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Why should you consider your in laws like your family?

Why should you consider your in laws like your family? from Marriage

Why should you consider your in laws like your family?

>Why should you have to consider your in laws like your own family? Your real family is your family who gave your birth. One of my friends wife's father past away and his brother told me that he was crying like a baby. His brother told me that he doesn't understand why he cried since he is not his family. I agreed with him. If I was married and one of my spouses family or even friends died I would probably feel about seeing my spouse cry but other then that it would not affect me like it would affect her. And she wouldn't have to be affected if one of my own family members or friends die.

I think my question would be, how could a compassionate Human being NOT cry at the death of ANY Human? Even a stranger. It does not matter if they are relative or not, you can still be sad over the loss of life. It's NORMAL to cry when someone, anyone, even a stranger dies. In fact, when a person feels no compassion and is NOT moved by the death of a fellow Human, that's actually the primary symptom of sociopathy. Sociopathy is defined by the inability to feel compassion for fellow Humans. You might want to look into abnormal psychology and read up on what is considered normal Human behaviour. Feeling sad when someone dies, is NORMAL. Feel happy when someone else is happy, is NORMAL. Crying over death, is NORMAL. They do not have to be family, in-laws, friends, or anyone else you know. Feeling sad over ANY Human death, is natural and normal. NOT feeling any emotion over death is not normal.

I am thus confused over this question. What does it matter if the person who died is an in-law? They are still Human. Death is still death no matter if they are related or not. I'm baffled how it is a Human can NOT feel sad when they are told another Human has died.

As for this part of your question:

>So tell me why your in laws should be like your family?

I can only assume you are an American?

I come from a culture where, no one abandons family. There are thus 400+ people in my family. My mother is #8 of 12 children. Her father had 2 wives. Her brother with the most wives has 5 wives. Her sister with the most husbands has 8 husbands. My mom has 2 husbands. All of the wives have a minimum of 4 children. Most have 8 children. The wife with the most children has 15. When someone from one clan marries someone from another clan, both clans unite. We not only count our in-laws as family, but also count to cousins 5-times removed.

Unlike the Americans we don't throw away our children when they reach 18. Children live with their parents their entire lives. No one moves out. And in-laws move in. The family continually grows and expands.

I do not understand the American culture and it's extreme animosity towards the unity of the family unit.

Family first. Family over everything.

It's the American attitude that they must be solitary and shun the family unit, that is exactly why we Gypsies do not live with the Americans. Why we separate ourselves from their society. Why we do not send out children to their schools. Why we live as far away from their anti-family influence as possible.

For us, we see the American culture as uncivilized, cruel, cold hearts, and self centered. It is no wonder the divorce rate is so high in America. Too many people too busy looking out for themselves and not looking out for their families.

I pity your in-laws that they were misfortunate enough to have someone so cold hearted marry into their family.

>Maybe your friend cared about his wife’s father? And was sad he passed? whether he was blood related or not? 

A voice of reason within the swamp of American hate mongering bull crap. You must not be American like the rest of the pieces of shit posting on this thread. 

>Why is that weird that he would cry when someone died the he cared about just because it wasn’t family?

It is weirds to because the OP is American, and Americans have no capability of feeling companion or empathy or anything else. All an American knows is how to use and abuse. They lust after flesh, care nothing for the person behind the lump of flesh they lust after. Because they only lust for the flesh, they care nothing for the person, they do not love the person, and because they do not love their spouse, they care nothing for anything important to their spouse. Thus we have the typical American male, here posting on Reddit, having himself a selfish, self centered, bitch fest of how he can stand the thought of someone crying because he's too much of a sociopath to consider the possibility of caring for a fellow Human being.

That is why it is weird.

The American culture is a culture of self. They are taught from the time they are born to put themselves first and make no emotional connections to others.

American males act like emotionless robots.

Males of other cultures are not deHumanized like this.

American males selfishly put themselves first.

Males of other cultures love their families.

American males marry for sex. Their spouse is disposable and replaceable. Thus why the American divorce rate is so very high.

Males of other cultures care about their spouses.

American males hate children, because children take attention away from their selves.

Males of other cultures care about their children.

American males pamper themselves with big houses, fancy cars, and expensive toys, often at the expense of food and the barest necessities of their family.

Males of other culture see themselves as providors and protectors.

>My spouse is my family and he cares about his family. So in turn, I care about his family, too. 

Yes. This is what normal people with Human emotions, normally do. You seem to fail to grasp the fact that Europeans like yourself lack the cruel, cold hearted, callousness of Americans. You should try living in America. You think their hatred for family is this bad on a forum... you should see how much worse they are in person. They are vicious, violent, wife beating, child abusers, proud to call themselves "REAL" men as they march around with a gun in one hand and a beer can in the other. 

I've meet thousands of these uncivilized brutes. They are mindless beasts who care nothing for no one. I pity the children that will be born to this filth of a wretch. Pray he never has children. If he can't feel compassion for his wife's father, he'll feel none for his children either.

And people wonder why we Gypsies do not live among the Americas. Who would want to? A steel pole has more warmth then these cold hearted creatures that can barely pass for Human. They are so far separated from being Human, that they are unable to even feel an emotional connection to their fellow mankind.

>I've known them a long time and they're directly related to my husband and my kids. My in-laws are my law. I legally joined their family and even took their name.

You are talking to an American... it's like talking to a brick wall. You can try talking sense to him all day. Americans do not listen to a voice of reason like yours, they are too busy glorifying themselves while crushing everyone around them.

>Besides that, you don't have to be family to mourn the loss of someone. I've cried for people I don't even know, because someone I did know was attached to them.

You did this because you are Human. It is normal for Humans to do this. And it doesn't matter how much you try to explain this to him. A sociopath can feel nothing for no one. Life means nothing to a sociopath.

>Your “real family” is whoever loves you, shows up when you need them and who you care about. For me that’s my parents, brother, both my sisters in law, both my brothers in law, my MIL, FIL, cousin in law and his family, and my three best girlfriends.

>It does not include my aunt who sued my family or my uncle who was mostly drunk for the last three decades.

>And familial gate keeping for other people is a shitty thing to do.

>Pretty shallow way to go through life. You don't divide your love, you multiply it.

>I don't know why. It always sounded ridiculous to me. I don't consider my in laws as my family. I could care less about them. My in laws are my laws.

>I don't know why to be honest. I don't consider my wife's family as my own. We are civil to each other but other then that I could care less about them.

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