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Quaraun The Insane:
Volume 3 
(usually - I keep renumbering these)

The Dying Elf, Gibedon's Head, and King Gwallmaiic's Elf Eating Mansion


The Dying Elf, Gibedon's Head, and King Gwallmaiic's Elf Eating Mansion

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author, Artist, Art Car Designer, Voodoo Priestess, and Hoodoo Rootworker

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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The Dying Elf, Gibedon's Head, and King Gwallmaiic's Elf Eating Mansion

 BoomFuzzy got off the wounded Elf and began stroking his long silver hair, smoothing out the knots and tangles. He desperately wanted to fuck the Elf, but he knew if he did so right now, Quaraun would never trust him again. Quaraun would probably never trust anyone again. Quaraun's spirit was broken. BoomFuzzy could see how easy it would be to take Quaraun right now and do whatever he wanted to him, but it would be a horrible final blow to an Elf, after been outed by his clan, to then be raped by a Faerie. It would shatter whatever little Quaraun had left of his already broken ego.

A broken Elf was a rare thing. Elves were strong and proud and stood rigorous showing no emotion. The Moon Elves had been slowly chipping away Quaraun's self esteem for many years now, and they had finally shattered every last shred of dignity he had.

"Do no cry. I will not rape ya. Ya'll forever be terrified of me if I do. I does no want that. I want to be inside of ya, but I want ya to want it with me."

BoomFuzzy gently picked Quaraun up and cradled him in his arms.

"My poor little Elf. What has they done to ya?"

Gingerbread House Images
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BoomFuzzy shut down the candy store and spent his days trying to calm the increasingly erratic and deeply traumatized Elf. A vast barrier went up around the gingerbread house and try as they did, no one could get near BoomFuzzy's yard, as monstrous sharp fanged plants, sprouting bloodthirsty blossoms grew around the yard, snapping up and swallowing whole any Elf that got within reach.

The house itself came alive, no longer a gingerbread house, but now a vast flesh eating, grey stone mansion, it's windows glowing red eyes, it's door snarling, snapping jaws, it's bleeding walls crumbling and flattening any Elf foolish enough to get close. Tall towering pine trees uprooted themselves and thundered around the edge of the forest, stepping on and crushing like ants, any Elf they saw.

The Moon Elves shrunk back from the Frozen Forest in terror as they realized the horrifying truth, that a Phooka had taken up residence in their midsts and the only reason he was not killing every one of them because he was too busy taking care of the dying Di'Jinn wizard.


 BeaLuna rarely visited the Moon Elves in winter. Winter made travel between the mountains treacherous and the blizzard snows were thick this year. Having been trapped with the Moon Elves for many months, it was not until late summer, into early fall, when the Gnome returned to visit the Moon Elves again.

News of what had happened to Quaraun did not reach the Gnome village, for no Moon Elf dares leave their homes. Gibedon's army had surrounded the valley. Thousands of Phookas, Dark Elves, and undead beasts were camped all around them. Terror seized the Moon Elves as they waited, not knowing why the army did not attack. And while they knew the Elves whom had taken Quaraun into the forest were dead, they did not know that it had been BoomFuzzy whom had killed them, nor did they know that it was BoomFuzzy himself, who was holding the army back.

The King, being a Thullid and not a Moon Elf, had searched through the mind waves of locals to find the Phooka and briefly found him in BoomFuzzy's head, but the Phooka, sensing a Thullid breaking through his thoughts, put up a barrier and the king could probe the Phooka's mind no more.

So when a few months later, BeaLuna did visit the Moon Elves, she was meet with much contempt and not certain as to why. No Moon Elf would speak to her. Many slammed their doors or crossed the street to avoid her, when they saw her.

While the Gnomes did not consider themselves to be Faeries, the Elves classified Gnomes as a type of Fae race, and right now, any Faerie setting foot in the Moon Elf village was not welcomed.

 BeaLuna had always been meet with disdain by the haughty Moon Elves, but never like this before. Something was wrong and she knew it. She feared it. She never felt fear walking through the streets of the Moon Elf village before, but now she did.

At the palace, things were not any better. Few Elves acknowledged her existence, most acting as though she were not there. Any friend of Quaraun's was not welcomed in the village right now, any his Fae friends even less so.

BeaLuna felt uneasy and puzzled as she made her way through the Moon Elf village to the palace.

