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Who is Avallac'h?


This page analyzes everything from the game and the novels about Avallac'h... while a lot of it is cannon... a lot of it is "what if?" fan theories as well.

If you are looking for 100% cannon info on Avallac'h, you want THIS PAGE instead.

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WARNING! You must be 18 or older to view this page!
This character comes from an adult entertainment video game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, that features drug use, drinking, nudity, grizzly-gory violence, rape, physical and sexual abuse of women, and a lot of on screen sex. You must be 18 or older to buy the game. Assume all videos and pages featuring Avallac'h are NSFW. Avallac'h is an evil psionic Elf sorcerer. This guy's excessively violent, a major pervert, a drug addict, kidnapper, murderer, rapist, a sadistic abusive womanizer, and a viciously violent radical religion crazed extremist.

Who is Avallac'h?
This is Avallac'h:
(Note, this character comes from an "adult entertainment" video game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, and you must be 18 or older to buy the game. Assume all videos and pages featuring Avallac'h are NSFW. This guy's a major pervert)

(And yes, EVERYTHING about Avallac'h on this page, is canon to either the game or one of the novels.)

Yes... even ^THIS^... it's canon to chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake if you want to go read the ONLY canon sex scene you're ever gonna see Ciri in.
Lore-friendly Avallac'h and Ciri as they appeared in Lady of the Lake. Avallac'h with his unicorn... Ciri's Kelpie is still vanilla game white horse instead of being a black pegasus like in the books, if any one knows how to make Kelpie lore-friend or has a mod for it, let me know)

Note, all screenshots found on this page, come from my 700+ episode Pink Jelly Unicorn Completionist Run of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - ALL episodes these images come from can be watched on my YouTube Let's Play Playlist.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h traveling with his "gilded women", as they are described in the novel Lady of the Lake; the evil Elven sorcerer Avallac'h, his imprisoned slave unicorn, his prisoner Ciri (as seen in the novel: topless, wearing a skirt, and with long grey hair, instead of wearing battle gear and having short white hair as seen in the game), his 2 prostitutes Isilira and Amrynn, and his 3 unnamed crossbow carrying she-elf bodyguards. This scene was recreated from the description found in Chapter 5 of the novel.

(You can watch my full 700+ episode Completion Run of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt here: videos are uploaded daily, at the time of this writing, 104 episodes have gone up. They will continue to be uploaded daily until all 700+ episodes are there. I am still playing this, so no clue how many episodes it will eventually reach. The episodes are vanilla until 137, at which point I started adding Nexus mods. As of right now we are playing the game with 52 mods on it. The 4th run of the game is even more heavily modded then the first 3 runs... starting with episode 397, I modded the game to be lore-friendly to the novels Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake...and removed Geralt from the game, replacing him with Avallac'h, manually spawning in a lore-friendly Ciri and also all 5 of Avallac'h "gilded women" who traveled with him and Ciri in the novels, but are not seen in the vanilla version of the game)

If you want to watch the playthrough live as I play it, the current episodes are streamed daily/nightly on Twitch @ Stream times vary, but most days I'm playing between 6PM/8PM to around 1AM/3AM. Streams run for about 2 hours, stop for half hour break, then a new stream starts, continuing in this many for 3 to 9 hours every single day. 

NOTE: This page contains MAJOR spoilers to the game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and The Witcher novels. 

Especially regarding Avallac'h, The Wild Hunt, King Auberon, King Eredin, Caranthir, Viceroy Ge'els, the game's Final Boss Battle, Ciri, and The Aen Elle Elves in general.

Including telling you how to get different game endings, and the different results you get from making certain choices in game quests (I've played the game all the way through multiple times now. There are 9 endings and I'm replaying the game 9 times to get all endings, unlock all achievements, find all easter eggs, and get all cut scenes of all quests.) 

I am playing Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GoTY 1.31 Edition on PC with Nvidia GTX1070 Hairworks & Ultra settings. Started out on Story Mode, but over time kept increasing the difficulty and after episode 297 the settings are Death March with Enemy Upscaling.

The info found on this page comes from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game and the Witcher novels "Tower of the Swallow" and "Lady of the Lake".

Note that the PC edition of the game is dramatically different from the Xbox and PS4 versions of the game, and contains features and options that are not included in the console versions.

Please note, you can not just run out and buy this game and expect to play it on your home computer. The PC edition of this game will not play on a standard, every day, normal computer; if you want to play this game, using the exact same edition and mods I'm using, you will need a very high powered, heavy duty gaming rig and those types of computers start at around $5,000 and cost upwards of $10k. 

Also, to do a completionist run, you will need at MINIMUM 19TB (nineteen terabits) of harddrive, just to load the save file. This game is MASSIVELY HUGE!

If you can't afford a heavy duty gaming rig, you'll have to play the game on Xbox or PS4, in which case you WILL NOT have access to the open sandbox after quest RPG version of the game, where you can bring characters like Avallac'h and Ge'els into the game as travel companions for Geralt. The travel companions feature is not an option available for the Xbox or PS4 version of the game.

Also, if you have the game on Xbox of PS4 then you also do not have the Wild Nudity settings that allows Avallac'h to strip the clothes off women he walks past. This feature is not an option in the Xbox or PS4 versions of the game.

If you want to play the game with wild nudity settings, see Avallac'h stripping clothes off women, or have travel companions fighting alongside Geralt, you MUST have a PC copy of the Game of The Year Edition (GotY), and then it must be either the 1.30 patch release or the 1.31 patch release (not one of the earlier 1.10 or 1.20 editions)

Here is the difference between what you get in Xbox/PS4 vs PC GotY 1.31:

Standard game version found on all editions: Avallac'h with Corinne Tilly
Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, and Geralt, with Avallac'h on board Avallac'h's ship.
Avallac'h at Vesemir's funeral with Geralt, Triss, Eskel, and Yennefer
Avallac'h and Ciri arguing at Kaer Morhen
Special edition version, with nudity settings on: Avallac'h with Corinne Tilly
Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, and Geralt, with Avallac'h on board Avallac'h's ship.
Avallac'h at Vesemir's funeral with Geralt, Triss, Eskel, and Yennefer
Avallac'h and Ciri arguing at Kaer Morhen



EVERY scene from the books and game, which features Avallac'h are spelled out here in detail; as he is a very minor character, appearing in only 10 out of 500+ game quests, and only in 4 chapters out of the 8 novels, it is not difficult to analyse absolutely EVERYTHING we know about him on one page... though this page is 62,000+ words long (the equivalent of 198 pages of a paperback book.) now 136,213 words long.

Yep, when I say I analyze everything about him in detail, I do mean EVERYTHING and detailed from every possible angle. And if you know this guy, you know that means we are wandering in some of the freakiest dark fetish corners of the Witcherverse filled with purple bison, graffiti penises scrawled on ancient artworks, Elf vomit, feces flung at Witchers, wizards who like teleporting clothes off of women, and psions who psychically fuck women to death.. and all of it, surprisingly, 100% cannon, no matter how much it feels like it should have been found on

If you only knew Avallac'h from the game and never read the novels, then you have no clue how truely, psychotic Avallac'h really is. 

After reading all the novels and playing the entire 612 hour game multiple times, I can safely say Avallac'h is the only character to fling feces on Geralt, vomit on Yennefer, rape Ciri, strip Corinne Tilly naked while psychically fucking her brain, destroy ancient cave paintings by graffiti-painting giant penises on them, and then run wildly through a field unicorns playing panpipes while herds of naked women wearing nothing but gold glitter body paint are running along after him like he's the damned Piped Piper... then leaves their corpses in the boneyard behind his house... and he doesn't give a rat's ass what anybody thinks of him while he does any of it.

And if you didn't know he did those things, well, you don't know Avallac'h very well... let me introduce you to the Witcher Universe's most psychotically deranged Sorcerer. The only character so evilly insane, that he can make evil sorcerer Vilgefortz seem like a good guy and psycho wizard Kalkstein seem sane.

If you knew the goal of the game was to play as Geralt and rescue your adopted daughter Ciri from the psycho crazed Elf sorcerer who kidnapped her, well, you're about to meet the psycho deranged Elf sorcerer who kidnapped the main character's daughter Ciri.

And... yes... if you knew there was such a thing as a VERY bad ending to the game, that is known as "The Ciri is dead ending"...

...the ending where Ciri gets murdered by a psycho deranged Elf sorcerer... this would be that very same psycho deranged Elf sorcerer.

Avallac'h is one the game's 3 final boss battle villains and thus is also the character who murders Ciri if you play the game in such a way that you piss him off enough... and I will take you through step by step, either how to avoid or trigger the Ciri Dead Ending, depending on which way you want to play the game, as I've played the game enough times now to have gotten all the endings and know how to activate each one.

This page is NSFW as nothing about Avallac'h is safe for work.

Avallac'h annoying Ge'els, as always...Ge'els attempting to paint Avallac'h's portrait. Ge'els is trying to get Avallac'h to stand up and pose, while Avallac'h declares he's bored and going to lay down to take a nap, so Ge'els will just have to paint a picture of him sleeping.

This is also my 4th time through the game... we have to play it 14 times (200+ hours each time - though I speed ran my 2nd time and we did it in just 70 hours - how the hell do you speed run Witcher 3, I don't know, but I did it) to get all 14 endings... so we are not even close to being done playing this...and yes, as soon as I figure how to do so, we are going to bring Ge'els into gameplay and play as him too. I have so much fun hacking this game. Now that I've finished the cannon run of it we can fanfic the hell out all the rest of my playthroughs... but you want cannon stuff for this page, so off the cannon run:

The images seen on this page come from 4 different playthroughs I've done, so you'll see changes in character clothes from once image to the next, even from same scenes.

Geralt walking through the streets of Novigrad, wondering how safe he is travelling with Avallac'h, while Avallac'h teleports the clothes off the women in the market square.
Avallac'h on Ciri: "Stop squirming. If I wanted to kill you, you'd be long dead by now."
Avallac'h as The Masked Mage
Tiny 5'6" Avallac'h in Toussaint with the giant 7'1" Ge'els.

Avallac'h hatching plots against Ge'els as usual.
Avallac'h as The Masked Mage - concept art
Avallac'h aka The Masked Mage
Geralt running through the streets of Toussaint, while 3 naked women run after Avallac'h.

Also, this image heavy page now contains more then 500 pictures, mostly of Avallac'h, and may be difficult to load on slow internet connections.

Avallac'h is my favourite character from The Witcher Universe. He's also my favourite fictional character period. Yes. He outranks both Lord Sesshomaru and Scrooge McDuck... I know.... you never thought that would happen. I actually found a character I like better than both Sesshomaru and Scrooge combined.

Avallac'h concept art. Used in the standalone Gwent game.


Answering visitor question: Why Avallac'h? How did you become so obsessed with him?

I don't know. I've often asked that question myself. Basically it started out my my wanting to find out "Who is that guy with those awesome clothes?"

Then: "OMG! he's an Elf? I love Elves! And he's a wizard? I love wizards!"

And progressed to "Wait, Geralt says not to trust him? Why? I must know why. Is he evil? I love evil men. Is this guy an evil, Elf sorcerer? OMG! I love evil Elven sorcerers!"

And finally it reached a pointed of: "OMG! This guy's a sex crazed, perverted deviant. This guy is so freaking fucked up! How the hell did he get like this?"

Which lead to: "OMG! He's a fetish sex freak with women in his dungeons and laboratories! It's an Elf Wizard straight out of 50 Shades of Grey! YAY! I want to be his prisoner. How do I sign up to be his prisoner?"

And, so, now, here we are with a Cult of Avallac'h.

Yes. I know. I do always fall for the most sick minded perverted bastard of every book, game, movie, and cartoon out there. It's what I do. Deal with it.

But getting to a much deeper reason. Avallac'h's entire backstory is built around one thing: his obsession to have a family, his frustration of being infirtele and not being able to sire children, his devistation that his wife left him for someone much younger leaving him growing old alone with no one who loves him, and his fear of dying forever unloved and unwanted. He's outcast by his people, excommunicated by his religion, has watched everything and every one he loved be killed and taken from him. He is crippled from being beaten and tortured by racists.

Avallac'h is a very sad character. We see him, very late in his life, now chasing after a young woman who looks exactly like the woman who left him. Driving himself to the brink of insanity, out of a desire to love and be loved in return. He's suicidal and deeply depressed, but can not kill himself, because he fears his soul will be lost because there is no one alive to bury him and mourn him.

Did you ever see what it says on my car? "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved in return" painted across the side of my car in 12" letters. No one loves me. No one has loved me in a very long time. To love and be loved in return, is only desire I have in life. That's why I painted it on my car.

I know what it is, to want a family, to never have children, to be cast out by my people, to be excommunicated by my church, to grow old and be left for someone younger, to now be a senior citizen alone, unwanted, forgotten, and unloved, left behind, abandoned by those I trusted, and you know my history, a bomb blew up my house, my cats heads were cut off and nailed to my door, I was beaten and left paralyzed for 5 months, took 18 month to relearn to walk, I'm crippled the rest of my life.

I can sympathize with Avallac'h. I know how he feels. I know the sadness and frustration he lives with. He is a character whose backstory, near mirrors my own on so many levels. It was not possible for me to discover a character like him, and not feel a strong bond.

That's why Avallac'h. Because I know what it is, to be unloved, unwanted, and live with the desire to be loved, be the only thing that keeps you from killing yourself.

Avallac'h was a very well made character. I understand his pain, for it is the same pain I live with.

UPDATE: August 3, 2018

to the one who asked: yes, you can use Witcher 3 to recreate the rape scene from the novel Lady of the Lake… just did it in the Twitch stream that just ended… it’ll be on YouTube in a few days (and for people who’ve not read the novel… she raped him, not the other way around) 

to do it in your own playthrough you need:

Geralt Doppler version 2, set to Avallac'h; the Shani to Ciri Character swap mod; and run both during the Hearts of Stone, Wedding Quest; play through the 3rd ending of the sex scene with Shani - the one with BOTH the Rowan Brandy and the bottle of wine; you’ll get the cutscene you want

^^you’ll also get a drunk Avallac'h juggling on stage, wearing donkey ears, dancing a jig, beating people up with a fence post, winning a stuffed pig for Ciri by chasing pigs through a pigpen, having a fight with Gaunter ODimm, and a drunk Ciri vomiting all over him^^ Thank you for the suggestion. best episode I’ve ever played. :P 

oh yeah, and you’ll have to reset the Geralt Doppler after they shave Avallac'h because they shave his head off and crash the mod… unless of course you don’t mind him running around with no head for the rest of the quest, which he will certainly do 

interestingly, you also get the scene after, with Ciri saying the same line as in the novel “Forgotten already?” in answer to Avallac'h wanting to pretend the rape never happened and Ciri’s tearful drunken apology, seconds after raping him 

Twitch video is here:

Ciri corners and kisses the surprised Avallac'h in the garden of the Moon Palace
An innocent boat ride, that went very wrong.
Ciri forcing Avallac'h to the ground, trying to take his clothes off, while he fights back trying to get her off him.

"Your Alder King won't fulfil the task. But I want to fulfil the contract. Let someone else impregnate me to begat the child you care so much about. If you're all repulsed by me, use the hinny breeders' method. You show a stallion a mare, blindfold it and put a jenny in front of it. You perhaps! If you want I'll give myself to you! Well? Won't you sacrifice yourself? They say I''ve got Lara's eyes!"

Lady of the Lake

(from the rape scene) pages 179-180

Avallac'h, strangling Ciri, while trying to force her off of him.

His hands shot towards her neck like snakes and squeezed like steel pincers. She understood that if he'd wanted to, he could have throttled her like a fledgling.

"Who are you to dare to defile her name in such a way? I know who you are. You are not the daughter of Lara. You are the daughter of Cregennan.Your ancestor stole my love from me, took her away from me, selfishly and arrogantly took Lara from me. But I shall not permit you, O his worthy daughter, to take the memory of her from me." 

Lady of the Lake

(from the rape scene) pages 179-180

Ciri's tearful apology, seconds after raping the old Elf... and Avallac'h, scared he's hurt her, tying to calm her back down.
An upset Avallac'h...
...and a haunty Ciri.
"Forgotten already?" (in game)... quote from book: "Please, forgive me and if you can, forget," Ciri cried. "It is already forgotten." (Avallac'h)

If the character exists in the Witcher 3 game file code, I'm pretty sure you can use/manipulate the game to recreate cutscene images of every scene in the novels. Though not all novel characters appear in the game, and for that, you'd have to take their files from Witcher 1, or Witcher 2, and make them Witcher 3 compatible, then swap them in, switching them with some other character. 

As you will see on this page, I've a LOT of cutscene, that are not vanilla to the game, but rather are scenes from the novels, which I created using the game.

And since it's the rape scene I get the most email questions about, let's explain it, and tell you in detail, what exactly happened.

Most people who hate Avallac'h, when asked why they hate him, say they hate him because of the scene when Avallac'h beats the crap out of Ciri and nearly kills her. I know this, because I am of the habit of raming YouTube and Twitch, asking players of the game, what they think of Avallac'h, have found about 80% of player hate him and only start hating him after reading the novels.

I find this part interesting, because there is only one scene in the novels, when Avallac'h is anything other than kind, loving, and gentle with Ciri. Only one scene where he ever raises a hand to her. Only one scene where he beats the crap out of her and nearly kills her: The rape scene of Lady of the Lake.

People who've not read the novels, hear that there is a rape scene, and immediately assume, Avallac'h raped Ciri.


Ciri raped Avallac'h.

And that's why he beat her up.

I found Witcher fans reaction to to this scene fascinating, as it implies while the average person would scream bloody murder over a man raping a woman, they general population has no issue with a woman raping a man, and goes so far as to fully hate him, if he tries to fight back and defend himself from his attacker.

In the novels, Ciri is insanely, viciously violent. She beats up Avallac'h, in pretty much every scene, and he simply shrugs it off and goes back to either playing the flute, picking flower, or writing poetry. Twice in the novels Ciri, spitefully destroys Avallac'h's collections, including to smash all his antique and irreplaceable mirrors, which upsets him quite badly. When he asks her why she did it, she said because she wanted to. This results in a conversation between them, where we see Avallac'h confused and not understanding what Ciri is angry about, and is one of the few times we see him talking at length (he rare speaks at all).

In that scene he explains he's taken care of Ciri, given her a home, given her servents, bought her fancy dresses, gave her a new sword (a sword named Ziereal - yes the sword we see in the game being given to her by Geralt was given to Ciri by Avallac'h in the novels), let her horse stable with his horses, takes her for walks by the lake every day, feeds her, bathes, she's living like a queen and wants for nothing, so why has she repaid kindness for with hate?

Here... I fixed that horrifically inaccurate scene of Geralt giving Ciri Zireael... now it's lore-friendly and accurate to the books.

She responds to call him a gallor (meaning jailer or prison guard) stating that all the things he has given her is nothing but things meant to make her forget she is his prisoner. Demands to be sent home to "mummy and daddy" (Yen and Geralt), at which point Avallac'h tells her, her world is gone. It was destroyed hundreds of years ago by The White Cold, Geralt and Yen died many hundreds of years ago, Ciri alone has survived the end of her people and has no home to return to, thus why he took pity on her and gave her a home with him. He tells her he put up the barrier around the city to protect her from the Elves outside the city who would kill and eat her. He says she is not his prisoner and that he is only trying to protect her from getting hurt and is taking care of her because no one else would. He ads that he has taken her in at great risk to himself as to be caught consorting with humans is punishable by death. She accuses him of lying and proceeds to smash more of his antiques. 

When he asks her to stop smashing his things, she states that they are just material possessions and he should not care so much for them. He replies, yes, but he's had them for 700 years and he had gotten them for Lara and neither she nor things that remind him of her can be replaced.

The following week, she tells King Auberon what Avallac'h has said and Auberon laughs at her, mocks her, bullies her, belittles her, and then hand her a snow globe and tells her to look inside. In the snow globe, she watches in horror as her world is torn apart by a world swallowing blizzard. Auberon, shake the globe, changes it's scene, and shows Ciri the day Geralt and Yen die. Then tosses the globe aside and laughs at Ciri when he sees her crying. Eredin overhears this happen.

Ciri runs from the room, heads to the river that leads to the lake, and finds Avallac'h in the garden. Eredin sees this and follows, stops her to tell her no one want her, every one here hates her, calls her "Avallac'h's gold nugget pulled from a dung heap" and proceeds to tell her that she'll never leave because Auberon hates her and will never impregnate her, and until she has a baby, no one is going to let her leave, and even if she ever did leave, she's got no home, no friends, no family, not even any world to go back to, because by coming to Tir ni Lia, she passed far into the future and her world has been gone for centuries. Eredin leaves and Ciri, now allow with Avallac'h, suddenly leaps on him, forces him to the ground and rapes him, while screaming that he's the only one who likes her, so he's going to make her pregnant, so she can hurry up and have this stupid baby and go back home.

In the rape scene, we see Ciri, viciously turn on Avallac'h, the only Elf who stands between her and the dinner table, as the other Aen elle are in the habit of eating Humans, Humans being the primary food source of the Aen Elle Elves. Avallac'h alone, because of his religion, does not eat Humans, because he vegetarian and does not eat meat at all. Avallac'h, makes 3 attempts to peacefully get Ciri away from him, each time getting her off of him and trying to run out of the garden, only to have her tackle him to the ground again, and once again proceed to tear his clothes off demanding he stop trying to escape and just let he fuck him. He's not trying very hard to stop her, and simply keeps pushing her away while trying to talk his way out of this situation. 

It is not until Ciri starts bad mouthing Avallac'h's dead lover Lara, that Avallac'h suddenly goes into a rage and starts beating the shit out of Ciri. At which point you see the tables turn, Avallac'h now on top of Ciri threatening to not only rape her, but then kill her. He does neither, as Ciri starts crying and he lets go of her, stating he can not hurt Lara and Ciri looks too much like Lara. At this point Avallac'h runs from the garden, but Ciri goes after him and stops him, now begging him to forgive her for what she did to him. With the two of them now both in tears, as neither wanted to hurt the other, you next see the ONLY sex scene of the entire series involving Ciri, which this time is not rape on the part of either of them.

Avallac'h later refers to Ciri using the word "lover", implying that their relationship has changed dramatically. And still later, we see Avallac'h write a letter (we are never told to who) in which he states that he regrets sending Ciri to bed with Auberon, had not expected how Auberon would treat her, stating that it has deeply damaged his own relationship with her and from hence forth he'll do whatever it takes to undo this damage. We also learn here that Avallac'h is in love with Ciri, wanted to have a baby with her, but he is infertile thus why he had sent her to Auberon.

That is the rape scene in full, and that is why the average Wicher fan, hates Avallac'h. And, I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I do not see why people hate him. Ciri's a bitch. Ciri is violent. Ciri is abusive. And Ciri is a rapist. And yet people adore her as a "strong woman". No. A woman who beats up her boyfriend at every turn, is just as much of a scumbag as a man who beats up his girlfriend at every turn. Like I said, Avallac'h doesn't deserve the hate he gets from Witcher fans, any more then Ciri deserves the love she gets from them.

Ciri is an abuser. Simple as that. Heaven help the man she ever marries, as she's be nothing more than a drunk spouse beater, just the same way she is to Avallac'h. And no, raping a man doesn't make her a strong woman, it just makes her that much more of an abusive, petty bitch then she already was. Sorry if that upsets people, but I have a hard time finding any reason to glorify a woman who spends 90% of her time getting drunk and beating up every man she meets, and Ciri doesn't do much other than that inthe novels. Avallac'h is not the first man she beat up, nor is he the last. She beats the crap out of well over 3 dozen men over the course of the novels. He is just different than the rest by being the only one she also raped after beating him up. The only difference between Avallac'h and the other men she beat up, is Avallac'h actually loves her and is willing to turn a blind eye to how abusive she is to him, while the other men just saw her as some trophy prize to use and lose.

IN THE BOOKS: Avallac'h is an outright sadistically, evil, super-sex-crazed villain lacking in any redeemable qualities.

IN THE GAME (set 20 years after the last book of the series): Avallac'h is a quirky anti-hero, trying to change his ways, trying to make up for his past villandry and not always doing a good job at being "good".

Name: Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha

Nickname: Avallac'h (means The Sneaky Fox); sometimes referred to simply as "The Fox"; also known as The Masked Mage

Race: Aen Elle (Interdimensional Space Elf capable of traveling through time and space aka a High Elf)

Race, Other: he was born with Aen Saevherne blood, a rare genetic mutation, similar and closely related to Elder Blood, and is therefore a Sage aka a Psion. Avallac'h is an Aen Saevherne, a Psion, called a Sage for simplicity, and the entire multiverse is terrified shitless of him because of it, because he is to the Witcherverse as an Elder Brain is to the Cthulhu Mythos. Supposedly this makes him the single most powerful being of all the known multiverses, making him almost a god, nearly undefeatable, and practically immortal.

Young Avallac'h. Concept Art, used in standalone Gwent game... and you can also see here that he is left handed.

Age: 2,000+ years old (he's younger than his 650 year old brother Auberon, but travel between worlds has left him older than any other Elf, a side effect of time moving differently between worlds, meaning he can stay many years in one world and return home to have only been gone a few hours, but is now many decades older then he was when he left a few hours ago.)

Language: speaks Alder Speech (Elder Speech, Elvish) his native tongue fluently; is still learning and has trouble with Human languages, has mastered Welsh, and is good at but still stumbles over Polish and English. 

According to the books, Ciri speaks the Hen Llinge dialect of Elvish, which is native to the Aen Seidhe Elves.

Also according to the books, Avallac'h's native tongue is the Ellylon dialect of Elvish, which is native to the Aen Elle Elves.

When Ciri speaks to Avallac'h, she speaks Hen Llinge and he answers her in Hen Llinge, but then when his she-elves talk to Ciri they use Ellylon and Avallac'h speaks to them in Ellylon.

Language, Other; In the books: Avallac'h is mute, and does not talk, he uses telepathy, aided by playing panpipes to transfer his thoughts into the minds of others. The audible sounds heard from him when he "speaks" to people are described in the books as a series of hums, whistles, and chirps, described as sounding like a cross between birds singing and a whale song.

This the books, Avallac'h doesn't use spoken words and instead makes what is described as humming-chirping sounds while his thoughts form telepathically in the head of whomever he is communicating with.

In the books, if he wants you to hear "his voice" with your ears instead of have his thoughts forming inside your head, he uses one of his pet Echinops to speak for him, while he puts his thoughts into it. An Echinops is a man-eating 8 foot tall venus-fly-trap-like plant by the way.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h, with his women, his unicorns, and his echinops.

When communicating with humans (in the books) instead of communicating directly t their minds, he instead employs near by plants, animals, and monsters to speak for him. To Geralt, in the cave, in the novel Tower of Swallows, we see Avallac'h speaking to Gealt by using Echinops, Knockers, and Barbegazis to speak for him, via him putting his thoughts into the monsters and forcing them to use their voices to speak out loud.

In the books, but not seen in the game, he is capable of using his voice as a weapon, emanating a very high pitched super sonic humming whale song that gets progressively higher pitched until it shatters (explodes in their skulls) the brains of everyone in range of it.

He is capable of amplifying this in the battlefield, by employing the help of his herd of nude women, whom surround him, as he plays the panpipes and transfers this sonic scream into them, creating a horrifying and deadly brain exploding chorus that can kill everyone in the frontlines of the battlefield.

Interestingly in the game, it is Ciri and not Avallac'h who possesses the sonic scream ability. Though we are left to wonder, did she perhaps learn to do it from being taught by him. The game gives no explanation for how it is Ciri (who is not a telepath) is able to produce this brain shattering sonic scream that Avallac'h is seen doing in the books.

Language, Other; In the game: Avallac'h suffers speech difficulty and rarely talks because of it.

Appearance, Eyes: deathly pale aquamarine blue, almost white; described in the book as almond shaped, slated, and looking Asian; interestingly one of the few characters of the entire Witcher Franchise who has the same colour and shape eyes in the game as he did in the books; has frozen pupils that do not react to light a result of nerve damage from having been poisoned and is why he wears a hood outside or avoids being outside in daylight all together.

The novels also point out that he is the ONLY one of the Aen Elle Elves who has blue eyes, stating that the others had eyes the shade of molten lead, in varying shades of red, yellow, or orange.

Avallac'h, the only Elf with aquamarine eyes.

Appearance, hair: In the game, Avallac'h has grey hair, that appears to have been black before turning grey.

In the novels, Avallac'h's hair is described as blonde, ash blond, fair, pale, white. The novels go so far as to point out that he is the ONLY one of the Aen Elle Elves who is blond, stating that the others had black hair.

The fact of Avallac'h being blonde is emphasized, over emphasized, and made a recurring plot point in the novels. Throughout the novels Avallac'h' makes random walk ins and the character is never identified by name, instead saying only "the fair haired Elf watched them", "the blond elf played his flute"... they are random sentences in random places, that you'll miss if you don't pay attention. They emphasizes 2 things - the fact that avallac'h is showing up everywhere in Ciri's life and just watching her, and it emphasises the fact that he sticks out like a sore thumb because he's a blond Elf, when blond Elves shouldn't exist.

The fact of Avallac'h's hair being blond, his eyes being blue, and his skin being white, are so unusual for Elves, that it is mentioned absolutely every time he's on the page. No other character gets described over and over and over and over again like this. The author emphasises, emphasizes, over emphasizes, and then emphasizes again, again, and again, Avallac'h's blue eyed, blonde, whitness so many, many, many, many times that it is clear the author wanted you to notice how how much this Elf stood out from the others because of these things... Avallac'h does not fit in with the other Elves on the same level Geralt doesn't fit in with other Humans. Avallac'h is himself a mutant. His Aen Searvhern blood proves this, as does his white shin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Which is why I question the logic the game devs had in changing Avallac'h's hair from blonde to grey, when, the author clearly went WAAAAY out of his way to beat it into the reader's head that Avallac'h was blond.

Things like this bring up questions in regards to CosPlaying this character... do you go lore-friendly and CosPlay him as a blond, like he is described in the books, or side with the changes the game devs made in the adaptation version of him and go grey instead? The author created the character. The game devs, simply created a version of him. Like fan fiction. Technically EVERYTHING that was created by the game devs for the game, is fan fiction and not canon to the novels. Which means a grey haired Avallac'h is NOT canon to how the author created him. I'm leaning towards going more lore friendly and sticking with the author's "ash blond" Elf. We'll see what I do when the time comes to dye my hair.

Interestingly, there are times in the game, when he appears blond... specifically, during the Beyond Hill & Dale and Jack and the Beanstalk quests, which has a filter glaze over the screen and changes the color of everything, including the sky and grass... because the characters have opened a magic book and were sucked inside of it and now have to fight their way through fairy tales to get back to the real world... but the game devs wanted it to look like a 1970s drug fest, thus the filter to brighten the colors. And, as you can see, during that part of the game, Avallac'h is blond, same as he is in the books:

Avallac'h and Ciri in Beyond Hill and Dale's Jack and the Beanstalk segment...the only time in the game when we see a lore-friendly, blonde Avallac'h.

Also, in the original concept art, the art designers for the game, did in fact design Avallac'h to be blonde. He is blond not grey in the drawings.

Avallac'h concept art, as he was originally intended to look in the games, and as much more closely matches how he is described in the books.

Appearance, skin: The novels also point out that Avallac'h is the ONLY one of the Aen Elle Elves who has white skin, stating that the others had black skin. The novels also, go so far to state the Avallac'h was seen by Humans as "good" and "trustworthy" by virtue of being the only white skinned Elf, whereas the rest of the Aen Elle Elves were seen as "evil" and "not to be trusted" by virtue of "everyone with black skin is inherently evil"... one of the MANY incredibly racist aspects of the Witcher series.

Avallac'h, because e is the only white skinned Elf, is not well accepted by other Elves and is seen as a freak.

HOWEVER... in the game, ALL of the Aen Elle Elves are white, and the entire element of Humans hating elves simply because they have black skin, is completely removed from the game, as likewise the Aen Elle Elves singling out Avallac'h for being the only white skinned freak among their black skinned race.

Avallac'h is seen in the novels, feeling a brotherhood kinship to the Aen Sheihde Elves, because they have white skin like he does.

In the novels Aen Elle are instantly identifiable by the black color of their skin, and the fact that Aen Elle are black and aen Seidhe are white, is the primary difference between these two races of Elves. Only Sages had white skin, which is how one could tell a Sage from other Aen Elle Elves.

There is some indication the Aen Elle were WRITTEN to be black skinned in the game, but did not end up that way, when you play Van Fail Elian quest aka The Trial of Grasses Quest.

In short, the Aen Elle Elves are Drow or Dark Elves in the novels, but where changed to High Elves in the game.

The dialogue in this quest MATCHES the novels having black skinned Aen Elle Elves, even though no black Elves appear in the game...

How do we know this?

Pay attention to EXACTLY WHAT Geralt says to Vesimier during the Trial of Grasses, while the witchers are torturing the Elf they have captive...

At the start of this scene, Geralt has not yet seen WHO it is being tortured. It's not until he gets close to the torture table that Geralt jumps back and says:


Vesemir looks up and says: "You know him?"

The next line is this:

Do you see what Geralt says here?

"Yes. An elf. Aen Elle. A Sage..."

The Witchers are fully aware they are torturing an Elf. But this is a small, white skinned Elf and so they assume they have an Aen Seidhe Elf. Vesemir, Lambert, and Eskel are stunned, shocked, and horrified to learn that this is an Aen Elle Elf.


Why does Geralt feel the NEED to explain to them that this particular elf is an Aen Elle?

Because he's white, like an Aen Seidhe, not black like an Aen Elle.

There was no reason for Geralt to explain to them, that this elf was Aen Elle, not Aen Seidhe, if the Aen Elle of the game were not black.

