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Please be aware that nearly every page on this website contains spoilers to something. I talk about a lot of fandoms, and go into great detail analyzing them when I do. If I am talking about The Witcher series, InuYasha, Disney Ducks, the Quaraun series, or any other fandom, you WILL encounter spoilers about it. 

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Quaraun The Insane 
The Summoner of Darkness
GhoulSpawn and Quaraun Trapped With A Phooka
(No clue what chapter it is, it's anyone's guess; I did not chapter this novel)

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The Summoner of Darkness:
GhoulSpawn and Quaraun Trapped With A Phooka

    Continued From HERE...with a few chapters between not yet online

GhoulSpawn waited for the Phooka to fall asleep before approaching Quaraun.

"Quaraun?" he said quietly, hoping to not wake Unicorn. "Are you okay?"

The Moon Elf looked up at the half-Elf. The drugs were wearing off, but he was no yet fully aware of his surroundings.

"I'm fine."

"He drugged you."

"I know."

"He drugged you, so he rape you."

Quaraun looked down at his hands and said nothing.

"Are you okay with him?"

"I'm fine."

"He raped you."

"He didn't. Not really."

"I saw him."

"I know."

"Quaraun... what's going on?"

"I don't know any more."

"Are you sure you're okay?"


"I don't think you are."

"I'm fine."

"He raped you. He drugged you and then he raped you."

"I'm used to it."

"Used to it? That's not the type of thing..." GhoulSpawn sat down on the floor beside Quaraun. "How do you get used to something like that? Was he treating you like this before?"

Quaraun nodded.

GhoulSpawn looked over at the sleeping Phooka and then back at Quaraun.

"I didn't know he was hurting you."

"He isn't."

"I just saw..."

"I know what you saw. But you don't us. You don't know me and you don't know him. And we don't know you. You're just stuck here in this storm with us. And when the storm's gone, you'll go back on your way and we'll go back on ours."

"I helped you save him."

"I know you did and I thank you for that."

"I didn't know he treated you like this."

"Does it matter?"

"If I'd known he was doing stuff like this to you..."

"You what? Wouldn't have helped him? You'd be dead now. You know that. I would have killed you right along with the rest of your village."

"You admit you killed them now?"

"I didn't know I did. I didn't intend to. But it's not the first time I've lost my temper and an entire village dropped dead."


"The Moon Elves."

"You're own people?"



"They killed BoomFuzzy."

"Him?" GhoulSpawn pointed to the sleeping Phooka.

"Yes. I killed them in a resurrection spell. Took their souls and put them in his corpse. Now he's a Lich. Dead. But not dead. Undead. He's a soul eater now."

"Soul eater?"


"What's that?"

"How ever many souls I put in him, that's how many times he can die. If he absorbs a hundred souls. He die a hundred times. Resurrect and come back every time."

"What happens when he runs out of souls?"

"I put more in him."

"Where do you get 'em?"

"I'm a murderer GhoulSpawn. Hadn't you heard? The whole world knows it. There's a price on my head. Gets bigger every day. When this storm passes over, you can run back to your new village and tell them I'm here. Collect the reward for yourself. And the whole village will come, try to kill me, and I'll kill them all, and he'll eat their souls. And then we'll ave to flee to somewhere else. That's what my life has become."

"So you're evil?"

"I'm a Necromancer. Unloved. Unwanted. Just like him. We belong together. Every one hates us. We only have each other."

"You sound lonely."

"I am."

"Are you not happy with him?"

"I'm not happy with me."

"Do you have any friends... I mean... other then a dead Phooka?"

Quaraun looked up at GhoulSpawn.

"You're the first person I've had a conversation with in years."

"It's only been three years, since we meet."

"Really? I don't keep track of time."

"I thought wizards had to keep track of moon phases and stuff?"

"What for?"

"Casting spells."

"That would be witches."

"Other then wizards are male and witches are female what's the difference?"

"I can't count."


"I don't keep track of time. I can't count."


"No. I've no head for numbers."

"I thought you had an education."

Quaraun shrugged. "I do. I can speak 78 languages. Read just as many. I've read just about every book known to man. I spend somewhere around three hundred years doing nothing but reading grimoirs. I'm good with words. I can't count to save my life. Can't tell you one number from the other. Can't do maths. Can't do money."

