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Monster Truck No Hurry as Transgender Awareness Tour Bus - Inside
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Welcome to the New

By EelKat Wendy C Allen


Write a Novel With Me | Summoner of Darkness
#NaNoWriMo 2016 - Recorded Live

34,523 / 175,000 words.
85/ 280 pages.
Draft @ 19.73%
Last updated on
October 24, 2016

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Writing Prompts | Dares | NaNoWriMo 2016 PrepTober

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3 Days, 1 Shoot-Out, & 2 Stalker Attacks:

The 12 Hour Binge Plotting Session
12 Hours of Thoughts On Writing CBT BDSM Yaoi Sex Scenes For My #NaNoWriMo 2016 Dark Fantasy Novel
Interrupted by Gun Toting Terrorists

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On Writing Dark Fantasy CBT Unicorn Porn Yaoi
(Gay Bizarro BDSM Monster Porn Literature)

Don't Try This At Home!
Author of Penile Subincision Fetish CBT Genre
Discusses Fans Going Too Far 

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All 400+ Videos In the #NaNoWriMo 2016 Series:

Follow Me As I Plan, Write, Edit, Publish, & Market My NaNoWriMo Novel

Quaraun the Insane: Summoner of Darkness

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OLD Updates:
(not updated in a while)


NOTE: All book releases dates have been pushed back a month or more. Most of the planned 2015 book releases have been CANCELED and will not move forward until sometime in 2016. You can find out why HERE.

The release schedule will remain up. I will change the dates, once I have new dates to change them to.

July 2015

253,482 words.
464 pages.
Draft: Complete - Being Edited
Last updated on
July 10, 2015

100,372 / 50,000 words.
327/ 160 pages.

NOTE: January 3, 2016-Both BoomFuzzy and the Monster Porn Book are finished and being edited. They should both be published in mid-February 2016.

August, September,
& October 2015

20,732 / 33,000 words.
54/ 106 pages.
Draft @ 62.82%
Last updated on
June 8, 2015

60,478 / 52,000 words.
194/ 167 pages.
Draft @ 100+%
Word count has gone over, looks like this'll reach 70,000 words or more.
Last updated on
November 22 2015

26,908 / 41,000 words.
87/ 131 pages.
Draft @ 65.22%
Last updated on
November 22, 2015

November & December 2015

34,523 / 175,000 words.
85/ 280 pages.
Draft @ 19.73%
Last updated on
October 24, 2016

27,706 / 50,000 words.
85/ 160 pages.
Draft @ 55.41%
Last updated on
March 13, 2015

January, February, March, April 2016

3,591 / 42,000 words.
11/ 135 pages.
Draft @ 8.55%
Last updated on
March 13, 2015

27,800 / 50,000 words.
90/ 160 pages.
Draft @ 55.60%
Last updated on
June 25, 2015

13,168 / 50,000 words.
43/ 160 pages.
Draft @ 26.34%
Last updated on
July 4, 2015

May, June, July, August, September 2016

34,477 / 55,000 words.
111/ 176 pages.
Draft @ 62.69%
Last updated on
March 16, 2015

13,251 / 38,000 words.
42/ 122 pages.
Draft @ 34.87%
Last updated on
March 13, 2015

16,148 / 50,000 words.
52/ 160 pages.
Draft @ 32.09%
Last updated on
November 22, 2015

October 2016

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The original SpaceDock13 was a DOS site built by EelKat in 1997. It still exists online in it's original format, marquee dancing bananas and all, if you know where to look. Since most people don't know where to look, here's a banana for you...

This, my brand new and much improved version of SpaceDock13, now renamed is under construction. Sorry there is not much to see here yet. We are in the process of transferring more than 6,000 pages off Squidoo, HubPages, Associated Content, Helium, FreeWebs, Webs, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and several other similar free hosted sites. All of the sites which formerly made up the network known as SpaceDock13 are in the process of being consolidated into one large site under a single domain.  

