Suicide Ahead

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The Journey Begins:

Chapter ??

The Orcs and The Necromancer

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet fully edited. The published print edition may be different.)

The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane
Volume 4 of 130

The Journey Begins:

Chapter ??

The Orcs and The Necromancer

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet fully edited. The published print edition may be different.)

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The Journey Begins


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The Journey Begins:

Chapter ??

The Orcs and The Necromancer

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel, yet. You are seeing the pre-publication draft edition of it here, which is not yet fully edited. The published print edition may be different.)

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Quaraun looked around to see why the Gnome was no longer talking to him, but couldn't find her. She had run off again. A habit he was now beginning to expect, but didn't quite understand. Though she did have a tendency to vanish just before trouble arrived, which also perplexed him. He immediately thought that perhaps he should turn around and go a different way, but shrugged off the idea and continued forward in the direction he was already headed. 

Bullgaar and Unicorn had also vanished. 

They often did.


Quaraun hated being alone.

Alone was bad.

Alone was always bad.

He'd been alone for centuries now. He'd become far more comfortable talking to himself then talking to others. The fact that BeaLuna and Bullgaar had suddenly joined him these past few weeks, was annoying, refreshing, and deeply troubling.

Quaraun sigh and continued on. They'd show up again sooner or later. They always did.

"I don't understand it," Quaraun muttered to himself.

"I thought sure BeaLuna died with every one else in the village."

"And she's a Gnome. They only live a hundred and fifty years. She's the same age as me."

He paused and thought.

"We grew up together."

"I'm four hundred years old."

He tried to count, but he didn't know math.

"I was 35 when I went back home."

"I was 78 when BoomFuzzy died."

"I killed my wife and children on the 100th anniversary of BoomFuzzy's death."

"And everyone in the village died that day."

"That would make BeaLuna 178 years old at the time the Moon Elves died."

"And she was in the village at the time."

"She died with them."

"I'm certain of it."

"I killed her."

"I didn't mean to kill her."

"She wasn't supposed to be there."

"And Unicorn IS BoomFuzzy. He's dead. That's why everyone else is dead."

"And Bullgaar..."

"He raped me."

"So I killed him."

"And now he's following me."

"Just like BeaLuna."

"And Unicorn."

"Are they all dead?"

"They're not there at all, are they?"

"I've completly lost my mind."

"Oh dear."

"And now I'm talking to myself again."

Quaraun sighed and walked on.

The pink Necromancer hadn't gone far before he heard a sound up ahead. He stopped dead in his tracks. The sound up ahead, was nothing compared to the sounds to each side of him. Far too busy talking to himself and thinking deep thoughts, while not paying attention to his surroundings, Quaraun suddenly realized he had walked into the middle of what appeared to be an Orc army fighting off a Mountain Troll, 

"Orcs. Oh dear. I don't want to go that way," he said out loud. He was too in the habit of talking to himself to think to not say it out loud and thus the Orcs heard him and stopped whatever it was they were doing to focus their attention on the strangely dressed Elf that was now standing inside their camp.

As soon as Quaraun realized his mistake, he yelped and ran back the way he had come, but stopped short, skidding and falling, when he saw a group of even more Mountain Trolls lumbering up the path, apparently to aid their kin. Panic seized the Elf as he tried to think of what to do. There was no place to go. He was trapped between a pile of Orcs and Trolls, both of which had stopped fighting each other and were now aiming at him.

Orcs and Trolls. Quaraun didn't know which was worse. Either way, Elves were on the menu for either and he was completely surrounded.

Had the wizard priest not been prone to panicking, he would have remembered he was armed with a very deadly wand that could easily have distracted both groups of monsters allowing his escape. Or could have just as easily killed every last Orc and Troll in the area allowing him to go on his morbidly depressed, merry way. A formidable wizard when allowed the time to calculate his spells, thinking on his feet and casting impromptu spells was a skill Quaraun lacked. The biggest problem at this exact moment, however, was that Quaraun, while intelligent is some things, was rather stupid in other things and thinking logically during stressful situations was not one of his strong points. As panic seized him, his brain began thinking too many thoughts at once and he couldn't focus on any of them.

By the time Quaraun realized he was sitting on the ground in the middle of the road and should probably get up and run, it was already too late to do so as both the Trolls and the Orcs were now gathered around him and the next thing he knew he was being dragged off the road and back to the Orc camp, where he was promptly stripped naked, tossed onto a big rock, and raped by every single Orc in the camp. 

What happened to the Trolls, Quaraun wasn't sure, but that wasn't what was on his mind just then either. The poor Elf was being horrifically violated by creatures much too big to be breeding with Elves, and he was a male Elf which the situation much more painful for him. The Elf screamed and kicked and flailed but nothing he did, did any good. The Orcs were too big, too strong, and there were far too many of them for him to make any progress in his attempt to escape. 

