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Kelim and The Necromancer: 
(Volume 2 of The Quaraun Series)

Doe'Uan and The Lonely Elf 

The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane
Volume 2 of 130

Kelim and The Necromancer:
Doe'Uan and The Lonely Elf 

(Bizarro Dark Fantasy Yaoi free sample chapter to read online)

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The Quaraun series has a strong theme of suicide, all 3 of the primary characters suffer from serious suicidal depression, 2 of them habitually practice cutting and self mutilation, and all 3 have attempted suicide at various times. One character is undead, killed himself and now is cursed to kill himself over and over again for eternity. These suicide attempts are graphically depicted on page. 

All 3 main characters are drug addicts and heavy drug use is often ongoing in the series. 

This series contains heavy references to and depictions of violence, brutality, & abuse, including spouse abuse & child abuse, both verbal and physical abuse. The physical abuse is often extreme, resulting in serious injuries, broken bones, and in some cases death. One of the main characters murdered his children and suffers frequent PTSD flashbacks and night terrors of the event. Graphic scenes of young toddlers being brutally murdered by their father and him being tormented by their dead spirits frequent nearly every novel in this series.

This series contains many highly triggering scenes of bigotry & prejudice, on brutality graphic, and gorily violent levels, of hate crimes being committed against people based of race, gender, sexuality, and skin-colour. The main characters are a bi-sexual & interracial couple/trio who are often bullied and brutalized by white supremacists and gay-haters. These atrocities are carried out in the time period of the Spanish Inquisition and include historically accurate methods that were used in real world Medieval torture.

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Quaraun the Insane

BoomFuzzy the Unicorn

GhoulSpawn the Crazed

Kelim and The Necromancer


an Epic Length Novel of more than 200,000 words

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Word count: 4,033


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Kelim and The Necromancer: 
Doe'Uan and The Lonely Elf 
(free chapter to read online of Bizarre Dark Fantasy Yaoi Novel)

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~o0o~ Chapter ? ~o0o~

Quaraun opened is eyes when he heard the sound of someone in the room with him. Silently he watched the woman as she cooked the day's meal for her family. After a while he sat up to watch her. She was busy in her work and did not notice him.

"Where am I?" Quaraun asked.

The woman let out a yelp of fright at the sound of his voice.

"Oh! It's you," she said as she looked around the room and realized Quaraun was sitting up and looking at her. "You startled me."

"I did not mean to."

"Are you alright?"

"I seem to be. More or less. Enough at least. Where am I? And who are you?"

"We found you in our barn. Uhm... you were wounded."

"Did you take care me?"



"What do you mean, why? You were hurt."

"And you are a Human."


"I am an Elf."

"What differance does that make?"

"In my experiance, Humans generally kill Elves on sight. No questions asked. We are not Human, we therefore deserve to die as greusomely as possible."

"You've not meet nice Humans."

"Aparently not."

"I'm sorry. Not all Humans are like that. Are you feeling better now?"

"I'm well enough to have woken up."

"Are you well enough to eat?"

Quaraun stared at her as though she had just hit him with a bag of bricks. He wasn't accustomed to people offering him food. He was much more used to people throwing food at him, along with sticks and rocks and whatever else they could get their hands on. So few people showed him kindness that he was suspicious of anyone who did.

Not waiting for the old Elf to answer her, the woman continued talking.

"Do you like chowder?"

"What is chowder?"

"Potatoes, cooked with milk and corn, and clams, and lobster. We grew the potatoes and corn ourselves. Milk is from our goats. And the children gather the clams and lobsters off the beach at low tide."

She scopped the white globes of gooey, runny lumps on a plate and handed it too him.

Quaraun stared at the plate. Clams and lobsters. Food of peasants. He was horrified, sickened, and disgusted by the thought of eating the gutter filth grub of peasants.

"Is something wrong," the woman asked.

"You expect me to eat this?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"Clams and lobsters."

"Yes. They are good for you."

"Civilized folk don't eat stuff like this. Lobsters are trask to feed pigs in slop. Soldiers won't even eat them. And clams are nothing but slugs."

"You're used to fine wines and fruit pastries aren't you?"

"Do you eat slugs and insects, all the time?" 

