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The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane: Bizarro Fantasy

The Quaraun Universe: 

A world where the most powerful and most terrifying super villain is a Necromancer who wears pink sequined Las Vegas show girl feather dresses and is too busy resurrecting dead roses and unicorns to build an army of the dead.

We are fast coming up on the 50th anniversary since the release of the first book in the Quaraun series:

Friends Are Forever, A Tale of The Twighlight Manor

For the 50th Anniversary of the series, we are making the entire series available as a free to read web-novel... all 200+ novels and 2,000+ short stories.

Update: December 15, 2021

Royal Road has just given us the green light to go ahead and start uploading the entire Quaraun series to their website. 

As webnovels have to uploaded 1 page at a time and the series spans more than 2 million pages, this is going to be a VERY LONG process of getting the entire series moved to Royal Road.

If you ever wanted to read the series and didn't have access to the short run limited edition paperbacks, you will soon be able to read the entire series online.

Yes, this will include "The Wild Years", "The Twighlight Manor Years", and "The White Rock Years"  all of which have been out of print since 1987.

You are reading the 50th Anniversary Edition Re-Publication of a very old series that was originally published in the 1970s and has been out-of-print for more than 30 years.

On September 23, 2028, my primary series, The Quaraun Series, will celebrate its 50th anniversary since volume 1 was published. In prep for its 50th anniversary, I am uploading all 2,000+ short stories in the series as a massive collection here on Royal Road.

I'm adding this list of "possible warnings" because, this series has met with complaints in the past, about these particular "topics" and past readers pointed out that having "trigger warnings" for these things, would have caused less controversy from the readers who got upset. That said this warning is for the ENTIRE series as a whole (all 200+ novels and 2,000+ short stories.), and may or may not apply to each individual chapter.

So, here you go:

Niche/Fetish (warning?): Main character, Quaraun, is bisexual and polygamous, and has multiple lovers throughout the series. He has 12 foot long Rapunzel hair that is actually JellyFish tentacles, and 158 genital piercings, and most of his lovers are "furries" of some sort. As such hair fetishes, furry fetishes, tentacle fetishes, old age fetishes, haram fetishes, and piercing fetishes abound throughout the series, but sex scenes are VERY RARE (of the 2,000+ already written stories there are only 16 which contain sex scenes) so, if you came here looking for sex scenes, know it could be many months of daily uploads before you see one.

PoV Note/Warning: The main character Quaraun is a villian/serial killer, his primary lover BoomFuzzy the Unicorn/King Gwallmaiic is a mass murdering war criminal, and his secondary lover GhoulSpawn the sheep-Demon, is a kleptomaniac and self serving time traveller who changes history on a whim to serve his own desires. The 3 main leads are outright villains. Not anti-heros, not morally grey, but outright Human hating super villains all 3 of whom are non-Humans. The series ends in 2525 because Quaraun blows up the Earth and kills all Humans, after previously in 1458, blowing up 3 solar systems and killing all life on those planets too.

Let me repeat: the main character is a mega OP completely unstoppable mawahahahahahaha supervillain with out-right god-powers, whom no superhero ever can or ever will defeat and the end of the series is literally he blows up the planet - this is the story of his life. He never progresses to become "good" and he never changes his ways, other than to become even more evil as time goes by.

Some readers like this. Other readers don't. I add this note as a potential warning for those who would rather avoid these sorts of evil character PoVs.

Additional Note (warning?): BL? Maybe? Depending on what you call BL. The primary Romance of the series involves Quaraun and his 2 male lovers BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn, which classifies as BL, I suppose, but, they ARE NOT boys. Quaraun is elderly, as is BoomFuzzy, and while GhoulSpawn is drastically younger than them, he too is still a mature adult, whom would classify as middle-aged. There are no young, teen, or even remotely youthful characters in the series, and the term BL, implies boys/teens/young adults. The youngest character in the series is GhoulSpawn and at best he'd pass for a man in his 40s; while main character, Quaraun is the equivalent of a 70 year old man; and BoomFuzzy is the equivalent of a man in his 90s. I point this fact out, because in the past, I've had readers say they only read characters their own age and would liked to have had a warning up front that the 3 leading men were all older/mature/elderly men.

Possible Trigger Warnings: The series contains mentions/scenes of drinking, drug use, absythine, LSD, opium, strong violence, domestic abuse, gaslighting, psychological manipulation, cutting, suicide attempts, actual suicide happening, body horror, gore, and violent murder.

NOTE: This is a long running short story collection, that was originally published in literary magazines in the 1970s and 1980s. Each “chapter” is its own short story that stands on its own. The collected chapters, as a whole, tell many facets of the events surrounding Quaraun’s life and the lives of his friends and family. As such, the “chapters” do not progress in a linear beginning to end fashion, rather, they move forward and backward in time, including time travel portal travel, and flashbacks. The full series spans a time period from 800A.D. to the year 2525, with stories zipping back and forth to any era between those years.

This means you can read each “chapter” on its own, in any order, without reading the ones before or after it, or can read them in any order you please, if you choose to do so.

Very Large Haram Warning: Spouses, who desire separate bedrooms are given them, but for the most part, Quaraun has ALL of his lovers sleeping with him at night, all together in a pile of furs on the floor, as there are just too many of them to all fit in a bed together. While sex scenes are rare, they do include 3, 5, or more people at once. And while sex scenes themselves rarely happen, bedroom scenes are VERY common appearing in many chapters, and Quaraun's spouses all sleep with him, as in there are 3, 5, 10, or more people hugging, kissing, cuddling, and sleeping together all at the same time. In total Quaraun has more than 300 spouses, lovers, and concubines, both male and female.

The Main Characters are NOT Humans: There are as follows:

 Quaraun Swanzen aka Quaraun The Insane aka The Pink Necromancer aka SunTa aka The Grand High Emperor of The Triple Planets: An albino Moon Elf aka an Alien Elf from another galaxy, whom has been possessed by a Thullid, a parasitic JellyFish that eat his brain and controls his body. Quaraun always wears pink, over the top pink show-girl dresses with lots of sequins and feathers, he is a transvestite, bordering on being a drag queen. Quaraun's hair is 12 feet long, and he frequently walks with his hair instead of his legs, leaving him floating several feet in the air, gliding along not touching the ground, his long hair moving beneath him like snakes to move him along. Quaraun does not speak any Human languages. He speaks only Elvish and Thullid. Later in the series he becomes near mute and the series than takes on more narration vis his thoughts and less dialogue between characters. Quaraun is the primary PoV character, the narration is often his internal monologue. Quaraun is 750 years or older throughout most of the series. By the time period  of "The Wild Years", "The Twighlight Manor Years", and "The White Rock Years" time periods Quaraun is over 2,000 years old, nearing the end of his life and struggling to get around. Gremlin takes over as the main character in these eras of the series. In addition to being a Necromancer, Quaraun is also a Psion and a Wish Granting Di'Jinn trickster who is compelled to grant any wish he hears wither he wants to or not. Quaraun is 5'6"

Quaraun's Haram of Principal Lovers:

King Gwallmaiic, The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, Lich King of Fire Mountain, aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn Master Candy Chef: He is a Phooka, a type of evil trickster Faerie. In his true form he is a black water horse with a silver horn, but he can shapeshift to look like any living thing. He spend most of his life either as a Black Unicorn, a Purple Unicorn, or a little dark skinned "Leprechaun-like" man with massive dreadlocks that reach to his knees. BoomFuzzy speaks English to most characters, and speaks Elvish when talking to Quaraun, thus his dialogue is written two different ways, depending on his he's talking to Quaraun or someone else. Being a Lich, he also has a Skeleton-Ghost form that can be either Horse or Humanoid, in either case it is a glowing blue skeleton, the bones made out of blue quartz crystal. In his Lich form he sucks the warmth out of the air, and everything around him freezes. In Quaraun's universe Lich's are the deadliest and most dangerous of all monsters, and The Elf Eater is the oldest, most powerful of all the Liches. He is over 10,000 years old. With full control over the weather, water, ice, and snow, BoomFuzzy can and has frozen entire planets, started the Ice Age that killed the dinosaurs on Earth, and summons massive storm fronts to wipe out cities when he gets angry at someone in the city. While Quaraun is classified as the most powerful wizard, to ever live, BoomFuzzy is classified as the most evil. His horse form resembles a Shetland pony the size of a goat. In his Humanoid form BoomFuzzy is 5'1"

GhoulSpawn aka Gremlin: He is an Ursiug a sheep-man-demon, similar to a Satyr, from Welsh folklore. From the waste down he is a Cotswold Sheep with 15 inch long golden wool. His hair, also is sheep wool and is long enough he can sit on it. He also has a long tail, and cloven hooves. He paints his hooves gold. As GhoulSpawn he keeps his horns sawed off and filed down, hidden under his hair. After GhoulSpawn dies in a Thullid attack, Gremlin, the Jellyfish-type Thullid that took his body, finds he has GhoulSpawn's memories and can not shake GhoulSpawn's love for Quaraun, resulting in Gremlin falling in love with Quaraun as well and continuing on as Quaraun's love in spite of now being a different person possessing the same body. Gremlin let's his horns grow and thus has large ram's horns on his head. GhoulSpawn is from the future. In 1974 he buys a 1974 AMC Gremlin not realizing it is portal/time machine, and it sends him back to the 1400s where he meets Quaraun. He is 6'2" not counting his horns. He is often a PoV character, when Quaraun is otherwise not around or not able to talk. The youngest character, GhoulSpawn was born in 1959. He was also born in Hell and is a flame throwing, fire breathing Chaos Demon who cast fireballs, turns rivers into magma, and rains brimstone and fire on villages. He also commands an army of gold glittering, fire breathing Cotswold demon-sheep, and is often seen as a "simple shepherd" herding his sheep.

When the series first started Gremlin was the very first character I created, and he was the original main character. Many of the early stories do not contain Quaraun because of this. Stories set in "The Wild Years", "The Twighlight Manor Years", and "The White Rock Years" time periods, tend to feature Gremlin as the MC and are from his PoV. Quaraun is often mute, near mute, or not in the story at all, in these three eras.

ZooLock: He is a squid-type Thullid. He has a squid-like head, puce-pink skin and 8 long octopus-tentacles on his face which he uses like extra hands. He is 6'2" but hunches over when he walks, so appears to be much shorter. He tends to deliberately walk in a way to keep his head lower than Quaraun's, and Quaraun is 5'6"

Pipiyata: Another Moon Elf, she is Quaraun's primary "lead" wife and the one he classifies as his Queen. Her children are the only one's he acknowledges as royalty or heirs to his throne. She is the mother of Quaraun's favorite twin sons King Vielder and Melaca. Melaca being the father of Quaraun's favorite grandson Roderic. Roderic being the father of Quaraun's two favorite great-grandsons Etiole and The Dazzling Razzbury.

Empress Glacius: A Chrystonite, which is essentially blue skinned Frost Elves from another galaxy. She takes over as Epresses of The Triple Planets after Quaraun's Primary wife Pipiyata dies. She is the mother of Quaraun's youngest son Dr. Vangonese. Dr. Vangonese being the father of one of Quaraun's favorite grandsons, AlKeeme.

FarDarrig: A Vampire Leprechaun who wears a long trench coat made out of patchwork Human skins. He has brown skin, and long white hair and beard, both of which drag on the ground. He is 5'3"

BeLuna: A Pink Orchid Gnome. She has green skin and pink hair and is about 3 feet tall. Except when I forget, and sometimes she is written as having pink skin and green hair. After noticing the error, rather than correct it, I concluded that she changes colour based on his mood.

Bullgaar: A half mountain Troll, half Dwarf. He is 6'4" and is often seen as a Troll by other character, though he identifies as a Dwarf.

Quaraun has several other lovers, but most appear only as "one shot" characters seen only in one story, often without being named. ALL of Quaraun's male lovers are listed above. All of the rest, the un-named and rarely mentioned lovers are females. The females listed above are the only ones' Quaraun spends large amounts of time with. Quaraun has 37 other "legitimate" children by these other wives, but they are rarely brought up. Quaraun also has more than 200 Human prostitutes in as many cities, whom he frequently visits and most of them have "illegitimate" half-Elf children by him, that he supports. The reader who pays attention to the tavern visits will often notice seen of Quaraun paying huge amounts of money to certain prostitutes, instructing them to spend it on their children. These are the prostitutes whom are mothers of his half-Human children. While most of Quaraun's half-Human children are never mentioned nor given names, one comes forward throughout the series as a rival wizard, calling himself HellBorne The Summoner of The Darkness.

The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane follows the everyday life of The Pink Necromancer, a Moon Elf wizard, whom was deemed “insane” after murdering his wife and children, in an attempt to resurrect his dead lover as a Lich. The series is set on an alternative Earth, that is mostly real Earth, with magical and magic elements races added, spanning from the year of Quaraun’s birth 800A.D. to the year of his death 2525, and as he is a homeless travelling wizard for hire, the stories can take place anywhere.

Also known as The Sacred Pink JellyFish aka SunTa, Quaraun lives a double life as the last female Thullid (Lovecraftian-type female alien JellyFish), whom has eaten the brain of male Moon Elf Quaraun, and is living in his reanimated corpse passing herself off as him, while she hides her 7million eggs in his skull, waiting for the right time to implant them in Human hosts and turn the world into Thullids.

I started this series in 1978 and in the 43 years of writing it, it now spans 200+ volumes containing 2,000+ short stories. Which means it could take me a few years to get them uploaded. Plus I’m still writing new content for the series weekly as well. uploads will be a mix of old and new writing. I don’t know how many of them I will be uploading here to Royal Road or how frequent uploads will be. I will plan for 1-x-week and hope for 1-x-day.

I should probably put a side note in here, as it has been known to bother people:

1: The MCs are Gypsies, because I am in real life, a Gypsy. I am THE EelKat, yes. The ACTUAL REAL "Gypsy Witch" from Stephen King's Thinner - not the actress, but the real person the actress was acting out. The Thinner movie was filmed on my farm. My MC's are the same race and culture as me, as I have no experience in American culture or how to write American characters. There are A LOT of people out there who hate Gypsies, hate Gypsy authors, and boycotted Gypsy characters. This is a thing my family has had to live with for decades. 

If you are someone who hates Gypsies, doesn't want to read books written by Gypsies, and doesn't want to read about accurately represented Gypsy characters in fiction... move on, there's nothing for you here.

2: Gypsy women wear hijab and modesty, our culture sees dancing and music as grave sins, we don't belly dance, we don't play violin around campfires. 99.99% of what gets passed off in media as "Gypsies" has absolutely nothing to do with our real world culture. My characters wear modesty and hijab.

My MC, is a male who dresses as a female. HE wears long veils, sari, hijab, and caftan. In the past there has been a trend of haters coming down on my work because I write a hijab wearing male MC. If this bothers you, please, just move on.

3: When people hear that I write "Harem Genre" they tend to think, sex/erotica/porn written by horny teen virgins who wouldn't know sex if it hit them in the face. No. My culture is a polygamous culture. I write what I know. My mother has 2 husbands, my grandfather had 2 wives, my aunt with the most husbands has 9 husbands, my uncle with the most wives has 15 wives. In total there are 4,000 people in my family, 400+ of them are just 1st cousins my same age. We all live together as a single family unite, on a farm, in lots of RVs, wagons, and tents. There is no female in my family with fewer than 4 children, the average is 8 births per wife, the wife with the most children gave birth to 23 babies, and most of the men in my family have 30 to 100 children.

When I say I write "Harem genre" it's based off of our real world Gypsy culture. And it has nothing to do with sex, erotica, or porn. Think of it as "Little House on the Prairie"- style family slice of life drama with lots of Ma's per every Pa. If you came here looking for sex, erotica, or porn because you saw the "haram" tag, you are in the wrong place.

REAL harem/polygamous lifestyle, focuses on family units, and is not focused on sex. And we hate the way Harem Erotica and Harem Porn represents our culture as though it was something to be fetishised and mocked. I'm afraid you will find my works do not fall into the typical "harem porn" that most people seem to expect when they hear the word "harem".

Let me repeat: if you came here looking for sex, erotica, or porn because you saw the "haram" tag, you are in the wrong place. Harems here are ACCURATELY presented as actual large families, specifically large Gypsy families, written by real Gypsies who actually live this lifestyle in the real world. I do not write sex. erotica, or porn, and you'll be extremely disapointed if you read my work looking for such things.

Thank you for understanding.

I'm going to put this note at the start of the first chapter from each volume, here on Royal Road, that way, you can see it, regardless of which volume you read first, and if you ever want to refer back to it, it'll always be at the start of every Chapter 1.

If any of those things bother you, you probably shouldn't read The Quaraun Series. Otherwise, enjoy!

Please Note: The Quaraun Series Is SplatterPunk Horror Gorn Rated M18+ for extreme graphic violence, grizzly depictions of suicide, and you must be 18 or older to buy it if you live in America, Japan, Australia, Germany, or any other country with government laws regulating explicit media

Why is the Quaraun Series Rated M18+?

I think it's stupid that the average Mainer is such a cry baby whimpering snowflake that I have a court order issued by the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall via the Biddeford District Court requiring I tell you this, but apparently my books are deemed to violent for the retards, I mean citizens of the Town of Old Orchard Beach, so here you go, a court required trigger warning for you all,...

I repeat, I am required by court order of the American federal government to put a warning telling you that there is a 


 for the Quaraun series, as it is 200+ volumes, 8 million+ words of steady, endless, non-stop suicide, suicide references, depression, and suicidal characters attempting suicide in nearly every chapter of every volume!

Don't be fooled by the pink covers. The Quaraun series has won awards for being among the darkest novels ever published.

It's one of the few series so dark, so disturbing, so gory, so bloody, and so focused on putting suicide in your face that...

...on January 6, 2016 the American government has issued a court order declaring I was required to put M18+ book rating on the cover, as well as banned 27 volumes of the Quaraun series from being sold in America.

If you have any questions regarding this court order issued by the Old Orchard Beach, Maine Town Hall, an division of the American Government,  which violates the first amendment, where we are clearly told the government can not censor freedom of speech...

and if you want to read the court orders yourself, here they are - 

please head to the State of Maine, Biddeford District Court and ask for copies of

Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574 and CV-15-58/CV-15-59

the Alfred Superior Court Docket #CV-15-299

and the Portland Superior Law Court Docket #YOR-15-253

Additionally, you can find more information by going to the Old Orchard Beach Police Department and requesting copies of ALL police reports made in regards to 144, 146, and 146a Portland Avenue, from 2001 to 2016 (approximately 300 reports).

FAQs: What happened to The Summoner of Darkness? The book was never released and the whole tour was cancelled.

The Summoner of Darkness, my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel that was due to release summer 2015.

It never got released because my family was murdered April 10, 2015, and I obviously had to stop work on the novel. 

I've had quite a bit of trouble going back into working on Summoner of Darkness, due to events that happened while I was writing it.

It was due to release June 2015 and we - me and my family - had just bought my motorhome a few weeks earlier (February 21) because we had a cross country book signing tour planned, which included a booth at the San Diego Comicon (do you have any idea how hard it is to get into that convention as a guest speaker?) and we were all going together.

But than my family was murdered April 10, 2015 and I stopped work on the book, and I had to cancel 57 book signings/lectures/workshops in 43 states, as well.

So, the tour was cancelled, the book was never released because it was never finished, and my family is dead.

I stopped working on the book and started playing Witcher 3.

I've been playing Witcher 3 ever since and I've not been able to go back into writing new novels for The Quaraun series without massive post traumatic stress disorder issues. That's why there has been no new releases for The Quaraun series since April 10, 2015.

I've not published anything at all since my family was murdered. 

No novels. No short stories. Not just the Quaraun series. No series at all. Not on any of my 15 other pennames either. Not for Disney or Harlequin either. Nothing. No where, in over 6 years.

I don't know when or if I'll go back to writing.

Sorry, but, my entire family was murdered and my life has been 24 hours a day every day for weeks, months, now years, of police investigations, and FBI investigations, and lawyers and court and even finding time to write between all of that, is just very difficult right now.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case. If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 


You have reached Maine's largest and most trafficked website. 

The official website of Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies

As of February 2021, we are now getting up to 7 MILLION visits per day!

This is the home page of

Maine author, artist, Voodoo Priestess, Gypsy Queen, and art car designer:

EelKat Wendy Christine Allen

Chances are high, I'm the most famous person, you'll ever meet.

I am EelKat

The REAL Gypsy Witch Stephen King based his Thinner Gypsy witch off of

and owner of the REAL World's Most Haunted car,

the car Stephen King based his fictional Christine off of,

My family, we are the Gypsies you see in The Thinner, the movie was filmed on my farm,

Founder of The Procter & Gamble Boycott

EelKat of Squidoo, EelKat Voice of the Voiceless.

EelKat Etiole's Friend.

We are the Gypsies of Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford, Scarborough, Wells, Kennebunk, Sanford, Bangor, and Palmyra, Maine.

This website started in 1996 and is updated, edited, and added to daily. (NOTE do keep in mind since the April 10, 2015 murder of my children, this site is no longer updated daily, and very few new writing articles are added any more - since 2015 updates have been about weekly and usually are about the continued ongoing investigation into the murder of my family.) 

As of 2021 it has more than 10,000 pages. However, only around 2,000 pages are indexed by search engines (robot blockers and/or passwords, prevent the rest from being findable by Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc.). Around 8,000 pages can only be accessed by clicking on direct links to them. The links are found on other pages on this site. Confusing? Perhaps. But whenever one of those difficult to find 8,000 pages gets traffic, I know that you are VERY dedicated in reading what I wrote or doing some stalker level digging to reach those search engine inaccessible pages and I'd rather not waste my time writing stuff for uninterested parties, plus it's fascinating to see how deep some people are willing dig to find every last word I wrote.

I published my first novel in 1978. Since then I have published 138 novels, 30 non-fiction books, 2,000+ short stories, a dozen plays, a few comic book scripts for Disney's Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics, a few dozen novellas, and 10,000+ non-fiction articles.

I am asexual and famous for 4 decades of writing 100% sexless stories, laced in extreme blood-gore-and-violence. But in spite of that, in recent years, most people classify me as an Erotica author. I don't know why, as I've never written Erotica or even any sex scenes, and as I am a nun, raised as such from the age of 3, I wouldn't even know how to write sex or Erotica. If you came here looking for sex, BDSM, Erotica, or Dominatrix's, please return to whomever sent you and tell them to burn in Hell where their immoral ass belongs. Also, do tell me their name so I can put a curse on them, so they will never enjoy sex ever again, to punish them for spreading lies about me and connecting my name to anything related to sex at all. I find sex vile and despicable and want no part of your perverse degradation near me.

All of my fiction works are about Alien Elf Wizards who live in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. All of my non-fiction works are about the history of Maine, it's Gypsy Clans, and most especially Old Orchard Beach the town which was settled and founded by my family.

Most of these pages answer reader questions on the worldbuilding, character creating, plotting, writing, editing, and publishing process of my work. 

Others are on the history of my people, The Gypsies of Maine, our culture, our lifestyle, our cars, and our religion.

The rest of the pages are daily updates of the terrorist attacks by Maine's White Supremacists on my non-white family, including updates of the FBI investigation of the April 10, 2015 murder of my children.


Due to the murder of my family and the resulting court cases, police investigations, and FBI investigations, I no longer have time to daily update this website.

Likewise ALL novel, short story, and article writing projects are on hiatus.

All book releases, book signings, workshops, and convention appearances for 2015 (and unknown amount of time after) are on hold while the murder investigation of my family is ongoing.

Writing advice for the worldbuilding, character creation, and other writing how to articles are on hold.

From now on, the bulk of updates here will be about the investigation into the murder of my family.

No, NOT just THIS author website, not JUST the EelKat pename, not just self published books: ALL 15 (fifteen) of my penames are on hiatus, that includes traditional published books as well, newspaper reporting jobs, editing jobs, my work for Harlequin Romance Novels, my work for Disney... EVERYTHING is on hiatus. Every publishing house I work for, every series I write, every penname I write under: they are ALL on hiatus, ALL projects.

There is NOTHING being published under ANY penname, not for ANY series, not for ANY publisher, from 2015 onward. EVERYTHING is on hold due to the murder of my family. I do not know when or even if, any of the projects will be restarted or finished.

Yes, BOTH the magazines I owned are indefinitely shut down because of this as well, with no plans for either magazine to return. The publishing house I own is also closed to submissions from now on, we will no longer be publishing anything. It is unlikely we will reopen the publishing house either.

All book signing tours, workshops, letures, PAX events, ComicCon events, carnival/festival/state fair/car show events are also canceled. I will not be attending ANY of them. If a venue still has my name listed as a guest/speaker/etc it is because they've not yet removed it. I WILL NOT be there, no matter where it is! 


The ONLY thing continuing from this point on, is THIS website, where I'll post updates on the murder investigation, hopefully every week, but, you know how it is when 10 members of your family are beheaded, it's kind of difficult to have a schedule for anything anymore.

April 10, 2015 my 12 children were kidnapped,
from 146 Portland Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

May 15, 2015, ten of their heads were nailed to my door.

Do you have information?

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the 
Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case.

If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family 
or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, give it to him not me.
He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

How do you write the a series set in the United States when it's so diverse?

>>>AdviceHow do you write the a series set in the United States when it's so diverse? (self.writing)submitted 2 hours ago by Day_Dreaming_Scribe

>>>I'm trying to write a book series set in the US and was told it's not realistically diverse enough, as an American. How can I realistically protray the different types of people in the US without spending my life on research and actually pump books out? How can I imagine characters look, being named, talk, etc if we do it so differently? How do you tackle such a diverse setting for an ongoing series?

WHERE in America is it set? When you start looking at the ACTUAL census numbers, America is not nearly as diverse as the bulk of media and the internet would like you to think it is. 

There are actually only a few very large cities in America that could even remotely call themselves diverse, and there are still 23 states that have fewer than 20% of residents who are not white... twenty-three states in America are 80%+ white. That's almost half the country. Almost half the country is 80% white. I wouldn't call that very diverse? Would you?

Maine is the most white state in America, at a rate of 99.8% white, with the .02% being majority Native American, and there are fewer then ONE HUNDRED black people in THE ENTIRE STATE of Maine, right now in 2021.

Whoever told you ALL of America is diverse, has their head up their ass and only knows the mega giant cities like Chicago or New York City. Go outside of the mega giants and you'll find 2/3rd of mid sized to small towns in the country are more than 80% white.

Just read the website. It has all the exact numbers, and they are VERY eye opening as to how NOT diverse America really is. 

I'm one of the .02% non-white in the state of Maine by the way. Try being one of the less than three thousand total non-white residents in the whitest state in the country. Tell your friend to come up here to Maine and take a look around. And if they ain't white - tell them to be armed to the teeth and wearing a bullet proof vest - Maine also has the world's largest Ku Klux Klan group - with two hundred thousand active white hood wearing members who WILL and DO kill and behead every non-white they encounter - April 10, 2015 they killed 10 of my 12 children, ages 4 to 16, then nailed their heads to my front door.

Welcome to Maine.

It's NOT the way life should be.

Well, this just pissed me off, so I'm putting it on the front page...

If you want to answer this yourself.... just click the link Reddit provides in the embed code... there are already 700 outraged responders, so, you won't be alone in responding to this.

>>>I was told to avoid making my main character disabled unless "it matters to the plot, like how a protagonist is basically only gay if it's an LGBT-centered book". I want other thoughts on this...

>>>My friend and I were having a debate, see.

>>>Because my main character has epilepsy, something that happened after a traumatic brain injury from the past. Long story short, his older half-brother tried to kill him and his mother, was half-successful (killed mom) but failed to kill the MC. He survived, but with epilepsy.

>>>However, my friend said this, essentially:

>>>"You honestly shouldn't make your character disabled unless it matters to the plot in some way. Otherwise people will either read too much into it or think it matters when it doesn't. Kind of like how you shouldn't make your MC black or gay or whatever unless you're trying to make a political statement or if you're writing a specifically LGBT-centered book. It's all about markets and selling."

>>>Now, of course it's not verbatim since we were talking for a while, but they were basically saying not to write...anyone, I guess? Fucking, like, I guess I'm not supposed to write anyone because of "markets" or whatever. Because my book isn't about disability or epilepsy. It's actually a fantasy book. It just so happens that the MC is epileptic. But they said, because of that, that I shouldn't have an epileptic MC since people will "read too much into it" or whatever...?

>>>Does anyone even get what my friend is saying?

>>>I mean, fuck it, my MC is still gonna be epileptic and nobody can stop me, but my friend seemed dead-set determined to tell me I shouldn't since it's not, like, a central theme or thing or whatever. I don't know...



I have so many thoughts.

Let's explore them.

I am not a plot device. Neither are the characters I write.

My MC Quaraun, walks with a cane because of a lame leg from an old injury (a sword through his hip), has joint pain that is probably arthritis, but arthritis hasn’t been discovered yet in his time period, is clearly Autistic even though Kanner’s syndrome won’t be discovered until the 1940s, has a learning disability that causes him to not be able to mentally process numbers/time/years/dates/math, he has obsessive-compulsive disorder; he has post-traumatic stress disorder, he sometimes can talk fine around close friends but struggles with selective mutism and extreme anxiety around strangers, punding is a serious problem and trips up his ability to do everyday things - like if he sees a field of flowers he is compelled to pick as many flowers as he can carry and he doesn’t know why he does it and it usually requires a friend to come along and pull him out of the flower field because he can’t stop on his own, he is prone to walk along railroad tracks with a bag picking up every grey rock that has a white quartz stripe in it and he has thousands of them around his house instead of having a front lawn due to do many years of doing this daily, and he is prone to walking for hours on end on ridge-top roof poles of the old abandoned factories and mill buildings along the Saco River for no reason at all other than he feels a desperate need to be close to the clouds.


Not a shred of that has anything to do with the plot.

So why do I write him that way?


   *   I walk with a cane due to a lame leg from an old injury (a two foot long foundation nail/iron rod through my hip when I was 4 years old

   *   I have joint pain that is probably arthritis

   *   I have Kanner’s syndrome aka ACTUAL Autism, which is NOT on the Autism Spectrum (because only illness that are NOT Autism are on the Autism Spectrum, which means the 861 illnesses that can be confused with but are not Autism) and is in no way, shape, or form related to Aspergers

   *   I have a learning disability that causes me to not be able to mentally process numbers/time/years/dates/math

   *   I have obsessive-compulsive disorder

   *   I have post-traumatic stress disorder

   *   I sometimes can talk fine around close friends but struggle with selective mutism and extreme anxiety around strangers 

   *   Punding is a serious problem for me and trips up my ability to do everyday things - like when I see a field of flowers I am compelled to pick as many flowers as I can carry and I don’t know why I do it and it usually requires a friend to come along and pull me out of the flower field because I can’t stop picking flowers on my own

   *   I am prone to walk along railroad tracks with a bag picking up every grey rock that has a white quartz stripe in it and I have thousands of them around my yard instead of having a front lawn due to doing this daily for over 50 years now - I started doing it as a toddler, the railroad tracks go right by my yard

   *   I am prone to walking for hours on end on ridge-top roof poles of the old abandoned factories and mill buildings along the Saco River for no reason at all other than I feel a desperate need to be close to the clouds

I am not a plot device; I didn’t choose to have those things. These things exist in my life, like it or not.

I write him having the same disabilities as me, because I know what it is like to live with these things. I know how these things trip up everyday activities, like how I can’t just open the door and walk outside because I get to the end of the driveway and go back to the door to check the lock, 10 or 20 times before I finally make it out of the driveway... and he does this door checking thing to, not because it has any meaning to the plot, but because, I don’t know how to write a person who does NOT do that. 

I am well aware that I'm known for having some pretty outlandish writing methods that most other writers wouldn't touch with a 9 foot pole. I'm also aware I come from a non-American/non-European background/culture that the average American doesn't even know exists, let alone could wrap their mind around trying to imagine it exists. And my writing methods are influenced by that. I came from a culture that wouldn't think twice about cutting out the tongue of a woman who talked back to her husband, and strictly forbids women from having jobs, punishment for stealing is a hand cut off, punishment of lying is tongue cut out, punishment for adultery or being gay is beheading, yet drug dealers run everything and child prostitution is the biggest income. Still right now in 2021. I grew up a female in that world, didn't go to school because I was a child in a cage on display for pedofile men. I was rescued from that life by an FBI raid that was there because my uncles had a stockpile of military guns. FBI found 140 of use little girls locked up in puppy mill style cages. They had no clue we were there or what the hell they had walked into.

April 10, 2015 my 12 children were kidnapped,from 146 Portland Ave. Old Orchard Beach, Maine. May 15, 2015, ten of their heads were nailed to my door.

I deleted my how to write monster porn series off KBoards a decade ago. 1,371 articles of 10k+ words each, posted in 2007 on the forum. 

November 14, 2013 I got beat up by 3 strangers with golf clubs, I was 8 months pregnant, they killed my baby and left me with a broken spine, broken hip, broken knees, and paralyzed for 5 months, in a wheelchair after that, crippled for the rest of my life.

From November 2013 to March 2015 I was offline because I was in the hospital, than I was busy relearning how to walk and pee, stuff like that, so I had no clue about the major troll attack that had happened on KB,where 73 authors, me included, had their accounts hacked by a major troll, who went around posting from their accounts, pretending to be them.

Turns out what happened, in April 2013, me and Hugh Howey had done an anthology, and the way it wa set, the first 100 applicants got accepted no matter what they wrote. We were trying to help new writers get published and thought, you know what, we are both big enough names that we can help 100 new writers get sales.

All 73 of the author's whose account got hacked were published in the anthology. The week I was attacked - 3 other members of the anthology eam were murdered, and 7 others were also hospitalized, 2 with injuries worse than mine.

FBI got involved, investigated the KB hacker, found out they were someone who didn't get in the anthology because they weren't fast enough to be the first 100 submissions, so they went nuts, tracking down the authors who were involved, attacking them offline, and hacking their KB forum accounts. I contacted KB had the owners lock down my account and asked them to delete the 1,371 articles on how to write Monster Porn.

I was in the hospital on the way into surgery, when I got the text message asking me if I knew what was going on with my forum account. I was in the ICU when I contacted the owners of the forum.

Hugh Howey's lawyers made him shut down all of his social network accounts, including the one he used to have here on this sub, he used to post here on this subreddit long before he wrote Wool, go back far enough on this sub you can find his old posts asking for help on how to write this sci-fi idea he had.

Since the KB incident I haven't tried to help a new writer again. I learned my lesson. Unfortunately I learned it AFTER I was in a wheelchair.

October 18m 2006, a bomb blew up my house.

EVERY ONE of these events, appears in a fictionalized version in the Quaraun series, happening to my main character.

Why? Because they happened to me in real life and I write what I know.

I believe it is a good practice to write about things you know about, either from first hand experience, from witnessing it happening to others, or from talking to people whom have experienced it.

I live in Maine, America's wildest, most unlawful state, where drug dealers and moonshiners control nearly every small town, and mountain men armed to the teeth with assault rifles sau who can drive in and out of which streets, where beheading gays or any one suspected of being gay is perfectly legal, where 2/3rds of the population have no electricity and have never heard of computers, phones, or the internet.

The average American can't even begin to wrap there minds around Maine culture and Maine lifestyle. But I've never set foot outside of my and 90% of my life, I've never even set foot outside of one town: Old Orchard Beach. So, EVERYTHING I write is based ENTIRLY off the real world events that happen in one town that is 7 miles long and 2 miles wide. ALL of the events listed above, they ALL happened at 142, 144, 146, and 148 Portland ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064-1520.

And because of my never setting foot outside of this town, prior to 2015, I have no ability to relate to what most people call "mainstream America". And mainstream America is so bizarre and so unlike culture here in Old Orchard Beach, that it's like mainstream America is a total different planet, one I simply can not relate to.

This is WHY I find it so difficult to relate to a good 99.99% of EVERYTHING - every novel, of every genre, that is set in "contemporary America". I can not relate to YA featuring characters going to school, I can not relate to Romances featuring women falling in love with businessmen/billionaires/doctors... heck, I can't even relate to what mainstream Americans classify as middle-class income, because by my mind, you people who call yourselves poor are insanely wealthy.

I've never had a year, in my entire life where my income before taxes reached $5,000, in fact only 2 years has my income ever bee higher than $2,000 in a single year (2007 and 2016). Yet, I'm told, my yearly income is less than what most people pay each month for apartment rent. I'm told my yearly income is less than the average American spends each month for food. I'm told that my yearly income is seen as too low for the average American to survive a single week on.

Most years my income is less than $2,000 a year, and the Department of Human Services tells me that that is 674% BELOW the national federal poverty level. 

And yet, I'm seen by most Mainers as exorbitantly wealthy. My $2k a year is more than most Mainers will see in 10 years.

My husband is insanely over the top mega super wealthy, he earns $21,000 a year. Twenty One Thousand Dollars a year, and is one of the wealthiest men in Maine because of it. And yet, DHS says he's more than 70% below the national poverty level.

He makes $20k a year, how is possibly anything close to poverty level? Let all 70% below poverty level. I'm astounded that outside of Maine the rest of America sees us as poor or poverty level. I'm astounded that the rest of America, is so mega wealthy, that they think they are poor when they are earning insane amounts of money higher than $21k a year. That's crazy. Why would anyone need so much money? I can't even wrap my mind around it.

But that puts into perspective, why I find it so difficult to relate to the Americans of the lower 48. Their exorbitant luxury while complaining they are poor, is mind boggling. How can you have so much money and see yourself as poor?

But THIS is WHY I simply can not write contemporary novels featuring American characters.

I can't even begin to grasp the insane amounts of exorbitant luxuries Americans of the lower 48 live in, and never having been outside of Maine, I'm not even sure what their kind of mega wealth even looks like. 

I know there houses are huge, because the house the backhoe drover over was 16feet long by 9 feet wide and had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room, - no bathroom, we have an outhouse, so we don't use a bucket like most Mainers do, bathrooms kind of aren't common up here - but, tourists who saw the house before the backhoe drove over it, they always said the entire house was smaller then their smallests guest bathroom, they said the entire house could fit 2 to 3 times inside of each of their bedrooms. I can't even begin to imaging houses as huge as tourists from the lower 48 describe.

This is WHY, I write what I know. Because I've no clue what life outside of Maine, or even life outside of Old Orchard Beach, is even like.

I can't even begin to relate to the lifestyles and cultures of the lower 48, which is also why I don't read books set there either, because, what most call contemporary settings, I call pure sci-fi that is just so bizarre I can't even image the lower 48 is really like that.

The average American, says they struggle with things like school homework, cell phone service, affording vaccinations for their children, ... I didn't even know those things existed until I was 31 years old.

The lower 48 of America was BIG time culture shock for me. The amount of freedom women and children have in America is, mind boggling, a thing I never could have imagined existed. Women allowed to get jobs, things like schools and doctors. It's why I attend so many colleges and so many college classes. I didn't get my GED and start going to random college classes at every college in the area until I was 47 years old. I can't take degree programs because I don't know math, or science, to this day, now even in 2021, I can't count or tell time or read calendars, or use phones or money or credit cards and other number stuff, because I don't know how to do numbers. That's why I sign up to take a class here and a class there at so many colleges. You can take the individual classes without taking the math and science prerequisites that way. 

Writing for me, is the ultimate freedom. But, I came from a culture where freedom to write was not an option, because I was born female. And it's why I took up writing. The freedom to read and not be beaten to death for it. That's a great blessing. The freedom to write. Americans don't know how good they have it or how great their freedom to read and write is. I suppose you could say my reading so much and my writing so much is a direct side effect of my culture, and me making up for lost time by reading and writing at a higher rate than average. That's why my writing advice skews to the controversial "just write" good or bad, just write, write what you know, write what you love, don't ask for permission to right white or black or male or female, just bask in your freedom to write.

My method of writing, reflects heavily the culture I was raised in. As does my method of publishing, predominantly vanity press aka local print shops print up thousands of copies and I sell my novels out of the trunk of my car at local beaches to the tourists. I sold 57 million copies that way. Each of my novels averages around 20k sales the first summer of it's release, all to tourists on the beach, sales from my car. And yet,every time any one on this sub mentions vanity press, they get bombarded with answers telling them to not do it. Why? Avoid the scams yes, but, there's nothing wrong with vanity publishing if you are willing to get off your ass and get the face to face local sales. It works for me, that's why I advice it.

Never having gone to school, I know nothing about "traditional writing methods". The concept of themes, character arcs, 3 act structure, beats, tropes, hero journey, were all things I never heard of before joining this subreddit and yet before joining this subreddit I had already published 138 novels, some of them bestsellers. Some of them for big publishers: including Harlequin and Disney. I've sold more books than most people on this sub combined. And yet, I can offer no advice on silly useless things like themes, character arcs, 3 act structure, beats, tropes, hero journey, because I'm not even sure what they are.

Like I said, I am well aware that I'm known for having some pretty outlandish writing and publishing methods, but I do practice what I preach and works for me. Will it work for others? Who knows? Maybe? Maybe not. Thing is we are all different. We all have different backgrounds, came from different places, took different paths to reach publishing success. 

I am of the belief that there is no truly bad advice, so long as that advice is working for someone.

Heck, half the advice I see preached online, leaves me asking "How the hell is that even possible?" because I just can't wrap my mind around their methods, but you know what, that doesn't matter, because if that advice works for them, well more power to them. And who knows, just because it's bad advice for me, doesn't mean it can't be good advice for someone else. We are all different, have different goals, use different writing methods, have different ways of editing, and that's perfectly fine. 

The world would be a dull dreary place if everyone were exactly the same as everyone else, just as books would be a dull dreary read if every writer did exactly the same thing.

This is who I am and how I live, and these are things I have no control over. There is no plot reason why these are physical and mental illnesses I live with. They simply are physical and mental illnesses that I live with. And guess what... I’ve had ALL of these things, even arthritis and PTSD since I was 8 years old, and because I’ve lived with these things for 40+ years, these things are NORMAL for me. This is my normal. I wouldn’t know what it was like to live without these things, because these are things I was either born with or got before the age of 8, so have had them all since early childhood.

Because this is MY NORMAL, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to write a “mainstream normal” character who did not have these disabilities.

And thus, my MC is written with ALL of these things in his daily life, because they are HIS NORMAL, simply because they are MY NORMAL.

There is no plot reason behind my MC having any of these disabilities. This is just who he is.

My disabilities are not plot devices.

On top of that, he’s a Persian Mountain Jew Gypsy living in America, and THAT has nothing to do with the plot either. Why is he a Persian Mountain Jew Gypsy living in America? Because I am a Persian Mountain Jew Gypsy living in America. I know my own culture, traditions, religions, holidays, taboos, etc, so I just naturally write him having the same. I know the stereotypes and stigmas of being a Gypsy and I know how Americans treat you until they find out you are Jewish or Gypsy and suddenly they change how they treat you completely, and so I have characters treat him the same way Americans treat me, and that has nothing to do with the plot either, it’s just me writing him being treated the same way I am treated.

My race and cultures are not plot devices.

Plus, he is bi-polygamous, has 5 wives and 2 male spouses. Why? Because, you guessed it; I was born and raised in a bi-polygamous culture. My grandfather has 2 wives, my mother has 2 husbands, my uncle with the most wives has 15, my aunt with the most husbands has 9. His being bi-poly has nothing to do with the plot, the story is not LGBTQA+ centred. I write him that way, simply because that is NORMAL lifestyle for my people, and thus it’s just default normal for me to write him that way.

I could write him as a straight, white, able-bodied American, but, why should I? I am not myself a straight, white, able-bodied American and I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing a straight, white, able-bodied American. If I tried to write him as a straight, white, able-bodied American I’d end up filling it with cookie-cutter stereotypes, because what do I know about about white people, straight people, or American culture?

Would it be a plot device if my characters were healthy? White? American? Straight? Monogamy? No! So why would it be a plot device for me to write my characters exactly as I am?

Your friend is wrong on so many levels of wrong.

>>>I mean, fuck it, my MC is still gonna be epileptic and nobody can stop me, but my friend seemed dead-set determined to tell me I shouldn’t since it’s not, like, a central theme or thing or whatever. I don’t know...

You can and SHOULD write your character however you want. Your friend is wrong.

Yes, there are people who write disabilities ONLY because they want to be PC/inclusive/SJW/political, and if that’s how they want to write, well, let them write that way. Them writing that way, shouldn’t stop you from having your characters your way.

But here’s the thing, my MC’s disabilities, culture, and lifestyle may not be what the story is about and may not have any bearings on the plot, BUT, these things DO affect his life, how he acts, how he talks, things he can do, things he can’t do, things he wants to do and get frustrated over not being able to do.

For example, because of my leg/hip/spine injury, I can not climb stairs on my own. I require a person to hold me steady, while I use my cane and hold the railing, and going up just 2 or 3 steps on someone’s front porch can take a half hour or more - this is something that takes an able-person under 30 seconds to do. This is a enormous issue and causes me to be unable to visit certain relatives/friends because they live on the 2nd/3rd+ floor and have no elevator, so I can’t get up to their apartment, and when my family goes to visit their family, I have to wait in the car in the driveway, alone, by myself, while everyone else is in the apartment eating dinner and watching tv. This is the reality of having a crippled leg/hip/spine. An injury that I received when 3 strangers attacked me in the parking lot, while I was 8 months pregnant. I’m legally blind and almost deaf, so I neither heard no saw the attackers coming, while I was putting groceries in the back seat of my car. They killed my baby, broke my spine, broke my hip, broke my leg, and left me for dead. I was 5 months paralyzed, 18 months learning to walk again, and that happened November 14, 2013, 8 years ago, and I’m still not fully recovered. I’m out of the wheelchair (something doctors did not think was possible) and I’m slowly improving, but the reality is, my spinal column is crushed and can’t be operated on, so I’ll never run again, I’ll never walk normal again, and stairs my possibly never be something I can do again either.

Well, I wrote my MC to have this exact same injury. So, he can’t maneuver stairs, he needs help with even small steps. He can’t sit in chairs because his hip don’t bend normal, so he has to sit on pillows on the floor, he likewise can’t sleep in a bed because he can’t climb up into a bed, so he sleeps on blankets on the floor. Why? 


   *   I can’t maneuver stairs

   *   I need help with even small steps

   *   I can’t sit in chairs because my hip don’t bend normal, so I have to sit on pillows on the floor

   *   I likewise can’t sleep in a bed because I can’t climb up into a bed, so I sleep on blankets on the floor

You see him trying to pour tea, a task that takes 2 hands, while also trying to stand up leaning heavily on his cane. You see him sitting on pillows on the floor, having no chairs and no bed in his apartment, and you see him grabbing hold of the table to hoist himself up, while steadying himself with the cane. You see him hiking across the country, but not getting very far each day, because of the agony of his leg, causing him to have to stop and rest constantly, every half hour or so.

The story is about him struggling with the survivor guilt, after his lover commits suicide and so his disability has nothing to do with the plot at all, BUT, the disability is a major part of his life, causing many struggles that cause him to not be able to do basic “normal” things like climbing stairs, sitting in chairs, or sleeping in beds, and so this shows up in several scenes. You SEE him being disabled, but there is never a point where his disability is ever talked about, not in narration and not in dialogue. You just see his struggle to do normal things and you see the cane there in passing. 

Well, think about this now... writing a character with a lame leg and a cane is a pretty common disability for abled authors to write, but when was the last time you saw a character with a lame leg and a cane ACTUALLY STRUGGLE with ANYTHING? They don’t. Why? Because the author looks at a lame leg as just a thing you drag, and treats the cane lie a decoration. They NEVER write the character struggling on stairs, not able to sit at a table because they can’t bend the leg to sit in the chair, sleeping on the floor because they can’t lift their leg up high enough to climb up into a bed. They don’t write those things, because they have no clue that someone with a cane does those things, because they never had to live with a lame leg.

That’s where the problem of undisabled writing disabled comes in. Granted, they mean well and are trying to be inclusive and all, but they have never lived with that kind of disability so they have no clue how big of an impact something like that has on your life. 

It’s one thing I liked about the Witcher books. Several characters have lame legs, broken legs, use a cane or crutch, and the way it’s written, well, you KNOW the author had a broken leg at some point in his life, because you see the characters actually struggling to walk up hills or get on a horse. Take Avallac’h for instance. We are told he rides his horse all the time, even in the house, because he has a lame leg and can’t walk on his own. The one time we see him walking, he has 3 women gathered around him, holding him and helping him walk. Or Dijkstra, we see him, unable to run, dragging his leg, his leg in a brace. The descriptions are amazingly accurate and the struggles are very realistic. To the point, it’s obvious the author had to deal with a crippled leg at some point in his life.

It’s not a political statement to be disabled, but it is something that causes simple everyday tasks to be a challenge, so it will change how you write scenes of your character walking, eating, sleeping, talking, etc, depending on the disability. The story doesn’t have to be able the disability to have a disabled character. 

I am disabled, but you know what? It doesn’t define my life. I go hiking every day with my dog. I have to stop and rest along the trail because of my leg, and I can’t keep up with other hikers or joggers on the trail, but you know what? I’m out of that damned wheelchair against all odds and to the shock of all the doctors, who in 2013, said I would never walk again. I was paralyzed. I was in a wheelchair, and I said fuck this, I’m going to walk again. And it took me years to do it, but I’m back on my feet again. I refuse to let being disabled stop me from living my life. I refuse to let being disabled hold me back. I refuse to let being disabled define who I am. I got out of that fucking wheelchair and progressed to a walker, and then I progressed to a cane, and 2 years ago, I couldn’t walk to the end of my driveway, and now today, I walk over a mile a day with my dog, and I’m not stopping until I can do 2 miles a day, then 3 miles a day... before 2013, I took 13 mile hikes every day, and it took me 8 years to get back up to 1 mile a day, but if it takes me another 8 years to get up to 13 miles a day again, well, then I’m just going to spend 8 years doing that. I refuse to let a disability control my life and tell me what I can or can not do. 

And so I hate it when characters in fiction are disabled for plot device and SJWism, because I know immediately no actually disabled person wrote that. Token disabled characters, read as though all of us disabled people want sympathy, but we don’t. Heck, I turned down the government disability check and kept right on working. I hate the whole pity-party thing abled people do, “ooooh poooor cripple”. You know what? I’m not a dog. Stop patting me on the head before I plow you down with my wheelchair and beat you over the head with my cane. I don’t want your fucking pity or sympathy, and I hate it when abled people write disabled characters to pull in the pity points with readers. 

And you know something I really hate a lot? I hate when Fantasy novels throw in a disabled character and somehow magic cures them. Or a blind character, who can “see” through magic thought waves, or a deaf character who “hears” with telepathy, or a crippled character who suddenly magic happens and now she can fly and not need her legs. I HATE those types of characters/plots in Fantasy. It feels like the author was trying to erase disabled people from existence so they wouldn’t have to be bothered with looking at them. It’s very: “Oh disabled people bother me, I want to pretend they don’t exist, so let me wave a magic wand and POOF the disability transforms into a superpower”. I just hate that type of story and that type of use of disabled characters. That’s just erasure of disabilities. It’s like the author is saying they want to eradicate disabled people.

In the end,  say, yes, write your character with whatever disability you want/need them to have, but, don’t do it to pull the pity card, be PC/woke/SJW, or because you feel the need to be diverse. Do it because it’s right for the character.

Disabled people need to be in books more, yes, but they also need to not see their disability be used as a marketing tool or mocked or turned into the primary plot. Let disabled characters have a story that is something NOT related to their disability, and let the disability just be a thing in the background that they have to work around.

Just like how my relearning to walk is not a political statement, so too should writers be allowed to write a disabled character without that character being a political statement either. I am not a plot device. Neither are the characters I write, I just write my characters with the same lifestyle I life, because that’s MY default normal.

I have more thoughts, but you get the idea so I'll stop now.

Writing without experience about sensitive topics: a response

April 10, 2015, the Ku Klux Klan arrived at my farm. A group of 74 men and women chanted "too gay for the family friendly town" while 14 police officer held me, my husband, my mother, and one of my brothers on the ground with guns to our heads, while the group used cinder block bricks and hand held band saws to beat to death 10 of my 12 children... the youngest aged 4, the oldest aged 16, and then nailed their heads to the door of my motorhome. The 7th anniversary of that day is less then 6 months away. I've not been able to function on any level of normalcy since. **[It is why I repainted my car to say this on it](** and also  **[to say this on it](** Should you have information about the murder of my children, yes, what is painted on my car is the contact info of the FBI agente in charge of the case. Give the info to him, not me.

But the worst part of trying to recover, is my neighbours, who stand on the porch yelling, teasing, bullying, throwing rocks, pushing me on the ice... why? They are angry that the FBI contact info is on my car. They are angry that my refuse to forget that 10 of my 12 children had their heads nailed to the door because I'n "too gay for the family friendly town". No, I refuse to forget my family was murdered and I will not stop asking people to help find the killers, until the murders are in prison where they belong.

But the shitty ass neighbors who do the bullying and harassment... they think mocking the murder of my children is all fun and games. They make "headless" memes and post them on my FaceBook, and you've seen the threads they've bombards this very subReddit with for the past 3 weeks. Yeah., they think starting threads like that is funny. And those threads they started here on this sub, aren't half as disgusting and gory as the photoshopped images they post on my Twitter.

THAT is something writers never include about surviving trauma, in their novels. They never include the after the murder shit people in your town put you through.

I can't even shop at the local WalMart without groups of women, slamming shopping carts into me and chanting "nah, nah, nah, nah! that gay family was kiiiiiiled! woo hoo! God's gonna get ya all!"

As a side effect of the attack that killed my children... I was paralyzed 5 months, my spine broken, to this day, I still can't walk properly, when I can even get out of bed at all, which isn't often... that because of them beating me with metal golf clubs.... oh... and I was 8 months pregnant at the time, they killed my unborn baby too.

And THAT is what the people who lie in my very apartment building... 3 different families in 3 different units, think is funny to make jokes and memes about... one of them a women with small children herself! How would she feel if what happened to my children happened to her children? Would she STILL be standing on my front porch every day yelling shit at my car?

No, you NEVER see authors include how the neighbours spend years attacking the survivors viciously, endlessly, daily. Why? Because those authors never survived traumatic events and they have no clue how damned fast the entire town will turn on the remaining members of the family.

You see scenes of neighbours helping, bringing over meals, helping with the funeral... that is NOT what REAL neighbours do. Neighbors here poured acid on the windshield of my car and slashed my tires, and stuff mini smoke bombs in the tailpipe - and that's just the one woman who stand on the porch of my building yell "woo hoo we got your car out of commision this time didn't we!" she lives here in my apartment and she does those things daily... because she's pissed that the FBI contact number is painted on my car, she's ppissed that I won't rest until the people who beheaded my children are found. 

When you get hurt - no one cares, and worse, the whole fucking town gangs up on you to make every day after the murder a living hell. That's the reality of how your town will treat you after an event like this... but when was the last time you saw an author write a town ACTUALLY responding to the murder of a local family?

Authors don't write trauma correctly, nor do they write how your town treats you after your family is murdered.

Most authors, they are no different then the shit head jackasses who live in this apartment building... they just romatizes and mock murder like it was all fun and games.

Well, YOU spend 3 weeks collecting up the dozens of chopped up body parts of YOUR 10 children scattered all over you front lawn, than you tell me how much you want to glamourise trama.

How do I include representation of a group I'm not part of?

>>>How do I include representation of a group I'm not part of? (self.writing)submitted 5 hours ago by AGhoulsParadise

>>>I have this dream of my main character being Mexican-American, but as a white person, I feel weird trying to write that. I don't want to end up offending anyone either. Should I just give up on this?

The first thing I want to say is do you mean Mexican as in the Native American tribe, known as the Mexican tribe? Or do you mean Mexican as someone born in the country of Mexico? Because it makes a difference.

The Mexico People are a specific First Peoples/Native American group, and your best way to research would be the reach out directly to one of the reservation, and ask to interview the tribe chief, abd get his permission to visit the reservation and see how they live, talk to the people themselves.

If you mean on the other hand, any random person from Mexico the country, and you still mean "stereotypical red skinned black haired sombrero wearing Mexican" well, now you need to narrow things down a bit. There are over 800 different Native American/First People's Tribes living in Mexico, and ONLY the one mentioned above is called Mexican. The others are called things like Navaho, Hopi, Cherokee, Blackfoot, Aztec, Mayan, etc and you need to figure out which tribe specifically you want to research, because 800+ different tribes means 800+ different cultures, each with it's own traditions, religions, etc. And most of them are not exclusive to Mexico. Most have reservation in America and Canada in addition to in Mexico, which means chances are high there is a reservation of your chosen "Mexican tribe" in driving distance from you.

Beyond that you have the "invader colonization groups" who descended from the 1400s conquistadors and 1700s missionaries. These are largely white Catholics or Spanish, and they are usually called Hispanic not Mexican, and Mexican is reserved for the Native American First Peoples who are native to Mexico, while Hispanic is reserved for the whites and browns who descended from Europe, and live in the country of Mexico, but usually have no actual Native Mexican blood/DNA. And there are at least 300 different Hispanic groups/races/cultures/ethnicities live in Mexico, so you'd need to narrow down which one specifically you are thinking of, when you think "Mexican".

>>>How do I include representation of a group I'm not part of?

It can be difficult.

For example, I'm not white, and most of my characters are the same race/culture/ethnicity as me, and the stories heavily involve specific to our culture themes, so culture plays a huge role in the plot, thus it becomes important to the plot for there to be lots and lots and lots of info about the culture within the story.

Well, sometimes my characters will need to encounter white Americans, and I end up staring blankly at the screen, wondering what the hell to write. I don't know the first thing about white Americans or their culture. And every time I talk to a white American in person, I am just left with the weird sense of feeling like I just talked to an alien from another planet. Their culture is just so freaking bizarre.

Like for example, when white Americans talk about family, they usually mean some unmarried couple living in sin together with 2 or 3 illegitimate and unbaptised children, the woman lists off the fathers of each child, each having a different father, none of them being children of the man she lives with. She'll list off that her mother was divorced 5+ times, and all her siblings are halfs, steps, and illegitimates as well, than state she refuses t marry because she doesn't want to end up like her mother. And then there's the way they dress! Good god! Short hair, pants, make-up, t-shirts. Dressed like a total whore, it's no wonder all her children have different fathers, none of whom she's ever been married to. I don't understand whores at all, I means at least prostitutes get paid for what they do. And American tv is nothing but vile perversion of half naked people running around. And it's difficult to find an American who doesn't smoke or drink. Half the things American women do, if women in my culture did them, they'd be executed. But the filth and perversion is so mainstream common place in white America that not a one of them bats an eye at it or sees anything wrong with the corruption and obscenity they live in and commit multiple times daily. I struggle to write white Americans, because I struggle to find a single shred of anything that is NOT a vile, twisted, corrupted sin in their everyday lives. But their extreme misuse of the word family, is what makes writing them so incredibly difficult, even more so then their endless heaping piles of sin they call every day living.

What white Americans call a family, we would call sad ostracised outcasts forced to live outside the family. There is NOTHING even remotely "family" in a white American "family". Not one thing on any level at all, whatsoever. And this makes understanding their culture extremely difficult, due to their alarming bizarre miss-use of the word family, and calling things that are not families, family. Families typically have 200 or more people in them. It's not one couple and 2 or 3 children, and the fact that white Americans don't even know that is alarming on so many levels.

And because I have such a hard time understand the white Americans and the incredibly outlandish, crazy things they do, I struggle not only to write them, but I struggle to even see the white Americans as being even remotely Human, due to how incredibly uncivilized, barbaric, primal, and sex crazed they are. They act largely like packs of wild animals who do nothing but run from one bar room and whore house to the next, having sex with everything that moves. They are vicious and violent, always out on the streets punching and fighting. Shoot outs happen daily. Police are constantly having to break up wild fights of disrespectful women beating the crap out of their not-husbands, and confiscate their guns. Their inability to raise children is so monumentally horrific that they have to have dozens of social workers and child protective server workers in every single town.

Tourists from the lower 48 say that white Americans outside of Maine are not nearly as violent as the ones here in Maine, and they also say outside of Maine it's rare to see guns, not every one has 4 or 5 guns strapped to them the way white Americans in Maine do. I don't know, as the only white americans I've ever met are the ones here in Maine. I have no clue if the white Americans of the lower 48 are different or not.

My characters are all just like me. Like me, my characters are Gypsies, who live in large family units of 200 people or more, living in forests and sleeping in tents. Their women wear veils and modesty and are often mistaken for Muslim though they are actually Persian Pagans who married Hebrew Jews and adopted Catholic Christianity after being cast out by both their religions of birth, and were later ostracized by Catholic leaders, accused of being witches, so they converted to Voodoo Folk Catholicism. I write them this way, because this is what happened to my people in real life. 

I wear hijab and veils and scarfs and caftan and kimono so, so do my characters. We utilize herbs and plants and berries and flowers and tree bark into everything we do, so, so to do my characters. We live in an area that has snow almost year round, blizzards and ice storms are a constant danger as they collapse our tents and tear the canvas and tarp, breaking the tent poles, we don't use beds, instead we line our tent with pillows and fur pelts, and hang think tapestries on the walls inside, to keep out the cold, and thus, so to do my characters in my novels.

We own, run, and operate every single last carnival, festival, freak show, side show, circus, amusement park, water park, campground, and theme park in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and the rest of New England, as well as Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the rest of Maritime Canada. And we DO travel in massive caravans of 100, 200, 300, 400, or more cars, trucks, vardo (horse drawn covered wagons), RVs, motorhomes, and 18 wheelers, when driving to and from carnival/festival/state fair locations to set up the tents and rides and food concessions, and arcades, and craft booths. And we DO paint our cars and trucks with big bright colored murals. I'm an art car builder, I've built and painted many of the cars for our people. I myself lived in a Vardo for over 20 years and currently have a pink Class C motorhome. And so, characters in my novels do the same, because I write what I know and I write my characters the same lifestyle as me and my family live.

Most of our families are MASSIVE. Polygamy is the norm. Women have as many husbands as men do wives. Most men have 5 or more wives and each wife usually has 8 to 23 children that she herself gave birth to. One man with 12 wives and a 100+ children is NOT unusual. Are age differences are vast. Most men won't marry before they are 30 to 40 years old, while most women are already married BEFORE they reach the age of 14. I was married when I was 12 to a man who was 37. My mother was married at 16 to a man who was 31. My mother has 2 husbands. Her father has 2 wives. My aunt with the most husbands, married her 9th husband in 2020. My uncle with the most wives has 5 wives. Each woman has given birth to an average of 8 children, while the women with the most has given birth to 23 children though only 15 of them reached adulthood. There are more than 400 people in my immediate family and yes we all live together in a series of tents, each about 8 feet, clumped together on our farm. And thus characters in my novels are the same. 

LGBTQA+ are not taboo or shunned or banned or looked down upon in our culture, and transvestite and eunuchs are also very common. It is not uncommon for a man to have both wives and male partners. This lead to why my main character is a transvestite and a eunuch who has 2 male lovers, and 5 wives. Again, I write what I know and this is the culture I grew up in, so I write it as it is.

When we go shopping, we all go together. Stores in Maine are known to close to the public because when our family walks into WalMart just our one group puts the store at over capacity for local fire laws. It's not unusual to see 400 or more of us arrive in the store all together, all at once. Because of how we dress, MOST of WalMart's shoppers and employees think we are Amish and say as much. "Who are those people?" a customer asks a worker "Oh that's the Amish, they come in here to buy supplies once a month." While toddlers cry out: "Mommy look! witches!" and American teens run up to us asking: "Is there are Harry Potter convention around? OMG I love your wizard CosPlays!" And so my novels feature these sorts of interacts with white Americans and black Americans alike, both of whom are quick to act violent and racist towards our people in the real world so I write them doing so in the novel world as well.

We keep to ourselves living on huge isolated farms surrounded by miles of forest, so Americans rarely see us in public and don't know what to make of us when we are out and about. We do not send our children to public school, largely because we shun the immoral, perverted, sex crazed lifestyle promoted in high schools. Nudity in locker rooms, handing out condoms in school, and teaching sex education, we want no part of. Sex, adultery, fornication, music, dancing, smoking, drinking, are all sins that send you to hell and we will not subject our children to them. Which is also why we are horrified by the belly dancing, music and sluts dancing around campfire stereotype that people make of us in movies and TV. And thus characters in my novels are likewise quick to detest America's immoral perverse society and avoid contact with Americans at all costs.

It is completely impossible for me to write white Americans in any form of being good or decent or moral people, because in all the thousands of white Americans I've met here in Maine, I've yet to meet any who was even remotely good, moral, or civilized.

