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Creating Character Profiles
| Meet The Characters | 
Who Is BoomFuzzy the Unicorn?
King Gwallmaiic, The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley


How To Write A Viciously Vindictive, Excessively Violent Seme, for Your Seme-Uke Yaoi

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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EelKat's character creating/world building Squidoo lens series returns...

Years ago, I had a Squidoo lens article titled "Creating Character Profiles" ( which was a list of questions to ask your characters to help you flesh them out. Many readers have requested its return, (Squidoo went offline in 2013 and a month later a crazed psycho showed up at Southern Maine Community College and tried to kill me leaving me paralyzed for 5 months and relearning to walk for 18 month, thus why the page went offline and I was unable to put it back online) and as I was getting ready to bring it back, it occurred to me that better then just a list of questions, why not I actually SHOW you how I take that list of questions and use it to build my characters?

And so, I'm creating this series of pages, each one featuring a different character, with the same questions being answered.

At the end of the profile, you will find the list of questions, which you can use for your own characters.

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Eye of the GrigoriIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the destruction of my farm, and the illegal selling of half of my land to Colliard, you shall lose your land.
tent2.JPGIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my being homeless since 2006 - YES, I AM still homeless in 2023, you shall become homeless.
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If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death.

Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

Are you an evil man?

Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322

NOTE: This character is the Seme of a Seme-Uke BDSM CBT Yaoi relationship.
Reader discretion is advised.

English translation:
Yaoi = a gay couple
BDSM = Bondage, Domination, Slave, Master, Sadism, Masochism
CBT = Cock & Ball Torture
Seme-Uke = Stockholm Syndrome Rape Fantasy Relationship
Seme = A Violent, Vindictive, Dominate Rapist
Uke = Timid, Submissive, Willing Rape Victim Who Becomes Their Attacker's Lover


This article deals with the topic of creating a rapist character.

Who Is BoomFuzzy the Unicorn?

(NOTE: If the question contains a link, such as this first question here does, the link goes to the source of who asked the question, and leaves to go to another site.)

What made your villain the way they are? What's the root of your villain's villainy? Is it love? Envy? Anger over some past injustice? What are they fighting for on a personal level?

What made your villain the way they are?

Species: Faerie

Race: Phooka

His people are not particularly "family oriented" and have very survival of the fittest belief system. If you fall behind, you get left behind. No one would waste time on a frail, weak, sickly runt who couldn't keep up. Not even the mother of a small child, should her child fall ill.

They were hunters who followed the herd with the seasons. So one year, when winter came and the herd moved on, they went with it. He, at the time was a small child, about 5 or so years old, and had fallen ill. As the tribe moved onward, he had trouble keeping up and fell behind. Before long they were far ahead. By nightfall they were out of sight. He wandered for days trying to catch up with them, but snow covered their tracks and he soon got lost. Already sick, the cold made him sicker. He spent the winter surviving on anything he could find. Between poor health, frigid cold, and near starvation he barely survived the winter. He came across a dead Elf, and survived the winter, by eating it's flesh.


He wandered aimlessly, growing up a wild feral child. Already a type of Dark Trickster Fae known for their cruel brutal nature, he grew up darker, crueler, and more vicious than normal. With no social skills, and living like a wild animal, he became a predator, hunting anything that moved to survive. Unlike others of his, now lost tribe, he did not hunt with weapons, but instead with his long sharp claws. The taste of that first Elf long ago, filled him with lust for more Elf blood. Like a wild, rabid animal he attacked Elves and tore them to shreds, eating them, often while they were still alive. Thus he became known as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley.

That his mother abandoned him, ever lurked in his mind, filling him with anguish and hate. Unloved. Unwanted. Cast out. Abandoned. Left behind. Left to die. These thoughts burned in his mind over and over again. As an adult he found it difficult to form relationships. A creature with sharp fangs and deadly talons, he was quick to rip out the throat of any lover who dared abandon him.

He grew to hate women. His mother abandoned him. His lovers abandoned him. In his mind women were vile evil, heartless beasts incapable of love. His desire to be loved pushed him onward in search of a mate, but his fierce, violent ways kept women running from him. The more women who refused him, the more hatred filled his heart. The loss of hope, the depths of desire, the belief that no one could ever love him, finally overcame him, driving him to suicide via a Lich making spell, that turned him into an undead beast, that would rise up and lash out at everyone, everywhere, because all he wanted was to be accepted and loved and all he was ever meet with was fear, loathing, and hate.

What is his full name?

No one knows his real name, not even him. Gwallmaiic is a name that was given to him by a Welsh Human boy, whom he refers to as "my boy".

BoomFuzzy is a name he used when pretending to be an Elf.

Unicorn is a nickname Quaraun gave him, when Quaraun found out that the Phooka's true form was that of a unicorn.

Antares was a name given to him Al-Keeme. 

How did his parents decide on his name?

Unicorn is of mixed race. His father is a Phooka (a type of Faerie) from the Jale tribe of Sepik River Valley in Papua New Guinea, his mother is half Japanese/half Polynesian Aswang (a type of Demon). However he identifies as Scottish and his name is: Gwallmaiic.

Gwallmaiic is a Gaelic name. His family traveled across the world hunting Humans. When he was about 5 years old, one particularly harsh winter, the sick boy was unable to keep up with the tribe when they moved on. He fell behind and was left for dead. Left behind in Scotland, where he remained, and lived among the Scottish humans, taking a Scottish name and adopting their culture.

How old is he?

In 1458, Unicorn tells Quaraun that he was over 2,000 years old at his time of death, which occurred in 938.

What is he?

Gwallmaiic is a Phooka.

  • Who do your world's people speak of in hushed whispers, afraid that they'll somehow overhear them? I ask you:
  • Who are the most feared people in your world? Where does their reputation come from?

King Gwallmaiic: The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley; Necromancer King of the Faeries; Leader of the Lich Lords

A 2,000 year old Faerie, whose father was a Phooka and mother was an Aswang.

A Phooka: A Scottish Trickster Fae. Phookas are the single most feared, most dangerous, and most bloodthirsty of all the Fae - they are born in the form of swamp dwelling black furred Shetland Ponies with gleaming silver horns, long talons instead of hooves, and sharp fangs, but can shapeshift into any form. As tricksters, they delight in playing pranks and practical jokes. Their jokes can range from mildly annoying to downright deadly. They find Spanish Inquisition style torture to be hilariously fun and can keep their victims alive for many agonizing weeks.


Phookas delight in pretending to be sweet innocent injured ponies, then when someone stops to help them, they turn back to there little demonic pony true form, viciously stab the person to dead with their horn, trapple their entrails under their feet to feel the blood swishing through their toes, the eat the person, saving the skull which they skewer onto their horn and wear like a crown on their heads.

Most Phooka eat Humans, but a few prefer Elves and are known as The Elf Eaters. Being one of the many a types of horned Faerie horses, they are sometime referred to as "Evil Little Unicorns"

They refer to themselves as Phookas. Humans, however have a great many different names for the Phookas depending upon the region in which they live. Phookas can be found in most countries of the world and are also known as (depending on the culture describing them): Black Dog, Black Shuck, Bogart, the Bogeyman/Bogeymen, Boggard, Boggart, Boggle, Boggle Boo, Bogie, Bogle, Boo, Bogyman, Bucca, Bucca Dhu, Bucca-Boo, Buckie, Bug-a-Boo, Bugabo, BugBear, Chupacabra, Demon, Kelpie, Kelpy, Loki, Nursery Bogie, Pooka, Puc, Puck, Puk, Puka, Pukis, Pukje, Puuk, Pwck, Raven, Shuck, Thunderbird (Slender Man is an example of Phookas in modern creepy pastas).

Phookas are very vengeful creatures. They become extremely dangerous when offended, hurt, or angered. It is best to never get a Phooka mad at you as they can literally, physically turn themselves into your worst nightmare than take up residence under our bed or in your closet and torment you each night. (Remember the Bogart in the Harry Potter series? Same thing.)


Phookas can take any form. Common forms they take include: horses, ponies, eagles, vultures, rocs, rooks, wolves, panthers, jaguars, goats, bulls, and most any black bird or animal. Beware of black animals that appear unusually wild-looking, shaggy, are not native to the area, or are abnormally larger than they should be. Chances are they are really a Phooka in disguise. Due to their shape shifting ability that can change their coloring to blend in with their surrounding, thus seeming to render themselves invisible. Some Phookas, though not all, are able to breath fire or set fire to things at will. Any animals that suddenly breaths fire, is likely to be a Phooka in disguise.

One meaning of the word Phooka is: imaginary or invisible friend. This being due to the fact that it is not uncommon for them to develop a strange loyalty to a single human being, becoming that human’s friend and guardian, but only revealing them self to that one human and remain “invisible” to all other humans. They often live in an object owned by said being, such as a trunk or toy or or under the bed. A.A.Milne's Winnie the Pooh, in the books, was a Phooka that had taken up residence in a sick boy's teddy bear (quite different from the Disney version of Pooh Bear.)

If a child has an "imaginary friend" do not force the child to ignore it as that will anger the Phooka and the parents will soon die a horrible, bloody death. The Phooka will remain with the child it's entire life, protecting it fiercely, and upon that person's death, the Phooka will take up residence at the grave (becoming a Ghoul) or in the house (becoming a Poltergeist). Commonly mistaken for being the Ghost of the dead child (Ghosts are not real) it is actually the Phooka "becoming" the dead child after the child's death and protecting the child's territory from others, thus why the only way to "cure" a haunted house or grave is to bring in a priest training in dealing with demonic possession and exorcisms.

NB-Quaraun-BoomFuzzy-summer-screenshot4.pngThough Quaraun, at 5'6" is one of the shortest male characters in the series, BoomFuzzy, standing at only 5'1" IS the shortest male character of the series. This figurine was made to scale and shows them at their correct height comparison to one another.

