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Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy | EelKat's Guide To World Building - The Squidoo Series
World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
God & Satan vs Fantasy

Warning: This page may get preachy. I'm known to do that.

Okay, continuing on from where we left off on our series of building realistic Fantasy worlds for your characters to live in. (links to the previous & following articles in this series are in the index at the end of this article)

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
Drawing On Your Own Religious Upbringing To Build Your World...

So, the topic of the day, is creating a religion, or multiple religions, for your fantasy world.

If one is going to build fictional gods and religions for one's fictional world, one should first have an understand of how real world religions work, yes? I think so at least.

Now, I'm not saying you need to understand the history of world religions and know all the answers of the hows and whys of each religion's philosophy. No. What I'm saying is, to look inside yourself and draw on your own personal experiances with religion.

How were you raised, religion-wise? Were your parents religious? Christian? Catholic? Jewish? Muslim? Pagan? Wiccan? Atheist? There are 15,000 religions in the world. Chances are at least one of them impacted your views on how you see the world, wither you know it or not.

You don't have to build your world religions to be mirrors of real world religions. Of course, you can if you want to.

You could have a world devoid of religions.

It's your world. You can write it however you want.

I do feel that no matter what you write, religious or not, it still always is effected by the religions you have personally crossed paths with. Even if not your own religion. Just the religion of one of your friends, could somehow influence your daily activities, and in turn, affect how you write you novels.

Well, in my own novels, you always see religion, particularly drug dealing, weapon carrying, bloodthirsty, excessively violent, fundamentalist cultists.

Religion is ALWAYS bad or evil in my novels, and readers have noticed this and asked about it.

I suppose, someone who is unfamiliar with the Gypsy Clan that raised me, would struggle to understand why religions and gods and priests and prophets are written in such a bad light in my novels. But, when you look at the people I grew up with, what they did, what they believed, and how they practiced their religion, you suddenly get an eye opening: "OMG! No wonder you write religious characters as the bad guys!"

I suppose, for the sake of your understanding my own views on religion and how those views affect my world building process, it would be best to tell you my own religious background.

I was born a 5th generation Mormon, in a Fundamentalist Mormon family which has more than 400 people in the family. My grandfather had 2 wives. His first wife, was my grandmother and she had 15 pregnancies, 12 live births, and 11 children to live to adulthood.

My mother had two husbands and I am the oldest of 4 children she had by my father. Her oldest sister is the one in the family with the most spouses, she having 8 husbands. Her youngest brother is the man in the family with the most wives, him having 5 wives. 

Of these original twelve children, all the wives, each have no fewer than 4 children, most have 8 children, and the one wife with the most children has 23 pregnancies and 15 children to reach adulthood.

The men who lead the clan were very violent drug-dealing, gun hoards, claim that God is an alien, that he lives on Planet Kolob, and will soon ride in to deal our the Third World War (Aarmagedon) from a mothership, that will be mistaken by scientists as a comet which will be named Wormwood.

With the exception of my grandfather's first wife, my Grammy Eva, all 400 of them are LDS/Mormon by religion. She was born to a prostitute in the 1920s and was sent to be raised by the Shakers. As a teenager she ran away from the Shakers after being sexually abused by the man who raised her. She converted to Seventh-Day Adventism, and remains with that religion for almost 60 years, leaving it for Huna (a Hawaiian religion) shortly before her death. The last 30 years of her life, she took to Voodoo, witchcraft, and dealing out curses and evil eyes to any one and everyone who pissed her off.

My father was born a Methodist, was forced by my mother's father to convert to Mormonism before being allowed to marry my mother, then after their divorce 30 years later became an Atheist.

My father's mother (my Grammy Helen) was a Methodist most of her life, but also attended The Salvation Army, but being Scottish was also a heavy believer in The Faerie Faith, Hoodoo, and Witchcraft. 

After 2 decades of physical, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse at the hands of our uncles, me and all 3 of my brothers escaped the clan. Two of my brothers are now no religion at all, and have no desire to look into any religion, while the 3rd is now Atheist.

To make the mix even more messed up, I was homeschooled via Dr Lindstrom's infamous psycho-radical Christian Liberty Academy (in the 1970s when it was still the violent, window smashing, church burning, government protesting heydays; long before it changed into an actual legitimate school people know it as today.) Highly controversial, White-Power Radical Calvinists who branded themselves "Patriots" and believed textbooks were not required when you could preach the Bible while drive by shooting your local governors, instead.

Dr. Lindstrom, spent most of his time correcting his students' school papers from his prison cell, as he rarely was outside of prison. After his death, the school shunned it's once radical practices for teaching without textbooks and did away with gathering up armies of 5 year olds to use as shields while shooting government workers, and became an actual Christian school - this however, happened in the late 1990s, many years after I had already graduated, from the insanity that was Christian Liberty Academy in the 1970s.

In the late 1980s, my mother went Super Christian, took an axe to her TV, and my TV, and my dad's TV, and every radio she could find, my 1974 AMC Gremlin, my 1976 AMC Gremlin, and my 1974 AMC Hornet... she claimed TV evangelists Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland, and Benny Hinn told her to. We then attended the LDS church on Sunday mornings, a Pentecostal church at noon, and a different Pentecostal church in the evening; yet another Pentecostal church on Mondays, and a different Pentecostal church on Wednesdays. Soon she added the Kennebunk Baptists Church and the Saco Baptists Church to the mix, quickly followed by the Christian Scientists and the Jehovah's Witnesses. By 1994, we were attending 15 church congregations each week, 7 days a week, attending church services as many as 5 times a day, as long as 3 hours each service (yes 15 hours a day, not including travel to and from churches, with one church being in Monmouth, Maine a 2 hour drive from us).

In 2003, I simply stopped attending church, because 110+ hours of church a week, left no time for anything else, including sleep, and going to church was not my idea to begin with. She immediately took to the internet calling me the child of Satan, and her 10 brothers and sisters joined her, also with my 68 first cousins, my 200+ 2nd cousins, and my 90+ 3rd cousins.

I don't believe in worshiping a white-power, gay hating, wife beating, child abusing, animal sacrificing, wrath filled, cruel and heartless god whose claim to fame was murdering his own son on a cross and then demanding his followers cannibalistically eat his son's flesh and drink his son's blood every Sunday.

Those 400+ people you see, daily having religion crazed meltdowns on my FaceBook wall since 2007?

You know, the ones who are daily posting photos of themselves holding their machine guns why saying under the photo: "here's the gun I'm gonna shot you with, you demon possessed traitorous child of satan".

The ones who post memes saying "Death of All Jews" "Death to all Niggas" "Death to the Gayz" and "Death to.... whatever else they can think of.

Those are my mother, her siblings, their children, their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren aka my aunts and uncles and cousins and second cousins and third cousins. All 400 of them. Along with their friends from the Saco Ward Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I became a Voodoo Priestess in 2003 and was additionally ordained a minister of the United Life Church in 2010.

Why? Why did I become a Voodoo Priestess?

Because I realized I don't believe in worshiping a white-power, gay hating, wife beating, child abusing, animal sacrificing, wrath filled, cruel and heartless god whose claim to fame was murdering his own son on a cross and then demanding his followers cannibalistically eat his son's flesh and drink his son's blood every Sunday.

Voodoo is an animistic religion that reverances the memory of the ancestors, hold dear the respect of nature, and shuns all levels of violence, war, guns, and cruelty.

