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Creating Character Profiles
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Who Is GhoulSpawn?

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EelKat's character creating/world building Squidoo lens series returns...

Years ago, I had a Squidoo lens article titled "Creating Character Profiles" (http://www.squidoo.com/character-development-questions) which was a list of questions to ask your characters to help you flesh them out. Many readers have requested its return, (Squidoo went offline in 2013 and a month later a crazed psycho showed up at Southern Maine Community College and tried to kill me leaving me paralyzed for 5 months and relearning to walk for 18 month, thus why the page went offline and I was unable to put it back online) and as I was getting ready to bring it back, it occurred to me that better then just a list of questions, why not I actually SHOW you how I take that list of questions and use it to build my characters?

And so, I'm creating this series of pages, each one featuring a different character, with the same questions being answered.

At the end of the profile, you will find the list of questions, which you can use for your own characters.

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Who Is GhoulSpawn?

What is his full name?

When Quaraun first meets him, he introduces himself as Glinta, or sometime Glinter.

In Summoner of Darkness, Quaraun meets him again, and this time he introduces himself as GhoulSpawn.

Unicorn, finding the word GhoulSpawn to be difficult to pronounce, usually calls him Ghouly.

Because of his manic way of acting and talking, most people refer to him as GhoulSpawn the Crazed.

In the  Twighlight Manor series he is known as The Gremlin.

How did his parents decide on his name?

GhoulSpawn's father was an evil Demon who commanded an army of Ghouls. Because of this, he was known simply as "The Ghoul". 

GhoulSpawn's mother was a Sun Elf whom had fallen in love with The Ghoul, but was forbidden by her family to have contact with him. She in turn ran away with her Demon lover, thus causing a war between Elves and Demons.

The Sun Elves tell a story of how their Princess was kidnapped and raped by the Ghoul, thus she gave birth to the Spawn of the Ghoul. Though his mother named him Glinta, she died while he was still very young, and his Elven kin, took to calling him GhoulSpawn as a way to brand him not one of them. He grew up constantly being told he was unloved and unwanted and should have been killed at birth, resulting in the very low self esteeme he has.

GhoulSpawn is an interdimensional time traveller, because he is unable to remain in any one time, place or dimension long, because he was born in the Hell Dimension, which exists outside of the realm of time and space as we know it. The Ghoul tried to escape the Sun Elves by going to the distant future (1974) and leaving his half-Elf son and the boy's mother there to live among a band of LSD addicted hippie Humans whom drove a 1974 AMC Gremlin.

The Sun-Elves eventually found their missing she-Elf and brought her back to the 1400s where she belonged, but she refused to leave her half-Demon son behind.

After his mother's death, GhoulSpawn was made a servant to his High Elf step-father and full blooded Elf step siblings, all of whom abused him and treated him like a slave. He grew up constantly being told he, because he was only a half-Elf, was unloved and unwanted and should have been killed at birth, resulting in the very low self esteem he has.

How tall are he?

GhoulSpawn is the tallest character of the Quaraun series, but his exact height is never given. 

Quaraun is 5'6" and Unicorn 5'1", both of them are quite a bit shorter then GhoulSpawn, who is described as being "nearly a foot taller than Unicorn". This would make him around 6'1".

What color is his hair?

Like all Sun Elves, GhoulSpawn was born with golden, mustard yellow hair.

Like all Demons, his hair glows in the dark.

When exposed to prolonged sunlight, his hair fades, eventually turning a phosphorescent, eye blinding, limon yellow.

If he stays mostly indoors, his hair grows darker over time, eventually (after a few weeks) going back to it's golden mustard yellow state.

Like most male Elves, GhoulSpawn has feminine features and very long hair.

Most Elves have slick, straight hair. GhoulSpawn's hair is quite curly, and hangs below his shoulders.

GhoulSpawn's hair is a bright neon yellow because he is an Uruisg.

What color are his eyes?

Being a Sun Elf, GhoulSpawn has green eyes, but being a Demon, when angry or frightened his eyes turn glowing yellow. His eyes glow in the dark light flashlights, but he can turn this effect off at will.

Does he have any distinctive physical features or deformities?

GhoulSpawn is an Uruisg (a male Glastig).

He has the legs and feet of a sheep. From his waist down he is covered in a soft, silky, curly tawny to ivory coloured wool, that closely resembles the wool of a Cotswold Sheep. The wool fur on his thighs to just below his knees is about 8 inches long, while the fur at his ankles is very smooth and close to the skin.

He has cloven hooves instead of feet, allowing him to run very fast over rocky surfaces. Like a mountain sheep or mountain goat, he is able to climb with ease up the sides of steep precarious mountain cliffs.

Because of his cloven hooves, when danger comes, GhoulSpawn is able to outrun and quickly escape most any opponent.

GhoulSpawn wears very long robes that drag on the ground completely hiding from view his legs and feet, so almost no one is aware of this feature.

Does he have any medical problems, diseases, injuries?

GhoulSpawn has a speech impediment which lessens when he is relaxed and grows worse the more nervous or frightened he becomes.

Around calm laid back characters like Quaraun, GhoulSpawn speaks without difficulty. However around domineering, headstrong, or bullying characters such as Unicorn or HellBorne, GhoulSpawn develops a stutter, making it difficult for him the get to the end of a sentence. 

Later in life, when he is very old, he is captured by Faeries who lock him in a barbaric insane asylum (White Rock), that takes sane people and tortures them into insanity. While at White Rock he is given a lobotomy which seriously affects his reasoning ability and thought process patterns. As a result of this brain damage, the elderly GhoulSpawn has difficulty communicating with people coherently. His sentences are jumbled together, as his brain can no longer process normal speech patterns. He tends to ramble in monologue, often talking to himself, other times talking to things or people no one else can see.