An Aswang: Aswangs are vicious blood sucking almost demonic shapeshifting Faeries from South Asia. Somewhat like a cross between a vampire, a succubus, and a boggy, these nightmarish creatures, delight in killing Human children and eating babies. They sneak into bedrooms and wait in closet or under beds, for the children to fall asleep, then snatch them from their beds. They leave carved wooden baby dolls in the place of the child they took. During the day, Aswangs take the form of regular "Human" townspeople. As regular townspeople, they are quiet, shy and elusive. At night, they transform into creatures such as a bat, bird (usually a crow), wild boar, black cat, or most often, a big black dog. They have glowing red eyes. Frequently they will kill the village's mid-wife, eat her body, then take on her form so that no one in the village knows the mid-wife is dead. This position then allows them to know who all the pregnant women in the village are. They will often kill the women, by ripping out their fetus and eating it along with the mother's entrails. Aswangs are considered the second most horrible and the second most feared of all Fae, after the Phooka.

For some unknown reason all Aswangs are female and breed with Phookas, likewise all Phookas are male and breed with Aswangs - Faeries are strange in this way, that they are able to be born always male or always female. Technically Phookas and Aswangs are the same thing, with the males having one name and the females having another.

King Gwallmaiic is what is known as a "wild" or "feral" Phooka. Meaning he is far more deadly and much more dangerous than a normal Phooka. He leads an army of deranged Dark Fae, that marches across the planet, viciously slaughtering and eating any one in their path. His army (when they were alive) were known as Daoine Sìth or just The Sidhe for short. After their deaths and resurrection, they became known as The Wild Hunt.

Gwallmaiic is known for his shark like blood frenzies, and piranha like ability to reduce a person to bones n under 8 minutes. He is a vicious monster in the truest sense of the word monster. He is not a man who "acts like a monster", but rather is an actual, monster.

In the final years of his life, he grew ill, his joints arthritic and muscles weak, his eyes silvered with blindness. Due to an inability to see his prey to catch them, he slowly began to starve to death.


The final year of his life he was living in agony, starvation having reduced the once feared beast to a crippled skeletal pony, that now truly was the injured little pony he had long pretended to be when catching prey.

He commit suicide in a Lich making ritual, and rose from the dead as a beast 10 times more deadly then he had been in life. He hired a Necromancer to murder his army and resurrect them as Liches.

Now the leader of an army of Liches. King Gwallmaiic continues his reign of terror. But now, there is no stopping him. Human armies have fought against the Lich lord and won, only to find that the Lich automatically resurrects after each death, coming back more powerful then the time before.

They are known as The Wild Hunt, an army of undead skeletal Frost Liches that bring frozen death to everything they touch.

How tall are he?

Unicorn is the shortest of the primary characters. He is 5' 1" tall in his humanoid form.

His true form is a Shetland pony, described as being the size of a goat.

What color is his hair?

His fur is black.

When taking a Humanoid form he can look like anything or anyone he wants.

As King Gwallmaiic his hais is black.

As BoomFuzzy his hair is white.

As Unicorn his hair is a mix of gray and purple.

No matter what form he is in, horse, Human, Elf, or something else, and no matter the colour, his hair is always dreadlocs.

What color are his eyes?

Gwallmaiic's eyes are distinctive. They are solid black, with no whites.

Does he have any distinctive physical features or deformities?

Gwallmaiic has two penises.

There are multiple reasons given for this, but it is generally assumed that he wasn't born this way.

Does he have any medical problems, diseases, injuries?

Gwallmaiic is blind.

Few people are aware of the fact that the ancient beast is blind as he is good at hiding it.

Where was he born?

The series never says where Gwallmaiic was born. While his parents are not Scottish, he himself identifies as Scottish and has lived in Scotland since early childhood. It is assumed he was born in Scotland and remained there until old age.

Where did he grow up?

Scotland. As do most Fae.

How did it shape him?

A Villainous Mage: King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn.

The ACTUAL villain of The Quaraun series: The Pink Necromancer: The Adventures of Quaraun The Insane aka The Twighlight Manor Series.

There was a point in time, in the history of my world, where there was in fact one "world government" type of situations, but it was a dictatorship, ruled by a deranged madman/serial killer/warlord who crowned himself king of the world, after he and his private army of gangster-thugs, systematically went from country to country and killed every king/prime minister/president/etc of each country, then put on of his generals in control of said country, while he and the rest of his army moved on to kill the next leader.


King Gwallmaiic is a shape-shifting Phooka, who as a child developed a taste for Elf flesh and grew up to become a warlord who decimated Elf villages.

Not a part of an Royal Family, Gwallmaiic made his way across Vesonta slaughtering and eating every Royal Family of every region of the Realm of Fae, until there were no kings, queens, princes, or princesses left alive.

Once all royals were dead, Gwallmaiic crowned himself King of Fae and ruled the Realm of Fae for two thousand years, in a brutal, bloody reign of terror.

During his rule, King Gwallmaiic brought the entire Elf population to the brink of extinction. Once the primary race and dominate species of Planet Vesonta, Elves went from millions of citizens to only a few hundred survivors, during King Gwallmaiic's reign.

Gwallmaiic ruled the world from a teleporting volcano known as Fire Mountain. The mountain and it's surrounding valley Pepper Valley, could be moved to any location on the planet, appearing instantly without warning, unleashing Gwallmaiic's army on unsuspecting villages.

While it would seem impossible for one man to march his little band of a few dozen misfit across the planet and one by one kill every ruler on the planet, one has to take into consideration that King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, was in fact a shape-shifting Faerie, whose natural/biological/true form, is NOT that of a man, but rather that of a little cute miniature horse aka a Shetland pony.

If you don't know what a Shetland pony is, King Gwallmaiic looks like this:

And if you don't know how tiny a Shetland Pony is, this is a smallest breed of horse, which stands knee high to a CHILD - not an adult person, but a child person, as seen here:

and here:

Literally, goats, sheep, and golden retrievers tower tall over these little teeny, tiny, miniature horses.

King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, is a cute, fluffy, shaggy little, teeny, tiny, itty-bitty, innocents looking black Shetland Pony. The type of creature, that you look at and go "Awwwwwh soooo cuuuute! Can I keep it? Please mommy, please?"

But, he also has a monster form, that is very Krampus-like, and looks a lot like this:

QS-Quaraun-Riding-BoomFuzzy2-screenshot-6.pngBoomFuzzy The Unicorn, as he looks when Quaraun addresses him as "Unicorn" instead of as "BoomFuzzy"

So, you have the cute little pony, who comes trotting up into your garden, and the royal family will run over and pet it, because it looks like an innocent little pony, but then all of a sudden it turns into a sharp fanged, long taloned monster and rips the family apart and BOOM instant the king and his entire family is dead, without any actual war or invasion, and it happens in their backyard, and the pony and galloped off back into the forest long before anyone in the castle even realizes the king is dead.

And this is how King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, was able to just walk his way across the globe, one by one killing off every ruler or every country...

BUT... it gets worse...

Phookas are shape-shifters, they can look like anything or anyone...

So, after killing the royal family, he then ate them, and had some of his Phookan army, stay behind, shape-shifted to look like the royal family... so no one in the kingdom even realized the king and his family was dead, because they seemed to still be there.

After killing every royal family this way, and leaving shape-shifter stand-ins in their place, King Gwallmaiic, was able to suddenly, all at once, in one single day, just announced: "I'm the King of the entire planet." At which point all the stand-ins reverted to their true forms (Shetland ponies) revealing that the kings and queens and presidents and czars, etc, of every country, had all been dead for months.

In essence, King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, took over the entire planet via very sneaky infiltration and "pod-people" style replacement of royal families, until he'd killed every royal family, and had control of every government on the planet.

But, by leaving his Phooka thugs in each royal home, he also had minions on the inside of each government, and so no government was able to fit back when it was finally revealed that King Gwallmaiic had control.

But, it also wasn't just royal families. BoomFuzzy also took out noble families, lower level government leaders (people like town managers, mayor, army generals, governors, dukes, etc.) He killed and infiltrated every level of every government, from country levels to village levels.

z3-QS-The-Pink-Necromancer-BoomFuzzy-Lich-King-screenshot.pngBoomFuzzy's Frost Lich form

Keeping in mind that this is a Faerie who has a lifespan that is nearly immortal, and he spent well over a hundred years doing this, before he finally killed them all and left replacements. And then, after he revealed what he had done, King Gwallmaiic aka BoomFuzzy, maintains full global control of the entire planet for a full two thousand years, before he finally got bored with playing King, ruling the world, and just one day abandoned his one world government throne to become a candy maker, move to the North Pole and build a giant gingerbread city for Santa Claus. Did I mention BoomFuzzy had a Krampus form? Yep.

Anyway...King Gwallmaiic aka The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, is a Phooka, and in his natural-true form is a small shaggy black pony the size of a goat, with a single gleaming silver horn, and sharp eagle's talon-like hooves, and sharp long fangs. He lives in brackish water swamps, sometimes sprouts huge black feathered wings, and like a Nuckelavee often appears with a demonic-skeletal human rider on his back, which is actually attached to and part of him. He pretends to be lame to attracts humans to try to catch him, but when they get near, he grans them with his fangs and drags them into the swamp, drowning them, then eats their flesh, and afterward grinds their bones into bone-meal flour which he then uses to bake magical Faerie gingerbread, that he uses to build his gingerbread house out of, which he then lives in, while in his human-form, and uses to attract Elf children, which he also eats.

Known as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, the Phookan Lich Unicorn named BoomFuzzy is the most feared nightmare fuel monster of the world. He is also the most used horse in the novels and short stories, including he is the primary lover of the main character, Elf Necromancer and Silk Merchant, Quaraun.

BoomFuzzy in his horse form, acts as Quaraun's horse (to ride for travel) as well as the horse which is often harnessed to FarDarrig's Vardo (covered wagon) and the Silver Coach... but, before he was Quaraun's lover he was once the Faerie King whom had sadisticly ruled the entire planet for two thousand years, after systematically killing and eating every royal family on the planet.

