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Quaraun The Insane:
Volume 3 
(usually - I keep renumbering these)

I loved my children
but I loved BoomFuzzy more


I loved my children but I loved BoomFuzzy more

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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I loved my children but I loved BoomFuzzy more

 The night air was chilly of the crackling fire warmed Quaraun comfortably. Crickets chirped and Quaraun smiled up at the stars. He was glad for the quiet evening. Life had been hectic for far to long. While a few Moon Elves continued to tease him, most were too scared of his temper and his wand, to bother him. The last Elf to antagonize the Necromancer, found himself attacked by a flock of purple vampire bats that had leaped out of Quaraun's wand. After so many years being victimized by the town bullies, Quaraun finally had the upper hand.

Several years had passed since BoomFuzzy died. Quaraun rarely slept in the castle these days. Nor did he sleep in his shop any more, instead he had built himself a tent and set it up when BoomFuzzy's gingerbread house had been, and lived in it there.

The tent was as gaudy and impractical as his clothes were and every bit bright pink. It was made out of eight alternating panels of bright fuchsia and pale pink. It looked like a small round circus pavilion tent by six feet tall and not much wider around. Inside however the tent was vast, as big as castle and with as many rooms, every one of them decorated in varying shades of pink.

On warm nights like this one, Quaraun stayed outside and sat around a campfire. Tonight was such night. It was a beautiful clear starry night, but suddenly the stars vanished as black clouds rumbled overhead. A bolt of lightening flashed across the sky. Quaraun was blinded momentarily as the campfire surged up into the air. When the flames settled down the middle of the flame opened a portal door to a black abyss. Out of the hellish abyss stumbled a black robed figure.

Quaraun fell backwards and crawled away from be strange apparition. The creature stood for a moment and then turned to face Quaraun. The being had no flesh on it's bones. The skeleton reached it's bony hand towards the frightened Moon Elf. The undead thing opened it's mouth to speak but no words escaped it's bony jaws.

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 The creature tried again to speak, as decay began eat away at the bones. The undead beast shuddered as it's eyeless gaze shifted from Quaraun to it's disintegrating hand. Weakness overcame the skeleton as it sunk to one knee. The beast struggled to stand but its bones turned to dust and blew away.

"BoomFuzzy..." Quaraun whispered.

Immediately the fire settled back to normal and the clouds disappeared, Quaraun sat up and looked around. Everything was as it had been minutes earlier. The event was so strange and inexplicable that Quaraun wondered if he had dozed off and dreamed the whole thing. The episode chilled Quaraun to his bones, as the horrible thought swept into his mind, that the undead apparition he'd just seen was BoomFuzzy. Terror filled the Elf as he began to wonder what had become of BoomFuzzy's soul.

The peaceful relaxed feeling of tranquillity Quaraun had felt earlier was now gone. Swept away and replaced by the dead fear that his beloved BoomFuzzy was trapped in some horrible burning abyss of the neither world.

Quaraun had studied Human mythology and knew of their stories of Heaven and Hell. He had not believed the tales, but a terrible lingering fear that BoomFuzzy was evil and may be being punished in a burning lake of fire entered Quaraun's poor tormented mind.

Quaraun quickly put the fire out and retreated to his tent, to spend the rest of the night in his library pouring over books, looking for anything which might tell him what it was he had seen. Quaraun's weak heart raced with fear, panic, and dread and before long the Elf collapsed.

In the castle there were servants to look after him.

With the Di'Jinn, the Thullid had taken careful care of the frail little Elf.

With BoomFuzzy, the Phooka had doted on his beloved companion.


 But now Quaraun was alone and there was no one to tend to him when he passed out. No one to stay at his side or cover him with a blanket or keep him safe. Quaraun was alone, without caretakers, in frail heath. Quaraun's mental ability had never been well. Stupid, he wasn't, but slow to think and slow to remember to take care of his basic need, that he was. Remembering to eat or sleep, was something that he often forgot. Since the fracturing of his mind, after the damage done to to soul bond, Quaraun had become more forgetful of taking care of himself, than he had been. He often went to long between meals, too long without water, and too many days between sleep. Because of this the fainting spells had grown far worse then they had ever been.

Quaraun lay passed out on the floor for many hours before he awoke. Once awake again, he took no thought to care for his own health and immediately went back to flipping through books searching for answers.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. Years turned into decades.

