and not actually Elves. Thus the Common Elves and the High Elves have vastly different physiology, culture, languages, etc.

Like Humans, who have many races, ethnicities, and cultures, both the Common Elves and the High Elves, each have a vast rang of races, ethnicities, and cultures within their two specieses.

>>Elfin races are a group of epic humanoid mystics who are descendants of the elves and have physical traits share almost them. Now let’s be clear there are far too many elfin races to list them down in one entry so we will only talk about what traits both physically and culturally share as to better understand them as whole. Biology Elfin are normally around 1.524m(5ft) with some races being smaller or rarely bigger, and they all have long pointed ears and large glowing eyes of one solid color. Their hands and feet only have four digits instead of the human five, and they also have blue blood. They come in a variety of pastel colors which server as quick and easy way to identify want elfin race you’re dealing with as the don’t different too much in their coloration per race, and while they have both facial hair and scalp they don’t have any body hair at all. They also all have the following physical traits.

Common Elves, being from Earth, closely resemble Humans. About the same height, build, and colour variations. With their pointed ears being the only distinguishing feature, and one easily hidden under their hair. Upon meeting one, it is easy to mistake them as Human. They are mystically connected to Nature though and have the ability to communicate with plants and animals. They often shun city life, instead living in bird-nest like structures at the tops of tall trees. They keep to themselves and are rarely sighted in built up, public places.

The High Elves, being from another galaxy, evolved differently, and there is no mistaking one upon seeing them. They are very tiny, Ranging from 4 to 5 feet tall, with very thin, frail looking bodies. They have very long thin pointed ears, about a foot long.

>>Long Live: Elfin live for about 800 years, they reach adult around 110 years old. This long lifespan means that long at everything in the long term which come back to bit them many times. As the view often makes it hard for them to act fast when needed.

Common Elves live around 300 years. They reach adulthood around 75 years.

High Elves live 500 to 750 years, though a few have reached 1,000 years. They reach adulthood at 120 years.

>>Iron Allergy: Strangely elfin have this allergy that causes them to blister and burn when they come into contact with it. It doesn’t seem to affect them however when it is used to make other metals, so elfin can use srteel just fine.

In my series it is not Elves, but rather the Faeries who have an iron allergy. Faeries are powerful and often evil trickster beings who make life Hell for Humans. Humans discovered that Fae were allergic to Iron and Silver, and Alchemists developed a new metal known as FaerY Iron, which is made out of a lead and steel core, with a cast iron encasement, then plated in pure silver. Each of these metals on their own cause varying harm to Fae, but when combined in this manner, cripple the Fae who come in contact with it. Prolonged exposure t it will kill the Fae. Humans began making shackles, chains, and prison bars out of Faery Iron and were able to enslave and torture many Fae as a result.

Elves however are not affected by Faery Iron, as Common Elves are closely related to Humans, and High elves originated on another planet.

>>Eleven Eyes: Elfin have amazing eye sight easily on par with that of falcons, and thanks no magical base bioluminescent in their eyes (that why they glow) they can see in the dark just fine.

In my series this feature is found in Demons and Fae (Fae being closely related to Demons). One can identify someone with Demon or Fae blood, by the fact that their eyes will glow in the dark and will change colour and glow when they become angry.

Demon and Fae both have trouble seeing in bright light, but both can see exceptionally well at night.

Fae especially live by their keen eyesight, and old Fae, if they go blind are often devastated by it and will commit suicide. Going blind is seen by the Fae as one of the worst things that could happen to them. It is so devastating that they have developed elaborate rituals, by which they kill themselves, and it is generally seen as expected and even encouraged for a Fae to kill themself if they go blind. In Fae culture suicide is an accepted form of death, and is one of the ways that Fae are seen by other species are bizarre, because most non-Fae are horrified by the thought of suicide, while Fae embrace and accept it. However, there is some question as to the Fae concept of suicide, givemn that Faeries are nearly immortal, and live many thousands of years, and rumours exist that Fae can not truly die, and only come back to life younger and healthier after killing themselves. Theories exist that the Fae kill themselves as a method of healing and rebirth, to regenerate younger bodies for themselves after their old one wears out. Very little is actually known about he Fae, who remain the most mysterious and least understood of all races in the series. Some races speculate that it were the Fae who created the universe and that they are far more ancient then could be imagined, and that their child-like ways are simply because they are gods who've become bored after having lived for eons. Some races speculate that the Fae suicide rituals are nothing more then games Fae play in hopes that someday they will be able to experience true death. The series' primary villain is a 3,000 year old Fae, who commits suicide in every novel of the series and comes back in the next novel, younger then he was in the previous novel. The series gives no definite explanation for how or why this is possible, leaving it as being one of the many mysteries that exist about the Fae. In any case, Fae obsess over their eyesight and many Fae lose their eyesight because they are so ancient and become deeply depressed at going blind.