The Christine peace and love of Jesus that Christians preach.... Voodoo ACTUALLY practices it. Voodoo accepts all regardless of colour, race, gender, gender identity, sexuality, sexual preferences, or ethnicity. Voodoo embraces all people as brothers and sisters and therefor to wage war is a grave sin, to own guns is a grave sin, to shed blood is a grave sin, to hurt someone because they are the wrong colour or are in love with someone of the wrong gender is a sin.

Christians preach love and practice hate. Voodoo actually practices what they preach.

I have personally meet more then 7,500 Christians here in Southern, Maine.

I have personally never meet, encountered, or interacted with a Christian who wasn't a hysterical hate monger with zero capacity to love or show kindness or compassion towards others. Perhaps Christians who are kind and loving and don't run around with guns chanting they want to kill all the gays and non-whites, do exist out there somewhere, but they sure as hell are not anywhere to be found here in York County, Maine.

Well, obviously, this effects how I write my characters and how I build the world they live in, now doesn't it?

If you've ever read my "Faith Not Religion" series and wondered what inspired me to write a series of articles on why it's better to have faith in one god then to be a save to religion... well, now you know.

By the time I was 18 years old I had read the Bible, cover to cover, like a novel, 31 times. Not by choice. If I wanted to eat, I had to read the Bible AND recite it from memory. The longest I went between meals was 12 days. I kept mis-reciting the same set of verses. I think the hunger made it worse, as it got harder for me to memorize verses, the more days in a row I was not allowed to eat.

Hunger wasn't enough motivation, but my Uncle David soon discovered that cutting my cats' heads off with a shovel was. Over the years my mother gave me a grand total of 84 kittens. They never lived long as I had trouble memorizing Bible verses.

My David, if you don't know, he founded a group that calls themselves "The Loyalist White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan" They are not actual KKK and not affiliated with the real, KKK, instead they are a machine gun hoarding fringe group who claims too to be sovereign citizens.

When people ask me why I know so much about KKK, well, I grew up in there group, and some 300+ members of my family are active KKK members.

I hate the family I was born into. I wish, I had never known them.

Well, all of that said, if you've ever read my novels, you start to realize, why religions in my novels are, quite radical, very much zealots, hold to fanatical belief systems, and are ALWAYS the villains.

Never in any of my novels, do you ever see a priest or god who is portrayed as good.

Today I am a Voodoo Priestess rank of Medsen Fey Marija Loa to Damballah Weddo, a religion that focuses on love and peace and non-violence. I now shun Christians with their white power, their gay hatred, their spousal abuse, their child abuse, their pet murders, their wars, their bloodshed, and their brutality. And you see this heavily reflected in my novels, where my main characters are priests to pagan gods and goddesses, and my villains hail the bloody battle cries of a hate mongering one god.

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
A Look At How This Affected The World's In My Novels...

Worshiping God/fearing Satan

My aliens (The High Elves aka Space Elves in the Quaraun series, not real world aliens) come from a galaxy that has no "gods", they have no concept of worshiping gods or fearing demons, they practice no sacrifices, they preach no scripture, they quote no prayers, they do not sit around waiting for a god to protect them.

My Faeries (who come from a alternate dimension) likewise follow no gods or demons nor have a concept for doing so.

...until they come to earth and encounter Humans.

Once they have become influenced by the corruption that is Humanity, the other species begin to divide up by races and begin to follow after the Human example of hate everything not a carbon copy of yourself, and like Christian Humans the Elves and Faeries start worshiping fictional gods created in their own images, then going to war over whose god is the one god.

For example, a group of Fae begin to identify as Demons because the Humans called them Demons.

Then because of Human mythology, this group of "Demons" begins to worship an Elder God, simply because they feel it is what they are supposed to do, because so many Humans say that is what Demons do.

The most notable religion of the Quaraun series is The Cult of The Sacred Pink Jellyfish, which is a group of squid headed aliens (Thullids) whom the Humans refer to as "Chaos Demons", that one day found in their oceans a strange pink jellyfish, the size of an apple, with long purple ruffly tentacles. They marveled over this rare creature, captured her, put here in a glass bowl, and started worshiping her when they realized she had the ability to communicate with them telepathically.

Assumed to be the last of her kind, or perhaps just a bright coloured mutation of a common jellyfish, her uniqueness and her telepathic abilities results in they began calling her an Elder Brain, eventually calling her the creator of the universe, because she went on to live for several thousand years, in her bowl of water without any food to eat or room to swim, and seemingly was immortal, resulting in them calling her The Elder God.

Eventually the cult broke off into two sects, one who thought her a god to be worshipped and the other thinking her an evil thing that caused all the suffering of the land.

A war broke out, and as her priests fell before the hate mongers, one priests, whose job it had been, to stand by her side for decades, took the jellyfish and to save her life from the attacking army, did the unthinkable and implanted her into the brain of a young Elf.

That Elf, was the main character Quaraun, who lives his life, going back and forth between calling himself a male Elf and calling himself a female Demon, while living on the run from cultists who want to worship him as their god and zealots who want to slaughter him for bringing evil to the world.

The religion that protects and worships the JellyFish are peaceful, and based heavily off real world Voodoo. While the zealot fundamentalist, driven by insane blood lusts and hate, are based largely off real world Christianity and it's terrorist activities against gays and non-whites.

Like real world Voodoo priestesses, the worshipers of the Sacred Pink Jellyfish practice colour magic and wear the sacred colours of their goddess (in this case pink). And like real world terrorists known as Christians, the zealots in the books wear white robes, white hood, and march from village to village burning houses and slaughtering everyone who is not a carbon copy of themselves.

And so you see, how my own personal experiences with real world religions has heavily influenced the religions in the world my books exist in.

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
Let's Do a Writing Prompt Writing Exercise To Help You Decide Who and What God, Satan, and Religion Are In World Inside Your Own Fantasy Novels(s):

Now, because I'm in the habit of answering questions people send me, that results in a lot of questions getting sent to me. Way more than I'll ever be able to answer.

My Faith Not Religion Squidoo series, has resulted in a lot of religion related questions getting sent my way.

Now. I have answered the first two questions, with my real world answers. But, how would those answers be different, if, instead of me answering, I wrote those answers from the point of view of one of the characters in my novels?

What if one character had asked those questions to another character? How would that character answer? Why would the question have been asked?

Think about it.

Now, I'm going to give you a list of questions readers have sent to me over the years. I want you to take these questions and use them, to formulate, who or what is the god of your fictional world? If there are multiple gods, answer the questions for each.

Questions that say things like "Christian", "Atheist", "Jesus", or "Satan", just substitute those word for the words in your novel that best replaces them. Use the names of your world's deity, saviour, evil big bad dude, religions and opposers.

A bit of a warning too, some of these questions are pretty snarky, a few border into bitch zone. People can be right royal bitches when it comes t asking questions about religion. When you read them, you'll see why I had not used them before. However, as these are real questions from real people, about real religions, I felt that this article would be a good place to, not answer them, but rather let you use them as sounding boards to bounce ideas off of for creating religions, gods, and evil entities of your world.

After each question, I will show you how it is that question applies to the primary religion of the Quaraun novels, the religion, which main character Quaraun belongs to and is a very devout wizard priest of: The Cult of the Sacred Pink JellyFish.