In old age, King Gwallmaiic became obsessed with immortality, and the pursuit of becoming a Lich. He abandoned his Kingdom to become a Necromancer and seek out a spell to turn himself into a lich.

During his Necromancer years, Gwallmaiic met and fell in love with a Moon Elf named Quaraun. Quaraun became Gwallmaiic's apprentice, learning Necromancy from King Gwallmaiic.


While the two were living together, Gwallmaiic became possessed by a Jinn named BoomFuzzy, whom was also in love with Quaraun. Too weak from old age to fight off the Jinn, Gwallmaiic as BoomFuzzy, became a chef and candy maker.

Quaraun and BoomFuzzy lived together in a gingerbread house for thirty years.

Wounded by rival Necromancer Gibedon, the dying BoomFuzzy commit suicide.

Devastated by the death of his lover, Quaraun took up Gwallmaiic's work of developing a Lich spell, and on the 100th anniversary of BoomFuzzy's death, Quaraun resurrected BoomFuzzy as a Lich Unicorn, also resurrecting twelve other Necromancers creating the Thirteen Lich Lords.

Unknown to Quaraun, the Lich Spell was absorbed by the planet itself, resulting in ALL dead being restricted as various undead creates. All dead, included not just people, but animals, plants, and even things like wooden tables (dead trees).

Dubbed The Pink Necromancer due to his always wearing pink silk robes, Quaraun, became public enemy number one, as a result of his resurrection spell gone wrong.

Created by The Pink Necromancer, the zombie apocalypse resulted in the death of 21billion people, leaving only 7million survivors.

BoomFuzzy is a ghost. Specifically, he is a Lich.

His presence causes those around him to experience intense hallucinations and vivid nightmares. He takes perverse pleasure in torturing the minds of those easily frightened.

He gives off a frigid cold aura, and possesses the ability to suck warmth out of the living who encounter him. His kiss is a literal kiss of death which draws all heat out of the living ingredients, leaving them a Frost coated corpse.


In his current state, he is three separate beings all living in one body.

The Jinn called BoomFuzzy is the strongest of the trio, and thus is the dominant entity and the one whom usually speaks.

The Jinn in its true form is a clear, jelly blob. It possesses no ability of speech in its jellied form, and uses telepathy to communicate. The Jinn is capable of absorbing into any physical object and taking control of it, bringing it to life.

When a Jinn takes possession of living beings they are known as Genies and are able to speak using their host's vocal cords.

When a Jinn takes possession of an inanimate object, they are known as Mimics, and are known to "bring to life" objects such as tables and chairs.

The Jinn known as BoomFuzzy frequently possesses both people and animals, as well as inanimate objects. He has lived in swords leading to rumors of cursed or singing swords, and lived in treasure chests, turning them into tooth filled monsters that eat adventurers.

BoomFuzzy took possession of King Gwallmaiic's ruby hilted obsidian blade dagger, leading to the rumor that it was cursed.

BoomFuzzy also took possession of King Gwallmaiic's map, and is the one who draws the purple crayon paths telling whomever holds the map, where to go.

When King Gwallmaiic was mortality wounded and dying in the Desert of the Di'Jinn Priests, BoomFuzzy took possession of his body. With the dying king, too weak to fight back, BoomFuzzy disbanded the King's army, abandoned the King's kingdom, became a candy chef, and ran lustfully after the Moon Elf wizard named Quaraun, with a goal of nothing but seducing him.


BoomFuzzy had tried for decades to seduce Quaraun, via possessing many different people but Quaraun, being asexual never showed interest in anyone male or female.

Quaraun however had a hair fetish, growing his own hair to twelve feet long, and lasting after anyone with a beautiful head of long hair.

Quaraun and King Gwallmaiic were both members of the same Wizarding guild and so met briefly, when Quaraun was still a teenager. King Gwallmaiic had a naturally frizzy, coilly, Afro, which he had trained into thirty knee length dreadlocks, that he decorated with purple yarn and purple ribbons. Quaraun fell in love with King Gwallmaiic's hair, but King Gwallmaiic never took notice of the Elf who loved him.

When BoomFuzzy discovered Quaraun's lust for King Gwallmaiic, BoomFuzzy took to following the Faerie King waiting for the king to become injured and weak, so that BoomFuzzy could possess him and take over his body.

Once BoomFuzzy had control of the evil Faerie King's body, BoomFuzzy set out to seducing Quaraun, knowing full well that Quaraun lusted after King Gwallmaiic.

Thus how Quaraun, an Elf, became the lover of King Gwallmaiic, The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley.

BoomFuzzy was forced out of The Elf Eater's body when King Gwallmaiic commit suicide.

Quaraun recognized what had happened and captured King Gwallmaiic's soul in a Genie bottle, while miniaturizing the dead King's body and freezing it in a different Genie bottle. Quaraun cast a spell, binding BoomFuzzy's spirit to King Gwallmaiic's soul, resulting in the creation of the incorporeal Wraith, which would haunt Quaraun for the next three hundred years.

King Gwallmaiic's body acted as a Lich’s Phylactery, and was kept hidden by Quaraun. Destroying the dead King's body would break the spell and destroy the Lich.

Quaraun feared losing his now undead lover, so set out in search of a living being, in whom he could put the Lich, thus creating a corporal Lich.


Quaraun eventually crossed paths with King Gwallmaiic's grandson, Esmerald BlackBird Muddsburge. BlackBird was blind, and dying from starvation. BoomFuzzy immediately recognized this as the ideal body to possess as BlackBird looked nearly identical to King Gwallmaiic, including having the massive dreadlocks.

Quaraun created an ice sculpture of a Unicorn, then cast a spell putting BoomFuzzy's spirit and King Gwallmaiic's soul into the ice sculpture. He next cast a spell, binding BlackBird soul to the sculpture.

When the ice statue melted, the two disembodied beings were locked inside of BlackBird, fusing BlackBird, BoomFuzzy, and King Gwallmaiic all into one physical body.

This amalgamation of the three, took time calling itself Unicorn, though it answered to the names BoomFuzzy, BlackBird, and Gwallmaiic as well.

The Lich, which in life was King Gwallmaiic, is the most magically powerful of the trio, and is the one who causes the most violence, death, and devastation.

The Lich answered to the title The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley and, could be summoned to the surface, by Quaraun when he was in danger. The Lich possess a Frost breath, which it uses to raze villages, instantly killing everyone. The frost, days later, solidifies into deadly blue quartzite crystals, which grow and spread, and kill via crystallization everything it comes into contact with.

Known as The Crystal Plague, this fast spreading blue quartzite infested and completely destroyed the planet which is now called Planet Crhystonia.


The entire planet transformed into blue crystal, and all animals, plants, and people turned into silica based life forms. Living opal crystals in the form of men and beasts.

It is because of The Crystal Plague that The Lich was hunted down and eventual locked away in White Rock Asylum For The Criminally Insane. The 3 beings separated from one another, and Quaraun himself imprisoned in White Rock's Inner Sanctum.

My setting is heavily influenced by Dark Crystal and Labyrinth and Brother's Grim Fairy Tales, especially Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, The Juniper Tree, and BabaYaga, so a psychotic, bloody-thirsty, sadistic, shape-shifting Faerie Horse taking over the world and forming a one world dictatorship that mass slaughtered anyone who tried to protest his rule, is logical and plausible, due to the type of GrimDark Fairy Tale setting it is over all... and it may not work if you were trying to do a more realistic setting and dealing with the need for things like a war between countries in order for the take over to happen.

How exactly would a World Government work?

As for how it actually worked, after he had gained control, how he maintained control for two thousand years... he was an immensely powerful (magically) Faerie, and had the view that all creatures who were not Faeries (including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc) were nothing but mindless livestock.

In short BoomFuzzy looked at Humans the way Humans look at cows: tasty on burgers and slathered with ketchup.

All governments were completely disbanded and the entire planet was reduced into a chaotic, "Faerie Playground" with evil, demonic, trickster Fae just enslaving everyone and turning the entire of civilization and society upside-down.

He didn't give a shit about "lesser beings" and viewed Humans simply as a food source beast of burden to be herded into cages, to be slaughtered and ground into burgers.

QS-Quaraun-Riding-BoomFuzzy-2screenshot13.pngBoomFuzzy in his Unicorn form

Keep in mind, BoomFuzzy is also renowned as being the world's greatest chef... and was known for throwing massive feasts in the Faerie Court, just for the sole purpose of having an excuse to cook...


...the entire REASON he took over the planet and crowned himself King of the World, was simply so that he could herd humans into meat factories, so he had enough meat to cook for his huge Faerie Court Feasts.

So... basically, it was Faeries looking at Humans and going: "Mmmmm, tasty!" then turning the planet into a massive farm of enslaved Human-livestock, so feed the Faerie population.

Soooo... it wasn't exactly like he took over the governments because he wanted the typical power of controlling the world, as a human dictator would do, rather instead, it was, he was no different from a beef farmer who was just amassing a monopoly on livestock so he could feed his people, because, at the start of all of this, there was a massive famine and Faeries were all starving to death, and initially he started taking out royal families as a way to provide food to his starving people.

Anyways, yeah. Very Brother's Grimm, blood-guts-and-gore type of world here, and the one world government was basically "Psychotic super villain Joker/Lex Luther/Dr Evil takes over the world and there was no SuperMans or BatMans or Austin Powers around to stop him".

My answers/posts to the challenges:


What mood is he usually in?

Alone with his family, Gwallmaiic is generally in a chipper, happy mood. He greatly enjoys being with Quaraun and GhoulSpawn and is content to never have contact with anyone else.


When settled in one place and alone with Quaraun and GhoulSpawn, Unicorn is at his happiest and most peaceful.

When travelling, Unicorn becomes more alert and tense, always looking for danger. While Quaraun and GhoulSpawn are both very powerful wizards, magic is not something that can be relied upon in combat, and both wizards are without any knowledge or training in how to fight. Both of his Elves are, just Elves - weak, frail, small, peaceful creatures, with no real ability to defend themselves.