But I also know only one small demographic of white American culture: the white Americans of the Greater Portland are of York and Cumberland country Maine. And I'm rather inclined to believe the tourists of the lower 48 when they say they are just as shocked and horrified by the white American culture of this region as we Gypsies are. So many white American tourists tell me they only visit Maine every summer, just specifically so they can point and laugh at how outlandish and bizarr the white people up here are. Which makes me think the white Americans of Maine may in fact be the extreme minority of white american culture. And this in turn makes me even more hesitant to write white American characters, because if it's true that white Americans in the bulk of America, do not act like the white Americans here in Maine, ell, than that means, I would probably end up writing some huge stereotypes into white American culture.

I didn't grow up in American culture, white or otherwise, and I was 31 years old (and had already published a few dozen novels) the first time I met an American. And because of this, I never grew up with the whole "default all characters to white" sort of mentality that you see a lot of writers and readers today talking about.  

So, for me, as a PoC who didn't grow up in American culture, I personally find incredibly difficult to write Americans of any race, white, black, or other. And so whenever I see these posts where writer are asking "how do I write __ race?" I'm always left thinking: "I have no clue, how to write a PoC in America, because I have no clue how to write an American at all."

For me, every novel & short story I've ever the MC was my own race/culture, even when the characters were non-humans in Fantasy. So, even the Elves and Faeries and Dwarves were my own race and culture... which has resulted in a lot of my readers saying they especially love my Elves, due to how "alien" they are. Readers will email me and tell me how they hope to write a novel someday and they were inspired by how none-human my Elves were, how unlike Tolkien they were, and how their culture was just so unlike anything even remotely human.... "almost as if the book was written by an actual Elf who had never encountered Humans before" said one mail.. and they wanted to know how I designed their culture to be so weird and bizarre and alien-like. And every time I read them say these things, I'm not sure if I should be proud my Elves are "unique" and unlike standard Fantasy Elves or horrified and offended that they think my culture that I grew up in was equated to: "feeling like the author had never encountered a human before".

Although, the feeling is mutual. Just as you see us as "feeling like the author had never encountered a human before", well, you might want to take a look in the mirror, because you white Americans don't even seem remotely Human to us either. We struggle to even classify white Americans as being part of the Human race, they are just so bizarre and not like anything that classifies as Human, in any other country of the world.

Here's the thing:

I was 31 years old before I knew about the existence of things like electricity, plumping, showers, toilets, phones, radios, computers, or tv. And most of my people still have no clue what these are. If I wrote ebooks and put my books up for sale on Amazon, I wouldn't have sold the 57million copies I sold, because my primary audience, don't even know what the internet is, let alone know what Amazon oer ebooks are. And, today, I'm constantly meet with Americans who are utterly amazed that such societies exist not only in the world, but in the still unexplored forests of Maine and Alaska in America and Quebec ad the Yukon in Canada.

Most do not live in houses, rather they live in vast herds of cars, truck, RVs, horse drawn wagons, and move across America and Canada in huge caravans of 400 to 2,000 people in a single family unit. At the front of the caravan are the cars and truck, the RVs and vardos in the middle, the goats, sheep, chickens, often piled high in the backs of horse drawn wagons or walking freerange in the road along side the children who herd them, and the big 18wheelers carrying the roller coasters, ferries wheels, food concessions, the kiddie rides, the big tents, the little tents.

When we need to stop to sleep, we find a field, or a beach, or a WalMart parking lot, big enough to park 200+ cars, trucks, and RVs, sleep in them or under them, or in pup tents or under lean-tos made of tarps. I lived for 9 years under a 8x6 tarp, sleeping under a coat made out of a lot of fur pelts. Americans would stop sometimes to "pity" poor little "homeless" me, but, they failed to understand, I never saw myself as homeless or pitiful like they did. I struggle to understand why Americans cage themselves away in house, separate from nature. I find them and their house dwelling lifestyle, just as bizarre as they find me in my tarp dwelling sleeping under trees lifestyle.

In my culture, punishment for crimes include: hands being cut off for stealing, tongue being cut out for lying, castration for adultery, beheading for homosexuality. Yes, right now in 2021, those are still punishments in my culture. And it tends to shock Americans when they find out that cultures like tis still exist in today's world. And yes, in America. Not some 3rd world country.

In my culture, women wear long robes, silk, kimonos, saree wraps, scarves, shawls, veils, hijab. No woman speaks without a man's permission, and that permission is not easy to get. Most men have 5 or more wives. Most wives will give birth to 20 or more children each wife though rarely more than 8 will live to adulthood. A man will have 100+ children across all his wives. Most women will be married before they reach the age of 14 (I was 12) to a man 30+ years older than them (mine is 37 years older than me). Most will already have given birth to 4 or more children by the time she reached 18. Women are not allowed to cut their hair, wear makeup, sing, dance, play music, make eye contact with a man, go outside in public without a man, drive a car, get a job.

We weave our own fabric, sew our own clothes, embroider everything, make everything we need. We own farms and grow our own food, migrating to the farms in planting and harvesting seasons. We live off the land. 

At 8 years old, I had 3 jobs: a stunt driver for a 3-wheel bike, that I drove in high speed circles until I was driving so fast I could drive it straight up the side of a building; a clown; and a sideshow freak, in a cage. As a teenage I started reading cards and training birds for shows. I've sold so many of my books, 57 million copies, without ever once selling them online or as ebooks, because I sell them from booths at the carnivals.

Schools and doctors are strictly forbidden. To quote the leaders of many Clans: "the government is run by Satan, the government runs the school, schools are controlled by Satan, we do as Jesus did and shake the dust of their sin from our feet". That is why, no Gypsy parent will send their children to school, or a doctor, or a hospital. It's why no Gypsy has a birth certificate or a social security number, and why their are tens of thousands of Gypsies in America, whom the government has no paper trail, no record that they even exist.

I am the Clan's "Queen", what most Americans would call "a Gypsy witch" or "a Gypsy fortune teller". It means I am a Voodoo Priestess, Queen is a religious title similar to Mother Superior in the Catholic Church, and has nothing to do with royalty or monarchy as many Americans often mistake. Likewise a Gypsy "King" is a high priest, a Voodoo Houngan or Borkar, not royalty or monarchy. Most mainstream Catholics refer to us Voodoo as Folk Catholics and not "real" Catholics, but Voodoo being a branch of the Catholic church is why were wear silk and lace veils over our heads. Unlike most females, I have privileges uncommon in our culture, I can read and write, s it is nessacarily for the spiritual leader to be able to read the Bible. And what Americans refer to as "a Gypsy Curse" is nothing more than us quote the words of Moses in the Bible's Leviticus, or the words of Daniel from the Book of Daniel.

We get featured in movies like The Thinner and Christine. If you see a movie billing themselves as having been filmed on a "real Gypsy farm" or "featuring real live Gypsies", that's my farm and my clan. One our farms is in Bangor, Maine, Stephen King is our neighbour for a large part of many years, that's why he features us in so many of his books and movies, and he researches his fictional Gypsies by stopping by to visit us, his neighbours. It's WHY Stephen King gets his Gypsies "right" while so few other authors do.

Such is the life of us Carnival Gypsies of Maine.

We are technically Americans, but we exist in America, so far outside the mainstream, se deep in a counter culture, that few Americans can even comprehend how we live.

It is as reviewers of my books put it: like we were not Human at all and had never had contact with humans, because we are so vastly different from anything most Americans will ever meet.

As a writer, a novelist, I write what I know. This is WHY, my MCs are always Gypsies, always live in Maine or Quebec, always "homeless vagabonds", always traveling on foot for many miles each day, always wearing bright colored, heavily embroidered silks, always are bisexual and polygamous, and always living, well, the exact same culture I grew up in. My characters are also always quick to see white Americans are bizarre, odd, weird, strange, and describe them as such. Because I see white Americans are bizarre, odd, weird, strange, and don't know how to describe them as anything otherwise.

This is why I tend to avoid writing white character, because I know, it's impossible for me to write them any different than from how my personal interactions with them has proven that they are and they really do enjoy being seen as the gods of their own insane asylums when it comes to novels or movies, that's why they default seeing every good person as white and every bad person as coloured.

One reader pointed out that my novels feature MASSIVE descriptions of every white character, entire paragraphs describing their strange mash potato skin, their bizarre blue eyes, their alien blond hair. Many readers have said it stood out because they had never seen an author describe white character the way most authors describe black characters before... they end their emails asking: "you're not white are you? I can tell by how you write your white characters, you don't have a clue what white culture is like." No. I don't. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around white American culture, and that's why I don't write it, and white characters are only ever described by Gypsy characters, as bizarre, because that's how we see them.

I write what I know. I wish more writers did. There are precious few non-American, non-European characters in fiction, even in Fantasy that is written by authors of colour, most Elves are nothing more than white Americans or white Europeans with pointed ears.

I say all of this because you said this:

>>>I have this dream of my main character being Mexican-American

This is odd phraseology, and I'm not sure if you are aware of the meaning of how you phrased this. 

It's possible English is not your first language and so you are unaware of the, uhm, meaning, this particular phrasing has... well, it's not good, let's just say that.

It's possible you come from a culture where "dream" has some sort of small, regional to you street slang meaning, that no one outside of your hometown knows about, and so again, you are unaware of the very derogatory phrase you have used.

Or, it is possibly you are just a racist bigot and are fully aware of exactly what you just said here.

However, I'm thinking, based on your post history, you may simply be very young, "a typical horny teen" who has found himself "an exotic race to fetishize" and just wants to write porn "about exotic dark women", and so you are too young and too horny too stop and think about how you word things before you post them.

Do read this again and see if you can understand what the problem is with it.

>>>**I have this dream** of my main character being Mexican-American, but as a white person, I feel weird trying to write that. I don't want to end up offending anyone either. Should I just give up on this?

I don't think you intended to be offensive, but to say that you are a white man who **DREAMS** anything about a coloured woman, does send out a lot of stalker creepy, white dude fantasizing about raping coloured slave girl vibes.

All that said...

>>>How do I include representation of a group I'm not part of?

If you have read everything in this post, you will have learned some very important things which will answer that question.

And the answer is: you can't, and no amount of research will ever change that.

I have research the white Americans, spent the last 30 odd years living with white Americans, interacting with white Americans, and yet, it doesn't matter that I've 30 years of walking among them, because I'm not white, I wear a hijab, and so white Americans blew up my house with a bomb October 18, 2006, white Americans cut my car in half May 15, 2010, white Americans drove a backhoe my house August 8, 2913, white Americans beat me with metal golf clubs November 14, 2013 while I was 8 months pregnant - they killed my baby and left me paralyzed with a broken spine in a wheelchair, and on April 10, 2015 74 white Americans wearing long white robes and pointy white hoods, carrying 8 foot tall burning crosses arrived in my yard.  April 10, 2015, the Ku Klux Klan arrived at my farm. A group of 74 men and women chanted "too gay for the family friendly town" while 14 police officer held me, my husband, my mother, and one of my brothers on the ground with guns to our heads, while the group used cinder block bricks and hand held band saws to beat to death 10 of my 12 children... the youngest aged 4, the oldest aged 16, and then nailed their heads to the door of my motorhome. THIS is the white America I know, the white America I've experienced, and even with 30 years of living and walking among them, I can't see the white Americans are anything other then the vile inhuman demonic creatures they are. There is nothing remotely human about them. They seek only to kill, steal, and destroy, they rape everything that moves and slaughter everything else. They love their guns more than they love their children. They are savage, violent, sex crazed barbarians with nothing but blood lust and evil in their hearts. And until such a day that a white American treats me or my family in such a way that proves otherwise, it is completely impossible for me to write a white American as anything other then the evil, savage barbarians they really are.

>>>How do I include representation of a group I'm not part of?

If you have to ask that question, than you can't.

You see Mexicans through a lens that does not allow you to see them as Humans, otherwise you wouldn't ask this question to begin with.

If you saw them as being Human like yourself, you would have no need to ask this question.

By asking this question you have openly admitted that Mexicans are a culture so different from your own, that you are struggling to see them as part of the Human race and this and only this is ever the reason why someone needs to ask "I'm x, how do I write about Y?"

If you saw them as fellow humans, fellow mankind, equals to yourself, then you would not even think to ask this question because you would simply write them as fellow Human beings.

But the fact remains, you see Mexicans in exactly the same light we Gypsies see the white Americans of the Greater Portland area of Maine: as inhuman savages, incapable of morals or decency, and that is why you are struggling to write them.

Here's some of the threads, that might help you find your answers:

Hope that helps!

>>>Do you talk about your in-progress writing to friends/family?

>>>I feel like as soon as I open my mouth that I'm writing, my motivation suddenly vanishes. Or maybe I tell people because I feel my motivation slipping. When I keep things to myself, I am a little more productive, but then I also feel isolated. But I also don't like how much I like people thinking of me as a writer, and then in reality I'm spending more time procrastinating... I dunno. What do you do?

No. Never. None of them are interested in writing in general, and nothing I write is anything that'd interest them topic/genre-wise even if they were interested in writing. Most of them are not even aware I've ever published anything.

One relative found one of my books once, one about 2 men who were close friends who COULD possibly, maybe be seen as gay if you had enough of an overactive imagination to see them that way (they were not written as gay and one even has a wife and 4 children, so I never thought of them as gay) and she read it and immediately saw the book as "pro-gay propaganda" (as she termed it), with-in a week I had her mega-church congregation (a group of 2k+ people, led by an extremist minister) in my driveway waving "god hates fags" signs. 

Since 1978 MC Quaraun has had 5 wives and 37 named children, plus an uncounted number of illegitimate children by prostitutes. The series also lists him as having 300+ concubines. At no point in 40 years of writing the series was Quaraun ever even hinted at being even remotely gay.

Secondary MC Gremlin/GhoulSpawn was a Mormon missionary, who spent more time fucking prostitutes that converting members. Again, since 1978, he was always shown with LOTS of women, described as a philanderer, and throughout most of the series was seen in a lover's triangle with Phoozen's wife Dulcee. At no point in 40 years of writing the series was Gremlin/GhoulSpawn ever even hinted at being even remotely gay.

Triadry MC King Gwallmaiic aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, was a Lich Lord who was described as a serial rapist, noted for having made the law requiring all brides in his kingdoms, to lose their virginity to him, before being allowed to be married. At no point in 40 years of writing the series was BoomFuzzy ever even hinted at being even remotely gay.

These are the 3 MCs of the series, all 3 of them verocious womanisers. That this church saw them as gay was laughable at best.It was painfully obvious they had never read the books and were clueless as to how opposite of gay these 3 men were.

Before 2014 I had never heard the words "gay", "fag", or "homosexual" nor did I have any idea the concept of men being able to have sex with other men.

So, from 1978 until 2014, it never crossed my mind that these 3 men, could possibly have relationships with each other.

2014 was when these church crazies showed up in Old Orchard Beach with the "god hates fags" signs.

The novelized editions of Screaming Unicorn and BoomFuzzy were both released the same day, 2 months after the "god hates fags" looney tunes arrived at my house. These 2 volumes, were the first time a sexual relationship was hinted at between Quaraun and BoomFuzzy. The following year Lich Lord's Lover was novelized and showed all 3 of them together as atrio of lovers to each other.

I now have 2,000+ previously NOT gay short stories to rewrite and novelize as gay editions, thanks to these gay haters seeing gay characters in places where no gay characters had existed.

My response was, in the next novel to rewrite the character dynamics so they WERE gay and, just continue the series from that point with them as a gay couple. I figured if local psycho-crazed-gay-haters were going to see them as gay anyways, then they might as well be. 

I have nothing against gay couples, so I have no issues altering the series to make the MC bisexual, has his wife and his male friend too. I think it actually made the series better. 

Weird, I never thought to do that until these people showed up. Now I find I actually prefer writing gay and bisexual characters and I went and changed most all of my characters to be gay or bi. Not just in the Quaraun series either, but every series I write.

She went around to the rest of my relatives, and also to all my followers on FB, Twitter, etc, to "warn" them all that I was what she called "a demon possessed gay supporter who practiced witchcraft and summoned alien-demon familiars to turn everyone around me gay"... uhm... oooookaaaay... conspiracy theories out the wazoo there. o.0 I didn't realize how crazy she was until my FB profile started being flooded with weird rambling posts about "gay demons" possessing people because I was supposedly sending them (demons) out after people. DAMN!

I'm left wonder wtf is she high on? And wtf do they preach in that mega-church she goes to (because it wasn't just her posting those things on my FB wall - there were 2k members all from that church posting that wild demon possessing shit on my FB wall with her! I was like, damn! Who are these people are how do they believe the shit they are saying?

Sadly I am left shaking my head and wondering how common are people who believe that kind of crazy-ass demon possession stuff?

Outside of her and her church group, none of my other relatives cared. They were all like "So what? It's just fiction, it's not real. Why are you getting so bent out of shape over it? Who cares if the characters are gay or not, Chill out!"

I don't know why she's gone nuts like this. I mean, she's not even a relative I had seen or heard from in 30+ years, until her and her church group showed up. I think, her and her church have got an axe to grind (I've seen them posting similar stuff on the FB walls of other relatives of other congregation members, so it's not just me they do it too). I think, they have this weird axe to grind, and thought, "this one's an author, we can get out 15 minutes of fame" except, I'm not a famous enough author for them to get that 15 minutes of fame, so all they are doing is making fools of themselves in front of my readers who follow me on FB. LOL.

I keep blocking them, but they keep creating new FB accounts. It's rather annoying.

I never told anyone I knew I was a writer or that I was published. I work retail locally (WalMart) so, as far as any of them knew I was just a shelf stocker at the store. I never had any reason to tell them about my writing career, and with what this one and her nutty church friends are doing on my social media (currently doing, as in, they were just bombarding me with posts earlier tonight) I guess I'm glad I never told any of them.

>>>What are some cool concepts you have for tieflings / demons in your story? (Aside from fantasy racism)

>>>I want to include them in my story and write some lore for them, but I don't want to just make their whole struggle revolve around racism bc 1.) I've noticed a lot of racism metaphors tend to be very clunky and have bad implications, and 2.) I know it's not really my story to tell. So I wanna figure out what else I could potentially do!

**TL;DR:** Give your characters interesting lives and you'll have so many interesting things to write about that you won't have time to think about writing race struggles

In my series, Demons exist, but are very rare on Earth. They come from another galaxy, from a planet named Hell, which ancient Humans misunderstood what solar systems and planets were, so lead to the "Christian Hell" stories. So, basically Demons are an alien race of Humanoids from a plant that has a high rate of volcanic activity over most of the planet (meaning the planet is most "lakes of fire" same way the Earth is mostly water). 

In my series, Demons are "furries" meaning Satyrs (goat-men), Fauns (deer-men), Centaurs (horse-men), Ursiug (sheep-men), Kitsune (fox-men), InuGami (dog-men), various Japanese Oni types, Native American Trickers, bird-men of Egypt and South America, snake-people, etc. Basically any species from any folklore, from any real world culture, that is part animals and part Human, gets counted as a Demon, in my series.

According the my series, how the Demons got on Earth, is there are portals that show up at random throughout the universe, and sometimes they open up near a person, and the person falls through it and ends up trapped on another planet elsewhere in the universe. This explains real-world events like the disappearance of the lost city of Roanoke. (My series is set in the real world, and treats folklore creatures like Faeries and Centaurs as real, but incredibly rare - due to them being not native to our Earth, and often only one of their kind exists on the Earth due to how they arrived here by accidently falling through a portal.)

The series I write started in 1978 (when the first novel was published) and in the 43 years since than has had 138 novels and more than 2,000 short stories published, most of them revolving around 1 character and his 2 friends, who are the 3 MCs of the series. One of the 3 MCs is a Demon, specifically he is an Ursiug aka a Sheep-Man. From the waist down he is a Cotswold Sheep with 15" long golden fleece. He has a long tail and cloven hooves that he paints with gold nail polish. The hair on his head grows as long sheep's wool as well, instead of hair. He also has large ram's horns, but he keeps them sawed off/filed down and hidden under his hair. He wears long floor sweeping caftan and trench coats to hide his legs and hooves. 

Racism has never been a thing I dealt with in any of his stories. 

The reason he hides what he is from most people is addressed in a few stories, but it has nothing to do with "racism" in a "normal" sense of racism. Rather at one point in his life, he was captured by a hunter, who sold him to an animal test lab, where the scientists did experiments on him. They set out to vivisecting him, cutting samples off him, and attempted to slice up his brain, while he was still alive. All because he was not Human and they wanted to find out what he was. Prior to this, he had not hidden his lack of Humanity. After escaping from them, he became terrified of Humans knowing he wasn't Human, fearful of scientists coming after him again. So in a way, it's kind-of racism, but not what most people think of when they think racism. But, also, that's only mentioned in 3, maybe 4 stories, out of 138 novels and more than 2,000 short stories.

The series is VERY Literary Slice of Life Vinette Fantasy. Meaning the entire series is kind of like a soap opera, where the characters never grow or change or progress, instead you just watch them go about their mundane everyday lives. (Most people who read Fantasy, find the series tedious and boring, as it has no action, no advention, no wars, no kingdoms, no battles, no factions, no sex scenes, nothing you'd expect in typical "Epic High Fantasy".  

In 43 years of writing/publishing the series, and across 138 novels and 2,000+ short stories, my Demons have never yet, once had to deal with racism.

What DO the characters deal with? 

* Everyday normal struggles of every day normal people. 

* The Demon lives in a small Human fishing village, where he works at a dinner. 

* He drives a 1974 AMC Gremlin. 

* He lives in a house on the beach, next door to a lobsterman and across the street from a laundromat. 

* A few of his closest friends are aware he is a Demon, and as he is prone to visit prostitutes they know what he is, but he hides what he is and tries to pass as Human, around most people. 

* He overall lives a normal life, like a normal Human. He's an LDS/Mormon and celebrates Mormon/Christian holidays. 

* He has OCD on servere levels (based off the fact I have it is real life and I just write him suffering the issues I suffer from), so one story, focused entirely on him putting Christmas lights on his house - yep, that was the entire plot - him struggling to put up Christmas lights, when hooves don't do well on either ladders or icy roofs - while his OCD was kicking in and making him take the lights down and put them up all over again several times. The whole story - over 50,000 words beginning to end - was him putting up Christmas lights. 

* He's in love with someone who's already married (Quaraun, the male Elf who is married to the male Faerie named BoomFuzzy) and struggles with wanting to break the couple up vs not wanting to damage the married couple's relationship. The lover's triangle is front and center in many stories. 

* Other struggles he's had to deal with: his 50 year old daily driver car constantly breaks down and is a major plot issue in many stories. 

* He likes playing DnD and has game nights with his friends. 

* He's addicted to video games, especially ResEvil series, and he loves action movies. 

* His job at the dinner has him dealing with shitty fussy people who complain about their coffee and donuts. 

* Living on the beach, he has to rebuild his house every time a hurricane comes through, and entire novels are devoted to being just one day of the aftermath of a hurricane hitting his town. 

Like I said, The Quaraun series is VERY Slice of Life and focuses on the little every day details of the every day lives of the world's three biggest, baddest, most evil supervillains, who, spend most of their days living like everyone else in the world.

Just because your character is a Demon, doesn't mean they have to be bombarded with 24/7 non-stop racism struggles. Treat your characters like real people. Give them jobs, families, lovers, houses, cars, mental illnesses, neighbours, and every day struggles.

If you see a Demon (or any other race, Elf, Dwarf, black Human, etc) and think automatically the ONLY thing you can write about is racism and race riots and race wars and race issues, than, that says a lot of about your characters being flat, one-dimensional, lacking personality, stereotyped, and just being cardboard cookie-cutters. It means you need to work more on fleshing out your character as an individual person. Demon = racism, Elf = racism, black/PoC = racism, is just one-dimensional thinking. Round out their lives. Flesh out their careers. Make them a part of their community. Give them loved ones that they care about. Give them hobbies and things they like to do. Once you flesh out your characters and start seeing them as "real people" you'll see how silly it is to think Demon = racism, Elf = racism, black/PoC = racism.

Side note: I'm a PoC, and I've dealt with racism in real life. The Ku Klux Klan (the guys with white pointy hoods) blew up my house with a bomb in 2006 and left a giant white cross in my yard (I never took it down - it's still there - I put Christmas lights on it), they returned in 2015 and murdered 10 of my 12 children. I know racism better than most people. And you know what? Having lived through that kind of thing, I really DO NOT LIKE reading about racism in novels, especially, when it's written by authors who never experienced REAL and ACTUAL violent racists first hand. You can tell the difference between someone bullied in school and calling that racism vs someone who has had family members beaten to death on their front lawn by actual hate groups. You can tell FAST, when the only thing an author knows is name calling, and thinks name calling counts as racism. Try witnessing your children being beaten to death on your front lawn by a group of 74 grown men, 14 of which were holding you down with guns to your head, before telling me you qualify to write about racism.

As a PoC who has had actual family members murdered by actual Ku Klux Klan, I'm sick to death of racism being the ONLY thing anyone thinks they can write about, for EVERY non-white character. Demons, Elves, Dwarves, black Humans, Middle Eastern Humans... it's like no one can write any of those things without racism. And you know what that says to me? It says the authors have a REALLY DIFFICULT TIME identifying those characters as PEOPLE and instead think of them as aliens - even the Human races.

So, with that in mind, I would advice, to just trea your characters like you would treat your grandmother. You wouldn't throw your grammy into horrible race struggle situations would you? So why throw your characters into them?

Sure, I get that people who've been through racism, want to write through it as therapy or to tell others what happened. That's fine, because they are writing from experience.

But, when you're talking about Fantasy genre, you really don't need to put real world race struggles into your stories, no matter what race the character is. PoC Humans, Demons, Elves, whatever. To default to ___ race MUST = a story about racism, just says the author doesn't have any respect for that race at all and sees that race as inferior, so is incapable of showing that race as anything other than marginalized.

If you want to write a story about Demons, that's fine, but, don't feel you HAVE to write race struggles just because ten million other authors wrote race struggles. Dare to be different. Dare to treat your Demon characters with respect. Don't marginalize them. Treat them like people. Think of your Demon characters as though they were your best friends and write them with the same respect your show to your best friends. That's the way to write races that are shoved into race struggles, while not writing them about race struggles. Give your characters interesting lives and you'll have so many interesting things to write about that you won't have time to think about writing race struggles.

>>>Which author, do you reckon, would be the best choice, if you wish to adopt their writing style?

>>>When we begin writing, we tend to take inspiration from one or more of established personalities in the trade, and maybe adopt their writing style.

>>>Who is it for you?

One of my readers, last year, said to me: "I feel like I'm reading Edgar Allan Poe when I read your horror shorts, you don't read him by chance?" I answered back with "Damn, that's one hell of a complement because he's my favorite author, and I read 2 or 3 of his short stories every day, at the start of my writing sessions, to get in the mood for writing."

Because I write mostly short stories (publishing 1 to 3 a week most weeks/50 to 150 per year most years, for the past 43 years - with my most productive years seen 2 to 3 a day (900+ in one year) more than 10,000 total published across 15 series & 15 pennames), I also read mostly short stories, and I have specific authors that are my repeat go to authors to read before writing.

Before each writing session (which is 8 to 12 hours a day - this is a full time job for me, not something I do in between work) I have a 3 to 4 hour reading sessions. I read new stuff sometimes, but more often I am re-reading the same few hundred stories over and over again, year after year. 

For example: I read the Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. EVERY NIGHT, for decades. It's my favorite story. And for the past 9 years, I've also read Chapter 5 of The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, because it's my favorite chapter of any book ever written.

In the morning before I start writing, I read stuff by Ernest Hemingway, Hills Like White Elephants being one I read 3 or 4 times every month. I re-read The Christmas Carol 3 or 4 times a year. Every year I will have read every short story by Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway. H.G. wells, H.P.Lovcraft, Robert E. Howard, Shirley Jackson, Keith Laumer, Rumiko Takahashi, and several novels by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, The Bronte sisters, George Elliott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mercedes Lackey, Anna McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, and dozens of others. I have most every copy of Alfred Hitchcock magazine which I was a subscriber to back in the 70s/80s/90s, and most all of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents paperbacks and hardcover short story collections (published in the 40s/50s/60s/70s) and I have most every year of "Best American Short Stories of *year*" anthologies [**THESE** if you don't know the series]( I also have all the Mammoth Books (Mammoth Book of Horror, Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Mammoth Book of Ghost stories, etc - there are 100+ volumes in the series and still going - they put out a few new ones each year, all short story collections from current/new writers who entered the Mammoth series writing contests). My office has a library in it, which has 10 bookcases that are each 12 feet tall and 21 feet long and hold 30,000 books, the bulk of them being short story collections/anthologies or classic literature novels from the 1800s to 1950s, mixed in with a lot of 70s and 80s Epic Fantasy. I have read all of them and re-read them constantly.

I start off each writing session, by having a 3 to 4 hour reading session, reading from those books, and as it's largely short stories I end up reading a dozen or more stories beach day before I start writing. I never let a day pass without my morning reading session. If I don't read in the morning, than I cancel my writing sessions/livestreams for the day. Play video games on those livestream days instead. I won't write on a day I've not read first. Absolutely refuse to. My mind just isn't in the right place for writing pulp fiction short stories, if I've not spent a few hours reading that morning before writing.

I read to match what I'm in the mood to write. If I'm writing for my Weird Horror penname than I'll read Poe or Lovecraft or Ambroise Beise. If I'm writing for my Erotica penname, I'll read Virginia Wade's Cum 4 Bigfoot. If I'm writing for my pirate adventure pulp penname, I'll read Stevenson or Verne. If I'm writing for my Sci-Fi penname I read Keith Laumer or James Blish.

I don't believe in adopting another's writing style, rather I believe adopting an atmosphere (spooky/creepy vs steamy/exotic vs space cowboys) to fit the story being written, and so I will read for 3 or 4 hours, that particular type of atmosphere, to get me in the mood for writing that type of atmosphere. After that my day is divided into 3 livestreams' of 3 to 4 hours each with an hour break in between, where I write all my short stories and novels live.

My writing style is pretty unique to me, that can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. It's unique enough that you know it's me without knowing the author name, so my regular readers tend to pick up fast on "hey is that penname you, it sounds like you" no matter which penname it is. But readers who don't like "author voice" to stand out as so very clearly "I know it's this author no matter what they write" don't like it. 

I believe we should each develop our own unique author voice and hone in on a writing style that is our own, rather than trying to emulate others. But I also believe we should be daily reading the authors we love the most so that we can be inspired by them.

>>>haircutting fetish community gets no love.

Yes. The hair fetish community is rabidly devoted to their writers once they find one who can write to their fetish whims too.

Hair fetish community in general doesn't have enough writers... hair brushing, long hair, dreadlocks, stroking fingers through hair... uhm... I write the hair fetish stuff... but I don't write sex scenes at all, just hair touching and hair brushing scenes, and damn, yes, that community is starved for people to write it. Soon as word got out that I was writing a serial of short stories about a man with Rapunzel hair, who liked to let others brush his hair, I suddenly got bombarded with requests to write more and more and more, just 1,000 word scenes that were nothing but long haired men brushing each other's hair... I had no clue that fetish existed until someone in the community, read one of my stories and passed it onto others and they started emailing me and asking me if I could just write more of it, all were saying it was a fetish that just did not have enough people writing it.

It's how I got a reputation of being an Erotica author, even though I've never written a sex scene. Erotica about fetishes doesn't require sex scenes, and if you can write to a particular fetish (I have 48" long dreadlocs in real life, so I was simply writing my character going through the process of washing and shampooing his long hair, writing out what I do to my own hair, and because I'm someone with knee length hair in real life I knew how to write mega long hair care scenes... I had no intension of them being seen as fetish or Erotica scenes, but once I found out there were readers who wanted that, and because I knew the ins and outs of taking care of mega long hair, I just started writing a lot of it and gained a mini-cult following in that community because of it.)

Thing is a lot of people think Erotica = sex, so jump in and write endless sex scenes, then wonder why it don't sell good, but it's because the market is so oversaturated. Then they hear they should write a fetish so they just repeat all the stuff they read in 50 Shades, without actually knowing what real fetish communities are like.

Cake Farting Fetish for example - literally women sitting on a cake and farting in the frosting - is probably one of the weirdest and least written fetishes I've ever encountered in Erotica... adult diaper fetish, again not often seen... both fetishes do not involve sex scenes. I once encountered an author who wrote a shoe fetish... not a foot fetish, but a shoe fetish.... his stories were straight up nothing but a shoe salesmen describing shoes to women shoppers. That's all it was, and damn, it was some of the best Erotica I ever read, and all it was was a shoe salesmen talking about high heeled shoes.

The sexless fetish Erotica, is way over looked, because everyone thinks Erotica = sex scenes, and they don't realize, Erotica = exciting the reader and in fetish writing, exciting the reader rarely involves sex scenes.

>>>How do you find these clients?

I never set out to write Erotica or fetishes, so I didn't set out to look for clients either.

I'm just someone with really long hair in real life, and wrote a character with hair like mine, and wrote a scene of him brushing and shampooing his hair, and then his lover brushing his hair, and next thing I knew I was getting lots of requests to write more hair brushing/shampooing scenes of other men brushing and shampooing his hair. I was like, yeah, I can do that.

Apparently I have a hair brushing fetish and didn't know it, because damn do I love writing hair brushing scenes, LOL!

But yeah, it was just a case of I happened to write a scene that was seen as being a fetish scene and people started contacting me out of the blue asking for more like that. And I was like, okay, yeah, I don't mind writing more scenes like that one.

>>>I've written erotica in the past, and I'm looking to make some money at the moment. How do you find these clients?

So, I would suggest, write some fetish scenes that you are interested in. Maybe look up what fetishes are out there - you might be surprised to learn you have a fetish and didn't realize you did, and would be able to write that type of stuff better than other writers. Publish it in places those people hang out. (Me I have a personal website that I was publishing those scenes on, and readers found me through that. Basically it was a author blog where I posted quick 1k word scenes every week.) And if you are interested in commissions, I'd suggest create a Fivver account, and link it to the bottom of your blog posts, so people can contact you through Fivver.

I did Fivver for a while several years ago. It was pretty easy. It was maybe 10 years since I've used Fivver though, so I'm not sure how they do commissions these days - if it's still the same or if things have change.

After Fivver I switched to Etsy, did commision work that way. I also used a site called Keen for commissions but that was back around 2007, before Amazon invented Kindle, and think Keen doesn't do that sort of thing anymore, I'm not sure, I've not been on the site in a long time.

>>>Does anybody on this sub write pieces that aren’t novels?

>>>I don’t see much interest in short stories or essays/letters on here. Do the folks in this sub eschew those forms, or do those writers simply stay quiet/not sub here?

>>>As a related aside, are there other subs that are focused towards those formats?

>>>To edit/elaborate: I write primarily short stories that are generally speculative fiction, but not full-on genre fiction. I also write humorous essays, satire, and standup comedy jokes. I’m aware of the standup comedy subs.

I write primarily short stories (have published more than 2,000 of them since 1978) but I rarely talk about it here on this sub, as most questions are asking about novels. That's also why I only post 2 or 3 or 4 comments a month on this sub as well. Short stories being my primary thing, while novels are just a side gig to pay the bills, means I'm less invested in talking about novel writing. I'd probably be commenting on a regular basis/more often/daily if there were more short story related questions here. 

I write Literary Slice of Life Vinette Fantasy. Meaning the entire series (138 novels and 2,000+ short stories published in the last 43 years - all about 2 MC and his 2 lovers - each story/novel a stand-alone, so none continue or are parts of any other - it's just lots and lots of stories about one character) is kind of like a soap opera, where the characters never grow or change or progress, instead you just watch them go about their mundane everyday lives. (Most people who read Fantasy, find the series tedious and boring, as it has no action, no adventure, no wars, no kingdoms, no battles, no factions, no sex scenes, nothing you'd expect in typical "Epic High Fantasy". ) 

I like to treat my characters like real people. Not kings or warriors or hero journey quests. Just common village folks with jobs, families, lovers, houses, cars, mental illnesses, neighbours, and every day struggles. It's just 3 characters living everyday normal struggles of every day normal people. They live in a small Human fishing village, where one works at a dinner and drives a 1974 AMC Gremlin. They live in a lighthouse on the beach, next door to a lobsterman and across the street from a laundromat.  They overall live a normal life, like a normal Human, even though they are not Humans. There are entire chapters that are just the 3 of them sitting on the side of a river fishing, or shopping at the market, that sort of thing. Just everyday things they do as they live their everyday lives. I know it's not a lot of people cup of tea, because it's kind of the far opposite of what most people think of when they think "Fantasy", but, I like it so I write it. 

What that means is, not only did I make my writing career hard on myself by focusing primarily on short stories (which are hard to make a livable income off of) but I went one step further and write a genre that the average person thinks is dull and boring, so, the genre itself is a poor seller besides. So, double whammy on myself by taking both a difficult to earn an income from genre and write it in a difficult to make income from format. LOL!

Throughout the 70s to 90s I was publishing via various little/literary magazines, but than most of the print mags (thousands of them) went bankrupt around 1994, and the few that remained went from paying $100 or more a story to $10 or less a story. And seeing how my series is set in my hometown, thus most all of my regular readers live within a 14 mile radius of me, I switched to vanity press publishing. Started just having local print shops print up the stories as paperbacks, and then every weekend I go to various carnivals, festivals, conventions, libraries, big and small - from small nursing home Christmas fairs to things like PAX and Comic Con... set up a booth, sell my paperbacks face to face directly to my readers. I have an RV/motorhome so it's easy for me to just be on the road all year long going from one event to the next selling my print copies from booths are fairs. 

Well, because of that vanity press/direct offline sales method, none of my books are available online, on Amazon, or as eBooks, but every volume sells around 27k copies each summer convention season, and my biggest seller sold 57million copies. All without ebooks or Amazon or online sales. Just vanity press printing up lots of paperbacks and busking them at conventions. Weird thing is, the average person has never heard of me or my books, yet I sell more books than the average Amazon bestsellers, due to my selling to tourists and festival goingers. 

Why? People are just more likely to buy a book if they can get it signed, just so they can tell their friends: "I met this author, bought their book directly from them, look they signed it!" 

I'm a big advocate of selling books offline as paperback editions, because, I've seen both sides of the book selling industry, and face to face sales of paperbacks, WAY outsells online ebooks or trade magazines. No one buys the literary mags, that at best sell 100 copies per issue and no one buys shorts on Amazon. But, let them pick up  paperback copy at a carnival, and they sell like hotcakes.

But, I rarely talk about my selling methods on this sub, as every time I do, I get bombarded with a LOT of hate from people who say "print is dead!" (Uhm... no... 73% of all books sold are paperbacks bought from WalMart. Amazon ebook sales only contribute 3% of the total book sales in the world. And 64% of Amazon's book sales are non-fiction paperbacks. Neither novels off Amazon nor ebooks get the huge sales figures people around this sub would like you to think they get.)

Plus, the general consensus on this sub is that Vanity Press is ALWAYS 100% a scam. No. In fact, it's RARELY a scam. The problem is most authors go into Vanity Press, thinking it's traditional publishing, and don't realize that a FedEx truck is going to show up with 10,000 copies of their book and THEY the author have to go door-to-door to bookstores and sell the book themselves. Vanity Press ONLY prints copies of the book and delivers them to your house. They don't do anything else. They don't market, they don't edit, they don't design book covers. Vanity Press is just a print shop printing up paperbacks - tens of thousands of them - and delivering them to your front door.

Unfortunately, there ARE scam publishing houses out there, and people who have no clue what Vanity Press is, slap the name "vanity press" on those scam publishing houses, which has lead to the urban myth of Vanity press being scams.

Well, because everyone is too busy nay-saying to listen to logic and reason, it's just impossible to talk about vanity press - ACTUAL and REAL - vanity press on this sub or anywhere else for that matter. People are to busy saying you can't do what I do, and they sit around waiting for sales and wondering why they are getting none, meanwhile I'm off to the next event, and selling more books each week, than the average commenter on this sub, will ever sell in their lifetime. But hey, who am I to waste my time telling them how to sell books - I'm just the person who actually sells books, so what would I know, right?

10 years ago, you found me daily active on this sub, but, the general consensus the past couple of years is that, if a poster is actually selling books, they need to be bombarded with snark and downvotes, so, I just stopped answering questions about how to write and sell short stories. There aren't enough people who actually want to know how to do it and way too many people who just want to post sarcasm and snark.

There are a few subs for short story writers, but none are very active (they get 2 or 3 questions a month at best), the active short story subs are the ones where people spam post their short stories for others to read, but I've no interest in those subs, as I prefer to read paperbacks, due to I'm blind in one eye so reading on a screen is difficult for me. I guess, most people just want to post their work and not many actually want to talk about the process of writing short stories. *shrug*

In any case, short stories are my primary form of writing, but since the mass bankruptcy of some 20,000 literary print magazines in 1994, it's now next to impossible to make a full time income from short stories alone, so, novels became a thing I focused on as an income, with the bulk of the 138 novels in my series, being the previously published 2,000+ short stories, rewritten and 5 to 10 short stories merged together to create novelized editions of the original short story series.

So in the end, short stories are what I primarily write, and I also write novels to pay the bills.

I used to write novels, published 4+ a year for years. But my children were murdered April 10, 2015 and I've not written a novel since. It's been 7 years since the last novel I wrote/published. Just can't seem to get motivated to get back into it.

>>>Advice for picking a publisher?

>>>I'm thinking of going with Dorrance Publishing because they've been around for a while. Does anyone have any experience with them that might make them seem like a bad option? Or do you think they're a good option to go with? I like that they have an aggressive advertising campaign which I think would be good for a first time author like myself

Dorrance Publishing is NOT a publishing house.  You might want to first start out by learning the difference between a Publishing House and a Vanity Press. Vanity Press is fin IF, you know ahead of time what you are getting into, but sadly MOST writers have no clue ahead of time what a Vanity Press is and get their asses scammed to hell and back.

ProTip: If they don't have  bestselling paperback editions at your local WalMart book department, then they probably are NOT a publishing house. Even the smallest Idie-Press Publishing Houses try to get the paperback editions in WalMart. Look at the books at grocery check-out aisles - THOSE are put out by REAL publishing houses.

Remember too: any time your book id eBook only, there is a 99.99% chance you'll sell fewer than 100 copies of it total in the first 10 years.

MOST of America's readers (a full 72% of America's book buyers) are elderly people (65 to 90) who DO NOT OWN COMPUTERS and NEVER HEARD OF eBooks, and think Amazon is a river no matter how much you try to explain the concept of websites to them. These people are not online and are not reading ebooks. If you want to market to the biggest readers in the country, you want a publishing house that can get your books in grocery store checkouts.

Vanity press is NEVER going to get you in WalMart unless you the author personally buy 10,000+ copies of your own book and ship them to WalMart's warehouse yourself (which you CAN do - see WalMart's website for info).

This is why publishing houses focus on in-store posters and flyers, full page ads in newspapers, and don't do online marketing at all. Offline marketing trumps online marketing as does offline sales to brick and mortar shops, which still way itself ebook sales on Amazon. 73% of all books sold ae paperbacks bought from WalMart, so, getting into WalMart is the best road to big sales, wither trade pubbed or self-pubbed.

If your book is ebook only is NEVER has an aggressive advertising campaign because fewer than 10% of the world's total population, even has access to the internet. Of the 7billion people in the world fewer than 1billion live in regions where internet even exists. And the people without internet access are the people who do the most reading of all. That's why big house publishers rarely advertise online - they know it's utterly pointless to market to online users because they are too busy online to have time to buy or read books.

How do I find a publisher?

What I do is: 

*  1 I go to a local bookstore, 

*  2 I go to the section for my genre, 

*  3 I look at which books are closest to same as my MS, 

*  4 I buy the 30 most recently published paperbacks

*  5 I check the copyright pages for the publishing houses adress/website 

*  6 I look them each up in The Writer's Market and read what their submission guidelines are

*  7 I edit my MS to fit the submission guidelines

*  8 I submit the MS to all 30 of those publishing houses, making sure to follow their submission guidelines to the letter

Over the years, as I published my first novel in 1978, 43 years ago ad I publish 4+ novels a year, I tend to return to publishers who've published me previously:

Harlequin or

Baen  Manuscript Submission Guidelines



Penguin/Random House

Egmont (side note - this is Disney's publishing house and it's not easy to get accepted by them)


Those are the publishing houses I've personally been published by (I have 15 pennames, one for each genre I write)

I trade publish some books, self-publish others. 

For self publishing I use:

Amazon for ebooks and paperbacks:

Smashwords for ebooks:

LuLu for hardcovers:

Morris Press for paperbacks: (note THIS is the publisher of my bestseller that sold 57million copies - as you can see, this is an actual book printer, not a publishing house, if you go through them, know that they deliver the books to your house and do NOTHING else - it's up to you to hand sell the books are local shops, hospital gift shops, bookstores, tourist stores, museums, churches, banks, from booths at festivals, carnivals, state fairs, PAX, ComicCon, etc. All 57million books sols from my bestseller were sold this way, that book is not available online or as ebook editions it can ONLY be bought out of the trunk of my car. Hand selling my books to locals and tourists is WHY I sell so many more books than the average self pubbed author who slaps an ebook on Kindle than wonders why they can't sell 10 copies after a year).

Morris Press Cookbook edition for my cookbooks: same Morris Press as above, but these books are spiral bound and cookbooks only

FictionPress for web novels:

I don't feel that either way is better or worse than the other. Both have pros. Both have cons. Though self-publishing is definitely a lot more hard work because you have to basically become a business owner and do all your own marketing, hiring editors, hiring cover artists, and such, which is stuff the publisher would do if you were trade publishing.

The thing I use to determine if I'll trade publish or self publish a book is to ask: 

* "How marketable is it?"/"Is it something the mass mainstream average reader will want?"/"Will the average WalMart shopper buy this?"


* "Is this a small niche market that won't sell will in mainstream markets?"/"Would only obscure topic-specific, underground, mom&pop niche shops be caught selling this?"

If the book would do well in the mainstream market, I pitch it to a trade publisher. Like if I write a Historical Romance, I'll pitch it to Harlequin or Kenderston.

But, if the book has only a small appeal to certain niche fetishes, I'll self publish it, use vanity press (the real ones, like Morris Press, that literally do nothing put print books and deliver them to your house, not the scam ones, who say they'll putout POD copies and list you on Amazon for a fee) to print up paperbacks, and drive to niche shops to pitch my books for consignment consideration in their store. So for example, if I wrote Moster Porn Erotica about bi-sexual, transgender, shapeshifting JellyFish (yes, that IS and actual genre/fetish that exists), this I'd self publish and sell to local 18+ shops, because no way would the average trade publisher touch something like that.

So, for me, I look at where the market is, who is the type of person who wants to read this book, where do they go to buy the book, and I decide to trade publish vs self publish, depending on what type of audience would best suit the book I wrote at that time.

Thus I end up trade publishing a book here, self publishing a book there, going back and forth. And in trade publishing I don't stick with on publishing house. I pitch the book to whatever house I feel would be best suited for that book, best able to market it to the right readers.

In the end, I wouldn't say self-pubbing was not smart, but I would say it's not easy, and takes knowing your target market really well, and knowing how to market to those people, in order to pull it off.

With self-pubbing it's easy to slap up an ebook on Amazon or WattPad or SmashWords and call it done. But that's hit or miss if it'll sell. Some do okay, most fail big time. To succeed at self-pubbing, requires heavy duty marketing OFFLINE, more than online, and the people who do best at it, are the vanity presser who fill their car trucks with paperback copies, rent a booth at every craft far, state fair, and festival they can find, and literally busk the books in person to tourists. You need an RV/motorhome and a love for living full time on the road all year long, driving from fair to fair, carnival to festival, gaming cons like PAX, comic book conventions like ComicCon, etc, in order to big time succeed in self publishing. Most writers just want to write and slap the ebook on Amazon, they don't want to buy an RV and live on the road, and that's why MOST never succeed at self publishing. 

Offline marketing trumps online marketing as does offline sales to brick and mortar shops, which still way itself ebook sales on Amazon. 73% of all books sold ae paperbacks bought from WalMart, so, getting into WalMart is the best road to big sales, wither trade pubbed or self-pubbed.

So, if you are looking to sell a lot of books: look for a publisher who caters to WalMart sales or contact WalMart about getting self-pubbed paperbacks on their shelves (WalMart does that, go to their website and click the wholesaler info link, head to the section for authors and book publishers, to fill out the paperwork - just know you'll need someone like Morris Press who can handle printing up 10k+ paperbacks to deliver to WalMart's book warehouse if you do self pubb and aim at WalMart.).

Hope that helps.

>>>What is the step by step actions to become a better writer?!

>>>I've been wanting to improve my writing for so long, and I've been a bit successful in that because my actions were consistent. What I want to ask today is, What are the No Bs daily, weekly, and monthly things you can do to improve your writing?


What I did was this...

So, here's the thing: I never went to school. I come from a culture that forbids female to learn to read and write and females can and often are publicly beaten to death by their own fathers if they dare try to learn to read and write. I was 31 years old first time I encountered an American woman and she could read and write like men did and I wanted that.

So, I started asking around how do you learn to do those things. How can a woman possibly learn to do things only men are allowed to do. How can I do them with out being executed for the crime of being a female who can read and write. I ended up finding a high school that was teaching adult education classes for the GED program and, so when I was 37 years old, I would sneak out at night after the men were asleep and walk there, and after 3 months of doing that, I got a GED.

After that I took a dictionary and a copy of Treasure Island and a 99 volume Funk and Wagers Encyclopedia set and a Bible, and a case of 144 legal pads, and I spent every day I wrote out a page from the dictionary, a page from Treasure Island, an entry/page from the encyclopedia, and a page from the Bible. I continued with that until I had written out every pages of all of them. 

I had to move several times because the men of the clan kept beating me up. And social services helped me to get a driver's license and a job, which caused the men to blow up my house with a bomb, because women having jobs is far more an evil crime than women learning to read and write, in their minds. So, it's not been easy to gain my freedom. A fixed house is not safe - they've taken out five of them since the bomb, so now I have a motorhome and can just drive away when they show up. Since having the motorhome I've had more freedom to focus on reading and writing.

So, after that I went around to yard sales, flea markets, library book sales, Goodwill, Salvation Army and any other place I could find that had used books, and I just bought every book I could find, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers. I found lots of them that had "books a $1 a bag/box" so I was able to get a few thousand books per every $100 I spent at these places.

And I just kept doing the same thing. Every night after work, I would get a mechanical pencil and just start writing out page after page of every book, in legal pads.

In my 40s I found out about colleges, that wasn't a thing I had ever heard of before than, and so I started going to every college that was a 2 hour drive or less. And because I can't do numbers or clocks or phones of maths or sciences, I don't know counting and stuff, so because of that I can't sign up for a degree program, however college administrators told me about community student enrichment programs. Which allow anyone to just walk into the college, enroll in 1 to 3 classes from any degree program and so you can take the same classes as the degree students, you just are not awarded credits and don't earn a degree (because in order to get a degree ou have t take specific sets of required classes, whereas this way you are just taking classes you want to take and don't bother with the required classes at all.)

So, once I found out you could do this, every semester I pick one or two colleges that are near enough each other I can go to both, and sign up for 2 to 3 classes at each. I try to take 5 classes each semester.

In the end, I ended up spending the last 20 years steadily enrolled in lots of college classes at lots of colleges. I focus primarily on writing/literature/english classes, but I also take a lot of art/painting, cooking/culinary arts, auto mechanics, business management/entrepreneurship, history/world history/local history/maritime history/aerceplogy, boat building, religion/philosophy/culture/sociology, psychology, nature/marine biology/park ranger/forestry, and other classes as well.

In the end, all of this has improved my writing skills on huge levels. You can see the difference, from just 20 years ago, when I was still trying to get the GED and I struggled badly to even write a sentence with any level of coherent logic, to today where now I can write things like this Reddit post - something I would not have been able to do just a few years ago. And on top of that, I've gone on to publish more than a hundred novels since then.

I know the common advice on this sub is to just read and write, but they say that because it's true. I mean, look at me. All I did was to learn the basics of reading and writing, and then set out to reading and writing down as I read, the pages of professional published books, dictionaries, more than a dozen encyclopedia sets, lots of classic literature (Poe, Dickens, Twain, etc), lots of 70s/80s Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Terry Brooks, Keith Laumer, James Blish, Anne McCraffy, Marion Zimmer Bradley, etc - because that's the sort of books most of the $1 a bag/box sales had available) and huge amounts of National Geographic magazines (because they are a dime a dozen at most flea markets so I was able to get hundreds and hundreds of them, and they are full of so much knowledge about the world we live in.) 

If I was going to say that any one thing was the best at helping me to improve my writing, I would say it was the cases of hundreds of yellow backed National Geographic magazines. Why? Because they are written in high quality pro-edited good/perfect grammar, so hand copying out the articles, line by line pencil on paper, really gets you in the habit of writing good grammar. Plus all the articles teach you lots of stuff about world cultures and animals and such. Most of my published short stories and novels started out as my getting an idea from an article in National Geographic, either from a photo in it or from an article in it. So not only did the National Geographic magazines help me to learn to read and write, but they also offer a wealth of story ideas and act as writing prompts, that in turn went on to be published.

In any case, I don't know if any of this will be helpful t you in your situation or not, but that's what I did to improve my writing, so that's what helped me.

>>>Any writers use mediums other than novels as their main influential source?

>>>For example, reading lots of manga/comics or watching anime/television shows versus reading novels?

Short story anthologies and National Geographic Magazine articles are my primary "influence sources" but I also write primarily short stories and non-fiction magazine articles, so I'm reading what I write. 

Though I also write novels, they are not my primary writing nor are they "standard novels" but rather are my older short stories, with a rewritten "bridge" between the stories to connect them into a novel, so each novel is actually 5 to 10 previously published short stories, with connecting pieces added between each story, so again, it's not me setting out to write a full novel, but rather me writing short stories, then a few years later republishing them as a "novelised edition" rather than as a collection.

I read novels at a fairly high rate 2+ a week, most weeks, but rarely is that inspiration for writing. It's just me reading because I like reading.

Because I write mostly short stories (publishing 1 to 3 a week most weeks/50 to 150 per year most years, for the past 43 years - with my most productive years seen 2 to 3 a day (900+ in one year) more than 10,000 total published across 15 series & 15 pennames), I also read mostly short stories, and I have specific authors that are my repeat go to authors to read before writing.

Before each writing session (which is 8 to 12 hours a day - this is a full time job for me, not something I do in between work) I have a 3 to 4 hour reading sessions. I read new stuff sometimes, but more often I am re-reading the same few hundred stories over and over again, year after year.

For example: I read the Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe EVERY NIGHT before going to bed. EVERY NIGHT, for decades. It's my favorite story. And for the past 9 years, I've also read Chapter 5 of The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, because it's my favorite chapter of any book ever written.

In the morning before I start writing, I read stuff by Ernest Hemingway, Hills Like White Elephants being one I read 3 or 4 times every month. I re-read The Christmas Carol 3 or 4 times a year. Every year I will have read every short story by Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway. H.G. wells, H.P.Lovcraft, Robert E. Howard, Shirley Jackson, Keith Laumer, Rumiko Takahashi, and several novels by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, The Bronte sisters, George Elliott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mercedes Lackey, Anna McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jules Verne, Robert Louis Stevenson, and dozens of others. I have most every copy of Alfred Hitchcock magazine which I was a subscriber to back in the 70s/80s/90s, and most all of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents paperbacks and hardcover short story collections (published in the 40s/50s/60s/70s) and I have most every year of "Best American Short Stories of year" anthologies [**THESE** if you don't know the series]( 

I also have all the Mammoth Books (Mammoth Book of Horror, Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance, Mammoth Book of Ghost stories, etc - there are 100+ volumes in the series and still going - they put out a few new ones each year, all short story collections from current/new writers who entered the Mammoth series writing contests). [**THESE** if you don't know the series](

My office has a library in it, which has 10 bookcases that are each 12 feet tall and 21 feet long and hold 30,000 books, the bulk of them being short story collections/anthologies or classic literature novels from the 1800s to 1950s, mixed in with a lot of 70s and 80s Epic Fantasy. I have read all of them and re-read them constantly.

I start off each writing session, by having a 3 to 4 hour reading session, reading from those books, and as it's largely short stories I end up reading a dozen or more stories each day before I start writing. I never let a day pass without my morning reading session. If I don't read in the morning, than I cancel my writing sessions/livestreams for the day. Play video games on those livestream days instead. I won't write on a day I've not read first. Absolutely refuse to. My mind just isn't in the right place for writing pulp fiction short stories, if I've not spent a few hours reading that morning before writing.

I read to match what I'm in the mood to write. If I'm writing for my Weird Horror penname than I'll read Poe or Lovecraft or Ambroise Beise. If I'm writing for my Erotica penname, I'll read Virginia Wade's Cum 4 Bigfoot. If I'm writing for my pirate adventure pulp penname, I'll read Stevenson or Verne. If I'm writing for my Sci-Fi penname I read Keith Laumer or James Blish.

I don't believe in adopting another's writing style, rather I believe adopting an atmosphere (spooky/creepy vs steamy/exotic vs space cowboys) to fit the story being written, and so I will read for 3 or 4 hours, that particular type of atmosphere, to get me in the mood for writing that type of atmosphere. After that my day is divided into 3 livestreams' of 3 to 4 hours each with an hour break in between, where I write all my short stories and novels live.

I just love short stories, both reading and writing, so I end up reading way more shorts stories than novels, plus  write short stories daily and publish several a month.

As for the National Geographic Magazine, I use those mostly as writing prompts.  You see my primary series that I write (The Quaraun Series) is sort of a "travel blog slice of life" type story about a homeless man (Quaraun) who just walks from one side of the world to the other, along the way is joined by 2 other men (BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn), and every story starts out with the 3 of them in a new location. The stories don't connect and are each stand alone, so can be read in any order, or without reading any of the others, and each story is about them and their experience of this one new locations they are at. Well, this is where the National Geographic Magazines come in.

I don't plot out or pre-plan or outline any story, so I have no clue what I am going to write. It's totally random. I subscribe to several travel type magazines, like National Geographic (which is my fave magazine and the one I use most often for this) and I've got thousands of travel mag issues dating all the way back to the 1970s. I've never thrown away any of my travel magazines. So, what I'll do is, I'll grab a magazine at random, don't even look to see which one it is. Than I open it to any random page, and look at the photo on that page or read the article on that page. It might be a bird standing in a swamp, or a homeless child sleeping on a garbage heap, or a snow covered mountain, or the damage done by a typhoon... it doesn't matter what it is, whatever it is, that's what I start off with. That picture is WHERE my 3 MCs are, so I start out by writing them describing that scene. Than I read the article and whatever the article is about, that now becomes the plot pint of the story that my 3 MCs are dealing with. Like if the article is about a hurricane's effects on a town, well, now my MCs are in that town and dealing with the aftermath of being there when that hurricane happened.

I start every story the same way: main character and crew are sitting around talking (usually at a campsite in the forest or at a table in a tavern) and whatever the magazine picture was, that somehow becomes their focus. Maybe one of them hears a bird and they decide to trek to the swamp to look at it, or they look out the window and see a homeless child sleeping in the garbage and decide to bring him inside and buy him a meal, or they see a snow covered mountain in the distance and decide to hike to it, or they have just arrived in a town decimated by a typhoon. And from there, I just start writing at random, letting the character conversation take the lead.

So, for me, I'd say definitely National Geographic Magazine is the biggest media/source of inspiration for my writing, just because of how I use it for writing prompts for most of my stories.

I don't have a TV and there are no movie theatres within a 4 hour drive of me (I live far enough north that right now we get only 3 hours of daylight and we have snow 8 months of the year - things like electricity, internet, and phones are rare up here, I'm one of less than 3% of our population that has either electricity or internet.) So, I don't have access to watching TV or movies for inspiration.

The number one worst (best?) example of pregnancy plots done wrong, that I can think of, is The Mpreg Genre... pregnant male characters, usually the MC himself. Yes, this is an actual genre, I write it and all of my bestsellers include it. It's uhm... well... it sells, if you can stomach writing it, eh, I mean just look at Virginia Wade - $30k a week, is no income to snub. It's usually a sub-genre within the Monster Porn genre, which is my primary genre. I originally started writing Mpreg as a one-off satire joke novel to poke fun at one of my other novels, and fans lovedit and requested more of it and, well, who am I to not give my fans what they want: bishie boy pregnant men. I never set out to write Mpreg as a career, it just sort happened. There are times when I am glad I never tell anybody what my pennames are, Mpreg is one of those times.

Obviously, in The Mpreg Genre, you are dealing with major biological impossibilities, like the fact that males don't have a uterus, and other pertinent body parts. Likewise The Mpreg Genre exists almost exclusively in the M/M Genre, which is often seen as being in bad taste, just for how inaccurately gay men are often shown in Yaoi. Yes, Yaoi, is the top level genre name. Yaoi = Boy Love aka 2 male characters in love, writing as though they were 2 female characters in love, written by women, for women.

The Mpreg subGenre is probably the most controversial segment of Yaoi. A Yaoi itself is a genre which pretty much everyone agrees is the most controversial genre on the planet.

Mpreg is definitely a niche fetish genre that has far more haters than fans.

In Mpreg usually the plot line involves magic or curses or gennie wishes granted or sci-fi tech or alien abduction human breeding programs gone to result in an unsuspecting male MC suddenly find himself very pregnant. Usually a comedy of errors type situation, some stories get quiet series, while others take a walk down the body horror path.

In any case, all you have to do is type "Mpreg" into Google and you will be flooded with tens of thousands of examples of this particular type of pregnancy plot done very, very, horribly, purposefully wrong. Some can be found self pubbed on Amazon and/or Kindle, a few are even professionally published by big house publishers, but most appear on fan-websites as weird fanfiction of various characters, while the bulk of the genre can be found self published to Smashwords where such fetish genres reign supreme.

Aside from Mpreg you have such other controversial genres as "Big Belly Erotica" aka Pregnancy Erotica. I *cough* write this as well sssshhhh, don't tell anyone *cough*. In Pregnancy Erotica, you usually see, very old school pre-1950s pro-male, patriarchal male characters, with very submissive and very pregnant female characters, who within days of giving birth and immediately made pregnant again. This genre often crosses over with The Harem Genre (which is the type I write) where you see one very dominate male MC, (yes, the male is usually the MC in this genre, not the pregnant female) and him having 5 or more wives, all pregnant, all, staggered, so each baby is born 2 or 3 months aparts, for the specific purpose of the MC ALWAYS having at least 4 pregnant women clinging to him in any given scene.

This genre is read predominantly by men, though, it has it's female fans, like myself, I can't get enough of reading this genre. It usually focuses on male MCs who are extremely family focused, dotting on their wives and children, but also being men who have severe over the top obsessions with being surrounded by pregnant women.

This genre is HATED with verhemant levels by feminists, liberals, and the over all "woke sjw" community, who are quick to flood every book they can find with scathing nasty hate filed reviews, usually peppered heavily with death threats aimed towards the author. According to the tens of thousands of hate fueled reviews this genre recieves on Amazon, the primary reason people hate it so much, is because "man = bad, female = good, me Jane, pound Tarzan to big pulp". In short, they hate seeing men happy, they hate seeing men with loving devoted wives, they hate seeing men who are pro-life and father lots of children, they hate men who are good dads and caring fathers of big families of lots of children, heck... they just hate men and ain't afraid to say it, in reviews that are often longer in word count than the novellas they are reviewing.

Side note, this genre is often written by LDS/Mormon women, like myself. I'm a 5th generation Mormon, I grew up in a polygamous family. I had 12 uncles, all over whom each had no fewer than 5 wives, each wife had now fewer than 8 children, I have one uncle who has a wife who gave birth to 23 of his more than 400 children. There are more than 4,000 - yes four thousand - people in my family. I write what I know, and I know very well, men who have lots of wives, all of their wives pregnant at the same time. And that fact is not hidden from my readers, and the reviews lash on hate to THAT, more than they do the books. They simply can not fathom the exists of people who not carbon copies of themselves.

I've yet to see a review of the Harem Pregnancy Fetish genre, that was actually a review on the plots done bad, they are always just massive reviews on the evils of pregnant women being glad to be pregnant and not having abortions. They accuse this genre of being very anti-pro-choice, and try to pull the genre down to be part of their own psycho-babble hatred of all things related to families, especially men who like pregnant women, whom the reviewers vilify for no reason at all. 