Common Elves, being similar to Humans, have no marked difference in their eyes.

High Elves come in multiple races and eyes vary. One race, however, known to Humans as the Moon Elves, have very poor eyesight. They are albino, due to a combination of centuries living underground in caves, and countless generations of incest, which has resulted in them evolving into a deathly snow white race. Their skin is pure white and has a frog-like texture, that shimmers and glows in moonlight like some sort of phosperacent cave fish (thus the name Moon Elves). Their skin burns and blisters easily in sunlight so they rarely go outside in daylight, and are often only seen at night. Their hair is also white, though exposure to sunlight often darkens it to silver. A Moon Elf that spends a lot of time outside during the day will have silver hair instead of white.

It is a Moon Elf's eyes however, that mark them as very different from other races of Elves. Their eyes are pale blue, nearly as white as their skin, and their pupils pink, but often appearing as tiny pin pricks. They are highly sensitive to light, nearly blind in bright sunlight, and even dim candle lights are often too bright for them. In the dark, however, they can see as clearly as owls and cats, and have a huge advantage over other races in their ability to move around at night.

Eleven Hearing: The elfin hearing range is equal to that of wolves.

Common Elves, hear no different than Humans.

High Elves have hearing like jackrabbits, and some Elves can hear for distances as much as a mile away.

My main character, a Moon Elf, often complains that he dislikes living in cities/towns/villages because they are too noisy. His non-Elf companions rarely understand his meaning though, as they often forget that, while they have trouble hearing the person across the tavern, he can clearly hear not only everyone in the room, but also every one in every bedroom upstairs, everyone in every building across the road, everyone in the market on the other side of town, and every one in every house between there. This din of voices wears on his nerves and over burdens his senses. While he often tried to tell them how stressful this is for him, they rarely are able to comprehend exactly how bad the noise really is for him. Often he can't take it anymore and just gets up and leaves, heads out into the forest, miles from anything, and just sits there for hours, enjoying the silence.

>>Eleven Reflexes: Elfin hand eye coordination is incredible by human standers, even untrained elfin can shoot the wings of a robin with ease using almost any kind of hand held range weapon.

My High Elves are quite the opposite of this. Their frail hollow bones, combined with their poor eyesight, makes them clumsy and ill coordinated.

In real life, a person who has hollow bones, a rare disorder, also suffers from things like hip dysplasia, a side effect of hollow bones causing the joints to push into other bones, resulting in one leg being a 1/4 inch shorter then the other. I suffer from this illness, by the way. I have hip dysplasia in my right hip, and since I was 4 years old have been unable to run or jump. From the time I was 4, I walked with a cane whenever I went outside, as I lack footing on uneven surfaces. Since 37 I've walked with a cane indoors and outdoors. Because my bones are frail, something as simple as a light bump, someone bumping into me in a crowd, can cause serious damage to my bones, muscles, and nerves. Things like tripping on a rug can cripple me. In the past 5 years, I've suffered 4 broken wrists, 2 broken arms, the same hip broken 3 time, a broken knee twice, a broken jaw, and 3 broken discs in my spine... all from things that normally would only have bruised someone else.

Because I live with this disability in my real life and know what it is to be a frail, hollow boned person, I also wrote my High Elves as having this disability as a racial trait. Thus my High elves have frail bones that are easily broken, suffer joint injuries as a result, and are often very ill coordinated as a result.

>>Hollow Bones: One of the reasons why elfin are so fast is because of their hollow bones. This means they are lighter than their size would suggest but it also means they are less durable and strong than they look. In fact, humans are stronger and more durable than them.