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
Answering reader email...
I'm putting this answer here, as knowing real world history does wonders to help in writing your fictional world and this is on topic to writing about Gods and the religions who create them:

What did Lucifer the angel do that God cast him out of heaven to hell?

Lucifer is not in the Bible. He's a character from the novel Paradise Lost, based off a character from Hebrew Kabbalistic mythology. 

Lucifer is also not an alternate name for Satan. Note as well that the word Satan was invented in around 1612, and does not exist in any Bible prior to the King James Edition. 

According to the oldest known (pre-Biblical) scrolls, Lucifer was a prince who thought himself the most beautiful person ever born, as a result of which he refused to help to widows and orphaned because they were too ugly, so the Sun came down and turned him into a star, forever cursed to act as a guide to the people he refused to help in life. That star today is now known to not be a star at all, but rather is the planet Venus. 

Satanus (also known as Saturn) is a Greek God, a doctor/war lord who had nothing to do with Hebrew folklore at all, who rivaled Zeus and his name was shortened to Satan, by Catholic Popes, who added him to the Bible in the 1600s in their attempts to convert the Celts of the British Isles. 

Satan was intended to scare the common folk out of going to doctors, herbalists, and healers, and was used as a way to promote the verses in the Bible which stated: "thou shalt not suffer a physician to live" and "thou shalt burn all the hospitals". In the 1600s it was believed that God made sickness as a way to expose sinners and that healing a sick person was to go against the will of God. Thus why Satan became the "evil one" due to Saturn being the God who healed soldiers during war time. 

Source: I'm a minister, who gets fed up with people attributing things to the Bible that are not in it at all. Christians would do well to just READ their Bibles for a change instead of misquoting what they THINK is in it, just because someone who never read the Bible told them it was from the Bible. 

I also own an antique Bible that was printed in the 1530s and has been passed down in my family for centuries and have been able to compare the changes that were made when the King James version was written in 1612.

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
You see me holding the ancient 400 year old Bible here...

Now, in the Quaraun novels, there is no "Evil Big Bad" working in opposition of the goddess they worship. There religion does not have a concept of Heaven, Hell, or a Satan-like evil one. They also have no holy scriptures that they read from or religious texts.

The Sacred Pink Jellyfish herself does not claim to be god, nor does she ask to be worshiped. Indeed, she feels like a victim and prisoner. She was taken from her ocean, where she once swam free, and put in a tiny round goldfish bowl, to be put on display and ogled at by priests. Not seen as a god at first, she was originally thought to be an omen. No one had ever seen anything like her.

She begged and pleaded to be set free, but rather the see the error of their ways, the priests marvled that the tiny creature was able to communicate with them. Thus they started worshipping her as a god. They began t leave offerings and sacrifices at the floor and on the table, around her bowl. None of which did any good foor her as she just wanted to go home.

 She is kept trapped in the bowl for thousands of years, with generations of the priests making up wild stories about how she had created the world. One tale speaks of her doing battle against an evil purple oyster, defeating him and saving the world, but that is as close as any tale gets to containing a Satan-like opponent to The Sacred Pink Jellyfish.

Thousands of years of hundreds of generations of priests have let their imaginations run wild, thinking up completely untrue god tales and creation stories, about a pink jellyfish, who is nothing more than a strange sea creature a fisherman caught in his nets so long ago. But she lives on in her bowl, seemingly immortal and with no one ever feeding her, and she can communicate to them, that they assume she is god.

And so while the primary religion of the Quaraun series does not have a battle in heaven or a god casting out evil angels, it still has a history of stories written by it's priests and prophets.

How have you dwelt with this in your novels? Do your characters have stories they tell about ancient gods?

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?
Answering reader email...

Which is the best?

1) God created the universe.

2) The universe popped into existence.

3) The universe has always existed.?

None of those options seem good or logical to me. I'm not sure what would be a logical option either. It's one of those things where, no matter what version someone tells me they believe, I'm always looking at it and wondering "But if it was so, then how could this other thing be true?" 

I want to believe in an origin of the universe, but after hearing several dozen different versions from a wide range of religions and cultures (including one that says the universe is nothing but a giant zuni bear's vomit) I've yet to find an explanation of the universe's origin that actually makes sense to me. 

It seems like there had to have a beginning, so it couldn't have just always been there, right? 

And so being created makes sense at first, until I ask, but who created the creator? 

A big bang makes sense until I ask, but what caused the bang? 

Space seeds from aliens makes sense, until I ask, but who created the aliens that spread the seeds? 

Even the zuni bear one makes sense until you ask: but where'd the bear come from? 

I just have yet to find any origin myth that I believe. Every one of them no matter who well thought out, always has one of those "Hey, wait, what about this..." questions.

Let's move on from what I believe in real life, to what my characters believe in my novels... specifically, main character Quaraun's religion, The Cult of The Sacred Pink Jellyfish.

The Sacred Pink Jellyfish is not only a female, but a medusa.

If you are unfamiliar with jellyfish biology, a medusa is a female who can reproduce. Along the edges of her tentacles grow glumps of polyps that look like grape clusters. Each of these eventually grows like a tumor, then bursts open, sending out a new baby jellyfish into the world. After all the polyps have hatched, the medusa changes gender and becomes male for a while. The jellyfish's body now produces sperm, which coats it's tentacles, after which point it again changes gender and becomes female again. Now it's sperm coated tentacles begin to once again grow polyps, which absorb the sperm and grow into baby jellyfish that will hatch from the polyps.

This asexual, multi-gender, self-fertilization is common with our real world jellies, slimes, snails, sea slugs, corals, sea anemones, and portuguese man-o-war. In most sea creatures though, once the cycle is complete, the creature dies.

However in Japan, there is a fish tank, that was built over a thousand years ago, and in it, is a real world jellyfish (which is where I got the idea from) that has belongs to generations of emperors and now currently sits in a scient history museum, as a ecological marvel. Known as The Immortal Jellyfish of Japan, this strange fish, instead of dying, changes gender and starts life anew.

You can find out more about this real world fish here:

Turritopsis dohrnii - Wikipedia

Turritopsis dohrnii, the immortal jellyfish, is a species of small, biologically immortal jellyfish found in the Mediterranean Sea and in the waters of Japan. It is one of the few known cases of animals capable of reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary ...‎

Transdifferentiation · ‎Aurelia · ‎Turritopsis nutricula · ‎Planula

People also search for:

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

Do I have a soul, and is that soul eternal? If it is, then who puts the arbitrary lifetime-limit for when I need to make up my mind ...?

... about gods and saviors? 

Why can't I reach that conclusion a nano-second AFTER I die? 

Or an Hour? Or a Day? Or 500 Years?

This brings up an interesting question for your world. Well, I think all of these bring up interesting points, which is why've I've chosen these questions over others.

But this question challenges you as a writer, to think about souls and how they are interpreted in your world's cultures and religions.

Do your characters have souls?

I've seen some stories, where having a soul, is what makes Humans, Human, and thus non-Humans such as Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Mermaids, and Gnomes, do not have souls. Books which portray non-Humans as soulless, often also have Humans acting superior to the others, by virtue of having souls. Perhaps the most famous story to show non-Humans as soulless, is The Little Mermaid, which states that Mermaids turn to seafoam when they die, but the Little Mermaid did not, because in order to grow Human legs, the sea witch had to give her a soul and thus make her Human.

Typical in Vampire stories is the fact that all living creatures have souls, but the act of losing one's soul, turns a person into a Vampire, and only through restoring their soul, can they become Human again. This is especially noted as being used in the Buffy and Angel series.

