November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322


My Son Was Murdered, The Killer Walks Free, Your Child Could Be Next!

FAQ: What are the most visited pages on this website and how many visits do they get?

Several years ago, I wrote an article on how to write different types of magic uses, or rather how I personally write various types of magic users within the context of my Quaraun books. Today that page is one of my top ten most visited articles. It gets 50 to 500 views/reads/hits/visits per day depending on the time of the years and has had over 200k visits total since it was published.

Amphibious Aliens: Debunking The Atwater Family's Alien Abduction Hoax with more then 30MILLION reads since 2007 and The GoldenEagle: Debunking Stephen King's World's Most Haunted Car Hoax with over tenMILLION reads since 2007 still rank as the two most visited articles on my website, but, neither of those are writing related.

Writing Medieval Servants is my most visited writing related article with over 7MILLION reads.

This website was started in 1996 and has 1 to 3 new articles (all written by me, I am the only writer on this site) published almost daily. In 2017 we crossed ten thousand articles published. As of 2023, EACH article gets MINIMUM 10 to 70 reads PER DAY, with the high traffic articles getting 500+ reads per day.

And since December 2019, my website now gets three hundred thousand to 7 million reads per month - well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION PAGE READS PER YEAR, making it not only the single most trafficked site in the State of Maine, but also one of the most visited websites in ALL OF NEW ENGLAND!

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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

The Story of Old Orchard Beach's
Loyalist White Knights of
The Ku Klux Klan
Their Attacks on OOB Residents
and The Ten Kidnapped Cats

Why The FBI Arrived In Town

And Why The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Became The First Government Agency In America To Suppress Civil Rights By Banning 27 Books, and Forcing 140 LGBTQ Families Out Of Their Homes On January 4, 2016

A Motorhome named 'No Hurry' becomes Rosebud & The Story of Ten Kidnapped Cats:

Are You Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach Too?


Are you Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach?

Gay families of Old Orchard Beach, Maine are under violent, brutal, and often deadly attack.

Since 2001 more then 30 LGBTQ families have been targeted.

Since 2001 more then 40 homes and businessed have been illegally back-hoed, bombed, and arsoned, leaving families homeless and businesses ruined.

Since 2001 more then 300 pets have been kidnapped, beaten, and murdered, often with their heads being nailed to doors and their headless bodies hung from nooses in trees.

In September 2015 Town Hall officials announced their plans to forcibly drive all transgendered residents out of town, stating that "those THINGS do not belong in our family friendly town".

The gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender families of Old Orchard Beach are now standing up to the bullies and saying no to the animal abusing, gay hating crime lords of Old Orchard Beach.

Join us in the protesting these animal abusing, gay hating bastards who've left violent hate, blood shed, horrific acts of animal cruelty, homelessness, and destruction all over our town.

What have these men and women done?

If you are a long time reader, the you know that in 2001, my family feel under violent hate crime attacks, from a local family and their extreme radical Baptist, animal abusing, white power, anti-gay hate group, lead by one local man who claims to work for the town hall (though I can find no mention of hm listed in their employees), here in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and a woman who claims to be his cousin, local NaNoWriMo ML . Their attacks included the following:

All of the following events took place at 146 Portland Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

This is a BRIEF list of just a FEW of the more then 200 hate crimes which this man, his family, his friends, and his pro violence, god hates everyone tiny church congregation have done to my family (keeping in mind, that mine is only 1 of more then 30 LGBTQ families this local white power hate group has been targeting.)

June 2001 - drives a backhoe over our 2,000 head poultry barn, ending our 200 year old egg business.

July 2001 - cutting our house in half and moving it 75 miles away

May 2006 - cutting the power lines off our house and cutting up the pipe-line for the city water supply to our propert

October 16, 2006 - Local NaNoWriMo ML(who claims to be this man's cousin - that fact is unverified) started the first of several anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, including one titled: "Will somebody please kill EelKat for me?"

1 AM, October 18, 2006 - Two days after posting her online request for some one to kill me, my house is blonnwith a grease fryer bomb - he gets 2 years in prison.

April 2007 - vandals break in, take a baseball bat to everything in my house, including to destroy my entire Liberace collection, then bring a hose into the house, and use it to blast to a pulp 10,000 Gold Age comic books; they kidnap 2 of my cats

April 2007 - Kit-Kit's head it returned, nailed to my door; a week later Big Guy's legs and tail are returns, also nailed to my door.

August 2007 - 75 pet rooster are beheaded, nooses tied around their necks, and hung in trees all over my yard

October 2007 - the NaNoWriMo ML, starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, including another one titled: "Will somebody please kill EelKat for me?"

April 2008 - NaNoWriMo ML,  starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, and shows up at the Script Frenzy meetings to threaten me in person.

April 2008 -  drives a backhoe over yet another house.

October 2008 - NaNoWriMo ML,  starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, and starts her famous "It's my turn to shine!" rants, on the forum, in my inbox, in my driveway, at the library while I'm studying, and at restaurants while I'm eating with my family.

April 2010 - NaNoWriMo ML,  starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, and continues stalking me offline.

May 10, 2010 - A group of screaming church members,  cut my 1964 Dodge 330 4 door sedan car in half, steal it, and leave it's striped down remains at a car crusher in Freeport. Recognizing the very famous car known as The World's Most Haunted Car, the owner contacts me to see if it is my stolen car and returns as much of it as he is able to locate.

October 2010 - NaNoWriMo ML,  starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, and sends me 210 emails telling me how much she wishes I would drop dead.

Between April 2006 and April 2012 - 7 large 18 wheel crate loader dump trucks drive into my yard and illegally dump bagged garbage, tires, scrap metal, and 3,700 wood pallets onto my yard - a neighbor reported that one of the trucks said "Zatlend" on the side, while another had a "red apple" painting on it. Nearly every event of this nature occurred with-in 2 to 3 days of a NaNoWriMo ML meltdown.

February 2012 - I start building to gay rights art cars: The Dazzling Razzberry and No Hurry.

May 2013 - The Dazzling Razzberry is unveiled to the public.

August 8, 2013 -  drives a backhoe over my house yet again, this time he is caught on camera.

October 2013 - NaNoWriMo ML  starts a new series of anti-EelKat threads on NaNoWriMo forums, including another one titled: "Will somebody please kill EelKat for me?"

November 2013 - 2 weeks after NaNo ML's online request for a hitman to hire and 3 days after the photos of him driving a backhoe over my house go on FaceBook, some one attacks me from behind, beats me up, leaving me for dead; resulting in my being paralyzed for 5 months, wheel chair ridden for 2 weeks, then on crutches 12 weeks, and after 8 months of therapy, finally able to walk on my own, but due to the crippling of my leg, will be on a cane for the rest of my life

September 1, 2014 - The Transgender Awareness Tour Bus Art Car is unveiled to the public.

September 2014 - A hacker takes over KBoards and begins rewriting all 1,371 of my how-to advice articles for writers. , at Kendra's request.

October 2014 - The hacker creates 52 fake Amazon accounts and uses them to write 53 fake 1 star reviews on EACH of my LGBTQ books on Amazon

October 2014 - MORE mountain loads of garbage are dumped on out land bring the pile to a grand total of 175' long, 30' wide, and 12' tall

November 14, 2014 - Old Orchard Beach Town Manager  , along with two town hall officers, ILLEGALLY transfer ownership of my land into their names, then dump more garbage on my land.

March 2015 - Amazon bans the Quaraun series, claiming they received 52 complaints of it being "Child Porn" - I tell them that is a lie and request a manual review - 14 days later Amazon relists my books and sends me a formal apology stating that they pulled the books without checking to see if the complaints were true or not.

April 8, 2015 - 3 vandals  are caught in action, once again with a backhoe on our land this time stealing 2 cedar trees, a pine tree, 2 hawthorn trees, dozens of rose bushes, ALL of my grapes, and more then $30,000 in bulbs and flowering perennials

April 10, 2015 - in the most horrendous act yet, my home was pumped full of raw sewage , then filed a false report to police saying my family lived in shit, resulting in in a SWAT team consisting of 7 police cars and 14 armed officers to take 10 of my cats at gun point WITHOUT a warrant.

April 10, 2015 - My vet  was called in to the OOBPD to examine my cats and gave them a clean bill of health stating there was nothing wrong with them.

April 14, 2015 - a Scarborough officer  beats my cats up while in police custody - 2 cats, Bela and Dog remain in critical condition. Officer Will Watson arrived at 9AM and found my cats bloody and beaten, rushed them to the vet and called me to come to the OOBPD to see what had happened to them, and showed me the sign in chart which showed that the officer on duty at the time my cats were beaten was ___ ___. 

April 15, 2015 - my vet suddenly destroys ALL medical records of my pets, and later LIES IN COURT saying that my pets had never been to a vet, and to say that my cats arrived to her office April 10, 2015 with no teeth and their heads beaten in.

June 2015 - Cleo was returned. Dead. Belly gutted. eyes cut out.

September 4, 2015 - OOBCEO is caught attempting to break into my home.

September 11, 2015 -  OOBCEO is caught attempting to break into my home, AGAIN.

September 12, 2015 - both dump truck man and OOBCEO both arrive in my driveway with 3 police officer. Proves himself Crime Lord by making several demands, threats, and bribes in attempt to force the officers to have my Transgender Awareness Tour Bus removed from "the Family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach, because its too gay." When the police refuse to be threatened, bought, or intimidated into violating my civil rights, because he can't get his was he has a violent, hysterical meltdown, threatening the officers, citing that ALL gays must be removed for Old Orchard Beach they must make an example out of me because I'm "too openly gay". He railed on admitting to having paid people to vandalize my home and take my cats for the sole purpose of forcing me off my land so he could put a condominium on it, a family friendly condominium, one that would not admit gays, just like his Royal Anchor, to further his agenda of cleaning up the town by removing gays off their land, taking possession of their land and cleansing it of their evil gayness by putting up motels and condos that forbid gay admittance.

October 2015 - Rachel was returned. Dead. 

As of December 2015 - Ten cats are still being held hostage. PLEASE - if you know where they are, get them away from these monsters, before they send any more of them home a piece at a time!

Full details on what they did (and daily updates on the daily vandalism that occurred from April 2015 to October 2015) and why they did it, including photos of the hate crimes, can be found HERE.

And these are only a FEW of the more then 200 such events that have happened to just ONE of more then 30 LGBTQ families in our town.

Cleo: Born 2007 - Murdered 2015

(Seen in motorhome, with Dog and Sprout)

(Photo taken shortly before they were kidnapped)

Don't Let what happened to our family happen to yours.

Stop The Animal Murdering, Gay Hating Crime Lords Of Old Orchard Beach, Maine Before They Strike Again.

No Hurry/Rosebud
The Story Behind My Ten Kidnapped Cats

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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No Hurry is a 1975 Dodge F40 Sportsman 22' Class C Motorhome, that was equipped as a Yukon Territory Off Grid Boondocking Bugout Machine. (Who did it or when this customization was done to her is unknown. I do not have the name of her original owner. If anyone has any information about her original owner and how or why he came to build her, please let me know.) Her custom insulation allows her to be used in sub-zero winters, without hook-ups or a generator. When the temps outside drop to -20F the temps inside remain around 40F. 

Her original owner lived in her for about 30 years, with her being used as his full-time off grid house. Back then she was white with blue pin stripes and blue interior.

In the late 1990s she joined Allan Berry's race car team (her second owners), to become the fleet's rally car. She was repainted by Allan Berry in metal flake lime green on the van/cab and all her blue stripes became a single large black racing stripe.

For several years, No Hurry lived in Arundel, Maine, around the corner from Bentley's Saloon, where she became one of their customer's most beloved show cars. She was used as a pace car throughout New England on various race tracks. Fans Dubbed her "No Hurry" because she moved lazily along in front of the race cars, during their first lap around the tracks keeping them from hurrying past. Because race car fans began referring to her as "No Hurry" the name plate "No Hurry" was placed on her overcab and she was officially given that name.

In 2011, in preparations for the upcoming release of the Quaraun series, and the cross country book tour planned shortly after the release, I set out to looking for a motorhome so I could build Rosebud, a pink art car I had designed for this trip. Rosebud was originally planned to be a 1983 Georgie Boy TravelMaster which we had tried out earlier that year. Unfortunately she was sold before I got back to buy her and I was off trying out motorhomes once again.

I meet No hurry for the first time in September 2011 and it was love at first site. The first time I saw her, I walked up to her and said: "That is my motorhome. I am buying her." The owners laughed, saying she was part of the race team and would never be sold.

February 19, 2012, the race team was retired, and the fleet listed for sale on Craigeslist. Less then 2 hours after the listing went up, I bought her. February 21, 2012 No Hurry moved to Old Orchard Beach.

In preparation for her transformation into Rosebud her green race car themed interior was removed and she was totally remodeled in pink and green.

Remodelling the interior of No Hurry cost more then $10,000 and included having a custom made wall to wall flokati carpet put in. Because the project cost so much money, it was not done all at once and took more then 18 months to complete.

The Pidgie Fund cats, Georgie, Emily, Mittens, Bela, Cleo, Dog, Fizzgig, Kewpie, Pippsiwa (Pippi), Blackie, and Sprout, seen in the pictures, quickly discovered Ho Hurry had beds and sofa to lounge on and while I worked on remodeling her interior, they lounged around in the sun.

To get the cats used to the cross country trip, we drove around Old Orchard Beach, to Camp Ellis, and back through Old Orchard Beach to Pine Point, then up Rt 1 to Biddeford, 3 nights a week.

No Hurry became an instant hit with the tourists of East and West Grand Avenues, who began to wait to see her on her weekly drives around town.

The Quaraun series was originally published in 2007 on Back then it had a different name and Quaraun was a spoof combination of Lord Sesshomaru and Dritzz. In 2011 and 2012, in preparation for it's rewrite into a non-fanfic version, the originals were taken offline.

I timed the release of the new Kindle editions of the books to be at the expected completion date of building Rosebud, so that the cross country book tour could begin a few weeks after the release of volume 1. The Quaraun series was originally due to be released September 2013, as this was the expected date when we would finished No Hurry's remodel into RoseBud.

August 9, 2013, vandals arrived and ran over my grandmother's house with a backhoe (see pictures below - moved to the July 17, 2015 update section) leaving me and The Pidge fund cats once again living under a tarp (see pictures below - moved to the July 17, 2015 update section). This was a setback which slowed down construction of Rosebud AND pushed the book release back. This was the third time this same land moving backhoe with a big red apple painted on it's side, had rumbled up into our yard and tore down a building illegally while we were not at home. It tore down our poultry barn in 2001 and my house in 2007.

September 2013 saw a death in the family and funeral preparations put everything on hold for a few weeks.

The biggest blow came when on November 29, 2013, two days following the public release of the photos of the backhoe which took down our house, I was attacked from behind by a still unknown assailant, slammed down onto the ice, and left with a broken back, hip, and knee that left me paralyzed, bedridden, and unable to walk for 5 months, followed by 12 weeks on crutches while relearning to walk. To this day, I still have extremely limited mobility and am on a cane.

Because of these multiple setbacks, No Hurry's custom Rosebud interior was not finished until September 2014. with the interior now finished, and just the outside paint job to complete (something which should have taken only 3 or 4 weeks to finish) I went forward with the release of the first 3 volumes of the mega long 130 part serial, and started scheduling booking signings and public appearances across the country.

The first Quaraun book was released September 1, 2014 and the book tour scheduled, we had planned to leave in February 2015.

Her final layout, included a double decker bunk bed cat house built into the over cab, an 8' long cat tunnel house/box, under the bed, and a cat tree, that stood 8' tall and suspended from the the front to the back, supporting a 14' long tree limb, allowing the cats to run overhead down the aisles.

The bed itself had been converted into my writing office, where, I spend my daily 8 hour writing sessions, writing the Quaraun books. I had a lot of very busy days, as you know me, I have Autism and OCD and don't let anything disrupt my writing schedule. I have written for 8 hours every day, for 4 years now. Never miss a day. Thus the remodeling of No Hurry's interior into Rosebud, was done around these 8 hour writing sessions. In the end, I was spending anywhere from 12 to 18 hours a day inside No Hurry, these first 2 years and the cats helping me every step of the way.

In October 2014, with the interior finally complete, I began work on the outside paint job. Now on a cane, with limited mobility of my leg and finding maneuvering a ladder to be extremely difficult, repainting the outside of a 12'7" tall motorhome has proven to be a challenge.

On October 14, 2014, we were hit by one of the worst acts of vandalism to our yards ever, as a mountain of wood pallets, tires, scrape metal, construction wreckage, and black trash bags of garbage were dumped on our land covering every inch of it. When I measure the pile of garbage that had been illegally dumped on our land, it was 175' long, 30' wide, and 12' tall.

Painting No Hurry into Rosebud was put on hold again, while an attempt to find out who did this and how to get this stuff out of our yard was made.

Blizzard Juno took us by surprise and buried No Hurry (a 12'7" tall motorhome) with the snow standing at 2 feet over the top of her. With the deep freeze that followed and temps plunging to -40F we were able to test out No Hurry's claim to yukon fame for the first time, and true to claims of her previous owners, it never went below 38F inside.

We already knew she had this same effect in the summer. We had a week of 100F temps with high humidity the previous summer, and the temps inside No Hurry never topped 70F. This truly was one hell of a good insulated machine. Whoever built her to be outfitted for Yukon Boondocking, knew what they were doing.

UPDATE: APRIL 10, 2015:
No Hurry Vandalized

On April 10, 2015, No Hurry was seriously damaged when she was broken into and torn apart by vandals, who tore off the door, smashed up everything inside, tore out the windows, took a pitchfork to the sofa, and then dumped about 100 gallons of raw sewage all over everything, leaving fecal sludge nearly 3 feet deep on the floor.

I am absolutely horrified by the level of hate which went into the attack on my motorhome.

All the work, time, and money that went into the remodelling of her interior is completely gone. The vandals ripped up the fabrics, stabbed everything with a pitchfork. They cut holes in my grandmother's 100 year old tapestry which had previously hung on the wall. The cat bunk beds in the over cab with smashed up in the drive way when I got home, so too was the cat tree and the suspended cat play gym. All the wood is smashed. What these vandals did to my motorhome is horrendous. They pumped it full of sewage and completely gutted the inside.

Why did they do this?

What is wrong with these people? Who does something like this?

What kind of monsters do something like this?

And they took my cats. My cats are gone.

These people are beyond evil.

Why does no one stop these people?

Why are they allowed to get away with these hate crimes over and over again, year after year?

(photos of vandalism are in the book)

No Hurry Gutted For Rebuilding
After Being Vandalised
And Construction Photos

No Hurry - gutted after vandalism

Yep - my big pink sofa and bed are both gone. :( Vandals trashed them both beyond repair so they had to be pulled out completely. They took a pitchfork to them, tore out the foam innards, shredded the coverings, smashed the wood frames, and them poured raw sewage all over them. Very upsetting especially considering that I upholstered them both myself, by hand and it took weeks to make them. But they are gone and new ones must now be made.

No Hurry's new metal floors

No Hurry's new insulation going in

No Hurry's new hardwood floors going in, and delivery day of the brand new flokati (yes, I bought another one to replace the one vandals ruined with sewage)

See the RoseBud section below for the finished interior photos.

Ten Kidnapped Cats

Most Recent Pictures Of My Cats

The following pictures were taken on May 14, 2015, when the police officer who confessed to doing the majority of the damage and vandalism, let me go to the kennel where my cats were being held hostage to see them. You can see from the photos, the horrific living conditions my cats have been kept in these past 4 months since they were kidnapped on April 10, 2015. Each cat is being kept in a cage that is not even big enough for them to move.

The cats are shown from oldest to youngest:

Georgie - age 15

Emily - age 15

Mittens - age 15

Bela Lugosi - age 14

Dog - age 10

Fizzgig - age 9

Kewpie - age 6

Blackie - age 5

Sprout - age 5

Pipsisewah (Pippi) - age 5

Full details on how, when, and why the cats were kidnapped can be found ON THIS PAGE.

The cats are currently be held hostage HERE.

These senior house cats are being listed as feral barn cats, a fact that I find very upsetting. The description they have placed on my cats is as follows:

Desperately Seeking Barns

FoFF currently has dozens of feral cats, who will be fixed and vaccinated, needing country or semi-rural homes with barns or other outbuildings to relocate to. These cats will lose their feeders but cannot be fixed and relocated until they have places to go. (Which could mean more new kittens in the meantime.) Please help us by adopting 1, 2 or even a small group. In turn they will keep your barn free of rodents and other critters. Usual donation of $40 per cat reduced to what you can afford so we can help as many as possible. Help us get these guys into homes before winter!

Please help--the need is great!

Contact or call 797-3014.

feral cat is one that has lived apart from humans for so long that it is not socialized to humans. It has been abandoned or was born in the wild and has lived so long in the wild that it is not a candidate for adoption into a home.

stray cat, on the other hand, is a domestic cat that has been abandoned or lost. It can usually be socialized to live with humans again in a home.

Feral cats are best suited to living outdoors with shelter in a safe place, food, and water. If they are vaccinated against rabies and spayed or neutered, they can live a contented life.

Uncared-for feral cats may struggle to live and eat, are subject to accidents and illness, inclement weather, and injuries from fights with other cats. Feral kittens up to 8 or 10 weeks of life can be socialized to live in homes, but not after this period.

The best way to help feral cats is TNR, a program of 

Got mice? Put feral cats to work for you, in exchange for room and board!

Many feral cats are not likely to be be suitable as indoor housecats, but you can still give them a safe, warm home in your barn, and in exchange, they'll keep the rat and mouse population under control.

We're always looking for homes in barns, garages, sheds, or other outbuildings for feral cats who must be relocated from their colonies.

All FoFF barn cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. We recommend the adoption of two or more from the same colony so they have the companionship they need.

We ask that cats be given dry cat food and fresh water every day, and they must be contained for one week or longer in a large wire kennel (which FoFF can provide), to allow them to acclimate to their new environment.

Do you see what those monsters are saying about my DOMESTIC HOUSE CATS that LIVED WITH ME FOR 15 YEARS!

These people are so racist and so bigoted against Gypsies that they don't even consider us humans. Do you see what they said?

A feral cat is one that has lived apart from humans for so long that it is not socialized to humans. It has been abandoned or was born in the wild and has lived so long in the wild that it is not a candidate for adoption into a home.

In the eyes of these people, I am not a human, they admit it right on their web site.

These monster broke into my home, ripped to door off, tore the furniture up and smashed it to pieces, shredded my sofa with a pitchfork, that they left in it when they left, shedded our bedding, and pumped hundreds of gallons of raw sewage into our house - on my bed, 3 feet deep on my floors, on my counters, on my walls, on my ceiling.

These vile, racist, hate filled monster did that to my house, and then took my cats, claiming that the house was already like that when they arrived.

Friends of Feral Felines and their violent, racist, hate filled criminal operation needs to be shut down.

These people PRETEND to help cats, but look at what they did, to take my cats. The violence, the vandalism. They are running a scam operation.  These monsters break into peoples home while they are gone to work, trash their houses, fill their houses with sewage, and then call the police to illegally seize the cats and charge the owners will thousands of dollars in vet bills. Then they list the cats for sale on their website, claiming that the fees they charge of for the vet bills, that the owners ALREADY PAID FOR. 

They beat my cats heads in, two of them are crippled for life now, and those bastards had the nerve to send me the $2,000 vet bill for the injuries they did to my cats.

How many other families has this criminal operation destroyed?

How many cats have they stolen away from their families?

How many homes have they broken into and trashed?

How many innocent people have they set up the way they set me up?

This has to stop.

This group must be shut down before they attack another innocent family.

This group must be shut down before they destroy more lives.

This group must be shut down before they hurt more cats.

And to think, I used to fund Friends of Feral Felines.

As the founder of the Proctor & Gamble Boycott, I declare a new boycott founded. From now on, we boycotters of P&G add a new company to our list: Friends of Feral Felines - may their vile criminal members spend eternity in hell forever having their heads beat in by cats.

Please get my cats away from these monsters and bring them home.

More Photos of My Cats Which These Lying Thieves Are Claiming Are Ferals Who Had No Contact With humans:

VERY old picture of Georgie and Emily, back in the house that was blown up by a grease fryer bomb on October 18, 2006... back in the days before I had a neighbor with a backhoe hell bent on putting a condominium on my land. yep - these cats are so old, I had them before the harasser moved to Maine. the man behind the sewage dumped in my house to frame me, thus why ten cats were taken on false charges, is the EXACT SAME man who has now run over 3 separate houses. This man has no morals whatsoever and sees nothing wrong with driving backhoes over our houses as fast as we build them.

Cats in motorhome - notice white flokati wall to wall carpeting - not a feces in sight, because I vacuumed daily. 

Under the bed, sleeping on the flokati - notice how WHITE and CLEAN i kept the inside of my motorhome. (And how infuriated I am that the kidnapping bastards thought nothing of filling my home with feces and sewage and destroyed my white flokati in addition to kidnapping my cats.)

Bela - a few HOURS before the kidnappers destroyed our home and stole our cats.

Me, Bela, and Georgie - 2 days before kidnapping.


The name Rosebud is twofold, coming partly from Citizen Kane and partly from Dead Poet's Society, two of my favorite movies.

For those not familiar with the movies:

Citizen Kane is a about a very wealthy man, who had  a happy childhood, but one Christmas, while playing on his sled a stranger came and more or less bought him from his parents. He grew up to be the wealthiest, most successful man in the region, but n his deathbed, would say only one word to anyone: "Rosebud". After his death, his servants and newspaper reporters turned everything they could find about his life upside down in the desperate search for the mysterious Rosebud, assuming her to be a long lost lover or perhaps he never mentioned having. Whoever Rosebud was, she was to inherit all his millions, if they could just find her. The search for Rosebud went on for years and finally, everyone gave up assuming that whoever Rosebud was, she must have died a long time ago. With no heirs, the millionaire's estate was auctioned off and everything that didn't sell, was incinerated. The final scene of the movie, is of a pile of old toys being thrown into the fire, among them the sled, the little boy had being playing with the day his parents sold him, painted on the sled were the words: Rosebud. 

The movie Citizen Kane was based off of a poem, in which you find the line:

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying.

The moral of the story Citizen Kane is very simple: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. Spend time with the people you love while they are still alive, don't give up your family for money.

The second movie: The Dead Poet's Society is based on a true story. The events in the movie occurred in the 1950s. A high class boy's finishing school, hires a new and promising English Professor, whose specialty is poetry. One day he reads a poem to the boys which read: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. And then he asks the boys what that means, and when they don't know, he takes them on a tour around the school to look at the photos of the boys who attended the school in it's hundred year history, and points out that every boy in these pictures has two things in common: 

#1: They are all young and full of life in these photos.

#2: Every one of them is now dead.

He then tells the boys, live live, today, now, while you are still alive, don't put off til tomorrow what you wanted to do today, because, you may be dead tomorrow. He then says to the children: 

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. Carpe Diem! Seize the day, boys! Seize the day!

The story continues following the life of one boy, who followed his dream, but was meet were harsh opposition, and commits suicide shortly before graduation. When their young friend is gone, their teacher's words:  Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. Carpe Diem! Seize the day, boys! Seize the day! Finally hits home as they realize, life is too short to waste it doing things that don't make you happy.

I came up with the idea of building a car to carry that message to others, one day while watching Chitty-chitty-Bang-Bang, a Disney movie about a magical flying car with a mind of it's own. It's a musical, and in one of the songs in this movie, a group of elderly men, unjustly held prisoner by a king, for many years, see the flying car and try to build one hoping to escape in it, while singing a song about gathering roses. The song takes the words from that poem and puts them to music and throughout the movie, the motto: "From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success" is chanted by several characters.

That song, kind of hit home for me, because in 2006 an act of hate, burned my house down, burned my clothes off my body, and my bum length long hair off my head. It's a miracle that I survived the bomb that blew up my house, I was told that by firemen and doctors. In the years since then, people have continually said to me, that they didn't know how I go with my life, after so many hate crime has taken so much from me. One day someone said to me: "You know, you're like a bright flower growing in the ashes. You inspire people to keep going. A lot of people would have killed themselves by now, but you just keep pushing forwards."

