City of The Slushies | Chapter 10 | Quaraun The Insane
(The PortCon Maine 2017 Inspired Novel)

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City of The Slushies | Chapter 10 | Quaraun The Insane 
(The PortCon Maine 2017 Inspired Novel)

"What are ya two doing?" Unicorn snarled as he walked into the room.

GhoulSpawn let out a frightened yelp and pushed away from Quaraun.

Quaraun was laying on his back, naked except for his jewelry, with GhoulSpawn on top of him, still wearing his clothes, but open down the front and nearly naked him self. Both Elves were fully erect and not far from cumming on each other.

"We wasn't..." GhoulSpawn said.

"Ya were, do not lie to me. Ya cock is na lying to me."

GhoulSpawn glanced down at his naked penis and quickly closed his robes. He wasn't sure what to do next. He had not yet gotten off of Quaraun and was now sitting, straddling the Moon's thighs.

Quaraun craned his head back to look at Unicorn, who was standing over him, looking down at him. Quaraun made no attempt to hide what he'd been doing, nor did he try to cover himself, in fact with Unicorn angry he was now even more aroused.

"Want to try to explain how ya come to be cumming on me Elf?"

"Uhm," GhoulSpawn tried to think of an answer. "He was... uhm... showing me.. his... his jewelry."

Unicorn looked down at Quaraun's pierced foreskin, then his pierced nipples.

"I can see t'at. Suppose t'at explains why ya was squeezing his nipples when I walked in here, t'an, eh?"

"Uhm... I..."

"Stop trying to t'ink up excusses, Ghouly. Ya can'na t'ink straight when all ya blood in ya cock instead o ya brain. Ya was about to fuck me Elf un ya knows it. Why can ya no just admit t'at?"

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"Because I wasn't... I didn't... we weren't... I..."

"Quaraun? Can ya find words to explain t'is better Ghouly?"

Quaraun started giggling. He tried not to laugh at first, but he couldn't hold it back and soon was laughing uncontrolably.

Unicorn waited a few moments but it became aparent that Quaraun had lost control of his senses and wasn't going to stop laughing any time soon. He glared accusingly at GhoulSpawn.

"Ya gave him one a t'ose sugar cubes again, didntcha?"

"I... uhm... yeah. I did. But not so I could do... uhm... this. This was... this... uhm... was an accident."

"Ah! I see. Ya accidentally drugged me Elf, stripped him naked, un climbed on top o him half naked yarself, eh?"

"Uhm... Yeah. Basically. I'll go with that."

"What de matter, ya run out of sheep?"

"No, I have plenty of sheep. A dozen in every pocket..."

"Un a hundred pockets in every coat. I know. Un that still dose na stops ya from trying to fuck me Elf every chance ya can get."

"I wasn't trying to..."

"I can'na leave de two of ya alone together for five minutes..."

"You were gone ver an hour. He was complaining he hurt. I gave him...."

"Ya gave him LSD sos ya could fuck him un him not remember it after."

"That's not why I..."

"Can ya explains why every time I turn me back on ya, ya two ends up naked un on top of each other?"

"No... I've stopped trying to explain it."

"Ghouly, ya know t'is is why I does no likes having yar around, right?"

"I know."

"Ya can'na stop falling in bed with me Elf."

"I didn't intend to. Not this time. I realy didn't."


"No. He's rather persistent when he's horny. He's kind of, uhm..."

"A slut?"


"I knows t'at. He be as quick to t'row his cloths of for yo as him is for me. Him cock slut."

Quaraun had stopped laughing and arched his hips up, intentionally pressing hard against GhoulSpawn's dick. The Demon moaned and nearly fell over.

"I t'inks ya need to jerk yarself off, Ghouly. T'at gonna get painful, ya keep holding it back." Unicorn sat down on the floor beside them. "Of course, I could just sit here un watch ya suffer, seeing hosws I know ya will no let yarself cum in front of me."

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Unicorn looked Quaraun in the eye.

"How ya feeling?"

"Join us?" Quaraun asked.

"Join ya? Aye."

Unicorn looked back at GhoulSpawn. The Demon had slid off of Quaraun, and was now sitting on his hands and knees with his eyes closed.

"Ya okay over there, Ghouly?"

"Would you be?" GhoulSpawn said through gritted teeth.

"Could get ya an ice cold blue raspberry slushie for them boiling hot blue balls of yars, eh?"

"How thoughtful of you," GhoulSpawn groaned and then lay down on the floor.

"Ha ha! I should put a cage on both of ya. Would solve de problem."

Quaraun began humming, while rubbing his fingers over his hard nipples.

Unicorn looked back down at Quaraun.

"How high is ya?"