In the books, Avallac'h is mistaken for an Aen Seidhe, because of his white skin, which causes him to bear no resemblance to being an Aen Elle due to the Aen elle having black skin, not white skin, like Avallac'h has.

The scene in the game, where Geralt feels the need to explain that this white Elf is actually Aen elle, not Aen Seidhe, tells us that when the dialogue script for the game was written, the script writers, wrote it assuming the Aen Elle of the game would MATCH the Aen Elle of the books and be black. But at some point the decision was made to make the Aen Elle white, HOWEVER, this line of dialogue remained unchanged, thus informing us the Aen Elle of the game had originally been intended to be black like inthe books.

Appearance, other: described in the book as very thin, underweight to the point of looking gaunt and death-like, his face described as sharp, angular, and triangle; in both the books and game he is described as rarely eating due to religious reasons, and bordering on the point of being anorexic; in the game we see multiple occasions of him refusing food, and other characters making worried comments about his refusal to eat food and only accepting water to drink...

There is an entire dialogue cutscene between Dandelion and Geralt where the topic is the worrisome habits of the Elf that "has locked himself in the Ruby Room and is refusing to eat and will only drink water". At the time of Dandelion telling this to Geralt, Avallac'h had been locked in the Ruby Room for 3 weeks, refusing food that entire time. Ciri had left without telling him she was leaving and he was refusing to eat until she returned.

Not in books or game, but in interviews with the author and game devs, Avallac'h is said to have been designed to look, dress, and act culturally/ethnically/religiously accurate to a Medieval era devout Muslim Gypsy of Moroccan/Persian/Iranian origin, thus why the pyate (braided locs) in his hair, keeping his head covered during certain situations, refusing food on certain days, the strict meatless and alcohol free diet, and the historically accurately places tears & stitches are on his clothes.

Avallac'h, an Elven Mage, captured by the Elf murdering, Mage killing King Radovid, during the Reason of State (assassination of King Radovid) Quest. Seen here, surrounded by Redanian soldiers and Witch Hunters, as King Radovid orders his immediate execution.... notice the braids in his hair and the stitched slashes over the breast of his leather armour - these are both real world features of Gypsy culture.
We also see a quasi-Islamic moon crest symbol painted on the hilt of Avallac'h's sword...
...which likewise is of a Middle Eastern saber style shape, with a long, wide, curved saber blade.

Diet: vegetarian, mostly, sort of; will not eat, kill, or otherwise harm fauna (animals and monsters), but has no trouble killing and eating humans; has been known to kill and eat unicorns on occasion; also will not drink wine, beer, vodka, and presumably any other alcohol, calling it "filth created by humans"; has a sweet tooth and an addiction to candy, chocolate, and toffee; practices some form of Ramadan (extreme fasting from food for extended periods of days, sometimes weeks, on end, due to religious reasons)

Health: In the books, he was not described with having health issues. We see him in the books in the year 1251, a nobleman, living in the king's palace as Auberon's second in command, his advisor and court mage.

King Auberon is murdered in 1251. Initially Ciri is accused of the murder, but due to Avallac'h's helping her escape, and his having been the alchemist who made the drugs Auberon died from, Avallac'h became the primary suspect, with ciri then considered his accomplice. While not seen in either the books or the game, we are told in the game by Cri that Avallac'h was captured, beaten, and tortured

In the game we see him in the year 1272, after he has been branded a criminal, is now wanted for the murder of King Auberon, and has been on multiple occasions beaten and tortured.

Geralt tells Yennefer in one scene that Avallac'h has been protecting and defending Ciri, and that Ciri has been likewise protecting and defending Avallac'h, stating that both have each rescued the other from "certain death" on "numerous occasions".

While not full scenes, we see many, off-handed mentions of these events, in the narrative as well...

Geralt decided to follow up on this lead. Though he was not able to establish the mysterious mage's identity, he did learn that he had been traveling with Cirilla some time before and the Wild Hunt was after him as well.

When Geralt got a chance to talk to Ciri about Avallac'h, he learned that the Sage had been her tutor and mentor for some time. They were bound by a common enemy. Avallac'h had been the chief advisor to the previous ruler of the Aen Elle, whose demise had precipitated a conflict between Avallac'h and the successor, Eredin. The Sage had thus made it his mission to protect Ciri from his new king's malicious designs, whatever the cost.

Geralt likewise had no idea what bound Ciri and the elf now. There was no doubt Avallac'h had helped her, had saved her numerous times from the Wild Hunt — but why? Alas, the Sage, quivering on a razor's edge between life and death, offered no answers to Geralt's burning questions.

Ciri made it clear to Geralt that she trusted the Sage. He had saved her life on numerous occasions – including when, feeling the onset of the curse that would transform him into Uma, he resolved to hide her from the Wild Hunt on the Isle of Mists.

By 1272, the time of the game, Avallac'h has been living on the run for 21 years, now a wandering vagabond, he no longer has access to decent living conditions, regular food or water, a place to sleep, or any sort of doctors, and he has been captured, tortured, and beaten quite badly many times during this period.

In the game he suffers from health side effects of his recent poor living conditions and multiple times being tortured. In the game he is described as "crippled", "weak", "invilade", "lame", is said to constantly be in pain and over all is simply "suffering" often in too much pain to get out of bed or even stand.

He suffers from tremors, his hands shake and he's described has having "violently twitching fingers" a side effect of "nerve damage", a result of being tortured.

He's also described as having poor eyesight due to having "frozen pupils that do not react to light", also a result of tortue.

He walks very slowly, unable to run, often walks aided by a staff, and is seen grabbing hold of furniture to steady himself when trying to walk inside. Outside, without his staff, he walks in a slow, staggered, zig-zag motion (see the scene when he and Geralt are walking through the desert, the only time we see him try to get up and walk around for any length of time).

He can not stand for long to a time and frequently sits down to rest.

The first time, in the game, we see Avallac'h make an attempt to stand up... he is bedridden, said to have only just woken from a coma a few days previous, said by Vesemir to be "still very bad off", by Geralt "to be quivering on the razor's edge of life and death", and by Yennefer to "still in the clutches of death"... The Wild Hunt attacks Ciri, and in this scene we see Avallac'h drag himself out of bed, stagger to the window, barely able to stand, stumbling and falling, clutching the balcony to pull himself back up, and then turn his hand into a vacuum sucking, black hole that evaporates everything pulled into it... and we are left to ask: Why does a guy who can do THIS on his deathbed, need help from ANYONE to do ANYTHING?

Health, other; in-game mechanics on Avallac'h as a player character; or how vastly different the game becomes when you Doppler Geralt out of the game and play as Avallac'h: If you are going to use the Doppler to switch out Geralt and instead play the game with Avallac'h as a player character, do be forewarned that Avallac'h has pre-written game mechanics that make his dramatically different to handle.

Also, since people have been asking me ow to play the game as Avallac'h, you need the Doppler installs on your game. You can download it here: - do know that the Doppler is SERIOUSLY glitched out, hasn't been updated since 1.22 and CAN break your game and corrupt save files if you are using 1.30, 1.31, or GoTy versions of the game. Before downloading it, make back up copies of your game save files. I am playing GoG 1.31A GoTY edition of the game and had to rewrite a bunch of the Doppler's code before I could get it fully functional. ... it WILL crash EVERY TIME GoG Galaxy updates and every time the game updates. At which point you have to do a manual uninstall of the Doppler, reload the game (you'll know you've done it correctly if you are left with a headless Geralt in your game) then reinstall the Doppler all over again.

If you play Avallac'h straight from the Doppler, he will not be wearing his cape and be wearing a grey coat instead of a blue coat. In order to play Avallac'h as I do, with his regular clothes, you need the Shield and More Robes DLC added to your game. You can download that here: (this one is updated regularly with each game update and will not crash your game and can be used on Geralt without the Doppler).

You can see the Doppler in action here... (note as of this episode -Ep 407- there are 78 mods running on the game.)


Once you've got Geralt removed from the game, and are playing Avallac'h in his place, you'll notice some changes. First off, MOST of the characters, when you switch them out, will use the exact same moves and attacks as Geralt, because they are just texture swamps and have no in game mechanics build in to their character, because they were never used in battles in the regular quests. Avallac'h is one of the few characters who WAS used n quest battles and so DOES have in game mechanics built into him, so swapping Geralt for Avallac'h doesn't just swap out the texture/skins it also swaps out the game play mechanics, meaning you'll have different attacks, different moves, and different handicaps to learn to use.

I believe Geralt, Ciri, and Avallaac'h are the only 3 characters in the game, to have pre-coded game mechanics, and so only Ciri and avallac'h change your game play and fight style when Dopplered in. I've found no other character that changes gameplay function when swapped with Geralt. The Doppler has 300+ characters you can swap and play as, and as far as I know, all but Ciri and Avallac'h are just texture swaps and will not change game play functions.

AND... unlike Ciri and Geralt, with Avallac'h there are no tutorials to tell you what attack is what, or which control buttons are going to has what responses. There is a HUGE learning curve to trying to switch from playing Geralt to switch to playing Avallac'h. And his coded in handicaps are going to be the first thing you'll notice.

If you plays the quest Through Time and Space, then you've already walked across the desert with Avallac'h and you know how insanely, snail pace slow he walks. You'll also have already dealt with him in battle, during the sandcrab attack, so you should have some feel for how his control are different.

Avallac'h walks INCREDIBLY SLOOOOOOOOW, snails walk faster, he can not run... so when you start hitting the run button, he moves only slightly faster, and his running speed is SLOWER then Geralt's jogging speed. His stamina drains at twice the rate of Geralt's, so while Geralt can jog along quite some distance, Avallac'h will be slowed and staggered after only a few seconds of jogging.

Geralt's stamina goes back up immediately allowing him to start running after a 3 second wait. Avallac'h will be 30 to 60 seconds before he stops being dizzy and his stamina starts to go back up, so he can jog again.

If you want to play Avallac'h, you are in for a very long, tedious, leisurely stroll across the world. It takes Geralt under 5 minutes to run from one side of the map to the other... it takes Avallac'h nearly 40 minutes to cover that same distance. He is an elderly, crippled, old Elf with a lame leg and this is pre-coded into his ability to move.

Interestingly, Avallac'h can swim faster and longer distances then Geralt can. Geralt slows and loses stamina when attempting to swim out to an island. You are more or less required to use a boat if you want to get across the water with Geralt. Avallac'h does not slow down or lose stamina at all in the water, and easily swims 3,000 foot stretches of ocean with no difficulty.

I did a series of episodes where I tested out how long he could go swimming and ended up getting ALL of those annoying Skellige question marks in the ocean, without ever stopping to rest or leave the ocean to walk on land. I believe this is possibly a game glitch, as in quest game play there is never a time when Avallac'h goes in the water, so it seems the game devs simply did not write any swim handicaps into his game mechanics. In ny case, Avallac'h is a champion swimmer, swims faster then the boats, can stay in the water longer than the boats (boats take damage if you use them too long) and if you ever need to go in the water, you definitely should use Avallac'h for it.

This however, may not be a glitch. If you've read the novel Lady of the Lake, you know that Avallac'h does like water and stays close to it, preferring not to ever get out of sight of water. He is a helmsman (a mage who captains boats via magic) and has that we know of at least 2 boats, a smaller river boat and and a very ocean merchant ship. There are indications that Caranthir's Narfal may have previously been Avallac'h's as well. And we know that Caranthir became a Navigator (similar to a helmsman) under Avallac'h's tutelage. (In case you forgot, Avallac'h is Caranthir's father.)

...uhm... sort of. Test tube baby? Avallac'h created Caranthir in his lab. Caranthir is a result of a 700 year cloning, breeding, experiment Avallac'h did with Elves and Unicorns, to try to recreate the Elder Blood Gene, which in the novels he called The Lara Dorren Gene. If you didn't know, Avallac'h created both Lara Dorren and Ciri as well. Ciri, unaware of this, had a major in game melt down when she discovers she is a mutated hybrid Avallac'h created in his lab, thus why she trashes said lab.

Lara Dorren as she appears in the game Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (note this is an "easter egg" character and she's hella hard to find... it took me weeks of reading game code to find her character file so I could spawn her into my after quest sandbox gameplay and see what she actually looked like.) Seen here with Avallac'h.

And speaking of cloning...

...if you really want to get wild with your game hacking and code rewriting, you can do what I did and start a Cult of Avallac'h. 


I did that. You knew I would. Besides, I figured, after reading the novels, if there was any one in the Witcher series who was going to start a cult, and have hoards of brainwashed, mind drained people worshiping him, it'd sooo be Avallac'h.

Here, have some pictures of Avallac'h and his cultists at a cult meeting...

One of the many game breaking glitches found in the Doppler...Keep Doppler Avallac'h away from real quest game Avallac'h... it makes the game do weird things. Seen here, during the quest Through Time and Space... Doppler Avallac'h (without hood/mask), talking to real Avallac'h (the one closest to the screen) and causes the game to not know what to do with 2 Avallac'h's in one room, so it responded by spitting out even more Avallac'h's, and now it looks like Avallac'h has got himself a hoard of cultist clones at a cult meeting...and when the game tells you to "Talk to Avallac'h" it lights up EVERY ONE of them, click on any of them to talk, and they'll all start talking to you at once.... me thinks Avallac'h took too much fistek here.
We are about to go get Ge'els... yeah... a hoard of Avallac'hs are on their way to Ge'els house. :)
Ge'els' wort nightmare: "Oh god, he's cloned himself!"

Yeah... somewhere around 300 hours into playing the game, my game play starts getting weird.

That was actually a mistake, too, I didn't set out to clone a few dozen extra Avallac'hs into the game. It was an error in coding that I just left there once it happened. It was actually rather hilarious once it started, because I had Doppler Avallac'h talking to real Avallac'h and the game could tell which Avallac'h was which and started crashing and reloading and every time it reloaded there was twice as many Avallac'h's... 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32... it was hysterical... especially when you consider cloning people is something he actually does in the novels and it is his desire to be cloning himself that is the reason he wants Ciri's baby... so, to glitch out the game and see it start cloning dozens of Avallac'h's I suppose you could consider canon on some levels. LOL!

Health, other, Avallac'h's rapidly failing mental health and suicidal depression issues: While not mentioned or hinted to in the game, the book Tower of Swallows, indicated Avallac'h was suicidal, where we see Avallac'h in a dialogue with Geralt, and stating his desire to kill himself, simply because he was bored with life and at least death would be a change from the monotony that had become his life. In this scene Avallac'h also tells Geralt of his obsessive sex crazed obsession with fucking pretty much everyone, in every way possible, and the fact that he's now seeing death as an option, because even sex has become a boredom to him, yet endless lust is driving him mad in spite of sex now being lacking in excitement and novelty. 

In the game, we see Avalac'h's frever for life restored by the thrill and fearful anxiety caused by being hunted by the Wild Hunt and his desire to live now fueled by his obsessively protecting Ciri from the Wild Hunt and everyone else.

In both Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake, as well as in the game, we see many things which point to Avallac'h's severe depression which was caused by the death of his lover Lara Dorren, whom he had intended to marry. He has not yet come to terms with her death and continues to mourn her, though she has now been dead for more than 200 years. Avallac'h's obsession with Ciri is fueled largely by the fact that Ciri looks identical to Lara Dorren and Avallac'h has become obsessed with continuing his relationship with Lara vicariously through Ciri, with him not always able to tell Ciri from Lara as his insanity grows.

Avallac'h and Lara Dorren. (Lara is a secret "hidden" character in the game, who does not appear in any quests, and can only be found and brought into the game, if you spend hours, days, weeks of reading the game script codes and happen to stumble upon her file, which was for some reason put in the game, but then left unused and not accessible. Apparently she was intended to appear in a cutscene at some point but that cutscene got scraped and her character left abandoned in the dark reaches of the code. Once I found her code, I was able to manually spawn her in as a travel companion for my Geralt Doppler Avallac'h)

Most characters keep their distance from Avallac'h, viewing him as dangerously insane.

In the game, Yennefer accuses him of being a stalker obsessed with Ciri, while Geralt warns people to each their backs around him, and both Eredin and Ge'els accuse him of being untrustworthy and a liar.

While he is seen in the game, trying to hide his perverted nature, in the books he openly flaunts it, bragging proudly of his endless sexual deviancies.

In both the books and the game he suffers from mind boggling levels of OCD and in the novels we see him display absolutely terrifying psycho crazed levels of bipolar disorder hair trigger violence. We see his bipolar mood swings in both the game and the novels. While he is slightly hyper in the game, his mega hyper, ADHD shines on extreme overpowering levels in the novels and when questions about certain things he does (like vandalising by drawing penises on everything or throwing feces at humans), he blames it on his inability to control things his hyperactive brain makes him do when it gets bored and needs to do something.

Though a 2,000 year old sage, with an IQ too high to be calculated, and considered the wisest of all living beings, Avallac'h is often seen running through the novels (literally - running through fields of unicorns, playing panpipes, while nude women run mindlessly along after hum, hypnotized by his pipes) as though he was a wild feral 2 year old toddler...again, he blames this on his brain's being bored and him having no control over what his brain decides it wants to do.

Avallac'h displays many symptoms of schizophrenia, including:

  • referencing his brain as though it was a person separate from himself,
  • drawing/finger painting wild frescos of imaginary beasts on walls,
  • writing out his thoughts all over the walls of his house,
  • an inability to stop drawing penises on everything,
  • talking to himself and answering himself, in full blown conversations with himself,
  • asking himself for advice
  • delusions of grandeur, including seeing himself as a prophet, a chosen one, and a demigod,
  • a wild, colourful, eccentric wardrobe,
  • high levels of constant anxiety, irrational fears, and rampant paranoia,
  • his fight or flight response never turns off, leaving him on constant alert,
  • he's jumpy and overly ready to flee from every shadow or sound,
  • feels a constant need to hide,
  • has an overbearing need to be allowed to flee once he tries to run away,
  • if denied the right to flee, or otherwise cornered, he will instantly and without warning become viciously, rabidly violent,
  • the more scared he is, the more violent he becomes,
  • prefers to flee then stand and fight,
  • letting him run away, causes his violence to quickly end as he turns to run instead,
  • sees insults and slights being made against him, even when they are not,
  • obsesses, over obsessively over everything,
  • stalking women,
  • building house sized shrines of the women he's stalking.

Not so much in the game, but overly so in the books, Avallac'h is portrayed as deeply mentally unstable. In the game he is portrayed as more of a quirky eccentric senile old man, while in the novels he's portrayed as an absolutely off his rocker bat shit psycho crazy raving lunatic.

Health, sort of, Other: Out of some 5,000+ characters to grace the massively, vast Witcher Universe, Avallac'h is the ONLY character specifically stated to be left handed. 

Though shown to be ambidextrous, he is technically considered to be left handed as he writes only with his left hand.

As a fighter is ambidextrous and fights with both hands.

His dominate sword wielding hand is his right hand. However we never see him wield a sword as a weapon, instead using it as a tool. He appears to be untrained in sword fighting, and appears to carry a sword for ceremonial ritual magic purposes, not for fighting purposes. What few times we see him with a sword, he draws it with his right hand, then carries it with both hands, appears to have trouble standing when doing so, and it appears to be too heavy for him to easily swing it as a weapon. Unusual for characters in the Witcher franchise, is the fact that you do not see him with his sword carried in a scabbard, but instead, he carries it in one of the 3 bags of holding that hangs from his belt, so he usually looks to be unarmed.

His dominate spell casting hand is his left hand. While he can cast rune sign spells with both hands, the ones cast with his left hand are much more powerful and deadly then the very same spell cast with his right hand. 

The rune sign spells are elemental spells (ice, wind, fire, lightning) cast by quickly drawing rune symbols in the air with one's fingers, in order to call upon the element in question, drawing it into your hand, and then throwing it.

While Geralt uses Sign casting in battle, his attacks are low powered and  he is better off using his sword instead. Avallac'h on the other hand, casts insanely overpowered signs, also casting then faster, more quickly, using less stamina, refiring twice as often, and aiming at both a wider radius and a farther reach then Geralt does. Though Avallac'h is more or less sless in battle with a sword, he is practically invincible with signs. If playing Avallac'h as a player character, it is better to go without a steel sword, replace the silver sword for the staff, and focus your attacks on casting signs instead of swinging weapons. Avallac'h is after all a wizard, and said to be the single most powerful mage of the entire known multiverse, meaning it's best to let him do his thing with magic and not try to force him to fight with weapons. Avallac'h has 5 base rune signs (Aard, Igni, Quen, Axii, Yrden) and each of those has 4 sub-attacks within them, for 20 signs total that he can cast, plus you can level these up over time.

While Geralt's sign attacks do 50 to 200 damage per attack and can be leveled up to around 2,000 hit point damage per attack. Avallac'h STARTS OUT with 1,000 to 2,000 hit points per attack and can be leveled up to do 8,000+ hit points damage per attack (I say + because I've not yet fully leveled up his signs and do not know what his upper limit is, but as of reaching lvl 108, he's now crit hitting at 8,000 hit points damage on Aard.)

Avallac'h seen here, switching his staff out of his left hand, to his right hand, so he can cast his super high powered White Frost Aard (seen here is Piercing Cold Aard Attack) attack. In this picture he took out 30 hanse bandits in one hit.
Avallac'h seen here, switching his staff out of his left hand, to his right hand, so he can cast his super high powered White Frost Arrd attack (seen here is Far Reaching Arrd Attack). In this picture he took out 10 nekkers in one hit, while high on fistek, running around in his underwear, with absolutely no armor protection at all.

When walking, he holds his staff in his left hand, leaning heavily on it, using it in place of a cane, due to his having a lame leg, but when fighting he moves the staff to his right hand, to fight two handed, using his left hand to cast high powered defensive spells while using his right hand to cast offensive/protection/barrier spells via the staff. He sometimes carries the staff on his back, and at other times keeps it in one of his 3 bags of holding.

He is very, very, VERY efficient with using his staff as a two-handed quarterstaff, using it to pulverize the skulls of his opponents. Avallac'h's signature two handed, staff twirling, brain bashing leap of death is unique to him, and no other character in the game does this attack.

As a player character, this attack makes him both difficult to control, but also far more deadly the playing as Geralt. You trigger it by switching out the sword (either steel or silver) for the staff then using "fast attack". He will start spinning and perioeting around with the staff, swinging wildly and aimlessly at everything in a very hectic zig zag path that the player has little control over. To get him to leap, you have to be dangerously close to the enemy before triggering "fast attack", it's difficult to do, because he has to be so close to the enemy before he strikes, that they will likely have already hit him multiple times taking down his health, before he makes his first attack. This attack however is deadly and he rarely needs more then one hit to kill the enemy.

While he uses both hands back and forth for many things, his left hand is clearly the more dominate and the one he uses for most everything, including writing grimoires and casting spells... things which other mages in the Witcher franchise do with their right hand.

Concept art of Avallac'h, showing him looking dramatically different than he appears in the game, and also showing him writing with his left hand.

More concept art of Avallac'h, because why not. He's also left-handed. One of those details we know about him, for no reason at all, like how we also know he's missing his canine teeth and is not circumcised. Information that we are uncertain why the novels gave to us, but hey, now we know...oh no... wait the novels DID tell us why we needed to know those things.


Avallac'h uses it. And makes it. And uses it a LOT. ...uhm... it supposedly makes sex better and has something of a viagra effect if you put it under your foreskin.

And I'm sure Geralt was just dying for Avallac'h to tell him he shoves drugs up his penis, for no reason at all while he was painting penises on the wall.

Yeah... That's Avallac'h for you.

Avallac'h has no filters.


He just says whatever pops into his head. And in the novels every other word out of his mouth has something to do with sex, because sex is the ONLY thing he talks about in the novels.

This guy also knows how to say fuck in every language. Knows every possible variation of the words penis, dick, ovaries, copulation, and other such choice words that grace his daily conversations, while he graffiti paints giant penises on everything.

We love our sex crazy little Elf, we just sometimes wonder about his serious lack social skills.

And I do wish, the game devs had had the balls to give game Avallac'h the same potty mouth he had in the novels. It's just so out of character for Avallac'h to not be saying penis, fuck, rape, cunt, pussy, sex, ovulation, sperm, and other such words every 5 seconds.

That concept art, by the way, was later used in the standalone Gwent game.

Both the books and the game, fly wildly in the face of Sinistrophobia, the fear of left handed people, giving him every myth and stereotype against left-handed people. Including but not limited to:

  1. Lefties being more prone to suffering psychosis and mental disorders.
  2. Lefties being more prone to violence.
  3. Lefties suffering from Paraphilias (atypical sexual interests aka lefties are sex fiends).
  4. Lefies having an IQ of 131 or higher.
  5. Lefties being social outcasts.
  6. Lefties being mute, stuttering, or otherwise having speech disorders.
  7. Lefties being prone to being artists and poets.
  8. Lefties are prone to outwardly show dominance, but in fact be scary cats, quick to run from an actual fight.
  9. Lefties have short tempers.
  10. Lefties are shy and easily embarrassed.
  11. Lefties being addicts.

Pretty much every lefty-stereotype was used to create him, even more than those I've listed here. The ones I listed are the ones that are used most promnantly.

Religion: Aen Ithlinnespeath (Ithlinne's Prophecy) an Elven religion, which is supposed be based of the real world Muslim religion; Avallac'h is considered the religion's most extreme fundamentalist fanatic, to the point of being an extremist zealot willing to anything (including kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder) in order to see to it that Ithlinne's Prophecy comes to pass. He is often seen in both the books and the game saying "the end justifies the means" as a way to justify his many violent crimes done in the name of religion.

Avallac'h is the only character of the entire franchise, whom we ever see praying. He is known to go out of his way to bury the dead and pray over them. While a few characters state various religious beliefs, truly religious characters who act upon their religion, are as rare as dodos in the Witcher franchise. Avallac'h is by far the most deeply religious character of the entire Witcher franchise.

Avallac'h praying over the body of a random dead Human, whom he found laying in the gutter.
Close up of the scene above. Avallac'h praying over a random dead human, whom he found tossed aside and forgotten, left unburied, to rot by the roadside. We see an startling side of Avallac'h here, one that deeply contrasts with the arrogant human-hating front he puts on in most public conversation. An Elf who truly hated humans, would not be seen doing this.

Avallac'h is easily made deeply upset by death. All death, any death upsets him, no matter who or what it is. In the novels we see him fussing over the fact that Witchers kill monsters, stating that monsters deserve the right to live. Avallac'h is overall peaceful, and seeks to save all life, Elves, Humans, animals, monsters, and plants. It is for this reason he refuses to eat meat and will go days, sometimes weeks without food if the flesh of dead animals is all that is available to him.

When worried over his loved ones, upset for their safety, we see Avallac'h praying and fasting until he knows they are safe. One scene in the game shows us this on an extreme level, when Ciri runs off without telling him where she is going, and does not return for a full 5 weeks later, only to be informed by her friend Dandelion that Avallac'h stopped eating the morning he discovered her gone, and has had nothing but water and desperate little of that, with him remaining in a state of 24 hour praying and not moving at all for the entire 5 weeks of her absence. 

This activity startles Geralt who questions Avallac'h about this, stating that Avallac'h is a sage, a knowing one, a psion who can see all and should be able to know Ciri was alright.

Avallac'h explains that while he sees the past with full accuracy, he sees ALL possibly futures and does not know which future will come to pass, because the future is not pre-written, as people create the future based on their choices. Avallac'h states that he can see every future, every result, of every possibly choice Ciri might have taken, but he can not know which futre was the actual future that will come to pass, until after Ciri has made her choices.

Avallac'h states in various places that he has seen both futures where Ciri dies and futures where Ciri lives. Futures where she saves the world from the White Frost and futures where she fails. Futures where she has a child. Futures were she dies childless. Even a future where she bears his child, even though he is infertile.

Avallac'h confesses to being overwhelmed by his gift of being The Knowing One, because while he knows the future, he can never know for certain which future is the one that will come to pass, and some futures are worse then Hell itself.

Thus we see Avallac'h fretting desperately, worrying more then most, when separated from his loved ones, because while he sees the future where they come home safe, he also sees the future where they are horribly taken from him by death, sickness, and murder.

While Avallac'h is often arrogantly proud of his gift of sight, he also can be seen stating that he hates knowing everything and wishes he could be normal and not know the future at all.

Overwhelmed by his gift of sight, Avallac'h often flees crowds, preferring solitude. He can see and hear every thought of every person not only in the room with him, but for miles around him as well. He is bombarded by thousands of simultaneous thoughts of every person in the city, when in places like Novigrad. Thus we see Avallac'h spending the bulk of his time in the quiet solitude of graveyards, crypts, tombs, cemeteries, swamps, caves, and catacombs.... places where no one but the dead dwell.

Unfortunately, this is seen by others as Avallac'h being too arrogant for the company of humans, when in fact it is the only way he can clear his mind of the invading thoughts of others. Avallac'h is frequently upset by the fact that he can not make Humans or even other Elves, understand why he flees to secluded places. People accuse him of being secretive, hiding things from them, plotting to hurt others, and all many of conspiracy theories about why he must be hiding in graveyards. Avallac'h confesses to being sad, lonely, depressed, and suicidal because there is no one who understands what his lives with, understands that his gift is more curse then gift as it does not allow him to live the normal life he so desperately desires to live. 

Avallac'h clung first to Lara and then to Ciri, because both women, like him, possess a natural born "gift" that has become a curse they wished to be rid of. Avallac'h felt a strong bond to each of these women, as he understood how they felt, their desire to be rid of their gift, so they could live a normal life.

Avallac'h's gift of being The Knowing One, is made a greater burden for him, when he tries to help those around him, by telling them what he saw in their future, in hopes of protecting them from harm, only to have them accuses him of trying to control their lives. Avallac'h hates seeing the bad futures and desperately wants to prevent the bad futures from happening, but few believe his intentions are good, and most believe he only tells them their future to try to scare them into obeying him. That his warnings often go laughed at and ignored, only deepens his belief that no one loves him and worsens his ever growing depression, further resulting in his wanting to hide from people even more, driving him deeper into the caves of mountains, in hopes that if he gets far enough away from people, he will stop seeing bad things happening to them.

We see him in the novels, spending most of his days in cemetaries tending to the flowers, and keeping gravestones from becoming deteriorated. He also carves fancy white marble statues to stand over grave sites.

In the game we see him practicing necromancy, taking the bones of the dead and using them in rituals in attempt to speak to the spirits of the dead. After which he is very careful to rebury the bones, performing funeral rights and tenderly taking care not to damage the remains.

Also in the game, when passing by the dead, bodies left in battlefield cast aside in the wake of the war, We see Avallac'h stop what he is doing, to pull the bodies off to the side, cover them, then pray over them (you can see him doing this in the  images below).

Avallac'h praying over the body of a random dead Human, whom he found laying in the gutter.
Close up of the scene above. Avallac'h praying over a random dead human, whom he found tossed aside and forgotten, left unburied, to rot by the roadside. We see an startling side of Avallac'h here, one that deeply contrasts with the arrogant human-hating front he puts on in most public conversation. An Elf who truly hated humans, would not be seen doing this.

Interestingly, though Avallac'h is a very arrogant High Elf who has a lot of bitter and spiteful things to say about non-Elves, he takes no thought of the species or race of the dead, and will perform funeral rites and pray over anyone, Elf, Human, Dwarf, or otherwise. When questioned on this, he stated: "Spirits know no race. We are all the same once we are dead. There are no Elves, nor any Humans in the after life. Only spirits."

There seems to be a conflict between what Avallac'h says about Humans and what he does. He says he hates Humans, and we know that he has killed humans, or rather at least was accused of killing Humans and did not deny it. We never actually see him in the books or the game, hurt humans, we only ever see him accused of it. In the game, we only see him become violent or aggressive when he is defending Ciri, a human.

And while he never denies that he murdered humans, he also never admits to it either. Instead, he shrugs and says "The humans kill Aen Siehde, brethren of the Aen Elle. Humans kill Dwarves. Gnomes. Dryads. In the eyes of man, we are all but monsters to be cut down." Elsewhere he says: "We were the superior race. We did not kill you while we had the chance. Now you increase in numbers and kill us."

Also while we see him in the novels with human slaves and human pets, we do not see him treat them badly, and rumors that he abuses, kills, and eats his slaves, are just that: rumors. Though he does admit to having sex with them, and we do see his female slave cowering in fear when he enters the room.

It appears that he struggles between seeing humans as little more then lap dogs and cattle, versus seeing them as sentient beings equal to Elves. Avallac'h is only just learning to speak Human languages, and it appears that before Lara left him for Cregan, Avallac'h merely assumed Human speech was nothing but garbled sounds made by mindless beasts of burden. It seems that Avallac'h only started looking at Humans and seeing them as intelligent, after Lara ran off with Cregan, resulting in his trying to look at Humans and see them as she did.

With him being in excess of 2,000 years old and Lara dying only 200 years ago, this means that Avallac'h has spent only the last tenth of his life trying to train himself to not think of humans as animals. We know that his religious beliefs are based largely on his love for Lara, and are badly warped because of this. When asked by Geralt, why he tries to help Humans, Avallac'h states that he does so because Lara made him promise to protect Humans as well as Elves and fight for equality between them. He states that he never breaks a vow, and is able to keep his promise to Lara in spite of how he feels. When Geralt responds to ask how he feels, Avallac'h avoids the question and changes the subject. When Geralt continues to press for an answer, asking directly"How does your hating Humans effect your protecting Ciri?", Avallac'h simply says: "It does not." This conversation leaves us to assume Avallac'h hates humans but protects them anyways because he loves Lara and will not break the promise he made  to her.

In any case, we see that young Avallac'h tossed Humans aside, amassing a boneyard of thousands of corpses behind his palace in Tir ni Lia, during the time period when we also saw him with human slaves and human pets. While old Avallac'h, who has now set free all of his human slaves and human pets, seems hell bent on changing his ways and making up for his boneyard of corpses, by now going out of his way to bury any and all dead humans he comes across.