What is his favorite way to spend free time?


Hanging out with Quaraun.

GhoulSpawn doesn't really do much. He tends to get lost in his books and spend hours on end without coming out of the book to interact with those around him.

What are his hobbies?


Dungeons and Dragons.

Portal magic.

Alchemy, involving turning wool into golden fleece.

What religion are he and why?

GhoulSpawn is a Mormon.


Because at the time I created him back in 1978, I was a Mormon. He is one of the very first characters I ever created and all the original characters featured in the first volume of the Twighlight Manor series, were all Mormons.

GhoulSpawn is often seen handing out Book of Mormons to uninterested peoples of the 1400s.

There is a scene where he is questioned as to why he is a Mormon and he explains the history of the Demon Mormo and the fact that there are very few religions out there that are centered around a Demon prophet. (Keeping in mind GhoulSpawn is himself a Demon). The scene concludes with other characters pointing out that Mormon the angel and Mormo the Demon are two separate beings, but GhoulSpawn insists they are one and the same.

What kind of car does he own?

GhoulSpawn drives a 1974 AMC Gremlin, painted orange, with yellow flames down the sides.

He rarely drives the car, instead using it like a living room to read in. This is largely due to the fact that there are no gas stations in the 1400's and he is often without a way to put gas in the tank.

Even when back in the 1970s and 1980s, he rarely drives it as he does not have a driver's license.

Who is his best friend?

GhoulSpawn the Crazed and Quaraun the Insane are best friends, as well as lovers.

Elves and Demons both have long life spans of around 500 to 750 years old, with a few living to be 1,000 years old. (Life span varies depending on race). 

The age difference between GhoulSpawn and Quaraun is massive, with Quaraun being about 500 years older then GhoulSpawn, thus why Quaraun dies so long ago, while GhoulSpawn is still alive.

Quaraun is born around the year 983 and dies around the year 1733 (living about 750 years).

Unicorn is born around 600B.C. and died the same day as Quaraun in around 1733. Living around 2,500 years. (Faeries are the longest lived species, with a 2,000 year life span, being typical.)

GhoulSpawn was born around 1440 and is still alive in the stories set in 2525 at the end of the series, meaning he lives to be at least 1,095 years old.

They meet in around 1458, and in that story, GhoulSpawn is described as "still an Elfling, appearing to be a teenager of around 15 years old, but acting much older then he looked".


Does he have any friends of particular importance to his life?

GhoulSpawn lives with two other wizards: The Illusionist Wizard King Gwallmaiic/BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, and The Di'Jinn Wizard Priest turned Necromancer Quaraun the Insane. All three of them have been victims of violent hate crimes against wizards. Each of the three of them is scared to live alone.

Quaraun, Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn each rely on the other two for everything. You will almost never see any one of these three wizards without the other two close by. If one is separated from the other two, all three become highly agitated and nervous, with the two who are still together, going on a terror driven panicked search for the one that has gone missing.

None of these three Wizards feels safe on his own and is deeply emotionally dependent on having the other two by his side. All three of them suffer from serious anxiety when separated from the other two. Each of them is fiercely protective of the other two.

While small villages on the outskirts of society tend to be welcoming of wizards, most large cities and upscale regions see wizards as little more then the scum of the Earth. As a result of this Wizards are rarely seen in areas with big populations. Wizards tend to sculk around in lower class, shady places - slums, ports, docks, seedy taverns, and places that are highly infested with pirates, criminals, thieves, whores, bootleggers, moonshiners, and other individuals out cast from upper class society. This is true of Quaraun, Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn as well.

Because of this most of the Quaraun series takes place in taverns and inns of ill repute, along the coast, usually in bars on sea ports. Pirates, drunks, drug dealers, prostitutes, and sailors are thus a daily part of GhoulSpawn's life as this is the society he lives with and is a part of. GhoulSpawn is himself often high on LSD, or in bed with prostitutes.

However, interestingly, though he sees nothing wrong with drugs or prostitutes, GhoulSpawn is a LDS Mormon and refuses to drink and can often be seen ciding Quaraun and Unicorn for their drinking habits.

Because of his religious beliefs, GhoulSpawn also refuses to drink coffee or tea, and does not swear.

GhoulSpawn frequently is handing out Book of Mormons to the uninterested people of the 1400s, while preaching that God is an alien living on Planet Kolob.

What is his greatest fear?

When a Demon is afraid, what is he afraid of?

Pink goldfish.

Most characters assume it is a drug induced hallucination, but GhoulSpawn is at one point attacked by a flock of flying goldfish with pink fins, who sailed out of the clouds and tried to eat him.

Quaraun claims to have witnessed the event, but as both Elves are drug addicts, no one ever quite believed them.

Had he started seeing the killer gold fish after the lobotomy, people would have thought this a symptom, however, he started seeing the killer fish as a teenager, after Quaraun attempted to resurrect a field of dead butterflies, which came back to life as flying zombie fish instead.

The fish are in fact really there, but only GhoulSpawn and Quaraun ever see them, the fish fly away whenever anyone else looks for them, leaving poor GhoulSpawn and Quaraun to be laughed at and teased.

Because of the fish, people begin to call him GhoulSpawn the Crazed.

What is his favorite color?


Other then his long green coat, all of GhoulSpawn's clothes are always neon dayglow orange.

His car is also orange.

Political views?

GhoulSpawn is an animal rights activist.

