Pocket Lich Unleashed:
Quaraun Murders Finderu

(Kelim and The Necromancer)

Sample Chapter from:
Kelim and The Necromancer
Volume 2 of
The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane

How dare you come into another wizard's home like this!" roared Finderu angrily.

"You should have checked into your son-in-law’s business transaction better before allowing him to marry your daughter." Quaraun smiled wickedly. "Oh, but you forgot to do that didn't you? I wonder what could have caused that? It was another thing Kelim asked for. That I put an enchantment on you as well. Did I neglect to tell you that? Did you forget how quickly you stopped hating Pixies? You used to kill Pixies. And then all of a sudden, you let your daughter marry one? Haha! I'm sorry Finderu, but you've been under my control for a long time now. You are nothing but yet another puppet to the puppet master."

"You will not take my daughter, no matter what her husband did. You don't play fair, Quaraun."

"Life's not fair."

“Everyone knows what happened to you, Quaraun. Your lover’s death was not my fault. I had nothing to do with it. You know that.”

“I know the Guild does everything you command. Without question. Had the Guild not turned on him, BoomFuzzy would still be alive. His death is every bit your fault.”

“This is madness. You can’t go around killing every body who ever disliked that damned Phooka.”

“I can. And I will. No one on this planet, who ever hated BoomFuzzy is going to live.”

“Everyone hated him. He was a rapist and a murderer. The world is glad he’s dead.”

“I’m not. I loved him. And you hated him.”

“He was a Necromancer.”

“And now, so am I.”

"Quaraun. You were a guild member. One of us! You know the laws regulating magic. The dark arts are forbidden."

"Guilds and their regulations are over rated."

"We worked together, Quaraun! You were peaceful. You abhorred violence. You couldn’t even pick a damned flower, you were so scared of hurting it. What the hell has happened to you?The Elf I knew would never do something like this!"

"I've changed."

"You've lost your freaking mind!"

"That does seem to be the going opinion. They don't call me Quaraun the Insane for nothing, you know."

"Quaraun what has happened to you?"

"You know what happened."

"Just because the Lich Lords killed your family, your clan, your people, it is no reason to turn to dark magic like this."

"How's the saying go? There's nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose?"

Quaraun clenched the Elf Eater’s black obsidian dagger tighter.

"Quaraun, put down that evil cursed weapon, it belonged to the Elf-Eater of Pepper Valley, it's vile powers have possessed you.”

“It scream with the blood of Gibedon. It wants more blood.”

“You don't have to do this."

"Oh, on the contrary, I have no choice to do anything but. And the moon has risen." Quaraun pointed to the window, where the moonlight streamed through. "You owe me interest, Finderu. That was in the contract too."

"Kelim is foolish, he did not read that contract, you admitted as much. You damned DiJinn! You’re all alike. Tricksters."

"Oh yes. And when he didn't read the first one, I knew he'd come back, want it changed, and not read the second one either. I was banking on it."

"You're insane."

"Oh, that fact is well established. Tell your people to move. I'm here for the girl, not them, but that won't stop me from taking anyone and everyone who stands in my way."

Quaraun motioned his hand toward the crowd of cowering Fae whom had pushed Ofeliah to the centre on them, them circling around her to hide her from the Pink Necromancer.

"If you do not give me the girl, you'll all die instead."

"You can't kill us all Quaraun. You're just one Elf. You're not yet that powerful, nor that evil. You can't even stand the sight of blood."

"Hmmm...perhaps, but then again, I don't do my own killing either. The Obsidian Dagger is not the only thing I got from the Elf Eater of Pepper Valley."

"Do your worst we will fight you."

"Me? Haha! I’m a Necromancer, Finderu. You think I have do any fighting for myself. Silly Faeriie. It’s not me you'll have to fight. I won't kill you and your people, Finderu. I have no taste for blood remember? I faint. I still do. That hasn’t changed. I've never killed anyone. I have undead minions now to kill for me."

Quaraun reached into his bag and pulled out another glass bottle, this one containing a swirling shimmering slime green goo.