We know too, from Avallac'h himself, that he believed Lara's fling with Cregan would be short lived. He states that she should have lived 700 years, while Cregan would have died in only 60 years. It was Avallac'h's belief that once the short lived human grew old and died, Lara would return to him and they would be reunited.

However, Lara died only 8 months after marrying Cregan, something Avallac'h had not foreseen. He, The Knowing One, he sees all of time past and future, missed seeing Lara's death, and the shock of this shattered his already frail sanity.

It seems that Lara's death, is directly the cause of his current belief: "Spirits know no race. We are all the same once we are dead. There are no Elves, nor any Humans in the after life. Only spirits."

Avallac'h was the lone witness to the brutal murder of Lara and Cregan. He claims to have tried to save them, but was only able to save Lara's unborn baby. He tells Geralt that he took the baby to live with it's Human kin, knowing that it's Elven kin (meaning Lara's father, Avallac'h's older brother King Auberon) would kill it and he feared to raise the child himself, fearing that he too would be killed by his people.

Avallac'h states that both versions of the tales of the death of Lara are true. Humans claim the Elves killed her out of spite, while Elves claim Humans killed her. According to Avallac'h, Humans and Elves both rose up against her, with Cregan being burned to death by human witch hunters and Lara being mutilated by first Humans and then Elves, with the Elves intent more on killing her half-Elf child in order to purge her of a parasite.

Avallac'h continues his tale to Geralt, stating he wanted to bury Lara and Cregan together in a single grave, in his family's crypt, but Elven protestors attacked him wen he did so, threatening to desicrate the graves and toss the bones in a ditch. Horrified, he then tried to bury the lovers in a Human cemetary, but was likewise attacked by Humans.

It is this event, Humans and Elves alike rising up against Avallac'h and refusing to let him bury the woman he loved, and her lover, anywhere, that seems to have triggered his now deep held need to bury every dead body he finds. It appears that, when faced with not being allowed to bury someone he loved, Avallac'h was hit hard by the realization that spirits need a place to rest. It appears he believed this in passing, but that the belief was suddenly triggered into a passion, when he was denied the right to bury someone he loved, spurring him to now look at the death of anyone, Elf or Human, in a new light, and resulting in much softening his outlook towards Humans at the same time.

Avallac'h is obsessed with death on extremely unhealthy levels, straight from the first time we are introduced to him, in the Aen Elle crypt, surrounded by hundreds of graves, in the novel that introduces his character: Tower of Swallows.

Again, the first time we get to see Avallac'h in the game, it is at Vesemir's funeral, where he, inexplicable shows up to bless the dead Witcher's body, and no one can explain why the Elf is there or why he decided to pray over the dead Human.

Avallac'h, seen here praying (out load) at Vesemir's funeral.

While all of Vesemir's friends and family are there, mostly enraged and hatching vengeful plots of death on his killer, while a few cry, Avallac'h alone, a stranger who did not know Vesimier, is seen praying.

We see too throughout both the books and the game, numerous occasions of Avallac'h stating that the dead must be given a proper burial. He is very adamant in his belief that wraiths (evil spirits who haunt graves, houses, etc) are caused by a body being left unburied. He states that spirits are traumatized by death and are soothed by their loved ones preforming burial rites. Wraiths, he states, occurs when a spirit feels no one loved them.

He states too, that while it is best for a loved one to bury the dead person, that if no one who loved them can be found, that it is even more important to give them a proper burial. He says Wraiths form out of a spirit that fells unloved and abandoned. He says blood is strong and that wraiths may start to haunt anyone even distantly related to them, so if possibly a living relative should be found to bury the dead person. If no blood kin can be found, then  anyone who knows how to perform the funeral rites can do so. 

We know too that Avallac'h believes life starts at conception, and is against abortion, but more importantly for this topic, we see him specifically fussing over miscarriages, and stating that a naming ritual and a funeral are important things to do in the case of miscarriages, stating that the child's soul will be lost, it becoming a botchling (a monster that murders pregnant woman in it's attempt to get inside her to get a chance to be born) if it is not given a name, and worse, the botchling will become also a wraith if the miscarried fetus is not given a funeral.

In the game, we see in the Family Matters quest, a woman have a miscarriage and the dead fetus tossed in a dung heap behind the barn. The town soon finds itself plagued with a botchling and a herd of wraiths that are attracted by the botchling's wrath.

In Family Matters, Geralt goes to the local Peller (soothsayer/witch doctor) to ask how to cure the town of it's botchling problem, and the Pellar tells Geralt to find the child's father, take the baby's remains, and with the father perform the Aen Elle Elf naming ritual, then bury the baby properly, this time under the threshold of the family's home, and to sooth the wrath of the botchling, ask it to become the protecting guardian spirit of the family. 

Avallac'h asks the Baron how his wife came to have a miscarriage...
Avallac'h makes no secrect of his desire for a family and his despertaly wanting to be able to father children. His being unable to sire children, makes him feircly defensive of children in general, and especially vengeful towards any one who hurts a child. Look at the rage that has come over him and filled his eyes with hate, as he listens to the Bloody Baron tell the tale of having beaten his wife, resulting in her having the miscarriage, then his tossing the dead fetus in a dung heap, thus creating the botchling that now haunts the village of Crow's Perch.
After finding and capturing the Botchling, villagers want to kill it, but Avallac'h convinces the Baron to perform the Elven naming ritual, then give it a proper funeral as should have been done to begin with.
A tearful Avallac'h at baby Dea's funeral.

We see Avallac'h in this quest, once again praying over the dead, this time kneeling by the grave of the fetus and praying to sooth it's soul.

The Elven sorcerer's very dramatic prayer-spell-chant to cast the Botchling out of the village and cleanse the baby's soul of evil.

At one point he confides to Geralt that he fears being killed by Witch Hunters, indicating he has seen his own death in his future. He states a desperate fear of Novigrad, and egs Geralt not to leave his side while walking the streets of Novigrad. Avallac'h's fear that he will be tortured by Witch Hunters and then burned in Temple Square of Temple Isle in Novigrad, indicate he has seen this future, and fully believes this is how he will die.

We've seen in the game, Elven Mages burned alive in Novigrad, then their bodies left hanging on the gates of the city, to be picked clean by birds, the remains finally tossed into a pit by the sea, their bornes left to be picked clean by crabs and gulls. Some of the most graphic, gory scenes of the entire game, are the cutscenes of the dead mages hanging on stakes and laying decomposing in pits.

Avallac'h yelling at Geralt, after the Witcher left Avallac'h standing alone in a dark alley of Novigrad, meer minutes after the old Elf begged Geralt to not leave him alone. While he comes off as exceptionally bitchy here, it must be realized that he was truly scared for his life and Geralt did just run off and leave the crippled Elf alone, a few feet away from a crowd of Witch Hunters who were burning 2 mages.
Avallac'h a few days before the scene with Geralt on the boat. He is standing here in Novigrad, watching a she-Elf mage being burned at the stake by the Witch Hunters.
The scene Avallac'h is watching...
The scene Avallac'h is watching...

While we often see Avallac'h bitching at those around him, in a closer inspection of the situation, we also always see that his bitchiness was triggered by his being frightened and feeling that no one cared if he lived or died. He is often seen protecting, healing, defending, and caring for the Humans in his life, only to have them laugh at him, bully him, scoff at him, and then leave him behind when he himself is injured. Avallac'h never abandons a fallen comrade. If someone is injured and can not travel, he stays behind with the injured person to take care of and protect them.

And yet we see multiple occasions when he is critically injured, bleeding to death, dying, and once in a coma, and those very same people he risked his life for, simply shrug, say he's "just an Elf" and continue on their way, stating "if you fall behind you stay behind", with not one of them doing a thing to help him. Even Ciri, whom he is constantly risking his life for, we see her on 4 separate occasions, leave him behind when he is injured.

Avallac'h does care very deeply for Ciri, Geralt, and the others. He calls himself Geralt's friend, in several conversation, only to have Geralt say "Avallac'h's not a friend." And so his bitchiness at them is understandable, when you realize how frustrated Avallac'h feels after risking his life to help them, only to have them treat him like shit at every turn, simply because they are Humans and he's an Elf.

Avallac'h lives in mortal fear of dying and becoming a wraith, as he has stated he feels no one loves him, and the women he loved (Lara Dorren) left him for another. The old Elf is terrified of dying, terrified that his spirit will be alone. Terrified that no one will bury him when he dies.  In the last 200 years of his life, the bulk of his time has been spent pining away at Lara Dorren's grave, grieving the fact that she did not love him in return and growing ever more suicidal over the thought that no one loves him, but not able to kill himself for his fear that because no one loves him, he will in death become a wraith because there is no one to bury his body.

In the novel Tower of Swallows, the deeply depressed and very suicidal Avallac'h, while sitting in the cemetery where the Elves would not let him bury Lara, goes so far as to confide in Geralt, that he wants to die and wishes he had the courage to kill himself as he can bare life alone with no one to love him no more.

In the novels, he tells Geralt that the Elves considered Lara a traitor and would not allow her to be buried with the others. Avallac'h tells Geralt that he had tried to bury Lara and her human husband Cregan in the Aen Elle graveyard in Toussaint, but both thee Elves attacked him for doing so. He says he was likewise meet with opposition from the Humans when he tried to bury them in a Human cemetery after the Elves denied them in an Elven one.

He confides in Geralt that where Lara and Cregan's remains lay, is a mystery to the world, a mystery which only he knows as he buried them where they'd never be found.

In the game, Geralt with the help of Keria Metz, finds Avallac'h's hideout in Midscope, in the swamps of Velen. Buried deepunder a mountain, is an ancient Elven Temple, now in ruins, which Avallac'h had made his home, until the Wild Hunt invaded and he fled to Skellige.

In his exploring the Elven Sage's now abandoned lair in Velen, Geralt discovered a tomb with no names on it. The only clue to the identity of the couple buried there, was a poem carved into the marker, which stated the Gull, mother of the Swallow, and her lover lay at peace at last. When Keria says the Swallow is Ciri, but then asks Geralt who the Gull is, he says, Lara Dorren was known as the Gull, by her Elven lover (her Elven lover being Avallac'h).

Avallac'h is a very sad and lonely Elf who turns to religion for comfort, because he has no living person who cares enough to comfort him. Alone with his religion too long, he has now sunk into the depths of madness, clinging desperately to his belief that Ciri is the Chosen One, as a way to fill the void of emptiness that his life has become.

Occupation: Geneticist, Wizard, Alchemist, and Herbalist/Healer; the mad scientist who created the Wild Hunt, a genetically mutated group of 7 foot tall super soldiers;  makes fistek (cocaine); makes aphrodisiac potions for other Elves

Occupation, Other: slave trader; breeds and sells highly sought after designer Humans for the slave, food, and pet industry; specializes in breeding docile Human children safe to be kept as pets by Elf children and female breeders to be sold as sex slaves to male Elves with Human sex fetishes; though he used to when he was younger, he is less inclined to sell Humans for food these days as his sympathy for Humans and Human rights is growing since his discovery that Human sounds are actual speech and not just the unintelligent grunts of mindless animals.

In addition to humans, he also keeps unicorns as slaves.

Lore-friendly Avallac'h & Ciri, as they appeared in the novel Lady of the Lake. Avallac'h riding one of his enslaved unicorns, taking his favorite pet (Ciri) out for her daily walk.

Occupation Stuff, Other: frequently goes to the world of Humans to kidnap prime specimens; frequently takes Human children from the Human world to the world of the Aen Elle, uses them as breeders, then returns them back home, with them being returned back to their parents only days or weeks after being taken, but the children are now adults many decades old, a side effect of time being different in the two worlds.

You know those alien abductions and human hybrid breeding programs the conspiracy theorists like to morbidly obsess over? Well, the Aen Elle Elves are the aliens doing the abducting and Avallac'h is the guy who is the mastermind orchestrating all those alien abductions and overseeing the Human-hybrid breeding program. And if you are a Human who got abducted by aliens, than he's also probably the sex crazed alien who probed you, but you likely don't remember anything but the faceless silver mask he wears, as he will have kept you drugged with fistek the whole time and drained your brain of any memories of where he took you, before he returns you back to your family.

This also explains how he took Ciri away when she was 12 years old, 6 months ago, and now 6 months later is returning her after she has lived with him for 21 years, and she is now, 33 years old, even though she was 12 years old, 6 months ago.

Occupation, Other: in the books, Avallac'h is a unicorn hunter; Unicorns possess the power of interdimensional teleportation between worlds, they are the only natural born creatures with this ability; in pre-novel back history, before Lara Dorren's time (so at least 200+ years before Geralt and Ciri were born), Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha captured and enslaved herds of unicorns, forcing them to open portals between worlds to allow him and his wild hunt (which he was a general of at the time) to enslave humans from all over the realms of all the known universe, thus how his slave trading business became an empire; All the, now ancient, Elven portals built throughout the worlds (and also seen in the games) were built by Avallac'h, thus how he remains one of the few people who knows where the portals are and how to locate them; unfortunately (for Crevan) his herds of unicorn slaves banded together to fight him and the wild hunt, defeating them, shutting down the portals, and leaving the Aen Elle Elves stranded in Tir ná Lia, unable to return back to their home world.

Avallac'h with two of his enslaved unicorns.

Because of his method of befriending someone, getting them to trust him, then turning on them when they least expected it, enslaving them, torturting them, and eventually killing them when he had no more use for them, the unicorns becan to call Crevan, Avallac'h, which meant The Fox, The Sneaky Fox, or The Sly Fox.

Crevan, found he much enjoyed the title and began to request every one call him Avallac'h instead of Crevan. (In the game his spaulder/shoulder armour is decorated with feathers, however he was originally said to have fox tails on it.)

Lore-friendly Avallac'h and Ciri, seen here as they are described in chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake. Court Mage & personal advisor to King Auberon, Avallac'h seen here from the scene on pages 153-157, promanading with his two favorite prostitutes in the fields of Tir ná Lia, accompanied by his favorite pet Ciri (seen here dressed as she was in the book, while she was his slave), guarded by his 3 Amazonian crossbow carrying she-elf bodyguards.

Now stranded in Tir ná Lia, unable to return back to their home world, the Elves looked to Avallac'h to find a way once again activate the portals so they could replenish their breeding stock of humans for the slave, pet, and food industry.

Avallac'h spent 400 years in studying his remaining enslaved unicorns, and eventually was able to move through interdimensional portals without the help of his unicorn slaves. However... while unicorns can do this safely, using arcane methods of portal hopping between worlds, causes massive rips in the fabric of time and space.

Worse... as a result of opening these unnatural portals between worlds Crevan inadvertently ripped holes in between the world's, causing the icy cold air of outer space to break through the crystal spheres (similar to an ozone layer) that engulf and protect each world. This caused many worlds to die from being buried in eternal blizzards as their worlds grew colder and the inhabitants froze to death. Crevan refers to this as The White Frost, and to his horror, soon learned every world he'd opened portals in, would eventually succumb to this icy apocalyptic end.

These portals, caused an event known as The Great Conjunction of the Spheres, which causes magic and monsters to spawn on worlds where such things previously had not been, thus resulting in the rise of Witchers to save people from these beasts.

Desperate to undo the damage he'd done, he turned to religion Aen Ithlinnespeath (Ithlinne's Prophecy) which foretold of a great white cold that would over take the land, killing all life, and could only be destroyed by a Child of the Elder Blood. Because of this, he spent the next 700 years, capturing and breeding Elves of certain magical traits, to create what he called "The Elder Blood Gene". After 700 years of failed attempts, his experiments succeeded, resulting in the birth of a mutated Elf, whom was named Lara Dorren. He intended to marry her, his plan, being that a child born from Lara, with her Elder Blood and his Aen Searhernv blood, would create Ithlinne's Prophecy Child of the Elder Blood, and stop the White Frost, that he had caused, from destroying all life in the universe.

Avallac'h riding one of his enslaved unicorns, and guarded by his 3 female bodyguards.

Colonel Heavy  Jun 16 @ 1:07pm

can you get an actual unicorn as your horse in blood and wine?

Yes, there are 4 unicorns in BaW, 2 of which you can ride on in the quest Beyond Hill and Dale

Roche can be turned into any one of several unicorns are available via this mod:

All the in game unicorns (there are 4: 1 white, 1 pink, 1 purple, and 1 horse with a fake horn) can be spawned and ridden on via this mod:

When I'm playing the game, the episodes where I add the unicorns in, I give instructions for how to do it, recording it into the episode as I do it

EVERYTHING I do to edit the game, I have recorded into the game, so you can watch me doing it and  follow my steps to play the game with the same mods and edits as I do.

Originally posted by Living Broscillograph:

Unicorns are sentient magical beings from another dimension. No, you can't get one as a horse as it would ruin lore too much.

the Aen Elle have unicorns in the novels, as does Ciri; 

In the novels, Avallac'h keeps unicorns as slaves, it is lore friendly for Avallac'h to be riding a unicorn

also in the novels Ciri's BLACK horse Kelpie (white in the game) has wings and is a pegasus, not a horse

Obsessed with controlling and dictating her future, Avallac'h takes Lara from her parents and raises her, himself. The young she-elf grows up to be the most powerful sorceress the elves have ever known. Like Caranthir and Ciri after her (the other two children raised by Avallac'h) Lara becomes a headstrong, rebellious, hot tempered individual. Now too close to his work, Avallac'h falls madly in love with his creation and his obsession with Lara becomes far more then just a desire to save the worlds.

Avallac'h promenading with Lara Dorren. (If you've read the books, you know Avallac'h uses flowery words... he never says "walk" or "walking" instead saying "promenade" and "promenading".

Unfortunately, the White Frost is not defeated and Avallac'h's work is all for naught, when Lara Dorren cheats on Avallac'h with a human, becomes pregnant with a half-elf, and then marries the baby's father. Devastated, Avallac'h destroys his work, refusing to continue onward, while stating he is too old to start over again.

"And something happens no one can explain: she-elves, who normally ovulate once every ten or twenty years, when copulating with a man begin to ovulate with every powerful orgasm. Some hidden hormone, or combination of hormones, became active. She-elves suddenly understood they can, in practice, only have children with humans. So, owing to the she-elves, we didn't exterminate you when we were still the more powerful race. And later you were more powerful and began to exterminate us. But you still had allies in the she-elves. For they were advocates of coexistence."

"What does that -" Geralt cleared his throat "-have to do with me?"

"With you? Absolutely nothing. But with Ciri, a great deal. For Ciri is a descendant of Lara Dorren aep Shiadhal, and Lara Dorren was an advocate of coexistence with humans. Chiefly with one human. Cregennan of Lod, a human sorcerer. Lara Dorren coexisted with Cregennan often and effectively. To put it simply: she became pregnant."

~Avallac'h to Geralt, the end of the conversation, where he explains, everything I just said above about unicorns, teleports, the White Frost, and his spending 700 years creating Lara Dorren.

page 243 of Tower of Swallows

Avallac'h teaching Geralt how to use interdimensional portals between worlds, which are vastly different from the portals used by Sorceresses Yennefer and Triss.

It is from this timeline Avallac'h gives Geralt in Tower of Swallows, of how long he had worked on first opening the portals, then trying to find a way to undo the unexpected damage he had caused by doing so, that we learn Avallac'h to be at minimum 2,000 years old as, in total, he has worked on this project for 2,000 years. His exact age is unknown, and he is much older then 2,000 years old. And we also learn that he is about to kidnap Ciri from Geralt and use her as a replacement for Lara Dorren, partly because she has the Elder Blood gene he needs, but mostly because she looks completely identical to Lara Dorren, and he's just spent the last 200 years driving himself mad morning her death and is now crazy obsessed with turning Ciri into a quasi-reincarnation of his dead lover. Though neither the reader, nor Geralt realize what Avallac'h is saying, not until he shows up again on page 435 and before anyone can react whisks her away through a portal to Tir ná Lia, where he makes her his slave and keeps her as his house pet.

Avallac'h's obsession with Lara is shown as frighteningly psychotic in the novels, a side of him we do not see in the games. In the novels Avallac'h is clearly suffering from serious mental instability and fast becoming a violently crazed psychopath to the point that the mere mention of Lara's name sends him into brutally violent, murderous fits of hysteria, to the point that hearing Lara's name triggers him into beating to death anyone who mentions her. In the novels every one tip-toes around Avallac'h and lives in mortal terror of his hearing someone say Lara's name.

Level 111 Geralt Doppler player character Avallac'h viciously protecting travel companions Ge'els and Lara Dorren from a level 105 Griffin in Velen.

While Avallac'h uses Ciri in his experiments and breeding program, we see that he is being pushed into doing so by King Auberon, and that Avallac'h, now a very ancient, elderly Elf in the last years of his life, has long ago given up on saving the worlds from the White Frost, and wants nothing more then to spend his final days living with Lara, the woman he loves. Ciri is forced to bed with Lara's father King Auberon, which is causing jealous rage in Avallac'h as he can no longer tell the difference between Ciri and Lara and has started seeing Ciri as Lara.

Eredin, seeing that Avallac'h is clearly being made upset by King Auberon's trying to get Ciri pregnent, uses this to kill the king and frame Avallac'h for murder.

Once King Auberon is dead, Avallac'h abandons his experiments entity, gives up on all of his many centuries of work, leaves behind his research, his laboratories, and his breeding farms, and throws himself full force into protecting and taking care of Ciri, while training her to be a sorceress, becoming her lover and personal bodyguard, spending the next 21 years of his life, defending her with a blind devotion that defies logic and baffles everyone who sees the extreme risks he's will to take. Avallac'h is seriously injured, nearly killed, many times, while protecting Ciri, and eventually the ancient Elf is injured badly enough that he becomes crippled and unable to protect her any more.

Social Status: was once a ruling figure; former advisor and Court Mage to King Auberon; former general of The Wild Hunt; is now banished from Elf society, outcast, branded a criminal, and seen as a dangerous radical due to his growing belief that Humans are intelligent creatures, still inferior to, but nearly equal to Elves;

Once the second in command of the entire Aen Elle Empire, ruling alongside King Auberon, Avallac'h now lives on the run, hunted by the Aen Elle government because he risked his life to protect the life of a Human (Ciri) whom had been sentenced to death by King Eredin.

Avallac'h, early concept art sketches. (I am planning to make every one of these outfits as part of my multi-costume cosplay of Avallac'h. Basically, I just want to make his entire wardrobe.)
Avallac'h, finalled concept art sketch, and the CosPlay costume I am right now making. Which is why you'll see THIS version of the feather spaulder and not the in-game version at PortCon 2018

Political Status: supporter of King Auberon, enemy of King Eredin; hates King Radovid and helped to assassinate him; a former Human hating fanatical conservative, he's now an extremist liberal, fast becoming the outspoken champion of the Human Rights movement; now actively fights against Elves to protect Humans; formerly the Aen Elle's top research scientist and primary source of Human slave trade, as of 1272 Avallac'h has shut down his animal (Human) test labs and has released his (Human) slaves and (Human) pets.

Was next in line to be made king after King Auberon's death, but is accused of murdering Auberon so lost his ranks, titles, lands, and reputation, and Viceroy Ge'els crowned Eredin king instead of Avallac'h. Avallac'h has spent the past 21 years since Auberon's death, fleeing the Wild Hunt while trying to prove to Ge'els his innocence.

Viceroy Ge'el and Avallac'h seen here together, with Ge'els saying to Geralt that he'll not believe any lies Avallac'h makes up about his innocence and will never denounce Eredin or make make Avallac'h king.

"What then? Am I to incite the Aen Elle against Eredin? Call for a revolution and proclaim Avallac'h our new king?"
Poor Ge'els, if only he knew what was about to happen to him, in a few seconds from now... Avallac'h just doesn't stop. Ever. His hyper brain seems to think only 2 thoughts: "Who can I have sex with next and what ways have I not employed to annoy Ge'els yet? And how can my having sex with someone piss off Ge'els?" ... we say it again: Poor Ge'els.

Now an outcast wandering vagabond, banished from and shunned by Elf society, Avallac'h was once a nobleman, the next in line to be King. He is now accused of murdering King Auberon, is on the run from the government he once ruled over, desperately in search of a way to prove his innocence. Eredin was next in line after Avallac'h, that's why Eredin killed the king and framed Avallac'h for it, using drugs Avallac'h had made, resulting in Auberon's death, Avallac'h's removal from the government, and Eredin being crowned king.

He travels with, Cirilla, the half-Elf woman who was also framed for and accused of King Auberon's murder, along with Avallac'h. Ciri started out as his prisoner/pet when she was 12 years old (before Auberon's death). Accused of being his accomplice in murdering King Auberon, she has since became Avallac'h's traveling companion and apprentice, eventually becoming his lover.

Avallac'h and Ciri. One of the few times they are not seen fighting.

By the time period of the game (1272) Avallac'h and Ciri have lived together for 21 years. She is now 33 years old.

Avallac'h is said to be the most powerful mage of all the known multiverse, but under his tutelage, Ciri is fast becoming more powerful then the master.

Superpowersteleportation; time travel; interdimensional travel between planets; is one of the few wizards to ever master portal travel between dimentions, but it took him 400 years to learn even the basics;

Avallac'h is an Aen Saevherne (a Psion) aka a Sage and thus has the ability to take control of someone's mind, force his own will, thoughts, and memories into them, turning them into mindless, zombie-like yes-men worshipers of Avallac'h.

Being a Sage also means he can read your mind, and you can not hide anything from him. He knows everything you do, every thing you have done, like Satan Claus (no, not Santa, Avallac'h is waaaay too evil to be like Santa) knows if you've been bad or good, no matter where you are. You can not hide from him, no matter what planet, time period, or dimension you flee to, he can and will find you. You can not plot against him, as he knows your thoughts and will be two steps ahead of every plan you make.

Because of their telepathic, brain sucking, mind flaying, mind control abilities, Sages are the most formidable of all monsters in the Witcherverse Beasiarty. 

Sages are rare creatures, feared by everyone, Elf and Human alike, unusually living in underground hideouts, they tend to keep to themselves, rarely seen in public, rarely seen on the surface, rarely leaving their subterranean caverns to set foot in daylight. Like Elder Gods of the Cthulhu mythos, Sages are capable of controlling entire populations, simply by sitting in their underground palaces and letting their super powered brains control the surface dwellers.

Each continent of the world of the Aen Elle has a Sage who acts as the ruling psion, keeping citizens in line, maintaining order, thus how the Aen Elle live in a virtual paradise free of war and able to focus on developing their art skills.

Avallac'h was the Sage of the continent, Tir ná Lia, however, after Auberon's death, Ge'els replaces Avallac'h with another Sage (Iregal Helyarwe`). (You learn this by looting Ge'els' palace in the quest Through Time and Space, in which you will find and Ge'els' diary.)

So rare, so deadly, so god-like, so formidable are the Sages, that most believe them to be mythical creatures, created by fairy tales to scare children into obeying their parents.

Other: Though he prefers to be a peaceful mage, keeping to himself in a hermit-like lifestyle where he surrounds himself with art and women, when his family was threatened he became a fierce, blood thirsty battle mage out of necessity, and is now branded as the most feared and most powerful mage in the known multiverse.

Attacks: Ard, Rune Casting, White Frost, casts powerful protection barriers, can turn his hand into a vacuum sucking void; he can psychically connect to others, draining their brains of their memories, thoughts, and will power, putting his own thoughts and memories into them instead, causing them to become his yes-men minions to obey his every whim - when not in battle he uses this to have psychic sex with women

Avallac'h helping Geralt fight a Forktail - Avallac'h's blinding blue Ard Blast.
Avallac'h and Geralt fighting yet another Forktail.

Magic Style: uses hand signs, spoken spells, alchemy, psionics/mind control,  enchantments, potions, herbs, enchanted tattoos, rune casting, and a staff that he keeps charged with attack spells. He is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to magic and we are left to wonder if there is a type of magic out there that he has not at least dabbled in. 

Avallac'h casting an enchanted circle bone fire spell with Geralt and his naked women.
Avallac'h casting a phylactery spell.

Weaknesses: Avallac'h is severely allergic to dimeritium which causes violent seizures and vomiting, exposed to enough of it puts him into a coma, and prolonged exposure to it could kill him; also allergic to silver on a lesser degree; suffers from nerve damage which causes trembling hands, twitching fingers, and frozen pupils that do not respond to light; lacks physical strength due to his advanced age; frequently collapses after casting large spells, remaining bedridden for days or weeks to a time requiring the care of someone he trusts during that time; like all mages in the Witcherverse Avallac'h is infertile, which infuriates him as his primary goal in life is to get Ciri pregnant.

If one seeks to capture Avallac'h, dimeritium bombs (which scatter dimeritium dust in the air) will quickly weaken him, send him into convulsive seizures, and temporarily cause him to lose his ability to cast spells or otherwise use magic. This effect lasts until the air clears, at which point he'll start using healing spells to heal himself once again. To prevent him from healing himself, one must work quickly to bind him in dimeritium handcuffs.

Avallac'h is a fisstek addict. He uses it to enhance his spell casting, during sex, and whenever he's in pain. While it acts a pain killing upper at first, sending him into a euphoric state after taking it, he afterwards becomes highly aggressive as the pain killing high effects wear off. Fistek contributes to his depression, makes him lose the desire to eat, increases his suicidally morbid conversations, and makes his already trembling hands, tremble worse. His addiction is very bad (out of control) and he becomes highly agitated, bitchy, grouchy, and snipping angrily at everyone around him when he goes to long between taking the drugs. 

In the game, during The Trial of Grasses, the prolonged contact with dimetrium, leaves Avallac'h crippled for the rest of his life, causing him to now be weaker after casting spells, then he previously had been. This is how bad a problem dimeritium is for Avallac'h and why he avoids contact with it.

Elves in general have allergies to dimeritium, thus why Witchers use dimeritium in their armour, weapons, and bombs, when planning to go up again either The Wild Hunt or Scoia'tael.

Yet in spite of his failing health, Avallac'h is also the ONLY mage in the Witcher Universe, powerful enough to rip stars, moons, and planets out of orbit and throw them at us for no reason other then he's absolutely insane.

Avallac'h's planet tossing, meteor shower, fireball attack from the game's final boss battle... on story mode it took me 10 minutes to get past Avallac'h's final boss attack. These pictures come from my 2 hour long attempt to get past Avallac'h's final boss attack on Death March settings, when he goes from insanely overpowered wizard throwing planets at us, to impossibly, mind bogglingly, unbeatable overpowered wizard throwing planets at us. Fun. 

Here, have a final boss battle image... take 4 or 5. See for yourself what Avallac'h's capable of...

You can see Avallac'h just off to the side here... ^

Yep, this here would be the game's super evil, super villain, super boss, who is either going to help you save the world, or murder you're daughter horribly if you piss him off to many times before the end of the game.

Now, I gotta ask... after seeing, just exactly, what it is he's actually capable of... how the hell is it he needs help from anyone to do anything?


He's ripping planets out of orbit and throwing them at us, like they were little rubber balls.

(This episode those fireball images came from is 9 hours long, as I did all 3 final bosses back to back in one sitting, when I did it on Death March... 9 hours and a broken finger later, yes, I broke my finger during this boss battle, Caranthir, Eredin, and Ciri were all dead, as we did the Dead Ciri ending on the Death March run...2 episodes later I discovered the Doppler...)

Weapons: In the books Avallac'h carries no weapons and had a deep aversion to (phobia of?) swords, to the extent that he would not enter a room if anyone was carrying a sword, and would demand swords be removed before he would allow anyone to enter a building he was in.

In the books, he allows Ciri to carry a sword when she is with him, though he makes several comments as to the fact he wishes she would not use it. 

Geralt is seen, in the books, whenever talking with Avallac'h, leaving his sword with Regis and asking Regis to wait outside the door, as Avallac'h will not let Geralt near him, if Geralt is carrying his sword (Geralt only carries one sword in the books, not two like in the games.)

There is one scene, before Auberon's death, while he was still friends with Eredin, when we see Avallac'h bitching at Eredin fr being in his preseance while carrying a sword.

Though unarmed in the books, Avallac'h is always seen accompanied by three female bodyguards who carry crossbows and fiercely fight to protect him. In a confrontation, Avallac'h flees, leaving his women to fight.

In the books he has no need of weapons because of his sonic scream and ability to take control of the minds of people around him.

In the books, but not seen in the game, he is capable of using his voice as a weapon, emanating a very high pitched super sonic humming whale song that gets progressively higher pitched until it shatters (explodes in their skulls) the brains of everyone in range of it.

He is capable of amplifying this in the battlefield, by employing the help of his herd of nude women, whom surround him, as he plays the panpipes and transfers this sonic scream into them, creating a horrifying and deadly brain exploding chorus that can kill everyone in the frontlines of the battlefield.

Interestingly in the game, it is Ciri and not Avallac'h who possesses the sonic scream ability. Though we are left to wonder, did she perhaps learn to do it from being taught by him. The game gives no explanation for how it is Ciri (who is not a telepath) is able to produce this brain shattering sonic scream that Avallac'h is seen doing in the books. When Ciri does this in the game, she is unable to control it and nearly kills everyone around her, including Avallac'h, however Avallac'h is able to take control of Cri, mentally forcing her to fall unconscious to stop the scream, while simultaneously sucking the side effects of her scream into himself to prevent it from killing the humans around her. This weakens him terribly, nearly killing him, and leaving him bedridden for several weeks.

In the books he uses mind control to call upon plants, small animals, and groups of monsters to surround him and protect them. In the books, monsters he is seen calling upon to act as his minions include: Echinops, Knockers (which he also rides on in place of horses), and Barbegazis.

In the game he carries two weapons, a sword and a staff. Though a member of The Wild Hunt, he carries a Scoia'tael sword instead of a Wild Hunt sword; he also carries a staff both of which he keeps in a bag of holding when not in use; was born with rare mystical blood that brands his as a Sage (rare beings with psychic abilities) making him a powerful psion.