"Quaraun is not here," the king told the Gnome when she inquired to his whereabouts.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. And I don't think any one around here really cares."

"What happened? Why is everyone acting so... strange?"

"We have laws, BeaLuna and Quaraun has been breaking a lot of them. I like Quaraun. I always have and I indulged him, allowed him the freedom to do whatever he wanted. Personally, I don't really care about many of the ancient laws, nor do I enforce them. However, my brother does and most of the village supports my brother's way of thinking, not mine. They decided that Quaraun had broken too many of the ancient laws and it was high time someone taught him a lesson and made an example of him to prevent others from following in his footsteps, so they took the law into their own hands."

"What do you mean? What did they do?"

"Public execution., by long and slow torture."

"Execution? Is he dead?"

"He was still alive last time I saw him. In a pitiful state, badly injured. They stoned him, beat him, tortured him, castrated him, I'm told the old candy maker broke it up, killed several of the villagers, and took Quaraun with him. Poor Quaraun. I'm not even sure he's still alive. I can no longer feel his bond to the village. Whatever bond he had to the community is gone. There is no more psychic connection between him and us, which means either he's dead, or his mind and soul are seriously broken. I tried to stop them, but a king has no power against an angry mob. When I last saw my nephew, he was in very bad shape, bones broken, flesh mutilated, skin ripped off, gaping wounds ripped through his body. If he lives, I doubt he'll ever fully recover. Poor thing. He would have made a good king. He was just and fair with everyone, didn't judge people by their race or social standing, he had a chance to go free and let someone else take his place, but he would not allow an innocent to take his punishment for him, we needed a king like him. If he does live and I die and he takes my throne, the people will never listen to him now. The kingdom will fall into anarchy upon my death."

"If Quaraun's with BoomFuzzy, did BoomFuzzy leave the village?"

"Not as far as I know."

"You said, you didn't..."

"BoomFuzzy has put a curse on the village."

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 "Has anyone gone to the gingerbread house to find out if they're there?"

The king gave a small nervous smile, one that suggested great fear.

"BoomFuzzy is a Phooka. An Elf Eater from Pepper Valley and a Necromancer. Likely King Gwallmaiic himself."

"Quaraun has actually said that to me on multiple occasions, but that doesn't answer my question."

"Whatever spell BoomFuzzy put on the villagers when he arrived, is broken, or changed."


"It's not a gingerbread house that sits at the edge of the forest any more."

"What is there now?"

"The villagers are calling it The Twighlight Manor. It's a huge stone mansion, that comes alive and eats anyone who gets near it. No one has dared get close to the forest... the trees have grown by hundreds of feet, and any one getting within reach, gets caught and devoured. The edge of the forest is full of dead Elves, hanging, torn and bloody from the branches of the trees. This is why Elves don't like Faeries. This is what Faeries do when they are angry and BoomFuzzy is angry at us right now. It seems, that in spite of what he is and what he does, he really did love Quaraun and is fiercely protecting him right now. I believe Quaraun is still alive. And I believe BoomFuzzy is keeping the army held back as long as Quaraun lives. I think, the moment Quaraun dies, Gibedon's army will fall upon us and kill us all."


BeaLuna made her way to the gingerbread house and as the Moon Elf King had said, the little cabin made of cake and candy was gone, replaced with a huge five story tall granite block mansion, that stretched on for acres to either side, circling back like a horseshoe with two large, long wings stretching out behind it into the forest. The front door, opened up into a tooth filled mouth, snarling and growling like a rabid wolf. The windows above the tooth filled door, glowed angrily as burning eyes full of rage. All around the building, tall thorn covered vines lashed like whips, reaching out and snatching up any creature that got in their reach. Several dead Elves, deer, birds, squirrels, and rabbits swung from the slithering branches of the huge thorny vines.

"Wow! Quaraun was right. BoomFuzzy really is a Faerie wizard."

It occurred to BeaLuna that if Quaraun was right about everything he had said about BoomFuzzy, then none of this was real and all of it was an illusion, and an illusion could only kill you if you believed it was real, and so, she closed her eyes and walked forward into the monstrous flesh eating house and hoped to find the gingerbread house still standing on the other side of the tooth filled doorway.

"BoomFuzzy?" BeaLuna called out as she walked through the cold, echoing halls of the vast mansion.

"How did ya get in here?" The Phooka asked as he appeared behind the Gnome.

