Beware of White Men In Gypsy Clothing
Fake Psychic Scams
A Look At The Difference Between A Gypsy And A "Gypsy" Psychic Fortune Teller

What Is a Gypsy?

If you do a Google search for the term "Gypsy Psychic" you get 32 million search results. I went and opened the first 13 pages (yes 130 sites) and in every case, I found "authentic Gypsy", "real Gypsy", "my grandmother was a Gypsy", blah, blah, blah.

I find this fascinating, because, well, being a Gypsy myself - a REAL one - I happen to know, by name, EVERY Gypsy on the planet, and I don't know ANY of these people.

If you are wondering how it is possible to know by name EVERY Gypsy on the planet, well it's easy, once you realize that Gypsy is a RACE of people, not a career, not a lifestyle, not even an ethnicity or culture, but an actual race and distinct of people, and it is one of about 300 races of HUMANS listed on the Critically Endangered Species list.

Yes, Gypsies, like Bengal Tigers, Californian Condors, and the Aborigines of Australia are listed as Endangered Species.

There were fewer then 2,000 Gypsies alive on the planet in 2007 when the census was last counted, and because of the current state of pro-white Gypsy hatred, extreme violence, and hate crimes we Gypsies have to live with it is estimated that by the year 2500 my people will be extinct, gone the way of the Great Auk and the Dodo.

And yet, there are 32 MILLION websites all claiming to be Gypsies. How is that possible? It's not. What you are looking at is one of the biggest scams white men have ever pulled on their fellow mankind.

Out of the 2,000 Gypsies alive today there are exactly 14 who are trained in divination arts of our ancient Magi forefathers. In other words there are ONLY 14 REAL, live, AUTHENTIC Gypsy "fortune tellers" on the planet. That's a far cry from the 32 million FAKE Gypsy fortune tellers who have web sites.

Unfortunately, it is widely know that these "gypsy" fortune tellers are scam artists. It is unfortunate, because so few white men have any clue that these scam artists are just their fellow white men and not real Gypsies at all. It results in other white men, who do not realize it is their own kind that is scamming them, to think of Gypsies as scam artists, when the harsh fact of the matter is that it is white men dressed in Gypsy clothing who are scaming people. We Gypsies find this very upsetting and unsettling because we don't like the bad reputation these white scam artists are giving us. 

Beware of White Men in Gypsy Clothing

One of the biggest scams in the psychic community is what is known as "The Gypsy Scam". Quite simply, it is a white person dressed in "gypsy" clothing and pretending to tell your future.

The white folks doing this, are nothing but Golliwogs. A Golliwog is a racist bigot who thinks nothing of dressing up as another race, going so far as to paint their skin black and lips red, in the case of classic Golliwogs, then dancing around like an idiot to make fun of the race in question.

Golliwogs were a common thing in the early days of Hollywood, when white men were used to play Black, Chinese, or Native American characters in movies. The civil rights movement of the 1960s through the 1980s put an end to MOST forms of this racial bigotry.  Unfortunately, come Halloween, you can still go to WalMart and by "Mexican" or "Gypsy" costumes, alongside Spiderman and Wonder Woman. 

To the white men, we are nothing but a Halloween costume. And a garish one at that.

How To Tell If A Gypsy Is a REAL Gypsy:

#1: A DNA test.

The best way to tell a Gypsy from a white man in disguise is to simply know what a Gypsy is. 

Once you know that a Gypsy is a race and can be determined by a simple DNA test, just ask the so-called "gypsy' to show you their DNA blood charts.

Gypsies are an endangered race. Fewer then 2,000 gypsies are alive according the the 2007 Census of Endangered Indigenous Human Races. 

The Gypsies originated from Persia. The first known history of them is their Magi priests who worked for King Darius. The Magi were a group of children, kidnapped out of Judea and raised in the temples of Baal. The most famous of the Magi priests were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were responsible for creating most of the rules of the Brotherhood of the Magi or the Magi Order. The original Magi were Hebrew Sorcerers and Soothsayers who married Persian woman. It is the children of this Hebrew/Persian blending, who became known as The Gypsies.

The Magi in Persia, were dual. The people revered them for their powers of divination and saw them as a direct link to the Heavens. However, while the Magi had the respect of the people and were sought out by kings, they were slaves. They risked execution if they dared set foot outside the temples of Baal and were often tortured if their predictions were not to the king's liking. If one Magi gave an unsatisfying prediction, all members of his order, not just him, were thrown into a pit of wild beasts. The Magi were noted for their work with angels and the most famous story of Magi-Angel interaction is the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den. 