I'm fascinated by this, as I believe my Elves were the first to use this concept. (The first volume of my series was published in 1978, and back then Elves were very tolkien-isk, so my tiny, flighty, hollow bones space Elves were considered quite a radical concept). My Space Elves have always stood out as different then what other authors do with Elves, because they are small and lightweight and have hollow bones like birds. I actually went so far as to write up a medical biology" of their skeletal system, and had a doctor character reference if in detail in one of the novels.

As stated above, I made my Elves have hollow bones for a very specific reason, and they live with the same disabilities in life that I have, mostly because I struggle to know what it is to live any other way, given this is something I was born with and I have no experience in what it is like to be a person with good health, thus I struggle with how to write characters who are not disabled, as I don't know what not being disabled is like.

I've had many authors laugh at the concept of Elves being smaller then Humans, and being very light weight because of their hollow bones. Many have said it was very un-Elflike, as they felt Elves should be tall and well muscled (well muscled required large bones) for their ability of being rangers, bowmen, archers, and swordsmen. But in my own series, the Space Elves shun the use of weapons, refuse to do battle, and because of their frail hollow bones, when given a weapon, they easily fall over and are unable to lift the sword or bow.

Because of their hollow bones, my Elves are very weak and frail. Their bones easily broken, making it easy for a hunter, soldier, or warrior to seriously injure the Elves with only a seemingly minor blow. On the other hand, their hollow bones makes them very light weight and swift runners and able to jump long leaps, (provided they've never suffered broken bones, in which case they lose their ability to run and jump) able to jump high heights, and makes it easy for them to swifty climb trees, in turn making it easy for the Elves to out run and escape their attackers.

My main character for example, in the early novels is a swift runner, but then injured his leg, suffering very bad damage and is unable to heal properly, thus in later novels he is on a cane and becomes easy prey to any one looking to bully a High Elf,, as he can no longer run away from them.

>>Sleep immunity: Elfin can’t be put to sleep by any magical means, they can still be unconscious by other means.

I use a similar trait. I found it in the old red covered 2nd ed AD&D Guide to Elves book. The version I use is only in that edition and not in the later 3rd or 4th edition reprints though. The newer editions change this trait dramatically. In the old edition, Elves sleep, but need less sleep, less often, whereas in the new editions they don't sleep, but instead meditate.

So, how I do it is based off the 2nd ed AD&D book, and thus the High Elves do sleep, but because they age different (living 500 to 750 years) they also have different sleep patterns. They generally go 5 to 7 days between sleep, and will then sleep for a period of 24 to 36 hours, being in a very deep, almost coma like sleep that they can not be awoken out of easily.

My main character, a High Elf, travels with non-Elves who have a daily need for sleep. He will often sit quietly, not sleeping, sometimes meditating, sometimes reading, other times sewing (he embroiders silk cloth for making elaborate gowns), using the time that his companions needs for sleeping, as his personal quiet time for doing the things he can't do while they are awake. Sometimes, he will join them in bed for sex (he is sexually active with all of his traveling companions, both male and female, regardless of race) and then, just stay in bed with them after they've fallen asleep, sometimes sleeping with them, but his sleep in these instances is not deep and he's easily woken by even the slightest sounds. Because of his limited need for sleep, he often acts as the group's lookout at night and guards them while they sleep.

If a High Elf becomes injured, they will go off by themselves, someplace guarded and safe, and fall into a deep coma-like state, which they will remain in for a week or more, depending on how badly they are injured, allowing their body to heal itself, near completely, often without scars. If an Elf is mortally wounded, they will find someone they trust to take care of their body, and go into this coma-like state for months, sometimes years, to allow their wounded organs to fully regrow. Though never fully explored, it is speculated that High Elves could regrow missing limbs this way.

In novels set in future periods (26th century), Human scientists have studied (tortured, vivisected, and dissection while still alive) High Elves to try to understand how it is they heal themselves. In doing so, one scientist discovered that a High Elf's DNA/genetics/biology closely matches that of sea life, particularly Jellyfish, Starfish, Sea Anemones, and Squid, and that their ability to regenerate is the same as for Starfish. This discovery lead to scientists testing their theory that if you cut a High elf in half, it will heal itself and create 2 new High Elves. So far scientists have done nothing but cut a lot of High Elves in half only to end up with 2 halves of a dead High Elf.

>>Spell Resistance: Elfin are immune to charm and illusion spells, and are resistance to other spells effects.