When you get into more mainstream genres like Harlequin Romance, they for over a decade had a series called "Babies and Billionaires" that released 4 new titles a week for more than 10 years, all of them the theme of either a pregnant girl falling in love with a billionaire, or a billionaire single dad falling in love with the woman who is his child's teacher/babysitter etc. There are more than 2,000 books in the series, written by well over 100 authors, if you want to look for them. These usually center around the story of big business man seeking instant family and almost always end with a big wedding.

The people who hate this genre, usually hate it for the same reasons they hate the previous genre: "Man = bad, female = good, me Jane, pound Tarzan to big pulp. Man like baby... GRRRRRR? Me kick man in balls, show him who like baby! Babies bad! Just like men!  GRRRRR! Me big girl, kick man! Him make babies no more! Yay!"

Harlequin currently has a series called Love Inspired, which features predominantly pregnant female MCs, the ones not pregnant usually have a newborn to toddler baby. Most of the novels in this series featured a happily married couple who are having a birth/pregnancy/baby related crisis to overcome (usually something like the baby has cancer or something). These are often very religious, include scenes of the couple in church, the minister praying over the baby, etc, and often end with some miracle "god cured the baby on Christmas Eve" type ending.

The people who hate this genre, usually hate it for the same reasons they hate the previous two genre: "Man = bad, female = good, me Jane, pound Tarzan to big pulp. God = man. Man = bad, so god bad too! GRRRRR! Me girl with big power suit shoulder pads! Show god whose boss! Baby bad, because baby come from men!"

In short, in my personal experiences of writing all of the above genres for the publishers/lines mentions, it's not an issue of pregnancy plots being done bad so much as it is femistists with big mouths and small brains, trying to out scream each other about how much no woman in her right mind should ever want to be pregnant because pregnancy means you had to be in the same room as a man, for longer than it takes to beat the shit out of him for the sin of having been born male.

So, in the end, I say, write your book, ignore the haters. Haters are just small minded people who try to scream loud in the hops that if they scream loud enough, you won't notice they don't have a brain.

I love pregnancy plots. It's also why I haven't published a novel in 7 years, not since April 10, 2015. My novels predominantly featured pregnancy plots, and, I can't write them any more. Triggers flashbacks to the day my children were murdered.

Do keep in mind, there are still 2 states in America where being LGBTQAI+ lands you in prison for 25 years, and in both of those states LGBTQAI+ books are not allowed to be sold in stores and authors living in those states and publishing LGBTQAI+ books in other states are subjected to being dragged through court by town hall mayors (I've been dragged through court 7 times in the past 7 years by Maine town officials).

And in both of those 2 states (Maine and Florida) gay men being publicly beaten to death by huge mobs of 100+ people while police officers and sheriffs cheer them on, has increased by 400% since 2020 as a direct police retaliation against BLM, and is currently sitting at no fewer than 12 gay men beaten to death each month of 2021, with the numbers getting higher each month, just in a radius of 14 miles from my driveway, there are 200,000 - two hundred thousand - Ku Klux Klan members right now parading around Maine with assault rifles - right now in November 2021 - gunning down entire families if any one person in the family is suspected of being gay or an alley of gay.

So anyone telling you it's a okay to be gay in America, or worse lying to you and telling you it's safe to write LGBTQAI+ books right now in America, clearly doesn't live in either Maine or Florida.

The dead people include 10 of my 12 children who were beheaded the youngest was 4 the oldest was 16, killed simply because one of my novels features a gay couple.

Maine is being held hostage by the KKK right now and no one in the lower 48 gives a shit.

Is it acceptable to write a book nowadays that doesn't have any LGBTQ+ characters. (self.writing)submitted 3 hours ago by ThundernLightning308

>>>Basically my book that I'm trying to write is set in New York City in 1966. All my characters are straight, most of my characters are white, there are several that are not. Taking into account that the world we live in today, this topic is a big deal. However, the book I want to write, I want it to seem real, which would mean none of the LGBTQ+, would that be acceptable.

>>>As for the racism that went on back then, I do have a work around for it. Like cutting the word off halfway through and then followed by an action. For example, "You Yell–", Bang. Officer A slammed the handcuffed prisoner onto the desk, "I told you, you have the right to remain silent.". Would this be acceptable as a work around the racism?

You all keep asking how my children were murdered...

You know... I'm getting sick of the red haired woman on my front porch... she stands on the front porch of 409 Main Street screaming Todd this and Todd that and I've no clue who Todd is, and she screams about suicide demons and gay demons at my car... she doesn't even live there. It's an elderly couple who live there. She does it every time they are gone to work.

She's the SAME red head who did the golf club attack in 2013, the one that killed my baby when I was 8 months pregnant... and the SAME red-haired women who took a baseball bat to my car February 2016.

She's been on the front porch every day for the past month now shrieking hysterics at my car. She's getting ridiculous.

And if you didn't know what she did in 2013 and 2015... here, I wrote about it on Reddit


You know, I'm not sure what the worry is, considering stories that feature LGBTQ+ make up fewer than 2% of all books published each year, including 2020 and 2021. 

The fact questions like this show up, only tells me how incredibly paranoid straight white men are and how threatened they feel by the 12% of LGBTQA+ people on the planet who buy, read, and write the 2% of LGBTQA+ books that exist.

I don't know what media you are reading/watching that you think there is a flood of LGBTQA+ books out there or that you are required to include LGBTQA+ characters just for fit in with the big crowd or get published.

That fact remains, including LGBTQA+ characters is going to KILL your chances of getting published by MOST publishers and will KILL 90%+ of your sales, given the average reader, still today in 2021, will not only refuse to buy, but will actively boycott any book with a LBGTQA+ character in it.

Just because SJWs scream the loudest on Twitter, doesn't mean, that either publishers or readers are rushing out their looking for LGBTQA+ books.

TIP: Research the real world, not Twitter, Wikipedia or any place else online... you'll find the real world, ain't nearly as accepting of our kind or books about us, as the internet would have you believe. Keeping in mind too that only 10% of the world's population, even has internet access, and only 1/3rd of America has access to either cell phones or internet. There is still more than 1/3 of Americans who have yet to receive electricity or plumbing in their region. I think people online forget that, because most people online seem to live in large built u areas where there is easy access to internet, plumbing, and electricity. 

And those people with easy access to internet, rarely live in places where the brutality, violence, hate crimes, and things like being tied to the back of a car naked and dragged though the streets happen (that happened to my NOT gay brother, who was accused of being gay, because he wore a pink suit to a prom - he was 14 years old when they did that to him, and that was 1968, so close to your 1966 year to research).

In the REAL offline world, you risk your life every day when you set foot outside if you are LGBTQA+, yes, right in in America, in 2021. It is ONLY in a very rare few places - big cities mostly, where it is safe to say you are LGBTQA+. And if you didn't know that, you've NOT researched much.

And it was worse in 1966, those of us old enough to remember, know how much worse it was.

I'm not white, and I'm asexual, and I go weeks between being able to go outside, because a local mega-church with 2k+ members, likes to stand in my driveway with god hates fags signs and call me a transvestite, because I wear a hijab and embroidered caftan and their minds that makes me a drag queen, because they claim no female would dress like I do - the red haired woman who leads that group  on November 14, 2013, beat me with a golf club, while I was putting bags in the bag seat of my car... I am deaf and blind in one eye so I neither heard nor saw her coming... I was also 8 months pregnant. That red haired woman with the golf club, murdered my baby, broke my vertebrae, broke my hip, broke my knees, left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair, while screaming "too gay for the family friendly town"...

 on April 10, 2015, she and her church group arrived at my house and 74 grown men and women, murdered 10 of my 12 children, ages 4 to 16, cut their heads off and nailed them to the door, while 14 police officers held me, my husband, my mother, and one of my brothers on the ground with guns to our heads. All of them chanting "too gay for the family friendly town, kill or be killed", while a preacher rambled on about something he called "the gay apocalypse" which he said was armageddon claiming that gay demons were possessing people, and there would only be 133,000 non-gay survivors to do battle against the gay demons. THAT is how my family died... almost 7 years ago. 

Christmas is later this week, but I haven't celebrated it in 6 years now, because I have no one to celebrate with, because my not gay family was deemed gay, because I wear a hijab and embroidered caftan, drive a pink car, and have a pink motorhome, and those are the things they cites as making me gay. They claimed that were rescuing my children from becoming gay, and that was why they had to kill them, to ensure they did not become gay. 

The FBI is currently looking for the redhaired woman who instigated this... she has many life sentences in prison waiting for her, should they ever identify her. 

Do you have information?

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case.

If you have information about any of these attacks, give it to him.

He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

Less than 30 days ago, that group returned November 21, 2021, to gun down my bisexual neighbour - a 98 year old Jewish man who was a WW2 concentration camp survivor. 

That happened  just 28 days ago. 

THIS is the reality of being LGBTQA+ in America. 

So you feeling threatened by feeling the need to include LGBTQA+ characters... you need to get off the fruitie-tutties-rose-coloured SJW world of Twitter and take a look at the REALITY of being LGBTQA+ Because the woke SJW of Twitter don't know shit. They prance around with their heads up their asses and tell the world being LGBTQA+ is a bed of roses outside the closet. They don't live in the real world where not only are ACTUAL LGBTQA+ people being beaten to death on a daily basis, but where people who are RUMORED to be gay, by busy body witch-hunting hate mongers are also beaten to death along side the ACTUL gay people.

Did you know there are still 2 states in America where it is illegal to sell gay books? Maine and florida. Book stores get shut down by sheriffs with court orders, in Maine and Florida, if the bok store gets caught carrying LGBTQA+ books. Yes, right now in 2021, it just happened to another one in Biddeford, Maine less than 4 months ago. nd you're worried that you might have to put LGBTQA+ characters in your book? Honey, book stores are being shut down by the government for carrying gay books, I think you're pretty safe to not include LGBTQA books.

You don't need to research what 1966 was like... just go outside and watch how your neighbours treat people. Than times it by 10, because it was ten times worse in the 1960s.

No, you do not need to write LGBTQA+ characters to get published. In fact doing so will reduce your chances of getting published.

But if you have to ask condescending questions like this, about you feel you can't write what you want to write because you feel pressured into writing gay characters... than you might want to look in the mirror and ask yourself why, you feel so threatened, by people who are no threat to you at all.

LGBTQA+ people are just that: people. And they deserve to be treated with the same decency and dignity as any one else.

And you know what... a writer who feels they HAVE to include gay characters, but hates gay people so much that they feel the need to run to a forum the rant on how they don't want to include gay character, SHOULDN'T be writing gay characters, because clearly you have issues with it, and if you have issues with it, you'll not be able to write them as people, you'll not be able to do them justice, because you'll not be able to treat them with dignity.

Also... if you think racism and bigotry is nothing by haters saying niger and fag, than you are seriously delusional and haven't got a clue. Name calling is not racism or bigotry, but the cutting the heads off of 10 children the youngest age 4 and the onlest age 16, and nailing their heads to their mother's door, because you suspect their mother of being transgender... that IS racism and bigotry.

There's a hell of a big difference being racists calling me a niger or a fag and racists murdering my 10 children and nailing their heads to my door.

And the fact that so many come to this forum thinking using n word or f word counts as racism, just shows how clueless they really are to what REAL AND ACTUAL racism is.

Do you make an interesting story first and then realize the deep message within, or do you have a message and then make a story to tell that message?

>>>Do you make an interesting story first and then realize the deep message within, or do you have a message and then make a story to tell that message?

>>>How do you go about starting a passion-project? I hear a lot of people who seem to have this "mission" for their story, and it seems like some of the great works of fiction have this deepness that just seems too good not to be planned ahead of the story.

>>>While I myself just want to tell an interesting story, and by accident or through my subconcious or whatever, end up finding themes/criticisms of society/messages and whatnot.

>>>How do you do it? How do most big authors do it?

I think you must be an American, yes? I say this because I am not and I find many American habits to be extremely bizarre, and this habit of not being able to enjoy a story for the sake of the story because they are too busy desperately looking for secrets and hidden messages one of the most outlandish, utterly insane things I have ever encountered in American culture, and I just can't wrap my mind around it at all. The concept of looking for secrets and hidden messages inside of a novel is just so foreign and weird to me, and yet, everywhere I turn,, every American I meet, it just seems like they all do this.

Before I encountered Americans, I had never even heard of the concept of stuffing messages into a novel. It just seems so weird and fake to me. Like they are saying authors are only capable of writing propaganda to push an agenda, so they feel the desperately paranoid schizophrenic need to search every page for what every brainwashing tidbit of illuminati lunacy might have been slipped in. It's pretty ridiculous really, when you watch Americans go all mega paranoid and be unable to enjoy reading because they are so terrified of hidden messages in the novel.

I have never consciously put a theme in anything I've written, so I'm always surprised when a reader emails to ask about this or that theme and I why I focused on it so much. I'll go back and reread what I wrote and then still be clueless as to where in the heck the reader saw theme A or theme B in the story.

I think, readers see themes they WANT to see. Like for example, one of my novels has a reputation for being what readers have called "heavy with gay agenda" and yet, the novel in question has no gay characters, no mention of gay anything, and I can't figure out what in the heck they are referring to as "gay agenda". They were very anti-gay super christian type, and were angry that there was so much pro-gay themes in the novel, so wrote me a long scathing email on how much they hate gay characters and gay authors and gay politics. They included lots of Bible quotes on burning in lake of fire and needed to repeat. I was just reading the email and thinking: "What in the heck are they talking about? I'm a straight woman, so I'm not a gay author, like they said, none of my characters are gay, so that wasn't there either. There was no mention of anything to do with any politics gay or otherwise. To this day, I have no clue where in the heck they fund "gay themes" in my novel.

I say this, because, later I saw that same person (they live local to me) organizing anti-gay protests out front of a local grocery store. When I asked what they were protesting, as I had to walk by them to get in the store, they raved about the fact that the store had hired a gay cashier, and they were demanding a boycott of the "gay store" and it's "gay loving manager".

Well, when I saw this, and I recognized them as being the same person who has sent me that email, that's when I finally understood, WHY it was they thought my book had "gay themes" in it. This was a person who had a personal agenda, a personal vendetta against the LGBTQAI+ community, and so they were ACTIVLY LOOKING  for gay this or gay that in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they came across. Which resulted in them seeing "gay themes" in places where no such theme existed at all. In their mind, they WANTED to find a certain type of theme, because they were actively looking for that theme, so they could hate on it, which resulted in them putting that theme into everything they saw.

I don't know, I think people see whatever it is they want to see, wither the thing they are looking for is in the book or not. They want the theme to be there so bad, that they are convinced they saw it. 


And I think most themes, which readers find in books are this same way. 

I think most themes are just the reader putting what they want to find in the novel, and most themes are not actually in the novels at all, readers, just think they are.

Another thing, is I never understand how people see or find themes in novels. I'm in several book clubs, and we'll all read the same book that week, than take about it at the next meeting. And with every novel, I'll be talking about how great the characters were, how fn the adventure was... and everyone else will be talking about this or that political theme they found in the novel, and I'll be asking: "What theme? I didn't see that. Where did you find any mention of politics in the story?" And they will point it out to me and I'll reread the chapter right there in the meeting and I still won't see it.

Well, this happens all the time, so I ask them:"How is it you are seeing all these themes and hidden messages? Where you really that bored with the characters and their adventure that you couldn't focus on the characters and spent time nitpicking for hidden messages instead?" And they will always answer with story about how high school ruined their ability to read a novel. They can't enjoy characters and plots anymore, because some high school teacher told them they had to search the text with a fine tooth comb looking for themes.

Damn. Is that what school is like? I guess I'm glad I never went to school then. My parents took me out of school at age 8 and I didn't get my GED and start going to random college classes at every college in the area until I was 47 years old. I can't take degree programs because I don't know math, I can't count or tell time or read calendars, or use phones or money or credit cards and stuff, because I don't know how to do numbers. That's why I sign up to take a class here and a class there at so many colleges. You can take the individual classes without taking the math and science pre-requisits that way. So, it ends up, I have a very difficult time trying to wrap my mind around the concept of reading for the sake of searching for themes, because I was never taught to do that because I never went to school.

Also, I've not had a tv since 1987, and the last phone I had was the switchboard rotary in 1978. I've not had a phone since the switchboard station downtown shut down, and we don't have cell phone towers up here, so cell phones and things like discord or tiktok or instagram that are cell phone apps, and things like netflix or hulu that require cellphone towers for streaming, I don't even have access to. I don't buy newspapers either. Without newspapers or tv or cell phones, we don't have access to news reports (like the whole 9-11 twin towers thing - we found out about it in 2013, two years after it happened). We are far enough north that we have snow all year long and as not many people live up here, no companies have any incentive to bring power lines up here even (we use solar power and wind power and generators mostly). So, we don't get to find out about politics and stuff that are happening in the lower 48 more than once or twice a year, and than it's from some tourist asking "So what'd you think about Covid19?"... what? We found out about that December 2020, I guess the rest of the world knew about it a year earlier?

 I live in Maine, there is no cell phone service up here, 2/3s the state doesn't even have electricity or indoor pluming, the average Mainer doesn't know what a computer is, let alone what the internet is. So, thinks like Discord, Instagram, and Tiktok, that are cell phone apps only, are not an option for me, seeing how cell phones are not things we have up here.I think the lower 48 forgets how isolated Maine is up here.

I think the fact that we are so extremely isolated up here and so very cut off from the rest of America, that, we end up, not knowing "the hot trends" in "political themes" and so, only outsiders from the lower 48 ever get hyped up on finding themes. We just ain't effected by them much up here in our every day life, so I think that has a large effect on how I read and write and why I struggle so hard to find themes in any novel.

I'm not pre-conditioned to look for themes, so I don't think to be all arrogant and nitpicky about tearing about the author's novel looking for themes, because I'm too busy having fun enjoying the adventure the characters are having, to pay attention to some stupid as special snowflake politics.

I read for the characters. I read to make a new friend with the character. I read to share the adventure the character goes on. I just can't understand how it is people read to look for themes and messages and politics. I wonder, is it because we don't get bombarded with news and politics up here, that we end up just not thinking about those things? Is seeking out themes when reading, a side effect of the lower 48 being over bombarded with news and politics all day every day? Have people forgotten how to just enjoy reading for the sake of enjoying reading?

Well, I write the same way I read. I create a character that I would want for a best friend, and then I write about them going on an adventure that I would want to go on if I was their best friend and going somewhere with them. That's it. I don't go around looking for themes to ram down the readers' throats because I don't have an political agenda when I write. And seeing how we get our news 2 to 3 years after the rest of the country, I have no way of knowing what hot political stupidity readers are going to be looking for this week anyways.

I am well aware that Americans see me for having some pretty outlandish writing methods that most American writers wouldn't touch with a 9 foot pole. I'm also aware I come from a non-American/non-European background/culture that the average American doesn't even know exists, let alone could wrap their mind around trying to imagine it exists. And my writing methods are influenced by that. I came from a culture that wouldn't think twice about cutting out the tongue of a woman who talked back to her husband, and strictly forbids women from having jobs, punishment for stealing is a hand cut off, punishment of lying is tongue cut out, punishment for adultery or being gay is beheading, yet drug dealers run everything and child prostitution is the biggest income. Still right now in 2021. I grew up a female in that world, didn't go to school because I was a child in a cage on display for pedofile men. I was rescued from that life by an FBI raid that was there because my uncles had a stockpile of military guns. FBI found 140 of use little girls locked up in puppy mill style cages. They had no clue we were there or what the hell they had walked into. I don't thin a lot of people in the lower 48 know what Maine is like.

The average American, struggles with things like school homework, cell phone service, affording vaccinations for their children, ... up here in Maine, I didn't even know those things existed until I was 31 years old.

Mainstream America was BIG time culture shock for me. The amount of freedom women and children have in the lower 48 of America is mind boggling, a thing I never could have imagined existed. Women allowed to get jobs, things like schools and doctors. It's why I attend so many colleges and so many college classes. You just can't do stuff like that up here in Maine. The men won't allow it. I didn't get my GED and start going to random college classes at every college in the area until I was 47 years old. I can't take degree programs because I don't know math, or science, to this day, now even in 2021, I can't count or tell time or read calendars, or use phones or money or credit cards and other number stuff, because I don't know how to do numbers. That's why I sign up to take a class here and a class there at so many colleges. You can take the individual classes without taking the math and science prerequisites that way. 

Writing for me, is the ultimate freedom. But, I came from a culture where freedom to write was not an option, because I was born female. And it's why I took up writing. The freedom to read and not be beaten to death for it. That's a great blessing. The freedom to write. Americans don't know how good they have it or how great their freedom to read and write is. I suppose you could say my reading so much and my writing so much is a direct side effect of my culture, and me making up for lost time by reading and writing at a higher rate than average. That's why my writing advice skews to the controversial "just write" good or bad, just write, write what you know, write what you love, don't ask for permission to right white or black or male or female, just bask in your freedom to write.

My method of writing, reflects heavily the culture I was raised in. As does my method of publishing, predominantly vanity press aka local print shops print up thousands of copies and I sell my novels out of the trunk of my car at local beaches to the tourists. I sold 57 million copies that way. Each of my novels averages around 20k sales the first summer of it's release, all to tourists on the beach, sales from my car. And yet,every time any one on this sub mentions vanity press, they get bombarded with answers telling them to not do it. Why? Avoid the scams yes, but, there's nothing wrong with vanity publishing if you are willing to get off your ass and get the face to face local sales. It works for me, that's why I advice it.

Never having gone to school, I know nothing about "traditional writing methods". The concept of themes, character arcs, 3 act structure, beats, tropes, hero journey, were all things I never heard of before joining this subreddit and yet before joining this subreddit I had already published 138 novels, some of them bestsellers. Some of them for big publishers: including Harlequin and Disney. I've sold more books than most people on this sub combined. And yet, I can offer no advice on silly useless things like themes, character arcs, 3 act structure, beats, tropes, hero journey, because I'm not even sure what they are.

I write as a way to work through my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Agoraphobia (which at its worst, I was unable to leave my bedroom for 15 years, at one point could not even step on the floor - it was EXTREME agoraphobia)(all 3 caused by the same trauma). This is WHY I always say, I don't write for "YOU" the reader, I don't give a shit about "YOU" the reader. I write so that I can get from one day to the next. I write as therapy.  I write for ME and my own mental hell and I don't give a rat's ass about "you the reader", writing for the market, writing for trends, writing to be published, writing for income. I write because I severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Agoraphobia, so you see, I'm not thinking about hidden themes or secret messages, because I'm not writing FOR A READER, I'm writing for me. I publish it because, why not? If anyone reads it and enjoys it, great, if not, that fine too, because I already reached my goal with it long before it was published. 

I wonder if I was writing FOR the reader, instead of for myself, would I write differently? Would I feel compelled to weave in hidden secrets and messages?

Readers have told me my series is full of politics and erotica, but I don't know where they find either in it. So if they read the my series and you saw politics, Erotica, or anything else, that's all stuff THEY put there because THEY WANTED it to be there. I don't write politics or Erotica - I write the abuse my uncles and their friends did to me and I write a character who survives the exact same abuse I went through only he survives it better than I did and he can go outside and talk to people, 2 things I can not do.  

I write, so that I can stop having PSTD agoraphobia attacks for a few hours, long enough so I can go to WalMart and buy food. But the effect only last a couple of hours, so if I want to go outside again the next day, I have to write the abusers being defeated by my MC all over again the next day.

It's the only way I am able to go outside. My panic attacks and phobias of being beaten up is so severe that I can not set foot outside the front door.

This is WHY I say, I don't write for the reader, I don't give a shit about the reader. I write so that I can get from one day to the next. I write as therapy. I write for ME and my own mental hell and I don't give a rat's ass about the reader, writing for the market, writing for trends, writing to be published, writing for income. I write because I severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Agoraphobia.

I wonder too, had I gone to school, would I be conditioned to look for themes as well? Would I not have the pure joy of reading for the sake of experiencing joy from reading, like I do? I don't know.

Themes are just never a thing I think to think about, not when reading or writing. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Would my writing be better if I wrote with themes in mind? Would I enjoy reading more if I scurried through the text with a magnifying glass looking for hidden themes between the lines? No clue. I just put all my focus on the characters. I like character driven stories so that is what I both read and write.

I couldn't even imagine trying to write something and try to force a hidden message into it. It feels immoral and sleazy. I just wouldn't feel right doing it at all.

When I write a story, I just pick a character that I am in love with and write him doing things so I can go on adventures with him. Fuck messages. Who wants a message? The freedom to write without being shot in the head for doing so is enough for me. I want to have fun with a character that is fun to have fun with. I think American writers take their freedom to write for granted. If they knew what a risk it is to write in other places, maybe they wouldn't be so focused on having agendas and shoving messages down reader throats. I think Americans have forgotten how to just enjoy reading for the sake of reading and writing for the sake of writing.

In the end, I just find the whole concept of putting themes in novels, to be bizarre and outlandish. I feel like authors who do that are coming from a culture that is so alien to the culture I grew up in, that they might as well be from another planet. I just can't wrap my mind around the concept of stuffing your novel full of themes and messages and politics and agendas. It seems so forgiven and bizarre to me. And yet, if half the posts I see on Reddit are any indication, the concept of shoving themes into your novel while you write, seems to be a pretty standard practice in the lower 48, yes?

I don't know. I just don't get it. I don't understand why readers waste time hunting for hidden themes and messages in novels, it seems like such a pointless waste of time, like don't they have anything better to do? Nor do I understand why some writers focus on putting themes in their novels. I guess if that's what they want to do, well, okay. More power to them. As for me, I'll just continue to read and write about characters having fun time adventures and continue on in my being baffled over the existence of themes and messages.

I have Kanner's Syndrome and Selective Mutism and extreme social anxiety, and am recovering agoraphobia which at it's worst I not only couldn't go outside the house, but I couldn't go outside of my bedroom for 15 years; so, getting out and talking to people was a HUGE obstacle for me. 

It took me 5 years to make it out my front door and to the end of the driveway and another 2 years to be able to get my car out the driveway and to the end of the street. But I kept trying every day, and now I'm at a point where 2 or 3 days a week, I drive 100+ miles and take college classes and visit museums and attend conventions and I talk to people constantly at them.

Getting out and talking to people face to face, and especially joining college classes at 200+ colleges (not all at once, but 5 classes every 3 months over a period of several years) forced me to have a schedule where I had to be somewhere (the college) so I had to go outside and I had to talk to people.

Well, all this in turn improved my vocabulary, and in turn, improved my writing. But themes and hidden messages? Nope. Themes and hidden messages are still a lost art on me, and I doubt I'll ever master them, but I'm okay with that. I've accepted that I can't learn to do everything in writing and instead of focusing on areas I can't do well, I focus on areas I am good at instead.

Copywriters and Authors of Reddit: Do you have to source every metaphor you use in a book? 

>>>Copywriters and Authors of Reddit: Do you have to source every metaphor you use in a book? 

>>>I loosely copy but heavily remix some metaphors from people in a book I am drafting. I have read some books that used really good imagery and I want to copy but remix that for my own book. Do I have to source that?

I don't use metaphors. And as areader, I stop reading as soon as metaphors start showing up. Metaphores are a HUGE turn off.

I personally find that authors who rely heavily on metaphors, tend to do so because they have little creative ability when it comes to plots, worldbuilding, and fleshing out characters, so they try to cover it up by tossing flowery phrases at the reader, in the hopes that the reader won't notice the lack of plot, lack of worldbuilding, and lack of realistic/believable characters.

And, what you are suggesting that you want to do, only supports my belief that writers who use metaphors are incapable of creating things on their own and feel the need to steal from others.

In case you didn't know, plagiarism is illegal and comes with a $25k fine and up to 50 years in prison.

Do you edit as you write or wait until the story is fully written before editing?

>>>Do you edit as you write or wait until the story is fully written before editing?

>>>I find myself editing each chapter as I write, although it’s only 1 pass through and I’m not looking for every issue. I’m more rereading to make sure it sounds fairly good before moving on. Then, when the book is fully written, I’ll go back with a more thorough edit.

I do a mix of both.

If I notice an error, mistake, plot hole, typo, etc while I'm writing, and it's a quick 5 second fix, I'll fix it and keep going. If it's a major issue, like a plot hole that will require hours/days to rework and fix, I'll add a note in the text (I start all notes with a tilde ~ sign so I can find them later with find/replace function) and keep on writing.

Years ago, I used to try to fix big issues as I wrote, but, it just slowed me down and made it so I never got to the end of the first draft. It was frustrating never feeling like I could finish a draft.

Now, if I hit a big plot issue, instead of jumping back to rewrite to fix it, I just make a note that I found it, then, keep writing what I was writing.

You see, the thing is, my story/plot will likely evolve and change a lot before the end, so it's pointless for me to try to fix the plot hole as I write, because, by the time I reach the end,  may have fixed it anyways or that whole sub-plot may have been removed from the story and fixing it would have been a waste of time, or maybe that plot hole gave me an idea for something else, and so fixing the plot hole would have stopped a new story arch from showing up. 

So, minor stiff like spelling errors and grammar/punctuation issues, and typos, if I see them, I fix them as I type, and the big stuff, I just make a quick note of and move on without fixing it. The thing is, I'm going to edit at the end anyways, so I focus mostly on writing while I'm writing the first draft.

During the rewrite - which, for most stories, I end up doing 4+ rewrites, and 7+ rewrites is not unusual for me... and during the rewrites, all the plot hole stuff, is going to get scrutinised a lot, so it's kind of pointless for me to worry about it during the first draft stage anyways, just because I know I'm going to do several rewrites anyways, and during the rewrites I'm LOOKING for errors, so I'll see most of them then, and just worry about them then. So, I edit while I write during the rewrites.

Also, I tend to underwrite my first drafts, so most end around 40k to 60k words, but the published novels are rarely under 150k and my biggest one was 230k. So, my rewrites involve a lot of adding scenes, making scenes longer, and well, actually rewriting, thus why I call it a rewrite verses calling it an edit. I see rewriting as completely rewriting the whole story vs editing as fixing errors.

And so, when I'm writing the first draft, almost no editing happens, but during the rewrites, lots of editing happens, and the whole thing gets a massive edit after the final rewrite, before I send it off to be published.

When I'm doing the first draft, though, I just try to get the whole thing down on page as fast as possible and try to ignore my inner editor, because I don't want to forget the story before I have a chance to finish writing it.

In the end it's a mixed bag of editing as I go, editing as I rewrite, and then a big dedicated edit at the end of the rewrites.

Where to post my work?

>>>Where to post my work?

>>>I want to post my work somewhere where it can be seen by people, preferably somewhere I can post chapter by chapter as I write.

For stuff that it "too niche" for mass market publishers, (which is most of what I write seeing how I write largely Reverse Haram Fantasy (all males - no females), Tentacle Henti, Furry Fetish Niche (men who are half animals), Long Hair Fetish Niche, Hair Brushing Fetish Nich, Hair Shampooing Fetish Niche, Voyeurism Watching Bathers Bath in public places like rivers Fetish Niche, MPreg Fetish, and Unicorn Porn - and all of those are written as m/M Seme/Twink Yaoi - all stuff most trade publishers won't touch with a 12 foot pole) or that I feel would gain more readers via self-publishing, web serials, etc. instead of trade publishing here's the places I use and how I use them. Not sure if any of them would be what you are looking for or not.

I publish my stuff "free to read online" on 

* Royal Road:

* Scribble Hub:

* FictionPress:

* WattPad:

* DeviantArt:

And also my author homepage, and my blog. I also keep everything can be found in the backlog/archive section of my author website, and list a direct link back to Scribble Hub, FictionPress, DeviantArt, WattPad, or Royal Road.

Earlier this week, I was on Apple App and Google Play store, websites, searching for "free novel" and "web serial" apps. Not looking to read, but rather, looking to see if any of them were places I could write for. If you scroll to the bottom of the app store page, each app as a "visit website" link, which takes you to the apps website database from their web novels, and on each one you can create an account and start posting. I've found move than 300 of them so far. I am spending the next few weeks joining each of them, and am going to submit something to each, to see what it is like and if I want to use any of them regular or not. I've not decoded if any of them are any good or not, in terms of what I look for in places to put my work on. But anyways, you can do the same thing. You don't have to download any apps or buy anything, just browse Apple app store and Google Play store, and search for "web novel", "web serial", "books to read" etc in the two stores' search boxes and you'll find tons of apps, then visit each app's website and see if any of them are web novel posting sites you are interested in. There are at least 300 of them, probably more. I stopped opening websites after I got to 300, because I figured, if I joined one a day for the year of 2022, that's get me in the habit of uploading a short story a day, and give me a chance to do a mini-test of a different site each day for the entire of 2022. In the end I'll probably use fewer than 10 of them long term, but I like to see wat all my options are, so I'll be trying out a lot of them throughout 2022. We'll see how that goes, if any of them end up being things I stick with or not.

For people who want to pay money to buy the finished physical product novels, I upload to:

* SmashWords (ebooks editions):

* Amazon Kindle (paperback editions):

* and LuLu (hardcover editions):

Morris Press for paperbacks: (note THIS is the publisher of my bestseller that sold 57million copies - as you can see, this is an actual book printer, not a publishing house, if you go through them, know that they deliver the books to your house and do NOTHING else - it's up to you to hand sell the books are local shops, hospital gift shops, airport gift shops, bookstores, tourist stores, museums, churches, banks, from booths at festivals, carnivals, state fairs, PAX, ComicCon, etc. All 57million books sold from my bestseller were sold this way, that book is not available online or as ebook editions it can ONLY be bought out of the trunk of my car. Hand selling my books to locals and tourists is WHY I sell so many more books than the average self pubbed author who slaps an ebook on Kindle than wonders why they can't sell 10 copies after a year).

Morris Press Cookbook edition for my cookbooks: same Morris Press as above, but these books are spiral bound and cookbooks only

I also do writing related video stuff on TikTok (quick 30sec quote clips), YouTube (me reading my paperback editions), and the Twitch stream archives.

I daily live stream for 3 streams of 4 hours each, almost every day, on Twitch, my entire writing, editing, and uploading process (so my readers get to see the work written, and see what the first drafts were before being edited, watch how I edit, see how I make my cover art, and know it's live to read because they see it uploaded on stream as well).

I also post mini-excerpts on Twitter and sample chapters on FaceBook and Tumbler and MySpace (yep, I said MySpace - oddly, it still has enough users to be worth still using).

Interestingly however, my biggest traffic location of all, is Pinterest, where I post all my cover art and my character drawings and stuff. And when I say biggest - I mean, I'm one of Pinterests highest trafficked profiles, getting over 2million hits a day. But I have several hundred Pin boards and am heavily active over there repinning and share other people's stuff far more than my own, and Pinterest only works as a "marketing tool" if you are someone insanely addicted to spending hours a day on the site, which is something I've done for close to 15 years now - I've had my Pinterest account since beta testing the sight when it only had a few dozen members, so I'm dealing with a really old account and a heavily active account. I don't think most newer or less active accounts could get the traffic I get from there, so keep that fact in mind if you do decide to use Pinterest. I'm just someone who is addicted to using Pinterest, and I don't use it to promote anything. I have one Pin board that lists my book covers and links to them, and that's it, all the rest of my several hundred pin boards are all repinning other people's stuff that I like. If you use Pinterest for marketing only and never use it for a social chat place, you'll likely never gain a following there or get traffic to your books from it. Pinterest is all about how you use it, and their community really doesn't like self-promo stuff. It's very much a "pay it forward" mind set over there so, you have to be sharing other people's pins on massive levels before other people start looking at you links.

I also sell my character art on Zazzle... this makes up the bulk of my income too. (I make several thousand a month here, selling stuff related to my novels - note this is a merch site, you can't post your novels/stories here). I make way more off sales of my art on Yoga pants, postcards, dog bowls, hijabs, prayer matts, fleece blankets, body pillows, and t-shirts, than I make from actual sales of my books and novels. This is why I don't mind putting dozens of my novels up free to read online, because fans fall in love with my characters and than buy the merch with my character art on them. Yoga Pants, Wiccan Altar Table Scarfs, Hijabs, Prayer Rugs, Postcards, Ceramic Christmas Ornaments, Stickers, and Body Pillows with my characters on them are my top sellers. If readers going screaming fangirl over your characters and you are a good enough artist to draw your characters - definitely get your art on merch, because screaming fangirls buying character merch is where the money is. You won't make shit from book sales, but you'll make a killing on body pillow sales.

Interestingly, for all of this, I don't have a Patreon, even though most other web novelists recommend it, so even though most of the "post by chapter places", I could monetize via added Patreon, I don't, the only ones monetized are SmashWords, Amazon, LuLu, and Zazzle where people get physical product they can keep. Everything else I just keep free to read/access/watch. (I don't monetize YouTube or Twitch either; Also my blog and website are not monetized so there are no Google Ads of affiliate links or anything like that.). *Shug.* Don't know why. Just never got around to it. 

So, I wide spread to pretty much everywhere.


Years ago (2005) I had everything on just one site (Squidoo and was making around $900 a month there, at the time so felt no reason to post elsewhere) and then one day, (in 2013) the guy who owned the site posted that he was bored with running a website and sold the site. A few weeks later, the new owners, said it was more work than it was worth and they also sold the site. Squidoo was bought by HubPages, and HubPages is almost exclusively non-fiction, so, the entire fiction serials section fizzled and no one got any views or income anymore. All of a sudden I went from $900 a month to ZERO a month, because I had relied full allon just one website to host my work on and that site suddenly no longer existed.

After that I learned my lesson and no longer put all my eggs in one basket, so now I wide spread my options to lost of places, that way if one goes down, like how Squidoo  did all those years ago, I still have the others to fall back on, and can move stuff from the kaputt one to one or more of the other places.

Sure, it's a lot harder to manage having stuff on so many places, but, once bitten twice shy, I learned my lesson and don't put all my faith in a single site anymore. Squidoo was one of the largest site on the internet with 13million writers uploading daily. No one expected it to suddenly shut down, just because the site owner decided he was bored with running it. It made me realize how much we writers depend on the whims of site owners.

For stuff I think would do best trade published I send it out to the appropriate one of the publishers I work with, for the novel in question. The publishers I work with regularly are:

Harlequin or

Baen  Manuscript Submission Guidelines



Penguin/Random House

Egmont (side note - this is Disney's publishing house and it's not easy to get accepted by them)


How do I find a publisher?

What I do is: 

*  1 I go to a local bookstore, 

*  2 I go to the section for my genre, 

*  3 I look at which books are closest to same as my MS, 

*  4 I buy the 30 most recently published paperbacks

*  5 I check the copyright pages for the publishing houses adress/website 

*  6 I look them each up in The Writer's Market and read what their submission guidelines are

*  7 I edit my MS to fit the submission guidelines

*  8 I submit the MS to all 30 of those publishing houses, making sure to follow their submission guidelines to the letter (note, most trade publishers require an agent).

Hope that helps! Good luck with your work.

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  • Names.#1Welp. I'm back for a bit. The course has been rough, but that hasn't really stopped me from planning your demise- I mean, planning my story!

    Anyways, what are your MC's names, and why were they named that?

    For mine, Arty and Eli are mine. They're short for Arthur and Eliana, and there's absolutely no special meaning behind those names. 

MC: Quaraun The Insane: The Pink Necromancer: The World's Mot Powerful Wizard, The World's Most Evil Wizard - Quaraun is not his birth name. He doesn't know his birth name. When he was 3 years old, his mother was murdered by his father. His father hated him and was going to kill him too, but his uncle handed him to a squid-headed priest and told the priest to take the Elf boy and flee. The priest fled to Persia (from Quebec) and gave the Elf boy a Persian name to help him fit in with the locals. The alien-squid/priest believed the Elf boy to be a prophesied chosen one (he wasn't, but the priest thought he was) so the priest named the Elf boy, Quaraun, which is a real world Medieval Persian name that means "hand of God".

  • The Pink Necromancer - because he is a Necromancer and he always wears pink sequined Las Vegas showgirl style feather dresses.
  • Quaraun the Insane - after his lover BoomFuzzy commits suicide, Quaraun murders his wife and 4 small children to resurrect BoomFuzzy as a Lich. Because he murdered his family, The Justice Mages who hunt him, dubbed him as "Quaraun the Insane" on his wanted posters, and the title stuck.
  • The World's Most Powerful Wizard - he actually is the most powerful mage, so he carries this title, a side effect of his also being possessed by a D'Jinn spirit, that causes every wish he hears to instantly happen, with horribly wrong side effects... one day he wished "everyone would die" and 21-Billion people on 3 planets instantly turned to bone and ash. He's been called The World's Most Powerful Wizard, ever since.
  • The World's Most Evil Wizard - he's not, but people think he is, so that's what they call him

MC's lover: King Gwallmaiic, Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, Lich King of Fire Mountain aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn - and he says that entire thing every time he introduces himself, which is about every sentence he says.

  • - Gwallmaiic is his birth name. It's a real world Medieval Welsh name that I saw one day while researching Medieval Welsh stuff and I thought: "Damn! I have to give that name to my Unicorn Lich King!" (who at the time had been just called "Unicorn" and "The Elf Eater" for the first decade or so of publishing the series. He's a Welsh Faerie (A Phooka who takes the form of a Kelpie-like black water unicorn) and I had wanted to give him a real, period Welsh name, but I never found one the felt right for him, so for years he just had the placeholder "Unicorn" in everything and never had a name. He is the King of the Realm of Fae, because he killed and ate all the other Faerie Kings.
  • The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley is his "official title" (this is a series where people like to shout out their long ridiculous titles after their long ridiculous names, every time they walk in the room, so every character has a blankety blank of the blankest blank of blank, type of title after their names.) He is a Phooka, and his cousin is Krampus from the North Pole in Santa's village. He was kicked out of Santa's village because of his habit of drugging the eggnog then eating Santa's Christmas Elves. Thus he was dubbed "The Elf Eater". After fleeing Santa's Village he moved his teleporting gingerbread house to a place called Pepper Valley and set out to eating all the Elves in that region. Thus he became known as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley.
  • Lich King of Fire Mountain - he's a Lich and his Lich Lair is inside of an enchanted interdimensional volcano named Fire Mountain. The mountain can appear anywhere, and time, any place, just like Castle Ravenloft from 2nd ed ADnD.
  • BoomFuzzy the Unicorn - he actually is a Unicorn and, he shapeshifts into a human form, who lives in a gingerbread house and makes candy that he hands out to the unsuspecting Elf children who he eats. He's the gingerbread chef who built Santa's gingerbread village. BoomFuzzy came from the Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Fantasy Name Generator, I just liked how it sounded when I said it out loud. I just like saying BoomFuzzy, so I added it to Unicorn's already long list of names.

MC's other lover: GhoulSpawn aka The Gremlin - half Elf, half Chaos Demon, this cloven-hoofed, sheep-man, whose more sheep than man, was born to an Elf princess whom had run off with her Chaos Demon lover from the Hell Dimension, who was known by Humans as The Ghoul or The Ghoul King. (Note: Hell in this world is a real place, a planet, that is very close to its sun and the surface of the planet is largely magma rivers. It is inhabited by goat men and sheep men, similar to fauns and satyrs. Humans dubbed it Hell due to it's resemblance to Biblical Hell, but it is not Biblical Hell).

  • GhoulSpawn does not know his real name, as he was born on Hell (the planet) and his Elf mother died shortly after he was born. His Demon father, fearing the baby would also die from Hell's hot atmosphere, returned him back to the Elves on Earth. The Elves, because they loved his mother, kept the boy and raised him, but they dubbed him GhoulSpawn, which literally means "Spawn of the Ghoul King" to never let him forget that he was seen as more Demon then Elf. 
  • Later in life (centuries later in the 1970s, when he is over a thousand years old) GhoulSpawn buys a 1974 AMC Gremlin (car) and discovers the car is a time machine. In the 1980s, he changes his name from GhoulSpawn to Gremlin, naming himself after his car.

MC's rival: HellBorne the Evil, Chaos Dawn-reaper the Cult-killer, Son of the Darkness, Master of the Black Tower aka HellBorne Summoner of Darkness - Quaraun's half-Elf, half-Human son, by a Human prostitute. While Quaraun returns to the brothel every year to give the prostitute money to raise his son, Quaraun takes no part in the half-Elf's life. The child was named Elwin by his mother, a play on the word Elfling. As an adult Elwin grows bitter when he learns that Quaraun had 3 other sons whom lived with him - all 3 of whom are also super villains like their father, Quaraun. Believing the only way to win his father's love is to become the most evil super villain of all time, Elwin renames himself: HellBorne the Evil, Chaos Dawn-reaper the Cult-killer, Son of the Darkness, Master of the Black Tower aka HellBorne Summoner of Darkness quite simple because he concluded it was the most evil sounding name he could think of to call himself, and goes on a killing spree, with his one goal being simply to be so evil, that he becomes more evil then his father "Quaraun The Insane: The Pink Necromancer: The World's Mot Powerful Wizard, The World's Most Evil Wizard".

While Quaraun is himself an evil super villain (as are all the other MCs listed here - the series is told from the PoV of the world's most evil super villains), HellBorne is the series' "antagonist". 

MC's teacher/tutor/mentor: ZooLock the Great, sometimes called The Mighty Zoo - a squid-headed priest from Neptune's Moon, who raises Quaraun. Like BoomFuzzy, the name ZooLock came from the Seventh Sanctum's Extreme Fantasy Name Generator, I just liked how it sounded when I said it out loud. ZooLock is the Cult Leader of the very Lovecraftian Cthulhu style "Cult of The Sacred Pink JellyFish".

AdviceNonhuman characters (self.writing)submitted 10 hours ago * by Curious_Viking89

So the characters in my story are all anthropomorphic wolves. How should I go about letting yhe readers know that?Edit: the wife says to just throw it out in the first paragraph

I wouldn't do it in one place. Like I wouldn't give a paragraph describing them. Instead I would do it throughout the entire book, sprinkled throughout every scene, via dialogue action beat tags.

For example:

In scene 1 of chapter 1, I might say:

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 said to his mate, his yellow eyes gleaming as he spoke.

In scene 2 of chapter 1, I might say:

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfBoy-B2 said, bristling his tail nervously. His nose twitched as he sniffed the air.

In scene 3 of chapter 1, I might say:

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfGirl-C3 said while lazily stretching out her digitigrade hind legs.

In scene 4 of chapter 1, I might say:

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfy-D4 said. She ignored the others after that and set out to brushing her luxuriant grizzle grey fur.

I'd make sure every conversation, included action beats, which prominently featured a different wold-feature on a different wolf character. That way the reader is constantly "reminded" these are wolves, not humans talking. But on that note, you don't want to come off as actually "reminding" the reader, as that just becomes preachy. You want it to flow smoothly with the rest of the narrative and not break immersion.

In other words, you want to read to actually see the characters doing wolf-things... wagging their tails, baring their teeth, howling in warning, yipping in agreement, padded paws cold on the icy ground, paws tapping their claws nervously or angrily or impotently, yellow eyes that gleam, sparkly, and twinkle.

Also use wolfie words whenever you describe a character doing something. Don't say hair, say fur. Don't say teeth, say fangs.

Describe them doing wolfie things: "she licked his fur with her long sandpapery tongue", "the fur on his back raised in alarm as he heard the other wolfies howling".

But that they are wolf-men, you would mingle in too that they have hands. Show them holding a dog brush and brushing their own fur.

Mention fleas and ticks, and how annoying it is to pluck them out of their fur. Show one of them buy a flea comb from the pet department and combing flea eggs out of the fur on their legs.

The mingled mix of wolfie actions with human actions keeps the reader alert to the fact that these are humanoid wolves.

Also, with the dialogue action beats, you don't want to do it one every line as it becomes hard to read. Only add one or two action beat tags for every 100 to 300 or so words of dialogue.

So, do this:

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 said to his mate.

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfBoy-B2 replied, bristling his tail nervously. His nose twitched as he sniffed the air.

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 pointed out.

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfGirl-C3 added.

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 said.

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfBoy-B2 agreed.

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 called out to Wolfy-D4.

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfy-D4 said. She ignored the others after that and set out to brushing her luxuriant grizzle grey fur.

Don't do this:

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfie-A1 said to his mate, his yellow eyes gleaming as he spoke.

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfBoy-B2 said, bristling his tail nervously. His nose twitched as he sniffed the air.

"Blah, blah, blah," WolfGirl-C3 said while lazily stretching out her digitigrade hind legs.

"Blah, blah, blah," Wolfy-D4 said. She ignored the others after that and set out to brushing her luxuriant grizzle grey fur.

Edit: the wife says to just throw it out in the first paragraph

If you just put in in the first paragraph, that's actually really bad for the reader, because the human brain, tends to skim info dumps (and putting it all in one paragraph IS info dumping) and so the redder will likely be 3/4s into the book before they realize the characters are wolves. This is why it's VERY important to be constantly restating and re-stating and re-stating and re-stating over and over and over and over and over again, in every scene, in every chapter, the entire novel, wolf features and wolf actions, if you are not reminding the reader on every page that these are wolves, the read will forget before they reach the end of chapter 1.

This i why you have events like, Hunger Games, where a primary MC was stated in the first chapter TO BE BLACK, and yet never again did the author mention she was black... and when the movie came out, MILLIONS of enraged readers boycotted the movie because the actress was black... all the boycotters stating they had read the books, the character was their fave character, and they were 100% sure she was not black.

If you DO NOT mention wolf features on every page, in every scene, in every dialogue, in every chapter, and just describe it all in one first chapter paragraph... 99.99% of your readers WILL forget your characters are wolves, the exact same way 99.99% of Hunger Games readers, had no clue one of the MCs was black until they saw the black actress in the movie.

Also, if you are dealing with a book, a physical paperback that the reader is holding... it's easy to remember what they read in chapter one, so describing the characters once at the beginning is something you might get away with... if you are dealing with readers who are used to reading on a regular basis... however America has 310 million people and of them only 10,000 people buy 3 or more novels per year.

It's a very low number, and chances are high that those avid readers are not going to buy your book, so you're book will likely be read by someone with very low reading comprehension skills, due to the fact they read on average only 1 novel every 5 to 10 years. And this type of reader WILL skip the infor dump description on the first page and get to the end with 100% ZERO clue your characters are wolves.

However... if you are dealing with a serialized web novel, where you are releasing a chapter a week for years on end... well, now you want to make sure EVERY CHAPTER has wolfie descriptions in both the narrative and the dialogue. Why? Because web novel serials are a different beast than paperbacks and they attract a different type of reading habit.

With a paperback, the reader is going to read the entire novel in 1 or 2 days, 3 days max. It only takes 5 hours to read a single volume of Harry Potter. It's not uncommon for Mystery readers to breeze through 3 full Agatha Christie's is a single day. Paper backs are fast reads, because you sit down with a finished product and read it in one or two sittings. And because of this there is no danger of the reader forgetting who is who or that the characters are wolves, because at the most it's going to be only a time period of 48 hours between them starting the book and finishing it.

Web serials on the other hand, are released in 1k to 5k word chapters about once a week, over a period of 2 or 3 years. And web serial readers, will be reading 10+ web novels in tandem. It becomes easy to forget which web novel had the wolf characters, and which web novel did this, verse which web novel did that. It takes 15 minutes to read a 1k chapter, so they read 10+ chapters a day... one from each web novel they are following. And it's easy for the 10 stories to blend together in the reader's mind. Easy for the reader to confuse your story with another author's story.

And THIS is WHY, making sure the wolfie descriptors, actions, tags, and beats NEED o be sprinkled in every scene of every chapter, if you are dealing with web novels. Because a week between reading the previous chapter, combined with reading lots of chapters from lots of other web novels, means by the time your next chapter is posted, they've forgotten YOUR novel was the one with wolves not the one with Elves or the one with vampires, or whatever else they read that week.

Here's some articles about how to use dialogue tags to convey your character's body to the read, that might help you out:



>>>Hey so I am a writer and I want to write and display a character with Indonesian descent, but I don’t want to come off as racist or stereotypical, or tone-deaf. I am unsure of how to work around this. Grateful for advice :)

Indonesian encoumpases a wide range of cultres including the Jale.

Don't know the Jale?

They live in massive "bird nests" in the tops of huge trees, where they raise their pet pigs and live in families of 30 or more children, per wife, to men with dozens of wives.

The government put up a 12 foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire all around the forest of the Jale, with signs every few feet saying: "warning! do not enter! danger zone! you WILL DIE if you cross this fence"

Four months ago, August 2021, a pair of missionaries, decided to livestream themselves, rowing up river, jumping over the fence and preaching to the Jale.

The livestream is a fascinating thing to watch, if you can stomach it... clips of it went viral on TikTok, and most of it can be found on YouTube and Twitch if you are interesting in watching the Jale skewer the two missionaries on javalines coated with poison frog venom, carry the men to the village, skin them alive, and eat them.

That happened a little over 90 days ago.

Indonesian government issued a statement to the missionaries families stating they had trespassed and crossed the fence at their own risk.

And yet, barely 20 miles away from the Jale tribe are some of the biggest metropolises of Indonesia, where you will find civilization could easily be mistaken for New York City with its bustling streets, skyscrapers, universities, hospitals, businesses, and apartment complexes. Business men jumping in taxi cabs, street vendors selling meals to the lawyers and doctors as they rush to work.

In the highlands you will find gold mining towns, who residents are poor families living in near homeless conditions, their houses made out of cardboard boxes and tarps, their families mining for gold in the hopes of being able to afford a better life.

Beyond that you have the goat and pig farmers, not poor, but not rich either.

Indonesia is a country of vast extremes, with cultures that are among the most diverse on the planet and includes not only one of the world's last headhunter tribes, but also literal cavemen who live along the river and wear nothing but mud, both of which living in site of some of the wealthiest millionaire businessmen on the planet.

To say you want to write an Indonesian character, is like saying you want to throw a pebble in a white rapids river and hope to be able to find it again. There are just too many variances.

What part of Indonesia are they from? Are they black, white, brown, "Polynesian", or "Asian" in appearance? Tall or short? This is a big one... most members of the Jale tribe are under 4 feet tall, many under 3 feet tall... they barely come up to the waist line of the average American and are considered true pygmies, as they do not have the dwarfism deformities like short limbs... if you see a Jale man standing alone, he looks perfectly normal proportioned, but then stand a white man beside him and his head is level with the white man's hips. A short Indonesian of Jale descent is going to be very, very, very short - shorter than the average 10 year old American child.

What religion? Muslim is huge, Christianity is largely seen as "evil white gods who brought the cargo cults" and some areas the government not only has a full on ban of Christianity but being Christian comes with the punishment of being tossed in prison. Voodoo is one of the largest religions in the country, and many practice various forms of Animism and ancestor worship.

Indonesian means a LOT of things and before you can narrow down your character, you first need to narrow down what culture, race, etc in Indonesia they are from.

One of my great-great-grandmothers was a Jale' tribe women who was brought to America as a sex slave in the 1920s, by the way, and is the reason I devoted much of my life to studying the Jale culture, which included becoming penpals with one of the Jale chief's sons - I was unable to actual go into the Jale region to meet them, due to my skin being too light coloured and the Jale chief's son I am in contact with, advice the risk too great even though technically I would be counted as a member of their family/tribe due to my grandmother having been one of them. This is also why the version of Voodoo I practice is not Hatii or New Orleans style, but rather Sepik River Valley style, due to it being passed down by my grandmother, rather than me learning it from local Voodunists (I am a Voodoo Priestess of the Jale tradition, by the way).

This is also why one of my primary main characters (BoomFuzzy) is a tiny black man from the Jale tribe and has a habit of eating people. He's based off of my very real great-great-grandfather.

Outside of the Jale tribe, I can tell you little of Indonesia, as my family heritage is from that tribe and, thus it was my only focus when it came to Indonesia. But that said, I know enough of Indonesia to know that, there are just far too many cultures, too many ethnicities, to many lifestyles, to ask "What is it like to be Indonesian?" You need to pick a region of Indonesia, and ask about that one region's culture.

I’m stuck on naming my chapters

>>>I’m stuck on naming my chapters, I just can’t think of good names for them. How do you guys come up with chapter titles?

> As I said, in the adult market, outside the humor genre, it's pretty rare to have chapter titles, in my experience.

This was my observation as well. 

As a reader, I read 2 to 3 novels every week and have for 50 years, and it's rare for a paperback novel to have anything other than just the number (1, 2, 3, 4) not even say the word Chapter (so NOT Chapter 1, Chapter 2, ec,). I can't recall ever seeing an adult novel that had a chapter title.

Some kids books like, chapter book easy readers for 8 to 10 year olds, have chapter titles, but, that's the only time I can remember seeing them in fiction.

Non-fiction on the other hand almost always has chapter titles (Chapter 1: Getting Started, Chapter 2: Materials You Will Need, Chapter 3: Safety First, etc) because it also has a table of contents, and a reader looking for a specific topic goes to the table of contents and finds the chapter title fitting the topic they need (Chapter 7: How to Change a Tire.... page 54) and can quickly flip to that page.

But fiction doesn't have Table of Contents so has no need for chapter titles either.

As a writer, I've never used a chapter title in any of my trade pubbed or self pubbed books either. Never had a need to.

On the other hand, if you are talking about web serials, like something you'd post a chapter weekly on WattPad or Royal Road or whatever, well, that I think is different. There chapter titles are important, because of how those sites do indexing. Readers looking for something new to read will be searching by keywords and tags and your chapters will show up in the reader's search results because of certain words or phrases in the chapter title. So, if you are dealing with a web serial where you are posting 1 chapter a week for years on end, well, then chapter titles are important to help readers find you, so you need to carefully think about what search terms readers might use to find your serial and creatively weave those terms in and on-topic way, without being spammy, into your chapter titles.

But, otherwise, if you are not dealing with web serials or non-fiction, or children's early reader chapter books, I don't think you really need chapter titles at all.

is it possible to write a story with an permanently weak protagonist?

>>>is it possible to write a story with an permanently weak protagonist?

I think it depends on how you handle writing the character. It could be good or bad. It's all about the execution.

Like for example, my MC, Quaraun, could be seen as a "permanently weak protagonist" depending on how you look at him. 

He was born frail and sickly and remains so his whole life, his hand were crushed under a millstone when he was a child, so his is permanently crippled, unable to use his hands. Later in life, as an adult, he suffers a stab wound which leaves him with a lame leg, and even later in life his suffers serious 3rd degree burns that leaves his face and throat damaged resulting in him being near mute and blind in one eye. The series is set in a time period when he is elderly and contemplating suicide because he has such a difficult time trying to survive one day to the next and has no one to help him.

All of that, would brand him as a "permanently weak protagonist", right?

But here's the thing... we see him push against these difficulties and find solutions and work arounds. We see that because he's been through shit health-wise, he is able to empathise with others through their hardships. We see his poor health, inspire his son to go on to become a surgeon who seeks to prevent the kind of damage that happened to his father. We see, when others are suffering through depression, he's able to become the one they turn to, because he sits and listens.

He is physically very weak, but mentally, emotionally, he is very strong and determined, a direct side effect of having to learn to live with his injuries.

And my readers love him.

So, it's all in how you go about it.

If you make him weak, and do it in a way that the reader can only feel pity for him, well, readers won't stick around.

But if you make him weak, and do it in a way that readers feel inspired by his determination to overcome his odds, well, now readers are rooting for him to keep pushing forward.

A "permanently weak protagonist" can be done good or bad. It's all in how you go about writing his character and personality and how you have him deal with the shit life threw at him.

Do You Start Your Next Draft from Scratch?

>>>Do You Start Your Next Draft from Scratch?

>>>The last two days of writing have been...painful.

>>>I'm starting the second draft of a Non-Fiction book and something doesn't feel right. I spent a lot of time outlining and am trying to follow it. Each of the elements of the outline is something I've written before, in different contexts and for different purposes.

>>>I thought this draft would be more assembly than writing from scratch. But it's not working. I'm expanding the first draft significantly - like 2x - so I need to bolster the arguments with a lot of information. I have all of that in other places but when I try to pull it in...something is just off.

>>>And I feel torn - is the second draft a "cut everything together and edit for continuity later" type of exercise or is it a "forget everything you've written before and start over on a blank page" type of exercise?

>>>What have you tried? What works? What doesn't?

>>>Thanks for your help.

Wow, what you are describing is a dreadfully painful process, one that blocks creativity and wastes huge amounts of valuable writing time.

Just write. It is all you need to do.

Stop over thinking.

Stop worrying about perfection.

Stop fussing about finding the right words.

Just write.

Readers don't care about your outlines matching your end result.

Readers don't care about finding perfect words that feel right.

As a general rule, it takes 4 to 7 years for a book I write to go from 1st draft to the final (7th+) draft that gets published. This is also why I have anything from 15 to 40+ novels being written all at once at any given time. Very assembly-line method, that, is usually deemed far to "business like" for the more lose style hobby writer who isn't publishing 4 to 12 novels a year (I publish 6 novels a year most years - though 52 novels in a year is a thing I did one year, publishing a novel a week - and when I say novel, I mean 120k words or more each, not 50k novellas) like I do.

138 novels published that most people mention - that's JUST ONE SERIES - it's 138 novels in a single series. I write 15 different series (across 15 different pennames), the shortest of which has 26 novels. In a few years, I'll beat Barbara Cartland's world record for the most novels published by a single author, which her record stands at 821 novels published over the course of 80+ years. I will beat her 821 novel record within the next 10 years - I'm that close to it now. So the 138 novels people always talk about with me - that's ONE series, not ALL the novels I've published with Disney, Hatchette, Egmont, Harlequin, and Penguin, which is 300+ trade published novels, in addition to the self published and web serials, that are in addition to the 138 for the one series. 

And that's just novels. I also publish 2 to 3 short stories every single week, and 2 to 3 non-fiction articles of 7k words per article EVERY DAY. I publish on average 2 million words a year. My typing speed with 2 hands in 175 words per minute, but since a stroke in 2010, I have very limited use of my left hand so I now type one handed at a speed of only 91 words per minute. I average 5k words per hour and type 25k words per day most days. In the past 43 years I've published 2,000+ short stories just for one series alone and I write more than 30 short story series, and I've published more than 10k articles just since 2013.

If I did the dilly dallying of what you are describing, I'd never get anything finished.

So, no, I do not waste my time deep focused on perfection of every line, I barely waste time on thinking about what words are in each sentence, I don't waste time with looking for perfect words in thesaurus, I don't waste time on sentence structure, I don't waste time on


Because time is money, and writing for me is an 80 hour a week full time career.

Writing is a business and I treat it as such. And if I was to waste time dilly dally dawdling over the perfection of getting words just right, I wouldn't be able to pay the bills.

Priorities are what is needed here.

Priorities and self-discipline.

Now, if I was to sit down a rewrite a 2nd draft from scratch, I'd never even come close to the output I put out each year.

What do I do?

I write the first draft, and than I put it away and don't look at it again for at least a year minimum, usually it is 2 to 3 years before I look at it again. By that time, I've completely forgotten what the draft even was, so now I can read it with new eyes, like a reader, reading it for the first time. Seeing it as a reader sees it, I'm now about to go through it and write the 2nd draft, by doing a line by line rewrite of every single sentence, one at a time.

After the 2nd draft, it goes to be edited, and then put away for yet another 2 years. On the now, 4th year since writing the first draft, I read it again, and yet again, see it the way the reader does as it has been so long since I looked at it and by that time I've published another dozen novels, so have had a lot of reading between. I once again do a line by line, rewrite each sentence one at a time. When this is gone, it goes out for editing again. After it returns from editing, I rewrite it one more time, and it now in it's 7th draft, will likely be published without further edits or rewrites.

I have so many novels going at any given time, that every single week, I am spending 3 days writing a 1st draft, followed by 3 days rewriting a draft from 2 to 4 years ago, and that is why I'm working on 30 or more different novels all at once, each and every single month, and why I'm able to publish a book monthly, sometimes weekly.

And I do all of this with ZERO plots or outlines. I ver simply take a writing prompt from r/WritingPrompts and spend the day writing whatever pops into my head upon seeing that prompt. I don't stop writing until I reach 40k words or more, which usually takes 3 days. During the 2nd draft rewrite the 40k will become 80k+ and ad during the 4th draft rewrite the 80k will become 160k (most of my novels average at 158k when published).

I'm able to do this because I'm working with established characters from long running series, with all the world building finished 50 years ago. So it's literally me grabbing a pre-made character, dropping them into a pre-made world, then throwing a Writing Prompt at them and seeing what happens.

Are the books perfect? No. Far from it. Are they seen as badly written, junk food style pulp fiction? Yes. Are they laughed at by 99.99% of the writing community that says we writers are artists who should focus on art and prose? Yes. But guess what? I'm the one with a full time writing income that includes a bestseller that sold 57million copies, and remained the top selling Gay Romance for 2 years in a row, and still to this day remains the top selling Gay Romance novel of all time, with no other novel even coming close to my sales. 


