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Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform

In today's rapidly evolving literary landscape, building a strong author platform is an essential component of success. An author platform encompasses your online presence, social media engagement, and the ways you connect with readers and industry professionals. It's a dynamic tool that not only helps you reach a wider audience but also enhances your credibility and visibility in the competitive world of publishing. Whether you're a debut author or a seasoned writer looking to strengthen your platform, here are six effective strategies to build your author presence and connect with your target audience.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform

1. Develop a Comprehensive Online Presence:

In the digital age, having a well-constructed website is fundamental to your author platform. Your website serves as your virtual home base where readers can learn about your books, explore your blog posts, and engage with your content. Make sure your website is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and showcases your unique author voice. Regularly update your blog with insightful posts, writing tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into your creative process. This not only provides valuable content for your readers but also improves your website's search engine optimization (SEO).

In the dynamic world of modern publishing, building a strong author platform has become an essential strategy for success. An author platform encompasses various elements that collectively establish your visibility, credibility, and engagement with your target audience. One crucial aspect of building your author platform is developing a comprehensive online presence. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of an online presence and explore effective strategies to create a solid foundation for your author platform.

**The Significance of an Online Presence:**

In today's digital age, the internet serves as a global stage where authors can showcase their work, connect with readers, and establish their brand. An online presence is your virtual identity – it's how readers, literary agents, publishers, and fellow authors perceive you in the digital realm. A well-crafted online presence not only helps you reach a broader audience but also enhances your credibility as a writer.

**Creating Your Author Website:**

At the heart of your online presence is your author website. Your website serves as your digital home – a central hub where readers can learn about your books, engage with your content, and connect with you directly. When designing your website, consider these key elements:

1. **User-Friendly Design:** Ensure your website is easy to navigate, with clear menus and organized sections. A clutter-free design enhances the user experience.

2. **Author Bio:** Craft a compelling author biography that highlights your background, writing journey, and unique voice. Make it relatable and engaging.

3. **Book Showcase:** Create dedicated pages for each of your books, complete with cover images, synopses, and purchase links.

4. **Blog or News Section:** Regularly update your website with blog posts, articles, or news updates related to your writing, genre, or industry insights.

5. **Contact Information:** Provide clear contact information or a contact form for readers, agents, and publishers to reach out to you.

**Engaging Blog Content:**

A blog is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and showcasing your writing skills. Regularly publish blog posts that resonate with your target readership. Share your writing process, insights on your genre, tips for aspiring authors, and personal anecdotes. Consistent and valuable blog content not only attracts readers but also contributes to your website's search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for new readers to discover your work.

**Social Media Engagement:**

Social media platforms are invaluable for connecting with readers, fellow authors, and industry professionals. Choose platforms that align with your genre and audience, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Here's how to make the most of social media:

1. **Consistent Posting:** Regularly share content that reflects your writing journey, interests, and personality. Use a content calendar to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

2. **Interaction:** Engage with your followers by responding to comments, participating in discussions, and sharing others' content. Genuine interactions build meaningful connections.

3. **Visual Appeal:** Utilize eye-catching visuals, such as book covers, quotes, and images related to your writing process. Visual content is more likely to be shared and remembered.

4. **Hashtags:** Incorporate relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts and connect with readers who share your interests.

**Guest Blogging and Writing Communities:**

Expand your online presence by guest blogging on websites or platforms related to your genre. Sharing your expertise and insights with a new audience establishes your authority and drives traffic back to your website. Additionally, engage with writing communities, forums, or social media groups where authors and readers discuss common interests. Active participation in these communities helps you connect with like-minded individuals and expand your reach.

