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UPDATE March 17, 2021: Another death. Waiting for a coffin to be delivered. Funeral the 21st. Unlikely to be streaming for a few weeks.


Update: March 27, 2021: It's not even been a week since the funeral, and now there is another death and another funeral.


UPDATE April 5, 2021: There are still no streams, as, we've now a another (a 3rd) funeral to prepare for.

And that is now 3 deaths in our family, in the past 2 weeks.

This 3rd death hits hard, because it was Pippi.

Our family has now had 13 deaths since March 2020.

April 10, 2015, 12 children were kidnapped.

May 15, 2015, the heads of 10 of them were nailed to my door.

August 24, 2020, one was found still alive. he was just 4 years old when she was kidnapped, but she remembered us, even though 5 years had passed.

August 25, 2020, Pippi came home, but her condition was not well. She had been tortured the entirety of the 5 years she had been held hostage. She was missing limbs and covered with scars, had broken bones many years not set, and suffered serious damage to many of her internal organs. That she was alive at all, in her condition, was a miracle. Doctors had little hope of her survival and she was sent home with Hospice care.

Pippi had cancer in her eye and needed surgery for it, which she was scheduled to have, shortly before she was kidnapped.

In the years they had her, not only did they torture her, but her cancer went untreated and spread to her brain.

By the time she was returned to us, her cancer had reached an inoperable state, so we knew she did not have much time left.

Had her cancer been treated, back when she was a toddler, she probably would have reach adulthood.

She died only 8 months after her return.

Another child, to cry out from the grave, for Etiole's vengeance upon her murderers. Another victim of evil men, who will stoop to no ends, to bury the crimes they committed 50 years ago.  Drug lords. Opium growers. Heroine dealers. Selling little girls 4 to 8 years old for sex to priests. They only care about money.

All hail the mighty tourist ass. Millions come to Old Orchard Beach every year, for one thing and one thing only: heroine. They sell their drugs to the tourists under the pier and off the balconies of that giant motel. Than drag little girls to the bedrooms of the condominiums on Smithwheel Road, behind the school. And any child who dares open their mouth and beg for help, gets tossed in the GooseFare Brooke Ravine.

Bastard drug lords. They've been doing this for 50 years, and the town hall and the police department, turn a blind eye to it, because they get paid $6million a year to not report it to the newspapers, when the body of another child washes down the ravine, into the gulley to be spit out in the ocean. No fewer than 5 bodies are found every summer, but how often does it get in the news?

The corruption of this fucking town needs to end.

Yet another dead at the hands of these criminals who run our town.

How long will the residents continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening in our town.

How many more children will you let them kill, before you stand up to them?

Another child is dead and no one in this town cares. So long as they get their money from the tourists. The blood of another murdered child screams from the graves, begging for justice. Tick tock, tick tock, so begins, yet another of Etiole's 7 year clocks.

This is why there were no/to few streams from May 2020 until now.

May 2020, after 4 years of not hearing from them at all, the FBI returned with a lead, which led to Pip's discovery a few weeks later in August.

Because of the nature of the situation, I could not talk about it, to tell you why streams had stopped.

The kidnappers, were enraged that we had recovered Pip, and that is when the attacks started up again on my home and family September 2020.

Pip's condition continued to grow worse, and she died April 5, 2021.

She was only 10 years old.

This is what it means, to not be white in America.

White men, won't even give a child the chance to grow up.

This is what white people do, to none white families like mine.

We are Gypsies with Jewish blood, for that alone we are hunted like animals.

What the men of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, did to my family, will never be forgotten or forgiven.

#If you have any information on the kidnappers or the murders...

#FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the of the April 10, 2015 kidnapping of my 12 children by 14 Ku Klux Klan men who invaded our home and the subsequent May 15, 2015 murder of 10 of the 12 whom had their heads nailed to my front door. If you have information about the case, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

Have you forgot the extent of the damage these people did, all because, they wanted to dig up my land and removed bodies buried there, before my house builders found that barrel of bones?

Have you forgotten that 7 town hall workers, 5 public works men, a blond woman, her bald son, and her red haired sister Kendra, and 14 police officers, all lead by a man they referred to as "Mark who needs no last name" were the ones 

I name every one of them, except for the ring leaders: blond woman, her bald son, her sister Kendra, and her husband "Mark who needs no last name". I don't know who those 4 are. I'd never seen any of them, other than the Kendra woman before, and I only knew her fro her attacks beating me up at Panera in 2009, 2010, and 2013.

I can name every one of the others, because all I have to do is go to the Old Orchard Beach town hall and police department website, and their are their faces.

With the exception of blond woman, her bald son, her sister Kendra, and her husband "Mark who needs no last name", every one else involved was government official who works for the state of Maine vis the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall, the Old Orchard Beach Police Department, or the Old Orchard Beach Public Works.

And what exactly did they do?

August 8, 2013 they drove a backhoe over my house. That same backhoe drove over my previous house on the same land April 2007. That same backhoe drove over my poultry barn and horse stables July 2001. July 2001 was the first attack.

March 2015 was the the massive attack, with an entire fleet of trucks, and drove over the Church of the Holy Rhinstone, a church that stood on my land, my garage which is why I no longer have a garage to put my car in, my 2 sheds both of which had my tractors and other garden/crop machinery in them at the time. And of course the razing of the land, the cutting down of the apple orchard - the VERY apple orchard planted in 1530 that this town was named after... he actual "old orchard" of Old Orchard Beach... the very original trees - huge massive apple trees over 400 years old. The grape vineyards, the cherry trees, the pears trees. 

April 10, 2015, they returned, 4 police officer held me a gun point, while 10 other police officers held my children down with long poles with metal wire strangle loops on the end, and beat their faces in with cinder block bricks, knocking out every one of their teeth, breaking their jaws... POLICE OFFICERS DID THAT... while men they referred to as "Mark who needs no last name" and "Dan" stood there and told the police officers what to do, how to beat them, while "Mark who needs no last name" boldly bragged that he paid the Old Orchard Beach police $6million dollars to do this.