Because I don't write for art or perfection or fame or money... I write for readers who want and enjoyable fun read, that can keep up the pace of how fast readers read.

Think about it.

Why do I get the big sales and the big awards? It certainly isn't because my writing is good. I get 1star review bombed constantly, with the bulk of reviews outright saying the writing is bad, amature, not perfect prose. And yet I still get the sales. Why? Because I'm there.

And when the reader has to choose between the author who HAS published something this week and the author who has spent 10 years rewriting to perfection and hasn't published something in decades let alone this week, will WHO do you think readers are going to buy? Sure the other guy may have better writing in his 1 book published every 10 years, but I'm the one that's there when the reader is actually feeling the urge to read something this week, so I'm the one they buy, because they don't want to wait 10 years for the other guy to get done perfecting one single paragraph.

You can't sell what you haven't published, and you can't publish what you don't finish writing. It's as simple as that.

Book sales are NOT about good writing, good grammar, good characters, good plots, or even good editing. Book sales are all about being the newest new release, the day the reader feels the itch to buy a new book to read, only that and nothing more.

If the reader's only option is to buy published crap or unpublished perfection, well, which one do you think they are going to buy? The one that's available, of course.

At the end of the day, readers don't care about sentence structure, perfectly places purple $50 words, heck most readers don't even care about spelling or grammar. Readers care about having a character they can fall in love with and an author that can keep pumping out more and more and more and more and more ever endless stories about that one character to feed the screaming fangirl lusts.

When writers stop caring about structure and perfection and start caring about telling a story that readers want to read, that's when a writer will move forward, push through the writer's block and say "fuck you!" to 99.99% of the so called writing advice that gets touted online and don't mean shit.

And YES, this applies to non-fiction too... I published 30+ non-fiction books between 1997 and 2010, using this exact same method, and the shortest of those books was 75k while the longest was 300k, most averaged at 115k And one of those, in 2007, sold 3million copies its first week, and in 2010 was re-released free to read online and as of December 2021, that book a 250k book about an alien abduction hoax and how it was proven to be a huge medical scam that never had anything to do with aliens at all, which is published in its entirety all on one single page of a website, gets over 7 million reads PER DAY.

I feel that far too many writers waste far too much time fussing and worrying about perfecting their books, when should be worrying about finishing their book as quickly as possible, so they can move past it and work on the next one.

And this is WHY I don't rewrite starting from scratch.

In my experience, I find that writers who fuss over a single paragraph or chapter for weeks, is never going to make a full time character od writing, because they don't have enough self confidence to stop second guessing everything they write. They will never see their work as good enough, because they are too busy striving for perfection.

So, just stop worrying about it feeling right. Set a goal to finish editing it by the end of the week, and today id Friday so you have less than 48 hours to do so, and then, either publish it as is or toss it in the trash and write something else. If you are spending too much time perfecting it, believe me, it's not worth publishing. Nothing that a writer obsessively perfects is ever going to meet with the writer's expectations when it comes to how reader's view it.

Too many writers set their bar of standards far too high. They will never reach the standards they set for themselves. And worse, they set those standards high on the false belief that they will get big sales if they write pristine perfection, so they will be mentally devastated after publication and the reality of sales trends hits them.

Most all writers give up on writing, once they learn the harsh reality that prose doesn't matter, plot doesn't matter, grammar doesn't matter, perfection doesn't matter, the ONLY thing that matters is being on the new release list as often as possible. NOTHNG else matters when it comes to getting sales. If you are not publishing 4 or more books per year - fiction or non-fiction, you WILL NOT get big sales or gain a following, and 4 books a year is the low end, you should be striving for 6+ books a year with a monthly or weekly release schedule being the prime target to aim for to earn a full time income.

I had a 7 year hiatus due to the murder of my family April 10, 2015, which resulted in 7 different court cases, police investigates with 21 different police departments across 3 states, and the FBI investigation that is still currently ongoing, which caused me to have no time to write in 7 years.

However, the court cases have closed, the murder case has been listed as closed/cold/unsolved by all but 2 of the police departments and the FBI now, which means I have time to write again. For NaNoWriMo this year, I wrote several novels - 2 each week of November... so far in December 4 of those have been published and 5 more will be published next month. I just wrote and published 9 novels in the space of 3 months, after 7 years of not writing or publishing a thing.

How? By not even doing a 2nd draft.

Yeah. Those novels went out at 1st drafts with base editing and no rewrites.

You don't NEED to waste time. Just write. Let the words flow out of you. Write from your heart. Write from your soul. Forget about outlines and drafts and perfecting structures. Those things do nothing but block up the flow of creativity. 

Just write. It really is all you need to do.

Are there any methods of finding a plot/premise idea you will love? 

>>>DiscussionAre there any methods of finding a plot/premise idea you will love? (self.writing)submitted 6 hours ago by CartoonAwesome08

>>>I've been struggling to find a plot to pair up with a relatively small cast of characters I have. I've been using a lot of plot generators and just finding plot ideas on my own but none of them have really clicked for me. I know that characters are the one that really drive the story but I want to have an interesting plot that matches with those well-crafted characters as well.Any ways to find the perfect plot?

I'm not overly concerned with plots or ideas. I have 3 characters whom I love and so I love to write about them, and I can, do, and will write anything about them and just toss them into every weird ass random plot, idea, or writing prompt that heads my way. If I waited for the perfect plot I'd never get anything written.

What I do is this:

* I never go into a story with a plot in mind. 

* I never know how the story is going to end. 

* I never know how the story will start. 

* I never know what's going to happen in the middle. 

* I plan nothing in terms of story/plot/outline.

* I write a wandering/vagabond/hippie/world globe trotter/backpacker homeless trio of characters. 

* I have a huge backlog of National Geographic magazines, due to being a subscriber for decades.

* My world is our real world, with magical races, magical elements, and magic thrown in.

* I grab a National Geographic issue at random off the shelf, open it to a random page, and whatever is on that page, THAT is the plot for my next story.

* First I'll look at the photo on the page. The photo itself may be all I need. I just start writing what my characters are doing and where they are, based off that photo.

The photo might be a bird standing in a swamp, or a homeless child sleeping on a garbage heap, or a snow covered mountain, or the damage done by a typhoon... it doesn't matter what it is, whatever it is, that's what I start off with.

I start every novel and short story the same way: main character and crew are sitting around talking (usually at a campsite in the forest or at a table in a tavern) and whatever the magazine picture was, that somehow becomes their focus. Maybe one of them hears a bird and they decide to trek to the swamp to look at it, or they look out the window and see a homeless child sleeping in the garbage and decide to bring him inside and buy him a meal, or they see a snow covered mountain in the distance and decide to hike to it, or they have just arrived in a town decimated by a typhoon. And from there, I just start writing at random, letting the character conversation take the lead.

For me, I don't plan or outline at all. I have a set of characters and a world and whenever I get a thought that goes like this: "I wonder what would happen if Character A encountered Monster Z in Location T?" And I write said character traveling to said location and encountering that monster. I'll throw in 2 or 3 other characters to travel with them. I'll drop in a few obstacles like: "What if they stopped at Tavern Y for the night and a random thief stole their money pouch so they can't pay for the room?"

The way I write is VERY much like what happens when you play ttRPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. Where the DM says: "You woke up to find orcs have surrounded your camp. What do you do?" and you and the other players sitting around the table have under a minute to decide what you'll do. Only, instead of telling the DM "My level 34 Elf Wizard knows Orcish and choose to try to talk to the Orc leader. My THACO says I can roll 7d4 and 2d20 on this."... I write down my Elf wizard attempted to talk to the Orc chief and inviting him to sit by the campfire, and end up with a full story out of just that, because once I start writing one thing leads to another and BOOM, next thing I know it's 12 hours later, I've written 7,000 words, and I'm wishing I didn't have to stop for the day to go to bed because I'm fired up to keep writing and find out what's going to happen next.

This probably won't work for everyone, like if you are prone to using outlines and need to know the end before you start, than what I do probably won't work for you. 

Also, the 3 characters I write, I created them and the world they live in 50 years ago, published the first story about them 43 years ago in 1978, and in the 43 years since then, have written double the 138 published novels and 2,000+ published short stories of the series about these 3 characters, which means, I'm not ding this with random characters who's backstories and personalities I don't yet know, and I'm doing it with a world that includes 750+ 3-ring binders of maps and charts of 3 separate solar systems. So this is a HUGELY established set of story elements I'm working with here and it may not work if you don't already have fully fleshed out drop and play characters in a fully fleshed out sandbox world.

So, I would recommend, BEFORE, you tried to do what I do, that you first spend 3 or 4 years doing some heavy duty world building and character fleshing out... I spent 10 years building this world and it's characters BEFORE I started writing the series, so what I do, I've done right since the beginning of writing it at well.

Wither or not this works for you is going to depend on how fleshed out and details your world and characters are before you start writing, and I think, if you were to try this without a fully fleshed out world and characters, you probably would struggle very badly to make this method of plotting work.

Like I said, this style of plotless writing probably won't work for everyone, and it may not work well with every genre. And also, if you were aiming to make a career out of writing, this method is probably the exact opposite of what you should do. It works for me, because I just write for myself and self publish it, and if a few people like it, great, and if it never sells or makes money, well it's no big deal, because I had fun writing it and having fun while I write it is my own goal.

For me, it's fun to write this way, because it let's me do massive amounts of world building, and then just drop my characters into the world and use them as tools to explore every corner of the world. This method would work well for people like myself who spend hours world building and just want to explore the world after building it. But for someone looking to make a serious career of writing serious novels for the mainstream genre market, this method probably wouldn't work well for them.

What do you do when you want to write, but you just have no motivation to do so?

>>>AdviceWhat do you do when you want to write, but you just have no motivation to do so? (self.writing)submitted 3 hours ago by KingBWDee

>>>I have a story that I've been working through very slowly and I always want to add more or rewrite a certain action or scene, but I never actaully do go through with it. I dont know if I'm burnt out or anything like that cause I write ideas every now and then. How do you keep motivation to write?

It depends on the situation/project.

If it has a deadline (like a homework essay for college class or a short story that was already approved for a magazine), I just push through it, motivation or no, and force myself to write.

On the other hand, if it's just a short story or novel, one that has no specific deadline, and I may or may not submit it to be published or may or may not self publish, because I never know until it's done what I'll do with it... well, then I just set it aside for a week or a month, and do something else. Play video games, embroider, jigsaw puzzles, something NOT writing related. Take my mind off writing and do other hobbies. Why? Because sometimes you just need to take a break. Take a weekend or week long vacation from writing, to work on other hobbies. Usually, I find that by doing this, my brain starts to "miss" writing, like feeling "homesick" to get back to writing. And so after the break is over, my motivation has returned and I'm ready to get back to writing again.

Breaks are good. Don't be afraid to take one every now and then. Give your writing brain a chance to rest and relax.

Remember: practice is good, but you can always overdo things. Exercise is good, but not when you do it so much that you collapse from exhaustion.

Think of it like any other job: you go to work 5 days a week, and take 2 days off, because federal law states it's illegal for a company to make it's employees work more than 5 days in a row. Look up labour laws, and you'll learn that federal laws don't allow you to work more than 4 hours without a 20 minute break, or 6 hours without a 45 minute break, or more than 12 hours a day regardless of breaks, or more than 5 days in a row without a 2 day break... a business caught doing that, gets shut down by the federal government for not complying to federal labour laws.

Well, if you take the federal labour laws, and you apply them to your hobbies, including writing, and try doing that, you'll find you burn out less. Write 5 days, take 2 days off. Write 4 hours, take and hour break.

Getting into a daily habit of writing it good and will do wonders for your writing, but remember to think of your physical and mental health as well, and take frequent breaks throughout the day, and a couple of days off every week as well.

Times and days are going to be different for everyone, so test out different schedules until you find one that works for you. Like, some people only write on week days (5 days a week), others only write on weekends (2 days a week)

Also, something that helped me, was to not think in terms of word counts. I used to set goals like "write 1,000 words a day" or "write 5,000 words a day", and then sit frozen unable to even reach 100 words let along 1,000! I tested out "write 3 pages a day" instead, which equals around 1,000 words so is actually the same goal, and that worked better, but still I was having trouble.

After a while (a few years) I realized that the problem was the constantly stopping to check word counts. I'd type a few words than look at the word count, type more words, look at word count again, feel bad that I wasn't going fast enough and get stuck.

And changing to page counts helped some, but now it had me looking at page counts instead of word counts, which was still stressing me out.

Than, I realized, the way to fix it, was to not think in terms of either word counts or page counts, but instead to give myself goals like this: "write one scene about how __ finds a crystal skull" or "write one scene about ___ exploring the cave". Well, suddenly I was pumping out 3,000 to 7,000 words a day. It was so astounding the different changing the goal made.

What changed? Not much. I just was no longer stopping every 2 minutes to look at what my word count was, and was no instead focused on the goal of reaching the end of a scene, and not stopping writing until I reached the end of that scene.

It was nothing more than a change in mindset and focusing on a different goal, but it did wonders for improving my motivation and getting into a more consistent daily writing habit, that actually involved writing instead of fussing over word counts.

>>>Writing smart Indian characters

>>>Hello! I recently reworked a old character, who is now part of the main cast. She’s also Indian. Now my problem is, she’s supposed to be the smart one (she’s always been) she’s very hardworking and is very goal oriented, while her family doesn’t really believe in her(it’s solely due to their unfortunate situation caused by the plot, which would be to much to explain) So, now I know that writing smart Indian characters is a tricky thing, but I didn’t find like specific advice about how you can actually write those characters. So if I was still gonna do it, is there anything I should be mindful of?

>>>>>So, now I know that writing smart Indian characters is a tricky thing


I was wondering the same thing. 

>So, now I know that writing smart Indian characters is a tricky thing

Is there some sort of racist belief "all browns are smart" the same way there is a racist belief "all blacks are into sports" or "all whites are from the trailer park" or "only Asians go to Harvard" or "all Italians are gang members" or "all Scots are money grubbers" or "all Irish are drunks"? 

If there is, than you treat it the same way as you treat any racist belief: as a bunk belief not worth the time of day.

As soon as you start labeling a group of people as a one lump they are this colour/race therefore they are always this trait aka all black=_ or all brown=_ or all white=_, you are sliding down a tricky slope of making yourself look like a bigot.


Because the ONLY reason you would be worrying that readers would think this is because YOU think this. 

Just like how the guy who locks every door and window 10 times each, is the ONLY guy you have to worry about stealing from you... why? Because he is convinced everyone wants to steal from him, because that's what he would do. He ONLY locks everything in sight believe people will steal from him, because stealing from others is what HE HIMSELF DOES do. (I had an uncle who did this. Paranoid that everyone was trying to steal from him, had 10 locks up his front door to keep out thieves, nailed every window shut t keep out thieves... he went to prison after he was caught breaking into houses and stealing tens of thousands in jewelry and electronics and selling them on ebay)

A while back there was a Twitch streamer who all they ever talked about was how they were worried other streamers were doing drugs, that's why they said they would never send money to a streamer, because they claimed the only thing streamers spent donations on was drugs... that streamer a few months ago, was arrested for having a huge stash of cocaine. They ONLY believed every other streamer was spending donations on drugs, because THEY THEMSELVES were spending donations they received on drugs.

Same way, how the people who worry about plagiarism the most - terrified others will steal their ideas, always end up being the ones arrested for plagiarism. They ONLY thoughts others were trying to steal their ideas, because they were stealing everyone else's ideas, and simply assumed everyone thought like them.

This is human nature. You are always the most afraid of other people doing the thing that you yourself are most likely to do. Look it up. There are hundreds of psychology studies into this.

Well, what this means here is simply this:

YOU personally believe that all Indians are smart, so you are worried that others will think this as well.

And yet, I've never heard of the "all Indians are smart" stereotype, so, I would guess it to be a regional belief that for some reason has never appeared in my region, but has appeared in your region.

How to fix the problem?

It's simple: you write people as being people, instead of writing characters as being cardboard cookie cutter stereotypes.

>>>Sorry, I forgot to add that’s it’s due to a stereotype of Indian characters being good at math/science and being nerds, and I’m asking if there’s a way I can make an Indian character smart without falling into those stereotypes.

Yeah, so, you see, I've never seen this stereotype.

I have seen the stereotype that says completely the OPPOSITE, one that states Indians have a borderline mentally retarded level IQ, which is why they are the only country in the world that tosses their dead in the same river they drink out of, and why they let rats poop in their milk before they will drink it, and why they have the world's highest level of incest related birth defeats like babies born with 2 heads of 8 arms and no legs.

So, there you can see 2 very starkly different stereotypes, both pretty extreme, and probably both highly inaccurate.

I'm thinking both stereotypes are likely regional things that are just that: regional beliefs by people who never met a real Indian.

Stereotypes are bad. Be they saying something good (like all Indians are smart nerds) or saying something bad (like saying all Indians are too stupid to know anything about hygiene and cleanliness) because either way, they are painting a large group of people as though they were all one single thing. Just because ONE Indian is smart, doesn't mean they all are. Just because ONE Indian tossed a dead body in the river that provided their drinking water, doesn't mean they all do... though I do question the video footage of thousands of bodies in the river, and video footage of wild dogs roaming the streets carrying arms, legs, and heads they plucked out of said river... that river full of dead bodies in India is bigger evidence to low IQs than any evidence you can find of smart people or nerds, that for sure... you might want to look it up.)

Well, if you wanted to avoid painting every Indian as a high IQ smart nerd, you could always just do a Google search about the news reports about the Ganga River. That will certainly cure you of any stereotypes that all Indians are smart. I struggle to see any intellect, nerdiness, or even a low IQ let alone a high IQ with what's going on at Ganga River this past week. That's a few million people involved in doing it too, so a rather large chuck of the population of India, that, well... do YOU think what is going on at the shores of the Ganga River this week brands "all Indians as smart"?

The problem with stereotypes is, you are painting everyone with one brush, instead of allowing everyone to be individuals. 

I mean, I could easily look at the what is it 100+million people lined up out there along the Ganga River, and say that "all Indians are pretty dumb" and I'd be just as incorrect as anyone who says "all Indians are smart and nerdy". Why? Because not EVERYBODY in India is doing what the people are doing to the Ganga River and just like not EVERY Indian is a Harvard graduate.

There are dumb people and there are smart people in every culture. No culture is all stupid or all intelligent. Every race, every religion, every gender, ever culture, every ethnicity, has good and bad, dumb and smart.

People are people. Go outside and meet a few of them.

What are your hobbies?

Mine include: video games, reading, embroidery, seed-beading, cross-stitch, weaving, cloth doll making, cosplay costume designing/sewing, wig making, jigsaw puzzles, watercolor painting, building art cars and monster trucks, restoring antique autos, hiking/walking with my dog for 2 to 4 hours a day

And I actually do those things more often than writing. Writing is my job. And a job is quite different from a hobby. My hobbies don't involve writing.

My mindset is to NOT write every day, to NOT write when I'm upset, to NOT write when I'm sick, to NOT write when family stuff of going on, to NOT write when feeling burned out, and to NOT be afraid to take a week, a month, or even a year off from writing is I need to.

Also, if my readers paid attention to my characters careers vs my hobbies, they would see that my MC is a silk weaver, embroiderer, and beaderworker, quite simply because those are hobbies I do and know the ins and outs of so I write my MC doing them as his career, because I don't have to research that career due to my already doing it. Same goes for my 2nd MC who collects and restores antique cars and drives and 1974 AMC Gremlin because I collect and restore antiques and I drive not only a 1974 AMC Gremlin but also a 1976 one as well.

So, taking time off of writing to do my hobbies, ends up helping me in the long run to write my characters better too, because it gives me life experience in things other than writing, for me to write my characters doing. I feel like a lot of writers get so hung up on writing that they forget to live life and interact with other people, and I think this to be a major cause of writer's block - they get blocked and can't think of what to write, because they run out of meaningful life experiences to draw from as a source for inspiration.

Get some hobbies. Give your characters the same hobbies YOU do. Not the hobbies you THINK their culture would do. If it's not YOUR culture, than you don't know it well enough to try to pick hobbies from it for your character. But you do know YOUR hobbies, things YOU personally do every day, and you can make your characters very lifelike and believable by making them do things YOU do, make them feel things YOU feel.

Like a few months ago (last summer) someone was asking here about "thug life" and "black street gangs" as they termed it. They was saying they wanted to write a drive by shooting but didn't know what it was like to be black because they were white. Uhm... okay, clearly they did no research, because 63% of all drive by shootings in America are from WHITE gang members, not BLACK gaming members, and the black gang drive by stereotype was actually made popular by 1990s police tv shows and wasn't based on real world crime statistics. If you experience a drive by shooting, the driver, the shooter, and the neighbourhood is more likely to be WHITE then they are to be black. But this person asking this question, only knew about drive bys from the tv show NYPDBlue (they said as much) and they were worried what being white, they wouldn't be able to write a good drive-by scene or accurately show the MC affected by it.

I was reading that thread and thinking: Do your research! Research REAL news reports of REAL drive by shootings and not the "all drive bys are black gangs" stereotype of the 1990s cops shows.

Do you know what would have cured their problem? The exact same thing that will cure YOUR problem: **write what you know**.

Now some people take the advice "write what you know" all wrong, and would say: "I don't know any black gang members!" or "I don't know any smart Indians!"

No, no, no, no, no. You don't need to know THEM... you need to know YOU.

By this i mean... the other question asker, knows what it feels like to be afraid, so they can imagine what it would feel like, to be standing on their lawn when a drive by happens. They could be black, white, a green goblin, or Dr Octopus, it doesn't matter! They KNOW what it is like to feel fear, so they can write what they know, by writing how fear feels to them. They can write how they feel they would feel like if a drive by happened to them in real life. THIS is the beauty of writing what you know. Because everyone feels fear differently, but everyone can relate to feeling fear, because everyone has felt fear, so, it doesn't matter if it's a white author writing a black character, because black or white, you both feel fear, and writing the fear is what is important in that type of scene.

Well, the same thing applies to you here. It doesn't matter if your character is Asian or not. What matters is writing what you know. 

What do you know about smart people? How smart are you? If you are very smart yourself, than you ca easily write a smart character, no matter what race they are, simply by writing her as doing and saying the same things you do and say in your everyday life.

But what if you are not very smart? Well, you can still write what you know. Think about what it'd feel like to you, if you got all As in Science and Math? How would you feel? Write those feelings down. How would you act? Write those actions down.

It's very easy to write what you know.

They KNOW what it is like to feel smart in this area and dumb in that area. Everyone has at least one thing they are good at and smart about. Everyone has at least one thing they are bad at or dumb about. So you KNOW what it feels like to feel proud of the thing you did smartly and you KNOW what it feels like to be ashamed of the thing you did dumbly, so you CAN write both smart and dumb character simply by writing what you know about your own feels.

You can write what you know, by writing how being smart feels to you and how being dumb feels to you. 

You can write how you feel you would feel like if you got into an Ivy League University in real life. 

THIS is the beauty of writing what you know. Because everyone feels smart or dome at some point in their life, so everyone can relate to feeling smart or feeling dumb, because everyone has felt smart at least once or dumb at least once, so, it doesn't matter if it's a white author writing a brown Indian character, because brown or white, you both feel the emotions of pride and shame that come with smart and stupid things you've done in your life, and writing the emotion is what is important in that type of scene.

* Are there smart Asians? Yes. 

* Are there dumb Asians? Yes. 

* Are there average Asians who are neither smart or dumb? Yes.

The question is, which Asians have you personally meet and interacted with in real life? One of only one type, a few of each type, or none of any type because you've never met an Asian at all? Now ask yourself WHY did you pick Indian specifically as a race? 

Here's some more questions to consider:

* Why did you pick the statistically poorest and most uneducated country on the planet, to have your smartest character be from? Look it up... America's $5 an hour minimum wage that can't support a family of 4 for a single year in America, can easily support and entire town of 100+ people for several years in India. They are that poor. 

Smart and nerdy is expensive... where exactly in India is your character from, that she is one of the very small minority who has access to enough money to go to school? Where in India is your nerd, coming up with the exhort ant income required to even buy a single comic book a year?

Did you take this real world statistics about the poorest, most uneducated place in the world, before you decided to make your smartest character come from there?

* Were you even aware that more than 2/3s of India does not have access to electricity, internet, or schools? Did you know that India's homeless population is nearly double the size of the ENTIRE population of all 50 states of America? Did you know that more than 80% of India's population can not read or write, and has no concept of what a school even is and would not know what you were talking about if you asked them was math or science was? Did you know this?

Have you done enough research into the Ganga River crisis in India... a crisis that started in the 1980s and was why Princess Diana and Mother Tereasa spent most of their lives in India on the Gaga River trying to help the people who live there.

And if you don't know what the Ganga River crisis is... don't Google it with out some extreme NSFW blockers turned on... the first images Google will show you are a garbage heap, 5 stories tall, of several tens of thousands of Human bodies, piled up on the beach... bodies that have been piling up on the beach of Ganga River for more then 50 years now, unburied, and are the source of India's current mass Covid crisis. Again... you might want to just look at the news reports from the last 4 or 5 hours, because as of today, the Ganga River crisis just escalated big time, as now MILLIONS of dead bodies are being mass dumped by the government into the river... all of them Covid deaths, with wild rumors running around, that the government is just trying to kill off all the hundreds of millions of homeless who live on the Ganga River, by dumping millions and millions of dead covid bodies on them.

Like I said at the start... nothing will kill your belief that al Indians are smart, faster than looking into what's going on today, Christmas Day 2021, on the banks of the Ganga River.

Where you aware that the Ganga River crisis has been the BIGGEST area of concern for the Indian government for the past 50+ years? And that the government can't afford to put up schools around the country because their primary concern is what to do about the mass millions of bodies floating in the Ganga River for the past 50 years? 

So, I ask again, where exactly in India is your super smart nerdy character from? Because if she's wasting time being nerdy, she's probably an outcast from Indian society, shunned by family and friends, for not devoteing as much of her life as possible to trying to help the mass hoards of sick and dying homeless people of Ganga River regions. 

If she's wasting money on education and nerdy geek stuff, she's going to be hugely ostracised, on the grounds of being arrogant, selfish, uncaring of others... that IS Indian culture...shunning is a big part of family life. Being selfish is culturally frowned upon. Wasting money on yourself to get an education, is seen as a very bad thing.

So the "smart Indian" stereotype, is a hugely false stereotype, when you do actual research into real world Indian culture.

There are very few places in India where your character can even come from, because there are so few places in India which have a school in their region. Have you researched those regions to find out which one she was born in? Because those towns are very small minorities, and people living in them, have more in common with Americans than they do their fellow Indians, and that is something to consider as well.

If you are not writing what you already know, at least research to make sure you actually got it right.

Difference between a YA/NA fantasy and a straight fantasy novel?

>>>Difference between a YA/NA fantasy and a straight fantasy novel?

>>>So I've written a book and I'm very proud of it but I really think that it would be better off if I combined it with book #2 that I've started, as in book #1 gets paired down into "Part One" and book #2 (only a few chapters in at this point) would be "Part Two".

>>>I originally assumed I was writing a New Age fantasy book. The character is young (17 at the start) and the first book (and some of the second) deals a lot with her growth as a person. For simplicity's sake, the later books (the number TBD) would be the rise of her empire.

>>>However NA/YA novels rarely go above 85,000 words. And as this is the first novel I will attempt to publish traditionally (not the first I've written) I'm not going to try to push the envelope by saying "yes I'm a new author and my work is 130k words, what of it?" But that word count would be perfectly acceptable as a fantasy.

>>>So what is the hard line between the two genres? I haven't been using simplistic language and there is not a strong romantic storyline. I may have been writing fantasy this whole time, but TBH I've read a lot more YA fantasy than fantasy.

>>>Bonus: Can anyone recommend high fantasy novels, not YA, with female main characters? Split POV is fine. It can be a male author so long as the FMC is a person and not a caricature.

>>>Tl:dr; What are the differences between a YA/NA fantasy novel and a straight fantasy novel?

>>Difference between a YA/NA fantasy and a straight fantasy novel?

>>>I didn't realize NA was only in romance 

NA was created for one book and one book only: 50 Shades of Grey

**NA is also known as "The 50 Shades KnockOff Genre"**.

Basically to classify as NA you need to be whips, chains, sex dungeons, BDSM... and well, YA is aimed at 12 year olds to 18 year olds... do you REALLY want YOUR 12 year old reading about horse dildos and gang bangs?

I'm surprised so many people think NA is anything even remotely close to YA. YA is Harry Potter and other books for kids. **NA is a sub-genre of the Adult Entertainment Porn industry that is why it is ONLY in the Romance genre**. And yet, the question asking what the difference between YA and NA shows up here a few times a week.

Also, **when NA is in a Fantasy setting, it's called Monster Porn**, and there the top seller is Virginia Wade's little 16 volume ditty called "Cum 4 Bigfoot".

**I really don't think 12 year old YA readers should be reading NA books titled Cum 4 BigFoot, do you?**

How the heck does the genre for Harry Potter and Eragon get confused for being the genre for 50 Shades and Cum 4 Bigfoot so often?

This is very much a case, of you would know what the genre is if you were reading it. And every one who reads NA is fully aware that the genre is full of MPreg (pregnant males), Tentacle Henti, and BDSM Haram gangbangs with billionair shapeshifters. 

Once you actually READ the New Adult (aka ADULT rated X entertainment type of adult) genre, you'll know it's barely fit for over 21 year olds, and no parent in their right mind wants to see it mixed up with the YA stuff their 12 year old reads.

**New Adult was formerly known as X-Rated or NY17 or XXX Genres - all sub genres of Porn and all featured regularly in PlayBoy Magazine**, and New adult is nothing more than a fancy way for people to say they read Porn without their mother finding out.

**Simple way to think of the New Adult genre is this: if Jerry Springer wouldn't feature the couple on his show, then it ain't freaky enough for the NA genre.**

Read a genre before you try calling your book that genre. That's always good advice. You don't want to sell books for 12 year old children in the Porn Department of a bookstore, just because you thought NA was interchangeable with YA now do you?

Where to place the protagonist in an alternate history novel that spans centuries? 

>>>AdviceWhere to place the protagonist in an alternate history novel that spans centuries? (self.writing)submitted 4 hours ago by flying_circuses

>>>I have an idea for a novel where the time frame alternates between the present and a few centuries ago, the latter describes the reason why it is alternative history. Where do I place the protagonist since he/she obviously cannot be in both places? Ideally the story should be told in 1st person, but for above reason that also is tricky. Suggestions welcome.

I do a similar thing. The series I write, could classify as sort of a "family saga", by that I mean, it takes place in the 1400s in one chapter, the 1970s in the next chapter, then 2525 the 3rd chapter, then back to 1400s the 4th chapter, back to 1970s the 5th chapter, back to 2525 the 6th chapter, back to 1400s the 7th chapter, and so on... where you see the original settler who build a manor house, living his life in the 1400s, then in the 1970s, you see how his great-great-grand kids are living their lives, still living in the same manor house, and then in the 2525 future you see yet another generation of very distant great-great-grandkids and their lives, still living in the same manor house.

And so what I do, is I have 3 different separate protags, one for the 1400s (the guy who builds the manor), one for the 1970s (a hippie grandson who inherits the manor), and one from the 2525 future who is the last person in the family to live in the manor before the manor is destroyed in a war.

With the 3 time periods in rotation, the reader sees the 1400s MC doing a thing, then they see the 1970s MC have his life affected because of the thing the 1400s MC did which causes the 1970s MC to do a thing, which in turn will affect the 2525 MC, but none of the 3 MCs is aware that their actions are having long term effects on the future generations, only the reader is aware that the connection it there. Though it reached a point where 2525 MC goes back in time to try to stop 1400s MC and 1970s MC from doing things (because in this world time travel exists in 2525 - otherwise it's our Earth with Earth history, just a time travel future added).

This way the reader gets to see the mutli-PoV of the story, seeing it through the eyes of a protag who lives in each of the 3 time periods.

So, I'm not sure if that sort of set up would work for you or not, because a lot would depend on your genre. Mine is Portal Fantasy so this lay out is pretty standard for how every author writes this genre, due to the time travel element, and so if you were doing something more Historical Fiction slant, well, this set up might not work.

But anyways, yeah, that's how I do it. I have 3 main characters, one from each time period, and each chapter rotates through the time periods, with a different MC each time, and, it's done in a way that it flows naturally through the plot, allowing the reader to be the outside observer of what's going on in 3 different generations of the same family, living in 3 different time periods, but all in the same setting because all 3 time periods are set in the same big manor house.

I suppose, there would be a way to rotate MC PoVs like that for any/every genre, you'd just have to figure out how that sort of thing would fit into the way your plot flows between time periods. So, not sure if this would work for you or not, but that's what worked for me.

Chasing the money or not?

>>>Chasing the money or not?

>>>I always had a gift for writing (though English is not my native language). As a kid, I wrote thousand essays, stories, poems and even a book.

>>>I went through some trauma stuff that I was putting on paper while I was going through it. A couple of weeks ago I felt a sudden urge to share it with the world so that maybe I can help to some people going through same stuff.

>>>I shared the idea with some people close to me and they said that I should make money off it. So basically they want me to word it a bit differently than it actually happened and market it to a specific niche that will pay.

>>>Now, the niche I would write to won't make me money since I never wanted to monetize it from people that are going through it, but if I use the trauma stuff and word it differently (in a way that trauma actually was never real), I would make money of a different niche (trauma free-normal people).

>>>What should I do? I would not even think about the money if I wasn't broke. But I am.

>>I did this and I am now on my third book. I used my trauma and wrote about it and I have made money off it. But this is coming from a person who didn't sugar coat my experience. I felt if I skipped part, it wouldn't allow me to heal completely because I wasn't telling the full truth. 

Same. I write about what happened to my family (my children were murdered) and I don't sugar coat it, I don't pander to the people who can't stomach the reality of what happened to my family, and I rewrite it over and over and over. Several books now. And for the same reason as the above user says: If I left anything out or tried to sugar coat it, I feel like I would be doing my children's memory and injustice. The killers didn't sugar coat how they killed my children, so why should I sugar coat it for readers?

I fully believe survivors should be allowed to write EVERY DETAIL of what happened to them. Don't let people pressure you into changes your book, just because they don't have the balls to stomach your experiences.

I question the motives of anyone telling you to NOT be heard. What was THEIR involvement in the crime? Why are THEY so desperate to silence you? No one who was NOT INVOLVED in the crime, has any reason to try to silence you. Remember that.

Should I Write Pornography to Build Discipline?

>What I came up with: smut. I don’t want to write it, but it’s easy and if you have a feel for rhythm and tension, you could probably write steamy stuff just fine. The point is this, the work isn’t difficult, but it’s a lot to tackle.

There are millions of Erotica authors who would be screaming and ripping there hair out if they read this.

>What I came up with: smut. 

Are you sure you aren't just distracted? NEEDED to watch PornHub for a few hours is quite different than actually making a career of writing Porn.

>I don’t want to write it, 

Why would you even consider writing something you don't what to write?

There are millions of dime a dozen Erotica authors who didn't' want to, and guess what? It shows. Their stories are craptastic garbage they can't even give away for free. Their characters are flat, their plots are dull, and their stories are just sex on the page for the sake of sex on a page. It's boring to read and you can tell they don't read the genre and think smut = endless sex. They don't have a clue what readers want because they are not readers of the genre themselves. They are just scam artist charlatans who think if you put enough sex on the page people will mindlessly throw money at them. They think Erotica readers are just dum, stupid, welfare bum high school dropouts who throw money at every sex object they see. And guess what: readers can see right through that scam. Readers can tell the writer thinks they are too stupid to know good writing. Readers don't like that kind of arrogant holier than thou author who writes sex because sex readers are stupid sheep who'll buy anything. These writers think they can write any shit on the page and get away with it because they think readers of sex are just worthless gutter scum trash. Writers like this are deplorable. We go enough writers like this flooding the industry already, we don't need more.

Look at the top writers in the industry. They LOVE what they do. They have a passion for what they write. They ENJOY what they write. They LOVE the fan base. They are RABID READERS of their genre, not just writers. They love what they do, and it shows. Their work glows with vibrate realistic characters and enticing thought provoking plots, that are driven by far more than just sex slapped on a page. These writers know readers are looking for art. These writers treated their readers with respect. They don't treat their readers like mindless sex crazed sheep who aren't worthy of good quality books. These authors know readers are intelligent people who deserve to be treated as equals and not kicked into the gutter just because they read sex. Writers who treat readers with respect are rare in the smut industry and we need more of them.

>but it’s easy 

And by what logic do you think this?

Go have sex and then describe it. Go on. Try. See what you come up with. Insert A into B and shake with C and get D... blah, blah, blah... dull, dry, boooooOOOOoooring. No one wants to read tab A to slot B sex scenes, but that's what 99.99% of clueless newbs write and than run crying to the Erotica forums all boo-hoo "No one buys my smut, I can't understand why! It's so eaaaasy to write! Look I wrote 5 a day every day this month!" Why? Because you write like a robot without any feelings or emotions, there are no sensory words, no flaming passion, just A + B = C text book sex.

There's a lot more to smut then sex, and there's a lot more to sex scenes than Biology class instructions. Few newbs know that and that's why there is so much utter garbage in the genre.

You want to give your readers mind blowing orgasms, well, first you have to give them a character they feel attracted to, than you have to give that character emotions the reader empathizes with, than you have to build tension with conflict, then you build erotic desires with sensory words, colour psychology, and subliminal messaging. By this point your reader has already had their mind blowing orgasm ad you don't even need to write the sex scene. 

Yeah. You do know that some of the Erotica that is widly regarded as the best smut ever written contains ZERO sex scenes right? If you didn't know that, than you just might be someone who doesn't read Erotica. Smut does not require sex scenes to evoke sexual desires, lustful feelings, and mind blowing orgams in your readers.

But writing sexless Erotica that DOES evoke sexual desires, lustful feelings, and mind blowing orgams in your readers, is not easy to do and is an art that takes years of practice writing hundreds and hundreds d stories before you'll perfect it.

Good smut, like any other genre, isn't a talent that happens over night. It's not easy. And it's emotionally draining.

Smut is not easy to write and anyone who thinks it is has never tried writing it.

The proof of how difficult smut is the write, can be seen in the dung filled heaping piles of crap that readers have to wade through to find the actually GOOD and well written smut.

If smut was easy to write, bad porn wouldn't exist.

Bad Porn is a dime a dozen, and those authors can't give their stuff away from free half the time.

I can sell a short story for $7.99 and a novel for $14.99 (that's how I price my work on Amazon) and people buy it. Why? Because I'm good. I'm damned good. And people are willing to pay for good writing. My readers know I put out quality. I have a whole crew of editors and cover artists that I have on my staff - yes, I have a staff, because this is a full time job for me. I'm not slapping crappy writing, flat characters, unedited text, bad formatting, craptastic covers, up on Kindle and wondering why they don't sell at even .99c. I'm putting out high quality work with pro editing, pro formatting, pro covers, and I spend 2 or 3 years on each novel, rewriting and revising, fleshing out well loved characters and giving them meaningful stories. I couldn't charge the prices I do if it was bad, because no one would buy it if I did.

I'm one of the world's top selling Monster Porn authors for a reason: I take my job very seriously, I love my characters, I love my readers, I respect my readers and think they deserve top quality work, not shittashist dime a dozen crap they can read for free on LitErotica.

Sure, writing crap is easy. Sure writing flat Mary Sues is easy. Sure plotless drivel that is nothing one sex scene after another is easy.

But bad writing is still bad writing and it not only won't sell, it also won't teach you how to improve your writing skills.

Writing crap is easy in EVERY genre.

Writing quality is difficult hard work in EVERY genre, even smut. But ask any smut writer and every one of them will tell you it's the hardest genre they ever tried to write.

>and if you have a feel for rhythm and tension, you could probably write steamy stuff just fine. 

Really? What experience do you have in the adult entertainment industry?

You want to know my job before I was a writer? No. You don't. But there's a reason I write what I write so very well: it's called I write what I know. Do you KNOW the fetishes? As in, has you ever done them, lived them, made a full time career doing them? If you haven't, you'll find those fetishes VERY difficult to write with any level of believably.

Now tell me what you know about subliminal messaging? Did you know some of the words best written Erotica contains ZERO sex scenes? And relies fully on the inclusion of carefully places sensory words, used to trick the reader's brain into trigger certain emotions, causing the reader to THINK they read a sex scene, even though the scene was nothing but a shoe salesman describing a shoe? Can you wield sensory words on that kind of level? Mos people can't and it's a skill that takes even the best writers decades to perfect.

Newsflash: sex does NOT = steamy stuff. That's the tar pit of doom that most newbs in Erotica fall into and never climb back out of.

Sex is dull.

Sex is boring.

You want to read sex, go read a Biology textbook, that's going to be more interesting than 90% of the smut written these days.

And after you've written 10 sex scenes back to back, you'll never want to see anything to do with sex ever again.

Most who jump into writing smut, thinking it's easy, quite in under 6 months, once they are faced with the reality that this is the HARDEST genre to succeed in, because it's the MOST DIFFICULT to write with any level of quality.

Most Erotica writers rely fully on being able to publish no fewer than 3 fully unedited short stories of 10k words each, EVERY WEEK, and burn out after just a few weeks of that grind. 

>The point is this, the work isn’t difficult, 

Yeah, tell that of the millions of smut authors before you who quite after 6 months of weekly releases. The biggest sellers spend years crafting each novel to perfection, that's why they become bestsellers - because they mastered good grammar, good editing, good plots, good characters, and gained a reputation with readers for being one of the few Erotica authors who actually CARES about putting out quality.

>but it’s a lot to tackle.

You can say that again. Are you sure you are even remotely aware of how much it is though?

I write Monster Porn, a genre that most people think of as sex, sex, sex, and more sex, and yet, in 138 novels and 2,000+ short stories published in the genre, I had yet to write a sex scene.

Interestingly, I'm one of the top 3 selling Monster Porn authors and the reason reviewers give for liking mine over the million and one other Monster Porn authors: I focus on character emotions and not sex. They say mine is better because of the LACK of sex, which they say is very difficult to find in the Monster Porn genre. Half my reviews read "Best Erotica I ever read!" in spite of their being no sex, no erotic scenes, no nudity, no sex play, NOTHING that is in any way, shape, or form related to sex at all, ever appears in the stories. And yet "Best Erotica I ever read!" is the most common review I get across all of them.


Well, one only has to read the reviews to find out. Reviewers are quick to point out they get tired of Monster Porn being endless gratuitous sex for the sake of sexual gratification, and that my 100% sex free Monster Porn is breath of fresh air to them. They say they started reading Monster Porn looking for the sex, sure, but after a while it became monotonous. Flat characters, Mary Sues. Unbelievable situations because all plot points were only there to lead to a sex scene. The major complaint in Monster Porn is that most of it it just standard PornHub sex scenes described, and there is no story. And THIS is where reviewers say mine stands out: Why? Because it's one character, just one... the monster no less (no the Human is NOT the MC in mine, the MONSTER is the MC)... it's one character, with LOTS of stories told about him. Told from his point of view. Told from the point of view of a monster who is sick and tired, fed up with and disgusted with being seen as a sex object. He hates how horney female Humans constantly throw themselves at him. You see the Monster's PoV as he watches sex crazed Humans make fools of themselves chasing after him. This ain't a sex crazed monster chasing innocent woman like you normally see in Monster Porn.

The other trend in Monster Porn is to write lots of stories about lots of MCs. A new MC every story/novella/novel. Even Virginia Wade's Cum 4 Bigfoot, doesn't follow the same MC through the entire 16 volume series. MC Porsche sticks around for the first 3 volumes than, a whole new cast of lost camp girls is brought in... each time, for each volume of the rest of the series. And this is a big complaint readers had with her series and why it abruptly ended after 16 volumes. Readers wanted Porsche back. They wanted to know what her life was like now, was se still popping out Bigfoot babies every spring? What happened with the hunter, were they still trying to chase her cryptiod husband? What happened to the scientists and the animal test labs that were putting mega big prices on Bigfoot's head? The series started out with an amazing story, following the life of a girl kidnapped by Bigfoot, forced to be his wife, becoming the mother of his children, than rescued by big game hunters, only to fight her way back to the forest and duke it out with big-corp pharmacy scientists trying to use Bigfoot DNA to make pills. The story was amazing and contained only 3 sex scenes - one each volume. Than the author switched gears to writing Bigfoot tribes showing up at random each volume and the final 13 volumes were rando Sasquatches having endless rando orgies with endless rando camp girls. And readers didn't care anymore. Readers stopped buying. Why? The beauty of Cum 4 Bigfoot was that it HAD A STORY and DID NOT RELY ON SEX to move the plot. And when the later volumes left story behind in favor of sex, well, readers stopped reading. 

Too many on page sex scenes, adding for no reason other than to fill up pages, killed the the most iconic and beloved Monster Porn franchise the world ever knew. The first 3 volumes of Cum 4 Bigfoot are still major bestsellers today nearly 2 decades after it's release, but the last 13 volumes, rarely get a sale at all. And story vs sex scene is why. The story was so good, and it wasn't flooded with on page sex, then the books were just endless sex with no stories and readers went "eh, I don't like it any more".

There is a lesson to be learned here: sex sells... ONLY to newbie virgins who've never had sex and want to read sex to make up for lost experience. Sex doesn't sell long term. Sex sells to newbie virgins, but those newbie virgins get bored with sex after a few months. So unlike other genres where you gain die-hard fans who read everything you write, in Erotica, you get a new round of new readers every 3 or 4 months, who rabidly read a lot for a few weeks, than decide sex is boring and stop reading sex. It's never long term fan base when you rely on sex to grab readers. Fans reading you today are not the same fans reading you a year from now.

This is something a lot of Erotica authors don't talk about, but they should. You hear so many Erotica authors say they quit because of burnout, but they never say what that means.

For most authors, a returning fan base is what keeps them going. Look at Harry Potter. The readers returned because they loved Harry Potter and wanted to read more stories about him. And JKR ended the series, and wrote 2 other series not related to HP and both flopped big time barely able to sell a copy, so she started writing HP spin off stuff instead, because, her fans were devoted to Harry not Harry's author. JKR COULD have marketed out to find new readers for her new series, but, that's not easy for any author. She learned FAST that fans didn't give a rats ass about her as a writer, they only cared about Harry Potter. Her fans were NOT HERS, they were Harry's and they were not willing to leave Harry behind to follow JKR to a new series about new characters. And try as she did, she just couldn't build a second fan base for her second series. She learned the hard way, fans don't give 2 shits about the author and WILL NOT follow the author to every book they write.

Stephen King is an extreme exception. Stephen King is unique. Stephen King is an author beloved by his fans, because they love the author. So Stephen King's fans follow him to every series, every franchise he writes no matter what it is. And this is a luxury, that Stephen King alone has. JKRowling discovered this when she ended Harry Potter. She thought she was like Stephen King. She thought her fans were fans of HER the author and boy was she wrong. And sooner or later, every author who makes it big is going to be faced with this reality. You either stick to writing one character forever, or you sink to the bottom when you write a new series.

What's this have to do with writing Porn? Erotica author burnout is a thing. Google it. How many Erotica authors churned out 30 to 50 novellas a year for 2 or 3 years only to quit and never write again? Tens of thousands. Start looking for them on Amazon and Smashwords and you'll find them fast. Millions of short Erotica novella, each with an author with a backlog of 100 to 300 all published in 2 or 3 years time. Dead. Sales flat lined, sunk to the bottom.

What happened? It's usually easy to find out, simply by searching the author name and looking for their blog or Twitter and just reading the final posts/tweets now years old... every Erotica author, it's always the same, they ALL say something like: "I can't keep up, the reader shift is too hard, trying to stay on top of market fluctuations is too stressful, Erotica readers don't stick around, I've no die hard fans that come back for more, I'm constantly having to build a new fanbase every 3 months, I can't take this any more, I'm burned out, and I'm sick of writing sex, there are just so many times you can write sex, there are no loyal fans to keep me motivated, I've have it, I quit!"

Thousands upon thousand of Erotica authors end their careers like this, usually less than 2 years after they started. Why?

The fanbase. The bulk of Erotica readers are horney young virgins who stop reading Erotica once they start having sex in real life. They don't remember the author names, they read every sex story they could get their hands on regardless of theme or topic or author. Devotion to no one. Loyal to no author. Fan of no one character. They dumped hundreds of dollars into buying $1 Erotica shorts on Kindle, than they had sex in real life and, stopped reading Erotica.

Unlike Stephen King who has fans who've been reading his work for 40+ years now, no Erotica author is ever going to see a fan after 3 months, 6 months tops if you are lucky. This means Erotica authors can't sit back and wait for sales to roll in on their backlog. They MUST have a new release EVERY WEEK if they want to see new sales.  Miss a single week and they are knocked off the new release list on Amazon and sink fast to the bottom, never to reach the top again. Why? Because no Erotica author has any true fans.

Look up the concept of "100 True Fans" there are lots of articles about how for any business to succeed that business MUST have 100 True Fans who come back every week and buy every product you make. This applies to soda bottlers, silk weavers, watercolour painters, dog groomers, and every other business out there, not just writers. If you do not gain 100 true fans, you'll not survive in your industry no matter what it is.

And THIS is why so many Porn writers quite within 3 years of starting. Because Porn is not a place readers stick around long and so it's next to impossibly to gain those 100 true fans. Porn authors have to be constantly marketing. They never reach a point of having a steady fan base coming back for more, so they can never stop marketing, and the marketing grind in the adult entertainment industry is FIERCE. You are battling it out against millions of Porn writers and Porn videos and trying to gain even one sale is not easy just because there are so many millions of competitors out there.

Well, in the Porn writing industry, you have to be constantly fighting the market, constantly bring in new readers, because reader turn over is HUGE. This means that Porn is the easiest place to get a quick sale, BUT it's the hardest place to gain a fan base or make a full time income. You'll earn one dollar here and one dollar there, because there are millions of stories to choose from.

If you want to rise to the top and do Porn writing full time, you NEED a niche, a niche so obscure, so unique, that you can corner the market on it because you are the ONLY author who writes that niche. That's what I did.

I succeed where many others failed, because I cornered the Brony market before Bronies even existed, and so when Bronies his PornHub looking for My Little Pony Porn, what did they find? Me. And ONLY me. For years, everyone said I was crazy writing Unicorn Porn, there was no market in it, no one wants it. But I kept on writing it. For 20 years, than the early 2000s My Little Pony craze hits and what happens to my 20 years of Unicorn Porn that was the laughing stock of the Erotica industry? It sold 57 million copies in barely a week. Yep, that's the power of cornering a market and being literally the ONLY author of your niche, and doing it for years because you LOVE doing it. 

I didn't write Unicorn Porn to cater to the Bronies because My Little Pony was invented in 1981 and my first Unicorn Porn was published in 1978, and the Bronies didn't exist until 2009. I'd been writing it for nigh on 30 years before the Brony crazy hit, and readers went looking for Unicorn porn to read and found me the only author of it.

You can't do that today though. Thousands of Unicorn Porn authors are out there now, since the Brony craze hit, and none of them can duplicate my success because I didn't follow a trend, I just passionately wrote what I loved and was already there when the fandom rolled in looking for it.

But than, why do my fans stick around and come back for more, while other Porn writers can't keep a fan base longer than the 3 month rotation of constantly shifting fans?

Oh, that's easy to answer. It's all about the sex vs the characters.

**One: I write only one character.** The series of 138 novels and 2,000+ short stories is ALL the exact same MC every time. AND, none of the stories connect or continue. There is no chronology, so you can pick up any story and read it first. The series is not one long continuing story, so you do not have to read multiple books. Each story is a fully complete stand alone story. This means readers get a complete beginning middle and end, without having to wait for the next volume. There are no Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. Each story stands on it's own without you ever needing to read any other story. Same as how the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys series are written.

**Two: There is no sex.** Yes. You read that correctly. I don't write sex. There are no sex scenes. Let me repeat this: There is no sex. The series of 138 novels and 2,000+ short stories AND there is no sex scenes in any of them. 

I write Porn by the ACTUAL DICTIONARY DEFINITION of the word. "An obsession with a single object;; for example food porn is a collection of photos of food." Contrary to the illiterate sex crazed mentality of how most people use the word porn, the word porn does NOT mean sex, does NOT imply sex, and actually has nothing to do with sex at all. 

This is the difference between writing Porn and writing Erotica.

Erotica requires sex. Porn does not.

Monster Erotica is a sub genre inside of the Monster Porn Genre. Monster Porn is stories about a character who is obsessed with monsters. Monster Erotica is stories about sex with monsters.

And THIS is where I stand out and rise to the top, keeping my fan base coming back for years, while Erotica authors can't hold onto a fan for more than 3 months. You see, while other authors write sex, sex. sex. sx. sex. sex. sex. sex. sex. and more sex. I write the life of one character and never once show him having sex. So while readers get bored with endless sex other Monster Porn authors write, my readers get hung up on the inner emotional turmoil of my monster MC struggling to live in Human society.

Most Monster Porn is under 50 pages long and contains on average 7 sex scenes. That's the standard formula most Monster Porn writers write too. Most are under 10,000 words, max, and fit 7 sex scenes in those 10k words.

My Monster Porn novels are 400 to 500 pages long and 100% sex-free, ZERO sex scenes. My short stories run from 10 pages to 75 pages and again 100% ZERO sex scenes. My shortest novel is 115k the longest 230k and there is sex no where. The short stories are rarely under 35k words most are 60k to 75k words... and yes, I count everything under 75k a short story, not long enough to be called a novel.

The thing of it is, my readers don't get bored from endless mind numbing sex, because there is no sex at all. The characters do have sex, that is understood, but, it's not on page and it's not even faded to black. You'll see characters doting on each other, you'll see characters hug, you'll see characters kiss. Then the next scene is the next day. It didn't even say: "They went to the bedroom", it just abruptly stopped while they were still eating dinner. Moving on to the next event. It's not even implied that sex happened and it is fully left up to the reader to decide if sex occurred somewhere back there or not.

You see the characters living their lives - the monster and the MC, living normal, everyday lives, and that's it. The reader is aware they live together. The reader is aware they sleep together in the same bed. You'll see the bedroom at some point and know it's the only bedroom they have, you'll see there is only one bed, so the reader knows they are sleeping together without explicitly being told this. But these things - the bed, the room - are just there. Sex never happens during the course of the story.

So, yeah, you can describe as little or as much detail of sex as you want, or, just not describe it at all. Ever. Just let the reader put sex into the places the reader THINKS sex should have happened.

And I get mixed reviews because of it too. You'll see a review say "The sex scenes are the best sex I ever read!" and  comment under it raging mad, demanding: "What do you mean? here is no sex in this fucking book!" With the OP replying: "Sure there is, they had sex after dinner, don't you remember?" And the commentator will be: "You're fucking crazy, the scene ended and went to the next day, SEX NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!" and the OP will responded: "Gee, you're right. I just reread it. There isn't a single sex scene in the book. I don't understand, I thought sure there was at least 10 graphically detailed on page sex scenes. I was so sure of it. They were so vivid too! Damn, how did I imagine so much sex in this book when there isn't even a single sex scene?"

Why was so many of my reviewers s certain they read a sex scene when there wasn't once single sex scene in any of the books?

It's called sensory words. I make sure there are no fewer than 50 vivid sensory words on every page, and I fill the scene with heady, seething emotions... it ends up tricking the reader into IMAGINING that sex happened, because they WANTED sex to happen just then. Correctly placed sensory emotion triggering words, goes a long way towards triggering reader imagination and make the reader THINK they read a hot and heavy sex scene, when in fact, it was just their own brain imagining a sex scene because of the subliminal messaging caused by the use of sensory words. My skill at sensory words has readers having orgasms, without them reading any sex scenes at all. And that's why there exists Porn without sex scenes that gets called "The best erotica ever!"

But that's not any easy skill to master. It takes years of researching subliminal messaging, advertising, marketing, colour psychology, word psychology... I went to college to learn this stuff, because I believed in the power of evoking emotions through words. That's why I have a degree in Psychology and Small Business Management. I qualify to open a psychology office and treat people. I have a degree for that. But that's not why I got those 2 degrees. No. I got both of those degrees so that I would have access to studying how the human brain reacts to various words, colours, and phrases. I spent 12 years in college studying that. 

I didn't learn to write this way overnight or by hacking out endless smut.


I learned the actual science behind writing sensory words, in ways so powerful, that I now can write 100% sex free smut and get reviews saying "Best Erotica Ever!".

And guess what else? I publish on average 2million words a year, without ever once describing body parts. I don't describe faces, boobs, vaginas, testicles, penises, nothing. The MC has 12 foot long hair, that's described every chapter.

Why? Because there is absolutely no reason to describe the characters. Their bodies are NOT the story's focus and it does not serve the plot to detail them out.

On the other hand is IS important for the reader to know that the MC has 12 foot long white hair that he won't let anyone touch and keeps hidden under a veil, because eventually the story reaches a point where someone DOES see the hair up close, just before the "hair" is now revealed to not be hair at all, but is actually the tentacles of a Portuguese Man o War JellyFish, and the revelation comes as the character who discovered this is strangled and stung to death by said 12 foot long hair-like tentacles. And at this point the reader now understands WHY this one character and this one character ONLY had a description of what he looked like, and WHY the description focused so much on the hair and not much else. Because his hair turned out to be a pivotal plot point as well as a deadly weapon. The reader also now understands WHY absolute ZERO other characters had any hairstyles described at all. Why? Because not one of them had hair that was important to the plot, so there was no reason to describe them.

Erotica can exists without bouncing boobs or erect penises. Did you even know that?

When you run to write smut, what will you write? 

Who are your characters?

What are their lives like? 

Where do they live?

How do they live?

What are their careers? Pets? Hobbies? Likes? Dislikes?

Who are their friends?

What do they talk about?

What do they feel?

Did you know Erotica, Smut, Porn, are NOT about sex? 

Readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn, don't want sex. 

They want the Human connection. 

They want feelings. Emotions. Sensations.

And if you were an active reader of good quality Erotica, Smut, and Porn, you'd know that.

The problem is when CHILDREN try to pretend they are adults and THINK they know what Erotica, Smut, and Porn is, and THINK that Erotica, Smut, and Porn are nothing but none stop sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

You can tell the 12 year old pretending to be adults, from the actual adults, by HOW they write Erotica, Smut, and Porn. Children write insert tab A into slot B sex scenes back to back and try to pass it off as Erotica, Smut, and Porn and than they wonder why no one buys it, no one reads it.


Because they didn't know the audience.

You want to write Slash fiction for 12 year olds, go to FanFiction dot net.

You want to write REAL Smut for REAL adults, try buying some actual Erotica and reading it first. Not the dime a dozen short stories on Kindle, no, REAL Erotica novels, published by REALK publishers - Like Harlequin. Yeah, they publish Erotica. Not just Romance, but Erotica too. Try reading REAL Erotica, written REAL adults, published by REAL publisher. You'll see a difference. You'll see a BIG difference. And then you'll understand what readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn ACTUALLY want and WHY the millions of Erotica shorts on Kindle, sit unsold.

The millions of unsold Erotica shorts on Kindle, are written by people like you. People who didn't want to write Erotica, but for some reason they got it in their heads that they had to. They didn't know the ACTUAL genre, because they never read it. They INCORRECTLY ASSUMED that it was nothing but back to back sex, so they wrote back to back sex, and were left wondering what they did wrong, why no one wanted to buy what they wrote.

Erotica, Smut, and Porn are classy. Sexy. Sensual. Full of emotion. And more than half of the ones reviewed as high quality and the best ever, don't even contain sex scenes.

What happened? What did the millions of unsold Kindle Erotica shorts author do wrong? They didn't do their research. They ASSUMED Erotica, Smut, and Porn were one thing, not knowing Erotica, Smut, and Porn was something else entirely. They didn't bother to read any professional published Erotica, Smut, and Porn. They thought, they didn't need to. They thought writing sex on the page was enough, was all they had to do.

They existed in a vacuum.

Without reading the pro pubbed Erotic Lit, they were left to imagine what Erotica, Smut, and Porn must be, might be, without ever picking any up to find out what it actually was.

Now we have Amazon flooded with millions of 10 page sex scenes that one is interested in buying or reading, because millions of immature, children, often teens or children themselves, authors who who laughed and mocked readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn and say "Haha! I can write sex. that's easy! I'll be a millionaire by the end of the week, because to retarded stupid ass rubes will buy anything with sex in it! Haha!"

What happened? The readers were not as retarded or stupid as the would be millionaires of Kindle Erotica thought.

The fact remains the average reader of Erotica, Smut, and Porn are elderly women 70 to 90 years old. Not teenagers. Not college students. Elderly women make up 73% of all the world's readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn and they have ZERO interest in reading about horeny 18 year olds doing sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex.

You know what else?

The top selling Erotica, isn't focused on FEMALE characters shaking their boobs around. Nope. The top selling Erotica, Smut, and Porn features MALE main characters.


The most die hard readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn are NOT teenage boys looking for boobs, they are elderly women looking for middles hot, gorgeous men.

This is called knowing your audience.

Look at 50 Shades of Grey.

Why did it sell so much?

It wasn't because Anna's inner goddess was jumping stars and stripes red white and blue jumping jacks, that's for sure. Every reader of that book would like to strangle Anna's fucking psychotic inner goddess.

No, it was Christian, his grey suits, his grey eyes, his grey hair... Christian was so gorgeous we readers could ignore him throwing bloody tampons across the room.

Readers ignored a lot. Like his abuse, his violence, his temper, his beating up a pregnant women... Christian was a craptastic piece of shit, but he was gorgeous. And full of raw emotion. Sensory details. Subliminal messaging, advertising, marketing, colour psychology, word psychology... all woven into the words describing this horrible man whom no real woman would get near, but the words, were so emotional, so full of passion, that that Book outsold the Bible AND Harry Potter combined.

And yet there is almost no sex in 50 Shades of Grey.

ELJames may have poor skills elsewhere in her writing, but she wrote Christian with such a deep, burning passion, that readers could feel it. She loved the character she wrote. So much so, that she's now published 6 books about him. And she no longer writes the books from Anna's point of view, No. Christian is the main PoV character now, and her fans love that.

And 50 Shades of Grey, a book with almost no sex in it, is 300+ pages of emotional inner turmoil, as the character talks about their life, their hopes, their dreams, and the reader feels empathy, because the reader knows what it is like to be stuck in a dead end job, to be abused as a child by a bastard adult. Readers connect and identify with Anna and Christian both on deep emotional levels.

And all the millions of Kindle Erotica writers who flooded Amazon after the success of 50 Shades, and couldn't sell a single book, and sat there wondering why... maybe they should have tried READING 50 Shades of Grey instead of trying to milk a cash cow, they didn't understand.

For every 100 pages of raw dripping emotion in 50 Shades of Grey, there are only 5 pages of sex scenes.

50 Shades doesn't focus on sex, it focuses on emotion.

And the writers trying to cash in on writing Erotica, missed the boat big time, when they pounded out 10 page shorts full of 7 pages of sex.

No one wanted it.


People don't read 50 Shades for the sex. They read it for the deep,, dark, depth of emo despair, that the morbidly depressed Christian lives in. Women felt sorry for him, wanted to hug him, comfort him, dry his tears.

The failed Erotica authors of Kindle would have KNOW what ELJames knew, they they, like she, had been avid readers of Erotica, Smut, and Porn. ELJames knew Erotica, Smut, and Porn was about feeling emotion, NOT about writing sex. She didn't exist in a vacuum. She read the genre. She knew the genre. She knew what readers wanted. She knew readers were honery teen boys, but rather mature adult women. She knew readers were not looking for bouncing boobs, erect penises and non-stop sex. She knew older women were the primary readers and they wanted a gorgeous middle aged man, with broken emotions, in need of a shoulder to cry on and mommy figure cougar to tell him everything was okay.

You don't learn skills in a vacuum.

You don't learn genre in a vacuum.

You don't learn what readers want in a vacuum.

You don't learn discipline in a vacuum.

You don't become a better writer in a vacuum.

If you just write and write and write, all you do is teach yourself the skill of writing the same errors over and over. You'll never become better in a self contained vacuum. You NEED training if you are to become good at anything. Not just writing. Anything.

I think lot of smut writers would have a lot less heartache, if they just stepped back and took a reality check before they started. They just don't realize that writing is a JOB and a CAREER and that means, yeah, writing is work and it takes practice and skill to learn and master it, and that's never easy in any career. Yes, even writing smut.

