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Avallac'h's a Good Tutor?
Of What? How to Better Bed Kings?


Please be aware that nearly every page on this website contains spoilers to something. I talk about a lot of fandoms, and go into great detail analyzing them when I do. If I am talking about The Witcher series, InuYasha, Disney Ducks, the Quaraun series, or any other fandom, you WILL encounter spoilers about it. 

Quaraun The Insane 
The Summoner of Darkness
The Banshee Sisters: Bean-Nighe and Ben-Neeyah In the Swamp of Death

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Quaraun The Insane 
The Summoner of Darkness
The Banshee Sisters: Bean-Nighe and Ben-Neeyah In the Swamp of Death
(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel)

It has been brought to my attention, by several fans, that you have read all the currently published novels and are eagerly awaiting publication of the rest of the series. However, life being what it is, the town of Old Orchard Beach being what it is, and my health being what it is... publication of the novels got put on hold with an entire 2 years passing with no new novels published.

As I have many chapters of each volume finished, and each story can be read on their own in any order, without continuing one to the next, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to sait your appetite for more Quaraun, in between the publication of the finished novels, the best thing to do therefore is to simply publish the chapters that are finished here on my site, to give you something to read while waiting for each novel to be finished.

Please note that while not erotica, the Quaraun series is sold as "Adult Entertainment" and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The Quaraun Series Is Yaoi. The Series Is Psychedelic Unicorn Porn & Contains Masochistic Drug Addicted Transvestite Twinkie Uke Elves Having Sex with Sadistic Drug Dealing UnDead Seme Unicorns

While not Erotica, you must be 18 or older to buy the novels this excerpt comes from, due to drug use, language, sexual situations, abuse, and graphic depictions of suicide.

The more graphic scenes have been removed from these free to read online sample  editions of the chapters.

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The Summoner of Darkness:
The Banshee Sisters: Bean-Nighe and Ben-Neeyah In the Swamp of Death

 Quaraun woke up and stared up at the beams overhead. He didn't often wake up to see a ceiling. He tried to remember when he last time it was he had slept indoors. It had been several months at least. He sat up, stretched and looked around. He felt like he was being watched. He could not shake the feeling that they were not alone and that someone was here with them, watching their every move. Unicorn and GhoulSpawn were asleep on either side of him. Unicorn partly draped over him and GhoulSpawn snuggled up beside him, something Quaraun had not expected to find. 

The first night GhoulSpawn had slept on the other side of the room, refusing to get close to any of them at all. The second night he had joined them in the soft fur nest bed, but stayed well out of reach of any one. Now on the third morning of their stay in the chapel, GhoulSpawn was laying right beside Quaraun, their bodies touching. Quaraun could feel the warmth of the half-Elf's flesh against him. He reached out and touched the sleeping Sun Elf, brushing his glowing yellow hair out of his face.

Like Quaraun, GhoulSpawn was an incredibly beautiful Elf. Unicorn had often joked that Quaraun was so vain, he was only truly in love with himself, and that being only because he possessed a beauty the defied all logic. Unicorn had also said he worried what Quaraun would do, should he ever find another Elf with his same haunting beauty, joking he'd either kill it to get rid of the competition or keep it for his lover, replacing Unicorn. The problem was it was not a joke and Unicorn was right, Quaraun did lust after his own beauty and it was his intense lust for GhoulSpawn's beauty that had inspired Quaraun to invite GhoulSpawn into his bed. Every reason he had given before was true, but he knew now, seeing GhoulSpawn up close for the first time and feeling the warmth of his body this close, that sexual desire had been the root cause of the request.

Quaraun sat watching GhoulSpawn sleep, watching his slow, relaxed breathing, and lusting for the young Sun Elf, in spite of the fact that Unicorn, his partner, lover, and soul mate was lying right beside him on the other side of the bed. He found himself wishing to feel the kiss of GhoulSpawn lips. The danger of wishes. Quaraun knew he had to get these thoughts out of his head. He was still not yet able to full control his psionic powers. Should he accidentally say "I wish..." the results could be terrible. He tried to remember what it was he had said just before GhoulSpawn had come crashing out of a hole in the sky, landing at his feet. Had he wished for GhoulSpawn? Had he been lusting for GhoulSpawn and wished the Sun Elf was in his bed?

Quaraun lay back down, laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling. He didn't know how much longer he could hide his lusts for the Sun Elf from Unicorn. Quaraun closed his eyes, trying to block out the thoughts of how much he wanted to have sex with GhoulSpawn just now. Think of something else. Think of the strange events this week had held. GhoulSpawn had fallen out of the sky and into their lives twice this week. No. Three times. The Gremlin. Wasn't he too GhoulSpawn? Older and from a distant future. A future where he and Unicorn was dead and the heartbroken GhoulSpawn was left alone. What had he said?  