October 2010, hate crimes hit again and left me with a broken hip. A week later, another hate crime, I was attacked by a group of people from a local church and with a broken leg, I couldn't escape. I have Autism, PTSD, and panic attacks. Not a good combination. I had a stroke and they left me for dead. It is unknown how many days, yes, DAYS, I was unconscious, I don't have any friends or family who check in on me.

That's why I type with one hand now, why I limp with little use of one leg. (My left leg, not my right leg - my right leg, that wouldn't happen until 2013. Both my legs are bad now.)

It was through the combination of those things, that I began designing Rosebud. In 2010, I was still living under the 8x6 tarp which had been my home since the bomb took my house in 2006. The stroke, left me, with limited use of my arm and leg and, I had no one the help me. Just my cats. No one else. At that time, I also had no driver's license, no phone, and no way to get help. The stroke happened in October 2010, it wasn't until January 2011 that someone checked in on me and realized I really needed to get the hospital. It was 4 months from the time I was hurt, until the time someone arrived to help me get to a hospital.

I got my driver's license September 2011 and immediately went looking to buy a motorhome, so that I wouldn't have to spend another winter outside under a tarp, while injured and with no access to medical attention.

And while searching for a motorhome, I kept thinking back to Citizen Kane, Dead Poet's Society, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, and the line: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. 

And one day, in September 2011, I posted a comment on FaceBook which read: I'm buying a motorhome, I'm painting her pink, and I'm naming her Rosebud. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying. Carpe Diem! Seize the day, boys! Seize the day!

From that day forth, that became my motto, the words I would live by, Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for tomorrow ye may lay dying.

UPDATE: July 23, 2015:

You are reading a page which was originally written July 2013. The events of August 9, 2013, November 29, 2013, and April 10, 2015 had not yet happened, and Rosebud's creation has evolved and taken a new meaning. With the destruction of yet another house (August 2013), once again run over by the same backhoe which ran over the other two (2001, and 2007), the attack on me which left me bedridden and paralyzed for 5 months (November 29, 20013), and the destruction of No Hurry and the theft of my cats (April 10, 2015), Rosebud has become far more then a dream, she now a mission. A mission to put an end to hate crimes, bigotry, and bullies.

If you have a bully in your life: Stand up to them, Rosebud is going to cheer you on, and she's coming to a town near you to do it. Rosebud is about to drive across the country, down every single main street of every town, to cry out a message:


UPDATE: July 16, 2015:

Well, I've had to start over again, rebuilding the inside. Two years of work and $10,000 in interior decorating costs were destroyed in a single day. I am utterly shocked and horrified by the level of hate the vandals had to have had, to do the things they did. Most of the basic repairs are now complete.

It is very depressing and upsetting to have to do all this work all over again. I don't understand why we have to have such cruel, small minded, hate filled, evil people in the world. I simply do not understand what would possess someone to do something like this to a fellow human being? How can anyone be so cruel? why do these people hate so much?

Some of the original frog prink cloth I had used for the original upholstry has been salvages and has been successfully cleaned, thank goodness. So I'll be able to reupholster it in some of the same cloth. About half of the flokati carpeting has been successfully cleaned, the rest had to be thrown away. So, the flokati will be in it again, but not wall to wall. I've re carpeted the floors in a green carpet now. The sofa has been removed and cabinetry being built in it's place, so that area will soon become a writing desk area.

Due to what has happened, I've had time to rethink the outer paint job. She will still be pink and covered in rose bushes as originally planned, but the rest of the decorations are now different.

Originally planned to showcase the matching pink Quaraun series book covers, Rosebud's original design was drastically altered and a new design created on June 26, 2015 and unveiled to the public July 16, 2015.

Rosebud now stands as a monument to: Georgie, Emily, Mittens, Bela, Cleo, Dog, Fizzgig, Kewpie, Pippsiwa (Pippi), Blackie, and Sprout.

The vandal kidnapped 11 cats but admitted to having since lost one of them (Cleo) who they CLAIM escaped. My question is, if it is true that she escaped, why then did she not return home? I don't believe them. When I last saw my cats they had been beaten, Georgie's face was totally pulverized, Bela was missing her teeth. Bela and Dog were in critical condition (according to the vet) and will require medical treatments the rest of their lives. The level of brutality that went into the beating of my cats, leads me to believe that they have lied about Cleo. There has been no sign of her, these past 3 months, leading me to believe she is dead, murdered, when these vandals beat up the cats.

Due to this event, Rosebud is no longer a book touring machine. Oh we are still taking that cross country tour, and I'll still be signing books, but not the Quaraun series... Rosebud will now be promoting the non-fiction series detailing the story behind this horrendous act of hate. Rosebud now has a message to tell the world:


Update: September 10, 2015

Current information is telling me that as the October 19 court date grows near, Friends of Feral Felines went into a panic and sold my cats to Jackson Institute (an animal test lab) in Bar Harbour, Maine, and that my cats can not be returned because my cats are now dead.

I do not have evidance to either confirm or deny that piece of information, but until I hear otherwise, we are moving forward assuming it is true, given the other illegal actions which we can prove these people have taken in this. 

I am EelKat - the little girl who dacades ago, was known around the world as: "The Voice of the Voicless - Founder of the Procter & Gamble Boycott", after they murdered two of my dogs.

Shutting down animal test labs and animal abusing opperations masquerading as rescues and shelters is what I do. 

I shut down Avon's animal labs.

I shut down Este Lauder's animal labs.

And after 27 years of hanging on their asses - in April 2013, I shut down Procter & Gamble's animal test labs. Sarge and Bridgett are still dead, but now no more dogs will die at the hands of Procter & Gamble.

Unless someone can prove to me, that ALL TEN of my cats are still alive, I am now starting a new boycott: of the animal test lab that murdered my cats, and the so called rescue group that sent them there.

Books About No Hurry:

What you are reading on this page is a summary of the four books listed below. Full details of these events, including police and court transcripts, full testimonies/confessions of two of the vandals, and all before and after the photos of the damage done to No Hurry are included in these books.

The Arrival of No Hurry

(Vol 1)

Year One In No Hurry

(Vol 2)

The Destruction of No Hurry and The Theft of The Pidgie Fund Cats

(Vol 3)


The Rise Of Rosebud

(Vol 4)

Rosebud's Message of hope

UPDATE: July 23, 2015: As my fans and readers have been aware for a while now, Rosebud started out as a message of strength in the face of disaster and daring to be who you are, seizing the day and living the life you were meant to live.

What many, were not aware of is the HOW and WHY of Rosebud's evolution, why she went from that message in 2011 to a new message of hope in 2013.

As many are aware, in 2013 a backhoe came trundling once again into our life and, then suddenly, I vanished off of all forums and all social networks. I was unable to reply to the multitude of fan mail that started pouring in, filled with dread, worry, and concern.

Thank you, to all of you who wrote and asked if I was okay. Your kindness is much appreciated.

To answer your questions, no, I was not okay. I was far from okay. I was dying. 2014 has been fraught with, the hardest struggle of my life: the loss of the use of my legs and my relearning to walk. Surgery. The pain beyond unbearable most days. 

The injury involved muscles being ripped off of my spine, off of my hip, and off my knee, nerves being shredded. My whole right side, from my knee to my shoulder was paralyzed. I had already lost the use of my left hand and left leg during the stroke of 2010, and now I was also without the use of my right leg and arm as well.

That's why I wasn't online. It's books stopped being published. I couldn't write anymore. And I have Autism, I can barely talk, to lose my ability to write, also left me mute, for I write to speak. I don't use vocal words. Speaking with my voice is extremely difficult for me.

You have no idea how horrible the days from November 2013 to May 2014 were for me. I am thankful I had No Hurry and my cats throughout this terrible, terrible terrible time, for I would never have survived in this condition under the tarp. the tarp protected me from rain and snow for many years, but it had no walls, and no protect from the bear and coyotes that roam my land every day.

No Hurry, being so small inside, helped me to relearn to walk. I could not have relearned to walk without her. One thing I have learned, she is very disability friendly. That was not something I thought to consider when buying her. Her narrow hall and low cabinetry, give me plenty of handhold, to keep me from falling, when my legs give out. If it wasn't for No Hurry, I wouldn't be walking right now.

And if it wasn't for my cats keeping me company, through these long, horrible, lonely days and nights being bedridden with no visitors, no friends, alone unable to walk, for months, I don't think I would be here now. My online friends are the only friends I have. Yet I was offline for nearly a year. Thoughts of suicide are a creeping notion when you are crippled, alone, for 5 long months. My cats kept me alive, and No hurry kept me safe. 

The struggle to walk continues. There is searing pain burning through my hips and knees with every step I take. And yet, each day I climb a ladder, to the top of No Hurry, to painter her. Every inch of Rosebud is being painted by hand, with a little tiny brush, a little #6 round. Oh yes, all 62 feet by 12 feet of her sides are being being painted with a #6 round. The tip of that brush is the size of a pencil eraser, for those who don't know brush sizes.

Trying to maneuver a ladder, with my legs like they are, oh that's not fun. I'll tell you that. I've fallen off several times. Fallen 12' when you already hurt, that isn't fun either.

Every step I take is a struggle not to scream. You can't even begin to imagine how much it hurts for me to stand up. The horrible pain involved in trying to take a single step. 

I am far from well. My day grow shorter. I was rushed to the hospital, November 2014. Doctors didn't think I'd make it through the night. Then they didn't think I'd make it till Christmas. Emergency surgery. My last diagnosis, the doctor said, how long I live now, is dependant on how much stress there is in my life. My blood pressure stays at 70 over 60 now. The fainting spells have grown worse. I'm often too dizzy to stand and can often be found just laying in the driveway beside No Hurry, because I simply lack the strength to stand up anymore.

And I simply refuse to give up, and so in spite of my health, my injuries, and my pain, I am walking. It hurts like hell and very difficult to do, but doing it anyways. And every day, I climb up on that ladder and continue to paint No Hurry into Rosebud, with a very small paint brush.

Why the small paint brush, for such a big job? Because, it means more climbs up and down that ladder. It means pushing myself and strengthening my legs. I want to walk again, without pain, without the cane. And it is a huge struggle to get up this ladder. I am not going back in that wheelchair. I refuse to.

Since the drastic measures these men took on April 10, 2015, several locals now fear for my life and are convinced these men will make an attempt on my life, seeing how what they did to my cats did not pressure me into giving up the land. as a result, there are now multiple locals (all of whom were witnesses to the April 10, 2015 event) who now stop in daily throughout the day to check in on me.

But people keep asking, what happened, where did I go, what did I do, why was I no longer online, and that's the answer. And that's why, what these people did to my cats and to no hurry, hurts all the more. Those cats and No Hurry kept me alive through the worst year of my life and these horrendous bullies with their hate have taken my cats from my and try to destroy No Hurry. What is wrong with them? What kind of people do  something like this?

UPdate: October 28, 2015


Sitting as the Law Court

DOCKET NO. Yor-15-253


(Because the Town has not sent me copies of any documents they have filed with the court)






I, WENDY C. ALLEN, do solemnly swear that the following is true. Today’s date is Wednesday October 28, 2015. The final date for the town to file their brief was two days ago October 26, 2015 and I have not received said brief and do not know if they filed one or not. Seeing how they did not send copies of their multiple extension requests to me either, I only learning of them because the court notified me after the fact of the court’s allowing extension requests, I question if the town will send me a copy of said brief, seeing how they have yet to send me copies of anything else they have sent in to the court.

I noticed that the most recent letter the court has sent me, said:

“The Town was unable to contact Wendy Allen for her position.”

This is a very bold lie.

The town hall is on Portland Avenue, the same street as me. It is 36 seconds to drive from my driveway to the town hall. I checked. And they HAVE contacted me multiple times the past few weeks, but NOT about the cat / animal welfare case. They ONLY contact they have made is about the MOTORHOME and is as follows:

On July 14, 2015, while I was at work, yet ANOTHER dump truck, dumped garbage and debris on my land.

On July 16, 2015 after removing said debris, I moved my motorhome from it’s usual spot 175’ down my driveway, to park it by the road across the end of my driveway to prevent further illegal dumping while I was at work. As I was getting out of the motorhome, still holding the ignition keys, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) (who claims to work for the town hall, stating that he is on the “board of zoning appeals”) attempts to drive into my driveway in a green dump truck full of garbage and debris from having torn down a local building. He becomes infuriated to discover I have blocked off my driveway so he can not dump garbage on my land, and orders me to move the motorhome stating that the town hall took me to court over it and the court ordered me to remove it. I tell him, the town took me to court about the cat, not the motorhome. He accuses me of lying, stating they took the cats to make me get rid of the motorhome, he says to me the court case is about the motorhome not the cats. He spend well over a half hour, accusing me of squatting on abandoned property that he has rights to, accusing me of parking an abandoned vehicle on abandoned property, goes so far as to call my motorhome “junk” and say that the court ordered me to have it crushed. No matter what I say, this man, refuses to believe that I am the landowner, that the motorhome is registered and insured and I drive it.

Throughout July, August, September, and October, both of my art cars (the 1975 Dodge F40 Sportsman motorhome aka The Transgender Awareness Tour Bus, used for my book signing tours of my transgender literature books and the 1992 Volvo 240 aka The Autism Awareness Car) suffered violent and daily attacks, with the artwork being vandalised: all gay rights symbols (glued on in marbles and Swanki crystals - there are 2.5 million of them glued to cover every inch of the Volvo) were scraped off of the vehicles, the artwork was destroyed, tires slashed, grill broken off and smashed, chrome ripped off and stolen, tailpipe and muffler ripped off - ALL acts of vandalism were reported to police, the officers taking many pictures of the vandalism each time it happened. Between July and September several thousand dollars in damages were done to my vehicles and for a while it was unknown who was doing it, until the vandal got caught in action on September 4, 2015.

On September 2, 2014, someone broke the door off the motorhome AGAIN, requiring it to be replaced, AGAIN. On September 3, 2015, I installed a very large industrial strength padlock to the door.

On September 4, 2015, I left for work as usual, around 10AM, but before arriving at work, discovered I forgot my laser scanner equipment needed to scan items for my retail merchandising job with HallMark, and so I returned home to get it. As I drive into my driveway I find a white Jeep with town hall logo on the side of it, parked in my driveway. Nearly 75 feet off the road, I see  (OOB CEO name removed) , in my yard, at the back of my motorhome, with both hands on the padlock, violently shaking it and attempting to break it off the motorhome. When he sees me watching him trespassing on my land and vandalising my private property, he quickly pretends to be on “official business” and says that he is there to find out if I had removed the motorhome as the court had ordered me to do. I state that the court never ordered anything like that, as the court case was about the cats NOT the motorhome. There is nothing wrong with my motorhome and no reason for it to be removed. He lies and says it is full of feces.

I explain to him, that ONLY the vandals who PUT the feces there in their attempt to frame me, even knew the feces was ever there, and that the feces which vandals put in my motorhome were in it less then 24 hours, because I have Autism, with OCD, and am an extreme germaphobe. I can not have dirt or filth near me, and there is nothing worse you can do to a germophobe then fill their home with feces.

I continue to explain that as a result of the vandals pumping sewage into my motorhome on April 10, 2015 to frame me, I had to gut the motorhome. It has been striped down to bare metal, the metal refinished, and all new wood frames, new hardwood floors, new carpets, new furniture, new paint, and new fixtures have been put in. I am a germaphobe, just cleaning it after the vandals put feces in it was not an option for me, I didn’t just clean, it gutted it down to nothing and rebuilt it completely. If you are not a germaphobe, then you can’t even begin to imagine what it does to your brain to come home and find someone has filled your motorhome with feces. He doesn’t believe it has even been cleaned and accuses me of it still being filled with feces! I offered to take him into the motorhome to show him this, but he instead went hysterical screaming that it had to be removed from the town anyways. He did not even look inside, let alone go inside, claiming that he doesn’t need to see what I’ve done to fix it because it doesn’t matter if it’s been fixed it can’t be in this town.

September 10, 2015, I received my first and only letter from the town hall. It is an illegally written order to remove the motorhome from the town.

September 11, 2015, while I am at work,  (OOB CEO name removed) returns, but my boyfriend, is there and is in my motorhome.  (OOB CEO name removed)  fights with him once again LYING stating that the court case is about the motorhome NOT the cats and the motorhome has to be removed from the town.

September 12, 2015. Two men: (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) (the man with the dump truck) and  (OOB CEO name removed) , arrive in my driveway with three police cars. At first ((the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and  (OOB CEO name removed) tell the police I am a squatter and the motorhome has to be removed. The police check the records and discover I am the landowner and the motorhome is all registered and legal. The police tell (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murderand (OOB CEO name removed) I can park my own cars on my own land and they have no right to make me move it. 

Next (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and  (OOB CEO name removed) tell the police the land is abandoned and motorhome is abandoned because it doesn’t run. The police point out that they can see me on my land and they drive by every day and see me there every day, and have seen the motorhome moved into various locations around the yard, so they know that neither the land nor the motorhome are abandoned. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)says there is no house on the land, I point out to police that there is no house on the land because he  drove a backhoe over my house (3 separate houses since 2001) and on the third occasion (August 8, 2013)I caught him doing it on camera and have pictures of his  backhoe sitting on top of my house. I tell the police, just because he drove a backhoe over my house doesn’t make the land abandoned - I STILL live here. This land has been in my family since the 1530s, house or no house I refuse to leave it.

Next (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murderand  (OOB CEO name removed)  began screaming and yelling and become very hysterical, threatening me and the three police officers. And FINALLY the TRUTH comes out, when  (OOB CEO name removed)  says:

“She has Autism, she’s insane, we can’t have people like that in this town, you have to make her leave.”

Before the police can respond (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) adds:

“That THING is Ken’s son, look at how he’s dressed. He’s insane. He’s GAY. That THING and IT’s GAY cars do not belong in this town. That THING and IT’S GAY CARS must be removed from the town, this is a FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN WE CAN’T HAVE GAYS HERE IN THE FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN OF OLD ORCHARD BEACH. You have to make that THING and IT’s GAY CARS leave this town. That THING is TOO GAY for Old Orchard Beach.”

(SIDE NOTE: I am transgender. My motorhome has, on it’s sides, front, and back, painted in big bold letters the words: “Transgender Awareness Tour Bus”. I make no secret of what I am. I am transgendered and proud of it. And I am a PERSON, I am not a THING or an IT.)

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and  (OOB CEO name removed)  continue to argue and yell at the police officers, continuing to spew their hatred for gays and continue to profess that gays are not allowed in Old Orchard Beach and that all gays must be run out of town.

That night my boyfriend emails the town manager  to tell him what his men are doing, and he responds back to say that he fully supports his men in this.

Throughout the entire month of September and October, complete strangers have been coming up my driveway to say: “Can I see the inside of your motorhome? I just came from the town hall, I was paying my taxes, and they told me they are suing you because it’s full of feces and you won’t get rid of it. I was wondering if I could see inside it for myself?” I ask “Who told you that lie?” She’ll always say either Dan Feeney or ((the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) every time. And so all month for the past two months, I have been giving tours of the inside of my motorhome to various local residents, whom the town has been sending over to see what my motorhome looks like inside. In each case, I also show the strangers my court papers to prove that the court case is about the CATS, NOT the motorhome and in each case the woman is shocked to learn this fact and states that the town never once mentioned the CATS when they were telling her about the court case.

I have had NO OTHER CONTACT from the town hall other then these incidents listed above. Throughout all of their contacts, they have ONLY referenced their desire for my GAY RIGHTS AWARENESS motorhome to be removed from the town, they have not once mentioned the CATS at all. They act like my cats don’t even exist. They REFUSE to acknowledge that this case is about my cats and continue to focus ONLY on my GAY RIGHTS AWARENESS MOTORHOME, which they continue to claim is TOO GAY to be parked in any driveway in this town. They are fully focused ONLY on the motorhome and it’s over gayness, and are completely ignoring any reference to my cats at all.

They have NOT sent me copies of any of their requests for enlargement of time, I only learned of them, when the court sent me the copy of the response to the request.

They LIED in their enlargement request, when they stated they have been unable to contact me, as they have been daily trespassing on my land and vandalising my private property and spewing anti-gay hate slurs in person directly to my face all summer long, and have been dragging the police here with them as witnesses.

Needless to say, I am OUTRAGED to learn that the REASON the town put feces in my motorhome to frame me, then took my cats on said false accusations, was BECAUSE I am transgendered and TOO GAY to live in this town.

The town has put me, my family, and my cats through living hell over this, and all because I’m GAY? That is a violation of my civil rights. I am currently organizing a gay rights march, due to happen next summer at the town hall, in response to this.

I am OUTRAGED that they would dump garbage on my land because they think I am TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN.

I am OUTRAGED that they drove a backhoe over my house (August 8, 2013)  because they think I am TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN. (And that was the THIRD house of mine (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) did it to.)

I am OUTRAGED that they would break into my motorhome and fill it with feces because they think I am TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN.

I am OUTRAGED that they would use a SWAT TEAM, 7 police cars and 14 officers to take my cats at gunpoint, WITH A WARRANT and abuse my cats just because they think I am TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN.

I am OUTRAGED that they would use my cats to FRAME ME FOR CRIMES I DID NOT COMMIT just because they think I am TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN.

I am OUTRAGED that they think my TRANSGENDER AWARENESS TOUR BUS motorhome can not be parked in my own driveway because as they put it IT is TOO GAY for their FAMILY FRIENDLY TOWN.

This is an EXTREME VIOLATION of my civil rights. My family IS a family, and have EVERY RIGHT to live in this town, and they have NO RIGHT to do the things they have done.

They want to know my position? My position is this:

I want my cats returned, I want them to STOP trespassing on my land, I want them to STOP dumping garbage on my land, I want them to STOP spreading lies about me, my cats, my family, my cars, my motorhome, my land, and my property to the locals when they go to the town to pay their taxes, I want to be allowed to build a house on my land without the threat of a backhoe driving over it a fourth time, I want them to pay for the repairs I’ve had to make to my motorhome, and I want them to never, ever harass me, my family, my pets, my land, my property, or my vehicles EVER again. I want the anti-gay HATE CRIMES to STOP. I want my cats back and I want the harassment to stop. They have been harassing me since 2001 and it needs to stop. In EVERY ONE of more then 200 separate incidents, regardless of who the town manager or town councillors are, EVERY event of harassment has included (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) giving the town officials orders and them carrying them out. This is not the first time they have abused my cats; in April 2007, they beheaded one, cut the legs off another and according to the vet, the cause of death for the other 12 that died that week, was poison. They have no morals and see nothing wrong with committing animal cruelty as a way to harass the gay residents of this town, as can be seen when on April 14, 2015 WHILE IN THEIR CUSTODY my cats had to be rushed to the vet with blunt trauma and two, Bela and Dog, will need medical treatment for the rest of their lives as a result of what this men did to my cats while keeping them from us.

They had no right to frame me for something I didn’t do, just because they don’t approve of my gender identity or sexual orientation.  They had no right to falsely accuse me of animal abuse, and then a week later while my cats were IN THEIR CUSTODY, further frame me AGAIN, by abusing my cats then lie and say they were like that a week prior when they illegally seized them WITHOUT A WARRANT, just because they don’t approve of my gender identity or sexual orientation. They had no right to vandalize my property, just because they don’t approve of my gender identity or sexual orientation. They had no right to spread lies about me, my property, or my cats, just because they don’t approve of my gender identity or sexual orientation.

I want my cats back and I want the HATE to STOP. If they return my cats and pay for the damages and stop harassing me and my family, I’m willing overlook this and move with my life. Otherwise, I am filing a civil rights violation lawsuit against (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and every one in the town hall of the Town of Old Orchard Beach who has helped him in this, for their anti-gay hate discrimination, for their slander of my and mine to other town residents, for their hate crimes, for their abuse of my cats, for the emotional trauma they have caused me, my family, and my cats, and for the defamation of my character, and I am moving forward with the gay rights march during next summer’s tourist season.

Because the town HAS NEGLECTED to send me copies of ANY court documents thus far, I have no idea whither or not they filed a brief and do not know what my next step is, as the next step was to respond to their brief, but they are REFUSING to send me copies of ANYTHING they file with the court and as such I have yet to receive any papers from them.

c.c to:  

Larry Mead, Town Manager, Town Hall, 1 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Louise Reed, Asst. Town Manager, Town Hall, 1 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, ME, 04064

Kenneth Blow, Town Councillor, POBOX  510, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Shawn O’Neill, Town Councillor, 1 OakCrest Drive, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Jay Kelley, Town Councillor, 51 Wild Dunes Way, Unit #10, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Michael Tousignant, Town Councillor, 1 Hilltop Drive, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Joseph Thornton, Vice-Chair, 4 Hemlock Street,  Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064

Brooke E. Ahlquist, Victim Advocate, Bidd Dist Atty’s Office 25 Adams Street, Biddeford, ME 04005

Philip A. Greenwood, Detective Sergeant, CASE #15-2652-OF, Biddeford Police Department, Criminal Investigations Division, 39 Alfred St, Biddeford, Me, 04005

Kathryn M. Slattery, Esq. York County Dist Atty’s Office 45 Kennebunk Rd, Alfred ME 04002

Signature:  Wendy Christine Allen (the accused/appellant - me)

_______________________________________ Date _____________

UPDATE: JULY 17, 2015
The man behind the April 10, 2015 vandalism of "No Hurry" has arrived in my yard and identified himself...

You remember how we keep having a problem with big dump trucks driving up into our land and dumping garbage here, and how last week I told you a red dump truck stopped out front, it had started to drive in, but had to back cak out and keep going because my car was parked across the end of the drive way instead of in the driveway, so the trespassing dump truck wasn't able to drive in and dump garbage this time? 

I park my car across the end of the driveway now, instead of in the yard like I used to, to keep the illegal dumping from happening. It's the only way I've been able to keep the trash dumpers from gaining access to my land.

but then, a few days ago while I was gone, someone dumped more garbage in the yard, so, yesterday I decided to keep the driveway blocked off while I was not home, by moving the motorhome  out of the back driveway by the woods where I usually park it, and park it instead across the end of my driveway where the trespassing vandals keep backing dump trucks up in to dump garbage?

Well, today. I'm got in my yard, going back and forth between the gardens and repainting No Hurry, when this big frigging dump truck drives up... 

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)

.... YES, you DO recognize that name... here let me remind you who this guy is...

My yard, 2010

My yard July 16, 2013

August 9, 2013 I come home to find, a backhoe and no house. Note the big red apple in it's scoop arm.

...yep, it's the SAME damned guy who has 3 times now driven a back hoe over our houses. He did it in 2001, then 2007, and those pictures of him caught doing it camera, were taken August 9, 2013.

yes, in addition to owning a backhoe that he likes to run over people's houses with, he also owns a dump truck. 

Oh, and, before we forget - this is the guy who trespassed on our yard April 8, 2015, to bring the 2 public works men over and, do you remember what he was doing that day. He was standing in my garden, pointing across the brook, screaming and yelling at/about my motorhome. Oh, yes, this IS the guy who made the false police report. This IS the guy who paid the vandals to pump gallons and gallons and gallons of raw sewage into my motorhome on April 10, 2015...

Want some more facts? He's the guess who was the developer on the board of commissioners, the planning board that in the late 1990s came to the conclusion they was going to take my land, tear my down barns and houses and build a condominium... and they offered to buy my land, for, wait for it: $5,000 dollars.

Yes, five thousand. That was the offer they made. They think because I have Autism, that I am too stupid to know the value of property on one of the most sought after beaches on the planet! My taxes are that much! And back then this was a full blown working farm. We had horses and goats and poultry by the thousands. We was an egg farm, provided eggs for most of the county. We had a poultry barn with 500 laying hens, that didn't include the bantams and the ducks. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), ran that backhoe over our barn in June 2001, killed our egg business. He thought if they destroyed our source of income, they could starve out. And get us to sell our land that way.

They have not been able to get me to sell, so, mid Spring 2001, I came home to find a photo of a gun taped to my front door, in July 2001, I came home to find there was no house in my yard. May 9, 2006 some one cut the water pipes from our driveway off the main pipe and flooded most of the street. After that, someone cut the wires off the light poles, and we've been without electricity ever since.

