Have you considered becoming a content writer?

Have you considered becoming a content writer?

Have you considered becoming a content writer?

Have you considered becoming a content writer?


It's similar to blogging, but instead you build a website and write articles for it.

Are you familiar with Dear Abby or Ann Landers? If not, Google them. They did, what you are considering. Both of them did it for about 60 years too. Both of them died a few years ago and I think it was their niece(?) who writes the new articles now. http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/

If I was you, based on what you are saying you want to write about, I would suggest you look into a web hosting company called SBI (Solo Build It), http://www.sitesell.com/ It's a $300 program, so not cheap, but it gives you this amazing daily web building course, and takes you step by step through how to build a content site. (I've taken the course, if you look at my username here, you'll see a link to my website... I built that website from the ground up, using SBI's course. There are a lot of scammy content marketing courses out there, SBI is one of the few that is legit.)

I think, you should instead of writing a book, build a website using SBI's program, then using Dear Abby and Ann Landers as an example, start writing "advice articles" on all the topics you mentioned in your OP here.

This will allow you to be publishing weekly or even daily (l publish 3 to 5 a day myself, my site has over 10,200 articles on it now) all the advice topics you mentioned.

Then, after you've spent a year doing that, building up your back log of advice articles, developing your writing style, and gaining a following, then, you can write MULTIPLE books. One book on relationships, another book on spirituality, a different book on aspirations, a book on sexuality, a book on politics, a book on education, a book on friendships, a book on fashion, a book on beauty...

See, now that you've spent a year building a following writing articles for your website, now you can start writing books to go with the articles. You then link to the books from your website, and people who read your articles will buy your books.

You can also monetize the website with Adsense, affiliates, etc.

You can supplement your articles, by, vlogging... (I have over 2,000 videos on my YouTube account and they are ALL embedded into articles on my site) For each article you publish, make a YouTube video where you talk about it even more. Embed the video in your article. Link to the article in your video description. People who read the article will watch the video, and people who watch the video on YouTube will see the link and go to your site to read the article. Double whammy on the AdSense income if they both read your article and watch your video.

Content Writing is my full-time income. I've been doing this since 1996. I've lived off this income full time since 2007.

I write fiction/novels because I love writing about Elf wizards, but I can't live off that income.

I write non-fiction articles, content for my website, to pay the bills. There's big money to be made in content writing for your own website. A lot of writers don't realize how big of an income this form of writing really is.

You see a lot of people on this sub, bad mouth authors for writing how-to articles on their author home pages... but the writers doing the bad mouthing, are also flipping burgers while dreaming of a writing career, and we authors with websites, writing IS our career and we are laughing our way to the bank.

I don't often recommend content writing to people, because not a lot of people are cut out for it. It's a grueling job. You need to be publishing at least one, and preferably three, 2,000 word articles a day if you want to succeed with it as a full time income.

You also gotta be writing non-fiction, and have enough topics you are interested to write about to be able to keep up the 3 article a day publishing for pretty much the rest of your life.

From your OP here, you sound like you have enough topics and drive to pull off a content writing career.

If it's something you are interested in, Google the terms:

  • "Content Marketing"
  • "Content Writing"
  • "Making Money Online with Content"

Google should give you enough info from there to get started.

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