"We are not wealthy."

"I'm sorry. Perhaps I can help with that." Quaraun took 10 gold coins from his beaded heart shaped bag and handed them to her. "You clearly this more than I do."

"I can't take your coin."

"You most certainly can. I have plenty more. I've a Dragon. She brings me all the gold I need."

"You.. have.. a dragon?"


"Like... a pet?"

"Yes. I have a pet Dragon. She lives in my pocket."

"Ooooo... kay. You're kind of crazy aren't you?"

Quaraun's expression changed. It upset him deeply when people told him he was crazy.

"Just take the gold. I don't need it. You do."

"We don't take chairty."

"Consider it payment for taking care of me then. I might have died if you hadn't."

"I've never seen a gold coin before. Takes a lot of coppers to exchange for gold. A decade of harvest wouldn't even bring in a single gold coin. So many coins. And you just give them away like they are nothing?"

"They are nothing to me. I told you I have plenty more. These will not be missed."

"You're very wealthy aren't you?"

"The highwaymen who attacked me on the road certainly thought so."

"My husband said you looked like an aristocrat, based on how you're dressed. On account of all the gold and jewels you're wearing, and all the embroidery and trim on your robes."

"I'm a priest. This is how my order dresses."

"We thought you were a woman when we found you."

"Meaning you undressed me to discover I wasn't? I don't like being undressed. No one ever sees me naked. I do not like it."

"You got a sword wound. It needed tending to. Had to undress you to get at the wound. Didn't think nothing of undressing you, seeing how I thought you was a lady. Why do you wear so much jewelry?"

"I told you. I am a priest."

"Yeah... all the priests I've ever seen, wear drab wool, grey or brown, homespun. Not pink silks and gold chains. You look more like a courtesan then a priest."

"Elven priests do not dress, like Human priests."

"I never saw an Elven religion where the priests dress like you."

"Do you even know any Elven religions?"

"Of course..."

"Perhaps I should mention I do not follow an Elven religion. I am a Di'Jinn priest."

"Di'Jinn? Are they Demons?"

"Yes. Thullids. A type of Chaos Demon. I wasn't raised by Elves. I was raised by Thullids. I am a priest of a Thullid religion."

"Suppose that explains the colours. Demons do like their colours. Lavish creatures, Demons are."

"Do you know any Demons?"

"Not many. But we see them from time to to. The ports right over there. Merchant ships from all over the world dock here. This is the main road inland to the cities. Demon peddlers and merchant go through once in a while. All their bright coloured wagons and colorful clothes and all that jewelry. Yeah. Should have guessed Demon priest what with all the colour and gold you got on."

"I'm still an Elf..."

"Doe'Uan said you looked like royalty. He thought you must be from one of the royal families from the Deep North."

"I am. I'm also a King. And I am from the Deep North."

"You're a King?"

"By birth, not by choice. But I prefer to be a priest. That I chose."

"Doe'Uan said..."

"Doe'Uan? That is an Elf name. Who is Doe'Uan?"

"My husband. He brought you in here out of the barn."

"Your husband is an Elf?"


"Then your children are mix blood mongrels."

"That's very rude."

"Is it? It was not intended to be rude. I merely stated a fact. You are a Human, your husband is an Elf, and therefore your children are mongrels. No reason to get defensive, I have nothing against half-Elves. Some of my best friends are half-Elves."

"You got a name?"


"Well, Quaraun, I don't like your attitude, especially not after I spent all season taking care of you. You could stand to be a little less rude and show some respect. You ought to be grateful, we didn't just toss you out in a ditch somewhere. We could have you know. The Guild is active around here, you know. We put our lives at risk taken care of you."

"The Guild? Why do you bring up the Guild?"

"You used magic to put yourself in that sleeping trance thing you did there."

"Oh. Yes. I did, didn't I? I forget things like that are considered magic."

"Isn't it?"

"Well, no. Not for us. It's just something we do to heal ourselves. One doesn't have to know magic to do it. One only has to be a High Elf."

"So you're not a Wizard?"

"... I... I didn't say that. And I'm sorry I was rude. I did not mean to be. I am grateful for what you've done. I did not mean to upset you."

"Are you going to eat that?"