May 15, 2015... the heads, hands, feet, and intestines of my children were nailed to my door. Later that same day police officer W. W. came to my home begging for forgiveness and claimed that men he referred to only as "Mark and Dan" were holding his beloved mother-in-law hostage and torturing her, and he helped in the April 10, 2015 attack, only to save her life and get her back. He claimed he had no prior knowledge of what was going to happen, claiming that he'd been told they were only going to "scare" us. He said he had not expected anyone to get hurt, he had not known my children would be tortured and kidnapped, he had not known they were going to be murdered. He said he was scared for his life and lives of his family. And he said: "They form a small army, our department doesn't have enough man power to stop them, and every one in this town is too scared to fight back. You don't know what's going on. And I think they mixed you up with someone else. They didn't know you were the owner of this land. They didn't know that was your motorhome. They thought someone else owned this place. It wasn't even your family they were after. You were the wrong target. You don't know who these people are. What they've done to our families. This is the actual Mafia. The real deal. I'm so sorry. This is the address they sent us to. But they had a different name as the owner. This wasn't supposed to happen. They were after someone else. I'm so sorry. I couldn't let my family died. And now yours is dead instead. This wasn't supposed to happen."

June 19, 2016... I did a very specific livestream. You see... A., D., B., and T. in the 1970s and 1980s, were in the habit of dragging big black trash bags into the forest, crossing my land to do it, and dumping those bags into the Goosefare Brook Ravine. In 1983, 3 snuck into Etiole's swamp and planted 3 acres of Marijuana. Someone found it and called the police, I don't know who... it was Maine's largest drug raid for decades. Many, many millions in plants where dug up and removed from Etiole's swamp. A few weeks later A, & D,s 10 year old daughter ran into my yard, touched my car on a dare from other children - the 1964 Dodge 330 former Old Orchard Beach police car, known by Stephen King fans as the REAL Christine, The World's Most Haunted Car... than jumped her bike, and sped down the road, as fast as she could, head on into a car coming the other way. She died instantly, he brain shattered all over the end of my driveway, and her mother A responded by the Battle of 458 - the biggest mass shooting ever in Maine history, that ended up with 3 Gypsy clans and 2 police departments, in a shoot out between 70+ adults all armed with guns. One of my cousins, an 8 year old boy, standing 3 feet from me, had his eye shot out by one of the bullets. While A ran around the street screaming: "FOUR! FIVE! EIGHT!" than shot another child. 

"FOUR! FIVE! EIGHT!" than shoot another child. 

"FOUR! FIVE! EIGHT!" than shoot another child. 

THOSE are the 31 children, whose bones were sawed up and tossed into the GooseFare Brook Ravine... yes, that DOES mean, police officers KNEW those children were there and covered it up.  And I witnessed that entire event.

And THAT is WHY... when police officers murdered my family in 2015, I did a livestream, walking to the ravine, to show the world, where those bones were... because I'm sick and tired of the police corruption in this fucking town, and those sawed up bones of 31 children are PROOF of what this town government is like.... as are the heads of my children that were nailed to my door.

At the end of The Battle of 4-5-8... A. took 2 gas cans and poured them all over the big dome house, than set a match to it, and no one knew, why when she did her brother B., started running, jumped in his robin egg blue truck and backed down the driveway, hit Portland Ave doing 70 and didn't stop driving until the high speed chase caught him in CT... oh but we knew before he was out of sight, why he started running... the dome house went up like Hiroshima into a mushroom cloud that could be seen across the entire state... turns out there was a Meth lab in that house.

June 19, 2016... the livestream of the bones went viral, it's what made my YouTube channel suddenly explode overnight... and police officer W.W. upset, by the fact that, the livestream included the entire police call and response, and that response was to laugh and do nothing... fed up with the corruption in his department, he forwarded that livestream VOD to the FBI, and the FBI arrived in Old Orchard Beach, to dig up the Reclaim Blueberry Plains, and all hell broke lose in this town, as most of the police officers suddenly found themselves arrested. An entire new police force from out of state was brought in to replace the long time officers who had proven they could be trusted to uphold the law. Many town hall officials and public works employees also found themselves arrested by the FBI.

June 26, 2016... barely a week later... the blond woman and the red haired Kendra woman showed up at my workplace, Scarborough WalMart, and tried to kill me, yet again... these are the same 2 woman who attacked me with golf clubs at Southern Maine Community College November 14, 2013... they left dead in 2013, I was paralized for 5 months. It took me 18 months to relearn to walk. I was out of the wheel chair, and I was without a walker, I was without a cane. I had almost fully covered from their November 14, 2013 attack with golf clubs... June 26, 2016, this time they attacked with shopping carts, and I'm now crippled for the rest of my life. They shattered 3 vertebra this time and it can't be operated on. I had to relearn to walk a second time, and I'm not yet recovered now in 2021. In 2013 they drove away in the 4 door white pickup truck. In 2016 they drove away in a gold Volvo SUV station wagon.

That blond woman and her red haired Kendra sister, they are wanted by the FBI for attempted murder of me and they are also wanted in questioning for being suspected of also being the murderers of my children.

I don't know who these 2 women are.

The blond woman shows up my driveway frequently, screaming and yelling, sometime accompanied by a small child, about 5 years old, that she pulls behind her in a red radio flyer wagon. She looks to be about 60 or 70. She often wears a denim button down shirt and jeans. She's prone to yelling at passing cars, while pointing up my driveway, and saying: "There's EelKat, she tried to kill my husband."

I've never tried to kill anyone, so accusation is baffling at best.

She seems to think I know who she is, and has made the claim, that "I was that brat in school"... the red haired Kendra woman, sometimes with her, claims to be her sister, also appears to be 60 to 70 and also seems to think I know who she is, and frequently says: "You bullied me in school, but no more, I'm Kendra SilverMander it's my turn to shine."

They BOTH make the claim they went to school with me, and yet, I never went to school, a well documented fact... because I'm the child the FBI rescued what the news media called "Maine's House of Horrors". I was locked in a cage when I was 8 years old. I was let out on Sundays, to go to church, and not allowed to speak or make eye contact with anyone, and this was only done infrequently, whenever church goers asked what happened to that girl you had". I was 31 years old when the FBI arrived, because of Heaven's Gate having killed 39 people, and my uncle being one of the members and self proclaiming himself as the leader of Heaven's Gate after Applewhite's death. The FBI was investigating the murder of 39 people in California, and had no idea they'd find children in cages in Maine as a result.

So you see, when the blond woman and her Kendra sister, make the claim they went to school with me and I was the class bully who beat them up, this is easily proven false, because the time period when I should have been in school, I was locked in a cage, being tortured by my sadistic uncle Bruce.

Also, they are in their late 60s to mid 70s... making them older than my parents, so how could I have been in school with them, even if I had gone to school? At best I would have been starting pre-school the year they would have been graduating high school.

These things they say about school, only further agrees with what police officer W. W. said May 15, 2015, when he made the claim, they had gotten me mixed up with someone else.

July 2016, a month after the shopping cart attack... yet another Old Orchard Beach police officer arrived, this one accompanied by 2 Biddeford officers, who had been former OOB officers... these 3 officers, had a vastly eye opening story to tell me.