Construction began on September 2, 2013.  About 700 pages are now live, but not all of them are links to the side bar yet. You can click around to see what's here. A lot of links are still non-functional though, and not every page you'll find is finished yet. As I create the pages, I am linking them to The Site Map, so that's the best place to look at the moment. Though a new Index page is being built.

Please know that this site contains more than 6,000 pages, though not all of them are linked up yet. This is a long process, transferring each page one at a time, a few pages per day. 

The original SpaceDock13 Network (including 200 FreeWebs sites each with 20 pages and 600 Squidoo lenses) are all being transferred to this site. The transfer started September 2, 2013 and pages are all hand coded/built by me (I have no outside help on this) so it's a slow move, taking place between my writing, my art showings, life, and everything else. I've been adding about 2 to 4 new pages a day. As of March 22, 2015 there are now 734 pages linked up.

Clicking the links in the NavaBar below and at the top of the page will get you to most of the pages that are currently accessible.


And if you are a long time reader following me online since my first website, than you know to look for Easter Eggs. I love hiding Easter Eggs and when this site is fully functional, you'll find I've hidden quite a few of them. Don't know what an Easter Egg is? tell or not to tell, that is the question.

An Easter Egg is something that is hidden in plain sight, that is not what you think it is. Clicking on it takes you to a page on this site which is NOT accessible from the NavaBar, SideBar, Site Map, or Table of Contents. Okay, I'll give you a clue how to find your first Easter Egg, after that, you're on your own.

Too Tell: Clicking the dancing banana would've given you an Easter Egg. Go back and click it.

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Looking for the Quaraun books? The original Unicorn Porn #Yaoi short stories are no longer available, but are currently being compiled in chronological order and republished as novels. The new Kindle novel editions can be found here: 

Interviews about the Quaraun series: 

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Hugs and kisses to my wonderful fans. Love you all! Talk to you again soon.  

If it ain't on this list, it's probably fake.


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Throughout 2013 - 2015 a slew of FAKE "EelKat" accounts surfaced, both on social networks and on forums.

NOTE: I was very active on forums from 1997 to 2007 and have RARELY used a forum since then. Other then the Warriors Forum and Absolute Write I have not posted on ANY forums AT ALL since 2012.

Note: My old inactive forum accounts were hacked and "resurrected" in 2013/2014/2015 by a psychotic NaNoWriMo ML who is upset over my having won a total of 27 writing contests/challenges and published 130+ novels since 2004 and and apparently (according to her emails) she has yet to win or publish anything.

If you see "me" posting on a forum at any point after 2012, know that it is likely this mysterious, and still yet unidentified "Kendra Silvermander".

More information about Kendra Silvermander and what she did can be found here.

➽ ➽ ➽ If you have any information regarding the identity of the stalker/attacker/driver of the 4-door white pick-up truck please contact Officer Tim DeLuca of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department @ 207-934-4911 and/or Agent Andy Drewer of the Portland FBI @ 207-774-9322 ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ ☎️

Please help the police and FBI put this brutal, violent, psychotically deranged stalker in prison.

Can You Help The Police & FBI Identify The 4-Door White Pick-up Truck? Criminal Assault Charges & Medical Lawsuit Pending Identifying The Driver... 

➽ ➽ ➽ If you have any information regarding the identity of the stalker/attacker/driver of the 4-door white pick-up truck please contact Officer Tim DeLuca of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department @ 207-934-4911 and/or Agent Andy Drewer of the Portland FBI @ 207-774-9322 ◀️ ◀️ ◀️ ☎️

What's Going On?

People keep asking why there are 144 "No Trespassing" signs in my 30' wide driveway. I'm an author, not a big famous one, but popular enough in certain circles that, ever summer for the past decade I have to deal with fans showing up in my yard. Usually they just show up and fangirl for a half hour then leave and it's cool, I get it, they wanted to meet me, they got meeting me out of their system, they go on with life. Until October 16, 2006, when a "fan" had a meltdown on NaNoWriMo forum (I was not a member of the forum, so I didn't find out about this meltdown until after the next event happened.) To this day I still do not know what triggered her meltdown, but on October 16, 2006 she started a thread on that forum titled "Will someone please kill EelKat for me?" on which she ranted that because I was a multi published author and she was decades trying to publish one novel and still had yet to be published, that therefor I deserved to "be shot in the head", she also ranted that she was off her meds and that too was my fault, because I was publishing a new novel every month and the only way she could keep up was to go off her meds. Uhm??? I found out about this forum post October 21, 2006, because on October 18, 2006 a bomb blew up my house.