BeaLuna stepped back startled, by the man she saw. BoomFuzzy had always appeared as a Moon Elf to her, but now he looked like a Human, with very dark nearly black, brown skin, horrific sharp fangs grew from his mouth, protruding over his lips, tall gazelle horns growing from his forehead, towering back over his head, several feet tall, and the many inches long, razor sharp eagle claws, Quaraun had described seeing before, gleamed from his long thin fingertips. His wild mass of dread locks was still the same, except now they were black instead of white, and instead of chocolate brown velvet robes, he was clothed in the skins of dead Elves trimmed in luxuriant black furs.

"You're a Phooka!"


"You're the Elf Eater of Pepper Valley," the little Gnome exclaimed fearfully.

"I am. What do ya want?"

"Are you BoomFuzzy?"


"You look... different."

Gingerbread House Images
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 "Ya saw an illusion before. This is me as I am. What does ya want?"

"Is this how Quaraun sees you?"

"Aye. He always saw the truth. He never saw the illusion. What does ya want?"

"But... you're... you're a Demon!"

"No. I am a Faerie. What does ya want?"

"I was looking for Quaraun... I thought he'd be here... but the gingerbread house and the vines and..."

"Him be here."

"Can I see him?"

"Aye. Ya mean him no harm, otherwise ya would not have made it in here."


"Me name is Gwallmaiic."

"Okay... uhm... what happened?"

"The Moon Elves tried to kill Quaraun. They nearly succeeded."

"Is he alright?"


BeaLuna followed the Phooka to the room where Quaraun lay sleeping.

"Him were suffering. I puts him into a deep sleep until hims body can be able to heal. He will no wake up, nor will he hear ya. I put him in a sleeping trance, him would be dead now, otherwise."

"What did they do to him?"

"Everything they could tinks of. I did'na know it was happening or I would of stopped it sooner. Me poor wee Elf. His body will heal, but I fear his mind is broken. Him were in a bad state when I brought him here."

BoomFuzzy sat in a chair beside the bed and stroked the Elf's long silver hair.

"Him will sleep for mony weeks."

 "Why are you doing this?"


"Helping him."

"Why would I not?"

"You're the Elf Eater of Pepper Valley."


"You've slaughtered millions of Elves"


"Elves all over the planet live in terrorized fear of you."

"They does."

"You eat Elves."

"I do."

"He's an Elf."

"He is."

"Then why are you helping him?"

"I love him. That were not a lie a BeaLuna. I really do love him."


"Love needs not a reason. It just happens."

"But he's an Elf and you're... you're... you."

"I know."

"How did you fall in love with him? He's... he's... he's kind of stupid."

The Elf Eater laughed.

"I tinks his being stupid might have had a lot to do with it. Poor little Elf, he's too stupid to live. I tried for years to catch him. Decades. I never met an Elf that so effectively eluded capture before. It went on for decades. I spent 30, 40, 50 years trying to catch him and stupid dumb luck saved the poor fool's life every time. Then I went and got caught by Humans. I got so caught up in trying to find a way to capture this silly little Elf that I got careless and got caught by Humans. They tortured me. Kept me alive for weeks, torturing me until I wished they would just kill me and get it over with and who should come along and save my life, but him. Stupidest Elf on the planet. Here I am spending decades trying to eet him and he goes and saves me life. I did'na know what to do with him after that. Moved on, went back to killing other Elves, but could'na get him out of me head. Then the Di'Jinn round up a whole herd of Phookas and slaughter them and Quaraun just stood there. He was horrified. He loves horses, especially unicorns, and in our true form that's what we are. We Phookas, we are little black horses, with shiny silver horns. We live in rivers and swamps and marshes and wells and pretend to be wounded to lure in unsuspecting victims. Once we get them on our backs, we sprout tentacles, to howld them on and gallop back to our water and gleefully drown them then devour their flesh. Most Phookas go after Humans, they being so plentiful, but me, I aquired a taste for Elf flesh. '

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

 "For decades, every day, Quaraun would come down to the river to watch a little herd of black ponies. We tried very hard to get him to ride us, but he never would. It isn't in him to capture a horse and make it a slave beast of burden. No, instead he brought us carrots and apples and cucumbers and sugar cubes and apricots. brushed our manes, braided our tails, curried our fur, plucked out the briers and burs, scratched our noses. He didn't know what we were. He was just a sweet innocent lil' Elf who loved horses.'

