Your World: Culture and Rituals | EelKat's Guide To World Building - The Squidoo Series

How do your characters act?
Culture and Rituals in your world.

  • What types of religions do they practice?
  • Are there many religions or just one or even none?
  • Do they pray?
  • Are sacrifices a thing?
  • What types of gods are believed in or worshiped? 
  1. One god? 
  2. Many gods? 
  3. Nature gods? 
  4. Ancestor gods?
  • What constitutes a marriage in your world?
  • Does the concept of marriage even exist?
  • What about wedding? Very few cultures have a concept of weddings, does you fictional culture mirror your own rather rare and unusual minority of celebrating weddings? 
  • How are the weddings performed?

  • How do people dress? 
  1. Does everyone dress nearly the same? 
  2. Do different income levels determine dress code? 
  3. Does age affect what they wear? 
  4. Do young people dress "different" to be rebellious?
  • What holidays or holy days to people celebrate? 

  • What about birthdays and anniversaries?
  • Were you aware that outside of modern American culture birthdays and anniversaries are almost non-existent and most cultures have no concept of them and that having them in your fiction world, brands your novel as being extremely American?

  • Where do people go for medical help? 
  1. A wise woman? 
  2. A doctor? 
  3. A witch? 
  4. A shaman? 
  5. An herbalist?
  • How do people travel? 
  1. On foot? 
  2. Horseback? 
  3. Camel? 
  4. Elephant? 
  5. Bike? 
  6. Motorcar? 
  7. Train? 
  8. Plane? 
  9. Hovercraft? 
  10. Jet pack? 
  11. Giant Butterfly? 
  12. Teleport?
  • How to they care for their dead? 
  1. Do they have funerals? 
  2. Paid mourners? 
  3. Burials? 
  4. Crypts? 
  5. Tombs? 
  6. Pyramids?
  • What do your people value most? 
  1. Food? 
  2. Gold? 
  3. Gemstones? 
  4. Water? 
  5. Livestock? 
  6. Artworks? 
  7. Antiques? 
  8. Shells? 
  9. Dragon's teeth? 
  10. Medician? 
  11. Science? 
  12. Warm blankets?
  • What foods are customary? 
  • How do they eat their food? 
  • Raw or cooked? 
  • With their hands or with forks? 
  • Fruits and vegetables or meats and fish? 
  • Do they grow it themselves or buy it in stores?

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