"I've never seen food like this before. And I'm not in the habit of eating bugs."

"It's not bugs."

"It's lobster."

"It's good for you."

"I'm  civilized..."

"Implying we're not?"

"That's not what I..."

Doe'Uan came in just then.

"He thinks we're not civilized!" The woman yelled at her husband.

"What?" Doe'Uan asked.

"That's not what I said, nor what I meant," Quaraun tried to explain.

"What's going on?" Doe'Uan asked his wife.

"He woke up and I gave him some chowder to eat, but he won't touch it, because he says civilized people like him don't eat bugs like us poor people, and he called our children mongrels because they're half-Elves."

"That's not what I said," Quaraun protested. "You're twisting my words."

"What DID you say?" Doe'Uan asked Quaraun.

"I..." Quaraun stammered. Common Elves frightened him as much as Humans did, if not more so. "I did use those words, but not in the way she's saying I did. I meant no disrespect. I'm not used to talking to common people."

"Common people? You don't see how offensive that is?"

Quaraun stared up at the couple, looking very confused.

"I'm sorry," Quaraun said, looking away from them.

"How old are you?"

"I don't know. Old."

"You're clothes are old fashioned. So is your manner of speaking. And you're dialect."

"I was born in the Human year 938."

"938? It is 1453 now. You ARE old. You're over 500 years old. Not many Elves from your era around these days. Not many Elves live that long. Even 400 ears is rare. You are ancient."

"Yes. I am aware of that. All my people are dead. I am the last of the Moon Elves. And I fear it won't be long before I am soon the last of all the High Elves. There are so few of us left. But I am older than I should be. It's the JellyFish in my brain. It keeps me alive beyond my natural years."

"You are an aristocrat aren't you? A wealthy nobleman of some sort, yes?"

"I... kind of. Used to be."

"Used to be?"

"I used to be a King."

"A king?"

"That was a long time ago. Like I said, my people are dead. I have no kingdom,no subjects. Not any more. Not in centuries. I'm a king by blood. Not a warrior king who conquered some country. I am the son of fifteen generations of Konung."


"I'm an emperor. Or I was. I'm not any more. Now I'm just a wandering vagabond with no family, no people, no place to call home."

"He said he wasn't a Wizard," the woman said to her husband.

"I did not say that!" Quaraun yelled at the woman, far too defensively.

"Why does that upset you?" Doe'Uan asked. "Are you a Wizard?"

"I... yes. I am a Wizard of the DiJinn Order."

"Order? So you belong to a Guild?"


Eye of The Grigoi
Eye of the Watchers
Eye of God
Hand of God
Eye of Protection
Evil Eye
Gypsy Curse

"You're not a Guild member?" 

"No. Certainly not!" 

"Have you any idea the danger you've put my family it?" 

"How have I endangered your family?" 

"You sought shelter in our barn." 

"I was wounded. There were highwaymen on the road. Dangerous region you live in here." 

"And you sought shelter in our barn." 

"I intended to be gone by morning. I lost more blood then I thought. And it was you who moved me into your house. You could have left me in the barn. Or tossed me to into the gutter, as most people would have." 

"I did not know you were a Mage." 

"I'm not a Mage."

"Do you not know the laws?"

"I am a stranger in this region."

Doe'Uan went to a small wooden chest on the shelf, and took out an official looking document. He returned to the fireplace and began reading the paper to Quaraun: 

"By order of The Guild of Wizardry & Magic, anyone caught giving shelter to a Mage, shall be burned with him or her..." 

"I am not a Mage," Quaraun stated very matter of factly. 

"You just said you were a Wizard." 

"Yes. And a Wizard is differant then a Mage."

"The Guild does not make a distinction."

"The Guild can burn in Hell."

"The Guild makes the law."

"Only because Finderu is an ass."

"Finderu is the Jarl."

"Yes. And an ass. And a Jarl is only a territorial chieftain. The Konung outranks him."

"The Konung is dead."

"I know. I killed him. And I will kill Finderu as well. It's on my list of things to do."

"You can not kill the Jarl."

"I can and I will. He founded the Guild. I do not approve of the Guild."

"The Konung did."

"He was my uncle. And now he is dead. My word is law. Not Finderu's."