Because Elves are physically smaller and weaker then just about everything and everyone, Unicorn becomes on edge and always ready to attack whenever the trio is travelling through populated areas. The larger the city, the more defensive and highly agitated Unicorn becomes.He will not allow anyone to touch either Elf and will attack first and think later if someone's movements feel threatening.

Travelling through populated areas stresses Unicorn out, because he sees both Quaraun and GhoulSpawn as being too trusting of strangers. Quaraun is a highly sociable creature and tends to talk to everyone he meets. He never thinks anyone is going to hurt him, which results in him often getting hurt.

NB-GhoulSpawn-Quaraun-beach-screenshot.pngGhoulSpawn at 6'2" tall is much, much taller then the tiny 5'1" tall Phooka, BoomFuzzy. Both GhoulSpawn and BoomFuzzy are noted for having long fluffy tails and hooved feet.

Quaraun carries a lot of gold coins in his purse, can not count, is quick to pay everyone in multiple gold coins even though just one coin is more money than was needed, wears an obscene amount of exorbitantly expensive jewelry, and dresses in very expensive beaded silks. He has little understanding of Human ways and can not comprehend greed. This makes him an easy target for thieves, bandits, and highwaymen. Because Quaraun is constantly being attacked by greedy, thieving Humans, Unicorn is constantly on the defensive when the group is in Human territory.

Humans tend to dislike non-Humans, so the trio are often teased harassed, and bullied by Humans, just for being non-Human. This also results in Unicorn always being on edge and ready to punch out anyone who approaches them.

Though a peaceful creature when left alone, any disruption in the balance of harmony, triggers Unicorn to immediately become fierce and deadly.

Most outsiders see him has a bitter, angry monster who's always ready to rip heads off. This is because outsiders have disrupted the peace and harmony of his contented family unit and he hates this.

Gwallmaiic is a viscous protector of his family. He has no tolerance at all for any type of intrusion or invasion of his homelife.

How would someone go about gaining his trust?

Very difficulty. As a result of being abandoned by his parents at a young age, Gwallmaiic has a higher than normal lack of trust for anyone. He never learned there were people he could trust.


In the early years of their relationship, Unicorn was betrayed by Quaraun, causing a large rift between them emotionally. Though Quaraun immediately regretted trying to kill the Phooka, and become overly devoted to the monster, Unicorn was several years before he felt comfortable with Quaraun again.

When GhoulSpawn enters the picture, Unicorn immediately does not trust the young half-Elf-Demon and sees him as a threat. Gwallmaiic, being very territorial, becomes incredibly defensive of Quaraun and frequently bullies, teases, and beats GhoulSpawn.

When Quaraun and GhoulSpawn become sexual ative with one another, Unicorn responds by viciously beating up to both of them, nearly killing Quaraun, and severely traumatizing GhoulSpawn. GhoulSpawn develops severe paranoia and PTSD as a result of this event. The nervous half-Elf's mental state deteriorates progressively after that.

Unicorn later regrets having hurt the two Elves and becomes overly protective of both of them. While Quaraun forgives the Phooka almost immediately, it is many years before GhoulSpawn emotionally recovers from the attack.

Realizing how badly he had hurt GhoulSpawn and seeing how distressed this makes Quaraun, Unicorn tries to befriend the half-Elf and starts to include him as part of their family unit. This eventually leads to a very close knit three way relationship between the tree wizards who form a very close knit bond with each other and become inseparable, each of the three wizards become highly protective of the other two.

Quaraun and GhoulSpawn are the only two people Unicorn every learns to fully trust. They are also the only two people he truly loves.

What does he hate to see in others?

Gwallmaiic hates abusive parents with a vengace. 

He hates being reminded of his own parents.

What is his favorite way to spend free time?


He doesn't think very far from his instincts.

He is afterall a horse.

What are his hobbies?



More sex.

As he often says, there's nothing else on his mind but, food and funcking, fucking and food. He's not joking when he says that.

What religion are he and why?

Much to Quaraun's annoyance, Unicorn worship's the Elf's genitals and jokes of starting a religion that erects statues of the Elf's penis for worshiping.

How is his sense of humor? Cheerful, dry, nonexistent?

Gwallmaiic has a sadistic sence of humour. He enjoys ordering his minions to torture Humans to death, while watching in glee.

What are the limits of his comfort zone?

Gwallmaiic does not like people

Is he  comfortable discussing his history? With strangers?

With Quaraun, yes. With GhoulSpawn, somewhat. With strangers, no.

What do he dream about at night? Does he ever have nightmares?

He constantly has nightmares about being abandoned and left behind. It's his greatest fear.

In what environment is he most at ease?

Unicorn prefers deep dark forests and misty swamps. 

Where or what makes him most uncomfortable?

He is uncomfortable in large groups, or even small groups.

Unicorn does not do well in public situations.

He is a very shy, very private person, and prefer to be alone with his family.

Humans especially provoke him.

Does he have a soft spot for anything or any one? Is it obvious?

Quaraun. Unicorn deepl loves Quaraun and will do anything for him.

What would most embarrass him?


What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?

Pretty much the only think he remembers of his childhood is the fact that his parents left him behind when the tribe moved on. He was deeply traumatized by this event and can not get it out of his head. He brings it up often.

Strongest positive personality trait:

His very protective nature.

Strongest negative personality trait:

He is very vindictive. Very violent.


Consideration for others:

Generally not. Overall he's a selfish person who cares nothing for the welfare of others... with the exception of Quaraun and GhoulSpawn, whom he cares about very deeply and is very defensive of.

What are his bad habits?

Drugs, drinking, and getting into fights.

How does he dress and what does it reveal about him?

A horse in his true form, the horse does not wear clothes.

In his various other forms however, each has a very unique and distinctive fashion style.

As half-Elf chef BoomFuzzy, he wears a gingerbread brown cassock, with fluffy white piping, and rows of candy red buttons down the front. 

Most times however, he is wearing black hakama over black and purple shibori kimono, both under a black silk kimono with gold dragons embroidered over a watercolour painting of a red bridge in the forest. Over this he wears a huge fur cloak-cape made out of dozens of pelts patched together.

Gwallmaiic is a Scottish Gypsy and wears the traditional cloths of his people.

As I am a CosPlayer and design not only the costumes, but also the fabric, I can actually show you what the cloth looks like.

The Medieval Scots wore kimono looking silk robes and pointed red shoes and the great kilt has far more in common with the hakama then most people realize.

In around 800s, a group of Jewish, Persian Gypsies settled in Alba and intermarried with the Picts.

Because of this is was not uncommon from 800 to 1400s to see Black-Asian Scotsmen wearing silk kimono under their woolen great kilts, and wraped in fur animal skins.

The Picts often painted their skin with blue and red patterns, were frequently tattooed, had huge ropes of dreadlocs, and practiced the art of shrinking heads, with clan kings often having many heads of their enemies hanging from their belts.

This group would go one to break into 3 groups:

  • The Scottish Gypsies
  • The Tinkers
  • The Scottish Travellers

Medieval Scotland had a very "Native American Indian" lifestyle, with small tribal clans, living in very mobile tent/yurt/tee-pee structures. 

If your Medieval world is Scottish, your character would have worn silk kimono and fur skins, had black skin, sported dreadlocks and tattoos, and lived with with their family in a small tent like structure that could be set up and taken down in minutes, and was only used for sleeping in.

His family would have moved seasonally following herds in winter, and heading for orchard regions in summer. Keeping in mind oranges grow in Scotland and would have been one of the fruit she commonly eats when they were in season.

His family would have been DRAMATICLY different from the rest of Medieval Europe, as they would have been horse breeders, with vast herds of tiny Shetland ponies, and they would have been hunter/gathers, not farmers. 

He would NOT have lived in a castle, though some clans did build small round stone huts with leather skins for the roof for use in winter and migrated to those.

He would NOT have had servants.

Depending on his clan, he might have been well versed in either the Torah or the Koran/Quarn. 

Being half Hebrew (black "Bible" Jew usually on her father's side) he would be seen by most white Kasha Jews as "an Elohem Mongral".

These Persian Hebrews, because their Hebrew fathers had married Persian women, were cast out of Jewish society and no longer recognized as Jewish. For a while they lived with their Muslim "cousins", but were cast out of here too for their refusal to become Muslim. Most of them practiced a form of witchcraft called "Hoodoo". They were known by most people as "The Magi" or "Magicians" and practiced Astrology, divination, Necromancy (channeling the spirits of the dead), and used gemstones for scrying.

They are what is know by most Americans as "the classic Gypsy fortune tellers". They have no relation to the Romania Gypsyes who come from India and Spain.

They left Scotland in around the 1300s to 1400s, staying in Egypt for a few years, where they were called by the Europeans "The Gypsies" which means "the people who live among the Egyptians".

In the 1500s when the Romani arrived in Europe, they were mistakenly refereed to as Gypsies due to the similarities of their dress and culture. However, the Romany are NOT Gypsies and the Gypsies are NOT Romani. The two groups are completely separate cultures/races/ethnicity. 

If your Medieval character is Scottish, he would have been deeply religious, with knowledge in the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran, but would be a devote practitioner of extremely "pagan" witchcraft like spiritual worship. His focus would be not on worshiping a deity, but rather on paying respect to the DiJinn (Persian Faeries) and Faeries (2 very similar types of nature spirits.)

Everything he does, from eating, to milking the cow, would be done by first kneeling to say thank you to the spirits. He will be praying on beads, multiple times every hour of the day. His religious customs would look very "Muslim" to most Christian, though he would not himself identify as Muslim.

As they put no value in material wealth, even the Kings had no houses and lived in tent like structures, the kings being more tribal chiefs then actual kings.

Sadly most novels, movies, TV shows, and games do very little research into ACTUAL medieval Scottish history.

They take a Victorian Scotsman, toss him into a Renaissance Scottish castle and CALL THAT "medieval Scotland".

They completely fail to look at the fact that Scottish Castles were not built in the medieval times, but were built almost a thousand years later in the Renaissance times.