In the 1980s when the anthrax scare was sweeping America, and the CDC was mass slaughtering millions of sheep and turkeys across the country (an event that actually happened and was responsible for crippling the farming industry in Maine and New Hampshire - here in Maine the government went to 3 of the largest turkey producers in the country, locked the birds in the barn, then burnt the barn to the ground, it caused a lot of protests with farmers against the government - I grew up on an egg farm so I knew some of the farmers whom had had their barns and livestock burnmed and it inspired me to use this event in my novels), GhoulSpawn took to rescuing said sheep and smuggling them back to the 1400s.

Before long GhoulSpawn had more sheep than he knew what to do with. He is rarely seen without his sheep. Usually he is trying to hide the sheep (because the police are looking for them) but it became a running gag in the series to have people who know of his sex addiction problem, see him hiding the sheep and then tease him, thinking he has sex with sheep.

In the current era (2017) the now elderly Gremlin owns a sheep farm in Maine.

Other than animal rights, he has no political views. He rarely knows what year he's in, due to his time travelling, and doesn't keep track the politics of the times and places he's in as he never stays in any one place long.

Are there any issues (bigoted ideas from society) caused by his species/ race/ ethnicity, that he has to deal with?

Neither Demons nor half-Elves are considered welcomed members of society, both being forced to live in small tribal groups on the outskirts of civilization. Both are often stoned to death or hung if they dare set foot in a city.

Half Elves, being denied work or stable places to live, often become wandering thieves out of the need for survival, sneaking into towns at night to steal food or basic items.

As is typical of half-Elves, GhoulSpawn became an expert pick-pocket at a very young age, and by the time he meets Quaraun has already made an art out of stealing pretty much anything he can fit into his coat pockets.

GhoulSpawn is a notorious pick pocket and master thief. He can walk up to anyone and clean out their pockets without them ever realizing he was there. He thinks nothing of sneaking into houses and taking anything he can fit in his pockets, keeping in mind he carries a 1974 AMC Gremlin in his pockets, along with a herd of sheep... meaning, there isn't anything that he can not fit in his pockets.

He uses magic to move silently, also using magic to cast "foggy haze" in people's minds causing them to have distorted vision for a few moments, allowing him to get past them unseen. He built himself a wand similar to Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver, which can zap open most any lock...being a geeky nerd of the 1970s, GhoulSpawn based both his wand and his coat off Dr. Who's sonic screwdriver and coat with pockets bigger on the inside.

If one needs to get past a lock, mundane or magical, GhoulSpawn is the one you want to ask for help, as he can make his way effortlessly through every lock he encounters.

GhoulSpawn, being a wizard, made himself a magical "time lord" coat, lined with dozens of pockets, each pocket being a bag of holding, capable of containing objects far bigger then they should. While he rarely drives it, he carries his car with him in his pocket every where he goes, and when needing to rest, takes it out to sit in. As he stole the car from the 1970s and lives in the 1400s, most people believe the car to be a glowing eyed monster and keep their distance from the Demon with his armoured beast.

He also keeps a large red armchair in his pocket, along with several hundred Dungeons and Dragons guidebooks, and a herd of sheep. When he finds an open field, he often lets the sheep run free, while he sits in the big chair and reads.

Bags of holding are very rare, with fewer then a dozen wizards world wide who know how to make them. It is their skill in making bags of holding, that marks both Quaraun and GhoulSpawn as being very advanced in the use of magic. 

GhoulSpawn being both a Demon and a half-Elf is doubly mistreated by the majority of the world's population. He takes to travelling with Quaraun because Quaraun simply accepts GhoulSpawn as he is and is not bothered by being seen in the company of either a Demon or a half-Elf.

There are several instances when people try to bully GhoulSpawn and Quaraun (a high ranking full-blooded aristocratic High Elf) is quick to stand up for him, protecting and defending the half-Elf. Quaraun is often classified by other Elves as "insane" simply because he is willing to be friends with a half-Elf.

Like Quaraun, GhoulSpawn becomes Thullid infested (see Summoner of Darkness). The parasite slowly eats his brain and GhoulSpawn dies a horribly agonizing death, as the Thullid hollows out his body, steals his memories, and reanimates his empty dead husk of a body.

GhoulSpawn, upon his death, makes Quaraun promise not to kill the beast that killed him and instead treat it as though it was still him. Quaraun is torn with this, struggling knowing his dear friend is dead, and knowing that the creature living in his body is no really the young half-Elf who died so very young.

Knowing his presence is deeply distressing GhoulSpawn's friend, the Thullid changes his name to The Gremlin in order to differentiate between the Thullid and the dead half-Elf who's body he now lives in.

Over time however, the Thullid begins to forget he is not the half-Elf, as GhoulSpawn's memories continue to live on inside him.

Later in life, after he has begun to call himself The Gremlin, he has to struggle with the ban on Thullids. 

All of the Thullids are gathered together and slaughtered.

Thullids being alien jelly fish that get into a person's brain, eat the brain, killing their host, then living inside the body, pretending to be the person they killed. Basically a pod-people sort of thing.

Humans from the future, go back to the past and gather up all the Thullids, then systematically murder them, by beheading them, removing the jellyfish, and then crushing it. This is how Quaraun dies, an event that GhoulSpawn witnessed and was traumatized by.

Gremlin himself is captured, along with Quaraun. While Quaraun is brutally murdered by the Thullid haters, they let Gremlin live, not realizing that he too is a Thullid, assuming him to have been nothing more then a Thrall to Quaraun.

After Quaraun's death, Gremlin begins to travel back in time and change events in Quaraun's life, trying to prevent the events which ultimately lead up to Quaraun's murder. Gremlin is the "shadowy figure" mentioned in several scenes of several novels (for example the scene in BoomFuzzy when Gibedon stabs BoomFuzzy and a "shadowy figure" appears and pulls Quaraun out of the room to prevent him from seeing what Gibedon did.)