As time passed Quaraun became more and more obsessed with hoarding up books on Necromancy, Death, Undeath, and Reincarnation. He became obsessed with the idea of eternal life and resurrecting the dead. Quaraun pressed forward in his studies with only one goal in mind: to bring BoomFuzzy back to life.

BeaLuna often visited Quaraun, but Quaraun rarely noticed. He was too lost in his studies to notice much of anything that went on around in anymore.

"Quaraun," BeaLuna said one day. "It's not good for you to live like this."

'My life is what it is, Bea."

"But you don't sleep and you rarely eat."

"I'm an Elf, we can go without. "

"Not like this, Quaraun working yourself thin and you were never in good health to begin with."

"My health is of little importance."

"That's not true."

"Of course it is. Ask anyone in the village . They are all quick to say I am waste of life and don't deserve to live. There isn't anyone in this village who doesn't want me dead."

"Quaraun, the Moon Elves are bigoted self righteous snobs."

"I'm a Moon Elf. "

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 "You're not like the others, Quaraun. You don't belong here. You're not happy here. You were happy with the Di'Jinn. You liked living with them."

"I liked living with BoomFuzzy."

"Quaraun, BoomFuzzy's dead. You have more past that."

"We were soul bonded. I can't move past it."

"They say there one healers who can fix that."

"I don't want it fixed BeaLuna. I want BoomFuzzy back."

"Quaraun, he's dead. He ain't coming back, You have to learn to accept that. People are worried about you."

"No me around here cares about me, BeaLuna."

"I care."

"You're a Gnome. You care about everything. It's in your blood."

"Quaraun, please, just come outside."

"There's nothing outside I want to see BeaLuna."

"You haven't left this tent-thing in weeks."

"I'm busy."

"Doing what?"

"I'm going to resurrect BoomFuzzy."

"Quaraun. Your family loves you."

"No one loves me. My wife and my father are plotting to kill me. The king is old and ill. They are waiting for him to die and me to be made king, so they can slit my throat and take the throne. They can have it. I don't want it. All I want is BoomFuzzy back. I want nothing else. BoomFuzzy is the only person who ever loved me and they killed him and now they are planning to kill me. But I won't let them."

"No ones plotting to kill you Quaraun. They didn't kill BoomFuzzy, he killed himself. Quaraun there was something wrong with him. He wasn't mentally stable. I think he would have killed himself no matter what your family did. I mean, he talked about death all the time. And you said it yourself he was a Necromancer."

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 "I loved him."

"I know you did. We all know that. Every one knows that, Quaraun. You've been terrorizing the Elves with that wand of yours, every time any body mentions BoomFuzzy's name. Your father is really sorry about what happened. He really is. I know you don't want to hear it but he really is. Quaraun all those things the villagers did to you... they were drugged. BoomFuzzy had the whole village high on poppy milk. He was poisoning the food supply. It's why the whole village went nutty for a while. They wouldn't have beaten you the way they did other wise. I know you really don't want to hear this, but BoomFuzzy cased that. If he hadn't been here, none of that would have happened. They are really sorry about what they did to you, they are, they really are. You need t open your eyes and see that. Your father is so sorry for what he did to you. He loves you and never wanted to hurt you like this."

"Hurting me is all he has ever done, long before BoomFuzzy ever showed up. He cut my hair before BoomFuzzy was here. He murdered my mother years before BoomFuzzy was here. The king had to send me away when I was a child, because my father was trying to kill me."

"Your wife loves you."

"That self righteous bitch is not my wife. I never even married her! The whole thing was a scam. She doesn't love me, she tells me that every chance she can get. She wants me dead. She can't wait for me to be dead. She can't wait for the king to die, so I can be made king and she can kill me and take the throne."

"You have children with her..."

"She raped me to get those children. I want nothing to do with her."

"Your children love you."

Quaraun sat down and stared at the floor.

"I know they do. And I love them. It makes what I have to do so very hard."

 "They need a father in their lives. I know you love your children, Quaraun. I've seen you with them. You're a good father. They miss you. They are innocent in all this. They'd never hurt you. They wouldn't. You know that. Go back for them. They need you."

Quaraun could not come up with an argument to that. He did love his children, and they adored him. Quaraun was very good father. Quaraun with his own childlike ways was very good with children. His wife did not approve of the way he raised them. Quaraun was very lenient with them and allowed them to do whatever they wanted. After having been so brutally disciplined by his own father, the gentle and timid Quaraun never raised either hand or voice to his children. But as much as Quaraun loved his children, he loved BoomFuzzy more, and it was because of the children that he now separated himself from the village. He couldn't bear to grow more attached to the children, then he already was. And the less time he spent with his children, the more time they spent with their mother, who hated BoomFuzzy, even though she had never meet him.