They had been called to Old Orchard Beach, to my farm, to arrest me, a call made to them, by a man named Mark, whom one of these officers, claimed was his brother in law. This Biddeford officer, said he requested to transfer ot of Old Orchard Beach department years ago, because his sister (whom he claimed he suspected, but could not prove was the blond woman whom had attacked me at WalMart) was quote "trying to control the town" he said "treats Old Orchard Beach like a dynasty, thinks she's a duchess, has severe mental disorders, and thought she could buy the police department". He went on to say, she got in with the real Mafia years ago and went to her head, and now she thinks she IS the Mafia and most of Old Orchard Beach's business owners, especially the motel owners are scared shitless of her, because they believe her claim to be Mafia. He went on to say, she's not Mafia, but she's good at convincing people she is and stated "I wouldn't murder beyond her. She'd do it just to prove she is Mafia." He said he transferred out of OOB department to Biddeford department because he was fed up with how easy it was for her to get every officer to do anything she asked. He said "the corruption in that department runs deep; don't cross her or any officer she controls; they WILL kill you and every around you. You don't know who her husband is. He doesn't just control that town, he controls half the state."

What he was telling me was bizarre on extremes, but even more bizarre was the live feed radio call, that he had me listen too, as it was happening, on my farm in Old Orchard, while I was at my dad's house in Biddeford.

He said: "The Old Orchard Department called me, asked me to come over here. Buddy Will wanted to prove you were not in Old Orchard and that Mark has you mixed up with someone else. That fucking bastard is crying wolf and trying to frame you, we can prove it right now. We are fucking fed up WolfBoy."

He turned on his radio, so I could hear. A what I heard... a man whose voice I do not recognize, yelling at a Officer W.W. and saying: 

"That is Wendy, arrest her now! That is EelKat. She tried to kill me."

While officer W.W. and another officer, told the man: "his isn't Wendy. We have officers with her right now. Who tried to kill you? Wendy? Or THIS woman right here?"

"This woman right here! This is EelKat I tell you! Arrest her! What do you think I pay you for! You aren't allow to defy me! I own this town! You are my slaves. I command you to arrest her!"

W.W.: "This isn't EelKat. This isn't Wendy. I've known her for years. And right now, she's on the other side of the state. With 3 officers, listening to you right now. You are NOT the law. We've had it with you. You don't own me. And you've mixed her up with someone else. You've been harassing the wrong damned person. You dare call us about Wendy ever again, and I will personally arrest you for false reports, than I'll tell them everything. You'll never see the outside a prison for the rest of your life when I get done with you. You fucking leave this woman alone. You destroyed her life, because you couldn't tell her apart from someone else."

I used to aqua jog, mountain climb, horseback riding, and I hiked 13 miles a day. And in the blink of an eye, that lifestyle was taken away, and every day was struggle, just to sit up and breath, with no hope of ever walking again. I defied doctors. It's been 8 years and I can move around the house by holding on to things and I now can walk again, at the moment only short distances outside with a cane, and the hope is to continue to improve. I still have a long road of recovery ahead. But I'm walking again, something that 8 years ago, doctors said would never happen. 

My farm was razed.

My family was murdered.

I was 5 months paralysed, and had to relearn to walk. It was 8 years ago and I'm not yet fully recovered due to 3 inoperable vertebrae and hip dysplasia. November 14, 2013, 10PM, at WalMart, while putting bags of groceries in the back seat of my car, I was attacked by 3 rapists armed with metal golf clubs, who left me parallelized, in a wheel chair, broken spine, broken hip, broken pelvis, broken knees, serve nerve damage to my left side limiting the use of my left hand, my bladder incontinent from nerve damage, they left me for dead, and I had doctors telling me I would never walk again.

There's more that has happened. A lot more. The thousands of gallons of sewage they pumped into my motorhome in 2015. The cats. the Ptarmagin cats. World famous groups of cats. You remember them. If so, you remember what these people did to those cats. Poisoned. All dead the same day. 12 cats. Dead to what the vet described as: "enough poison to kill a great dane". My horse, she had her head beat in with a rock. My bantam roosters... 70 pet roosters, hung by their necks in rope nooses in my rose bushes.

All because this man, this mystery Mark, whose last name seems to be known to the police but is still unknown to me and man whom I've never seen or met - he keeps his face covered whenever he shows up... mistook me for someone else... and police officers and town hall workers and public work employees.

Welcome to Old Orchard Beach... this is NOT the way life should be, you know it.

What these people did to me, should never have happened, and according to the police, it's been happening for 50+ years to hundreds of people, hundreds of families, in this town, and every one is too scare to talk about it or fight back to stop it. That NEEDS to change.

The corruption in our town, needs to stop... but it won't end, until every last person who is being harassed by these people stand up, put their foot down, and say enough is enough, we ain't gonna take this any more.

We the people of Old Orchard Beach need to take back our town.

NOTE: Chat is set to emote only on my Twitch channel and my personal contact information has been removed from my website and every place else, due to the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of false reports of "information", along with vile hateful memes about the murder of my family being sent to me by trolls who think mocking the murder of my family is funny.

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the of the April 10, 2015 kidnapping of my 12 children by 14 Ku Klux Klan men who invaded our home and the subsequent May 15, 2015 murder of 10 of the 12 whom had their heads nailed to my front door. If you have information about the case, give it to him not me. He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322 

If you could recommend I watch one VOD that best represented your channel, which would it be?

This one....

The Princess Bride predicting Covid-19?

Avallac'h's a Good Tutor?
Of What? How to Better Bed Kings?


Please be aware that nearly every page on this website contains spoilers to something. I talk about a lot of fandoms, and go into great detail analyzing them when I do. If I am talking about The Witcher series, InuYasha, Disney Ducks, the Quaraun series, or any other fandom, you WILL encounter spoilers about it. 

Things People Say to, or Ask of an Author 

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Things People Say to, or Ask of an Author 

I was making my rounds today, reading the various author blogs that I'm in the habit of reading, when I came across an interesting post, that I felt a need to comment on... at length, you... the way I do.

Here's the link to the blog and the blog post, it's as long as a post I would write, just so you know...

Things People Say to, or Ask of an Author

Notes From The Bunker

The Blog Site For New York Times Bestselling Historian, Author and Novelist Blaine L. Pardoe

Things People Say to, or Ask of an Author

Things People Say to, or Ask of an Author 

He ended his post with...

>>I encourage my fellow authors to add in their own experiences in the comments…

Well, you know me, write something in the comment, hit the word count limit, copy it here to my website and keep on writing... yep, that is what I am doing right now.