The Magi wore very specific robes of red, blue, or purple silk, embroidered with the sacred symbols of the Angels: stars, eyes, fruit, flowers, feathers, moons, and suns (a tradition which they passed down and continue to do to this day.) The High Priests wore gold breast plates, embedded with sacred gemstones, and divined messages from God through his Angels by use of casting stones, shells, rods, and bones. 

The Magi were prisoners of King Darius. Slaves to the throne and in the early days, their only desire was to be reunited with their people: The House of Israel.

When Darius' empire fell, the Magi took their families and fled Persia, originally intending to return to Judea and the house of Israel. However, because of their enslavement as soothsayers and socerers and their having taken Persian wives, the Magi were cast out of the House of Isreal, cursed by the Isrealites to wander the earth along side the people of Ishmael. The Israelites saw the Magi as having turned away from God, accussing them of having followed in the footsteps of Lucifer and the Third of the Host of Heaven that had been cast out. The Magi and their work with Angels for divination purposes were seen as a corruption and a perversion, and were forced to flee for their lives, from their own people who never welcomed them back into the fold.

The Magi, took the Grigori, the Fallen angels who were cast out of Heaven, as their Guardian angels, converted from the Hebrew/Jewish religion to the religion of Ishmael (Islam/Muslim). In addition to divination with the Grigori Angels, the Magi began to practice too, divination with DiJinn.

The Magi became known as The Wise Men of The East, and The People with No Home and they wandered the face of the earth in a vast caravan, taking their families with them. In the New Testament they are mentioned breifly when Saint Luke described them as a "great multitude" that arrived in Herod's court seeking the birth of the New King (Jesus). Rumours of the Magi's armies of Fallen Angels they had at their comand, terrified people whereever they went and they were not allowed to stay in any city for long. Their outlandish clothening made them instantly identifiable. When King Herod looked out into the city and saw their great numbers and the fact that their tribe was so large that they could overthrow his kingdom in minutes, he sent them to Bethlehem.

The Magi wandered ever eastward and eventually and went to Mongolia. By this time period, they were also being called "The Scithians" and were noted for their tall pointed red hats, amor made of jeweled gold, heavily embroidered silk robes, herds of horses that were equally bedazzled, and wearing belts decked out in chains, each chain holding the resin preserved head of an enemy. The Magi had become warrior, wizard priests, with flags painted in Grigori symbols of feathers with eyes on them.

It is in this time period that the first description of them being short appear. They were said to be surprisingly small and rode on what people described as "minuature ponies". They lived amoung the Mongolians for a few centuries, settled for the first time since their imprisionment in Persian. From the Mongolians they added Animism and Shamanism to their divination practices and now in addition to the silk robes, heads of enemies, and jewels, they began to wear animal skins, furs, bones, and antlers.

From Mongolia, they were captured by Scandinavian pirates (Vikings) and their holy woman enslaved to perform divination for their village leaders. It is the Magi, not the Vikings who wore the "horned helmets". Believing heavily in the power of the spirit world, Viking ships always kept a Magi Wise Woman on board, and she would often wear antlers of caraibu. 

The Magi were once again slaves, forced to do divination for kings. They eventually escaped and made their way to what is now Scotland, where they lived amoung the Picts. This is the first time in their history, that the Magi had a long term stay in any one location, living with the Picts for about 900 years. They remained in Alba/Scotland, intermarrying with the Picts and became classified as "The Indigenous Peoples of The Scottish Highlands". 

By the time they had reached Scotland, The Magi had begum wearing "scarlet" which was wool that had been dyed red with blood. Their outfits were now a distinct blend of Asian kimono style silks, fur capes, and wool wraps (plaids or great kilts). The Magi, were seen as fierce wildmen, because of their blood dyed cloth, their long swords, and their belts of shrunken heads, which were all decorated with gold, jewels, and embroidery of stars, eyes, and moons.

The Magi, by this point, had developed very distinct physical features:

The Magi were very short, often under 5 feet tall, 5'3" being the average and rarely reaching a hieght above 5'9".

The Magi had a golden olive skin tone, not quite as "red" as a Native American, not quite as "yellow" as an Asian, sometimes pale enough to pass for "white".

The Magi have large noses and high cheekbones.