The Common Elves are not immune to spells, but the High Elves, being of a different biological makeup, are. Most High Elves are immune to illusions and glimmer spells. They also see shape-shifters in their true forms, regardless of what form the shape-shifter is appearing in.

Fae find it difficult to pull pranks on High Elves, partly because of the High Elf's sensitive hearing allowing no one to sneak up on them, and partly because Fae use illusions to hide they are there and the Elf can see through the illusion.

Low Ferritin: Due very odd physical feature of the females elfin have low birth rates. You see their wombs when not pregnant will strangely detach from the rest of their reproductive system and slowly move deeper into their bodies and then descent to reattach. Only giving elfin a small window to breed before it detaches again. The oddest part is that the females have no nature way to tell when this window happens and for the longest time no one knew why elfin have this feature. But now this and many other mysteries of the elfin have been solve. They are also monotremes.

In my own series, Common Elves are slowly dying out, due to interbreeding with Humans, so slowly there are being born more half-Elves then Elves, and most half-Elves marry Humans, thus the Common Elves become "more Human" with each generation. It is unknown exactly how different a full blooded Common Elf from ancient times was, as so many centuries of interbreeding with Humans has occurred by the time of the series.

The High Elves are very rare, nearing extinction, due to their having a low sex drive, so rarely breeding. They are often seen as asexual, in most cases a High Elf will only engage in sex if they have a non-Elf partner who wants to have sex with them, making them demisexual, meaning they are asexual but will engage in sex to satisfy the sexual needs of their companions. The High Elves have a lose concept of marriage as a result of their low sex drives, and it is thus not uncommon for a male High Elf to have many "spouses", both male and female, including non-Elves and Elves. High Elves do not engage in marriage in the same way Humans think of marriage, and will classify anyone who lives with them, and shares their bed as a spouse, regardless of any formal ceremony. High Elf families consist of multiple adults, usually an alpha male, who is the group's leader/protector and 4 or 5 other males and females who live with him. A High Elf may have a dozen or more companions living with him. This polyamorous nature of their communal relationships, often leads to rumors in Human myths, about the High Elves being overly sexual creatures, with many false rumours that they are rapist predators out looking for females to enslave. The reality is that High Elves often go a decade or more between engaging in sex with their partners, and their non-Elf partners often have sex with each other more often then they do with their High Elf mates. High Elves have an obsessive nature when it comes to love and relationships. High Elves become deeply emotionally attached to their companions and are known to die from grief if one of their beloved companions dies.

>>Slow To Adapted: The greatest weakest of the elfin civilizations is how slow it takes them to adapt or just react to anything. This puts them at a huge disadvantage when dealing with sudden events, why they are so slow to do so while other long live or immortal races don’t seem to have this problem, to this degree anyway, was unknown for the longest time. Of course, now we have a good idea as to why they are like this now thanks to the big discovery but we will get to that later.

My Common Elves are slowly evolving into a hybrid race of Humans and adapting to this.

But the High Elves, hold to their traditions, valuing the old ways, and absolutly refuse to use any new scence or technologies. Their not adapting to the changing world, their being originally from another world, and their low rate of interest in sexual reproduction, has resulted in their once mighty race, now being reduced to only a few small clans scattered here and there. The main character is the last of the Moon Elves and one of his companions is the last of the Sun Elves. By the 1400s (when most of the series is set) most races of High Elves are reduced to fewer then 100 people within each race.

In the future (2525) Humans have started an Elf Repopulation program, in which they have now discovered time travel, and so go to various points of the past collecting up "prime specimens" of various High Elf races, and herding them into breeding farms. The main character gets captured by them, is taken from his 1400s life, and forced into this breeding program of the space age future. The Humans are breeding Elves and selling the infants as pets to wealthy Humans, because Elf babies are the latest craze "toy" fad for the 2525 Christmas season. The main character witnesses many High elves brutally tortured in a very "fast food slaughterhouse breeding farm environment" where only the "best quality" infants are kept, and the rest tossed into meat grinders while still alive. In a future where cows have long ago gone extinct, fast food mega giants like McDonald's and Burger King have taken to breeding non-Humans for meat, and Elf burgers are now on the Dollar menu. This results in his full blown hatred of Humans and his leading a revolt against Humans when he finally escapes the future and gets back to his own time period.