"I loved you very much. I still do. I never stopped loving you. I'm not trying to save the world. I just want to change the events of the past, so you don't have to die. You shouldn't have died. Not like that. I will lay a thousand years of legacy and tradition at your feet, if your heart will beat but once more."

The Gremlin had looked as though his heart was breaking when he'd said those words. He'd been visibly shaken up over seeing Quaraun alive again, after so many years. The Gremlin had looked so old. So sad. His containace was that of an Elf who'd survived a broken soul bond and had dipped into the madness of grief and despair. 

Quaraun wondered, had he and GhoulSpawn been lovers? What about Unicorn? And what about the Gremlin. How long had he been alone?

Quaraun opened his eyes and looked at GhoulSpawn again. He looked so young. So peaceful. So different for the deeply distraught and very ancient Gremlin he would one day become. The Gremlin had indicated they were lovers. But what about Unicorn? Quaraun could not shake that question from his mind. What about Unicorn? Would a time come when Unicorn was gone? Dead. Forever. No longer able to come back. Quaraun didn't want to think about it. He loved Unicorn so much. Unicorn was dead. Is that not what the Gremlin had said? The Lich's many lives had run out. Another Phooka would kill him some day and he wouldn't come back to life that time. He'd stay dead forever. Quaraun felt a horrific pain in his heart at the thought of losing his beloved BoomFuzzy again. Quaraun squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out ant thoughts of a future without Unicorn. He didn't want to see it. He didn't want to think about it.

Quaraun's mind wandered back to wishing he and GhoulSpawn would kiss. Quaraun's wishes were dangerous. Every time he said the words "I wish" some thing bad happened. But he couldn't stop is mind, thinking of wishes. Wishes that went beyond kisses. Wishes that went to a warm embrace. Flesh on flesh. Skin against skin. Flesh inside of flesh. Their bodies coming together as one. Quaraun felt his dick go hard and erect as he imagined GhoulSpawn on top of him. Inside of him. Something Unicorn would never allow. The Lich was so possessive of Quaraun. Quaraun knew if Unicorn ever got a hint of Quaraun's desires for GhoulSpawn, the Phooka would kill them both. He would not allow for any wavering of Quaraun's affection. 

The thought of Unicorn's anger excited him even more. Quaraun loved the dominant stance Unicorn took with him. Quaraun half began wanted to be fucked by GhoulSpawn, just to incite Unicorn's jealous range, so he could feel the full force of the Phooka rage targeted fully against him. Quaraun's thoughts shifted back and forth between GhoulSpawn's gentleness and Unicorn's fierceness, both thoughts exciting him, and he found himself wishing they would both ravish him together. And just now the need to relieve himself was more then he could bare. He needed to escape this position he was in, squished between the two men he was lusting for.

Quaraun looked around. It was still early morning. The sun was not quite up. The stained glass windows sent erry shadows across the room. ZooLock was asleep at his feet. Morning had arrived and the storm had left. Chickadee and Titmouse were singing in the pine trees. There was a fresh, musty wet smell to the air. The smell of fresh rain in a mossy forest. 

Quaraun got up and went to the door to look outside. Though the rain had stopped, everything was drenched through. Tree branches hung low, water dripping from them. Dark puddles stood in places all around. The rich black earth was mushy and boggy, waterlogged from the heavy torrents of rain that had kept the Elf and his companions trapped in this church, now for three days.

"Take GhoulSpawn with you and go back the way you came," a female voice said. "Leave ZooLock behind. Take the half-Elf away from here."

Quaraun was suddenly alert, his foot long ears perked up high over his head instead of drooped backward as they normally were. With his ears twitching and listening like a scared rabbit, he looked all around for the source of the voice. His sight was not nearly as keen as his hearing though and he could see no one.

"Don't let him go back to that village. They're gonna kill him. He's too innocent. He doesn't know who they are. He doesn't know what they have planned. What they're gonna do. Take him with you. Don't let him go back to that place. Now that you have him go back the way you came. Don't keep following this path."

"Who's there?" Quaraun asked.

The sound of Quaraun's voice woke Unicorn.

"Who ya talkin' too?"

“I heard something.”

“I can see that,” Unicorn said. “Ya sexy little ears is gone errect.”

“Someone was talking to me.”

Quaraun was looking all around, scanning the trees for signs of life. His body was tense and alert, ready to run at the slightest sound. 

Unicorn kicked ZooLock.