So, taking each question readers have asked him... let's look at my own readers and what they've asked me...

>>Can you give me a copy of your latest book?

I get asked this every time I walk outside. This, along with "can you read my manuscript" and "where do you get your ideas" and the top questions I get asked.

If you want to see my longer more detailed responces, here there are:

But, this one brings to mind, Guy Gammon, now in prison, probably for the rest of his life, where he belongs.

You remember Guy Gammon? How could ANY of my fans, readers, and followers ever forget Guy Gammon, a stalker almost as psychopathic as Joel Bailey (who is also now in prison)... though neither are as deadly as bomb wielding stalker duo 

Please note that since 2013, there have shown up several FAKE "EelKat" accounts, often using photos stolen from my website. Those accounts are run by a stalker who also goes by the names Kendra Silvermander & Tom Addams. The identity of both is unknown and it is believed to be one person using 2 different online names. They are wanted by the FBI, not only for stalking, impersonation, and identity theft, but also for the bomb that blew up my house, the attempted murder of my dad, twice the attempted murder of me, and the attempted murder of my brother, so if you run across one of these fake accounts pretending to be me, please report it to the FBI Agent in charge of the case:

  • Andy Drewer @ (207) 774-9322

Help put Kendra Silvermander and Tom Addams in prison where they belong, just like you helped put Joel Bailey and Guy Gammon in prison.

Guy Gammon...

  • Biddeford, Maine's real life serial killing rapist, who is the basis for the character of the Quaraun series: Unicorn... 
  • Guy Gammon, the man whose broken dialogue, excessive use of the word fuck, rampant scatterbrained violence, and obsessive rape personality, makes primary character Unicorn one of the vilest, foul mouthed characters I've ever written.
  • Yes, Unicorn was based off a real live person. Guy Gammon - A stalker who terrorized my family for years.
  • The man who noticed it said "Laughing Gnome Hollow" on my car one day and said: "I is does be a Gnome ya, knows, it eh?"
  • Guy Gammon, the man who carries 3 lit cigarettes in each hand, with 4 more in his mouth, 2 beer cars clutched in his fists, while trying to tell Ben, Mormon High Priest Quorum Leader of the Sandford Ward of The Exetar Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - "I a Mormon too."
  • Guy Gammon... the man who raped 27 women, and was out of prison on a technicality.
  • Guy Gammon... the man who on March 6, 2016, murdered my next door neighbor Julie Hanagon.

What does any of that have to do with this question...

>>Can you give me a copy of your latest book?

The first time I meet Guy Gammon, was days after the mass market release of The Night of The Screaming Unicorn, September 2014, on High Street in Biddeford, at the St Andre's Parking Lot beside Sullivan Street.

I (who am 5'6") got out of my car, was unloading groceries, closed the truck of my car and was greeted with a tiny little old man, about 60 and about to my shoulder height, making him about 5'1" with wild eyes, long grey hair that hadn't seen a brush in years, and a psychotic laugh, carrying a 10" blade switch jackknife and grinning like a maniac.

He says to me:

Guy Gammon: "Yis be aut'ar, eh?"

Me: "Yes"

Guy Gammon: "Gi'me book."

He points to the picture of the book, which is on a poster.

Me: "It's only available as an ebook."

Guy Gammon: "I no cares hows evil ya books is, ya gi'me copy now. I wants read it."

Me: "No. Not evil. ebook. It means electronic book."

Guy Gammon: "What electronic book? Sound evil."

Me: "It's a book you read on the computer..."


Me: "The book's available for sale on Amazon. I don't have copies of it."


A blond woman comes running over, mutters something about him being her uncle,  tells him to put the knife away and says: "He's harmless," while dragging him out of the parking lot.

I've had a lot of people ask for copies of my books, like they think we authors keep boxes of our books laying around, but, Guy Gammon was by far the one to ask for a book, that stands out as the freakiest.

Eighteen years ago, in book X, you wrote something I disagreed with.  Why did you do that?

I don't know. I suppose I must have done it just to piss you off?

Not a common one, but it is one I got a few times.

The most notable psycho fan to do this is of course Kendra Silvermander, and her psycho meltdown caused by my book "BloodFall In Playland".

In October 2010 through to November 2010, I received a total of twenty-one-thousand 21,000, psychotically deranged emails from someone calling herself Kendra Silvermander.

Each of these emails started with the line: "NaNoWriMo is coming up so I went off my meds so I could write".

Every paragraph ended with the line: "I'm Kendra Silvermander, it's my turn to shine. Stop stepping on my toes. It's my time to shine. Mine. Not yours. Mine. My turn to shine."

Each email was in excess of 10,000 words long. Most of is rambling in illegible gibberish that made no sense at all, and appeared to be the ravings of someone with schizophrenia. (I had an uncle with Schizophrenia who frequent wrote my weekly, deranged letters of this nature from 1997 until his death in 2013, so I am familiar with the mental process patterns of a schizophrenia patient and this appears to be the case with this Kendra Silvermander woman as well.)

In Kendra's emails, she makes the wild, ludicrous claim, that I am what she calls "a time traveling vampire" and claims that I (in 2006) went to the future (2010) to such this story out of her head. Then, according to her, I traveled from 2010, back to the past in 2006, to publish her story before she thought of it.

In other words, she was accusing me of stealing a story she thought up, and publishing it, before she thought of it, by going to the future to steal it from her and returning to the past to publish it first.

This was the most baffling and at first hilarious set of emails I ever got.

Interestingly the Alien Vampires of this series are in fact time travelers. It is very obvious that Kendra read the stories in this series and was unable to tell fact from fiction, reality from fantasy, and could not tell the author of the story, from the fiction characters within said story.

At first I thought is was my Uncle Merlin, (mentioned above) as the writing style/voice was nearly identical to his, as was the deranged ravings and ramblings that made no sense. My Uncle is the same Uncle many of my fans and readers know from his Amphibious Aliens emails, letters, and forum posts, that resulted in the Amphibious Aliens Squidoo Lense I wrote in 2007.

He is the same uncle responsible for most of the rumors surrounding the World's Most Haunted Car.

And was pivotal in the destruction of said car, when he concluded that instead of being a car it was actually a demon.

Kendra Silvermander arrived to attack me in person at multiple restaurants and libraries, including to have done so days before the theft and destruction of the car. 

A bomb blew up my house October 18, 2006, a few weeks after the release of this story. At the time we did not know the connection. We would not know the bomb was connected to the release of this story until receiving Kendra's emails in 2010 and 2013.