"High," Quaraun said, pointing up to the ceiling. He pushed himself up on his elbows. "Ghouly never saw the butterflies before."

Unicorn looked at Quaraun's nipples. He was wearing his silver nipple rings, with the pink crystal butterfly pendent drops.

"In ya nipples?"

"Where else?"


"I don't hurt any more," Quaraun continued. "Ghouly's right. LSD works good for that."

Unicorn started laughing.

"Ya should takes some of ya own candy, Ghouly. Help ease t'ose aching balls of yars."

"Shut up and leave me alone," GhoulSpawn said without opening his eyes or moving.

"You two could fuck me at once," Quaraun said as he sat up straight and moved into a lotus position. 

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"Yis not out as much as before when Ghoully gave ya thems sugar cubes."

"He gave me a whole hand ful of them before, didn' tell me what they were. I thought they were candy, so I ate all of them last time. I know not to do that now. I only took one this time and it's been a while, so I'm not quite as tipsy as I was an hour ago. And he wasn't lying. I was showing him my jewelry, and he did fall over on me, though, his being half naked, that was me. I kind of pulled his clothes off then wouldn't let him get back up. He really wasn't trying to fuck me."

Quaraun's hand absently wandered to his penis rings as he spoke. The Elf caressed his dick, letting the rings rub against the sensitive skin. The pink butterfly pendents on his penis rings, matched the ones in his nipples. His other hand slowly slid up to his nipple.

"Yis a honry lil Elf, today, ain't ya?"


"Un high enough to be sitting here fully naked in front of us."

"I'm not naked."

"Ya ain't?"

"No. I'm wearing my butterflies."

"Dey ain't covering much."

"I think I'm well enough to go back to looking for a way out of here."

"Ya gonna put some clothes on first?"

"Do I need to?"

Unicorn smirked, trying not to laugh, as he realized Quaraun was too high to be fully aware of his present nakedness.

"Iffy I let's ya go around town wearing nothing but ya butterflies, ya'll be screaming hissy fits at me once Ghouly's pink sugar pills wears off ya brain."


It was several hours before Quaraun was better aware of his surroundings.

"Yis dressed again," Unicorn said

"Why were you letting me walk around naked?" Quaraun yelled at the Phooka.

"Ye was being rather persistent on ya refusal to wear clothes."

"I hate being naked."

"I know. It how I knews ya were out o yar head."

"Did you even try to get me to put my clothes back on?"

"I kept ya from going out side un wandering around in public."

"You didn't even try to get me dressed did you?"

"Yis a beautiful Elf. If ya wants to t'row ya clothes off un prance around naked in front o me, I ain't gonna stop ya."

"How long have I been naked?"

"Does ya remember anyt'ing what happened?"

Quaraun stopped and thought. Then shook his head.

"No. Did somet'ing happen?"

"I not sure. Ya tell me."

"What did I do?"

Unicorn grinned, as he pointed to GhoulSpawn, who was sitting on the opposite side of the room, glumly staring at the wall.

"Ye werent de only naked Elf running around here," Unicorn added.

Quaraun stared at GhoulSpawn.

"What did we do?"

"I left to see iffy I could find an herbalist un get ya some opium. I come back to find ya naked, high, and about to be fucked by our resident Chaos Demon. He says he was'na gonna fuck ya. Claims ya accosted him, tore his clothes off after tearing yar own off. Ya might of, in de state ya was in, but even iffy ya did, him was no trying to get away un was enjoying every minute of ya naked dicks rubbing together."

"Our naked dicks?" Quaraun turned to GhoulSpawn, "Did we do something?"

"He interupted us before we did," GhoulSpawn answered.

"Aye, un Ghouly kinda pissed at me for it too. It why him over dere pouting."

"Would we have, had he not interrupted?"

"I... I don't know. Yeah. Probably."

"Ya then wanted to be doubled fucked by de both of us at once."

"I did?"

"Aye. Ya asked for it."

"I actually do want that," Quaraun said quietly.

"Does ya?"


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Quaraun looked down at the floor. He knew his desires for GhoulSpawn upset Unicorn. He loved Unicorn. He lusted for GhoulSpawn. He would liked to have had them both, but Unicorn and GhoulSpawn did not like each other and were barely able to be in the same room together without fighting.

"I wish you two wouldn't fight," Quaraun said as he went back to putting on his many layers of dresses.

He was attempting to put on two dresses that did not fit him. Neither was a dress he had sewn, and both of the two filmy 1990s prom mermaid skirted slip dresses were extremely out of fashion for the 1400s. Quaraun had acquired the two dresses at a yard sale in the 20th century, during one of their portal trips to the future. He had finally gotten the dresses on, but had ripped out the zippers and seams to do so, and was at that moment, busy with needle and thread and sewing the two dresses together.

