Due to the murder of my family and the resulting court cases, police investigations, and FBI investigations, I no longer have time to daily update this website.

Likewise ALL novel, short story, and article writing projects are on hiatus.

All book releases, book signings, workshops, and convention appearances for 2015 (and unknown amount of time after) are on hold while the murder investigation of my family is ongoing.

Writing advice for the worldbuilding, character creation, and other writing how to articles are on hold.

From now on, the bulk of updates here will be about the investigation into the murder of my family.

No, NOT just THIS author website, not JUST the EelKat pename, not just self published books: ALL 15 (fifteen) of my penames are on hiatus, that includes traditional published books as well, newspaper reporting jobs, editing jobs, my work for Harlequin Romance Novels, my work for Disney... EVERYTHING is on hiatus. Every publishing house I work for, every series I write, every penname I write under: they are ALL on hiatus, ALL projects.

There is NOTHING being published under ANY penname, not for ANY series, not for ANY publisher, from 2015 onward. EVERYTHING is on hold due to the murder of my family. I do not know when or even if, any of the projects will be restarted or finished.

Yes, BOTH the magazines I owned are indefinitely shut down because of this as well, with no plans for either magazine to return. The publishing house I own is also closed to submissions from now on, we will no longer be publishing anything. It is unlikely we will reopen the publishing house either.

All book signing tours, workshops, letures, PAX events, ComicCon events, carnival/festival/state fair/car show events are also canceled. I will not be attending ANY of them. If a venue still has my name listed as a guest/speaker/etc it is because they've not yet removed it. I WILL NOT be there, no matter where it is! 


The ONLY thing continuing from this point on, is THIS website, where I'll post updates on the murder investigation, hopefully every week, but, you know how it is when 10 members of your family are beheaded, it's kind of difficult to have a schedule for anything anymore.

2-3 Posts a Day Is Crazy?
EelKat on Content Marketing

Want To Know My Secret To Being A Successful Content Marketer?
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2-3 Posts a Day Is Crazy? 
EelKat on Content Marketing

Want To Know My Secret To Being A Successful Content Marketer?
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2-3 Posts a Day Is Crazy? 
EelKat on Content Marketing

Want To Know My Secret To Being A Successful Content Marketer?
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>>2-3 posts a day. Dis cray.


I'm gonna copy my answer from an older post on this sub (, with updates for this post here, and prove you wrong...

I average 3 to 5 posts a day and this is my full time income.

Want To Know My Secret To Being A Successful Content Marketer?
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  • How much impressions from the Google Search Engine do you get on average in a month?

14,000 to 25,000 visits a month depending on season/time of year; with only about 10% (1,500 to 2,500) of them coming from Google search engine.

I have 300,000 email subscribers.

The bulk of my traffic comes from my notification squad, who visits daily within minutes of the Twitter-Tumblr-FaceBook-Google-LinkedIn posts announcing each new article

  • How long have you been blogging?

since 1996; so as of 2018 it is now 22 years old

  • How much articles/words do you have published?

I published article # 10,000 on October 15, 2017, (yes - you read that right - ten thousand articles) so now in January 2018, am closing in on 10,200 articles.

I publish 1 to 5 new articles daily, though days with as many as 10 articles are not uncommon. (I average 150 articles published each month.)

This is my full time job, I spend 40 to 80 hours a week writing, editing, and publishing articles.

  • 8 hours a day writing
  • 4 hours a day editing/formatting/publishing
  • 2 hours a day marketing (social media announcements, etc)
  • 7 days a week
  • my typing speed is 91 words per minute (that's 5,000 words an hour)
  • I average 17,000 words a day; the most in one day was 37,000 words.
  • I publish on average 3 million words a year.
  • since 1978 I have also published 130 novels, 2,000 short stories, 30 non-fiction books, a few dozen stage plays, and a few comic book scripts for Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck via Disney's Egmont division
  • I am trained in secretarial typing and my fastest clocked speed was 175 words per minute with an 80% accuracy.
  • I was a magazine editor for several years before blogging became my full time career
  • I was a door to door sales representative for 16 years before blogging
  • and I worked in retail merchandising as well
  • I've been doing SEO marketing since 2007
  • my blog ranks #1 on page 1 of Google for 51 keywords, and in the top ten on page 1 for 300+ more keywords, with more 3,000 additional keywords ranking on pages 2 and 3.