In conclusion, developing a comprehensive online presence is a cornerstone of building your author platform. Your website, engaging blog content, social media engagement, email marketing, guest blogging, and participation in writing communities collectively contribute to a strong and authentic online identity. By carefully curating your online presence, you establish yourself as a credible and relatable author, connecting with readers and industry professionals alike. As you navigate the digital landscape, remember that your online presence is an evolving entity that grows alongside your writing journey, fostering connections and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform

2. Leverage Social Media:

Engage with your audience by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Create consistent and engaging content that reflects your brand and interests. Share snippets from your writing journey, offer sneak peeks of upcoming projects, and interact with your followers through polls, Q&A sessions, and giveaways. Building authentic connections on social media helps you foster a loyal readership and expands your reach to potential fans.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the publishing industry, building a robust author platform is a critical step for aspiring and established writers alike. Your author platform encompasses the strategies and channels you use to connect with your target audience, showcase your work, and establish your brand as a writer. One powerful avenue to accomplish these goals is by leveraging the potential of social media. In this article, we will explore how you can effectively use social media to build and enhance your author platform.

**Understanding the Power of Social Media:**

Social media platforms have transformed the way we communicate, share information, and connect with others. For authors, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage with readers, fellow writers, literary agents, and publishers on a global scale. By strategically leveraging social media, you can amplify your reach, nurture a dedicated fan base, and establish a strong online presence that resonates with your target audience.

**Choosing the Right Platforms:**

The first step in harnessing the power of social media is selecting the platforms that align with your writing style, genre, and target readership. Different platforms cater to diverse demographics and interests. Here are a few popular social media platforms and how they can benefit authors:

1. **Facebook:** A versatile platform where you can create an author page, connect with readers through groups, and share updates about your writing journey, book releases, and events.

2. **Twitter:** Ideal for engaging in real-time conversations, sharing bite-sized updates, connecting with fellow authors and industry professionals, and participating in relevant hashtag trends.

3. **Instagram:** A visual platform where you can showcase your writing process, book covers, behind-the-scenes moments, and connect with readers through captivating images and stories.

4. **LinkedIn:** Suitable for networking within the writing and publishing industry, sharing articles or blog posts, and establishing yourself as an authority in your genre.

5. **Pinterest:** Great for creating boards related to your book's themes, inspirations, and characters, as well as connecting with readers who appreciate visual storytelling.

6. **YouTube:** If you're comfortable with video content, YouTube allows you to share author interviews, writing tips, book trailers, and connect with readers through visual and auditory content.

**Creating Compelling Content:**

Once you've selected your preferred social media platforms, the key to success lies in creating engaging and relevant content. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. **Share Your Writing Journey:** Take your audience behind the scenes by sharing your writing process, challenges, and triumphs. Personal anecdotes and relatable experiences can forge a deeper connection with your followers.

2. **Tease Book Projects:** Build excitement for your upcoming book releases by sharing sneak peeks, cover reveals, and snippets that leave readers eager for more.

3. **Engage with Readers:** Respond to comments, messages, and mentions from your followers. Genuine interactions create a sense of community and encourage readers to invest in your work.

4. **Offer Valuable Insights:** Share writing tips, industry insights, and book recommendations that showcase your expertise and provide value to your audience.

5. **Visual Appeal:** Utilize visually appealing graphics, images, and videos to capture your audience's attention and make your content shareable.

**Consistency is Key:**

Consistency is a cornerstone of effective social media engagement. Establish a posting schedule that aligns with your availability and ensures a steady stream of content. Consistency not only keeps your audience engaged but also signals your commitment to building your author platform.

**Engagement and Interaction:**

Engagement is a two-way street. Actively interact with your followers by responding to comments, initiating conversations, and participating in discussions related to your genre. Engaging with fellow authors, industry professionals, and readers fosters meaningful connections and enhances your credibility within the writing community.

**Hashtags and Trends:**

Utilize relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your posts and connect with a broader audience. Research popular hashtags within your genre and incorporate them into your content. Additionally, keep an eye on trending topics and participate in conversations that align with your writing.

**Measuring and Adapting:**

Most social media platforms offer insights and analytics that provide valuable data about your audience's engagement, demographics, and content preferences. Regularly analyze these metrics to identify which types of content resonate the most and adjust your strategies accordingly.

**Building Relationships with Influencers:**

Collaborating with influencers or fellow authors who have a significant following can expand your reach and introduce your work to new audiences. Consider co-hosting events, participating in joint promotions, or engaging in guest blog exchanges to leverage their reach.