October 18, 2006, a grease fryer bomb took out the house. 

April 2007, a whole crew of construction workers, accompanied by police officer Will Watson, show up in our yard and star surveying. I ask them what they are doing here. They ask me what i'm doing here. I say i I live here. They say, but Jim Thomas (town manager) owns this land.

No he doesn't. 

"He told us he bought it."

I didn't sell it. I'm still here.

The foreman gets very scared and tells me he was hired to cut down the trees, blast the ledge, level the ground, clearcut the forest, drain the swamp, fill in the brook, and build a condominium.

The men leave very quickly.

The following week, 12 of my cats are dead, some have their heads cut off. According to the vet's autopsy, the rest were poisoned. The police officer who took the report said: "Well, cats die. What can you do?"

April 17, 2007 the backhoe arrives to run over yet another house. 

On a weekly basis from 2007 until the current week, we have had to deal with a steady line of vandals dumping garbage - huge truck loads of it, in our gardens; in between the vandals who took to digging up our perennial flowers and stealing them, and stealing $10,000 worth of automotive tools (those were stolen by a big green dump truck, with a bright red apple painted on the door - who do you think owns that! - That's (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder),'s dump truck, the one he just attacked me with today), thousands more in gym equipment, and nearly every single last concret garden statue (big statues) out of my garden.

2008 officer (police officer Will Watson) returns, threatening to take my cats because he say he got "an anonymous tip FROM A NEIGHBOR" and claimed, that the neighbor says the cats are abandoned on an abandoned lot.

Someone has been doing an awful lot of running around town trying to convince every one in the town that my land, my cars, my house (when I have one long enough), and my pets are abandoned... and yet, all the while, here I am, right here on my land, every single time the police arrive. By what logic is this land or anything on it abandoned. I've been here since 1975. I'm still here. Not going anywhere.

May 5, 2010, my 1964 Dodge 330 gets cut in half, then stolen - police initially investigate but stop the investigation when they get "an anonymous tip FROM A NEIGHBOR" and claim, that the neighbor says the car was an abandoned car on an abandoned lot. Sound familiar? yeah. It was him.

October 2010, my first broken hip.

November 2011, my first broken wrist.

February 21, 2012 I buy the famous race car named "No Hurry", February 23, 2012 police officer Will Watson arrives to say he got "an anonymous tip FROM A NEIGHBOR" and claimed, that the neighbor says the motorhome was an abandoned car on an abandoned lot. I had owned it 2 days. Two days!

March 2012, my second broken wrist.

August 9, 2013, a picture says a thousand words. Here, have two:

Ask me again why I've given up putting houses back up? Because our neighbor has a backhoe and he won't stop driving it over them.

November 2013, days after posting pictures of his backhoe crushing my house on FaceBook, I ed up with a broken back, hip, and knee, and am paralyzed and can't walk for 5 month, am told by doctors I'll be in a wheelchair rest of my life. 

October 2014, lots more garbage gets dumped, and the town, rather then investigate to find out who is dumping garbage on our land and doing something about the vandals, puts my land up for auction. Guess who was bidding on it and was convinced he was the new owner. Yeah.

April 8, 2015, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), shows up on our land, with two men (their names in book as well). He's waving his arms around, pointing over at No Hurry and screaming hysterically. I go over to see why he's in our yard and he jumps in his pick-up truck and speeds away.

The white public works dump truck and a small bobcat brand backhoe arrive. 

They ARE supposed to be there. They are SUPPOSED to be removing the 175' x 30' by 12' tall pile of garbage that has been illegally dumped on our yard.

They remove SOME of it. (I removed about 75% of it myself with a U-Haul truck a few weeks later, because they didn't do what they were supposed to be doing.) When they had removed JUST ENOUGH to reach the perennial gardens, they stopped removing junk and instead, removed every single, solitary last plant. Pine trees, cedar trees, rose bushes, maple trees, lilac bushes, irises, daylilies, Asian lilies, bee balm, lemon balm, hibiscus, hollyhocks, grape vines, blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, blackberries- more then $30,000 dollars worth of perennial plants - flowers, herbs, and fruit crops - were stolen on April 9, 2015.

They were supposed to be there 3 days. Because the public works trucks were driving back and forth over the spot where my tent had been set up (and thus the location where me and my cats lived) I put the cats in the motorhome, so they would not get run over by the public works trucks.

April 10, 2015, I arrive home to find seven (7) police cars (and officers brandishing guns at me) in the yard, the side ripped off my motorhome, and raw sewage nearly 3 feet deep inside, covering every inch of my bed, counters, etc. The sofa is shredded with a pitchfork sticking out of it. Boxes are strewn all around. all the furniture, bedding, curtains, fixtures, ect, were ripped out, smashed up, and ripped up, and outside in the muck of the now melting snow.

The police took the cats, because they said "They can't live in feces." Like they thought the feces were already there. I have autism and OCD, I clean EVERYTHING. I'm out there with a broom, sweeping my drive way every week. I hate messy. 

April 14th, while my cats were in police custody, I was informed they had to be rushed to the hospital. No word why. But when I saw the cats next, Georgie's face is flattened. His eyes smashed back into the sides of his head. His nose pulverized. All Bela's teeth are knocked out of her head. The Old orchard beach police beat my cats up.And the town of Old orchard beach has the nerve to send ME the vet bills for their officers beating my cats' brains in!

Georgie was 15 years old. Bela 14 years old. These cats are famous too, these are The Pidgie Fund cats. The cats that are also characters in The Twighlight Manor series, The Planet Ptarmagin Series, and The Quaraun series. The fictional cats in the books, are based on real live cats, cats that have been kidnapped, beaten, and held hostage since April 10, 2015. The cats my fans and readers know and love. Cats my fans and readers expect to meet, every summer when they come here to see me. This year, people are here to see me, my cars, my cats, and they're seeing what was done to No Hurry, and asking, "Where are the cats?" I tell them. And I tell them to spread the word.

What kind of monsters, beat up defenseless cats?

Do you know what hell it is trying to clean hundreds of gallons of raw sewage out of a white shag flokati carpet? These people are monsters. What kind of people do something like this to a fellow human being?

(On May 13, officer Will Watson came forward to confess that he had trashed the motorhome, he described in detail what he did and how he did it, but he says the "fecal matter" was there when he arrived. I have the entire conversation recorded and on tape.)

And if you're wondering where someone gets access to that much fecal matter. Can I point out that my neighbor on the other side of me, owns Blow Brothers port-a-potty company and has thousands of port-a-potties and honey wagons tanker trucks in his yard at any given time? And he on the town planning board, and in February 2014 he was arrested for shooting holes in the roof of our barn?

This guy REALLY does not want me to have a house. And he is hella persistent. But this is the first time, he's confronted me face to face. 

He used to confront my mom, back in the old days of the harassment. The land was in her name then. In recent years he's been confronting me dad, because it was in his name. A week ago the land went into my name, and low and behold, here he is, trying to intimidate me, coming up in here, all big burly man with his big dump truck and throwing threats in my face, same way he did my dad when my dad owned the land and my mom when my mom owned the land. This guy has got a problem, I don't know what it is, but boy is he bitchy and arrogant. He acts like he thinks he owns the town. You should hear this prick.

As you know, I'm about to go on a cross country book signing tour, for the Quaraun series, and as such No Hurry is getting a facelift to match the book covers.

I started repainting her in September 2014, same time the announcement of the book signing tour went out. I am behind schedule on that because as you know, I've been in and out of court trying to first get the land back and then trying to get the kidnapped cats back. (Note I paid the $12k ransom on April 28, 2015, and it's now July 17, 2015 and they are still holding my cats hostage.)

Note, here that I was never once in court about the motorhome, though, the town did, in court, try to bring the motorhome into the court case (the cat case) which I thought was rather odd, seeing how we were there about the kidnapped cats. You'll understand, why I'm pointing this fact out right now, because you're about find out WHY my cats are being held hostage and who's behind it. At long last we have his name.

Our land has two driveways, and goes back 175' and normally I keep No Hurry parked in the back side by the woods. You can't see her from the road unless you drive up into the driveway.

However, that section of driveway is narrow, has tall lilacs bushes and cherry trees to the sides, and, makes painting No Hurry difficult. Well, I did the primer and base coat over there, but the detail work, all he lettering and pictures of book covers, etc, requires a ladder and a wider space.

So, I've been move No Hurry from one driveway to the other so that I have room to set up the ladder and get the painting done. Painting that would have been finished last fall, had someone not taking to dumping insane amounts of dump truck loads of garbage on our land! At night she is tucked away back in her spot in the other end of the yard, so unless you were here, you wouldn't know she ever moved at all - that seems to be important, I'll tell you why in a minute.

Well, somebody started dumping junk in my yard again the other day, yes, this week, another load, right there in my yard, more dump trucks have been coming up in here, and I figured the only way to stop them from repeating last years massive dumping, was to block off the end of the driveway so dump trucks couldn't get up in here anymore.

I work. I'm a Retail Merchandiser for HallMark and cover many stores across the state. Some days I drive up to 100 miles away. As such I am not here in my yard 24 hours a day. Just like anyone else I have to leave each day to go to work. Unlike everyone else, I have to come home to find that vandals have yet again, illegally dumped garbage on my land. I figured the only way to stop them from repeating last fall's massive dumping, was to block off the end of the driveway when I am gone to work, so dump trucks couldn't get up in here anymore. Thus July 15, 2015 instead of putting No Hurry back in her usual night time location, at the back of the neighbor’s yard, I parked her across the end of my own driveway, a few feet from the road. And now no dump trucks can get in my driveway while I'm gone to work.

Thus 2 days ago, instead of putting No Hurry back in her usual night time location, om my neighbor's back section of driveway by the woods, I parked her across the end of my driveway on my own land, a few feet from the road. And now no dump trucks can get in my drive way while I'm gone to work.

As my fans and readers know, I've completely rebranded my line: my books, my website, my clothes, my car, and of course my motorhome. 

Everything has turned pink with purple letters, to match The Screaming Unicorn, the book I was going on tour for.

I am making new business cards, as you know, I've mentioned it before the past few weeks. My old cards, match my old book covers and we've had new covers put on everything, meaning I need to make new business cards to match.

Also, because of the illegally dumped garbage on my land at 146, I had permission from my neighbor at 146-A to park No Hurry in the back of their driveway until I could get the garbage removed off of my land. So, until today, No Hurry has not been parked on my own land overnight before.

But now with the garbage FINALLY gone from my yard, I can bring No Hurry back into my own driveway without having to use my neighbor’s anymore, thus the other reason I started bringing her over into my yard more often, seeing how there is no reason for me to park her on my neighbor's land any more now that the vandal's illegally dumped garbages if finally off my land.

and, so today (July 16, 2015) was setting up the photo shoot for those, thus I was moving both No Hurry and The Dazzleing Razzberry into various spots around the yard, and taking pictures between each move. (The pictures of them on the old business cards, show them before their pink facelifts)

 I'd just got done parking No Hurry and was in the middle of repositioning Razzberry when this big green dump truck comes thundering up, and (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), gets out and at first he's okay. He starts out talking to me like a normal, calm, sane, rational person. That didn't last long.

He says: "Can I ask you a question?"

I say: "Okay."

He says: "Didn't you get an order to remove that thing?" (points to No hurry) (the motorhome)

Me: "Nope."

"The town didn't give you an order to get rid of it?"


"Then why'd you move it?"

I open my mouth to tell him about the photo shoot for the new business cards, and getting ready for the book tour, but before I get a word out, suddenly he is screaming at me, and I'm standing there staring at him wondering what in the hell just happened.


"Yes...." (that's as far as he let's me get, I was going to add "....but not for the motorhome." - and I am wondering at this point, how he knew I was in court.)

Next thing I know he's flying off the handle, running to the front of his dump truck (that I couldn't help but notice has a load of garbage in it), back to the door, starts to climb in, jumps back down, runs to the back, goes back to the front, slams to door, and repeats this mad dash back and forth, all the while he is screaming and yelling at me and I'm still trying to figure what in the heck this guy's problem is. He is very nervous, highly agitated, and he carries a rifle on that truck, so I'm starting to get very freaked out about the fact that he keeps opening that door and reaching into his truck.

"THE COURT GAVE YOU AN ORDER TO DISPOSE OF THAT .... THAT .... THAT!" (waves hand at motorhome.)

"No they didn't."


"No. They didn't."


I'm trying to think of a responce to his confession, but before I can say anything he keeps on screaming...


Ooooohhhh, he just confessed to being the man who went after my cats - there is the last name I didn't have. I knew there was a complaint about No Hurry, just didn't know who had made it.

But he told the town? Seriously? Told the town? Who died and made him god? He TOLD THE TOWN... what is this, a kingdom? Is he own King of Old Orchard beach now? What in the hell? This guy is flipping nuts! I'm just flabbergated listening to the self-rightious ego and arrogance coming out of this man as he spews out his hatred for my motothome. I'm just too stunned to talk, and ain't saying a word while this guy flips out, still jumping back and forth between shaking his fists and the end of the driveway and running back to the cab of his dump truck. 


I'm still just standing there, no clue what to do or say while this guy winds himself into some sort of a wild frenzy. I have no idea what to think at this point. This guy is really acting like he wants to run over me with his dump truck at this point, and yeah, I'm on a cane, on a hill, with a really bad leg, and that's a damned big, big, big heavy equipment construction vehicle he's threatening me with. There ain't no way I can outrun that thing, or live through being hit by it. And this guy has just exploded into some sort of raging psychotic meltdown. 

He reaches a point where he's sounding like a broken record chanting:


I finally find my voice long enough to say: "Why?" (A difficult thing for me, seeing how I have Autism and verbal speech is not something I do very often.)




I'm about to ask how either it or my land are abandoned, but he doesn't give me a chance to say a word.




I look at my motorhome, sitting here, 300 feet from where it was sitting yesterday and wondering, how it is he thinks I got it from one side of the yard to the other, if it doesn't run.

Does he think I teleported it from one location to the other? And, I've put 1,000 miles on it since I bought it. I've only had it a short while. I only just bought the damned thing a few months ago. That's an awful lot of miles in awful short time, for something that's doesn't run.

This appears to be a case of false assumptions and jumping to conclusions. He seems to assume that because he gets up and goes to work and sees No Hurry backed in the back, and then that night, comes home and sees her parked (almost) that same spot, that therefor, she has never left that spot, when in fact, while he was gone to work, she had been out and about and moves around the yard quite a lot. She just gets tucked into the same spot each night so he doesn't think she ever moves.

Never ASSUME for is makes and ASS out of U and ME.

He's still screaming and shaking his fists and opening and shutting the door of his dump truck.


This guy has got veins bulging out is face now, he is so freaking insanely angry out of his mind. And I'm still not sure what he's mad about. The way he's acting, the stuff he's saying, none of it makes any sense to me at all. 


"Why?" (I'm genuinely curious as to what his reason for wanting it to leave is.)


Oh...yes...have I ever told you about all the times, I'll be sitting in my garden, tall flowers over my head, you can't see me at all, my car, looped to the back side of the horseshoe where it can't be seen from the road. I'm laying in the sun, and a woman (his wife, I think) nearly steps on me (70+ off the road) and grabs the small child she has with her and runs screaming down my driveway, runs up (Name revealed in book),'s driveway, screaming


Do you know how many times this woman and her small child, trip over me while I'm sleeping? It happens just about every week.

One has to sleep outside on the ground, when one can't keep a house up for more than a few weeks, because someone runs over it with a backhoe every time one puts up another house! I'm not allowed to sleep in No Hurry. And yet there are more then 3,000 families in this town who live motorhomes year round. I don't see the police knocking on their motorhomes every night to make sure no one is inside.

It's not safe to sleep outside at night in these woods, there are 2 packs of coyotes each a dozen dogs strong, 5 black bear, a lot of foxes, the mountain lion that escaped from the Animal Farm a few years back, and still there, she was sitting beside No Hurry just last fall, several fisher, and one really bad tempered wolverine who in 2006 took down a moose in my yard. I've not dared sleep outside at night since the wolverine tore that moose to shreds. 

So i sleep in the day, in the tall grass and flowers of my rose gardens, and am constantly being tripped over by this trespassing woman who sees nothing wrong with bringing her children up in here to steal my plants.

This woman is constantly trespassing up into my yard, hundreds of feet off the road, with her child, to steal my plants, they come up here with buckets and shovels, they stole my army of pink plastic flamingos just this past May 2015. Do you know how annoying this thieving trespassing bitch and her brat is?

Happens all the time. These people come down his driveway to trespass in my yard all the time. It's a big problem, but THAT is what he's referencing, while he's screaming:


He's referring to his (I think grandchildren), who are hoodlums who refuse to stop trespassing in my yard. Note the flowers in (Name revealed in book),'s yard. Yeah, my lilacs, my rhododendrons, my daffodils, my daylilies ...stealing plants from my yard, when they THINK I'm not home, and THINK I don't see them doing it, is a big problem for these people. I told him once, about 15 years ago, if they wanted my flowers, they didn't have to steal them, they could ask and I could divide some up for them.

They keep stealing my no trespassing signs to. I buy dozens of them a year. I have to put up new signs every few weeks.

Yes, kids could get hurt here, I got traps. I know where they are. Trespassers don't. Coyotes, bear, fox, fishers,  wolverine are a big problem in the woods around here. My question would be, what are kids doing trespassing in my yard to begin with? And, if they get their leg caught in a bear trap, they'll bleed to death, long before anyone knows they are hurt. So, yeah, what are your kids doing on my PRIVATE PROPERTY in the first place.

Private property that is posted: no trespassing, no hunting, no fishing... oh look, there's even some that say no dumping.

He's going on and on about how the motorhome is dangerous...uhm... ALL vehicles are dangerous to children, that's why you don't let your children play in, on, or around them. Children who are raised by intelligent parents, don't trespass on other people's property any more then they play in, on, or around any sort of machinery, vehicle or otherwise. Intelligent children know better then to trespass, steal, destroy,  vandalize, and other CRIMINAL activities. Intelligent parents, know to teach their kids morals and right from wrong.

But, I'm only thinking these things, I still am not saying anything as I listen to him, still screaming hysterically.

He's yelling at me saying it's a dangerous abandoned vehicle, while I'm right here USING it. Let me repeat that part again: I was setting up for a photo shoot. I was was driving it around the yard, from one side of the yard to another, to get it in the best light for the photos, and he's telling me that it is abandoned and doesn't run...and yet, I've still got the ignition key in my hand, because I was just driving it before he stormed up here yelling at me. 

He's still chanting: "IT'S ABANDONED IT HAS TO GO!"

I say again: "Why?"


I turn around and stare at No Hurry. Huh. I guess this guy is blind. It is registered. He aperantly never looked at the plates.

He stops screaming. He's staring at me, staring at the plates. His mouth opens and closes several times.

"You registered it?" He asks, too dumbfounded to say anything else.

"It's always been registered."


He leaps in his dump truck and roars up his drive way. And I'm left to wonder, what in the heck just happened. 

And you want to know what the most irronic part of all this is?

Had he NOT been harassing me and vandalising my motorhome, I would have finished painting it last October, and both and it, wouldn't be here right now. We'd be on the road, hitting every state, going to bookstores, libraries, carnevals, festivals, and conventions all over the country.

Do you see the irrony? Because he wanted my motorhome gone, it's still here and I've had to cancle my tour in order to first undo the damage he did to No Hurry. Everything has to be reschedualed for 2016 now. Had this guy, been using his brain, I wouldn't be here in my yard right now, nor would my motorhome.

But, I haven't reschedualed my tour dates yet, because 10 members of my family are still being held hostage and I'm not leaving without them. Until my cats are returned, neither me, no No Hurry are leaving this yard. My cats are my family. My family goes on that book signing tour with me, or I simply don't go.

As my fans and readers know, the cats are featured as characters in most of my books. Talking cats is a race that exists in the realms of The Twighlight Manor Series Universe. Those cats are damned famous, and were going on the tour with me because I have a lot of fans wanted to meet them. 

I've had those cats for 14 years and they've been everywhere with me.  They always travel with me, they always have. Fans were expecting to see No Hurry in her Rosebud paintjob set up out front of books stores, where they could come inside and meet me and my cats, and see both No Hurry and Razzberry.

There are a lot of disappointed fans right now. The tour has been canceled because my cats were kidnapped and motorhome vandalized.

And there are a lot of eyes, all over the world, watching these events in Old Orchard Beach unfold, as these vandals put our town on the map, giving it a very, very, VERY bad reputation. Already tens of thousands of people canceled their vacation plans to come here this year. More are saying they will not be coming back at all, now that they know the town hall and police not only do nothing to stop harassment of this level, but support and help the bullies, because the town hall and the police of this town can be bought. The more this man tries harder to take our land, the more residents leave.

In 2001 this town had 12,000 year round residents and 2 million tourists. Today it has 7,000 residents and 100,000 tourists, and more are leaving every day. Business are shutting down all over town as the tourist income dries up. But this man doesn't care, no, he's hell bent on doing whatever it takes to get my land, and he's utterly oblivious to the fact that he's being watched LIVE online as he does it, and he's costing this town A LOT of money in tourists who are refusing to come here to vacation any more.

You know, I don't think (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), really knows who I am or how famous I am, or that since 1997 every event of my life has been published online and because of this, millions of people have been watching him as he does these things. Millions of people are getting updates every day, to every act of hate, violence, theft, and vandalism.

I don't think he knows that half the tourists who come to this town, come here SPECIFICALLY to meet me or see one of my cars or my cats. I don't think he really knows that every time he  throws his hate out in the open like this, more people refuse to vacation here, vowing to not come to a town that allows criminals like him to go unpunished for their crimes.

The people of the world see the Town of Old Orchard Beach as being run by weak willed officials who refuse to stand up to bullies, because the bullies wave money in their faces.

The people of the world see the Town of Old Orchard Beach as being protected by police officers who don't have the backbone it takes to stand up to bullies and protect the citizens of this town from being hurt, because money speak louder then justice in this town.

Tourists don't feel safe coming to a town where they know bullies push "the little people" around an get away with it.

Tourists don't feel safe coming to a town where they know the police back down to the bullies who are pushing "the little people" around.

Tourists are thinking: "If the police are too scared of this bully to protect the locals, then it can't be safe for the tourists. The police aren't gonna protect the tourists if they can't even protect the locals."

And thus the town has seen a 75% drop in tourists income in the past 5 years, and a 40% drop in year round residents in that time. People do not feel safe in this town anymore, because we don't have a town manager who stands up to bullies. We don't have a town council who's votes can't be bought by bullies. We don't have police officers who protect the people, because they are too scared of bullies.

More than a dozen families on my street alone, have been harassed by this man.

I am ONLY one in this town who has ever stood up to this bully before and he can't stand it. He's always gotten his way, because he thinks his money can buy anything. He is blackmailing half the officials and police officers of this town, and THAT is why they don't dare to stand up to him.

This town needs a town manager who will fight for the people of this town and stand up to the bullies hurting them.

This town needs a town council who will fight for the people of this town and stand up to the bullies hurting them.

This town needs a police force who will fight for the people of this town and stand up to the bullies hurting them.

Until this town puts an end to letting bullies get away with violence, death threats, hate crimes, harassment, intimidation, blackmail, and vandalism, this town will not see a return of it's busy bustling streets. Tourists will continue to grow fewer and fewer each year, Residents will continue to pack up and leave.

This town is dying on it's knees, because it is run by people too scared to defend and protect it's residents from bullies.

If you are reading this right now, and you are a tourist or resident of this town: march to the town hall today, and tell them,






Is this town really so spineless that it's willing to bend, bow, and sacrifice itself to a single bully?

When will it end? How far will you let him go? Will really wait until he murders somebody over this? Is that how far you are gonna let this man go before you do something to stop him?

Look what was done to my cats! Twelve are dead, ten are beaten and being held hostage! Do you think he's gonna stop with cats? Look at the damn bullet holes in my barn. How long before those bullets are no longer aimed at my buildings and are instead aimed at me? Is that how far this has to go before the town hall and police do something to stop him?

We are human beings. We deserve to be treated as such such. We residents of Old Orchard Beach are tired of being pawns to this man's stupid mind games. He' is a control freak trying to take over the town and the officials we have are too weak to stand up to him, and that's just pathetic.

My family founded this town. We are the original settlement family, still living on the settlement land. This is the Googins settlement. The Battle of Googins Rock. That's my family, my many greats-great-grandparents. They are buried right out back. I tend the graves. The oldest one says 1664 on the headstone. My family has lived on this land since the 1530s. We are one of the oldest families in the country, not the state, the entire damned country of the United states of america! Do you really think I'm going to sell this land, when it has a family history like that? You can't put a price on my family history. My ancestors fought and died for this land and they are buried on it. How dare you think $5,000 is anything close to value of this land.

I love this town and hate that the people who run it today are so scared of this man they are letting him destroy it. They are letting him run out residents and tourists. They are letting him kill this town.

I devoted my life to this town. Do you want to know how this town had 2 million tourists in 2001? Because in 2000, I created the Old Orchard Beach fan club and I promoted it to my fans, and they promoted it to their friends and families.

The town hall claims they want tourists here to bring in an income, and yet they are trying to drive out, their #1 source for getting tourists to come to this town.

You should have found out who I was before you started attacking me. Just because I'm quite, keep to myself, and never tell any of the locals who I am or what I do for a living, doesn't mean I'm a nobody...

...but I'm telling people around here, who I am now. And are a lot of people are stunned. Most of them knew eelKat, of course they did, EelKat's famous. EelKat is one of the first "online celebrities" to ever rise up on the internet. EelKat took the internet by storm in 1997 and never looked back. eelKat has hoards of screaming fanboys that follow here around the web... 

...but no one knew her real name. Now they do. And locals are horrified, at the revelation that the little woman, they've been bullying these past few years, was in fact, EelKat, the one and only, and they had no idea. because as Bishop Dan Kennings and his first counsellor Jim Thomas (also OOB town manager) said: "I Googled you, you're like famous or something, aren't you." 

Yep, or something all right. I'm one of the biggest online celebrities to ever grace the internet, and I'm living in your back yard. Shame, shame... isn't there an Aesop fable about the bullies who beat up and old beggar woman and left her for dead, then later meet a princess and were horrified to find it was the same woman?

Hang your heads in shame, residents of Old Orchard Beach, because EelKat's revealed her real name and home address to the world, and now every one the planet knows who you are and what you've done.

The announcement of the July 17, 2015 discovery of the identity of who was behind this, went viral receiving 3 million likes in under 24 hours. By vandalising my motorhome and kidnapping my cats, you just put our town on the map and gave it one very big black eye.

For 40 years, I've been driving hoards of tourists to this town with my Internet Marketing skills. I love this town. but you've let this man, with his cruel heart and cold lust for money destroy my home, and I'll promote tourism for this town no more.

The town of Old Orchard Beach needs to make this right. They need to undo what this man has done. They need to bring my cats back and do everything in their power the make sure this man and everyone like him, NEVER does something like this to any of our residents again.

You just lost your biggest advertiser, your biggest promoter.

I've put up with hell from these people for more then a decade now, but what they did to my cats and No Hurry...this time they've gone too far, and I'm telling my fans: Don't come to visit me anymore. Don't come to this town. Don't waste your hard earned money on supporting the bastards who think they can get away with this level of harassment. Money talks in this town - we've learned that haven't we. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), thinks he can pay them to do these things?

But (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), owns the hotels.  And if there is no one in his hotels, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)has no money, and town can't eat out of his hand any more. The man who orders the town hall and police department to obey his beck and call, can't order them around, if his precious tourist, stop staying his hotels.

He even pays the police and ambulances and fire trucks to turn off their sirens when driving by his house.

Last October, one of the town councillors, in the town meeting, told the others: "You don't know who she is, the kind of influence she has with the tourists. Don't antagonize her. She can dry up the tourist income. She did it before, when Jim Thomas harassed her."

He knows who I am, and the fact that half the tourists in this town, come here for one reason: to see Stephen King's Gypsies from Thinner, especially the Gypsy Witch made famous by that movie, and that would be me.