Most articles are 2,000 to 5,000 words, though my long ones are in the 10k to 20k range, and my biggest article has 60,000 words. It is also my most trafficed article with 10million views since it was first published on April 17, 2007 (<-link to article so you can see what type of blog posts attracts 10million views)

  • What is your CTR % (the amount of people that click-through your website)?

The average visitor stays on each page for 12 minutes, and clicks through to 7 additional pages after leaving the first page they entered from.

The average visitor visits 7 pages per day and returns 3 days per week.

I have a bounce rate of 73% visitors clicking additional pages after arriving and 27% leaving without clicking to another page

You didn't ask, but adding:

  • What topic is the blog?

I'm an author (Fantasy Novels) and the blog is how-to write help guides/advice for newbie writers and content marketers; mixed in with updates of events from my daily life, and sample chapters from my novels

I average 3 to 5 posts a day and this is my full time income.

Still think 2 to 3 posts a day is crazy?

Don't knock it til you've tried it.

Though I do disagree with this:

>>After writing that much content, after a while you get use to writing. You'll have more ideas and you can write faster posts. Your posts shouldn't be thousands of words long. Keep it at about 500-700 words long. That way, if you're writing 1500-2000 word posts, you can write that much, but instead of one posts to read, people have 3 posts to read.

Google will downrank you if you have fewer than 2,000 words, as they stated in their July 2017 update, where they also stated that the 400 word rule no longer applied. They'll unindex any page 400 words or less. They give a rank boost to pages with 3k+ words. And pages with 10k+ words soar to #1 on page 1, MINUTES after being published.

And as has been proven by my own track record, readers WANT articles LONGER then 10,000 words.

My top 5 most visited articles: (links so you can see the proof for yourself)

You want to be putting out more posts total, yes, but it counts for nothing if you are just writing a 2,000 word article and cutting it in 3 small pieces. You want REAL traffic that stays for REAL reading time, you want 3 articles of 2,000 words EACH - 6,000 words total a day.

Quantity don't mean squat without the quality to go with it.

1 long form quality blog post a week is going to out rank 3 snippet form daily posts. The 3 posts a day method only works if you are maintaining high quality with your quantity.

Quantity is going to help yes, but not if you are sacrificing quality to reach that quantity.

If you are only going to write 2,000 words a day, you are better off with only 1 post that is 2,000 words long. If you can't write 3 posts of 2,000 words each a day, you shouldn't try for 3 posts a day because in the long run, Google doesn't like what it terms "snippet content", Google favours long form content.

Quantity, quantity, quantity is good, but quality is still king.

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So, I was over on Reddit, you like I often am, and found this question. And answered it, like I do. However, the answer I initially gave was a simple generic answer. If you want to read my original answer unaltered, simply click on Reddit's embed feature links which Reddit provides for webmasters to be able to post their answers on their websites, while linking back to the original thread on Reddit (if you didn't know Reddit offered and encouraged the use of this feature, look for it in the "share" features underneath every post, comment, and reply on Reddit).

I am answering random questions today about world building, over on Reddit and decided to take my answers from there and expand upon them even further over here. So that's what this page is. Me rambling on about various aspects of world building techniques I use when writing the Quaraun series. The questions I am answering are embedded here. Clicking the link in the embedded question will take you to the original Reddit page where you can see the original answer along with other people's answers. If you wish to comment, you can do so on the Reddit page where a place to do so is provided.

In any case, as with all of my Reddit answers found on my site here, my original post on Reddit is much shorter then the article here.

Crosspost & Embed Features Are Now Live & Out Of Beta! Yay! (I've Been Beta Testing Both For The Last 6 Months Or So Now Everyone Can Use Them! Go Ahead And Share Any Post You Make or Find Here Via Embed and/or Crosspost! Have Fun!) from StorylWritersGroup

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