Is ambidextrous and fights with both hands.

His dominate sword wielding hand is his right hand.

His dominate spell casting hand is his left hand.

Technically considered to be left handed as he writes with his left hand.

When walking, he carries his staff in his left hand, but when fighting he moves it to his right hand.

He is very, very, VERY efficient with using his staff as a two-handed quarterstaff, using it to pulverize the skulls of his opponents.

The staff is charged with spells. He runs into an attack, first casting a freeze/White Frost or stun/Axii spell with his left hand, then casting a second spell (either Ard or Mind Blast) with the blue glowing upper end of his staff, then swinging the staff around and using the metal capped butt end of to shatter the skull of his victim.

Rarely draws his sword, preferring instead to use his staff as his primary weapon. Appears to only use the sword as a means of dismembering his  victim AFTER they are already dead. Is never seen using the sword as a weapon, only ever as a dismembering tool after the fight is done.

Is NEVER seen in a one-on-one sword fight/duel, and when challenged to one, he is quick to draw his sword then toss it on the ground and beg for mercy from his opponent. He doesn't appear to be well trained in sword fighting and lacks confidence to go up against a skilled swordsman. 

Avallac'h's sword, the only time we get an up close look at it while Geralt yells "Draw your weapon, and fight, don't make me murder you." Avallac'h tosses it aside and throws himself at Geralt's feet begging for mercy, followed by Geralt saying "That's not going to save your life, I'm tired of your bullshit." - scene from the Final Boss battle of the game, when we learn Avallac'h has been the game's primary villain all along. Avallac'h responds to say he will not pick up his sword, adding "I do not believe you will kill someone who is unarmed." To which Geralt responds "I'm too pissed to care".
Avallac'h the last time we see him in the game. This is the last time we see Avallac'h in the game, refusing to fight as Geralt charges him with sword drawn. And while we do not see it happen, the game does heavily imply that Avallac'h dies here. The game does not tell us what happened to him, Avallac'h simply is no longer found anywhere in the game beyond this point. The fact that he is removed from the game COMPLETELY, same as every character who has died in the game, indicates that Avallac'h is no longer alive after Ciri defeats the White Frost.

We know his hands shake and he's described has having "violently twitching fingers" a side effect of "nerve damage", he's also described as having poor eyesight due to having "frozen pupils that do not react to light". We also know he doesn't have much either in the way of muscles or upper body strength. We are left to assume that these things combined result in he likely has trouble even lifting a sword, let alone wielding it.

Enemies: Eredin, King of the Aen Elle

Rivals: Ge'els, Viceroy of Tir ná Lia

Avallac'h, arrogantly stomping around bold as brass balls, after having just kidnapped Ge'els, now holding the Viceroy hostage in his brothel apartment in Novigrad. Ge'els who has a major phobia of Humans, believing them to be mindless savage Elf-murdering beasts, is looking around terrified, realizing there are 3 Humans in the room with him.


  • wife Isilira (who is also his sister and may not actually be his wife - the game and book conflict; in the book he is his prostitute and bodyguard; in the game she CLAIMS to be his wife and he when told this by Geralt, laughs at this and makes an off handed snide comment, indicating she is not actually his wife), 
  • adopted son Caranthir, whom he raised since the boy was an infant; 
  • two brothers: King Auberon and Viceroy Ge'els (information conflicts here and it seems he does not mean biological brother, but rather uses the word brother to indicate someone who is a very dear and close friend) 
  • wife Lara Dorren, who cheated on him with a human, then left him to marry the father of her illegitimate half-elf baby, she died before the baby was born, but Avallac'h was on hand to deliver said baby after Lara's death and take it to live with human relations of it's human father

Obsession: Lara Dorren (Auberon's daughter; so Avallac'h's niece), whom was promised to him in marriage, but married someone else (a Human)

Avallac'h, Ge'els, and Lara Dorren promedarding through a field of dead Wild Hunt soldiers that Avallac'h just killed.

Pets: a half-Elf named Ciri, whom he later turned into an apprentice, and then a lover; Ciri is Lara Dorren's 4th great-grand daughter, so Avallac'h's niece 4 times removed as well); in the books he tells Ciri she is his prisoner and she can go free once she gets pregnant and gives him her baby. He states he intends to use the baby to save the lives of the Aen Seidhe and Humans from Ciri's planet. In the games he is cast out of Elf society because of his desire to rescue the Humans along with the Elves.

Other: in the books he has 3 unnamed heavily armed Amazonian she-elves living with him, travel with him, and act as his bodyguards; Ciri refers to them as "Avallac'h's gilded women" due to their being covered in gold glitter (body make-up); these women are said to be his favourite prostitutes and most trusted companions; in the game, his wife, Isilira is said to one of these 3 women, the only one who still lives with him after Auberon's death, as she is the only one who believes in his innocence.

Other: in the books he has hundreds of female humans in his household who act as his servants, slaves, and pets; by the time of the game 21 years later he has set them free

Residence, in the books: in the palace of Tir ná Lia

Residence, in the game (21 years after the book time period): cast out of Elf society for protecting, sympathizing with, and have sex with Humans; he now lives in the world of Humans and has 3 known residences:

  • a subteran house in Undvik, Skellige
  • a massive underground hideout in Velen's ancient Elven ruins of Midscope
  • a 3rd floor apartment in a brothel in Novigrad
Ciri and Avallac'h in Avallac'h's 3rd floor brothel apartment in Novigrad.

Hobbies: drawing nude women, destroying art created by humans by paining purple bison ad giant penises on it, painting rutting unicorns on landscape backdrops, stalking women who remind him of his dead lover Lara Dorren, studying ancient Elven history, reading poetry, playing the flute, making perfume, collecting & drawing porn

Geralt offering Avallac'h a hankie, upon finding the Elf sitting in a brothel, drawing porn.

Things that prove we know WAY too much about this character: He has no canine teeth, he is uncircumcised, and he puts fistek under his foreskin because that supposedly makes sex better or his words "more euphoric"

That's info we know from the novels. And you know me, I had to ask... so how accurate did the game devs make these characters... seeing how we can undress the characters in the game and check, I did just that and... Yes, you can take his clothes off and have him run around the game naked... with or without his skivvies on. If you watch enough of my let's play of the game, sooner or later you'll find the episode when we check to see if Avallac'h is circumcised or not, as I do nothing in this game that I don't also record.

Completly out of context, but based on what he's saying here, this seems like the appropriate place to put this picture... 

Avallac'h: "You're nosy. Starting to piss me off, you know?"

It was much easier to find out if he had a foreskin in the game, then it was to find out if he was lacking in canine teeth. Because of the way he talks, he doesn't open his mouth very much. It took, taking him back to visit Ge'els again, then instead of going straight to Ge'els, instead taking him up to the top of the lighthouse and letting him freeze to death, before we could find a scene where he opens his mouth wide enough to see if the game devs went accurate or not with his teeth. The answer? They did. Avallac'h in the game does not have canine teeth, same as in the books.

And side note for people who play the game and are now screaming: "But Avallac'h's an NPC, you can't take his clothes off!" ... Yeah, about that... there's also a little thing called - where there's a will there's a way, and I decided I wanted to change his clothes... notice how in that previous picture he's not wearing his cape? Yeah, you shouldn't be able to take that off either. And... wait  about 24 hours (it's now May 28, 2018) for me to go through 700+ hours of recorded game footage and I'll go get you some other pictures of Avallac'h not dressed as he should be. Told ya, once I figured out how to hack the game I ran with it. :)

I'm back... here you go... some non-canon pictures of Avallac'h, in places he shouldn't be, wearing things he should not be able to wear...

Avallac'h should not be able to wear Oferi Arm Bracers, but here he is wearing them, in a cutscene in Toussaint, where he's not supposed to be able to be at all, let alone be in a cutscene in Toussaint.
Avallac'h should not be in this cutscene in Velen, talking to a runemaker, while wearing Milten's gold armour, which he should not be able to wear...and YES... I figured out how to had runes to his staff... his already, so overpowered staff that he now eat perogies off of because this game, even without mods is weird and let's to add magic perogies to your weapons... of course, also cannon to the game is a pair of magic brass testicles you rub to get superpowers. This game was so weird BEFORE I modded it.
Avallac'h, is here, wearing red boots he should not be able to wear, gold bracers he shouldn't be able to wear either, while posing for a painting, he shouldn't be able to pose for, that is oddly being painted by Ge'els who also should not be here in Toussaint painting portraits.
Avallac'h should not be able to run around the streets of Novingrad after midnight, wearing Ge'els' clothes and carrying Caranthir's staff, but here he is in a place he should not be, wearing things he should not be able to wearing, carrying weapons he shouldn't have access to carrying....once I found out I could have Avallac'h wear Ge'els' cloths, you knew I just had to have him do that, because, Avallac'h has got a thing for pissing off Ge'els, we might as well help him piss off Ge'els as much as possible, right?

Guess what else you shouldn't be able to do: have sex scenes with Avallac'h OR Ciri, and yet, I got sex scenes recorded with them both together... yeah, my 4th time through playing the game, just went to the depths of fanfiction hell and gets deeper every day.

Learning how to hack the game... definitely the best thing I've ever done. :)

Of course, then there's this: 

Seriously... DO NOT click that link, unless you have one hell of a perverted mind. EXTREMELY not safe for work... and if you're under 18, your parents REALLY don't want you near that link.

And if you're somebody who's a prude, you just want to be 10 miles away from that link, or be carrying lots of eye bleach should you dare click it.

And for anybody who just liked naked men... and plays Witcher 3... and didn't know ^^^THAT^^^ existed... you have so many options now. WAY more then what are seen in the description, what tell you download it, and actually open that mod up and see how MANY option you got.


Also: PS - I know how to hack the game and as of May 23, 2018: I've figured out how to remove Geralt from the game entirely and drop Avallac'h into his place, as seen here. We are now playing the game AS Avallac'h from Episode 397 onwards.... AND... as seen here, I've also hacked Ciri and she now looks like she does in the porn drawings Avallac'h draws of her. Yay for knowing how to rip game scripts apart and rewriting them!!! (You do realize that means I just made it possible to drop Avallac'h into the sex scenes now? I can now throw Avallac'h in bed with Yennefer, Triss, Shani, Keria, all the prostitutes, EVERYBODY. Completely not canon, but hey, you knew once I figured out how to do it, I would, and I did...
...I may have to get a PornHub account just so I can post the episodes of my Witcher 3 Playthrough after it gets to ep 400... yeah... told you if I could figure out hot to get Avallac'h and Ciri in sex scenes together, I would... ;)
Let's see, what else shouldn't Avallac'h be able to do in this game? I know, how about have sex with Ciri?

This is also my 4th time through the game... we have to play it 14 times (200+ hours each time - though I speed ran my 2nd time and we did it in just 70 hours - how the hell do you speed run Witcher 3, I don't know, but I did it) to get all 14 endings... so we are not even close to being done playing this...and yes, as soon as I figure how to do so, we are going to bring Ge'els into gameplay and play as him too. I have so much fun hacking this game. Now that I've finished the cannon run of it we can fanfic the hell out all the rest of my playthroughs... but you want cannon stuff for this page, so off the cannon run:

But, hey, that exists, and I added it to my game, because OMG! you know me, how can I find out something like THAT exists and NOT add it to my game then just strip everybody naked, because, hey, wild nudity only only stripped the females naked, and why strip women naked when strip men naked instead? and, those episodes aren't up on YouTube yet... not sure how well that section of the playthrough is gonna go over on YouTube, but... well, hey, like I said, where there's a will there's a way, and buy did I find a way...

Of course once I found that mod, then I had to ask... so, how do I get him in bed with Ciri?

And that led me to finding this: (Ciri)

And this: (Isilira, Corinne Tilly, and Ge'els' Tulip)

- Poor Ge'els, you know EXACTLY what I'm gonna do with THIS mod, now that I know it exists... because I also know how to drag Ge'els out of Tir ná Lia and drop him in as a background character to ANY cutscene. Avallac'h is gonna cuckold Ge'els and I'm gonna record it, because, that's how my brain works... I told you, my 4th playthrough, went to fanfiction hell.)

And... hey, since we're talking about taking his clothes off to see what he's got under there, let's talk about what else we found once we got Avallac'h stripped naked... and do so with pictures this time... because, hey, why strip an Elf naked if you're not gonna post pictures of naked Elves?

Other, body art: Oh wow! we got ourselves a tattooed sorcerer here... with a LOT of tattoos. We already know Avallac'h has got an addictive personality, now we know he's addicted to and is obsessed with getting new tattoos; has several dozen tattoos on his chest, arms, stomach, pelvis, and hips; at the rate he's going it won't be long before every last inch of his body is covered with tattoos.

Because Avallac'h is a Psion, we are of the assumption that these are psionic tattoos. This thought is amplified by the fact that he goes out of his way to hide the tattoos from being seen. We see scenes in the game, when Avallac'h is naked, and will immediately cover the tattoos upon realizing someone is looking at him.

While this could be translated as him just being shy, which we know he is, (in spite of his bold, rampant sexuality, he is shy about being seen naked and he becomes shy, flustered, and embarassed if you catch him with his porn, which happens twice in the game) we also know that he is a Psion (a Sage) and most Psions have psionic tattoos and it is very typical for a Psion to keep his psionic tattoos covered from prying eyes, to ensure that others, especially mages, are unable to identify the spell contained in the tattoo and nullify it.

A Psionic tattoo is a spell, that is tattooed onto the psion's body, allowing them to quickly cast it in an emergency, simply by tapping their fingers on it, allowing them to silently cast spells without and spoken words, rune castings, elaborate hand signs, or potions. Some psionic tattoos are one time use, vanishing from the Psion's body once cast, others are permanent, becoming useless ordinary tattoos once cast, but able to be recharged later with another spell.

Some Psionic tattoos act as always active permanent protection spells and  barriers, acting as a replacement for armour, deflecting weapons, camouflaging the wearing, hiding them from enemies, or allowing them to walk through enemy fronts undetected.

At no point are we ever told, not in the books or the game, the purpose behind Avallac'h's tattoos, and we never see him use them as spells.

Other: like all wizards and most Elves in the Witcherverse, Avallac'h is a drug addict with a fistek problem; presumably wizards use fistek to enhance their abilities to cast spells; sages like Avallac'h are said to use fistek to enhance their psychic abilities; 

Fistek (a type of cocaine) has a known side effect of turning men into sex crazed maniacs, is often used as an aphrodisiac, is the Witcherverse's version of Viagra, and is presumably the cause of Avallac'h's rampant unleashed sex addiction, though the Aen Elle Elves in general are noted for their higher then normal sex drives and are described by the author in narration as being "sex crazed", so an Aen Elle on fistek is super sex crazy. 

Appears in: Tower of the Swallow | Lady of the Lake | Wild Hunt

Voiced by: Michael Maloney

What do we know about Avallac'h? What is his backstory and in-game story?

Well, we know that Avallac'h is a total sex-crazed fruitcake, an Elf teattering dangerously on the edge of slipping into absolute insanity, trying hard to not have psychotic meltdowns at every turn, and ripping the clothes off every woman he gets near... because... I don't know why. It's just what he does. One of the most insane Elves I've ever encountered in any series ever and you know how much I love insane Elves.

Also, if you've not read the novels that the game was based on, Avallac'h is just as perverted in the books as he is the game, and the novel version of him is way more bi-polar and psychotic then the game version.

In the novels, he has 3 un-named she-Elves who he's NEVER without, and can always be seen embracinging and kissing. In the novels Avallac'h carries no weapons and does not fight, instead his 3 lovers are heavily armed warrior Amazon-like women who act as his fiercely protective bodyguards.

The brain-sucking, mind-fucking thing he does with Corinne in the game, he can be seen doing to his 3 she-Elves in the books, with him using his psionic powers to control them... and a herd of 30+ unicorns that he also mind fucks.

Also, while mild mannered in the game, in the novels he has one of the worst potty mouths you'll encounter, makes liberal use of the word "fuck" and can be seen vandalising Human paintings by graffiti painting giant penises all over them.

Also, sex toys. We found the rope in his bedroom in the game... wait til you see what ya find in the book... he built himself a life size, marble statue of Lara Dorren, in a very erotic pose and then tells Geralt, WHY. It's 1272 and this guy built world's first sex doll. Avallac'h is the only character in the entire Witcher franchise that has sex toys.

[UPDATE: May 19, 2018: I'm replaying the game AGAIn, you know because I'm addicted and can't stop playing it... we just redid the Child of the Elder Blood (trashing the lab quest) and Battle Preparations (where you can talk to him about what you found in his house) We choose completely different options that we've never picked before... and suddenly it's there... the option to ask him about the rope in his bedroom... oh... we now know what he does with the rope... Avallac'h's has got freaky fetishes... I'll tell you more, in the section where we talk about the rope.]

Avallac'h has just told Geralt he wants to tie Ciri up, and Geralt responds with: "Hmm. Definitely advise against trying that."

That picture, by the way, is from the scene when Avallac'h tells Geralt he wants to tie Ciri up with rope and Geralt tells him "I'd definitely advise against doing that." It's the Battle Preparations quest, if you choose the options in dialogue to side with Avallac'h instead of Ciri, when Avallac'h tells Ciri not to go into battle with the rest of the gang. This vanilla picture comes from my 2nd playthrough, before I started modding the game.

Poor Avallac'h. His mind is forever in the gutter, and he never stops. EVER. Not even when going into battle. No. Got more important things on his mind, like running off to fuck Ciri while everyone else fights Eredin. Of course he can't let her go fight with them... he's got that rope he's waiting to use.

What a strange, constantly horny, little Elf he is. I think he needs to stop shoving fisteck up his dick... might help him to not be horny 24 hours a day is he'd stop with the Witcherverse viagra addiction he's got going on.

I wish they had put his fisteck addiction in the game.

While it's heavily implied in the game that he's sexually active with Ciri... the books leave no doubt. Every time they are in the same scene together, there are descriptions of how and where he's touching her while he's talking to her and he's always touching her, and there's a rape scene, and Ciri incited it, literally running to Avallac'h and throwing herself on him, after King Auberon refused to have sex with her, when Avallac'h told him to, while screaming: "He doesn't want me, you're the one that wants the damned baby, you do it!"

While Auberon is shown as kind and gentle with Ciri (sexually) Avallac'h is shown as fierce and brutal; thus we learn Avallac'h to be sadisticily violent when it comes to sex, which he himself explains as being a result of his being bored with ordinary sex. We also see that while deadly during sex, capable of seriously injuring and even killing his lovers, we see too his extreme bi-polar nature, as he immediately becomes loving and gentle afterwards, fussing over them and taking care of them.

In both the books and the game, we see Avallac'h normally calm and gentle with everyone, but able to to go in a split-second to being psychotically deranged and viciously violent when angered. While it is difficult to get him angry, certain things trigger him and he loses control of his temper. Do not call him a liar, don't insult Lara Dorren.

Avallac'h prides himself in his extreme honesty, if he says he will do something, he keeps his word, but becomes deeply insulted and violent if you question his intent to keep his word. 

Let's Talk About Sex - Answering a Twitch Viewer Question: I don't understand... he doesn't seem that bad in the game. What did Avallac'h do in the books that made everyone hate him so much?

You want a simple one sentence answer to your question? There is one.

Heck, I can answer you with one word:


Here, let me annoy Ciri fans some more:



Avallac'h had sex with Ciri.

Yes. Ciri lost her virginity to Avallac'h.

So what?

Now go boo-hoo in a corner about it, grow a pair of balls, and get over it.

To the psychopath posting death threat in my chat: And death threats? Really? You THAT upset over my playing Avallac'h lore-friendly to the novels? I'm sorry you can't deal with how the author created his characters. How about instead of sending death threats to me, why don't you contact the author who created them and tell him how much you hate his canon work instead?


And to the nuts who were duking it out in my chat: No the books are NOT a novelization of the games, you stupid idiot. The novels were written 30 years before the game was made! 

OMG! What is wrong with you people?

It's a game! It's based off novels! It fiction! Avallac'h and Ciri are not real! Can you leave me alone and go get the psychiatric help you so desperately need?

Ciri has sex with Avallac'h. So what? Deal with it. There are millions of fictional characters out there, and every one of them is having sex with someone who is not YOU, because they are FICTIONAL!

Good god! Do you not know the difference between what is real and what is not real?

Get this through your head:

  • * Ciri is a fictional character. 
  • * Ciri is not a real person. 
  • * Ciri is not your wife. 
  • * Ciri is not cheating on you.
  • * Ciri is an abuser.
  • * Ciri is a rapist.
  • * Ciri is a bitch.
  • * I don't like Ciri. In fact I hate Ciri. But in the novels, Ciri is Avallac'h's lover, so I don't remove her from the game or put her in bed with anyone else, because I prefer to to stay lore-friendly to the source material.

  • * I'm not a fan of shipping non-canon characters together. No, I'm not going to mod my game to put Ciri in anyone's bed, other then the beds of her two canon lovers: Mistle and Avallac'h.

  • * If you want to see someone not canon to the novels fuck Ciri, then go mod your own game. No one is stopping you.

In the books, Avallac'h had sex with Ciri, and Mistle would have, had she lived long enough.

Hey, guess what, in the GAME, Avallac'h has sex with Ciri while they are at Kaer Morhen. The old blind woman at the Crone's Sabbath, TELLS Geralt that. She tells Geralt, Ciri just had sex... and newsflash, Avallac'h was the only one at Kaer Morhen with Ciri and Geralt.

Avallac'h is helping Ciri in the game, in exchange for a baby. Read the novels. Avallac'h wants a baby from Ciri and Ciri agreed to give him one.

In the game, at Valdo's when Geralt tells Ciri not to trust Avallac'h because some day he'll ask her for a favor... Geralt doesn't know Avallac'h already has.

Avallac'h already asked Ciri for something. A baby.

Avallac'h's helping Ciri in exchange for a baby.

He wants to rebuild Lara. Lara Dorren is the clone of Avallac'h, who is Ciri's 4th great grandmother. Why Ciri has Elder Blood.

All the Elder Bloods are related to Avallac'h via Lara - he's the first, last, and only Elder Blood Elf. He was alone and had no one like himself. Avallac'h created a clone of himself (Lara) to not be alone, but then she died. 

And hey, guess what? They are freaking FICTIONAL characters, so what the fuck? Death threats over a fictional character? Would you please go see a psychiatrist and get the fuck out of my chat? Please? Thank you.

Back to the one who saw this battle in my chat and asked this question...

What did Avallac'h do in the books that make most fans of Ciri hate him?

Simple answer:

Avallac'h had sex with Ciri.


There it is.

Avallac'h is the single, solitary, one, and ONLY character of the entire franchise to ever have sex with Ciri, and everyone who hates him, hates him for that reason only.

You want to know why people who like Avallac'h, hate Ciri? 

I can give you that in one word too.


Didn't get a clear enough picture?


Ciri is a violent, abusive, rapist.

You want to know how sick minded and twisted people who hate Avallac'h and like Ciri are?

Ciri fans get angry with Avallac'h because he did not enjoy being raped by her.

Avallac'h did not have sex with Ciri willingly.

Ciri raped Avallac'h.

People who hate Avallac'h, by hating Avallac'h are also boldly and proudly declaring they are supporters of rape.

People who hate Avallac'h don't really even hate Avallac'h either... they hate that he's what ruined their perception of Ciri being a sweet innocent little child. 

Ciri fans were able to ignore 6 novels of Ciri abusing, torturing, and murdering men at every turn, because they could say "He deserved it."

But then they get to the 7th novel of the series and they are forced to face the fact that Ciri is now raping men as well.

And Ciri fans do what EVERYONE does when faced with being told someone was raped.... they blame the rape victim and say they got raped because they were asking for it and deserved it.

It's easier for Ciri fans to lash out at a rape victim and say he must have been deserving of it, then it is for them to face the fact that Ciri is nothing but an evil, low life, gutter scumbag bitch, straight from the pit of hell.

You want a longer more detailed answer?

The baby is what die-hard, Ciri screaming fan boys get upset about.

What baby you ask?

The one the game forgot to tell you about.

Oddly though, most of the hate Avallac'h gets, has nothing to do with anything about Avallac'h at all, and in most cases, is a super scary, side effect of uber fans of Ciri, gone out of control in their lusts for a fictional character.

People who hate Avallac'h are very vocal in their vehement hatred. Alarmingly so. Often violently so. For a Ciri fan to start throwing around death threats at anyone who says they like Avallac'h is not only not unusual, but sadly is the norm.

##YES! DEATH THREATS is WHY I've got the ability to see chat, turned off on my channel.

September 19, 2018, I suddenly started getting a ton of whispers from strangers... 11 people total started contacting me asking me to go watch a stream of the quest Through Time and space that was being done by a local man from Boston...

The streamer was doing a run of the quest in a direct mockery of my channel, and was lashing out death threats at me, via his live stream.

He and some of his chat, then landed in my chat and went psycho crazy with the death threats, stating they knew where I lived and that I deserve to be raped and killed, because I like Avallac'h and they like Ciri.

No... this is NOT the first time I've been attacked by Avallac'h haters this way. April 2018 I had to block 200+ people from FaceBook for the same reason... and again, they were strangers I'd never heard of before.

In June they landed in my Witcher livestreams on YouTube.

And I'm not the only person this has happened to. EVERYONE, who says they like Avallac'h in any public place online, gets attacked like this. It's as common as HomeStruck CosPlayers and their buckets of blood.

Avallac'h and Ciri are fictional characters, but these people, seem to have forgotten that. They are more than trolls. They are dangerous.

And we are dealing with far more then death threats here: we dealing with murderers! A bomb blew up my house and people died. You stupid fucking, jackasses, what the fuck is wrong with you?




Due to the murder of a family member and the bomb that blew up our house, after death threats were sent online, chat is disabled on my channel. If you have any information please contact FBI Agent Andy Drewer IMMEDIATELY. 

FBI Agent Andy Drewer out of the Portland, Maine FBI office is in charge of the murder investigation. 

He can be reached @ +1-(207)-774-9322




The hatred stems largely from male fans of Ciri who often openly state they want to fuck Ciri and will kill any man who touches her. This is a common reaction from meeting her in the game. These men are also vocal in describing on their live streams and in their forum posts, all the ways they want to fuck Ciri, while also drawing nude fan art of Ciri and showing it off on their streams and in said forum posts.

The game shows Ciri as an innocent, virginal waif, causing many of said male fans to go off on fanboy lst rants of how they want to take Ciri's virginity.

While they themselves are drawing porn of Ciri and masterating over it... they suddenly find themselves with competition, when they meet Avallac'h in the game. Avallac'h with his recipe for lubricant, his stash of Ciri porn, and his habit of masterbating while drawing porn of Ciri, very much rubs Ciri's male fans the wrong way, for the very simple reason that he is seen as competition.

Avallac'h, because he is doing the exact same thing these real world male fans are doing (drawing fan art of Ciri and masterbating over it) immediatly becomes branded as a threat in their twisted minds. The fact that neither Ciri, nor Avallac'h are real, is completely lost on them. All they know is "Ciri is my waifu and that bastard has a better chance of getting her then me, therefore I must hate him".

It's rather ridiculous when you look at this phenomena and the reasoning behind it, but it is what it is.

*It Takes Three To Tango - Ciri Chaining Avallac'h to the bed. He oddly acted like this was an everyday thing she did to him.**It Takes Three To Tango - Ciri Chaining Avallac'h to the bed. He oddly acted like this was an everyday thing she did to him.*

And thus these die-hard Ciri fans go into reading the novels, seeing Avallac'h as competition to be cut down.

And they decide to read the novels not realizing the books are Erotica and Ciri exists for he sole purpose of spreading her legs for the reader as often as possible, while every male in the series exists simply to let the reader live out their fantasy of spreading Ciri's legs as often as possible.

But then again, lesbian Ciri is a cock blocker who gets off on finger fucking herself in front of men, just to showthem what they can't have,  and no man ever fucks Ciri....

... almost no man... one does. 

Just one.


The series is 8 volumes long, and near the final chapter of volume 7, you see the one and only sex scene with Ciri - the infamous rape scene from page 179 of Lady of the Lake.

And Ciri is NOT the rape victim - she's the rapist.

People who only know Ciri from the game, have no clue how vicious, violent, vindictive, and down right pure evil, Ciri from the novels really is, and they are in for one hell of a surprise when they find she's the porn star version of Rose Mary's Baby.

Screaming fan boys of game Ciri, head to the novels with no clue what they are in for.

But then they read the novels and soon discover Ciri is neither innocent nor virginal. They read page after page, chapter after chapter, volume after volume, of Ciri flipping up her skirts, dropping her panties, and furiously finger fucking herself in front of one man after another. Every chapter. Every novel. Page after page of reader getting shocked and horrified by how much of a sex crazed, brazzen, whore or a hussy, little 12 year old Ciri really is. Yes. She's 12 years old, no matter what the game tells you. The novels say Ciri is 12. Legal age of consent in Poland, but it leaves Americans is shocked horror... *shhhhh* let's not tell the Americans that legal age of consent was 10 in America until 1987 when it was changed to 15 and it wasn't changed to 18 until 1995. *shhhh* American don't know their own laws. Let's not tell them.

Fans of game Cri, become more and more infuriated by each man Ciri shoves her pussy on. Likewise becoming more and more horny with each new scene of Ciri being a gutter trash, slutty whore.

Six volumes of Ciri finger fucking herself in front of five dozen different men later, you reach chapter 7 of the 6th novel Tower of Swallows and are introduced to a new character: Avallac'h; a wild, hyper, manic-depressed psion, who makes no secret of his rabid sex addiction and his growing lust or Ciri.

Like every man in the previous 6 novels before him, he has no yet meet Ciri, nor is Ciri yet aware of his existence.

The Ciri fans have gone into reading the novels prepared to hate Avallac'h no matter what, because he's competition. They are now having their images of a sweet virginal Ciri shattered as they watch the brazen hussy masterbate in front of every man she meets, then rushes off in a huff of *"Ha ha! you can't have me! I'm a lesbian! No man ever gonna fuck me!"*

These Ciri fans have had their hearts shattered, as they scream: "Fuck her you bastard! Fuck the lesbian bitch! Show her she really wants a man!"

(We know they say this, because these male fans are very vocal in saying they say this.)

###Then they reach chapter 5 of the 7th novel: Lady of the Lake.

Ciri, fleeing from yet another would be rapist, after flashing her sopping wet cunt in his face, finds herself running for her life, trapped at a dead end, about to turn and fight with no hope of surviving, when suddenly a tower shows up out f nowhere, and a portal opens up in the tower. Ciri jumps in the portal and finds herself falling out of the sky to land in the lap of a hypnotically beautiful, blue eyed, blond haired elf.

He's also described as wearing a tight fitted, high neck tunic of red and purple, tall black boots, and described as wearing a shawl because he is very elderly and gets cold easily.

So, you got an elderly elf, with huge alien blue eyes, long blond hair, wearing a tight fitted purple and red tunic, tall black boots, and a green wool shawl. The only clue the reader has that this is Avallac'h is the line when Ciri described the elf as having "a pointed, triangle face" and "sunken features and high cheekbones, caused by being elderly having no back teeth".

By this point Ciri has tossed herself in the lap of 5 dozen bandits, pirates, princes, sorcerers, gangsters, knights, bards, teen boys, grown men.... you name it, she's already shoved her pussy in it's face... so the reader is now 7 volumes of, omg Ciri's about to shove her cunt in another man's face, maybe this time that dirty whore will finally get her ass fucked like she deserves....

...uhm... well... considering this is Avallac'h, yeah... she's FINALLY gonna get fucked... but the reader, has no clue this is Avallac'h because they is expecting him to look, dress, and act quite different.... they expect the black haired, blue robed, emotionless, sullen wizard of the game, not the blond, red and purple dressed high as a toddler on Halloween sugar, hyper puppy, laughing, dancing, singing, and acting like a wild over emotional manic lunatic of the novels.

And so, Ciri falls out of a portal and lands in the lap of a blonde elf who is playing a flute and writing poetry about the pair of unicorns that are fucking by the lake over there. 

Ciri's attention becomes lost on watching the unicorns fucking and she fails to notice the team of female warrior body guards that surround the elf whose lap she's sitting on, or the fact that his axii flute has hypnotized her and she couldn't get off his lap if she tried.

The reader thinks nothing of this, seeing how Avallac'h in the game looks and how he dresses in the game, looks nothing like how he's described looking and dressing in the books, in the game he's not dancing around singing and flute playing like a wild faun, so the reader is unaware, whose lap it is, Ciri has just landing on....or the fact they are about to finally get a sex scene with Ciri, because hey, this is the guy the author created to be Ciri's lover.

The novels change from here... gone are the dark, blood soaked streets. Gone are the scummy whore houses. Gone are the destitute bars and tavarns. Gone are the revolting drunks. Gone are the lewd men who fill every day of Ciri's life. The world is now fields of pink flowers, orchards of pink blossomed cherry trees, and idyllic horseback rides around a lake, accompanied by a mysterious elf who for unknown reasons has taken Ciri in and is acting like she's a goddess, practically worshiping the ground she walks on as she finds herself lavishly showered with every gift imaginable.

Why the fact that the novels is calling him "The Mysterious Elf" has not yet tipped off the horn dog male Ciri fan reader that this is Avallac'h, I don't know, because, like in the novels, he showed up in the game being called "The Mysterious Elf" and ran through the game for some 25 hours as The Mysterious Elf, before he get's introduced by his name.

Even his gwent card is called "The Mysterious Elf", for crying out loud!

But, yeah, here he is, The Mysterious Elf, in the novels, worshipping The Lady of the Lake, who he calls his god. (And YES, Ciri is the Lady of the Lake... yes, I know in the game, The Lady of The Lake is a green skinned Dryad, but in the novels, the Lady of the Lake is Ciri and Avallac'h is the priest who devoted his life to worshiping The Lady of the Lake, thus why when the Lady finally shows up, and and in his lap to boot, he goes screaming fan boy nut job on her.)