  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) white men did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) red heads did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) tall burly men did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) green eyes did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) kilts did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) plaid tartans did not exist.
  • In Medieval Alba (Scotland) castles dd not exist.

Medieval Scotland was 1 A.D. to 1300.

The Celtics did not invade until 800.

It was 1000 when white men started to become the norm, but then only in the LowLands not in the Highlands.

Movies and novels always set their stories in the 1600s to 1800s Scotland and call THAT "medieval."

What nearly every single novel and movie calls "medieval Scottish Highlands" actually took place a full THOUSAND YEARS AFTER the medieval time period had ended, and has absolutely nothing to do with MEDIEVAL Scotland at all!

A Medieval Scotsman, was short, stocky, chubby, black skinned, brown eyed, had whooly dreadlocs, and wore a combo of silk kimono and hakama with wool capes and furs, tall pointy red hats and long pointy red shoes.

They completely over look the fact that in medieval times Scotland was still known as Alba and it was a wild, savage, unexplored island inhabited by "little men" and "dark savages" aka black skinned pygmies, who usually wore red silks and were known as "FaerDarrigs" by the Welsh and "Leprechauns" by the Irish.

Yes. Real live Leprechauns. "little men who make shoes" is what the word Leprechaun means, and the Persian Hebrew Gypsies were known for making embroidered red silk shoes with curly point toes.

The shoes looked like THIS ---->>>

Those were what medieval Scottish shoes looked like.

A far cry from the black leather Celtic dance shoes most people think of when they think Scottish shoes isn't it?

This is something that really bothers me.

It really bothers me a lot.

In fact it bothers me so much that it ranks as one of the top #1 things that I get upset over.


Look at that style shoe.

It REALLY stands out.

The Celts didn't have shoes like that. It's why they were all:


Irish people, British people, Welsh people, their shoes looked like this:

Look at those shoes.

Those are TYPICAL medieval shoes.

They ain't nothing to write home about.

Every one in medieval times had shoes like that.

But then suddenly you got Catholic Irish folks grabbing their crucifix and begging for God's mercy because freaky little men with red shoes show up. Beware those evil little dark skinned, red coat wearing, makers of the pointy red shoes, for they is black and therefore are demons and the proof in the pudding is those sinful red shoe straight from the belly of hell itself.

(Side note - Leprechauns wearing green is an AMERICAN invention from the 1850s; prior to that they were always said to wear long loose fitting red coats and pointy red shoes.)

And so when this troupe of tiny black skinned, Asian horsemen were found in Scotland wearing shoes like this:

Well they just had to be EVIL! I mean come on: black skin and red shoes? How much more "demonic" could they be, right? We all know how white people think. Anything black or red MUST be evil, so black people dressed in red was a great big, bad double whammy.

And so you had people who were terrified to get near Scotland because it was inhabited by the little evil men, with black skin and red shoes, who were casting magic spells, and riding tiny Shetland ponies, and stole babies, and broke into your house at night to steal food, and steal your blankets, and steal you....

.... ever wonder where, how and why the rumor that Gypsy = Thief got started?


Leprechaun folklore was the tap root source of the Gypsies being wild baby stealing, curse wielding, trickster thieves with dark skin and funny red shoes.

I mean this is the ACTUAL history of medieval Scottish Highlands and white authors, white film directors, they just would rather ignore it completely and white wash Scotland the same way they cheer white power and white wash everything else.

But why of all the cultures to be white washed does this one in particular become the one that is my personal pet peeve?

Because these are MY PEOPLE.

I am a Scottish Gypsy of the Pictish-Persian-Hebrew bloodline. And when white authors and white film directors try to white wash this particular part of history, they are essentially pointing straight at me personally and saying to me:

"You don't deserve to exist, your family history doesn't deserve to be remembered. You are unworthy, so we are going to pretend your people were never here, never real, and we are going to toss these far better big burly, red head white dudes in your place."

THAT is why that pisses me off.

I think my #1 biggest, top pet peeve with "Historical Romances Novels" is when they write "Medieval Highland Romance" and have some big, green eyed red haired white dude in a kilt, carrying blond waif off to his castle. You can not get any more historically INACCURATE then that!

In Medieval Alba (Scotland) white men did not exist. Red heads did not exist. Tall burly men did not exist. Green eyes did not exist. Damns kilts did not exist. Plaids tartans did not exist. Castles dd not exist.

Medieval Scotland was 1 A.D. to 1300.

Movies and novels always set their stories in the 1600s to 1800s Scotland and call THAT "medieval."

What nearly every single novel and movie calls "medieval Scottish Highlands" actually took place a full THOUSAND YEARS AFTER the medieval time period had ended, and has absolutely nothing to do with MEDIEVAL Scotland at all!

A Medieval Scotsman, was short, stocky, chubby, black skinned, brown eyed, had whooly dreadlocs, and wore a combo of silk kimono and hakama with wool capes and furs, tall pointy red hats and long pointy red shoes.

Over time the silk kimono and hakama would evolve into the plaid great kilts and the liegn.

What we know as Scotsmen today, are nothing more them Englishmen who migrated to Scotland in the 1500s and were of no DNA relation to the actual aboriginal native Scotsman (the Picts) of medieval times who cross bred with Persian Jews to create the Gypsy race.

What we know as Scottish Highland Dress today, was invented by the British, in the 1800's and bore no resemblance to Scottish dress in medieval times.

Now granted the Quaraun series is not something you look at and say "Hey! That's historically accurate!"

No. Far from it.

However, one of #1 biggest complaints I get from readers of the series is the fact that:

  • #1: Both main characters are Gypsies but don't "look" like or dress Romani
  • #2: The Scottish King has black skin. 
  • #3: The Scottish King wears silk kimono and silk hakama under his fur pelt capes

I've gotten dozens of emails complaining: "There is no such thing as a black Scotsman" and "Scotland never had a black king" and "Scottish men wear kilts not hakama"

If you don't know what a hakama is, it looks like this and yes we Scottish Gypsies do wear them. I have several of them and wear them under my silk kimono, which yes I also wear, you know, me being an ACTUAL Scottish Gypsy and all, so that would be how I know what our culture really does wear.

Here is what a hakama is --->>>

Much longer and much wider then a kilt, it is essentially the exact same thing, pleated and folded as you tie it to your body.

Traditionally a hakama was a "skirt" and did not have "pant legs". The typical "pant leg" feature you see today became common place in the 1500s.

In medieval times, men wore black hakama, while women wore red ones.

And it is very historically accurate for a medieval Scottish King to be wearing black hakama as King Gwallmaiic aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, does.

The pictures you are looking at right now are historically accurate clothen for a man of medieval Scotland, where lived Asian Gypsies who brought the fashion to Alba (Scotland) with them. The kilt would develop years later as a result of the introduction of a hakama into the region by nomadic Asians.

No. I'm sorry, but this is a MEDIEVAL Scottish King and if you loo at Scotland's MEDIEVAL history, Scotland had multiple black kings in the 1200s to 1300s. The ruling aristocracy of the Highland region of Scotland was black in MEDIEVAL time period. 

No, it was not a large group. Yes, most of them were slaughtered by the white men during the Celtic invasion.

In the 1530s all but a few hundred of these Black Scottish Jews were gathered up and executed. The few hundred that survived were marooned on a itty bitty worthless island that had recently been discovered... it was called America and was thought to be a tiny snow ridden wasteland not even big enough to hold a few hundred people. Which is because they were looking at Nova Scotia and missed seeing the bigger chunk of land behind it.

We intermarried with the Kickapoo Native Americans and today there are about 2,000 of us still alive. Still here on the exact same spot we was marooned on in 1530.

AND if you look at the paintings and statues from the actual medieval era of actual highlands of Scotland (not the low lands where the white British lived), you see black faces and silk robes in every one of them. No white skinned red heads or tartan plaid kilts anywhere.

No, not all of Scotland was black, no it was not a big group, in fact it was a very small minority that only lived in the mountains of the Highlands, no they did not rule of Scotland, but rather these kings were more like small tribal chiefs of little bands of people. But the fact remains Scotsmen FROM THE HIGHLANDS of Medieval times, were black-Asian-Jews, they were very short and the white Celts referred to them as FaerDarrigs and Leprechauns, and considered sightings of these rarely seen little black men to be a very bad omen. They kept to themselves, stayed in the mountains, and rarely associated with any one outside of their own personal group... as we still do today.

A REAL Gypsy Wedding Dress Looks Like This:

Not This:

AND The Gypsies and the Romani are two completely separate and totally different races from different parts of the world, with vastly different cultures.

Gypsies ARE NOT Romani

Romani ARE NOT Gypsies.

And when you meet a real live Gypsy face to face they will always be quick to say "I'm Gypsy not Romani" while likewise every time you meet a real live Romani face to face they will say: "I'm Romani not Gypsy."

You can tell the FAKE Romani and FAKE Gypsies by the way they call themselves BOTH Romani and Gypsy interchangeably and try to tell you both words mean the same thing. (Looks at the TV show Big Fat American Gypsy Fakers Wedding.)

For people who ask, because people always do... the "Gypsies" on Big Fat Gypsy Wedding are Rumniechelles.

A Rumnichelle, is the child of a Romani who married a white person. They are half Romani and half white, and have no Gypsy DNA at all.

And while we are on the topic of Gypsies, because every one who write medieval fantasy always has to toss us Gypsies in their novels and they NEVER get us right...

Let's look at My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding for a second.

People who meet me are always asking me: "So, you're a real Gypsy... tell me, do you really wear those big flash rhinestoned wedding dresses?"

Yes and no.

Yes we do traditionally wear rhinestoned wedding dresses.

No, they look NOTHING like what you see on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding TV show.

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding shows you dresses like this:

Anyone who has an once of brain, knows those are Spanish and Mexican style Quinceanera wedding dresses.

While the Romani are Indians who migrated to Spain and have Indian/Spanish DNA, we Gypsies are Persians Jews who migrated to Scotland have Persian-Hebrew-Scottish DNA.

