Now that we've reached 10,000 pages, it has become necessary to create a new method of indexing the pages, seeing how it's not possible to link 10,000 pages from the navabar... heck, I had trouble just linking the top 100 pages in the navabar! LOL!

Since moving to this new url in 2013, I've been linking the top 100 most visited pages in the navabar and then linking to everything else from them. As of October 15, 2017, that system is being replaced with this one, which, hopefully will make it easier for you to navigate around this massive site.

So, now I'm creating topic pages, which will contain this links to the pages, and I'll just link to the topic pages in the navabar instead. Hopefully this system of indexing the pages will make it easier for you to find the pages you are looking for.


This page's topic is...

The Business Side Of Being an Author


The Business Side of Authorship

Book Marketing

The Everyday Life of Authors

Starting a Business

Business Plans

  • Should I as an author have a business plan?


  • What Do I Do to Start Up a Website?
  • I Don't Have a Lot of Money. Can I Just Do a Simple Website?
  • What Should I Have on My Website?
  • Should I use PayPal to handle the mechanics of a website sale?
  • I'm Ready to Put Together a More Complex website. What Should I Have?
  • Why Should I Send Customers to Amazon or B&N When I Sell My Book at Full Retail?
  • How do I make money off my author website?
  • Monetizing your website:  My Amazon Sales (multiple page series)

Self Publishing

Do you like envelopes that you have to lick yourself or do you prefer ones that you don't have to lick yourself?

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