Books Amazon Says My Readers Have Also Bought, When Buying My Novels

So, today I was going through the various tools, Amazon provides for us authors, and discovered they have a section which shows us what our readers, read, supposedly so we know who our competition is, I guess?

I don't know. It's difficult for me to think of other authors as competition. I have Autism and it doesn't matter how many people have tried to explain the concept of competition to me, I just can not wrap my mind around the concept at all. It seems to be such a horrible and disgustingly vile thing, that I can not understand why anyone would want to do it. 

The only time I've ever encountered competition was from the psychotically deranged bomb building NaNoWriMo ML Kendra Silvermander, who claims she must kill me because I've published too many books in the space of time that she has yet to finish writing a single draft.

So, telling me that these authors are my competitors is a horrify concept.

If you are somebody who tries to compete with others, all I can say, is that I pity you and hope you are getting some type of psychological help for it so that you don't have to live your life as such a terribly, small minded and hurtful to others person.

I'm sure Amazon must be using some alternative meaning of competitor that I'm unaware of as I couldn't imaging amazon seeking to support such a terrible hobby as building bombs to kill an author because you are an author who thinks the other author is your competition.

I suppose, for people who don't have Autism and are able to understand such things, then authors, killing other authors to keep one author from publishing a book before the other one does, might make sense, but, me I simply can not wrap my minds around why someone would do something like that. The concept of competition is just baffling to me.

In any case Amazon gave me a list of other books that my readers have bought, allowing me to see the reading habits of the readers of my own books.

It appears that the bulk of my readers, are readers of flash fiction.

Look at how many flash fiction works they have bought, in addition to my books.

This stands to reason, considering that, for most of my 39 years as a published author, has been spent writing 2,000+ short stories. So of course the bulk of my readers are readers of short fiction and are buying lots of short fiction buy lots of other story story authors as well.

On some levels, this also tells me that I should be putting more of my shorts up on Amazon, as it seems to be what me readers are looking for.

Interestingly, there are a lot of how to write books in the mix, which tells me that a lot of my readers are writers, authors, or at least looking to get started writing on some level.

I haven't counted how many there are, but it looks like how to write books, actually makes up the bulk of the "also boughts" on this list.

I don't find this surprising though, given that most of the people who visit my site and or follow me online are in fact people looking for advice on how to get started writing, thus why you see me answering so many of their (your?) questions here on my website.

But as I noted before, short fiction seems to be the reigning topic. While there are many general how to write books there, the bulk of them are how to write short stories and flash fiction.

This is valuable information for me, because it tells me that my readers are looking not only to write stories, but to write specifically short flash fiction stories. Which tells me that going forward I should be writing more articles on the subject of writing short stories.

I found it interesting, the wide range of books that it gave me, and thought perhaps you guys would be interested in seeing the list, so, here it is.


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