"You don't do ritual magic then, no? No alchemy or science? Nothing that requires mixing potions to exact measures?"

"No. I try and the spells go wrong every time. Horrible wrong some times. No I'm better with words. Incantations. Deadly with a wand. I try to refrain from using it. I've got a bad temper. Best not have the wand in my hand when I get angry."

"I remember. You killed my people with that thing."

Quaraun pulled a small glass bottle from his bag.

"I'm a Wizard of the DiJinn Order. We deal with spirits. Their capture and control. I'm a Necromancer. I communicate with dead things."

"Their capture and control?"


"Like him?" GhoulSpawn pointed to Unicorn.


"Is he captured and under your control?"

Quaraun stared at Unicorn.

"I ask because... I got the impression it was the other way around."

Quaraun nodded, then busied himself with putting the bottle away.

"You're supposed to be the most powerful wizard out there."

"I am," Quaraun answered, not looking up.

"But you can't control him?"

"I can. I just don't."



"Why not?"

"No reason to."

"Have you ever tried?"

"Oh, yes. I... I almost killed him. Permanently. So he couldn't come back to life again. I regret doing that. I lost my temper. He ran away. Hid from me. He never did that before. He's scared of me now. I hurt him. He didn't expect that. And he hurt me back. I didn't expect that. We both hurt each other."

"He seems to hurt you a lot more then you hurt him."

"He's mostly harmless."

"Mostly harmless? He raped you. He drugged you, so that he could rape you. And then he raped you. I wouldn't call that harmless."

"He's not hurting me."



"How is that not hurting you?"

"Are you afraid he'll attack you?"

GhoulSpawn didn't answer.

"He won't you know. It's not like he's running around chasing down Elves to fuck. It's just m he goes after. He's obsessed with me. I'm not sure why."

"He's hurting you."

"He's not. Please drop it."

"You're bleeding."

"I often am." 

"He attacked you like wild animal."

"He is a wild animal. He's a Phooka. It's how they act."

"I don't understand you."

"I didn't ask you to."

GhoulSpawn became silent. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to do.

Quaraun went back to slowly rocking back and forth, staring at the ceiling and humming to himself. He seemed oblivious to the trails of blood running down his back and arms. The scars already there indicated this was not the first time Unicorn had brutally slashed the Elf with his claws. 

Everything GhoulSpawn knew about Quaraun, he knew from HellBorne, who, like most everyone else, had never met Quaraun and only knew what they knew, from rumors that were being spread about him by the Guild.

HellBorne had chosen GhoulSpawn, because GhoulSpawn was one of the few people who'd ever actually met the strange pink Necromancer. But their previous meeting had been brief. Quaraun had been wounded by a Human. The Phooka blamed for a thing he did not do. The Sun Elves took the Phooka prisoner and sent the Moon Elf to be cared for by the only one near by who knew anything about medicine. And that was GhoulSpawn.

Quaraun had been unconscious most of his time in the Sun Elf village. GhoulSpawn had only talked with him briefly, just before he left. And so while GhoulSpawn had met Quaraun, he really knew nothing about him. It troubled him now, to see how Quaraun acted. 

The hurricane had kept him trapped here in the stone cathedral with Quaraun, Unicorn, and ZooLock, three days now, and in those three days it had become clear to GhoulSpawn that Quaraun had the simple mind of a child and simply did whatever he was told to do, by Unicorn. The Elf appeared to have no free agency, no free will, and no self esteem, along with a completely blind devotion to a monster that truly was a monster and had no compassion or feelings for anything.

"You're retarded aren't you?" GhoulSpawn suddenly said.

Quaraun stopped humming and stared at the Sun Elf.

The two stared at each other silent for a moment before Quaraun spoke.

"I'm too stupid too live. Every one would tell you that, if they weren't all dead. My father would have told you that. He was the worst. I ate him. They didn't love. He does."

Quaraun pointed to the sleeping Phooka.

"He abuses you."

"I know. But he loves me. No one else ever has."  

"I wouldn't treat someone I loved, the way he treats you."

"He takes getting used to."