Every November and April since 2006, my family has been subjected to horrific hate crimes and vandalisms. More than 200 of them. Because of the similarities to thing my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater said and did, we at first though Kendra was yet another of his "alternate selves" (he had many, including: King Richard, Merlin the Magician, a NASA astronaut, Buddy Holly, the grand high wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, the great dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, and dozens more of a similar nature). He was also a child molesting peadophile who cited Bible verses about the requirement to have "7 wives all under 12 years old". In the last 2 years before his death, he had 54 lawsuits against him by young women who all claimed he raped them when they were under 8 years old. 16 of these women were his own nieces, one was his own daughter, and the rest were from five separate churches that he attended.

A violent man who beat women into submission, he frequently used tables as weapons to beat his sisters and nieces unconscious. This went on for many years before anyone finally got hurt bad enough to FINALLY go to the police. He often wielded a sledge hammer and frequently smashed up cars belonging to his relatives. He once punished his 10 year old sister, by stabbing her cat to death with a pencil. In later years, a state mental health institute was called in, and they diagnosed him with Schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, and sociopathy.

He had a friend, Joel Bailey, of Saco, Maine, also diagnosed with sociopathy, whom he hired to hack the online accounts of any women whom Richard deemed "in need of being punished because she refused to marry me". In 2007 and 2010 Joel Bailey hacked most all of my online account. When he was arrested and sent to prison in 2011, Joel Bailey was found to have a list of 10 women, all authors, whom he had been paid to hack their accounts. Joel Bailey turned out to be a "professional black hat hacker for hire" and made a living out of hiring himself out to criminals. He went to prison for having been hired by Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Jim Thomas, to hack the town hall bank account and embezzle $3million dollars in tax funds. To date the FBI has only been able to recover $36,000 of the stolen money. Nearly $3million in tax funds remains missing from the town of Old Orchard Beach.

Because on my Uncle Richard's very violent criminal history, his wild animal abuses, his sadistic tortures, and his 60 to 100 page long daily letters and emails, it was assumed that Kendra Silvermander was simply yet another of his alter identities.

Until 2009, when I met her face to face at the Westbrook Panera, where she had her infamous "bird on your hat, bird on your hat, bird on your hat, bird on your hat, bird on your hat, bird on your hat..." meltdown. She showed up a week later to repeat her attack, this time screaming "Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! Lobster!" She returned the next week to have her "My chair, my chair, my chair, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyychaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair" meltdown.

Terrified to eat at that restaurant anymore, for fear of being beaten up yet again by this psycho deranged woman, I have not returned to the Westbrook Panera ever since.

Her obsession with me became terrifying, when she started sending her friend "Deanna" to show up at the Golden Rooster, a place where, at the time, I was eating breakfast every day. Denna would ramble on insane conspiracy theories about David Ike, Art Bell, Reptilian Illuminati, and wild alien abduction obsessions. It became impossible for me to avoid this Denna woman, who began to show up at the Saco Dyer Library, the Biddeford MacArthur Library, and would spend hours on end following me around raving and ranting about whatever the latest "Coast to Coast AM Radio" report was on alien abductions.

Each time she arrived (which was daily for months on end) she would introduce herself as: "Hi, I'm Denanna. Kendra Silvermander sent me to make sure you were not writing any novels outside of November. We are only allowed to write novels in November. It's National Novel Writing Month, you know. Kendra lives a 5 hour drive away and she's getting tired of driving all the way down here every day to check up on you. I live on Old Orchard Road in Saco next door to the Exit 5 Hotel, so I'm just walking distance from you. She says I get to be her minion this month. She made me an assistant ML. She paid me to follow you today, so here I am."

Because of this, I stopped eating at my favorite restaurant, The Golden Rooster of Saco Maine, in 2010 and have not again dared to go back there. I also stopped going to both the Saco and Biddeford libraries.

One day while eating at the Garden Cafe, in the same parking lot as Landre's Shop N Save on Portland Ave in Old Orchard Beach (I live on Portland Ave), Deanna showed up yet again. This time with 2 other women who did not identify themselves. The 3 of them spent about an hour talking about Dwayne Johnson/the Rock, and then Deanna said to me: "My aunt owns this restaurant. As she's on the same street as you, I told Kendra to have her keep tabs on you from now on. I just found out I'm pregnant and I won't be able to stay with you every day anymore."

For some unknown reason, Kendra is obsessed with the Bloodfall in Playland story on insane levels. She references it constantly through out all over her emails, her confrontations, her ravings and ramblings...I don't get it.

Interestingly, Kendra makes the claim to be "a member of the Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan"... this is a VERY important bit of information. Why? Because there is NO SUCH GROUP affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. The real group is called "The Loyal white Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" and they are a very peaceful group - NOT the extreme radicals that most people think they are. They keep to themselves and are a branch of the Baptist Church (yes, the REAL: kkk is a religious church group) they have their own "pope" figure, and they believe that only "the pure" (aka white skinned) can enter Heaven. They believe it is a sin to hurt anyone and are EXTREMELY non violent. Like the Amish, they separate themselves from others, living in communities free of non-whites. Here in Maine, most of them can be found in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Ocean Park, and Cape Porpoise. Each of these towns is 90% white, with Ocean Park being a full 100% white and having town ordinances in place making it illegal to sell property to non-whites. I have friends, who live in Kennebunk, who are members of the REAL Ku Klux Klan, including my boyfriend and his family, and that's why I know the difference between the ACTUAL group, and the renegade terrorists who dress up like them and do shit in their name.

The group that calls themselves "The Loyalist White Knights" was founded by my cousins Shem Atwater and Yvonne Johnson, and a local Tommy Bryant who lives on my street. It is NOT an official branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and is rather a renegade radical group, that sports swastika arm bands, greats each other with "heil Hitler", brandishes Confederate flags, also say they are by political party members of the Nazi Party. Near as I can tell the group consists of about 12 families and is fewer then 100 members. For some reason, they all drive 4-door-white trucks, though I do not know what the logic is behind this.

The group is very local and does not exist outside of Southern Maine. They mostly follow a list of rules that were written up by my Uncle David Atwater (Richard Merlin's older brother). In the 1970s, they called themselves "A Division of Heaven's Gate". They changed the name to "The Loyalist White Knights" in 1997 after the infamous Heaven's Gate Murder Suicide that killed 39 people. It is unknown if they were ACTUAL Heaven's Gate members or if they just called themselves that. Most members of this group are illegal aliens from Nova Scotia and do not have American citizenship. They claim to be a "sovereign nation" and say they are "bound to no laws, no government, but our own".