>>Low Opinion Of Others: Elfin think very highly of themselves and very lowly of others. Each elfin race see themselves as the perfect race, other elfin races as inferior copies, and all other races as less then that. In fact the only non-elfin race that they come closer to treating like another elfin race are the dwarves who could also be descendants of the elves, but they aren’t stupid. So, while they not like non-elfin they know must work and ally with them no matter how much they may not want to. This is without a doubt the main reason why elfin are not well like almost other races.

My High Elves have this very high self worth, but this is largely due to their being from another planet and seeing life on Earth as very "backwards" and uncivilized.

Main character, Quaraun, tends to be more arrogant then most other High Elves, due to his being a direct descendant of the original ancient Ecrodons, being able to trace his lineage back 15 generations of sibling incest without any outside blood tainting his line, making him the purest blooded of the pure blood High Elves, which leads other High Elves to worship him like he was a god, which unfortunatly leads to his ego getting very out of control.

>>Dairy Obsession: All elfin civilizations have a strange obsession with dairy products, in fact every one of their civilizations base their currency on a gallon whole milk. Why they are like this is unknown as dairy is no more nutritious to them as it is to humans nor are they addicted to it like some joke, they don’t suffer from lactose intolerant so that maybe part of the reason.

Again, one that is not part of my Elf culture, but rather part of my Fae culture, is a use of dairy products.

While the Common Elves use whatever currency is used by local Humans, the High Elves use gemstones as currency. Not just the high end stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, but also the more common stones like quartz, amethyst, obsidian, tourmaline, mica, pyrite, lapis, and jade. High Elves in coastal areas also use sea shells or coral or smooth white beach pebbles. Humans and Common Elves tend to use metals: gold, silver, copper, melted into coins.

Fae however, do not see the value of metals, coins, shells, or stones. They see these things as silly and impractical, and instead use food as currency, particularly milk and cheese, which is highly favoured but hard to come by.

Faeries, though often seen as evil, malignant, pranksters, can also be kind, devoted, and powerful protectors. If the Fae are respected, and offerings left to them, and certain rituals done (like apple orchards leaving tree unpicked so the Fae can harvest them; and dairy farmers leaving bowls of milk on their back steps; and bakers leaving sweet pies on window sills at night) the Fae, will come to that home regular to bless it with good fortune instead of curse it with tricks.

The Fae, will also clean the house, mend the clothes, repair worn shoes, care for the sick, protect the livestock, and tend the fields, for payment of milk, cheese, red ribbons, honey cakes, and sweet pies.

Families who do not go to war, are respectful of nature, and are not drunkards or spouse beaters, will often find that if they leave milk and cheese on their doorstep each night, a Faerie will come, accept the food as payment and then stay to protect the family.

However, leaving them cloths, coins, or any other "useless" item will offend the Fae and they'll leave.

>>Super Strength: While elfin are weaker than humans this is definitely not the case for elves. When the elves were first awaken the adventurers who did it saw a human size elf grounded a solid cement block into dusk with one bare hand. How much stronger elves are to humans haven’t yet been able to determent.

In my own series, while common Elves are similar to Humans in size and strength, Humans are far, bigger and far stronger than the High Elves.

On the other hand, the Fae, though even smaller then the High Elves, rarely reaching 5 feet in height, the Fae, are like grasshoppers and have strength many times their size. A single Fae can swiftly take down 10 or more full grown burly male Humans and barely break a sweat. The Fae possess super strength on par with Superman, resulting in no Human in his right mind dares cross paths with a Faerie as they know, not only are the Fae insanely strong, they are also viciously vindictive, and very spiteful.

>>Powerful Bite: Elves have fang fill jaws powerful enough to bite though steel beams, and we know this for a fact because elves eat steel beams.

Another odd one, that I've used for decades, but have never seen used by others. Though not as powerful as your steel beam eaters, my Space Elves, have fierce mawls like piranhas, with multiple rows of vampire-like sharp fangs. While generally vegan, they are prone to cannibalism, and groups are known to eat any member of the clan who doesn't conform to the group.

High Elves, the Moon Elves/Ecrodons especially, are noted for their gorey ritual of biting their lovers, tearing their flesh open with their fangs and then drinking their blood from the wound. One race of High Elf, the Blood Elves, also referred to as the Feral Elves, are known to become so brutal in these blood letting rituals that they at times kill their mates, resulting in their being very few female High Elves of any race.