However, when it is discovered he is doing this, Gremlin is taken prisoner, locked in White Rock Asylum For The Criminally Insane and given a lobotomy, which damages the Thullid living in his body.

After decades locked in a padded cell, he is finally released, but finds himself in 1974, now an old man, and without his ability to travel through time. This is the start of the Gremlin you know and love from The Twighlight Manor series.

Different from his race/ethnicity, is the prejudices because of his career.

In addition to being a master thief, he is also an extremely powerful wizard, with magic skills that rival Quaraun's. 

While Wizardry was once seen as an Elite Class of Highly Respected Priests, by the time period of the Quaraun series (around the 1450s) Wizards have lost their social standing and are now seen as scum of the Earth no better then prostitutes, thieves, and charletons.

Main character, Quaraun, is typical of most Wizards in the Quaraun series. He was taken from his family by a Thullid priest at the age of 9. Born in Quebec, he was raised by the DiJinn in Persia, on the other side of the planet. As an adult he escaped his captors and made the long journey back home. He was not accepted back into Elf society and seen as a freak. The other Elves teased and bullied him. He is often beaten, raped, and several times publicly humiliated by being striped naked and hung upside down from a tree in the village center, where the villagers would gather to beat him with sticks and throw rocks at him. It was during one of these events, that one Elf took a knife and attempted to castrate him, resulting in the horrific scars and permanent damage done to his penis, which in turn results in his near inability to have sexual intercourse, resulting in him eventually preferring to be a bottom to other men, resulting in his 3 way relationship with his two male lovers Unicorn and GhoulSpawn.

Space Dock 13


The Black Tower

For a wizard to be publicly beaten, humiliated, and castrated is not uncommon. Many wizards are eunuchs because of this.

Society's ill treatment of wizards, is the cause of many wizards believing in celibacy, most refusing to have sex, falsely claiming to be eunuchs to prevent themselves being castrated by angry mobs.

Because Wizards are often hunted down and killed by the law, it became common practice for Wizards to live in isolated regions - on top difficult to reach mountains, in isolated deserts, or on  tiny islands in the ocean.

Most Wizards took to living in tall stone towers as a way to protect themselves from the mindless hate of simple-minded Humans, with nothing better to do then bully those different then themselves.

While the top floor of the these tall towers have windows, there are no windows on the lower levels, and the door into the tower is invisible to the naked eye, hidden by powerful spells to prevent anyone from gaining access.

It is not uncommon for a Wizard to disguise his tower as something else, such as a Lighthouse.

Many Wizards, especially those whom have been heavily abused by society, are fearful of having contact with other people, often to the point of agoraphobicly locking themselves in their towers and never setting foot outside again. GhoulSpawn is one such wizard.

If Quaraun never left Black Tower, neither would GhoulSpawn. GhoulSpawn only goes outside when Quaraun does and often only stays outside for a few minutes before running back into the tower.

It is not uncommon for a small group of wizards to band together, as other wizards are often the only friends a wizard has. Thus if one does see a wizard, it is likely you'll see more then one.

Quaraun himself, lives with two other wizards: The Illusionist Wizard King Gwallmaiic/BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, and The Chaos Wizard GhoulSpawn. All three of them have been victims of violent race crimes against wizards. Each of the three of them is scared to live alone. All three of them live together in Black Tower.

GhoulSpawn, for a brief period, before living with Quaraun, lived with another wizard, HellBorne the Evil

GhoulSpawn, being a Demon, a half-Elf, a thief, and a wizard, never finds himself welcomed anywhere, thus why he is quick to find more powerful wizards to live with, as he does not feel safe otherwise.

Because they are themselves heavily persecuted, Wizards are often more accepting of minorities, and outcasts of society. Wizards tend to be sympathetic towards Faeries, Demons, half-Elves, thieves, prostitutes, coloured races, same sex couples, and transgender people. GhoulSpawn is no exception to this and is quick to show sympathy for most every person he meets.

Both Wizards and their towers are a rare thing to see. Only a handful of Wizards exist in the world. Probably fewer then 100 Wizards are alive at any given time period.

Quaraun in fact, when he is at home, lives in a haunted lighthouse known as The Black Tower.

Black Tower (also known as Space Dock # 13) is an interdimensional beacon, that exists in many places at once. There are at least 7 planets it is known to exist on simultaneously, and it also exists at all points of Earth's history.

Eel-Kat, leader of the Ptarmagin Kats, is seen on the cover of this book.

The Wizards did not build it. It was in fact built by the Ptarmagin Kets, a group of highly intelligent aliens, who resemble common domestic house cats, and have infiltrated planet Earth, by pretending to be house cats. There are 21 of these interdimensional beacons, each being a port, for the Kat's space ship which they park at the bottom of deep oceans, and then lock into place using a tractor bean from the beacon.

Known as "The Haunted Lighthouse" to Humans, and "Black Tower" to the Elves, it's true name is Space Dock #13, it being the 13th such interdimensional beacon built by the Ptarmagin Kats.

The Kats, wishing to keep a low profile while on Earth and knowing that most wizards are thought of as being insane, thus no one would believe a wizard if he said he saw a talking cat... the Kats thus often confide in Wizards and hire Wizards to keep notes of Human activity and report back to the Kats.

No one really knows why the Kats are on Earth and what they do with the notes Wizards give them, but Wizards, being lonely outcasts unable to find friends elsewhere, and desperately desiring to have someone to talk too, often are seen with these black alien cats riding on their shoulders or scampering along behind them, whom the Humans call "familiars".