Before Jim Thomas, this town got 2 million tourists each summer. Since Jim Thomas, it's lucky to get 100,000. That's the event he was talking about. The tourists come or don't come, on my command. I'm EelKat, the Internet Marketer who drove millions to Squidoo, who boosted NaNoWriMo from 10,000 members to 400,000. The town of Old Orchard Beach, thinks I'm nobody, they didn't think to Google me. They should have. They should have Googled me, before they trespassed on my land April 10, 2015, tore up my motorhome, breaking and entering, filling it with sewage, smashing everything they could get their hands on, kidnapping my cats, and beating their heads in.

I over looked the 3 times they've bulldozers over my houses and barns. I over looked the grease fryer bomb that nearly killed me. But this time you touched my cats and one of my cars. And there are three things you do not touch: my comic books, my cars, and most especially my cats. I will NEVER forgive this town for what they did to my cats! Nor will I forgive what they are trying to do to my motorhome.

Instead of just repainting No Hurry, I've had to spend the past 3 months, scrubbing her down, carpeting, putting in new furniture, and otherwise repairing the damage done by the vandalism of her. I wasn't able to go back to painting the outside until June 26, 2015. (Yes, I was supposed to be on my cross country tour by that date, a lot of screaming fangirls and fanboys are very disappointed at the canceling of all the 2015 tour dates, but, now you can see why they got canceled.

I was suppose to be at PortCon and ComicCon. My CosPlaying fans were expecting to meet me, No Hurry, The Razzberry, and The Pidgie Fund cats, live in person, at the damned ComicCon! Do you know how many people KNOW what you've done to my motorhome and cats? How many fans you've disappointed? How many fans I've had to tell: "The 2015 book tour is canceled because the town of Old Orchard Beach dumped sewage in my motorhome, vandalized it, kidnapped my cats, and beat their heads in."  

Did you think because this was an out back little hick town that nobody would know what you did? Did you think, you could pick on what you thought was a local "nobody" and get away with it? To the locals, I may be a nobody, but to the world, I'm a celebrity. I'm the biggest damned celebrity this town has, and you just showed the world how cruel, bigoted, and small minded you bastards really are!

I drive hoards of tourists to this town every year. I invite them to come. I give them recommendations on where to stay, eat, things to do. I'm one of the biggest backers of OOB365, watch me pull my funds out of that.

Who do you think has been donating all that food to the Animal Kennel - the one my cats were in, when their got beaten in? You ain't getting any more donations from me, I'll tell you that.

I support the BallPark. You need money to keep that going don't you?

Ask the library how much I support them. They are lucky they got that new building built before this happened. Cause they ain't getting any more money from me.

This town can be bought? Fine. Watch me pull my money out of this town then.

I want my cats back and want this man, and everyone he's paid off, to stop harassing me.

I lived on this land for 30 years in peace, followed by 10 years of absolute hell, all because one greedy man, covets my land and wants to put a condominium here. 

This land was landscaped every inch of it with flowers. Tourists used to come here to walk my flower gardens and hear the story of the history of this land and this town. Now look at it! They stole every last plant. tens of thousands of perennial  plants. They dumped garbage on my land. 3,700 wood pallets. I counted them. 3,700 of them. Who does something like this? What the hell is wrong with these people?

You destroyed my land! 

You murdered my cats!

You put a bomb in my house and tried to kill me! 

I was paralyzed and couldn't walk for 5 months. I had to relearn to walk. I'm crippled now. I have to walk with a cane and I can barely do that. Do you have any idea how much every single step I take hurts?

For what?

For money!

Greedy filthy money!

And he's still doing it. Look at him, here again, right now, today, driving up to my yard with a dump truck full of garbage, yelling at me, threatening me, because he wants my land an empty desolate wasteland because he thinks that's gonna make me sell it to him. 

Did you notice, he drove up in a dump truck full of garbage? And he was bitchy mad. Why? Because I blocked off the damn driveway and he couldn't trespass up in here to illegally dump it on my land.

Why did he do this?

What is wrong with this man? Who does something like this?

What kind of monster is he?

And they took my cats. My cats are gone.

These man is beyond evil.

Why does no one stop him?

Why is he allowed to get away with these hate crimes over and over again, year after year?




Seeing how the town hall is currently telling residents about the court case, A fact I know because residents are coming up to me and saying "They just told me down at the town hall...",
let's talk about that too...

And you want to know about the court case he's talking about? Well, seeing how the Town of Old Orchard Beach Town Hall has been running around telling everyone about the court case, or at least (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) , let's talk about the court case then, hell, why stop with the town hall telling a few nieghbors, let's just tell the whole world shall we? Then they won't have to reduce themselves to gossip any more.

I have Autism. In spite of being in my 40s, I require adult supervision/caretakers with me to translate meanings of words, phrases and questions. I was not allowed to have them in the courtroom with me. I do not know what the meaning of most of the stuff that was said to me by Mark Woronoff or Judge Richard Mulhearn and they would not allow me to have anyone to translate their questions for me, so I don't know what they were asking me to do or say and I don't understand most of what happened in the courtroom on May 13.

In every other case that day Judge Richard Mulhearn asked each person if they were guilty, not guilty, or pleading no contest, and he never asked me that. He went right into a trail (why? I was told it was an arrangement) and would not let me enter a plea like he did with everyone else. Why was I not allowed to enter a plea? Why was I not allowed to submit a written testimony? Why was I not allowed to have a translator? I don't understand what they were doing or why. It all happened so fast. No one told me there was going to be a trial with witnesses and evidence and lawyers. Why was I not told so ahead of time so I could prepare for that? They knew there was going to be a trial, and were prepared for a trial. Why did no one tell me? Why did they tell me it was "just an arraignment" (but no one told me what that word means) and told me I didn't have to do anything but "show up" on the correct day?

On May 13, 2015:

Everyone in the hall gets called in for arraignments. About 30 or so people, one at a time get called up. In every case Judge Richard Mulhearn tells them the whole "guilty, no contest, not guilty" thing, and then says to each one: "I recommend a plea of not guilty so you can talk to the lawyer of the day to be advised how to best proceed" Most of them did this, and few said they just wanted to plead guilty, pay their fines and be done with it.

My name was never called. When he got done he asked if anyone was there who wasn't called. I raised my hand and so did some others. He called each of them, asked their name and looked up their case, then did the same as he had done with the others. When I was the only one left, he told me to come up. He said "You're here for a special hearing." I asked if he had received my affidavit/response to the charges against me (it had been filed at the clerk's desk a week prior). He said, "I don't know, I did not read it if I did." I said I had a copy I could give him now. I said, I have Autism, I can not speak properly, I require writing my testimony. He laughed and said he would not look at anything written down, and if I wanted to defend myself I would have to talk.  I asked if I could talk to the lawyer of the day. He laughed and said: "You can try but I'm gonna tell her not to talk to you."

He sent me to talk to the lawyer of the day. While I was waiting a man came out and said "You're Wendy, right? I need you to come with me." We went to a conference room where he explained he was the Town of Old orchard Beach's lawyer and the Town Manager had made an offer and wanted to know if I would meet with his "representative". He said, the Town Manager felt I trusted Will Watson and would therefore be more comfortable in court with Will Watson instead of the himself (town manager Larry Mead). Will Watson is a police officer of Old Orchard Beach, he also doubles as the Animal Control Officer. The town manager was correct, I have known Will for about 10 years and he is the officer I am usually able to speak clearly to, which is why whenever we need to police, Will is nearly always the officer they send to answer the call.

I'm supposed to always have an adult with me, whenever someone wants to talk to me. I do not have the ability to clearly process what people say to me. I have Autism. It requires many days of analyzing your words before I'm able to process what you say and form an answer. I require one of my caretakers to explain everything to me step by step. Every sentence a lawyer says, I'm supposed to have one of my caretakers there to repeat each sentence and break it down to simple words and explain what they all mean to me, otherwise I do not understand what's being said to me. It can be hours, days, or even weeks before I am able to process something someone says to me, on my own, because I have to first take what they said and Google it to find out what it might have meant.

The mediation was a violation of my rights, for several reasons: first being I was not informed it was a mediation. The lawyer simply walked up to me, said "You're Wendy, right? You're supposed to come talk with me." He never informed me that it was a mediation and he never tried to locate my caretakers to interpret his words for me. The town's lawyer called himself "The DA", I don't know what that means, but he was quite adamant that he be addressed as "The DA" instead of by his name; I didn't know what his name was, until several weeks later. He is Mark Woronoff.

I shut down and can't talk around police officers. However, Will Watson has a calm, friendly "good cop" nature to him, and I've never had panic attacks with him and am able to communicate verbally with him. He knows my panic attacks with police, and he has frequently come out of uniform in plain clothes and without a police car, using his own car, in order to lessen my chances of having a melt down. I know this officer and am able to talk with him. The whole town knows I have Autism (I am a frequent guest of Autism Awareness events and I own the Autism Awareness Car) and it is why they always send Will Watson whenever I have to deal with police. It was not legal for them to not allow me to submit a written testimony in court. Nor was it legal for them to deny me the right to submit photo evidence. I have Autism. I write to speak. It is how I communicate with people. It is nearly impossible for me to communicate verbally and make what I want to say, known.

I have a mediation between Mark Woronoff and officer Will Watson speaking on the behalf of town manager Larry Mead. He tells me the town manager is ready to drop the charges if I surrender the cats to Will so that he can find new homes for them. He says Larry Mead otherwise wants $1,600 for vet bills and will continue with the criminal charges. I say, "I want my cats back. I did not hurt them. I did not do the things I am accused of. They spread poop and litter all over the inside of my motorhome trashed it, then called the police and made it look like my motorhome was a wreck and that the cats were abused and neglected and cruelly treated, but it was a lie, the motorhome did not look like that. They set me up. I have Autism with OCD, I don't like messes. I clean messes. The pictures they have are of the motorhome AFTER they trashed it. It did not look like that before they did that too it. They set me up. I did not hurt my cats, I will not surrender them, I want them back."

Will says (and he looks very frightened, and I'm not sure why, because, he's a police officer and they are good at being straight faced, showing no emotions, and he's looking like he's terrified, which is really out of character for him.) He says that he was informed that I had no money to pay for anything and that he does not want to see the cats put to sleep, he promises he will find good homes for them with people who will take care of them.

I tell him, my boyfriend (who is also one of my caretakers) pays for everything. He's the one who pays for the $500 a month is takes to take care of the cats and he takes care of me and my cars, etc. Will asks if my boyfriends is here, because he wants to talk to him. I say, "No, he didn't think he needed to be here just for an arraignment."

I tried to explain that I'm not allowed to make decisions. I am always supposed to ask one of my caretakers what to do, before saying anything to anyone, but the lawyer shut me off, waved his hand in the air. He laughing and interrupts me and says: "He didn't come?" He's suddenly giddy, and smiling, and starts shuffling his papers around. Then gets up and struts around the room, skipping around like a happy little kid as he circles the room. He stops by my chair and asks: "Is there anyone with you?"

I say: "My mom was here earlier, but she left. She's coming back."

I try to tell him that I'm not allowed to talk to him or Judge Richard Mulhearn until she comes back, but as soon as I start to say this, he waves his hand in my face to shut me up.

Mark Woronoff says: "You mean NO ONE is here with you? You are here by yourself?"  He's acting incredibly overjoyed and pleased with himself. Will  goes white as a ghost and now looking horrified, by the fact that no one is at the courthouse with me. Will Watson knows I need adult supervision, he has never seen me alone before, he has always seen me with my mom or dad or boyfriend or brother or somebody and has always explained things to me, then them, then me again. He knows about my Autism and has always tried to help me understand things he has to explain, so he knows how really bad the situation is, if I don't have an adult with me to advise me on what to do. I was ready for an arraignment, and to say "Not guilty" and request to talk to the lawyer of the day to set up a jury trial. That is the ONLY thing I was prepared to do on May 13, 2015. That is what the court told me i had to do when I went in and asked what my papers meant. I had no knowledge of the fact there was going to be a trail that day. The lawyer is bubbling over with happiness and Will is looking like he's gonna faint he's so scared. And their strange over reactions to finding out I was alone at the courthouse, suddenly made me become scared, because I'm now wondering, what is going on that they are reacting in this way.

Mark Woronoff then leaves the room. Will  says "I think you should take the deal." He said it, was like, he wanted to say something else, like there was more to say, but he didn't dare to say it. I thought the way he was acting was really odd. He adds in a frightened whisper: "The pictures are really bad. They can put you in prison on the pictures alone." (Now, at this point I knew about the pictures of the motorhome, because I was there and Will  was the officer who took the pictures, but I did not know about any OTHER pictures - and I would find out later, there were other pictures.) Will says he doesn't want this to go to a hearing (again, he is acting like he is terrified out of his mind, which really out of character for this officer) he says "You really want to avoid a hearing" once again he says "The pictures are bad." I think he was trying to tell me that there were more pictures then the ones he took, but I did not understand this, because I had already seen his pictures and they were just of the vandalism of my motorhome, and I also had pictures the proved it didn't look like that before. I did not understand why he said "The pictures are bad," because I didn't know about the other pictures they had of my cats beaten up.

Mark Woronoff comes back in the room, he's now happier then ever. He sent Will away. The lawyer went on and on about the pictures and how bad they were and how he was a good lawyer and how no matter what I said about being set up, he could make me look bad and make it look like the motorhome had been piled in feces for years and he could put me in prison, not jail, prison, for 2 years per cat. (There are 10 cats, that's 20 years in prison.) And get me charged with $2,000 per cat ($20,000). He used threats and intimidation to try to get me to take the deal, and I just kept saying over and over again: "I did not do anything wrong. I want my cats back. I want to talk to the lawyer of the day."

They are not talking about jail here. They are talking about prison. I still don't know why, I'm not yet aware of the "extra pictures", the ones Will did not take on April 10, 2015. I don't know who took the extra pictures or on what date, but I did get to see them later on, and he was right: they are bad.

I ask Mark Woronoff, if he read my affidavit/response/testimony that I filed with the court. He says "Some of it." and then he starts laughing and says he didn't read all of it because he wasn't interested in anything but the conditions of the motorhome and the cats, at the time they were taken. He says the house, the land, and anything else is unimportant and irrelevant. How is it unimportant and irrelevant, when it is the REASON why they took my cats? But that’s the thing, the conditions of my motorhome were NOT like what those pictures showed. It was vandalised, they broke in and put that poop there and broke stuff up and shredded my sofa with a pitch fork. They DID that to my motorhome. It wasn’t like that the day before those pictures were taken and the pictures in my written testimony prove it.

Mark Woronoff goes on and on about the house and acts like the case is about the house, not the cats. Which confuses me. what house is he talking about? I don't have one, a back hoe ran over it. In my testimony, I mentioned what (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) did to the house and the land, to explain WHY the town hall and the public works were on our land April 10, 2015, the day they took the cats. They were there leveling OUR LAND, getting ready to start building a condominium, because they believed I did not have the $12,000 in back taxes that my dad owed...except, I did have it, and I did pay off my dad's back taxes, and they took my cats out of retaliation, because I paid off my dad's back taxes and ended their demolition, resulting in they were forced to take all their big trucks and excavation equipment off our land.

THAT is why they are trying to twist this case around and say that it is about the land and the house...because for THEM, it IS about the land and the house. They do not care about my cats, they did not take the cats for the reason it says in the docket papers. That's why they keep bringing the house and land up, and THAT is why I mentioned it in my written testimony, to show WHY they keep bringing up the house and land. I'm not the one who keeps bringing up the house and the land; they are! I'm only responding to what they keep bringing up. I'm here about my cats and they can't stop talking about my land.

I am here about the cats. They are falsely accusing me of suing them over the destruction of the house and land. I am NOT suing them at all! Why do they keep saying I am? I don't understand. I have Autism, I don't even know how to sue anybody. I want my cats back. Why do they keep trying to say that I'm making this about the house and land, when I am not? Why do they keep twisting my words?

Next Mark Woronoff says, we have witness who have to get back to work. I ask, "What witnesses, what are you talking about? Why are there witnesses here?” He gets angry and says the vet had to be called out of surgery because of this "special hearing" and she's here to testify against me to how I beat up my cats! I've never beaten my cats, what is he talking about? There is nothing wrong with my cats, but he's suddenly acting like they are all beaten up?

They did look beaten up when Will Watson first let me visit them on April 15, 2015. I did notice that. I wrote a long blog post about it. Georgie's face is all flat and his eyes are messed up. He looks like someone punched him in the nose.

Finally, after 15 minutes of Mark Woronoff threatening me saying he's going to put me in prison for 20 years, he gets up and says he'll send Tatia(sp?) Donahue in. (She is the lawyer of the day.) I wait. She never comes. I go back to her room to wait outside with the others. She and the lawyer and Will come out of a different room. She and the lawyer are laughing. Will looks VERY upset. The expression on his face was, out of character for him, he looked like something was really wrong. He looked like he wanted to run away and hide. I've never seen him look like that before. He went down the hall. The two lawyers come out of the room together laughing and joking. I get up, then head back to the mediation room.

T. Donahue comes in behind me, and tells me: "I'm sorry I can't help you. I'm only allowed to offer you the same offer the officer gave you." I ask if she could read my testimony, because Judge Richard Mulhearn would not. I say, it includes pictures taken only a few days before the police took my cats, it proves what the motorhome actually looked like before it was vandalised, it proves that the cats were outside during the day, and not locked in there all the time like they say, I have pictures of the cats outside, playing in the snow, just days before the police took them. The judge won't look at them."

Now she starts going on and on about the house! Again with the house and land! Why does everybody keep going back to that? This is about the cats, why do they keep making it about the land? She starts accusing me of only being here to sue the town hall for my house being torn down, and says something about how I had 180 days to do that and now I can't, and blah, blah, blah... I was flabbergasted. How did she even know about the house? I never mentioned the house. It’s mentioned in my written testimony, because only in response to the fact that everybody else keeps bringing it up. She says I had better take the deal because the pictures are bad and the evidence of abuse could land me in prison for a long time "considering the condition of the cats and the motorhome."

I'm wondering, what is she talking about? What pictures? What does she mean the condition of the cats and the motorhome? There is nothing wrong with my cats or my motorhome, why is she saying this, and how does she already know so much about the case? I've not yet said anything about it to her and she has not read my papers, how does she already know so much about it? My cats are healthy. My motorhome was like brand new inside. I just spent $10,000 remodeling it! We were about to leave on a cross country book signing tour. I was going to live in it on the road. There is nothing wrong with my motorhome, I only just bought it and rebuilt the inside.

And why are they saying I'm suing the town? I'm not suing the town. Both lawyers said that, and each time they did I responded to say: "Can I sue the town? How would I do that? Is that even possible? I have Autism. I don't understand what you mean. Please explain." Both times they said "You'd have to hire a lawyer." Just that fact alone, them telling me I have to hire a lawyer to sue the town, that should tell them right there I am not suing the town. I don’t know how to do something like that. I’m not even sure why I would need to sue the town. Do I have a reason to? I don’t know. They are suggesting I have a reason to sue the town, but I don't understand that at all. What would I get out of suing the town? I want my cats back. Are they saying I have to sue the town to get my cats back? I don’t understand. They wouldn't let me have my caretakers with me to explain what they were saying. I'm not suing the town, nor am I trying to sue the town, and I don't know why they accused me of doing so. I don't understand why they kept throwing that accusation at me.  I don't know how to do math or number things, I can barely even count, how I am supposed to sue somebody? I'm so unable to do things normally that most everyone calls me "retarded".  People consider me to be retarded. I mean, I can think and write, as you can see from this, but that's because I am Savant. I have one thing that I do really well, and that one thing is writing. I can't do much else, but I can write very well (which is why I am, by career, an author) It's laughable to think that I could sue anybody.

She continues to go on about the house and acts like the case is about the house, not the cats. Again, I'm thinking: what is she talking about? Why does everyone keep accusing me of suing the town for the destruction of our house and land? I'm NOT suing the town! Why are they twisting things around like this? Who is telling people that I am suing the town? I just want my cats back. She gets up and leaves, says she can not help me if I do not take the deal. Says it in a tone of voice that hinted of "You'll be sorry you didn't take the deal" sort of way. The town's lawyer, Mark Woronoff comes in and says "So, we are having a hearing?" I say: "I don't know." (because I do not know what a hearing is, so I did not know what he meant. I still do not know what a hearing is, no one has yet explained it to me. I don't know what most of the things the judge or lawyer said meant, because there was no one there to explain any of their words to me. They would not let me have my caretakers with me. I don't understand most of the questions they asked me in the courtroom either.)

Mark Woronoff says, that his witnesses are here and in a hurry to leave, we are going to the hearing "RIGHT NOW" He emphasized the words "right now" as though there was a big rush. I started to ask if I can call my mother to have her come back, and he shuts me off and says: "The judge won't wait, you need to be in the courtroom right now or you default."

I wanted to call my mom and my boyfriend to ask them to come in, because at this point I'm starting to lose my voice and I know, I'm not going to be much longer before I'm thrown into a full meltdown, and I'm suddenly very scared, because I don't understand why the lawyer suddenly said I have to go to the courtroom, after he found out I was alone. Mark Woronoff acted like he wanted to rush me into the courtroom before my mom got back, and it scared me because I couldn't understand why he got so happy about finding out I was alone, or why Will Watson got so terrified at the same time the lawyer got so happy.

(I will point out here that the Town Manager, Larry Mead, and every one of the witnesses, was aware of my Autism and my requirement to have an adult present: I have been to multiple town meetings, between October 2014 and April 30, 2015, and they were informed of this at each meeting. The lawyer also had a copy of my written testimony, and also knew of this fact because it says so in there as well. It was very illegal of Mark Woronoff, to rush me into court the moment he found out there was no adult with me to supervise me in the courtroom; he exploited my disability and took advantage of the fact that he knew I could not testify without adult supervision and Judge Richard Mulhearn had already denied me a written testimony, knowing I could not talk properly to testify.) They wouldn't give me a chance to call anyone to help me, the town's lawyer rushed me off to the courtroom.

The first thing Judge Richard Mulhearn says is "Do you have any witnesses" and I say: "I didn't know I needed any." At this point I'm trying to figure out why he asked me if I had witnesses, because I still didn't know this was a trial that was happening. I was sitting down in the audience, where everybody there for arraignments was sitting, and suddenly Judge Richard Mulhearn tells me, I'm supposed to be up front in the bench, in front of all those people. (The next group of arraignments had just come in.) I don't understand, why everybody else is only being asked to say 'guilty', 'no-contest', or 'not guilty' and then told to leave to see the clerk, while I'm being told I have to sit up front in front of all those people. And then I can't figure out why I'm being asked if i have any witnesses. He didn't ask any of the other arraignments if they had witnesses and he didn't tell any of them to come up front. Why was he doing that with me? I don't understand this at all. I am so confused. I go up front because Judge Richard Mulhearn tells me to, and then the lawyer for the town comes in and he and Judge Richard Mulhearn chat and then they start calling witnesses.

Will Watson was their first witness, and the first thing I noticed was that he had changed his testimony, from what he had originally said in the affidavit docket Ex Parte Order papers. Originally the things he said were worded against me, but in his spoken testimony at court, he changed things. Originally he had said the windows were blacked out. Now he said the windows had curtains on them. Originally he said the vents were covered, now he said they were covered to protect to protect the cats from rain coming in while they were open. Originally he also called it a camper, but after reading my testimony (which explains the difference between a camper and a motorhome) he changed that part of his testimony as well, and whenever the DA said camper, Will corrected him to say motorhome.

He wouldn't answer Mark Woronoff about the feces on the floor, The lawyer asked and asked. He kept saying how deep was it. Finally will said that the spot he had measured was 3 inches deep. But then he admitted that he had dumped out the boxes himself, when trying to catch the cats. And added that he had torn up the cushions and bedding and curtains, while looking for the cats. This surprised me, because he was admitting to having vandalised the motorhome. I had not expected him to say anything like that at all, and I don't think the town lawyer did either. I got the impression he had been advised not to say that part, but he did anyways. It almost looked like Will was trying to testify against the town instead of against me, which was really strange as he was their witness. He also admitted to ripping the door off the motorhome and smashing the lock. He basically admitted to all the vandalism that had been done to the motorhome.

They asked me if I wanted to ask him questions and I wanted to, I wanted to ask why they took my cats to begin with, but my brain was freezing up and going into meltdown mode and I have Autism I couldn't talk. I couldn't  make any words come out. I did not know what to say, because I did not have my adult supervisors/caretakers with me to ask them what I was supposed to say or do. They are always supposed to be with me in any non-routine situation. I have never talked to strangers on my own before, I always have my caretakers there to tell me what I am supposed to say and do, and the court would not allow them to be with me, so I did not know what I was supposed to ask him.

Then the lawyer calls another witness. Dan Feeney. I know who he is, from seeing him around town. He works at the town hall. He does building permits. He's the guy I have to go to the get building permits and he is the guy who refuses to let us have building permits to build a house or a barn and won't give us the denials in writing.

His reason for being called as a witness was to testify that my motorhome was an abandoned, unregistered, pile a scrap metal. I am so in shock over his testimony, that I couldn't even respond to it.

My motorhome is registered and insured and runs and is in near perfect condition. She had NOTHING wrong with her before she was vandalized on April 10, 2015 the day they took the cats away. She is a fully equipped off-grid-boondocking full-timer RV, outfitted for extreme weather conditions. The guy I bought her from was a race car driver (thus why she has a big Hemi engine in her - she was originally part of his racing fleet and they used her on the race tracks as their pace car, before the races). No Hurry (the motorhome) is a famous car in racing circles, and I'm a gearhead and I've wanted her for years, so as soon as he let it be known he was planning to sell her, I drove all the way to his house and bought her that same day. Drove her home the next day. I drive her around all the time. I take her down to Pine Point. I put the cats in her and took the cats for rides around town (The cats love sitting in the windows and looking out as we drive around town.) And this guy is sitting in the courtroom telling Judge Richard Mulhearn this motorhome is abandoned and not used? And then he said, he requested Judge Richard Mulhearn to order it removed from the town and destroyed? Wy? this is Old Orchard Beach, where 300,000 motorhomes park every year. There is NOTHING wrong with my motorhome. I wanted to get up, go home, and drive her to the courthouse so Judge Richard Mulhearn could see that. This man is sitting there lying under oath about my motorhome. I couldn't believe it. He was sworn in and lying in front of a judge!

Also, I'm not sure why he said it as it has no relevance to the case at all, but Dan Feeny, while testifying, hard a "mini rant" about one of the buildings on my mom's land, stating that it was actually on the abutters land and that we put it there illegally. The building in question was built by my great grandfather in the late 1800s, It has been there more then 100 years. We did not put it there, and I checked the line markers, it is not on the abutter's land. I'm not sure why he said this, or why he even brought up the building at all.

They asked me if I wanted to ask Feeney questions and I wanted to, I wanted to say there was nothing wrong with my motorhome, and I wanted to ask why he was ranting about that 100 year old shed, but my brain was freezing up and going into meltdown mode and I couldn't talk. I couldn't  make any words come out. I did not know what to say, because I did not have my adult supervisors/caretakers with me to ask them what I was supposed to say or do. They are always supposed to be with me in any non-routine situation. I have never talked to strangers on my own before, I always have my caretakers there to tell me what I am supposed to say and do, and the court would not allow them to be with me, so I did not know what I was supposed to ask him.

Next they bring in my vet. MY vet. They took my cats to her after they took them. Her testimony was horrendous, and she's the one who had the extra pictures, the ones I didn't know about. The ones Will Watson tried to warn me about, the ones he kept saying were really bad. She said when the cats arrived, they were covered in feces so bad, that she had to shave them. I'm wanting to ask her how and why my cats were covered in feces and I can't get any words out. I was there when will took my cats away - me and 11 witnesses saw him take my cats away, and there was not one single solitary drop of feces on any of my cats when he had them in the cat carriers in the back of his van, so how did they get covered in feces by the time they reached the vet? Then she say all the cats are beaten and abused, and all had extreme trauma similar to what she would have expected to see if they had been hit by a car!