They need to try to look at it like football: the 5 year old tossing a ball around with his daddy in the park is having loads of fun, but he''s ain't going to win the Super Bowl tomorrow. If he wants to win the Super Bowl, he has to spend years, decades, practising, even when it's hard, even when he wants to give up, even though he knows there are millions of other little boys also competing to reach the Super Bowl.

The difference between the boy who never does anything but toss a ball in the park from the boy who grows up to win the Super Bowl, is the same difference between the person who hashes out mindless sex because it's "easy" and Vagina Wade who makes $30k a week off Cum 4 Bigfoot.

You need to have a passion for smut if you want to make a career out of it.

>Should I Write Pornography to Build Discipline?

You know what.

I used to be like you.

I had no discipline to write. I couldn't finish a novel. I suffered from serious "ooooh shiny" syndrome. I had too many story ideas and not enough characters I was in love with. 50 years ago, was, that as a teenager I was like a hyperactive golden retriever trying to chase every squirrel in the park all at once, and ending up catching nothing. Whereas today as an elderly granny, I sit back like an old alley cat watching all the squirrels scamper by, patiently waiting for the one I know I can snag.

I one day realized I couldn't stop starting new things and I never finished them. It was a big problem for me.

I figured out the problem one day: I was trying to write for the market. I wasted time trying to come up with characters and plots that readers would want.

I was looking at writing all wrong.

I was focused on: "What's the trend?" What market sells good? And trying to write to those.

I was trying to write a lot of YA back than, so creating teen characters and trying to write teen plots.

But guess what? I don't read YA. I don't even like YA. But here I was trying to write it because that's what people were saying was hot. I hated this genre, I didn't want to write this genre, but I was trying to force myself to write it anyways because that's what everyone said I SHOULD be writing.

I wasn’t passionate about this idea or that idea, I just felt “Hey, that’s a good idea, readers will like that” but I never felt “OMG! I LOVE this idea!”

And I also I wasn’t passionate about this character or that character, I just felt “Hey, that’s a good character, readers will like this” but I never felt “OMG! I LOVE this character, I’d marry him!”

And that turned out to be the source of my problem.

How did I fix it?

One day I realized I didn’t want to write about rando ass teen characters for rando ass teen story ideas, that’s why I couldn’t finish any of them. Instead, I wanted to write stories about a cartoon character. So, I stopped all of it. I stopped creating new crews of characters and I went off screaming fangirl crazy writing fanfiction about a cartoon character I loved. After each new episode, I wrote a new story based on it. And then one day, the author of the character ended the series, and suddenly I had no more new episodes to write fanfiction for. And after writing lots and lots of short stories about this character, it left me asking, well that’s over, there’s no more episodes for me to write about, now what should I write?

I went back to my old 3-ring binders full of character profiles and just started reading what I had written. Laughing at how foolish most of it was, and noticed a trend:

I like Furries. 

Wait... I like furries? Really? Do I?

Looks up at my racks and racks and racks of My Little Pony and Baeyer Horses and Barbie Horses... no, I don't just like furies... I like unicorns.

Wait... wasn’t the cartoon character I was fanficing a shape shifting dog demon? Yes, he was. He most certainly was. 

Wait, that other guy I like. He’s a wolf shifter. 

Oh, and the eagle shifter. 

But wait, what about those squid headed guys I love in dungeons and dragons? 

And, and... looks at all the jellyfish... blown glass jellyfish, stuffed animal jellyfish, crystal balls with jellyfish inside them... wait... you know really like jellyfish a lot don't I? My whole house is like a jellyfish museum I collect so many of them. 

My brain suddenly went: "I wish there was a story about a jellyfish man. Why isn't there a story about a jellyfish man? I'd read the hell out of that... wait... why don't I write the story I ant to read?"


There it is.

I was trying to write what I SHOULD write because the market said this sells or that sells, but what I REALLY WANTED to write was a jellyfish man.

I love monster men who are half animal. I wish there was a man who was half jellyfish. That was the thought process.

The answer was staring me in the face for years, and I never saw it: the genre didn’t have a name back than when I started writing it, but it does today: Monster Porn. 

So, I took my favourite animals: JellyFish, Eels, Eagles, Unicorns, Cotswold Sheep, Shetland Ponies, and Bobcats, and I created a shifter-man for each one. And for the first time, I was creating character profiles that were actually fleshed out with detailed backstories and not just rando lists of fave colours and fave ice-cream.

Before I knew it, I had a backstory about a water world, whose sun exploded, and the sea creatures had enough time to get on space ships and try to find a new place to live. A crew of JellyFish, Squid, Octopus, Eels, and Cuttlefish landed on Earth, and used magic to shift into Human forms and look for mates. Yeah, it went full on sex with jellyfish tentacle monsters. And I had a blast writing it and OMG! I actually reached the end of a novel, for the first time.


What changed?

It was quite simple: I fell in love with a man who is actually a jellyfish. Yep. There it is. And because I loved that character, I could just write and write and write and write and write, his entire story, without one single rando stray idea popping up and interrupting me. One chapter, two chapters, all the way to the end, without the onslaught of new ideas popping up and getting in the way. Simply because I was so entranced by this guy that I wanted to know how will it end?

It was like I was the reader, reading it, as I wrote it. I had no clue where the story was going to go. What was going to happen. No plan, no plot, no outline. This was all new ground for me. Previously, I plotted and outlined the hell out of ideas. Now, I was typing blind, with no idea what was going to happen or how the story would end.

And the thrill, the amazement, I felt from FINALLY finishing a full novel (it ended at 73k words) was just mind blowing for me.

And here’s where the revelation happened about: I had too many story ideas and not enough characters I was in love with.

When I got to the end of writing this completely bizarre off the wall story of the JellyFish-man, I was sad. OMG! I was so sad. It was over. And I didn’t want it to be. I loved this guy, and I wanted to read another story about him. But I had created him and this was the only story I had written about him, so there were no more stories about him.

If I wanted to read another story about my beloved JellyFish, I was going to have to write it.

And so, I went back to all those novels I had started and never finished, 1 chapter here, 2 chapters there, and read them, this time, with a new eye, this time, asking myself: What would happen if I took my JellyFish man and dropped him into this story idea? Let’s find out. Let’s take this old idea I never finished, and let’s start writing it again, this time, with the JellyFish as the main character. What would HE do in this story?

And what become of that?

In 1978, I published my first novel, and today, 43 years and 138 published novels and 2,000+ short stories about the JellyFish man later, I’m still writing it, and obviously I now finish the stories, otherwise I couldn’t have published 138 novels about this one character. The novels do not continue, there is no Part 1 continues to Part 2 and so on. Each story is full and complete standalone novel that you can read, without reading none of the others.

The solution was: I found my passion. And my passion is that one character. Him and him alone. And I love to write new stories about him. 

>Should I Write Pornography to Build Discipline?

Is pornography your passion? You're ultimate dream job? The thing you'd do even if you never get paid for it?

Than yes.

Write lots of porn.


Because you are passionate about it.

Because you love it.

Because you couldn't imagine writing anything else.

Because you WANT to write it everyday for years on end and have no desire to write anything else.

If you love it, your discipline to write it is a joy to experience.

If you couldn't imagine writing anything else, your discipline to write it feels fun, not like homework, not a chore.

If you WANT to write it everyday for years on end and have no desire to write anything else, your discipline to write is second nature to you and you don't get bored with doing it.

If you don't LOVE what you write, you'll never become disciplined to write.

The secret to learning writing discipline is to write something you enjoy writing, until the habit of writing because so easy, you can write less fun things easily as well.

I write what I write, because I love what I write.

I didn't gain a discipline to write because I wrote porn.

I gained a discipline to write because I felt empathy to the main character who was trapped on Earth and forced to live in a culture he didn't understand, being sexualised by rape minded Humans who wouldn't stop sexualizing him. I wrote from experience of being an Asian women who used to be a professional Geisha from the time I was 8 years old, with no choice in the matter because my uncles thought "sex sells" and saw nothing wrong with lining up their nieces for the tourists. I got sick on white men pawing at me, got sick of white men calling me exotic, got sick of white men thinking I was nothing but their personal sex toy and as soon as I was an adult and old enough to say fuck you to my child sex trafficking uncles I did. And than I tried to ignore my sex filled childhood and write about normal teens in normal sexless lives and I couldn't do it because I could imagine what that life might be like. So I wrote about an alien monster who was being sexualised and fetishised by men everywhere he went and he hated it. And I empathized so much with his hatred for how sex crazed men treated him, that I fell in love with him, because I understood what it felt like to be seen as beautiful and exotica and only good for sex, and how much I hated men treating my like that my entire childhood.

I wrote a character I could identify with, a character I could put my frustrations into. Like I said, I'm very good at writing the behind the scenes aspect of the sex industry, because I grew up in it. I know the help of being trafficked to adults, from hit having been done to me when I was 8 years old. And I have a rage filled burning passion to scream outrage at the sex trafficking industry. THAT is my passion, and THAT is why I am so disciplined to write this character. Because I am driven by past events in my life.

And you pay attention to the real life childhoods of the biggest sellers in Erotica, we ALL come from that kind of culture. The REASON we succeed in writing smut, is because we know what real world smut lifestyle is. We ain't just hashing rando sex scenes on pages,, we are screaming infernos writing with driven fire. And if you don't have that, you won't make it in this career. THAT is why so many millions of smut writers burn out and quit so fast. Because they lack the soul driving passion to write this stuff.

And here's the reality check you might not be expecting: I'm listed as one of the top 3 highest selling and highest paid Monster Porn authors on the planet... and in 43 years I've not once had my income from Monster Porn reach $5k. Most years Monster Porn brings in around $2k - two thousand dollars a year - that less money in a year than I make each week at my retail job of stocking shelves at Walmart.

Let me repeat this: I'm one of the world's top 3 highest paid Monster Porn authors and my Monster Porn brings in LESS THAN five thousand dollars a year.

There's a reality check for you.

And if you say "What about the one that sold 57 million?" BookBub free days. I never made a penny of them and had to pay BookBub $2k to run the ad, that the download was free the first week of it's release.

In 43 years of writing, I've yet to earn $100k for book sales. Not even close to the millionaire status people usually slap on me.

Think you'll be a millionaire off Erotica, Porn, and Smut? You won't be. That's a huge myth that scam artists like to sell to get you to buy they self help book of "I'll teach you how to be the next Erotica Kindle Millionaire but my 10 page pamphlet for the low price of just $499! Half price it''s usual $999.99 price for the next 24 hours!"

Millions of smut writers, get duped by the Erotica Kindle Millionaire dream only to soon get the harsh slap in the face that that dream is a myth and doesn't exist. Most Erotica writers on Kindle, hash out weekly shorts, by the end of the year, maybe earned enough to buy a cup of coffee and than give up once reality sinks in and they realize smut is so over saturated that even the biggest sellers can't live of their royalties. Sex sells yes, but try doing the math. If a million readers buy one million books from one million authors... at best that's eac author making only one single dollar a year, and sad harsh reality, is that a lot of Erotica authors only dream about the day they make their first dollar. The million dollar industry of sex sells, is flooded with millions of $1 a year incomes. Sure it's a million dollars,, but it's each author earning one dollar each, and newbs don't take that part into consideration.

>If I can pull this off, maybe writing what I want to write will come easier.


It won't

You are looking at a genre that is widely regarded at the single most difficult genre to write well. That alone, is going to stunt your path to discipline.

It's hard enough to gain self motivation and discipline in a thing your dislike, why make it even harder on yourself by trying to do it in something even the most disciplined expert writers say they won't try to tackle?

TL;DR: Write what you love, not what you hate.

And when I got done typing this and refreshed the page, I found this had shown up while I was typing...

A womans advice for heterosexual guys wanting to write about boobs (self.writing)submitted 3 hours ago by Haustvind

>>>"His juicy, full testicles jiggled alluringly as he jogged down the street. They stretched the fabric of his clothes, their perkiness straining against their soft, silken, textile prison. He obviously wasn't wearing any underwear, and the soft bouncing of hus huge groin bazonkers caused the conversations of the neighborhood housewives to quiet down as he passed them by with a sexy, winning smile."

>>>That's how you dont write about boobs (unless you're writing erotica I guess. Or satire). I've seen like five different posts, today alone, about if and how you should write about boobs in this day and age of righteous SJW fury. But it's really this easy. Assuming you're a straight male, if replacing whatever word you prefer for boobs with "testicles" does not make you either wildly uncomfortable or makes you want to laugh, then you're probably doing good.

Ah yes! Fabio! I know this novel of which you quote. I have it. 

Here's the full quote for those who never saw it or never read this novel:

>>>I'm now wondering how testicles can be seen as perky.

Me too, but I bet I can find a way for BoomFuzzy to describe Quaraun's testicles as perky. Let's see what novel that shows up in.

Ah well... 2 hours in and now it's gone. Pity. This was one of the best threads on Reddit,but I knew the mods would  take it down, what with the way some of the arguments were going.

Something something don't write about boobs (self.writing)

submitted 2 hours ago by don_h_kowalski

>>>No seriously. They're rough and coarse and getting everywhere!

Why the hell are we talking about writing boobs (self.writing)submitted 51 minutes ago by haydensidunAuthor

>>>I mean, just…why? Just write boobs the way you would write boobs (just like you would write about anything else you don’t have or are unfamiliar with…because you’re a writer and every writer does that to some extent) and then get second opinions when your first drafts are completed.That is all.

There was an earlier, now deleted thread, a writer asking how to describe boobs, and all the other threads popped up right after the first one was deleted... I think they were originally comments they intended to post, but couldn't because the thread was removed, so they each started a new thread, so they could post their comment anyways

I wrote Monster Porn and not once have I ever written about a character’s boobs

Ah yes! Reddit! For those who never experienced a Reddit post going viral before.

Head to the thread on Reddit, it's 600 comments and counting already and it's been less than an hour.

I suppose we should grab some popcorn and wait for the mods to arrive and start deleting the  comment battle going on over there.

Does the hero/heroine have to be attractive to be interesting?

>>>Does the hero/heroine have to be attractive to be interesting?

>>>Does the hero/heroine have to be attractive to be interesting in a romance or a story with a romance angle?

>>>Might seem like a silly question but I'm quite serious.

>>>I'm writing this story involving but not centered on a love triangle and in my mind none of these three people are conventionally attractive in any way.

>>>It doesn't bother me, but I'm worried it might bother the reader.

>>>Do people like reading about attractive protagonists? Would they like the story less if the MCs are not pretty?

>>>Should I make them attractive? Or of they're likeable but not physically attractive would that be enough?

My MC, the title character, Quaraun, and star of 138 novels, that focus primarily on the lover's triangle of him and his 2 lovers, and are borderline Erotica, but...

  • * Quaraun is only 5'6" tall, so shorter than most women and more than a head taller than even the average "short" man

  • * Quaraun has no hands; his hands were cursed when he was a child, he wears enchanted gold hand armor that work like modern day prosthetic hands

  • * Quaraun has no skin on the left side of his face; the incident that took his hands, also took his face; he wears gold rings in his ears and nose, with dozens of gold chains connecting to the two, to hide the scars on his face

  • * Quaraun has *(mutilation Trigger warning & NSFW - don't read if you think it might bother you)* a subincision severed penis, caused by 3 knives having been shoved up in and splitting it in half tip to top he used 58 gold rings to sew it back together and is terrified of it coming apart if he takes the rings off, so he never did take them off and needless to say, sex is nearly impossible for him, he classifies himself as a eunuch and partners go into relationships with him, knowing sex is pretty much never going to happen, which is WHY the series has no sex scenes in it, even though most readers classify it as Erotica; on that note, his primary lover has a scars/mutilation/genital piercing fetish

  • * Quaraun spends more than half the series mute, after his tongue is cut out, and because he has no hands, he also can't use sign language, his ability to communicate is difficult at best, and leads to constant frustration, angry, and violent outbursts

  • * Quaraun is horrifically underweight

  • * Quaraun has a lame leg that he drags when he walks and he walks with a cane

  • * Quaraun has very poor health, is often sick, and suffers from condition that causes him to faint often (as in a few times a day)

  • * he's a beta male who gets pushed around a lot by everyone, and he has post traumatic stress disorder and massive level phobias that take center stage in most volumes, causing him to be seen as somewhat of a whimpering coward/sissy, a far cry from the typical Romance novel hero

  • * he's not in a good relationship, his lover is a drunk abuser who beats him up frequently and uses gaslighting, humiliation, and manipulation to keep him from leaving

He's not pretty, he's badly mutilated. We can go beyond that. He's not your heroic white knight personality either... he's selfish, arrogant, bigoted, racist, snobby, drinks way too much, takes way to many drugs, has a problem with slicing his wrists whenever he gets depressed - which is always, and he murdered his wife and 4 children to be with his lover. 

Also I went a controversial rout by having the MC be a man, and went even further off track the mainroad by having the man be the one who was abused. Most stories have a female MC and if abuse is in the story, the always the man abusing the woman.

So... not your typical Romance hero on any level at all, and while it IS Romance, because the whole thing is the relationship of him and his lover, I'm forced to sell it as either Fantasy or Monster Porn, becausewell, he murdered his wife and children and bookstores just refuse to shelve it in Romance because of that fact alone.

And yet... every volume of the 138 volume series has sold at least 27k copies and one of which sold 57million copies... 


Well according to my fans: "he's so broken I want to hug him and fix him and tell him everything's gonna be okay".

I write him in a way that triggers readers to feel a need to comfort him, and because of that, they feel empathy for him. 

Now granted, I am targeting a demographic that wants beta males, and my target readers are older women who want to be a cougar/mommy figure to their lovers. So, I'm targeting a very specific niche of reader, who wants a specific type of male lead, that doesn't fit the chiseled Greek God pretty boy alpha male hero.

Readers want a character they can connect to, and a lot of my readers have told me, they live in real world abusive relationships, and they like that I show it, for the horror it is, and don't glorify it or fetishise it, and they say, reading the abuse he lives with, seeing how he gets his scars, it made them feel a kinship to him, because they saw how he felt trapped because he knows he's with an abuser and he loves the abuser but he's conflicted with wanting to get away for his own health and safety. And readers have told me, they felt that they could actually feel what he was feeling because they had been in real world relationships like that and, they felt drawn to him, because they understood what he was going though.

He didn't have to be pretty or heroic or even be a good person - he murdered his family to be with the abuser - what he NEEDED in order to connect with the readers, was to feel real to them, to go through situations the readers had gone through, 

That's why I say just write what you WANT to write, because, no matter what you write there are going to be people out there who are into that niche.

>>>Does the hero/heroine have to be attractive to be interesting in a romance or a story with a romance angle?

Write a good story, about a character with a personality that readers can fall in love with, and won't care if he's pretty or not. Readers care about the human connection, the character's emotional struggles. They want a character who has been through things they went through and comes out on top, so they can fell inspired to pull through their own struggles. At least, that's what I have found to be true of my own readers and what they want. Readers in other niches maybe they want something different. Who knows?

But then again, that's what niches are for.

Every genre, has dozens of sun-genres, and every sub-genre has dozens of niches, and every niches has dozens of sub-niches.

>>>I'm writing this story involving but not centered on a love triangle and in my mind none of these three people are conventionally attractive in any way.

>>>It doesn't bother me, but I'm worried it might bother the reader.

Well, if a reader IS bothered by it, all that means, is that that particular reader isn't part of your target audience.

As Ricky Nelson said: "You can't please everyone, so you might as well please yourself".

For us as writers, that means, we should consider ourselves to be a template for who our target reader is. We should write the characters WE would enjoy reading about. And do so knowing that we are not alone, that there are others like us out there who also want to read that type of character.

>>>Do people like reading about attractive protagonists? Would they like the story less if the MCs are not pretty?

I feel the answer to this is both yes and no.

Yes, there ARE readers who are going to want to read an attractive hero. And nothing wrong with that. Just means they are not part of the reading demographic you want to be targeting when you market your book, that's all.

At the same time, no, not all readers are that way. There are plenty of readers who roll their eyes at the eye-cady pretty boys and want a character with an interesting personality instead.

I say, just write the characters the way you want them to be, and than when it comes time to find readers, target your marketing towards the type of reader looking for the type of character you wrote.

>>>Should I make them attractive? Or of they're likeable but not physically attractive would that be enough?

Breath life and emotion into your characters, give them real imperfections, real flaws, real struggles, imperfections, flaws, and struggles that your readers have gone through and can identify with. 

Because at the end of the day, that's what readers what: a character like themselves, that they identify with, and feel a connection to and because everyone is different, every reader is going to feel connected to different types of characters, so, just write the character you feel drawn to writing.

Be true to you. Let your characters connect to you on a personal level and your readers will feel the same connection to your characters as well.

UPDATE: April 7, 2021: The Art Car Building Streams Are Returning Soon! The Dazzling Razzberry is about to return, as we completely rebuild it on stream

Close-up on The Dazzling Razzberry II's 2.5million marbles and beads
The Dazzling Razzberry, April 7, 2021
Close Up The Dazzling Razzberry Hood - before and after the February 2019 vandalism done by fans of the PsychoBitch 4Chan QAnon Streamer & her simps who did $30,000 in damages to it:
The Dazzling Razzberry 2 aka The Autism Awareness Car, as it looked from May 2012 until it's destruction February 2019
The Dazzling Razzberry, April 7, 2021

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case. If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

The Dazzling Razzberry is back... now all black primer... Repaired, wielded back together, running, licensed, registered, and back on the road again... now primed and ready to be restored.

This car was obliterated by 5 members of the local hate group church New Life Church armed with baseball bats, in February 2019. They did $30,000 in damages, leaving it chop-shopped to pieces, smashed apart, and all of it's 2.5million beads and marbles scraped off.

These local domestic terrorist gay haters, made the claim that both me (a straight biological female) and my car (a fucking CAR) were gay, based on the grounds that I wear pink and my car was pink, and according to the vile hate mongers of this church wearing pink = gay and having a pink car = gay because pink = fucking gay in their mind! They also chatted "Too gay for the family friendly town" while making the claim they were making Maine safe for families to live in by killing gay families!

I'm sorry, but just because YOU don't like a gay family doesn't mean they are NOT still a family.

Your hatred for gay men is deplorable.

You scream What Would Jesus do?... yeah, fucking what WOULD Jesus do? Do you REALLY think Jesus would gather up baseball bats and smash up things belonging to gay men. I'm sorry, did you not READ your Bible? Peter, Jesus' favorite disciple was gay. Did you not know that?

And what the hell? I'm not even gay!

You fucking retards! I was 8 months pregnant when you beat me up with golf clubs and murdered my baby!

Take your fucking hate mongering church and burn in hell where you hypocrites belong.

This car was my daily driver and daily car vlog streams stopped February 2019 because the car was reduced to so many chopped up pieces, that it took up nearly 3 years to wield the pieces back together, and make the car drivable again.

Because it cost $12,000 for the 2.5million marbles that was glued to it, and took me 4 years to hand glue them on one marble at a time, and most of those 2.5million marbles were reduced to shattered powdered glass dust by the vandals, The Dazzling Razzberry will not be returning to it's former shimmering glory.

If you know the Twighlight Manor series and you know Etiole's brother Razzbury that the car was inspired after... know this... we are going Sea Wolf for the rise of The Dazzling Razzberry 3.

Out with the Green Moray Eels and in with the Piranhas

The Autism Awareness Car 3


The Dazzling Razzbury 3

The 3rdpaint job after the 2nd vandalism.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the case. If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

I am so disgusted that I have to add this update...
November 29, 2021

No, I have no updates on Etiole.

He was shot, by a local lunatic.

No, he's not okay.

And I am getting sick of this fucking ass rumour of Etiole being an alien or a demon.

The fact of Etiole being an alien is a stupid urban myth started by some crazy ass locals.

The fact of Etiole being a demon is a stupid urban legend created by some religion crazed nuts.

Etiole is an old man covered with acid burns. His skin is white and face disfigured from acid burns. He's not an alien and he's not a demon. And you people who call him an alien and call him a demon, you're all fucking crazy. 

Etiole is a homeless Jewish man who has no skin because he was tortured in a Nazi concentration camp in France during WW2. He came to Maine in 1953 with a bunch of other refugees, He has post traumatic stress disorder really bad and he's terrified of people. He can't function in normal society, so hides in the forests. He's not an alien, he's not a demon, he's not a cryptid. He's a disfigured old man, now in late 90s. He barely get around. He doesn't you people harassing him like this. Why can't you people leave him alone? Why are you all so damned desperate to believe in aliens or demons that you have to harass a helpless old man? Leave him alone. Why can't you leave him alone? What is wrong with you people?

Read The Amphibious Aliens article, where back in 2007, I DEBUNKED every one of you stupid ass alien, cryptic, demon, and haunted car rumours. Amphibious Aliens The Story of Etiole and The World's Most Haunted Car, goes over every even from the 1970s, that started the fucking rumour, and lists off how every alien, demon, and haunted car rumour was proven to be nothing but a hoax started by Mervin Bruce Atwater. Every single one of those rumours was started by that one man, and were proven to ALL be hoaxes he perpetrated to try to get money out of Dr Larochelle, the man who hit Mervin's younger sister with a car. They tried to convince the old doctor his car had a demon living in it and they scammed the doctor out of $20,000 back in the 1970s. THAT is how and why the demon car rumour got started. I bought the car in 1975. Etiole started living in it in 1978. And that is how me and Etiole got dragged into the fucking ass rumours about a demon car.

The article Amphibious Aliens The Story of Etiole and The World's Most Haunted Car DEBUNKS ALL of the alien, cryptid, demon, and haunted car rumours. Every last one of them.

The car is not haunted and Etiole is not a demon.

You people who believe my car is haunted or think that Etiole is a demon, you are all fucking retarded.

You are slandering me!

You are slandering Etiole!

You are slandering my cars!

I'm sick of it!

Grow up and go get a damned fucking brain!

I'm sick of you people harassing me and Etiole over stupid shit started by brain dead idiots.

And the same goes for the so-called World's Most Haunted Car. That rumour was started by the same person. That car was proved years ago, to have a mechanical issue that caused it to start and drive ahead until it hit something. No one ever though to look at the starter. I'm the 3rd owner of the car. I changed the malfunctioning starter and a so called 'haunted" stuff the car did, went away. It was a problem with the starter, only that and nothing more.

And these people in Biddeford right now, getting you all worked up - if you hadn't noticed they ARE Mervin Bruce Atwater's family.

So it's STILL the same one fucking person running around getting things stirred up. The Atwaters. My fucking uncles. Like usual.

Yesterday at Rotary Park, Biddeford, Maine, a group of people armed with rifles, went down the track team trail behind the soccer field and started shooting... scared the crap out of the 50 or so children and their 100+ parents, got the 30+ dogs in the dog park howling... the sky filled with thousands of Canadian geese, and the park goers assumed the group was hunting geese and started commenting on the fact that hunting was not allowed in Rotary Park.

A few minutes later, a grey/white haired, bearded man, who looks a lot like Kenny Rogers, but not as fat, with a black dog of a German Shepard-Lab mix look, and a woman with pageboy greyish-blond hair, both about late 60s, marched up to me in the park, bragged they had killed Etiole, stating that he has caused their son whom they called "Todd" to jump in front of a train 3 days earlier.

They said he was obsessed with the painting of Etiole and the "evil eye" painted on my car. THIS:

You know what, I knew that homeless man and HE never mentioned it. 

You people are just looking for someone to blame, and think because I'm not white, I wear a hijab, and I have a mural painting on my car, you think you are justified on pointing blame at me for something I had no part in.

That homeless man was obsessed with the fact that his dog and son had been taken away from him.

It's NOT the evil eye as they called it. It's The eye of The Grigori Archangels aka The Watchers, from the Apocrypha in the Bible. It's the blue wings of the Seraphim Archangels aka The Watchers. The Watchers are my Guardian angels. I paint them on everything, I sew it on tapestries, it's on my car, my motorhome, I embroider it on pillows and clothes, paint it on mirrors, paint canvases art for art galleries with it. It's the blue eyes wings of the archangels as described in the Bible. I'm not sure why they were calling it the Evil Eye.

It's the Eye of God, the hamsa. A Jewish protection symbol. Etiole's Jewish, he draws it on everything, so that's why I do as well.

I'm sick of you jackasses spreading you wild ass rumours about me.

You're nothing but a bunch of trouble making busy bodies who can't mind your own fucking business.

I'm not bothering a single damned one of you, so why the fuck are you bothering me?

Why can't you stupid ass people leave me alone?

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be in my yard.

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be chasing down Etiole.

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be having psychotic meltdowns over my car!

What is wrong with you people?

Fucking brain dead herd mentality that's all this is.

One of you ran around screaming like a lunatic and rest of you all decided to join in.

But I also ask... WHY would you be scared of me or Etiole? It makes me ask who has been feeding you lies about me? Who has been feeding you lies about Etiole? 

I am a crippled elderly woman. I can barely stand up. I've been paralyzed and bedridden since the golf club attack November 14, 2013. I'm only just now in 2021 just starting to walk again, and I can barely do that. I have no grip strength so I struggle to even hold me cane. The golf clubs damaged my spine, my nerves, most of my organs don't function because of the nerve damage to my spine. I struggle to even breath, just sitting up in bed is enough to collapse my lungs. I have no bladder or bowel movement control, I have to wear diapers. What exactly is it you think I can even do?

And Etiole? The old hermit Nazi concentration camp survivor? He's over 100 years old now, he hasn't been able to walk, or sit up, or eat on his own, in almost 20 years. He's dying. What exactly are you expecting him to do?

Etiole is NOT an alien.

Etiole is not a demon.

I am not a witch.

None of my cars are haunted.

I've been saying it for years. Why won't you listen to me?

You are slandering me!

You are slandering Etiole!

You are slandering my cars!

I'm sick of it!

Grow up and go get a damned fucking brain!

I'm sick of you calling Etiole a demon.

I'm sick of you calling Etiole an alien.

I'm sick of you calling me a witch.

I'm sick of you saying one car after another is haunted.

This whole thing boils down to your fucking white privilege. You know that right?

Your white ass can't stand the fact that we non-white Gypsies live here, so you have to make up stupid ass supernatural spooky shit about us.

You don't like that I wear the traditional dress of my people instead of dressing like an American, so you feel justified in calling me a witch and making up spook occult lies about me.

I wear hijab and veils and caftan and silk and it bother's you that I'm not scum diving in trashy t shirts and jeans like the rest of you.

I paint my cars, same as we painted our wagons and vardos for centuries, and it bothers you because it looks different.

Etiole is a Jew, and your anti-Semite white privilege kicks in to hate him for being born Jewish.

Etiole has scars, so you're scared of him

I'm different.

Etiole's different.

My cars are different.

And when you get right down to it, that's ALL any of this is about.

Me, Etiole, and my cars don't fit in with your fucking ass white privileged ideas of "normal" and that makes you uncomfortable and you try to make the uncomfortable go away by dehumanizing us with your stupid ass rumours.

There are no witches.

There are no aliens.

There are no demons.

There are just a bunch of whinny ass white privileged brats running around making trouble for anyone who's not white enough for them.

Grow the fuck up!

After I stopped going to the Mormon church I started practising New Orleans-style Folk Catholicism. Started using Catholic Bible, wearing Rosary, using saint prayer cards and novae candles. I'm an ordained Voodoo Priestess rank of Medsan Fey. I have been since September 23, 2010. Painting archangel wings on everything is a part of folk Catholicism.

They said he believed the "evil eye" on my car was there specifically to put a curse on him, and that he believed the painting of Etiole was there just so that "Etiole the suicide demon" (as they called him) would be constantly driving by and watching him to drive him to suicide. They outright accused me and Etiole of killing their son, by painting these pictures on my car!

I paint the archangel wings on EVERYTHING and I have for over 20 years now.

Behind them were 4 trucks: 2 black pickups with big oversized wheels, a dark green truck-type SUV, and a rust-orange-copper truck-type SUV. The 2 pickups had young men 30sish driving them, the orange SUV had 2 blonde girls about early 20s both with very long waist length stick straight hair. 

The older couple with the dog, railed on Etiole this and Etiole that, saying the word "Etiole" a few dozen times, while gibbering wild nonsense about Etiole being a suicide demon, and saying that my car had guilt tripped their son into killing himself because he was scared the FBI would put his parents in prison for killing my children April 10, 2015.

The older couple and the black dog got into the dark green SUV and than all 4 trucks, drove circles around my car, revving their engines loud like race cars and squealing their tires, spinning in fast circles around me and my car in the Rotary Park parking lot, while they screamed out the windows of their trucks bragging that they had killed Etiole. The 4 of the trucks then speed out of the park, doing at least 75MPH. I don't know which way they went as I went to go look for Etiole after that.

Etiole has been staying down in that area of the Saco River lately, as the new dam downstream and the recent back to back storms disrupted/flooded the area he was staying down closer to the North Damn Smokestack.

It was why I changed my dog walking habits from walking at Mechanics Park to walking at Rotary Park.

I moved him to a new location away from the local area, out of York County completely. He is refusing to go to a hospital, he's too scared of people to go to a hospital.

I don't know if he'll live.

The attackers was 6 people in total (3 men, 3 women, and 1 dog) in 4 trucks total, I don't know who they were. I've never seen any of them before. I don't know anyone named "Todd" so I don't know who they were talking about either. There may have been another dog or maybe a child, I'm not sure which, but something was moving around in the backseat of the orange SUV.

I don't know who they were. A gang of crazy, deranged psychopaths near as I could tell.

The locals around here are crazy psychotic with demon and witch superstitions, and they love their guns. People shoot at every old woman and disfigured man they see, while screaming witch or demon. It's a really big problem up here in Maine. And when they say "witch" they don't mean like Wicca the religion, they believe witches are a type of female demon. They don't believe witches are Human, so they think it's okay to shoot them because in their minds it's no different than shooting a deer or a duck. 

People around here, they believe I'm not Human, just like they believe Etiole is not Human either. It's why they are so violent towards the both of us. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in this area who DOES NOT believe I'm a witch aka a female demon. And the locals are just so brain dead in terms if education and illiteracy, that there is no way you can convince them elderly women are NOT demons, no way to convince them disfigured men are NOT demons. The locals are borderline retarded due to crazy amount of incest in this area. 

Biddeford, Maine had the Guinness World Record for the city with the most incest on the planet - the plague is in the town hall - and according to that of the 27k residents in Biddeford, 19k of them are mother/son, father/daughter, or brother/sister married couples. Biddeford residents are excessively proud to have the Guinness World Record for the most incest on the planet. And it shows, with how they march around too illiterate to either read or write, while shooting at elderly women and disfigured men, calling them demons.

This is the shit we have to put up with here in Maine.

I don't know how they knew where Etiole was. I never tell anyone where he is. I never have. I won't. I've protected him from the public since 1978. I know in August there was a homeless man showed up under the trestle bridge at the back train tracks. He found Etiole, started staying down in the ravine with him. That homeless man died earlier this week. I'm left to assume that homeless man had told people about Etiole and where Etiole was. Seeing how the homeless man died a few days ago, I'm left to assume the thug gangsters who shot Etiole were probably relatives of the homeless man. 

He's the only person who knew where Etiole was. Etiole stays hidden during the day. He only comes out at night. He looks for food and supplies, and by morning he's back in his den and won't come out. His dens are so well hidden, no one can ever find them. They look like beaver dams along the water of big piles of leaves in bushes. It's how he's gone since 1953, without hardly any one ever finding him. And he has dens every where along rivers and in swamps, in ravines and bogs, beside streams, all over Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. He moves locations every 3 or 4 months. He never stays anywhere long. That's why it can be so difficult for me to locate him. Usually when someone finds him, he scatters and goes miles away. He didn't see this homeless man as a threat, so he didn't. Also, Etiole is VERY old now. He's at least 90, possible over 100. He's a survivor of WW2, that was 80 years ago. He's having a hard time getting around the past couple of years.

These people who shot him are just fucking mean, evil, hateful people. That's all they are.

Etiole's never hurt anybody. What the hell's wrong with you people.

He's a hermit. Keeps to himself. He's terrified of people.

You people who run around calling him evil; look in the fucking mirror YOU are the ones who is evil.

You call him a demon, but you're he ones acting demonic.

You people all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

You're all just fucking pieces of shit.

To call someone 'evil' is to, dehumanize them.

And you only dehumanize someone, so you can feel justified in bullying them, beating them, hurting them, killing them. 

You say "evil" and "witch" and "demon" to strip them of humanity so you don't have to feel any guilt or shame or remorse for the crimes you commit.

But a man is still a man, no matter how many times you call him a demon.

You shot a helpless, harmless old man, and you felt it was okay, because before you shot him, you dehumanized him in your own mind by calling him a demon.

You shot a HUMAN not a demon, and you'll burn in Hell for it.

The 4 cars of the 6 shooters, should be pretty easy to identify. None of the cars were new/current/recent models, all with late 1990s/early 2000s vintage. The dark green SUV is VERY old, late 1980s/early 1990s vintage - it might have been a Jeep Cherokee from the shape of it - and it has distinctive damage to the passenger side front fender, which has been replaced and is a different colour than the rest of the car - the repaired fender is a grey-metallic-greenish-sage colour.

The orange SUV was faded very badly. I looks like it used to be bright metallic copper when new, but had faded to a dull dark orangish.

The orange SUV left deep tire treads ditched from it's tires on the green by the soccer field - they messed up the grass of the soccer field pretty bad - it's damaged with deep tire tracks really bad, the park is going to have to do repairs to the grass before anyone can play another sports game - the tire trend ridges will be in the grass for months, so you can get tire prints from a plaster mould quite easy.

Both the SUVs have big, wide-lipped custom black rubber wheel-wells of the fenders - they do not appear to be something original to the cars and look to have been added to make the cars looks "sporty".

The 2 black pick-ups were very distinctive and would be easy to identify again. Both are not full size trucks, but rather the small half-sized pick-up trucks. Both have raised chassis, with the trucks being almost tall enough to require a ladder to get into them. Both had BIG monster truck tires, with "mountain-bike/ATV style" knobby treads on the tires - I don't think the tires on the 2 trucks were street legal, they look like the type you have to take off before going on the road, and put on when you get to off road dirt trails.

I build custom cars, I have for over 40 years now. I notice custom cars and take note of them, every time I see one. All 4 of these were custom cars, and I've never seen any of them in Biddeford, Saco, or Old Orchard Beach before. These are the type of cars I would have noticed where they in daily use around town or sitting in someone's yard. These were very much what most people around here would call "trailer trash hick pimp" cars.

All 4 cars did a lot of damage to to roads and parking lots in the park, because of how they were speeding around 75mph+ and spinning out the cars and digging the tires into the road. The way they were spinning the cars around, the drivers were acting like they were stunk drivers from monster truck rally car shows. It was pretty clear they had driven this sort of spinning circles before... it's not something the average daily driver person would even know how to do. It's the type of driving that takes years of practice and is done in car shows to show off how to spin a car around. The beach lot and the soccer field lot are the 2 parking lots they did the most damage to. The park is going to have to bring in some heavy grading equipment in order to fix the damage - it's REALLY badly damaged by their circle spinning. They did A LOT of damage to Rotary Park, using their cars to vandalize the park.

I do not believe these people were locals. I did not recognize the faces of any of them, nor did I recognize their cars, and when you are dealing with pimped out custom cars, they stick out like a sore thumb. I'm positive if these cars were local, I would have noticed them before now. I did not notice if they had Maine plates or not. They were driving circles, so not an an angle to see the plates 

Seeing how a feud had broken out between the Scottish Travellers and the Irish Travellers (earlier this summer; I'm not sure what started it), and how these cars appear to be from so sort of travelling stunt car type circus, I am assuming that the people driving the cars are Irish Travellers. And in case you forgot, the Atwaters  ARE the Scottish Travellers the group Americans refer to as The Scottish Mafia, even though they are not Mafia, they just act like it. A group calling themselves The Irish Travellers showed up a few days after my mom's car was smashed up by a 2x4 a few months ago. If they are Gypsy cars, which it looked like they were, chances are high that they are not registered, not licensed, and not inspected, as very few Gypsies do anything that requires government documentation.

I don't know what kind of shit the Atwaters has gotten themselves into, but she has a very bad history of crossing huge enemy lines with criminal thugs. She's done it several times in the past. She has a big problem with getting in their faces and then bragging that EelKat (me) is a witch that'll cast death curses on them, then they brags I've got a demon familiar that'll kill them. They does this same thing over and over every couple of years, for 5 decades now. It always results in the gang of THEIR thugs showing up and attacking me an or Etiole. And they always arrive thinking that I know who they are or what they are talking about, but I never know who they are or what they are going on about, because I disowned the Atwaters decades ago and I don't have anything to do with them. They beat me up assuming that the Atwaters hired me to kill them, because that's what my mother tells them she did. She is always running around telling people I'm a witch and Etiole's a demon and using the threat that the Atwaters going to hire me to kill whoever it is they are fighting with that time. And they keep doing it. 

I have asked them to stop so many times now. I don't know how the hell to convince them that I am not a witch. I don't know how to convince them Etiole is not a demon. I don't know how to get them to stop bragging that they're hiring me and Etiole to cast death spells and kill everyone they hate.

One of the witnesses said they thought they'd seen the cars before in Pine Point, but that's VERY local, my farm is right on the line and I walk Pine Point as much as Old Orchard, Saco, and Biddeford, I feel like if they were from Pine Point I would have seen them before.

Also... who the hell is Todd?

These people were all upset, saying that I sent suicide demons to kill Todd, and I have no clue who this Todd even is!

And what the hell is a suicide demon? These people are fucking crazy.

I wish the Atwaters would mind their own damned business and leave my name out the shit they gets themselves into. 

Every few months, for the past few decades, me and Etiole keep getting beat up by jackass thugs because of the Atwaters's damned fucking mouths. And I'm sick of it!

My children where murdered - 10 children the young ages 4 the oldest age 16, had there heads nailed to my door, and do you know what the FBI agent on the case said to me? He said their primary suspect, is a man that was having a fight with the Atwaters over a septic tank. They think he killed my family to spite the Atwaters after they threatened to have me send death curses on him over a septic tank. That's what the FBI thinks is the reason my family was murdered: because the Atwaters did their stupid ass slandering me and calling me a witch again, like they always do. Plus, the FBI agent said, that the Atwaters because on April 10, 2015, my motor home was parked in the Atwaters's driveway, the agent said, they believe, my family wasn't even the intended target. He says, he believes, they thought it was the Atwaters's motor home and the Atwaters's children they were killing, because my motor home was parked in their driveway at the time it happened.

According to the FBI all the evidence suggests my family is dead because the Atwaters was arguing with some construction worker over a septic tank, and he attacked the children that where in the motor home in their yard, assuming it was their children in they motor home, not realizing it was my children in my motor home.

Do you remember the woman with the shopping cart, June 2016? The one that put me in a wheelchair after trying to kill me with a fucking shopping cart? The FBI, thinks she's the wife of the septic tank construction worker, and they think she attacked because the Atwaters a few weeks earlier had bragged that they was going to have me send Etiole to kill the blond shopping cart wielding woman's husband.

You remember that Kendra women who showed up at every store and restaurant I went to from 2006 to 2016? Do you know what the FBI found out? She was a friend of the Atwaters's on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest and every time she showed up, including the golf club attack November 14, 2013 when I was 8 months pregnant and she killed my baby and left me paralyzed with a broken spine... the FBI found out that the day before EVERY Kendra attack, her and the Atwaters had an argument on social media that included the Atwaters bragging that I was a witch and Etiole was a demon and threatening to send us after her ... and that was Etiole's baby she killed by the way. Ben's adamant that it wasn't his, neither would be tested to find out, but there's no one else, and if Ben says it's not his, will that just leaves Etiole, and he can't talk. Prior to that I've had 7 miscarriages, Ben denies all of them, Etiole can't talk so he can't deny anything. They are the only 2 men in my life, so take your pick which one the father is. The ten beheaded children - they were fosters. I was their foster mother.

And this attack this week, these people screaming "suicide demon" at me, my car and Etiole... why are they doing it?

A homeless man was hit by a train this week, and they are blaming me, my car, and Etiole, saying that the painting on my car is sending suicide brainwaves out. They are fucking crazy.

I knew that homeless man. The one who got hit by a train. He was my friend. I met him in August 2021. He never told me his name.

As for the homeless man who was killed by the train this week... if he IS your Todd, you people treated him like shit. I've been out there with him every day from August til the day he died and I saw the shit to people did to him. You didn't give a shit about him. You bullied him. You teased him. You destroyed his tent. You smashed up his food. You cut up his clothes. You people pushed him around laughing and left him in tears every single night. You people ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Every one in the Cutts Street area ought to be ashamed of what you ALL did that man. 

And you have the gall to attack me, my car, my friend?


I'm the ONLY one who was there helping him.

I'm a Mormon. It's what we Mormons do. When we see people in need, we Mormons help them. We Mormons live by Christ's example. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves, that is why we Mormons are always kind to people. 

You people attacking me - you're the exact same people who was out there attacking him.

He had at least 7 campsites set up along both tracks. You have to get close to the train to get to any of them. But be careful if you want to go look at the remains of his worldly possessions, a train comes through every 20 to 40 minutes, it takes 18 minutes to walk to his campsite, and the train is going 120MPH on that stretch.

One campsite he had a fire pit dug out, with some rocks laid up beside it. He cooked and ate there, what few times he had food, though he didn't have food every day.

Not far from that campsite he had a 5 gallon bucket set up in the bushes to make a makeshift outhouse toilet. That one is right near where he died.

There were multiple places where he moved his little yellow tent to. He moved it every few days.

There's 2 campsites where he stashed bags of cans and bottles he collected on the side of the road. At one point he found a shopping cart and was using that to move stuff from one campsite to another.

There's 2 buildings, one a storage unit the other a factory, that he used to sneak into on raining nights, to sleep outside of the rain. Police took to parking at both buildings and chasing him out every time they saw him.

He showed up in August, and originally kept everything he owned all together in one location. It was clear he'd never been homeless before, and didn't know unwise that was. He learned fast how house dwellers treat the homeless though, and quickly took to dividing his things across lots of locations so that if one site got destroyed by haters, he wouldn't lose everything he owned.

Most of the summer he had the tent, but 2 weeks ago, right when the cold got here, someone sliced it to ribbons with a knife or scissors. I assumed it was the woman who harassed him every time. Whoever she was, she really hated him. He didn't have anyplace to sleep after that and that's when he started walking on the tracked, just stand in the track, going back and forth in circles, for hours on end.

I walk my dog 3 to 4 times a day through this area, so I saw him several times a day. He always stopped to talk to my dog and say that his dog was recently taken away and he missed his dog and his son.

Almost every night, a gang of thugs would arrive to harass him. Usually 4, sometimes 5 or more people. Usually 2 girls and 2 guys, in their 20s to 30s. They knew him somehow and boy did they hate him. They were the ones trashing his things. They'd arrive and yell and bully him. Sometimes the two guys were riding bicycles and would drive circles around him yelling at him. He was being harassed REALLY bad.

Originally, when he showed up, he had a bag of clothes, so he was changing his clothes daily. But one day someone cut up his clothes into thousands of tiny pieces and threw them out into the street, so after that he only had the one outfit he was wearing, and nothing else to change into, so he didn't change his cloths for 3 months.

He used to hide food in the bushes, so he could come back later to eat it, but the bully gang would search the bushed looking for his things, deliberately trying to find his stuff, and whenever they found his food stashes, they would stand on the sidewalk near the big black storage unit and throw the food into the road in front of oncoming cars.

The people who were harassing him were really mean to him and going out of their way to be as evil as possible to him. They hated him really bad and very clearly had a personal vendetta against him. I got the impression that the girl who was the ringleader, from the way she was always yelling at him, that she was probably an old girlfriend and that the others were he clique of yes-men-friends.

Police were out there every day.

The girl and her group would bully him, and he'd try to run away, than she'd call the police and say he was harassing her. Then her and her friends would run down the road giggling and hide in the bushes to watch the police show up and look for him. The police were constantly stopping to talk to me to ask if I had seen what happened.

The police would show up nightly, usually to chase him out of sleeping behind houses. He had a really hard time finding a place to sleep, where people didn't call the police on him, that's why he started climbing down into the ravine at night, to hide down there and try to sleep. But the Saco River water is cold and the temps in the ravine were below 30f even when the rest of town wa still at 50f. It's not a good place to try to sleep, but it's the only place he was able to find where people didn't chase him out.

There are 3 ravines. He went back and forth between all 3 of them.

He went up to Rotary Park a lot too. He would sit at that ravine and watch the geese. There is a flock of Canadian Geese that live there, and a beaver damn. Me and my dog climbed down in there almost every day, because there is a flat place where you can sit beside the river to meditate. During that last couple of days, he took to pacing there by the beaver damn frantically. He was very upset. Lost in his thoughts, oblivious to the world around him. You could see something was really wrong by that point.

He probably had more places I didn't know about. He stayed up here at night, so it was mostly early morning/sunrise, and late evening/sunset, and after dark, that I would see him.

He headed towards the library direction in the daytime.

We saw him most every morning around 5 to 6 AM. He often walked with us in the morning. 

We saw him again most every night between 10PM and 1AM, and again, he often walked with us.

He rarely said anything. Was very quiet, very silent. You could see he was deeply upset.

It was after his tent got slashed and then that same week, the temps dropped to 20f at night with freezing rain, that he got very upset, very agitated, and took to pacing on the train tracks in a frantic, obsessed manner, while talking to himself very fast and very hyper and no longer seeing anything going on around him.

He was very upset over the tent being destroyed. He no money to buy another one. And winter was coming. He was terrified he'd freeze to death out there under the trestle train bridge over the ravine.

Each night it grew colder and with the growing cold, his franticness grew worse. And the bullies kept showing up and harassing him, teasing him, laughing at him.

He was going through absolute hell and he kept saying no one in his family cared. Kept saying, he kept begging them to let him come in out of the cold and they laughed in his face and told him to grow up and be a man. He said no one loved him and no one cared if he froze to death out there.

6:27 PM on the 19th of November - he was hit by a train.

Some people are saying he jumped.

Other people are saying the gang that was bullying him, pushed him.

I don't know which it was.

All I know is he is now dead, and I never even knew his name. He was a just a homeless man who needed a friend and so he walked with me most every night for the past 3 months. He didn't have any one else. No one loved him. No one cared what he was going through. And he was treated like shit, just because he was homeless.

A homeless man is still a man, and everyone in this fucking town ought to be ashamed of how deplorably they treated that man every day for the past 3 months, he was bullied and teased and pushed around, what little he owned destroyed while the bullies laughed as the they through his belongings in the road in front of cars.

The people around here treated that man deplorably.

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

However that homeless man died, wither he jumped or wither those bullies pushed him - either way it was those bullies who killed him.

No one should ever be treated so deplorably, that they lose the will to live, and that's what those bullies did to him. They made him lose his will to live.

This could have been avoided, this poor homeless man was bullied to death, and you people who bullied him, there's a special place in hell for dip-shits like you.

Was he murdered?

Was it a suicide?

Who knows?

I don't know.

I just know there are a lot of people saying a lot of things and most of it's wrong.

Like most people are saying they talked to him 10PM on the 20th, but I know for a fact that the 911 call was made at 6:27PM on the 19th.

Was there 2 deaths on the train one day after another?

I don't know.

You know what I do know? He wasn't killed by fucking demons or aliens. What the hell? That's the most popular version of what happened going around town. That an alien suicide demon killed him. Who thinks up these things? Why are there people who even believe in demons to begin with? I don't get that at all. All this talk of demons and aliens and curses. I don't believe in demons or aliens or curses, so I think you're all crazy. How can you believe demons are real? What's wrong with these people?

This homeless man, he said he knew who I was. Said his family knew me. Said he remembered me from years ago. I don't know. I do not remember him, but he was maybe 30 years younger than me, so if he remembered me from when he was a child, than I probably wouldn't recognize him.

If he is the Todd people are talking about... there was a Todd at church, the Mormon church, years ago, decades ago. I didn't know them. They were friends of my Uncle Mervin Bruce Atwater, so they knew him, not me. I don't think I ever met them.

Me and Etiole the two people you are attacking and slandering and spreading rumours and lies about, have done more the help fed and cloth and keep warm in winter snow, the homeless in Old Orchard Beach, Saco, and Biddeford, Maine, than anyone else in the state. Maybe instead of spreading your vile ugly rumours and lies about me and Etiole, you should take the time to get to know us, and find out who we really are. Because what we are, is two humans ostracized by society because we look different, two humans, branded as a witch and a demon, because I wear the traditional cloths of my people and Etiole has no skin.

And while you stand there yelling and accusing and threatening, me and Etiole are out there helping the homeless, who often don't need to be homeless, they often have parents, spouses, siblings any one of whom COULD take them in, but WON'T. The homeless man who killed himself with the train this week, every evening before sunset he walked to his family's house and begged them to let him come inside out of the 20F cold. Every night he returned to the ravine to sleep in Etiole's den, and tell us, his family told him to go away, grow up, and learn to be a man. And now he's dead, because his family didn't care, that he was terrified he was going to freeze to death when the first snow came. That should not have happened. But his family hated him so much, they wouldn't even give him a blanket, because they wanted to teach him a lesson. And now he's dead because of their cruelty.

Me and Etiole tried to help him, but his family hated him so much, and he couldn't live with that. He so desperately wanted his family to love him. It's all he talked about. How much they hated him and how much he wanted them to love him. The last straw was his son. His family took away his 5 year old baby and had started teaching his son to hate him. He tried to bear his parents hating him, his wife hating him, but he could not bear the thought of them turning his own son against him.

What happened to that homeless man this week, could have been prevented if he had had, just one person in his life - just one family member, just one friend, who cared enough, to let him come inside out of the cold. How many homeless people die ever year, so senselessly, because some toxic, spiteful relative thought the homeless person needed to be taught a lesson? The answer is HUNDREDS. It happens every day. I would suggest you look at what happened to that homeless man this week, and you look at how cruelly people treated him. Than look at yourself and how you treat your own children. Compare yourself, to that homeless man and ask yourself, how much like those bullies are you? Were YOU as toxic and cruel to your children, to your parents, to your friends, as people around here was to him? If so, than try to change yourself, become a better person, so you are not like them. 

You want to know the worst part of this homeless man's train death?

I have been TELLING EVERYONE AROUND SOUTH STREET for the past 3 months what was going on, and NOT ONE single person who listen to me or go out there and check on that man.


Because they were too busy laughing at me, calling me a witch, and gibbering about demons to listen to me.

And it turns out 90% of them were FRIENDS AND FAMILY of that homeless man are right now kicking themselves for being too bigoted at me, to listen to what I was saying about that suicidal homeless man who was in desperate need of help.

Had the locals STOPPED bullying me long enough to actually listen to what I was saying... that homeless man would not be dead under a train right now.

You stupid idiots!

You had your fun and now a man's dead because of it.

You were all too busy calling me a witch and calling my friend a demon, to pay attention to the fact that I KNEW that man was talking about jumping in front of a train!

He talked about it constantly and I couldn't get a damned one of you to listen to me.

What did you ALL say?

*"It's just a homeless man. Why should I care?"*

I didn't know his name.

I had no idea the people who were saying: *"It's just a homeless man. Why should I care?"* were his friends and his family. They were prejudice against ALL homeless people in general, that they wouldn't go out there and try to help a homeless man, and now they are walking around the streets saying, they wished they had believed me, they wished they had gone out their to the trestle, to the ravine, to try to help the homeless man I was asking them to help, because they now know, if they had only gone out their to check on the suicidal homeless man, they would have found out who he was, and found out, they knew him, found out he was their friend, found he was their family.

Had they only stopped laughing at me and my homeless friends long enough, they could have saved the life of someone they knew and loved.

There's the power of ignorance and bigotry for you.

They hated homeless people so much, refused to help the homeless so much, that now someone is dead, and even in the days after his death, they were out their laughing and joking "Just a dead homeless man, who cares?"... until the police showed up to tell them: "We IDed the homeless man..." and now those people who were laughing at the dead homeless man on the train tracks are struck with the horror of realizing, he was their own family, their own friend, and had they only listened to the "the crazy demon witch" they could have saved him.

Help people instead of hurting them.

It's not hard to do.

Helping people is much easier than hurting them.

Just think, if everyone treated everyone else with kindness, there would be no more murders and no more suicides in the world.

I've seen so many suicides in my life, precisely because I spend so much time with the homeless of Maine. I see it over and over again. People, who are homeless, but have families, that live less than a mile away from the cardboard box they sleep in at night. Parents, siblings, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, less than a mile away. Americans are so cruel to their own families. So many suicides, that could have been prevented, if only their families had not abandoned them, not turned on them, not cast them out, not ostracized them, not shunned them. Most people I meet who are homeless, don't need to be, because they DO have families, but their families don't care about them.

There are more than 2,000 homeless people, right now in Old Orchard Beach, Saco, and Biddeford, Maine. And every one of them has local families, who COULD help them, who COULD feed them, who COULD give them a place to sleep, they just WON'T. And it's always the same story. Prideful parents and spiteful spouses want to teach them a lesson, saying it's good for them to be homeless. The local parents and spouses of Maine's homeless population disgust me.

And with December days away, we all know what happens now. The blizzards will move in. And in April and May of 2022, the police of Old Orchard Beach, Saco, and Biddeford, Maine, will do what they always do every year: go out behind stores and dumpsters looking for bodies. Every year, no fewer than one hundred homeless people freeze to death during blizzard season. EVERY YEAR. Every town in York Country will have at least 4 homeless people frozen to death. It's worse in Cumberland County. Each DISTRICT of Portland, will have a dozen or more homeless people frozen to death by spring, just like they do every year.

All the homeless who will freeze to death this winter, and next winter, and the winter after... just like last winter, and the winter before, and the winter before that, they ALL have local families. They ALL have local parents, local spouses, local siblings, local cousins, locals aunts and uncles, who will ALL deny them help, who will ALL deny them food, who will ALL deny them places to sleep. EVERY homeless PERSON who freezes to death each year in Maine, had someone who COULD have helped, but WOULDN'T.

And worse than freezing to death... are the suicides. As blizzard season draws near and the nights get colder, the suicide rate starts to skyrocket as the homeless beg their families for a scrap of food or a measly blanket, and get doors slammed in their faces instead. Every year, during the 2 weeks before blizzard season starts, every year, there are more than 300 suicides by homeless people here in Maine. And every one of them, kills themselves, because they fully 100% believe their family hated them and wanted them dead. 

Why don't you take a step back and look at yourselves and what you are doing and why you are doing it and who you are doing it to. Me and Etiole, we are no threat to you. We've never been a threat to any one. The ONLY threat out there is YOU jackasses who keep trespassing and coming up in here to beat us up because of some damned rumours you heard! Slanderous rumours spread by stupid ass busy bodies and believed ONLY by retarded jackasses like yourself.

Do you want to know WHY I help the homeless people, men like Etiole and that man who was just hit by a train? Because I used to be homeless and I know what it's like to be out there scared, confused, alone, not knowing where the next meal is coming from, having to daily fight to survive because so many hate and attack homeless people.

Look at this picture. This is me. This is where I lived from May 9, 2006 to March 31, 2015


Me and Etiole, we are out there trying to help the homeless. Letting them know there IS someone who cares. Letting them know, they have a reason to live. I was homeless for 9 years. I lived under a 8x6' tarp for 9 years. And during that time, I learned who my friends were. I got no help from my parents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my church, my friends. No one. I have 3 brothers, they were the only ones who helped me. There are 400 people in my family. We are Gypsies, most men are polygamists and have 5 or more wives, no wife has fewer than 8 children, most women in my family have given birth to more than twenty. There are 400 people in my family, all of whom I had helped many times, several while they were homeless, I gave them a place to stay and food to eat. And when I became homeless myself, those very same people, not only turned their backs on me, they did it with cruel violence.

I know what it is like to be homeless, to live outside during Maine's blizzards, to have no one who cares. I know what it is like to go 12 days without food and be scared of starving to death.

Look at THIS picture again, and let me tell you how it got taken:

October 7, 2006, broke Maine's world record for the coldest day ever at -47F (minus 47 degrees before zero) before windchill factor... that picture with the snow, it was taken that day, by my brother, who came to check on me, because he was scared I'd die in that cold. He came to help, when no one else did.

And that same day, in Portland, just 7 miles away, more than a dozen homeless people were found frozen to death, in a dumpster, on St John Street, they had climbed into together to try to huddle together and get out of the cold.

THAT is WHY I make a point of seeking out and helping the homeless in Maine. Because I know what it is like to survive, and I only survived, because I had a brother who cared and came looking for me.

And you people, especially you families, who go out of your way to make life miserable for the homeless people...

You people all ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

This homeless man who found Etiole, he said he knew the people who were spreading some of the worst rumours of all about me and Etiole, oh he had a list too - of a lot of things I had never even heard before - way more rumours are flying around out there about me than I knew about and some of them are pretty bad - and this man, now dead by the train, he not only knew these wild slanders going around, he said knew who are STARTED them - the knew the SOURCE of the rumours, and he said, he felt they were doing it, because hey were trying to turn attention on me and away from themselves, and he said, he read the article the FBI asked me to write about what happened and he knew which word was wrong. He said it made him sick when he realized which word in the article was wrong and what the correct word was, because as horrible as the crime is, it becomes so much more worse, when you know what the correct word is. And he was horrified, to learn that, that word, was withheld from the public, and only the killer would know to use it instead of the word that was released to the public. He knew it. He knew what it was. What word was wrong.

Did he actually know the killer? I don't know. 

I mean on one hand, he's just a homeless man and well, I've known a lot of homeless people and often they are homeless because of mental illnesses, so, he wouldn't be the first homeless man say he knew something and actually did not.

On the other hand, he's not the first person to say he knew something and then suddenly die.

I'm sick of every time someone tries to help they end up dead.

And I tell that to the FBI agents and they say: "You don't know who we're dealing with. We've been after this heroine gang for years."

No you're right, I don't know who we're dealing with.

But you know what I do know?

In the 7 years since my children were beheaded...  I'm sick and tired of more and more people getting hurt.

Yes, I can see the drug dealers the FBI is after are dangerous mother fuckers. You don't have to tell ME that these people are dangerous, they boiled my children in oil, cooked them like fried chicken while they were still alive, sawed off their heads, nailed their heads to my motor home, braided their intestines together and hung it on the awning of my motor home like a fucking Christmas garland! So, yeah, I think I might be pretty well aware how danger these sons of bitches are!

You know, when my children died, their heads were cut off, their arms and legs also cut off, their organs and intestines cut out. Their heads nailed to my door, their arms and legs hung from ropes in the trees, their intestines tacked up around the roof edge of my motorhome like Christmas garlands... with in an hour, I had gone out there and taken them down, so they wouldn't be on public display.

I did not want my children's bloody remains hanging in public for all the world to see. I cared about my children, I loved my children, enough to go out to the crime scene, and pick up every single last, itty bitty, tiny, cut up piece of all 10 of their bodies.

It was horrible and disgusting, and made me vomit every few minutes, I was scraping my children's mashed up body parts - hundreds of pieces, nailed all over the front of my motorhome, their body parts hung like Christmas ornaments from the awning! That's why there is no more awning on my motorhome, I couldn't get the blood stains out.

Do you know what it is like, to spend a week, searching every inch of your yard for fingers and toes, of your own children?

I do. Because I had to do that.

You are so desperate to know what information was withheld from the news?

Georgie had his face smashed off with a brick.

Bela had her jaw ripped off while she was still alive.

Emily was boiled alive.

You still want to know what information wasn't in the news?

There's a reason I don't talk much about what happened to my children, because I don't think most of you could stomach it. But I'm their mother and I'm the one who had to pick up all their parts.

It made me sick to have to do it.

But I didn't leave them there like that.

I had the decency to take them down and give them a respectable burial with all of their remains in the coffins...

No one would help. No one single person. Not my parents. Not my mother. Not my father. Not my husband. Not my siblings. Not my aunts. Not my uncles. Not my cousins. Not my friends. Not my church. Not my neighbours. No one. They all said the same thing: "I don't want to see them like that. I don't want that to be my last memories of them." One relative, the Colonel, my father-in-law, he offered to help, but he was in very bad health, and couldn't get nurses to let him come to help. He died a few weeks later.

My ten children, where cut up. Heads here. Legs there. Their intestines braided together and looped garland style around the awning poles of the motorhome.

It took the killers hours to decorate my motorhome with the remains of my ten children.

It took me hours to get them down. The motorhome is 12 feet tall. I don't have a ladder. I couldn't even get a friend or neighbour or relative to come over with a ladder so I could reach the entrails hanging from the awning.