GhoulSpawn makes friends with the Ptarmagin Kats, becoming the spy for EelKat and Lynxiana, working along side Spriggan and Bela.

What is his favorite food(s)?

GhoulSpawn, like Quaraun, and most Elves in general is a vegetarian. GhoulSpawn is a bit more extreme then Quaraun and is vegan.

Unlike Quaraun who loves candy, chocolates, and pastries, GhoulSpawn's diet leans towards whole foods, raw foods, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables and rarely anything else.

What is his sex life like?

GhoulSpawn is very, very sexual. He is probably the most sexually active character of the series.

GhoulSpawn is frequently seen with many prostitutes, whom he is a frequent customer of. GhoulSpawn just likes sex a lot.

It is not uncommon for the 3 of them (Quaraun, Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn) to spend the night at whore houses, with only GhoulSpawn ever having sex with the women, and them all of them, the 3 wizards and the women, sleeping together. This is due to Quaraun being a pure blooded High Elf, and his species, normally have communal sleeping habits with a dozen or more people all in bed together. Elves are often noted for stating: "No one really notices who is cuddled up with who, just as long as every one is together, it's all good."

A joke among characters in the series, is to frequently ask GhoulSpawn about his wives, every time they come to a new town.

GhoulSpawn himself, frequently admits to having 4 or 5 wives in each town they enter.

He in fact is not married, however, his sex addiction problem, his enthral Elven beauty, and his Demon ability to seduce women, often lead him to affairs with married women.

GhoulSpawn has been known to say that he prefers bedding with married women as he does not have to worry about taking care of any resulting children, their husbands can do it instead.

The trio of wizards find it difficult to find a town where GhoulSpawn hasn't already been and been chased out of by angry husbands. It is not uncommon for them to reach a town, only to find a road around it, once GhoulSpawn remembers an angry husband in said town.

Because of his Demon blood, GhoulSpawn has a higher than normal rate of getting women pregnant. (See next question.) The trio of Wizards frequently encounter women who claim to either be pregnant with or have already had GhoulSpawn's children.

As GhoulSpawn is a penniless thief and Quaraun is an obscenely wealthy aristocrate, Quaraun often pays the women large sums of gold to just take their Demon/Elf/Human hybrid children elsewhere and leave GhoulSpawn alone.

Is there anything about his race or species that makes him unique or otherwise different from other characters?

GhoulSpawn is half Sun Elf and half Chaos Demon.

In the Quaraun series Chaos Demons are often referred to as "Cupid Demons". They are similar to Incubus Demons, but not at dangerous.

Most Demons are violent and dangerous, thus the general population of Earth is scared of the Demon species as a whole. Not all Demons are evil or bloodthirsty however. For the most part Chaos Demons are peaceful and do not seek to harm others, like the Incubus they are kin to though, they do however have huge sexual appetites that are nearly insatiable. 

Chaos Demons give off strong pheromones which triggers a heightened sexual response from those around them, thus they rarely have to look far to find sex partners.

Some Chaos Demons, like GhoulSpawn, will simply go from town to town, doing nothing but seeking out whore houses, and buying and bedding several women each night.

Many, like GhoulSpawn, will roam the streets of a town, in twilight hours, looking for women walking alone on their way home. They will then find an excuse to cross paths with her, help her carry her bags, and within minutes, seduce her into some back alley, then rape her repeatily. Interestingly, because of the drug like, intoxication of the pheromones they give off, no women ever refuses these advances or accuses the Chaos Demon of rape.

Chaos Demons are extremely fertile. Nearly every sexual encounter with a Chaos Demon results in pregnancy. Half Demons, as a result are very common, though they are usually half Human, not half Elf. In nearly every town they visit, Quaraun and Unicorn run across a woman claiming GhoulSpawn is the father of one or more of her children.

GhoulSpawn, like most Chaos Demons, is rarely able to stay in any one town for more than a few weeks, as people quickly realize a Chaos Demon is among them and will gather together in an angry mob to attack the Demon, trying to kill it.

GhoulSpawn, being a half Demon, is not quite as addicted to sex as a full blooded Chaos Demon is. However it is difficult for GhoulSpawn to encounter someone and him not immediately start trying to seduce them into his bed.

While his preference is for Human women, GhoulSpawn is also in love with Quaraun and frequently is seducing the Elf, resulting in violent fits of jealousy from Unicorn.

Quaraun frequently bottoms for GhoulSpawn.

Later on in their relationship, GhoulSpawn and Unicorn together frequently double stuff Quaraun.

Later in the series, when Quaraun's third wife enters the relationship, Quaraun and GhoulSpawn are both frequently in her at once..

What kind of social gathering do he like best?

Social gatherings are not a part of GhoulSpawn's life.

In spite of his rampant sexual appetite, GhoulSpawn is not a social person. He's very shy and introverted and tends to keep to himself, spending most of his time reading books.

His being a Demon, and using his hypnotic pheromones to find sex partners, means he has no need to socialize with the women or get to know them, before convincing them to bed with him.

Otherwise he avoids contact with every one completely.

From the time he is about 15, until he is about 300, he spends most of his life living with Quaraun and Unicorn and having almost no contact with anyone else, outside of the random one night stands with prostitutes.

Though none is related to either of the others, Quaraun, Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn think of each other as family and share a deep emotional bond with each other. Each looks out for the other two, and each suffers from extreme separation anxiety when separated from the other two.