"One day the Di'Jinn saw where he went each morning, saw the horses and knew what they were. Knew that it were a herd of Phookas. They feared we would eat their precious prized Thullid infested Moon Elf and so they gathered up every last pony they could capture, and made the little Elf watch, while they burned them alive. Poor Quaraun. He loved those horses so much and he was helpless to stop the Di'Jinn wizards from killing them. Do ya know why he came back to the Moon Elf village? did he ever tell ya?"

"He said the Di'Jinn sent him home."

"There are no more Di'Jinn."

"What do you mean?"

"They did'na send him home."

"Then why'd he leave them?"

"He murdered them."

"Quaraun wouldn't do that. He couldn't kill anything. He's not like that."

"I saw him do it. After the horses were dead. He just stood there. There was nothing on his face. No emotion. No pain. No anger. No sadness. Nothing. Just a dead, empty look in his eyes as he stared at the smouldering ashes, watching the charred bones of the poor dead horses. Then he spoke: 'You killed my horses,' it was all he said. The Di'Jinn told him, they were not horses, they were monsters, disguised as horses, planning to kill him and eat him. The Di'Jinn told Quaraun, 'We saved your life,' and Quaraun said it again: 'You killed my horses.' There was no emotion in his voice at all. He was na angry, no sad, nothing. The Di'Jinn told him, one day he would understand, told him," it's time to go home now," and he said 'I have no home. The Moon Elves sent me away. They sent me to live with you and you killed my horses.' And then I saw it and I did'na understand it, for Thullids are emotionless beings. They fear nothing. There is no power that can defeat them. But the squids turned and stared in stricken horror at the little Thullid infested Moon Elf, and then they ran. ... The most feared wizards of all time... the DiJinn... they ran...

 The Di'Jinn ran in terror, but they did'na get far, before they burst into flames, and in the blink of an eye, every last Di'Jinn lay smouldering bone and ash, just as dead as horses. Quaraun killit dem deid. He killit deid every last one of them, and he did it without lifting a finger. And then he walked home. He walked all the way from Persia to the sea, got on a boat, sailed back to Quebec, and walked back here to the Deep North, and told the Moon Elves, the Di'Jinn sent him home. And I followed him. And now here we are."

"You're saying Quaraun can do psyonic mind magic?"

"I'm saying Quaraun is not a Moon Elf. He be a Thullid. An Elder Brain from the deep. Him is a Thullid, feared by the other Thullids. And when he wakes up, the Moon Elves better pray he forgifes them, otherwise they are gonna die and there won't be one one damned thing they can do to stop him."

"So because he's some kind of monster, you've fallen in love with him?"

"I am the power hungry war lord. I admit it. I has conquered nations. I slaughtered kings and took their thrones. I made meself king over all the realms of Fae. I fear nothing and no one... Yet I fear him. He does not know the power he has. He be very stupid, innocent, kind.... he has the power of a god and with it, the power to crush empires. Left to his own, he would create a loving a beautiful world, but he is different and people fear him on that alone, and they hurt him, shun him, cast him out, exclude him... and now, they have tried to kill him. Ya did no see the state he was in. Such horror, such fear, such terror. The wild, crazed trauma that was surging through his mind. I dread the day, he realizes the power he has and that fear, turns to hate, for in that day, the Moon Elves will die and the whole world may die with them."

BeaLuna did not believe BoomFuzzy's words, but she agreed with his madness rather then tell him that she thought him to be a raving lunatic.

The Gnome stayed for a week, but when it became apparent that it would be many weeks, perhaps even months before Quaraun woke up, she returned to her village, asking BoomFuzzy to send for her, if Quaraun woke up.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and it was nearly a year before Quaraun's body had healed enough for BoomFuzzy to dare lift the spell that had kept the Elf in his extended sleep.



Months had past and Quaraun remained glum and silent. His injuries were mostly healed, though he now walked with a limp as a result of the loss of circulation to his leg and the damage done to his hip joint. He stayed with BoomFuzzy, not daring to return to the castle nor walk into the village. He became nervous and skittish, jumping at every sound, flinching at every shadow. He trembled in fear at the buzzing sound of mosquitoes, and ran in terror of the sight of water. Quaraun had always been a jittery Elf, but BoomFuzzy had never seen him like this before. He was terrified of everything now. Every sight, every sound, sent Quaraun scampering for a dark corner to hide in. Quaraun wouldn't eat on his own and when BoomFuzzy tried to feed him, Quaraun cowered on the floor too terrified to touch the food. Quaraun was losing weight and growing very thin.

