How to use Yahoo Answers to promote your book and author website.

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"I've been answering questions in Yahoo Answers and am just under 250 points. I read where there are benefits that go with this, but I don't know how to implement things.

When I post an answer, do I just put the link to my corresponding page at the end? Do I put it in sources?

Is there something that I'm not allowed to do with links?

I'm sure this was in their TOS, but I'm one of those that tends to click the "I agree" button without seeing what I'm really getting into...

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!"

Though a lot of people do it, it is against Yahoo Answers ToS to put links in the content of your answer, and you are only allowed to put RELEVANT links in the sources box, in other words you can not link to your own website UNLESS you can say "You can find out more info on this page: ___" and link directly to the page where the answer can be found NOT to your homepage.

If you just randomly slap the link to your home page in every answer regardless of the question/topic Yahoo Answers will ban you for spam.

It's also good practice to answer a wide variety of topics and not leave links at all. You want to be seen as some one who is helping out, not as someone who is just trying to push a website in everyone's face.

REMEMBER: Only link to your site if it is truly relevant to do so, and be answering enough topics not related to your website so that you are answering 5 to 7 questions for every time you post 1 link.

Yahoo's spam bot will ban you if you have a higher rate of answers with links in them, than link-free answers.

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