"You shouldn't have to get used to abuse. You deserve to be loved. That's not love."

"I'm too stupid to be deserving of love."

"Does he say that?"


"Did your father say that?"

Quaraun nodded. "And my wife. She said it too. And the day they died... my children, quoting their mother. BoomFuzzy never did that. He doesn't belittle me. He doesn't tease me. He doesn't try to change me. He let's me be me. And I let him be him."

"You let him rape you."

"It's not rape in his mind." 

"There's certainly no consent when you don't know what he's doing to you."

"He doesn't think like us."

"That doesn't make it right."

"You don't understand."

"What don't I understand." 

"He's a horse. Unicorn actually is a unicorn. He's a very intelligent horse, but there are limits to his intelligence. He views sex differently than we do."

"He still raped you."

"It's my body, not yours."

"Don't you care about yourself at all?"

"Why does it bother you?

GhoulSpawn didn't answer. The question caught him off guard.

"It didn't seem to bother you much that the Sun Elves are all dead. People you lived with your whole life. They're dead. I killed them. You don't care. I'm a stranger. I killed you're people. You should hate me. Here you are sitting here trying to be my friend. You're more concerned with the fact that a Phooka drugs me so he can fuck me, then you are with the fact that I murdered your entire village. Why?"

"I'm a Half-Elf."

"And they never let you forget it did they? We had Half-Elves in our village. I saw what the Moon Elves did to them. Dragged them out into the street. Beat 'em to death. Raped them. Tortured them. Humiliated them.Sun Elves are our kin. They had the same laws we did. You're people are dead and you don't care, because you're a Half-Elf and they tortured you. Didn't they?"

GhoulSpawn looked away.

"I know what it's like to be outcast. He raped me when I was a child, and you know who the Moon Elves punished? Not him. No. They punished me. They stripped me naked and dragged me through the streets. They hung me upside-down in a tree, for five days, every one in the village took turns beating me. Every last one of them. All of them. From the oldest to the youngest. My father nearly castrated me.  I can't have sex with women now. I did used to. I had a wife. He raped me, and they punished me. Not him. I know what High Elf laws are like. And I know know how High Elves treat you, if they find any flaw in you at all. Don't think that because I'm a pure blooded High Elf, that I don't know and understand what is done to Half-Elves. You've been raped. I can see it in your eyes. That's why what he did bothers you. And that's why you didn't care, when your village died and only you survived."

"I didn't mean to upset you."

"You haven't. I know my mind doesn't work right. My brain is broken. I will never be normal. Or intelligent. My father was right in that. I am too stupid to live. But I'm not entirely stupid. Not in everything. I just find things difficult. Things every one else finds easy to do. Most things I can't do. No matter how many times I try. It is so frustrating, seeing things that every one does and knowing they are so simple and easy to do, but my brain just can't do them. I'm mostly useless. There's not much I can do. I'm good at what I do and lost in everything else."

"I shouldn't have said..."

"But you did. And it's fine. It doesn't bother me any more. It used to, years ago. I stopped caring what people think about me. I stopped caring about a lot of things."

"Like your dignity?"

"My dignity," Quaraun muttered. "Sex bothers you, yes?"

"Men raping other men, bothers me."

"But men raping women is okay?"

"I didn't say tha..."

"You have a reputation, GhoulSpawn. You know that don't you?"

"I've never raped any one."

"You sure?"


"There's an awful lot of angry daddys out there want you dead for fucking their little girls. Young girls. And then there's the sheep."

"I don't have sex with sheep."

"I know that, but that's not people say about you, is it?"

"I can't help what people say about me."

"What's with the sheep?"

"I don't like people killing animals."

"So you stuff your pockets full of sheep?"

"This region has a problem with sacrificing sheep to Elder Gods and Chaos Demons. I don't like it."

"Don't Chaos Demons drink the blood of sheep?"

"I don't know."

"Don't you?"

"How would I know?"

"I don't know. But it seems like if anyone would know what a Chaos Demon eats, it'd be a Chaos Demon."

"I'm not..."