The Magi are large boned, their bones being shorter, thicker, and stockier then normmal.

The Magi have a low metabolism, giving them an overall rounded or plump appearance, with "fat cheeks" .

The Celts had several names for them, calling them "The Little People" because of their distinctive lack of height.

The Irish called them "The Leprechauns" due to their distinctive, red silk, pointy toed, jeweled and embroidered shoes. (The word Leprechaun means "The Shoe Makers")

The Welsh called them "FarDarrig" which means: the Men who paint their coats red with human blood, or simply The Red Men, due to their habit of dying their silk robes red, with the blood of slain enemies.

Because of their Hebrew/Persian/Muslium/Mongolian divination of Angels, DiJinn, and Nature Spirits, they were also said to be the "Childen of the Fates" or Faeries for short. the Celts believed the Magi to be the Angel-Human half breeds mentioned in the Apocrapha; the children of the Grigori Angels who mate with the daughters of men. The Magi were seen as not-Human, Changelings, and were greatly feared by the Christians and Catholics that were fast flooding into the British Isles. 

Called the Children of the Fallen Ones and the Children of Lucifer and Satan, believed by the Catholics to be the half-bred, half human, half Fallen Angel beasts of the Bible, the "Children of the Serpent", the Catholics sent a priest named Patrick to drive them out of the British Isles.

The Catholics and their Holy Knights invaded the British Isles and slaughtered all the native "Heathens" under the belief that because they were half-human and half-angel, they were all demon and therefore must be murdered. Ptric drve the "snakes" out of Ireland. The "snakes" became known as The Irish travellers. Meanwhile in Scotland the Picts were being masaqueed into near extinction. This is what the Scottish refer to when they say "the celtic Invasion". With the Picts (and most of the Magi along with them) annihilated in this mass genocide, the remaining Magi gathered up their families into their bright painted covered wagons and fled to Egypt.

When the pale faced Celts invaded the British Isles in their religion crazed, pro-white power, anti-coloured skin, genocidal, mass murdering fury, the Magi fled again, this time to Egypt. 

Once again the Magi found a home, but they never accepted it as their home. While they were welcomed with open arms by the Egyptians, the Magi boiled with seathing hatred for the white men that had murdered their families, razed their horse farms, and drove them out of Scotland. Spouting curses at white men and swearing vengance, the Magi vowed to never again trust a white man and from that day forth, Magi children are raised to fear, loth, and hate white men with a verhemant hatred, taught to not associate with white men, taught to curse white men, taught to see white men as the vile, hate-filled, murderous scum of the earth.

The Magi lived among the Egyptians working alongside their priests and became known as "The Gypsies" which meant "the People Who Live with The Egyptians". Egypt was a very open country, not known for the pro-white power, pro-christian, kill everything not white or Christian, mentality that was fast sweeping across Medieval Europe.

At this point the reigne of the Magi had ended. Fearing they would be slaughtered if white men knew who they were, they no more called themselves The Magi, instead, adopting the name the Egyptians gave then: Gypsies.

While they were welcomed to stay and live among the Egyptians, The Magi, now calling themselves The Gypsies, had only one goal in mind: Return home to our farms in Scotland. Unfortunatly the mass-genocide of the Picts had left numbers few and widely scattered. They no longer lived in one mass tribe, but instead were broken into smaller familiy units scattered to the wind. This seperation of the tribe mentally and emotionally devistated them, for in 4,000 years, the Magi had never once seperated or divided their tribe. The entire population had moved like a vast herd of gazzel in a single unit, with their strength coming from their vast numbers. Their battle cry had been for millennia: protect the family, and the entire tribe was the family. 

In Egypt the Magi were no longer a single large tribe, but now hundreds of small clans, most only 20 or 30 members strong, rarely with more then 3 generations living under one roof. The Magi were used to familiy units of 100 or more members, with all uncles, aunts, grandparents, in-laws, cousins, and children living under "one roof" (more accuratly, one clump of tents.) This change in how the family units lived together, is the major reason behind the change in the name of the community from Magician (Magi) to Gypsy (Gypsies).

Reuniting the family units into a single force tribe once again and retaking scotland, became the priority. The Gypsies made several attempts to return to Scotland, each time returning to Eygpt, eventually being chased by the British to Germany. The primary factor against them was their vainity and use of swordsmanship. The Gypsies had for cennturies been noted swordsmen and refused to undate their weapons to match the battle machines and cannon fire of the progressing world. The invention of canons, pistols, and other guns and their refusal to use them, was their downfall.