I born into and grew up with this group, and escaped it as a teenager because I wanted no part of what I saw as nothing but a group of insane mindless drones blindly following a raving lunatic. If you tell them they are mindless and following David blindly, they smile and proudly say: "I know, we are his sheep, he is our shepherd, he is steering us on the path to righteousness and glory." They then start rambling nonsense about "trumps of jubilee", "armageddon" "comet wormwood" "planet kolob" and quoting Book of Mormon and Bible verses. They also claim that God is an alien, alien abductions are demon attacks, and obsessively stockpile guns because they claim God will "sound the trump" and they will be his army during the "Third World War".

And so... 

When this Kendra Silvermander blurted out the term "Loyalist White Knights" one day... it was then that I realized, she was one of my Uncle David's followers, and that's apparently how she ended up getting my name and address.

Kendra always shows up days before or after David's clan. David, lives in Palmyra, Maine, about a 20 minute drive from Stephen King's house in Bangor, into some of Maine's deepest forests... where most of his group also lives with him, in the weird little piles of oil barrels that they call houses. They squatted on the plot of land since 2016... being one of the few group to successfully get free land given to them by the state of Maine, via its "Inverse Take Over Law" (commonly known as the "Squatter's Rights Law")

In 2016, the police located Kendra Silvermander, (and now know her real name) in Winthrop, Maine, disturbing, right outside of David's location.

Since July 2016, the FBI is currently investigating both Kendra Silvermander and the Atwater Clan, as well as their rivals the Cyr Clan (all of whom are members of the group that goes by the name "The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, A Division of Heaven's Gate", to determine, which of them is responsible for doing this to my family:

  • May 2006 they put my dad in a coma
  • bombed my house in October 2006
  • May 2010 cut my car in half
  • beheaded my cousin July 2013
  • drove a backhoe over my next house August 2013
  • September 2013 - put a bomb in my classroom at Southern Main Community College
  • beat my up leaving me paralyzed 5 month and crippled rest of my life in November 2013
  • filled my motorhome with 1,000s of gallons of feces April 2015
  • kidnapped my cats April 2015
  • returned my cats' heads May 2015; 10 cats currently unaccounted for
  • August 2015 a woman was beheaded in front of her 4 children, in Saco Shaw's supermarket, in the ice cream department, while trying to buy her children ice cream
  • November 2015 - put a bomb in my department at Scarborough WalMart
  • June 2016 - put another bomb in my department at Scarborough WalMart (it was WalMart who contacted the FBI and started the FBI investigation July 2016)
  • 2016 my tires were slashed on 7 different occasions between October and December
  • April 2017 put my dad in the hospital again, he almost died
  • May 2017 attacked and rallied at my mom's house - twice
  • August 13, 2017 - my birthday - murdered 73 pets
  • September 26, 2017 - 2 days ago smashed up my car...
  • in all more than 200 such attacks on my family 

All because of this 10 page short story.

Over the years Kendra, The Atwaters, and the Cyrs have cited many multiple, constantly changing reasons for their attacks on my family, including to falsely accuse me of being gay, transesual, non-white, a witch, and a demon. Through all of it, though, Kendra always cites THIS short story "Bloodfall in Playland" as being her own personal reasons for her involvement in these attacks.

You true crime authors just make money off of other people’s misery. 

Interestingly something I heard a few times during the "Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach" court case, because Town Manager Larry Mead was running around town saying I had sued the town hall for money... when the fact remained, I have never in my life sued anyone, and the court case was  town Manager Larry Meads sueing me because he wanted my books unpublished, because he had recently passed an ordinance banning gays from setting foot in Old Orchard Beach and didn't like the fact that I lived in Old Orchard Beach and had gay characters in my novels, with said gay characters living in Old Orchard Beach.

If you didn't know,, the Quaraun books were BANNED by...

Old Orchard Beach Town Hall of the Town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, a division of the United States of America Government 

(January 4, 2016 via court order)

(State of Maine, Biddeford District Court: Docket #BDDC-PA-2015-00574) 

(Reason #1: Too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach)

(Reason #2: Contains transgender characters  depicted as living in Old Orchard Beach, in violation of the ordinance which states Old Orchard Beach is a "Family Friendly Town" by virtue of it's ban on LGBTQ+ residents)

27 volumes of the Quaraun novels were forced to be unpublished/removed from Amazon by the government issued court order that cited these books as "Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach"

NOTE: As a result of this ban, and my discovery that OOB had an ordinance banning LGBTQ citizens from living in our town, an additional court case rose up, and on October 21, 2016, Alfred Superior Court overruled the ordinance banning LGBTQs in OOB, AND overturned the town hall's ban on the Quaraun series, citing that both the ordinace baning LGBTQ residents and the court order ordering the Quaraun books to be removed from to be "gross violations of civil rights".)

Before the court case...

In October 2014, Town Manager Larry Mead ordered 7 dump truck loads of garbage dumped on my front lawn. The pile of garbage was 175 feet long, 30 feet wide and 12 feet tall.

On April 10, 2015, on Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Larry Mead's orders, workers from the Old Orchard Beach Public Works, took sewage from one of Blow Brother sewage pumper trucks and filled my motorhome with 100's of gallons of raw feces, because it says "Transgender Awareness Tour Bus" on the side of my motorhome.

On May 14, 2015, Old Orchard Beach Town Manager Larry Mead ordered Old Orchard Beach Police Officer Will Watson to cut my cats heads off and nail them to my door.

Welcome to the gay hating town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

I have a great idea for a book.  Why don’t we do it together?  I’ll give you the ideas and you do the writing. Um, this is all about me doing all of the work and you getting half of the credit and royalties.  Seriously?  If you want to write a book, then write a book. This may shock you but most serious authors are not sitting around waiting for ideas.  I have far more ideas than I will ever have time in a lifetime to write.

Yeah.... what he said...

If you have an idea, then YOU write it, because I've got plenty of my own.

Can you read my manuscript? 

I get the manuscript thing all the time. The worst one was a few years ago, on Black Friday, me and my boyfriend were in line for 3 hours waiting for the 1AM store opening so he could buy a $2,000 camera for $800. They had 4 in the store, and thankful an hour before store opening, a worker with a clipboard went down the line asking people what they were buying so they could give them tickets guaranteeing they'd get what they wanted... we get in Best Buy, he gets his camera because he had his ticket... but the lense he wanted for it was sold out... so off we go to other stores...7am we show up at WalMart...yes, my fans/readers know where this is going... WalMart Dude! One of the wildest fans I've ever encountered! LOL!

We are in WalMart, in electronics, he's looking at camera equipment (he's a photographer) to see what they got for his new camera... and suddenly we hear it...

"EelKat! Hey EelKat! It's Me!"