October 2009, I meet this woman face to face for the first time when she showed up at a resturaunt while I was eating. She ran through the restaurant screaming at the top of her lungs saying "You better not publish another book before I do. It's my turn to shine! I'll kill you if you publish another book before I do!" She showed up several more times over the next 3 months and I have since stopped eating out just to avoid encountering her.

In 2010 she showed up in my life again, once again posting death threats on the NaNoWriMo forum, this time in April. May 10, 2010 my car was cut in half.

October 2013, once again she posted more death threats, again on the NaNoWriMo forum. October 27, 2013, I contacted the site admin of NaNoWriMo, who promptly responded back with this message: "We always side with the ML in matters like this. the ML is always right." (ML is their term for forum moderator). November 14, 2013 I was beaten up and left for dead, paralized 5 months, 18 months relearning to walk - today 3 years later I am still crippled, barely have any use of my right leg and can no longer walk unaided, some days using a cane, other days a walker, and some days a wheelchair.

NaNoWriMo's ML Kendra Silvermander, continues to stalk, bully, and harass me to this day - in recent months (since February 2016) showing up at my work place and since June 2016 she now drives a 4-door white pick up truck and uses it like a weapon, ramming it into my car and trying to force me off the road.

To date, this psychopath has stalked me for AT LEAST 10 years, has made 2 attacks of attempted murder, and her real identity is as of yet, still unknown. As of July 2016 the FBI is now on the look out for her and I pray they find her and put her behind bars where she belongs - BEFORE she kills me.

(If you are interested in more details of what this woman has done - just look for all the youtube videos I've done about the psychopathic stalker crazed NaNoWriMo ML, like I said, getting help to stop her and bring peace back into my life is why I joined YouTube - my hope is someone out there will see one of these videos and know who this woman is and turn her over to the FBI agent who is right now trying to figure out who this crazy woman is.)

Like I said, most of the fans I've meet were fine, just wanted to say hi or get a book signed, and while it was weird, creepy, and yes did trigger panic attacks because who is this stranger trespassing on my land... still, you never know when that seemingly inocent fan, is really the nut hater that put a bomb in my house. :(

From November 2013 to March 2016 I was offline as a result of my injuries and long recovery. I returned online to find that this psychopathic stalker hijacked all of my online accounts and spent 3 years impersonating me, using my social media accounts and web sites to post a lot of while shit, while pretending to be me, and in doing so, convincing quite a lot of people that I was a gay male to female transexual. Why she did this, I do not know. I am a natural born female, been with my boyfriend 29 years as of August 2016, had 2 miscarriages and ovarian cancer, never was a man, am not gay, don't know why she tried to convince people I was. However, she has also targeted my novels for attack on multiple occasions (yep, this is the woman who created 52 Amazon accounts, to post 52 one star reviews all saying "Retarded books about retarded characters, written by a retarded author, for retarded readers" on each and every one of my books - a total of several thousand reviews posted in a single day.) The books she targeted were specifically the Quaraun series, which features a transgendered male to female main character. She seems to be of the belief that only a male to female transgender author could write a male to female main character and used her personal hatred for male to female people as her way of attempting to slander and defame me via hacking my accounts and impersonating me, to try to convince people I was a male to female transexual.

Unfortunately, she is not alone in her transphobia and in recent months, her 3 year take over of my online accounts has spurred the local residents of Old Orchard Beach into a wild transphobic anti-gay vandalistic attack on my yard, cars, motorhome, and most notably the beheading murder of my cats.