In both instances, lack of a soul, can be used in religions. Ministers who preach Heaven as being only for Humans, because only men with souls are allowed to enter Heaven, while Faeries and Elves are cast into Hell for lacking souls.

In the Quaraun series, souls are very important to the plot. In the Quaraun series, all living things have a soul, for it is the soul that causes life. A body can not survive without a soul, and thus a person dies as a result of their soul, leaving their body.

Different species have different types of souls, however, and Elves, have very strong souls, which cause them, not only to live longer, but also gives them the ability to communicate with each other (other Elves) via a soul-bound hive mind. It's not so much telepathy, as it is, being able to feel each others souls. They can not send thoughts to each other, but they can send emotional signals to each other, thus if one Elf feels joy, all the Elves around him, feel joy with him. If one Elf is sad, all the Elves nearby, grieve with him. This soul connection, known as The Elven Communion, is why Elves show no outer emotions, for they have no need to smile, laugh, or cry, in order to communicate to each other how they feel.

There also exists a thing, known as an OutCast Elf. Because of this deep soul connection to one another, they also feel each other's pain. If an Elf is stabbed, they each suffer the agony with him. If an Elf dies, the whole tribe, feels this soul ripped from their tribal unit. And to kill another Elf is a horrifying thing, for all the Eves, for they feel both the anger and sorrow of the murderer and the agony and suffering of the victim. Once an Elf murders another Elf, the entire tribe, mentally shuts down their souls, separating themselves from the murderer, evicting him from the hive mind, casting him out to live alone in his head, like a Human. He become an OutCast Elf, no longer able to feel the communion with the other Elves. There is no great torture for an Elf then to be cast out of the hive mind. Most OutCast Elves go insane and many commit suicide, unable to bear living alone inside their bodies.

And while none of this is seen by the Elves themselves as being religious, the Humans of the series, see it as being part of an Elven Cult ritual, with many Christian ministers citing the Elves as evil and practicing dark magic.

And so here you have, how it is I have used the concept of souls in my own world... how have you used souls in your novel?

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

Christians, why do you believe in a god that can't be demonstrated and savior not supported by historical records?

'Creation' might be evidence for a creator (or not), but is not evidence for any particular god other than the impersonal creator god of deism.

This question is an important one for building you world's religions. You must remember that every belief system has things it can not prove. If you people believe in an invisible god, you must come up with reasons why they would choose to do so. How do they defend their belief when it is challenged like this?

Going back to the Quaraun series we see this sort of challenge happening often. Quaraun, wears outlandish pink dresses, decked out in glitter and ruffles, as does every one who is a priest or priestess of The Sacred Pink JellyFish, for he is, after all, a wizard priest and a worshiper of The Sacred Pink Jellyfish.

But, he himself became the vessel in which she now dwells, and she was implanted in his body in the year 947, when he was 9 years old. The novels start in the mid 1400s and spans to the year 2525, most of it taking place between 1450 and 1730.

While the Sacred Pink Jellyfish was once easy to worship as she could be seen in her bowl of water, it's been 400 years since anyone last saw her, and the religion itself is fast dying. She has become a god that can't be demonstrated and savior not supported by historical records, resulting in, like Christianity, most of the world's population laughs at them and their idiotic belief in things they can not see.

While most worshipers of The Sacred Pink Jellyfish are seen as ridiculous, gullible, and brainwashed, Quaraun is seen as outright insane. Quaraun is often bullied and teased and beaten up, for he not only worships the invisible, unseen goodness, he also claims that she is living in his head, had eaten his brain and is in control of his body now. No one but the most devout worshipers believe him. Though he is telling the truth, he has no way to prove what has happened to him.

And so, just like Christianity, once seen as a viable religion, a religion that was practiced in ancient times, thousands of years ago, The Religion of the Sacred Pink Jellyfish is now seen as nothing more then a laughably ridiculous cult of raving lunatics, incapable of thinking for themselves and holding on to ancient beliefs that they can not prove are real. Now seen as a fringe cult of crazed fundamentalists, they are no more called a religion and now known as The Cult of The Sacred Pink JellyFish.

Have you, when creating your world's gods and religions, thought of these things? How do your characters defend themselves when opposition comes forward to challenge their beliefs in a god they can not see or provide proof of? How do they explain their faith?

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

Goddesses/Gods in wicca?

What gods/goddesses does wiccans worship? I am interested in this religion, I always have been, but I get confused. The chants and music I hear, always talks about different goddesses (such as isis, hecate, astarte, etc). But from what I heard....arn't there only one goddess/god? So how come all these I hear talk about different ones? That just always confused me, can someone clear this up for me? Thanks!

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

Is it wrong for one Christian to test another in order that the other's folly may become apparent to himself?

World Building For Fantasy Fiction Writers - Your World: God & Satan vs Fantasy- Who Are The Gods of Your World?

What do Wicca believe?

Im a devout Christian and i recently made a decision to learn of other religions. I of course know what Christianity is, as well as Judaism, and islam. My next is Wicca. 

Please enlighten me.

Lets get one thing clear, im not looking for a new god. I know him already. I dont want to be bigoted upon from people saying that i dont know anything.

What are the basics of serving God?

What are the basics?


If someone has a brain injury so severe they basically become a different person does that mean they have a new soul?

If not does their soul also get damaged? What about someone with a split brain with different personalities? Do they have two souls or one cut in half?

In terms of the Wiccan religion, how is the genocide of the Elephants viewed?

Is faith in Christ alone enough to enter heaven? Or are good works required?

In at least three places in Romans the Apostle Paul says that we are saved by faith alone without works (Romans 3:20, 28; 5:1). 

But when we turn to James 2:25 we read: A man is justified by works, and not by faith only (James 2:24). 

Which is it?

Aside from Spells, Charms, and Knot Magick; What types of Magick are there?

I'm new to Wicca/Paganism, and I am interested in what type of Magick there is. 
I'd like to know before Midsummer/Wicca.

Why do Christians cry, wail and moan at funerals when they are supposed to be going to a better place?

How do witches and Wiccans celebrate Halloween?

Atheists, if you don't believe in God, as you claim, then why do you say he is evil?

Atheists and agnostics, before you decided that you weren't into religion, was there one that you felt wasn't that bad?

And what about now?

If the rich woman is rude, snobby & stuck up towards the poor man how will she feel about him in Heaven?

The poor man has forgiven the rich woman for her snobby behavior and wishes they could get along, he even prays for her, the rich woman often gets treated like royalty and the poor man often gets treated like a lesser person.

Why do LaVeyan satanists mock other groups so much while claiming they as LaVey Satanists are the ones who do not fear the dark forces?

Laveyans are always saying wicca and pagans and other white lighters like to dabble with the black flame but will not dive in and get burned and many other such remarks. Yet all of these groups they laugh at are the ones who do believe in the supernatural and practice with it without fear. 

It is the Laveyan Satanists who admit they are just atheists in Halloween costumes and just using the label satan as its fun and to pretend and that it is just theater. So since they do not even believe in actually spirits or dark powers or anything at all and thus do not practice anything with it then why mock those who do and claim they are the cowards? 

It makes no sense can someone explain please?

Do avalanches happen because of people sinning in the area?

How do Luciferians Differ from Satanists?

Where does evil come from?

How do you start serving God?