Ben looks up to see a guy barreling through WalMart, a 300 page stack of papers waving over his head. Ben says to me... "We can't go anywhere any more without one of your people finding up." (Note: I'm OtherKin, and dress in full Elf CosPlay 24/7, so, I stand out in a crowd and am easy to recognize.)

This guys runs up to us out of breath... "OMG! I can't believe I'm finally meeting you! I talk to you on FB. I keep a manuscript in my car just in case I run into you. Look here it is!"

He waves the 300 page stack of paper in the air and shoves it in my face.

I've no clue who this guy is, I've thousands of followers on FB, they ALL talk to me. I don't know which one he is!

He starts telling me how he wants me to read a 300 poem, poetry manuscript... I'm a Fantasy Novel author... I write about Elf Wizards fighting Dragons. I don't write or read poetry!

He's going on about how these poems are his life's work but he doesn't know if they are any good, and wants me to read them and give him advice on how to get them published!


I don't know the first thing about writing, reading, or publishing poetry! I tell him this. I tell him, I have a busy life, a busy schedule, I don't have time to read manuscripts.

He says: "Okay, I'll read it to you."

And he does.

He starts reading it.

Ben gets done buying camera stuff, we do shop grocery shopping while we are there. Half hour later we are in the toilet paper alise, putting toilet paper in the shopping cart, and this guy is STILL reading his poetry to us! He's following us through the store reading it! 

We are in the freezer department getting frozen pizza, and he's still reading.

2 shopping carts filled with groceries later we are in the check out... he's there with us, still reading!

We get to the parking lot... he stops reading long enough to say: "You parked over there, I know because I parked next to you. I knew you wouldn't mind." (There are 2.5million marbles glued to my neon pink Volvo, so its easy to identify my car)

We are putting groceries in the car. He's still reading poetry.

We say good bye to him, get in the car and leave, talking about what a strange experience it was... we had no clue it wasn't over yet.

Having stayed up all night shopping, we stop at McDonald's for breakfast on the way home.

We are in line ordering food, and all of a sudden, there he is, pulls out the manuscript again, and continues reading where he left off.

We get our food, sit in a booth to eat, he gets in the booth with us, starts eating our food and continues reading while thanking us for buying him breakfast!!!!

We buy more food for ourselves all over again, and we eat, and as we get ready to leave,...


He suddenly throws himself on the floor like 2 year old toddler, a man in his 50s... and starts SCREAMING at the top of his lungs!

"You can't leave me! All my other girlfriends left me! I thought you were different from the rest! We are supposed to get married have lots of Rottweilers on our Rottweiler farm."

McDonald's manager comes over and says: "Is he bothering you? He does this all the time. We constantly have to get the police to keep him out."

We leave and think it's over...

Two days later my mom calls me and asks: "When did you break up with Ben and why didn't you tell me you were getting married?"

I asked her what she's talking about and she says: "Paul's at my house right now telling me the whole story. Who is he? Why didn't you ever tell me about him?"

The following week, my dad calls and says: "Who's Paul? He calls me every 15 minutes, all night long from 1AM to 5AM every night this week, asking for you and accusing me of hiding you from him."


This sort of thing went on for THREE YEARS before we finally got him to leave me and my family alone!

I've had a lot of people ask me to read their manuscripts, but this was by far the freakiest and scariest one!

Can I have the name of your agent?

I don't have an agent.

If I did, it would be like everything else in my career, and would have a page here on my website telling you how I found my agents and how you can look for yours, rather then just giving you some random agent's contact info that may or may not be the right agent for you.

But here...

Wondering how authors find publishers and agents?

Writer's Market -  it's a giant 1,000+ page book, costs around $40, is like a yellow pages style phone book directory of every publishing house, magazine, anthology, newspaper, and literary agent currently seeking submissions. There are around 20,000 publishers listed in it.

They come out with a new edition every year, so get the 2018 edition which comes out in a few weeks.

It's not easy to get listed in the Writer's Market. They do a major amount of rigorous filtering, to make sure no scams get in.

The Writer's Market has been the #1 way authors find publishers since the 1940s.

Here's their website:

They have an online directory that is the same as the print book, but it costs around $70 a year to access it.

When are you going to be in city X to do a book signing? 

I get this one a lot recently, due to the book signing tour being cancelled.

You can find out info on why the book signing tour was cancels here...

Why don’t you write more X type of books?  They are your only really good ones.  A compliment and insult at the same time. I write books based on what I feel like writing.

When people ask me this, they are usually referencing my old Sci-Fi Space Opera short stories, something that I wrote briefly in the very early 1980s and haven't written since.

I wrote them early in my career when I was first getting started and still trying to figure out what I wanted to write. I also wrote a few Romance and Westerns back then as well. I wrote a little bit of everything, because I wasn't sure what I wanted to write. 

Turns out I like writing Horror-Fantasy Time Travel stories about Elf Wizards, so, that's what I stuck with and still write and will probably continue to write for the rest of my life.

I want to be a full-time writer – so how hard is it?  I have no idea.  I am a part-time author. 

He may not be a full time writer, but I am, and I cam tell you it is VERY hard.

If you want my advice on how to do it, just browse around this website, it has 10,000+ pages telling you how I do it, so you can walk in my footsteps and do it too.

How do you become a New York Times bestseller? 

You know the funny thing about this question, is people ask me this, but I've never had a book sell more then 7,000 copies and it requires selling 10million copies in 3 moths of publication to get on the New York Times list!

Can I just buy a book from you?  Then can you autograph it and send it to me? (I don’t have time to go to the bookstore or use   This may shock you, but I don’t have boxes of my books here in my bunker/office.

Scroll back up to the top, to my answer which talked about Guy Gammon.

Can you give me a copy of your research files?  I had a guy once ask, then demand, that I provide him a case file I paid $300 + to obtain.  Then he got mad as hell that I wouldn’t make him a free copy of 500+ pages and take hours to blacken out my notes. 

Yep. I've gotten this one before. 

The court case files in question, were 700 pages long and cost me $6 per page to get them from the courthouse.

So... no. You want copies for free, no.

If you want to pay for the copies, I'm perfectly willing to meet you at the local copy shop, and you can pay the copy shop to make the copies. At .25c a copy from the copy shop, it'll still cost you around $200.

I'm not gonna make the copies and give to you for free, but it's certainly a discount to make copies of my copy rather then page the courthouse $6 a page, which is $4,200 by the way.

How much do you make on a book?  I’ll tell you if you tell me your salary annually.  First off, it is a rude question, and one I get quite often.  For some reason people feel it is okay to ask authors about this. 

