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Do you write a novel start-to-finish, or keep going back and editing previous chapters?

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Do you write a novel start-to-finish,
or keep going back and editing previous chapters?

Do you write a novel start-to-finish, or keep going back and editing previous chapters?

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do you write a novel start-to-finish, or keep going back and editing previous chapters? i’m interested to know how most people would write a novel.

i’ve only ever written one, but i basically sat down and wrote it start to finish, and didn’t go back to re-read the start until i’d got all the way to the end.

but then there are people who’ll write a bit, then go back and edit a previous chapter or even add a new one in near the start, and keep going back and forth and writing the novel in ‘pieces’.

which do you do, and why does it work for you?

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My Answer:

I probably have the most hectic scatter brained method of writing possible, because I am absolutely all over the place when I write! LOL!

I rarely have a plan, I never have an outline, I almost never know the what the ending is going to be until I get there, and I don’t write straight through. I’ll write a scene that may end up in the last chapter, than write a scene that may end up in the first chapter.

That’s another thing, I never write a full chapter at once, I write in scenes here and there than string them together later. My finished work rarely has chapters. I just don’t use them, for whatever reason, no idea what the reason is.

I’ve been writing the same series since 1978, so I have about 75 characters fully fleshed out and any one of them could get grabbed and thrown in as the main character. The series covers the life of a single family starting in the 1300’s right up into current times, so I can use plots that will fit any of those time periods as well. Usually the stories are set in the family mansion/castle which is haunted and prone to being filled with demonic things like ghosts, vampires, etc, usually the stories are horror (often splatter punk slasher gorn), but than I’m a fool for romance and heck a few centuries of family means folks are falling in love at some point so I sometimes toss the horror theme out the window and let romance take over.

But than there’s the whole, this family ain’t human, they are aliens who crashed landed on earth centuries ago, so once in a while I just leave earth altogether and set out in space, to tell the story of the “rest of the family” back on the home planet.

Needless to say with this setting, the large cast of characters, the odd mish-mash of genres overlapping, and my hit and miss style of getting it all down on paper, it is sometimes quite amazing that I am able to string enough scenes together to create a complete story!

Of course, I’m far from a “mainstream” author and my finished work is an “acquired taste” so I’m not shooting to become a best seller in trade paperbacks here, either. I’m a niche writer, with a few devoted fans who love my stuff, but critics and mainstream readers wring their hands and roll their eyes at “the utter trash and smut” I write.

Ah, the joys of being a “smut writer”, every one loves to hate your work.

But yeah, so I get all these little quips and scenes written, than I have to piece them all together like a jigsaw puzzle and figure out what it was I intended to go where, or do I even know what is supposed to go where?

Usually I don’t, actually. But once I get it all sorted out, than I have to edit the mess into a free flowing piece. That’s the part I hate.

I so dislike editing my work. I have huge stacks of stuff I haven’t published yet, simply because I dislike editing so much that I toss it in a pile and run off the write the next story instead!

And than there’s the only thing: I’m generally a short story writer, not a novelist. When I do write novels, they aren’t actually novels, because either they end at a novella length of only 75,000 words (trad publishers consider a novel to be 90,000 – 120,000).

If I was going by NaNoWriMo standards which say a novel is 50k I’d be all set, but publishers call 50k a novella.

Oh well.

Either that, or I end up with 200,000 words of slightly connected 10k each short stories instead of a single story novel!

As a short story writer I am great! But I suck at make my novels actual be novels.

So usually I just settle for “short story collections” masquerading as novels.

But I suppose when I stop and think about it, the reason my novels always turn into short story collection, is because of the scattered up way I write the things down.

I bet if I sat down and wrote a novel from start to finish that I wouldn’t have that trouble.

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FAQs: Do you write a novel start-to-finish, or keep going back and editing previous chapters?

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