In conclusion, leveraging social media as part of your author platform strategy can yield remarkable results. By carefully curating your content, engaging with your audience, and utilizing the unique features of each platform, you can build a thriving online presence that resonates with readers, fellow authors, and industry professionals. As you navigate the digital landscape, remember that social media is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can propel your writing career to new heights, fostering connections and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform For Self-Published Fantasy Writers

3. Craft Compelling Content:

Whether through guest blog posts, articles, or video content, creating valuable and shareable content helps establish your expertise and boosts your visibility. Write about topics related to your genre, writing process, or literary insights. Collaborate with fellow authors, bloggers, or writing communities to cross-promote each other's work. As your content resonates with readers, it enhances your authority in the writing community and draws more followers to your platform.

In the realm of self-publishing, building a strong author platform is not just an option; it's a crucial step towards establishing a meaningful connection with your target audience and ensuring the success of your fantasy novels. While mastering the craft of storytelling is undeniably important, your author platform acts as the bridge that connects your literary world with readers who are eager to embark on fantastical journeys. Crafting compelling content is at the heart of this endeavor, and in this article, we'll delve into ways you can create content that captivates and engages your audience, fostering a devoted following that eagerly awaits your next release.

**1. Know Your Audience:**

Before you start crafting content, it's essential to understand your audience's preferences, interests, and expectations. Who are the readers that resonate with your fantasy novels? What kind of stories, themes, and characters do they gravitate towards? By gaining insights into your target audience, you can tailor your content to cater to their desires, ensuring that your platform resonates with those who will be most invested in your writing journey.

**2. Show Your Writing Process:**

Fantasy enthusiasts are often intrigued by the creative process behind their favorite novels. Take your readers behind the scenes and share glimpses of your writing process. You could provide sneak peeks of your work-in-progress, discuss how you develop intricate magical systems, or reveal the inspiration behind your fantastical worlds. This transparency not only humanizes you as an author but also offers readers a deeper connection to your work.

**3. Blog About Fantasy Elements:**

Your expertise as a fantasy writer makes you a valuable source of knowledge about the genre. Consider starting a blog on your author platform where you explore different facets of fantasy literature. You could analyze popular tropes, delve into world-building techniques, or share insights on character development. This not only showcases your passion for the genre but also positions you as an authority in the fantasy writing community.

**4. Engage in Storytelling Through Short Stories:**

Fantasy fans are drawn to captivating stories that transport them to magical realms. Use your author platform to share short stories set in your fantasy universe. These stories can provide readers with a taste of your writing style and immerse them in your fictional worlds. By offering these glimpses, you'll leave readers hungry for more and eager to dive into your full-length novels.

**5. Host Q&A Sessions:**

Engagement is a cornerstone of a thriving author platform. Consider hosting regular Q&A sessions where you invite readers to ask you questions about your writing, characters, and world-building. This interactive approach not only builds a sense of community but also gives you the opportunity to connect with your readers on a personal level.

**6. Collaborate with Artists:**

Visual content can play a powerful role in engaging your audience. Collaborate with artists to bring your fantasy worlds to life through illustrations, concept art, or character portraits. Sharing these visuals on your platform can offer readers a deeper immersion into your stories and enhance their connection with your fictional universe.

**7. Tease Upcoming Releases:**

As you work on new projects, use your author platform to tease and build anticipation for upcoming releases. Share snippets, cover reveals, and intriguing tidbits that leave your audience eagerly anticipating the next installment of your fantastical tales.

**8. Share Book Recommendations:**

Fantasy readers often seek recommendations for new books that align with their interests. Use your platform to share reviews and recommendations of other fantasy novels you've enjoyed. This not only showcases your appreciation for the genre but also helps your audience discover new reads while strengthening your credibility as a fantasy enthusiast.

**9. Offer Writing Tips:**

Utilize your platform to share writing tips and advice for aspiring fantasy authors. By providing valuable insights into the craft, you position yourself as a mentor to fellow writers while fostering a sense of community within the fantasy writing realm.

**10. Engage in Discussions:**

Initiate discussions on your platform about thought-provoking topics within the fantasy genre. Encourage readers to share their opinions on themes, trends, and challenges in fantasy literature. This engagement creates a lively and interactive space where readers can connect with you and fellow fans of the genre.