Their final attempt to return to Scotland came in the 1530s, when they were captured by the British and sold into slavery. Between the 1530s and the 1640's nearly every Magi/Gypsy was rounded up and either slaughtered, enslaved or marrooned in the New World. Some 20,000 Gypsies were murdered in this racial cleansing, bringing the Gypsy race to obscurity and near exstinction. The few that survived the massacre did so only because they had been marooned in the New World along the coast of what is now Maine and Nova Scotia, where they lived among the Native American tribes of the region. 

In the Americas, the Gypsies continued to practice their divination rituals, now adding to the mix, Native Americans spirituality. In the 1700s, the Gypsies began to travel across the country in bright painted covered wagons, setting up bright colored tents (still decorated with Eyes of Angels, stars, and moons) and began charging white men fees to see their ancient Magi Rituals performed. The white men changed the race name Magi to Magic to describe the divination rituals themselves, saying it was "Gypsies performing Magic".

Through this, circuses, travelling side shows, carnivals, and freak shows got their start. By the 1800's the Magi, were now being called Carneval Gypsies or Carnnies. In addition to Magic, they began to add entertainment/performers, curiosities, exotic animals, and eventually amusment rides. They began settling down on beaches and setting up coastal amusement park communities.

Today the Magi are known as The Scottish Gypsies and still live in New England and Maritime Canada and are still operators of circuses, side shows, freakshows, carnivals, and Magic arts.

How much of this info has a paper trail that can be proven, and how much is word of mouth passed down over the years? The paper trail (which includes birth record, death records, marriage certificates, deeds, grants, recipts, and other documents) goes from the current era Maine back to 1500's Scotland. The info from 1500's Scotland, back to Bible times, is passed down word of mouth and while some details can be found in historic documents, many can not be and are unknown as to how accurate they actually are.

From 1648 to today, there exists a meticulously kept file of documents and nearly every member of the Googings/Ricker/Allen clan can be traced from 1648 to today. The parts about the Vikings, Mongolians, Sicians, and Persians, is word of mouth, passed down granny to grandchild, has no paper trail that we are aware of and at the moment is neither proven nor disproven. 

However, our clothes, our religious traditions, and magic arts, are filled with Persian, Muslim, and olde English traditions, indicating there is some truth to the story.

The Scottish Gypsies who descended from Persian Magi, are the ONLY people on the planet who can truly, correctly, and accurately use the word Gypsy for themselves. There are fewer then 2,000 gypsies alive today in 2015. Of them, there are EXACTLY 14 who practice the art of ancient divination and fortune telling. and yet, if you Google Gypsy fortune telling, you find a whopping 32 million sites, all of which are run by so called "real" or "authentic" Gypsies. 

This is a HUGE scam, by white men, pretending to be us, and thinking that if they dress up in silks and gold coins and wave tarot cards and crystal balls in your face, you'll think they are real Gypsies.

The word "gypsy" has been erroneously used by ignorant people to mean "nomad" and is commonly (and incorrectly) used for The Romany People and The Travellers. 

The Romany are NOT Gypsies. Their people have no blood link to the Persian Magi and never lived in Eygpt. The Romany are a brown skinned race who descend from India and lived in Romania, Italy, and Spain. 

The Travellers are NOT Gypsies. The Travellers are Celtic (often Irish). They have no blood link to the Persian Magi and also never lived in Eygpt. They are a pale skinned (often red haired) race that originated in Italy and the British Isles.

The problem is that white people say "Well you all look alike" so they slap one title on all of us. As the Gypsies were the first of MANY nomadic groups the Europeans encountered, they simply decided to call ALL nomadic groups "gypsies" regardless of if they were or not.

The Romas ARE NOT Gypsies!

The Travellers ARE NOT Gypsies!

Living in a caravan does not make you a Gypsy!

Being a transient does NOT make you a Gypsy!

Being a Roma does not make you a Gypsy!

Being a Traveller does not make you a Gypsy!

Being a psychic card reader does not make you a Gypsy!

Living in a motorhome does not make you a Gypsy!

Owning a crystal ball does not make you a Gypsy!

Belly dancing does not make you a Gypsy!

Being a fortune teller does not make you a Gypsy!

Being a gang member does not make you a Gypsy!

Throwing a big fat super bling wedding does not make you a Gypsy!