Doe'Uan began reading the paper to Quaraun once again:

"By order of The Guild of Wizardry & Magic, anyone caught giving shelter to a Mage, shall be burned with him or her..."

"I am not a Mage!"

Quaraun stood up angrily, to speak to Doe'Uan face to face, even though he was only five feet six inches tall and was eye level to Doe'Uan's chin.

"Wizard. Mage. What's the differance? You all use magic and magic is forbidden."

"A Mage is a know-nothing apprentice. A student, still learning to carve runes. I am a Wizard of the Di'Jinn Order. That is the highest level of achievement a Wizard can achieve. I'm the world's most powerful Wizard. No one matches me in magic. I spent centuries reaching my level of skill. I have more magic in my little finger then a Mage will learn in a hundred years."

"A Mage is a Mage."

"How dare you compare me to a Mage! I am Quaraun, Grand High Emperor of the Triple Planets, World's Most powerful Wizard!"

Doe'Uan gasped at the sound of Quaraun's name, and took several steps back, pulling his wife with him.

"Ohhh... and..." Quaraun continued, now no longer screaming. "I believe I stood up too quickly. Oh my! I am so very dizzy. I need to sit back down before I pass out."

Quaraun slowly slid back to the floor, and sat on his knees gasping for breath.

"Am I to understand you are Quaraun the Insane?"

"I'm not insane. And I hate people calling me that."

"You are Quaraun, The Pink Necromancer?"

"Yes. I am."

"Get out of our house."

"Doe'Uan, he's still hurt. He can't even stand up yet..."

"I don't care. He's a criminal. A monster. Murderer. He's outcast from Elf society. No one is to give him shelter. No one is to talk to him. He's an Outcast Elf. Shunned. I didn't know who he was. I never would have brought him in here had I known who he was."


"Do not defend me," Quaraun said to the woman. "He's right. I am Outcast. I am a murderer. I murdered my wife and children. Were I a Human, I'd have been executed for my crime. But Elves have no death penalty. To take a life is wrong. Even execution is not allowed. He is right. I am cast out of society. Condemned to wander the world, with no family or home. No friends. No kindness. Forced to sleep the gutter with rats and fight wild dogs for my food. Unloved. Unwanted. Cast out. Homeless. Friendless. This is my punishment. He speaks true. No Elf is to give me shelter. No Elf is to speak to me. This is how my life has been these past four hundred years. I am welcome no where. I will leave. I am sorry I inconvenienced you at all. It was not my intention. I intended to rest a few hours and leave before morning. I did not expect I would be out for so many days or that you would find me. I was injured more badly then I thought I was." 

Quaraun stood up, slowly this time, now holding on to the wall for support.

"No. Don't leave," the woman said, taking hold of Quaraun's arm and gently forcing him to sit back down once again. "You can barely stand up. Where you gonna go? You're not fully healed. You won't get far with that wound. Doe'Uan, let him stay." She turned to face her husband. "Tell him, he can stay. Please don't turn him out. Not while he's still hurt like this."

"He's a murderer."

"He said it happened four hundred years ago. Four hundred years is a long time to punish someone."

Doe'Uan nodded.

"It is." 

Doe'Uan adressed Quaraun once again.

"Why did you kill them?"

"Does it matter?"

"Maybe. Why did you kill them?"

"It was an arranged marriage. I didn't love her. I never even met her before our wedding night. She had someone else she wanted to marry, I had someone else I wanted to marry. She continued to see her lover, I continued to see mine... until she went power crazy. I was next in line to be King. The King was old and sick, and suddenly she want to be queen. She plotted with her lover, to kill me and my lover, then her son through me would be King. She'd kill him, while he was still a child, become Queen. I didn't care about the crown. I would have let her have it. But I loved BoomFuzzy. I was soul bond to BoomFuzzy." 

"Soul bond? Are you a soul bound Elf?"

"I am."

"The soul binding ritual is illegal."

"I know. It is now. Now that they know how dangerous it is. What it does to an Elf to have his soul ripped out by the murder of his lover. She killed my lover. BoomFuzzy's soul was ripped out of mine. I felt so empty inside. I loved BoomFuzzy. She killed BoomFuzzy, so I killed her. I loved my children, but I couldn't bare that she was their mother, so I killed them too. I regret that. I deeply regret killing my children. I love them so much, and I miss them terribly. But I don't regret killing my wife. She killed BoomFuzzy. She had to die." 