While Quaraun was still in bed, recovering from his injuries, the Phooka's army returned. The army camped out in the forest along the outskirts of the Moon Elf village. Two of the Phooka's men went to the gingerbread out to find their king and get new orders. Dark Elf Gibedon and Leprechaun FarDarrig had been gone with the Phookan army several years and both were surprised to see the change which had come over their king.

King Gwallmaiic, was doting on the injured Moon Elf and fussing over his wounds. He would hear no word again Quaraun and became violent towards his men if they said anything against the frail young Elf. It was more then apparent that their fierce, blood thirsty, Elf murdering king had fallen in love with the sick Elf and it worried them.

Gwallmaiic often took Elf companions, used them for a few years and then killed them. The fact that he had gone after Quaraun and built the BoomFuzzy illusion to get the Elf to trust him, was nothing unusual for their king. He did something like this at every Elven village. But this time was different and it worried his men to see him becoming so emotionally involved in the well being of an Elf.

The Dark Elf, Gibedon had been the only Elf King Gwallmaiic had ever let live, and that was only because of Gibedon's own fierce hatred of Elves. For several weeks, Gibedon stormed glumly around the gingerbread house, complaining about Quaraun and trying to convince Gwallmaiic/BoomFuzzy that the sick Elf was not worth the trouble or the effort it was taking to restore his health. BoomFuzzy would hear nothing of it and pushed Gibedon out of the house.

Gibedon frightened Quaraun. Everything frightened Quaraun these days. His irrational phobias and paranoid fear of everything had spiralled out of control. The entire Moon Elf village had turned on him. They had cruelly tortured him and tried to kill him. The poor Elf could not get that out of his head. He couldn't sleep. He couldn't eat. He couldn't rest. Everything sent him running, screaming frantically for someplace to hide. Every shadow. Every sound. Only in BoomFuzzy's arms did Quaraun feel safe now, but now with Gibedon here, BoomFuzzy had changed. He was becoming more and more irritable. His temper flaring. Quaraun quickly began to realize that Gibedon and Gwallmaiic had been lovers and Gibedon was jealous of BoomFuzzy's new found toy, Quaraun.

 "You baby him," Gibedon said angrily to BoomFuzzy.

"He is a baby," BoomFuzzy snarled back. "And ya'll not touch him."

"You was my lover..."

"And now I is his. Deal with it."

"What do you see in him?"

"More then I ever saw in ya."

"You think he's something special don't you?"

"Does no matter to ya what I thinks of him."

"I say throw him back to the Moon Elves, let them tear him apart. Drive them into a blood frenzy, then we can kill them all while they are too busy killing him."



"Ya'll not harm him. No one will harm me Elf."

"You can't replace me with that sick, cowardly weakling."

"I already dids."


"Because he loves me and ya does not, ya never did, ya never will."

"Love isn't an Elven emotion."

"I know, that be why he has it. He be not an Elf."

"Oh don't start with that again. THAT is not a Thullid demigod. That is not a Thullid at all. It's just a sick Moon Elf that if left on it's own won't make it to the end of the week."

Gibedon grabbed Quaraun's arm and dragged him across the room.

"THIS is NOT a Thullid!" Gibedon roared at BoomFuzzy as he shook the frightened Moon Elf.

"Let go of him."

"Gladly." Gibedon reached for the cellar door and tossed Quaraun down the stairs.

"How dare ya!" BoomFuzzy pushed Gibedon aside and ran down the stairs to see if Quaraun was all right. "Ya bastard. Leave me Elf alone."

BoomFuzzy gently cradled the Elf in his arms, kissing his cheek. Quaraun's eyes drifted closed and he stifled a moan in his throat as he thought of soft Phookan skin nestled against his body. Warm. Naked. Hard muscled. Pulsing with all that he desired. Gibedon was already enraged, and seeing BoomFuzzy kiss the Moon Elf sent him over the edge into a violent fury. Gibedon tore the Elf from BoomFuzzy's arms and slammed him into the wall, then turned on his leader. Gibedon grabbed BoomFuzzy this time and threw him back against the other wall. BoomFuzzy immediately got back up and lunged for Gibedon's throat. The two Necromancers began fighting viciously.