In conclusion, crafting compelling content is a cornerstone of building a successful author platform for self-published fantasy writers. By tailoring your content to resonate with your target audience, sharing insights into your writing process, and engaging with your readers through various mediums, you can create an immersive and captivating platform that fosters a dedicated following. As you embark on this journey, remember that each piece of content you create is an opportunity to forge deeper connections with readers who are eager to embark on fantastical adventures within your imaginative worlds.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform For Self-Published Fantasy Writers

4. Engage in Public Speaking and Workshops:

Participating in public speaking engagements, workshops, and author panels allows you to connect with readers, aspiring writers, and industry professionals in person. These events provide opportunities to discuss your work, share your insights, and establish your credibility. Additionally, they offer a chance to network with fellow authors and gain exposure within the literary community.

In the realm of self-publishing, where authors wield the power to bring their fantastical worlds to life, building a robust author platform is paramount. While the allure of your enchanting narratives may captivate readers, it's your author platform that serves as the gateway to their hearts and minds. One powerful avenue to strengthen your platform is through public speaking and workshops, allowing you to connect with your audience in a deeply personal and impactful way. In this article, we'll explore how self-published fantasy writers can harness the magic of public speaking and workshops to enhance their author platform and forge meaningful connections.

**1. Unveil the Enchanting Behind-the-Scenes:**

Public speaking and workshops provide a unique opportunity to lift the veil on the creative process behind your mesmerizing tales. Audiences are often intrigued by the inception of fantastical worlds, the birth of memorable characters, and the intricacies of magical systems. Use these platforms to share anecdotes, challenges, and triumphs from your writing journey, providing a glimpse into the enchanting world you've woven. By revealing the artistry that goes into crafting your narratives, you deepen readers' appreciation and create a bond founded on shared passion.

**2. Craft Interactive Author-Reader Connections:**

Public speaking engagements and workshops enable you to establish genuine connections with your readers. In a digital age, where screens often mediate interactions, the intimacy of face-to-face engagements is invaluable. Engage in conversations, answer questions, and exchange ideas with your audience. Whether you're discussing the complexities of world-building or offering insights into character development, these interactions foster a sense of community and create lasting memories for attendees.

**3. Transform Your Insights into Teachable Moments:**

As a self-published fantasy writer, you possess a wealth of knowledge about the genre, writing techniques, and the intricacies of storytelling. Leverage this expertise to conduct workshops and presentations that empower aspiring writers to embark on their own literary quests. Share tips, techniques, and lessons learned from your own journey, guiding budding authors towards success. By nurturing the next generation of fantasy storytellers, you establish yourself as a respected authority in the field.

**4. Elevate Your Platform's Credibility:**

Public speaking engagements and workshops contribute to the elevation of your author platform's credibility. When you stand before an audience, delivering insightful content with confidence and passion, you position yourself as an expert in your niche. This credibility extends to your online presence, reinforcing your authority in the eyes of readers, peers, and fellow writers. As you expand your reach and touch lives through your words, your platform gains authenticity and respect.

**5. Foster a Community of Like-Minded Enthusiasts:**

Fantasy literature enthusiasts are a passionate and devoted community. By hosting workshops and speaking at events, you cultivate a community of like-minded individuals who share your love for the genre. These connections go beyond the confines of a single event, blossoming into a network of readers, writers, and fans who share a common bond. As you engage with your community, you create an environment where individuals can connect, collaborate, and celebrate their mutual fascination with the fantastical.

**6. Expand Your Reach Beyond the Written Word:**

While the pages of your novels transport readers to mystical realms, public speaking and workshops allow you to extend your influence beyond the written word. Your voice becomes a conduit for your stories, infusing them with your passion, enthusiasm, and unique perspective. This dynamic engagement offers a multi-dimensional experience for your audience, enriching their connection with your work and deepening their emotional investment.

**7. Collaborate and Share Knowledge:**

Public speaking engagements and workshops provide opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Partner with fellow authors, illustrators, or experts in related fields to co-host events that offer a holistic exploration of fantasy literature. By pooling your collective wisdom, you create enriching experiences for your audience while expanding your reach to new corners of the fantasy community.