I am just flabbergasted by the things she is saying, because only hours before the police took my cats, they were out playing in the yard with me and my brother and there was nothing wrong with any of them. And I had it on camera. I have pictures of my cats, running and playing in the yard, taken only hours before the police took them away. Those photos were in my written testimony that the Judge refused to look at - the affidavit which was attached to my court papers. I filed it with the court a week before the court date, they are in the docket files - my written testimony and all the photos that prove there was nothing wrong with my cats.

The vet goes on to say they had their teeth knocked out and tongues bleeding and cut up, and she just starts listing stuff off, and I can't even mentally process what she is saying because there is so much stuff she was saying was wrong with the cats and I can't understand most of it.  Who beat up my cats? And why? And then she says two of the cats, (Bela and Dog) were traumatized so bad that they are going to need lifelong treatments for the rest of their lives now. She says they were hurt so bad that they will never recover.

And, then the lawyer shows me the "other" pictures, the ones from the vet. Pictures of my cats beaten and bloody, and covered in feces, with their faces smashed and their teeth knocked out, and blood pouring out of their mouths. Pictures that I will point out, were taken on April 15, 2015, 5 days after they took my cats - pictures with fresh blood, meaning it happened that day, while they were in police custody. They beat up my cats while they had them in custody.

Will was right: those pictures were REALLY bad. And I was just in shock after seeing them. I wasn't able to function the whole rest of the trial after seeing that horrible picture of my beautiful black Bombay Bela unconscious and beaten to a pulp. When it came my time to testify, I couldn't talk. I couldn’t think. I couldn't get that picture of Bela out of my head. The judge asked me question and I don't even know what I said to him, I can't remember. I don't know if I said anything or not. I tried to talk. I tried to give him my written testimony and pictures and he wouldn't look at them, I had a copy of it with me in the courtroom, he would take them.

They rolled my cats in feces and beat them up, and then took pictures of them like that. Pictures taken nearly a week after they took my cats. Not pictures taken of my cats in the back of the police van in the cages as they looked WHEN the police took them, but pictures taken a week later of them beaten and bloody, And said that's how they found the cats in the motorhome. They lied. They set me up. Why did they do that? I don't understand any of this. I wanted my caretakers to see these pictures and know what these people did to my cats, but they wouldn’t let me have my caretakers in the courtroom with me. I completely lost my ability to talk at that point. I shut down. Somebody beat up my cats. They pulverised my cats. They beat their heads in and smashed their teeth out, and they said I did that to them! I panicked. I didn't know what to do or what to say.

They had a picture of Bela, my favorite cat, I've had her 13 years, she was lying there unconscious, her mouth gaping open and blood pouring out. It looked like pictures from a murder scene. Someone was hold her mouth open so you could see that all her teeth were knocked out and she looked like she was dead. It was an AWFUL picture. Who did that to my cats? and why? Why did they beat up my cats like that? They took the cats on April 10, 2015. Not one of the cats was injured or beaten, etc.

The photos they had, were taken on April 15, 2015 at the vet. In the photos they were bloody and bleeding. And they said I did it! Those pictures were taken five days after they took my cats. That there is proof alone that the cats were beaten up while in police custody. Why did they say I did it? Somebody abused my cats and they are trying to blame me. I want to know who did it.

We went to visit the cats for the first time on April 15, and Bela and Pippi were both sedated and could not move. Georgie's face was flattened, and looked like he'd been beaten with a baseball bat.  One tooth is sticking out sideways and his face is shaped wrong.  Somebody knows who did that. I want to know who it was. They keep saying I want to sue somebody? Yes. I do. I want to know who beat up my cats, because that person I do want to sue.

Will Watson knows the cats didn't look like that when he first took them. He took them to the vet the night of April 10 and she gave them a quick check and saw no emergency issues, so did not check them again until April 15.

It was on April 15 that she took the pictures of them all beaten and bloody. So she also KNOWS I'm not the one who beat them, because I did not see them at all until after she saw them the second time. That means someone beat them up sometime between April 10 and April 15, while they were in police custody. April 14th, while my cats were in police custody, I was informed they had to be rushed to the hospital. No word why. But when I saw the cats next, Georgie's face is flattened. His eyes smashed back into the sides of his head. His nose pulverized. All Bela's teeth are knocked out of her head. The Old orchard beach police beat my cats. Georgie is 14 years old. Bela 13 years old. These cats are famous too, these are The Pidgie Fund cats. The cats that are also characters in The Twighlight Manor series, The Planet Ptarmagin Series, and The Quaraun series. The fictional cats in the books, are based on real live cats, which is why you can buy t-shirts and mugs and gift cards, etc with photos of my cats of them. The cats my fans and readers know and love. Cats my fans and readers expect to meet, every summer when they come here to see me. This year, when people are here to see me, my cars, my cats, and they're seeing what was done to No Hurry, and asking, "Where are the cats?" I tell them.  

What kind of people, beat up defenseless cats? Do you know what it is trying to clean gallons of raw sewage out of a white shag flokati carpet? Who fills a motorhome with sewage? What kind of people do something like this to a fellow human being?

But they are showing me pictures of Bela laying there with her mouth all bloody and I didn't know what to do or say and after that point. I was just so shocked by seeing that picture that my brain shut down and I couldn't think or speak properly.  All I could do was just keep saying "okay" over and over again. I kept trying to talk and words wouldn't come out. I wanted to tell them, she wasn't like that. I wanted to ask who did that to her and I couldn't talk. And no one was with me to help me. I just shut down after seeing that picture of Bela. I started saying "okay" over and over again, and for the rest of the court trail, "okay" was pretty much the only thing I was able to say to anything and everything the lawyer and judge said to me. I shut down and I don't even know what they were saying to me after that point. I couldn't see or hear anything that was going on in the courtroom, all I could see was that picture of Bela being "replayed" in my head over and over again.

When the cats are upset and scared. I calm them down by hugging them and saying "it's okay", I think that is why the word "okay" suddenly started coming out of my mouth. I think, somehow my brain was trying to tell Bela she was okay, even though she wasn't there and it was just a picture of her.

But the thing is, they were taking my saying "okay" over and over again, as though it was my answer to the things they were saying and it wasn't. I couldn't say anything else. My brain just shut down, because I have Autism and that's what my brain does to me and I can't control it when it happens. I wanted to ask about the pictures and ask how my cats got like that, but I couldn't say anything but "okay" over and over again. And the lawyer and judge were taking my saying "okay, okay, okay, yeah, okay" over and over again, as an admission of guilt to beating up my cats. And they started intensifying their questions and I couldn't think. I don't even know what they were saying. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I often do.  I couldn't breath and my chest and arm starts hurting and and the whole room was getting all grey and fuzzy and I was seeing black spots floating all over the place - like they were floating over my eyes or something. My head started hurting so bad and all I could think about was that horrible picture of my Bela and awful it was. And don't know what the lawyer was saying after that. I don't know what Judge Richard Mulhearn said after that.  Everything after that point was a blur.

They showed me more pictures, but I don't even know what they were. I don't know what they said. I tried to listen. I tried to pay attention, but I couldn't get that picture of Bela out of my head. I still can't it's all I can think about since the court day. My poor Bela, somebody tortured her. She's a big 20lb black Bombay cat. She's a beautiful, loving cat. She has spent most of her life riding around on my shoulder, and I had pictures of her doing that, just 7 days before they took her, and Judge Mulhearn wouldn't look at them, because he already had the picture her all beaten and bloody and he believed them when they told him I had done that to her.

They asked me if I wanted to ask Dr Mitchel (of Animal Medical Associates, in Saco) and I managed to ask for more information about Bela and Dog because she said they were injured so bad that they would need medical attention for the rest of their lives, but my brain was freezing up and going into meltdown mode and I couldn't talk. I couldn't  make any words come out. I did not know what to say, because I did not have my adult supervisors/caretakers with me to ask them what I was supposed to say or do. They are always supposed to be with me in any non-routine situation. I have never talked to strangers on my own before, I always have my caretakers there to tell me what I am supposed to say and do, and the court would not allow them to be with me, so I did not know what I was supposed to ask him.

I have Autism and Selective Mutism. My ability to speak is very limited. The courts are required by law to allow someone with a disability, a way to testify. He would not accept my written testimony, and I was unable to properly answer his questions. I was also not allowed to have my caretakers in the courtroom with me. I require caretakers, to translate what people say. I have very little understanding of a lot of words. No one has yet told me, the meaning of the words arraignment or hearing. I took the papers Will Watson gave me to the courthouse and asked what they were and what to do. They said "It's just an arraignment, you don't have to do anything but show up." But they never told me what an arraignment meant.

I had no idea it was a full blown trial or that I was supposed to have witnesses, or that there would be other witnesses. I was not informed of any of that. When I filed my affidavit, I was told I had to send copies of the text and evidence photos to all parties, and yet, when I got to court May 13, 2015, they had lots of surprise papers and surprise evidence photos and three surprise witnesses, that I never received copies or information about any of them. Why was I required to send them all my info but they not required to send me theirs and kept all their things a secret? . And why did no one tell me about the bloody photos of my cats with their heads beaten in? And who did that to my cats? And why have I been denies copies of these items even now?

After the trail, I asked the court for copies of the bloody evidence photos and medical records and other evidence items they had, but was denied copies of them. It was paid for too, but all they would give me was copies of the original paperwork Will Watson have given me on April 10, 2015 and nothing else (they wouldn’t even give me a copy of my own affidavit and evidence photos, even though I paid for copies of ALL the court documents in addition to the transcripts.)

My mom came in, I don't know when she got there, but, I saw her in the audience and I managed to tell Judge Richard Mulhearn she was here and asked if she could speak for me because I couldn't say what I wanted to say and he was refusing to read my written testimony, and he got mad and started yelling at me and said he didn't want to hear from her. I asked if I could call her as a witness then, and he allowed it, but as soon as she started talking he started yelling at her and he wouldn't let her say anything, and then after about 2 minutes he made her leave, and said he was taking my cats away because of how badly I had beaten them up. But I wasn't the one who beat them up. I don't know who beat them up. He wouldn't let me defend myself. He wouldn't listen to me or look at my pictures or read the written testimony I had brought with me. They lied about me and he believed them and he wouldn't give me a chance to defend myself against them.

The judge starts asking me why the cats never went to a vet, and I tell them, they did. I took them to the West Kennebunk Clinic to be fixed and they had all their shots then, and when they got hurt they went to Cats on Call in Scarborough, that’s where Blackie had his surgery, but when I tried to say this Judge Richard Mulhearn cut me off and kept asking lots of questions too fast for me to hear what any of them were. I was trying to read his lips and he was going so fast I couldn't understand him. And it made me even more confused.

The judge started asking if the reason the cats did not go to a vet was because of not having enough money. I don't know. I can't do math and number things. I don't know how much money we do or do not have because I don't how to do money. I have Autism. Other people do money for me. I don't do money. They buy things I need and stuff. I didn't know how to answer Judge Richard Mulhearn's questions about money because I don't know how to do money stuff.  He kept saying I didn’t take my cats to the vet, but I did, or rather my boyfriend did. He’s the one who does all the money stuff. I don’t know how to.

I tried to explain all this to the Judge too, but I have Autism, I can't talk right and he was yelling at me and I couldn't think, so I wasn't able to say to him what I wanted to say. I don't even know what I did say. I was so scared and confused and I didn't have my caretakers with me to help me to understand what Judge Richard Mulhearn wanted to know and Judge Richard Mulhearn was demanding I talk, he wouldn't let me write my answers down and everything he wanted to know was already in my prepared written testimony anyways, but he wouldn't take that or any of the pictures that were in it.

I had pictures of my motorhome and my cats that were taken just before the police took the cats, which prove that the police and Feeney lied about the conditions of the motorhome and the cats. They wouldn't look at them. It was my understanding that if a person had a disability, which affected their ability to testify, it was their right to be allowed to submit a written testimony instead. I was denied that right. It was also my understanding that if a person needed a translator, the court had to allow them to bring a translator with them. I need my caretakers to translate the meanings of words to me and the court denied me the right to have them there.

I also thought that before a trial could take place, the accused, was to be notified ahead of time of the trial, so that they could have time to get a lawyer and prepare evidence and witnesses. Something about "due process". No one told me there was going to be a trail. No one told me I was supposed to bring witnesses or evidence. I was told this was an arraignment to determine if there needed to be a trail. I took my paperwork to the courthouse and asked what I was supposed to do and they told me it was "just an arrangement" (whatever that means). They violated my basic civil rights by not letting me prepare for a trail before it happened. The trial happened less then 20 minutes after I was notified it was happening. And they rushed it forward even faster, soon as they found out I was alone, before anyone had a chance to get to the courthouse to defend me.

I am not the only one being harassed over their land: the man next door to my dad, Don Colliard at 144 Portland Ave, is also being harassed. My dad is being harassed at 146 Portland Ave, and my mom was being harassed at 146-A. These are 3 separate properties, totaling over an acre of land. All 3 of them are NOW VACANT, because (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  has taken the buildings down from all 3 of them. All 3 of them originally had a house on them. Me and my two neighbors to either side of me, have had our buildings all run over by backhoes and we've all had garbage dumped on our land illegally and we've all had to deal with endless harassment.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  is trying to take all 3 properties, because any one on it's own isn't big enough to put up a large building like a condominium on, it requires own all 3 properties, 144, 146, and 146-a. My mom's building at 146-A was torn down by (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  in 2001 and she has been trying to get a building permit to put a house up ever since. In 2001 she had a modular home coming in, but it was cut in half and stolen and moved to Lake Arrowhead - the Maine state Police helped us to locate it. Varall and Dana law firm won the case for us. In the house I lived in at 144 was burnt down by a grease fryer bomb. Don Collard bought the land at 144 in 2007, and set about rebuilding the house, intending to live in it, but shortly afterwards (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  tore the house down. Like my mom, Don Collard has been trying to get a building permit for his house ever since. From 2009 to 2013 my dad was applying for building permits to repair his mother's house at 146 Portland Ave, so he could live in it.

Dan Feeney in his testimony, kept referring to the 3 lots as "the combined properties". They are not now nor have they ever been combined. Each belongs to 3 separate people. I own the one in the middle (146). I had permission from my neighbor at 146-A to use their land to park my motorhome on, because of the amount of garbage illegally dumped on my own land, left me with no room to park it and as fast as I hauled the garbage out, more continued to be illegally dumped. Because we are all friends with each other, the 3 of us (144, 146, and 146-A) all use each other's land and frequently use each other's driveways. We have done this for decades, but that does not mean the lands are "combined". They have always had three separate owners. The lands have never been combined, and the town knows this, all they have to do is look at the deeds.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) , however, does not know this and falsely assumed that all 3 properties belonged to a single family. And he constantly makes complaints to the town hall and false reports to the police and uses the term "the combined properties", thus why Dan Feeney was also using this term in court.

In August 2013 the house on my land was torn down by (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) . The town has yet to allow me to get building permits to put up another house. Dan Feeney is in charge of building permits. When I tried to have a barn built for my cats, he denied the building permit saying "I will not issue any permits for that land."  I have the plans to put a chalet up on my land, town manager Larry Mead saw them and approved them, but Dan Feeny still won't issue any permits for our land, so we still have no house and no barn and I continue to be forced to live outside with no shelter from the weather, since the grease fryer bomb took my house in 2006. I first started applying for building permits in 2007. I had gone to the town hall in 2013 to ask about putting a chalet on the land at 146, and me and my brother where removing the junk from the lot back then, 2 years ago and had requested help from the town back then. The town however, would not allow us to put out more then 2 bags of trash a week, and thus it took a very long time to remove the garbage. Which means that once again, Dan Feeney lied under oath, because he told Judge Mulhearn that we did not remove the junk until he forced us to. He likewise indicated that we put the junk there, in spite of the fact that we have made dozens of calls to the police over the years, about coming home to find piles of garbage dumped on our land.

Dan Feeney lied under oath when he said the motorhome had been there for years. It had not. I only just bought it. I am an author getting ready to go on a book signing tour, I had just bought the motorhome in preparation for that trip. Dan Feeney said that we put up a shed on the neighbor's land. That building was built in the 1800s, it's nearly 200 years old and it's on our land, not the neighbors. There was, many ago an overhang, and the neighbor told us about it when he surveyed and we had that section of the building cut off and removed so that it wouldn't be on his land. That was nearly a decade ago. Dan Feeney said we have been putting junk on our land and refusing to remove debris off our land. What about the 200+ reports to the police, that I personally have made, about the illegal dumping of this garbage?

Proof that the false complaint came from (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  and was about the land, not the cats came on July 16, 2015. I'm in my yard, going back and forth between the gardens (300 feet from each other) and repainting No Hurry (the motorhome), when this big green dump truck drives up. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) gets out. It's the SAME guy who has 3 times now driven a back hoe over my barns and houses (and both my neighbors houses). He did it in 2001, then 2007, and those pictures of him caught doing it camera included in my affidavit that the judge would not look at, were taken August 9, 2013.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  is the guy who trespassed on our yard April 8, 2015, when the 2 public works men here. He was standing in my garden, pointing across the brook, screaming and yelling at/about my motorhome. This is the guy who made the false police report.  The day after (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) yells at them about my motorhome vandals pump gallons and gallons of raw sewage into my motorhome and frame me, falsely claiming that my cats were living in it like that. He was the developer on the board of commissioners, the planning board that in the late 1990s came to the conclusion they was going to take my land, tear my down barns and houses and build a condominium... and they offered to buy my land, for: $5,000 dollars.

Because Dan Feeney tried to bring No Hurry (my motorhome) into the court case about the cats, and I was not allowed to explain about her (you can hear in the transcripts where the Judge shut me off and would not allow me to speak, after I said No Hurry was 'registered, insured, I use her, there is nothing wrong with her.' I was trying to tell him that I had only recently bought her, that we had just remodeled the inside of her, which is why I was so upset that someone filled her with feces and tore up the inside, and I am an author about to go on a book signing tour, which had to be pushed back a year because of the court dates. I tried to tell him these things but he kept shutting me off and would not let me speak to explain the situation.

As my fans and readers know, the cats are featured as characters in most of my books. I write Science Fiction Fantasy. Talking cats is a race that exists in the realms of The Twighlight Manor Series Universe. Those cats are famous, and were going on the tour with me because I have a lot of fans wanted to meet them. My fans and readers know them as "The Pidgie Fund cats" (You can Google them.) I've had those cats for 14 years and they've been everywhere with me. They always travel with me, they always have. They love traveling. Every time I drove No Hurry around town, the cats went with me. Tourists loved meeting the cats.

Fans were expecting to see No Hurry in her Rosebud paintjob set up out front of books stores, where they could come inside and meet me and my cats, and see both No Hurry and Razzberry. There are a lot of disappointed fans right now. The tour has been canceled because my cats were taken on false charges and motorhome vandalized. Framing me, putting sewage in my motorhome, making false reports to the police is just as much a crime as vandalism is, and these men are being allowed to get away with both.

And there are a lot of eyes, all over the world, watching these events in Old Orchard Beach unfold, as these vandals put our town on the map, giving it a very, very, VERY bad reputation. Already tens of thousands of people canceled their vacation plans to come here this year. More are saying they will not be coming back at all, now that they know the town hall and police not only do nothing to stop harassment of this level, but support and help the bullies, because the town hall and the police of this town can be bought. The more this man tries harder to take our land, the more residents leave.

I don't think (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  really knows who I am or how famous I am, or that since 1997 every event of my life has been published online and because of this, millions of people have been watching him as he does these things. Millions of people are getting updates every day, to every act of hate, violence, theft, and vandalism. I'm EelKat. I'm very famous and so are my cats. I had not told locals who I was, because I like my privacy. Since my cats were taken and word got out that I am in fact EelKat and these The Pidgie Fund cats, my yard is a constant stream of tourists now. I had never released my real name to the public before in order to avoid just this from happening. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  thought I was just some little nobody. A lot of people around here did.

Once this went to court it wasn't hard for my fans to track down my home address and my real name, how many court cases are there involving ten cats? My fans and readers knew who I was and how to visit me, but not the locals. I didn't want the locals knowing how famous I was. There's no going back with that now. Half the state has been in my driveway this summer. Word spread fast once people realized who I was and what had happened to my cats.

I never hurt my cats. And I don't like them being used as pawns, by this man who has proven he will stop at nothing to take my land. It is deplorable that he would stoop to such levels, as to hurt cats to get to land. Even now, after my cats are gone, garbage is still being dumped on my land. He continues to threaten us. Running over my house three times now, three different houses, didn't force me off my land, dumping garbage on my land didn't force me off my land, vandalising my motorhome filling it with sewage and making false complaints to the police to take my cats from me still hasn't gotten off my land, and now he's coming up hear yelling at me face to face, because he's taken everything and I'm still on my land and he doesn't know what to do.

And can I point out that he is also harassing my neighbor at 144 Portland Ave. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  ran over his house with a back hoe too. He needs both properties to build on with. Either one on their own is not big enough to put a condominium on. I'm not the only one he is doing this to. we deserve to live in peace, me and my neighbors. We shouldn't have to put up with a developer harassing us trying to force us out so he can take our land.

I am very upset that this man has been allowed to use my cats as part of his sick twisted game. And he's obviously very frustrated by the fact that he has gone that far and I still won't let give up my land, otherwise why is he now coming here to confront me face to face?

My cats are my family. Everyone who knows me, knows that. I can not have children and that is why I have cats. Everyone knows that. All my fans and readers coming here this year, for the first time in decades I have no cats to greet them when they arrive. They've all been commenting on that. EelKat without her cats. EelKat is the spirit name my Kickapoo grandmother gave me when I was three years old, because she said eels and cats were my spirit guides, she came to that conclusion because of the way cats (and eels) flock to me. Millions of people around the world, know eelKat for her cats and now millions of people around the world know those cats are gone. Unjustly taken away by cruelty, lies, hate, and greed, all because one man covets my land and has to think up increasingly ludicrous way to harass me and my neighbors to try to force us to sell our land. It is monstrous that this man is being allowed to do this to me and my neighbors. It is monstrous that my cats have been caught up in this man's crossfire of hate and greed.

My cats are being traumatized, separated from their family, all because of one man's lust for money. It's wrong.

More Info on what these men have done and are still doing

UPDATE: (March 27, 2015) There is someone online pretending to be me. They have been using the ID name "EelKat" on accounts on various sites and posting ludicrous crap. I don't know who they are or why they are doing it, but other then my website here at, the only other sites I post to are: Tumblr, Twitter, and FaceBook. This person hacked into my old forum accounts between August 2014 and October 2014 and began posting weird shit via my old accounts, pretending to be me. Note that, I was in the hospital at the time this happened and was not online. I did not find out about this hacking/hijacking of my accounts until November/December 2014, when I shut down all 34 of my blogs, my social network accounts, and all of my forum accounts. Most of the hacker's target had been focused on my Kboards account, where they attempted to do quite a bit of damage to my reputation and career.  I don't know who did this or why.

They know enough about me to post SOME (very little) accurate information about me and my life (stuff they, very obviously copied off my website here), enough to make their posts look like they actually are written by me, but most of what they are posting is outright lies, and outrageous inaccuracies, such as claiming that I own two brand new Rolls Royces - I do not even own one! Because,  they very clearly don't actually know me, and there is very little information about me out there, they are "filling in the blanks" by making stuff up and posting a lot of "this happened to me" and "I did this and that" type of posts, making claims to things I have never done.

They are also making wild claims about which books I've written, attributing books to me, that I did not write and have no affiliation with at all, at several points making the false claims that I am simply the alternate penname of Twilight author Stephanie Meyers. One post claimed "EelKat" to be a made up "vampire name". No, EelKat Wendy Christine Allen is my REAL name, EelKat is a Kickapoo/Native American word, meaning "girl guided by eels", it was given to me by my Kickapoo grandmother, when I was 3 years old, after she discovered my obsession with collecting, painting, raising, and drawing eels. The Green Moray Eel is my favorite animal, and has been for as long as I can remember. Grammy Eva said eels were my spirit guides, thus why she gave me that as my "spirit name". I have always used EelKat when writing. While I use a penname for my Erotica books, you will find the words "EelKat writing as ---" on the copyright page of those books.

If I wrote a book, it's here on my site. If it's not here on my site, I didn't write it, simple as that. (The Erotica books are not shown or linked to on this site, because of the Google AdSense ToS. They are also not sold on Amazon as they are self-published vanity press chapbooks, only sold locally from local brick&mortar mom&pop bookstores.)

ALL of my books are published by The Twighlight Manor Press. I have no books published with ANY other publisher. So, no, I am NOT Stephanie Meyers. (And please STOP addressing her emails to me. No, I will not forward them to her, I just delete, unread, everything addressed to her.) No, I have never published any books that do not connect back to the name EelKat. If it doesn't say: "EelKat writing as ---" on the copyright page, it isn't me. If it wasn't published by The Twighlight Manor Press, it also wasn't me, as that is the only publisher handling all of my books.

They (the hacker) have been making equally wild claims about my income, in one post claiming I was making $140,000 a month! God! I wish! I haven't made that much total in the past 10 years combined. They have posted my home address in their posts, so they know where I live. They are also copying photos off my website (photos of me) and using them in their posts.

The hacker went through my old forum posts on my long ago abandoned forum accounts and changed/edited/re-wrote EVERY post. Whoever did this put a hell of a lot of time and effect into this. I am quite upset about the hoards of false information, nasty Libelous lies, horrendous rumors, and sick-minded gossip this person spread about me, using my own accounts to do so and making it look like I was the one who had posted those horrible things.

I have been finding these impersonation posts like this, on several forums across the internet. Whoever is doing this, they have been very thorough in hacking into as many of my old (and no longer used) forum accounts as they could find. near as I can tell from the dates on the posts, it appears they started doing this in mid-May 2014, and did most of it between August 2014 through October 2014, only stopping in December 2014, after I discovered it was happening and changed the passwords of most of my accounts and deleted the rest (thus ending their access to my old accounts - they can't hack an account if I just delete it and it is no longer there for them to hack.)

It is unclear who is doing this or why, but, do know that if you see "me" posting ANYWHERE online, other than here at or TumblrTwitter, and FaceBook, it is NOT me!

Additionally: My Twitter account was also hijacked during this "event". My Twitter account is set up to ping my FaceBook account, so everything posted on Twitter is Automatically cross-posted to FaceBook. My Twitter account is fully automated and I only long in once every 6 months to upload all 6 months worth of posts all at once, all of said posts being inspirational quotes and affirmations. There should not be ANY links to books by other authors or to any website other then my own. 

Like Twitter, I only log in on FaceBook once every 3 months or so. It is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for me to post a status update, as I NEVER visit the "wall" or "newsfeed" section of FB. i ONLY use the Zynga games section of FB.

Because I rarely log in on either FB or Twitter, the hacking of my Twitter Account (and it's reposts to FB) went unnoticed by me, for several months, until into early 2015, when a friend asked me why I was promoting so many links (dozen an hour) to a book written by another author. I had never heard of the book in question and had no idea how or why my Twitter account was posting these links. Upon review of my account, it had been going on, at least as far back as October 2014.

I have ZERO currently active forum accounts. I am NOT currently posting on ANY forums ANYWHERE!

Any posts showing up on forums with my name on them ARE NOT being posted by me.

I have not posted on a forum since early 2013

And TumblrTwitter, and FaceBook are the ONLY currently active social network accounts I have. AND THEY ARE AUTOMATED TO POST ONLY QUOTES, AFFIRMATIONS, AND RECIPES!

I will be so glad when all this hacker drama is over, so I have time to write regular again. Damn it. I hate all the time this jackass is wasting for me. I spent 5 months bedridden, and I get out of the hospital to find out that while I was offline some creep hijacked my forum accounts and social networks and raised absolute hell. What is wrong with people? I wish I knew who was doing this and what their motive is. What possesses someone to do something like this?

I get out of the hospital from months and months and months of medical hell and not being able to write or publish the whole time, think FINALLY I can get back to my daily writing and monthly publishing schedule, and then I find out what this jerk was doing to my accounts while I was offline and now I have THAT mess to clean up and straighten out before I can get back to writing regular again. 

I was NOT ONLINE ANYWHERE AT ALL from November 2013 to March 2015 because I was paralyzed, bedridden, and then had to relearn to walk. I was not able to lift my arms let alone type anything on forums and social networks!