The she-Elf had in fact tried to make the arranged marriage work. She did everything she could think of to please her husband and make him happy, but his contempt for her only grew as his obsession with BoomFuzzy spiralled out of control. Frustration mounted and soon the young she-Elf grew to burn with hatred for the dead man she had never meet. Who this BoomFuzzy was, she did not know nor did she care. All she knew is that he was what prevented her husband from loving her. He was the one who prevented her husband from making love to her. She soon decided this BoomFuzzy was the cause of all of her problems and spent every waken minute bemoaning the woe is me of how terrible BoomFuzzy had made her life.

With Quaraun now gone for weeks at a time, retreating to his tent and not emerging for sometimes months to time, his wife took to telling ever increasingly vengeful tales of the terrible BoomFuzzy. Tales she told to her children as bedtime stories.

Quaraun loved his children, but he loved BoomFuzzy more, and as the hundneth anniversary of BoomFuzzy's death neared, Quaraun's poor fractured mind as fast reaching a breaking point unlike anything any one in the village could have ever imagined.

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

 On BeaLuna's urging, Quaraun finally packed up his tent and tucked it away inside the tiny heart shaped pocket that it in no way should have fit into and returned to the castle once again. The four Elflings were overjoyed to see their father. The she-Elf too could not hide her delight of seeing her husband's return. But Quaraun was gloomy and moody and more depressed then ever and brushed off the hugs and kisses and warm embraces his family had for him.

Back at the castle Quaraun continued doing the same things he had done in the tent and was completely shut off from the others. Even when he was with them, he wasn't with them. Locked away inside his head, Quaraun rarely acknowledge there was anyone in the room with him. Only the children could get his attention, but even then, it was not what it was before.

It was a rare occasion that his wife could get his attention. He went out of his way to ignore her more then anyone else. One day, when she was quite fed up with his ignoring her, she walked up to him, grabbed his giant leather bound books and flung them across the room.

"Do you ever do anything other then read those ridiculous books?"

"They're not ridiculous."

"They magic books, which means they're forbidden. You know the laws."

"And when the king dies, I will rewrite the laws."

"You'll do no such thing."



"Are you gonna stop me?"

Quaraun got up to retrieve his book.

"You will never be able to rule these people, you never get your nose out of books long enough."

"At least I'm not illiterate like you."

"There is no point in books."

"There is every point in books, you are just too stupid to know it."

"You loved BoomFuzzy quiet a lot, didn't you?"

"Yes. I did."


"He was kind to me. No one else ever was. He didn't tease me or bully me. He never hurt me or hit me of forced me to have sex with anyone I didn't want to be with. He was different."

"Did you share a bed with him?"


 "Why can you not share a bed with me?"

"I do not love you."

"You won't even try."

"I could have tried, if he hadn't died. He had multiple lovers, I don't think he would have objected to me doing the same. Were he still alive, I would bed with you. But he is dead."

"Quaraun, I don't understand that at all. You're so lonely. You ache for someone to love you and I willing to love you, why do you reject me?"

"I had known you for less then five minutes, before you raped me and said you were only with me, to get to the throne. As soon as I am king, you are going to kill me. You're a rapists who plots to murder me and I can not get that out of my head."

"Quaraun, I didn't know you then. I didn't want to marry you any more than you wanted to marry me. But we are stuck with each other, can we not try to make the best of it?"

"I cannot let myself love you."


"Because I fear, if I learn to love you, I'll forget to love BoomFuzzy. I fear that if I forget him, even for a single day, his soul will be lost forever. He's still out there. Wandering between the worlds of life and death. I can feel him, trapped, in a horrible place, begging for me to save him."

"Quaraun this is madness. BoomFuzzy is dead and gone. He's not talking to you from beyond the grave."

 "He is. He needs me. No one else cared when he died. Not even his army. They feared him. They only obeyed him, because they thought he'd kill them if they didn't. Soon as they knew he and both his generals were dead, they scattered and ran back to their homes. He comes to me, in the flames of fires. In the flickers of candles, the sparks of the fireplace. He's trapped in a world that burns. I remember being trapped in a fire once. It was awful. I have others to help me escape. BoomFuzzy has no one. He comes to me, because I am the only one who loved him enough to save him from this torment he now lives in. must set him free. Even if I can not bring him back to life, I must at least get him out of that place, that his soul may rest in peace. If I let myself love you, I may lose sight of that."