"I know what you are GhoulSpawn. Neither Elves nor Humans glow in the dark. Only Demons do that. You can pretend to be half Human all you want. But you can't hide that hair of yours. Not when the lights go out. You're a Demon. People are scared of you. Scared you'll become like your father. GhoulSpawn, Son of the Ghoul. He was a mass murderer. A Unicorn hunter. A Demonologist. Necromancer. Servant of King Gwallmaiic."

"I'm not my father."

"Did you ever meet King Gwallmaiic?"

"No. He died before I was born."

"Do you know anything about him?"

"My father practically worshiped him. Every one in Dark Arts did. He was supposed to be the evilest of all evils to ever exist. Wizards called him 'That Darkness'... and then you came along. They say you make King Gwallmaiic look like a saint. That you're far more evil then he was. They call you 'The Darkness' now."

"Do you think I'm evil?"

"I don't see it."

"What about Unicorn?"

"Unicorn? Selfish and brutal, yes. Evil, no."

"Why selfish?"

"He pushes you around. Drugs you. Rapes you."

"You don't know Unicorn. He's a Phooka, most people don't try to get to know him. He is rambunctious. He's gets carried away in his emotions. He has emotions I can't even begin to imagine. And they're always right there. Right front and center. All of them. All at once. All the time. Absolute complete, raw emotion. He doesn't hide his feelings. He doesn't pretend to be feeling something he's not. He is just so incredibly, extremely honest with how he feels. He doesn't fake or hide his feelings. He is so manic and hyper. He's very open and honest with his emotions. He's the most loyal creature I've ever seen. He does love me. He's a Faerie. The Fey are like wild, feral animals. He takes getting used to. Especially for Elves. Elves hide their emotions. Taught to do it from infancy. Showing emotions is bad. You grew up with pur blooded High Elves, I don't expect you to understand. I'm a pure blooded High Elf, but wasn't raised with them. I've never been good at hiding my emotions. Got beaten up for it all the time. My father was convinced I was half-Faeries. He killed my mother on that conviction. Beat her to death. Convinced she'd bedded with a Faerie. He absolutely refused to believe I was a pure blooded Elf. Sent me away, right after he killed my mother. I was raised by Thullids. I went from living with Chaos Demons to living with a Faerie. I never fit in with Elves. You've lived with Elves your whole life. You're not used to Faeries. Faerie customs, Faerie ways... they're very extreme. He's very extreme. I could ask him to change, or I could accept him as he is. I could make him change and he would change. He's knows he's harsh. He knows he's brash. He's said he would change if I wanted him too. I don't want him to. I like him the way he is. What you saw... you don't know him. You don't understand him. How he thinks, how he acts. I do. He didn't hurt me, GhoulSpawn and he wasn't trying to. He loves me. He'll never hurt me, not intentionally. He's been looking out for me since I was a child. I'd have been dead so many times, if he hadn't always been around."

Quaraun, moved, twisting around to reach Unicorn, and jabbed him with his wand.

"Wake up."

Quaraun poked him again, harder this time.

Unicorn slapped the Elf's hand away and turned over.

Quaraun poked him again.

"Why ya poking me," the beast roared, sitting up and glaring angrily at Quaraun.

"Do you remember The Ghoul?"


"The Ghoul."


"The Ghoul. Necromancer. Worked for King Gwallmaiic years ago."

"What for ya speak of him?"

"Do you remember him?"

"Course I 'members da bastard. Lived wid da mudda fucker dids I not?"

The Phooka laid back down. Quaraun poked him again.

"Will ya stop doing that ya frigging pink freak!"

Unicorn grabbed the wand out of Quaraun's hand.

"Did you know he had a son?"

"Son? Nay. Why would I care?"

"This is his son."

Quaraun tossed his thumb in GhoulSpawn's direction.

Unicorn stared at the Half-Elf.

"Yis a Demon?"

"I... I'm... I'm a Half-Elf."

"I can sees that ya stupid dolt of a 'git.  That not wat I did gona un asks ya now is it, eh? I asked if yis be  Demon?"


"He's a Chaos Demon," Quaraun said. "It's why he calls himself a Chaos wizard. He's also the Son of the Ghoul, that's what his name means."

"Ain't na old enough."