**8. Connect with Book Clubs and Reading Circles:**

Book clubs and reading circles are avid consumers of literary content, seeking meaningful discussions and insights. Engage with these groups by offering to speak at their gatherings or facilitate discussions about your own work. By fostering dialogues that delve into the themes, characters, and symbolism of your novels, you create a space for readers to deepen their connection with your stories while amplifying your author platform.

In conclusion, public speaking and workshops hold transformative potential for self-published fantasy writers seeking to build a robust author platform. Through these engaging and interactive avenues, you can unveil the creative magic behind your narratives, connect with readers on a personal level, and establish yourself as an authority in the world of fantasy literature. As you harness the power of your words to captivate and inspire, you'll discover that the enchantment of storytelling extends far beyond the pages of your novels, resonating in the hearts of your audience and shaping your author platform into a realm of wonder and connection.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform For Self-Published Fantasy Writers

5. Offer Valuable Incentives:

Entice readers to join your mailing list by offering exclusive content, such as free short stories, character interviews, or writing tips. A well-maintained mailing list allows you to communicate directly with your readers and keep them updated on your latest releases, events, and promotions. Personalize your newsletters and make them engaging to encourage readers to stay connected and anticipate your future works.

In the realm of self-published fantasy writing, where imagination knows no bounds and tales of magic and wonder await eager readers, building a robust author platform is essential. As you embark on this journey of crafting intricate worlds and captivating characters, it's crucial to extend your reach and engage with your audience beyond the confines of your novels. One powerful strategy to enhance your author platform is to offer valuable incentives that not only entice readers but also forge lasting connections. In this article, we'll delve into the art of providing incentives that resonate with your audience, elevate your platform, and foster a community of devoted fans.

**1. Exclusive Content: A Glimpse into the Fantastical:**

As a self-published fantasy writer, you possess a treasure trove of insights, backstories, and hidden details that breathe life into your fictional realms. Offer readers exclusive content that unveils the mysteries behind your narratives. This could include character profiles, maps of your fantasy worlds, deleted scenes, or even short stories set in the same universe. By granting readers a backstage pass to the creation process, you deepen their engagement and provide a tangible link to your fantastical creations.

**2. Limited-Edition Artwork: Bridging Imagination and Visual Artistry:**

Fantasy novels often evoke vivid mental images of landscapes, creatures, and magical artifacts. Collaborate with talented artists to create limited-edition artwork inspired by your stories. These visual representations not only enhance readers' immersion but also serve as coveted collectibles. Offering signed prints, posters, or even custom book covers adorned with stunning artwork transforms your novels into tangible works of art, making your author platform a haven for art enthusiasts and literary aficionados alike.

**3. Behind-the-Scenes Access: Crafting Magic in Real Time:**

Invite readers into your creative sanctum by providing behind-the-scenes glimpses into your writing process. This could take the form of video diaries, live writing sessions, or regular updates on your current projects. By witnessing your literary magic unfold in real time, readers become invested in your creative journey, eagerly anticipating each new chapter and celebrating your triumphs. This transparent approach not only nurtures reader loyalty but also transforms them into active participants in your author platform.

**4. Interactive Q&A Sessions: A Personal Connection with the Creator:**

Engage with your audience through interactive Q&A sessions, whether through social media platforms, live video chats, or dedicated events. Allow readers to pose questions about your novels, characters, and world-building, providing them with a unique opportunity to interact directly with the creator behind the enchanting tales. These sessions foster a sense of community, allowing readers to connect with fellow fans while deepening their bond with you as an author.

**5. Virtual Book Clubs: Fostering Literary Camaraderie:**

Launch virtual book clubs centered around your novels, inviting readers to embark on immersive reading experiences together. Facilitate discussions, offer reading guides, and participate in group chats to explore the themes, symbolism, and characters within your stories. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared exploration, you create a space where readers can connect, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections over their mutual love for fantasy literature.

**6. Advanced Reader Copies and Beta Reading Opportunities: Engaging Your Literary Allies:**

Offer your most dedicated fans the chance to receive advanced reader copies (ARCs) of your upcoming novels. This exclusive access allows them to dive into your stories before anyone else, generating buzz and anticipation among your audience. Additionally, consider enlisting beta readers from your fan base to provide feedback on early drafts, inviting them to shape the trajectory of your narratives. By involving readers in your creative process, you not only build a sense of ownership but also enhance the overall quality of your work.