"You'll never love me, will you?"

"No. I won't. I loved BoomFuzzy. You took him from me. He died because of you. That will always be between us. I will never see you as anything other then the cause of his death. You are a plague. A pox upon my mind. A curse I must bear. I hate you and I always will. I will take care of you because that is my job. You are my wife, it is my duty to take care of you. I do not want to live here. I only stay and take of you and our children, because it is the right thing to do. Don't expect me to like it or be happy with it. I will never again be happy, not as long as you are alive and BoomFuzzy is dead. You should have died, not him. He did nothing wrong. He did not deserve to die."

"Quaraun? Where you bonded with BoomFuzzy? They say you were, and you said it early on, once, but..." Her voice trailed off.

Quaraun said nothing. It upset him when she talked about BoomFuzzy.

"You did, didn't you. That's why you won't bond with me, isn't it? You really loved him. Enough to share a mystical bond with him. Your thoughts, your joy, your sorrow. You two couldn't be separated. That's how you knew when he died. You didn't have to be there with him. You knew because you felt the bond break when he died."


"You poor thing. No wonder you're so upset. You could feel everything he felt."

"Please don't talk about BoomFuzzy."

"He died a hundred years ago today, didn't he?"

"Yes. He did. Tomorrow"

"That means we've been married a hundred years."

"Yes. It does."

"And you still won't willingly bed with me."

"No. I won't. I don't love you. I never will. All I see when I look at you is BoomFuzzy's murderess and my rapist. That's all you are to me."

"This is stupid, Quaraun. You only knew BoomFuzzy a few years. And you were still an Elfling. He was an old Faerie who sexually abused you to satisfy himself. You need to get over him."

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 "That's not what he did, but it is what you do to me. I want nothing to do with bedding with you and you will not take no for an answer. You force yourself on me. I say no and you do not listen. When I said no to BoomFuzzy he stopped. He always did. He never raped me. He wouldn't. He could have many times and he didn't."

"He didn't love you Quaraun. He just used you, everyone says so."

"Everyone is wrong. And you're the one who doesn't love me. You love our father. Why don't you go have children with him. It's his children you want, not mine."

"It's your children that heir the throne."


"You really don't want to be king, don't you?"

"I couldn't image why anyone would want to rule over this insignificant race of snobs."

"You act like you aren't a Moon Elf."

"I'm not, or didn't Father tell you?"

"Are you a Thullid Spawnling?"

"Is that what he tells you I am?"

"Is that what you are?"

"It's what he believes my mother was. It's why he killed her."

"Was she?"

"It's what he believes I am. It's why he tried to kill me, why the king sent me away. Why everyone one in this village hates me and wants me dead."

"I don't hate you, Quaraun."

"You want me dead, how is that different?"

"Quaraun, I try to love you. You won't let me. I could learn to love you if I didn't have to live in the shadow of your dead fuck buddy."

"Don't call him that."

"He did not love you."

"I was soul bonded with him. I know what he felt. He did love me."

"He used you for sex."

"You're the one uses me for sex."

 Four Elflings ran into the room.

"You used me to get them. Now you have the children you wanted. You don't need to continue tormenting me. I can not stand the sight of you."

Quaraun walked away. He did not want to be around them any more. He did not want to hear his wife belittle BoomFuzzy's memory. The she-Elf got along better with Quaraun's father then she did Quaraun. She got along with him so well, that they had been having an affair. Quaraun knew this, and he wanted to not care, but deep down inside it hurt his feelings deeply. He had developed feelings for his wife over the years, and would have grown to love her, but she in her haughty arrogance, never saw him as anything but a tool to get her to the throne. She did not love him and made no secret of it. She teased him and bullied him as much as the rest of the other Moon Elves did. She often joined his father in belittling Quaraun and humiliating him in front of others. When she knew Quaraun was in hearing distance, she would say bad things about BoomFuzzy to their children and teach the Elflings to torment their father over the short lived affair he had had with BoomFuzzy so many years ago.

The children in their innocence, not realizing their mother was lying to them only to make Quaraun feel bad, had made up a mean song about BoomFuzzy, which they were now singing as they danced their way to the playroom. Quaraun stood in the hallway outside the nursery, listening to the hate filled words of the children's song. Tears streamed down Quaraun's checks as he pulled out BoomFuzzy's ruby encrusted black obsidian bladed dagger.