I repeat: If you didn't find it on THIS WEBSITE at, chances are VERY HIGH that it WAS NOT written by me at all!

This hacker has been very throural in taking over nearly every one of my forum accounts and social network accounts. They have hacked into my Twitter account on three separate occasions in the past few months. I don't know who is doing this or why, but they are using my accounts to spread a lot of wild rumours and lies. It seems they are trying to make it look like I am saying totally ridiculous things to discredit me, but I can't figure out who would do it or why. It makes no sense to me at all. 

Needless to say, I find what this person is doing to be quite annoying.


The ISP of the hacker is VERY local to me. Whoever hacked my Kboards, Twitter, and other accounts between October 2014 and March 2015, did so from a public access computer at the McArthur Library in Biddeford, Maine, just 7 miles from my home address. This is very disturbing information, because that means it wasn't just some random prank done by stranger in cyberspace. It was done by someone walking distance from where I live. the level of sheer hatred that went into the hack, is very, very frightening, when you consider that person is local.

Considering the dates it happened, it appears the hacking was connected to offline hate crimes which also happened during this same time period.

Needless to say, I'm quite upset to learn that the hacker of my accounts is someone so very close to home. I find this information very, very, very disturbing, especially given what has been happening locally. We don't yet know who is behind the hack and since they used a public access computer, it looks like we may never know. I continued to be baffled as to who it is who has such boundless hatred in their heart that they would do these things.

UPDATE: (March 16, 2015) Good news. My health is up these days so, book publications will resume soon. I spent 5 months (November 2013 to April 2014) bedridden due to a back/hip/knee injury and then several more months relearning to walk, the offline vandalism of October 2014 (just days after the release of the first two Quaraun books) left us from October 2014 to January 2015 cleaning a 175 foot long, 30 foot wide, 12 foot tall pile of garbages, tires, and wood pallets out of our yard (yie! Who drives a dump truck into someone's yard and dumps garbage in it like that? What the hell?) and as such, from November 2013 to January 2015, all projects (writing and otherwise) were put on hold. I was unable to start writing again until February 2015, so book releases are behind schedule. 

Because of my health and the vandalism, books have not seen regular releases and the food truck has been put on hold until at least fall 2015. I am still in and out of the hospital, my last surgery was December 2, 2014, and I shouldn't need more surgery for a while (hopefully) I am recovering, so I'll soon be back to writing full time. Book releases will be irregular until August 2015, after which they should be monthly again.

Thank you for all your love and support, you guys have been so wonderful through all of this.

{{{lots of hugs, love, and kisses - for all of you reading this}}} 

UPDATE: (April 8, 2015) 

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) was walking around (trespassing) in my yard today. Drove his truck right up in the yard and was walking around with two other men, pointing things out to them like he owned the place. What the hell? I went over to ask him what he was doing in the yard, but as soon as he saw me, he jumped in his truck and drove off. 

UPDATE: (April 15, 2015) 

Our yard has turned into an absolute war zone. A SWAT team - a freak SWAT team, broke into my motorhome, 7 police cars and 14 officers - WITHOUT A WARRANT - smashed EVERYTHING and took my cats at gun point, and I don't know why.

Gun point. 

Seven police cars.

14 officers.

Took my senior cats at gun point, after smashing every last thing they could find in my motorhome.

Who does something like this?

And why?

What possible reason did they have for doing this?

UPDATE: (May 13, 2015) 

A police officer confessed to doing the damage to the motorhome. Got his confession recorded. He went into detail about everything he did and how he did and, gave me the names of the two men behind the vandalism. 

They are the two men who were trespassing on my land with (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)on April 8, 2015.

UPDATE: (May 26, 2015) 

My army of pink plastic flamingos was stolen out of my yard. :( Who trespasses up into someone's yard to steal an entire flock of pink plastic flamingos?

UPDATE: (July 14, 2015) 

Someone drove up in here and dumped piles of garbage on my land again. This is getting beyond frustrating. It's getting so I can't leave for work without coming home to find something smashed, broken, stolen, or dumped on my land while I was gone. Who the heck is doing this? And why?

UPDATE: (July 16, 2015) 

The garbage dumper returned today to dump more garbage on my land, but I was home this time (I took the day off from work, I'm normally not here this time of day.) I'm stunned at who it is that has been trashing my land. Wow - it's the same guy who trashed the place back August 8, 2013. The developer who years ago offered $5,000 to by my land because he wanted to put a condominium here.

He just had a freaking meltdown in my driveway. OMG! I have no idea what to think. I've never seen anyone go so wild crazed raging bonkers before. He's absolutely furious that he couldn't get in my yard to dump the big Mac load of garbage he had with him. 

This guy is freaking crazy. Says he's got a gun under his seat for shooting woodchucks. Kept opening the door and grabbing it then running back to scream at me some more. OMG! This guy is scary! 

He's the guy who was bossing around those two men in my yard last April. Why does he keep coming up in here?

Full details of what happened can be found on this page.

UPDATE: (July 30, 2015) 

The Dazzling Razzberry was vandalised at some point between 10PM last night and 9AM this morning. More then #300 in damages were done.

UPDATE: (August 30, 2015) 

The Dazzling Razzberry was vandalised AGAIN at some point between 10PM last night and 9AM this morning. Thousands of dollars of damage was done this time. Someone used a knife to scrape off all the flags on the roof. Either they were VERY tall or they had a ladder or they climbed up on top of my car to do it. 

They VIOLENTLY attacked the gay symbols with some sort of vengeance. All the unicorns, rainbows, and dancing bears have been knifed. Knifed! Who stabs a car like that? What the hell? They just attacked my car with a knife, gone stab crazy. 

This appears to be a very anti-gay hate attack, judging from the amount of fury that went into defacing the gay symbols on my car.

UPDATE: (September 3, 2015) 

The Dazzling Razzberry was vandalised yet again.

UPDATE: (September 4, 2015) 

10AM I had left for work, but realized I had forgotten something and went back. Upon driving in my driveway, I found Dan Feeny (from the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall) in my yard, 75' off  the road, at the back of my motorhome, attempted to rip the lock off the back door.

The man says the motorhome must be removed from the town because it is a health hazard, and then points to the sign on the back door and says: "I'm not a liar or a thief."

Uhm... Interesting. WHY does he think that sign was aimed at him?

The sign reads: "This door was vandalised on April 10, 2015 by thieving vandals. a curse on all liars, thieves, trespassers, and kidnappers."

Is he suggesting that he was one of the men who vandalised my motorhome on April 10? Only someone who had vandalised that door would think the sign was aimed at him.

UPDATE: (September 10, 2015) 

My dad just received a letter, to me care of him (why not to me at my address, I don't know) from Dan Feeney.

Fascinating letter. In it he claims to have had a meeting with my on the 4th (what, me chasing a trespasser of my land is having a meeting?) and claims we had a conversation (wait - what? There was no conversation - it was just him high tailing it out of here, saying he wasn't a liar or a thief), but claims we had a conversation about the motorhome being a health hazard because it is leaking feces into the brook.

Wait... what? 

Okay, first off: What conversation? I caught the guy trespassing on my land, sneaking around my yard 15 minutes after I left for work. I only caught him because I had to go back to get my equipment I needed for work, which I had forgotten to bring with me. Had I not returned, I never would have seen him at all.

Secondly: What brook? the spring that fed the broke went dry in 2010 back when the PowderHorn Campground dug it up and filled it in to make room for new lots. We ain't had a brook in 5 years. Creek bed is dry as a bone and turned to sand. 

Thirdly: What feces? What is he talking about?

Fourthly: Health hazard? I'm sorry, how is my motorhome a health hazard? She is completely brand new inside: we gutted her after the vandalism in April. Rebuilt her. All new hardwood. All new furniture. All new carpets. Completely brand new. She is cleaner then any house on this street. And that's a Hemi race car engine. Largest street legal engine they make. She was a race car. I bought her from a race car driver. He was still using her as a pace car, the car that ran the laps ahead of the race cars, when I bought her. And she was vandalised only a few weeks after I bought her. She runs better then any car in this town. What health hazard?

What is this guy talking about?

UPDATE: (September 11, 2015) 

Dan Feeney returned today, trespassing once again, and this time had a hysterical meltdown, screaming fit, claiming that my motorhome is "filled with feces", just like he said in the letter. Odd. He claims it's been filled with feces for months.


Oh, my...Dan Feeney...

Do you know that while I told people my motorhome was vandalised last April, I NEVER told anyone the full details of what happened, because of the court case going on about it?

Yes, on April 10, 2015, someone broke into my motorhome and trashed it and ALSO covered every inch of everything: bed, sofa, walls, table, chairs, floor, ceiling, etc - with feces. That is WHY I had to gut it and rebuild it... BUT...

Dan Feeney... I never told anyone about that. 

NO ONE knew that vandals filled my motorhome with feces, because I didn't tell anyone about it.

NO ONE but the vandals knew the motorhome had been filled with feces.

ONLY the vandals would have reason to think that now 7 months later, it was still filled with feces.

ONLY the vandals themselves would mention the feces because ONLY the vandals ever knew about it.

ONLY the vandals who put the feces there, knew it happened.

Dan Feeney, that means YOU did it. YOU put the feces in my motorhome, otherwise, how else would you have known about it? No wonder you made that comment on September 4 about the door.

UPDATE: (September 12, 2015) 

I am absolutely shocked and horrified at what has just happened. I now know, not only who has been behind these several years of hate crimes and vandalism, but also WHY they did it.

Today at 8AM (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan return to my land, along with 3 police cars of officers.

They accuse me of being a squatter and say the motorhome must be removed, because I'm not allowed to park it on someone else's land. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan make the claim that the land is abandoned and by parking the motorhome there, it too is therefor abandoned.

The police officer in charge, typed something into her computer and seconds later has the deed information. She apologizes to me for the intrusion, pointing out that, after seeing the deed, she now realises that I am the land owner and this was a false complaint. 

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan then attack my Dazzling Razzberry (Autism Awareness Car) stating that I drive it around the beach and it's bad for the reputation of the town, especially during tourists season. Police just shrug and say there's nothing they can do about him not liking what my car looks like.

Next (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan go into great detail of how trashed and horrible the motorhome is inside and how "it's packed full of feces, the feces are dripping out the sides of it". The officer says: "No law against a dirty house."

I'm once again puzzled. 

Yes, on April 10, 2015, someone broke into my motorhome and trashed it and ALSO covered every inch of everything: bed, sofa, walls, table, chairs, floor, ceiling, etc - with feces. That is WHY I had to gut it and rebuild it... BUT...

I never told anyone about that. 

NO ONE knew that vandals filled my motorhome with feces, because I didn't tell anyone about it.

NO ONE but the vandals knew the motorhome had been filled with feces.

ONLY the vandals would have reason to think that now 7 months later, it was still filled with feces.

ONLY the vandals themselves would mention the feces because ONLY the vandals ever knew about it.

ONLY the vandals who put the feces there, knew it happened.

How is (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) able to go into such great detail of what the inside of my motorhome looked like 7 months ago?

Neither Dan Feeney nor (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) have EVER been inside my motorhome. And yet both were able to give the police a VERY ACCURATE description of the condition the vandals had left it on back on April 10, 2015. How were they able to do this? There are lots of photos of the damage and vandalism, which are going in the book about this event, but that book has not yet been published and NONE of those photos are online.

NO ONE but the vandals themselves would have any clue what the damage looked like. NO ONE.

And, once again, that was 7 months ago. the feces were in the motorhome less than 24 hours. I had a clean up crew come in, gut everything and haul everything to the dump. Then I hired a guy to rebuild it. It was gutted, sanitized, and rebuilt - 7 months ago. And yet these men are telling the police, very detailed descriptions of what the vandalism looked like (and claiming that my CATS had done the damage!) and claiming that it was STILL like that, these 7 months later.

The details of WHAT SPECIFICALLY the vandals did to the motorhome on April 10, 2015 WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC. The fact that the vandals had dumped feces all over everything was never released to the public. It was NOT public knowledge. I did not make it known, because we did not know who did it and it was still under investigation. The ONLY people who knew feces had been dumped in the motorhome by the vandals WERE THE VANDALS WHO PUT THE FECES THERE.

Neither (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) nor Dan Feeney have EVER been inside my motorhome. There is no way either man could know what the inside looked like.

By bringing the police to my yard on September 12, 2015 and telling the police that my motorhome was trashed an full of feces, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and Dan Feeney have OPENLY AND PUBLICLY ADMITTED TO BEING THE VANDALS WHO PUT THE FECES IN MY MOTORHOME.

Irronically, I offered to take the men inside to show them what the motorhome looked like and prove to them it was NOT trashed or full of feces and they REFUSED to go inside citing that they already had SEEN it for themselves and KNEW it was trashed and full of feces.

Yes. 7 months ago for exactly 1 day, it was trashed andd full of feces, but the ONLY people who saw it looking like that were the vandals who trashed it and put the feces there.

And yet, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and Dan Feeney, who have NEVER been inside my motorhome, REFUSED to go inside on September 12, 2015, citing that they already had SEEN it for themselves and KNEW it was trashed and full of feces?`And how exactly is it they would know what it looked like inside the day it was vandalised, unless they were the ones who vandalised it? Tell me THAT.

I ask again - how did these men, who have NEVER been in my motorhome, know such great detail of what the vandalism looked like?

They continue to come up with one excuse after another, why the police should run me off my land and remove my two art cars (the Volvo and the motorhome).

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)continues screaming at police, this time saying that the motorhome doesn't run and can't be used. One officer points out "Wasn't it parked over there a few weeks ago?" pointing to the fact that it is in a driveway 300 feet away from the driveway it was sitting in the day it was vandalised.

Frustrated by police doing nothing to chase me off my own land, Dan begins screaming: "She has Autism, she's insane. We can't have people like that in town!"

What? Autistic people are not allowed to live in Old Orchard Beach? Thinks back to what the hacker had said a few months ago: "Retarded books, written by retards, for retards"... Hmmm. Remembers that the hacker used a very local public computer to hack my accounts with. Remembers that a large part of the hacker's complaint was that they hated Autistics and thought "they should be shot in the head".

Wow. So according to Dan Feeney, me and my RV should be removed from old Orchard Beach because I have Autism.

But then, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) goes into the same hysterical meltdown screaming fit he had done July 16, and this time says the truth about why he wants the motorhome gone:

"That is Ken's son, look at how he's dressed. He's insane. He's gay. that THING and IT'S gay cars need to be removed from this town. They don't belong here. They are TOO GAY for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach."

So, you are telling me (and the police) that gay people are not allowed in Old Orchard Beach? Really?

And, I'm confused, but since when am I gay? Transgendered, yes. Gay. No. I am a woman, who shortly after being raped in 1987, made an interesting discovery one day while walking to the library.

I was walking to the library (an 18 minute walk) and passed a construction crew, building one of the condos. A man who was overseeing the construction, started following me down the sidewalk. Blond guy, kind of looked like Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard. He followed me for quite a ways. I thought nothing of it at first. Lots of people walk around this town. After a few minutes he catches up to me, grabs my arm and starts insisting I'm a prostitute and he wants to hire me. He tell him I'm not and to leave me alone, but he doesn't listen. In a panic I said the first words that came to my mouth: "I'm a man." I have no idea, why I said it. The words just came out. But his reaction was horror and shock and he stood there dumbfounded and let go of my arm. I ran off.

This incident happened only a few weeks after the rape, and resulted in my for the next 20+ years, introducing myself as a man, who lived as a woman. A habit I took up, simply because I had discovered that men were quick to leave me alone when I said this.

I have never meet (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) before his invasion on July 16, so I don't know who told him I was "Ken's son". I've identified as transgendered since 1987, but when asked what I was born as, I always tell people I was born female and am living as a man, living as a woman, so that men would leave me alone.

I don't like men touching me or making any kind of advances towards me at all, because I am asexual and have no interest in sex whatsoever. I am also a priestess and took a vow of celibacy. Sex is not a part of my life. I am not gay. Neither am I straight. Nor bi. Why? Because I'm a eunuch and sex isn't a part of my life at all. I'm asexual: someone who has absolutely no interest in sex whatsoever.

I have a boyfriend and we have been partners for 28 years. He is likewise a priest and also took a vow of celibacy. You could consider me closest to being straight, based on the fact that I have a male partner, except for the fact that there is no sex between us at all. He's asexual too. It's why we've been able to stay together so many years. There is no sex t muddle up our relationship.

I'm not gay, no matter how much (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)wants to tell the police I am.

The thing is, I've never said "I'm a man" to anyone other then the men who have grabbed me. I wear the traditional clothes of my culture rather then assimilate into American culture and dress like Americans. This results in a lot of American men, coming up to me and saying "You look so exotic...blah, blah, blah..." It's the way I dress that causes the so called "exotic".  

In my culture, people don't touch people and leave several feet of personal space between each other. We consider it incredibly rude for a person to touch another person and we find the American habit of being touchy feeling very disturbing and disconcerting.

So when American men, run up to me, hug me without permission, and start talking about exotic they think I am, and how they translate my looking exotic into my needing to be dating them, I am made very upset by this. And over the years, I have found that the ONLY way I can keep Americans off me, is if I say in response to their insistence that I date them: "I'm a man." So far it's the only form of "No" any American man has ever accepted as an actual "No".

And so, for (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)to be telling the police that I am a man, is odd, because the ONLY people I have ever said this to are the annoying, perverted men who refused to take no for an answer when I told them I wasn't interested in dating them. Does this mean that (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)at some point over the years is one of the men who did such a thing? I don't know. I can't tell white men apart. They all look alike to me. 

I find it very puzzling, the fact that (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) believes I am gay and equally puzzling that he thinks I am a man.

And, what is a gay car?

Seriously? How many cars are out there humping other cars?

My cars are TOO GAY?

How can a car be gay at all? 

I am utterly outraged to learn that, these men dumped garbage on my land, vandalised my motorhome, and are currently hold my cats hostage, because they think I am gay and that gays don't belong in Old Orchard Beach.

More After thoughts about this update:

I know part of the problem locals have with me is the fact that I am a Voodoo Priestess. It's a common event (happens multiple times a month) for random people to walk up to me and tell me to my face that I am an evil child of satan on the way to hell and in need of repentance, simply because I am of a different religion then they are. It is very frustrating and rather annoying, because it really isn't any of their business what religion I am. I'm not bothering them, why are they bothering me? I'm not forcing my religion down their throats, why are they constantly jamming their religion in my face?

A large part of the problem seems to be that most of the locals are absolutely clueless as to what Voodoo is or what a Voodoo priestess does. They have their heads so jam packed full of stupid Hollywood mumbo-jumbo nonsense about curses and death spells that they have no clue that how Voodoo is portrayed in movies doesn't even contain a shred of truth to it about the reality of Voodoo. They see it as dark and evil, and it is sad that they are unable to open their eyes to see that it is a joyous religion of life and love and peace.

I am a priestess rank of Medsan Fey, which means I am a rootworker, one who works with nature (plants, animals, weather, gems, etc). I specialize ocean magic (shore birds, seaweed, beach sand, the ocean, shells, drift wood, etc) and am thus called by many locals "a sea witch". In more traditional European paganism, I would be referred to as a Green Witch or a Hedge Witch.

A Medsan Fey is the rank below Mambo, which is the rank below Gro Mambo. To become a Gro Mambo, one must go to Haiti for a special ceremony, but one must first be a Mambo, which requires additional ceremonies. As this would require an extended trip to New Orleans for a period of several weeks, it is unlikely that I will ever move above the rank of Medsan Fey as I am not someone who seeks rankings. People are always asking me about the rank titles and why I'm not trying to get a higher rank, but, *shrug* I'm afraid I'm not a competitive person and don't see the point of chasing after rankings.

Rank wise, a Medsan Fey is somewhat like a Monk or a Nun in the Catholic church, while a Mambo is comparable to a Bishop and a Gro Mambo is comparable to a Cardinal.

A Medsan Fey is one who is in servitude to the people of the community, the goal of their entire existence being to quite simply make their local community a better place filled with love and peace, and happiness.

I am specifically a priestess of Damballa Weddo, god of love, peace, and purity. It is my job to tend his local shrine and spread his message of peace, joy, love, and kindness for all things: humans, plants, animals, and the souls of every object. The spirits of the water and rocks. That is what I do.

Medsan Fey's take a vow of peace and nonviolence, they are vegetarians, environmentalists, and animal rights activists. Medsan Fey's are comparable to Franciscan Monks, living at one with nature in harmony with all life, both plants and animals and even the soil and rocks. 

It is for this reason, that it is utterly ludicrous the lies (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and Dan Feeney are currently spreading about me around town. And also explains WHY they choose to make my cats their primary target of focus to discredit me. What we are dealing with here are small minded, hate filled religious fanatics, who are abusing animals in their attempt to hurt a person because that person does not attend the same church as they do. 

These men are poor representations for the Christian religion and make a mockery of everything Jesus stood for: do good, harm none, love all. 

When Jesus said to do good: he included everyone - even non-Christians.

When Jesus said, harm none, he meant animals too.

When Jesus said love all, he did mean ALL.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) and Dan Feeney hide behind their Christian faith and just like the Westboro Baptist Church, spew nothing but bigotry and hatred for humanity.

It is a sad thing, to see the corruption that exists within the souls of these two men, whom have wandered so far down the dark path to hell, blinded by their own greed and baseless fears of things they don't understand.

I try to see this situation as they do, to try to understand why it is, they have done the things they have done, but the fact remains, they kidnapped my cats, rolled them in feces, pulled their fur out, beat their heads in, and locked them in cages so small they can not even stand up, and continue to hold my cats hostage in those conditions for now 7 months, with two of my cats, Bela and Dog, reported to being in critical condition and needing life long medical treatment as a result of the horrendous beatings these cruel, heartless men gave them on April 14, 2015 - four days after kidnapping them.

That is the thing I can not understand.

These men profess (very loudly) to be Christians, and yet, they broke into my home, trashed it and filled it with feces to frame me, then kidnap my cats and beat them nearly to death, again to frame me (they next took me to court saying that I beat up my cats - even though the beatings happened on April 14 - WHILE MY CATS WERE IN POLICE CUSTODY - four days after they were kidnapped - a fat that can be proven by the photos taken by the police on April 10 compared to the photos taken on April 14.

What possessed these men, to take out their extreme hatred for me, on my poor defenceless 15 year old senior cats? And these are the same men who call ME evil? Look at what they did to my cats. How is that anything but evil? There is nothing more evil in this world, than a man who hurts children or animals.

There are hundreds of studies into the minds of men who beat up animals and the fact that they ALWAYS also beat up women and children, and OFTEN commit murder.

There is no serial killer, who did not first beat up animals.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan Feeney are monsters. No humanity exists in their dark, twisted souls. For no humanity can exist inside a man, who would take a 15 year old cat and beat it's head in, just to spit it's owner. There is something seriously wrong with a man who would do that.

The natural human in me, wishes these men would die a long and slow painful death, for the monstrous things they have done to me, my cats, my land, and my motorhome, in their hell bent vengeance to drive me out of this town. But the priestess in me, prays for their souls, that they might see the error of their ways, the great harm they have down, the huge injustice they have committed, that they may repent and seek forgiveness and redemption. 

Those poor men, their souls are so twisted, so lost, so far down the path of darkness, that I fear there is no turning back to the road of light and truth, for them. It grieves my soul wen someone had such great potential in life and strayed so far from their life's purpose. I pity their poor lost souls, for they are so lost, that they have no idea the great harm they have done. 

I fear greatly for their eternal damnation. For what goes around, comes around, and all that you say and do in this life, shall be done back to you in the next life, 70 x 7. Every pain you caused, you shall feel pressed down and over flowing back on you. Every tear you caused to be shed, you shall shed in turn. Every ounce of suffering you brought about, will rain down on you 700 times. You beat my cats until their teeth were knocked out, and that is your fate in hell: your heads will be beaten by the hosts of hell, 70 times more then you beat my cats. So let it be written, so let it be done. A Gypsy Curse upon you, that every deed you have commited, shall soon befall you and your family. Every vile thought of hatred will mirror back upon you. Every pain, my cats felt, you will too feel.  

Yes, we live in peace, but yes, we do cast curses. Not Voodoo. No. Voodoo does not cast curses. But Gypsies do and I am Gypsy before I am Voodoo. I am appauled by the great extremes these men when to in their attempt to discredit my reputation. Know that the truth will set you free and you can not hide the truth. In your hatred for my, you attempted to destory my motorhome, framed me for something I didn't do, resulting in a SWAT team taking my cats at gun point. And that I will never forget. 

You remember the signs of Old Orchard Beach? Yeah, I think it's time for them to rise again. I'm off to start making signs. This town has been way too many years without it's infamous signs of justice.

UPDATE: (September 14, 2015) 

So, we tell the town manager what his men are doing and, his response is that he and the Town of Old Orchard Beach fully support them in this.

Well, okay then...

The Town of Old Orchard Beach has officially declared this an anti-gay town, where it is alright to put bombs in people's houses, just so long as they are gay, because gays don't deserve to have houses like everyone else.

The Town of Old Orchard Beach has officially declared this an anti-gay town, where it is alright to take their cats at gunpoint, just so long as they are gay, because gays don't deserve to have a family or pets like everyone else.

The Town of Old Orchard Beach has officially declared this an anti-gay town, where it is alright to dump garbage in people's yards, just so long as they are gay, because gays don't deserve to have gardens and lawns like everyone else.

The Town of Old Orchard Beach has officially declared this an anti-gay town, where it is alright to own cars, just so long as they are not gay cars.

I'm sorry, but this town happens to be in America and there are federal laws against this sort of thing. This is nothing short of discrimination. It is wrong on so many levels.

NOTE TO (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) AND DAN AND THE TOWN MANAGER:

Do you remember in October 2014, when you dumped dump truck loads of garbage on my land, then put my land up for auction to sell it to (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), and charged me a $12,000 ransom on my cats thinking I would let you take the land in exchange for my cats, and on October 14, 2014 Town Councilmen (and my next door neighbor) Ken Blow said to you in the council chambers:

"You really don't want to antagonize her. You don't know her influence with the tourists, how fast she can shut this town down. She did it before."

Here's what he was talking about: my site gets 14,000 visitors each month. In the search terms for "Old Orchard Beach" it comes up on Google's page 1 - BEFORE and HIGHER RANKED then the town's own .gov site AND is the site which OWNS and RUNS the Town of OOB Fanlisting. People who are looking to visit OOB, look to my sites for information and well... you remember when (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)was hounding me in 2006 and got on Town Manager Jim Thomas's ass and Jim Thomas hired a guy to put a grease fryer bomb in my house...and in tourists came to OOB? Had something to do with a lot of signs in my driveway and word of mouth spreading very fast across the whole country. And it was the incident he was referring to.

I'm EelKat, Voice of the Voiceless, Founder of The Proctor and Gamble Boycott, coiner of the phrase "Not Tested On Animals". I'm the little girl who 30 years ago, with nothing but signs in the driveway and 200,000 identical letters mailed to, well, everybody, shut down the world's largest animal test labs and got the words "Not Tested on Animals" on bottles of shampoo. You REALLY should have taken Ken Blow's advice last October and Googled me to find out who I am, how BIG my network is, and how really, really, REALLY famous I actually am.

You laughed at Ken Blow's warning and said "Nah, she's nobody..." Have you Googled The Pidgie Fund Cats yet? Do you have any idea how famous those cats were?

Maybe you should have Googled "Proctor and Gamble Boycott" with "Voice of the Voiceless".

No Ken was right, you have no clue who I am or my HUGE power of influence over the tourists who spend money in Old Orchard Beach.

I keep to myself, so much that most of the locals had no idea anyone even lived here. I like my privacy. I don't like trespassers, and I REALLY, really, HATE animal abusers, false accusers, liars, and thieves. And you my friend are all of the above.

Decades ago, Proctor & Gamble killed two of my dogs and I became their eternal thorn in the flesh. Visit their website - they have a whole section about me. I spent 27 years on their asses. That's how long it took me to shut down the animal test lab that killed my dogs. I absolutely SHATTERED their reputation simply by speaking the truth of what they did to my dogs. 