Quaraun lay on the floor dazed, not really sure what was going on on the other side of the room. He heard a scream and turned his head to listen, uncertain who had screamed or why. He was dazed from his tumble down the stairs, and farther dazed by being slammed into the wall and was now laying on his back on the floor staring up at the ceiling, waiting for the blue stars, pink jellyfish, and purple unicorns to stop dancing around in splashed rainbow of colours inside his head.

 BoomFuzzy was right. Quaraun was a Thullid. Not an Elf, but rather a small, tiny Jellyfish from Neptune's moon, living nestled safely away inside the Elf's brain. The Jellyfish had killed the Elf decades ago and was fully in control of it's body, thoughts, and actions. But the Jellyfish itself was weak. It had not skeleton, nor exoskeleton, and required the protection of the Elf's soft spongy brain to gently keep it's squishy, easily damaged jelly body safe from harm.

Gibedon had slammed the Elf's head against the stone wall very hard. Hard enough to jostle the Elf's brain against the side of his skull. Had the Elf not already been dead, the action would have killed him. However, the action did cause damage. The brain shouldn't move around inside it's skull, and therefor, the little Thullid should also not be moving around inside the Elf's skull. The vibrations of the brain being slammed against the skull, had likewise jostled the Jellyfish that lived inside the brain. Quaraun the Jellyfish, was now very dizzy and very shooken up and, with several tentacles torn off and broken, no longer fully attached to the nerves in the Elf's spinal column, Quaraun now found himself, unable to get up. While the Moon Elves had damaged the Elf's body, the Thullid itself had remained unharmed, but now the Thullid too was injured, and Quaraun was weaker now than he had been before, except, BoomFuzzy had no way of knowing this.

Quaraun tried honing in on the commotion that surrounded him, but he couldn't move and lay silent as fear grew inside him. His fears grew even more when he realized it was BoomFuzzy's cries that he heard. There were new riveting emotions of fear, Quaraun had not before known. His fears had always been for himself. His fear of others. But this fear was different. It was a fear which he felt at the sound of BoomFuzzy's cries of pain. Quaraun did not know what he had done, but Gibedon had hurt BoomFuzzy. Quaraun knew that BoomFuzzy was in truth, the infamous King Gwallmaiic, feared by millions for his horrific exploits, but he also knew that was while in youth. Gwallmaiic had committed his crimes himself, but now that he was old, that was no longer the case of the last few decades.

In recent years he sent his soldiers out to do his killings, while he set up shop in Elven villages and simply picked off weaker Elves one by one. The Phooka was old, arthritis hampered his ability to fight back, and cataracts blinded his silvery eyes. Gwallmaiic no longer had the strength to fight. This was why his soldiers fought in his stead now, and here was his most notorious warrior of all, the fierce Gibedon himself, now turning on the old king. It suddenly occurred to Quaraun, that in a one on one fight against Gibedon, BoomFuzzy didn't stand a chance, and though he could not see the fight raging on between the two, Quaraun, could tell from the weak, gasping moans the Phooka made, that BoomFuzzy had been very badly injured.

 Quaraun tried to turn to his side and push himself up, but as he did so, he felt a strange hand grasp his neck and he was suddenly forced upright against the wall, his feet not touching the ground as Gibedon now went after him.

"It would be so easy to kill you. Crush your scrawny throat right now with my bare hands."

"Stop it, Gibedon! Yis hurting him!" BoomFuzzy lunged at the angry Dark Elf and shoved Gibedon as hard as he could, knocking all three of them tumbling to the floor.

"You fucking, lying, back stabbing piece of shit Phooka!" Gibedon screamed as he stood and glared down at his long time lover. "You've sold out to him, haven't you?"

"I has sold out to no one."

"You've been obsessed with him ever since we lost you in the desert. I ought to kill the both of you. I'd be doing the world a favour, getting rid of you. Every one on the planet wants you dead, and if what you say about this piece of trash is true, the world will be asking why I didn't kill him while I had the chance."

"Ya'll not kill me Elf."

"What Elf? I thought you said he was a Thullid super power, waiting to hatch. The whole galaxy hates the Thullids and wishes every one of them would drop dead. They are nothing but vile monsters. When did you become a Thullid lover?"

"I does no fucking cares what he is. He loves me and that is what I want."

"I loved you."

