Psychedelics In A 'High' High Fantasy World (High Elves Getting High)

Psychedelics In A 'High' High Fantasy World (High Elves Getting High)

I am answering random questions today about world building, over on Reddit and decided to take my answers from there and expand upon them even further over here. So that's what this page is. Me rambling on about various aspects of world building techniques I use when writing the Quaraun series. The questions I am answering are embedded here. Clicking the link in the embedded question will take you to the original Reddit page where you can see the original answer along with other people's answers. If you wish to comment, you can do so on the Reddit page where a place to do so is provided.

Psychedelics In A 'High' Fantasy World (No Pun Intended) from worldbuilding

[–]equalsnilToo much skin, not enough bees 1 point 16 days ago 

Problem with using real-world plants in a fantasy world is you know some idiot kid's going to read about it in your book then go try to find some.I'd rather go with stuff that's native to that world, or give a real-world plant a native name and never call it by anything else.

Acid/opium are harder to get your hands on than something that might just be growing in your backyard.

And if weed is growing in your backyard, I'm guessing you're familiar enough with its properties that you won't be misled by a fantasy book.

I'm going back through our exchange and realizing I never brought up the big thing that I actually had a problem with: Misrepresenting your pharmaceutical plants is the real problem, not simply having them.

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