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I've got 2 different questions here, and I'm going to answer them both at once...

bloggers trying to sell ebooks about making money blogging when they haven't done it themselves? 

bloggers trying to sell ebooks about making money blogging when they haven't done it themselves? from Blogging

It's not just blogging advice. I'm an author and newbie writers are constantly emailing me or contacting me on social networks to ask for various writing and publishing advice, along the lines of, "You did this, can you tell me how you did it so I can do it too?" At the same time there are just as many newbie writers who send me questions of this type:

"So, I was reading this book on how to become a Kindle millionaire writing Erotica and I did the steps but I can't seem to get more then 5 sales a month. I tried contacting the author to ask if they could show me their pen name, you know, the one they sell Erotica with, but then they said they've never written Erotica and its just all theory and speculations that they came up with. I see you write Erotica and you're listed as one of the top sellers, could you tell me what to do to get steady sale?"

I get at least 3 or 4 emails of that type every week. Every time I read them I roll my eyes and try not to laugh and say: Here we go again, someone else was scammed by those stupid scam artists that write books on how to make money before they ever made money themselves.

I have a book, that Amazon has got listed as a "#1 Best Seller" on one of their category Top 100 lists.

Seen on the cover of my book on how to write Monster Porn:

BoomFuzzy, the child abusing, drug dealing, rapist, serial killing, human eating, primary character of the novel titled BoomFuzzy.

The novel in question is shown in the next picture below...

Upon it's release, it did what all the other books in the series do: Sells 100+ copies the first hour. Sells 1,000+ copies the first week. Sells 3 or 4 copies a week for the first month. Then drops like a rock and is lucky if it even sells 1 sale a month after that.

The Quaraun series is very niche. It has extremely devoted fans who gobble it up soon as it's released, and then any sales after that are curiosity seekers wondering what it is.

It's not a popular series and I've never said it was. In fact, sales of the Quaraun series are downright shitty. It's not a series I write for money, it's a series I write because it's fun to write.

So when one volume of the Quaraun series got listed by Amazon as a #1 best seller, it through me for a loop.


How is BoomFuzzy the #1 Bestseller for Transgender Erotic Romance, of ALL Transgender Erotic Romance novels on Amazon?


Just... freaking how?

I don't know.

I do not have the answer.

I can't figure it out!

There has to be other books classified as Transgender Eroic Romance that have sold more copies then BoomFuzzy has... isn't there?

Are the sales of Transgender Erotic Romance, THAT poor?


the so-called

#1 Best Seller in Amazon's Transgender Erotic Romance category

This story, set in 938 A.D., was originally published on in the 1990s and was banned from November 2011 because it  features:

  • the violent title character drug dealer (seen in previous photo) sexually abusing a teenaged boy
  • a graphically detailed rape scene
  • the brutal public vivisection torture & castration of a gay man
  • a sadistic Faerie beheading and eating Humans
  • a graphically detailed suicide that took 3 days to bring about death
  • the bloody murder and ritual sacrifice of 4 small children and their mother, by a necromancer, who also happens to be their father

Still think it sounds like either Erotica or Romance?

And then people ask about the cute cuddly, pink pop art covers, why are they on something so very dark, bloody, and disturbing? Because the genre is Psychedelic Bizarro and Dark Fantasy. The High Elves are very high and live in a very colourful world.  

But then, ever since Amazon did that, listed my book as the #1 bestseller in the Transgender Erotica Romance category, now I'm getting tons of emails from people who write transgender Erotica and wanting to know how I succeeded in "selling millions of copies"...

Wait... back up there...


You think I sold millions of copies of BoomFuzzy?

I don't know the exact number it sold, but I know it has yet to reach 2,000 copies sold! 

And it sold most of them YEARS ago, back when it was first released.

And it's NOT Erotica!

It's not even Romance!

You can barely even call it Transgender Literature!

Why did Amazon even put it in that category at all? I certainly didn't put it there. I listed it as Dark Fantasy and Psychological Horror.

I end up replying back to tell them, they are doing good if they have successfully gotten 5 sales a month, because that means they are doing better then the industry standard of 1 book a week. I next point out that, the book they were referencing... you know, mine... that "Erotica" novel that is sitting in the #1 slot on Amazons list that reads "Top 100 Bestselling Transgender Erotic Romance"

Wait... I'm a bestseller? Since frigging when?

