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If you ACTUALLY want a threesome... give her the option of it being 2 men OR 2 women.

Most wives baulk at the thought of her husband asking another woman into their bed, but jump on the idea of another man in bed with her with her husband.

This option will also reveal YOUR intentions for what they REALLY are.

Remember... if YOU feel threatened by another man joining the 2 of you in bed, don't expect her to not be threatened by another woman in bed.

In the end, you may want to instead try swinging/spouse swapping. Find another couple who also wants to do so. Then you watch him fuck your wife, then let her watch you fuck his wife.

I come from a polygamous culture. I know multiple partners can and does work, however MOST people who look to get into multiple partners are doing so out of their own lusts and are NOT considering their spouses feelings at all. Which is why, in order to test your TRUE feelings, you NEED to do the threesome with the OPPOSITE gender from the one you requested. Yo and another man with your wife... if you are not willing to do a threesome with another man, then you prove that you only want to be with that other woman and are NOT considering your wife's feelings.

I was born and raised in a culture where polyamorous relationships are the norm. My mother is #8 of 12 children. Her father had 2 wives. Her brother with the most wives has 5 wives. Her sister with the most husbands has 8 husbands. My mom has 2 husbands. I know from first hand experience that threesomes (and more) are about far more then sex. A lot of mental and emotional maturity is required. Understanding and level headedness. Love must come before lust.

Most multi partner relationships do not last, because they are built only on lust and sex. Like any relationship, a multi partner relationship requires a firm foundation to make it last. If you do not put your partners' needs before your own no threesome is going to turn out well. Put her needs before your own and she'll worship the ground you walk on, then your need will be met as well.

>We've been married over 15 years.

>She's never been with a woman.

>We used to talk about it when we first met but that was more tantalizing talk... not serious.

>Thinking of this now to add spice to our life.

Do you mean POLYGAMY or polyamory? Polygamy literally means: "a man with 2 or more wives". You can't be gay and a polygamist, unless you are bi-sexual and have 2 or more wives in addition to your male partner.

>Right, so i have been thinking about the polygamy thing, as i said in the title i'm monogamous, but i imagine that i had multiple partners, or spouses, call it what you want. But i can't figure out how i would manage, i feel like i would not be able to give each person the amount of attention she/he deserves. 

>So i wonder how do y'all manage? and what about jealousy?

>Tell me as much as you want/can about the polygamy-lifestyle.

>I am a bisexual person and would consider myself a proud member of the LGBT community but I am absolutely not ok with the normalization of poly relationships. Tbh I think they are just an excuse for people who don't want to commit, and raising a family as a poly couple would be very odd. Not sure what made you make the assumption for part one

A bi-sexual person who does not believe in poly relationships....





So, you are someone who believes in loving 2 people, but are not okay with your loving 2 people being nrmalized.

I'm sorry... what?

You are aware that you can't be bisexual unless you love both men and women, which means you MUST love 1 or each in order to be bisexual, meaning 2, meaning poly.

It's not possible to be bisexual and NOT be poly.

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