A Society That Is Entirely Albino

How Would An Entire Race Become Albino?
A Look At The Moon Elves of The Quaraun Series

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How To Create A Completely Albino Society?

Today's question about creating an albino race in fantasy fiction world-building comes from multiple question askers, asking similar questions about creating a completely albino society in their novels. Both question askers, gave long detailed descriptions of their novels, the races they want to create, etc. Both are trying to decide logical ways why a society would become entirely albino. Both asked how it was I created the Ecrodons (Moon Elves) a radical white power race of snooty High Elves that is entirely albino, with no none albinos among them.

For this article, I have included only the parts of their questions which where retentive to the answer I am writing. They were trying to decide possibly reasons why their characters were albinos and tossed around ideas they were considering building upon.

I have highlighted the parts of their questions that is of particular importance to what I am about to say:

Albino Because of Living In Caves?

[quote=Storm]unless I'm horribly mistaken, a good number of deep-cave creatures can turn out to be white-ish in color once brought out into the sunlight, I think it's a lack of sunlight that makes them lose their pigmentation or something, I might want to look into that a bit.[/quote]

With the first question asker, you see them toying with the possibility of the race (Humans in his/her book) being deep cave dwellers for centuries, resulting in evolution creating a race of albinos.

I highlighted this part, because it is exactly what I did for the Quaraun series. The Ecrodons (Moon Elves) live deep below ground in a series of caves systems below the ice capped polar mountains of the Deep North.

Because of the harsh year-round glacial conditions of the region, living in regular houses outside, is a near impossibility. It is why, the entire village became suspicious of the gingerbread house that suddenly appeared on the outskirts of their village, in the Frozen Forest. No one but Frost Creatures (Frost Giants, Frost Liches, and Chrystonites) could withstand living on the surface.

And so, yes, in my own albino race, one of the things which contributes to their becoming albino, is in fact, living deep underground in dark cave systems. Though it is not the only factor which contributes to their deformity.

And it is a deformity. For if one traces them back to before they lives underground, they were not always albinos.

Albino Because of Racial Cleaning:
White Supremacists Murdering All None White Babies

[quote=Kamboolii]Naturally or artificially? The only way I can think of for this to work naturally is to have the albino people kill off anyone who isn't albino and continue doing this for a long period of time. (This assumes the trait is dominant to begin with).

Either that or have such a strong sexual preference for albinism that no one who isn't albino is ever chosen for a mate (although this seems impossible given human sexuality).

Artificially, however, is another matter. With magic, it could be done with a wave of the hand. An ancient curse. An alchemical mistake. A form of magical radiation. Whatever.

Everyone born in this region is simply albino. That's how they're born. Give birth on the other side of the border and they're not. Because magic.[/quote]

Yes. I highlighted this one for a reason. If you've ever read a Quaraun book, you know Quaraun has a major character flaw, that makes it difficult for readers to view him as a hero:

Quaraun is a white supremacist. He tries not to be. He doesn't really want to be. But he was raised in a society that is so radically extremely obsessed with purity, that they eat their own children, if the infants are not born white enough.

Quaraun never fit in with his people. He doesn't hate non-Elves. He doesn't see anything wrong with non-whites. But he was beaten, punished, and tortured mercilessly by his father, uncles, and neighbours his entire childhood, and now as an adult is torn between what he truly believes in, and what he feels compelled to act upon out of fear of punishment. Quaraun is a sick, frail, weak Elf. His ill health makes him fearful of disobeying Elves bigger and stronger then he is. This results in Quaraun acting against what he truly believes, simply to save himself.

The Moon Elves of the Quaraun series are what the Human race would become, if the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi Party had their way. A world where every one in power is whiter then white, and kills everything not exact carbon copies of themselves.

Sadly, the Moon Elf Village is based off a very real town, a very real community, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where white power is insanely out of control, and all none white live in mortal fear of having their heads cut off with swords. 

But let's take a look at the viscous, violent, blood thirsty Ecrodons, the monstrous creatures that were based of a real community of people, so bizarre, they can barely be called human. 

While the residents of Old Orchard Beach are not 100% albino, you do find albinos in outlandishly high proportions here in the area. In most of the world, albinos are rare, in fact, outside of small isolated tribes of Africa, Papua New Guina, and the Amazon Rain Forest (where incest is the norm) you almost never see an albino at all.


Come to Maine and you'll see albinos everywhere. Come to Biddeford and they thrive in throngs. Old Orchard Beach, Biddeford, Portland, Lewestion, and Damriscotia, boast some of the highest consentrations of albinos in the world.


The answer might shock you...

Do you know what causes albinos to be born?


While lots of things contribute to pale skin, only one thing and one thing only, results in a true albino:


And not just any incest.

It requires 3 generations of sibling incest to produce an albino.

That means:

A brother + a sister, have to give birth to 2 children, one male and one female; those children in turn must give birth to two more children, again a boy and a girl, and this third pair, when they give birth to a child, it has a 75% change of being born an albino.

It's the ONLY way to produce a TRUE albino.

Did you know that?

Next time you see an albino, remember, that his parents are siblings, and their parents are sibling, and their parents are siblings... because it is only through 3 generations of sibling incest, that the albino mutation can be activated in DNA.

Of course, Biddeford, Lewiston, and Damrascota, Maine all are vying for the #1 spot as the town in America with the highest incest rate. A title that Biddeford, Maine currently holds. Pointing out that Biddeford, Maine also has the highest population of Ku Klux Klan members in America as well.

In other words... when writing your book, no mater what else you put in there, if your character truly is an albino, that character is a result of incest.

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