I don't mind answering.

You can find my answer here.

Why don’t you put this book on TV or in a movie?

That may happen... sooner than you think.

Your characters/books suck.If you don’t like my work, don’t read it. Telling me you hate a character is pointless, because I won’t change it in a future edition. 

Did I ever tell you about Kendra Silvermander and the day she created 52 fake Amazon accounts, to go to my books on Amazon, and post 52 completely identical 1 star reviews of each of my books?

Each one (a total of more then 3,000 1 star reviews posted in the space of an hour) read:

"Retarded books, about retarded characters, written for retarded readers, by a retarded author."

There are 4 authors who, for several months now have been campaigning to as they put it: 

"let's dry up her (book) sales"

"we need to kill her career"

"Let's destroy her career"

In October they tried to stage a mini protest and boycott n a forum for writers. They then did the same thing on 2 other forums for writers (that I know of. I'm not sure if they did it on any other forums or not.)

One of them is fairly local (a 2 hour drive from me) and so staged an offline protest as well, along with vandalism of our family's farm (doing $15,000 in damages to the town, in addition to the damages to our property.)

In December, the same local one, then created 52 fake accounts on Amazon and gave Screaming Unicorn and Fire Mountain EACH 52 one star reviews, and then had a 300+ comment argument with herself in the comments of said reviews. I don't read my book reviews so I was unaware this was happening until, I found out about it via a friend who had read them and asked what in the heck was this author talking about. Before I got a chance to read all of the comments, Amazon deleted all 52 of that author's fake accounts.

This has been going on, since October, with every few weeks, one of these 4 authors (who may actually all be only one person, I don't any of these authors and none of them use a real author photo, all 4 of them are very much "fake" pennames, and two of them use identical phrases, so I actually suspect it's really only 1 author with 4 different pennames) does something like this.

This, having my non-Erotica books, moved to Erotica and adult filtered, is just the latest of this author's attacks on my books. (And, if you know who I'm talking about - you also know that she has been attacking my books, for 9 years now and her most violent attack included to post a request online for someone to kill me, she put my home address in the post and a few days later October 18, 2006, someone put a grease fryer bomb in my house, which left my family homeless and me and my dad both crippled for the rest of our lives.) 

I wish I knew who this woman was and what it was this woman had against me, because it's mind boggling to me, why it is she pulls these stunts. Do you know how maddening it is for someone to spend 9 years doing weird things like this, and you have no idea who they are or why they are doing it? None of this makes any sense to me. *sigh* Oh, well. I suppose eventually she'll have to make it known what exactly it is her motive behind all this is, but until then, there's not much I can do but continue to side step her and clean up the messes she keeps dumping in my lap.

Have you considered donating the profits from you book to cause X? No.  It is amazing that some people emerge to ask you to give your money to their cause in such a manner. 

My books bring in at most $2,000 a year. That's why I've been homeless since psycho bomber Kendra Silvermander blew up my house with a bomb October 18, 2006.

I don't make enough income to rebuild my house. I barely make enough income to buy food and I only eat 1 meal a day, most days, if I can afford to eat a meal that day at all.

Why did you only write two books last year? 

Because, a psychopath named Kendra Silvermander beat me up with a shopping cart and ruptured 3 discs in my spine.

I want you to do me as a character in your next novel. 

No... you really don't.

If a real world person makes it in one of my novels, it's because they pissed me off and I let one of my novels' serial killers kill them.

Can I call you to talk about a novel you wrote years ago? 

Nope. You can not.

While I have a phone, I'm not allowed to use it.

Please, do remember I live in a Master/slave BDSM relationship, and I have little freedom to do anything of my own free will. I've been with my partner 30 years, and his "slave" full time 24/7 for 27 years. 

You become a slave... you DO NOT get to fulfill your fantasies. You no longer have fantasies to fulfill. He OWNS you. You no longer have the right to say yes or no, to ANYTHING. I have a locking gas cap on my car. He has the key. He also tracks the milage. When we go shopping, I walk behind him and I make eye contact with no one. I eat when and if he says I can. I sleep when and if he says I can. They is no: "Master I would like to..." like you see in books or clubs. Because you can't even open your mouth to speak, until he says you can. Safewords? They don't exist in a REAL Master/slave relationship.

We are not playing games. This is our life. I obey him without question. I'm bought and paid for. $13,000. He's owned me since I was 12 years old. 

There's a BIG difference between scenes in BDSM clubs, and an actual Master owning an actual slave. And really don't think you sound ready for that.

Far too many people get into BDSM just to have a sex game or two played at a sex club on the weekends, and have no clue what an actually 24/7 BDSM lifestyle involves, or that sex has very little to do with BDSM at all.

The only reason BDSM sex clubs exist is because BDSM Erotica fills readers minds with such places.

That said... I have a phone, but I can not answer it unless it is my mom, my dad, one of my 3 brothers, FBI Agent Andy Drewer, or Ben himself, so, no, you can't call and talk to me, because Ben won't let you. He is VERY possessive of me, something I think a lot of people don't realize.

Someone murdered my mother/father/brother/sister.  You need to write a book on that. 


YOU need to write a book on it.

I get this question because of the attempted murder of my dad, the bomb that blew up our house, the psycho crazy terrorist attacks from the local town hall...

I don't know why, people think that me writing a daily online dairy of the personal events happening in my life translates to I need to write a book about similar events happening to them!

I have a book club.  Can you fly in and attend one of our meetings?  I appreciate the fact you think I am living a Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark lifestyle and have the money to fly to Pigsknuckle, Arkansas for a book club.  

I got to the end of the book and you didn’t tell me who did it.  What’s with that? When I write about cold cases…you’re right.  That’s because an arrest hasn’t been made. 

I don't get this same question exactly, because I'm not writing non-fiction based off of cold case files... however...

I write a long running serial and it is common for the novels to end with lose ends not tied up, because those lose ends lead to other stories that will be told in other novels.

Readers should figure this out on their own, I would think, but that doesn't stop them from asking why this or that wasn't cleared up at the end of the novel.

(At a book lecture)  Why didn’t you bring a box of books to sell? 

Because I don't unless the venue specifically requests I do so.

My father served in (insert war here).  You should interview him for a book.  


I get this question a lot because of For Fear of Little Men" which features an interview I did with a local WWII Holocaust survivor of a concentration camp, who was my next door neighbour and a friend since I was a child.

I do not make a habit of interviewing war heros/prisoners/victims. It was a one time thing, for a one time project.

As people who are followers of my work, SHOULD know, I rarely write non-fiction books, and when I do, they are always somehow connected to my personal life and Gypsy history.

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