Tears were streaming down Quaraun's cheeks.  

"BoomFuzzy isn't an Elf name. What kind of a name is that?" 

"BoomFuzzy was a Faerie." 

"So you don't hate half-Elves?" 


"Why'd you call my children mongrels?" 

"I told you, your wife misunderstood my meaning. I meant no offence. I've lived alone too long. I used to be civilized. Now I'm no better then a wild dog. I've forgotten manners and social skills. I've no one to but myself to talk to for so many years now." 

"And you cry. I had heard High Elves did not show emotion." 

"We have emotions. We share a hive mind. What one feels, we all feel. The whole must think as one, or be cut out for not conforming. I was a child. Nine years old when they cut me out. I was filled with fear. Terror. Dread. They couldn't stand it. Rather them comfort the child, the solution was to cast it out. Abandoned. Unloved. Unwanted. There was at the time, a group of Demons traveling through the area. Thullids. Demon priest of the Di'Jinn Order. They sold me to the Di'Jinn priests. Thus how I became a Wizard. Seven decades in chains. Learn your potions or go hungry. Memorize the runes or gain lashes to the back. Let the Alchemists force feed you toxins, or have your nails ripped off."  

Quaraun removed the gold dragon claw armor rings that covered his fingers, revealing that he had no fingernails. The ends of his fingers, covered in scars. He lacked the distinctive razor sharp claws High Elves possessed. 

"They pulled them out. One by one. Because I couldn't memorize the sacred tomes. The grimoires of ancient Sorcerers, in languages I'd never heard of."

"You've no claws."

"No. They pulled them out. Ripped them out with burning hot tongs. It hurt so much. I couldn't use my hands for weeks."

"I'm sorry."

"You know not what it is, to become a Wizard. No one chooses to become a Wizard. No one. The priest, they take young boys away from their homes and kin and train them, mutate them, mold them, torture them. You learn magic or die horribly. So much pain and suffering. And so few live. So many young boys die in agony. I lived. I hated them. Every day they tortured me, I learned to hate them more. I was determined to live, just so I could spite them and used the very magic they taught me to kill them. You know not what it is to become a Wizard. They strip us of every last dignity. The Human priests are the worst of them all. Starve us and rape us. Made us their slaves. Mutated us into ungodly beasts of magic. We were nothing but weapons to them. They saw us not as living beings, but high powered swords they could wield in war. Chained us up in magic restraining bonds, shackles that prevented us from using the magic they embedded in us. They created us, but they feared us. They built us, then slaughtered us when the war was over."

"I didn't know."

"No one does. They built us, then they spread rumours and lies. Filled the world with fear of Wizards. Everyone hates Wizards and no one knows why. We were nothing but tools of war. Expendable. The most powerful Wizards are the ones who were tortured the most, the longest, we endured where others couldn't. I hate using magic. I almost never do. I can point at a village and tell it to die, and every last man, woman, child, beast, bird, and plant will wither away to ask. Like they never existed. I can pull the energy out of the core of the Earth and send it through an army. Kill every last soldier in in the blink of an eye. They built me to be a weapon of war. I'm living weapon of mass destruction and I hate it. I didn't ask for this. I didn't want this. I just want to live a normal life. People think we wanted to become Wizards. The Guild built us. And now they are trying to erase their mistake, by killing us off. Finderu is a hypocrite. He's a Wizard too. They built him, just like they built me. But he's nowhere near as powerful as I am. No one is. No one even comes close to me. THAT'S why I'm punished. Not for the murder of my wife and children. Finderu doesn't care about that. I love the power. He likes being a Wizard. And he hates that he's not at my level. He's all the Wizards more powerful than him, so he can be the most powerful Wizard in the world. Power is all he cares about. I'll never have peace while he's alive."

"Is that why you are here? To kill Finderu?"

"Yes. He's the Jarl of this region. I'm here looking for him."

"You very emotional. I've never seen an Elf with some much emotion."