"Ya know nothing of love Gibedon. Ya has been unfaithful to me since day one! The only thing ya loves is yarself and the idea of the glory that comes with being the lover of The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley. He did not know who was, and when he found out had no desire to join me for power and glory. He loves me. His love is pure."

 "And you love him?"

"Aye. I loves him, Gibedon. Now leave him be!"

"You loved me."

"I never loved ya. Not after I found out all ya wanted was power and glory. Ya never wanted me. I has only let ya stay with me, because I wanted a warm body in my bed."

"No!" Gibedon shook his head in disbelief.

Quaraun was no longer paying attention to the quarrelling lovers. His attention was now of a third figure that had appeared in the room. The new being stayed in the shadows, and motioned to Quaraun to come away from the fighting lovers. Quaraun didn't know why he obeyed, but something inside him told him he should trust this person and something else told him that Gibedon was working himself up into a frenzy and Quaraun should get far away from him. Quaraun was too dizzy to stand up yet, but crawled across the room and huddled against the wall farthest away from Gibedon and BoomFuzzy. The shadowy figure knelt beside him and whispered in his ear:

"Believe nothing you see from this point on and don't leave this room. Gibedon intends to kill you and BoomFuzzy. I will not let happen, but you must stay here."

The shadow figure disappeared and Quaraun was uncertain if he had imagined it or not.

Meanwhile the fight between Gibedon and BoomFuzzy had heightened.

"You and me need to talk, bitch!" Gibedon screamed at the Phooka.

Gibedon grabbed BoomFuzzy's arm and dragged him towards the stairs. BoomFuzzy made no attempt to fight this action and let Gibedon pull him away.

"No! BoomFuzzy! Please don't leave me!" Quaraun cried to the Phooka, sensing that something terrible was about to happen.

"It's ok," BoomFuzzy said, then disappeared up the stairwell with Gibedon.

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 Quaraun listened to them argue above him. The voices rose to the point he could almost make out what was said. He caught a word here and there and knew they were arguing over him. Gibedon was enraged that BoomFuzzy loved Quaraun rather than him. Both admitted to not loving the other but Gibedon maintained that love had nothing to do with it, they they were warriors and their relationship was all business and Quaraun was bad for the business of their war machine.


Quaraun was still trying to steady his dizziness and gain his bearings, when he heard BoomFuzzy yelp. It wasn't so much of a scream as it was the involuntary sound a body makes when the lungs are crushed under great force. Quaraun turned in the direction of the struggle and saw that Gibedon was holding the Phooka face down on the floor, his knee pressed hard against BoomFuzzy's back.

BoomFuzzy was a very small Faerie, much smaller the even Quaraun. He was barely five feet tall. Gibedon was big, a very large, well muscled warrior.

Having lived with the Phooka and served under him for decade, Gibedon knew the Illusionist's tricks. He'd trained his mind against the effects of the Faerie's spells and it put poor BoomFuzzy at a horrible disadvantage, because when push came to shove, he was not a fighter.

King Gwallmaiic was a wizard who had used illusions and trickery to win his battles. He snuck up on his victims when their guard was down. He had little training in combat and even when young, he had no physical advantage in fighting. And now his best fighter had turned on him and was holding him pinned down to the ground, one hand on the back of his head, the other twisted the old Phooka's arm behind his back. With his free arm BoomFuzzy was trying desperately to reach a glossy black dagger that had fallen to the floor and was a few feet in from of the two.

BoomFuzzy wailed as Gibedon forced his knee harder into the Faerie's back. Blood was pooling around the Phooka's body and Quaraun realized, Gibedon had run a knife through the Phooka's side. BoomFuzzy gasped desperately, trying to catch his breath, but Gibedon was crushing his rib cage and the Phooka couldn't breath.

 Without thinking, Quaraun scrambled across the floor, grabbed the dagger and then stood in front of Gibedon aiming it at him and not knowing what to do next. Gibedon burst out laughing and stood up, letting go of BoomFuzzy.

"You gonna try and fight me? I doubt you've ever even held a weapon before. You're nothing but a weak, sick, little wizard. Give me the dagger, Quaraun, before you hurt yourself with it."

BoomFuzzy lay on the floor gasping, trying to catch his breath, while clutching hold of the gaping wound in his belly. Quaraun watched the Phooka struggling in pain and for a moment took his attention away from Gibedon, long enough for Gibedon to lunge at the Elf and try to take the dagger from his hand. Quaraun jumped back, and continued to hold the strange dagger out away from himself, aiming the blade at Gibedon. Quaraun's breathing was escalated and becoming erratic. His head pounding as the room spun around him.