How do you start serving God? I cant get my question across in text without using the word 'you'. I use 'you' in general not personally

Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins?

For a whole 3 days, basically he just gave up his weekend.

What pain? What suffering? He is all powerful and humans have gone through far worse suffering.

I wish God wasn’t real. Life would be better off without that overly controlling Deity. What are your thoughts?

Is God's judgment criterion-referenced or norm-referenced? In other words, does God grade on a curve?

Criterion-referenced grading compares achievement to an objective standard. Norm-referenced grading compares achievement to the performance of others, based on the normal curve.

Did Jesus and his disciples celebrate the spring festival of Easter 2000 years ago?

Is an ‘Ego awakening’ a matter of resting your restless mind in meditation long enough that the epiphany occurs, and all without expectation?

All achieved by patiently, persistently, and gently bringing the attention back to, for example, physical sensations in the body

Is Christianity a business?

Why doesnt God destroy Satan once and for all?

Why do atheists condone and even practice self rape?

Catholics are false Christians.?

Why does God like Palm Trees so much?

Is it insulting when a parent says that " God provides for you"?

I am 21 and my parents told me this today so I said "Does God work 40 plus hours a week to pay my rent ? does God pay my food bill ? No I do by working". Then they said who or what provided the job? so I said " my skills and the company that I work for".

Do you believe God needs 3 beings "fused" to him in order to be who he is, 1 God?

They are not each other. Hear me out...You say he's like Ice, water and vapor, right?....Would you say that in order to be that "ice" or have great power, he needs to be fused with 3 beings to go from one liquid (water) to an all powerful Ice?......and then, what would you say about John 14:28? Why is one greater?

Can you prove that I didn’t kill God?

Does God taste like peanut butter?

Why is questioning your faith considered a sin in Christianity?

Is there a God or no God?

Why do atheists rely so heavily on logical fallacies?

it continues to demonstrate how stupid atheism is.

For example, you can observe them saying that former atheists were never atheist to begin with - the no true scotsman fallacy. 

Also you can also observe them referring to God with juvenile terms - the appeal to ridicule fallacy. 

Regularly you can observe them expressing their misunderstanding of scripture (often to mock), even though they admit years of study to show they found it too difficult to understand, so reject it as not true - the personal incredulity fallacy.

Another observation is when they say there is no evidence of God, when there is plenty of testimonial evidence - the cherry picking fallacy. 

A related observation is when they say testimonial evidence is not evidence - the moving the goalposts fallacy. 

Another observation is when they say that religious people are the most evil people in the world - the hasty generalization fallacy.

Christians, can you prove that the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't exist?

If you don't believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster[FSM] you may be banished to pastafarian hell! That is a terrible fate, take no chances, begin your belief in the FSM now!

No, and they can't prove that ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster or fairies don't exist either. They also can't prove that a god does exist.

Why can't suffering humans opt to euthanized?? Why is that such a problem with religious people?

I'm watching the Incredible Dr. Pol decide to euthanize a suffering animal, as the "best option". but with humans you have to let them suffer to their last breath.

So, I go at nursing homes, people who have no family, bed sores on their butt, feeding tube in them, hardly able to acknowledge you during a procedure, and due to salvation question, you have to leave them in that condition???

Why does God care so much about how we have sex and who we have it with?

Which God are we talking about? Many civilizations throughout history recognized gods of love, lust, desire, perversion, etc. Those gods have no problem with hanky panky. The Christian God, however, is a prude. That guy doesn't even want married couples to have sex outside of procreation, and then only missionary style.

Why do you think pedophilia is so prevalent among organized religion?

Is Santa Claus and God the same person?

I mean they both have white beards.

Sad but true - Santa died this past month. His workshop at the North Pole was flooded and he drowned. Nobody has seen God since Santa's death was reported, so we still don't know who was who. Keep your fingers crossed.

Spiritually, does anyone actually still celebrate the spring equinox?

As part of a religious celebration?

Who or what do you believe caused the universe to exist?

Is it just American christians that cant understand the concept of evolution?

or are all christians like that 

They have the constitutional right to be as stupid as humanly possible and they take that to heart.

Does u think atheists has sold they soles to the devil Satan's?

I'm losing my faith please help me?

Im having trouble with my faith but I hope you wont mind listening.I love God n Gods love but I believe its impossible to stop sinning,live goodness for even when we believe in t cuz we keep sinning without us knowing it. My churches teach its only when we believe t and stop sinning can we go to Heaven I tried living perfectly for 10yr.I didnt feel loved nor free. I felt like I was bound by the law rather than Grace that t death meant nothing. If Christ death only meant our old self died so we could live perfect in t than he is no better than a lamb people sacrificed in the OT. I want to live my life enjoying Life in t. I want to enjoy God's Creation and live like a normal person not a monk. I want to share God's Love, teach people that the law is a set of standards to better love others and be better people not a mandatory standard for us to keep in order to go to heaven. Im not saying we should rape,kill, or steal but how could I stop myself from lying or being angry with people who hate me?Jesus said if you break little law u break all of them. Not that Im not trying to be good or saying be good is bad Im saying be perfectly good is impossible for me n will only make me miserable.I want to dogood out oflove. I want to be free in t Love/Peace not trade 1 burden of standards for another .I just want to live/love in Peace in t without any boundaries but do I have to be perfectly good? Do I really have to give up game,music, socce fb ,insta so that I cant be accepted in Heav?

What do you think about the Pope ?

Admitting that the Bible does not teach that Hell is a place of torment But that rather the wicked will cease to exist ?

Should we be developing Jesus-seeking missiles in order to defend ourselves against the Second Coming?

Hello christians, being true to self is what that counts right? what if you are boastful, arrogant, selfish.. aren't those part of being?

self righteous and judgmental, true to self too?

Which is better?

1.being beaten to the point of broken bones, sexually abused, Stockholm syndrome, mental torture and manipulation, physical and mental disability with no gift of a full life? 

Or 2. abortion? 

I would abort the baby, because I am not an ignorant monster. Also as well as knowing I did a good thing it makes me feel happy that anti abortionists can't do anything about it.

I want to be an atheist, but I don't have enough faith. How can I get more faith?

What cemented your religious faith or lack there of?

Pretty straight forward "What cemented your religious faith or lack there of?". If you're a Christian what was the epiphany moment that made you accept Christ with all your heart? If you're an Atheist, what is it that makes you so positive God doesn't exist? Seeing as how I could be spending in everlasting torment, I count this question as one of the most important subject to have a clear cut decision in. I have a very tough time resonating with Christianity due to it's outlook on life, the afterlife and the rigid lifestyle one must live to be in accordance with God's Will.

Which is most important, Jesus's death or his birth?

How could you live with yourself, if after a lifetime of Christian worship; you died and found out that there was no afterlife or God.?

What do atheists do on sundays?

Did jesus lose all of his blood?

Between the beating, the 39 lashes, the removal of the robe that had stuck to the wounds, opened the wounds and started them bleeding, the carrying of the cross which removed the scabs that formed and opened up the bleeding wounds again, and hanging on the cross which scrapped open the wounds once again causing more blood loss; I say He lost enough blood to bleed to death. 

Is this right about some Christians?

They view themselves above others and thus have a sense of entitlement and privilege. When a group they view as sinful and deviant gains support and gains rights the Christians feel their privilege taken away. This is why they play persecution when lgbt gain rights. In reality the group is gaining equal footing to the Christians while Christians position remains unchanged. Right?