"How ya gonna gets back out of dat?" Unicorn asked as he watched Quaraun sewing himself into the now single dress, made out of two dresses.

"I'll have to rip out the seams."

"Un resew yarself into it every time ya puts it on?"


"Why are wearing that?" GhoulSpawn asked.

Quaraun looked down at his clothes, confused.

"Wearing what?"

"Two dresses at the same time, one arm in one sleeve of each. Why are you wearing two dresses at once like that?"

"Neither one fits me."

"Then why are you wearing them?"

"They look good on me."

"Quaraun... you... why?"

"Why what?"

Quaraun had two pink dresses on. Both nearly identical shade of pastel bubblegum pink. One embroidered with blue and orange jellyfish, the other beaded with purple hearts. Both dresses were a size 10 and he wore a size 14. He had ripped the side zippers out of each dress. cut the side seam on the other side of each, nearly to the top, ripped one sleeve off of each, then put on one over the other, so that the bodices criss crossed in the front,with the actual front of each dress, going under his arms, leaving one bra triangle covering his breast, the other covering his shoulder blade. If you had not seen him put the two dresses on, you had no way to tell that it was two separate dresses or that it was not supposed to look this way. Quaraun, being a tailor, knew how to sew the two dresses together in such a way that there was no way to tell it had once been two dresses.

"Can ya even breath?" Unicorn asked.

"It's not as tight as my corsets are."

Quaraun pulled a full length mirror out of his bag of holding, so he could see the back of the dress.

"Ya ain't gonna be able to walk."

"I'll manage."

The resulting dress, now that he was finished altering the two, was a skin tight sheath, clinging so tight to his knees that it effectively hobbled his ability to walk. From the knees to the floor however, the dress turned to a huge pouf of pink tulle, that dragged along behind in a bridal gown style train. He tried walking.

"We walk slow," Quaraun said, realizing how difficult it was going to be to take big steps in this dress.

He put away his mirror and sewing supplies, and set about to covering the dress with layers of furasiode kimono.

"Ya know, I does na understands why ya go t'ough all the trouble of putting on ya fancy dresses, just to cover them wid robes like that."

"What do you mean?"

"No one can see the dress, now that ya gone an covered it."

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"No one can see my butterflies either, but I still wear them. It's not about other people seeing me. I like wearing this. I wear it if no one ever sees me at all."

"But why?"

"It makes me feel pretty."

Quaraun tossed on his riffled lace jacket and pink feather boas.

"Ya is pretty even without dem."

"I know. This body is beautiful, but it's still the body of an Elf. I miss my Jelly body. When I swam free in the ocean, I had lots of pink ruffles. I had the most beautiful tentacles of any jelly. And now they are hidden away forever, inside the body of an Elf. Never to be seen again."

"So you trying to dress de Elf up to look like a pink Jellyfish?"

"In essence, yes."

Quaraun finished dressing.

"We need to find a way out of this world," he said. "I don't think Bazooloo is gonna tell us anything. I don't think he knows anything. I think he's as trapped here as we are."

Quaraun looked at GhoulSpawn.

"You haven't been out and meet any of the Slushians yet have you?"

"Me? Nope. I've just been here."

"They're gonna hate you. Boy are they gonna hate you."


"You have neon, glow in the dark florescent yellow hair. You are wearing orange robes. And you are wearing a green coat. Blasphemy on so many levels."

"What are you talking about?"

"They've got some sort of a colour based cult going on here. The worshipers of Red Cherry Slushies all wear red and nothing but red. Live in red houses. Have all red furniture. Only grow red flowers. Only eat red food. And so on. No one mixes colours. You'd be a multi-denominational worshiper of Lemon-Lime-Orange Slushies by their standards."

"You're kidding."

"Nope. I'm shunned by all by Bubblegum Slushie devotees, because I wear pink."

"And him?" GhoulSpawn pointed to Unicorn.

"I is evil, black demon," Unicorn stated. "I here to disrupt all that is good and sacred."


"They don't have a concept of the colour black," Quaraun explained. "All his clothes are black. There are two trains of thought. Some say he's the Chosen One, some sort of savior who's coming was foretold. He's going to bring with him the Sacred 9th Flavour. The rest say he's the evil one, come to bring about the end of the world."

"So, we are in a city of religion crazed lunatics?"

"Pretty much."

"Greeeeaaaat. Just what I always wanted."



Quaraun nodded. He liked it when he understood that someone was being sarcastic. He couldn't often tell with most people, but with Unicorn and GhoulSpawn he had figured out their voices changed when they were being sarcastic.