"They tortured us. At night we slept chained in prison cells. My own family sold me to the Di'Jinn and do you know why? Because I witnessed my mother's murder. My father, murdered my mother. And he hid it. He hid it from the hive mind! I was only 9 years old. I saw him do it. He was going to kill me too, but my uncle stopped him and sold me to the Di'Jinn. I was raised by Demons, not Elves.  Demons do not hide their emotions. I never learned to hide my emotions. The Di'Jinn are all Demons. Except me. I'm the only non-Demon to live through the rigors of Di'Jinn training. And I surpassed them. I surpassed them all and now I am more powerful than all of them, and for what? It matters for nothing. I am alone. I have no one. I never wanted to be a Wizard. I never wanted to be a King. Both these things were forced on me. BoomFuzzy is dead and I am shunned and hated by all. We cry. We laugh. We feel joy and sadness. Only those raised in the hive mind unit show no emotions. They are taught not to. Emotions disrupt the hive mind. But I'm not part of the hive mind, am I? I was never welcomed into the hive mind. I was never taught not to shed tears."   

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." 

"No one does. And no one cares enough to find out. Too quick to judge. So quick to condemn me before getting to know me. I'm tired of being judged. I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of being alive."

"You are very lonely."

"Yes. I've been alone too long. I know this. One does not have to remind me."

"When was the last time you sat down like this and talked with some one?"

"Decades. Centuries. I don't know. I've lost track of time. Nothing matters anymore. BoomFuzzy is dead and I am alone."

"You can't stay here. The Guild's Witch Hunters are active in this area. If they came here and searched our home. Found a Wizard here... they'd board up the doors, and burn us alive in own home."

"I know what The Guild does. It's why I am here. I'm looking for Finderu. He must be stopped."

"How can one stop The Guild? They're killing mages and witches up and down the coast. They've taken over the government. They ARE the government now."

"One stops a killer, by killing him. I will find Finderu and kill him. This madness must stop. Were it not for The Guild's religion craze magic hating hysteria, fear mongers wouldn't be killing off the so-called magical beings. Dragons and Unicorns are nearly extinct. There's barely a hundred Wizards left on the planet. Faeries have been mass slaughtered. Entire Fae villages burned to the ground. We High Elves have been forced into the mountains. Even you Common Elves are being killed for no reason now."

"Killing Finderu's not the answer. He has too many followers now. You'll make him a martyr. They'll start worshiping him like a Saviour."

"Finderu's a hypocrite. A Faerie Wizard himself. He just doesn't like competition. Do you know why he founded the Guild? To get rid of King Gwallmaiic and Gibedon."

"The Necromancer King and his Necromancer General."

"Yes. Those who knew Gwallmaiic best, called him BoomFuzzy. My BoomFuzzy. He was King Gwallmaiic. Finderu got his wish granted. Gwallmaiic is dead and my heart is broken."

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Volume 2: Kelim and The Necromancer

Quaraun is hunting down the Guild and killing off it's members one by one. Guild leader Finderu is next on his list.

The tiny Pixie Kelim has fallen in love with the Lilac Faerie Ophelia, but Ophelia is in love with some one else and soon to marry him.

News of a wish granting DiJinn Wizard being sighted in the area, sends Kelim looking for a love potion that win Ophelia's heart. Bored with the Pixie's request, Quaraun sends Kelim on his way, but Kelim is persistent and demands the DiJinn grant his wish. Rebuked again by the wizard. Kelim returns a 3rd time desperate to stop Ophelia's wedding.

Obsessed with his plot to kill Finderu, Quaraun only acknowledges Kelim's plight upon discovery that Kelim's believed Ophelia is Finderu's daughter, and in a plot to murder Findaru, Quaraun finally agrees to grant Kelim's wish, but not until Kelim first signs a contract written in blood, agreeing to hand over his first born child to the world's most feared Necromancer.

The one thing Kelim forgot to remember was... never trust a wish granted by a DiJinn, especially not when that Di'Jinn is The Pink Necromancer himself.

A twisted baby murdering retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, this story tells what actually happened, in the bedtime story Quaraun had told to the Phooka in Night of the Screaming Unicorn.