RVing across America does not make you a Gypsy!

Picking pockets does not make you a Gypsy!

Wearing a purple skirt and a scarf with gold coins does not make you a Gypsy!

Begging for money does not make you a Gypsy!

Being homeless does not make you a Gypsy!

Backpacking across Europe does not make you a Gypsy!


One thing and one thing only makes you a Gypsy: your DNA. There are only 2,000 people on the planet with REAL Gypsy DNA. If you ain't got Gypsy DNA in your blood, you ain't no Gypsy and ain't got no right to be abusing the name of our race. And if you ain't related to me personally, I can guarantee you ain't got Gypsy DNA. I know the names of almost every person known to be a REAL Gypsy, and that's because we are all related. I can also guarantee, that whoever it is, squatting on your land in Europe, picking your pockets, robbing you blind, they are not Gypsies, because we don't have any family outside of America and Scotland, and their all settled farmers every one of them.

A DNA test will tell you if they are of Jewish & Persian mix decent or not. If they are not a Jewish Persians, they are NOT a Gypsy.

#2: Gypsies have distinct ethnic features.

You can often tell a REAL Gypsy from a FAKE Gypsy, simply by looking at them.

REAL Gypsies are very short, often under 5 feet tall, 5'3" being the average and rarely reaching a height above 5'9".

REAL Gypsies have a golden olive skin tone, not quite as "red" as a Native American, not quite as "yellow" as an Asian, sometimes pale enough to pass for "white".

REAL Gypsies have large noses and high cheekbones.

REAL Gypsies are large boned, their bones being shorter, thicker, and stockier than normal.

REAL Gypsies have a low metabolism, giving them an overall rounded or plump appearance, with "fat cheeks".

REAL Gypsies usually have dark brown wavy hair. They almost never have blond, red, straight, or curly hair.

REAL Gypsies have extremely dark green (look black) eyes. Sometimes varying from green to dark chocolate brown (look black) eyes. Their eyes are distinctive in that they look solid black regardless of their colour. It gives them a "haunting" or 'bewitching" appearance and looks as though they have no iris at all, just very large black pupils. They almost never have blue, grey, light green, or light brown eyes. americans tend to describe Gypsy eyes are 'exotic" due to their exceedingly dark, blackness. Gypsies are described by white men as black-eyed, but MOST Gypsies actually have green eyes, the shade of green being very dark. It is rare to find a Gypsy whose eyes are any colour other then green.

#3: Gypsies have a distinct culture

Gypsy culture is VERY religious, filled with taboos and superstitions, many of which appear distinctly Muslim, others Old English Gnostic Christian, or Scandinavian Pagan. This is because of their blended history with these religions.

Gypsies have very strict lists of foods they won't eat, items they won't touch, things that are not allowed, etc. The list of taboos (each taboo with an accompanying "old wives tale" to explain it) is staggering. Everything from the weather to trees to rocks to how food is prepared to who sleeps where to what colours clothing can be worn on what days has a set of "rules" governing it. There are thousands of taboos.

Likewise there are as many sacred objects and accompanying rituals, prayers, and offerings to be made to the spirits.

A white (wo)man, pretending to be a Gypsy, will spout off information about telling your future, but they will not be able to detail you the hows or whys behind what they say. They can not tell you the cultural significance of the meanings of the divination they do.

If you ask a fake "gypsy" to tell you their "gypsy" history, they will tell you some cock and bull story about "it's a secret, I can't tell you" or give you some phony story straight out of Hollywood fantasy.

They will not be able to give you REAL Gypsy history behind spells, divinations, and rituals, because they do not know them.

Keep in mind that Gypsies revere their history and story telling, telling their history to their children and grandchildren is a HUGE part of Gypsy culture.

There is no such thing as a Gypsy who does not know their history. 

There is no such thing as a Gypsy who claims their history is secret or sacred and can't be told. 

While the actual practice of the Magic Arts is sacred and kept secret, there is no such thing as a Gypsy "fortune teller" or "psychic" who does not know the history behind what they do and they will always tell you the names of the Grigori governing each aspect of their work. 

There is no such thing as a Gypsy "fortune teller" or "psychic" who does not know the Grigori ArchAngels by name. 

NOTE: The Grigori have ancient names known throughout time. Beware of fake "gypsies" who give you made up or modern sounding names. if in doubt, Google the Grigori, and research them for yourself.