Does God control us sometimes or do we control ourselves?

This may sound confusing sorry, but I hear people tell me that God let's us do whatever we want with our lives because we aren't like robots. So if he doesn't control us then why do people pray for other people to change themselves. 

For example: "I'm praying that *insert name* will stop using drugs." 

If they pray for them will God control that person that's using drugs and make them stop?

Why do atheists wilfully do the bidding of the enemy of humankind, who tricked them into thinking they didn't exist, and neither does God?

Why did Jesus come back from the dead only to be viewed by a few people?

Why did he appear in a cave or whatever and a few people was there. How did they know he was going to be there? 
Why didn't he just stay on earth and get revenge against the Romans?

What would Jesus say about America's gun culture?

Why does everyone pray in the aftermath of a disaster?

Hasn’t God just proved He doesn’t give a f#ck? 

praying is the lazy lazy way of doing absolutely nothing to help the situation

Compare the number of school massacres in the UK in the last DECADE with the number in the US in the last YEAR. What does that tell you?

There have been ZERO school massacres with guns in the last many have been in the US in the last year or so?....I've lost track. Why the difference do you think?

How do you have a "relationship with Jesus"?

This guy I know who is a born again Christian keeps wanting me to go to his church or at least any church. I don't like church. My church is my house and my temple. 
He says I need a relationship with Jesus and I kindly said I'm not gay. He just shook his head and left. Wtf? 

Also, how do you get to know someone you've ever met? I'd like to meet Jim Morrison but last I heard he's dead?

Christians Can you name any church who is free from idols and images ?

kingdom of hall is not your worshiping place Try another trick

Why would this Christian get mad at my response to him telling me I will burn in Hell?

He told me I will burn because I’m a sinner as I am to caught up in the world. I said oh well that’s nothing new, I hope they have a bbq down there. He then tried to intimidate me by standing over me. Why the madness to a harmless response?

Intimidation is the name of the game for christianity. Threats and violence are their main recruiting tools. Now they are frustrated, because we no longer fear them, they can't just kill anybody they like any more. Without intimidation they are nothing.

Do Christians wish they had burned more witches at the stake throughout the centuries?

Isn't it sad that people don't realize that the Christians are protecting them from communist takeover from The Atheist?

There is no denying it atheism is the primary tool used by communist takeover every country which is allowed Atheism in their front door is now socialist or downright communist isn't it sad that people think that Christians are the enemy when they're all that's standing between you your freedom and becoming a full-blooded communist

Folks, do you realize that no other religion other than Christianity can solve the sin problem?

Here's the problem. Sin separates us from goodness. How could a sinner reconcile himself with God, who is all good? Every other religion says you have to work your way to heaven, but how can work cause an imperfect sinner to be reconciled to a perfectly just, holy God? Where is the justice? You need someone perfect to take the punishment for you,

which is why God himself became a man, suffered and died on a cross, and rose again on the 3rd day for our sins so that whoever believes in him will have their sin imputed onto Christ instead of paying for it themselves. The only way a sinful man can be reconciled to a perfect God is through Christ. Buddha can't save you; Muhammad can't save you; Krishna can't save you; only Christ can save you.

Forced religion?

My parents force religion on my sister and I and we don't like it one bit. They force us to go to church and the church we go to mistreats the younger generation and judge us and it makes us uncomfortable. The more they push religion on us, the more we want to turn away from it. How can we get them to back off. 

Note: I am a Christian, but I don't mistreat people just because they don't have the same beliefs as me. I believe in equality.

Why do some Jews get upset if other Jews convert to Christianity?

Nobody cares if you don't eat pork or fast on Yom Kippur? Why not respect others for practicing what they want?

Why do some Christians get upset if other Christians leave the religion for Judaism, Wicca or Islam? 

Islam, Christianity and Judaism?

Islam (muslim) Christianity (Christian) and Judaism (Jewish) 
so what are these 3 religons' similarites, differences, relationships with eachother, and their history with eachother?

Is it better to foscus on kindness and love then on dogma and faith in religion?

What religion are you?

I was brought up by a russian-jewish mother and an irish-catholic father. I’ve never been particularly loyal to one specific religion. But I’ve always loved religion/spirituality as a whole. I think it’s beautiful that different cultures have figured out and developed their own beliefs and code to live by. I think there’s a glimmer of truth in every single religion. So if you walk around my house you’ll see elements of a bunch of different religions. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca/Voodoo... I definitely believe in life after death. Despite what stricter sects of religion would like everyone to believe, people are more alike than they are different. Everything is connected. I don’t envision god as being some magic space fairy in the sky. I think God lives in everyone and everything. He/she/they are everywhere.

Should they revise the bible to make it more up to date?

11. Thou shalt not text and drive 
12. Thou shalt not drink and drive 
13. Thou shalt not have more then 3 children out of wed lock 
14. Recycle when ever possible 
15. Don't be a jerk at parties

God says “Ask & you shall receive” so how come I have yet to receive the things I have asked for?

A job, money for an apartment, I’m currently living in a hotel, a car. I’ve been praying for these things for over a year, I’ve remained faithful & thankful but yet somehow things have actually gotten worse in my life.

Spiritually will there be an accounting for those who try to destroy the faith of others for the sake of inflating their egos?

I would never do anything to destroy the faith of others and that is all I am going to say but do not care for those who look as Satanism as a reason to be selfish and hurt others on purpose and for that reason if chose a pagan path it would be Wicca because they are run by ladies who are in charge and recognize the female part of God as being the more compassionate side

If anyone tries to destroy the faith of others along with preaching words of destruction they are third dimensional & not at all spiritual in my opinion & do not deserve to know things that should only be known by God or what others perceive as God. 

Fifth dimensional thinking is what will save this planet & allow it to become more than ever imagined & should not be known by humanity & those who are third dimensional will get what they deserve in time & not be allowed to interfere anymore.

Why is the day called "Easter" and not ascension day or resurrection day?

It comes from the Germanic goddess Eostre/Ostara whose festival on/near the spring equinox was replaced with the Christian holiday.

Is neo paganism the next big threat to Christians?

I went to a church service on sunday and the pastor started going off about wicca and the "pagan culture " lol. Id he insane or what?

What is more difficult: to create a Universe or to forgive a sin?

Does Trump's Religious Liberty Order also apply to faiths like Wicca and Satanism, or only those faiths the Religious Right approves of?

And what about Muslims?

In republican world, religious freedom is only for conservative christians?

Why don't you believe in god?

What puts you off the idea of a god? (Whether that be in terms of generally or a certain religion etc)

Why do some christians say that wicca isnt a religion when it is ?

As a Atheist that logic is stupid.

Is it wrong to wear the cross of the rosary on a chain around my neck?

What are some pagan spiritual systems that are not Wicca? Preferably not recently invented?

I'm of European descent so I'd like a pagan spiritual system generally regarded as European (to avoid appropriation of black and brown cultures). I'd also like one my spiritual system to be feminist.

If aliens came to destroy all human life on earth and they chose you to give them one reason to let us all live, what would you say?

How do you feel about Wicca and Satanism?

Am i too young to decide a religion for myself?