I never said that I was a bestseller... I didn't even know Amazon gave me that title until someone asked what I did to become a #1 bestseller on Amazon!

about that... Amazon themselves are scamming you...

... for one thing, it's neither Erotica nor Romance and I've sent Amazon several requests to please put it back in the category it belongs in (Dark Fantasy). The book is about an Elf wizard and his unicorn. The theme is suicide and drugs, because the Elf is suicidal and on drugs after the suicide of his drug dealing lover.

For another thing, the main character is a transvestite... a man who believes cloths have no gender and wears dresses, but is in no way trying to be a woman and uses male pronouns, and if you ask the transgender community, they are quick to tell you that transvestites are not a type of transgender. Meaning the book should not be placed in any transgender category either.

The Book {Mine} Mentioned In This Video:

The Other Book {Not Mine} Mentioned In This Video:

The next thing is, do you know how many sales it took to reach #1 on that top 100 bestselling books list?

  • 14.
  • Fourteen sales since 2015.
  • That's 14 sales in 2 years.
  • The Erorica ebooks sell so few copies, that one NOT Erotica ebook selling 14 copies in 2 years, lands it in the #1 bestseller of a top 100 bestseller list for Erotica.


14 sales in 2 years is all it takes to be awarded a #1 bestseller on Amazon? What the frick?

That book only sold 14 copies. The book in #2 spot? I asked the author... he said he sold 12 copies of his book. The book in #3 slot had sold ten. Most of the rest of the 90+ books on the list have yet to make a sale at all and are listed in order of publication date.

Puts a lot of perspective on what it means to be a "bestseller" on Amazon.

And then you see all these ebooks slapping the title "#1 bestseller on Amazon!" on the cover of their books and people see that and think the book sold millions... just like they thought with me. Only difference is I'm not scummy enough to to try to use that title to scam people into buying my books. I'm fully transparent with my sales numbers.

These poor newbie writers who got duped by the scam ebooks telling them how to make millions.

Meet The Kindle Millionaires
(All 3 of Them)

Amanda Hocking

John Locke

Hugh Howey

There are several dozen of those books out there: How to Become The Next Kindle Millionaire Writing insert genre here

Do you know that because Amazon is a public company the IRS requires them to release their tax records each year, and that list is a list of all the Kindle author's names along side how much Amazon paid them each year?

Did you know that according to that list 83% of the 8 million+ Kindle authors are paid less then $5,000 per year, with the bulk of them not even making $100 a year. That's right - the bulk of Kindle author make less then ten dollars per month. So where are all those Kindle millionaires those scam books brag you can become one of?

You want to know how many Kindle millionaires there are?


Yes, just 3.

1, 2, 3.

That's it.

Not a single Erotica author among them. Not even any romance.

The Book That Started It All:

When the 2012 article said "Monster Porn Author Earns $300,000 In One Month"... the article featured this book cover and book title in the description, in an attempt to sensationalize the article and draw in readers.... It was pure click bait.

The book in question, the one that ACTUAL earned her the money, was one she wrote under a different pen name and was NOT Erotica.

The average Erotica author struggles to make $5,000 a year. Contrary to urban myth it is NOT a lucrative industry.

And yet, do an Amazon search for books with titles like: "How to become the next Kindle millionaire writing Erotica!"

Erotica isn't even a lucrative industry for sites like LitErotica, because Google blacklists them and does not allow AdSense ads on them. People can watch free porn all over the place, so they have no interest in reading porn they have to pay money for.

Sadly most of the myth revolves around one 2012 News Report that had read: "Monster Porn Author Earns $300,000 in One Month!" But then people who actually read the article, found out that Virginia Wade, had stopped writing Erotica because it wasn't bringing in a steady or reliable income, and had moved to writing historical romances about pirates instead.

Books Written By Scam Artists Claiming To Have Made Millions From Kindle Writing Erotica

This is what a FAKE advice guide on writing Erotica looks like when written by SCAM ARTISTS pretending to be Erotica authors.

Notice how when you check the author's profile, this book is their ONLY book and they in fact DO NOT write Erotica?

Or worse... if the do have additional books they are ALL self-help books of lots of topics: How to Lose Weight In 7 Days, How To Get Rich Flipping Houses, How To Burn Fat Fast...

Her book came out same time as Pirates of Caribean and sales took off because everyone wanted pirates at that moment, and she made $300,000 in one month off the sale of a romance novel about a pirate.... notice that the title never said she made money off her Erotica, it simplt states that an Erotica author had made a certain amount.