*It Takes Three To Tango - Avallac'h after Ciri chained him to the bed and left him there*It Takes Three To Tango - Avallac'h after Ciri chained him to the bed and left him there, because she's mad at him and chaining him to a bed was the first thing she thought to do to him. I got the impression this wasn't the first time she'd changed him to a bed as he didn't start complaining until he realized they weren't having sex and she was mad at him.*

Ciri and the elf spend page after page together. The elf being overjoyed to finally meet Ciri, and rushing around dragging her with him as he goes hyper puppy, screaming fan boy yippy-skippies all over his town introducing Ciri to everything and everyone.

We now see blood-thirsty, murderous, slut-bitch trampy whore Ciri being treated like a special little princess she most certainly does not deserve to be treated like, given a silver sword, put in a lavish bedroom of a fairy-tale palace, bathed in perfumed bath water, dressed in fine silks, taken for daily walks around the lake, and daily taking long horseback rides accompanied by the mysterious, as of yet unidentified elf, who is clearly madly in love with Ciri.

At every turn Ciri marvels at how terrified everyone is of this mysterious elf, who has every man, woman, and child bowing before him and trembling at his feet. People sury away in fear when they see him walk through the streets. Ciri has yet to meet any other elf, for the other elves so clearly live in mortal terror of this mysterious elf who has taken her in.

Ciri determins that if everyone is scared of him, then he must be evil and she must be a prisoner, and she must therefore smash everything he owns and beat him up as often as possible, to let him know she's got the upper hand. So she daily proceeds to smash everything that Ciri thinks the elf might care about and hit him and punc him as often as possible, for no reason at all.

When the elf asks her why she does these things, asking why she "returns evil for kindness" why does she hurt him when he's done nothing to hurt her, why does she destroy his things after he has given her so much, she responds to say: 

**"Because I felt like it and there's nothing you can do to stop me, SO THERE!"**

He responds to say she's inherited her mother Lara's fiery temper and let's Ciri continue on her daily bughts of senseless, unjustified violence. While muttering to himself as he watches her destroy everything he owns, saying that she also "acts barbaric, destructive, and violent like her father Creaggon".

In spite of how well she is treated and cared for, Ciri persists in beating up the elf, smashing everything he owns, and calling him her gallor, claiming he has made her his prisoner.

Hurt by Ciri's accusations, the elf becomes deeply upset and explains he had nothing to do with the portal that brought her to him, that he has not imprisoned her and she is free to leave whenever she finds a way to do so. He states that his planet is dangerous for humans and he sought only to protect her from harm. 

He says she was dirty, wounded, and dressed in rags when she fell on him and that cleaning her body, healing her wounds, and giving her new clothes had been meant to help her not bribe her. He states he does not understand why she beats up up and breaks his things, why she returns evil for good, stating his feelings are hurt by how she has behaved deplorably and reacted so brutishly to his kindness.

He then calls her an unruly child, a wild animalistic brute, ill mannered and completely lacking in how to be civil. States that she is nothing like her mother Lara no matter how much she looks like her.

Ciri states the elf has mistaken her for someone else as Pavetta not Lara is her mother. the elf waves this aside and states that he cares nothing for the insignificant generations between Ciri and Lara, what matters is Lara died giving birth to a half-elf fathered by Creaggon of Lod and that's not what she was supposed to do, and with Lara dead and Ciri all that's left of her Ciri will take Lara's place and do what Lara was supposed to do.

Ciri, confused, asks what he intends her to do, and he says she' going to giive him the child that Lara was supposed to give him.

*Avallac'h and Ciri at Pali Gap - day after Tango - they've made up and he doesn't seem to mind having been chained to the bed.**Avallac'h and Ciri at Pali Gap - day after Tango - they've made up and he doesn't seem to mind having been chained to the bed.*

At this point Ciri states she's lived with him for 8 weeks and he hasn't even yet told her his name, how does he expect her to have a baby with him. The Elf apologizes for this oversight, introduces himself as Avallac'h, then repeats what he already said, that he's waiting for Ciri to give him a baby.

Ciri responds by running through Avallac'h's palace once again smashing everything while the confused and clueless elf tries to figure out what Ciri is upset over.

While Ciri does yet another of her smash and trash of things not belonging to her, Avallac'h monologues on how very logical it is for her to give him a baby. All the hows and whys and perfectly calculated calculations of what a perfect match they are for each other and how wonderful it will be for her, what an honor it'll be, for her to be the MOTHER of the Child of the Elder Blood (his blood, he being the Elder God Elf).

After 8 days of "You're supposed to give me a baby" versus "Fuck off you paresite, I'm a lesbian. You ain't getting in me. I'm never giving you a baby" ... Avallac'h tells Ciri he knows how to send her back to her home planet, back to Geralt and Yennefer, and he will do so, just as soon as she gives him a baby.

At this point 5 of Avallac'h's wives gang up on Ciri and the frightened little weakling, who has absolutely no magical powers to speak of at all, no matter what the game told you, finds herself running tearfully into the arms of the only person on the planet who doesn't want to beat the shit out of her foul mouthed, slutty ass - Avallac'h.

Avallac'h chases the heavily armed, Amazonian warrior, bitchy she-elves away, and drags Ciri off to the other side of the lake, in what was clearly about to become a sex scene as the elf seduces the frightened girl.

The reader is now told that this is the first time in some 2,000 years that the paranoid old elf has gotten out of range of the protection of his fierce female bodyguards, and suddenly Ciri is stunned to find she and Avallac'h under attack by a herd of blood thirsty elf murdering unicorns who are hell bent on killing Avallac'h.

Ciri witnesses the horror of why people tip-toe around Avallac'h in mortal terror, as the old elf unleashes his sonic scream that explodes the heads of the unicorns.

While a second onslaught of unicorns tramples the exploded bodies of the first, Avallac'h grabs Ciri and runs back for the she-elves, who have seen what is happening and now running head on into the oncoming army of unicorn warriors.

Unable to outrun the unicorns, Avallac'h casts a spell on the 5 she-elves, using his sonic scream again, this time amplifying it, and multiplying it by 5 through the voices of the she-elves.

>>NOTE - the sonic scream you see Cri do at Kaer Morhen, is a repeat of this same thing. It is NOT Ciri doing the scream - it is Avallac'h putting it in her, that's why he's able to stop it when she gets out of control.

>>Ciri DOES NOT have the ability to shatter things with her scream, that why she couldn't do it again when she tries to at Avallac'h lab. The scream was Avallac'h taking control of Ciri, not Ciri screaming herself.

With his sonic scream now amplified by the 5 she-elves, the rest of the unicorns are massacred in a bloodbath of exploded brains.

As Avallac'h drags Ciri back to their horses, the she-elves gather around acting as a flesh shield to Avallac'h, while a 3rd onslaught of unicorns rains down on them.

The terrified elf is too weak from his first two attacks to continue to fight, and is now surrounded on all sides by the murderous unicorns, while the she-elves stand around him and Ciri crossbows aimed ready to kill the attackers.

Eredin, a commanding officer of the Aen Elle army, jumps from a portal, followed by several of his soldiers. Eredin and the soldiers fight off the rest of the unicorns, while Avallac'h gets on a horse with Ciri and rides off to the forest to hide.

Once the unicorns are dead. Eredin returns, then gives Avallac'h hell, bullying and belittling the old elf for his foolishness of chasing after a human. Eredin states that the King is furious with Avallac'h because the girl (Ciri) was to be his (the king's) and Avallac'h is a traitor for running off with Ciri and trying to take her for himself. 

Eredin orders Avallac'h to take Ciri back to the palace and give her to Auberon like he was supposed to do.

Ciri notes that Avallac'h is terrified of Eredin and clearly is also terrified of King Auberon. Ciri has her rant of how Eredn is evil because he's black and everyone who is black is evil. Then rants that Avallac'h is good because he is white and everyone who is white is good. 

Avallac'h is too weak to make the two hour horse ride back to Tir na Lia and he collapses in the forest. 

Eredin, suddenly shows a softer, more compassionate side, mentions being worried about the health of King Auberon's elderly court mage, and sets up a campfire, then instructs Ciri to take care of Avallac'h, telling her the old elf is too weak to travel. Eredin fusses over Avallac'h, making sure the area is a safe place to leave the weakens sorcerer, then gathers up his soldiers and leaves, stating that he has left guards to watch out for any more attacks.

Before leaving, Eredin stops long enough to tell Ciri he'd gladly fuck her even though she was nothing but "Avallac'h's gold nugget plucked from  dung heap" and then rambles on about how jealousy he is that Ciri is about to go to King Auberon.

After Eredin is gone, Ciri tells Avallac'h, she hates Eredin and will never let that bastard fuck her. Avallac'h states she won't have to worry about it as he'll never let Eredin have her.

Ciri looks after Avallac'h while the 5 she-elves stay alert and ready to kill anything that moves. We are told that Ciri and Avallac'h sleep together by a campfire with Avallac'h embracing Ciri, but that they do not have sex, as Avallac'h is now too scared of Auberon to have sex with Ciri. The indication here is had Auberon not sent Eredin after them, and had the unicorns not attacked, this would have been quite different.

We have also now learned that King Auberon was the one who wanted Ciri brought to this planet, that it was his idea to get a baby out of Ciri for saving the world, and that Avallac'h was obeying those orders until he realized Ciri looked exactly like his dead Lara, and now Avallac'h was wanting to keep Ciri for himself to replace Lara, thus why he had not told Auberon Ciri was here, and why Avallac'h had been daily taking Ciri for walks by the lake, several hours away from the city, as he hoped Auberon would not find out about Ciri's arrival.

Ciri no longer sees Avallac'h as her captor and sees him as being just as much a prisoner here as she is. She also is now aware that grave dangers exist on this planet and Avallac'h truely was just trying to protect her, as he had said, and was not keeping her a prisoner.

Ciri starts talking with Avallac'h about the baby again. Avallac'h says he'll return her to Geralt and Yennefer, as promised, to the same time as from when she left, so no time will have passed for Geralt and Yen, as soon as she gives birth to Lara's baby. He then adds that he hoped by that time she would have changed her mind and be willing to stay with him to raise the child.

We now learn that though he wants to help save a dying planet, Avallac'h has far deeper goals of his own and would much rather forget about saving the world and just have the family he originally wanted to have with his Lara back.

Ciri mentions the field of feainnewedd flowers that grew on the hill beside the palace where she was born and is surprised to see Avallac'h break down in tears, at the mention of this place, which unknown to Ciri is the spot where Lara died.

Ciri starts to pity the old elf, realizes how sad and lonely he is and decides to let him fuck her and give him a baby, and is now surprised when he says he can not and will not have sex with her, because she belongs to Auberon and it is Auberon who is to father the baby.

Avallac'h tells Ciri she can live with him no more as he has to turn her over to Auberon like he was supposed to do when she arrived.

We learn here, that the palace Avallac'h lives in on the lake, is NOT in Tir na Lia, as he now tells Ciri they must go to Tir na Lia in the morning, once there, she'll meet Auberon. He can keep her with him no longer, now that King Auberon knows she has arrived. Likewise he can no longer take her on walks and horse rides around the lake as, he did not have Auberon's permission to be doing these things with Ciri.

We see Avallac'h here, go from the chirpy, happy, bubbly personality, singing and dancing around fields like a hyper happy child high on sugar, he was doing when we first meet him, to a now somber, sadder, depressed personality, no longer laughing, smiling, singing, or dancing.

The prospect of losing Ciri and turning her over to the king, leaves Avallac'h emotionless and stoic in the following scenes.

Upon returning to Tir na Lia, Avallac'h sends Ciri off to King Auberon, who sexually abuses and molests Ciri, but never has sex with her.

Auberon viciously teases, bullies, and belittles Cri, sadisticly delighting in going out of his way to hurt her feelings as much as possible by conjuring up images of Yennefer being bloodily tortured to death. Leaving Ciri to be tormented by nightmares of "mummy being murdered".

As days turn to weeks, Auberon's abuse of Ciri grows worse, with Ciri every night fleeing King Auberon to seek comfort from Avallac'h.

Finally comes the night Auberon shows Ciri Geralt murdered, and tells Ciri the only way she's getting out of here alive is if she gives the Aen Elle the baby Lara was intended to have, but as he's the one to do it and he'll never fuck a human, she's trapped here forever.

*Avallac'h, dazed and frightened, on the shore by the lake, after Ciri raped him.**Avallac'h, dazed and frightened, on the shore by the lake, after Ciri raped him.*

Ciri flees Auberon running back to Avallac'h, and demands Avallac'h make her pregnant so she can get off this planet, when Avallac'h tries to say he can't, Auberon said so, Ciri rapes Avallac'h, while stating he's the one who really wants her, not Auberon.

Avallac'h makes 3 attempts to flee Ciri, each time the weak old, elderly elf is tackled to the ground by her once again, while she tears his clothes off and fucks him, while screaming he's going to make her pregnant or she's going to kill him.

Avallac'h finally gets away from Ciri, when she drags him back down a 4th time and he finally fights back by punching her teeth out, then strangling her and smashing her face into the ground, while screaming he's going to kill her.

Most of the witnesses to this event, came in on the scene, as Avallac'h was hitting Ciri and did not see her attacking him first, making it VERY easy for Eredin to accuse Avallac'h of raping Ciri.

Shocked that such an old elf was stronger then she was, Ciri stops attacking and let's Avallac'h run away. The terrified elf flees in tears, only to be stopped by Ciri once again, who now orders him to not tell anyone what she did to him.

The rape happened in public, in front of dozens of witnesses, and humiliated Avallac'h fleed the public eye, locking himself in his lab, destroying his work, refusing to take orders from Auberon any more, and refusing to set foot outside again, absolutely totally traumatized. He takes to wearing a mask, because he becomes too ashamed to let any one see him.

Eredin witnesses the rape, sees Ciri tell Avallac'h not to tell anyone what she did, and starts the rumor that it was Avallac'h who raped Ciri, not the other way around, then takes fisstech that Avallac'h made and murders King Auberon, setting it up to look like Avallac'h did it after raping Ciri, in a jealous fit over Ciri's bedding with the king.

With Eredin shouting the king is dead and pointing the finger of murder at the last person seen running from the kings room (Ciri), every Elf in Tir na Lia, joins in to catch the girl, who flees to the only person she can trust, Avallac'h, and finds him too terrified of her after being raped by her, to dare let her near him.

While Ciri pounds on the door of Avallac'h's lab, desperately trying to get the traumatized elf to let her in, Eredin gathers up his soldiers, and attacks Ciri intending to kill her without trial as to not give her a chance to tell anyone the truth of Auberon's death (the truth being Ciri witnessed Eredin poison the fisstech and put it in the king's drink.)

With Avallac'h too terrified of his rapist to open the door for her and Eredin's soldiers bearing down on her, Ciri turns towards the river and tries to run for the lake, where she knows she'll be safe on the other side of the barrier Avallac'h put up around his palance.

Alone, with no one to turn to Ciri heads for Avallac'h's boat on the river, only to find it can not be moved without Avallac'h's magic flute.

Trapped on the boat, with Eredin now also on board, the boat, suddenly takes off on it's own, sailing out of the water through the sky, sending Eredin crashing to the shore, and carrying Ciri to the unicorns.

The last thing Ciri sees as she flees to a portal with Little Star Eyes, is Avallac'h casting a massive barrier around the entire planet, and calling the White Frost down on the Aen elle... the assumption here is that he killed everyone on the planet.... and that THIS is the same planet he takes geralt to in the game, in the quest Through Time and Space, where Avallac'h is the last surviving Aen Elle Elf, now that he's killed the rest, thus why Eredin and the Wild Hunt are now wraith attack Ciri's home planet.

There you go. THAT is why people hate Avallac'h. He does exactly NOTHING else in the novels.

Avallac'h is a VERY minor character, appearing on 3 pages in Chapter 7 of the novel Tower of Swallows and on a dozen more pages of chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake.

You never see him again in the novels.

Not before.

Not after.

In the novels, Avallac'h is nothing but a kind, loving friend to Ciri. He never hurts her, never tries to hurt her, never sexually abuses her, never tries to sexually abuse her, has no porn of her, is not masterbating over said porn of her, and the only reason people hate him, is because he is the ONLY person in the entire franchise, whom Ciri ever has sexual intercourse with, and that by her raping him.

People who hate Avallac'h, hate him because he had sex with Ciri, via Ciri raping him, and shattering their image that Ciri is a sweet wifu virgin.

In short, Avallac'h haters (who are predominantly male, spend the bulk of their time drawing nude Ciri fan art, and obsess obsessively over Ciri) hate Avallac'h simply because they want to stick their dick in Ciri, and Avallac'h got in her first, and when you come right down to it, they are angry because of how Avallac'h reacted to being raped. They are angry at Avallac'h, because he not only did not enjoy Ciri forcing herself on him, but he then beat her up to punish her for raping him.

If you pay attention to the complaints made by the average Avallac'h hater, they are also screaming hat Avallac'h has something wrong with him for not enjoying getting to be fucked by Ciri.

The habit of drawing Ciri porn, the brothel, the masterbating... that exists ONLY in the game and does not come from the novels. He's not nearly as sexual in the novels as he is in the game.

Even when accused of rape, blackmail, and murder, he openly admits to having done these things. Though he won't come out and say he does these thing, he also will not deny it if confronted about it...which is what is happening in this scene.
It is interesting to note here, that while Avallac'h does not deny raping Ciri, it is Ciri herself who jumps in, in this scene, to defend Avallac'h, attack Ge'els, and proclaim "I remember what he did to me and I also remember what you did..." We are left to not know what Ge'els did, as Ge'els is quick to change the subject and shut Ciri up. ..
Ciri continues on, stating that Avallac'h is her friend, the only person with the balls to stand up to The Wild Hunt or Eredin, and in spite of what happened between them in the past, the past is the past and there is nothing Ge'els or anyone else can do or say to make them turn on each other...
Avallac'h's hold over Ciri stuns Ge'els who turns to Geralt for someone to side with him against Avallac'h and Geralt just shrugs, for no matter how much he hates Avallac'h (which is quite a lot as Geralt wants Avallac'h dead) Geralt will not do anything to hurt Ciri and Ciri has made him promise not to hurt Avallac'h.

A side note here, if you are not familiar with the Witcher franchise, it is probably important to point out to you that the series suffers desperately from a bad case of male power, bitchy females being put in their place, and rapists on every page and at every turn. More then a dozen rapists grace the game, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of how many rapists there are in the novels. And while Avallac'h in the game is very tame and not shown to be that bad at all, Avallac'h in the novels, interestingly, is turned into TWO characters in the game: Avallac'h and Whoreson Junior.

Avallac'h as he appears in the novels, with his boneyard filled with thousands of bodies of his brutally murdered rape victims, is one of, if not the. most horrifying characters of the entire series. Ciri's discovery of the boneyard, is one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire Witcher franchise.... only one other character comes close to rivaling Avallac'h's extreme brutality of women, and that is whoreson Junior, a character who in the game, is built on an identical skeleton structure to Avallac'h, and wears almost identical tattoos, to the insane Elf wizard.

Many readers of the novels have pointed out that the only character in the game who in anyway even remotely resembles how Avallac'h acts in the books, is the games infamous serial killing, serial rapist crime lord gang leader, who is hands down the single most monstrous character of the franchise: Whoreson Junior.

Whoreson Junior is a game only character who did not appear in the novels and was created specifically to have a less evil Avallac'h in the game, by removing Avallac'h's most heinous crimes, and putting them on someone else.

In the novels Avallac'h is the character with a reputation for kidnapping young girls and raping them to death, then tossing their bodies aside in a boneyard behind his house. He does this to Ciri, but leaves her alive because she looks like Lara Dorren. Avallac'h keeps her as his prisoner, pet, and sex slave. He keeps her captive over a course of about 6 to 8 months, until she escapes during the chaso that is going on the night of King Auberon's death.

In the game Whoreson Junior is the character with a reputation for kidnapping young girls and raping them to death, then tossing their bodies aside in a boneyard behind his house. He does this to Ciri, but she lives, thanks to being rescued by Dandelion, who is helping her to look for a cure for the Uma Curse that has left Avallac'h crippled. Whoreson Junior keeps her as his prisoner, pet, and sex slave, until Dandelion's friend Dudu helps her escape.

The character Whoreson Junior in the game, was based off Avallac'h's dark side in the novels, and thus the one character of Avallac'h in the books, becomes the two character Avallac'h and Whoreson Junior in the game, allowing Ciri to have still been Avallac'h prisoner, but also making him not quite as evil, by having the worst things he did to her, now being done by a new additional character entirely.

Because it is a known fact that Whoreson Junior, is in fact Avallac'h's alter ego, there exists on Nexus mods, a mod that removes Whoreson Junior's texture file from the game and replaces it with Avallac'h's to make the game lore-friendly and canon to the novels.

Whoreson Junior, with some of his freshly killed rape victims, in what is one of the most horrifying and disturbing scenes of the entire game. Not seen in this picture, is the girl nailed to the room's door, and the 5 additional dead girls hanging from the ceiling, while even more girls lay chopped up and mutilated on the floor.
Originally, Avallac'h's dark alter ego, Whoreson Junior is seen as a separate character in the game... his appearance only slightly changed, him being made a human and with slightly different tattoos.

From Geralt's in game diary we learn...

While searching Cyprian's home den of iniquity. Geralt discovered the nickname "Whoreson" was in fact an understatement - something much stronger was needed to describe a man who delighted in murdering captive women.

In addition to blackmail, extortion, murder and torture, the list of Whoreson's crimes also included trying to harm Ciri. Geralt took this very personally and made the bandit pay for this last sin with his life.

The problem with Avallac'h's character in the novels is the fact that he is an autright villian with no redeamable traits, and yet, Ciri is attracted to him. 

To Americans Ciri's attraction to a viciously, violent man, who takes delight in sexually abusing women, while torturing them to death, and murdering them, while rapingthem, simply because he gets off on hearing them screaming and feeling thiem die while he fucks them... to the American mind this is something that throws every feminist advancment of female power under a bus. But it must be remembered that this novel is not written by an American, and was released in a country (Poland) that has no taboos in regards to sex or nudity, not even in children's picture books.

In Poland, a country where you'll find rape to be wide spread in real life, and where you'll also find women to be seen and not heard, women still in this day and age seen as meer sex toys that keep the house clean and raise babies... in Poland, you will also find picture books, published for toddlers, intent on teaching them to read and write, which feature images of full frontal nudity, and in the case of well over a dozen books published in 2017 alone - scene depicting graphic rape of children, in picture books market for an age group of 4 to 6 years old.

Very few books in Poland ever see an American release, and as shocking sexual and violent as the Witcher novels are for the average American reader, it must be realized that the witcher novels are among the tamest, least sexual, least violent books to ever come out of Poland.

While BDSM fetishes are taboo and underground in America and most of Europe, they are front and center to every day life in Poland, Germany, and France. The same 3 countries where nudist beaches are everywhere and clothes are optional, even when going to do your daily shopping.

Poland, like Germany and France is one of the single most liberal countries on the planet when it comes to things like sex, rape, and nudity. Keeping in mine that Poland also is one of the many countries in the world that has no age of consent and does not criminalize rape, or even see rape as a bad thing. Poland's lax view of rape, especially the fact that ground men raping boys and girls as young as 8 and 10, is not only seen as a good thing, it is encouraged as it is believed to help prevent divorce (thus why Poland's divorce rate is almost non-existent, while it's rape rate of children is the highest on the planet).

Because real world Poland of 2018, lives in a culture that turns a blind eye to public nudity and the constant, public, daily rape of children, Polish authors and Polish game developers come from a mind set that sees nothing wrong with a character like Avallac'h raping little girls. Thus the rape of Ciri is in both the books and the game, and no one but Ge'els and Geralt bat an eye at it. Why? Because in real world Polish culture, rape is not a crime and is seen as a god and normal part of a man's life. Murder on the other hand is a crime in Poland, and so that's where you see the line drawn in the game, and why the game has two characters who rape Ciri (Avallac'h AND his game only alter ego Whoreson Junior) instead of the one character (Avallac'h) in the novels.

By making Avallac'h in the game "only a harmless rapist" and putting his habit of murdering women while he rapes them, on a new character, the game devs solved the problem on Ciri's being in love with the man who raped her, without letting her be in love with a serial killer.

Thus the end result is a video game that turns a blind eye to rape, let's a rapist prance around as a primary good-guy hero, and sees nothing wrong with him being a man who rampantly runs around tearing women's clothes off. These things, are seen as evil an villaous to Americans, however, as Americans come from a Puritan culture that vilified nudity, imprisons rapists, it's therefore difficult for American viewers and readers to grasp the concept of a culture that doesn't see anything wrong with public nudity or rape. 

Leaving us with a Game that is sold as "E for Everyone" in Poland, but "M+18 for Mature Audiences Only" in America. And also leaves most American fans of the game viewing Avallac'h as a bad guy villain, while back in his native Poland he is seen as a good-guy hero.

And while we are on that topic... Did you know Gaunter O'Dimm (G.O.D.) and Avallac'h are the same person?

Have you ever wondered why the last thing Gaunter O'Dimm says when he dies is Elder Speech?

You are primitive. You think you've defeated me but you are wrong. I can't be killed, I will be back.

Do you know why is was Elder Speech? Have you read the novels? O'Dimm wasn't in novels, he was a different character in novels, but game devs didn't want to use same character twice in both main game and dlc so created O'Dimm - new character based off original - the character in the novels, who O'Dimm was is Avallac'h. Everything attributed to O'Dimm in the game, from controlling time, to granting wishes, is things Avallac'h did in the novels.

The quote is from the novels and is what Avallac'h says to Geralt in Tower of Swallows, when they are in the Cave of Time together.

Avallac'h is the Elder God, the one from whom all Elder Blood comes. It says in the novels, but game never does, you have to read the novels to find out.

In the novels Avallac'h wears a medallion of a snake eating it's tail. Ciri sees a statue of the same snake in King Auberon's bedroom and asks him about it. Auberon tells her that it is the symbol of time eternal, then explains that Avallac'h existed before time began and will continue to exist after time ends, explaining that he controls time and no one can hurt him or defeat him, thus why the Elves call him The Knowing One, for he knows everything from before the beginning and from beyond the end.

Avallac'h is time, thus why he can control it and how he could take Ciri from her home, keep her for 21 years, then return her back to her proper time. Avallac'h kidnaps Ciri when she is 12 years old, and returns her 4 years later at age 33. Thus how Ciri is 33 in the game and not 16 as she should be.

This is also why it the final boss battle at the end of the base game, you have no option to kill Avallac'h and can only let him walk away unharmed.

But back to what we was saying before, about Avallac'h's extreme levels of honesty and his inability to break a promise...

He will never break a promise, never back out of a contract, and never go back on his word... ANd he will not think twice about swiftly strangling you to death if you accuse him of breaking a promise, going back on his word, or breaking a contract.

And don't mention Lara... just... don't. He'll make you wish you were dead, and keep you alive as long as possible to make sure, you have a good long time to wish you were dead, and since he's more or less a time lord who can control the passage of time, he can damn will keep you alive for enos and happily torture you the entire time. It's what he does.

Though eternally patient with Ciri, (mostly) he has no patience for anyone else and expects everyone to drop everything and do exactly as he orders, the instant he orders it. Geralt doesn't like taking orders from Elves and especially not Avallac'h, so he takes his time getting around to doing what Avallac'h asks and is often bitched at by Avallac'h as a result. Normally Avallac'h would blast the brains out of a meer Human who defied him in this manner, but as Geralt is Ciri's father and Avallac'h would prefer Ciri not hate him, Avallac'h let's Geralt get away with things other Humans could not attempt.

In the game, fistek is never mentioned around him. In the books, he makes fistek, uses it, and forces both Auberon and Ciri to take it, there's a scene where we learn the best place to put it is up your vagina if you're female, under your foreskin if your male, AND, Avallac'h puts fistek (cocaine) in Ciri's perfume, lipstick, and eyeshadow, so that she is constantly soaking it into her skin, but she doesn't know it, because he never tells her he's doing it... though it does say that Avallac'h's servents strip her naked and shove it up her "delicate parts".

Auberon is not in the game. In the books Auberon displays extreme amounts of fear of Avallac'h and tells Ciri that he only agreed to have sex with her, something that was Avallac'h's idea, because the alternative was what Avallac'h had intended to do to her in his laboratory, which according to Auberon, was the last place she wanted to end up. Ciri is warned that Avallac'h both breeds Humans and does experiments on them, both involving the girls being tortured to death.

And... behind Avallac'h's laboratory (in the books) is a field, with THOUSANDS of human bones, THOUSANDS of human skulls. Victims of Avallac'h and his fury that Humans took Lara from him...Ciri discovers this in the scene when she is trying to escape Avallac'h.

And, while he has not nice things to say about Humans in the game, what he says about Humans in the books is well... let's just let him speak for himself:

"The phallic cult was typical for primitive civilizations. It could also serve as the birth of the theory that the human race is yielding to physical degeneration. Its forebearers had phalluses like clubs, but their descendants were left with ridiculous, vestigial little pricks."

~Avallac'h as he defaces ancient Human art by painting giant penises on them

Tower of Swallows

page 238

"Share? With you? Knowledge, my dear, is a privilege, and privileges are only shared with one's equals. And why would I, an Elf, a Sage, a member of the elite, share anything with a descendant of a creature that appears in the universe barely five million years ago, having evolved from an ape, a rat, a jackal, or some other such mammal? A creature that took a million years to discover that one can execute some sort of operation with a gnawed bone using it's two hairy hands? After which it shoved the bone up its rectum and shrieked for joy? Why indeed, do you dare to think I would share any knowledge at all with you, human? Tell me!"

Geralt wiped the rest of the shit from his boot.

~Avallac'h on why Humans are too stupid to be taught anything, after first throwing feces on Geralt

Tower of Swallows

page 239

"And you'll survive in those hats and britches, in order to return one day, dig holes and poke around these caves, to wreck and plunder. Ithlinne's Prophecy doesn't say so, but I know it. It's impossible to utterly destroy humans and cockroaches; at least one pair always remains."

~Avallac'h on why it's pointless to kill Humans though he kills them anyways because he can

Tower of Swallows

page 242

He was about to go, but she barred his way. His aquamarine eyes narrowed and Ciri understood she was dealing with a very, very dangerous elf. But it was too late to withdraw.


His hands shot towards her neck like snakes and squeezed like steel pincers. She understood that if he'd wanted to, he could have throttled her like a fledgling.

"Who are you to dare to defile her name in such a way? I know who you are. You are not the daughter of Lara. You are the daughter of Cregennan.Your ancestor stole my love from me, took her away from me, selfishly and arrogantly took Lara from me. But I shall not permit you, O his worthy daughter, to take the memory of her from me."

~ Avallac'h on why he's about to rape Ciri then kill her (except he then can't kill her because she looks like Lara)

Lady of the Lake

(from the rape scene) pages 179-180

Arrogance, thy name is Avallac'h and we worship thee.


If you only knew Avallac'h from the game and never read the novels, then you have no clue how truely, psychotically evil Avallac'h really is.

Avallac'h: Our favourite psychopathic Elf.

Avallac'h is an alien space Elf wizard from a distant galaxy, with the power to travel through time and space via portals, and the ability to teleport any object from any place to any place else, including to teleport objects (people, pirate ships, clothes, etc) from one planet and send them to another planet. His favourite thing to teleport is clothes off of women as he walks by them.

In the game, Avallac'h has an Elf wife (Isilira), and a half-Elf girlfriend (Ciri, the adopted daughter of player character Geralt), an Elf mistress (Tulip), and he also has 2 Human lovers (Corinne Tilly and Margarita).

In both the books and the game, he is insanely in love of Lara Dorren and flies into violent fits of rage whenever anyone mentions her name.

In the books he hates Ciri because she looks like Lara.

In the game, he is obsessed with Ciri because she looks like Lara.

In the books, he has 3 she-elves living with him. None are named.

In the game, he has 1 she-elf living with him, and her name is Isilira.

And, we found a scene in the game of Avallac'h with 2 Succubi...

Geralt and Avallac'h, are supposed to here to kill Imlerith, but Avallac'h got distracted by the two Succubi that are... doing what Succubi do to men.... Geralt who is admittedly, himself sex crazy, is astounded by the endless 24 hours a day, levels of sex crazy that Avallac'h is, and is wondering: "Do you EVER stop, EVER?"

Viewer Question (from Twitch): Why are you so obsessed with Avallac'h?

Why Kalkstein? How did you get so obsessed with him?

Drive out of my driveway, head right until you get to the little side street named Walnut Street. Drive to the end. You can't miss it. The synagog of the French Orthodox Jews of Old Orchard Beach. 83% of the residents of Old Orchard Beach, Maine are Orthodox Jews of the Hasidic Judaism sect. (the kind that wear the big fur hats, long black coats, and the women dress near identical to Muslim women.)

The Hasidic Jews of Old Orchard Beach arrived in 1953, they were refugees from a French concentration camp. My friend Etiole was among them. Some )Etiole included) are still alive, though now in their 90s, these originals tell horror tales of what was done to them in the concentration camps.

As you may or may not know, Etiole is an old man who lives in the swamps of the Ross Forest, behind my house. I met him when I was 4 years old. What exactly he was before the concentration camps, I don't know, but he's an encyclopedia of knowledge on Jewish ritual magic, Kabbalism, and angels. It was through Etiole that I learned ritual magic, Kabbalism, and Enochian Angel magic. I spent 50 years training in Kaballism and Enochian Angel Magic under Etiole.

Because of my use of Jewish magic rituals, most Christians in the area classify me as a witch, because they have no understanding of Orthodox, Gnostic Christianity, and Jewish Mysticism. Indeed, I've yet to meet a Christian who called me a witch, who had read the Old Testament. I know, because I've asked every single one of them, and every one has said they didn't nor did they need to, citing that Jesus did away with the Old Testament.

