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Your World: Plant Life | EelKat's Guide To World Building - The Squidoo Series

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Your World: Plant Life | EelKat's Guide To World Building - The Squidoo Series

  • What kind of plant life is there in your world? 
  • Lots of lush greenery? 
  • Are plants rare? 
  • Plentiful? 
  • Fruit bearing? 
  • Thorny? 
  • Pretty but deadly? 
  • Edible? 
  • Poisonous? 
  • Are plants "alive" and eat people?
  • A little bit of all of the above?
  • Are there many forests or is the woodland quickly disappearing? 
  • Or is it a place where trees could never grow at all?

Life as we know it, requires plants to survive. We need them for food, vitamins, minerals, shelter, and even the air we breath. Plants are what create the oxygen in the air we breath.

Let's say for example you've create a barren world with no plant life at all. If your world doesn't have plants then it also doesn't have how do people breath? Did you think of that? You need to, because you can be sure your readers will think of it and if you don't explain to then how your people can live on a world devoid of planets, and therefore also devoid of oxygen, then you've lost that all important level of reality you need to keep your readers, reading to the end of the book. Either your people don't breath oxygen or they are wearing space suits that provide oxygen, or they have encased their city in a glass bubble and have machines making oxygen, or something else. However you explain it, it MUST be explained or you'll lose your readers fast.

You see quickly how important plants are when you realize that without them, we Humans would die from suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

We are dependant upon plants for our survival and the type of plants in your world will determine the type of humanoid life can exist in that world.

A world where plants are rare, will eat mostly meat. A word where plants are plentiful will be largely vegetarian. A world with an even mix of planets and animals will be omnivores.

Fewer plants also means fewer insects, fewer birds, and fewer animals Fewer plants is likely caused by lack of water or lack of rain.

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