Old Orchard Beach is nothing but a honky tonk town of bar rooms and nudy shirts, stuck in a little itty bitty backwoods section of hicksville Maine - you ain't nothing compared to Proctor and Gamble - largest monopoly in the world before they went head to head against me - now they are nothing but a blip in the stock market radar, they had to sell 200+ of their umbrella companies just to keep from going bankrupt. I did that to them because they kidnapped my dogs, and now you've kidnapped my cats.

Did you really think I, Voice of the Voiceless, Founder of the Proctor and Gamble Boycott, would sit back and say nothing, while you spread rumours and lies about me, my cats, and my motorhome around town? Think again (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), Dan, Larry - it took me 27 years to do it, but I shut down the P&G test labs - I didn't let it go, and I'll never let the world forget what you did to my cats either.

You three men are monsters and the whole world - ALREADY knows it. My FaceBook post about what you did to my cats - got 3 million likes in under 24 hours - you went viral. How many of those 3 million people do you think are tourists who won't be coming back to spend money in OOB? How many of those 3 million people, do you think shared that post with their friends, who also will not be coming to OOB? Think about it. And then think back to what Ken Blow said: "You don't know who she is, you don't know the influence she has with the tourists."

You did look up my books - I know, because, well, only 3 books were mentioned in the town hall meeting that day - interestingly THESE THREE BOOKS. Did you notice the dates of the attack on those books, verse when the town hall was informed of the fact that sales of those three books were being used to pay off the towns $12k ransom demands?

Oh wait - did you notice the date of the books coming back for sale after the investigation amazon did, verses the date of the attack on my motorhome and the theft of my cats?


Oh and did you know Amazon has the power to track the ISPN of every false complaint filed against a book.

Yes, I am aware of who attacked these books. 

Oh and then there was that pesky hacker who took over my forum and social network accounts on, oh look at that date: October 2014, 3 days after that meetings. Hmmm.

Yeah, you did shoddy work in your hacking my accounts, your attacking my books on Amazon, your trashing my motorhome, your putting feces in my motorhome, your dumping garbage on my land, your not getting a police warrant before sending a SWAT team to take my cats at gunpoint, and then there is the grease fryer bomb that blew up my house or the cat's head nailed to my front door. You did shoddy work. I don't know what (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) is holding over you, that you are doing these things on his command, but, you're a hell of a lot smaller then Proctor and Gamble. And you've already found out your bulldog of a bully Dan Feeney has no power to intimidate me.

You've overlooked one thing - the fact that after you took my cats, I put Golgotha back up. She doesn't stand year round, in fact, most of the decade she is laying down. As my millions of adoring fans knew, when Golgotha went up, it was like Batman beacon to my vast network of P&G boycotters that something was up and to be ready to resurrect the protest signs. 

You think the signs in my driveway are the ONLY signs that went up? Think again. Tens of thousands of signs went up - all over the country, in the driveways of P&G boycotters everywhere. America. Canada. Australia. Europe.

Oh yes, you are right, not many people see the signs in my own driveway because I'm up here in the backwoods of Maine, but, Golgotha stands to tell my network, a new boycott is underway, and my signs in my driveway, they aren't even the tip of the iceberg. Signs went up all over the country.

You want the signs to come down? Return my cats, keep your men off my land, away from my motorhome, and out of my life. Stop spreading your horrific lies about me to the locals. Yes, I know what you said to Arlene Dolgon and Friends of Feral Felines and Sandra Mitchell and oh a lot of people in town are talking and a lot of them are coming directly to me and telling what you said to them.

Tell me this - since when is it town hall policy, to spread vicious, nasty, false rumors, and lies, about one of the residents to every person who walks into the town hall, every day?

Did you know, that every day, people are driving up into my driveway and saying to me: "I just came from the town hall. I was paying my taxes and they out of the blue told me _____ about you. I don't know why they said it but I had to come over and ask what was going on."

Do you know how many people are coming up to my yard and ASKING if they can go in and see the inside of my motorhome because: "I want to see for myself if it really is filled with feces."

For the past few weeks, my motorhome has been a steady line of traffic as most every local in town has stopped by to see if what the town hall told them was true.

Every day I'm being told by locals: "WOW, it's beautiful in here, my house doesn't look this nice, and what smell, that guy needs his nose checked, he's crazy. There ain't no feces in here. There ain't no smell. What is he talking about."

Every person, who comes in here asking to see the inside of my motorhome, I've asked them if they could tell me specifically WHO at the town hall told them these things. Every one of them has said: "His name was Dan Feeney."

A few said "Oh (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)told me."

I said: "(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) who? I don't know anyone by that name."

They said: "Oh you know, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) the man who needs no last name. Everyone knows him."

Well, (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) who needs no last name, can't be too well known or known by everyone, considering I've lived here since 1975 and I've never heard of him.

(the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) - the man who doesn't need a last name around here, so, who knows what it is his last name might be, and Dan Feeney. Wow, imagine that. The two men who have each been caught trespassing on my land. The two men who each have shown up in screaming furies threatening me. The men who keep dragging police officers to my yard. The men who call my land at 146, and my neighbor's land at 144, and my other neighbor's land at 146a, the "combined properties" because they require ALL THREE lots to build the condominium they have plans to put here.

144, 146, and 146a all had houses just a few years ago. All three are empty lots now, because, well, a backhoe, with a big apple painted on the side, drove over each one. And all three of us have not been able to rebuild the houses because the town hall won't give us building permits.


Did you know, that (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)owned that infamous backhoe and Dan is in charge of giving building permits?

The same (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan who, we now know filled my motorhome with feces on April 10, 2015, a fact we know, because NO ONE knew about the feces detail and they are the two men who are currently, right now, this week, today, running around the town making the false claim that there are feces in my motorhome, a fact that I know because of the steady line of people coming to my yard saying:

"I just came from the town hall and they told me your motorhome was full of feces and needs to be removed from town and I was wondering if it isn't too bold of me, could I possible see the inside of your motorhome because I find it hard to believe it's full of feces like they were just telling me."

Well, in their attempt to discredit me and destroy my reputation, all (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan have done is sent dozens of local residents to my yard with requests to take a walk through my motorhome. Did you really think I wouldn't let people come in? All those feces these two men are seeing are just because got their heads jammed so far up their asses they can't see anything else.

Well, half the town has walked through my motorhome now and seen for themselves that (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan are lying about what it looks like inside.

Interestingly - Dan is not certified with the state as a Code Enforcement Officer (and thus is acting illegally) and, I'm not the only one he charged insane ransom amounts to, nor am I the only one whose house was illegally torn down. In the past 2 days 9 others have come forward to say the same thing has happened to them, and while the town manager says the neighbors should complain about the signs - all 4 of my abutters have come over to say to me: "It's about time someone stood up to (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder), keep putting up them signs."

None of the paperwork Dan sent me so far is legal, (he has not cited any codes, I have Autism and have read the ENTIRE 800 page code book of OOB and have it all filed in my head, and I know for a fact that there is no code stating "vehicles with a smell must be removed from town" - that was one of the reason he gave.)

I've been researching the people (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan are targeting and every one of them has a mental disorder, are several handicapped, require caretakers, are non-white, are non- christian, are transgender, are gay,  and were "uneducated" (Dan's words) and was not aware of the FEDERAL Code Enforcement Laws that Dan Feeney is REQUIRED to obey. I'm finding houses, motels, and shed torn down all over town, on his orders, and in every case, the paperwork he sent them WASN'T legal because has not cited and code violations.

Dan Feeney is simply using threats and intimidate to harass people he thinks are "too stupid" to know the laws.

As Dan told the police last week: "She has Autism, she's insane, we can't have people like that in this town."

Dan: my IQ is 211 and is in the top 30 in the world. I have HIGH FUNCTIONING Autism. I'm an actual genius. I don't know what type of Autism you are used to, there are more then 30 types, but I'm not the little retard you thought I was. I know the laws. I read the law books. I know my rights. And I know you are hurting a lot of people in this town and we have the proof in writing: your VERY illegal letters of threat and intimidation, without any use of actual codes.

Oh, and (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)and Dan sent the police over to tell me I had to take the signs down, but, Constitutional Rights and Freedom of Speech...

Until you stop harassing me, stop spreading lies about me, and return my cats - the signs stay up, and every day, more go up, all across the country.

September 26, 2017 Update...

  • February 2003 bombed my doctor's office and killed him
  • May 2006 they put my dad in a coma
  • bombed my house in October 2006
  • May 2010 cut my car in half
  • beheaded my cousin July 2013
  • drove a backhoe over my next house August 2013
  • September 2013 - put a bomb in my classroom at Southern Main Community College
  • beat my up leaving me paralyzed 5 month and crippled rest of my life in November 2013
  • filled my motorhome with 1,000s of gallons of feces April 2015
  • kidnapped my cats April 2015
  • returned my cats' heads May 2015; 10 cats currently unaccounted for
  • August 2015 a woman was beheaded in front of her 4 children, in Saco Shaw's supermarket, in the ice cream department, while trying to buy her children ice cream
  • November 2015 - put a bomb in my department at Scarborough WalMart
  • June 2016 - put another bomb in my department at Scarborough WalMart (it was WalMart who contacted the FBI and started the FBI investigation July 2016)
  • 2016 my tires were slashed on 7 different occasions between October and December
  • April 2017 put my dad in the hospital again, he almost died
  • May 2017 attacked and rallied at my mom's house - twice
  • August 13, 2017 - my birthday - murdered 73 pets
  • September 26, 2017 - 2 days ago smashed up my car...
  • in all more than 200 such attacks on my family since Stephen King thought to film the Thinner movie on our farm in 1994.

Yes... I've survived FIVE (5) bombings now.

Since I got beaten up by this weird so-called author, who calls herself Kendra Silvermander, on November 14, 2013, still no clue who she is, but she left me paralyzed for 5 months, during which time she hacked my KBoards account, my NaNoWriMo account, my website, my FaceBook, my Twitter, and other places, pretending to be me and written horrible stuff via my accounts. Then she created 52 fake Amazon accounts and left 52 fake and completely identical 1 star reviews on every one of my books.

I was paralyzed 5 months, relearning to walk 18 months... and I was offline for a full 3 years, and had no clue this woman had taken over all my online accounts or had done any of these things, until 2015. :( .

I'm crippled for the rest of my life, on a cane with one leg useless, and only have the use of 1 hand now, and permanent damage to my spine.

I used to publish a novel a month... now because of this still unidentified Kboards member, I've got $3million in medical bills, a bomb also blew up my house so living in my car, can barely move, and am lucky if I can get 1 book typed up a year. So frustrating. 

It's been 4 years and I'm still in physical therapy, and it's a good day if I can stand up, let alone walk. Had to cancel the 2015-2018 book signing tour, and had to cancel all the monthly book releases from November 2013 to who knows when... still all canceled and we are closing in on 2018 now.

The Kboards hacker crushed my spine, my hip, my pelvis, and my knee. Tore up all the nerves and muscles. Got a $40million lawsuit waiting for when the FBI finally identifies who the Kboards hacker is.  FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation  agent's contact info is on my website if you have any info about who it was who hacked my Kboards account 2013 to 2015.

Help The FBI Capture Old Orchard Beach's Gay-Hating, Animal Abusing, Bomb Building, Psycho Terrorist

If life gives you lemons, then you grab life by the balls and say you're taking them too.

Why make lemonade when you can make testicle stew? 

I don't take shit from no one, I stand up to bullies like you.


I'm a woman who has had 7 miscarriages, and wears "elaborate clothes". Because I have no children, the residents of Old Orchard Beach, beat me up, calling me a transsexual, claiming only a man would dress like I do, claiming that the reason I have no children is because I'm not really female.

They left me paralyzed and crippled. 

They crushed my hips, my pelvis, and my spine, and took away, what little chance I had to carry a pregnancy to full term.

I'm crippled for the rest of my life. I can barely walk now. It's why I'm now on a cane. Any hope I had of having children is gone now.

That's the reality, of the gay hatred of this town. 

I am a straight female. I have Autism. I wear pink. I wear glitter. I talk with a "funny gay sounding voice".

Acording to the people in this towm:

I walk like a fag...

talk like a fag...

dress like a fag...

act like a fag...

and therefor must be treated like a fag...

I need to be taught my place...

I deserve to be shot in the head...

I look gay, and therefore I must be, 

because no one but gay men, talk in this voice

no one but gay men wear pink

no one but gay men wear glitter

no one but gay men prance instead of walk...

so they beat me up, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

they cut my car in half, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

they put a bomb in my house, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

they filled my motorhome with feces, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

they kidnapped my cats, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

they drove a back hoe over my house, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach - even though I'm a straight female, nothing close to being gay

they cut my cats heads off and nailed their heads to my door, because I'm "too gay" for Old Orchard Beach

because I have Autism

and that makes me "too gay for the family friend town of Old Orchard Beach"

I used to dance when I walked... but after 5 months paralyzed, 18 months relearning to walk, and now 4 years later, my leg is lame and I am crippled, barely able to stand, dragging a lame leg, I'll never dance again.

Do you know what that's like?

Can you even begin to imagine?

To be an Autistic person, who can no longer dance when I walk?

They hate gay men so much, that they are willing to beat up a childless autistic women, in ill health, accusing her of being a transvestite.

Because these evil people took away my ability to have children, I had cats; but they took my cats, and cut off their heads, and nailed them to my door.

Welcome to Old Orchard Beach. The gay-hating capital of Maine.

Where residents try to murder crippled, elderly, straight women, accusing them of being gay.

This is the reality of how Autistics are seen by the world.

This is the reality of how Autistics are treated by "normal" people.

This is the reality of being transgender in Old Orchard Beach...even when you are NOT.

This is the reality of what bullies do to someone with mental illnesses, they do not understand.

This is the reality of living with Autism.

Find out more here.

More information about this psychopathic, criminally deranged NaNoWriMo ML & her violent "street team" can be found 

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UPDATE: (September 28, 2015) 

So, confusion abounds as to what transgendered means. Since the signs went up, I've had dozens of people ask me if I've had a sex change operation.

No. I am transgendered, not transsexual.

Then people ask: What's the difference?

Well, a lot actually.

In the past week I've been called a transvestite a dozen time. Nope. I'm not that either.

And again people ask: What's the difference?

The difference is this:

TRANSGENDER: A person who identifies as a gender other then the gender they were born as.

In other words a man who dresses as a woman, fells like a woman, and calls himself "she, her, etc".

Transgender means one who transitions mentally/spiritually, but not physically/surgically from one gender to another.

A man pretending to be a woman.

A woman pretending to be a man.

A man pretending to be a woman who is pretending to be a man.

A woman pretending to be a man who is pretending to be a woman.

TRANSSEXUAL: A person whom has had a sex change operation to become a gender they were not born as.

In other words someone who used to be a male but is now a female.

Transsexual means someone who transitions from one sex to another physically by means of surgery.

A woman who used to be a man.

A man who used to be a woman.

TRANSVESTITE: A person who wears the cloths of the opposite gender, but continues to identify as the gender they were born as.

In other words a man who likes to wear dresses, but still uses male pronouns "he" and "him".

Transvestite means someone who has not transitioned gender identity or their actual sex, but simply transforms from one dress role to another.

A man in a dress, who is not making any attempt to be a woman at all.

A woman in pants, who is not making any attempt to be a man at all.

DRAG QUEEN: A transgendered person who wears flamboyant clothes, outrageous make-up, and wild wigs to put on an elaborate show. In other words a circus clown or other form of comedic entertainer, who dresses to the extreme to entertain the masses. Known for sequins, rhinestones, glitter, and garish colours.

A man pretending to be a woman.

A woman pretending to be a man.

A man pretending to be a woman who is pretending to be a man.

A woman pretending to be a man who is pretending to be a woman.

What am I? I am a Drag Queen. A woman pretending to be a man who is pretending to be a woman and doing it while dressed in over the top sequined ball gowns, beaded and rhinestone dresses, feather boas, velvet capes, blue wigs, and glittering make-up.

A reporter asked if I intended to testify in the Biddeford Police Rape Scandle that's been going on... here's my answer to her:

RE: State of Maine V Guy Gammon

July 30, 2015

My name is Wendy C Allen (aka EelKat) and am the victim/witness of this case. I have just received your letter and was a bit confused, because you only mention Guy Gammon, and not the rest of the case. There is a much larger harassment case ongoing and the Guy Gammon aspect is only a new part of it recently added. Also, like I told the Biddeford Police, the incident I reported was one of many incidents with Guy Gammon. If this is going to court, as your letter suggests, I believe it may be helpful if the police have the information about the other events I had mentioned, as I had only written a statement for the event of the day I came in, and not the events that happened the previous days between February 2015 and May 2015. this man has attempted to rape me on multiple occasions, the attack on the day in question, was not the first attack, as I told the officer when I came in.

I should add, also why it was I was in Biddeford at the time Guy Gammon attacked me. (I did not know his name until receiving your letter.)  I am currently in court on another case and was staying with my dad after the events of the other case, because I needed a place where I could feel safe. Obviously I was wrong to think I would be safe at my dad’s apartment as, that is where Guy Gammon attacked me.

In the first case  I am the victim of harassment that has gone on for over a decade, the harassment acts including such things as a grease fryer bomb blowing up my house and leaving me homeless and later the harasser driving a backhoe over a different house on the same property, leaving me homeless again. I am crippled and on a cane as a result of these attacks. In spite of more then 200 reports being files the police have yet to investigate any of these incidents. When 12 of my cats were found with their heads cut off, the police officer who took the report said "Well, cats die, what can you do?" Most recently this same man, filled my motorhome with sewage then filed a false complaint to the police saying that I had abandoned my cats in said motorhome, saying said motorhome was abandoned, and saying my land was also abandoned. 

This resulted in my being attacked by seven police cars, each car filled with multiple officers brandish guns, and confiscating my cats. They acted like I was a criminal, even though I have no criminal record at all. I don't even drink coffee, let alone do more criminal activities like smoking cigarettes or drinking beer! We are Mormons, we live a simple life of chastity and morality, and they sent a freaking SWAT team in to take my cats and acted like I was some sort of terrorist, all because this man filed yet another false complaint to the police, once again falsely claiming my land is abandoned. He keeps saying that because there is no house on my land, but there is no house on my land because 3 times in the past decade he had driven a backhoe over my house! 

A week later, while they were in police custody my cats were beaten into critical condition and rushed to a vet (that was 3 months ago and 2 of the cats are still in critical condition).

The man behind the harassment is (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) , a developer who is trying to get me to sell my land. He is doing these same things to my neighbors to either side of me, as he plans to build a condominium and he needs all three properties to do so and all three of us, me and my two abutting neighbors are refusing to sell our 8 minute walk to the beach access land and this man is going to increasingly ludacris ends to try to drive us off of our land and the police aren't doing a damned thing to stop him.

Because of the attacks on me, my cats, my home, and my land in Old Orchard Beach, I spent a few weeks staying with my dad in Biddeford because I was too scared to be alone on my own land after the police's swat team raid. The police tore my motorhome apart, ripped the side off of it, trashed everything inside, and then took my cats, while one officer held a gun on me - and they did not have a warrant. They did all of this with no warrant. They claimed they didn't need a warrant because it was "abandoned cats in an abandoned motorhome on abandoned land"! How are my cats, my house, or my land abandoned? I was right there in my own house, on my own land, with my cats when they took them. One officer has since confessed to what happened and I have his confession recorded. The Old orchard Beach police department needs to be investigated, to find out why they did this. What possible reason did they have to raid my home like this?

I have Autism, I am legally blind in one eye, I have PTSD (as a result of the bomb in my house in 2006), and I'm crippled with a lame leg walking on a cane. My dad lives on the 3rd floor, I can barely get up those stairs. You can't even begin to imagine how much it hurts for me to climb up those stairs, but I was terrified to sleep on my own land at night after the police raid and I didn't know what else to do, so I fled to his apartment for a few weeks to try to sort things out and figure out what to do.

I am disabled and alone and, the man attacking me drives up in my yard with large excavating equipment. He came at me with a giant dump truck on July 16, 2015, just a little over a week ago, while I was in my driveway painting my motorhome, he threatened me and my motorhome again. I've been too terrified to spend the night on my own property since he's heightened his attacks the past few months, so I started spending nights at my dad's apartment in April because I thought I'd be safer there.

However, I was unaware that the man downstairs of my dad (Guy Gammon) was a sex offender.  I was attacked (attempted rape) by Guy Gammon, who lives on the 1st floor below my dad in Biddeford. (He brags that he has raped 27 women and gotten away with it. I don't know if that's true or not, but that it what Guy himself said to me.) I would not have been attacked by this man, had I not been forced to stay with my dad, because I was too scared of (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  to stay alone on my own property in Old Orchard Beach, after the heightened increase in vandalism, frame up, and police raid of my own home. 

Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to get up those 3 flights of stairs at my dad's house? and GG would wait under the stairs and every night for weeks, he'd jump in front of me and grab my arm and start hugging me and kissing me and saying "come get some lovies, you need lovies dear, Jesus told me to give you lovies"... rubbing himself all over me, and I'm crippled and on a cane. He wouldn't let me up the stairs. Every single day, I had to go through this. I kept asking him to stop touching me and leave me alone, but he wouldn't stop. I have Autism, I hate being touched.

The day I went to the police about it, he had done that to me 3 times in a single day. The third time he used his dog as a weapon and that was when I came to the police station to ask an officer to help me get into the building safely and thus how I came to fill out the report. I tried to run away, but I can't run. I'm on a cane, I barely walk, and he sent his dog running up the stairs after me, yelling "Go get her, go get her!" and When I asked him to call his dog off, he started laughing and said "oh she ain't gonna hurt, ya, she's friendly", then he comes up the stairs and grabs me and starts talking about giving him "lovies" again. He used the dog to corner me. 

while I'm walking from my car in the parking lot to my dad's house in Biddeford, a guy on the first floor walking with his dog and girlfriend, she stops for a second to talk to me then goes outside with the dog, soon as she is gone he hand me a candy like he thinks I’m a little kid then grabs me, tosses me back against the wall, hugs me, and starting kissing me, then says "I love ya Sweetheart, I'll leave her for you anytime you say so, never forget that!" I run away from him.

Who gave him permission to touch me!




It is so annoying and frustrating. 

Why don't men know the meaning of word: NO!

It got worse, when I got to my dad's house again that night.

I park at St Andre's parking lot and get out of my car and he's out there with his dog. He yells "Hey Sweetheart". I wave to say hello, you know, good manners and all, and keep on walking. I get inside and  Jenny (another of my dad’s neighbors, I don’t know her last name)  is also getting back. we stop and talk as we often do. We are talking for maybe 20 minutes, and Guy comes in with his dog. The dog (a 60lb pit bull) is not on a leash and bounds up the stairs to start jumping on me. She's not a mean dog, but she's big and heavy and can do a lot of damage if she knocks me over, especially when I'm standing on the next to the top flight of three flights of stairs - that's a LONG way down: more then 30 feet, and the dog is jumping on me and he won't call it off, instead he's just laughing and saying "She won't hurt you." The pit bull starts jumping at Marcy (my 7lb 12 year old senior service dog)  I grab my dog and put her over my shoulder. The pit bull starts jumping at Jenny's dog Lily. She gets her dog in her apartment and starts yelling at Guy to call off his dog. He just laughs and says she's playing. 

I am crippled and walk with a cane. I have Chronic Tendonitis and even a small trip can cause serious damage. Last time I fell I was bedridden for 5 months. well, sure the dog is friendly and just playing, yeah, I can see that. I'm not worried about this dog attack me or biting me (like his other dog used to do), I'm worried about the dog, knocking me over and pushing me down 3 flights of stairs to the bottom of a stairwell 30 feet below me! A fall like that would kill me and Guy Gammon doesn't give a fuck and he is refusing to call off his dog. 

The problem is made worse by the fact, that while I can't get pass the dog, he has com up the stars and and is blocking the way so I can move away from the dog, without running into his open arms, while he's standing there grinning at me and saying "give me some huggies Sweetheart, I love you, ya need some loving."

Jenny on the second floor starts yelling at him, say "You smell like marijuana," and he yells back and says "I can smoke what I want, where I want and you can't stop me!"

His dog runs back down the stairs and I put Marcy down and she runs up to the third floor terrified. I'm still cornered between the man and a shoe rack and the stair wall newel posts. I pull out chalk and draw a protection symbol on the ground and he starts saying "You has Autistic and need some huggies" and lunges at me to grab me.

I push past him, but still can't get around him to get away and he starts gibbering jumbled nonsense about Autism and Gypsies. (I have Autism and am by race a Gypsy - everyone who’s ever seen my car knows this, as I own the autism awareness Car, which doubles as a Gypsy carneval car.)

Jenny starts yelling "You are drunk", and he throws a beer can at her and say: "I've been drinking all day and I'm gonna drink all night and you can't stop me none."

He grabs for me again and I pull away saying "I am the queen of my people the Gypsies and no one is allowed to touch me." (No one is allowed to touch anyone in the royal family of the Gypsies. It is not down Not even other Gypsies touch me.)

He gibbers more slurred words, and then says "This is my house and I can smoke and drink and fuck whenever I want."

He's stumbling around and I'm able to get past him as he grabs for me again. I yell "My culture does not allow smoking, drinking, swearing, or adultery." And run to my dad's door, toss Marcy inside, then swing back around and run back down stairs, jump back in my car (The Dazzling Razzberry) and drive to the police station (2 blocks away) where I tell the officer on duty what happened and he fills out a report and follows me back to my dad's house to make sure I can get in this time, then issues a protection from harassment summons and charges the man with minor assault.

That’s not the first time he attacked me and he’s tried to rape me three times now.

The first time he attacked me was when me dad was moving in (August 2013) and I was helping him move in. That day, he grabbed me, dragged me down the stairs, and into his apartment, to his bedroom at the back half of the apartment, then tossed me in a tiny closet like room filled with turtle nicknacks and gemstones and a guitar, and starts telling me he’s lonely and needs someone to help to get rid of his loneliness, says I’d be doing him a great favor to get rid of his loneliness, all the while he’s twisting my arm behind my back and kissing my face and, there is a blond woman who says she’s his niece I ask her to help me and she just laughs and says “He’s harmless he brings women in here like this all the time, they get used to him.” (He used the vicious snarling, biting black dog to corner me that day - since put to sleep after he used it as a weapon that way on 3 other women and two of those women the dog tore their faces off). I finally get away from him by grabbing hold of the low gate across the doorway and wrenching my arm free of his (I ended up in the hospital with the ligaments torn out of my wrist and was in a cast for 12 weeks, and unable to write - I’m an author.) 

Every time I visit my dad, Guy Gammon grabs me and tries dragging me down the stairs - EVERY DAY. My dad is disabled I’m there every day for the past 3 years and every day Guy Gammon assaults me on the stairs and tries hugging and kissing me and say ‘Gotta give me some lovies sweetheart” I don’t like strange men ramming their erections between my legs, and no means no why can’t he get that through his head?

I keep telling him “I’m not what you think I am” and “I’ve got a boyfriend please leave me alone” and “Don’t touch me, I don’t like being touched” ect, ect, ect, every single day. EVERY SINGLE DAY for 3 years now! EVERY DAMNED DAY!

I came to Biddeford for a few weeks to stay with my dad April/May 2015 because one man in Old Orchard Beach is crazy and won't stop harassing me and vandalising my home and tearing yard apart and murdering my cats and I go to hide at my dad's place in Biddeford for a few weeks, I get attacked by another crazy man there. Do you have any idea what I feel like right now? I want my cats back and I want these men to leave me alone. (I have included a copy of the court document about the Old Orchard Beach case, which details what happened and WHY I was staying with my dad in Biddeford those few weeks.)

Guy Gammon is a daily problem. Every single day I have to deal with him. EVERY DAY! One day he slapped me on the stomach and said I looked pregnant and how he likes preganant women. (I’m transgendered, I’m never gonna be pregnant.)  Sometimes he says perverted things to me like: “What to have a baby with me?” No. Seriously that isn’t gonna happen. 

He’s constantly saying he wants me to have his baby and give him what he calls “lovies”.