"Ghouly went un gots his-self captured up by da Guild. Dey done went un tossed him into dat dair Hell Dimension. Sealed him up in da portal, de did. Ain't no one ever gone un found no ways to be reopening it. I were being stills alive back then. Him were me general. Best frigging one I did had too. Gibedon replaced him. Eh. Gibedon. Dark hearted Dark Elf. Too ambitious for hims own good. Ghouly was before Gibedon. Un ya did gone un killed me Gibedon."

"I'm sorry."

"Shut ya stupid 'git. I dids nay like Gibedon un ya knows it. Yis replaced Gibedon. Yis best Necromancer yet. Much better then Ghouly. Stupidest danged wizard I ever had, but ain't never seen one wat does stuff yis can does. Never no wants to be on yo bad side. In yi bed side that a different matter. Ain't never had a better bed partner. I'd keep ya just for that even iffy ya were na good wizard, eh?"

Unicorn laid back down and closed his eyes.

"You stutter when you're scared," Quaraun said to GhoulSpawn. "You just had a complete conversation with me and didn't stutter once. Now you're stuttering again."

Unicorn opened his eyes.

"Ayah. Him does be afeared of me. I is wake now."

Unicorn sat back up.

"What me wee Elves did talk on, eh?"

"You. He says you raped me."

"Yis an Elf."


"Obediently being fucked is wat Elves is for."

"So you admit you raped me."

"No reason not to."

GhoulSpawn looked around the room, hoping there was something he'd missed before. Thunder and lightening still boomed outside. Rain still splashed in through the broken stained glass windows. The only door besides the one to the outside, was the one to the basement. He was trapped here with a Phooka, a Thullid, and a crazy Elf.

"Looking for escape hatch, eh?" Unicorn asked.

"I wasn't..."

"Ha ha! Yi was. Can smell ya fear. Kin sees it in ya eyes. Silly lil Demon Elf. Yis terrified of me."

"You're a Phooka. Every one should be terrified of you." 

"Eh? Should dey now? Does ya be knowing much of Phookas?"

"He doesn't know who you are," Quaraun said.


"He doesn't know who you are. He thinks you're just another ordinary Phooka."

"Yis this afread of me and not knows who I is?" Unicorn asked GhoulSpawn.

"I don't understand."

"He's looking for his father. The Ghoul."

The half blind Phooka moved closer to GhoulSpawn. Much too close for the half-Elf's comfort. When GhoulSpawn tried to back away, Unicorn grabbed the half-Elf by his long yellow hair and forced him down. With the Lich now nose to nose with him, GhoulSpawn was terrified. He didn't know what to do or how to react. He'd never been this close to Unicorn before and he hadn't realized both how strong the Lich was, or how cold. Unicorn's hands were like ice and is breath like a blizzard frost. In spite of the flesh GhoulSpawn could see on his body, the Lich's hand felt like bones.

The Lich only held the half-Elf down for a few seconds, then released him and let him go. GhoulSpawn immediately scrambled away from the Pink Necromancer and his Phookan Frost Lich.

"Him too young to be Ghouly's son," Unicorn said to Quaraun, then turning towards GhoulSpawn he added. "Ya fear levels have gone up. Sit back down. Yis Quaraun's friend. I will no hurt ya."

"Why did you..."

"I is blind. Could no see ya face. Sit down. I will no hurt ya. I could not if I tried."


"Why? So many t'ing dat could imply. I can see eight inches from me face. It wat I could see when I was alive. It wat I can see now dat I dead. I want to see ya face to see iffy ya look like Ghouly. Ya does. Sit? Because ya shaking like leaf. Skinny lil Elf like ya, yall git hurt iffy ya pass out on t'is here stone floor. Un Quaraun does na trust me to nay eat ya, so him did cast protection spell on ya. I can no hurt ya while him keeping that on ya. That answers all possibly whys. Yes?"

GhoulSpawn looked at Quaraun.

"You cast a spell on me?"



"He's the Elf Eater. He eats every Elf we get near. That's why people call him The Elf Eater. I didn't want him eating you. I like talking to you. It's not often any one wants to talk to me. They're either too scared of me, or think I'm too crazy, too stupid, too retarded. or too insane to try to talk to me. Or they are greedy and just want the dragon's hoard of gold the Guild has on my head for any one crazy enough to try to turn me over to them."