As a young kid i was a catholic just as my parents were. When i got to the age of 13 I became more athiest and stopped believing. I am now 15 almost 16 and i have researched a vast amount of religions. Ive been looking at 1 in particular i wouldnt have thought i would. Itd wiccan. I used to think it was a bunch of voodoo devil worshipping people but throughout this research ive learned its not at all that. It has to do with nature and peace, and it sounds like something i need in my life... Ive never been interested in religion before but im worried that i shouldnt devote myself to something so young even if i like this particular thing. My other problem is practicing wicca. My parents would kill me, they are after all the ones who told me wicca was devil worship. I fear it would be offensive to the religion if i wasnt able to fully do the participations of some things they partake in. I would have to wait until i was an adult. I just have no idea if i should have a say in what i believe at this age.

Why have Christian Priest said that wiccans are bad?

Why do some Christian parents want their kids to be ignorant about other religions ?

My Christian parents had me read the quran twice , also they had me talk with people who practiced Wicca, buddhists, Hindus, and I've had plenty of talks with atheists. But some Christian kids just seem so ignorant about other religions

Has anyone here ever pretended to be possessed by a demon just to mess with Charismatic Christians?

Hypothetical question: It's the future, and all religions have disbanded except one. Which one stands the test of time?

Or, in your story, which one would you choose to be upheld, if you could? 

Personally, I'd say either Wicca or Buddhism.

Why do atheists keep pretending there are gods older than Yahweh?

Is there a soul in buddhism?

Some buddhists say the Buddha taught there is a soul others say he didnt. Im really confused

Are there any Catholic females who wait for marriage?

A person can battle lust and other sins by calling often and with love upon the name of Mary, ever-virgin.

Ever virgin? Jesus himself lists off his brothers and sisters. Damn, she had a lot of virgin births.

Do Christians secretly wish they could burn atheists like their religion used to do back in the day?

Out of thousands of gods who have all had mass followings what makes your god the right one? Mind you these gods all contradict one another?

What was the religious position of the earliest humans ? What does science know?

"Anthropologists Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt, author of the 4000 page treatise, The Origin and Growth of Religion, and, more recently, Don Richardson , author of Eternity in Their Hearts, documented this fact in the hundreds of cultures they studied. They discovered that the religion of some of the most ancient cultures were monotheistic and practiced little or no form of animism or magic. In almost every culture around the world, the religion of a particular culture began with a concept of a masculine, creator God who lives in the heavens. He provided a moral law by which the people would enter into a relationship with him. This relationship was broken when the people were disobedient, and as the relationship deteriorated, the people distanced themselves from the creator and their knowledge of him faded. As the civilization moved further away, they began to worship other lesser gods. In their search to survive in a world filled with spiritual forces, they desired power to manipulate the forces, and thus there was an increase in the use of magic."

Why haven't I ever seen God? Does he live in a wormhole?

Please explain to me: What, exactly did God do?

Is faith a reasonable pathway to determine what is true?

Is it possible to become unbaptised ?

Is it possible to become unbaptised ? 
When i was a lil sprog me ma and da decided to get myself baptised in a big christian church. Right, in all seriousness im 18 years of age and i cannot be bothered being holy. I dont want to change my religion yet, i want to know if i can get unbaptised or pause my religion for later life as i am still young and unsure of where to go in the future. Me ma and da are sick of listening to me go on about getting unbaptised so i have turned to you yahoo for some guidence. 
All answes will be taken to heart as i am in desperate need to be unbaptised. 

Kind reguards ......

What is a good name for a new god and religion?

I founded The Church of the Holy Rhinestone. Yes it is a real church.

I’m a Christian. Why do some American Christians think they’re persecuted?

I believe in Jesus as my savior and Lord and I know in some parts of the world Christians are killed for their faith, but America is NOT one of those places. I do not understand why some American believers think they are persecuted for their faith. Someone making fun of me for my beliefs is not persecution it's just life, I can still go to church every week and read a Bible in public as long as I do not force others to etc. This isn't a country where Christians have go to underground house churches to worship because of an oppressive government.

When atheists say there is no God, then talk about how evil he is, do they see the irony, or does it escape them?

If you are emotionally abused as a child, how does Buddhism teach its followers to cope with such kind of emotional abuse?

If you are emotionally abused as a child, how does Buddhism teach its followers to cope with such kind of emotional abuse? How can they weed out such a sad vignette from their life so that they can move on with remaining remnants of their life ? 

Fasting ramadan?

My 9year old underweight sister is supposed to fast 30 days in the upcoming ramadan (till 8pm). Is fasting bad for her concerning her weight and age?

How do I become a wiccan?

What version of the bible do you read?

I am trying to find one that allows me to be closer to Jesus. I want my nipples pierced and want to find a version that allows it. Advice?

Why did God create the world?

Why would a Christian get offended when I told him I will treat Christians the way he treats gays?

He told me he hates homosexuals and wants them to be fired and lose anti discrimination laws. I said that I want the same for Christians and he became angry. Why is he ok with doing it to others but not ok with the same being done to him?

christians want those parables "do unto others" to apply to EVERYONE ELSE, but not themselves...

Why are there more atheists in cultures where Christianity is the predominant religion? Has something gone terribly wrong with Christianity?

What was the religion of the Hebrews before Judaism?

Presumably - like other ancient Levantines - they had some sort of pantheistic system. But the details appear to be obscure, mainly surviving as Jewish "lore" or "mysticism." What were the pre-Judaic religious practices of the tribes which later adopted Judaism?

Is Islam more similar to Christianity or Judaism?

Islam and Christianity seem to have more similarities than differences. 

Both believe in Jesus, One God and the story of Joesph seems to be exactly the same in the Quran and Bible 

Both believe in the virgin mary and heard that christians originally said pig was unclean to eat but the people changed the rules. 

Also popes and priests were originally allowed to marry but since their offspring always took their place the people changed the rules not God or any prophets. 

I think the main difference from my PERSPECTIVE and OPINION is that most muslims seem to follow the rules of their religion while most Christians do not. All three religions require no sex until marriage but trying finding a virgin christian or jew. Its very rare 

I live in America and their some Muslims who dont follow the rules of their religion as well but but its not as common well at least where I live. 

I'm sorry I went off track so do you think Islam is more similar to Christianity or Judaism?

What elements of modern Wicca are ancient and what elements are modern?

I am trying to do my world religions homework and am having trouble identifying which aspects/practices of Wicca are modern and which are drawn from the ancient Pagan/Celtic peoples?

How did the name lucifer, become tied to biblical character Satan, who rebelled against God?

Makes no sense to me. Satan from the Bible is said to be god of darkness and evil. The name lucifer means to bring light. It’s the exact opposite. The Bible only uses the name lucifer once. To describe a morning star. Which I believe is referring to Venus. 

Why would an entity who is god of darkness, be given a name that means light?

Is there a religion that believes in a balance of good and evil. No force should be stronger than the other?

I want to know if there is a religion or belief that focusses on the balance of all things. If good OR evil forces were to prevail, there would only be chaos. 

Really keen to know =)

Can ghosts or demons read your thoughts?

How can anyone want God to exist?

A Supreme Leader who wants you to give up your critical thinking ability and simply have faith in his teachings with the promise that you'll eventually be rewarded for it, but watches you for your entire life anyway to make sure you don't commit thoughtcrime! Does it sound like totalitarianism or what?

What would the consequences be if I had someone put a curse on another person? And how long would it last ? If I May ask?

How can I get over the feeling of being judged?