They all said the same thing: "I don't want to see them like that. I don't want that to be my last memories of them." 

Well, you know what? I was their mother and I didn't want to see them like that either!

They all said the same thing: "I don't want to see them like that. I don't want that to be my last memories of them." 

I was their mother and I did not want that to be my last memory of them!

NO ONE... not one single person in my family - not my parents, not my siblings, not my aunts, not my uncles, not my cousins, not my church, not my friends, not my neighbours... NO had the decency to help me get them down! NO ONE saw what was done to them that day. No one but the police and FBI are even aware how bad the situation was, because NO ONE CARED!

The ONLY people who know the full details of what happened are me, who found the bodies, the FBI who is investigating, and the murderers.

No one else.

No one else saw the bodies.

So ANYONE going around town claiming to have details, IS THE MURDERER or knows them, because NO ONE ELSE has those details.

And THAT is why the information was kept out of the news.

My children were murdered by a psychopath who turned their bodies into bloody Christmas decorations... and NOT ONE OF YOU GAVE A SHIT!

They spent weeks making those pieces of so called artwork out of my children's bodies.

And no one helped me take them down.

Not one of you!

They all said the same thing: "I don't want to see them like that. I don't want that to be my last memories of them." 

Do you think I wanted to see them like that?

Do you think I wanted that to be my last memory of them?

I'm their fucking mother!

I learned fast on May 15, 2015, who I could rely on who I could trust... and the answer was NO ONE.... no one but the FBI agents who had the decency to help when no one else would.

I could have done what the rest of you all did and said the same thing you all did: "I don't want to see them like that. I don't want that to be my last memories of them." But I didn't, did I? No! I didn't leave my children scattered remains of public display for all to see. I care enough about them to take them down, no matter how sick it made me, no matter how disgusted I was by it, no matter how much I didn't want to see them like that.

I loved my children, so when they were murdered, cut to pieces and strewn everywhere, I made sure to pick up every last piece.

And HOW have you people TREATED me in the 7 years since than?

I'll tell you... when I go to my church, The Saco Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - they threw rocks at me when I tried to go inside. Five weeks in a row they slashed the tires on my car. I have an antique Volvo with white walls - each tire cost $2k to replace, and you did it 5 weeks in a row! One Sunday, they poured etching fluid on my windshield, I had to buy a new windshield. Their teens and children ran around singing the infamous chant "Too gay for the family friendly church". Fellow Mormons. I'm shocked. That's not the Mormon way.

It became too expensive for me to go to church because the repairs from the weekly vandalism while my car was in your parking lot was more money a week, than I make in a year.

THAT is why I stopped going to church the same year my children were murdered.

Because you people treated me like shit!

And what of my friends?

I've not seen or heard a word from any of them... NOT ONE... in 7 years.

I was in the hospital with a broken spine, broken hips, broken knees, broken legs.

My vertebrae are crushed and can not be operated on. So it can never be fixed.

Did anyone visit me in the hospital? No.

Did any one visit me after I got out of the hospital? No.

Were they there for me, when strangers with golf clubs, attacked me in a parking lot, while I was 8 months pregnant, killing my baby and breaking my spine, leaving me paralyzed for 5 months, and 18 months relearning to walk? No.

My relatives? My Aunt B* started posting the message on my FaceBook wall: "The next head nailed to a door will be yours!"... something she initially posted 3 hours BEFORE my children's heads were nailed to my door.

While her brother Mervin Bruce set about to created HUNDREDS of social media accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, Twitch, hundreds on EACH, to spam pictures of severed head memes all over my profiles. While the adult children of his brother David took to posting photos of themselves carrying assault rifles and the words "This is the gun I'm going to blow your brains out with" was written on the photos. THAT is how my family - my aunts, my uncles, and my cousins reacted to my children being murdered.

I've not seen or heard from my brothers in 7 years. My father and one brother though they live with me, hasn't said a word to me in 7 years. And you've all seen what my mother does on my social media accounts.

After my children were murdered, everyone around me had one of 2 reactions: to treat my like the plague and completely shun me, or two turn psychotic violent and start harassing me online and offline.

It's been seven years, and I've yet to sit down and talk to anyone about what happened to my children, because I have no one to talk to.

And ONLY have no one to talk to, because you people made it so. I HAVE tried to reach out, to all of my relations, all of my friends. They hang up on me, slammed the door in my face.

I didn't just lose my 10 children the day they were murdered, I lost every single person in my life.

And then there are the neighbours, both the ones neighbouring my farm in Old Orchard Beach, where the murder took place AND the ones neighbouring my apartment in Biddeford... look at what you do: they hit me and my dog when you see us walking by, you throw rocks at me, you yell at me and call me a witch, you shout out anti-gay slurs, you scream "god hates fags" as I walk by.


Why do you do these things?

And right now, Thanksgiving week 2021, there is an angry mob roaming the forests of Maine, looking for Etiole, screaming they are going to kill the demon!

I am not a witch and Etiole is not a demon.

Why do you people say those things about us?

What is wrong with you people?

Why are you doing this?

And then the police and FBI say they have to keep these things out of the news?


They say the way my family died is too upsetting for people to read about.

No fuck? You think? At least they only have to read it, I'm the one who had to spend weeks scrubbing blood off the walls and doors and windows.

No. That's not okay. 

It's not okay for people to not know the fucked up shit these criminals did to my children!

It's not okay for witnesses to not know the danger they put themselves in if they come forward.

The FBI had 3 surveillance trucks on Main St, Cutts St, and Bradbury St all summer. They wanted me to change the paint on my car, the FBI phone number added to my trunk - to see HOW the people living on those 3 streets would react. 

Who would do what? 

What would be said? 

Who would go where? 

Who would attack my family first? 

How would they attack? 

What would they say while attacking? 

I knew how dangerous painting the FBI phone number on my car would be going into this. They said it would be, considering how violent the murder of my family was. 

Well now the FBI has SEEN FIRST HAND front row seat from that fake so-called FedEx truck in front of the apartment, what people do when I paint my car. 

Did they get the information they wanted? I don't know, but one man is dead and another man is dying. 

And I've HAD IT!  

What I do know is I'm sick of the damned secrecy, I'm sick of being required to not tell the public what happened to my family, I'm sick of MORE people dying because the FBI wants to sit back and wait, I'm sick of the local jackasses calling me a witch, I'm sick of the local idiots calling Etiole a demon, I'm sick of locals having psychotic meltdowns because I painted a mural on my car! 

And on top of all that, I'm without 2 friends right now, because one was hit by fucking train and the other one was gunned down 2 days later. 

Well I hope the FBI got the fucking ass information they needed because I've had it with ALL of this bull shit!

I'm tired of 7 years of not being allowed to talk about what happened to my family.

I'm tired of being required to change words in blog posts, because the FBI doesn't want certain words released to the public.

I'm tired of my family and friends being terrorized by jackass filth thug drug dealing lunatics.

I'm tired of bombs. 7 now. I've survived seven fucking bombs now. Two just this week alone. One in my car and one in my bedroom.

I'm tired of being your fucking guinea pig. My family was murdered 7 years ago, and I've not even had time to mourn because the FBI showed up and "Oh do this for us" and "Do that too"... we couldn't even have a funeral, because each of my ten children was chopped up into hundreds of pieces, and oh by the way guess what... that word I'm not supposed to use? You will notice I haven't used it in this post, I'm word the FBI asked me to use instead. So, if you happen to know which word in this post is WRONG and what that word SHOULD be... ask yourself how and why do you know the correct word, because you should NOT know the correct word, and if you do, chances are high, you've somehow had contact with the person who chopped up my children.

I'm sick of not being allowed to talk about my children.

They made me take all of their pictures down. There are no pictures of them anywhere on any of my social media profiles sine June 2016, because the FBI wanted all their pictures taken down. Why? So they could change that fucking word. 

You ALL know me... you who follow me... look at my pictures... which ones are gone? Thousands of them. I had more than 1,000 pictures just of Bela.

You all remember Bela.

And Georgie.

And Emily.

And Pippi.

And Cleo.

And I'm not allowed to say the names of the others.

I had to unpublish several of my books, because Cleo was on the book cover, because the books were a serious of non-fiction-day-in-the-life books about her.

How many of you reading this right now, have a copy of the book: "Cleo's Great Escape"? 

If you have a copy of that book, go get it and look at the book cover. 

That picture on the cover. That's Cleo. 

That's an actual photo of her. 

You want to know how Cleo died?  They held her stomach down over a circular table saw and cut Cleo in half while Cleo was still alive, and they hung each half of her to either side of the door of my motor home.

So, yeah, I'm pretty aware that these people are fucking dangerous.

But the people coming forward, calling that FBI number on my car, they don't know. They do not know, how dangerous these killers are, precisely BECAUSE the FBI won't let the information of HOW my children died be made public.

Each one died different.

Only Emily was boiled.

Only Cleo got a table saw.

They killed them using ten different, psychotic fucked up ways.

The people who killed my family are fucked up.

Normal sane people don't do the kind of fucked up torture shit that was done to my family.

And you know what's the worst part of all of this... MOST of the 120+ people who cam forward as "witnesses" and then dead in fucked up ways a few days later, turned out to NOT be real witnesses. They were just bored people looking to pull a prank, see if they could hoax the FBI, see if the FBI could tell if they were lying or not. It's bad enough when ACTUAL witnesses die after coming forward, but most of them were just pranksters trying to prank the FBI, and now they are dead, because, well as the FBI put it: "You don't know who we're dealing with here."

No. I don't. I have no idea who these bastards are. But it's pretty damned obvious the FBI does in fact know who they are otherwise they wouldn't keep saying:  "You don't know who we're dealing with here."

I don't understand all the stupid ass secrecy, but I'm tired of it. Okay?

I'm just fed up.

Two people close to me got hurt really bad this week, one of them is dead. My car got it's insides blown out and now I have weeks of repairs to look forward to, after just getting it back, from it being repaired for 3 years from the last time it got attacked back in February 2019. My apartment building got  vandalized to shit, one neighbour moved out this morning scared the fuck out of her mind, all the wires got cut off the building by a fucking lunatic. I was attacked by 6 sociopaths with rifles, who shot Etiole and used their cars to vandalize the hell out of Rotary Park. Seven times in the past hour, a woman has shown up on the neighbours front porch screaming "witch" and "demon" and yelling "you gotta get a new car whoop-whoop!" - not the same woman 7 times, now 7 different women have done that so far not today, but in the past hour - there's been a lot more throughout the day - none of them seem to be aware they are at the wrong door.  And that all just this one Thanksgiving Day week!

I want my fucking life back!

I'm an author. I used to publish 52 short stories a year, 4 or more novels a year, and 2 to 3 non-fiction articles a day. I published on average 2million words a year. I haven't published a damned thing since the FBI showed up after my family was murdered,not one thing in 7 years.

I can't even make an attempt to go back to living a normal life because every time I do the FBI is all "No, no, no, we need you to do this, we have to catch them. "You don't know who we're dealing with. We've been after this drug gang for years."

You know what? Fuck you!

My family died! And you jumped on that fucking piranhas! You don't give a shit what I'm going through. You don't give a shit what the surviving members of my family are going through. You don't give a shit that witnesses are dropping dead left and right, falling out of the sky and landing in front of trains. People are dying and you don't give a fucking shit, because all we are to you FBI agents are fucking tools for you to use, to get to some drug lord that I don't even know who it is or what the fuck it has to do with me or how my family ended up being killed by someone like that! Clearly you know why some drug lord killed my family, but I have no clue. I'm a Mormon. We don't use drugs or have connections to drug dealers.

I am tired of you FBI agents coming in here and using me and my car and my apartment and my family and my friends and my neighbours, to try to catch some drug gang that I don't know how in the hell I could even be connected to in the first place!

Is the FBI going to pay for the repairs to my car? No!

Is the FBI going to pay for the repairs to my apartment building? No!

Is the FBI going to pay for the medical bills for either me or Etiole or anyone else? No!

Of course not!

They are just going to continue to do what they have been doing for the past 7 years: sit on their asses in that fake ass FedEx truck out front, listening to every conversation, of every family, of every apartment, in every house on this street, and not do one other damned thing.

I'm tired of this.

I want my life back.

My family died seven years ago, and you won't let me move on, because you have some drug dealer you want to catch.

I have a missing older brother, I'm trying to locate. I have a career I'm trying to do. I have have 4 novels that I'm trying to write and edit. I'm trying to live my life, and everything I try to do, gets interrupted by vandalism, harassment, and attacks from total strangers who are somehow connected to that drug dealer who is also a stranger, because the FBI wants to take advantage of the fact that my family was murdered.

Well, I can see WHY, no one else who's family was murdered, was willing to help you, and I'm questioning why I should continue to help you, because it's been more harm than good, it's brought nothing but even more death and destruction, it's brought gangsters to my front door at THREE different apartment buildings now!

I'm crippled. I can barely sit up, let alone walk. I'm bedridden 12+ hours a day, and I'm asleep the rest of the day. I'm legally blind. I'm almost deaf. I have rheumatism and chronic tendinitis, COPD, OCD, Kanner's Syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder. I have no grip strength, no bladder control, my doctor won't let me lift anything over 10lbs because my muscles fall off my joints if I do. I can't hear people coming, I can't see them coming, I can't fight back, and I have people running up behind me with golf clubs, baseball bats, and big ass fucking boulders. I have lunatics waving guns and rifles in my face and driving circles around me in tricked out pimp cars. A nut job drove up with a fucking gatland gun on the roof of a school bus!

And for what?

I now have $20million in medical bills, a bomb blew up my house and my horse stable, and killed my horses and my bantams, so now I don't have horses or bantams any more and I have to live in a scum dive apartment in fucking ass Biddeford of all places, All because after rebuilding my house on my farm in Old Orchard FIVE TIMES NOW a fucking lunatic with a backhoe drove over it every time I rebuilt it!

And why the hell did you put us in Biddeford? If I was going to choose my apartment, the last place I would pick is Biddeford! Yeah, I get that you wanted us as close to your precious drug lord as possible, but why did it have to be Biddeford!

Oh yeah... and that word I can't say, because the FBI says so... I had 83 of them and they're all dead too! 


So the FBI can catch some drug dealer, a heroine ring, that they claim is the one who murdered my family?

Why would some heroine dealer kill me family?

I can guarantee not a one of them took drugs. 

And if you say, well, kids and teens, you never know... yeah, but theirs that word that is DELIBERATELY WRONG and that word, when you know the correct word, makes all the differance in the world.

I guarantee, Bela, Georgie, Emily, Pippi, Cleo, and the ones I can't say the names of, were not running around buying drugs, because it'd be pretty difficult considering what they were.

The connection is the Atwaters. The people killed my family, did so, because they got the wrong fucking information. They were supposed to attack "a green trailer" that was sitting in the Atwaters's yard, the vardo that's been in my family for decades. That same week, there was a construction crew in my yard, so I moved my motorhome next door, to park in their driveway next door. I live at 146. My motorhome is usually at 146. It was in their yard next door at 148, because there were 3 dump trucks in my yard doing work, and I moved the motorhome so they had room to get up in the yard. And my motorhome is a famous monster truck rally icon. It's No Hurry, the official Monster Energy Drink Monster Truck built by Monster Truck builder Alan Berry. It's Monster Energy Drink Lime Green. The attackers were told to attack a "green trailer" which was a dark green wooden vardo parked out back, and the day they arrived, my neon lime green motorhome was sitting in the driveway in front of the vardo.

And that's the ONLY reason, my family died.

They were after the Atwaters, not me, not my family. Of that the FBI is 100% certain. And it's because of a fight they had with a construction worker over a septic tank. Of that the FBI is also 100% certain. And I'm on a "need to know" basis, so, how any of that connects to a drug gang and heroine dealers, I have no clue, but somehow it does, according to the FBI. I don't "need" to know any more than that, so, they tell didn't tell me any more than that.

I was not the intended target.

My family were not the intended targets.

My motorhome was not the intended target.

I just happened to park my motorhome in the wrong driveway on the wrong day, and be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And you people running around with your stupid ass rumours, you NOT helping the FBI''s investigation any at all. In fact you're hindering it a hell of a lot.

What happened to me was supposed to happen to the Atwaters, but I don't know why.

I don't know what the hell they've got themselves involved in, but I do know, FBI Agent Andy Drewer told me to tell every one in the family, my brothers, my mother, my father, to stay the hell away from the Atwaters, because they are the ones connected to the drug dealer. According the Agent Drewer, anyone with the Atwaters when they go down, is gonna go down with them. Bruce is now dead - maybe - it's faked his death 4 times now and, no one saw his body and there was no funeral, so no one knows 100% for sure if he's dead or not. The day before his most recent supposed death, he bought plane tickets for New Zealand. According the Agent Drewer, Bruce ran in with some gang in Boston. A big gang. One of the biggest in America. And THAT is who killed my family. He was sick, avoiding the hospitals because there was a warrant out for him, so he tried to get some drugs in Boston, and than ran off without paying for those drugs. And so all of his relatives became targets after that. And that's why he vanished November 24, 2019, with only the word of one daughter to say that he's dead.

So, because the uncle who runs around calling everyone demons, the uncle who used to be one of Heaven's Gate's leaders, the uncle who locked me in a cage when I was 8 and left me there for 27 years, because HE fucked over some Boston drug dealer, my family is dead, because apparently, they thought he was hiding out in the Atwaters's yard in a green trailer, and somehow the Atwaters fighting with a construction worker over a septic tank, caused the drug lord to think Bruce was in the Atwaters's yard hiding in a green trailer.

Mervin Bruce Atwater, the SAME guy who started the demon rumour about Etiole ALSO ran around claiming to be one of Heaven's Gate's leaders, and that doesn't tell you he's crazy?

It's crazy as all fuck, but hey, this is the uncle who bragged that he helped kill 39 people at Heaven's Gate because he thought god was running in from planet Kolob on Comet Hale-bop, and the same uncle who started the Amphibious Alien rumour about Etiole, and the same uncle who started the demon rumours about Etiole, and the same uncle who kept little girls in rusted cage (I stall have the cages by the way, I've showed you them in several live-streams), so why should I be surprised, that this same uncle tried to cheat some Boston drug lord and then got my family killed by hiding out in the Atwaters's yard?

Mervin Bruce Atwater was a funking lunatic who was obsessed with aliens and ufos and demons and ghosts, that's WHY it was the only thing he ever talked about. And he got hung up on Etiole and my 1964 Dodge and obsessed over telling everyone he could find online and offline that Etiole was an alien demon and my car was haunted.

I had hoped now that he was dead, the rumours would die with him, but no, look at what's going on this week!

Some homeless ma got hit by a train, and suddenly half of Biddeford is running around calling me a witch, calling Etiole a demon, and saying, now a DIFFERENT car - the Volvo, not the Dodge - it haunted!

What the fuck!

What is wrong with you people?

In the past few week, new information came forward about the 2015 murder of my family and the FBI asked me to hold up on painting the mural on my car, and to instead put the FBI info request message there for a few weeks to see what would happen. They wanted to see WHO would react and WHAT they would do.

On the hood of my car was written: "On April 10, 2015 ten of my twelve children were kidnapped. On May 15, 2015, ten of their heads were nailed to my door. Have information, call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322" While a shorter version of the message was on the trunk. They asked me to park my car in the BACK of the building, in the hedged in yard, where it could be seen by only 2 windows. The car left the yard. No one other than people living in those 2 windows could see it.

The FBI, suspected, that the construction worker who fought with the Atwaters over the septic tank, than drove a back hoe over my house, was connected to this porch woman, and they wanted to see, how fast word got back to him, that a message about my dead children was now painted on the hood of my car.

The answer?

Ten hours.

Within ten hours, the FBI surveillance truck in Old Orchard Beach, reported back to the FBI surveillance in Biddeford, that he had a raging fit and was now on the warpath, because of what it said on the hood of my car.

My car never left the yard and could ONLY be seen by 2 windows. Meaning someone in one of those 2 windows, was his informant.

Three days later, the FBI said is was okay to paint over the words and finish putting the mural on the car, that mural, that I had started painting months ago and stopped because the FBI wanted to put that message on my car to see who would do what because of it.

So, 3 days later, I painted the JellyFish over the words on the hood and WAS going to finish the hamsa on the trunk, except, things started happening. A lot of things, fast. While I was in Old Orchard, getting ready to paint off the words on the trunk, HE showed up... the back hoe driver, on September 24, 2021, this time in a dark green pick up truck. Accompanied by a blond woman, whom, I've seen hanging around with my Aunt B for years. She's got really distinctive hair, like a blond Afro. She stood in my driveway screaming about "the little yellow house" odd seeing how that house has been gone for 9 years. Meanwhile the man who fought over the septic tank with the Atwaters, drove back and forth and drove back and forth and back and forth and drove back and forth and back and forth and drove back and forth and back and forth and drove back and forth in front of my driveway for 10 hours, while I stopped painting and sat their watching him wondering what the hell he was doing.

The FBI said, don't take the rest of the words off yet. Leave the trunk words on, we want to see who else reacts to them.

And throughout October and November, people have been reacting a lot.

And boy oh boy people reacted.

And I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of so many people dying so senselessly, because of some drug lord who thinks nothing of killing everyone, just so he can sell drugs.

And I'm tired of the FBI using my family's murder to get to him.

I'm tired of not being allowed to do anything because the FBI wants to wait and see what happens.

I'm not involved in your stupid ass drug dealer.

My family was killed by mistake, because the jackasses mistook a green motorhome for a green trailer.

And FBI jumped on that, saw it as an opportunity.

Well, I don't see my family as your fucking opportunity.

They are my family. And they're dead. And you don't care.

They aren't tools for you to use.

My family is dead at the hands of some drug lord who we never had anything to do with to begin with, they got the wrong fucking house, and you've dragged so many people in my life into this.

Ben has people following him now.

What is wrong with you people?

You couldn't get enough attacking one old man (Etiole) so now you are going after another one?

He's scared to drive any more because thugs follow him to his house.

I'm being shot at in Rotary Park.

Etiole was gunned down by lunatics.

I'm sick of this.

I want my life back.

And if Etiole dies, I'm done. I'm not going to do one damned more thing for you fucking FBI agents who don't give a shit about us. Etiole is the only one who's always been there for me through everything. I'm sick of you using us. I'm sick of being hurt and I'm sick of watching others get hurt. Find someone else to help you take down your damned drug lord. You trained for this type of stuff, I didn't. You chose this path in life, I didn't.

Also, I am being flooded with people showing up at all of my known addresses (I have several in several towns), all of whom are raving and ranting and gibbering and mumbling and someone named Todd.

They are saying things like:

And yes, I do have them on camera saying these things, most of them seemed to be unaware that I have a camera on me that runs 24/7, which is odd, as anyone who follows me online knows I've not turned that camera off since June 2016, when the FBI gave me instructions to RECORD EVERYTHING and send the footage to them EVERY TIME ANY ONE DOES ANYTHING. So, yeah, everything you people are doing and saying IS recorded and the FBI has it.

But here's the thing, I make no secret of the camera, and it streams to Twitch and YouTube so, my followers are watching you people do this as well... and that raises red flags... you see, anyone who knows me knows to stay away from camera range if they do not want to be on the livestream.

That's one thing that has stood out with the Boston drug group that my uncle Mervin Bruce Atwater got messed up with: they DO KNOW the camera is on and they stay away for the most part since they realized this (since October 21, 2016, when one of them did get on film and the Old Orchard Beach Police arrested in a few hours later).

Since the 4-door white truck driver's arrest, the rest of the Boston drug group backed off as none of them wants to be on a YouTube or Twitch livestream. This is also when the Kendra woman disappeared and has not bothered me since.

The ONLY people who've been stupid enough to get in camera rage SINCE October 21, 2016, have been local people connected to the Atwaters/Scottish Travellers, and NO BODY ELSE.

Well, here's the thing, as near as the FBI can tell, the Boston drug lord didn't know who I was, didn't know how famous I was, didn't realize that millions of people were getting daily updates on the attacks, UNTIL the 4 door white truck ended up on camera. The FBI thinks the Boston drug lord backed off BECAUSE they looked me up and found out who I was, realized that if they kept harassing me, they'd all go down hard just because sooner or later the wrong one of them would get caught on camera. You see, the last thing the Boston drug lord wants is for anything he does to be on camera.

Now, anyone who reads my blogs or watches my streams or reads my books or reads my websites - keeping in mind I write more than 200 (two hundred) blogs and websites, knows that every minute of every day of my life is posted online somewhere, and because of this MOST local people know to stay out of camera range if they don't want to be online.

And now this week there are these people who are gibbering nonsense about Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd... and... uhm... seem to be completely and totally unaware, they are doing it on camera.

That's means a few things: 

1. It means, they don't ACTUALLY know who I am, are unaware I'm the Gypsy Witch from The Thinner and have 30million devoted Stephen King fan followers watching them make idiots of themselves.

2. It also means, them not being followers of my online, they are unaware that I don't know who this Todd person is. I know no one named Todd either online or offline. It appears that someone is running around TELLING people that I'm saying this or that, and those people are just blindly believing them, without do any fact checking at all. It also appears that some one is deliberately going out of their way to work these people up in a frenzy. In fact, it looks like there is someone out there who has a psychotically vehement hatred for me and is just trying to slander me as much as they can to as many people as possible to TRY to get a mob to attack me.

3. These people are showing up in my driveway, coming up to me on the sidewalk while I walk my dog, approaching me while I'm shopping at WalMart, coming up to me while I'm at the library... and it's not a few people - it's well over a hundred people randomly coming up to me at every place I go... they are saying thing like: "You can't say ___, ___, ___ or ___ about Todd." Alongside of saying stuff like: "I'm fine with you saying ___ and ___ about Todd mother because she's a bitch." And yet, I know no one named Todd, nor do I know his mother, which means I've never said anything about this Todd or his mother. And I'm left wondering what they are talking about and why they think I had said the things they think I said. I can't understand why these people think I'm talking about Todd or his mother, when I don't even know who is Todd or his mother? But it's a HUGE amount of people doing it - MASSIVE amount of people - so whoever is spreading this rumour, they are spreading it on huge levels, to massive amounts of people. 

3A. One elderly man walked up to me today, a man probably in his 80s. Wanted to know if I was EelKat, than proceeded to tell me that, all week, he has been receiving weird spam emails - the emails are three thousand words long, he said, and all the same - he said they call me a lot of nasty words that he said he was too polite to repeat, and he said they mostly focused on Etiole and the topic of aliens and demons. He said he was very confused as he doesn't know ANY of the email addresses sending it to him, and stated that it looks like everyone who sent it to him, were just mass spamming the email to 100+ randomly generated emails, in an attempt to get the email out to as many random people as possible. He said he had received the same email from more then three dozen people that morning alone and he's been getting it steadily for the past few days... so based on what he told me... it's A LOT of people, random-spamming 100+ random-emails over and over and over and over and over and over again, all day long, for the past several days. 

4. When I ask what they are talking about they respond with: "All that stuff you wrote on FaceBook about Todd and his mother!" But I've not written anything on FaceBook about their precious Todd or his mother, seeing how I don't know who Todd or his mother is.

5. It means that somewhere on FaceBook there is an account that is pretending to be me. I don't like being impersonated, so I want to know where this account is, who is running it, and why they are slandering me by making it look like I have said things which I never said at all.

These people act like they think I know what they are talking about, but I've no clue!

They are saying: "You can't say this or that about Todd!" And I'm just here completely clueless wondering who in the hell Todd is and what exactly it was that I was supposed to have said about this guy that I don't even know who he is? 

Nothing these people are saying is making any sense. It leaves me wondering if someone online has a social media account, that either is impersonating me or somehow these people THINK is me.

THIS is my FaceBook account here:

THIS is my Twitter:

And that's it.

I don't have any others. So whatever you people are reading on other accounts, was NOT posted by me and is someone impersonating me.

6. That means that these fucking bastards shot Etiole over something posted on FaceBook about this Todd guy, posted by someone pretending to me, and yes I AM fucking pissed that someone pretending to me instigated this and got Etiole shot.

7. If YOU know who Todd and his mother are, please contact them both and give them fucking hell - tell them their jackass fanboys shot my friend and they can both burn in hell with their fucking fanboys; tell them to get this Todd's fucking fanboys out of my face and under control. If Etiole dies from these gun shot wounds, I'm going to hold Todd whoever the hell he is, his mother, and his fanboys responsible.

8. It means if they were actually reading stuff written by me, they would KNOW that I've never mentioned any Todd or any Todd's mother before.

9. It looks a lot like a stunt pulled by one of Mervin Bruce Atwater's crew. They've done things like this before. There was a time when they had over two dozen FaceBook profiles all of whom were impersonating me, back in 2010 and they caused a lot of trouble back than. FB banned them all for it, so those accounts are gone now, but I wouldn't put it past them to have made more. The Atwaters are fucking shit. They like to stir up trouble. They like to get people fighting than sit back and laugh while they watch the fight. 

These people showing up (most of them Atwaters and their friends) in both my Biddeford and my Old Orchard locations this week, are accusing me of one thing after an another and smashing things up while they are here.

They are accusing me of talking about J* and I've never mentioned J* ever!

They claimed they read it on my FaceBook. 

THIS is my FaceBook account here:

I've had that account since 2008 and you can scroll back through every post I've ever made, and you can SEE that I have never said anything about J* ever, not once, all the way back to 2008!

They are accusing me of talking about Todd and I've never even heard of Todd! I know no one online or offline named Todd.

Again, they claimed they read it on my FaceBook. 

THIS is my FaceBook account here:

I've had that account since 2008 and you can scroll back through every post I've ever made, and you can SEE that I have never said anything about anyone named Todd ever, not once, all the way back to 2008!

They are accusing me of talking about Todd's mother and I've never even heard of Todd, so how the hell could I even know who his mother is? I know no one online or offline named Todd, nor do I know anyone who has a son named Todd.

Again, they claimed they read it on my FaceBook. 

THIS is my FaceBook account here:

I've had that account since 2008 and you can scroll back through every post I've ever made, and you can SEE that I have never said anything about anyone named Todd ever, nor his mother, not once, all the way back to 2008!

Now today, November 29, 2021, I also have people in my yard, talking to my landscaper, bragging "I know what happened to the fucking Volvo!" and then telling him stuff completely wrong, because you were not there and you were not a witness, you are just the town gossip spread even MORE slander, rumours, and lies about me!

Today, one of them is talking about a car accident with my car. They said and I quote: "Well it turns out the car was rear-ended 3 years ago." No. The car was rear-ended September 26, 2016, 5 years ago. And it happened on a livestream, so anyone can look up my VOD archive and go watch it. It's not a secret. It was a red min-van, astro-van type a hit and run driver. Old man with a straw hat was driving. Police looked for him but never found him.

The big attack on my car - the one that damaged 90% of the body, removing the paint and marbles - was February 2019 (2 years ago), and it was done by a gang with New York plates, all of them armed with baseball bats and long metal pipes, one was a black man with a yellow Mitsubishi (the ferrai looking model), the others were white and drove a blue Buick and a silver 2 and a half door pickup truck. One woman was a very big fat woman (hugely obsess - around 300lbs+) with short permed sausage curled blond hair she didn't have a baseball bat - she was carrying a big foot long kitchen knife and a 3 foot long white pvc pipe, one was a redhead woman with dark dyed red stick straight bobbed hair, the other 2 were white men who had baseball caps pulled down low on their faces so you couldn't see anything but dark shadow. The men had baseball bats, they went into the 27 High Street Apartment building at the time owned by "Two Brothers and a Truck" (a local real estate company named "Two Brothers and a Truck"). They smashed out all the windows in the halls. smashed out the drywall then started pulling out wiring and pipes, they smashed off the rails of the stairs all 3 floors. They ripped the door off the 102 apartment and beat the shit out of the 2 women living there, smashed up the appliances (fridge, stove, etc) and threw them out into the hall. They pulled out sinks and flood apartment 101 below. They smashed their way back downstairs, trashes 3 of the cars in the parking lot - a white Cadillac escilade, a black pickup truck that used to be red with yellow flames, and my Volvo. Both the other to cars belonged to the Martel family at apartment 201, and the police said the owner of the black truck was the intended target. They said he owed money to a heroine drug dealer and skipped out on paying and the drug dealer sent the 5 thugs to trash the place, bu when they got there they didn't know which apartment to go after or which car, so they just trashed every apartment and every car. Police arrested them that same night. They did over $230k in damages to the building. City condemned the building, everyone had to leave, that's when we moved to Cutts Street and why my car didn't come with us - it went elsewhere to be rebuilt, which took until May 2021 to do. It arrived at Cutts st May 2021 where I preceded to repaint it. I lived on 103 at the time, and it happened during a Witcher 3 livestream on Twitch, so not only did all my viewers see it happen live, but I have the video footage and yet again the VOD is in my archive you can go watch it for yourself.

The following day the State Police Drug Team arrived with drug sniffing dogs and found a huge stash of cocaine and heroine in apartment 201 and arrested the Martels. A woman at 101 was beaten to death by 2 other men, not connected to the other events, and those 2 men were also arrested. The Martels are in-laws of the Atwaters, the man arrested was my uncle and was the brother of Paul Martels the one currently in prison for having built the Boston Marathon bomb. AGAIN, the event was caused by my uncles and they stupid gang thug life.

In total 8 people were arrested that day, 1 woman died, a child died a week later as a side effect of injuries that day, 3 others ended up in the hospital, 3 cars were totalled, $230,000 in damages was done to the building, and 27 people ended up homeless.

THAT was the attack that caused my car to need to be rebuild and repainted, not the rear-ending event.

And YES, EVERY ONE of these attacks, ALL OF THEM - more than 200 of them since 2013, I have them ALL on video, I have the video footage of all of them, and the FBI has the footage of them all as well, because I gave all the video footage to them when they showed up asking for it, so if you were ever in any of the video footage doing any of these attacks, the FBI does know, they HAVE seen you. 

Did I mention the camera runs 24/7? 

I can PROVE every single event I list off here, because I have the video footage of ALL of them.

Nothing about my life is hidden.

I have no secrets.

My life is an open book.

Every minute of my life is archived and available for you to watch online.

You can go watch those videos and SEE the attackers FOR YOURSELF.

Smile: you're on fucking candid camera, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE WAS RECORDED!

If you didn't want to be on camera, you shouldn't have gotten near me.

And yes, you standing at my backdoor this morning at 10AM, bragging to the landscaper, about "turns out the car was rear-ended 3 years ago" - I have THAT on camera too!

And yes, I have the video footage of both the times my car was totalled.

The rear-end accident September 26, 2018 (3 years ago) AND the baseball attack that took off the marbles in February 2019 (2 years ago).

So, no, you got the events mixed up. The one 3 years ago was the attack on the Martel Family - who are in-laws of the Atwaters and are related to me that way.  I told you, I had to rebuild my car TWICE.

You are mixing up the facts of multiple events.

  *   The Dazzling Razzbury 1 - the original paint job was done in May 2012. That is the one that had all the Voodoo Veve painted on it. Large sections of the car were not painted, rather instead coloured duck tape, bumper stickers, and glitter gemstone stickers had been used to make skull and cross bone patterned around the car. There were also orange Moxie cans glued to the roof. The entire paint job had a layer of of purple glitter spray paint over it. This is the version that was seen at the Monster Truck rallies and was seen set up along side BigFoot at various events in Maine.

  *   In 2014 The Dazzling Razzbury 1, was seriously vandalized, while parked on Water Street in front of Homer's Bar, by a key or screwdriver, or something similar, which scratched off most of the paint job. Police assumed it was done by drunks leaving Homer's Bar.

  *   In 2014 I painted The Dazzling Razzbury 2. This 2nd paint job, is the one most people are familiar with. The novel BoomFuzzy was published earlier that year and sold 57million copies, earning $12,000. I used that money to buy 2.5million flat-backed marbles and swanski crystal beads, repainted the car with a red and yellow fire-bird on the hood, a blue pigeon on the trunk, green moray eels on the doors, all in glow-in-the-dark black-light paint (the car glowed in the dark at night, if left sitting under a street light for an hour), and then went over the design gluing beads and marbles of the same colours on top of the mural.

  *   In 2015 the car was vandalized several times by a local church group, a group of all women, who claimed to be from New Life Church in Biddeford. They accused the car of being "too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach" and slashed the tires and door on multiple occasions throughout the year. This is why the doors were repainted several times throughout that year and why it no longer has white-wall tires.

  *  In September 2018, the rear-end hit and run, happened on the Ross Road on the bridge crossing the Goosefare Brooke Ravine. The back bumper was damaged and the frame twisted and cracked. The body had to be lifted off the car and the frame restored, but the paint job was not changed as it was not damaged.

  *  In 2019, the car received more tan $30k in damages, during the drug gang attack on the 27 High Street apartment complex. The car sustained signification body and mechanical damage. In the space of under 15 minutes the 5 drug gangsters decimated all the glass marbles with baseball bats, reducing them to pulverized, powdered, shattered glass shards.  The damage was to the extent that I did not dare to drive the car, due to the jagged shards of broken glass from the shattered marbles. Should someone lay their hand on the hood or fender, they would have quickly found their hand a bloody mess. In short - it was not safe to have the car on the road. The car was taken to a garage for repairs, where the mechanical parts were restored, while the body underwent the year long sanding job that was required to file down and remove the shattered remains of the 2.5million broken marbles. The car was seen on the road a few times throughout 2019 and 2020 while it was being taken back and forth between repair locations. Finally in April of 2021, it was fully restored, sanded down to the bar metal, painted with black primer, and in May 2021, returned once again as my daily driver.

  *  In May 2021, The Dazzling Razzbury 3 - the third paint job - was started, and for some unknown reason, WHILE I was painting the picture of Etiole on the side, 2 men showed up in the driveway and had a total psychotic meltdown over aliens... which you all of course saw, as I was live streaming that day, as I am every day. A few hours later one of the men returned to find me painting the Eye of the Grigori (the blue wings of the archangels) and had a gibbering meltdown about blue penises staring at him from the door - again, you all saw him do it as we were live streaming. The following day while painting the two Eyes of God on the back bumper, a women showed up screaming "WIIIIITCH!" and threw herself on the sidewalk in some sort of a fake seizure, while shrieking that "the evil eye is strangling me, she's trying to kill me with her car!". Moments later a man ran over, told the woman to get up and stop being an idiot, than said "that's not an evil eye, that's a protection symbol Gypsies use to ward off demons and curses" He than dragged the woman down the street and into the house 2 buildings down from us. After that, EVERY DAY, the same woman showed up in the driveway - wither I was painting or not - to gibber that the eyes of my car were "boring a hole in my brain" and "it's sending me messages". And every day the man dragged her away apologizing and saying she was off her meds.

   *   June 2021 the massive heatwave hit and the paint job was put on hold due to I had no shade to park the car in, so it was too dangerous to sit out n the sun long enough to paint. I had to wait for the heat wave to end, before I could resume painting.

  *  September 2021, the heatwave finally broke, but my father had triple by pass surgery and was in the hospital for several weeks, so the paint job did not resume immediately. This was complicated by 4 deaths in the family, each a week apart, meaning we had 4 back to back funerals the same time, while my dad was in the hospital. One death, as you know, was one of my kidnapped children, returned, which sparked the FBI to return as well, because we had not seen Pippi in 6 years, and she had suddenly been returned, now 10 years old (she had been 4 years old when she was kidnapped on April 10, 2015). And right after a second one died, bringing he total of the dead up to 11 now.  12 children were kidnapped, and as of September 28, 2021 now 11 of them have been found dead.

  *  October 2021, with the sudden return and death of yet another child, the FBI asked me to change what I was painting on my car, to see if they could lure out/trick the kidnappers into making a mistake and revealing who they were. This is WHEN and WHY the FBI phone number appeared on the car.

  *  Throughout October and into November, LOTS of people began to show up both at my Biddeford apartment and my Old Orchard farm, and it became clear VERY quickly that someone in our apartment building was connected to the kidnappers.

  *  At this same time, the Atwaters went haywire, becoming more frantic and more violent with each passing week. The FBI started going door to door of the Atwaters and asking to talk to them, but got most of the doors slammed in their faces.

  *  On Thanksgiving week, all hell broke lose, and I still don't know what happened. But several people - one woman in our apartment building, and over a dozen Atwaters, all had total, brutal, violent meltdowns, some arriving with rifles. ALL of them began gibbering about someone named "Todd" and accusing my car of sending suicide demons to kill him. I think whoever Todd is, he might be dead, but I'm not sure. They seem to think I know who Todd is, and they are ALL saying that he became obsessed with the words on my car believing that he knew the kidnappers. There are a dozen plus people rambling on gibbers about this Todd fellow, and none of them give enough coherent or logical info to fully understand what they are talking about. It's all just weird bits and pieces of rambling nonsense mingled in with death threats. That same week a local homeless man got hit by a train, and that seemed to be the straw that broke the camels back as the following day, the shit hit the fan, with half of the Cutts Street district of Biddeford, dozens and dozens of people, showing up on Reddit and FaceBook to have total psych deranged meltdowns of troll posting insanity, alongside them also showing up at Rotary Park armed with guns, and 6 of them attacking and gunning down Etiole while calling him a suicide demon.

There are A LOT of people, all very local, all connected to the Atwaters, having some serious psycho-deranged shit feasts this week, and I'm not sure why. The ONLY thing they have in common is gibbering weird shit abut Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, Todd, alongside claiming the eyes on my car are watching them and telling them to all kill themselves.

Like the weird gang of church women from 2015 who claimed my car was gay and was making people near it turn gay, this group of clearly high as heck, drug addled people, are claiming that my car is making every one it drives by commit suicide.

Just as the Bible-crazed lunatics of 2015, accused my car of have gay demons in it, now these clearly high on drugs lunatics of 2021 are accusing my car of having suicide demons in it.

They claim that the eyes painted on my car are sending out brainwaves telling everyone it drives by to commit suicide.

It is more than obvious that the people saying my car is sending out brainwaves, are VERY HIGH on drugs. They are wild eyed, frantic, hyped up, and gibbering total madness.

No sane, sober person is going to believe a car sends out brainwaves of any sort.

No sane, sober person is going to believe a car is gay.

No sane, sober person is going to believe a car is demon possessed.

No sane, sober person is going to believe a car is telling them to commit suicide.

The people saying these things are neither sane, nor sober.

I don't know what kind of drugs cases people to believe or say the things these people are saying about my car, but I am terrified of the crazy freaked out shit these people are saying.

These people are fucking psychotic out of their minds high on some sort of drug that makes them thing cars compel them.

Growing up in Old Orchard Beach, I've never seen people on drugs before. I had always heard rumours how bad the drug problem was in Biddeford, but damn, I had no clue how psycho deranged drugs make people act.

The Atwaters, they are crazy. But these Biddeford freaks, these are drug addicts with some serious messed up drug induced shit going on in their heads.

But yeah, there you have it, the sequence of events to the 3 paint jobs of my car.

I'm still trying to finish painting my car, but it's pretty terrifying being surround by the psycho deranged drug addled freaks of Biddeford and having them trance around in my driveway gibbering about utter lunacy every time I try to paint my car.

The locals in the Cutts street area have some seriously fucked up drug addiction problems and I don't like the dope heads standing in my driveway gibbering demon shit while i paint my car. These people are fucked up BAD! 

But, back on topic, again, that 2019 attack was nothing to do with me, it was my fucking Atwater relatives again, getting messed up with drug dealers. That's ALWAYS what the problem is. The Atwaters and their drugs are a problem, because they are constantly butting heads with drug dealers and not paying them.

Did you ever notice how every time people start accusing me, Etiole, or my car of crazy shit, it always turns out that the accusers are messed up on drugs and caught up in messes with drug dealers?

What is it with these freaky ass drug people flocking to my car!

Why can't they leave me alone!

Why can't they take their drug someplace else?

That's why I keep asking the Atwaters to leave me alone and stay out of my life.

I'm sick of them, every time they get in trouble with some drug gang, they show up here and start asking me for money. But I don't have any money. My income has never yet had a year of reaching $5k (I make less than five thousand dollars a year - in case you forgot I'm a Literary Fantasy novelist, and that genre don't pay shit because it's no a popular genre). 

March 31, 2015, they showed up, the fucking Atwaters, asking for $30k - thirty thousand! They said Bruce had been arrested for trying to saw his wife's foot off, and when the police asked why he did it, he started gibbering about Heaven's Gate and god being and alien from Kolob like he always does, so they not only arrested him, they put him in that mental institute behind the Saco Good Shepherd Catholic Church. Judge set bail to $30k and his sons refused to pay it, so one of his sister's showed up demanded I give her $30k. They've got it stuck in their heads that I'm a millionaire because I'm an author, and they had all sort of conspiracies about me "holding out on them" as they put it, and they said they deserved the money more than me.

That happened 2 weeks before my family was murdered and that's why THEY - the fucking Atwaters - where the number one suspects by every police officer and FBI agent on the case, right from the very beginning.

These other people who run around saying I'm accusing them.... uhm... no... they are just whinny people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame... the Atwaters, my uncles and their drug crew have ALWAYS been the only ones who were suspects, those other people saying they are being accused are just saying that to try to get attention.

These people attacking right now this week, again it's the fucking Atwaters and their crew, and anyone telling you otherwise, hasn't got a clue what's going on.

The Atwaters are the founders of The Bacon Street Gang, if you live in Biddeford, you know them, the founders of the Maine Division of Heaven's Gate (in the Dayton and Buxton area mostly), the founders of a group called "The Loyalest White Knights, More Loyal Than the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" (mostly in Bangor and Palmyra). Severally of the older generation (the ones in their 70s to 90s) call themselves The Scottish Mafia (even though they are not Mafia, they just call themselves that). They are constantly getting in gang wars with other Gypsy and Traveller Clans, most notably a group from Connecticut known as The Cyr Clan" and more recently a group from Rhode Island that claims to be Irish Travellers. 

The very reason I avoid all contact with the Atwaters is quite simply they are all gangster thugs and are always involved in chop shopping cars, stealing metal, drug dealers, illegal gun running, prostitution, moon-shining, and drug dealing. They are constantly getting in gang wars with other chop shoppers, metal scrappers, gun runners, whore mongers, moonshiners, and drug dealers. Drive by shootings are a daily thing for them. Not a one of them has ever been to school, none of them have birth certificates or social security numbers, none of them have ever been vaccinated for anything, because they don't go to doctors. They live off grid, are predominately squatters driving in a huge caravan of 400+ cars/trucks/school buses/rvs/and vardos that set up massive tent villages behind any random farm they find. Only a few of the Atwaters are settled or have houses. They live fully off grid, no drivers licenses, no legal license plates, no inspections, no registrations, no bank accounts, no credit cards, nothing. They claim the government is run by Satan and the social security number is the mark of the beast. They are very extreme extremist FLDS Mormons (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints). Stephen King choose them for The Thinner movie precisely because of how freakishly outlandishly bizarre they are. They rarely come down to Southern Maine, usually stay North of Bangor, so we don't often see the down here in The Greater Portland area.

However, they have been down here quite a lot since January 6, 2021. They were at the Capital attack, and they arrived in Biddeford Jan 7, in my driveway - the Cutts St one, chanting "God - King - Trump - God - King - Trump - God - King - Trump". THAT is when the FBI arrived again. Jan 15, and asked me to change all the articles on my website, to remove the one specific word and put a different word in it's place. And that's when the fake FedEX FBI surveillance truck showed up as well, they said they put them in a lot of locations and were watching a lot of people. They had a lot to say. My Aunt B*, the one we'd previously be warned to stay away from, she was in DC at the Jan 6 riot, and her ex-husband Paul is in prison right now for building the bomb that killed people at the Boston Marathon in 2013. The FBI arrived here in Biddeford, with lots of photos of bombs wanting to know if I could id who had made them, because, the Atwaters have a history of bombs, a big history of a lot of bombs. 

New evidence came forward about April 10, 2015, as a result of January 6, 2021. 

Evidence which says, someone really close to me, HIRED the man who drove the backhoe over my house in 2013. One of my relatives PAID him $600 to do it, gave him fake documents, claiming it was a demolition permit, and he was duped into think they owned the house and that the house was empty.

Evidence which put the murder weapon - a very unique one-of-a-kind weapon that is over 200 years old - the murder weapon of my children, in DC on Jan 6.

Evidence that now suggests, a relative was the murderer, and the murder was done to frame someone the Atwaters were fighting with back in 2015.

The FBI has been trying to get a Boston drug dealer, and the attacks in 2015 and 2016 were largely by his group, however after the 4-door white truck was foolish enough to not only get caught on camera, but the license plate was clearly on camera too, and the driver arrested that same day - the Boston drug dealer backed off and from his group there were no more attacks, and that included the Kendra woman.

After the death/disappearance of Uncle B* November 24, 2019. ALL attacks stopped completely. Everything. Everywhere. Online and Offline. And the FBI was at that point satisfied that my family had been murdered by my Uncle B*, which is what most of the evidence had suggested all a long.

Until September 19, 2020, when one of the biggest attacks ever happened, to my farm in Old Orchard Beach. My next door neighbour had hired a construction crew to do yard work. My neighbour gone for the month, was not there when the yard work was done. The construction workers stole the $10k my neighbour paid them, never did the yard work, and instead, drove yet another back hoe into my yard, to cut down several 500 year old pine trees, and drive over the vardo, which is now crushed flat, they took my neighbours boat and tossed that into my yard, they drove over my father's station wagon which parked in my driveway at the time, they pulled up my hedge of 15 foot tall cedar trees, and they dumped lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of heroine all over my yard. I had never seen heroine before, so I had no clue wat it was. All I knew was their were bags of stuff and lots of syringes everywhere. I called the police, and they arrived and spent the day picking up lots of drugs out of my yard.

My poor neighbour was out there crying and apologizing. Yeah, I knew they wouldn't do something like this. They are good people. So, my neighbour is stuck trying to get their $10k back, but the construction group they hired turns out to have been fake and showed up offering to do the job, apparently just so they could attack my yard, and the FBI and police are trying to figure out who the hell did this to my yard.

So, the FBI was back. Now confused. Because on one hand it looked like it was done by the Boston drug lord, but on the other hand it looked like it was done by my Uncle B* to frame the Boston drug lord, except my Uncle B* had supposedly been dead for over a year by that point. Seeing how B* had faked his death 4 times in the past, the FBI now wanted to find out, had he faked his death again? Was he still alive? Was this a copycat, trying to make it look like B* had done it and if so, who was the copycat?

This is when the FBI asked me to remove all pictures of my family from my website, and remove all the names of all the children, except for: Georgie, Emily, Bela, Cleo, and Pippi. 

The FBI suspected that, as the whole thing was kept out of the news and 6 years had now gone by, it was highly probable that MOST people in the area, even people whom had hugged my children in person, had buy now forgotten I ever had any children at all. The FBI explained, it's very common for people to forget the children and pets of their neighbours and relatives, if they do not see them frequently. The FBI explained a common problem with witnesses is that, after a few years, they forget, that their neighbour was even a victim of a violent crime, and forget that their neighbour used to have 10 children playing on the front lawn, they forget the things they don't see daily. And chances were high, that NO ONE on my street, even the people who had spoken to, played with, and hugged my children, would even remember that my children had existed at all. 

And because of this, the FBI wanted to find out WHO remembered what.

The killers, would remember what they had done to my children.

And given how they were killed, the killers would likely remember things like race (keeping in mind these for fosters, so not the same race as me), eye colour, and hair colour.

But would any one else? The FBI said it's unlikely. So remove all the pictures of them, from off the internet. Every website. Every social media. Take down every picture. Then in all the articles mentioning them, use find replace, to find THAT word and change it to to THAT word instead, and let's find out, who knows what, who remembers them, and why, because THAT will reveal who the killer is.

My mother, my father, my 3 younger brothers, and Ben, were the only ones told the word had been changed. They were told NOT to use that word again, no matter what, no matter who they talked to. They were told to use this other replacement word instead. To date only one of them has complied to this request. And of the ones not complying, only Ben has given a reason, his reason being: "I will not tell a lie." When asked "Not even to save the lives of future victims, keeping in mind, mine are just 10 of the more then seven thousand slaughtered in Old Orchard Beach in the past 7 years. Seven thousand is a very big number. And the killer is clearly a deranged psychologically deranged mad man who has no intention of stopping." Heads have been found throughout Saco and Old Orchard, and in May 2021, they started showing up in Biddeford, arranged in 3s, at several crossroads off Main Street. The number is more than 7,000 heads have been found since 2015, and according to the FBI, it started several years before the attack on mine and the total number is closer to 20,000. Twenty thousand heads, in the past 10 years, is very big number.

One has only to look at every telephone pole on every street of every town in southern Maine to see what I'm talking about.

How many of those flyers have YOU put up on telephone poles?

Chances are really high, that no matter who you are, if you live in southern Maine, you've put up at least one in the past 10 years.

The kidnapper/killer fancies them-self an artist. Making art out of torturing their victims to death, then returning the finished art piece back home a few weeks later.

The earliest known ones happened on the Pane Rd in Scarborough throughout 1999, and were dozens of beheaded black labs and black cats all found along side the headless bodies of teenage girls. The beheaded Ouellette girls were the first known HUMAN victims.

Because of the FBI phone number on my trunk, new information has just been uncovered about the beheaded Ouellette girls of Pine Point in Scarborough and their long cold case, was just reopened a few weeks ago. And it's believed the killer of my family, is the same one who killed them.

My family is NOT the only case being investigated. The FBI is looking for a serial killer that has for nearly 30 years beheaded tens of thousands of cats, dogs, birds, goats, horses, all pets... and in 1999, started beheading human victims as well.

Collectively known as The Cascade Murders, because the BULK of the killings have happened on The Cascade Road, and the 2 roads that cross it Ross Rd and Portland Av, the beheading murders of 120+ Humans and 7,000+ cats and dogs, span 21 towns in 3 states, over a period of 40 years.

The FBI wants information, about ANY and EVERY beheading to occur in Maine in the last 30 years, be they animal or human, because they think its the same person doing ALL of the beheadings.

With how long it's been happening they think the killer is in their late 60s to early 70s at least.

So you people who showed up TODAY and said I should give up, it happened a long time ago... the most recent beheaded happened September 28, 2021, a little over a month ago, on that dirt road beside the trestle train tracks.

We're are not looking for justice for the past, we are looking to put a stop to the killings THAT ARE STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW... and chances are really high, that that homeless man who was hit by the train 7 days ago, was the latest human victim, of that very same killer.

Look at the flyers on the telephone poles on Main street, just put up this morning. What do they say? Go read them for yourself. More go up every day. Dozens of families every month. Look how many families are suffering. Look at how many families are begging for help. Several hundred families, just in Biddeford, right now. That's not justice for the past, that trying to put an end to this epidemic of terrorism that has plagued our area for close to 40 years now.

FBI has spent a lot of focus on one... location... a weird place, surrounded by barbed wire... dead cats and dead chickens, hundreds of them hand like decorations from the trees and the fences and the gates. Black cats and black chickens lay on the ground, laid out to form big star shapes. The Heaven's Gate Compound. Well, they certainly like to dissect and mutilate cats and chickens and German Shepherds, that for sure. I only been there once, and I'll never go back. My uncles are insane, as can be seen by the hundreds and hundreds of tortured to death black cats hanging from the compound fence.

But here's the thing about that... It's THAT uncle - a man now in his 90s - the one with that compound, up in Bangor, it's HIS children and grandchildren, who keep showing up here in Biddeford, to scream and yell. It's them showing up on FB and Reddit and Twitch to post all the crazy shit you see posted on my accounts there. They are the ones who keep posting pictures of themselves holding assault rifles and the words "this is the gun I'm going to shoot you with" on my FB wall. They are the ones who are the MOST pissed off over what is painted on my truck.

My question is this: Bangor is a 5 hour drive, and before November 19, there were pictures of the new paint job of my car online. So, how did they know what was painted on my car? I started painting it May 2021, and I've only taken it to the WalMart in Biddeford, Rotary Park in Biddeford, Temple Ave Beach access point in Ocean Park district of Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford PetSmart, and my farm in Old Orchard Beach. All of those places are less than 15 minutes away from my Biddeford apartment driveway. The car hasn't been anywhere else, as I'm still recovering from the gold club attack that broke my spine and left me in a wheelchair. I'm still relearning to walk, and I'm 12+ hours a day laying down in bed because I can't sit up for long yet, meaning I can't drive more than a few minutes to a time yet, because of severe back pain. So, I ask again: How did you know I painted my car? And why did you drive 5 hours to yell at me about it?

And, for that matter - why are you yelling at me about it?

All it says is to call the FBI if you have information about the murder of my family. Why is THAT making YOU so upset?

Should you not WANT the murderer of your nieces and nephews found?

Why are you so upset that the FBI is asking the public to help locate the killer?

You should be happy that the FBI s trying to put the murderers of YOUR family members in prison.

Why are you so angry that the FBI wants to find out who killed members of YOUR family?

The innocent have nothing to fear from the FBI.

I must question, WHY it is, YOU are in such a huge panic over the FBI call request on my car. 

ONLY the guilty party has any reason to be made upset by that. 

ONLY the murderer themselves would have reason to panic in terror at my asking witnesses to come forward about the murder of my family.

You are making yourself look VERY GUILTY with your words and actions.

WHY are you so very AFRAID of the FBI request on my car?

The innocent have nothing to be afraid of.

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.

What are you hiding that has made you so afraid?

I ask this same thing of porch bitch as well. The woman, who every day, when my neighbours are gone to work, stands on their porch and shouts obscenities at my car.

Why are you standing on my neighbours porch yelling at my car every day?

What is it about what it says on my car, that has made YOU so upset?

WHY are you so very AFRAID of the FBI request on my car?

The innocent have nothing to be afraid of.

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.

So why stand on the porch on the front of my building and yell at my car every day. Also... you do know I have you on camera yelling at my car right? Should I show the video footage to the old couple who live there, what it is you do on their porch every day while they are gone to work?

YOU are the most angry of all. Your wild vehement hatred for my car is unfathomable.

Why are you so full of hate?

Why is it you are so angry at the request for help in finding the killer who killed my family?

What do you know?

Who are you so desperate to protect?

No one who is innocent of the murder of my children, would have any reason to stand on the porch of my building and yell at my car. Are YOU the killer? Do you HELP saw off my children's heads? You certainly make it look like you are, when you stand on the porch yelling at my car. You are making yourself look VERY GUILTY by standing on the porch yelling at my car.

The ONLY people who have ANY REASON to be upset about my car, are the killers and anyone trying to protect the killers.

If you are upset about my car... ask yourself: WHY?

Why are you scared of the FBI?

The FBI are nothing more then federal police officers.

They are police officers who are called in, when a situation crosses state lines, meaning rather than calling in 2 or more separate state police departments, 1 federal police department is called in, instead. The murders have happened in multiple states. And in Maine, there have been murders in 21 towns... beheadings, by this same killer, have happened in TWENTY-ONE towns in Maine, in addition to other murders in others states as well.

It's NOT JUST my family, my 10 children, whom the FBI is seeking information about.

The FBI is seeking information about EVERY and ANY beheading - human AND pets - to have happened ANYWHERE in New England.

So, do know that if you are upset and screaming at my car, you ARE making yourself look like you are involved in the serial murders of 120+ people and 7,000+ cats and dogs, in 4 dozen towns, in 3 states, over the past 30 years, and by looking guilty, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY - siblings, parents, cousins, friends, lovers, coworkers, they're ARE already being investigated now, to find out WHY you are are very upset over my car. You did a hell of a lot of screaming in front of the FedEx truck that was parked 3 feet from the porch you was standing on. Do you have any idea how many life sentences the killer is look at getting once they get caught... did I mention the beheadings include 120+ Humans? That's 120 life sentences. Are you CERTAIN you want to be standing on the porch, in front of that FedEx truck, yelling you hatred for my car? It's too late now, every one connected to you is already being investigated now, because, well, you did make yourself a suspect when you stood on that porch and flapped your mouth off.

I've 4 book releases due in 2023, and the car is being repainted with characters from the novels on it, for the upcoming book release, the FBI phone call request has been on my car since 2015 - but it used to be on a sheet of paper taped to the back side windows, but while painting my car, I took the paper off the windows and repainted what it said onto the hood and trunk of my car. The words have not changed. They are the same words that have been there on my car for 7 years. The anniversary number changes each year, but otherwise it's exactly the same as it has been since 2015. The only difference is the flyer on the window was just a sheet of paper and you had to get close to my car to read it, while the words on the trunk are nearly a foot tall and can be seen for many meters away. 

I repaint my car every few years. I've done it ever since I had this car. The paint fades over time, it has to be repainted every 4 or 5 years. And EVERY time, the first thing I do is paint words all over the car, usually verses from the Bible and Book of Mormon (I'm a 5th generation Mormon), so that the whole car is covered with something. It takes about 2 years to paint the pictures as I am using a #6 round brush and a micro-fan brush - both are tiny brushes used for painting tabletop gaming minis. I paint the entire car with just those 2 brushes, that's why it takes so long to do the full mural that eventually covers every inch of the car. The words will eventually be covered by the mural. They always are. The words are there so that there are no large sections of the car left unpainted while the final mural is being painted.

Just take your head out of you ass and LOOK at the pictures being painted on my car. You can SEE they are the book covers.

HERE, compare the side of my car to the book covers:


Can you see now why you people are making such big idiots out of yourselves?

I print paperback copies of my books up at local print shops, and then set up booths at libraries, bookstores, festivals, fairs, conventions, and other events all over New England. My car is parked at the front of the events, to let my readers know where the event is. 

I've sold books this way since 1978.

And I've ALWAYS painted my cars with book cover murals based off whatever the latest release novel is that I'm selling at the event.

You people are making absolute asses out of yourselves, running around saying the paintings on my car are curses to send suicide demons after people. And you're total idiots if you believe even half to ludicrous slander you spread about me.

This time is the first time the words were something OTHER than verses from the Bible and Book of Mormon. This time the words were the the the FBI plea that has been taped to the window these past 7 years. 

The plea to call the FBI, in NOT new, it's been on my car since May 2015. You just can see it better now because it's now painted on the trunk instead of taped to the window.

I was going to paint over the large FBI plea, the mural covering the trunk, and put the flyers back up in the window, but considering what has just happened, I think I may leave the trunk as is and NOT paint a mural over it now.  

There you go, THAT is why the FBI message was put on my car.

It has nothing to do with fucking suicide demons and I'm sick of you jackasses spreading you wild ass rumours about me.

You're nothing but a bunch of trouble making busy bodies who can't mind your own fucking business.

You accuse me of being gay, yet I am not.

You call me a witch and yet I am a Mormon.

Your actions and your words say more about YOU than they do me.

Are you that desperate to harass me, that you are now grasping at every straw you can find? Perhaps you should look in the mirror. Your own hatred and bigotry is the problem.

You only try to blame me for these things, because you can't take responsibility for your own cruel actions. Attacking me daily, weekly, monthly years after year, because you don't like how I dress, because you don't like my car, because you don't my none-white family... does nothing but further prove you are a small minded hate filled person.

You try to dehumanize me, by calling me a witch.

You try to dehumanize me, by calling me gay.


Does it make feel like a big man to harass a crippled elderly women who never did anything to you?

You use the words witch and gay as tools of hate.

Because you are paranoid, you believe in witches and curses and demons, and try to put them in places, where they are not.

Because you hate gay men, you see gay things, where there are none.

You are an evil person. THAT is why you attack my family. 

I am not the problem. My family, we stay up here and mind our own business. It is YOU who trespass on farm, you who stalk us, you who hurt us, not because of anything we did, but simply because you have a severe mental disorder that causes you to see elderly women as witches, causes you to see gay as evil, causes you to vandalize my cars and my farm, causes you to murder children and nail their heads to door.

Why are you so obsessed with me and my family? I think that is the thing I understand the least. Why can't you just mind your own business and leave us alone? We are not bothering you, why are you bothering us?

By their fruits, ye shall know them. Your evil acts are evil fruit, that prove you are evil.

Even if I were gay or a witch, what would it matter? Witches are not evil, nor are gay men.

Evil people do evil things.

The things you do to my family are evil. 

Hate is evil.

Bigotry is evil.

Bullies are evil.

Murder is evil.

And you've done all the above, therefore YOU are evil.

You ONLY think I'm a witch, because you watched Thinner.

You DO know The Thinner is a fictional movie, right?

Why are you here? Why are you bothering us, again?

I must question, WHY it is, YOU are in such a huge panic over the FBI call request on my car. 

ONLY the guilty party has any reason to be made upset by that. 