That's what started the scam artists off though... why within a few weeks, Amazon was suddenly flooded with several hundred books on how to become a millionair writing Erotica.... all of them written by people who read the title of that article, but did not read the article itself to find out HOW she had actually made the money.

And now, 5 years later, we are seeing hundreds of newbie writers, attempting to write Erotica, thinking in 2 months they'll be millionaires and wondering why they can't even get 10 sales a month.

The worst part of those books is most of them were PLR drafts sold off the Warrior's Forum. Meaning the only difference from one book to the next, was the author name and cover art.

Thankfully Amazon now has a feature that scans inside text of book files and can spot and delete most of the PLRs scam books. In 2015 they did just that, deleting several thousand books on how to write Erotica, upon discovery that they inside text was completely identical across every single one of them!

Duh! Because they didn't do their research by reading what ACTUAL Erotica authors write on their ACTUAL author blogs.

Nope, they just bought those damned scam books, and never once even noticed that each of those scam books is the ONLY book by said author, or that said author could not provide proof they were making millions selling Erotica. Notice how the get rich quick books are always written under a fake name and have no author photo? Never trust a person who hides their identity.

Books Written By Actual Erotica Authors:

This is what a REAL advice guide on writing Erotica looks like when written by REAL Erotica authors

Notice how when you check the author's profile, you can see all their Erotica books as well?

There ARE Erotica authors with how-to-write-erotica books, but they sell them on the same accounts they sell their Erotica books, and they NEVER hype up the get-rich angel, instead offer actual writing tips. You can tell the real writers doing what they preach, from the fako scam artists, just by looking at the rest of the books they wrote, and by looking at their website and blog.

You can see where the elephant walks by following his footprints, the proof is in the pudding.

People who are really making money with whatever method they are preaching, will ALWAYS be fully transparent with when, how, where, and how much they earned. They will provide their links to the sites/pages/books making money so you can see what actually works.

And here's a tip straight from the Better Business Bureau's advice guide to spotting scams:

Never trust ANYONE (author, blogger, business, website, etc) that does NOT list their home address in their contact info. By FEDERAL LAW, ALL legally operating businesses are REQUIRED to show the following things on their website/blog:

  • a photo of the webmaster
  • the webmasters home address in the contact info
  • the webmasters phone number and email address in the contact info

If you encounter a blogger, author, or web master who hides their face from the world and does not give their home address in the footer of their website/blog, then trust NOTHING they post/write, because you know immediately they are not operating legally under federal guidelines, which means they have something to hide. And any one who has something to hide, should never be trusted.

Site concept key word in domain name??? What if . . .?

Richard from wrote:In the video it tells us to put our site concept keyword in our domain name with the marketing (spin) angle.

However, what if I want to brand my self, I was told I should use my real name as my domain name or something similar. How can I brand myself using a general name (even though I get the point)

Thanks in advance


Richard from wrote:My niche is MLM (Network Marketing). People suggested that I use my name, "". I don't REALLY want to use my full name for a domain name.

But I was thinking , "" and just tell people my name in the SERP description.

For example, the SERP would look like the following:

"MLM Guide by Richard Alveranga
(Description details)"

Yep, branding yourself is the way to go if you yourself are going to be front and center of your site topic. Authors, motivational speakers, counsellors, advisors, gurus, etc. all should be using their real name (or penname if applicable) as their domain. In your topic, you are probably familiar with the kings of SEO and blogging like Tim Ferris, Josh Shipp, Seth Godin, and Cameron Johnson? I'd recommend looking at their websites for examples. They use their real names, their faces, and their home addresses on their blogs, plus for every stat they give, they offer fully transparent links to what they did and how you can repeat their success. They even release their IRS tax info so you can see they are not lying about how much money they make. Fully transparent. Nothing to hide.

For example Tim has 2 sites, one using his own name:

And the other using the title of his most popular book:

Josh Shipp, like wise uses his name:

Squidoo founder/inventor Seth Godin:

Chris Baty uses his name: on one site and the name of his organization on his other site:

And Cameron Johnson uses his name:

Darren Rowse is one of the rare few who DOES NOT use his name in his url: and notice how, while the whole internet knows "The ProBlogger" no one has ever heard of "Darren Rowse"? You'll become known by your url, people on the streets will wave to you and say: "Hey ProBlogger! I follow you on Twitter!" They won't yell out: "Hey! Darren Rowse, I follow you on Twitter!"

That's an aspect to consider.