Quaraun loved his children, but he could not bear to hear them make fun of BoomFuzzy.

 He did not ask for this family. He did not want this family. He wanted BoomFuzzy. The fact that he had this family instead of BoomFuzzy and at the cost of BoomFuzzy's life only made him want to avoid them even more. The fact that it was now only hours until the one hundredth anniversary of BoomFuzzy's death did not help his spirits any either.

And so, Quaraun was not happy later that night, while ready a book in the parlour and listening to his children playing games by the fireplace, he heard the rhyming song they were singing. A song their mother had written and taught to them. A song about BoomFuzzy. A horrible, terrible song which glorified in the death of a monster, a monster named BoomFuzzy. Tears streamed down Quaraun's cheeks as he listened to the words of the terrible hate filled song. Quaraun loved his children, but he loved BoomFuzzy more.

Quaraun closed his book and staring blindly at the ruby jewelled obsidian dagger in his hands. The same dagger that had taken BoomFuzzy's life. Quaraun called the children over to him and they ran giddily to their father. The children loved their father very much and never would have sung the song had they known how very much it hurt him. Quaraun handed the children something they had never seen before. A box BoomFuzzy's chocolate covered apricots. The children devoured the candy, as children are prone to do. BoomFuzzy's poisoned candy. The very same poison that had taken BoomFuzzy's life.

When the candy was gone Quaraun called his children to sit with him. The four children climbed on to his lap and hugged him, as they often did.. but the poison was fast acting And the across children were soon in a drugged sleep in their father's arms. Quaraun sat for many hours, holding his sleeping children and thinking about the words to the song their mother had taught them. One by one Quaraun carried his children to the nursery and tucked them into bed.

 In the morning Quaraun was still in the nursery, now sitting on the floor watching the children's drug induced sleep. They never woke up.

That night, Quaraun was sitting on the floor of the hallway, in the doorway of the children's bedroom. Staring blindly at the dagger in his hands. His wife passed in the hall and saw him sitting there.

"Quaraun, why are you wearing those pink dresses again? You know you aren't supposed to wear those. You're a man, you need to dress like a man."

"I am a Di'Jinn. I don't take orders from you any more."

He slowly stood up and turned around. Blood dripped from his hands. The front of his pink dress was drenched in blood.

"I don't have to now. In three days time, I will be the most powerful Necromancer to have ever lived. More powerful then Gwallmaiic and Gibedon and all the other Di'Jinn combined. And you can't stop me. No one will ever stop me again. You and father can't hurt me anymore. No one can. No one in this village will ever hurt me again."

His voice was changed. Cold. Distant. Angry.

"Quaraun, you're covered in blood."

"The sacrifices have begun."

"Quaraun what happened? Why are you covered in blood?"

Quaraun said nothing, but pointed through the doorway into the nursery. She looked at Quaraun and then into the bedroom. The whole room was covered in blood. She ran into their children's room. Behind Quaraun, the four young Elflings lay lined up dead on the floor. Huge pools of blood forming around them.

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 "Quaraun, what happened?" She wailed, thinking he had found them this way. The poor young mother, cried hysterically as she hugged her four dead children.

"The innocent must die with the wicked, for the sacrifice to be complete. It is not a sacrifice if only mine enemies die. What I love the most, must die along side what I love the least. The circle must be complete or the spell will not work."

"What are you babbling on about? Can't you see our children our dead?"

"Yes. I know. I'm sorry. I had to break the bond I had with them, before it grew stronger. The sooner it was done, the easier it is to do. It was interfering with my previous bond to BoomFuzzy. I can't let another bond replace my bond with BoomFuzzy."

"What? Quaraun what are you talking about?"

"They didn't deserve this. But you did. You and my father. And the circle must be complete or the spell will not work."

"Spell? What spell? What are you talking about?"

"I loved my children," Quaraun said to the she-Elf.

"They are dead," she screamed to him, not yet fully realizing what had happened.

"But I loved BoomFuzzy more."


She turned back to face Quaraun again and saw BoomFuzzy's dagger in his hands, blood dripping from its blade.

"What have you done?"

"You taught them to hate BoomFuzzy."