ONLY the murderer themselves would have reason to panic in terror at my asking witnesses to come forward about the murder of my family.

You are making yourself look VERY GUILTY with your words and actions.

WHY are you so very AFRAID of the FBI request on my car?

The innocent have nothing to be afraid of.

If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear.

What are you hiding that has made you so afraid?

I'm not bothering a single damned one of you, so why the fuck are you bothering me?

Why can't you stupid ass people leave me alone?

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be in my yard.

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be chasing down Etiole.

There is no reason for a damned one of you to be having psychotic meltdowns over my car!

What is wrong with you people?

Fucking brain dead herd mentality that's all this is.

There also seems to be a need to ask you people to pull your superstition crazed heads out of your asses, and find out what the fuck Voodoo is to. It happens to be a CHRISTIAN RELIGION, also known as Folk Catholicism. It's a branch of the Catholic Church. It has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca, Witchcraft, curses, death spells, demons, or sticking pins in dolls. That's all phoney baloney mumbo jumbo from stupid ass Hollywood horror movies that think slandering a religion is all fun and games. Voodoo is a branch of the Catholic Church that DOES NOT worship Mary, and instead deals with the Archangels, also known as The Loa. And you'd know that if you had enough intelligence to stop being a retarded conspiracy crazed idiot and do some actual real research into the REAL WORLD Voodoo religion, instead of watching stupid ass fictional horror movies and believing horror movie bull shit as actual fact.

One of you ran around screaming like a lunatic and rest of you all decided to join in.

Etiole is NOT an alien.

Etiole is not a demon.

I am not a witch.

None of my cars are haunted.

I've been saying it for years. Why won't you listen to me?

You are slandering me!

You are slandering Etiole!

You are slandering my cars!

I'm sick of it!

Grow up and go get a damned fucking brain!

Hey, I know where there is a brain available right now, on Cutts Street.

You know what, that homeless man's brain, two fingers, and a foot, are still laying out there on the railroad tracks, now 3 weeks after he got hit by a train, you know because "he's just a homeless man" and nobody gives a fuck about cleaning him up off the fucking tracks! aybe you should go out there and get his brain. You could certainly use one, seeing how you don't have one of your own already!

I'm sick of you calling Etiole a demon.

I'm sick of you calling Etiole an alien.

I'm sick of you calling me a witch.

I'm sick of you saying one car after another is haunted.

This whole thing boils down to your fucking white privilege. You know that right?

Your white ass can't stand the fact that we non-white Gypsies live here, so you have to make up stupid ass supernatural spooky shit about us.

You don't like that I wear the traditional dress of my people instead of dressing like an American, so you feel justified in calling me a witch and making up spook occult lies about me.

I wear hijab and veils and caftan and silk and it bother's you that I'm not scum diving in trashy t shirts and jeans like the rest of you.

I paint my cars, same as we painted our wagons and vardos for centuries, and it bothers you because it looks different.

Etiole is a Jew, and your anti-Semite white privilege kicks in to hate him for being born Jewish.

Etiole has scars, so you're scared of him

I'm different.

Etiole's different.

My cars are different.

And when you get right down to it, that's ALL any of this is about.

Me, Etiole, and my cars don't fit in with your fucking ass white privileged ideas of "normal" and that makes you uncomfortable and you try to make the uncomfortable go away by dehumanizing us with your stupid ass rumours.

There are no witches.

There are no aliens.

There are no demons.

There are just a bunch of whinny ass white privileged brats running around making trouble for anyone who's not white enough for them.

Grow the fuck up!

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of this case. If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family or any of the attacks on our home and relatives - give it to him not me.

He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

Or you can go to his office and talk to him in person: 1 Middle Street, Portland, Maine - 4th floor FBI. The building across the street from the Portland Police Department, behind the courthouse. The entire 4th floor is the FBI office, you can't miss it.

EDITED TO ADD: December 2, 2021 -

 Okay, so the weird Todd crew was back, but this time they are saying "Todd Murphey". Nope. Don't know any Todd Murphey. I told you, I don't know anyone named Todd. But I do know the Murpheys. They are my abutting neighbours. They own Etiole's Swamp. Have you got the name wrong? And the day and year of death wrong? Timmy Murphey is my cousin who was beheaded by the Ku Klux Klan in June 2013. They left his body at the crossroad of Ross Road and Cascade Road, then 2 weeks later left his head at the crossroad of Portland Ave and Ross Road. Me and Timmy Murphey were the same age and we grew up together, our parents being abutting neighbours and all.

... Also, the Murphy's from Pine Point - you don't mean my cousin Murphy who was beheaded June 2013 on the Cascade Road? 

The big white cross on the Ross Rd Cascade Rd intersection - that's his cross.

The Murphy's of Pine Point have been through hell since their oldest son was beheaded in 2013, 2 years before my family was beheaded.

The newspaper reports were dramatically different in both cases, from what actually happened - as have been EVERY murder in the Cascade Murders - with the Murphey beheading the newspaper said it was a motorcycle hit by a truck and the family was told by the FBI to not let anyone know he was beheaded on the Cascade Road.

I know this because I was one of the people in the group that found his body, laid out with no head at the crossroad of the Ross Road and Cascade Road where his mother put up the big white cross that still stands there today. His head was returned 2 weeks later on the cross road of Portland Ave and Ross Road. 

They live right next door to me. My farm in Old Orchard is right on the Pine Point border. The Murphey land abuts mine.

The FBI and lawyers of the murder trial of my family desperately wanted the Murphey's to testify in court because their family members had been beheaded 2 years before mine were - both on the same street. They were witnesses to the April 10, 2015 murder of my family and they refused to testify in court. They are scared out of their minds, after first their family and then m family 2 years later were all beheaded on the same street.

Their family were beheaded in one of the Cascade Murders 2 years before my family was beheaded. The Murphy's were there April 10, 2015, their driveway abuts mine - they stood in their yard and watched the whole thing happen - they were witnesses to April 10, 2015. 

No, you got the name and date of death way off. His name is Timmy Murphey and he died June 2013.

9 years ago.

Timmy Murphy is one The White Monkey Children.

There were were 34 of us originally, all the same age plus or minus a year or two. Helen Pearly of Pine Point, used to have a pet White Monkey, and got lose one day. Ran out into the woods, and she asked the children in the neighbourhood to look for it. Me and 33 cousins, on September 23, 1978, we went out into the swamp that was owned by Timmy Murphy's dad, looking for Helen Pearly's White Monkey and what we found was Etiole instead. He was starving to death. We're the children who took care of him and nursed him back to health.

When we took the adults out to see Etiole, the parents never made it all the way to where Etiole was. They found a field of plants, called the police, 8 Old Orchard Beach police officers showed up, then a few dozen state police showed up, after a few hours the FBI showed up. They set up lots of spot lights in the forest and spent days out there digging up what they called 26 acres of drugs. They called in Maine's largest drug raid, said there was $30million in drugs in that field, in 1978, when a million dollars was actually a lot of money. That's why the parents never met Etiole, the drug raid happened the same day.

The FBI questioned all 34 children, asking specifically if we knew anyone named Cyr and showing us a photo of a man, 31 of them, the 31 who would all end up dead and sawed up over the next 3 years, all identified the man as "Bryan" and described him with "a robin egg blue truck" or "a sky blue datsun". The FBI explained that the man in the photo had been planting massive drug fields like this all over the state and that he was working for very dangerous people, to run if we ever saw him, and to take a good look at the plants in this field and memorize what they looked like so that if we ever saw plants like this again, we should call the police immediately. 911 did not exist back than, so a police officer named Adam and one named The Babe, each gave all us children their phone numbers. The oldest of us children were 8 while the youngest was 3. We did not understand most of what the police told us, and our primary concern was getting help too the injured elderly man we had found in the swamps. While the rest of the close to 100 police and FBI agents set out to digging up, bagging and tagging the vast acres of plants, Adam and The Babe went with us children to find the injured man. Etiole was gone, but near where we had found him, was a Human skeleton, bug up out of the mud in the swamp. The police dug the rest of it up and took it with them.

The drug field covered many acres and was on land owned by The Aherns, The Davis, and The Murphys, so all of those adults, had to be interviewed by the police and FBI as well. They too were all informed of the dangers of The Cyr Clan, told this was a dangerous drug gang from Connecticut that had been setting up drug fields like this in at least 6 different states.

The Murphys, they own Etiole's Swamp. That's how close of abutting neighbours they are to me. A lot of people mistakenly think I own Etiole's Swamp, no, the swamp borders my land, but the swamp belongs to the Murphy's. And they know Etiole. They've seen him. All the Murphy children and grandchildren have. They've been leaving food and blankets out there for him for decades.

And then one by one, The White Monkey Children disappeared. But ONLY the ones whom had identified the man in the photo as "Bryan with the blue truck". The 3 of us whom did not disappear, had never seen this "Bryan" person and the fact that it was known WHICH children had IDed him, caused the FBI to suspect one of the police officers at the crime scene, had passed that information on to the drug growers whom had planted the field.

People became terrified of the swamp.

There's quicksand out there, that had always scared people, now there were drug dealers out there, and on top of that, the children were describing a disfigured homeless man whom they were sneaking food out there to as well. Huge chain-link fences multiple miles long, went up around the swamps, as terrified parents, began asking the children to draw pictures of Etiole, and the pictures we drew, caused parents to call him either a demon or an alien grey. The fact that all of us children described him as being shorter than we were (he's 4'8" tall, nearly a midget - only shoulder height to an 8 year old child) didn't help.

All parents - except for mine and the Murphy's - stopped letting their children bring food to Etiole. For the next 50 years, my family and the Murphy family would be the only ones to ever see Etiole, touch Etiole, feed Etiole, and take care of him.

Than in 1982, the 10 year old Dutrumble girl died during the battle of 4 - 5 - 8.

458 was a yellow car, owned by her parents.

By 1982, thirty one of the 34 White Monkey Children had vanished without a trace.

And the week the Dutrumble girl died, 4 - 5 - 8 - the yellow car - it vanished too.

The Battle of 4 - 5 - 8 was the day The Cyr Clan arrived in a mass hoard in Old Orchard Beach, and the day we met it's leaders - the Bonny and Clyde style brother and sister duo Bryan and Anne. They stormed 142 Portland Ave, attacking the big yellow dome house, surrounding it, and then more then 70 adults all armed with belt driven wind up crank machine guns that shot thousands of bullets a minute, let out a mass fire on my farm at 146 Portland. Police arrived and set up on both sides with the police officers shooting at each other, as a clear divide between dirty cops and police actually doing their job was revealed.

Anne stoof on top of 4 - 5 - 8 screaming: "Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!" in between each round of bullets she unleashed on the Atwater and Murphy children.

"Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!" that was the single to scatter and run, because it meant the gun was reloaded and about to rain down on us again.

"Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!"

One of the Murphy boys standing a foot away from me got his head blown off. He was 8 years old.

And then a terrified little blond girl, ran for the swamps, trying to make to Etiole, jumped on top of the 1964 Dodge 330, then turned and ran for the nearest bike, jumped on and sped down the driveway, trying to avoid gun fire, drove head on into and on coming car as her head was flattened under the tires. And Anne went nuts. It was her daughter.

"Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!" became "fourfiveeightfourfiveeightfourfiveeightfourfiveeight" super super fast.

She jumped into 4 - 5 - 8, drove to Macs garage, filled 3 cans of gas, drove back and started pouring gas all over the dome house. When Anne lit the match, Bryan started running, no one knew why, but he ran like Satan was on his heels, screaming: "Get down! Get down! Run! Run!" He jumped in the robin egg blue Datsun and was moving well over 100MPH when he hit Portland Ave.

As a tower of flamed climbed up the dome house, everyone stopped shooting and started asking what was wrong with Bryan, what the hell was he scared of. My dad, a fireman at the time, ran to the dome house and unchained Max and Ebony, the 2 big Newfoundland dogs chained to the front door, and just as he was running with the dogs across 144 lawn, we found out why Bryan ran... the giant mushroom cloud that was seen in Hew Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts went up over the town. Police said after that there had been a meth lab in the back room of the dome house.

The Battle of 4 - 5 - 8 was the largest and bloodiest of Old Orchard Beach's shoot outs.

"Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!" Anne's voice rings through my nightmares to this day. I have severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a raging phobia of guns, a crippling agoraphobia because of 4 - 5 - 8.

Not before or sence have I ever seen anything more terrifying than The Cyr Clan.

"Four! Five! Eight! Hahahahahaha!" I have night terrors and insomnia for 5 decades because of these words.

Until June 2013, it was just 3 left: me, my cousin Mike, and our cousin Timmy Murphy.

But June 2013 our cousin Murphy was beheaded, and became one of the victims of The Cascade Murders.

The backhoe arrived and drove over my house August 8, 2013. FBI said the driver was one of Bryan's inlaws, and warned that Bryan was out of prison and was targeting the remaining White Monkey Children.

Two more Murphys died brutal freak deaths before the end of the year. The FBI warned of 3 churches, owned by Bryan, who'd become a minister while in prison. The FBI said he was using the church congregations to incite mobs against all the survivors of the Battle of 4 - 5 - 8.

April 10, 2015, ten of my children were kidnapped.

May 15, 2015, their heads were returned, nailed to my door.

June 19, 2016... a horrible discovery was made on a dog walking livestream, through The Reclaim BlueBerry Plains, on the Ross Road... that morning a freak tornado hit Old Orchard Beach. We'd never seen one before. After the storm stopped, me and my dog Marcy walking up into the Reclaim Blueberry Plains to film the damage... and the whole town of Old Orchard Beach, knows what we found.

The tornado had ripped open the side of the GooseFare Brooke Ravine, and out tumbled 4 - 5 - 8 all rusted, the old yellow car, not much left, with the sawed up bones of the 31 missing White Monkey children, my cousins, tumbling out of the trunk... buried there on the Ross Road for over 40 years.

Hysteria about Etiole started up with the locals again. They blamed him for the dead children, while the FBI arrived pointing fingers at a heroine drug group they called The Cyr Clan. And I moved Etiole. He fled the swamp on Murphy's land. 

Are you people saying that this homeless man who showed up in August, who you call Todd Murphy ... and is related to Timmy?... because if THAT is what you are saying, then you've just opened up one hell of a BIG can of worms... I didn't know he was one of the Murphys. But that explains why Etiole let him close. Etiole's not scared of the Murphys. He knows them. He lived on their land close to 50 years. They saw him daily. They took food out to him every night. They are one of the White Monkey families who was taken care of Etiole since the 1970s. 

There are so many questions now... because this means yet another one of The White Monkey Children, has died yet another, very violent death, that has once again been kept out of the newspaper, just like the rest.

I don't even know what to begin to think.

I had no idea the homeless man whom had been visiting Etiole all summer was one of the Murphys. This changes things A LOT. And the fact that he was pumped full of heroine AND died one of the most violent deaths ever in our family, I seriously doubt his train death was a suicide. If what you are saying, is that that dead homeless man on the train tracks is related to Timmy, than,  he was most definitely murdered by the Cyr Clan and that was no suicide.

If you REALLY believe this Todd guy you people keep talking about is connected to my cousin Timmy Murphey, then you NEED to call FBI Agent Andy Drewer and TELL HIM that... don't tell me, tell him. There is nothing I can do with the information you tell me. I don't know your Todd. I can't pass third hand information to the FBI. If you think your Todd is connected to my Timmy, than you NEED to tell that to the FBI agents in charge of the case.

I am deeply upset by all of this.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of this case. If you have information about the April 10, 2015 murder of my family or any of the attacks on our home and relatives, and yes, the Murphys are my relatives - they are not in-laws- they are my 1st cousins - give it to him not me.

He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

Or you can go to his office and talk to him in person: 1 Middle Street, Portland, Maine - 4th floor FBI. The building across the street from the Portland Police Department, behind the courthouse. The entire 4th floor is the FBI office, you can't miss it.

FAQs: Why is Quaraun considered Bizarro?

>>>Why is Quaraun considered Bizarro?

Uhm, well, let's see:

The main character is a female Jellyfish, passing herself off as a male Elf.

His lover is an undead Unicorn turned Lich.

And his best friend is a time traveling Cotswold Sheep-man.

What was your question again?

FAQs: Why is Quaraun considered Erotica?

>>>Why is Quaraun considered Erotica?

I have no clue. I wrote it and I can't see anything even remotely sexual or erotic about it. When you figure out what it is that people find to be Erotica in it, you let me know, because I'd like to know why it is every other person says the series is Erotca.

The series, today, is about an elderly supervillain, looking back on the committed by his lover, after his lover commits suicide, and being so guilt ridden that he is contemplating suicide. There is nothing remotely sexual or erotic about it.

When it started, it was called Friends Are Forever and it was about a cat and a dog and a horse, who met and eel and a jellyfish and went looking to find a frog that lived in a haunted house and drove in a flying car - and AMC Gremlin - to get there. It was 16 pages, 200 words every other page, paintings on the opposite pages. I was 5 years old and it was published by The Old Orchard Beach, Jameson Kindergarten School in 1978.

I'm sorry, what part of a picture book about talking animals, written by a 5 year old to be read by other 5 year olds, and published by a Kindergarten School to be sold during a fundraiser to build a new playground, do YOU see as Erotica?

Keep in mind the 1970s and 1980s first editions were sold as children's Early Reader and Middle Grade Fantasy books for readers aged 8 to 12, and most of the first 30 or so volumes were PICTURE BOOKS, made up largely drawings and paintings, again, for readers aged 8 to 12 years old.

Most of the first editions where 16 to 32 pages long and featured under 20k words a peice. I was 5 years old when the first volume was published, making me one of the youngest published authors in America back in the 1970s.

The BULK of the series was written BEFORE I was 12 years old.

Prior to the 1991 rewrite, ALL of the characters were TALKING ANIMALS, cats, dogs, birds, sheep, horses, and fish or TALKING CARS. From 1978 to 1991, no Humans or Humanoid characters appeared in the series.

In the 1991 rewrites, the characters were changed to alien animals who used magic to shapeshift into Human form, to better blend in with society, and the talking cars, were removed from the series entirely, each one replaced with an Elf of the same name, who drove the car, rather than was the car.

It wasn't until 1991 after my best friend Tajid was murdered, in the first murder of The Cascade Murder serial killings of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, an event I witness, due to be one of the 6 kidnapped and tied up and forced to watch the other murdered, that you saw the adult Horror re-write re-release of the series, where main character Tajid (named after the real person) was renamed Quaraun, and his wardrobe turned pink instead or orange, and the first Horror scenes featuring death, bloodshed, violence, and murder appeared. These editions now novellas of 40k to 60k words and for the first time NOT illustrated.

In 1996 my uncles and cousins decides God told them to go on a killing spree ... you might have heard of it, it was little thing called Heaven's Gate, they killed 39 people by forcing them to drink poisoned Kool-aid. I survived that and had a really hard time dealing with it. Because of this all editions after 1997, had a heavy theme of suicide.

EVERY volume of the pink cover novel editions includes at least one and often as many as five on page suicides or suicide attempts, the suicide scene often spanning more than 100 pages of grueling detail. Mass murder and suicide became the running theme of the series as I wrote my way through the trauma of having survived every one in my life having killed themselves or killed someone else.

The series was official The Friends Are Forever Saga, but dubbed in 1987 as "The Twighlight Manor Series" by fans of the haunted house by the same name, which was the setting for the bulk of the stories.

The series appeared on from 1999 to 2012, where it featured Lord Sesshomaru from InuYasha as the main character and was title The Bride of Sesshomaru.

In 2012, the series was deleted off, and Lord Sesshomaru's character was written out and merged with Quaraun's character.

The series was renamed The Quaraun series in 2014, when The Pink Cover Editions were released for the 35th anniversary of the series.

The Pink Cover editions, were the largest rewrite of the series, a project to turn all 2,000 original short stories and picture books into novel editions. This project started in 2006 and is ongoing still, with the 2,000 short stories now combined and compiled into 138 volumes each varying from 115k to 230k words per volume. 

The first gay character to be added to the series was BoomFuzzy the Unicorn who was created in 2014, and was created SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE, Westboro Baptist Church started showing up at my house accusing the books of being what they termed "Gay Romance" and "Gay Erotica".

Also, by that point I was 47 years old and had yet to learn what the words pennis and vagina was, because there's this little thing I was born with, called Kanner's Syndrome, aka ACTUAL Autism, which is in no way, shape, or form related to Aspergers or any of the other 861 Autism Spectrum Disorders, because Autism is NOT on the Autism Spectrum, the Autism Spectrum meaning a disease with symptoms similar to Autism but is not Autism. If you are ON the Autism Spectrum you DO NOT HAVE Autism.

Likewise if your HAVE Autism, you ARE NOT ON the Autism Spectrum.

While 1 in 3 people are on The Autism Spectrum, real and actual Autism effects only 1 in every 120,000,000 (120 million) people, making it one of the rarest diseases in the world with fewer than 20 actual medical diagnoses of it in the past decade.

Having Autism, actual and real Autism, means I have a complete and total inability to imagine things.

I have no imagination.

This also means I am ONLY about to write about real events that I have experienced myself.

This is why there were no sex scenes in ay of my books and also why things like Quaraun's children being beheaded were added to the series in 2016 after my own foster children were beheaded in 2015.

Every event in every novel I have ever written, happened in real life to me, that is why I wrote it.

This is WHY the original characters were a black cat, a gold dog, a silver cat, an eel, a black shetland pony, and the 2 cars in the story were a 1964 Dodge 330 and a 1974 AMC Gremlin, both orange. Those were real pets that I had at the time I wrote Friends are Forever and those are the 2 cars my father had bought a few weeks before I wrote that story.

This is also why before 2014, no gay characters were in the series because, I had never heard the word gay befoe the West Borogh Baptist Church showed up in y yard.

They saw gay people, where there were none, but in researching to find out what gay was, I ended up adding a gay character to the stories, something that never would have happened had they not first accused the series of being gay when it was not. 

After 40+ years of having never once in my life written a sex scene, 21 sex scenes were written in 2014, those appearing spread out across the 138 volume pink cover novel set, one appearing in Night of the Screaming Unicorn, another appearing in BoomFuzzy and a 3rd appearing in GhoulSpawn and the Lich Lord's Lover.

Each of those 21 sex scenes is a very violent rape scene, that leaves the victim serious injured with broken bones and massive amount of emotional trauma. There is NOTHING even remotely erotic about these scenes, some of which show the victim brutal murdered long before the sex scene is over and being continually raped after being dead.

The first drug use scenes appeared in 2016 and 2017, in the expanded edition re-writes of BoomFuzzy, Screaming Unicorn, and Summoner of Darkness, after the FBI investigation into the 2015 murder of 10 of my 12 children, at the time the latest of The Cascade Murder serial killings of old Orchard Beach, Maine, revealed that a huge heroin drug ring out of Connecticut was behind the more than 130 beheadings which have taken place on Portland Ave, Ross Rd, and Cascade Rd in Old Orchard Beach, Maine since Tajid's murder in 1991.

As you can see, the contents of the Quaraun series, reflect the real world events that happen in my life, and the rewrites of each volume reflect the recent changes in my life at the time of that rewrite. Thus why in the 1970s the books were 16 page picture books for children, rewritten in the 1990s to feature murder and suicide, rewritten in the 200s to feature beheadings and rape.

Whenever some says it's Erotica, my mind defaults to thinking: "I hope the department of human services straps them in a straight jacket, locks them in a mental institute and nevers let's someone so mental psychotic that they find murder erotic out into the light of day ever again."

I'm thinking, because of all the abuse, violence, and bloodshed in 50 Shades of Grey, people have started to see any violent act in any genre of fiction to be Erotica, lately, and that's truly terrifying.

How do you effectively write a flawed protagonist?

>>>How do you effectively write a flawed protagonist?

>>>I'm trying to get into writing my first book and this is one of the hardest parts of the brainstorming process. Sure, you can give a character personality, but (assuming they're a hero), balancing flaws can be hard. Is there any general advice for this?

> Assuming that what the character does is justifiably right, make them do something and act a certain way where they are good.

^  THIS  ^

My MC , Quaraun, is a serial killer. My readers love him, in spite of the gore filled, grizzly bloodbath scenes of him chopping people up.


Quaraun is a vigilante. As a child e was brutally raped and mutilated, castrated by his attacker, and he grew up bitter. Later his lover was driven to suicide the the person who had castrated him. So he had a psychotic breakdown and killed the rapist.

Later, he witnesses a prostitute be raped, and the town do nothing saying she deserved it because she was a prostitute. So he killed the rapists and the entire town.

After that the series follows his march across the planet, as he hunts down and murders every rapist he finds, without a shred of guilt or remorse.

My readers are largely rape victims who seek "rape justice" fantasy that sees rapists get what they deserve.

The entire series is endless gratuitous murder of rapists for the pure sake of gratuitously murdering rapists. 

Which is WHY I question how so many people call the Quaraun series, Erotica. Since when is non-stop grizzly murder seen as Erotica?

My MC, Quaraun, is a horrible person, because he's a serial murderer. But, he lives in a society that let's rapists walk free unpunished, so he takes on the role of vigilante protector of rape victims. He's a deeply flawed character doing very terrible things... but in the minds of most readers, he's doing the right thing, because he stepping up to help victims when the laws of the land turned their backs on the victims.

Quaraun is good and a hero, in the eyes of the rape victims he enacted retribution for, and that makes him relatable to the readers, because, while they know he's doing the wrong thing, they also know, he's doing it for the right reason. He's trying to make the world a safer place by ridding it of the worst scumbags of all: rapists.

Basically my readers are: "he killing people and that's bad, but he's only executing rapists who evaded the law, and that's good so, let him do it".

>>>balancing flaws can be hard. Is there any general advice for this?

Give him flaw, even seemingly irredeemable ones, but also give him sympathetic goals and justifications for those flaws.

For example: 

  • * make him cruel, but first show him bullied cruelly and becoming cruel after no one will help him... the reader now sees WHY he is cruel and roots for him, because the reader remembers a time when THEY were bullied and felt helpless, so now they have an emotional bond with him


  • * make is arrogant and stand offish, but first, show his ostracized by his family and friends, shunned by his church, outcast from his town, show him terrified and alone in the world, with no one to turn too, let the reader watch as he teaches himself to stop caring about others the same way his family stopped caring about him, show him rise above it and become arrogant as a way to protect himself from getting hurt again, becoming stand offish, out of the fear he'll be cast aside again; every reader has had someone they trusted turn on them, and knows that pain, knows the desire to snub noses at the ones who first snubbed you, now the reader feels empathy for the flaw because they see how they themselves could easily develop that flaw.

The same can be said for my MC, Quaraun. If I just dropped him into the story, killing people all willy nilly, readers wouldn't relate to him. But I first wrote a 35 page long scene of him as a child being brutally tortured and raped, detailed out on the page, told from his PoV, drawing the reader right into the horror and terror that is going through his mind as it happens. I've won awards for that scene. That scene is WHY that novel sold 57million copies. That scene drew readers in, the grizzly, intense, raw emotion of his suffering during that grueling 35 page long rape scene, made readers want to hug him, comfort him, and run screaming by his side with him to kill every last rapists out there.

Because I first showed WHY he was flawed, HOW he became flawed, showing the suffering and agony that flawed him, I bound my readers to him so hard, that they went full mother bear on cheering him on to killing rapists. They no longer cared that he was a serial killing monster, all they cared about seeing him get the justice he deserved.

That's how you make a flawed character believable, relatable, likable, lovable, nd turn a monster into a hero. .. by drawing the reader into his internal suffering BEFORE you show him as the flawed monster he is. Make them love him, feel compassion for him, pity him, so much that no matter what he does, they'll root for anyways.

And on that note, let's answer this question right under it:

What are the weirdest things ever produced in your world?

My mage MC, Quaraun, makes (and wears) enchanted jewelry. Magic rings that allow the wearer to cast certain spells when wearing those rings, are a common item he wears. He changes his rings out depending on what set of spells he wants to be able to cast that day.

Among his collection, and also the set of rings he wears the most often, is a pair of citrine and gold nipple rings that shoot fireballs, essentially allowing him to shoot fireballs from his nipples.

The idea original came from one of my readers, when in 2016, I posted on the fan page FB group for the novel series, to ask readers, this question:

"If I wrote a novel based off the idea of flamboyant nipples, what exactly would flamboyant nipples be?"

After lots of good ideas, one reader pointed out that the enchanted rings was a long established fact in the published novels already, and the MC had pierced nipples, so why doesn't he wear enchanted nipple rings that shoot fireballs?

Me and the readers spent a few days laughing and joking about the idea, but about a week later when I sat down to write the next novel in the series, I couldn't get the idea out of my head, I just kept asking myself: "Why DOESN'T he wear fireball shooting nipple rings?" And I couldn't think of a reason why he WOULDN'T. His personality, that is EXACTLY the type of thing he'd wear. So, that became a feature in that novel, and has appeared in every novel published since that one.

How do you come up with monsters or mutants for your book?

Do you mean the Thullids? They are the only race that I think could be considered either monsters or mutants.

The primary monster/race that is used in most of my novels and short stories, is a very Lovecraft-like mini-cthulhu type of parasite, known as The Thullids, which people often assume I created inspired by Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu, but in fact I created about 20 years before I ever heard of Lovecraft or Cthulhu. 

The creature itself is a tiny jellyfish that gets up your nostril, attacks to your brain, and over a period of about 3 years, while it's tentacles burrow inside your spinal column and nerves fussing to them so it can take control of you body, it slowly eats your brain, while learning how to be you, learning to mimic your habits, speach, etc so once it eats your brain (and kills you) is can take over your body and pretend to be you and no one knows you died.

I created the race back in the 1970s, when I was not yet a teenager, and, the inspiration came from a trip to the city aquarium, where I learned the fascination of stingrays, deep sea giant moray eels, and jellyfish - creatures that went on to become my favorite animals, to point that my tribe (I'm Kickapoo Native American) renamed me "EelKat" stating that eels and cats were my spirit animals. 

As my writing career got going, my novels and short stories were always filled with monsters that were just mutated eels, stingrays, jellyfish, bristlenose pleco catfish, octopi, or squid. Creatures which went on to be pets I had in real life, and still keep to this day. I love eels, jellyfish, and pleco, they are my favorite animals, so, most everything I write features them in some way.

Over the years, my parasitic jellyfish race, evolved as I researched more about real jellyfish and discovered that in Japan there is a thing known as "The Immortal Jellyfish" the oldest known living creature on earth, estimated to be several thousand years old: it's real sea creature, look it up. It's an asexual jellyfish, that ages to old age, than changes gender and reverts back to being a polyp, grows to old age again, changes gender again, reverting back to being a poly, it can't die, so long as it continues to change gender from male to female every 10 years or so. It's one of the strangest creatures in the animal kingdom and its DNA is what scientists use to make cloning possible, it's DNA when crossed with rabbits results in rabbits that grow glow in the dark green fur - glow in the dark rabbits are illegal in America but now sold as pets in Japan where these scientists are actively crossing the DNA f the immortal jellyfish with everything they can find trying to make a cure for cancer. One big side effect is something you now see in every PetSmart across America: Glow Tetras, Glow Danios, Glow Bettas, new breeds of fish created by injecting jellyfish DNA into the parents.

I because utterly fascinated by the bizarre create that existed in our real world, and the vastly improbable things our real world scientists are doing with it's DNA. And I wanted to use that to make my fictional jellyfish race, more accurate to real world jellyfish, so I spent a few years doing nothing but studying everything I could get my hands on, about jellyfish and jellyfish's connection to science. I even signed up for marine biology degree at college.

In the end, I took a fantasy-horror creature that I had created as a child, crossed it with real world science that I discovered later as an adult, and used it to create an absolutely terrifying race of monsters, who, as long as they keep jumping bodies and changing gender from being a male to being a female, they live forever, inside the empty skulls of the dead humans whose bodies they take and reanimate.

Once I had this race, their backstory (there's a full backstory involving another solar system being destroyed when it's sun supernovae, thus how they ended up on earth), who they were, what they did, why they did it, etc, all fully fleshed out, I kind of just stopped creating other monster or mutant races, and just focused on every short story and novel after that, all being set in this same world, so every MC of every story always ends up meeting this monster race somehow.

One thing lead to another, and I eventually started writing just one MC (Quaraun) for all the stories, the Quaraun sometimes being male and sometimes being female, as the series ran forward telling the story, no longer through the eyes of the Humans who saw the jellyfish as invaders, but now through the eyes of a homeless/planetless jellyfish who sees themselves as a refugee on Earth, just trying to survive on what they see as an incredibly hostile planet.

For those unaware, Quaraun is an Immortal JellyFish in Medusa stage (a pregnant jellyfish) carrying a clutch of eggs. She lives in empty skull of a dead, male Moon Elf, whose body she has taken over and controls.

This is why some characters call Quaraun HE while other characters call Quaraun SHE. Characters who know Quaraun as an Elf, call him he, and characters who knew Quaraun as a JellyFish before she lived in the Elf, call her she.

Quaraun is biologically a female, but is living as a male and hiding the fact that she is pregnant, carrying 7 million eggs, thus Quaraun uses the male pronouns HE/HIM and gets upset when referred to as the female pronouns SHE/HER.

All because when I was 8 years old, I saw a jellyfish in a big tank at a city aquarium. (Saco Aquarium owned by King Weinstein, byw, if you wondered which one. It is no longer there and the building is now the Saco Imax/Cinemagic.)

If we had never visited that aquarium that day, I might never would have created the jellyfish monster and in turn, I might never have become a writer, because the only reason I start writing at al, was because I wanted to tell the story of the jellyfish monsters I had created.

Looking back, I wonder how different my life and my career would have been, had we never visited that aquarium that day?

So for me, creating monsters and mutants, wasn't something I actively set out to do. At the time I was just a kid and not even yet a writer. I just saw this fascinating creature, something I had no idea existed and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I wanted to live in the ocean so I could swim with eels and jellyfish. As a kid, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say things like "a deep sea giant green moray eel" or "a lion mane jellyfish". My child brain was convinced, I cold become a sea creature once I was an adult, and I think that heavily influenced the jellyfish monsters I write, take over human bodies. I think it's because, I just really wanted to be a jellyfish when I grew up.

It's a childish, ridiculous concept, but, I ran with it, I had so much fun with it. I still do. That's why I write it, because it's just fun to imagine life as a jellyfish.

Look around you. What do you love? What are you obsessed with? Where is your passion? Look to that thing. How can it become dark? How can it become evil? How can it become mutated? How can it become a monster?

When you take something that you love, like how I love jellyfish, you can take that thing and run wild with it, making it whatever your novel needs it to be.

>>>In my time writing, I've started maybe 20 completely different drafts in many genres. Fantasy, Sci-fi, urban fantasy, lit-RPG, romance. I've never really hated my writing and drafts, but I find myself chasing a new story when I'm barely into my draft every time. I could have finished so much in these years if I stayed dedicated to one thing. I don't feel bad though since I've still improved with short stories and stuff like that.

>>>How have you dealt with this in your past? What helped you get through longer-form fiction?

This is not a problem I have had in a while. But it was a problem I had when I was a teenager (I’m elderly now to me as a teen was back in the 1970s). I’m not entirely sure why I had this issue, but I do know what cured it for me.

For me the answer was this: I had too many story ideas and not enough characters I was in love with.

So, I don’t know if what helped me, would help you out too or not, because every person is different and will have different source causes for what they do certain things, but I can tell you what worked for me and, well, maybe it’ll work for you as well, or maybe not. Who knows?

I still have the issue of a million and one ideas flowing out my brain faster than I can write them, that hasn’t gone away, but I think the difference between now and 50 years ago, was, that as a teenager I was like a hyperactive golden retriever trying to chase every squirrel in the park all at once, and ending up catching nothing. Whereas today as an elderly granny, I sit back like an old alley cat watching all the squirrels scamper by, patiently waiting for the one I know I can snag.

So, younger teen me, used to start writing a story, then BOOM, a new story idea happened, and I ran after it, fully expected to write both, but than BAM, story idea number 3 rushed at me so I had to start that one to, and belong, I had 20 first chapters of 20 novels written down and no end in sight for any of them. Well, when it was just one or two first chapters started it was like: “Okay, I can do this, 2 stories at once, let’s go!”, but then once I had 20 of them started I’d be: “OMG! WTF! I’m so overwhelmed! I don’t know which one to work on! Argh!”

But now, today, decades later, my process is completely different. Now, I start a new novel and, an idea interrupts me, so, I open a new file, type out a 1,00 word or so summary of the idea, save the file as “Story idea about ___”, close the file, and within an hour I’m back to work on the novel.

This method results in I have a folder on my hard drive, that is just hundreds of story ideas, that I might, maybe, someday, get around to turning into a novel, but I’m not worried about forgetting the idea, because I wrote the idea down INSTEAD of trying to write the whole novel when the idea hit.

Of course, this takes some level of self discipline and resitting the temptation to write every idea as a novel the instant the idea pops up. And that kind of self discipline, don’t just happen overnight. You have to work your way up to it a little at a time, condition your brain, make it a habit.

But how do you do that? How do you train your brain until this sort of thing becomes a habit?

Well, this is where story vs characters come in. This: I had too many story ideas and not enough characters I was in love with.

Early one, it was not just too many story ideas that I was trying to write out all at once; it was also mega levels of world-building, magic system building, mapmaking, and 750 characters each with their own 3-ring binder of profile bios (I still have all 750 binders too - mostly Lisa Frank - because you know, 1970s & 1980s every bind was Lisa Frank.)

I created details character bios for 750 characters, and fewer than a hundred of those characters would ever go on to make it into a published novel.

The characters, not the story ideas, were what lead to the revelation that... uhm... okay.... I got some issues here. I can’t stop starting things and never finishing them. I keep starting novels and never finishing them, but worse, I keep creating characters and never using them. I starting looking at all these notebooks - the 1st bookshelf was 21 feet long and 9 feet tall, and I quickly ran out of room. My boyfriend had to build another bookshelf. And another. And another. 4 bedrooms and 2 hallways of bookshelves later, it occurred to me; I need to STOP filling up massive character profiles and actually write stories about the characters. And that’s when it hit me...

Wait... all these novels I keep starting... they include none of the characters I keep creating. Every time I get a story idea, I roll out an entirely new cast. 10 new characters for this idea, 12 new characters for that idea, 25 new character for the next idea, and none of the characters would ever match the story idea, so none got used.

Well, it turns out,my biggest problem was coming up with round hole story ideas and creating square peg character that I was trying to ram into something they didn’t fit in. And I did not have a passion for ANY of it.

I wasn’t passionate about this idea or that idea, I just felt “Hey, that’s a good idea” but I never felt “OMG! I LOVE this idea!”

And I also I wasn’t passionate about this character or that character, I just felt “Hey, that’s a good character” but I never felt “OMG! I LOVE this character, I’d marry him!”

And that turned out to be the source of my problem.

How did I fix it?

One day I realized I didn’t want to write about rando ass characters for rando ass story ideas, that’s why I couldn’t finish any of them. Instead, I wanted to write stories about a cartoon character. So, I stopped all of it. I stopped creating new crews of characters and I went off screaming fangirl crazy writing fanfiction about a cartoon character I loved. After each new episode, I wrote a new story based on it. And then one day, the author of the character ended the series, and suddenly I had no more new episodes to write fanfiction for. And after writing lots and lots of short stories about this character, it left me asking, well that’s over, there’s no more episodes for me to write about, now what should I write?

I went back to my old 3-ring binders full of character profiles and just started reading what I had written. Laughing at how foolish most of it was, and noticed a trend:

I like Furries. Wait... wasn’t the cartoon character I was fanficing a shape shifting dog demon? Yes, he was. He most certainly was. 

Wait, that other guy I like. He’s a wolf shifter. 

Oh, and the eagle shifter. 

But wait, what about those squid headed guys I love in dungeons and dragons? 

And, and... 


I love monster men who are half animal.

The answer was staring me in the face for years, and I never saw it: the genre didn’t have a name back than when I started writing it, but it does today: Monster Porn. 

So, I took my favorite animals: JellyFish, Eels, Eagles, Unicorns, Cotswolds Sheep, Shetland Ponies, and Bobcats, and I created a shifter-man for each one. And for the first time, I was creating character profiles that were actually fleshed out with detailed backstories and not just rando lists of fave colours and fave ice-cream.

Before I knew it, I had a backstory about a water world, whose sun exploded, and the sea creatures had enough time to get on space ships and try to find a new place to live. A crew of JellyFish, Squid, Octopus, Eels, and Cuttlefish landed on Earth, and used magic to shift into Human forms and look for mates. Yeah, it went full on sex with jellyfish tentacle monsters. And I had a blast writing it and OMG! I actually reached the end of a novel, for the first time.


What changed?

It was quite simple: I fell in love with a man who is actually a jellyfish. Yep. There it is. And because I loved that character, I could just write and write and write and write and write, his entire story, without one single rando stray idea popping up and interrupting me. One chapter, two chapters, all the way to the end, without the onslaught of new ideas popping up and getting in the way. Simply because I was so entranced by this guy that I wanted to know how will it end?

It was like I was the reader, reading it, as I wrote it. I had no clue where the story was going to go. What was going to happen. No plan, no plot, no outline. This was all new ground for me. Previously, I plotted and outlined the hell out of ideas. Now, I was typing blind, with no idea what was going to happen or how the story would end.

And the thrill, the amazement, I felt from FINALLY finishing a full novel (it ended at 73k words) was just mind blowing for me.

And here’s where the revelation happened about: I had too many story ideas and not enough characters I was in love with.

When I got to the end of writing this completely bizarre off the wall story of the JellyFish-man, I was sad. OMG! I was so sad. It was over. And I didn’t want it to be. I loved this guy, and I wanted to read another story about him. But I had created him and this was the only story I had written about him, so there were no more stories about him.

If I wanted to read another story about my beloved JellyFish, I was going to have to write it.

And so, I went back to all those novels I had started and never finished, 1 chapter here, 2 chapters there, and read them, this time, with a new eye, this time, asking myself: What would happen if I took my JellyFish man and dropped him into this story idea? Let’s find out. Let’s take this old idea I never finished, and let’s start writing it again, this time, with the JellyFish as the main character. What would HE do in this story?

And what become of that?

In 1978, I published my first novel, and today, 43 years and 138 published novels about the JellyFish man later, I’m still writing it, and obviously I now finish the stories, otherwise I couldn’t have published 138 novels about this one character. The novels do not continue, there is no Part 1 continues to Part 2 and so on. Each story is full and complete standalone novel that you can read, without reading none of the others.

The solution was: I found my passion. And my passion is that one character. Him and him alone. And I love to write new stories about him. 

So, like I said, I don’t know if any of this will help you in your situation, but for me, the answer was to find a character, one character, that I could go crazy fan girl obsessed with, and just write endless gratuitous fetish obsession stories about him. Of course, that also means I write some freaked out creepy shit that would make even Virginia Wade (author of to top selling Monster Porn of all time: Cum 4 Bigfoot) blush. 

I let my shifter-furry (fishy?) fetish run wild, don’t question if it’s ever too over the top gratuitous, and my readers love it. It reads like bad fanfiction writing by a horny screaming fangirl, because when you get right down to it, that’s exactly what it is: me writing fanfiction of a character I created and can’t get enough of.

That’s kind of what you got to do: find your niche, your passion, the thing you love to write about more than anything else and just drive in head first. It worked for me. Who knows if it’ll work for you too or not?

A Look At The Magic System of Quaraun's World:

Here's a question, I was inspired to answer today. Enjoy!

I love threads like this. I like to ask myself questions and than write up the answers, and that helps me to figure out how my magic works. So any thread that has a theme of : "How/Why does your magic system ___?" is my fave ones.

So, backstory of where it started:

When I first started building my magic system, the first step for me is to decide what type of mage(s) my characters are going to be. For example, what I mean is this:

My MC is a mage. He starts out as a child with psychic abilities, end up sent to live with priests skilled in psionics, becomes a psion, falls in love, his lover is murdered, so he studies dark arts and becomes a necromancer to resurrect his lover as a lich (all of this is pre-story backstory, that won't appear in the story itself, but was used as a base so I knew who he was and why he did the things he did in the story). This was a fact known before I started writing. Before I even knew what the story or plot was going to be, before I even knew the MC's name or who/what his lover would be.

What this meant was, I had a specific mage that I wanted to write a story about, I knew the basic type of mage he was (natural born, trained at an early age, became a peaceful psion, love/vengeance drove him to dark arts and necromancy), and the type of magic he would use (psionics and necromancy), and now I had to figure out the bigger details:

  • * What EXACTLY is psionics in this world? What can a psion do/not do? How do they do it? What prevents them from doing it? Are there any consequences to it?

In my system, psionics included mind control (including thralls/slavery), hypnosis, telekinesis, "looking" into minds to see dreams/thoughts/memories, hive mind abilities, and absorbing the souls of others.

  • * What EXACTLY is necromancy in this world? What can a necromancer do/not do? How do they do it? What prevents them from doing it? Are there any consequences to it?

In my system, necromancy was more than just raising the dead (as zombies, vampires, liches, ghosts, wraiths, etc), it also included blood magic and soul magic and demonology, so it required both summoning demons, selling one's soul, and blood sacrifices (a life for a life - the mage must kill someone and put their still living soul into the body of the dead person they are resurrecting) to raise the dead. This ment my MC was going to have to become a murderer in order to resurrect his dead lover... uhm... okay, I had by this point in planning, already declared him a peace loving vegan hippie Elf, now I had to have him commit murder? whoops! I had to do a lot of rethinking, both of the character and the magic system, and than it hit me... he would not see it as murder, if he killed his lover's killers, he would see it as justice/executing murderers, and would justify his actions that way. But wait... now that he's a murderer, wouldn't he be wanted for murder?

So before I knew it, I was creating a Guild of Wizardry, complete with a team of "Justice Mages" who were basically bounty hunters/Texas ranger types of mages who hunted renegade mages who used magic to commit crimes.

Well, NOW, I had to come up with a system of laws/rules that the Justice Mages used to judge "good magic" vs "evil magic", and that meant now magic had the element of good and evil and I had to figure out WHY some was deemed good and other deemed bad.

This lead to the idea, that what if my MC was on the run from the Justice Mages and banded together with other "evil" mages on the run. So now I was creating 2 more "evil" mages, one an Illusionist who used shape shifting to lure his victims and the other a Portal Master thief who used portals to steal things from the future and take them to the past. 

Damn. Now I had to figure out how does Illusion Magic, Shape Shifting, Portal Magic, and Time Travel work?

And, it just kept going that way, sort of snowball method, of every time I added something new, it opened up a question of "What if I added this to the plot...?" followed by "Oh, but wait, if I do that, than I'll need to add this...."

And, this went on in that manner for about 3 years, resulting in me writing up this mega massive magic system for my world, before I even had any clue what the story's plot was going to be, but at the same time, I was creating my plot and my characters' profiles BECAUSE I was building the magic system.

>Are there any safeguards against “evil people” acquiring magic? How do magic users in your world try to prevent magic from falling into whoever/whatever they deem “the wrong hands”? Are there safeguards or protective mechanisms that rely on living people to maintain, or would they be functional centuries after everyone died, able to deter archaeologists and the like?

Yes. A group who calls themselves The Justice Mages. They are the leaders of an organization they created, called The Guild of Wizardry. Criminal mages, and mages on the run from the Justice Mages, refer to them as The Guild.

Originally The Guild was founded as a simple guild to regulate magic use, and ensure that mages were using high quality ingredients in potions and were not sourcing from shady wholesalers and such. Just a basic guild, like any other guild in any other career. However The Guild was founded by a mage who also wanted to be ruler/king/whatever. He was a Faerie and at the same time there was an evil Necromancer, who rose up, became a warlord mage, conquered a bunch of countries, crowned himself king of each, and eventually declared himself the King of the Faeries. The evil Necromancer king was very old (10,000+ years) and had lived a life of abuse and never being loved, that lead to him being bitter and depressed. The Guild founder, made friends with the evil king, became his court mage, and than plotted to take the throne, by driving the old king to suicide. His planned worked except for one flaw: the king commit suicide via a lich making spell, turning himself now into a Lich Lord and becoming immortal.

Meanwhile the king had a teenage fanboy who was madly in love with the king and was devastated by his death. Fanboy is the MC of the novel series and becomes a Necromancer to learn how to restore a physical body to the now incorporeal Lich King. MC goes on to become the most powerful mage the world has ever known, because he binds his soul to the Lich, making himself also immortal, and capable of living tens of thousands of years to learn every type of magic possible.

The Guild leader, changes the Guild because of this fanboy mage, who rises up. FanBoy mage, just wants to resurrect his lover, he has no interest in greed or power or politics, but the Guild mages, because THEY are power hungry, they assume everyone ONLY becomes a mage to take over the government, so they convince themselves he is a threat to their global domination plans, even though he only cares about finding a way to be reunited with his dead lover.

Because he's so determined to do the impossible a resurrect the dead, he's ready to leave no stone unturned to reach that goal, which results in him being insanely overpowered, but because he's peaceful he rarely uses his powers at all. But the Guild believes he's secretly conspiring to overthrow them. This causes the Guild to go from being just a guild to gaining political power and taking over first the local town level government, but slowly growing to take over huge regions of the country, as well as large regions in other countries. Essentially The Guild goes on to ruler magic over the entire world, with the Justice Mages going on to become political leaders (for example: governors, congress, etc in America; advisors to the Royal Family in England, that sort of thing - the series is set in an alternate reality of our real world, where magic has taken control of most every level of government and infrastructure, so while it's our Earth with most of our Earth history - it's also vastly changed and developed much differently, tech and medical are different for example - magic not electricity or gas run homes and cars, cars can use runes and gemstones to fly and you get the runes repowered at stations instead of putting gas in cars, and hospitals use potions and spells instead or vaccinations and pills and surgery is ran as magic can usually fix things without scalpels needed - that sort of thing; but at the same time, stuff like WW2, JFK assassination, and the Moon Landing still happened).

Because the leader of The Guild is a Faerie he lives thousands of years and remains the Guild leader for centuries. He himself went insane, as most mages do. His lust for power, corrupted the Guild and now all of the Guild's leaders and most of it's members are in fact, more evil than they "evil mages" they are supposedly protecting non-magical people from. However, because they are silver-tongued evangelical type speakers, they make "good" politicians, are able to weasel their way into high powered government positions in every country in the world, and because they are good at charismatic public speaking, they are good at convincing the masses that they are good, while the so called "evil mages" are the evil ones.

Meaning that ultimately, the organization that was put in place to keep magic out of the hands of evil men, got corrupted by evil men who are now in control of pretty much most of the planet.

This in turn means that essentially, while people believe there is a group in place to keep magic out of the hands of evil men, the group itself is now doing the opposite of what people think it does.

Additional on-theme/topic questions:

  •  *   How is magic use regulated? If magic is outlawed, why? 

In mine it is. At some time in the past (before the start of the novel series this magic system is used in) too many mages went power crazy. Law had to step in. Rules, regulations, laws, and ordinances govern magic arts with a fine tooth comb. Now being a mage requires certification, permits, license, PhDs, building inspections, etc, similar to real world doctors before they can work at hospitals or real world restaurants. Becoming a mage as a career, setting up a magic shop, becoming a mage for hire, all require huge amounts of legal red tape and approval from bureaucrats who make Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Vogons look loosey-goosey.

Practicing magic without the correct and proper paperwork can land a mage with huge fines at minimum, in jail or prison in most cases, and in some cases result in life time solitary confinement in a special mental institute just for mages, where they keep the mages straightjacketed in special anti-magic fabric and shackled in a techo-faery-iron, most mages there are lobotomized and physically tortured with medical experiments as well. Nothing is more feared in the world, than this mental-institute-prison for mages, and the fear of it alone is enough to keep most from even thinking about learning magic.

Some forms of magic are allowed, things considered "good" or "holy" or "healing" are generally the least regulated. So you see mages in medical careers, hospitals run by healing mages, churches run by mage-priests who do laying-on-of-hands magic-healing, science-mages who create new advances in healing potions or techno mages who invent magical household items (flying cars, self-sweeping brooms, self-boiling teapots, etc), swamp witches who double as midwives and make herbal potions to heal sick livestock. That so of thing, is seen as respectable in the eyes of the law, and those types of magic careers are easiest to get approved and licenced for.

Other forms of magic are allowed on a limited basis with extreme levels of men-in-black style secret agent government scrutiny. For example, portal magic and time travel are allowed for a few, limited individuals who have gone through extreme levels of rigorous government testing, to prove they can be trusted. Changing history "the wrong way" is seen as a devastatingly evil crime, unless the government decides a certain event needs changing and hires the mage to change it. Most of the world has no idea that portals or time travel exist, only a few governments have access to the ability/tech, and guard it's secret lustfully. Thus a mage hired to be a part of the program, has his identity changed, and who he was before essentially ceases to exist, with him no longer allowed to live free in public society. No one chooses this life as it is near life imprisonment. All mages in the program were kidnapped and forced into it against their will and only stay in it because they are too scared not to be in it, after being shown footage of other mages being tortured to death for escaping.

And then there are forms of magic that are outright banned, with the practitioners seen as criminals and arrested, fined, imprisoned, or tortured if caught. Necromancy, divination by communicating with spirits, demonology, familiars, blood magic, resurrection of the dead, sex magic, death magic, Chaos magic, and other such things, will land a mage in the mental institute or even warrant execution.

And then there are the corrupted power hungry leaders who make the laws, and are known to abuse the laws to their favor. For example, it is common practice for many Justice Mages, to frame their competition, some mage with all his paperwork in order, not practicing outlawed magic, could suddenly find himself accused of Necromancy and sent to prison after conveniently planted human bones were found in a box in his closet, planted there by the Justice Mage doing the inspection.

  •   *   If magic items are outlawed, why? 

Many magic items are illegal. Gemstones naturally possess magic powers, resulting in most mages wear a lot of bling, because certain types of crystals enhance certain types of powers. Mages will often have a dozen or more piercings in each ear, lip piercings, nose rings, nipple rings, toe rings, any place they can add a ring with a crystal charm or gemstone in it, they will. Runes and animal shaped charms and sigil talismans are often hung on the rings, these adding more enchantments. The most powerful mages give Liberace a run for his money with the over the top gem encrusted robes and capes. Magic can be embedded into cloth via weaving patterns, embroidery, or beadwork as well. Every colour adds power to corresponding spells, so mages are prone to wear eye popping day glow colours: hot pinks, neon yellows, day glow orange, phosphorescent lime green. You KNOW a powerful mage when you see them, because they are covered in bling, bling, bling, and more bling on top of eye blinding colours. 

The has caused society as a whole to fear flashy jewelry, beading and embroidered clothing, bright coloured fashions, etc. These things are outlawed in most towns, and confiscated and burned or otherwise destroyed by the Justice Mages.

Most people wear shades of black, brown, navy blue, or grey, and any jewelry is simple bands of silver or gold without gems or stones or charms. The general public is scared of bright coloured clothe and flashy jewelry, because people caught wearing such things can be accused of being mages and killed by the Guild's Justice Mages.

Any magic item that is used to make mages more powerful is outlawed, while household magic items (the flying cars, self-sweeping brooms, self-boiling teapots, etc mentioned before ), are allowed, but regulated via permits and licences, the same way real world gun laws are.

  •  *  Can magic be abused? In what ways could/would people exploit magic? How would a tyrant, evil mastermind, supervillain, megalomaniac, or someone with no morals use your magic system? Can charlatans and scam artists "bottle magic" (real or fake) and sell magic to people? Does easy access to magic increase petty crime (drug dealers, domestic violence, street gangs, etc)?

The criminal underground is the center stage of most settings in the series. So drug dealers, brothels, prostitutes, and street gangs are a constant theme seen in most novels. This is a thing I focused on a lot in my magic system, because my MC is on the run from the law, and ends up as a drifter who goes from one scum infested gutter dive to the next, making friends with drug dealers, gangsters, and thieves, all of whom use magic to not only commit crimes, but also to elude the law.

  •  *  If people can be born with magic, and some people have magic and others don't, are there breeding camps, slave rings, concentration camps, that imprison/enslave magic users to breed them and sell the babies as slaves to mega wealthy or build enslaved battle mages for evil governments?

This is a thing that shows up. Elves and Faeries are born with genetic magic, as is anyone with Elf or Fae blood in them. There rise up a few money hungry businessmen who get a hold of Faery-Iron and Anti-Magic cloth, and build a breeding farm, where they gather up genetic-mages into cages, like a puppy mile and force breed them, than sell the "magic babies" to wealthy families as slaves or pets.

Not much is done about these renegade groups because, they are seen as doing a good thing by getting mages off the streets and under control.

>>>How many/much magic can one person learn in your world?

It is unlimited. Anyone can learn it, if they wanted to.

Magic is rare, but is still common enough that most every city has a mage-merchant/magic shop or a wizard for hire, and most rural regions have a few swamp witches nearby. Mages exist in all cultures. You maybe have a few dozen mages for every million people in any region, so somewhat commonplace, but rare enough that most individuals won’t encounter mages every day. A human may go their entire lives never meeting a mage in some regions or may see an entire group around town every week, depending on where they live and how heavily regulated it is in that region.

The Guild of Wizardry started centuries ago as a guild for mages, rules magic over the entire world, with the Justice Mages (Guild leaders) becoming political leaders (for example: governors, congress, etc in America; advisors to the Royal Family in England, that sort of thing - the series is set in an alternate reality of our real world, where magic has taken control of most every level of government and infrastructure, so while it’s our Earth with most of our Earth history - it’s also vastly altered and developed much differently, tech and medical are different for example - magic not electricity or gas runs homes and cars, cars use runes and gemstones to fly and you get the runes re powered at stations instead of putting gas in cars, and hospitals use potions and spells instead of vaccinations and pills and surgery is rare as magic can usually fix things without scalpels needed - that sort of thing; but, stuff like WW2, JFK assassination, and the Moon Landing still happened). It’s set in the 1970s because I published the first volume of the series in 1978 and set in the then current era, so it remains set in the 1970s even in the new volumes written today.

The world is a weird “steampunky-vibe”, but not steampunk setting that is a mix of 800 A.D. Quebec, 1640s Salem, 1800s Maine, and 1970s Old Orchard Beach, kind of all rolled into one, quasi-medieval hippie filled 1970s stuck in the past sort of weird alternate urban fantasy, that also has future tech from sci-fi like time travel, star ships, cyberpunk tech, and huge interplanetary portal systems.

 *   Are there any powers that are unique only to one mage? If so, why?


Quaraun's hair seemingly possesses a magic ability, to be usable as limbs, like hands or feet. It is actually not magic at all, but Humans believe it is magic.

Quaraun is often described as "gliding a few inches off the ground, his feet not touching the floor", which leads to the belief that he levitates. In fact, what he is doing is using hiss hair instead of his feet to walk. Because Quaraun is only five feet six inches tall yet his hair is twelve feet long, he is able to use his hair to lift himself off the ground by a few inches or even several feet.

The secret to Quaraun's supposedly magic hair, is that t is not actually hair at all, because Quaraun is not actually an Elf. Quaraun is parasitic, alien JellyFish, disguised as an Elf, wearing the body of a dead Elf like a fur coat. Quaraun's hair, is actually thousands of very fine, thin JellyFish tentacles, which is why his hair is bioluminescent and glows in the dark, and why his white hair, shimmers silver and blue in the light resembling fish scales.

When around other people, Quaraun moves as an Elf does, walking on his feet, however, when alone or with people he trusts, Quaraun uses his tentacle-hair to move. Doing so lifts him up off of the ground, and most people are so busy looking at him hoovering, that they do not notice the way his hair stiffens to support his body, while long parts of his hair, the parts pooling around him on the ground, are actually stiffened into spider-like "feet" moving along the ground.

Quaraun is also able to use his hair like a weapon. When threatened, and feeling he has no other way to escape, Quaraun''s hair takes on a Medusa-like life of it's own, lashing out at his attacker, either pulling them away, or wrapping around the. When confronted by life-threatening situations, Quaraun has been known to use his hair to strangle his attacker to death.

Being a JellyFish, similar to the Portuguese Man of War, Quaraun tentacles are full of highly toxic venom and he can also sting his enemies to death.

Quaraun is usually described wearing a saree and a hijab and a veil, all at once, wearing all 3 as a way to conceal the true nature of his hair. If you don't examine it too closely or if you don't touch it, Quaraun's hair, appears to be nothing more than, long silken stands of hair. Removing the veils, shawls, saree, and hijab allows the slithering, living, movement of Quaraun's hair to be seen, thus why he rarely uncovers it.

Because Quaraun's hair is not actual hair, and is instead are his JellyFish limbs, thousands of tentacle arms and legs, Quaraun never cuts his hair and becomes deeply offended by any suggestion that he does.

In a scene where he is overpowered by his attackers and they shave his hair, we see Quaraun left bleeding to death, as his blood drains from the thousands of severed tentecles.This "cutting of his hair" leaves him in agonizing pain for months, and while, like any JellyFish he can regrow his severed "limbs" it takes 30 years for his tentacles to grow back, during which time he makes the claim that he can no longer cast magic, without his hair, citing that his hair is the source of his magic powers.

The truth is far deeper than that, though. Quaraunis weak and in frail health, he realis heavily on his stinging, strangling tentacles to survive. His Elf body his badly injured, with a lame leg, and he can barely walk with the Elf's legs. Quaraun moved with his hair, most all of the time, carefully wearing long skirts to hide his feet, hiding the fact that he's actually "walking" on his tentacles and not on his feet. 

But, with his hair/tentacles cut off, he can barely stand, let alone walk. And he hides the fact of his being a JellyFish from most people. Only people he strongly trusts know that he is actually a JellyFish. Thus why the claim that he can not use magic and must go into hiding, after his "hair" is cut.

>>>Are people born with a pre-determined (or end up locked in quickly) set of magic power, so one guy has lightning powers and that’s all he can use, do people train in lots of magic but only use just a few or is it the case that as long as you know the spell and have the talent, you can cast it - like in Elder Scrolls and such?


I can SEEM like a person ONLY has one power, let’s say lightning powers, like per your question’s example, seeing how lightning powers are a thing in the Quaraun series.

BoomFuzzy has a lot of weather control powers, calling up lightning storms being a common one. But you also see him doing a lot of other types of magic. Illusions. Food Magic. Frost Magic. Ice Magic. Crystal Magic. And more. So, clearly he is not a good example here, as he uses a wide range of magic powers.

Skipping BoomFuzzy, who is the primary mage we see with lightning powers, we move on to a rarely seen minor character, Etiole, who is Quaraun’s great-grandson. Etiole is almost only ever shown with lightning powers. Most notably his silver crossbow that shoots lightning bolts, and his aura wings that show up when he’s angry.

Etiole is rather unique among the mages because of his “wings”. When enraged, six huge, massive glowing light blue wings form around him, as he starts to levitate in the air. The wings are covered with blue feathers that have large, blue eyeballs blinking and watching everything. This has led to the rumour that he is a Seraphim Archangel, even though he is a halfElf halfDemon and no relation to angels at all. The wings are charged with electricity and flapping them causes wild lightning storms to form in the clouds around him, striking the ground at all points around him. Etiole destroyed entire villages in this manner.

Oddly, descriptions of him are so terrifying, that real world locals here in Old Orchard beach and Biddeford, Maine, where I live, are 100% convinced that Etiole is a real live Demon, whom I send to curse them. Because of the 120+ foot tall mast pines in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, we get constant lightning storms, with at least 4 or 5 houses being struck by lightning every month, and no fewer than 5 people die from being hit by lightning in our town each and every year.

It was the fact that our town exists in this weird weather anomaly. That was what inspired me to create Etiole’s lightning strike abilities. However, Maine is a state with very little education. The state only requires a child to go to school from the ages of 7 until 15 years old, graduation is not required or encouraged, and most of Maine’s 2million residents are completely illiterate with no ability to read, write, count, do math... and superstitions, not science rules most minds around here where I live.

Belief in Demons is very strong, and the locals are just too uneducated to be convinced otherwise, and every house fire, car accident, or suicide is blamed on Demon intervention.

Well, more than 750 locals here in Old Orchard Beach and Biddeford, Maine, fully 100% believe that descriptions of Etiole in my novels, are 100% non-fiction facts, and every time yet another house or person in our town is struck by lightning, this dimwits show up on my farm to trash every thing, vandalize everything... in 2010 they cut up my 1964 Dodge 330 with a chainsaw, because the night before, a family of 5 burned to death when their home was hit by lightning.

Before the 2010 attack on my car, Etiole was the main character of the series, not Quaraun. From 1978 until 2014, the series was called The Twighlight Manor series. But due to to murder of my 10 children, by the same mob of locals on April 10, 2015, I retired Etiole as the main character of the series and started focusing on Quaraun as the main character instead, thus why the series was renamed The Quaraun series at that same time.