**7. Fantasy Writing Workshops and Masterclasses: Sharing the Craft:**

Share your expertise and insights with aspiring writers through fantasy writing workshops and masterclasses. These sessions offer a platform for you to impart your knowledge on world-building, character development, and storytelling techniques. By equipping fellow writers with the tools to craft their own fantastical tales, you establish yourself as a mentor and guide in the realm of fantasy literature, elevating your platform while nurturing a community of burgeoning authors.

**8. Immersive Giveaways and Contests: Sparking Excitement and Engagement:**

Ignite the excitement of your readers by hosting immersive giveaways and contests that immerse them in the enchanting worlds you've created. Craft challenges that encourage participation, such as fan art creation, short story competitions, or interactive quizzes. By incorporating elements from your novels into these contests, you deepen readers' connection to your stories while generating a sense of anticipation and engagement across your author platform.

**9. Collaborative Events and Fan Gatherings: Forging Lasting Bonds:**

Organize collaborative events, whether in-person or virtual, that bring together fans, fellow authors, and enthusiasts of fantasy literature. These gatherings provide a space for fans to interact, celebrate their shared passion, and connect with you on a personal level. Incorporate book signings, panel discussions, and interactive workshops to create an immersive experience that solidifies your position as a central figure in the fantasy literary landscape.

In the realm of self-published fantasy writing, the ability to captivate readers with your tales of wonder is only the beginning. By offering valuable incentives that transcend the pages of your novels, you breathe life into your author platform, fostering a community of devoted fans and crafting an immersive experience that extends beyond the boundaries of fiction. Whether through exclusive content, visual artistry, interactive engagements, or collaborative events, each incentive you provide is a magical thread that weaves your readers into the tapestry of your fantastical world.

Six Ways to Build Your Author Platform For Self-Published Fantasy Writers

6. Collaborate and Network:

Collaboration with other authors, bloggers, and influencers in your niche can expand your reach and introduce your work to new audiences. Participate in joint promotions, blog tours, and virtual events that allow you to tap into established networks and gain exposure. Building relationships within the writing community fosters mutual support and enables you to learn from others' experiences.

In the enchanting realm of self-published fantasy writing, where worlds of magic and imagination come to life, building a strong author platform is a crucial quest on the path to success. As you wield your quill and conjure tales of wonder, it's important to forge alliances, unite with fellow authors, and harness the power of collaboration and networking. These potent tools can help you create a vibrant and engaged community around your fantastical creations, propelling your author platform to new heights. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the land of collaboration and networking, uncovering how these strategies can fortify your presence in the realm of self-published fantasy writing.

**1. The Fellowship of Authors: Forge Alliances in Anthologies:**

Embark on a literary quest by joining forces with fellow authors in anthology projects. These collaborative endeavors allow you to contribute short stories or novellas set within a shared universe or theme. By weaving your narrative threads alongside other authors, you introduce your work to their readers, gaining exposure and expanding your fan base. Anthologies also provide a platform to showcase your unique voice while connecting with like-minded writers, cultivating relationships that extend beyond the pages of your novels.

**2. Co-Writing Adventures: Breathing Life into Dual Creations:**

Embark on a co-writing odyssey, crafting tales of magic and mystery with another author. This collaborative journey offers a fusion of creative energies, resulting in narratives that blend your unique styles and perspectives. Co-writing not only enhances your storytelling prowess but also introduces your work to the readership of your co-author. Together, you embark on a shared quest, weaving tales that resonate with a broader audience and creating a legacy of fantastical adventures.

**3. Conjure a Guild of Influential Bloggers: Guest Posts and Interviews:**

Enlist the aid of influential bloggers in the realm of fantasy literature by collaborating on guest posts and interviews. Craft insightful articles that delve into your writing process, world-building techniques, and the themes that inspire your fantastical creations. These guest posts introduce your work to new audiences, while interviews provide readers with a glimpse into the heart of your narratives. By aligning yourself with established bloggers, you tap into their readership, forging connections that lead readers to your captivating tales.