The Gypsies started out as jews
A Gypsy "Fortune Teller"
who does not work with
the Grigori Angels  
and other ancient hebrew deities
is NOT a Gypsy!

Remember: The Gypsies have a distinct bloodline...

They started out as Hebrews (Jews) who were kidnapped and forced into Persian slavery. They NEVER let go of their Jewish past and hold high regard for very ancient Angels, known as the Grigori Angels, which they believe to be their personal guardians and protectors.

The Gypsies revere the Grigori Angels in the same way Catholics revere Mother Mary and Born Again Christians revere Christ Jesus.

This is the #1 BEST way to test a Gypsy "psychic" to find out if they are a real Gypsy.

EVERY REAL Gypsy "psychic" is going to tell you that they are NOT psychic, that they do nothing by their own power. They will then tell you about the Grigori Angels, listing these ancient Hebrew holy deity-like beings by name, AND will tell you specifically WHICH of the Grigori is their personal Guardian Angel (for example, mine is Ertael).

If you ask a "Gypsy fortune teller" to tell you which of the Grigori is their guardian and they give you a blank stare and ask you what a "Gregory" is, you know you are dealing with a faker.

Remember: The Gypsies were first Hebrew children who were kidnapped by Persian soldiers and sold to Persian temple priests, where they were raised in Persian, by Persians, as Persian Wizards. Most of their Hebrew culture was striped away, with them holding on to only bits and pieces of their past, mostly the stories of the ArchAngels.

The gypsies are the magi of the bible ~
the children of israel raised as persian wizards in the temples of baal by persian priests
REAL Gypsies are PERSIAN,
DRESS in Persian outfits,
practice a religion that is a persian inspired blend of Judaism & Muslim,
and practice PERSIAN magic arts
FAKE "gypsy psychics"
lack these traits.

Keep in mind too, that because the Magi adopted Persian sorcery practices, they were cast out of the House of Israel and sent to live in the House of Ishmael instead. Because of this, they stopped practicing the Jewish religion and started practicing the Muslim religion. Which means that in addition to the Grigori Angels they began working with DiJinn as well.

An AUTHENTIC Gypsy "fortune teller" is not only going to be able to tell you about the Hebrew stories of the Grigori (and their half human children: the Nephilim and Seraphim), but also the Muslim stories of the Grigori AND their familiars the DiJinn. 

REMEMBER: Gypsy divination, is ACTUALLY a soothsayer who is using sacred rituals to call upon the assistance of the Grigori Angels. The Gypsy "fortune teller" IS NOT psychic, they are simply trained in the sacred art of communicating with Angels.

Also, keep in mind that in addition to the Grigori Angels, a REAL Gypsy, also communicates with DiJinn.

The Magi were cast out of the house of israel and converted from Judaism to Islam 
A Gypsy "Psychic"
Who Does Not Work With
The DiJinn
and other Muslim deities
Is NOT A Gypsy!

DiJinn are lesser spirits, not as powerful as Angels, that can be captured and coerced into doing one's bidding. They are also known as Familiar Spirits.

DiJinn are chaotic and can become violent. They are dangerous to work with and have been known to turn on their "masters". Many cultures refer to DiJinn as being demons or evil spirits. When someone is said to be "possessed by evil spirits" most likely they have been infected by a DiJinn.

Gypsies cast curses, or at least, Gypsies cast what other cultures call curses. Gypsies themselves don't believe in curses in the same way white men do. The Gypsy concept of what a curse is, is quite different from what white men claim a curse to be.

When a Gypsy casts a "curse" what the Gypsy has actually done was to send a prayer request to the Grigori Angels, asking that the Grigori send a DiJinn to haunt the person who wronged the Gypsy. The Grigori will pick out a DiJinn that is best suited for irritating the person in question, and send it to live with that person. The DiJinn will them imprint itself to that person and follow them wherever they go and cause bad things to happen to them on a daily basis.

Working with DiJinn is dangerous because DiJinn are wild and feral and, while they will obey their masters "for a time" they are often known to become bored with haunting a single person and can instead take over a whole house (very common) or even several generations of a family (a generational curse) and can even turn on their master and haunt them instead of the person intended (curse backfiring or karmic retribution).

VERY FEW magic using practitioners will work with DiJinn. Wiccans and white witches go so far are to strictly forbid it.