Finderu laughed. "You intend to kill us with an alchemy potion, you're crazier then I thought, Quaraun, that won't hurt us, we are Faeries, alchemy has little effect on us."

Quaraun flashed a horrible evil grin. 

"Oh, Finderu, shame on you, did you forget my speciality?I’m a Di’Jinn.  I'm a master at art of bags of holding, in many shapes and forms. This is not a potion, as it appears. In spite of it's size, it's much, much, MUCH bigger on the inside. I build bottles that are bigger on the inside. This is a genie bottle...a phylactery."

"A genie bottle! A genie bottle for a Lich! Are you saying you have a Lich under your control?"

“I have 13 Liches under my control. I built the Lich Lords.”

“You wouldn’t dare release the Lich Lords on us.”

"Do you really want to test me to find out?"

"You are not taking my daughter or anyone else in this room."

"Is that your final answer?" Quaraun uncorked the bottle. A black miasmeous vapour began to pour out of it. "Pity, I didn't want to do it this way."

"That is no Lich..."

"No, it's the dragon of Fire Mountain. I told you I had more then just his dagger."

"The drag...Fire Mount...But that's a DracoLich!"

"Yes. It's the DracoLich of Pepper Valley. Isn't she beautiful? You’re about to be eaten by a dragon Finderu. You’re whole town is dragon food now."

The mist grew, gathering at the centre of the room, growing bigger and bigger, forming into the massive black form of a skeletal undead, zombie-like dragon, it's decaying body, shimmering a glint steely grey. It grew, growing out through the walls and ceiling, leaving Finderu's grand house in shattered splitters of remains. Upon seeing the house fall, the Faeries, thinking they were free, began to run, but Quaraun's spell held fast and they remained trapped in the circle. While the terrified Fae watched as the massive monster unfolded before them, Quaraun waved his hands, and two glowing orbs formed, one around Kelim, the other around Ofeliah.

"I need you two alive," Quaraun explained to them, though his quiet voice was lost amid the tumultuous screams, as the mountain sized DracoLich, now fully materialized, swooped down on the guests to gobble most of them up in one swift gulp. Quaraun sat down on the floor and began polishing his dagger, humming a song, and ignoring and not watching the carnage that was going on around him. After a few minutes, the screams had vanished and the DracoLich came to rest beside Quaraun. He reached over and petted her large snout.

"Finished?" He asked the undead dragon. 

The dragon stood up and nodded.

"Good girl." Quaraun reopened the bottle. "Back you go."

The DracoLich transformed once again to a vaporous mist and drifted back into it's tiny bottle, which Quaraun placed back in the pink beaded heart shaped bag on his belt. He then stood up and turned to Kelim and Ofelia, who were still frozen, motionless, within their orbs. Quaraun completely ignored the bloody remains, a few scattered bones, heads, and appendages, which was all that was left of Finderu and his guests. He wouldn't even look to that side of the room. Quaraun was only able to live with the things he did, so long as he did not have to think of the things he did not see.

Volume 2: Kelim and The Necromancer

Quaraun is hunting down the Guild and killing off it's members one by one. Guild leader Finderu is next on his list.

The tiny Pixie Kelim has fallen in love with the Lilac Faerie Ophelia, but Ophelia is in love with some one else and soon to marry him.

News of a wish granting DiJinn Wizard being sighted in the area, sends Kelim looking for a love potion that win Ophelia's heart. Bored with the Pixie's request, Quaraun sends Kelim on his way, but Kelim is persistent and demands the DiJinn grant his wish. Rebuked again by the wizard. Kelim returns a 3rd time desperate to stop Ophelia's wedding.

Obsessed with his plot to kill Finderu, Quaraun only acknowledges Kelim's plight upon discovery that Kelim's believed Ophelia is Finderu's daughter, and in a plot to murder Findaru, Quaraun finally agrees to grant Kelim's wish, but not until Kelim first signs a contract written in blood, agreeing to hand over his first born child to the world's most feared Necromancer.

The one thing Kelim forgot to remember was... never trust a wish granted by a DiJinn, especially not when that Di'Jinn is The Pink Necromancer himself.