As a result of this mad woman's wild hijacking of my accounts, throughout 2014, 2015, and 2016 my family has been subjected to endless, weekly, some times daily acts of mindless violence at the hands of dozens of complete and total random strangers who live here in our town.

On January 4, 2016 Residents of Old Orchard Beach got a court order banning gay residents from living in their own homes or setting foot on their own property.

The fact that I am a straight female, didn't matter to these bigots, because I am the author of gay literature. That one hate filled NaNoWriMo forum administrator could go on such a violent rampage and cause so many people to gather into riotous herd mentality mob conditions has baffled and astounding me to no end. That one crazed mentally deranged stalker's jealous rage could snowball into a town wide frenzy of hate crimes against a straight female they are falsely accusing of being a gay transexual has just blown my mind. The family friendly residents of Old Orchard Beach has shown their true colours and they are not pretty and a far cry from being family friendly.

That NaNoWriMo, a once respectible company, sanctions their employee's criminal behaviour, allowing her to continue to use their platform to post her endless death threats for now more then a decade, and openly defends and protects her to the point of refusing to give her personal information to law enforcement agents of the police and FBI, impeding a criminal investigation, puzzles me all the more and brings me to ask: Who is this Kendra Silvermander that the National Novel Writing Month LLC is willing to risk their company to keep her identity hidden from the law?

Because of being beaten up by gay haters on November 14, 2013 and left paralized for 5 months, and was 18 months relearning to walk, I now require daily physical theory in order to continue regaining the use of my legs.

Even though I am a straight woman and not gay, since the "Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach" court order was passed, forbidding gay residents from living in Old Orchard Beach, I have not been allowed to go home since January 4, 2016 and thus not allowed to use the gym on my land, that I was required to use as part of my daily physical theory.

After 8 months of a civil rights violating court order banning me from going to my own home, that I own outright and pay taxes on - and thus being forced to go 8 months without my REQUIRED daily physical therapy - I have now completely lost the use of my legs and am in a wheelchair. (as of August 5, 2016).

The harassment was compounded when Muslim haters began calling me a terrorist, based on the fact that I wear long robes and various head scarfs and veils. I am not Muslim. I am by race a Gypsy (Scottish/Persian/Jewish/Hati bloodline) and by religion Voodoo, an ordained priestess rank of Medsen Fey, Marija Loa to Damballah Weddo. Muslim haters call me a terrorist because my culture and religion dresses in garb similar to that worn by Muslim women.

Because I CosPlay a transvestite Elf Wizard from Dungeons and Dragons' SpellJammer, transphobic residents have started spreading lies about me, saying I am a transexual. Running through the town screaming "Kill or be killed, the transexuals are all alike, remember Saco Shaw's The Transgender Murder Store."

Since the Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach court order was passed on January 4, 2016, I have been beaten up 3 times at Saco Shaw's, twice at Scarborough WalMart, twice at Sanford WalMart, and once at Biddeford WalMart - each time by an as of yet unidentified blond woman who drives a 4-door-white pick-up truck.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach have devolved into a caveman like frenzy of mindless violence.

Welcome to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where it is alright to beat up women you think might possibly be gay, where it is alright to run around town slander a crippled straight woman and spreading vicious lies and rumours calling her "a gay transexual terrorist" and then rob them of their basic civil rights by getting a court order banning her from going home, forcing her to live on the streets in a car without a place to sleep, a place to eat, or a place to get physical therapy.

If you have any information regarding the identity of the woman in the 4-door white pick up truck or hacker who impersonated me online from 2014 to 2015 (and is believed to be this same woman and is also believed to be the mysterious online troll/stalker/hacker "Kendra Silvermander"), please contact Officer Timothy DeLuca of the Old Orchard Beach Police Department @ 207-934-4911 and/or Agent Andy Drewer of the Portland FBI @ 207-774-9322 as she is wanted for questioning by both. 


Crippled By The Psychopathic #NaNoWriMo ML
Dreading The Arrival of @NaNoWriMo 2016 


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