Other times he says: “Damn you're a pretty one, You’d make good looking babies you know.” Yeah, well, I’m sure I would, if it wasn’t for the one little fact that I like men, not women. And he is not a man on my list of men to like.

I’m transgendered.

I’m a Sissy. I’m real deal, the ACTUAL meaning of the word “Sissy”. Look it up. I’m the most freaking feminine thing you’re gonna find on this planet. Everything is pink. My clothes are pink, my car is pink, my motorhome is pink, my sequins are pink, my ruffles are pink, my rhinestones are pink, my feather boas are pink. 

I am a transgendered sissified drag queen.

Let me repeat that:



Drag Queen. 

I own more rhinestones then Libera did. I my daily driver is a freaking rhinestoned Volvo. I am a transgendered sissified drag queen.

I’ve said it Guy Gammon many times now. 

He says: “Oh that so cute, the the little Autistic girl likes to dress up like a princess. Ain’t she sweet. Here have some candy.”

Yes, I do like to dress up like a princess. My daily wear dresses have more rhinestones on them then my car doe.  I’m probably the most eccentric person in the state of Maine, I don’t deny that. There are people who say I’m insane because of the way I dress. Fine. They can think whatever they want. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me, my culture, my gender identity, my sexuality, my race, or the way I dress, because nothing anyone thinks about me changes the fact that I am a transgendered sissified drag queen. This is who I am, and anyone who has a problem with the way I dress, it’s their problem, not mine. 

I don’t think he knows what transgendered means. No matter how cute he thinks I am, I still can’t have no babies by him or any other man. I ain’t never gonna be pregnant, I ain’t never having no one’s baby. And I’m sick and tired of him telling me I should be having his babies. Do you have any idea how annoying this man is. I have so much to deal with right now, with the Old Orchard Beach case, I don’t need this sex crazed perverted jackass running after me every day on top of everything else. 

And no, the way I dress, isn’t an open invitation for men to try to fuck me. He’s told me that I look like a prostitute and therefore am begging for him, because of the way I dress. I wear kimono, full kimono, many layers, and every time I’m in full kimono, guy Gammon, translates that as me dressing like a prostitute to tempt him. I am not a prostitute and I don’t like being told the way I dress is an open invitation for strange men to fuck me no matter how many times I say no.

No means no, and it doesn’t matter what I am wearing, no still means no.

I also keep telling him, I already have a life partner, and Guy Gammon has meet Ben on many occasions and Ben too has told Guy Gammon to leave me alone. Ben has been there on multiple times when Guy Gammon has thrown lewd comments my way. 

And it’s not a one time incident, it’s every damned day, sometimes multiple times a day, day after day for weeks on end. Guy Gammon can’t get it through his head that no means no and even if I could have babies, I would never want to have babies with him. Why won’t he take no for an answer?

I am a transgendered sissified drag queen, how does he expect me to have babies with him? He drinks and smokes and he’s filthy, his clothes are dirty, his hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in months. He’s skin is covered with grime. I have Autism with OCD, I wash multiple times a day. I am spotless. I wash my clothes daily. I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere. I abhore dirty. My god! When the vandals in Old Orchard pumps my motorhome full of sewage, do you have any idea what that did to my brain?!?! I HATE filth! I can’t stand filth. I can’t be near it. You want to mentally torment someone with a germaphobe like me, pumping sewage in their house is the sure way to do it. It’s been 3 months and I still can’t stop washing and vacuuming and scrubbing every inch of my motorhome, every single day for three months now. The thought of what they did, send horrors through my brain. And then I go to my dad’s house and get accosted by this filthy, smoke covered, beer breathed, greasy haired, dirty clothes, creep who can’t stop  putting his dirty, filthy, grimy hands in my hair and kissing me with that filthy unwashed flesh of his. 

Do you have any idea the mental anguish of someone like me, who can’t stop washing everything every few minutes, to have to be touched by someone like him who looks and smells like he hasn’t seen a bathtub in weeks? It’s bad enough when a clean, washed, sweet smelling, bathed person touches me uninvited. Do you have any idea how many germs a clean person has on them? And I can’t get him to stop touching me. Every single day, he grabs me. He won’t stop hugging me. I won’t stop kissing me. 

Do you know how small and thin and frail I am? I’m only 5’6” and barely weigh 130lbs, I’m nearly blind in one eye, and I have lame leg, and he’s bigger and stronger then me, and he’s always flashing that 8” switchblade in my face. How do I get this man to leave me alone? Why won’t he take no for an answer?

Once when Ben was working on my car, Guy Gammon comes out, and he says to me: “I got a book, I want you to read, will you read it? it’s called love. Wanna come to my apartment and get love today?” Every day he comes up with some stupid pick up line like that. It’s gross the way he talks to me. I don’t like it one bit.

Several times Ben has witnessed Guy Gammon send his unleashed dog after me and on multiple occasions Ben has yelled at him and given Guy hell for taking his dog off the leash and sending it to “Go get her!” like that.

One night, last winter/spring, a few days before Valentine’s Day, as I’m walking up to my dad’s apartment, Guy Gammon bounds up behind me, pulls out a weird looking object, shaped like a large bullet, about the size of a lighter, rams it into my neck and while pulling my hair, says, “Do you know what this is, how fast I could kill you and no one would ever know?” Then he let’s go of me and holds the fake bullet up in front of my face and flips it open. It’s a switchblade jack knife.

Several times, I’ll be walking across the St Andre’s parking lot to my car, and Guy Gammon will jump out of the bushes, grab my cane and start screaming: “That evil thing needs to be out of your life! I’m a prophet of God and I say you don’t need it!” Then he starts poking my leg and hip with his finger, jamming then into me really hard and bruising me and gibbering a bunch of nonsense and saying stuff about how he’s a WarLock speaking in tongues and god is healing me and the cane is evil and of satan and he has to take it.

One day this past spring, while Ben was working on my car, changing the oil, Guy Gammon comes out and pulls out a BIG switch blade knife (about an 8” blade on the thing) and aims it at Ben, then starts screaming at the top of his lungs: “I used to be a Volvo mechanic, she knows that, I told her before, I told her I would fix her car for her if it ever needed work, I told her!” Then he hands the knife to Ben and says: “Here, work on it with this” like it was a screwdriver or something. Ben hands the knife back to him, and Guy starts screaming again: “I is an Indian, don’t you dare pull a knife on me, I’ll slit your throat!” Then he grabs the knife and stomps off.

On three separate occasions he has grabbed me from behind while coming up or down the stairs, grabbing my by my hair and not letting go.

In February 2015, I was visiting my dad in Biddeford.  He lives on the third floor. I'm going up the stairs when the guy from the 1st floor, Guy Gammon suddenly gets between me and the stairs and stairs running his dirty hands through my hair and saying how he wants to comb my hair and put cream in it. And the stench of him! Good god! He smelt like a tobacco factory and and that horrid cat-piss smell of beer. We are Mormons we don’t even associate with smokers and drunks, our religion forbids us to even be in the same room with a smoker or a drunk, let alone speak to ungoddly immoral filth like that. And he’s running his smoke stench hand through my hair. 

I say: "Please don't touch my hair" That’s all I say, not one other word, and I can barely say that much. I have Autism, do you know how hard it is for me to talk?

But that is all I say: "Please don't touch my hair" And suddenly he flips out and starts screaming at the top of his lungs: "I'm not flirting with you, I just want to be a friend and comb your hair. I'm not looking for sex. Your hair ain't natural. I'm a prophet of god and I've been to the white room three times now even though I'm a warlock. I saw Jesus in the white room. He talks to me you know. I heal people just like Jesus. I wasn't flirting with you. Your hair ain't the way God made it, I know because I'm a prophet and God told me, he sent me to the white room and Jesus told me. God don't want your hair like that. He told me to comb your hair. I'm not flirting with you. I don't want sex."...then he starts rambling on about how God made me with smooth straight hair and god told him to fix my hair and make it smooth and straight, in between more rambling about how he's not flirting and doesn't want sex.

Good god! Who said anything about flirting and sex? I only asked him to not touch my hair. So why was he bringing up flirting and sex? Why? Because he's a sick mind fuck assed piece of shit. HE was thinking abouting flirting and sex otherwise he would not have said it. I certainly didn’t bring it up, all I said was  say: "Please don't touch my hair" 

And what the hell is a white room? What the heck kind of freaked out American slang is that? And a Warlock? Seriously? Does he even know what a warlock is? Obviously he's one of those idiots who thinks it's another word for witch. No actually, it's a Scottish word and mean "evil oath break" or "the sinning teller of lies". And prophet? What? He really expects me to believe that? He was so drunk he could barely stand up. God had a hell of a lot to say about wine-bibbers in the Bible and none of it was good. I’m an ordained minister, I’ve read the Bible 31 times cover to cover like a novel, in addition to 12 years of Calvinist Bible seminary, and 27 years of daily study. And he expects ME to believe that a lewd, perverted, drunk, smoker, who can’t keep his hands to himself and has nothing but fucking women on his mind, is prophet of God? Seriously? How stupid does he think I am.

And my hair? Dreadlocks. I've had them for about 3 months. Not intentionally - it was a side effect of being bedridden from ill health October, November, and December of 2014. I was paralyzed for 5 months, couldn’t walk, couldn’t move, my hair naturally turned to dread locks as result. My hair is really frizzy like a black person's hair is, because my great-grandmother was black, so if I go a few days without brushing it, it dreads up on it's own. What is "unnatural" about dreadlocks? My hair naturally dreads, I don't have to do a damned thing to it to get it that way. I've had dreadlocks several times throughout my life, since childhood, because that's the way my hair naturally grows. Styling your hair into fake man made styles is unnatural. My hair is so freaking frizzy, that if I want to have straight hair I have to sit down and brush it for 3 straight out and then load it down with straighteners and use flat irons to burn it straight. My hair is NOT naturally smooth or straight on any level whatsoever. God did not give me straight hair, no matter how much Guy Gammon says he did. So where does this creep get off yammering at me like that? And why will he not stop grabbing me by my long hair like that?

If you follow me on Twitter, you've heard me talk about Guy Gammon a lot.

This is the same Guy who a few weeks ago, grabbed my arm while I was walking across the street, and in some sort of wild, frantic, fit of hysteria starts screaming:

"Ya got any meds? I needs some meds. Give me your meds. I know ya take meds. Ya got a cane, ya have to take meds. What kind of meds ya got. I needs some meds right now. Gi'me yar meds."

Meds? I had to Google that words to find out what it even was. More American slang. It means pills, drugs, medication. 

Oh, you filthy Americans and your constant need to fill your bodies full of drugs. What is it with you people and your doctors and drugs, doctors and drugs, doctors and drugs?

We are Gypsies, do you really think we would stoop to your level of turning your backs on God to defile our bodies with "meds"?

The next time he attacked me screaming he needed meds and I had to give him all I had, he got an earful from me. We are Gypsies and we do not defile ourselves with filth. Our bodies are temples created by God. We don't drink coffee. We don't smoke. We don't do alcohol. And we most certainly don't do meds.

Do you know what he said?

"Ya ain't Gypsies. Gypsies don't live in no houses." Followed by lots of blah, blah, blah on how only people who travel around are Gypsies and we never travel because we are farmers.

Really? He one of THOSE people who believes that where and how you live makes you a Gypsy? Great. The stupidity of Americans astounds me almost as much as their violence and cruelty. 

Oh, yes, we aren't Gypsies because we don't live like what HE thinks Gypsies are, and I suppose next he'll be telling me that Chinese aren't Asian and African Americans aren't black. Gypsy is a RACE. It has nothing to do with how or where you live and everything to do with the DNA flowing through your veins.

And he won’t stop touching me! I keep asking him and asking him and asking him, to not touch me and he just laughs and says “oh that’s cute, ya playing hard to get!” No. I’m not! I’m not playing hard to get. No means no and GG cut. I have a partner, I’ve had a partner for 28 years. Marriage for us wasn’t legal until a couple of years ago, and by that time we decided we didn’t need it we’d already been together longer then the average straight couple. I don’t think Guy Gammon realizes I’m transgendered either. I’m a freaking drag queen, I wear more glitter and rhinestones then Liberace did. I have 2.5 million marbles glued to my car it looks a disco ball. 

Then he keeps yelling at me about Gypsy curses and “that evil satan cursing shit” as he calls it. We are Gypsies, and while I attend the Mormon Church because my partner is a Mormon High Priest, I myself am a Voodoo Priestess (an Erzuli Priestess rank of Medsan Fey Marjia Loa to Damaballa Weddo God of Peace, in the House of the Lanquin) and as such am the Scottish Gypsy clan’s priestess and spirit leader, which means I draw veevee (protection symbols - stars, hearts, snakes, crosses, etc) on the ground in chalk. I draw them around my car when I park, I draw them on stairs as I go up them, I draw them on the trees and light poles as I pass them. I keep sidewalk chalk with me at all times. People who do not understand Gypsy ways/culture/traditions often see me doing this and falsely accuses me of casting Gypsy curses, but that is not the case, these are outward signs to the spirits or thanksgiving for their protection. We give thanks to all the spirits of the planet, earth, animals, birds, rocks, ect. All things have spirits and the drawing of veevee is an open sign of thanksgiving to the spirits for looking out for us. But Guy Gammon, sees me doing this and he comes up to me and starts yelling t me and saying I’m putting “that Gypsy curse shit on us”. His remarks are racists and rude. I’ve tried to explain what these symbols are, but he just start screaming about “the white room” again and saying “I’m a WarLock, I know these things because God told me.”

Do you know what a WarLock is? Let me tell you. 

I asked him once, if HE knew what a WarLock was, and he says “Yeah, I’m a witch, but God talks to me anyways.” he doesn't know what he's talking about - a WarLock is NOT a practitioner of witchcraft - that's an urban myth created by Hollywood movies and is a mockery of my native language. A WarLock is a Christian who has told a lie. ANY Christian who tells a lie is a WarLock.

WarLock is a Scottish Gypsy word. The English translation of which is "oathbreaker". It is an ancient word used by the Picts (Scottish Gypsies - my people - my native language) to describe the hypocrisy of the Christian invaders (the Celts) of Albia (Scotland). The Christians invaded Scotland and set about murdering all non-Christians who refused to join Christianity. After being forced into a religion that supposedly was "the truth", they (my people) discovered that most of these so called "good and honest Christians" who had invaded their country, told a lot of lies. Primarily of concern to the Picts was the lewdness of the Christians (Picts/Scotts/Gypsies had/have strict cultural persuasions against adultery and sexual immorality) and were horrified to discover that Christian (white) men, thought nothing of whore mongering (fucking prostitutes) then lying to their wives and pretending to be faithful. My people the Pictish Scottish Gypsies created a new word to describe these lying, lowlife adulterers and that word was: WarLocks.

A WarLock is ALWAYS a Christian who has told a lie, committed adultery, broken an oath, and otherwise lives a life of deceit and hypocrisy.

The word WarLock was not used to describe witchcraft and magic until the 1960s. It comes from the Vincent Price movie "Witchfinder General" (about the German witch trials just before the Salam Witch Trials) In it, Vincent Price plays a Scottish General who is hunting down WarLocks (Christians who've told lies) and accuses them of witchcraft - this is a historically accurate reference, HOWEVER, people who watched the movie, mis-understood the reference and thought the word WarLock could be used interchangeably with the word Witch. Americans have been inaccurately using the word WarLock interchangeable with witchcraft ever since, which only proves he isn’t practicing witchcraft either, because a REAL witch would know the REAL meaning of the word WarLock. If you are not a Christian who tells lies and breaks promises, you can not be a WarLock. 

But this is what I have to deal with every single day! Him constantly touching me, rubbing his erection on me, running his hands through my hair, dragging me down the stairs, kissing me, hugging me, and all the while gibbering about visiting god, being a prophet,  AND I WANT IT TO STOP! I ought to be able to visit my dad, and walk up those stairs to his apartment, without being assaulted every time I walk in the building. What Guy Gammon is doing is, wrong, wrong, wrong! I want him to leave me alone! I want to be able to visit my dad without some filthy, creep rubbing on me and kissing me. 

But then I get your letter in the mail today, and it doesn't sound like you have any idea to full details of this case at all. I don't think they told you everything, because you sounded like you didn't know,  I think you really need to know what these men did to me. Please read the enclosed document for full details on this case, as you have only mentioned the new Guy Gammon aspect of it and it seems that you were unaware that this is merely a new part of a much larger case. Thank you for contacting me, you are the first person to ever help me. I've been going to police and lawyers for a decade now, most of them laugh in my face, and not one of them has ever made any attempt to help me before. I've just been alone in this for a decade now. Please help me get my cats back and have the officers responsible for this held responsible for their actions.

You also got my address wrong:

it is: 

Wendy C. Allen

146 Portland Ave

Old Orchard Beach, Maine 


The Biddeford address is my dad's address and the location where Guy Gammon attacked me, and I was staying with my dad that week because of the increased violence, police raids, and attacks going down on my own land. Old Orchard Beach has become a literal war zone, there is one officer that pulls a gun on me every time he sees me now and I don’t know why. Rumors from the local residents are flying high the past few weeks and my driveway is a steady stream of tourists stopping to get pictures of my my rhinestone car and my pink motorhome. Part of it is due to this being seen as a race hate crime, due to my being the Queen of the Scottish Gypsy Clan of Southern Maine and and because Stephen King filmed Thinner on our land back in the 1990s (we are “Stephen King’s Gypsies”) and because my cats which were taken are The Pidgie Fund Cats (they are famous cats) and so my fans, readers, and King’s fans and readers have been flocking to my land all summer to get pictures of my motorhome, because it too is famous (something the OOB police didn’t know at the time of the raid. The FaceBook post about the attack on my motorhome got 3 million likes in the first 24 hours - the book about this sold 53 copies the first hour of publication, and yesterday it sold 560 copies alone - I’m the author known as “EelKat” and this has gone viral. The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall also confiscated my land, like I said, claiming it was abandoned, they were going to sell it to (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  - but after tens of thousands of Gypsies from all over America flooded the town days later, they gave it back to me. The Old Orchard Beach police put Old Orchard beach on the map, my fans and readers are flocking here in droves and Guy Gammon put Biddeford on the map, my fans have started showing up in Biddeford now too. They should have Googled me before they attacked me - every single one of them, because no one involved in this case is going to be able to stay out of the spotlight, my fans won’t allow this to get swept under a rug. I’m EelKat of Squidoo, EelKat of NaNoWriMo, EelKat of The Warrior’s Forum, EelKat of The SoapBox, I’m EelKat the little 12 year old girl who took down Proctor and Gamble and founded the Proctor and Gamble Boycott, I’m EelKat the one and only, and my life has been an open book published daily online since 1997.) 

The officer who took the report about Guy Gammon’s attempting to rape me asked if I was willing to appear in court, oh yes, me, the entire Gypsy community, the paparazzi,  and all my fans are more then willing to appear in court. A wrong has been committed and we demand justice, I will not rest until every last person involved in hurting me and my family is in prison. 

30 years ago, Proctor and Gamble made martyrs of two of my dogs in their animal test labs - I built the largest animal rights crusade the world has ever known because of it. 

I wanted my dogs back. I never got my dogs back, but I did shut down every animal test lab Proctor and Gamble owned, along with Avons, Revlon's, Estee Lauder's AND I got the words “Not tested on Animals” on shampoo and beauty products. 30 years after they took my dogs and killed them in their animal test labs, I still march for justice. All I wanted was my dogs back, that’s all I asked for. I would have dropped the crusade the monet my dogs were returned, safe and unharmed. But they kill my dogs. Now sarge and Bridgett's memory burns for eternity branded on every beauty product with the words “Not tested on animals”. And NO ONE will ever forget what Proctor and Gamble did to my dogs, it is blemish from their history that they can NEVER erase.

I am THAT EelKat, Voice of the Voiceless, the Autistic girl who couldn’t speak for the animals, so she wrote for them instead and created a movement that swept the world. I did that in the 1970s and 1980s without the internet. I kept my identity a secret from the local residents, because I like my peace and privacy, but they made marytes of my cats and now the whole world knows EelKat’s real name and home address. Since this started, I’ve had buses, and trolleys full of tourists, driving up in my yard, and they are all hugging me. No one knew where I lived before all this, now everyone knows where I live and they are coming from all over the country to meet the famous EelKat now that know her real name and home address. I’ve kept my real name separate from my stage name all these years. Well, my privacy is gone now, my yard is steady stream of screaming fangirls/boys now. Well, they didn’t get to see me a ComicCon because of the court case, so, they came to me instead of me going to them. Oh well. Such is life, I suppose.

I want my cats back, I want (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) to leave me and my neighbors alone, I want to be able to have a house on my land without a lunatic with a backhoe driving over it, and I want Guy Gammon to never touch me or another woman again. So, yes, to answer your question, I most certainly do want to be in court against Guy Gammon and every other damned person involved in this case. 

I turned the other cheek when they put a bomb in my house, I turned the other check each time they ran a  backhoe over my house, but what they did to my motorhome and cats, that I will not a turn a cheek on. They went too far this time. And I hold them responsible for what Guy Gammon did to me too, because I never would have been in Biddeford at all if it hadn’t been to the gun toting police officers tearing apart my motorhome and taking my cats at gunpoint without any just cause. 

Just because I am a transgendered sissified drag queen, with Autism, who is by race a Gypsy, does NOT give people the right to treat like shit. I’m tired of people thinking they can get away with harassing me just because I’m different from them. I am a Human Being and I deserve to have the same rights as everyone else. 

And now because I was trying to get a few weeks away from the harassment in Old Orchard, trying to get some time free of stress so I could relax and try to figure out what to do next, now I’ve got this stupid Guy Gammon harassment to deal with as well. Why can’t these men just leave me alone. I never bother anybody. I keep to myself. Why are they bothering me like this? Why can’t they just leave me alone? I want them to leave me alone.

~ EelKat Wendy Christine Allen

146 Portland Ave

Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

And Americans wonder why we Gypsies think they are worthless pieces of shit and want nothing to do with them: (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder and Guy Gammon are perfect examples of what is wrong with America

We Gypsies are constantly being asked why we do not associate with the general mainstream American public. Can I ask you to back to the top of this page and read all the way down again, and then ask me that question again?

You Americans are seen through the eyes of us Gypsies as whiny, irritating, thieving, lying, trouble making, perverted, lewd, sex crazed, no good, busy bodies, who do nothing but kill, steal, and destroy everywhere you go. 

You complain about us not sending our children to YOUR public schools and yet look at unitelligance, illiterate way you people talk.

"Give me lovies"

"I need some huggies"

"Me wants some kisssies"

When I first started using the cane, after being paralyzed for 5 months. Guy Gammon, stopped me on the stairs, like usual, and asked me why I had the cane. I told him, "I fell and the muscles of my back, hip, and knee, seperated off my bones because I have Chronic Tendonits. I was paraylized for 5 months while the muscles regrew and reattached themselves to the bone."

And do you know what his response was? This:

"Oh ya mean likes when that cart'lige stuff goes and melts and ya bones fall off. Yeah, see I told ya me gone wents to medical school. I tolds ya. See? see? see? Me knows what me talking abouts. I do. I do."

A two year old can talk better then that and he wants me to believe he went to medical school? Really? I can talk better then that and i AM retarded - I have Autism.

Did I tell you about the day, Guy Gammon noticed it say "Laughing Gnome Hollow" on my car?

I'm getting into my car, getting ready to head to class (at the time I was a double major in college) and Guy Gammon jumps out of the bushes at me and does his usual illiterate attempts at sex talk, then says to me: "Ya like gnomes, eh? Did ya knows I used to be one?"


This is the same Guy who, with a filthy cigarette in his face and one more in each hand, along with a stack of empty beer cans at his feet, was one day sitting on the curb, when me and my Mormon High Priest partner are heading in to visit my dad, and he says to us: "I is a Mormon ya know." REALLY? You are one of those people who shuns everyone who drinks, smokes, uses coffee, lets women wear pants, does drugs, eats meats, or, oh look at that: has sex. Yeah, sure you're a Mormon. Guy Gammon is one of those idiots who thinks Mormonism is just a religion, I got news for you buddy, it's not. It's lifestyle and if you can't live it you ain't got no business being near us. We Mormons do not associate with Gentiles. Why? Because they are immoral sinners and Jesus taught to come out from among them and shake their dust from our feet.

So, Guy Gammon is a Mormon who smokes, drinks, does drugs, tries to fuck women he's not married to, and drinks coffee.

He's also a doctor who went to medical school, and yet he spends all day and all night, 24 hours a day, on the sidewalk, growing and ever taller stack of empty beer cans, and can't even speak third grade English.

He's also a WarLock (and thinks that means witch) and he visits Jesus nightly in "the white room" (whatever the hell that is) because he's a prophet of God.

Oh yes, and he's a Volvo mechanic, even though he can't tell one part from another and gets EVERYTHING wrong while giving my Volvo Mechanic advice of how to work on my car.

And, now, he's also a gnome as well. 

And I'm sorry to say, but, almost the entire population of Biddeford is exactly like Guy Gammon. 

There is a whole group of them (Guy Gammon being part of the group) who go stand out in St Andrea's Church parking lot and do nothing but watch planes go by and talk about, how the government is watching them, and using those planes to record their conversations and steal thoughts out of their heads.

Ask me again why I avoid Biddeford like the plague, and HATE even having to drive through that place.

And if you was wondering why it says Laughing Gnome Hollow on my car...While my long time fans, know what Laughing Gnome Hollow is, new to me people may not have heard of it, so I'll tell you what it is.

Years ago, before (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  moved into the area, I had a vastly landscaped garden, which I gave tours to the tourists in. The garden contained more then 100,000 flowering plants, which I paid $30,000 for in the 1970s. Hidden throughout the garden were hundreds of lawn ornaments, mostly gnomes, faeries, animals, and pink flamingos.

The theft of my plants (which now line (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder) 's driveway) and statues (which show up smashed in (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)'s trash) began in 2007 coinciding with the dump trucks full of garbage that starts driving up in here illegally dumping trash in our yard.

Before the massive vandalism of our land, the gardens were famous, people came from all over the country to see them, and fans of the gardens, liked to do mini scavenger hunts to sak out and find the little gnomes that were hidden around under the bushes and were not easy to find. Back then, we also had electricity (before vandals took the power lines down) and had a music system piped through the gardens, which played David Bowie and Liberace music because they are my two favorite musicians.

Hundreds of pounds of glitter dust were used to make the paths between to flowers (the dirt of my yard glitters to this day) and I planted my roses, yes, with glitter dust. I also brush glitter dust into my hair and paint it on my skin. My skin gleams more then my rhinestone car does. The fact that my garden shimmered was one of the reason people flocked to take pictures of it.

David Bowie in 1964, when he first started singing and was not yet famous, used to sing children's songs and festivals and events around his home. At that time, he did a studio test recording session, and recorded a song called "The Laughing Gnome" I have a very rare copy of that studio recording and that record used to get played often, with that song piped out through the speakers of the garden.

Fans of the garden began to call it "The Laughing Gnome Hollow" after the David Bowie song.

Guy Gammon claims to have a medical degree, and yet he tell the proper usages of "me" and I" and using retarded baby talk of "lovies" for words like sex and fuck, plus he thinks he's gnome.

Yeah. (the driver of the 4-door-white-pick-up-truck, who is wanted by the FBI for attempted murder)  and Guy Gammon are perfect examples of why we Gypsies avoid contact with Americans whenever possible. 

(more detailed information of these events is in the book)

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What do you want to become? 
What did you do today to step closer to that goal?
Whatever you do, be your best at it!
And remember to have yourself a great and wonderfully glorious day!


By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Eye of the GrigoriIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the destruction of my farm, and the illegal selling of half of my land to Colliard, you shall lose your land.
tent2.JPGIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my being homeless since 2006 - YES, I AM still homeless in 2023, you shall become homeless.
eelkats_house_before_after.jpgIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the backhoe driving over my house, you shall lose your house.
home again the return of the goldeneagle dodge 330If you ever made fun of or had any part in my car being cut in half, you shall lose your car.
volvo-art-car-eelkat-Dazzling-Razzbury-3-artist-wendy-c-allen-painting3.pngIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my becoming crippled, you shall lose your health.
If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death.

Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

Are you an evil man?

Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322