The Romani, being Spanish, wear the big over the top rufflely pouf dresses.

When in fact, what we REAL Gypsies actually wear, is called a Alabiya Jalabia and looks like THIS:

Okay, so now that we've had that side rant of black Scotsmen and Gypsies, you are probably wondering why I chose to leave that here on a page about creating a character rather than give it it's own page?


Well, because, I wanted to show, that as cultures migrate, things get brought from one side of the world to the other and gets adopted by cultures who did not originate it.

Think about it... who the Scots ever have thought to create a kilted skirt, has Asians not brought the hakama to Alba in medieval times? Probably not. You see then, how much Scottish culture was effected by the introduction of clothing items from another culture.

Silk was worn by the ones who arrived from Persia, but their children and grandchildren had no way to make silk in Scotland where no silkworms existed. Thus kimono started being made of linen and hakama started being made of wool. Wool is quite a bit heavier then silk, and difficult to wear, so the hakama was shorten to become the kilt we know today.

Here you see the evolution of a garment that was brought from the other side of the world and then adapted to be made out of local materials.

So why have I brought this up?

Well, you remember when I said this...

BITCH TIME: I think my #1 biggest, top pet peeve with "Historical Romances Novels" is when they write "Medieval Highland Romance" and have some big, green eyed red haired white dude in a kilt, carrying blond waif off to his castle. You can not get any more historically INACCURATE then that!

My pet peeve here is not that they wrote it that way, but rather that NO ONE ever writes in any other way.

The fact is, Scotland had a vast range of cultures.

Black pygmies who married Persian Jews, was just one of the hundreds of cultures seen in Scotland.

Most white people were in fact Kasha Jews not Celts, in the early medieval times, as Jews were being heavily slaughtered in most of medieval Europe.... keep i mind the REASON Jesus was crucified in this time period (yes, don't forget Jesus was alive in the medieval time period!) was because of the vast anti-Jew sentiment that was sweeping Rome and Britannia in Medieval times.

In early medieval times there were almost no white people in Scotland and this was why many blacks, Jews, and other persecuted races fled to Scotland. Of course the Celts (a group of white Romans) would soon invade Scotland and slaughter every non-white they could find, lead by Saint Patrick, who killed all those evil black Jewish snakes. (You do realize Saint Patrick wasn't killing ACTUAL snakes when he did his infamous snake massacre right? He refereed to black Jews as snakes, you know because he was white and Christian and it's good white Christians do, or so he thought.)

No. The problem with that pet peeve is it erases the actual history of Scotland and replaces it with a white friendly history of Scotland. It treats non white cultures as though they did not exist, when in fact, white culture was the extreme minority in early medieval Scotland.

Well, for you the author, creating a world for your next novel, what this tells us is that certain cultures are treated as inferior, because the culture erasing them feels inferior themselves and is therefore threatened.

It tells us as authors, that when we create out worlds, we need to fill it with cultures of all times, even the arrogant murdering upper class that seeks to erase the existence of all cultures not their own.

It tells us that for centuries, thousands of cultures have been persecuted and terrorized by one vicious parasitic culture, that drives other cultures off their homelands, chasing them to all points of the globe in their vicious attempts to murder every last one of them, and that this in turn results in things from one culture being brought to other cultures - like the hakama, which would eventually become the kilt.

It also shows us why certain cultures mix. Two small cultures, both are being slaughtered left and right by the evil aristocrat culture, bringing the two smaller cultures near to extinction, resulting in their desperate attempt to fight for their lives and stay alive, by joining their cultures together as one, intermarrying.

And so, because on race of vicious, evil, blood thirsty bullies tried to murder everyone not a carbon copy of themselves, you see the smaller persecuted cultures attempting to fight for survival by joining forces and fleeing across the planet, bringing their native culture to other parts of the world, resulting in Jews who then became Asian Jews who then became black Asian Jews, and eventual became Gypsies. 

I say all this, because this is the sort of thing you need to look at when creating your world for your own novel, novel, game, whatever.

Think about it:

Native cultures adapt to their surroundings. Remember when we talked about how women warriors of the cold North don't wear bikinis and desert dwellers don't wear pants? There are reasons wy these sorts of things happen, and it is always because of the local weather and geography. 

People adapt to match where they live. Cultures grow based off how the people interact with the land.

Every society that lives near a volcano, has a mythology about fire gods or thunder gods who live on mountains. Every society that lives on the coast, has mythologies about merfolk and water gods.

When a group moves, they take their culture with them. Then their culture affects the cultures of others.

Think about it:

If the Jews had not cast out the men who took Persian wives, they never would have wandered their way to Scotland, never would have introduced the hakama to the highlanders, and the kilt never would have been invented.

Think about how much history was changed, just by one king telling a few men of his region: we shun you because you married outside of your race.

And so, while you are creating your world, think about the geography it has, the weather patterns, and how those things affected the people who live there. How does prejudices, bullies, wars, and bigotry cause people to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere? How did this move change the regions they passed through?  

How does each culture evolve as it encounters each other culture?

What if buttons and zippers had been brought to Scotland instead of hakmas? Would the fashion of the country become high button collars and zipper backed dresses, instead of a skirt that is pleated and folded and tied to the waist?

How did your world in your books evolve? How did it's cultures change? One only has to look at our very real world to see this evolution of cultures in action.

In a series like the Quaraun series, which features time travel, you end up with quite a bit of anachronism to deal with as well. Such as the seen where Quaraun and Unicorn (who live in the 1400s - which is NOT medieval time period by the way, but both characters are centuries old and were born in medieval time so still dress and act like they are in medieval times) encounter a scientist from the future, who is sitting by the side of the road typing away at his laptop computer... in the 1400s

Because the Quaraun series includes time travel, I have to deal with how his world is effected by things from the future being brought back to the past. 

For example, the wizards are your typical medieval wizards, not that magical, until they get a hold of a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons "Advanced Archana" Dungeon Master's guide book, and set out to doing the very over the top fiction spells and actually make them work. It completely disrupts the world to have a pair of real live wizards, casting real live spells they found from a fiction game manual that was accidentally left behind by a time traveller.

 I now have to look at real world changes from our own history, such as the hakama's introduction to Scotland inspiring the invention of the kilt, to determine, how the the fictional world of Quaraun's universe become changed when items from the future are left behind in the past?

This is where studying the history of the real world culture who most closely matches your fictional culture comes in. And in my case is why I used the example of the hakama becoming the kilt, because Quaraun's world is based largely off the history of the Pictish-Persian-Jewish Gypsies.

In the pictures below, you see me wearing the King Gwallmaiic CosPlay, which consists of a mid length black kimono, a short length black kimono, a 7 yard black hakama, a long outer kimono belted open with a purple heko-obi, and a fur clock.

The outer kimono by the way is authentic. It is over 200 years old and belonged to a Japanese nobleman. The lower half of it is hand painted black silk with a red bridge over a stream in a forest, with white shibori trim, the family seals on the sleeves, lined with a double layer of white silk.

EelKat as
King Gwallmaiic
BoomFuzzy the Unicorn
@ PortConMaine 2017

What are his biggest flaws? Is he cowardly, prone to jealousy, vindictive, quick to anger, slow to take action?

Has he ever had his heart broken?

Does he have former lovers?



This causes his current lover Quaraun to have many insecurities about their relationship.

BoomFuzzy was Quaraun's first love. He remains his true love, even after several affairs and his marrying 4 wives and adding another male lover, GhoulSpawn.

While Quaraun feels threatened by BoomFuzzy's past lovers, he fails to consider that his own multiple lovers may in fact be causing emotional upset for BoomFuzzy. Which it is.

The past lover that causes the most issues in their relationship is Gibedon. Gibedon was the lover immediately before Quaraun.

BoomFuzzy's early relationship with Quaraun, occurred while he was still with Gibedon, which resulted in a bitter lover's triangle that resulted in Gibedon's death

Quaraun was wounded and dying, Gibedon took advantage of this to try to kill him. BoomFuzzy protected and defended the dying Elf, only to be wounded himself, by Gibedon stabbing him in the belly. In trying to protect BoomFuzzy, Quaraun accidently kills Gibedon.

Quaraun carries the guilt of having caused Gibedon's death with him the rest of his life. Quite literally, as he carries Gibedon's head with him everywhere he goes. 

While BoomFuzzy insists he never loved Gibedon and used him only for political gain, this does not lessen the guilt Quaraun feels, and Quaraun often feels compelled to be overly devoted to BoomFuzzy because he is the one who killed Gibedon.

Before Gibedon though, King Gwallmaiic had harams of lovers, herds of fillies, and has joked to having had more then 300 wives.

While most claims of this nature, from anyone else would be seen as an exaggeration, these numbers are in fact true. Being in excess of 2,000 years old, King Gwallmaiic has outlived all of his lovers and frequently has multiple lovers at once.

Somewhat of a playboy throughout most of his life, King Gwallmaiic never took his relationships seriously, and Quaraun is the only lover he's had that he actually did love and deeply care about.

Meet The Characters:

Meet The Characters: Quaraun
aka The Pink Necromancer


You can find out more about Quaraun HERE.


Quaraun as SunTa
(13,000 year old Elf transformed
into an ArchAngel Form):


Meet The Characters: BoomFuzzy


You can find out more about BoomFuzzy HERE.


BoomFuzzy in his Unicorn Form:


BoomFuzzy in his angry glowing Lich Form:

QS1-Quaraun-The-Pink-Necromancer-and-BoomFuzzy-Lich-Form -screenshot11.png

BoomFuzzy - alive - pre-suicide/pre-Lich form
with young Quaraun pre-pink necromancer:


Meet The Characters: GhoulSpawn
-his 65 year old "Young sheep Demon" form:


You can find out more about GhoulSpawn HERE.


