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EelKat Wendy Christine Allen
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How to say my name?

Eel + Cat = EelKat

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Who is EelKat?

I'm an author, artist, and art car designer born and raised in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I've lived aT 146 Portland Avenue since 1975. I inherited the land and the title Queen of the Gypsies from my grandmother Helen Ricker-Allen (former queen of the Ricker Clan) in 1983. My land, The Ricker Homestead, was the filming location of Stephen king's movie The Thinner, resulting in tourists dubbing us as "Stephen King's Gypsies".

At age 37 I became the first person in America, diagnosed were severe Savant Autism, to be granted a driver's licence. Resulting in the building of The Autism Awareness Car (my daily driver) which am am a regular guest at Autism awareness events across New England.

I am also transgendered and owner of The Transgender Awareness Tour Bus.

I'm most famous for, in the 1970s and 1980s, once upon a time, long time ago, I was the little 12 year old girl who took on Procter & Gamble head to head, got the words "Not Tested on animals" put on your beauty products, and shut down dozens of animal test labs all over the world, finally reaching my goal after 27 long years of stubbornly never giving up, and shutting down P&Gs animal test lab. They murdered my dog's Irish Setter Sarge and English Springer Spaniel Bridgett, and made sure the world NEVER forgot it. Today, thanks to my persistence, P&G is synonymous with animal cruelty, and no matter how much they try to make up for what they did, they can not bring my dogs back to life and I will continue to make an example out of them to prevent other money hungry bastards from innocent animals. 

People keep asking how to pronounce my name, so here you go.

Please see pronunciation below - EVERYONE pronounces my name wrong!

It is: 

EEL as in moray eel

KAT as in cat

WEN as in when

dee as in the letter "D"

most people pronounce is as

"El Kit Windi"


"Elly Kit Windi"

I have no idea why because isn't spelt anything close to that way.

EelKat Wendy 

(Yes that IS my real name, EelKat is a Kickapoo word, my grandmother Eva Viola Little John-Dyer-Atwater was a Kickapoo Indian/Native American)

is pronounced EXACTLY as it is spelt:

EelKat Wendy 

is pronounced:


FAQ: Are You A Man Or A Woman?

Does it matter?

You're never gonna have sex with me are you (I guarantee you're not) so what difference does it make what I am?


In recent months it seems that some people think it matters. I'm not sure why. However, in 2015 a transsexual went on a killing spree in Saco, Maine and local "upstanding straight Christians" (as they call themselves) have started a campaign to (violently) run anyone whose gender is "undeterminate" out of the state.


Stupid people do stupid things, it's how they get called stupid.

Well, there is campaign running around Old Orchard Beach telling people I am a man dressed as a woman. Interesting, considering that only TWO people have EVER been told I was a man.

I am a woman, but on this planet exist 2 men, who were told I was a man. Why? Because they tried to rape me. No one other then those 2 men have reason to think I'm a man, and whoever it is that is spreading the false rumour that I'm a man, has be 1 or those 2 men seeing how there is no one else on the planet who thinks I'm a man.

The first occurred when I was 14 years old. A man who, I described to police as "he looked like Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard" attacked me on Portland Ave, in Old Orchard Beach. Here's what happened:

I am a woman, I was born female. I'm still female. Always have been and have no intention of surgery to change that. After being raped in 1987, I developed a phobia of men. I have PTSD and can not have men near me. In the early to mid 1990s, I made an interesting discovery one day while walking to the Old Orchard Beach library.

I was walking to the library (an 18 minute walk from my driveway) and passed a construction crew, building one of the condos. A man who was overseeing the construction, some kind of developer or something, ordering the construction men around. He started following me down the sidewalk. Blond guy, kind of looked like Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard.

The man followed me for quite a ways, nearly a 1/4 mile. I thought nothing of it at first. This is a tourist own. Lots of people walk around this town. After several minutes he catches up to me, grabs my arm and starts insisting I'm a prostitute and he wants to hire me.

He tell him I'm not and to leave me alone, but he doesn't listen. He starts hugging me and trying to kiss me, slapping my ass, and laughing. In a panic I said the first words that came to my mouth: "I'm a man."

I have no idea, why I said it. This man would not stop touching me. His hands were everywhere. He would not stop jabbing me with his penis and telling me I turned him on. I was 14 years old and only 5'1". He was bigger and stronger then me and threatening to rape me. I panicked. The words just came out.

“I'm a man.”

I have no clue why I said it. But his reaction was horror and shock and he stood there dumbfounded and let go of my arm. I ran off.

This incident resulted in me for the next 20+ years, whenever a man approaches me asking for a date/etc, I introduce myself as a transgender. I do not say I'm a man. I simply say, "I'm transgender." A habit I took up, simply because I had discovered that straight men were quick to leave me alone when I said this.

Note, that I say "transgender" not "I'm a man". There are more then a 100 different types of transgender. The word transgender DOES NOT mean, I am a man who had a sex change and literate people who actually know the meanings of words, know that.

There is ONLY ONE PERSON who was ever told "I'm a man" and that was said to the man who tried to rape me.

If ANYONE out there is telling you that I am a man - PLEASE - report him to the police, because the ONLY person on the planet who has any reason to think I am a man, is the pedophile that tried to rape me.