Many male High Elves, though largely asexual, go into a predatory breeding season, where they activly hunt down and brutally rape female Elves. Though normal docile and very peaceful, male High Elves can become vicious during these rare mating season, often killing other males for no reason at all, other then to become the only male in the area.

During such a time, if a dominate male's mate is killed by another male, this dominant male may go into a vicious rampage and slaughter every last male in the clan out of vengeance for his dead mate. It is for this reason that Quaraun is the last Moon Elf and GhoulSpawn is the last Sun Elf.

Quaraun, though normal very submissive and docile, becomes excessively violent and predatory when his family, lovers, and/or children are threatened. Quaraun becomes the last of the Moon Elves after a serious of bully harassments leads to his lover's suicide. He responds to his lover's death by going on a massive killing spree and killing every last man, woman, and child in his clan, becoming the last surviving Moon Elf.

He then uses Necromancy to take the souls of the dead Moon Elves and resurrect his dead lover.

A few years later, he encounters the Sun Elves, who immediately attack and try to kill his undead Faerie lover. Only one Sun Elf, GhoulSpawn, steps forward to try to stop the other Sun Elves. Quaraun then turns on the entire Sun Elf village, killing everyone, except the one that stood up to the rest, leaving GhoulSpawn the last Sun Elf left alive.

While normally harmless and refraining from even raising his voice, Quaraun becomes deadly when his family is in need of protecting.

Because of their sharp teeth and their habit of drinking blood from each other as part of a bounding/sexual/mating ritual, the High Elves are sometimes called vampires by the Humans of the series.

After getting over the elves physical appearance, and the fact they were all wearing kilts instead of pants and no shoes, the adventures their magical universal translator to hear the words of wisdom of the elves, and immediately thought they were broken. For the what they heard was a mix of unintelligible gibberish, some of the worst swears imaginable, and a mix of animalist noises in the form of roars, howls, growls, hisses, barks, and purrs. They later found that the elf language relines heavy on slang terms that are more confusing then cockney and animalist sounds, the swearing is just something they do, all the time. To that elves are rough around the edges are putting lightly, they are a strong will and independent people, who are surprisingly very open minded. In fact being music lovers and having an strange obsessing with dairy are the only things they have in common elfin culture. And being just free we are still learning about said culture but here are a few things we have learn about them.

In my own series the High Elves speak in a language that, future scientists would later discover, to be very similar to that used by sea creatures, especially JellyFish, whom scientists also found to have a strong genetic link to the High Elves, leading to speculation that the High Elves are in fact evolved from JellyFish. This theory supported by the fact that the High Elves themselves have ancient folklores saying they once lived under the sea and swam in the oceans, with one such tale told by a High elf who mourned the old days "when we swam on pink ruffles".

Their language/dialogue in the books, is written in the real world Scots English Gypsy Cant. With the series also stating that the Gypsies are in fact the part Human and part Fae offspring of the High Elves.

Most of the High Elf and Fae culture, their religions, magic arts, mode of dress, and mannerisms is based off the real world culture of the Scottish Gypsies, with massive multiple decades of research into Gypsy life going into this series.

>>No Pants, Kilts Only: Elves seem to hate pants for some reason and will even use the term pant wearer as insult. Because of this they will only wear kilts unless they have no choice, beware they rarely wear underwear. Also, they don’t wear shoes often but don’t seem to hate it.

In my series Elves absolutely refuse to wear pants. Common among the High Elves is the habit of males wearing what Humans would identify as female dress, with the males often wearing outlandishly over the top creations of embroidered and jewel encrusted works of art. Their gowns are elaborate on extreemes. The males also wear tons of jewelry and makeup. This leads many Humans to falsly assume male Elves to be transvestites and/or transexual. Whereas the females tend to be very drabbly dressed, often just wearing homespun and wools.

Like real world Gypsies, my High Elves wear a mixture of hakama, kilts, kimono, sari, and hijab.

>>Strong Will And Spoken: The elves are very strong will and even stronger spoken people. They don’t mix words and aren’t afraid to let others know what they think and feel.

Elves are soft spoken, quiet people, who keep to themselves.

The Common Elves, have no issues with non-Elves and may at times intermarry or live in non-Elf cities.

The High Elves however, are extreme radical purists, and shun every thing and every one not a High Elf. They shun the Common Elves, saying that Common Elves are similar to Humans, because they are really just half-Elves that married other half-Elves and became their own less-Elf-like and more Human like race.