GhoulSpawn - his 500 year old Gremlin Form:


GhoulSpawn - his 13,000 year old
ArchDemon Checka Form:


(Roderick's son/Quaraun's great grandson)

TMC-Etoile-Capt-Goldeneagle-2-screenshot- -2023-03-21T092809.140.png

The Dazzling RazzBury
(Roderick's son/Quaraun's great grandson/Etiole's brother)


Miss Citten The Eel~Kat
aka Empress Eel-Kat
Queen of the Ptarmagin Kats

Miss Citten the EelKat
book miss citten the eelkat
book kats of ptarmagin 2

Harrier (BoomFuzzy's brother)


Melaca (Quaraun's son/Roderick's father)


Sir Roderick - Lord of the Twighlight Manor
(Quaraun's grandson/Etiole's father)

Young Sir Roderic
Old Roderic Swanzen

Wild Swanzen (Quaraun's great great great grandson)


AlKeeme (Quaraun's grandson/Roderick's cousin)


FireHawk (BoomFuzzy's son)


Aardsvorkus (BoomFuzzy's father)


Vwoodell (Quaraun's great grandson/Roderick's son/Etiole's brother)
owner of The Blue Monkey 
(Chinese Junk Ship Casino)


Does he usually see the brighter side of things, or are he jaded?

Which vices is he most prone to?

What does he value most in life?

What is his career? What does he do for an income?

King Gwallmaiic, aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn is an Illusionist Wizard and is often not seen as a Wizard by other Wizards. This is because an Illusionist is a racial trait, something that all Faeries are born with, a nature skill they just happen to have.

Illusionists are always Faeries.

A distinction is made between Illusionists and Illusionist Wizards.

All Faeries are Illusionists, thou most only have very limited use of this skill. At it's most basic all they can do is "shape shift" into an animal form, or pay Humans in "gold coins" that turn out to be acorn caps or pebbles.

Illusionists are generally seen as harmless pranksters or annoying Tricksters.

An Illusionist Wizard is a Faerie who has studied to expand his natural born skills. They are able to cast vast illusions that cause physical harm... such as conjuring a dragon made out of fog, but the dragon being so believable real that when it sets fire to a village, the people are so convinced that they are being burned to death, they actually die from burning to death, even tough there was no fire at all, because there was never any dragon to begin with.

Faeries have vastly different sense of emotions than other races/species and do not see the harm in harming people, so long as they got a good laugh out of watching the people being scared of them. Faeries who seek to become Illusionist Wizards tend to do so out of a malignant sense of dark humor. They also often eat their dead prank victims after the prank is over.

Illusionist Wizards are generally seen as dangerous and evil and are thought by the general public to be the most dangerous and most feared of all types of magic users.

King Gwallmaiic is known by most people as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, due to his habit of terrorizing Elves into dying of fright from his illusions and then eating them. While Unicorn is the primary love interest of main character Quaraun, he is also the primary villain of the Quaraun series.

Though seen most often shape shifted into a Human form illusion, Gwallmaiic, King of the Faeries, is a Phooka, a type of marsh dwelling Scottish Faerie Horse, and in his rarely seen true form, is in fact a Purple Shetland Pony with a silver horn, thus why Quaraun calls him by the nickname "Unicorn".

How much money does he have?

Is he married?

He has been married multiple times

Does he have any children?

Due to his having had so many wives, so many lovers, and his habit of being an habitual rapist, it unknown how many children he has fathered.

How does he deal with conflict and change?

Who is his best friend?

Does he have any friends of particular importance to his life?

What is his greatest fear?

What is his favorite color?

What is his favorite food(s)?

In what situation would he become violent?

In what situation would he act heroic?

Do he have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

What words and/or phrases does he use very frequently?


A lot.

As a noun, as a verb, as an adverb, as an adjective. If it could be used as a preposition, he'd probably find it. He uses it in place of the words "very" or "really".

He lives in Biddeford, Maine.

If you live anywheres near Biddeford, you understand.

Is he able to kill? Is killing easy or difficult? Does he feel any guilt after killing? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?

In his opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?

What is his sex life like?

Unicorn. Primary character of the Quaraun series.

He's not a good person

It saddens me when people read the Quaraun series and then hail it "The best gang bang erotica ever written".

Sadly there is a large group of people who are fans of the Quaraun series specifically BECAUSE of Unicorn and his deviated sexual behaviour.

Unicorn is a serial rapist.

While Unicorn vocally jokes about his raging sex addiction, the reality is Unicorn is an extreme self conscious person with a low self esteem. When he feels threatened by someone, he forces and exchange of power by raping them.

He uses sex to control people.

Unicorn is a bully.

He is also fully aware of the fact that forcing sex on someone humiliates, traumatizes, and victimizes people. He uses sex as a weapon to render his enemies powerless.

Unicorn is a sadistic villain. Many readers seem to forget that he is NOT Human and sees Humans as prey. He is a monster in the truest sense of the word. 

Of all the villains I have ever created, Unicorn is probably the worst. 

Unicorn falls into the Horndog stereotype on some levels, but not so much. When he was younger he had several wives, one after the other, and was unable to stay in a stable relationship. This was mostly because of his violent, obsessive personality. Everything has to be his way or no way and anyone who challenges him is swiftly smashed to the floor and has their face pummeled.

Most of his life, he is the bold self important type who thinks everyone should love him and becomes violent if someone does not.

Born Gwallmaiic, Unicorn came from a hostile home, never had a strong relationship with either of his parents, and was abandoned by them as a young child, simply because he was sick and they had the "survival of the fittest" mindset to an extreme. He was literally dumped on the roadside and left behind.

The young boy ran after them for miles, until he collapsed. They did this to him in the dead of winter, assuming the sick child would freeze to death in a few days. He survived through the cold for months, nearly starving to death.

The story of Gwallmaiic's survival become legendary throughout the land, as the young boy came across the body of a dead Elf, which he ate to avoid starving to death. When the Elf flesh ran out he sought out an Elf village and set about killing Elves in order to survive Pepper Valley's harsh winter. Because of this he became known as The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley.

He continued to live on his own in the wild, becoming deadly and feral, hunting Elves as his primary food source. His isolated youth left him wild, feral, and undomesticated, with no social interactions, no education, and growing up illiterate and brutal.

He took his parents "survival of the fittest" attitude to heart and turned himself into a killing machine that could survive anything just to prove them wrong. 

As an adult he set out to find his parents to show them he'd survived, but upon finding them, found his father to be an evil tyrant Necromancer king of a small tribal band. Hellbent on becoming a Lich, his father murdered his mother and most of their tribe, and attempted to murder their son. 

Realizing how utterly evil his father really was, Gwallmaiic murdered his father and ate him, then systematically murdered all of his father's soldiers, army, and supporters, and eat all of them.

Crowning himself King in his father's place, King Gwallmaiic set out to kill all the evil in the world. His vendetta against abusive parents turned into a blood frenzy as he gathered up an army and marched across the planet slaughtering anyone who even raised their voice at their children.

What started out as him getting back at his parents for abandoning him, quickly spiralled out of control as he became more and more violent. Soon he was slaughtering entire villages for no reason at all, other then as he put it: "It was a joy to hear them scream."

He quickly became a sadistic monster, razing every village in his path, letting his soilders rape and plunder along the way.

All the while, Gwallmaiic was haunted by the fact that his parents abandoned him as a child and had no love for him. This spurred him to seek love, but to do so in a manner that was horrific, because he had no real concept of what it meant to either love or be loved.

He began gathering up women as slave brides, raping any female that crossed his path and passing a law that decreed all virgins belonged to him. He soon had more "wives" than he could count, fathering hundreds of children with them over the next few decades, but never finding love.

Because of the forced marriage by rape, he was unsuccessful in finding any one to love him. This lead to him declaring he hated women and instead set out to raping men.

His vicious, brutal violence was a result of his desire for some one to love him, but his lack of a mental understanding of what love was or how one goes about finding love.

You see, his brutal reign of terror end, when he encounters what is the equivalent of a "screaming fangirl" ... a masochistic Elf who has followed reports of King Gwallmaiic's career for decades and lives in a fangirl's fanfiction rape fantasy world of hoping to meet and be captured by the Evil Faerie King.

In one of the very first scenes to show Gwallmaiic in the Quaraun series, you see, him and his army riding North, and encountering a young Elf camped by the road for the night. The group of Fae immediately respond as they always do, to attack the Elf and rape it to death.

The scene however, ends abruptly with the King NOT raping the Elf and instead ordering his men away from Quaraun, when he realizes, Quaraun is not putting up a fight and is not trying to stop the attack.

His attempt to rape Quaraun, is the first time he encountered someone who does not try to resist him and he does not know how to deal with this. Gwallmaiic has encountered someone who loves him, and while it's a twisted love, it's still love on some level and he doesn't know how to respond to someone who loves him.

In Unicorn's case, he sees nothing wrong with killing and raping his victims. He feels justified. In some sick, twisted way, he almost feels he's doing the world a favor. He does not consider himself evil, either. He has a skewed sense of morals. He often says his victims were asking for it, usually states the men and women he's raped both wanted and deserved it.

In short, he does not see that he is doing anything wrong and if someone was to tell him what he was doing was a crime, he'd simply law and say he's the king so his word is law and whoever he kills was kills by the law.

He feels no guilt or remorse for the things he has done.

And when he dies... he is cursed to roam the world, haunted by the souls of them he's killed... told he was too evil even for Hell itself and cast into a Realm of nonexistence, where he has no corporeal body and can not satisfy his hunger, thirst, or lusts, but feels them all the same and is driven mad by the eternal torment of his lusts for food and sex.

Believing himself lost in this cursed existence for eternity, he is stunned when on the 100th anniversary of his death, he finds himself again alive (undead) living in a physical body, once again able to eat and drink and fuck.

Confused as to why someone as evil as he was in life was given a second chance, he finds that it was the little Elf whom he had not raped and let go, whom had resurrected him. His little screaming fangirl, brought him back from the grave.

This is when you see Gwallmaiic cast aside his past, become Unicorn, and devote his new life to the Elf, and no more killing and raping every one he meets, but instead now protecting the Elf that gave him a second chance at life.