I'm afraid we Gypsies rarely use the New Testament, and our family Bible dates from the 1400s, so it has 77 additional books not found in the King James Bible, many of those books in the Old Testament and most of them focused fully on communications with angels.

My family was Mormon, and the Mormon religion has more in common with Judaism (the religion of the Jews) than it does with Christianity. Thus as a child and teenager I was a 5th generation Mormon, raised in a community of Orthodox Jews of the Hasidic sect of Judaism.

Once you know this, you begin to understand why I have little ability to understand the white power hatred of Christianity and am unable to wrap my mind around the Christian concept of kill everything and everyone who is not white.

I was raised in a culture and a religion that preached love for all and peace, non-violence, and to shun the evils of owning weapons or doing harm. So, the Christian culture of hate everything, stockpile as many guns as possible, and toss a pillowcase on your head before you murder everyone in sight, is lost on me. It is no wonder the Christian are a culture that hates families and throws away their children at 18 and tosses their elderly in nursing home - they have no cultural tradition of loving others, so they can't even love their own families.

By their fruits, yea shall know them. Hate and sin come from evil, and evil is as evil does. Is there anything more evil then a Christian? Think about it. The 10 Commandments say Thou Shalt Not Kill, and yet Christianity preaches to kill all non-white, all non-Christian. That's not a culture of love, but a culture of hate.

Since 2001, the Ku Klux Klan, a division of the Baptist Church, and Christian organization, has murdered 37 members of my family.

And what has that to do with Kalkstein? A lot.

You see, in popular media (movies, novels, video games, etc) white Christians are dominate, in spite of the fact that in reality, that Christians make up only 27% of American population and only 13% of that 27% are white. In the real world, white Christians are as rare as hen's teeth, but you wouldn't know that from watching movies, reading novels, or playing video games.

All that said, it is rare that you see Kabbalism in any sort of media.

When I first played The Witcher, I was unaware that it was written by a Jewish author, made my Jewish game developers, or that the entire story was based off of real world Kabbalik folklore and featured a Kabbalist as a primary character.

The first thing you notice about Kalkstein - he's not white.

Generally if you encounter someone note white in pop culture, they are Black or Asian. But never Middle Eastern or Native American. Kalkstein is clearly Middle Eastern, a fact that is immediately identifiable by the colour of his skin.

But I never notice people's skin colour. I'm often talking to random strangers in the store, only to have Ben chide me afterwards for talking to a black person (Ben is both white and Christian) and I'll say: "Where they black? I didn't notice."

I didn't notice the colour of Kalkstein's skin until Ben pointed it out, the first time he saw a picture of Kalkstein which was 3 years after I started playing the game. That he was "not white" never occurred to me, seeing how I'm not prone to pay attention to the colour of someone's skin.

However I have a degree in Costume Making, Fashion History, and Theatrical Fashion Design and the first thing I always notice about people, is their clothes.

Jewish men, wear distinctive clothes. Most notably, the Tallit and the Tzitzit, both of which Kalkstein is wearing. It stands out fast, because even in the Jewish community, not many wear them, so when you see a man who is wearing them, you know not only is he Jewish, but he's a fundamentalist in his faith, or he wouldn't be weain those in public, as doing so, can get a Jewish man killed. This was as true in Medieval times as it is today.

I immediately identified with Kalkstein the instant I saw him, because his robes are made out of a Tallit and a Tzitzit hangs from his belt. These things instantly mark him as not only Jewish, but Orthodox Jewish and thus a very strict Jew who holds to traditions I grew up with and understand.

The fact that the game designers took the trouble to design his clothes accurately to a real world medieval Jewish man, intrigued me, because, think about it... how many characters do you see in video games, books, or movies, who you can identify their religion just by looking at them? Not many, and often the facts are very wrong.

It was not until the quest looking for the ten Seripoths that I realized just how much accuracy of detail the game devs took in making this character. Seripoths are a central part of Kabbalism.

Kalkstein quickly became not only my favourite character in The Witcher game, he first became my favourite character from anything - game, book, movie, or otherwise. Simply because I so rarely see accurate portrayals of my culture in fictional media.

And then you find out more about his backstory. Though a human, he lives in the non-human district of Visima, because he has been cast out of human society for the sin of being born a Jew.

So you could ask, why does he not live with other Jews? He's also gay, a fact he openly admits in one of the very first scenes of him, and thus he is also cast out of his Jewish society as well. In love with the Elven sorcerer (Avallac'h) who built the tower in the swamps, and tells a story of having been his lover while helping him (Avallac'h) build Lara Dorren, only to be devastated when the mage left him for Lara. He goes on to say that Lara was an evil bitch who used the mage, then left him for a human, and the heartbroken mage locked himself in the tower and killed himself, thus we learn from Kalkstein how Avallac'h died. And we see Kalkstein, now himself a raving madman, his life torn apart by his obsession for one goal: to resurrect the dead mage. Sadly Kalkstein died in Witcher 3, just 3 weeks before the Ugly Baby Quest that sees Avallac'h's wraith finally restored to his body once again and Kalkstein is never reunited with his lover.

Kalkstein is a well written character. You see a man torn between his religion and his heart, and cast from his native society because of who he chose to love, then cast from the rest of society simply because of his race.

Growing up in a largely Jewish community, I've seen gay man cast from their homes, shunned by their families, treated as dead. Kalkstein very well portrays what life is like for real gay men in Jewish society.

And this comes from novels written 30 years ago, from a time period when publishers wouldn't even consider letting a gay character see the light of day.

Kalkstein is a very early portrayal of a gay character in fiction, one of the very first gay characters portrayed accurately and not as a stereotyped "gay best friend" and also one of the very few accurately portrayed Kabbalist Jewish characters.

He is a very unique character and I felt strong kinship with him. I identified with him. I understand his life, I know what it is to be cast out by first your own people for not being exactly what the family religion says you must be, and then cast by society as whole simply for the blood your ancestors had.

There are not many characters in fiction, whom I can relate to or identify with. Most come from cultures, traditions, religions, and societies that I can't even begin to wrap my mind around. It is rare that I find a character whos life mirrors my own to the point that I can say: "I know how he fells"... Kalkstein is one of those rare characters, and for many years, he remained my favourite character in fiction, not just in the Witcher series, for that reason... he only dropped from 1st place when I found yet another character in the Witcher series whose life even more closely mirrored my own, to the point it was frighteningly identical... Avallac'h

We are Gypsies. Contrary to common belief, Gypsies are a distinctive race, with a unique bloodline, that has distinctive and unique DNA. We are in no way related to Romani or Irish Travellers who are descended from Spain (Romani) and Italy (Irish Travellers)

A Gypsy, a REAL Gypsy, is descendant of the group of Hebrews the Prophet Daniel lead out of Persia, under the reign of King Darius. While in Persia, many of the Hebrew priests took Persian women (priestesses of Baal) as their wives and many of these men converted to the religious practices of their wives. When they returned to Judea, these men were told by the Levite that they could not re-enter the tribe unless they divorced their gentile wives and half-blood children.

The men who refused to abandon their families, took their wives and children and wandered the desert. They abandoned their Jewish faith and adopted instead their wives' faith, and became known as The Magi. They are one of what Jewish people today refer to as "The Lost Tribes of Israel".

Seen as a band of evil pagans, witches, alchemists, and sorceress, the Magi were not welcomed in any city they entered and continued to wander the world homeless, until they reached Egypt.

They were welcomed into Egypt where they became known as The Gypsies which means "The People Who Live With the Egyptians". They lived there many centuries before moving to Mongolia, then Scandinavia, and finally Alba (Scotland).

In the 1530s they were gathered up by the British and loaded onto a slave ship, which marooned them in what is now Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

We have continued to live on the shores of Old Orchard Beach , Maine since that time. I still live on the original settlement land, which is located at 146 Portland Ave, Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

We Gypsies have many "Jewish" similarities, because of our heritage, including that men wear braided locs, women cover their heads with veils, we hold a stronger connection to the Old Testament of the Bible then the New Testament of the Bible, ritualistic habits regarding what we wear and eat, large families, Kosher diets, and the practice of Kabbalism and Angel Magic. We are often mistaken for being Jewish because of our strict lifestyle.

Though we have customs, traditions, and beliefs that are very similar to those of Jewish society, the Orthodox Jews of Old Orchard Beach shun us Gypsies, seeing us as wat they refer to as "heathens", "gentiles", and "infidels". (Old Orchard Beach is a town run by Orthodox Jews and 83% of the residents of Old Orchard Beach, Maine are Orthodox Jews of the Hasidic Judaism sect.

Why Avallac'h? You got more obsessed with him then you did Scrooge or Sesshomaru!

Yes... I did. Way more obsessed then with Scrooge or Sesshomaru... and faster too. And if you go back and watch my first playthrough of Witcher see you can watch me have full blown meltdowns... one when I find out Kalkstein died and another when told Avallac'h is the final boss of the game and you have to fight him next.

In both cases I stopped the game and was several weeks picking it back up. It took me 3 weeks to go from killing Eredin to turning the game back on to head to the tower, and it took me 7 months after reaching Kalkstein's dying words of "Radovid sucks flaccid cock" to turning the game back on and continuing on with Witcher 3.

I DID take Kalkstein's death VERY hard, and lept on his lover Avallac'h immediately as a result. That is exactly what happened.

Part of why I like Avallac'h is because of the extreme levels of accuracy that went into his character... if you didn't know, Avallac'h's character was based off of Middle Eastern Gypsy culture. Everything from his clothes to his hair to his religion to his diet to his magic practices to his personal family life, mirrors near exactly to real world Gypsy culture.

Do you have any idea how rare a thing it is to see Gypsies portrayed in fiction ACCURATELY? 9 times out of 10 Gypsies in fiction are nothing but white trash, slutty assed, belly dancing whoreish bimbo prancing the boobs and booty around. Immoral, indecent, and a total mockery of everything real Gypsies stand for.

Like Kalkstein, I can identify with Avallac'h because his fictional life is based off my own culture's real habits, traditions, customs, and religion. It makes it easy for me to understand why he says and does the things he says and does.

Not in books or game, but in interviews with the author and game devs, Avallac'h is said to have been designed to look, dress, and act culturally/ethnically/religiously accurate to a Medieval era devout Muslim Gypsy of Moroccan/Persian/Iranian origin, thus why the pyate (braided locs) in his hair, keeping his head covered during certain situations, refusing food on certain days, the strict meatless and alcohol free diet, and the historically accurately places tears & stitches are on his clothes.

But with Avallac'h there was much more then just his culture and religion for me to identify with. There was is age, his health issues, and the elder abuse he lives with at the hands of those much younger then him. These things triggered nerve points with me.

By 1272, the time of the game, Avallac'h has been living on the run from racist terrorists for 21 years, now a wandering vagabond, he no longer has access to decent living conditions, regular food or water, a place to sleep, or any sort of doctors, and he has been captured, tortured, and beaten quite badly many times during this period.

How he is treated by racists.... I know how that feels. Being homeless for years because of bigots? A bomb blew up my house and I lived under a 6'x8' tarp for 9 years.

In the game he suffers from health side effects of his recent poor living conditions and multiple times being tortured. In the game he is described as "crippled", "weak", "invilade", "lame", is said to constantly be in pain and over all is simply "suffering" often in too much pain to get out of bed or even stand.

He suffers from tremors, his hands shake and he's described has having "violently twitching fingers" a side effect of "nerve damage", a result of being tortured.

He's also described as having poor eyesight due to having "frozen pupils that do not react to light", also a result of tortue.

I have Parkinson's, I know how difficult is is to live with tremors in my hand. I had a stroke in 2010, and lost the normal use of my left hand, making it even more difficult to move.

He walks very slowly, unable to run, often walks aided by a staff, and is seen grabbing hold of furniture to steady himself when trying to walk inside. Outside, without his staff, he walks in a slow, staggered, zig-zag motion (see the scene when he and Geralt are walking through the desert, the only time we see him try to get up and walk around for any length of time).

He can not stand for long to a time and frequently sits down to rest.

2013 I was attacked by KKK members who left me for dead - I was paralyzed for 5 months and 18 months relearning to walk. In 2016 they did it again, this time rupturing 3 discs in my spine and leaving me crippled for the rest of my life, thus why you see me in bed when I play games.
When I do walk, which is rare, I require a cane on good days, a walker on bad days, and a wheelchair on very bad days.

My injuries are also a large part of why I formed my extreme fandom of Avallac'h, a character who suffers from injuries near identical to my own, and for reasons quite similar. I identified with him very strongly, both because he suffers from disabling tremors, near blindness, and because he's spent a large portion of his life living with brutal racism at the hands of hate filled Humans who left him crippled, traumatized, and suffering PTSD.

There are very few characters in fiction, whose lives mirror my own, thus I have trouble identifying with most fictional characters. It is unusual to find elderly characters in fiction, rarer still to find senior citizens portrayed with any real accuracy to what their life is like. Avallac'h is cast aside, forgotten, and constantly left behind because he can not keep up with the younger people around him. He's constantly struggling to keep up with people he thought were his friends, only to be cast aside again and again because he's too old, too sick, and too weak to keep up with them.

A younger me, probably would not have sympathized or identified with such a character. A younger me did not yet have my eyes opened to the hash realities of how difficult life is for someone too old, too sick, and too weak to be considered either wanted, needed, or lovable.

A younger me could not have identified with an elderly character continually cast aside by everyone he loves. But I am now myself elderly and find that the way Avallac'h is treated by those around him is EXACTLY the way real world elderly people are treated. It's exactly the way people in my own life treat me.

The scene after the Battle of Kaer Morhen - Ciri and Geralt, leave Avallac'h alone - knowing full well he's only just woken up from a comma, is horribly crippled, and is in need of medical attention - and they abandon him, leave him alone, and tell him to meet up with them later. That is the most evil, most cruel, most hateful, most cold heart thing Ciri does to Avallac'h in the entire series.

Both characters are introduced together. Avallac'h and Ciri join the game at the same time and in that scene you've not yet had a chance to get to know either of them as they've both just been dropped in the game: one dying and in a coma, the other a whiny, bratty, annoying bitch demanding everyone kiss her ass... and the first thing out of her mouth first time you see her, is to tell Geralt that Avallac'h was too sick to keep up with her so she left him behind to go find Triss. And now we see him in a coma and her leaving him behind yet again.

Yes, I did hate Ciri straight from the first time the bitch opened her mouth in Isle of Mists, and I hadn't even yet met Avallac'h in the game. And her actions throughout the game just showed her to be a shittier and shitter person every time she showed up on screen... and then after finishing the game, I read the novels and found out how truly evil a bitch she really was.

That scene in Kaer Morhen alone shows her as a cruel, evil, self-centered, heartless bitch. Leaving someone behind, because they are injured? I'm sorry, but I was raised a Mormon, and Ciri's the type of bitch Jesus warned about in his story of the good Samaritan. I spit on shit bitches like Ciri in my everyday life, so I'll certainly do the same when I encounter them in fiction. That scene bonded my identifying with Avallac'h first time I saw it - a full year before I read the novels and found out how increadibly shity a character Ciri really was.

Ciri is your typical young rich bitch, demanding everyone worship at her feet, ready to kill anyone who dares say she's not wearing the correct shade of nail polish. She is cold and callous, caring nothing for those around her, and is quick to take advantage of anyone who is old, sick, crippled, injured, or weak.

While Avallach loves her and is willing to do anything for her, Ciri takes advantage of the fact that he's old and alone and desperately wants someone to love him. She uses and abuses him horribly. In the novels, she beats him up and rapes him.

Were Ciri a real person, she'd be in prison for her horrific levels of elder abuse she inflicts on Avallac'h. And sadly, I know what it is like to be someone subjected to this kind of elder abuse.

I know EXACTLY what it's like to be paralyzed, bedridden, unable to walk, and suddenly have the person you love and trust turn their back on you and leave you alone, even though you are injured and in desperate need of medical care.

Had I discovered the Witcher series when I was younger or before becoming crippled, Avallac'h likely would NOT have been a character I identified with.

I am someone who spent the first 40 years of my life rarely indoors, always outside in nature, working in my gardens, hiking in the forest, jogging on the beach, horseback riding. Now I can't get out of bed most days and am only able to "go outside" via video games and living life through fictional character who can go outside in the game.

The sad reality of becoming a senior citizen is you've outlived every one who really did love you and lived long enough to learn no one who you thought loved you really did, because they quickly left and abandoned you soon as you were unable to keep up with them and so you got left behind when you fell behind.

I play video games and roam Twitch chat, because video game characters and fellow gamers on Twitch are the only people I have left to spend time with.

While I found Kalkstein many years ago and obsessed over him for a long time... I only discovered Avallac'h in February 2018 - the first time I played through the Ugly Baby quest... and I instantly felt a bond to him, unlike any bond I ever felt with any character, because his lifestyle, his religion, his customs, his traditions, his beliefs, his health, and how young people whom he cares deeply for treat him, mirrors near exactly my own life on alarming levels.

The thing that drew me to Avallac'h the most, was his backstory with Lara Dorren and how he became a wraith...

Who is The Wraith of Morehog?

In real world Scandinavian folklore - the Wild Hunt was a group of undead elves, lead by The Wraith of Moorhogg; they traveled between worlds to kidnap human children, then days later would return those children as adults (stories like Rip Van Winkle are based on Wild Hunt legends).

In the Witcher Universe, the Wraith of Morehog is an ancient Elder God who lives in the caves under the Skellige islands. He is considered the primary god of Skellige, whom the other lesser gods (Freya, Hemdall, etc) answer to.

When you travel through Skellige, you will often encounter villagers who use the exclamation "By the Wraith of Morehog!" similar to how real people say "Oh my god!"

Avallac'h is the Witcher version of The Wraith of Moorhogg - if you listen to background characters talking in Skellige villages, you'll hear several talk about having seen The Wraith of Moorhogg on the far isles (Pali Gap where Avallac'h's lab is)

In the novels it was Avallac'h, not Eredin who lead the Wild Hunt. Geralt knows this. Geralt is fully aware who Avallac'h is and what he does - that's why in the game Geralt said "keep an eye on Avallac'h, he's not a friend"

The game however, tells us that Avallac'h was the Hunt's mage, cast out and now seen as a traitor, Caranthir replaced him. Avallac'h was the one leading the Hunt before Eredin took over.

In both the novels and the game, the Druids of Skellige warn people not to hurt nature, not to kill animals, and not to kill monsters; to not eat meat, to stray from drinking alcohol, and to live a life at one with nature, respecting all life. They claim these are things they were taught by the Wraith of Morehog. They cite that committing such crimes will anger the Wraith of Moorehog and cause him to bring down Rag Na Roog (the 2nd Conjunction of Spheres aka the Apocalypse) on the world.

The Wraith of Morehog is an undead Elf, whom died of a broken heart, became a wraith, and now haunts the caves, tunnels, caverns, beaches, elven ruins, and forests of Skellige in search of a replacement for his dead lover. He is rumored to be the first Elder Blood, from whom all Elder Blood comes.

Though mentioned throughout the series, the identity of The Wraith of Morehog remains a mystery until Chapter 7 of the 6th book of the novel series: Tower of Swallows, when Geralt receives a message from the Druids, begging him to come to their forest.

When Geralt arrives, he is greeted by terrified Druids who inform him that The Wraith of Morehog has made contact with them, and that he, the Wraith, The Knowing One, has asked directly to speak with Geralt in regards to Ciri. They direct Geralt to a cave and instruct him to leave his sword outside and enter with caution, as the Wraith can not tolerate the presence of weapons and normally will not talk to murderers, killers, or anyone who has shed innocent blood.

Aware that he is about to meet the ancient Elder God whom is worshiped by the Druids of Skellige, Geralt does as he is told, leaves his weapons with Regis and heads into the cave.

In the cave he meets a old Elf who is painting purple bisons on the wall. Geralt notes that the elf appears dead, is overly thin, has a hollow face with exaggerated cheekbones, has skeletal features, hovers several inches over the ground as he walks, and is surrounded by a glowing green wraith-halo. He also notes that the wraith has a flesh body and appears to be unaware of his own death.

The Wraith of Morehog introduces himself to Geralt as: "I am Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha but you may call me by my alias, Avallac'h."

What is a Wraith?

A Wraith is an undead creature, similar to a ghost, but able to appear in the form of a flesh body. A Wraith results when a person dies of loneliness, suicide, or a broken heart and than did not receive a proper burial.

A person becomes a wraith when they are so sad that they die from grief and their soul has sunk so deep in depression and the depths of utter despair, that they can not see any hope of happiness. Their soul becomes trapped in an aura of ever growing sadness. The sadness becomes a pin, trapping the soul at the place of their death.

Older, more powerful wraiths, are able to appear as they did in life, causing the illusion that they are still alive, and are also able to leave their place of death to travel.

Wraiths haunt graveyards, houses, ruins, caves, swamps, and brackish water locations.

A Wraith is the embodiment of sadness, a specter trapped between the land of the living and the land of the death, they will not move on to the realm of the dead until after someone who loves them, finds their bones and buries them.

Wraiths often are unaware they have died and continue to live out their life as though they were still alive.

Wraiths fear light and keep to dark areas, rarely emerging in daytime. If seen when the sun is up, they wear hoods and masks to cover their faces.

They are commonly seen at night wandering through graveyards carrying lamps.

Wraiths are sometimes described as high-class Writes with more mobility.

Also known as Soul Beckoners or Soul Eaters, they are said to feed off the souls of the living, unintentionally draining the life out of the living, in an attempt to feel alive again.

Desert Wraiths roam desert regions and are people who died in sand storms and were forgotten by their loved ones.

An Orb Wraith occured when several people were murdered, or died together, such as a mass suicide ritual, resulting in many souls rising at once and merging together into a single, multi-souled Wraith.

Many Wraiths become evil, as their sadness grows and evolves into hate. Once a Wraith realizes they are dead and that no one loved them enough to bury them, many of them become consumed with hate and thoughts of vengeance. They will often attach themselves to the soul of the person they loved and wreck havoc in their lives.

Others, like Avallac'h, died after the one they loved died, and remain at the grave of the loved one unable to move on, not realizing that they themself are now dead as well. 

A Wraith of this type will stay at the grave of their loved one for centuries, never leaving until such a time as a blood kin of their loved one is born, whom they mistake for being their loved one reborn. The Wraith will then leave the grave an attach itself to the kin of their loved one, haunting them instead of the grave.

The Wraith of Morehog aka: Avallac'h, The Undead Wraith Who Haunt's Lara's Grave and How He Became That Way.

*Avallac'h seen here in Child of the Elder Blood, trying to think of how to word his answer, as Geralt demands an explanation for the things he, Yennefer, and Ciri found in Avallac'h's Udvik lab.**Avallac'h seen here in Child of the Elder Blood, trying to think of how to word his answer, as Geralt demands an explanation for the things he, Yennefer, and Ciri found in Avallac'h's Udvik lab.*

If one has read the novels, one knows that the reason Avallac'h can not be fought or killed in the Final Boss battle of the game, is because Avallac'h is a wraith, who long again died of a broken heart and lives in an enteral state of undeath. He takes on a life-like flesh form, when he leaves Lara's grave.

The story behind Avallac'h and his love for Lara was this...

Though he rarely speaks of it and generally tries to hide it from everyone, Elves and Humans alike, Avallac'h was a genetic scientist, from about 5,000 years into Geralt's future. Avallac'h specialized the radical gene splicing experiments.

The novels and the game differ in what he does and why.

According to the game, he leads a breeding program that has set out to create a mutated race of super beings. 

In the cutscene when Geralt is interrogating him, Avallac'h starts to say that he has been kidnapping prime specimens and breeding them... he stops mid sentence, becomes frightened, and backs away from Geralt, while stammering over his words and then completely changes what he was saying, this time stating that he "brought lovers together to create specially designed children, after years of selective breeding."

The game implies that many Elven mages were involved in this program that was intended to develop a formidable race of super beings, and that Avallac'h headed this project.


In the novels, Avallac'h worked alone, and there was no organized group of mages running a gene development project.

In the novels, Avallac'h is portrayed as a very rare mutated Elf. The last of the fully pure, purest or the pure-blooded Elves. A race known as The Elder Elves.

According to the novels, the more the Elves mixed with Humans, the less magically inclined they became. Elder Elves became seen as Elder Gods, because they possess immense god-like powers, due to their pure, untainted Elder Blood.

Avallac'h was the last of the male Elder Elves, and became incredibly lonely, and was very frustrated by the fact that he had no one understood him, understood what it was like to leave with god-like powers, in a world where few possessed any powers at all. Seeking to have a companion like himself, Avallac'h, formerly a powerful mage, turned to scientist, becoming a mad scientist, and spending 700 years on a project to clone himself and create a mate. 

Avallac'h was ruthless in his experiments, caring nothing for the Elves he used in them. He took to kidnaping pregnant she-Elves and harvesting their embrioes, then injecting the embrioes with his own blood. It was through this, that Avallac'h gained his reputation for being evil. The end result of this 700 year project, was Lara Dorren.

Avallach with Lara DorrenAvallach with Lara Dorren

Lara was created from an embryo Avallac'h took from Shandell, King Auberon's wife, making Auberon, Lara's biological father. All of Avallac'h's experimental test subjects prior to Lara died before reaching adulthood.

Once he had Lara, Avallac'h stopped his experiments, content in the knowledge that he had created a mate for himself. Avallac'h had no intention of continuing the breeding program, and only sought to have a happy family life with his self-created-test-tube wife Lara.

Other Elves, namely King Auberon, saw Lara as the beginning of great things. Because Lara came from his own blood, King Auberon, was convinced he could create an army of super soldiers to take over the universe.

A breeding program was set up, with many Elven mages taking over Avallac'h's work, and creating the giant-super powered Elven soldiers known as The Wild Hunt, who were essentially, the same thing to the Elves, that Witchers were to the Humans.

Auberon, seeing that Avallac'h was unwilling to help in this program, took Lara away from him and blackmailed Avallac'h into heading the genetic program that was building Wild Hunt super soldiers, under the promis Lara would be returned to him after Avallac'h helped King Auberon on his mission to conquer Human worlds. Avallac'h was thus forced to open the portals between worlds, allowing the Aen Elle to jump from planet to planet mass murdering Humans everywhere they went.

Opening these portals, resulted in rips in the fabric of time, that allowed the White Cold of deep space to seep into the world and destroy it with massive blizzards.

Horrified by the discovery of the damage he had caused, Avallac'h set out to find a way to undo the damage and stop the White Frost. He concluded that Lara had the power to do so, and tried to convince her to seal up the tears in time, to seal the rips and stop the White Cold from coming in.

However, in her time away from Avallac'h, living with Auberon, Lara had grown cold, shallow, and heartless. She cared nothing for helping others and was now a powerful sorceress, seeking power for power's sake, drunk on her ever growing lust for more power. Lara met Creaggan, a powerful Human mage and lured him into her power driven frenzy.

Together Lara and Creaggan, became an unstoppable Bonnie and Clyde-like criminal duo.

Horrified by the crime duos planet hopping crime spree, Elves and Humans alike, rose up against Lara, to try to stop her. During this time, another Elf Illthille, rose to power and prophesied of a time soon to come when all worlds would perish, and could only be saved when a White Wolf rose to power and a Child of the Elder Blood helped him to defeat The White Cold. 

Avallac'h became a devout follower of Illthiline's Prophecy, complete changing his life, and now turning his experiments around in his search for a way to use Lara's gene to defeat the White Frost.

Lara meanwhile fell in love with Creaggan and started her extreme radical Human Rights social justice warrior protests, of slaughtering Elves to save Humans.

Avallach with Lara DorrenAvallach with Lara Dorren

At first Avallac'h laughed at this, stating that Lara was an unruly child with a fiery temper and would soon give up on her Human Rights program, once she learned how short lived and insignificant Humans were. Avallac'h also stated, he didn't care if Lara cheated on him with Creaggan, because Creaggan would die in another 60 years and by than Lara would have come to her senses would return to him.

Avallac'h fully believed that Auberon would let him have Lara back, and that Lara would willingly want to come back. Avallac'h stated quite plainly that Lara would return to him and they would go back to a quiet family life, with her as his wife and the mother of his children.

Lara Dorren's grave in Avallac'h's Velen HideoutLara Dorren's grave in Avallac'h's Velen Hideout... When you find this tomb in the game, pay careful attention to the set of bones laying on top of the coffin... this is Avallac'h. After burying Lara here, Avallac'h laid on the coffin and never moved again. It is unknown how he died. The novel hints both to suicide and the fact that he starved to death.

When you find this tomb in the game, pay careful attention to the set of bones laying on top of the coffin... this is Avallac'h. After burying Lara here, Avallac'h laid on the coffin and never moved again. It is unknown how he died. The novel hints both to suicide and the fact that he starved to death.

Through out all of this, Avallac'h never strayed from his original desire. He was the last male of his species and wanted nothing more then to have a family like everyone else.

His dream of ever having a family was shattered, when Lara announced she was pregnant with Creaggan's baby. It was on this news that Avallac'h destroyed his work, burning his centuries of notes, and trashing his labs, before retreating underground, heartbroken and devastated.

Three versions of how Lara died, exist: one which states that Humans rose up and murdered Lara and Creaggan. One which says Elves rose up and murdered them. And one which says that in a fit of rage, Avallac'h himself murdered them.

In Chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows, Geralt meets Avallac'h hidden away in the deep depths of a cave system that leads to underground Elven ruins. Upon realizing that this is the ancient Elder  God Elf from the legends, Ciri's ancestor, the one from whom all Elder Blood flows, Geralt questions the old Elf as to how Lara really died. 

Avallac'h retells the tale of how he created Lara, how Auberon took her from him, how the Wild Hunt came to exist, how Lara left for Creaggan, and then shows Geralt Lara's grave, which is the location they are in now and the spot Avallac'h has remained, these past 200 years since her death.

Avallac'h tells Geralt that parts of all three stories are true. That he was there when Lara died, that Elves did kill Lara, that Humans also killed her. According to Avallac'h, an angry mob of Elves and Humans banded together to burn Creaggan at the stake and torture Lara. 

Avallac'h states that he tried to save them, but was only able to save their half-Elf baby, which he initially intended to raise, but after being attacked by his own people, he took the baby to the royal family and switched it with the real royal baby, thus how Ciri came to be born in said royal family.

Avallac'h tells Geralt he could not separate the lovers in life and would not separate them in death, so buried Lara and Creaggan in a single coffin, their bodies forever locked in a loving embrace. He said originally they were buried in his own family crypt, but Elves tried to destroy the graves, so he moved them to Creaggan's family crypt, but there Humans tried to destroy the graves, so Avallac'h took the bodies and hide them here in these Elven Ruins where no one ever came and no one would find them. 

Geralt notes that bones lay on the coffin, a fact that Avallac'h completely ignores as he goes back to painting purple bison and giant penises on the walls of the cave.

Easy to miss is the fact that after burying Lara, Avallac'h lay down on the coffin and never got up. Though Avallac'h is aware 200 years have passed since Lara's death, he seem oblivious to the fact that he's not left her side in that time and has no need to eat any more. Avallac'h remains unaware that he has died.

Avallac'h went on to spend the next 200 years, sitting at the grave, guarding it, not allowing anyone near it, himself becoming a Wraith, but not realizing that he has long ago died.

The novels show Avallac'h as deeply depressed and suicidal, he even comes right out and says to Geralt that he longs to die, but also states he fears to die, for there is no one who loves him, no one to bury him, and he fears becoming a Wraith.

Geralt questions if the Elf is dead or alive, states is is unable to tell if the Elf is alive and near starving to death, or if the Elf has long ago died and not yet come to realize he is dead.

Geralt notes that Avallac'h's body is shrouded in a glowing halo of light, and that Avallac'h hovers in the air, his feet not touching the ground, that his body is overly thin, and that it appears Avallac'h starved to death from going years without eating. 

Avallac'h in the novels is described as a Wraith, or Specter, a dead Elf, unaware of his own death, who guards the grave of his dead lover, and who later takes on a life-like flesh form when with Ciri.

The scene at Lara's grave in Tower of Swallows, the scene which introduces Avallac'h to the readers, implies that Avallac'h is dead, and that he had died of a broken heart, while pining away at Lara's grave, some 200 years prior to Ciri's birth. 

The fact that Avallac'h is a Wraith was also given as the reason behind his extremely prominent cheekbones, gaunt skeletal appearance, and why he does not eat.

Avallac'h only leaves Lara's grave to return to the world of the living, upon the discovery that Ciri looks identical to Lara, has the same powers as Lara, and possesses Lara same unruly child, fiery temper.  It appears, Avallac'h remains fully unaware that he has died.

Avallac'h leaves Lara's grave and becomes Ciri fierce protector and bodyguard, because he believes Ciri is Lara reborn. With Ciri in his life, Avallac'h picks up where he left off, trying to get Ciri to be his wife and bear his children so he can return to the family life he originally wanted. Once again, however, King Auberon steps in and destroys Avallac'h's hope of happiness.

It is assumed that Ciri is aware Avallac'h is a Wraith. This is implied in the game, during the scene at the Scoia'tael camp, when Geralt tells Ciri she should not trust Avallac'h, stating Avallac'h will eventually demand something from her. Ciri responds with "Avallac'h is different" then turns away from Geralt and says Geralt doesn't understand why she can trust that Avallac'h will never hurt her and never force her to do anything against her will, why she knows he is the only person she can trust.

In the Witcher universe, Wraith are generally evil spectars created out of deep sorrow and bound to earth by their bodies having been left unburied. It is also stated that love can free a Wraith of what binds it to its place of death. Elsewhere we are told not all Wraith are evil and that some Wraith, will bind themselves to their kin and act as their guardian spirits and protectors.