**4. Kingdoms of Collaborative Events: Literary Conferences and Festivals:**

Embark on a quest to literary conferences and fantasy festivals, where writers, readers, and enthusiasts gather to celebrate the magic of storytelling. These gatherings provide a platform to connect with fellow authors, engage in panel discussions, and participate in workshops. By sharing your insights and experiences, you establish yourself as a knowledgeable figure in the realm of fantasy literature, leaving an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of attendees. Collaborative events also foster relationships with fellow writers, editors, and publishers, enriching your author journey.

**5. Summon a League of Enthusiastic Beta Readers: Shared Feedback and Insights:**

Enlist a league of enthusiastic beta readers who share your love for fantastical tales. These trusted allies provide invaluable feedback on your works-in-progress, offering insights that shape and refine your narratives. By embracing their perspectives, you enhance the depth and authenticity of your stories. Beta readers also become fervent advocates for your work, sharing their excitement with their circles and cultivating a network of eager readers awaiting your next enchanting creation.

**6. Magical Alliances on Social Media: Collaborative Campaigns:**

Harness the power of social media platforms to conjure collaborative campaigns with fellow authors. Join forces to host giveaways, share each other's work, or embark on themed challenges that captivate your audience. These campaigns amplify your reach, exposing your fantastical worlds to a wider audience. Through retweets, shares, and cross-promotion, you cultivate a community of readers who eagerly await your next literary incantation.

**7. Seek the Wisdom of Mentor Mages: Embrace Author Coaching and Guidance:**

Forge a mentorship with seasoned authors who have navigated the labyrinthine paths of self-publishing. Seek their guidance and insights, gleaning from their experiences to refine your writing, marketing, and platform-building strategies. Mentorship not only accelerates your growth as an author but also introduces you to their network, connecting you with potential collaborators and like-minded individuals who share your passion for fantastical storytelling.

**8. Multi-Dimensional Collaborations: Transmedia Projects:**

Embark on transmedia collaborations that extend beyond the written word. Collaborate with artists, illustrators, musicians, and game designers to breathe life into your fantastical creations through visual art, music, and interactive experiences. Transmedia projects expand your narrative universe, inviting readers to explore your worlds through various mediums. By forging these multi-dimensional collaborations, you craft a rich tapestry that captivates the senses and invites readers to embark on immersive journeys.

In the realm of self-published fantasy writing, collaboration and networking are potent enchantments that breathe life into your author platform. By uniting with fellow authors, bloggers, beta readers, and mentors, you forge alliances that amplify your reach, ignite reader engagement, and create a vibrant community around your fantastical tales. These collaborative endeavors not only enhance your author journey but also infuse your narratives with a magical synergy, captivating readers and inspiring them to embark on wondrous quests through the realms you've woven. As you chart your course through this enchanting landscape, remember that the bonds you form and the stories you share are the keystones of a thriving author platform in the realm of self-published fantasy writing.

In conclusion, building a robust author platform requires a combination of online presence, social engagement, compelling content, public speaking, incentives, and collaboration. By implementing these six strategies, you can effectively enhance your visibility, connect with readers, and establish yourself as a reputable and influential author in the literary world. Remember that building an author platform is an ongoing process that evolves alongside your writing journey, and every effort you invest contributes to your success as a writer.

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What do you want to become? 
What did you do today to step closer to that goal?
Whatever you do, be your best at it!
And remember to have yourself a great and wonderfully glorious day!


By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Eye of the GrigoriIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the destruction of my farm, and the illegal selling of half of my land to Colliard, you shall lose your land.
tent2.JPGIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my being homeless since 2006 - YES, I AM still homeless in 2023, you shall become homeless.
eelkats_house_before_after.jpgIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the backhoe driving over my house, you shall lose your house.
home again the return of the goldeneagle dodge 330If you ever made fun of or had any part in my car being cut in half, you shall lose your car.
volvo-art-car-eelkat-Dazzling-Razzbury-3-artist-wendy-c-allen-painting3.pngIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my becoming crippled, you shall lose your health.
If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death.

Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

Are you an evil man?

Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322