Anyway, back to answering your question...

Etiole’s use of ONLY lightning powers makes it SEEM like the magic system locks in a single power. However, when you look back to character BoomFuzzy, who does the same lightning powers as Etiole, but not as advanced, you see that single power usage is not the case.

So why the difference?

The difference is how each mage studied magic.

BoomFuzzy studied wide spread, studying lots of different types of magic, learning a little bit of each, specializing in none, becoming a “Jack of All Trades” type of mage.

Etiole, on the other hand, was fascinated by The Grigori ArchAngels aka The Watchers of the Bible and narrow focused studied ONLY the type of magic used by one of the angels mentioned in the Bible. Meaning, Etiole was personally obsessed with learning how to control lightning on super advanced levels, and so he studied ONLY lightning magic, perfecting it, becoming the best there was at it, and completely ignoring all other types of magic. This makes Etiole an incredibly powerful mage when it comes to the one power he knows, but most every other type of magic he has no clue how to use at all.

There are a rare few who seem to be “born” with magic powers, or at least that’s what some people believe. The reality is its just that some children have a very strong will power and no adult yet told them things like: “Humans can’t fly.” So a toddler who sees a bird fly and says: “I can do that!” WILL fly with the bird, simply because they believe they can. This leads to the false belief that some are born with magic powers while others are not, but really EVERYONE has the ability equally, and it’s just that most children are raised by adults that tell them “you can’t do that” and so they believe from a young age they can’t, so they don’t. I explained this more, below.

>>>If people’s magic ability is limited to a small bit of a large range, what is it that separates those “schools”? Is it just a studious distinction or is there something innately different about the magic?

There exist schools, sort of, more like mini-religious cults than schools, but they will often call themselves schools. Usually, it is a sort of church/coven group of 4 or 5 or 10 or 12 mage-priests...

*(Note: Mages and priests and wizards and witches and sorcerers can ALL be male or female in my world. There is no law/rule that says all witches are female, or all priests are male, so there are male witches and female priests, etc. I use “HE” throughout this post because my MC uses HE - however my MC is by birth a female who lives as a male, so an F2M transgender Elf, but anyway. Most everything here applies specifically to the MC himself, thus my use of the pronoun “he/him/his” here.)*

...anyway, throughout the world (most countries/providence/states have at least 1 or 2 or more such groups) there are always different sects of sort of religious groups of mages who band together, often in a Ghost BC Papa Emeritus 2/3/ Papa Nihil type of “black pope” fashion sense, with a very Lovecraft cult vibe. A high-powered mage who either actually wants to teach others about magic leads these or one who went power crazy and formed his own cult leads it. Either way, these schools attract “edgy teen” types looking to learn magic (often to spite their parents or school teachers or whatever). And thus magic arts continue to be taught to younger generations this way.

Every group will have it’s “THING” that it focuses on. 

  *   Like the one that is featured most in the series, focuses on wish granting spells. 

  *   Another group seen often focuses only on ice/snow/frost/water manipulation spells. 

  *   Another is a group of elderly grannies who live in a swamp and teach swamp witchery green magic that focuses mostly on herbal magic and hoodoo rootwork. 

  *   One is seemingly a culinary arts school that is led by a Fae who makes magic (toxic/drugged) faerie food and teaches his students how to do the same. 

  *   Groups of counterfeiters teach apprentices how to make Faerie Gold (acorns turned into fake gold).

Sometimes it’s just one mage who takes an apprentice under his wing. So it’s not a group/coven/school/cult group teaching them. 

Other times, the person goes solitary and just gathers up books and teachers themselves.

So there is no one way to learn magic.

Also, infinite types of magic exist. All the standard types are possible: spell casting, potion making, spirit intervention, druidry, elemental, high magic, ritual magic, there are thousands and thousands of types. No one knows how many. Every culture developed its own traditions and taboos, and those develop and change every generation, so like real world religions, magic arts are a constantly changing and shifting thing as mages discover new techniques, theorize new methods, etc.

>>>Can they learn everything? 

Hypothetically, if a person lived long enough, was determined-dedicated-disciplined enough, could locate all the books-diaries-notes-tomes-grimoires of every previous mage from every era of the planet, and had enough money to buy all the equipment-materials-ingredients for everything, then YES, a mage could in theory learn every spell and every potion and every enchantment and every invocation and every ritual from every type of magic that exists.

However, most people only live long enough, locate enough books/notes, and have enough money to learn the most common and mundane or simply magic arts.

  *   Humans rarely become overly powerful. If a Human becomes high powered, it’s usually because he apprenticed from childhood under the teaching of a high powered Elf or Demon or Faerie mage.

  *   Dwarves and Gnomes are slightly longer lived than Humans, but still not long enough lived to become super high powered. 

  *   Elves and Demons live long enough to either learn lots and lots and lots of common spells, becoming a jack of all trades mage, or they focus on one type and become super high powered in one specialty. 

  *   Faeries, particularly solitary Fae like Phookas or Leprechauns live for tens of thousands of years and are the most powerful mages of all, but develop high levels of boredom induced insanity, a side effect of living so long combined with the solitude magic study requires. Ancient Faerie Mages often become tricksters and use magic to cause chaos in Human lives (kind of the way school boys pull off butterfly wings and stomp on ant hills and then laugh about it). Very ancient mega high powered, near-god like over powered Faerie Mages gone mad, are seen as evil megalomaniac super villains.

>>>Is that common? 

In Humans, no. It’s rather rare for Humans to seek a career in the magic arts.

In Dwarves and Gnomes, more common that with Humans, but still rather rare.

Most mages are Elves or Faeries, just because of Elves living hundreds of years.

Most of the god-powered mages are very ancient Faeries, often over ten thousand years old.

Learning advanced magic requires centuries of locking yourself away with books and solitary practice. Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes can never become powerful because they don’t like long enough, so most mages are Fae or Elves. And they are prone to lock themselves in a hermit solitude for 500+ years of intense studying, which results in most of the most powerful mages being extremely eccentric, very antisocial, and often outright raving lunatics. 

Centuries of no interactions cause them to lose touch with reality and forget basic social skills, resulting in the most powerful mages of all, are also often completely off the wall, stark barking bonkers insane.

These extremely all powerful mages are mega arrogant and often quote their near god-like powers as being an excuse why they can get away with not giving two shits about anyone around them



Magic is VERY difficult and tedious to learn. Thus why so few take up magic arts, even though anyone could do it if they tried.

The problem is that magic is largely will-power/faith/power of positive thinking based. You need 100% self confidence in your ability to cast a spell. If you doubt or hesitate even a little, the spell won’t work, either having a poor result or not working at all. 


  *   ... someone with a low self-esteem is going to have zero results.

  *   ... someone with a high self-esteem in private but low self-esteem or social anxiety in public, is going to excellent results in the privacy of his own home, but flub, bumbling or zero results at all in public situation.

  *   ... someone who mentally crashes under peer pressure, may get amazing results around strangers, but flub up every spell when his domineering, overbearing stepmother is watching.

  *   ... someone who self absorbed, believes he can do anything, has narcissism/arrogance/sociopaths issues and doesn’t give 2 shits what other people think about him, is going to be shooting absolutely perfect planet destroying fireballs out his ass if he so does so.

Most low level, common mages are shy, timid, bumbling nerdy geeks who can’t cast spells in front of a girl they like, while the mega OP god powered mages tend to also be mega arrogant, self absorbed narcissistic dicks. It’s not always that way, of course, but the averages skew heavy that way. High-powered timid mages exist, and arrogant dicks who can’t spark a fizzle out of their pinkie exist. There are no “low powered mages always ___” or “high powered mages always ___”. But certain personality types are going to have better luck casting magic, so certain personalities dominate certain types of magic.


Because magic fluctuates based on the mental/emotional state (will-power/faith/power of positive thinking) of the mage, his magic abilities can fluctuate. This means sickness, injury, hunger, fears, phobias, sexual arousal, depression, superstitions, religious beliefs, and more, can instantly strip an OP god powered mage of his ability to use magic.

For example:

  *   A mage with the flu is going to be befuddled by stuffy nose and headaches and cannot think clearly or focus well, so even if he was god-powers OP last week, he’s near powerless while he’s laid out with the flu. The same is true if he has a broken leg or gets a stab wound. Any sickness or injury that distracts his mind from heavy focusing on the spell is going to cause him to be as powerless as a non-mage until he’s healed.

  *   A normally confidant OP god power mage, who has a phobia of spiders, may suddenly lose his ability to cast spells if he sees a spider run across the floor. His phobia of the spider floods his brain, alters his mental state, and he can no longer focus on the spell.

This is why when Quaraun is having a panic attack or meltdown, he suddenly can't cast spells anymore.

The mage needs to focus his full attention on the spell in order to cast it. If he’s distracted, the spell will fumble, misfire, or not work at all.

This has a tendency to cause mages to go one of two ways with sexual relationships as well: they either become celibate, often eunuchs, to avoid sexual tension/arousal from distracting them, or they become hyper sex crazed, chasing down prostitutes in brothels constantly, again to avoid sexual arousal being an issue when magic is needed.

This also results in mages being hermits, living solitary lives, having no families/spouses/children/friends/pets, so that these things don’t become a distraction and/or to ensure villains can’t hold their loved one’s hostage to impede their ability to use magic.

Most of the OP mega powered mages are also highly superstitious. A common superstition in many mage circles is that they get their magic from their hair. This causes mages to never shave or cut their hair. For example:

  *   The MC of the novel series this magic system is used in is an Elf with 12 foot long hair. He (Quaraun) is the world’s most powerful mage. In a scene when he is captured by enemies who shave his hair off, he cannot cast magic for nearly 30 years, because that’s how long it takes his hair to reach 12 feet long once again.

  *   The most powerful Faerie mage (BoomFuzzy) has massive dreadlocks that reach to his knees. 

  *   The most powerful Demon mage, (The Gremlin aka GhoulSpawn) is a Cotswold Sheep-man, with the lower body and cloven hooves of a Cotswold sheep, and long ropes of golden fleece cover his waist and legs that grow like Rapunzel hair from his hips and thighs.

  *   The most powerful Dwarven mage (Bullgaar) has a massive beard, hundreds of braids, and requires servants to walk behind him carrying his beard because he can not walk on his own otherwise. His beard is so long. 

All 4 of them wear rings and charms and specifically coloured cluotie ribbons braided into their hair/beard/fur because they believe in the power of specific gems, metals, and shapes causing spell enhancements.

Religious mages may believe their magic to be a “gift from their god” so believe they must live strict rules of that god’s religion in order to practice magic. They may believe they can only cast spells successfully if they light candles or burn incenses or place sacrifices on an altar for example. 

The long hair, charms, and religious rituals do not actually CAUSE the magic powers, but rather the mage’s belief in those things, causes the power, so losing a charm, cutting their hair, or forgetting to light the altar candles that night, will cause the mage to lose his powers, simply because his belief in those things is so strong.

Many mages have wands, staffs, or crystal spheres that they carry with them. These items in and of themselves are not magical. However, mages use them as a focus. The mage focuses his mind and will onto the wand, and the spell seemingly is cast by him aiming the wand. Thus, unmagical people often believe wands are powerful, when, in fact, the wand itself has no power. The mage just uses the wand to direct or aim his focus on his target.

All that said, they do not fully rely belief alone on. 

Real world Voodoo (New Orleans and Haitian), real world HooDoo Rootwork, and real world Enochian Angel Sigil Magic, are used throughout the series. (I am a real world Voodoo priestess and Hoodoo Rootworker, so this is an area I know inside out). Any type of real world magic (Wicca, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Paganism, Heathen, etc) is used by mages in the novels. The MC uses primarily Voodoo and Hoodoo because this is what his Borka lover used and taught him. The Demon mage uses primarily real world Chaos Magick, Demonology, Spirit Familiars, and Enochian Angel Magic.

Because of this, sacred geometry, archangel sigils, sacred words/language of angels, gris-gris, goofer dust, veve, loa, candle altars, jackballs, hoodoo potions/salts/oils/sachets, and similar materials all play a central role in the series.

The 3 MCs (Quaraun the Elf, BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, and GhoulSpawn the sheep Demon) cast huge spells with elaborate ceremonial high Magick rituals that come straight out of real world books by Aleister Crowley, Silver RavenWolf, Scott Cunningham, catherine yronwode, Gerald Gardner, Denise Alvarado, Christopher Penczak, Raymond Buckland, Julia Parker, Derek Parker, Laurie Cabot, Amy Zerner, and Monte Farber (I have all the Wicca/Witchcraft/Magick books by those authors and they act as the source material reference guide I use for my magic system, while working on the novels.)

>>>Explain supernatural events scientifically or by "magic"?

>>>The thing is, I've been writing worldbuilding, the magic system and all those things related to a novel. However, I was surprised that I had never questioned how paranormal events were explained. I mean, in the Lord of the Rings it was just magic and that's it, nothing else had to be explained. However, does this look bad in any way? I'm not saying it for myself, in fact I personally like that things are explained through myths, legends, etc, but I have seen that many people prefer that these paranormal events be explained in a "logical" way with chemistry, mathematics or those things. Maybe for credibility, but no idea how to explain that a person can control fire with spells or levitate by breaking the laws of physics.

>>>How do you explain the magic in your worlds? Do they use math or just legends, myths and others related to just "magic"? Is one much better than the other? What do you think?

You know what, I write a Fantasy series with a huge amount of magic, the 3 MCs all being mages, and while mages are rare in the world, they tend to hang out together in cult like groups, so my 3 MCs are around lots of other mages, and pretty much keep to their own little mage groups bot associating with any none mages. So, big amounts of magic stuff happening all the time, the series has supernatural and occult and metaphysical ghosts/paranormal stuff, however... before reading your question here, I've never thought about the who science vs magic aspect, and I had to stop a minute and think: "Wait, how DO I do this in mine, do I even know?" LOL

Anyways, I been sitting here rereading your question and going back over my series and thinking - what did I do? Have I ever touched on this unknowingly without realize it? Or have I just completely never addressed this at all?

And after a few minutes I realized: OMG! I HAVE addressed this before, I just never realized I did it, because it just came out as a natural part of my character's personalities. So, I'm not sure if you could classify it as part of my magic system or not, but anyways, here's what I've done:

My 3 MCs are very different in terms of how they deal with and think about magic vs science vs supernatural vs metaphysical  vs religion vs occult.

For example: 

  • * one MC - Quaraun - is a Necromancer *(the ACTUAL real world meaning of the word aka "one who sees ghosts and talks to spirits" not the DnD/Fantasy type that resurrects armies of undead/zombies/minions)* and he is very religious, and so for him, mage is very ritual based - lighting candles, drawing magic circles with salt, prayers to loa, veve made of cornmeal, throwing bones/stones/shells to speak to dead ancestors, honey jar petitions to archangels/demons/saints, largely real world Hoodoo Rootwork sort of thing. So for HIM and how he sees things, the supernatural is very spiritual, very religious focus.

  • * but another MC - BoomFuzzy - is a Faerie and is born with natural/gentic magic abilities *blinking, fey stepping, illusions to make acorns look like gold coins, that sort of thing)*, so for HIM and how he sees things, the supernatural is very mush straight up pure magic = magic because magic just is.

  • * but than the 3rd MC - GhoulSpawn/Gremlin - is a gremlin, classic WW2 style demon fascinated with engines and electronics, and he's a sorcerer/scientist, who builds time machine-like portals/gates, and borders into alchemy type magic. He's always spouting off science gargon that the other mages largely ignore and roll their eyes over, because they can't understand half the stuff he's talking about, and he's kind of a mad scientist who spends a lot of time with charting out equations, So for HIM and how he sees things, the supernatural is very science, logic, engineering, and chemistry and tries to explain how magic and supernatural things are natural things that physics can account for. His science theories also never get explained, because the other characters just walk off and leave him yapping to himself, so what he actual says science says magic is, is never something the reader sees, the reader just knows he thinks he knows the answer and never is told what that answer supposedly is.

  • * But than with in the side characters, there is another mage - AlKeeme - who is straight up an alchemist who is a cryogenics frankenstein-like scientist, and he too, do the science thing to explain supernatural, because, that's just how his mind works. 

  • * And another mage - ZooLock - who is full on a high priest with a cult of Lovecraft-type priest followers, and for him and his group, magic is all about the god they worship so again religion is the answer, but only because that is how his mind works. 

  • * And other Fae characters - BlackBird and FireHawk and Etiole - , like the first, are also straight up magic = pure magic, no religion or science involved because that's how their minds think.

So in the end, it turns out, the way I do it, my magic system never (in narration) is confirmed to be one way or the other, is it "just magic for magic's sake" or is there a science behind it or is it "the gods". Instead, each character has their own views on what he or she THINGS the source/origin/explanation is, and so it's left up for debate as to what exactly the supernatural is, depending on which character is the one doing the theorizing. I don't try to define it, I just let the characters do/believe/think their own thing befitting their personalities.

  • *  Do people go crazy from using magic too much? 

To quote one character from one of the novels:

>>>“Wizards tend to be crazy. Wizard training take big toll on health and sanity. Century or two of being solitary lil hermit, casting spells to become all powerful, gives Wizard big egos and small compassions. Dey forgets basic social skills. Get all wild and feral. Den when ya piss dem off, dey shove wand up ya ass and let lightening bolts blow ya brain out ya skull. Pelt ya wid grasshoppers. Send tornados up to ya front too. Dat sort of t’ing. Wizards got reputation for short tempers and ability to do weird freaky shit to ya.”

>>>"Aren't you a wizard, yourself?"

>>>"I am."

>>>"Well, how come you're not crazy?"

>>>BoomFuzzy stared at the girl for a few moments before answering.

>>>"Ya t'inks I no crazy? How'd dat happen?"

>>>"Well, you aren't the one rolling around on the floor ripping another mage's hair out, are you?"

>>>BoomFuzzy turned his gaze to Quaraun and GhoulSpawn, still rolling around on the floor screaming obscenities at each other while pulling each other's hair.

>>>"Ahyah. Ya do got a point. I no on floor pulling hair out. But dan again, dey do not get called Quaraun the Insane and GhoulSpawn the Crazed for not'ing, eh? Funny. I is usually de one people t'inks is de nuttiest."

>>>"How come?"

>>>"Ya, don't know who I am do ya?"

>>>"No. Don't t'ink so."

>>>"Ah! Well. I is BoomFuzzy de Unicorn. Otherwise known as King Gwallmaiic, Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, Leader of the Lich Lords. King of the Faeries. And not those two girly dressed twits on the floor having hair pulling contest, real Faeries."

>>>"I heard that!" Quaraun yelled.

>>>"I knows ya did. Ya rabbit ears can hear a mile away."

>>>"You're The Elf Eater?"

>>>"Aye. Mass murderer of millions. I live in a gingerbread house and spend me free time rolling Elves in chocolate, den fucking the living daylights out of them, those two usually. They don't just dress like girls, dey both like being fucking like em too. I be one wat like shoving wands up asses, shooting lightening bolts out ya skull, dan shoving grasshoppers up ya dick for good measure. Though dat one dare," BoomFuzzy pointed to Quaraun. "Him like candy canes up hims dick. Weird fetish of his. I is happy to oblige."

Learning advanced magic, requires centuries of locking yourself away with books and solitary practice. Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes can never become very powerful because they don't like long enough, so most mages are Fae or Elves. And they are prone to lock themselves in a hermit solitude for 500+ years of intense studying, which results in most of the most powerful mages being extremely eccentric, very anti-social, and often out right raving lunatics. Centuries of no interactions causes them to lose touch with reality and forget basic social skills, resulting in the most powerful mages of all, are also often completely off the wall, stark barking bonkers insane.

These extremely all powerful mages, tend to be mega arrogant, and often quote their near god-like powers as being an excuse why they can get away with not giving two shits about anyone around them

This tendency for mages to go mad, is a major reason why the Justice Mages exist, and is why the insane asylum for mages was built.

The more powerful the mage is, the crazier, wilder, more feral they tend to act. This in turn causes the general public to be scared shitless of any mage with any level of advanced abilities. Which in turn is the reason why so many laws regulate magic, it's learning, and it's practice.

People who want to study magic, need to pass psychiatric evaluations and then are not allowed to study solitary, because of the history of so many mages going crazy from solitary study of magic.

Mage/wizard towers are outlawed and most were torn down and destroyed.

Mages who still live in towers, live along the coast, mostly in Maine, where they set up a lighthouse illusion spell, around their tower, so that everyone thinks they are just and elderly lighthouse keeper and don't realize the old fisherman and his lighthouse is actually a wizard and his tower in disguise. In this world ALL of Maine's lighthouses and lighthouse keepers are mages and their towers.

  •  *  How is economy, capitalism, business, and merchants affected? Can mages turn common items (stone, acorns) into gold? Can mages destroy currency systems by mass producing gold and making coins/money/currency/gold worthless? 

Faerie Gold and Leprechaun Gold exist and are both nothing but leaves and acorns with glimmer spells. Generally seen as counterfeit money, it is nearly impossible to tell they are not real coins, and for a few days the merchant will think himself rich, may even buy a bunch of stuff, but the gold turns back to acorns or leaves with in 2 or 3 days and so, all hell breaks lose when angry men start fighting over who cheated who, while the Faeries sit back and laugh over the chaos they caused.

The making of Faerie Gold is outlawed and mages caught with it are sent to prison and force fed molten gold. Most die from this punishment, but a few survive, including the MC of the series, who in later novels suffers from disfiguring facial scars, and can no longer talk from his tongue and throat having been scalded with 4t degree burns from the molten gold.

  •  *  What is stopping mages who control the weather, to cause draughts and hold crops hostage, asking huge ransoms to allow rain to fall? Why would people need carpenters if mages came build houses at the wave of a wand? Do mage chefs who create perfect food at will put bakeries and restaurants out of business?

Not much. 

There are mages who can control the weather, mostly Faeries, and they DO hold regions hostage, by causing floods and droughts and lightning strikes.

Mages can and do put human businesses out of business because they can wave a wand to build things.

One of the primary MCs IS a trickster Fae chef who uses magic to make super amazing food and thinks it's hilarious to set up shop beside human restaurants, put them out of business, than pack up and leave.

  •  *  What about mages with unchecked, unlimited power? Do they exist? What do they do? Why? Your characters are not all-powerful gods, are they?  How do governments deal with mages like these?  Why is the Universe not 100% under control of one magic user?

Faeries and Elves are rare (only a few hundred on the entire planet), but extremely powerful because they live long enough to learn very advanced types of magic. Most of the world is run by only a handful of very ancient Faeries, and while the bulk of the planet is still 7billion+ Humans, Humans are so short lived, and so unable to agree on anything, and so prone to fight with themselves, that they are never able to gain a foothold in overthrowing the Fae who run everything.

Essentially it's a few Fae who act like Queen Bees running the hive, while Humanity are their worker drones. And the Fae are in control of an ancient alien elder brain, that keeps a psion spell on most of the planet, so most Humans are oblivious to the existence of the Fae, and the few who are Faerie Sighted and able to see through the Fae barrier, are deems as UFO alien abduction conspiracy theorists, because the Fae abduct them, take them to the mental institute for mages and do the "alien abduction stuff" to the humans to convince them aliens are real, causing no one to believe them.

So, yes, mages DID take over the world and mages DO run the government, men-in-black are Faeries who run the world, alien abductions are Faeries playing mind games on Humans to make anyone who can see Faeries seem crazy.

Questions other users on this thread asked, that I'll answer too: 

From u/LeFlamel :

>Define the wrong hands.

Sadly, the wrong hands were the ones who set out to keep magic out of the wrong hands, and so it's the wrong hands who are regulating magic.

>>>Their enemies? 

Any mage who achieves any level of power, is eyed suspiciously and seen as "the enemy of all humanity", which causes people to call the Justice Mages.

But, the Justice Mages are known to kill first and ask questions later, often killing people who were not mages at all, or killing mages who had committed no crime. This has lead to unscrupulous people who don't like a neighbour say because they don't mow their lawn often enough or painted their shutters pink, to call the Justice Mages and accuse the neighbour of secretly being a necromancer. 

The Justice Mages who are basically magical police, who move in like a SWAT team, surprise raid the accused, often beating them to death on false charges of necromancy, and than only after searching the house after killing the person, do they discover the person was not even a mage at all.

This sort of abuse of the system is very common.

>>>The poor? 

Most poor, side with the mages, and not the Guild, as most of the illegal magic arts, are in fact very helpful to poor families.

Like for example, Swamp Witches make medicinal teas and elixirs, but often they are elderly women who can not afford to cost of buying licenses and permits and certification, so they practice without paperwork, and thus their potions, may in fact be more powerful and work better than those made by healing mages in the hospitals. But hospitals are expensive and poor people can not afford them, so will usually sneak out to the Swamp Witch instead.

Well, this puts BOTH the poor families and the Swamp witches at risk of fines, imprisonment, or worse.


Many criminals become mages. And many mages, once targeted by the Justice Mages, are forced to live a life of crime, as their reputations are so damaged they can not live in normal society again.

Most drug dealers/chemists are mages, as are most moonshiners, most gang leaders, and most scam artists. 

The law has reached a point of being so corrupted, that many turn to criminal slums for safety from the Justice Mages.

From u/FlawlessPenguinMan :

  • >>1.: Nope, most magic users are heartless, and even the better ones are quite cold and rude. It's in their nature.


This is how it is in mine.

And to quote the MC himself from a novel:

>>>"Years? Multiple years to make one potion?"

>>>"Oh, yes. You weren't expecting me to wave a wand and go POOF! Were you?" Quaraun pulled out his wand as he spoke and waved it around over his head.

>>>"Well, yeah, kind of. You are a wizard, after all."

>>>"You been reading too many Fairy Tales, Boy. Real world magic, isn't like what they tell you in Fantasy novels."

>>>"But magic is real, right?"

>>>"Oh, yes. Magic is most certainly real. I just think, real magic, may not be quite so glamorous as you are imagining it to be."

>>>"So, no magic wands?"


>>>"But you are holding one."

>>>"What? This?" Quaraun waved his rainbow wand around again. "This is nothing."

>>>"Than why do you have it?"

>>>"In case I need to kill someone."

>>>"Kill some. . . one?"


>>>"With a little wooden stick?"



>>>"Well, usually, I just wave it around while I talk, and when they least expect it, I ram it up their nose and through their brain. And POOF! Instant death by magic wand. No magic needed."

>>>"You're kind of violent, aren't you?"

>>>"The world is a violent place, Kelim. Of, course, I can also just do this."

>>>Quaraun spun around, aimed the wand, and a brilliant purple bolt of lightning shot out from the end of the wand and blew up the table on the other side of the room, leaving nothing but a smouldering piles of ashes where moments ago had been a table.

>>>"That. . . that.. how..?"

>>>Quaraun pointed to his 12 foot long hair. "World's longest hair."


>>>"It means, I am the world's most powerful wizard. More hair equals more power, Boy."

and later in the same scene:

>>>"You know what I do to rapists now?"

>>>"Uhm. . . do I want to know?" 

>>>"I jab my wand in their eye sockets, scramble their eyes and their brains to jelly. Serve it on toast. Absolutely marvellous. More death by magic wand, without any magic at all. It's so satisfying. I hate rapists."

>>>"You seem to like scrambling brains with your wand."

>>>"Oh yes. I've become addicted to it. Brains are such a delicacy."

>>>"Are all wizards like you?"

>>>"What do you mean?"

>>>"Uhm. . . you're. . . you're kind of crazy. And mean. And, you. . . well. . . you don't seem to care about anyone. Like, killing is just easy for you. And you eat brains!"

>>>"Ah. Yes. A side effect of spending a hundred years locked in a tower with no one but me, myself, and I to talk to. I find I'm much more suited to conversations with myself now, than I am conversations with Humans. And Humans are rather delicious. I would much rather eat a Human than talk to a Human."

and later in the same scene:

>>>"You already said that one," Kelim pointed out.

>>>Quaraun glared at the boy. "You're interrupting me again."

>>>"You're repeating stuff. You listed off a few of those things more than once. . ."

>>>"Do you want my wand up your nose?" Quaraun pressed the end of his wand on Kelim's nose as he said this.

>>>"No," Kelim squeaked.

>>>"Good. Then shut up. You're the one invading MY privacy. If you don't want to listen to me pontificate, than you don't have to be here. You can turn your ass around and march right out that door. No one invited you here, Kelim. I have better things to do than waste my time with sex crazed ignoramuses like you."

>>>"I'm not a sex crazed ignor. . . ignor. . . whatever you just called me."

>>>"Ignoramus. It means you are too stupid to know the big words I use."

>>>"I. . . uhm. . ."

>>>"Now where was I? Oh yes!" 

My MC doesn't give 2-fucks what other people think of him, and he sees no issue with killing a Justice Mage that dares confront him. He is cold and rude and stopped caring what others thought of him centuries ago.

  • >2.: Pretty much just peer pressure. Anyone who wants too much power is frowned upon and alienated, and if they actually achieve too much power, the best mages gather up and try their best to kill that person.

Yep. Same in mine as well.

Only it's the Guild's Justice Mage who do the shaming and humiliating. They make wanted posters and put them up all over the mage's home town, and any place the mage's friends, family, and clients live. They spread rumours and gossip and make up horrible les about the mage and do everything they can to slander, defame, humiliate, and ostracize him. They are known to incite local villages into angry mobs and, start rioting against the mage and his family. Many mages are dragged through the streets, stripped naked, and publicly beaten to death.

The sheer brutality and extreme levels of torture the Justice Mages do to any mage they turn on, is usually enough to scare most people out of ever becoming a mage.

>>>Are your Magical Spells permanent or temporary? Let’s say that someone used magic to conjure a sword, would it disappear after some time or does remain forever? I’m having trouble deciding on mine because i feel like the former limits magic a lot but the latter just makes it too overpowered.

I can tell you what it is I do in mine and you can compare that to your magic system and see if it gives you any ideas to work with.

In mine, it depends on the spell used, where the power is sourced from, the skill of the mage doing the casting, materials used to make the spell, enhancements used, and the intended purpose of the enchanted item. So, both permanent or temporary spells on enchanted items are possible.

For example:

*  The type of enchantment:

   *  Is the spell a blessing, a curse, putting nature energy into the sword, putting life/blood/soul/death energy into the sword, etc? 

* What power is sourced?

   *  Depending on the culture/religion/etc energy may be sourced from nature (fire/water/earth/volcano/ocean/etc - like one clan may worship a large river and draw on it's power, but won't believe any other water has power, while another clan may see all water as sacred), or from life (including death/blood/souls), or celestial energies (sun/moon/stars/comets/constellations), or divination (spirits/familiars/demons/etc), or crystals, or colors, or a combination of any of the above (so, like a mage who believes red has certain energies, may use a red candle, a red rose, a red ruby, and his own blood in the ritual he used to cast the spell).

   *  . . .

   *  Or if the spell was powered by Moon energy, it may only work on the 3 nights of the full moon and never work any other day of the month and never work during the daylight. 

   *  . . .

   *  Or if the spell was powered by the sun, it may act like solar energy and require the sword left laying in the sun for an hour every morning to charge the spell and if you forgot to charge it, oh well, now you are without a spell for the rest of the day.

   *  . . .

   *  Or a spell powered by the rising sun, may be defused by the setting sun, so the spell would only last 12 hours or less, being a very limited time dependant one use spell.

* Intended purpose:

   *  For example, if the sword was blessed to protect an elderly warlord's son who left for his first battle, the sword may have the intent to protect the son for the rest of his life, so the spell may be either permanent, or somehow connected to the son's blood or soul so that the spell stops working upon his death, so no one else can ever be protected by the sword. 

   *  . . .

   *  But than again, if the sword was intended to not only protect the son, but to be passed down to his son and his son and so on, than a more permanent spell would be used.

   *  . . .

   *  On the other hand, if the sword was cursed to kill a specific enemy, the spell would be a one time use that went away upon the enemy's death. 

* Skill of the mage casting the spell:

   *  Magic is accessible by anyone, but VERY difficult to master. Thus a teenage boy, just starting to learn may attempt to cast a big time OP spell on the sword hoping to use the sword to cast big explody fireballs, and end up with a sword that might make enough spark to maybe light a candle. Whereas a 500 year old Elf who has been perfecting his technique for the past 458 years, may be able to destroy entire cities with firebolts from his sword. This of course would also effect how well the mage could make the spell last for a few hours, a few years, or even permanently.

* Materials used to make the spell:

   *  A generic rando steel sword pulled from a generic rando smithy, will not hold the spell power very well, and likely will end up being a spell that wears out over time.

   *  . . .

   *  On the other hand, a sword handcrafted from the bone of the mage's great-grand-daddy, soaked in the mage's blood, heated in a sacred tarpit, and pissed on by seven virgins, a sword made specifically for this specific spell, may become incredibly powerful and hold it's power for thousands of years, thus seeming to be permanent.

   *  . . .

   *  "Personal ingredients" are a thing in real world Hoodoo and Voodoo, and Voodoo and Hoodoo make up the bulk of the on page magic system seen in the novels, and so they are a big part of the magic in the Quaraun series. Blood, urine, semen, spit, menstrual blood of sacrificed virgins, are common things used in making pretty much every spell and ritual in the Quaraun series. Tus why you'll see BoomFuzzy piss on a scared circle after drawing it.

* Enhancements used: 

   *  Runes, crystals, veve, sigils, holy oils, charms, talisman, smudge, holy water, sacred salt, curios, etc are all a thing in my system. Mages in my world are a highly superstitious, excessively paranoid lot. The type of people who won't go outside without a rabbit's foot. So the use of runes, crystals, veve, sigils, holy oils, charms, smudge, holy water, sacred salt, curios, and talisman is a huge thing in my magic system.

   *  . . .

   *  For example, I have a mage (BoomFuzzy) who braids purple ribbons into his hair when casting spells. He believes the colour purple attracts magic energy. This same mage has a dagger with an obsidian blade because he has superstitions about the powers of obsidian over death and obsidian's ability to cut a soul in half. The hilt of the dagger is decorated with teardrop shaped rubies, that look like blood dripping from the blade. The dagger is more cerimonial than weapon, and he uses it when casting blood spells, where he uses the blade to draw his own blood.

   *  . . .

   *  Another mage (Quaraun) has intense phobias, and believes that pink attracts energy to drive away fears, so he wears pink, decorates his house with pink, all his furniture is pink, and he places pink quartz crystals everywhere, while wearing pink watermelon tourmaline crystal points on his jewelry. He also believes JellyFish are his sacred spirit animals and roses are his spirit flowers, so he embroiders jellyfish and roses on all his robes and has jellyfish and roses engraved on all his metal items and carved on all his wooden items.

   *  . . .

   *  Well, in the case of your example, an enchanted sword, may have engravings of specific runes or sigils on the blade, and the sheath may have the mage's spirit animal tooled into the leather, and the hilt may have specific coloured ribbons braided around it. All of which would enhance certain aspects of the spell on the sword.

For each of the above options, there are many options, dozens for each, each with further sub categories, far too many to list, as each region, each culture, each religion, each species. each race, etc, well have different beliefs and methods. It's a multi-magic system based off real world Occultism, where you see things like Wicca and Voodoo, but then within Wicca and Voodoo there are Solitary Wicca, Gardnerian Wicca, Crowley Wicca, etc, and Haiti Vudu, New Orleans Voodoo, and so forth. 

My magic system is like that. Where every region/culture/religion/etc developed magic arts unique to themselves, and than branches broke off within each belief system to cause multiple types of systems within systems. 

Resulting in some of my mages:

   *  . . .

   *   are straight up classic Gandalf type High Fantasy mages (HellBorne and GhoulSpawn), 

   *  . . .

   *   while others are more Swamp Granny making herbal elixirs to heal local villagers (The Banshee Sisters), 

   *  . . .

   *   while still others are more 1970s tree-hugging hippies who draw on natures elemental energies (Quaraun), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are full blown modster type gangsters profiteering off selling illegal magic drugs and magic weapons (BoomFuzzy), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are just housewives using every day magic to help with the chores (The Dazzling RazzBury), 

   *  . . .

   *   and others are dogma driven priests wielding high magic through ceremonial rituals prayer (Quaraun and ZooLock), 

   *  . . .

   *   some a scientists who deal in advanced space age techno magic (The Gremlin, Cheeka, Phozeen, and Dr. Dameon), 

   *  . . .

   *   others are elementalists that full blown cast lightening bolts and fireballs (Quaraun, Etiole, and FireHawk), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are alchemists (AlKeeme), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are shape shifting illusionists who can look like anything or anyone (BoomFuzzy, BlackBird, and FireHawk)

   *  . . .

   *   some run mental institutes and wield powerful mind control psychology and psychiatric medicine (Harrier and Cheeka), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are medical mage surgeons wielding magical organ transplants (AlKeeme and Dr. Vangoneese), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are time traveling portal masters (GhoulSpawn, The Gremlin, Cometa, and Cheeka), 

   *  . . .

   *   some are beast masters who command armies of animals (The Gremlin and his army of fire breathing gold sheep)

   *  . . .

   *   some are magical talking animals (BoomFuzzy, EelKat, Spriggan, Lyxiana, Bela, and The Ptarmagin Kats of Space Dock 13)

   *  . . .

   *    and so on and so forth. 

   *  . . .

And I don't have any hard rules or limits that say like "Fireballs are impossible" or anything like that, so in theory if a mage was determined enough to try to advance his skills that much, he probably could find a way to shoot planet destroying fireballs out his ass. The reason that sort of stuff doesn't happen is because magic is sort of wild and chaotic, so, it's never 100% certain spell A will always have results A, it could have results B instead. 

Also, magic takes decades to learn how to use even on a basic level, so it's pretty much only elderly people who are well adapt at advanced level magic. 

And magic is physically taxing... it just plain causes exhaustion, like after you cast a spell you are out of breath and feel like you've run 10 miles. 

And doing high power spells drawing on big energy sources could kill the mage, especially in healing magic, where most healing spells cause the mage to "absorb" the injury they are healing. Like if someone gets a sword wound to the belly, the mage can heal the wound, but he'll end up with a similar wound to his belly and will require weeks or months of rest to heal himself. 

All this said, means that while magic is accessible to anyone, any race, any species who wants to devote the time to learn it, very few  people go on to become proficient mages just because of the decades of intense study involved vs the health depleting side effects, just make magic not worth it in the minds of most people.

So while anyone could potentially become as high powered a mage as they want, even becoming god-powered if they set their mind to it, probably fewer than 1% of the population ever peruses magic on any devoted enough level to actually become a competent mage. And only a dozen or so in all of history have ever gone on to become "near-god-power-level". 

What all this means is that yes, magic items such as cursed or enchanted swords do exist, and sometimes they will have the spell last permanently, but they are very rare, and temporary, or even one time use spells are more common for enchanted items, but even those are incredibly rare.

So, with all of that in mind...

I would say, you need to look at the basic rules of your magic system and ask yourself: 

* What CAN my magic do? Why?

* What CAN'T my magic do? Why?

* What limits does magic have? Why? Is it the magic itself or is it the mages that are limited? Why? Can mages find ways around those limits? If so, how?

* What does magic cost? Are there health or other side effects/consequences that would cause the mage to hesitate before making a permanent spell vs a temporary spell?

So, I don't know if that gives you any ideas for what you could do or not, but I hope that helps!

I believe every system has it's own take on blood magic. I've seen several different types/translations as to what it is. But I use it in the Quaraun series magic system, so I'll just talk about how Blood Magic works in my magic system.

>>>ok so, what the heck is blood magic?

My magic system is a poly-magic or multi-magic system, meaning no one magic theory/belief/practice is universal, and each religion/clan/culture/social class/region/race/species has developed thousands of various theories/beliefs/origins/practices/rituals about what magic is, what magic does, how magic works, etc. 

Blood magic is a generic term in my world. It doesn't mean a specific school/division of magic, and instead simply means any spell or ritual that somehow involves blood. The only thing each culture's blood magic theories have in common is that blood is somehow used either to cast the spell or blood is effects by the spell being cast.

>>>What does it do?

When it comes to blood magic, most of the world's cultures have developed some belief and or practice regarding it. These vary widely and include:

   *  ...

   *   Lovecraftian-style cultists who sacrifice virgins to elder gods,

   *  ...

   *   vampire-like religions based around drinking blood to gain immortality

   *  ...

   *   alchemists who use blood to create healing elixirs

   *  ...

   *   necromancers who use blood to bind lost souls of the dead to golems

   *  ...

   *   Christian-like religions who believe they will go to heaven for drinking the symbolic blood of their saviour while actually drinking wine not blood

   *  ...

   *   medical mages who use blood manipulation to heal the sick

   *  ...

   *   mind controlling psychiatrists who use blood manipulation of the brain to cure patient mental illness caused by too much blood floor around the brain

   *  ...

   *   lovers who perform blood exchange rituals in the belief it will bind their souls together as one soul

   *  ...

   *  wizards for hire who craft magic items for customers, and ensure the item will only work for it's owner, buy mixing vials of the owners blood into the material (blood added to the dye for cloth items or blood added to the molten cast iron, for example)

   *  ...

   *  prison guards use various blood manipulation to torture criminals 

   *  ...

   *  drug dealers use magic drugs that change chemical reactions in drug addicts to cause even greater addictions and ensure the customer only buys drugs from them

   *  ...

   *  crime lords, gang leaders, and mobsters who put curses on enemies, via adding the enemy's blood to dolls

   *  ...

It seems like I'm forgetting some. I'll add it later if I remember more.

Each of those has seen page time in one or more published volumes of the series, though most are never been touched on in great detail, and simply left vaguely described allowing the reader to imagine the details as they wish.


No one is exactly certain why magic works or what the exact origin of it is. Every demographic has its own theories.

However, one story does give a brief "revelation", that hints to the possible "scientific-ish" reason for magic, especially blood magic, working.

In a story that is set in the year 2525, a doctor discovers that there is a bacteria-like substance which covers everything on the planet. This bacteria has a strange ability to transform when mixed with other ingredients or coated on objects. It reacts to pretty much everything, but doesn't constantly give the same results every time. The doctor theorized that this bacteria-like substance was somehow "magic" and that magic itself was actually these billions of tiny living creatures which coated everything on the planet, and that spells "worked" simply because these creatures obeyed commands of anyone who fed them, thus why spells containing certain ingredients, especial blood, worked so well. Certain colours and lights repelled the bacteria, thus explaining anti-magic. 

It is never confirmed or denied if this actually is what magic is or not, but the main characters of the series believe it is, so that's the "origin story" of what magic is, that the series goes with.

>>>Why do people bother learning it? 

For centuries blood magic has proven to be the most powerful of all magic forms.

Blood magic is highly addictive for the mages who practice it.The main character becomes addicted to cutting himself, with it reaching fetish levels for him and in nearly killing himself on several occasions as a result of doing it too much too often, because it's too addicted to be able to stop. He also becomes addicted to letting others drink his blood out of the wounds, which again, becomes a dangerous fetish addiction for him.

The series being set largely in the 1970s, most mages, the main character included, use LSD and drink absinthe over LSD laced burnt sugar cubes. Referring to it as Fairy Wine, many mages are known to mix this absinthe, sugar cube, LSD cocktail with their own blood. LSD/Absinthe/blood drinking parties are a common practice among mages in the criminal underground, and the main character being a part of this crowd, these scene appear often throughout the series. Most mages who get into practicing blood magic do so, because they tried out one of these LSD/absinthe/blood drinking parties and got addicted to drinking LSD and blood laced absinthe.

Main character Quaraun, has an additional fetish which shows up in every story: his piercings. More than 200 of them in his ears, nose, lips, eyebrows, nipples, penis, foreskin, and scrotum. Including a Prince Edward and 58 scrotum rings. The ring/piercing fetish came about as a side effect of his cutting fetish, with him taking up the practice of continually adding new piercings for no other reason than to cut himself so fellow mage BoomFuzzy can drink his blood.

In the most controversial scenes of the series, BoomFuzzy makes drugs, puts them in Quaraun's food, and when Quaraun passes out of a drug overdose, BoomFuzzy slices Quaraun flesh so drink the Elf's drug laced blood, and get high himself.

Mages addicted to blood magic are known to take their blood addiction fetishes to extremes, often resulting in the deaths of one or more mages involved.

Of any type of magic, if a mage dies as a result of his spells and rituals, he is mostly likely to die from practicing blood magic, and most likely from an OD-like side effect to the addiction of draining his own blood mixed with LSD. 

Blood magic is also the type of magic most likely to be banned by the various world governments, largely due to it reaching drug addiction type levels.

Because of the LSD-absinthe scenes, the novels are banned from being sold by 14 state capitals in America (yes banned by the actual government - complete with court orders that were given to me by sheriffs) and banned from being sold in 27 countries. In Japan, Germany, Brazil, and Australia where the series gets the highest sales, the governments require the books to be sold with a rating of "M18+" for strong mature drug content, printed directly onto the paperback covers.

The series is banned from every school and by most every large religious denomination in America, and for 43 years has been the source of dozens of government issued court cases, branding  the books as "obscene". These lawsuits were what directly caused one of the volumes to sell 57 million copies. Due to the extreme controversy over the blood-letting LSD fetish scenes, most books stores won't carry the series, making it difficult to get copies as it generally can only be found for sale via BDSM grind houses and vampire goth night clubs.

Oddly in Maine, the world's largest producer of both LSD and opium, the series is sold at hospital and nursing home gift shops, and the bulk of the series mega fan readers are elderly Maine hippies now in their 70s to 90s.

Maine being America's largest producer of LSD, opium, heroine, meth, and hash, leaves me the series' author with no surprise why Maine remains the largest demographic of readers for the series. 

>>>what are the strengths and weaknesses of it?

Most mages get into blood magic because it comes with a promise of power, control over others. It's seen as the strongest and most powerful of all magics, and this would be it's strength.

On the other hand, few mages ever become powerful or strong with blood magic because of the drug side of blood magic which causes them to quickly tumble down the LSD and absinthe rabbit hole. This is the biggest weakness of blood magic.

I guarantee my high Elves are the highest high Elves you'll ever encounter and the government agrees, that's why the books are banned in so many states and countries.

>>>Really, what can you do with it?

The primary plot of the series the story line which goes through every novel like a connecting thread, is based around a macabre blood ritual gone awry. (Each novel in the series stands on it's own as a standalone novel; the volumes do not continue like part 1, 2, 3, etc; but rather you could pick up volume 22 and read that first, than jump to vol 3, than vol 74, and it wouldn't be a problem, because it's not one single long story spanning 138 volumes, but rather it is 138 separate stand alone stories each featuring the same main character.) 

The main character is an elderly Elf, who as a teen boy had fallen in love with an evil necromancer. The boy, unskilled in magic attempted to cast a soul binding love spell on the evil necromancer. Unfortunately the spell worked. Unfortunate because the boy was unaware that the necromancer was preparing to commit suicide in a lich making ritual, and so killed himself to turn himself into a lich shortly after the boy cast the love spell. Both spells worked, resulting in the boy being soul bound to the lich and the lich being unable to fully turn into a proper lich. The end result was the boy had half of the lich's soul inside of him, and the lich had half of the boy's soul inside of him. This caused the boy to become evil like the lich, while causing the lich to become somewhat good like the boy. This also resulted in the boy becoming immortal and the lich being able to die. However, the boy walked in the world of the living and the lich wandered in the realm of the dead, leaving the two bound together with one soul, but separated in two dimensions, ever together always knowing each other's thoughts, but always separated never being able to be in the same plane of existence. 

This in turn resulted in the boy decided to correct the mistake, by himself becoming a necromancer and finding a way to bring the lich back to the land of the living and restore him back to a corporeal body. All of this is backstory, to before the series starts. The series itself takes place when the boy is now an elderly necromancer, 10s of thousands of years old, still trying to be reunited with his dead lich lover, while wandering the world in search of every mage, every time, every grimoire seeking a way to break the curse that binds him to the lich, so he can break his curse of immortality. Every story features the immortal Elf in a different place, with different people, seeking different spells and rituals in hopes of freeing himself of this curse. 

That is the primary focus of blood magic that runs throughout the series: the soul binding ritual which inadvertently bound the Elf to the Lich, via a blood spell. Not once in any of the 138 novels so far published for the series since 1978, has the soul binding ritual ever been explained. It never says what was done, how it was done, or why it worked, and is left for the reader to imagine that part for themselves. All that is ever said was that the Elf stole a magic dagger belonging to the necromancer and used it to mix his own blood with the necromancer's blood, than later the necromancer used the same dagger to kill himself during the lich making ritual. Beyond that it is not known exactly how the soul binding happened between them.

>>>Something that surprises me is how rarely light and darkness are taken literally when it comes to magic systems. 


>>>What is Dark Magic to you?

To me personally? (As opposed to in my magic system?)

Whenever someone mentions their magic system is based on light and dark, my mind always defaults to Day and Night or Sun and Moon magic, so when I start reading their post, that's what I'm thinking, Light = Sun/Day or Dark = Night/Moon/Shadow, but than a few lines of reading their magic system I realize, no, wait, they don't mean light as in daylight or dark as in nighttime, no, they mean light as in good guys wear white/are angels/are holy/are god vs bad guys wear black/are demons/are evil/are satan, and than I jut lose interest in reading the rest of their post/comment.


Well, because the entire concept of Light vs Dark magic was invented by Catholic Pope Leo, to try to make Pagan Celts look bad during the Roman invasion of Britannia. Satan/Horned God/Demon/Devils/Easter/Christmas/Baby Jesus/Virgin Birth weren't even in the Bible yet at that point - those things were added AFTER Saint Patrick discovered the Mother Gia, Horned God, Baby New Year mythos. (Compare pre-1612 editions to after 1612 editions of the Bible - I own a Bible from the 1400s, it's missing a LOT of what people consider to be standard parts of Christianity today, included the entire book of Luke, the crucifixion ending of all the gospels, the virgin Mary, Satan, demons, Hell, devils, horned evil ones, and archeologists can't find any scrolls prior to the 1600s which have these sections - they ain't in the Dead Sea Scrolls the Nag Hamid, Josephus, etc.)

(I have a PhD in Bible History and Religions of the World btw, I spent 14 years in college studying this stuff, including going on archeological digs to look for Bible artifacts. I'm a minister when I'm not an author, and I was shocked by the actual dates when certain parts of the Bible were added to the Bible.)

Well, anyways, what this means is, that in order for the magic system to have a Dark vs Light that is good vs evil, black vs white, that means your world has to also have a few things, namly: Emperor Constantine, Pope Leo, Saint Patrick, the Roman invasion of Britannia, The Christian Bible/Jesus, the Virgin Mother Gia/Horned God/Baby New Year, and the Catholic church to declare Yule & Ostera be renamed Christmas & Easter. The act of changing Yule & Ostera be renamed Christmas & Easter is pivotal, because THAT is the event which declares the existence of Dark Magic vs Holy Magic. Yule & Ostera were declared to be "dark and evil" and the pope said they needed to be cleanses and made Christian, thus the creation of the concept of Light/White?Holy magic, which was created to cleanse Yule & Ostera festivals of their dark evil ways and reform them as Christmas & Easter.

What this means is, without the existence of Easter and Christmas and all the events and people that brought about Easter and Christmas, it's not possible for the concept of Light Magic = Good and Dark Magic = Evil, to even exist at all.

Well, okay then, so tell me this? How many magic systems exist on Earth and have Jesus/Christianity? Not many. So WY that do they have Dark = Bad and Light = Good magic, when that concept wouldn't exist otherwise?

So, you see, it just bothers me (and now you understand why) when a magic system says dark = evil vs light = good, when that magic system is set in a world where Jesus never existed. I mean, how can a religion based concept of magic exist in a world where that religion never happened? It can't. Of course, I feel the same way about things like Elements and Manna/Mana and Chi and Ying/Yang and Feng Shi based magic systems that exist in worlds that don't have Daoists (Chi, Elements, and Ying/Yang), Jews (Manna), Hawaiian/Polynesian Huna (Mana), etc. Because let's face it, if magic bread doesn't fall out of the sky on Mose and magically cure the snake bites of the Jews, the whole "let's eat bread to gain magic powers from Manna" is never going to get brought to Polynesian by missionaries to introduce Mana to Huna, and than if a Jewish author does combin both when he created Magic the Gathering to create the concept of eating magic wafers to gain power, Mana can't exist in your world.

So, yeah, my brain just gets all twisted in knots everytime I see things that are central sacred core beliefs of real world religions, appear in a magic system when those religions never happened.

And so, whenever I see a magic system with "Dark Magic" well, my first thing I want to know is: "Is this magic system on an alternate earth history?" If it's an alternate Earth history and the various religions that created them exist, well, then I'm like, "Okay, I can see how they evolved and became your magic system". But than if it's some alien world in another universe and earth never existed, now I'm just left asking: "Wait, so how do your magic system have core Christian beliefs if no Christians ever came into contact with your planet?"

And it's not that I don't like the systems, no, t's just that I have Kanner's Syndrome and my brain likes to work overtime, over thinking historical accuracies, and my brain just gets stuck in obsessive overthinking mode. So, in the end, it's a "me thing/issue" not a "you thing/issue" and you and your magic system are fine, you go ahead and do it your way and ignore my brain being hyper logical for no reason.

So, yeah, that's where my brain goes off to thinking, whenever I see "Dark Magic" mentioned in a magic system. 

And this isn't recent either. I mean, go way back to before Reddit, before the internet, back to the 1970s, and me being a kid watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, I don't remember what the show was, but I remember, I was maybe 8ish years old and some show I was watching had two wizard/mage characters battling, and the whole concept was this guy wears white = he's good and gong to win vs that guy wears black so he is evil and going to lose. And I remember is used the terms light and dark, and I remember sitting there arguing with the show and saying "No, light means sunlight and dark means nighttime, light doesn't mean good, dark doesn't mean bad."

Nw, I know why my brain defaults to thinking ood/Evil style Light/Dark Magic = sourced from Christianity, because I was raised by my uncles who all of them were an entire family of super hyper evangelical traveling evangelists, the type that ran around carry snakes and screaming they couldn't die. So, yeah, big time hyper evangelical theories got into my head from a young age.

But, I don't know why my mind defaults to light magic = sun/day and dark magic = moon/night specifically. But it could be because my great grandmother was a Voodoo priestess, and both my grandmothers practiced Hoodoo Rootwork (none of which went over well with the evangelical ministers in the family who vocaly condemned my grammies all the time), and so they all 3 did a lot of candle magic and altar work involving moon phases and things like "pray this prayer during a new moon and light this candle at midnight for 7 days in a row" or "burn this veevee sigil at high noon and drop the ashes in the river". So, I grew up wit real world witchcraft/magic arts, and those revolved heavily around mostly the moon phases, but also the sun as well. So, I think somehow that conditioned my brain to think light magic = sun/day magic and dark magic = moon/night magic.

I just have a really hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of light magic = good magic and dark magic = evil magic.

>>>Light isn't a force of good, it's stuff that comes from fire and the sun that can give warmth and life, but burn and kill when there's too much. Darkness isn't a force of evil, it's just an absence of light, which can make life more difficult and grant cover for threats, but it can also grant a reprieve from heat and attention. 

Yep. This is exactly the way my mind thinks. I think light = daylight, sun, fire. And magic system reflects that.

In my series, the Elves are divided off into tribes, with each tribe has a type of nature they focus on. Elves consider themselves to be the guardians of nature/life, and each tribe is assigned a specific type of nature to focus on.

So, my series has things like Wood Elves, who focus on protecting trees/forests. Flower Elves who tend huge gardens. Prairie Elves who take care of prairies. Etc. Among them are Sun Elves who focus on the sun and Moon Elves who focus on the moon. 

Well, Elves draw on nature energies to do their magic arts, which they in turn use to protect nature. The Sun Elves are the ones who use Light Magic, which is fully focused on drawing from the Sun's energies. Sun Elves do all their rituals during the day. The Moon Elves practice Dark Magic which fully focuses on drawing on the Moon's Energies. Moon Elves do all of their rituals during the night.

>>>Both can be good, and both can be bad, because they're only connected to good and evil in our minds, as opposed to reality.

Yep, this is my way of thinking to.

In my series, magic is neutral. It's not white, grey, or black, it just exists. Magic is a part of life, same way air is a part of life. Air is not good or bad, it's just there. Likewise magic is not good or bad, it's just there.

the people who use magic, however, can use it any way they want. So, just as guns can be a tool to help hunters feed their family, or a weapon to murder people with, so too, can magic be a tool used to help the community or a weapon to hurt people, depending on how the user uses it.

A perfect example of this is how I use Necromancy. My MC is a necromancer, and people tend to be scared of him for that fact alone. Thing is, he uses Classic Necromancy aka necromancy the way it was created by Elves. However, Humans got a hold of Necromancy giving rise to Corrupted Necromancy which became more popular and the form most people think of when they hear the word necromancer.

Classic Necromancy, as the Elves created it, was a way for the Elves to restore life to trees, plants, soil, and grass (so Necromancy includes: Chlorokinesis, Florakinesis, Healing, Herbal, and Terrakinesis magics, as well as Death, Soul, and Blood Magics) in areas where large sections of land had been destroyed by things like forest fires. Necromancy was good and used to help families rebuild their farms/crops after desateries struck. And this is what my MC does as a Necromancer.

But, greedy and power hungry people, saw Necromancy as a way to gain control, which gave rise to evil kings/politicians becoming Necromancers, resurrected corpses into hoarse of undead minions, to build armies of undead to take over cities and countries. Giving rise to the fear of Necromancers and the belief that Necromancers are always evil and lead zombie armies.

This is an example of where magic in my world is neutral, neither good or evil, but good people used it to help their communities, while power crazed people used it to destroy other communities.

And thus, Light (Sun) and Dark (Moon) magic are the same as well, where both can be used for good.

In my world Light (Sun) deals mostly with sun/fire/heat/wind/sand/desert/life type magic, so includes Aerokinesis, Heliokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Pyromancy, Thermokinesis, that sort of thing. And Dark (Moon) magic deals mostly with moon/gravity/oceans/shadow/ice/snow/cold/death, so includes Clairvoyance, Conjuring, Cryokinesis, Crystallokinesis, Umbrakinesis, that sort of thing. Both Light/Sun and Dark/Moon magics are similar to elemental magic, but are not elemental magics.

>>>I was offered a respectable amount of money to write a grimoire.

>>>Client told me that if I do a good job he/she will double the amount. 

>>>Instructions are very specific and demanding, yet it can be done.

>>>Invoking is all I can say. Rest is extremely confidential.

>>>Any ... Tips?

For ivocation, you're going to want to look up:

This should help get you started in the right direction.

These are all things that I use and/or practice on a daily basis. I am a Voodoo Priestess rank of Medsen Fey Marija Loa to Damballah, and practice Enochian Magic and work with Grigory sigils, and Watcher and Dev familiar spirits. This is part of my daily life, as I am EelKat, Etiole's Friend, the Queen of the Gypsies of New England and the real world Gypsy "Witch" who Stephen King based Thinner off of, the Thinner movie being filmed on my farm. We are Persian Gypsies and Demon and Archangel magic is the basis of the religious practices of my people. Thus why I know the names of these things off the top of my head.

I'm not sure if this question is a troll or not, but I'm going to assume it is a legitimate question and go ahead and answer it.

I would think it was a bit strange to see a colour guide, unless the book was like some Bob Ross how to paint type of book, and it was showing me why I shouldn't mix Prussian blue with Cadmium red to make purple, because see, it's going to make this other colour here: *(shows colour chart of resulting colour)*

In a fiction story, I would find it better (as a reader) if the author just said outright:

"Me and my mom could not agree on the colour of the bin. I think it is a cyany color. But my mum described it as green. I described it more as blue. Cyan is between green and blue, right? But we both still saw the bin differently. Not that it really matters now, but, it just shows you one of the ways mum and I saw things differently. Like the day when... *(now leads into telling the main plot of the story)*"

This is what I would do (and have done) in my own stories. By writing out a scee, showing each character saying the item is a different colour, you end up showing the reader, with vivid narrative, the actual colour of the bin. The reader if left aware that it's somewhat blue and somewhat green, maybe even turquoise, to the point, that two characters are now arguing over the colour itself. 

The reader is shown somethings about these two characters, namely that one (or even both) may be colorblind and one (or even both) are unreliable narrators within the story. It also shows the reader that these two characters are both going overboard in nitpicking something that's not really that important (the colour of a bin) and are each so OCD that they are both willing to argue about who it using the correct colour name. This actually tells the reader quite a lot about the character, because now the reader is wondering: Is this character Autistic? An Aspie? OCD? PTSD? Because pretty much only someone with one of those 4 things is going to nitpick who is right over a colour. 

I know. I have Kanner's Syndrome, and OCD, and PTSD, (all 3 actual medical diagnoses) and I'm a total nightmare to live with if someone says my dresses is Cerulean and I say it's Wedgewood. I'll print off pages from the internet - colour charts from no less. I'll bitch about how wrong they are for hours. Completely oblivious to the fact that I'm making a right damned annoyance of myself by fussing over something that in the grand scheme of things don't matter at all. Unfortunately it often takes several days of mega obsessing over the correct vs incorrect shade of colour before I finally step back and think: "Hey! What the hell? Why am I obsessing over this so much?" Who knows. Autism: it's a nightmare to live in my head sometimes because I notice every small, minor detail of everything, and focus in on those tiny details way too much. It's a big problem for me.

But, me having Autism, I can pick up fast on an Autistic character in a novel, and the minute the author starts saying: "Me and my mom could not agree on the colour of the bin. I think it is a cyany color. But my mum described it as green. I described it more as blue. Cyan is between green and blue, right? But we both still saw the bin differently. Not that it really matters now, but, it just shows you one of the ways mum and I saw things differently. Like the day when... *(now leads into telling the main plot of the story)*" ... I know immediately one of those two characters has Autism, just like me. And now, I as a reader, am going to spend the next several hours analyzing everything those 2 characters do and say to try to figure out which them, is someone like me.

And I'll love every minute of it. Why? Because far too often an author SAYS a character has Autism, but then we never see the character do anything even remotely Autistic on any level whatsoever. So, I love it, when I SEE a character doing and saying distinctively Autistic things WITHOUT the author ever mentioning Autism at all.

By that I mean, for example, the MC of the series I write, has Autism, and yet not once in any of the 138 novels in which he appears, do the words autism, autistic, neurodivergent, etc ever get used. And yet, a lot of my readers understand really quick, by the things he does and says, that he has Autism, and they email me to tell me how much they love the fact I never label him, I never say what he has, and yet, he's written so accurately to someone with Autism, readers know he has Autism.

So, this, to me, is an example of WHy you SHOULD NOT, opt to put a colour chart in the back of the book.

Instead, find a way to weave colour descriptions into the story and do it in such a way, that you reveal personality traits, mental illnesses, habits, hobbies, quirks, etc into the story. Use this as a way to bring your characters to life like living breathing people, so well fleshed out and full of flavour that you readers feel a connection to them.

Instead of slapping in colour charts, use creative descriptions, actions, and dialogues, to help your readers better relate to your character's frustrations over his mum not understanding the subtle difference between colors. Have her scoff and wave her hand in the air, saying "Green, shmeen. Come on, Joey, you know I don't give a rat's ass if the bin is blue, green or purple! It serves its purpose doesn't it?" See, now the reader knows she's a laid back character who doesn't care about little details. But than he stamps his foot, pouts, and goes: "MOOOooooOOOooooM! You KNOW colour matter to me. I'm applying to the Art College remember? Do you really think a college professor is going to take me seriously if I can't tell the difference between cyan and turquoise? What if they test me on that? Huh? Huh? What if?" ... 

Well, now it opens up the plot. Now the reader understands why the colour is important to him. It's not specifically the colour he's worried about, he's on edge worrying about his college entrance application being approved. See what I did there? I used the argument of the two characters disagreeing on what the exact colour was, to bring the reader around to the main plot of the kid worrying about getting into college.

But we also know he's somewhat of a pampered whinny, annoying brat who is used to getting his way or no way, as well. We know this because normal, level headed people don't throw temper tantrums over a reader seeing the colour as a teeny shade too green or a teeny shade too blue,, because in the grand scheme of things, colour usually don't mean shit in terms of the plot, so it doesn't matter if reader A sees it as blueish and reader B sees it as greenish, while the colour blind reader C is wondering "What does either green or blue even look like? All I can see is grey!"

So, I say, rather than sticking a colour chart in the back, instead, find a way to weave in descriptions of the colour, into the narrative and dialogue of the story. Well, that's what I'd do at least.

Hope that helps.

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