This scene in the game, implies that Ciri is aware Avallac'h is a Wraith and that he's now been freed of Lara's grave, and has bound himself instead to Ciri as her guardian and protector. This scene also implies that Ciri does not wish any one to know Avallac'h is dead or that he's a Wraith.

In both the novels and the game, we see Avallac'h can be injured and fell pain. In the Trial of Grasses scene, we see him crippled and go into a coma. As first these things were contradict that he is long dead, until one searches the nature of Wraiths.

Wraith are different then ghosts and often are unaware they have died. They continue to live as though they are alive, because of the belief that they are alive. Their mind is so convinced they still live, that they will also continue to suffer from physical harm and feel pain.

A Wraith can seemingly be killed, but will always wake back up.

In fact, we saw Uma die in the Trial of Grasses, then moments later Uma vanished and Avallac'h's Elven body reappeared.

Pay attention to the first few moments you see Avallac'h. The scene while he is still naked.. he also has the same green glow, that all other wraiths in the game have, hovering around his body. This green Wraith glow vanishes when he waves his hand and casts a spell to make it invisible once again.

Avallac'h's being unaware that he is already dead, he thus suffers serious injury during the Trail of Grasses... and yet... in spite of being crippled and unable to walk, a result of his injuries... we she Avallac'h during Vesimier's funeral, seemingly unaffected by his injuries.

The scene of Avallac'h at Vesemir's funeral is baffling to most viewers as he goes from comatose and struggling to stand, to suddenly moving fluidly across a steep mountain to pray over a dead Witcher.

This shows us that not is all what it seems with Avallac'h, for while he seemingly can be injured, he also can, at least momentarily, mentally break from of those injuries. Avallac'h is a formidable powerful creature, but he is also so traumatized and depressed over Lara's death, and so paranoid and fearful for Ciri's safety, that his emotions get in the way of his full manifesting his powers. 

If you pay careful attention to what is being said in the game... you well see Avallac'h's corpse. For a brief moment the game shows you the dead Elf's crumbling, unburied bones, that have been left unburied for centuries, as no one knows he has dies and also no one cared when he disappeared so no one ever went looking for him to discover he was dead. Left unburied, Avallac'h became a Wraith.

In another scene in the game, we find Avallac'h's corpse, now long turned bones. During the quest Wandering in the Dark, Geralt and Keira head to Avallac'h's Velen hideout in search of the mysterious masked Elf.

When you find Keira in the game, she tells you that she was awoken on night by a mysterious masked Elf arriving at her door and asking for help.

Loot her bathroom just then, you'll find a book on the bench, which she said the Elf gave her. It's called "Elven Sages". Read the book you'll be told that Sages were rare mutant Elves who were long ago mass murdered, and ONLY ONE escaped: Ida.

The book ends by telling you that rumors exist that a 2nd Sage, a male, has been sighted in caves, ruins, and graveyards, leading to the belief that possibly a 2nd Sage still lives.

Later when you talk to Ida herself, during Ugly Baby Quest, and give her the words of the Uma Curse, she becomes horrified, and terrified, then tells you it's an ANCIENT CURSE - one that had been cast CENTURIES ago to trap an evil Sage. She tells you the Uma curse can be lifted, tells you how to lift it, then tells you not to, because by doing so, you'll be restoring a flesh body to an ancient evil.

Now pay attention here.... BEFORE lifting the Uma curse, Avallac'h ALWAYS appears with his face covered by a mask. AFTER the Uma curse is lifted and his flesh body restored, he STOPS wearing the mask.

Back to Kiera...

Kiera tells you that the Elf was looking both for Ciri and for the ingredients to PREVENT NERVE DAMAGE (he knew the Witchers would find Uma soon and lift the curse, thus why he wanted these.)

Kiera tells you that the Elf gave her a cursed skull that allows her to open portals, and would give her a magic lamp of the dead - a lamp used by Wraiths talk to the living, that also let the living talk to the dead, and he would give it to her BECAUSE HE WOULDN'T NEED IT ANYMORE SOON.

You are being told point blank that Avallac'h is a Wraith, that this lamp he's giving Keira is the one he carries to communicate with the living, and he knows he's soon to have his flesh body restored, and won't need it anymore.

The Elf had promised Keria a lamp, and she sets out to find it with Geralt's help. What they find is Lara Dorren's grave, and Geralt is surprised to see that though the coffin itself remains unopened, the bones of another body lay on the grave. 

*(Avallac'h, carrying the Wraith lamp, while his body gives off a green Wraith light glow. Ciri walking by in the distance.)**(Avallac'h, carrying the Wraith lamp, while his body gives off a green Wraith light glow. Ciri walking by in the distance.)*

The lamp the masked Elf had promised Keira is clutched in the frozen dead hand of this corpse. With the body, Geralt finds an old letter, one written by Avallac'h. 

The conversation between Geralt and Keira now moves to wonder who's body this is laying at Lara's grave, as the bones are too old to determine an identity. Geralt states that they are the bones of a male Elf. Keira then states she will not wait for the masked Elf to meet her here as promised as it appears he was already here and left the lamp behind for her. Keira takes the lamp from the hand of the corpse and leaves.

Keep in mind too, the mask and WHEN exactly you see Avallac'h stop wearing it.

The first half of the game he refuses to remove it at all. After the Uma curse is lifted, we see only one brief scene of him wearing it, and then he never wears it again. Why?

Listen carefully to what Yennefer said as she prepared Uma for the Trail of Grasses... she states that the body inside Uma is badly damaged, she could not determine how or why, but it was. She states that the Trail of Grasses, should restore the damaged body BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL STATE.

Wraiths, typically look like a decayed corpse. Avallac'h does not. Avallac'h wore the mask to hide that he was a Wraith. He looked dead, thus he wore the mask. During the Trial of Grasses, his body was not only restored to how it looked before the curse was cast, but it was restored to how it looked before he died.

During the quest Nameless, when questioned why her friend wears the mask, Ciri become very defensive and angry, says he doesn't like anyone to look at him, and changes the subject.

Ciri indicates, here, and again later when talking to Geralt, that she is the only person who knows what Avallac'h looks like, that she's the only person he'll remove the mask for.

Even after the Uma curse is lifted, Avallac'h is careful to keep his face hidden behind a hood or a mask or both, when out in daylight, stepping outside unhooded or unmasked only at night, and even than only allowing Ciri, Geralt, and the Lodge of Sorceresses to ever see him with his hood down or mask removed. 

The implication is that not everyone can see him, as only those with magic abilities have the ability to see a Wraith's flesh-form and otherwise see a decayed corpse.

In Skellige, whenever any one mentions seeing Avallac'h, the islanders all refer to him as a Wraith or Specter, none of them recognizing him as an Elf.

In the scripted code of the game, one finds that you fight Elves with a steel sword and put hanged man's oil on your blade.

**HOWEVER...** In the scripted code of the game, one finds that you fight Avallac'h with a silver sword and put specter oil on your blade.

Also in his character code of the game, Avallac'h is unable to fight NoonWraiths, NightWraith, Alps, or Bruxa, all of whom are undead and types of Wraiths. 

In the game, during the Final Boss Battle, we see Avallac'h flee with Ciri to the tower, and open a gateway portal between world, as he tries to escape the war and go back to the peaceful family life he had originally wanted with Lara.

So many people miss the rope in Avallac'h's bedroom at Pali GapSo many people miss the rope in Avallac'h's bedroom at Pali Gap

If you pay attention to the clues the game drops, EVERYTHING Avallac'h has done throughout the game has been part of his plan to once again kidnap Ciri and take her back with him to Tir Na Lia. In the novels he is very vocal about his goal. Avallac'h makes no secret of the fact that his #1 goal is to get Ciri pregnant and have a happy family life with her and their child.

He was the last of his kind and devoted his life to finding a mate. He built Lara and when Lara left him he gave up on life. Ciri restored his desire to live, and Ciri was the first person willing to love him, thus he clung desperately to her, fiercely protecting her.

Though Ciri did not truly love him, and seemed more to pity him, she was willing to leave with Avallac'h, live with him, keep him company, and end his centuries of suffering, realizing that he was not truly a threat as the only thing he wanted was to not be alone any more.

The promise she made to him, the one you hear mentioned in the game, is she promised to live with him until such a time she got pregnant and gave him a child. He also worded his request that way, knowing full well, he was infertile and she would never bear his child, thus being forced to remain with him forever.

>>"I'm not accustomed to joking," he said. "And since you consider it a joke, I'll take the liberty of repeating it with due gravity. We want to have your child, O Swallow, Daughter of Lara Dorren Only when you bear it will we permit you to leave here."


>>"We have the right to demand, and we can O Swallow. Your father, Cregennan took a child from us. You will give us one back. You will repay the debt. It seems just and logical to me."


>>*[Ciri]*"If I agree, then afterwards, later, will I be free?"

>>"You'll be free and may go wherever you wish. Assuming you don't decide to stay. With the child."

>>~Avallac'h to Ciri, Lady of the Lake page 158, 159, & 165

Kalkstein, the half-elf alchemist, who claimed to have been The Mysterious Masked Mage's lover before Lara Dorren got in the way. 

According to Kalkstein Lara was "an evil sorceress" and "the bitch who destroyed the mage and caused his death". 

Kalkstein claims that The Masked Mage, distraught over Lara's leaving him for Creaggan, killed himself by locking himself in a tower, then blowing up the tower in order to destroy the portals between worlds.

In W1 Kalkstein tells Geralt of the lover's triangle between Lara Dorren and two mages (the Elf Avallac'h and the human Creaggon) and said that she had both men doing everything she wanted. 

Kalkstein was in love with the elf (Avallac'h) and claimed to be one of his lovers (Avallac'h is bi-sexual and in Tower of Swallows tells Geralt he had both male and female, elf and human, lovers). Kalkstein tells Geralt he was devastated when the elf mage left him for Lara Dorren. 

Kalkstein hates Lara and refers to her as "the evil bitch who destroyed the mysterious mage".

There's a quest in W1 where you help Kalkstein find The Mysterious Mage's Abandoned Tower and find it guarded by a forest made out of archspores and echinops, and to get in the tower you have to fight the infamous W1 Golem boss battle (one of the hardest bosses of any of the Witcher games).

Once inside the tower, Geralt finds the tower is actually a giant gateway portal and Kalkstein uses it to reopen the portals in the world - this how you are able to travel by portals in W3.

You spend about 20 hours of the game (Witcher 1) helping Kalkstein rebuild the Mysterious Masked Mage's tower, while he sends you into swamps to pick beggartick so he can make fisstech, which he has you selling to city guards.

Kalkstein is a wild, hyper, scatter-brained alchemist who has trouble completing a conversation with anyone, because his mind is so sde tracked with focusing on formulae and experiments as he takes over Avallac'h genetics lab and uses Avallac'h notes to try to find a way to resurrect his dead lover (Avallac'h). Much of the player's attempts to talk to Kalkstein is interrupted by his talking to himself about the mage and the evil bitch who caused his death.

Kalkstein is deeply distraught over Avallac'h's death, saying that the mysterious mage felt unloved because of the horrific way he had been abused by Lara Dorren. Kalkstein tries to hide his feelings from Geralt, but if you listen to him as he mutters to himself under his breath, you will hear him mention that he loved the mysterious mage and felt bad that the elf did not know this.

We see in Kalkstein, the horror of being left to muddle through wondering why someone you loved killed themself, and we are left to wonder, was Kalkstein always the scatterbrained crazy person we see talking to himself in the game or did he become this as a result of his lover committing suicide over another lover?

According to Kalstein, Lara was an evil sorceress who used Avallac'h to open portals between world, then left him for Creaggan once she had no more use for him. Then Avallac'h, killed himself by blowing up the tower and closing all the portals between worlds.

Kalkstein is gay and is insanely in love with Avallac'h, and it's the Kalkstein quests of W1 that are why you are able to resurrect Avallac'h's wraith back into his flesh body during the Ugly Baby quest in W3.

Why are you so obsessed with Avallac'h?

Why are you so obsessed with Avallac'h?

I don't know. I've often asked that question myself. For starters he isn't running around mindlessly killing everyone like Ciri does, and he isn't all "Mwahahaha! I'm evil because I can be!" like Vilgefortz.

Of course, he's a shy Elf who refuses to be seen naked so doesn't take his clothes of during sex or when bathing (see image above) which is strange and eccentric behaviour that kind of says - this guy is a little bit insane isn't he?

The progression of events though?

Basically it started out my wanting to find out "Who is that guy with those awesome clothes?"

Then: "OMG! he's an Elf? I love Elves! And he's a wizard? I love wizards!"

And progressed to "Wait, Geralt says not to trust him? Why? I must know why. Is he evil? I love evil men. Is this guy an evil, Elf sorcerer? OMG! I love evil Elven sorcerers!"

And finally it reached a pointed of: "OMG! This guy's a sex crazed, perverted deviant. This guy is so freaking fucked up! How the hell did he get like this?"

And then... then I read the novels... oh boy! He's a total psychopath with women locked up in his dungeons of his palace. Uhm... you know me. I write freaking BDSM Monster Porn, fetish sex novels, and always with Elves in them, so,.... yeah.. Avallac'h was right up my ally.

I AM to creator of Quaraun the Insane after all. I started writing the Quaraun novels in 1978. I've been writing about sexualy pervert Elf wizards for a VERY long time. To find yet another psychotically deranged, sexually perverted Elf wizard, who's really not that different from my Quaraun? Yeah... I'm always in need of more evil Elf wizards in my life. No such thing as too many evil Elf wizards with sex fetish issues.

Avallac'h's not that perverted in the game... but in the Witcher novels? That's another thing.

Which lead to: "OMG! He's a fetish sex freak with women in his dungeons and laboratories! It's an Elf Wizard straight out of 50 Shades of Grey! YAY! I want to be his prisoner. How do I sign up to be his prisoner?"

And, so, now, here we are with a Cult of Avallac'h.

Yes. I know. I do always fall for the most sick minded perverted bastard of every book, game, movie, and cartoon out there. It's what I do. Deal with it.

But getting to a much deeper reason. Avallac'h's entire backstory is built around one thing: his obsession to have a family, his frustration of being infertile and not being able to sire children, his devastation that his wife left him for someone much younger leaving him growing old alone with no one who loves him, and his fear of dying forever unloved and unwanted. He's outcast by his people, excommunicated by his religion, has watched everything and everyone he loved be killed and taken from him. He is crippled from being beaten and tortured by racists.

If you know me, my family, my history, what happened to us... you know finding out this info about Avallac'h hit a nerve for me. I know what it is, to be attacked, beaten, crippled, by racists. To have friends and family killed for nothing more then not being white enough, for not being Christian. A bomb blew up our house. And that just the beginning of 11 years of steady, daily, none stop hell. Not many people understand that. Especially not Americans who have no clue what it is like to live every day of your life in mortal terror, because your race, your religion, doesn't match what the local government says it must be.

Reading the novels, finding out what Avallac'h went through, what his own people did to him, why he's living on the run and why he's helping Ciri and why he's scared to talk to anyone, why he seems so cold and distant. Having lived with racism, on those kinds of levels, not words on social media, but my cousin having his head cut off, my cats having their heads cut off and nailed to my door. Racism that turns to extreem violence and cost you the lives of your friends and family, forces you out of your home... I've lived through that. I know how much it changes you.

We see Avallac'h early in the novels, hyper, happy, running around all yippie skippies, laughing, singing, dancing... and then we how much he changed after... resulting in the quiet, frightened, lurking in the shadows character we see in the game...

It gave his sex crazed, evil Sorcerer a second layer, one that drew me in as sympathetic to him, rather then hating him, as most readers do.

Avallac'h is not evil, he's hurt, he's hurt bad, and he's shutting down, and there's actually a real reason, behind his shifty, frightened, secretive actions in the game. He's scared for his life. He's traumatized so bad, he barely dares say a word. Doesn't know who he can trust any more. He's not trying to hurt anyone. He's just trying to survive. And that's quite different then being a pure evil villain.

And yet... in spite of his being an evil sorcerer... who is just evil for the sake of being evil, we find him to be a fully fleshed out, multi faceted character... with emotions and feelings, and a realistic and believable backstory that makes him sympathetic and identifiable.

What happened? What was in the novels that changed my feelings towards him after reading them? What drew me too him?

  • Let me think... the events in the order they happened...
  • Avallac'h is an excessively emotional character who loved too much, with the wild animalistic obsessiveness that ended up driving his beloved Lara into the arms of another man, one with emotions that were not so deep or strong
  • Believing she'd come back to him, once the short lived Human reached the end of his 60 years of life, Avallac'h was devastated when Lara was murdered 8 months after leaving him for the other.
  • Avallac'h tries to save both Lara and her lover, but can only save their unborn baby
  • Avallac'h tries to raise Lara's child, but fearing for his own life at the hands of his enraged people, he flees with the baby and takes it to live with her Human relations, then spends the next 200 years watching over, from afar, all of Lara's descendants
  • Avallac'h tries to bury Lara and her lover in his family crypt but is met with opposition from the other Elves
  • Avallac'h tries to bury Lara and her lover in Creeggan's family crypt, but is met with opposition from the humans
  • Avallac'h flees with the corpses of Lara and her lover and bury them in an abandoned Elven temple in Velen, which he turns into his house, and lives in
  • 200 years after Lara's death, Lara's 4th great-granddaughter Ciri is born, looks exactly like Lara AND possesses the same magic abilities for which an angry mob murdered Lara
  • Fearing Ciri will be murdered the same way Lara was, Avallac'h sets out to obsessively watch over and protect her.
  • Finding no friends among the Elves he seeks out the friendship of Witchers and Vampires, namely Geralt and Regis.
  • Geralt is an unabashed Elf-hater and tells Avallac'h to his face Elves are nothing but no good pieces of shit, Regis disagrees, but sides with his old friend Geralt in saying Avallac'h can not be trusted simply because Sages in general are untrustworthy
  • Avallac'h, being a psion and telepath, can see the future, sees Ciri's death, and tries to convince Geralt the girl must be protected. Geralt laughs at him and heads off to have boys night out with Dandelion, to hell with Ciri.
  • Regis suggests he and Geralt teach the Elf a lesson for telling them Ciri would die, by smashing the gravestones of Lara's grave and dig up her corpse to desecrate it.
  • Avallac'h having been told he's too emotional, too overbearing, not worthy of being loved, becomes suicidally depressed, stops talking, shuts down, and stops showing any outward emotions at all.
  • Terrified Lara's grave will be destroyed he now spends the bulk of his days, sitting at Lara's grave, wishing he had the courage to kill himself, but fears he'll become a wraith if he dies without someone who loves him enough to bury him, so he becomes stoic and cold, fearing to show any emotions at all, because he now believes his over emotional behaviour is what caused everyone to hate him
  • Avallac'h remains in this state of severe depression, until Ciri comes into his life and gives him a reason to want to live again
  • Avallac'h has 2 brothers, Auberon and Ge'els, and an adopted son, Caranthir whom he raised since an infant, whom are his only surviving family and whom he loves very deeply.
  • Eredin seduced Caranthir's power aidaled mind with talk of the glories of war, and Caranthir turns on his father to side with Eredin.
  • Ciri runs into a portal and falls into Avallac'h's lap - literally. Lands on top of him, while he's sitting in a field playing a flute.
  • Overjoyed at finally meeting Ciri, Avallac'h returns to his previous bubbly, giddy, happy, over emotional, chatterbox, ADHD super-hyper self.
  • Ciri immediately notices the stars are wrong and Avallac'h explains she's landed in the distant future, on a planet in the opposite side of the universe from where her home is, and her planet was destroyed by the White Frost thousands of years ago.
  • Avallac'h happily runs around dragging Ciri with him, showing her everything in his city.
  • Avallac'h is a vegetarian, so doesn't eat Humans, like the other Elves of Tir ni Lia do, and takes her in, referring to Ciri as his pet, to protect her so that the other Elves won't kill her.
  • Unicorns attack the city, and Avallac'h unleashes his brain shattering super-sonic scream, then grabs Ciri and flees (Yeah, that scream Ciri does in the game - it's Avallac'h does it in the books)
  • Eredin rescues Avallac'h and Ciri from the Unicorns, then bullies Avallac'h and calls Ciri "a gold nugget from the dung heap."
  • Avallac'h reveals he can not tell a lie, due to vows he took, as doing so would cause him to lose his powers. Thus why he evades answering questions, as he seeks to hide the truth, but literally can not tell a lie.
  • Avallac'h is ridiculed and bullied by Eredin and the the other Elves for his religious beliefs.
  • Avallac'h is ridiculed and bullied by Eredin and the the other Elves for being a liberal Human rights activist.
  • Avallac'h is ridiculed and bullied by Eredin and the the other Elves for being born the only white skinned Elf (Elves are black in the novels).
  • Avallac'h becomes the laughing stock of Tir ni Lia, because he's babying a Human and treating her like an equal, treating her like an Elf.
  • Ciri, who has below normal intelligence, (she's borderline clinically retarded in the books, thus why she acts more animal then human - dramatically different then she is in the game) has no ability to understand where she is, accuses Avallac'h of holding her prisoner, then proceeds to smash everything he owns.
  • Avallac'h on the king's orders, tells Ciri she's to have a baby with the king, to reintroduce Elder Blood back into the royal family.
  • Avallac'h's brother Auberon (Lara's father) takes Ciri away from Avallac'h, and nightly molests her.
  • Ciri after several weeks of being sexualy abused by Auberon, attacks Avallac'h and rapes him.
  • Avallac'h, deeply traumatized by being raped, and now terrified of Ciri, runs away from Ciri when he sees her, becomes severely agoraphobic, locks himself in his room, stops eating, stops talking, and refuses to set foot outside.
  • Eredin uses the rape as a motive and frames Avallac'h for the murder of one brother, King Auberon, using Ciri as a tool to do so, claiming Avallac'h poisoned the king, to get back at him for the rape.
  • Now that Auberon is dead and Avallac'h is free of the king's obsession with Elder Blood, Avallac'h destroys his work/research in Elder Blood and abandons his laboratories.
  • With King Auberon dead, Eredin crowns himself king, and proceeds to bad mouth Avallac'h at every turn, utterly and completely destroying his reputation.
  • Avallac'h's other brother, Viceroy Ge'els, enraged at the thought of one of his brothers killing the other, sics The Wild Hunt on Avallac'h and Ciri claiming they both plotted to murder Auberon together
  • Avallac'h's devastation over the death of one brother and the other brother now hating him, is torn between siding with his family or siding with Ciri, whom he knows is innocent of Auberon's death
  • Because the Sages are psions and see all, hear all, and know all, and therefore know the truth of who killed Auberon, Eredin has all the Sages mass murdered. Only the 2 most powerful ones forsee Eredin's plot and escape: one male (Avallac'h) and one female (Ida)
  • Avallac'h is now a member of an endangered species as he is the last living male Aen Saevherne Elf
  • Avallac'h helps Ciri escape Eredin, where she makes it to the Unicorns who take her back home
  • 6 months later Eredin catches up with Ciri, and nearly kills her, but is stopped by Avallac'h, who once again whisks Ciri into a portal and flees with her
  • Ciri now learns that Avallac'h, once a ruling nobel, and the court mage of King Auberon, has been striped of his titles, rank, and lands, has been imprisoned and tortured, was sentenced to death by his own brother but escaped execution, and is now considered a fugitive on the run from King Eredin and Viceroy Ge'els' mercenaries: The Wild Hunt
  • The two live together, jumping planet to planet for 21 years, desperately fleeing the Wild Hunt, multiple times Avallac'h being captured and tortured because he stood in the way of the Hunt to give Ciri time to escape.
  • Rumors that The Great Avallac'h, The Knowing One, the most powerful and most feared mage of the universe, has fallen from grace quickly spread throughout the multiverse, with him a criminal with a price on his head.
  • Quickly too surface a devastating (for Avallac'h) rumor that his beloved Lara was not killed by either the Elves or Humans, but rather by Avallac'h himself.
  • Avallac'h is now a wandering vagabond, simultaneously trying to prove his innocence to Ge'els, while trying to keep both himself and Ciri alive against all odds.
  • Outcast from Elf society, he is shunned, beaten, and ridiculed by every Elf he meets.
  • Being an Elf, he is abused, beaten, and harassed by every Human he meets.
  • Terrified of both Humans and Elves, he takes to wearing a mask so no one can identify him.
  • Eredin, seeing yet another way to destroy Avallac'h's life enlist's Avallac'h's son Caranthir to cast The Uma curse on Avallac'h, transforming him into a mute homunculus.
  • The game picks up the story from there.
  • Did I miss anything?

Avallac'h is a very sad character. We see him, very late in his life, now chasing after a young woman who looks exactly like the woman who left him. Driving himself to the brink of insanity, out of a desire to love and be loved in return. He's suicidal and deeply depressed, but can not kill himself, because he fears his soul will be lost because there is no one alive to bury him and mourn him.

Did you ever see what it says on my car? The Dazzling Razzberry aka The Autism Awareness car, the one with 2.5 million marbles glued to it (link goes to photo of said car): "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved in return" painted across the side of my car in 12" letters. No one loves me. No one has loved me in a very long time. People who care on some level, yes. Fans of my novels, yes. But think about it: Fans have families they go home with at night. I do not.

I know the pain of loving someone very much and believing they loved you in return, only to grow old and have them leave for someone younger. It hurts. It hurts a lot. And THAT is ultimately the thing which endeared Avallac'h to me. Under his cold, cruel exterior, is a heart broken Elf screaming in pain for someone to love him. To love and be loved in return, is only desire I have in life. That's why I painted it on my car.

I know what it is, to want a family, to never have children, to be cast out by my people, to be excommunicated by my church, to grow old and be left for someone younger, to now be a senior citizen alone, unwanted, forgotten, and unloved, left behind, abandoned by those I trusted, and you know my history, a bomb blew up my house, my cats heads were cut off and nailed to my door, I was beaten and left paralyzed for 5 months, took 18 month to relearn to walk, I'm crippled the rest of my life. I live in a region where hatred of my race and my religion, is met with extreme violence, murder, beheadings, bombs, and the law turns a blind eye, I live with racism every day, something most Americans couldn't even imagine exists in today's world.

I can sympathize with Avallac'h. I know how he feels. I know the sadness and frustration he lives with. He is a character whose backstory, near mirrors my own on so many levels. It was not possible for me to discover a character like him, and not feel a strong bond.

That's why Avallac'h. Because I know what it is, to be unloved, unwanted, and live with the desire to be loved, be the only thing that keeps you from killing yourself.

Avallac'h was a very well made character. I understand his pain, for it is the same pain I live with.

Avallac'h is the single, most overly sexualized, and overly perverted character of both the books and the game. And there is a scene in the novels where he tells Geralt that after centuries of doing every sexual thing possible to she-elves, he's now bored with she-elves and started trying out every sexual thing possible with female humans. Says he does so "out of perverse curiosity" and spends 2 whole pages describing in detail "copulating", "ovulating" and "orgasms" of she-elves vs female humans. He then tells Geralt he's become bored with sex stating: 

"Do you know, Witcher, what the greatest snag of longevity is? Sex. You heard that right. Sex. After almost a hundred years it becomes boring. There's nothing to fascinate or excite any longer, nothing that has exciting appeal of novelty. It has all been done already ... In this way or that. But unbridled lust never leaves you, sex totally governs you; it's a drive more powerful even than survival instinct. To die? Why not? If one can fuck around beforehand. And what suddenly happens? Elves, bored by she-elves, court the always-willing human females."

~Avallac'h on why he, a pure blooded High Elf, fucks Humans

Tower of Swallows

page 243

Did you notice when I'm quoting Avallac'h's dialogue from the novels, I've put it in italics?

You know there is a reason I did that right?

Can you guess what that reason might be?

It's very simply really - it's because in the books, his dialouge is written in italc.

Can you guess why THAT might be?

If you read novels regular, you know that a character's dialogue is only put in italics for one reason and one reason only... it means that those words are not being spoken, but rather are being thought.

If a character is thinking deep, inner thoughts to themself, that no one else can hear, because they are thinking, not talking, the words are in italics and the reader knows they are reading thoughts, not vocal speech.

and yet, ALL of Avallac'h's dialogue is italic, which means he is NEVER seen in the novels speaking out loud.

Avallac'h spends an inordinate amount of his on page book time, sitting by, watching Ciri, and playing panpipes. Never saying a word.

He sits in the field watching unicorns fucking and painting pictures of unicorns fucking and playing panpipes, which seems to cause the unicorns to fuck.

He sits in in garden, playing panpipes, as naked women, inexplicably gather around him...and then later that night he'll still be sitting in that same garden, no longer playing his pipes, now admiring al the pure white marble statues of naked women. Statues that weren't there this morning and look eerily lifelike.

When Ciri argues wit him, defying him, smashing everything in his house, he angrily grabs her arm, drags her to his garden, takes her to a statue of a crying child and tells her: "Don't become this! This was an unruly child!" While her head reels from the explosive pain in her brain, upon feeling, not hearing his anger.

Avallac'h's emotions are dangerous, deadly even, for those around him, because, unlike a normal person, who you simply hear yelling at you, when Avallac'h is angry, you feel his rage. Your own heart rate increases, because his heart rate increases. You feel a burning in your skull, as his rage ignites, and not just his angry thoughts, but also everything he is feeling is being funneled into you. You don't think he is anything, you KNOW he is angry. You feel his anger inside you, crushing you, strangling you, suffocating you. People die when Avallac'h gets angry.

People die when Avallac'h gets angry and not because he wanted to kill them, but simply because their body physically was not capable of containing his anger inside of them.

This is the true danger of a psion, for they must learn to become emotionless beings, never laughing, never crying, never smiling, and never becoming angry, because when they do these things, people die. Psions are sad, lonly creatures, who can feel every emotion of every person around them, but can not risk sharing in those feelings. Thus Psions flee populated areas, hiding deep within the earth, to cut themselves off from society, that they do not risk hurting others.

Only a very, incredibly powerful psion can live among others in populated areas.

Ciri spends A LOT of time talking to Avallac'h, while Avallac'h sits quietly, listening to her every word. The strong bond we see in the game between Avallac'h and Ciri, we see in it's early stages, forming, in the novels, because no one ever sits and listens to Ciri talk, something that frustrates her.

There is page after page after page of Ciri going yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, followed by "Avallac'h smiled and nodded and said nothing."

MOST times you see Avallac'h in the books, he is:

  • smiling, 
  • nodding, 
  • sitting quietly, 
  • playing the pan pipes, 
  • and saying nothing.

This what avallac'h does throughout most of the 4 chapters we see him in, in the entirety of 8 very large epic fantasy novels.

Also seen in scene with Avallac'h, are lots of descriptions of:

  • headaches, 
  • brains hurting, 
  • pounding temples,
  • brains feeling like they were going to explode, 
  • the feeling of an invasion inside her mind, 
  • brains feeling like they were being pulled out of their skull, 
  • pounding inside her skull, 
  • a feeling like her skull would be crushed...

...every time he talks.

We are told at every turn, in the books and the game, that Avallac'h is not like other Elves because he was born with Aen Saevherne blood, a rare genetic mutation, similar and closely related to Elder Blood, and is therefore a Sage aka a Psion.

Avallac'h is an Aen Saevherne, a Psion, called a Sage for simplicity, and the entire multiverse is terrified shitless of him because of it.

Psion is another word for a telepath.

While lots of changes were made with lots of characters, in their going from their original creations in the novels, to their video game adaptations in the game, perhaps the biggest change of any character, was the decision by the game developers to take a mute character and give him the ability to speak.

What, mute character in the books, suddenly has the ability to speak in the game, you ask?

Why the character who in both the books and the games communicates to people by doing this to them:

This scene with Corinne Tilly is the only time the game hints to Avallac'h's telepathic abilities, and does not go into full detail of what he is doing or why. If you play the game, without having first read the novels, you are left confused as to what is actually happening in this scene.


Avallac'h is mute in the books.

In the novels, Avallac'h's speech, when speaking vocally in a Human language, is described as: 

The voice sounded odd and weird, but Geralt had hear similar voices many times. Creatures not accustomed to communicating using articulated speech, spoke like that, they accented and intoned strangely, drawing out the syllables unnaturally.

It is interesting the line: Creatures not accustomed to communicating using articulated speech, spoke like that, 


Because, when Avallac'h speaks to his women, and they speak to him, the words of their conversations are never in the text of the novel, rather it describes what SOUNDS Ciri is hearing them make as they hum, chirp, whistle, and chitter like birds. One scene in particular stands out, when Ciri is watching Avallac'h communicating with his women.

Ciri noted in amazement that Avallac'h and the three elf-women were humming, singing in chorus some strange, monotonous tune.

Who are you?

She shook her head.

Who are you?

The question sounded again in her skull, pounded in her temples. The elves' song suddenly rose a tone in pitch. The song of Avallac'h and the elf-women broke off.

If you don't know what a whale song sounds like, or what it is the sounds of Avallac'h's humming, singing chorus sounds like... here, have a real world whale singing:

THIS ^^^ is what Ciri is hearing with her ears, when Avallac'h communicates with her.

The words form in her mind, but what her ears hear is this whale song sound of humming.

I do wish the game would have touched on Avallac'h's humming whale song method of telepathically communicating with people around him, because it's one of the more fascinating things you see in the novels, and definitely makes his character stand out as very unique.

Because of this limited ability to speak verbally, unfortunatly, conversations between him and other characters in the books, are very limited, due to the need to describe the sounds he's making and actions he's taking, in between every italicized line of his dialogue.

It definitely makes passages with him in them, more difficult to read as well, and is thus why a common complaint you see in reviews of the novels, is to say some parts of the dialogue seems "choppy". It is written very choppy, and is difficult to read, because trying to describe a mute character, during a conversation, is difficult all around. But still, his unique method of playing pipes and humming as a way of transferring his thoughts into other people's heads, is still an incredibly fascinating aspect of his character, which sadly was removed from the game addapation of him... and as talk of both a TV show and a movie of The Witcher is now underway... I would hope that this aspect of his character is brought into them and not removed as it was in the game.