A twisted baby murdering retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, this story tells what actually happened, in the bedtime story Quaraun had told to the Phooka in Night of the Screaming Unicorn.

Bandits and Highwaymen In the Night


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Hiring A DiJinn aka The Wish Granting Wizard

The DiJinn's Contract, Written In Blood

A Wish Granted

The Price of Love

Payment Due

Pocket Lich Unleashed: Quaraun Murders Finderu

Did you know...

Quaraun The Insane
The Pink Necromancer
(A Transvestite Moon Elf Wizard)Quaraun The Insane aka The Pink Necromancer (A Transvestite Moon Elf Wizard)

Quaraun was originally the unnamed villain of the Twighlight Manor series, known only as The Grand High Emperor of the Triple Planets, sometimes called The Pink Necromancer, said to be a transvestite Necromancer who built the Twighlight Manor. His massive wardrobe of jeweled pink dresses was carefully locked away in one room of the Manor, by Quaraun's grandson Roderic Swanzen, the main character of The Twighlight Manor series. While it is hinted to that Roderic knows what became of his infamous grandfather, no one is ever able to get Roderic to speak of The Emperor's disappearance and his vanishing after building The Twighlight Manor remains a mystery the series never revealed.

In the Twighlight Manor series Quaraun is portrayed as the evilest person to ever walk the face of the Earth. No one can remember his name, because after The Battle of Ongadada, his name was erased from history.

Yet, in the Twighlight Manor series, people exist, who say the stories about him are untrue, that evil men buried the truth to hide a secret far worse then Ongadada.

The Quaraun Series is the prequel to The Twighlight Manor series and tells the story of the Pink necromancer and the events which would lead up to his building The Twighlight Manor.

Throughout the Quaraun series, Quaraun is treated as the hero and is rarely seen as being evil. This is largely due to his being the primary point of view character of the series. The stories being told from his point of view of the world, means he is not seen as the villain, because he does not think himself evil. The Quaraun series is told from the perspective of a supervillain (Quaraun), who does not think of himself as evil or villainous.

Kelim and The Necromancer is one of the few stories in the series to show Quaraun as a villain. A story which shows the dark nature of the Necromancer and how far he is willing to go, to get revenge on the people who killed his lover.

You can find out more about The Pink Necromancer here.

Who is Pocket Lich?

Quaraun is hailed as "the world's most powerful wizard" partly because he is one of the few people to have ever killed a dragon. However, he had not set out to kill said dragon and her death was an unfortunate side effect of a spell gone wrong.

Distraught at having taken the life of an innocent peaceful creature, Quaraun resurrected the dragon, turning her into a Lich. She immediately set out the slaughtering villages.

Realizing the error of creating a DracoLich, but finding himself unable to kill her again, he instead creates a new world, a dragon's paradise, which exists inside a tiny green bottle that he carries in his pocket.

With his pet dragon safely locked away in her bottle, Humans forgot about the horrifying beast a DracoLich truly is or how dangerous a Necromancer with a Lich at his command actually is. Though mentioned in nearly every story, she rarely makes an on page appearance.

She was named Pocket Lich by Unicorn, another of Quaraun's Liches.

Originally a fire-breathing Black Dragon, Pocket Lich is now an undead ice-breathing Frost Lich Zombie Dragon.

Kelim and The Necromancer is the first and one of the few volumes in the series to actually show Pocket Lich. She is also seen in Summoner of Darkness, Captain Quirk and the Pirate Ship Rent-A-Prize, The Dragons of Ongadada, The Battle of Ongadada, and The Phooka of the Thousand Deaths.

Pocket Lich is seen on the covers of Friends Are Forever and The Dragons of Ongadada:

Where's Unicorn?

Unicorn is NOT in Kelim and the Necromancer.

Evil Necromancer Quaraun, is almost never seen without his trusty Lich, BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, by his side. Kelim and the Necromancer is one of the few stories that does not feature Unicorn.

This story is set after BoomFuzzy's death (1158) and before Quaraun finds Unicorn at The Screaming Unicorn Inn (1458) during the 300 year period he wandered alone, hunting down The Guild and slaughtering it's members.

This volume features the murder of Guild leader Findaru.

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