Hard Orc cocks were being shoved into every opening they could find and the poor Elf soon passed out, overcome by the pain of the experience.

When he woke up, Quaraun found himself face down in the dirt, in an awkward position with someone under him and someone on top of him, and a horrific sharp pain that felt like a sword was being run up through him. It took him a moment to realize what where he was and what was going on. He was still in the Orc camp, and still being raped, but now had two Orc cocks stuffed up his ass at once, and he was quite certain he didn't want them up there, so tried to get up and run, which only resulted in his face being pushed deeper into the mud and his ass being fucked harder then before.

The Elf passed out again.

"Quaraun?" Unicorn asked sounding very concerned. "Are ya alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I saw what ya did. I know why ya did it."

"What did I did?"

Unicorn took hold of the Elf's hands and pulled them forward. The wizard's hands were dripping with blood.

"I'm covered in blood."


"Why am I covered in blood?"

Unicorn did not answer. He just went back to what he had been doing when Quaraun had woken up, which Quaraun wasn't quite sure yet what it was Unicorn was doing.

Quaraun was light headed and dizzy.

Unicorn was speaking, but Quaraun couldn't make out what he was saying. Everything was blurry and distorted. Sounds were not clear. Quaraun's ears were ring and throbbing with pain.

Unicorn stopped what he was doing, placed his hand on Quaraun's face and looked deep into the Elf's eyes.

"Is ya al'right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ya do nay remember do ya?"

"Remember what?"

"Oh my poor Elf."

Unicorn kissed Quaraun's face and held the Elf closer.

"This is all my fault."

"What is?"

"The DiJinn. The Moon Elves. The Gnome. The Dwarf. Now the Orcs. The Troll. Ya gotta stop killing people Quaraun. Dis is become a very bad habit."

"What do you mean?"

"Ya loved me so very much. Un I did'ne understand. It hurt ya so bad when I died. Un ya can'na come to terms with it. Ya have to stop killing people Quaraun."

"I don't kill people."

"Ya are killing people, Quaraun. Ya killing a lot of people. I dont know why ya can'na remember what ya did."

"I've been alone for three hundred years."

"I know. It why I come back. I never leave ya Quaraun. We soul bound remember. I did nay know what ya did to me. Not til I kill meself un can no fully die. Me body died, but me soul just lingers wid ya. I can no move on, because yar bound our souls together. We is one soul now. I feel ya pain, as much as ya feels mine."

"I want to be with you forever."

"I know."

"You died."

"I know."

"You left me alone."

"I know. But I here now. I not leave ya again. Ya mind is broken. I see dat now. Please do more try to kill yarself."

"I hate being alone."

"I know. Yar not alone now. I stay wid ya."

"There were Orcs..."

"I know. Dair is none now. Dey is dead."

"So many monsters."

"My poor Elf. Ya mind has snapped. I do'na know if dair be a way to bring ya back."

"Back from where?"

"Why are the Gnome and Dwarf following ya?"

"I don't know. They just started following me."

"Why am I following ya?"

"You're a horny Unicorn."

"I is undead, Quaraun."

"I know."

Unicorn took hold of the Elf's hand, pulled up his sleeve and stared at the scars lining the Necromancer's wrists.

"Why do ya do this to yarself?"

"I want to be with BoomFuzzy."


"I love him."

"But why?"

"He's the only one who's ever loved me. I'm alone. I'm so alone. There isn't anyone still alive who cares about me."

"Do ya want to die?"


"Do ya know where ya be?"


"Lost. Aye."

Unicorn kissed the Elf again.

"Oh my poor Elf. What has happened to ya? Ya used to be so happy."

"I used to have reason to live."

"Yave lost ya will to live, but ya does na want to die."

"I want to be happy again."

"Is there nothing in life that makes ya now?"

"Not since you died. No."

"I am so sorry that this has happened to ya. I never stopped loving ya."

"Why did you kill yourself?"

"I was old. Very old. Un wounded. I twere suffering. De pain had become unbearable. I would have died soon anyways. Quaraun it twere no ya fault I died. Quaraun, ya has to find will to live again. Please. I does no wish ya to suffer."

"I want to be with you."

"I am dead. Ya is still alive. Ya does no belong in the land of the undead. Why do ya come here?"

"I'm not...."

Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

"Ya are. Ya keep trying to kill yarself. Ya keep walking t'rough dimensions. T'ese rituals ya do... dey is dangerous. Very much wicked dangerous. Ya kill yarself, to pass through the world of the dead, to bring the dead back to de world of de living. Ya felt so much guilt over de Gnome's death, that ya pulled her from de land of de dead and bring her back here."