Because of their strong held beliefs in purity of blood, the High Elves are often quick to say mean and hurtful things to and about others, often without realizing their words are hurtful.

The High Elves come off to others as being arrogant, strong willed, and outspoken, but they do not see themselves that way and are often hurt by such accusations.

High Elves will not tell a lie, nor will they hold back the truth. If you ask a High Elf if your pants make your but look fat, he'll not only tell you your but is fat, he'll start pointing out your other bulges as well. And when you run away crying, he'll stand there clueless as to why you got upset. Their emotions are more pragmatic and logical, very Mr. Spock Vulcan-like, and they have trouble understanding emotional creatures like Humans and Fae. They can not grasp the concept of flattery and have no ability to understand jokes or sarcasm, and they don't understand that when you ask "Does this make my but look fat?" that you really just wanted them to tell you, that you were pretty. Humans often see the High Elves as cruel hearted and mean spitirts, because of their brash boldness in speaking, but the Elves themselves, find themselves confused by this, as they in answering your question, thought they were being helpful and can not understand that the question was meaning something entirely different then what was actually asked.

The Elves do not mean to speak harshly or say hurtful things, and after realizing something they have said has upset someone, the Elf will often go off by himself, and sit alone for days trying to mentally understand what it was he said wrong. An encounter such as described above, with an Elf telling a girl her but was fat, after she asked if it was, and the girl running off crying, could result in the Elf becoming deeply depressed, with him sitting in silence for days, weeks, even months, as he tries to wrap his mind around what it was he said that caused the girl's becoming hurt by his words. As Elves think logically and take words literally at face value, he likely will never be able to understand that the girl was asking if he thought she was pretty, unless she herself, thinks to return and tell him this.

This habit of the Elf going off by themselves to mentally process things, is also seen by Humans as the Elves being arrogant and shunning Humans.

Though High Elves come off as haughty, sharp tongued, strong willed, and arrogant, they in fact are not arrogant at all, and are just seeing the world through a different perspective.

>>The show time the elves have been back hasn’t allow them much time to get any form of relates almost today races, but they are trying and for the most part they seem to be going well. However, there are some races that elves have develop relates with that deserve to be talk about.

In my own series, Common Elves generally get along with most everyone. A few individuals have their bigotries, but as a whole, most Common Elves get along with most everyone else.

The High Elves have lived on the planet only a few generations. A few of the oldest ones still remember living on their home planet. They being aliens, therefore are uncertain how to interact with most of Earth's population. They find themselves deeply puuzzled by how Humans and Common Elves act.

The High Elves tend to get along with Gnomes and Fae pretty well. Gnomes and Fae both live close to nature, both living at one with the land and avoiding doing anything that causes harm to plants or animals. Because of their peaceful cultures, High Elves tend to trust the Gnomes most of any group or race.

Faeries are chaotic and prone to gruesome pranks, but for the most part are harmless to nature, plants, and animals, focusing their pranks solely on Humans, largely to punish Humans for their disrespect to nature. The High Elves respect that the Fae have their hearts in the right places when it comes to their desire to protect nature, but disagree with the Fae's level of violence towards Humans, believing that there are better ways to show Humans the error of their ways. High Elves thus see Faeries as being childish and immature.

Some get along with Demons well. They tend to shy away from Dwarves, seeing Dwarves as even more war loving and barbaric then the Humans. High Elves have no concept or culture of warfare and weaponry, and Dwarves, who excel at weaponry, and Humans with their endless wars, baffle the High Elves. High Elves are very fearful of anyone who has a blood lust and takes delight in killing or going to war, and thus the High Elves are very fearful of Dwarves and Humans as both have long bloody, war filled histories. Were Dwarves and Humans not prone to war and violence, the High Elves would not be so mistrustful of them.


Okay... wow. That was an exercise! LOL!

So, a lore post in responce to a lore post. Eh, likely won't get read as not many people read lore posts. Oh well. It was fun to use your post as a measuring rod against my own Elves. Helped me think about some of the things I write about them.

Thank you for posting this. I had fun reading it and then comparing it to my own Elves. I love seeing how others do Elves in their own stories. I'm always fascinated by how so many authors change so many things and keep some many other things, and yet in the end, the Elves still come off being Elves. It's great to see all the various types of Elves being written out there.

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