Take me for example... my site is, my name is Wendy C Allen. I daily meet 30 or 40 random strangers who rush through walMart screaming at the top of their lungs: "OMG! It's EelKat! OMG! Can I get a picture? OMG! Wait I tell my friends I meet EelKat!"

People couldn't do that if they didn't see my face all over my sites and blogs now could they?

My boyfriend is looking around trying to find a place to hide, and asking: "Why did you have to get famous, we can't do anything any more?" No we can't. I get mobbed at McDonalds, at gas stations, at grocery stores, while walking my dog...

That's another thing to watch out for.... most will not make it big, but if you do...when you are branding yourself, make sure you have the personality to deal with being glomped by fans in WalMart, while you're trying to buy toilet paper for your 80 year old dad. And not once or twice, but EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's a side effect of branding yourself, that few people consider, most don't expect, and a lot can not emotionally handle.

Remember... if you are giving people advice... people are gonna want to find you so they can hug you, shake your hand, and say thank you in person. The industry of helping others is after all about helping others first. People looking to make money writing advice, seem to forget the fact that their #1 priority is helping others NOT making money.

Of course, fans gather in my driveway every summer as well, because you know, my address is on my blogs and sites, because, I'm fully transparent and have nothing to hide.

My being fully transparent, hiding nothing, is also why I reached the top like I did. People don't like following a faceless white screen... they want to know the person behind the blog. Best way to boost your traffic has nothing to do with SEO or keywords and everything to do with being a real live person, with an emotional human connection to your readers.

  • Readers follow people not blogs.
  • Faceless blogs are a dime a dozen.
  • Bloggers who put their face front and center, always get the followers.
  • Become the face people trust and you can succeed with even the shittiest keywords and no SEO whatsoever.
  • The secret to success is to be seen by your audience as their best friend, a person they feel they can hang out with after work.
  • Your personality, not your SEO determines your success in blogging and pretty much every other industry as well.

You can read all the how to make money blogging books you want. Study SEO and keywords to kingdom come. But if you hide your identity from your audience, no amount of reading up on SEO is gonna help you.

When you build a site with you as the brand, be prepared to have your face front and center on your site as well. A faceless name means nothing. People who go to a name branded website want to see the face behind the name. And you are the brand any time you become the person who gives advice to others. Never take advice from the man hiding behind the curtain - he's hiding for a reason.

In these types of niches (where you are the brand, as opposed to the site being about an idea or subject like cooking, health, or birdwatching), it's important to put yourself front and centre, people look to the site to find out what YOU the person have to say, as opposed to finding out information of such and such a topic.

Personal branding sites are a whole different beast then niche topic content sites. They have a distinctive look, feel, and layout that is "larger then life", big, bold, brash, and in your face, to really pack a POW soon as viewers open the site.

You'll want to research how they are set up, by looking at the big names in this niche (such as the ones I linked above, who are definatly sites you'll be competing against for traffic) to see what they do, and figure out how to fit in along side them and rise in ranks with them.

Make a list of all the people you can think of who deal with MLM (Network Marketing) and carefully study every aspects of their websites. Know who they are and what they do. You'll notice trends, and themes and styles and looks that they all use. Use them on your site too. You want to stand out, but at the same time, you want to blend in. Each topic has a look that readers expect. In your genre, where gurus brand themselves, that's probably the single most important part of building your website.

While other content sites have to focus on writing lots of articles about their topic... guru based sites, have to focus on the guru themselves way more then the articles on the site. You'll pick up on that fast once you start browsing a few of the biggest names in MLM.

I think the ones I listed are the biggest names too... ProBlogger is to #1 top most visited personal website on the internet - his site gets more than 20million pages views a day. He is also AdSense's #1 highest paid member - he makes $20k a month in AdSense alone - AdSense did an interview with him a while back and released all his AdSense pay stats, kind of as Google's way to say "Look how much money he makes, this could be you, put AdSense on your site too!" He is Alexa's #1 site, of ALL websites across ALL topics, he beats out Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay, and he's also your niche of MLM network marketing, so, that's the site to beat.

Basically Darren Rowse is quite literally the King of the Internet.

Look at the ACTUALLY successful bloggers. If you pay attention to their sites, you notice how each has lots of close ups of their face, them in "authoritative" poses, etc. They are not only not hiding from the world... they are putting their real name and real face and real address right front and center.