He was standing very close to her now, with BoomFuzzy's ruby jewelled obsidian dagger in his hand. For the first time she realized that Quaraun was covered in blood, not from finding the children, but from killing them himself. She looked around the room. There were magic symbols and Faerie runes and veevee written on the floor and walls.

 "Quaraun? What have you done? Did you...did you do this? Did you kill them?"

"You taught them to hate BoomFuzzy. BoomFuzzy never hurt you or them, you had no right to create such monstrous lies about him. A sacrifice had to be made. I've been with you too long. I've started to love you. I risk bonding with you. I can't do that. I am bonded to BoomFuzzy. BoomFuzzy's soul is still alive. BoomFuzzy is a Lich. He's still out there. The bond is not fully broken, because he's not fully dead. He is in agony. I can feel his thoughts. He is trapped. And he wants out. He's trapped in a bottle and he can't beak free. He's angry. He's ever so angry."

"Quaraun, what are you talking about? Is this some sort of magic spell? Did you sacrifice our children? You know what your father thinks of your magic tricks and wizardry."

"I'm not a wizard any more. I am a Necromancer now. Had you been paying more attention to what I was doing these past few months, rather then teaching my children to hate the man I loved, you would have known that."

"Necromancer? Quaraun, are you insane? You're not a Necromancer. Necromancy is illegal. The Dark Arts are forbidden. You'll get kicked out of the Guild for this."

Quaraun pulled a small blue bottle out of his beaded heart shaped purse.

"It is time. BoomFuzzy is awake. I feel him. His soul screams to be released. The bond between us, boils and surges with his anger. In three days, there will be no Guild. Just as there will be no more village. I've killed them all and they didn't know it. Poor little Quaraun, the one no one took seriously. The one everyone laughed at. Who's laughing now? Not them. They are too busy choking on their food. There's no cure, you know."

"No cure for what?"

"I poisoned the food. All of it. In every house. In every kitchen, in the entire village. It's why I stopped eating. I haven't eaten in days. There's nothing left to eat that hasn't been poisoned with the poison that killed my BoomFuzzy. You'll all know what he felt now. You'll all die exactly as he did. No one will escape. And you will come with me."

Quaraun took hold of her arm and dragged her out of the room.

"You and father, will watch every one of them, as they lay on the floor in agony, their insides, boiling to jelly. And to make sure, they die, we will stab each one of them in the heart. You will help me. A queen must tend to her people and that's all you really wanted from me. To be queen. I knew your plan. As soon as the king dies. I will king and you will be queen, and you and father will kill me, and you as queen will marry my father and make him king."

The she-Elf stared at her husband dumbfounded. She didn't know what to say to this. It was true. She and his father had planned to do exactly as he said, but she had no idea, Quaraun knew of their plan.

"And so while you and Father were planning my murder, I was planning yours."

"Quaraun this is madness. It's the bond you made with BoomFuzzy. You've gone mad with grief because the bond is fractured since his death. We'll get you a healer. A mystical healer, they can repair the damage. Seal the wound the bond tore into your soul when he died."

Quaraun wasn't listening to her.

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 "They are the only ones who did not suffer." Quaraun pointed back to the four dead children. "They died in peace. They died in their sleep. They felt nothing."

"You killed our children! Why? Quaraun why did you kill our children?"

"They are not my children. They're your children. And you taught them to hate BoomFuzzy. BoomFuzzy was my bonded mate. I would have loved you and them, had you just stopped belittling BoomFuzzy. Had you asked, I would have given you the throne. I don't want it. I never did. You could have had it and my father to. I would have turned down the crown willingly and over to you and father. But you couldn't stop belittling BoomFuzzy. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. You go out of your way to say every mean, hateful thing you can thing of about BoomFuzzy. It is bad enough you helped my father kill him, but I'm not gonna stand by and watch you lie to our children and make them hate a man who never hurt any of you."

Quaraun put the bottle back in the bag and pulled out his black bladed obsidian dagger again.

"You must die too. You must all die. I've made an exchange. Your life for BoomFuzzy's. I can bring him back. I will heal the bond myself. I will reunite with BoomFuzzy. I will resurrect him. I don't need your healers. I know what to do. BoomFuzzy is Lich, but he died before the spell was complete. I can finish it for him, his soul is not dead. Just his body. But I kept his body. All these years. I preserved it. And somewhere out there is an ice golem, in which is soul is trapped. I made that too. And I can restore his soul. I can bring him back. BoomFuzzy will live again. The bond won't be broken anymore. My soul will not scream for his love any more. I'll be whole again."