Quaraun and Unicorn both die the same day. They are both brutally murdered, an event that GhoulSpawn witnesses. Their deaths leave him extremely traumatized, devastated, deeply depressed, and unable to make any attempts at making new friends. After their deaths, GhoulSpawn goes off by himself more or less becoming a hermit. On is own, GhoulSpawn slowly slips into madness, becoming more insane then Quaraun was rumoured to be.

In his later years, after the lobotomy and several years straight jacketd in an isolation chamber of White Rock, his ability to tell reality from hallucinations becomes limited.

As Gremlin, he is frequently seen talking to himself, gibbering incoherent nonsense about pink penguins, often is having conversations with things no one else can see, and is diagnosed by White Rock's psychiatrists as having severe advanced schizophrenia. 

What is his most marked characteristic?

He is a nervous wreck with lots of quirks, including twirling his hair, biting his nails, and cracking his fingers.

He has a tendency to jump up and run away at the slightest sound. He is extremely flighty. From childhood, he has a tendency towards extreme paranoia, which developes into schizophrenia as he grows older.

On the other hand, GhoulSpawn, with his timid, gentle ways, tends to be very kindhearted towards every one. He is quick to help any one in need.

Living in the 1400s plague (influenza) is a common killer and people fear to get near any one who has it. GhoulSpawn however, being from the 1970s and realizing what the Flue is and how to treat it, has no fear of plague victims and is often quick to come to the aid of any one with plague, and much to the amazement of the victim's family is often able to heal them.

Because he lived in the 1970s and has basic modern day knowledge of hygiene and first aid, he is often seen by people of the 1400s as being a healer. 

He often has modern day items like Neosporin, aspirin, Tylenol, plastic band-aids, and first aid-kits in his coat pockets, which gets him branded as an alchemist or witch, by people who assume he made these things and thinks of of them as magic potions.

Though he has no medical training and is nothing close to being a doctor, medieval people often hail him as being a doctor, because their lacking of basic medical knowledge is so very poor.

When not being terrified by imaginary pink goldfish, GhoulSpawn's personality is very kind and giving. He is gentle with everyone, slow to pass judgments, and quick to forgive.

What does he consider his greatest achievement?

GhoulSpawn is the wizard who opened the portals and invented time travel via the portals.

This becomes a bit of a confusion however, as the series also states that his father used the portals to escape with GhoulSpawn's at the time pregnant with GhoulSpawn, 's mother.

Does he have any natural born magical abilities or super powers?

Quaraun's teenaged lover GhoulSpawn is a "natural born" Sorcerer. He is a half-Elf/half Demon. 

Because he is a Demon, GhoulSpawn was born with natural magical abilities, making him a rare "natural born wizard" or sorcerer.

GhoulSpawn is typical of a Sorcerer in the Quaraun series, in that he has Demon blood, was thus born with a Demon's natural ability to cast magic on some levels, has taking to self-teaching himself how to control the magic powers he was born with, is outcast from society because of his link to Demons, and is generally not well thought of, even though he is not in any way evil, and is in fact the only part of the cast who could be considered anything close to being a Hero.

Throughout the Quaraun series, you often see characters using the word Sorcerer has a sort of hate-slur or insult against all magic users in general.

Because of this, you see primary character, GhoulSpawn, often become nervous, shy, or embarrassed when people ask him what type of magic he does. He rarely calls himself a Sorcerer, instead using the term "Chaos Wizard", while Quaraun tends to refer to GhoulSpawn as "an Alchemist" and Unicorn just comes right out and says "he's a Demon".

All three of the mains characters (Quaraun, Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn) tend to skirt the issue when it comes to any conversation about Sorcerers. This is largely due to the fact that GhoulSpawn was at one point attacked by an angry mob of "anti-half-Elf" Pure Blooded High Elves who brutally tortured, raped, and beat him then left him for dead.

GhoulSpawn was left naked and dying in the street of a large Elf city. By standers did nothing to stop the mob, and afterwards he was left to lie there several days, bleeding to death while no one stopped to help him.

As there are no laws against being a half-Elf, and there were laws against beating someone on basis of race, their defense later became to accuse him of being a Sorcerer, as there are laws against Sorcery.

GhoulSpawn has PTSD as a result of this event. He never says how old he was when this happened to him, but as he is the youngest character in the series and described as being "the equivalent of a 15 year old Human" at the time he meet Quaraun, and described this attack as having "happened years ago", he was very young when it happened and the assumption is that he was about 10 years old at the time the mob (of adults) tried to kill him.

After this attack, with no clue where his father was, and his mother no dead and no longer able to protect him from the arrogant pure blooded High Elves, GhoulSpawn began using his natural born powers to open portals and try to retrace his steps to find his father. This resulted him him going back to 1974, finding the hippies and their drugs and their car. He lived with them til the 1980s, during that time becoming obsessed with the game Dungeons and Dragons.

GhoulSpawn would go on to combine the fictional spells of the Dungeons & Dragons game books, with his natural ability to cast magic, and taking LSD at the same time to enhance the spells, he became an "actual" D&D Sorcerer who really could cast the spells of his Player Character.

This however got him in trouble, as it drew the attention of the police, who then raided the hippie drug commune he was living in, resulting in him taking the drugs, the car, and the D&D spell books and escaping into a portal back to the past, where he meet up with and joined Quaraun and Unicorn. (All this happens in The City of The Screaming Statues, by the way, in case you are wondering what novel to find this in.)

What is his most treasured possession?

His strange coat of many pockets.

GhoulSpawn wears a long green, velvet coat, that reaches to the floor and looks almost like a dress. Inside the coat, sewed to the linings, are dozens of pockets. Each pocket is in fact a bag of holding, and so GhoulSpawn is able to carry with him, everything he owns, including the 1974 AMC Gremlin and for some unknown reason a kitchen sink. He also keeps his herds of sheep in his pockets.