Bandits and Highwaymen In the Night


Doe'Uan and The Lonely Elf

Kelim and The Lilac Fairy

Finding Finderu (this link goes to my DeviantArt account)

Off To See The Swamp Hag

Kelim Meets Quaraun The Insane (this link goes to my DeviantArt account)

Hiring A DiJinn aka The Wish Granting Wizard

The DiJinn's Contract, Written In Blood

A Wish Granted

The Price of Love

Payment Due

Pocket Lich Unleashed: Quaraun Murders Finderu

Did you know...

Quaraun The Insane
The Pink Necromancer
(A Transvestite Moon Elf Wizard)Quaraun The Insane aka The Pink Necromancer (A Transvestite Moon Elf Wizard)

Quaraun was originally the unnamed villain of the Twighlight Manor series, known only as The Grand High Emperor of the Triple Planets, sometimes called The Pink Necromancer, said to be a transvestite Necromancer who built the Twighlight Manor. His massive wardrobe of jeweled pink dresses was carefully locked away in one room of the Manor, by Quaraun's grandson Roderic Swanzen, the main character of The Twighlight Manor series. While it is hinted to that Roderic knows what became of his infamous grandfather, no one is ever able to get Roderic to speak of The Emperor's disappearance and his vanishing after building The Twighlight Manor remains a mystery the series never revealed.

In the Twighlight Manor series Quaraun is portrayed as the evilest person to ever walk the face of the Earth. No one can remember his name, because after The Battle of Ongadada, his name was erased from history.

Yet, in the Twighlight Manor series, people exist, who say the stories about him are untrue, that evil men buried the truth to hide a secret far worse then Ongadada.

The Quaraun Series is the prequel to The Twighlight Manor series and tells the story of the Pink necromancer and the events which would lead up to his building The Twighlight Manor.

Throughout the Quaraun series, Quaraun is treated as the hero and is rarely seen as being evil. This is largely due to his being the primary point of view character of the series. The stories being told from his point of view of the world, means he is not seen as the villain, because he does not think himself evil. The Quaraun series is told from the perspective of a supervillain (Quaraun), who does not think of himself as evil or villainous.

Kelim and The Necromancer is one of the few stories in the series to show Quaraun as a villain. A story which shows the dark nature of the Necromancer and how far he is willing to go, to get revenge on the people who killed his lover.

You can find out more about The Pink Necromancer here.

Who is Pocket Lich?

Quaraun is hailed as "the world's most powerful wizard" partly because he is one of the few people to have ever killed a dragon. However, he had not set out to kill said dragon and her death was an unfortunate side effect of a spell gone wrong.

Distraught at having taken the life of an innocent peaceful creature, Quaraun resurrected the dragon, turning her into a Lich. She immediately set out the slaughtering villages.

Realizing the error of creating a DracoLich, but finding himself unable to kill her again, he instead creates a new world, a dragon's paradise, which exists inside a tiny green bottle that he carries in his pocket.

With his pet dragon safely locked away in her bottle, Humans forgot about the horrifying beast a DracoLich truly is or how dangerous a Necromancer with a Lich at his command actually is. Though mentioned in nearly every story, she rarely makes an on page appearance.

She was named Pocket Lich by Unicorn, another of Quaraun's Liches.

Originally a fire-breathing Black Dragon, Pocket Lich is now an undead ice-breathing Frost Lich Zombie Dragon.

Kelim and The Necromancer is the first and one of the few volumes in the series to actually show Pocket Lich. She is also seen in Summoner of Darkness, Captain Quirk and the Pirate Ship Rent-A-Prize, The Dragons of Ongadada, The Battle of Ongadada, and The Phooka of the Thousand Deaths.

Pocket Lich is seen on the covers of Friends Are Forever and The Dragons of Ongadada:

Where's Unicorn?

Unicorn is NOT in Kelim and the Necromancer.

Evil Necromancer Quaraun, is almost never seen without his trusty Lich, BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, by his side. Kelim and the Necromancer is one of the few stories that does not feature Unicorn.

This story is set after BoomFuzzy's death (1158) and before Quaraun finds Unicorn at The Screaming Unicorn Inn (1458) during the 300 year period he wandered alone, hunting down The Guild and slaughtering it's members.

This volume features the murder of Guild leader Findaru.

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