Gypsies however, have a long and close relationship to DiJinn and it is one of the primary reasons Gypsy Magic Arts is so very different (and seen by white men as more powerful) than Magic Arts used by other cultures. It is also why Gypsy Protection Spells are often described as Gypsy "curses".

Gypsies protect themselves by enlisting in the help of DiJinn. DiJinn protect Gypsies by causing "bad luck" to befall the evil person. Thus white men falsely assume that when a Gypsy asks a DiJinn to protect the Gypsies from white men, that that is the Gypsy casting a "curse" on the white men.

#4: Gypsies have VERY distinct ethnic clothing.

FAKE Gypsies wear scarves on their heads, often purple and edged with gold coins.

REAL Gypsies descend from a Hebrew (Israel) Muslim (Ishmael) Culture, that was based in Persian (Iran) and converted to (Scottish) Christianity in the 1300's.

The culture of REAL Gypsies blends Jewish, Persian, Muslim, and Gnostic (Medieval/Enochian) Christian practices and as such the women sometimes wear veils (hijab) same as any other Muslim women. They DO NOT wrap their heads in scarves covered in coins. The veiling of women is a sacred part of Gypsy religious practices and comes from their Muslim roots.

Gypsy women OFTEN wear Jewish style veils or Muslim style hijabs, because of their religion. They do this to be in humility in the presences of the higher beings. Because of their persian roots, Gypsies wear hijabs that are heavily embroidered and beaded. 

When a REAL Gypsy woman is veiled, it looks like THIS:

Image Source

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and wearing coins and wrapped their heads in scarves, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money, while making a mockery of the hijab.

When white men mock the "head scarfs" of Gypsies, they mock a very sacred holy garment, the hijab, worn as part of our faith.

FAKE Gypsies wear big tired tribal belly dance skirts, with lots of ruffles.

REAL Gypsies descend from Persia and wear long kimono-like silk robes. The look is VERY distinctive and resembles a mix of Japanese kimono and Indian sari. It literally screams "I'm from the Middle East!"

Do a quick Google search of traditional Persian dress and you will see, how VERY distinctive Gypsy clothing is. It looks nothing like the tribal belly dance outfits worn by many FAKE "gypsies".

Here, I'll do a Google search for's what Gypsy cloths look like:

Image Source

Image Source

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and wearing lots frilly skirted ruffles, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

FAKE Gypsies wear a lot of jewelry.

REAL Gypsies embellish their possessions with jewels: their clothes, their cars, their covered wagons, their swords, their horses....but they RARELY wear actual jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces)

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and wearing lots of jewelry, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

One of the absolute WORST mockeries white men make of Gypsy traditions and culture is the "Traditional Gypsy Wedding".

Oh yes, the Gypsy wedding has a lot of super bling, but it ain't ANYTHING like what you see touted about on reality TV.

You want to see what REAL Gypsy wedding dresses look like?

Here's what REAL Gypsy weddings look like:

Image Source

Image Source

DON'T believe the outright LIES you see on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I watched all episodes of all seasons and there is not even ONE single solitary REAL Gypsy on that show: they are romanies and Travellers every one.

#5: Tarot is NOT a Gypsy practice.

While some Gypsies read cards, they are reading regular playing cards or in recent years Angel cards.

Gypsy folklore teaches that Tarot cards are embedded with dark or evil forces. Gypsy superstition strictly forbids a Gypsy from touching tarot cards.

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and waving a tarot cards in your face, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

#6: Crystal balls are NOT a Gypsy practice.

Crystal scrying, done in Gypsy style, is by throwing small bright coloured gemstones onto a circle draw in the dirt or painted on a cloth, and reading how the crystals landed. It is NOT done by gazing into a crystal ball.

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and waving a crystal ball in your face, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

#7: Tea Leaf Reading is NOT a Gypsy practice.

Gypsy religion, folklore, and superstition forbids the drinking of coffee and alcoholic drinks and limits the drinking of tea and soda. Gypsies drink heavy cream (or whole milk when cream is not available). They may also drink water or fruit or vegetable juice. A Gypsy ONLY drinks tea for medicinal reasons, never as a "drink". If a Gypsy wants a hot drink, they drink a "hot chocolate" like drink which is made out of heavy or whipping cream and dark chocolate boiled together.

Coffee, tea, wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks are very taboo in Gypsy culture, and you will NEVER see a REAL Gypsy using any of these things.

There is no such thing as a "Gypsy Tea Room".

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and waving a tea leaves in your face, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

#8: Gypsies are farmers. 