When asked how he is able to keep the sheep in his pockets, he explains that each pocket is in fact a portal, and the she are not in fact actually in his pocket, but rather are in a field that exist in the portal in his pocket.

Glinta is wearing it the first time Quaraun meets him and continues to wear it throughout the series.

However, Gremlin, does not wear it and when questioned what happened to he, he refuses to answer and changes the subject. The coat was taken from him the day Quaraun was murdered. It is unknown what became of it after that.

What or who is the greatest love of his life?

Being a Demon, GhoulSpawn frequently points out that he has no emotions and is incapable of feeling love, thus why he never marries and continues right into old age, to be always in the company of prostitutes.

However, there are many instances when his Elf side reveals that he does in fact have feelings, as he is often frightened by things, and over time becomes deeply emotionally attached to Quaraun.

It is not until after Quaraun's death, that GhoulSpawn begins to realize how much he loved the Elf.

What is life in prison without parole like in your setting? 
What kind of maximum security prisons are there?
How do convicts cope with it?
How do they spend their time?
Has anyone ever escaped?

The only prison ever featured in the series is White Rock Asylum For the Criminally Insane. It's a combination mental institute and prison, run by Faeries, for housing extremely dangerous non-Humans. While many criminals are there, there are also many inmates who are there simply because they "knew too much" and needed to be "put someplace" to keep them from talking.

The series spans a vast time period from 900s to 2525. White Rock shows up in the 1930s era and slowly gains more and more political control with each passing year. By the 1990s they have rounded up almost every non-Human and locked them up. Not hard to do as there are fewer then 10,000 non-Humans left in the world, by that period and most Humans no longer believe in the existence of Elves or Faeries, etc.

White Rock rounded up the non-Humans partly to protect the non-Humans from the Humans and partly to allow the Realm of Fae to remain hidden from Humans, by not allowing the 7 billion Humans to ever encounter a non-Human. This was due to in the 1980s, a pharmaceutical lab (Proctor & Gamble), gathered up a bunch of non-Humans to do tests on them. Most of the test subjects died in horrifically agonizing ways, specifically via the Draize Eye Test.

While the Fae who run White Rock had the right idea in mind (rescuing and protecting the non-Humans from the Humans), there were far too few workers to deal with the large amount of "inmates" and thus their methods were questionable at best, overcrowding a serious problem, and in many cases the Fae treated their captives far worse than they would have been treated by Humans.

White Rock is run by a Phooka, a type of Faerie not known for their sensitivity or compassion. While he (Harrier, who is King Gwallmaiic's grandson) is more compassionate and much kinder then the average Phooka, his ways are still harsh and brash. One of his doctors (Checka, formerly known as ZooLock) is lobotomy-happy, and if any inmate proves too feisty or tries to escape, the solution is simply to give them a hack and slash lobotomy that is often done incorrectly and does serious brain damage. Harrier is constantly at odds with this doctor as Harrier has a strict non-lobotomy policy and does not like to see his inmates harmed, as keeping them safe from Humans was his intended goal.

The fact remains, Harrier, though his intentions are good, simply does not have the manpower or resources to handle the mass amount of overcrowding. Guards fearing that too many inmates together, make a strong crowd, will frequently beat inmates without any real cause. Inmates being beaten to death by guards happens more often then Harrier would like to admit. Starvation is a problem for some sectors of the building, as there are not enough guards and what few guards there are, and not good with keeping records. Some sections get forgotten or the guards will assume another guard already did the rounds or an illiterate guard may accidently mark the wrong place off in his record book. Some cell blocks have been known to go without food for days on end, before it is noticed they were forgotten at meal time.

There may be a dozen or more people in each cell. Each cell being small and shouldn't have more then 4 people in it. Rarely do they have beds or blankets, often the concret floors are simply covered in hay. There may or may not be a bucket. None has a toilet or sink. Only a rare few have windows. The cells are made out of steal bars set in concrete and escape is near impossible.

Should one manage to escape, getting past the taser toting guards is difficult. If one gets out of the building, getting out of the yard alive in next to impossible. A massive double fence outlines the perimeter. Barbed wire at the top. The whole thing electric and controlled by an off planet space ship, that will incinerate you with lasers if you get over the fence. Inside the fence however, roaming the grounds, are fierce Hell Hounds that you'll have to get past.

The worst place to be in White Rock is in solitary confinement. Primary character GhoulSpawn/Gremlin found himself locked away in solitary confinement. This was due to his being a very highly skilled/powerful wizard. Wizards can not be just locked in a cell with the others, as many do not like wizards and the inmates will gang up on a kill the wizards. Some wizards, depending on their training can magically "pick" locks and walk out of prisons. Others know how to open portals, and can just leave without picking locks at all. GhoulSpawn is a wizard with both skills.

Because of his ability to bypass locks and open portals, GhoulSpawn was given a lobotomy to reduce his ability to control his magic, then had a special kind of shackle put on his arm, allowing the guards to have some level of control over him. The silver coloured metal band fits seamlessly around his wrist, and has a bar in it's center that goes through his wrist, piercing the bone. The band is made of silver plated Faerie Iron, a special metal that neutralizes magic making it difficult to impossible for the wizard to cast spells. The band is imbedded with a micro-chip homing device (GPS) that can locate the wearer no matter where they are, even if they go through a portal. The band also holds an electrical charge, which shocks the wearer, should they walk out of the assigned range of the band. After the band was put on/through his arm, he was next straightjacketed and put in a solitary confinement cell, where he would remain for several decades. The last thing he saw before being put in the padded cell, was his two best friends being viciously and brutally murdered by one of White Rock's guards. GhoulSpawn was deeply traumatized by this and was not allowed to grieve, before immediately finding himself with a Faerie Iron band piercing his wrist bone, and being locked in a cell. When he was found and released many, many years later, he was a gibbering mess, barely able to cohesively communicate with anyone. Over time he slowly recovered some of his reasoning ability. As record keeping is shoddy, no one was able to determine the exact year GhoulSpawn was locked in the cell, but it was estimated he was in solitary confinement at minimum of 70 years. After his release, he had a phobia of people in general and society as a whole. He was never able to go back into normal society and became a recluse.