Thus you see the horrificly evil, totally unredeemable King Gwallmaiic, evolve into the much more relatable, and sympathetic to the readers, Unicorn, now somewhat repentant and on a road to redemption.

It is difficult to take an unredeemable character and redeem them. 

Unicorn is DEFINITELY the type of person who would see something he wants, and violently crack your skull in to take it from you, giving no thought to how badly he injured you, and in fact, he'd be just delighted if he killed you, because then he could rip out your entrails and eat them. Keeping in mind that he is a Phooka and eating Humans is something that Phookas do, so Phookas tend to look at Humans the same way Humans look at cows...tasty served with ketchup.

While he's no longer raping people after he's been resurrected, he's still killing and eating people, something that Quaraun is constantly chiding him for. While Unicorn has learned not to hurt people, he has trouble differentiating between hurting someone and killing them. In his mind he is not hurting them, seeing how they are dead and no longer feel pain. Also, as he is a predator and Humans are his natural food supply, he had trouble understand why he's not allowed to kill a thing that is only there for him to eat to begin with.

If you go to GoodReads you'll find that actually gay men who've read the book, hate the book, because Quaraun is NOT GAY and they had bought the book, based off the reviews written by local Christians who had said he was gay.

Yes, that's true, if you actually read the book, you quickly discover that Quaraun is not gay.

Right in the opening scene, the story starts out with Quaraun talking to himself about his dead wife. Yes, wife. Yes. The man has a wife. In fact, he has four wives, in addition to 36 other female lovers whom he never married but had children with. Quaraun has 8 children that he acknowledges, and at least 36 more that he tries to pretend are not his.

Yes, this man with his 4 wives and 36 lovers whom he got pregnant, is just soooooo gay.

The Christians who gave it bad reviews because it's "gay", inspired lots of ACTUALLY gay men to buy the book and read it, resulting in, bad reviews by them, when they realized, OMG! Quaraun isn't gay at all!

To which some then say: "But Unicorn...."

Yes. Unicorn is gay. Unicorn is gay and he is obsessed with Quaraun, who is not gay.

Unicorn is also a rapist, a pedophile, a stalker, a murderer, a sadist, a dictator, and an extremely violent abuser. Unicorn has to have everything his way or no way and he'll beat to a pulp anyone who challenges him.

Quaraun submits to sex with Unicorn, because Quaraun is scared of Unicorn, not because Quaraun is gay.

Every sex scene you find between Quaraun and Unicorn, is a rape scene, with Unicorn viciously attacking Quaraun and raping him.

When I keep saying over and over again that:



I mean exactly what I said:



When I keep saying over and over again that:




I mean exactly what I said:




For the last time, people. Sexual assault is not about sex, it is about power. 


Again, this is something I find troubling.

There is nothing Erotica about the Quaraun series, and yet so many fans of the series, specifically call it Erotica and say they love it for it's sex scenes.

Well, if you've gotten this far reading this page, you know wgat the sex scees are like... Unicorn attacking someone and literally raping them to death, then eating them.

Yep. That's it.

The fact that Quaraun, is lovestruck by King Gwallmaiic and wants to be raped by him, is me writing satire about the girls on who write rape fantasy.

I assume it's those same girls who read the Quaraun books and then call them Erotica. They are probably the same ones who read 50 Shades of Grey and call it Erotica too.

But in spite of what he does, he is a multi dimensional character with many redeeming qualities that makes this Seme a fan favorite. He is the character whom by far is the most beloved fan favourite.

If you are writing a villain for your own story, remember to make him have far more good in him then evil. It's how you create a villain readers love.

This is why Unicorn has so many fans, in spite of how horrible a person he is.

He's also a kind, tender, gentle, loving protector.

You see the other side of him often.

Quaraun is a sickly, frail little Elf, always weak and getting hurt. Unicorn is always there to take care of the frail Elf, nursing him to health and protecting him from harm.

Unicorn takes a very gentle loving stance with Quaraun.

Gwallmaiic is also a chef. 

For many years he and his cousin Krumpas lived with Santa Claus. Gwallmaiic developed a gingerbread cake that could be used for making houses and built Santa Claus's gingerbread village.

While he hates with a vengeance anyone who abuses children and will quickly slaughter a child abusing parent, he has a deep protective nature around children. He is often seen rescuing children and finding better homes for them. (Part of why he liked working for Santa was because of Santa's kind treatment of children.

Is there anything about his race or species that makes him unique or otherwise different from other characters?

What kind of social gathering do he like best?

What is his most marked characteristic?

What does he consider his greatest achievement?

Does he have any natural born magical abilities or super powers?

Is there anything he absolutely refuses to do under any circumstances? Why does he refuse to do it?

Does he smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Does he want to quit?

To what degree has he actually controlled the course his life has taken?

Would he rather lose all of his old memories, or never be able to make new ones?

What is his most treasured possession?

What or who is the greatest love of his life?

Is there anything that would easily enrage him?

What would he be willing to sacrifice to save what he loves most?

Does he value “roughing it”, or would he rather stick to his comforts?

What is life in prison without parole like in your setting? 

Want to use the questions for your own characters? Here they are:

The character profile questions for you to use in creating your own character profiles.

  1. What made your villain the way they are? What's the root of your villain's villainy? Is it love? Envy? Anger over some past injustice? What are they fighting for on a personal level?
  2. What is his full name?
  3. How did his parents decide on his name?
  4. How old is he?
  5. What is he?
  6. How tall are he?
  7. What color is his hair?
  8. What color are his eyes?
  9. Does he have any distinctive physical features or deformities?
  10. Does he have any medical problems, diseases, injuries?
  11. Where was he born?
  12. Where did he grow up?
  13. How did it shape him?
  14. What mood is he usually in?
  15. How would someone go about gaining his trust?
  16. What does he hate to see in others?
  17. What is his favorite way to spend free time?
  18. What are his hobbies?
  19. What religion are he and why?
  20. How is his sense of humor? Cheerful, dry, nonexistent?
  21. What are the limits of his comfort zone?
  22. Is he comfortable discussing his history? With strangers?
  23. What do he dream about at night? Does he ever have nightmares?
  24. In what environment is he most at ease?
  25. Where or what makes him most uncomfortable?
  26. Does he have a soft spot for anything or any one? Is it obvious?
  27. What would most embarrass him?
  28. What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
  29. Strongest positive personality trait:
  30. Strongest negative personality trait:
  31. Temper:
  32. Consideration for others:
  33. What are his bad habits?
  34. How does he dress and what does it reveal about him?
  35. What are his biggest flaws? Is he cowardly, prone to jealousy, vindictive, quick to anger, slow to take action?
  36. Has he ever had his heart broken?
  37. Does he have former lovers?
  38. Does he usually see the brighter side of things, or are he jaded?
  39. Which vices is he most prone to?
  40. What does he value most in life?
  41. What is his career? What does he do for an income?
  42. How much money does he have?
  43. Is he married?
  44. Does he have any children?
  45. How does he deal with conflict and change?
  46. Who is his best friend?
  47. Does he have any friends of particular importance to his life?
  48. What is his greatest fear?
  49. What is his favorite color?
  50. What is his favorite food(s)?
  51. In what situation would he become violent?
  52. In what situation would he act heroic?
  53. Do he have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
  54. What words and/or phrases does he use very frequently?
  55. Is he able to kill? Is killing easy or difficult? Does he feel any guilt after killing? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?
  56. In his opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?
  57. What is his sex life like?
  58. Is there anything about his race or species that makes him unique or otherwise different from other characters?
  59. What kind of social gathering do he like best?
  60. What is his most marked characteristic?
  61. What does he consider his greatest achievement?
  62. Does he have any natural born magical abilities or super powers?
  63. Is there anything he absolutely refuses to do under any circumstances? Why does he refuse to do it?
  64. Does he smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Does he want to quit?
  65. To what degree has he actually controlled the course his life has taken?
  66. Would he rather lose all of his old memories, or never be able to make new ones?
  67. What is his most treasured possession?
  68. What or who is the greatest love of his life?
  69. Is there anything that would easily enrage him?
  70. What would he be willing to sacrifice to save what he loves most?
  71. Does he value “roughing it”, or would he rather stick to his comforts?
  72. What is life in prison without parole like in your setting? 

If you are wondering where the rest of the questions went (the original Squidoo article had 1,000 of them), I've only included here, the ones which I answered for this character. See other character profiles for other questions.

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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary tale of Quaraun, the enigmatic Pink Necromancer, whose quest for eternal love drives him to embrace forbidden magic. Witness the breathtaking transformation as his beloved is reborn as a lich, defying the boundaries of life and death. Join our trio of non-Human male lovers as they navigate the complexities of their polyamorous, gay, and hippie relationship, united by an unbreakable bond and a shared yearning for extraordinary love.

Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on a breathtaking journey through the mystical landscapes of coastal Maine. Feel the whispering breeze as you explore the haunted lighthouse that stands as a testament to lost souls and haunted desires. Encounter enigmatic mermen in the hidden coves, their haunting presence igniting an irresistible passion that defies reason. Be captivated by the gothic horrors that lurk in the shadows, as zombies, undead, and wraiths emerge from the depths of the unknown.

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Be transported back in time to the groovy 1970s, where the coastal town of Noodle Beach becomes the backdrop for this extraordinary saga. Join our trio of lovers as they embark on beachside adventures, their footsteps echoing in the sand as they explore the mysteries of the coastline. Feel the warmth of the campfire as they gather for beach parties, their laughter and camaraderie filling the night air. And as they traverse the realms of magic and encounter mesmerizing monsters, let yourself be swept away by the ghostly love affairs that unfold.

The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane is a literary masterpiece that will ignite your imagination and leave you yearning for more. Dive into the pages and let the allure of ghostly love affairs enchant your senses. Join our trio of lovers on their extraordinary quest for love, as they navigate the boundaries of life and death, and discover the true meaning of desire. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey of passion, magic, and adventure. Click through now and unlock the captivating world of Quaraun and his ghostly love affairs.

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