"I didn't. I can't."

"Ya can un ya did."

"I'm soul bound to a Lich. Half of my soul is inside of him. Half of his soul is inside of me."

"I know. Un it pulling ya towards death. I is Lich. Un I soul bound to ya. If I stay in land of dead, it will kill ya. I come here, to land of living, so dat ya will no die. I love ya, Quaraun. I always did. I can no watch ya do dis no more. Ya has been alone too long. Look at ya arms, Quaraun. Please. Ya went to far dis time. Ya cut yarself too deep."

"I didn't cut myself."

"Ya did. Look."

Quaraun looked, Unicorn had banandaged one of the Elf's arms and was now bandaging the other. Blood was seeping through the bandagaes. Unicorn was having a difficult time controling the bleeding. He was right, The cuts were deep. And there were so many.

"Ya killed the Orcs, un then ya try to kill yarself. Do ya remember?"

"I don't know. My head hurts."

"Ya has lost a lot of blood. Too much dis time."

"I'm dying."


"I don't want to die."

"I know. It wh I here."

"Are you real?"

"I am."

"Are BeaLuna and Bullgaar real?"

Unicorn didn't answer. Instead he asked:

"Why do ya try to kill yarself?"

"I want to be where BoomFuzzy is. I've tried so hard to find him."

"Well, ya found him. Ya found him. Ya has certainly proved one t'ing. Ya well move heaven un earth to be wid me. Ya should no be here."

"Where are we?"

"Oh me poor Elf. What have they done to ya?"


"Perhaps it best ya does no remember what was done to ya un what ya did to them." 


"The Orcs."

"I hurt."

"I know. Me poor Elf. Ya has suffered too much. For far too long."

"I missed you. So much."

"I know."

"I want us together again."

"This is nae de way to it."

"Please don't go away again."

"I am dead."


"Ya is alive. Ya need to be wid living t'ing."

"Everyone I loved is dead."

Quaraun burst into tears.

"Un ya be a Necromancer now. Ya surround yaself wid dead things, because ya can no more face de living."

"You died."

"I know."

"You killed yourself."

"I sorry. I is so very sorry. I did na realize how much ya loved me."

"You left me alone."

"I will no leave ya alone again. Ya is hurt very badly. Lay down un rest."

"The monsters are out there."

"No. The monsters are gone." 

Unicorn pushed the Elf down to the ground.

"Close ya eyes. Rest. Sleep. I will stay un watch over ya. No one while hurt ya while ya sleep. BoomFuzzy will protect ya."

The Phooka lay down beside the Elf and hummed to him until Quaraun fell asleep.

Quaraun was wounded far greater then he had realized and he soon drifted off into a deep sleep, sleeping for many weeks. A barrier of thorny vines grew up around him, creating a warm, safe den. The Phooka sat and watched as day after day passed, while the Elf healed from his injuries.

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Volume 4: The Journey Begins

Picking up immediately where The Night of The Screaming Unicorn ends... Quaraun continues on his way to Inuvik, intending to kill himself once he arrives home, only to find that in his 300 year absence, a Human village has been built up over the remains of the decimated Moon Elf village.

Quaraun's sanity wavers more than ever, as he questions the reality of his two traveling companions, both of whom he is certain he murdered years ago. Quaraun decides to head back to the coast in search of the Unicorn, but can't shake the feeling he's being followed. 

BeLuna the Gnome, oddly still alive these 300 years after the destruction of the Moon Elf Village and still sitting in the exact same spot where Quaraun had left her 300 years ago, joins the Elf in his search for the Unicorn.

Annoyingly for Quaraun, BeLuna disappears whenever any one else is around and is nowhere to be found when he crosses paths with a gang of Elf hating drunk Dwarves and again when Orcs show up.

Wandering aimlessly through the forest, lost and now accompanied by a disappearing Gnome and a silent Dwarf, Quaraun is at a loss to explain who his companions are or why they are following him. Rumors that the serial killing Pink Necromancer is now travelling the countryside building an army of Gnomish Ghosts and Dwarven Zombies doesn't help matters any.

Things are not right with Quaraun's two new companions, and it takes an Undead Unicorn to show the Necromancer there are some things no one else can see.


This volume contains heavy use of suicide, cutting, and depression  references, including graphic on page descriptions of cutting and suicide attempts.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or are easily upset by such things, it is highly recommended that you avoid reading any of this novel.

(Some of these free to read online sample chapters are NSFW)

The Journey Begins, is Part 2 of The Night of The Screaming Unicorn:

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