The solitary confinement cells are very small. Little more then a closet, with only room to sit or stand and not big enough to stretch out or lay down. They have no windows. The only door is airlock sealed. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all padded and blindingly white. Inmates put in these, often go mad, from lack of anyone to talk to and having nothing but blank whiteness to look at. There is a slot at the bottom of the door, which food is slid into each day. The person inside never sees their guard. The rooms have the ability to gas the patient, knocking then unconscious, so the guards and bath them and clean up after them. (There are no toilets or buckets in these cells.) If the inmate shows signs of waking up before the guards are done, they are injected and unconscious again. Some long lived inmates have been in solitary confinement without ever seeing a person for more then a century. Solitary confinement is reserved for very dangerous criminals, or high risk of escape persons, such as wizards.

If you weren't already insane when you entered White Rock, you most certainly will be after a few years locked away in there, forgotten by the outside world. By the 2000s era, there are no known sane Elves in existence. All Elves by this point (even those freed or escaped) have been in White Rock at one point or another, for far too long.

The worst part about White Rock, is no one knows it is there. It exists behind a Faerie Glimmer spell and is invisible to the world. Someone who has been inside, can see it after leaving. Once in a great while, someone escapes or is released, and when they try to tell people what they've been through, no one believes them. When they try to take people to the location where White Rock is, all they see is a forest covered hill, with a large white rock/boulder on top of it. No building. No guards. No fence. No dogs. If you try to tell any one it is there, no one believes you and thinks you are crazy. This is why GhoulSpawn became a recluse after his release... at first he had tried to tell people, but no one believed him, because no one could see it. He could still see it, but no one who had never been inside could. He tried to tell people of the others trapped inside and in need of help, but, everyone just laughed at him. Human psychiatrists diagnosed him as having schizophrenia. Realising the Faerie glimmer spell would never allow Humans to see the building, and thus no one would ever believe what had happened to him, GhoulSpawn retreated into the forest and left society completely.

Want to use the questions for your own characters? Here they are:

  1. What is his full name?
  2. How did his parents decide on his name?
  3. How tall are he?
  4. What color is his hair?
  5. What color are his eyes?
  6. Does he have any distinctive physical features or deformities?
  7. Do he have any medical problems, diseases, injuries?
  8. What is his favorite way to spend free time?
  9. What are his hobbies?
  10. What religion are he and why?
  11. What kind of car does he own?
  12. Who is his best friend?
  13. Does he have any friends of particular importance to his life?
  14. What is his greatest fear?
  15. What is his favorite color?
  16. Political views?
  17. Are there any issues (bigoted ideas from society) caused by his species/ race/ ethnicity, that he has to deal with?
  18. What is his favorite food(s)?
  19. What is his sex life like?
  20. Is there anything about his race or species that makes him unique or otherwise different from other characters?
  21. What kind of social gathering do he like best?
  22. What is his most marked characteristic?
  23. What does he consider his greatest achievement?
  24. Does he have any natural born magical abilities or super powers?
  25. What is his most treasured possession?
  26. What or who is the greatest love of his life?
  27. What is life in prison without parole like in your setting? 
  28. What kind of maximum security prisons are there? 
  29. How do convicts cope with it? 
  30. How do they spend their time? 
  31. Has anyone ever escaped?

If you are wondering where the rest of the questions went (the original Squidoo article had 1,000 of them), I've only included here, the ones which I answered for this character. See other character profiles for other questions.


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“Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can't get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don't care who you are. What goes aroMy Two Favorite People: FarDarrig and The Baby That Never Should Have Been

Need help writing characters of color | EelKat on racist white readers

und comes around. That's how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.” 

― Jessica Brody

"By autistic standards, the “normal” brain is easily distractible, is obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail and routine. Thus people on the spectrum experience the neurotypical world as relentlessly unpredictable and chaotic, perpetually turned up too loud, and full of people who have little respect for personal space." 

— Steve Silberman

Attempt Something New Today! – too many people talk about doing this or that but few actually take action, it's the why behind why so few succeed and so many fail.

I'm not made of money, I'm made out of glitter and kittens. 

~CinnamonToastKen 2017

“When people see you're happy doing what you're doing, it sort of takes the power away from them to tease you about it.” 

― Wendy Mass, Every Soul a Star

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Fabulous and flamboyant...

who knew?

“If you're horrible to me, I'm going to write a song about it, and you won't like it. That's how I operate.” 

― Taylor Swift

Bullies should never force you to  suffer in silence. If someone has hurt you, let others know.

“One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” 
― Michael J. Fox

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” 

― Abraham Lincoln


"Do not fear people with Autism, embrace them, Do not spite people with Autism unite them, Do not deny people with Autism accept them for then their abilities will shine" 

— Paul Isaacs

Be the hero, not the bully.

“1. Bullying is not okay. Period.

2. Freedom of religion does not give you the right to physically or verbally assault people.

3. If your sincerely-held religious beliefs require you to bully children, then your beliefs are fucked up.” 

― Jim C. Hines

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