Gypsies are farmers. They do not live in cities. They grow their own food. They raise horses, goats, chickens, ducks, and rabbits. They live in large tight night families in close communities. They often do not have electricity. They live in a lifestyle that is described by many americans as "very Amish" or "very Mennonite". 

#9: Gypsies RARELY associate with white men.

Gypsies RARELY associate with white men. They keep to themselves. The rift between Gypsies and white men is HUGE. The Gypsies have not forgiven the white men for taken their farms from them in Scotland. The Gypsy view of white men is that they are evil, lying, thieving, back stabbing bastards. 

Gypsy culture teaches that they are the children of the Nephilim, that they descended from the Grigori Angels who mated with human women. Gypsy culture is full of Angel reverence and human shunning and avoiding contact with humans, especially white humans.

You will RARELY, if ever see a Gypsy in "normal" American society. They live in isolated communities, separated from American society, and keep to themselves, fiercely guarding their families and their land from evil white invaders.

In most cases the only time you will encounter a REAL Gypsy, is when they come out to set up tents as a way to make money to pay taxes on their land or buy supplies they can not make or grow themselves. To the Gypsies, divination is a sacred gift from our Grigori fathers. It is not to be abused. It used to make money in times of need, it not used to attain unnecessary luxuries and riches. Gypsies use it to make money only when it is necessary to do so, it is why you NEVER see Gypsies set up permanent "fortune telling shops" and only sporadically set up tents here and there on rare occasions. For Gypsies it is a sacred thing not to be abused, it is not a career or steady source of income.

Gypsies still strongly believe in their Magic Arts, still believing they have a direct line to the Angels, still seeing their divination practices as sacred communication with their Heavenly Fathers, the ArchAngels of God.

Because of this strong and sacred belief in their Magic Arts, Gypsies carefully guard their Magi Secrets and made deeply upset when their sacred rituals are used and abused by white men. For white men to dress in our sacred robes, pretend to be Gypsies, and use our religious practices as a way to scam others out of their money, is seen by us Gypsies as a horrific blasphemy against our beloved Grigori Angels.

Anyone claiming they are "Gypsy" and waving their psychic skills around as their career and primary source of income, is a white man playing Golliwog to scam you out of your money.

#10: A Gypsy will NEVER claim to be psychic!

One of the biggest red flags to watch for is simply the word "psychic"

For example: "Gypsy Psychic" or "Get Your Psychic Readings From a Real Gypsy"

How many times do you see those phrases tossed around on those 32 million fake sites, by fake "gypsies"?

Yep. It's on every one of them.

So, what's the problem here?

Well, if you've read the rest of this page up to this point, you've probably figured out by now that Gypsies are INSANELY RELIGIOUS - EXTREME FANATICS in regards to their religious practices, to the point that it governs every step they take, every word they say, every shred of fabric they wear, every bit of food they eat, etc.

Gypsies are among the most extremist fanatics on the planet, when it comes to obeying their religious beliefs.

THAT is why seeing the word "psychic" on a so-called "gypsy" website, is a HUGE red flag - because it contradicts one of the larger rules governing Gypsy religious practices.

For someone to claim they have "psychic powers" implies that they are "special" or otherwise above other men, to the point of being god-like.

Gypsies put a lot of importance on the 10 Commandments and one of them says "Have no other god's before me." To make oneself a "god" by claiming to have "god-like powers" is seen as a grave sin in Gypsy culture.

A Gypsy will NEVER claim to have the powers of god, and therefore will never claim to be psychic. 

To call one-self psychic, is a great sin in Gypsy culture.

Let me repeat that:

A Gypsy will NEVER claim to be psychic. EVER!

That is a very important fact to consider when looking for a REAL Gypsy fortune teller.

Of course, you must consider as well, the fact that no REAL Gypsy calls themselves a fortune teller either. Once again, this is a red flag that tells you, you are dealing with a fake "gypsy".

A Gypsy sees themself only as a vessel by which a Holy Being speaks. That is the very meaning of the word divination, after all: to receive divine messages or guidance.

To claim one is psychic, is to say that one has the power to see into the future. Gypsies do not believe humans can possess such a power, believing that such power comes from the Divine and only through communicating with the Divine can one know things yet to come.

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(~ On location readings with RoseBud are currently unavailable due to narrow minded Gypsy hating hoodlums vandalising the motorhome. This service will return Spring 2016.)

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