"You look like you're gonna pass out."

He felt like he was gonna pass out.

Gibedon laughed as he watched Quaraun stagger and try to catch himself. Quaraun grabbed hold of the staircase to steady himself. He hoped he wouldn't faint, but he wasn't confidant that he could stand up much longer. He didn't know what to do. BoomFuzzy was injured and he was still desperately ill himself. Neither of them stood a chance against the fierce Dark Elf warrior.

BoomFuzzy pulled himself up, and leaned heavily on the wall, still gasping for air.

"Give me the dagger, Quaraun," BoomFuzzy said between gasps. "Ya do'na know what it is. It has magic powers. Like a wand. Ya do'na how to use it, he'll kill ya fors it."

Quaraun turned to face BoomFuzzy, still holding the dagger in front of him, but now aiming it at BoomFuzzy. Gibedon stepped towards the frightened Elf, and Quaraun quickly spun back around aiming the dagger at the Dark Elf once again. Quaraun was trembling, his hand shaking so much, it looked as though he'd drop the dagger. Gibedon quickly ran for Quaraun, grabbing hold of his arm and trying to pull the dagger from his grape.

"Gibedon, don't!" BoomFuzzy yelled.

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 The two Elves struggled, Quaraun, for whatever reason, gripping the dagger tighter and refusing to let go of it, and Gibedon now clawing at the Moon Elf's hand, trying to pry his fingers off the dagger.

"Give me the dagger!" Gibedon screamed hysterically.

BoomFuzzy grabbed hold of Gibedon and tried to pull him off Quaraun.

"Let go of him, ya brute. He does'na know what it is."

All three men tumbled to the ground. In the struggle, Gibedon pulled the dagger from Quaraun's grasp and stabbed it into BoomFuzzy's rib cage. BoomFuzzy gasped and staggered, and pulled the dagger, back out. Blood from the second wound mingled with blood from the first wound below it.

No one really knew what happened next, or where Quaraun suddenly got his burst of energy from. Quaraun had no memory of what happened after BoomFuzzy was stabbed, and BoomFuzzy was too close to passing out from blood lose to really know what had happened. But when Quaraun saw Gibedon plunge the dagger through BoomFuzzy's chest, Quaraun suddenly lunged on the Dark Elf, pulled the dagger from BoomFuzzy's had and began stabbing it over and over again into Gibedon's throat.

 BoomFuzzy leaned back on the wall and slid down to the floor, watching in awe and horror as Quaraun sliced through Gibedon's neck with a blood frenzied abandon, unlike anything he'd ever seen. In a wild, crazed fury, Quaraun simply slashed the Dark Elf's throat again and again and again and again, until many dozens of slashes later, Quaraun was holding Gibedon's head. Gibedon's body had fallen away and slumped to the ground. Quaraun's entire body gleamed red with Gibedon's blood.

There was a dead silence in the room as BoomFuzzy watched Quaraun and waited for the Moon Elf to have some reaction to what he'd just done.

Quaraun held up the severed head and stared at it, not sure what to do with it.

Then he looked down at the dagger in his other hand. The entire thing was made out of a single solid piece of polished, carved obsidian, it's hilt embedded with several tear doped shape rubies that eerily resembled drops of blood dripping down the hilt.

"It be cursed," BoomFuzzy said at last, breaking the unnerving silence.

Quaraun turned and stared at the Phooka.

"It belonged to me father," BoomFuzzy continued. "He was a Necromancer un a Demonologist. The dagger is possessed. It has that effect on people. Makes them kill. Gifes them the power to kill. Ya can kill anything with it. Zombies, vampires, liches. It kills the living un the undead. It be quiet the artifact. Gibedon's been trying to get it from me for years. It the only real reason him stayed with me. He never loved me. He just wanted the dagger. I guess it did nae want him. When it likes someone, it kind of draws itself to them, mesmerizes them un just takes over. And when it does'na like someone, it... well... it did'na like Gibedon. It likes you. I can'na say I has ever seen any one able to use it so well as ya do. It likes ya a lot. Ya should keep it. I have two. It was part of a matched set."

Quaraun said nothing, he just stood frozen in place and stared back and forth first at the severed head and then at the dagger for several minutes. Then he dropped them both and ran to the side of the room vomiting and passed out.