If you find a site builder, blogger, ebook writer who is hiding their face, hiding their home address, and not providing proof of their claims... RUN. Do not trust anyone who gives advice and hides who they are while they do it.

What do you want to become? 
What did you do today to step closer to that goal?
Whatever you do, be your best at it!
And remember to have yourself a great and wonderfully glorious day!


Sad Update--- The Author of Larkspur has canceled her next book...

V. M. Jaskiernia

August 28 · 

I am so very very sorry but I've had to cancel the pre-order for Delphinium. It is still being written and I can't release it just yet. Life has gotten in the way, I've tried to do it with the added issues, but I can't. It will be out sooner rather than later, but not soon enough. I'm sorry.

Victoria M. Jaskiernia

September 20 at 9:24pm · 

Been in a funk since I cancelled my pre-order. Haven't sent out a newsletter since the apology, I'm barely writing... Don't even wants to play video games or read. Mostly chiming in now to confirm that I'm still alive.



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TRayne Reilly You did the right thing, for sure. Find something that you enjoy doing and let it remind you that all is not lost. When you are ready to get back to writing, you will. Be gentle with yourself. Hugs Like · Reply · 1 · September 21 at 12:06pm · 

Jayelle Morgan Please remember that this is still the *beginning* of your writing career, not the end of it. Much love, hope you can get back to it soon.Like · Reply · 1 · September 21 at 12:58pmManage

Heather Marie Adkins I recently had to do the same thing. Chin up, sweets. We have to take care of ourselves first <3Like · Reply · 2 · September 21 at 1:10pmManage

Seregon O'Dassey I've been in a funk lately, too. It's ok. But if it's any consolation I will def buy your 2nd book, since I really liked the first one :)Like · Reply · 1 · October 5 at 9:54pmManage

Wendy C. Allen {{{hugs}}} I know the life in the way situation... and the terrible depression that comes with it. Since I got beaten up by some weird so-called author, November 14, 2013, still no clue who she is, but she left me paralyzed for 5 months, during which time she hacked my KBoards account, my NaNoWriMo account, my website, my FaceBook, my Twitter, and other places, pretending to be me and written horrible stuff via my accounts. Then she created 52 fake Amazon accounts and left 52 fake and completely identical 1 star reviews on every one of my books. I was paralyzed 5 months, relearning to walk 18 months... and I was offline for a full 3 years, and had no clue this woman had taken over all my online accounts or had done any of these things, until 2015. :( .

I'm crippled for the rest of my life, on a cane with one leg useless, and only have the use of 1 hand now, and permanent damage to my spine. I used to publish a novel a month... now because of some still unidentified Kboards member, I've got $3million in medical bills, a bomb also blew up my house so living in my car, can barely move, and am lucky if I can get 1 book typed up a year. So frustrating. But yeah, that's why you've not heard from me in so long (I'm EelKat, not sure sure if you ever knew me by my real name, I'm the Necromancer fangirl who helped you promote Larkspur waaaaay back on KBoards before all this happened, because it was a Necromancer book. Not sure if you even remember me it's been so many years.) 

It's been 4 years and I'm still in physical therapy, and it's a good day if I can stand up, let alone walk. Had to cancel the 2015-2018 book signing tour, and had to cancel all the monthly book releases from November 2013 to who knows when... still all canceled and we are closing in on 2018 now.

The Kboards hacker crushed my spine, my hip, my pelvis, and my knee. Tore up all the nerves and muscles. Got a $40million lawsuit waiting for when the FBI finally identifies who the Kboards hacker is.  FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation  agent's contact info is on my website if you have any info about who it was who hacked my Kboards account 2013 to 2015, I'm sure you at least remember that.

But yes... I loved Larkspur, that's why I promote it some much... still do... I'm still linking to it on my website and blog posts all these years later. Can't wait to read Delphinium... but... I completely understand the issue of life getting in the way and the need to cancle. I probably understand it more then most.

Take care of yourself and your family. Books can wait. Sometimes we authors just don't have a choice in that. Don't worry about the book. It can wait. Your true friends and fans understand this and are happy to wait. Take care of yourself first and foremost.

{{{hugs}}} Good to see you again, old friend. Hopefully my health will improve and I can be back online again regular, someday, like I was before the KBoards hacker tried to kill me. It would be good to chat with you again like old times. Heck, it'd be good to chat with ANYONE again... these past 4 years since the Kboards hacker tried to kill me... have been very lonely, because I have no offline friends and am too crippled now to be online often.
Like · Reply ·