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Below are questions which have been sent to me from my readers via the Ask EelKat advice column. Each question is a link. Clicking that link will take you directly to the article which I wrote to answer said question. I have tried to arrange them by category in order to make it easier for you to find the answers you need.

As my long time readers will already know a server crash took down most of the old free-hosted site on June 4, 2013 (which was online since 1997 and had reached 6,000+ pages). Thankfully everything was saved on a separate hard-drive and the site is being rebuilt with a new host and for the first time on it's own domain. YAY!

I am currently moving all 6,000 questions&answer articles to this site one page at a time, at a rate of about 4 to 7 new pages being added each day, so be patient. Not all links are yet clickable. This process started on September 2, 2013 and will be ongoing at least through to January 2014. (And it may be well into 2017 before all 6,000 pages will be back online if I continue at this rate of 5 a day.)

Traditional Publishing

What is Traditional Publishing?

What are the Advantages of Traditional Publishing?

What are the Disadvantages of Traditional Publishing?

How can I become a Traditionally Published writer?

How can I get my book Traditionally Published?

Where should I submit my manuscript?

How do I format my manuscript for submission to a Traditional Publishing House?

Can I make a living as a Traditionally Published writer? Can I make a living from royalties?

Should I copyright my book? If so, how?

How can I tell if a contest or publishing offer is a scam?

Where can I find a list of book publishing scams?

May I send my book to you for evaluation?

How can I get feedback on my manuscript from a Traditional Publisher?

I am a Traditionally Published writer facing a crisis where can I go to find help?

Is rejection a bad sign?

Do I need an agent?

How much does it cost to publish with Traditional Publishing?

How do I handle taxes?

Your Questions Answered

Who can I contact if my questions are not answered here?

English is not my first language, how can I get my book translated and published in America?

What resources and publications are available for kids?

 What is Writer and How Does a Writer Become an Author?

Before Publishing Your Book

Are you sure you can't read my manuscript and give me feedback?

After Publishing Your Book

Are there ways to be sure I make money on my book?

What's the difference between a reprint and a new edition?

Do I Need a Letterhead?

What Should I Have on My Business Card?

Should I get postcards?

Should I get bookmarks?

Marketing Your Book

Editing You Book

The Business Side of Writing

Should I print hard copies of my book... or should I just do an ebook?

How do I decide whether to print hardcover or paperback?

What are the types of paperbacks I can choose from?

What are the book sizes I should choose?

How long does it take to print a book?

How much should I expect to pay for printing my book?

How do I find a printer?

What is an RFQ?

What is a signature?

What are paper weights and what should I choose?

What cover stock should I use?

Which is better, off-white or white paper?

Can't I just use Kinko's to print my galley?

What book size should I choose?

Please HELP!!!! I'm desperate here! Hello! are you out there? I really, really, really, reeeeeeaaaaaly need someone to read my book to see if it's okay to publish, would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease read it for me?

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