I'm a foster parent. I feel like I've been a great foster parent. I've bent over backwards to help the state with children. I decided to adopt and requested a caucasian child which they said was absolutely fine to request. one day I got a call about a caucasian child. I went to the meet the child but the child wasn't caucasian. I very nicely let them know that I had been mismatched but said that if they don't have another home for him I would take him. I was so professional and nice about it.

My supervisor got mad at me over it and accused me of being racist and went so far as to lie and make up a story about me being a racist that was 100% untrue. I'm not a racist, I've cared for so many children of all backgrounds. I can't forgive her for lying and punishing me for nothing. Every time I think about her I get angry. I didn't do anything unkind, nothing. I want to quit and never come back. How do I find forgiveness for this person who has lied?

Do Wiccans pray to a Moon Goddess?

Who were the Nephilim? Why this separation of "Sons of God" and Creatures of God?

My analysis, study, is that ADAM AND EVE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD because He modeled them. 

I believe that the other beings that the Bible and other beliefs call the Creature would be the procreation between the beings that God created and rebelled against him, generating life, but a life DIFFERENT from the HUMAN, acquiring diverse forms according to the "mating." 

It was there that God created man to dominate above all other created creatures here on earth. 


What are your thoughts on racist white people who hate "whites"?

I've wondered that ever since a Ku Klux Klan put a cross in my yard, I'm whiter than the average white person. It's the most baffling thing. At first they said it was because I was Jewish, except I'm not Jewish. Then they said it was because I was a transexual, except, I'm a natural born female and am not transexual. I don't get it.

photos and video footage of the cross they left in my yard after blowing my house up with a bomb:

Why do biblically illiterate good ole boy club members claim the bible when they can't quote 3 verses and don't even follow the health laws?

Humans have heard one side of the story from god. Why doesnt satan give his side of the story?

Why does my Christian dad genuinely hate me ?

I've been learning about Wicca and witchcraft so I figured I would try it a couple times just to see and my dad found out and now he hates me he won't talk to me or anything.

Why do Christians insist on keeping the elderly, severely injured & deformed artificially alive instead of letting them go to be with god?

How do we know satan didnt create the universe and god is just claiming credit for it?

As usual, not a single christian can grasp the idea that satan might have written the bible, pretending to be god.

What is a generational curse?

My pastor said because my family has a history of practicing wicca i have a generational curse.

Why is Easter such a big deal in usa?

Why doesnt god help people get out of poverty?

like homeless people or poor people

Are Catholics allowed to eat meat on Good Friday?

It is Good Friday here in Australia and was wondering if Catholics are allowed to eat meat today, considering how Catholics follow a different testament to other Christians.

I want to be a pagan or wican but I keep on hearing of barbaric sacrifices. Is any of it really true?

Why do christians use the words “HOPE” and “FAITH” as an excuse for the lack of evidence for their beliefs?

I never understood why you guys are afraid of science and evidence. You should be embracing facts and not 
pseudoscientific claims.

Why do Christians continue to deny the fact that they worship an self- confessed extraterrestrial?

Are Wiccans a bad bunch of porno princesses and black magic cover up artists?

I don't get what it is with Wicca, who actually believes in spells? It's like psychics and numerology and crystals. New age nonsense.

Atheists, did you know that evolution is a hoax?

Satan is laughing at you, foolish atheists...

Is religion based in fear?

Religion isnt had. Believe what you want, I have no right over you. I'm just wondering if religion was created out of fear of the unknown.

Do satanists exist, have you ever met one?

Or they are just a byproduct of christian minds? What is a satanist and what is Satan? are they "real" (according to Christians) or is just the metaphorical expression they have to describe everyone and everything not sympathizing with their cosmogony?

Do you think religion is real?

Does the Universe actually care if humans sin or not?

I very much doubt it lol

Can a Christian be Friends with a Satanist?

(This doesn't apply to me I thinking of making a habit by asking Questions that might one day pop up) 
Look does religion matter that much when being friends with each other I mean friends love hangin out joking, and numerous other activities. So does religion affect 2 obviously compatible friends. To make this less vague lets say The christian friend prays every night but doesn't bring up god in every sentence unless it applies, Same goes for the Satanist because he worships Satan but doesn't really bring him up like that either. Both born into their religions, and both wear their religion's symbol.

Why does God create people that He knows will go to Hell?

Christians how can a person fight what is bad without religion name some other ways!?

Christians you can fight against what is bad without preaching to a person about God or even talking to them about God and you can do so very assertive name some of the ways that you can fight back against what is bad without talking about God or preaching about him!

Do satanists do any little rituals on a daily basis?

Like when people draw the cross over their chest before and after eating for example, do satanists do anything similar?

Isn't it sad that some Christians believe in evolution?

Evolution is unbiblical, and Genesis isn't a metaphor/allegory, no matter how much they want it to be. Listen to the first commandment and don't put science before God.

The UK might still call themselves Christian, but it's pretty obvious that they are satanic at this point

God made it clear that you should accept the entire bible as fact. Genesis wasn't written poetically, so it was a historical book that actually happened. As a Christian, you must accept everything in the Bible, from Creation to the Trinity

Why do churches have handicap parking?

Why do weak minded people resort to religious dogma?

Faith isn’t proof.

Are Satanist's evil people?

How are they not?

I don't think it's evil because I don't understand it. I don't really understand it, but I think it's evil because they are worshiping Satan, who is evil. Right?

I'm talking about people who's religion is Satanism, not people who read Harry Potter

How many high priests could there be at one time?

So I was reading in the Bible that in the city of refugee that the only way to leave the city is for the high priest to finally pass away and die. But I also read another part of the Bible that explained that there were 6 citys of refuge in total. 
Then my question is does that mean there was a high priest in each city for a total of 6 high priests? I had thought there could only be one high priest but now I'm confused? Can someone please explain this.

If Jesus is the originator of Christianity, why was he baptized by another man (John)?

Now, I may go back into this article at a future date and write up answers to these questions, or I may not, but in any case. I hope this helps you to better flesh out the gods and religions of your world building projects.

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November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


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ANSWER: Fantasy with a capital "F" is the name of a type of fiction, in other words Fantasy is a genre. I do not write Fantasy fiction of the Fantasy genre, that is correct. I do however create fantasy realms for my Science Fiction and Horror works. I write Dark Fantasy, which is a sub-genre of Horror and Space Fantasy which is a sub-genre of Science Fiction.

Did you see it? No? Let me point it out: I write about fantasy worls as the exist in Horror and Sci-Fi but I do not write about fantasy world as they exist in Fantasy Fiction.

If it is not real it is fiction, if it exists only in fiction it it fantastical, if it is fantastical it is a fantasy item, because it is not a real item, however being fantastical does not make it part of the Fantasy genre, just as not everything in the Fantasy genre is always fantastical in nature.

The word "fantasy" with a lower case "f" is a word that means "not real" and has nothing to do with the Fantasy genre (capital "F") at all. And therefore when I say "fantasy realm" I mean a world that is NOT the Earth on which you and I live on in the real world, and am in no way, shape, or form referring to the Fantasy genre.

The methods I use to create my fantasy realms can be applied to ANY genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Western, etc.

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More than 100 of my articles were transferred off my Squidoo account and moved to Bonnie's account,

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I am shocked and flabbergasted at what these 2 women have done. That they thought they could get away with stealing so many articles from so many authors! Buying Squidoo from Seth Godin, did not give then the rights to our articles and these two horrible women had no right to delete them off of our member accounts and republish them on their own accounts, trying to pass them off as their own.

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