I'm fascinated by reading the casting call for the tv show... there are ADULT women stepping forward to try out for Ciri... yet the tv show is supposedly going to be set in the same time period of Lady of the Lake, picking up immediately after it ends, meaning the tv show will start right after the rape scene... during the rape scene in Lady of the Lake, Ciri is said to be 12 and Avallac'h 2,000+

Ciri NOT Geralt is the main character of the witcher series, so many people forget that because you play Geralt not Ciri in the game.

The rape scene happens in 1251, Ciri and Avallac'h are travelling together in the game in 1272, meaning she's 33 years old in the game...and the fact that she's traveling with Avallac'h shocks everyone in the game, even though the game never tells the player the backstory between Ciri and Avallac'h... it really should because so many players get to the part of "Don't trust Avallac'h, he's not a friend" and go wait... what, why?

If the tv series is set after the books but before the game, Ciri could be anything from 12 to 33

Ciri also starts traveling with Avallac'h 6 months after the rape scene and lives with him for 21 years, because he's accused of murdering Auberon and she's accused of helping him, thus they are on the run from the Wild Hunt together (even though the game never tells us that either) before they get seperated at that start of the game

If the tv show really is going by the books, and going to be set after the books but before the games, that'd put Ciri as a teenagered main character with Avallac'h as a primary companion for her, and Geralt not that big of a player in the show at all... yet the casting makes no mention of Ciri or Avallac'h and seems to focus instead on Geralt and Yen, which indicates the tv show will NOT be focusing heavily on the books at all, even though they say they will be.

Either way, if they are sticking with the books, Ciri is only 12 years old

Personally, I'd like to see Lady of the Lady made into a tv show... I think Ciri's twisted Stockholm Syndrome relationship with Avallac'h, and Avallac'h's psycho crazed obsession with Ciri, is fascinating.

Remember, Avallac'h is a psion. He's not accustomed to opening his mouth and using his vocal chords to speak when communicating with others. He is instead accustomed to humming and/or playing the flute, lute, or pan-pipes, and having his thoughts transferred into the mind of the person he's talking to.

In the books, Avallac'h is described as audibly humming, whistling, and chirping like a bird, not actually speaking with vocal words, while his thoughts form inside the skulls of the people he's communicating to. He uses pitch and tone, and notes from musical instruments to convey his thoughts.

Throughout the novels, when he "speaks", his words are in ITALIC meaning they are thought not spoken out loud, and people listening to him, describe FEELING his words INSIDE their head/skull/brain, NOT hearing it with their ears. While describing his wordless whale-song vocals as what they hear with their ears.

There are many inconsitancies between the books and their video game adaptations.

Character names are changed: For example in the book it's Condwiramurs Tilly and in the game her name becomes Corinne Tilly 

Characters changed appearance, for example, in the books Kelpie is black and in the game Kelpie is white.

Avallac'h in the books is a 7 foot tall blond, in the game has black hair now turned grey and is barely over 5 feet.

And more importantly, for the topic we are discussing right now, in the game Avallac'h talks.

Yes. That's a thing that was changed.

In the game Avallac'h can and does talk.



Actually opening his mouth and speaking, like we Humans do.

We are told at every turn, in the books and the game, that Avallac'h is not like other Elves because he was born with Aen Saevherne blood, a rare genetic mutation, similar and closely related to Elder Blood, and is therefore a Sage aka a Psion.

Avallac'h has taken a vested interest in Ciri, because she is like him - a genetically mutated freak that can no fit in with normal society. He identifies with her, sees her as his equal, and has made it his life goal to teach her how to use her powers, because he's the ONLY person on the planet who has the same powers and knows how to manage living with them.

Ciri is young and not in control of her powers Avallac'h is ancient and has fully mastered his powers.

The only difference between Ciri's Elder Blood and Avallac'h's Aen Saevherne blood, the the fact that Avallac'h is a Psion and Ciri is not. Otherwise their blood, their powers, their abilities are equal.

And what is a psion?

In EVERYTHING: every franchise, every movie, every game, every books, every anything, a psion is ALWAYS a MUTE character, who uses telepathy to transfer their thoughts into the minds of others.

There is no such thing as a Psion who can open their mouths and form words vocally that you can hear with your ears. Not in Dungeons and Dragons, not in Pathfinder, and not in the Witcherverse.


Because, they wouldn't be a psion if they had the capability of speech.

And thus in the books, like all psions everywhere, Avallac'h does not speak by moving his lips and talking with words hear with ears. In the books, Avallac'h, when he wants to speak to a person, he plays panpipes, hums, whistles, and chirps, while his thoughts form inside the skulls of whomever he is communicating with.

And yet we see here,

Avallac'h, in the game...

and surprisingly, he's talking...

But in the books:

Avallac'h DOES NOT


But why?

Why doesn't he talk?

Because of his Aen Saevherne blood, Avallac'h does not see himself as equal to the rest of the Aen Elle Elves, but rather instead, Avallac'h sees himself as a god of the Aen Elle.

An Aen Saevhern, also known as a Sage, is a type of powerful psionic sorcerer who was born with their powers, rather then learning magic through years of training, as other mages have to do.

Avallac'h travels through time and space, walking from one planet to the next through portals between world, he goes forward and backward through time with a flick of his hand; he knows your thoughts, your emotions, everything you did in your past, everything you will do in your future.

He sees all, knows all, hears all.

He creates life from death, builds golems, creates mutated super soilers, searches the eons and dimentions for people with powerful bloodlines, pulls them out of their world, locks them in his lab and breeds them to create super beings, demi-gods, and no one - NO ONE - can stop him.

Try to stop him, and he'll zap you a thousand years into the past or send you to a deserted desert planet where no one will ever find you, or hear your screams as you die.

The Aen Elle Elves see themselves as the elite, the descendants of the god who created the universe... but Avallac'h, he is an ascended one - the purest of the purest bloodlines - a direct link to god, with the powers of god, and so powerful is he, so ascended is he, that he has no need for verbal speech. His mind is so far above and beyond anything, anyone can comprehend, that he doesn't even need to try to speak.

This is what you see in the books.

A unearthly creature, so unlike any other Elf, that he's barely an Elf at all, and he knows it.

No one, literally, not one person - is anything close to his equal, thus why he seeks to create others like himself, for he is alone in his powers, he is alone in his abilities, he is alone with no one who can even begin to comprehend what it is to live with the powers he possesses, and that loneliness is driving him mad. The loneliness of having no one he can talk to on his own level, is what drives hm to boredom and sends him to be driven to paint erect dicks on works of art. Absolute boredom, that comes from being nearly immortal, living for millennia, and having no one else like you to spend that time with.

THAT is what Avallac'h is in the books.

An Elf, that is not an Elf. An Elf so different from other Elves, that even the Elves fear him and live in mortal terror of him.

An Elf with powers so incomprehensible that no one dares make a wrong move near him, and not just near him, because he can see and hear everything everyone does for miles around him, and if he doesn't like what you are doing or saying, he can crush you with him mind.

The game never shows him in this light. The game shows him as a powerful wizard and briefly states that Sages are not true wizards and Avallac'h is more powerful than any other mage, but beyond that the game tells us no details of who or what he truly is, largely because the game assumes you've already read the books.

Why doesn't he talk?

Because like a Pleasian, Avallac'h is an interdimensional being of light who has progressed beyond the need for verbal speech.

Like a whale, he uses sound waves and music to transfer his thoughts from his own mind, into the mind of whomever he wishes to communicate with.

While he talks vocally in the game, Avallac'h does not speak vocally in the books, instead forcing his thoughts into other people's minds.

And we see this briefly in the game, the first time he tries to speak in the Human language, the fact that he stumbles over the words and stammers... but we NEVER in the game see him mentally forcing his slithering, squishy thoughts into other people's heads, the way he does in the books.

We never in the game see him playing pipes, flutes, or lutes as a form of communication.

We never in the game see him doing his whale-song vocalizations that he sings, humms, whistles, and chirps in the books.

In the books, the Aen Saevherne language is so, extremely dramatically different from the Human languages, that it sounds like whale songs and bird chirps, and bears no resemblance to spoken words at all.

Here... watch this video... it's the first time Avallac'h opens his mouth -EVER - in 2,000 years - and attempts to speak WITHOUT using flute playing, whale song, humming telepathy that you see him doing in the books ... you can see and hear for yourself, what he sounds like and the great difficulty he has in communicating in the Human language:

Why does he speak vocally in the game?

In this one scene, he's just been tortured, he's dying, and he's bound in dimeritium. He's just been revived from his heart already stopping once, and he's fast slipping into a coma as he tries desperately to get out the words he does say. In short, he's too weak to use telepathy in this scene.

We are seeing a creature, so vastly powerful, that he never thought anything could really hurt him, be brought to the edge of death, and now becoming terrified at the realization of his own mortality.

In the novels, we saw him use the term "mere mortals" in reference to humans, meaning he thought himself immortal. Yet in this scene in the game, he died and a mere human brought him back to life, and he's now fully aware of the true frailty of his existence. He now understands that he is not immortal, not invincible, and he is not even truly all powerful. He's weak. He's injured. He's dying. And the dimeritium bonds have drained his ability to do magic, to harness energy, to manipulate time... he can't even sing his whale song and put his thoughts into the minds of the humans looking down at him. He is forced to speak to these mere mortals, using their methods and their language, and he's not familiar with either.

We see Avallac'h in scenes following this (in the game) surrounded by books and attempting to learn how to communicate with the Humans he now finds himself stuck with.

According to the "one week later" and "one month later" type cutscenes, 3 months pass, from this scene, and the next time we see him try to speak, (at Vesemir's funeral) at which point, he's verbally speaking with the Humans on a more or less fluent level, though, he remains mostly silent throughout most of the game, obviously very shy about his inability to speak to the Humans fluently.

Being a psion, he's able to teach himself the human language very, very well, and very, very fast, in a matter of days, something that would take most people years to do.

What we are seeing here is more or less a demi-god, who has found himself grounded and living among mortals, and makes an active attempt to "blend in" and intermingle with them.

He's never known Humans well before. He's had them has slave and pets, used them as lab rats in his experiments, but never before has he ever tried to walk amoung them, get to know them, and actually see how they live.

And so the Elf plagued with eons of boredom, now walks among humans, because this is at last that new, novelty, of excitement that he had previously mentioned he was seeking.

Interestingly, his being a psion, also explains why he is described in the books as "well over 7 feet tall and weighing 5 and 20 stone" (350lbs). Avallac'h in the books, is a giant, no differant in height then Ge'els, Eredin, Caranthir, Imerlyth, or any other Aen Elle Elf.

Yet in the game, he is a tiny little Elf, barely standing at Geralt's shoulder.

We know Geralt is 5'10" tall. This means that in the game, Avallac'h is only around 5'6" tall, a full 2 feet shorter than he is in the books.


Now, the because we have nothing to go on, all we can do is guess... right?


There is another option.

We could just head the CDProjectRed's offical game forums and ask the game developers why they decided to make him so short.

And do you know what the game developers said?

The answer was quiet simple:

If he's as powerful as he's said to be, then anything is possible for him, even being able to morph himself to blend in with his surroundings. The decision to make him similar in height to humans, was to allow him to walk among them and not stand out.

And thus we learn that he really is, still 7 feet tall in the game, but has altered his physical appearance so as to more closely resemble the humans he now lives with. This too, would explain his change in hair colour, as blond hair is rare and unusual and would stand out in a crowd of humans.

Is this change an illusion or has he physically changed, we do not know. All we know is that he now lives with humans and the game developers made him shorter on the assumption he had the power to alter his appearance in this manner.

Which brings us back to this scene... the first time in either the books or the game, where we see Avallac'h actually trying to speak vocally, like Humans and other Elves do... Avallac'h, an extremely arrogant creature who believes himself both immortal and invincible, due to his superpowered mind, is 2,000 years old and has never spoken verbally before because he refuses to degrade himself by learning how to make the sounds of lesser beings.

However, Avallac'h was crippled by the Uma Curse, cast on him by his own son, a spell that scrambled his brain, crippled him mind, leaving him physically, mentally, and magically helpless. Forcing him to have to speak as it removed his ability to use telepathy any more. BUT, the arrogent Elf, never learned to speak. He knows the words - he can think them, he can read them, but he has no idea how to say them.

As Uma, Avallac'h spoke in a strange gurgled squeaking series of gibbering chirps, that no one could understand. It is clear he understands what people are saying to him, as he responds to questions, but he can't form words, he simply does not know how to. Uma is seen desperately trying to speak, every single time we see him, and not able to form any type of actual words because he DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TALK with his mouth and vocal cords.

In every conversation with Uma, the Humans are left shrugging and saying they do not know if Uma even understands them, while we see Uma respond to this, wringing his hands in frustration and screaming unintelligibly.

Avallac'h has lived for centuries believing the speech of Humans was nothing but garbled unintelligent sounds, and so scoffed at it, refusing to learn it, and the Uma Curse has now put him in the shoes of the Humans, he has for so many centuries tortured believing them incomprehensible.

The Uma Curse changes Avallac'h drastically, from the arrogate telepath of the novels, to the now talking Elf we see in the game. While still exceptionally arrogant, we see the game version of Avallac'h vastly humbled by this experience, and not nearly as arrogant as he was in the novels.

In this picture here, we see Avallac'h the first time he tries to speak. The Uma Curse has just been lifted. But he died in the process, resurrected by a Human sorceress, and we now see Avallac'h, an extremely arrogant creature who believed himself both immortal and invincible, now trembling in fear as he's just had a wake up call on how frail andmortal his life really is.

Avallac'h as he wakes up and realizes he's strapped down to a torture table, surrounded by Humans. One of the few times we see the Elf displaying fear, Avallac'h is seen here absolutely terrified.

A scientist who has spent centuries running horrific tests on lab animals (Humans) he is now horrified by the realization that these creatures are not as mindless as he thought and are now doing to him, what he has long been doing to them.

While we see Avallac'h multiple times in the novels and games prior to The Trial of Grasses scene, this scene is the first time in his life, that Avallac'h makes any attempt to speak the Human language.

Prior to the Trial of Grasses, Avallac'h's dialogue is always spoken and written in Elvish/Elder Speech, with a translation in subtitles.

Avallac'h does not know the other Humans who are there, but he recognizes Geralt from their prior meeting and knows that this is Ciri's father and that Geralt can be trusted to not hurt Ciri and in hopes of ending the torture he is being subjected to, Avallac'h tries to tell Geralt where Ciri is, however, not knowing the Human language well, he is barely able to communicate with them, not able to find the right words.

The other Witchers (Vesemir, Lambert, and Eskel) not realizing the Elf has never tried speaking the Human language before, become furious and accuse him of speaking in misleading riddles, trying to trick them, and threatening to kill him if he doesn't tell them where Ciri is.

Terrified, fearing they are about to kill him, and realizing he doesn't know how to communicate with them well enough to tell them how to find Ciri, Avallac'h instead casts a spell, giving Geralt a Will o Wisp (mythical firefly) and manages to tell Geralt it will take him to where Ciri is.

Before Geralt can ask for more details, Eskel is once again threatening to kill the Elf, a known general of The Wild Hunt and therefor an enemy, but Yennefer steps in and threatens to fight any Witcher that tries to kill the Elf. Unknown to the Witchers, Yennefer has already talked to Keira Mertz and has been informed that Ciri is in love with Avallac'h and was looking for someone to help lift the Uma Curse.

Yennefer recognising this as the Elf Ciri is in love with, steps in to defend him and then has him moved to her bedroom, where she spends the next several weeks nursing him back to health.

The dying Elf, passed out again, now slipping into a coma. Yennefer's words to Geralt, as she declares she'll not let the Witchers kill him.

Because is a psion, with telepathic powers, and he's reached a point in his life where sex is now boring, he's developed a new way to have sex... without actually having sex... but rather instead, by psychically giving female brain-damaging (literally) orgasms... you know, so he can watch women die in mid orgasm, while sucking all their thoughts and memories out of their head... thus you have scenes like this in both the game and the novels:

And hey, why stop with mind fucking she-elves and female humans when you can mind herds of unicorns as well?

And, you could always make it a group thing... 3 she-elves and 30 unicorns all at once (in the novels) or 2 women, 1 Witcher, and Ge'els (in the game).

Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons?

Specifically Forgotten Realms? Anywhere in the Underdark.

If so, you know there exist two thing all D&D RPG players fears more then ANYTHING in all of the D&D worlds: Drow and Mind Flayers.

A Drow is a psychotically deranged Elf, who hate Humans, hate other Elves, heck, they even hate themselves and kill each other off just for fun if they can't find any Humans or Common Elves to sadistically dismember and vivisect. Jarlaxle is a Drow, by the way. You remember Jarlaxle? That other Elf I like.

A Mind Flayer? Don't know Mind Flayers?

Here, have a Mind Flayer:

A Mind Flayer is a psion.

A psion is a creature with telepathic powers, but unlike a psychic, a psion, has mind control abilities to make you their zombie minion.

A Mind Flayer is creature that takes Humans as slaves, and you can't do a thing to get away from them or escape them, because they literally, as their name suggests, flay your mind, rip out any free will you ever had, replace it with their own thoughts and desires, then have armies of mindless minions to do their will, and be nice tasty snacks when they get hungry.

And then there's Avallac'h.

Nice sweet, innocent looking, seemingly friendly little Elf...

 ...who as it turns out, has the psychotically deranged personality of a Drow and the brain draining, mind flaying abilities of a mind flayer, rolled into some strange Loki-like trickster habits, and is some 2,000 years old, bored out of his mind from having lived too long and has decided to use his mind flayer style abilities to psychically fuck people out of their minds, you know, in between pushing Ge'els off of cliffs, strangling Ciri, graffiting penises on human art, and defacing cave paintings with tiger striped purple bison... all things he does simply because he's a psion with a super over active brain and his brain loves activity and can't not tolerate doing nothing, thus he is easily bored even when he is doing something, thus he is very hyper, ADHD hyperactive, on levels that leave him constantly restless and ever needing to do something, anything, just to keep his brain from driving him out of his mind with boredom.

And speaking of the purple bison scene, In between painting the purple bison and then painting the giant penises... Avallac'h takes the time to stop what he's doing and tell a friendly neighbour monster to go fling feces on Geralt, which it promptly does, by jumping up, and taking a shit on Geralt's foot... and during the rest of his conversation with Avallac'h, Geralt is described as "trying to scrape feces off his boot and wishing he had not left his sword outside of the cave" you know, because there's nothing he'd rather do right now than run a sword through the Elf that just flung feces at him and is now writing poetry about flinging feces at humans, before he returns to painting penises on art that was made by Humans... this is Geralt's (and the reader's) first introduction to Avallac'h. An Elf that likes vandalising art by painting penis on it and only stops doing that long enough to tell one of his minions to go take a shit on the Human that interrupting him while he was vandalizing Human art.

The game left out a lot of Avallac'h's quirks he had in the books... like in between every sentence, he stops to write down everything he says because "that would make a great poem". In the books he's a poet and a bard. He is so in love with himself, it ain't funny either. If you know Dandelion, Avallac'h is kind of the Dandelion of the Elf world.

In the books he also sings what he says, and often speaks in Dr Seuss style rhymes, and takes the time to carefully think out his words to make sure they rhyme, will make a person wait, while he writes down his words to make sure they rhymed properly, before he says them.

In the books he has a flute, a lute, and panpipes that he is playing almost constantly.

In the books he admits to being vain, stating on many occasions that he suffers from "the fires of vanity"... which he says as he signs his name on the penises he just graffitied on ancient works of art. Then sadly admits now every will know who vandalised the cave painting because he, being an artist himself, couldn't resist signing his name to it.

Note to, that in the books, Geralt doesn't call Crevan by his name (Crevan) or by his nickname Avallac'h), and instead, Geralt calls him "Purple Bison". Which Avallac'h finds hilarious.

Also, Avallac'h in the books, finds EVERYTHING funny. He has a Loki-style trickster personality in the books, playing constant pranks on everyone, things he finds funny, like throwing feces at humans, that no one else finds funny, and them not finding it funny, only makes him think it's funnier. He's always laughing at someone, and when not laughing, is described as wearing a smirk, looking like he was about to laugh.

These are all things, found in the books, that are no where to be seen in the game.

He's crazy. In case you hadn't noticed, yet, but one could argue that the impending insanity fast overtaking him, is not something he has any control over due to the fact that his brain is seemingly functioning on levels that are too hyper even for him and he is having trouble dealing with it, as his body, simply can not keep up with his brain's need to constantly be doing something. Thus like a restless child or a bored teenager, we see him pushing his best friend off a cliff, for no reason other then he needed to be doing something and his friend was standing too close to the edge of a cliff at the exact wrong time, then rushing of to graffiti things, he shouldn't be graffitiing, but is compelled to do so anyways, because, it was there and his brain thought, "Hey, that needs a penis on it!"...

And when Geralt asks Avallac'h why he does these things (in the novel, Tower of Swallows) Avallac'h stands back and stares at his work, in this case, several giant penises now scrawled across an ancient cave painting... and replies to tell Geralt he does not really know why he does these things, he's just old and bored and looking to find some sort of excitement in life to tell him he still has a reason to be alive.

In short... Avallac'h is so old, that he is nearly immortal, and he's been everywhere, done everything, seen everything, and while he's not truly evil, and doesn't have any bad intent in heart, he has taken to doing things he really shouldn't be doing, things that definitely are not good, simply because they are things he's never done before and he is now just looking to do things he's never done, in some vain hope that he'll find some excitement in life, something to spark the will to be alive.

We even see him contemplating death as something he has not yet tried and something he considers as being at least an alternative to the endless centuries of boredom he now finds himself faced with after 2,000 years of living...

"Do you know, Witcher, what the greatest snag of longevity is? Sex. You heard that right. Sex. After almost a hundred years it becomes boring. There's nothing to fascinate or excite any longer, nothing that has exciting appeal of novelty. It has all been done already ... In this way or that. But unbridled lust never leaves you, sex totally governs you; it's a drive more powerful even than survival instinct. To die? Why not? If one can fuck around beforehand. And what suddenly happens? Elves, bored by she-elves, court the always-willing human females."

~Avallac'h on why he, a pure blooded High Elf, fucks Humans

Tower of Swallows

page 243

This picture by the way, comes from the novels and is him vandalising a cave painting... he's about to paint a giant penis across it.

While bored out of his mind, and driving everyone around him batty because of it, his obsession with sex, and his insatubale lust for women, is slowly driving him to the brink of insanity, as, he's both bored with women and can not stop lusting after them, but is no longer satisfied by them, and endlessly chasing after something new to restore his excitement in the novelty of sex.

And while he is also hell bent on trying to save the world, be a god, and reuniting the Aen Elle with the Aen Seidhe, his obsession with sex, is getting in the way, making it difficult for him to focus on the task at hand (saving the world) because he'd rather be having sex, but no longer gets satisfaction from sex, thus has to put saving the world on the back burning while he tries to figure out how to make sex exciting again. Thus we see the vicious circle of Avallac'h's brain.

He has no trouble getting women, but when you consider Avallac'h is sort of a brain-sucking parasite that can latch on to your mind and make you think, dream, or remember anything he wants you to, you then have to wonder how many of his women have actually been with him willingly, or were even aware they were with him at all.

Tulip, by the way, is actually Ge'els' girlfriend, but since when does Avallac'h care about things like that?

Viceroy Ge'els, my 2nd favourite Elf in the Witcher franchise. A 7 foot tall giant, conjurer, illusionist, cubist painter, general of the Wild Hunt, 2nd in command of the Aen Elle Elves, mass murderer of millions of humans, dines on unicorns, eats humans, abhors drinking alcohol as an evil sin, loyal to King Auberon, honest to a fault, righteous (as in holds to high religious and moral standards on fanatical levels), maker of the laws, sentancer of justice, feared by everyone in the multiverse (Elf, Human, Unicorn, Dryad, and Dwarf alike) as the most ruthless and evil of all the Aen Elle Elves (after Eredin and Avallac'h of course), fears nothing and no one, but is scared shittless of Avallac'h. One nasty side glance from tiny little bantam rooster Avallac'h can send Ge'els (literally) screaming for the hills.

 And besides, she's Ge'els' girlfriend, Avallac'h just wouldn't be Avallac'h if he wasn't finding ways to piss off Ge'els now would he? Pissing off Ge'els is Avallac'h's most favourite hobby, you know after drawing porn, stripping clothes off women as he walks through Novigrad, murdering Humans, and oh yeah, and building shrines of the women he's stalking; but after those things, stealing Ge'els' women and chasing Ge'els screaming through cemeteries, definantly big on Avallac'h's list of things to do.

Yeah, chasing Ge'els through cemetaries is a thing Avallac'h likes to do. I'm not sure why, but I just can't take these two Elves together anywhere without them starting in. I was trying to fight Drowners a few weeks ago, and did Avallac'h help Geralt fight Drowners, you know like he's SUPPOSED to be doing?

Nope. He did not.


Because we had Ge'els with us that day and while Geralt was fighting Drowners, Avallac'h was chasing Ge'els into a pack of Wild Dogs. After killing the Drowners, then rescuing Ge'els from the Wild dogs Avallac'h had siced on him, then finding and regrouping my crazy Elves, we marched off to a cemetery, and I turn my back on the Elves for 5 seconds to read a tombstone and next thing I know, Ge'els is running screaming through the cemetery and Philippa has lost her clothes.

Here have a screenshot of that episode:

Ge'els was with us here, but he's apparently scared of cemeteries as he ran off screaming... or maybe Avallac'h beat him up. I don't know. They don't seem to get along and I was too busy reading Dr. Moreau's tombstone to notice what happened. All I know is Phillippa is now naked, Ge'els is running away screaming, and Avallac'h is standing here all: "I didn't do anything" which means he definitely did, you're telling us, Philippa just stipped herself naked and Ge'els is screaming for no reason at all, and you didn't do anything, yeah, right, we believe you didn't do anything, suuuuure we do.

Also, while we are talking about that particular cemetery...

...we learn that the starship Enterprise has visited Toussaint and Captain Jean-Luc Picard died while there, as he is buried in that cemetery. 

(I'm doing a completionist run, so yes, I'm reading every stone, every book, every sign, every anything, we find, including every tombstone, thus how we found this one....Ge'els died while I was reading this by the way. The Wild Hunt attacked just then.)

Oh, yeah, and just before the cemetary scene, you know back their in the field, when I'm off to save Ge'els from a pack of wild dogs. Avallac'h did not like that, so, he immediately killed Geralt with a fireball attack and I had to go fight the Drowners all over again, then find Ge'els and Avallac'h and kill the Wild dogs, you know, now that I finally got past Avallac'h to get to thee wild dogs and save Ge'els from them that is.

Avallac'h killing Geralt, because he's pissed that Geralt tried to rescue Ge'els from the Wild Dogs. Notice how my health bar was full and he one hit dropped me here.

Since bringing Avallac'h into the regular (non-quest) gameplay of the game, we've certainly changed things up a bit. Avallac'h is an npc whom you can bring in as a travel companion for your player character, Geralt. You have absolutely NO ABILITY to control the NPCs, who are pre-programed by the devs to act in non-quest gameplay the same way they do in regular primary quest game-play. There are 5,000 characters you can choose from to have travel with Geralt and you can have up to 100 of them traveling with him at a time. Some characters fight alongside you, others run away screaming when an enemy shows up.

A few, like Avallac'h, may or may not fight with you depending on what else in near by and they may or may not ALSO attack the villagers. You can have monsters, such as Leshans for companions, for example and while they fight with you, they also attack the villagers, because they are enemy characters and are programed into the game to act that way and will CONTINUE to act however they did in the primary quest version of the game. Non-fighters, won't fight, characters that do fight fight exactly as good or as poorly as they did in the quests, and characters who were enemies in the main game are wild cards that you can't turn your back on.

For example, Avallac'h, is an enemy in the primary game, though you are not made aware of this until the final boss battle when you realize the guy who supposedly has been helping you all this time IS the game's final boss. In non-quest game play, Avallac'h casually strolls over and watches Geralt fight and may or may not fight a monster, but get within 100 feet of a Human village and DAMN, watch him run off to slaughter everything and everyone around him in psychotically deranged gleeful abandon.

Evil Human-hating, Elf Wizard, Avallac'h gleefully masserquing a Human village, while 8 of his, barely visible through the blood spatter, naked women cheer him on...while Geralt (barely visible, directly behind Avallac'h, trying to run out of range, because Avallac'h can and DOES hurt Geralt as well) wondering: "What the fuck are you doing? We're supposed to be killing the bandits not slaughtering the villagers!"... at least he didn't kill Ge'els... AGAIN... this time... I'll be making a "Ge'els is dead" compilation video soon... let's see if I can find 100 times Avallac'h has killed Ge'els...ONLY 100, there's way more.

When I spawned Avallac'h as a travel companion for Geralt in regular non-quest game play, I forgot that in the primary quest gameplay Avallac'h is not only a villain, he's also the game's primary villain and final boss battle, and, damn.... I've had such a hard time staying alive since spawning Avallac'h as a companion... he drops the enemies then turns around and drops Geralt... and I'm sitting there staring at a "You are Dead" load screen, wondering, why the hell did he just kill me...AGAIN? What is wrong with him? He's supposed to be helping me. It's definitely interesting trying to play the game with Avallac'h as a companion, that's for sure.

After stripping women naked and chasing Ge'els across the countryside, nothing makes Avallac'h happier then bashing Human brains in.

I didn't realize how absolutely psychotic he was, until we brought him into regular non-questing game play and watched how the computer's ai plays him.

We also noticed that the first time we meet Ge'els the first words out of his mouth are: "How do you like my NEW girlfriend?" and while Geralt is trying to talk to Ge'els, you know because, the world's about to end and life needs saving, Ge'els and Avallac'h are too busy arguing over Tulip and how much she does or does not look like Lara Dorren.

After Geralt kills King Eredin's general, Imlerith, he seeks out Avallac'h's help to kill Eredin's other two generals, Caranthir and Ge'els... notice how Avallac'h (who normally maintains intense, unbreaking eye contact) looks away and can not keep eye contact every time he mentions his son Caranthir (who Geralt is not yet aware is Avallac'h's son.)... Avallac'h does not want either his son Caranthir or his brother Ge'els harmed, but he also doesn't want Geralt to know he's related to them. Avallac'h tells Geralt that Caranthir will not listen to reason, but that it is better to make a deal, and reason with Ge'els who would not be a threat if he could be convinced Eredin was the one who killed Auberon.
Geralt, unaware that Ge'els is Avallac'h's brother, saying to Avallac'h, he doesn't want to make a deal with Ge'els and would rather just kill him.
Avallac'h flipping out in response, telling Geralt that this sort of senseless brutality of kill everything, talk later, is exactly why Ge'els abhors Humans...after much arguing, Avallac'h convinces Geralt to visit Ge'els and try to make a deal with him, peacefully, rather then attacking him with swords.
Geralt takes a break from looting Ge'els house, to watch the giant Elf, happily painting... this is an interesting scene, because if you stand here long enough, you also get the see Ge'els go dancing and twirling around his patio, like giddy sure to look for and read Ge'els diary, before you go talk to him (once you've triggered the cutscene there is no more ability to loot his house)... you'll learn that each continent has has a Sage assigned to keeping order, that the White Frost has already taken out the West side of the planet, and absolute panic is happening in most of the Aen Elle world.
Avallac'h meets Ge'els' Tulip.
Ge'els hiding behind his painting, wishing he was seeing anyone but Avallac'h right now.
Ge'els taunting Avallac'h about Tulip, comparing her to Lara Dorren... notice Ge'els calls Avallac'h by his real name (Crevan).
Avallac'h flipping out in response and Geralt backing quickly away from Avallac'h wondering: "What the fuck just happened? Avallac'h just got done lecturing me on how I wasn't supposed to kill Ge'els and now he acts like he's gonna kill Ge'els himself."
Geralt putting LOTS of distance between himself and the enraged Avallac'h, while Ge'els quickly tries to change the subject before Avallac'h blasts him into oblivion with a spell or bashes his brain in with his staff.
Realizing he's pushed Avallac'h too far, and now fearing the tiny wizard will attack violently, Ge'els tries to call out to his guards for help.
...but the giant Elf is quickly taken hostage by Geralt and Avallac'h who threaten him to not call the guards.

The scene plays out as if Ge'els is trying to say: "You're not taking this one from me." And we are left to ask: how many of Avallac'h's women were Ge'els' women first and are ONLY with Avallac'h because Avallac'h has the ability to drain women's brains, making them mindless followers of Avallac'h, and Avallac'h is obsessed with pissed off Ge'els as much as he possibly can?

Have you ever lived on a farm and raised roosters?

Did you ever notice how the smallest bantam rooster stomps around the yard, harassing the hens, and beating up the biggest rooster of the flock? Pretend Avallac'h was a bantam rooster an Ge'els was a Jersey Giant, and every female on the planet was a hen, and you'd just about have a perfect description of Avallac'h's relationship with Ge'els.

Avallac'h is about 5'6" and Ge'els is 7'1", and Avallac'h spends an inordinate amount of time chasing Ge'els, beating up Ge'els, blasting Ge'els with spells, hitting Ge'els with his staff, and stealing Ge'els' women. Avallac'h is just strange like that.

In addition to all of Ge'els' women, Avallac'h has also been with all of Geralt's women.

Inside the Corvo Bianco Vineyard Estate/Geralt's house. Geralt, coming out of kitchen and wondering why Avallac'h and 5 naked women are coming out of Geralt's bedroom...

Avallac'h has been with almost every women Geralt has been with, and then some. He had a one time affair with Keira Mertz, Fringilla Vigo, Philippa Eilhart, and seems to have attempted one with Triss and Yennefer, but they were too hung up on Geralt, though he was able to get inside their heads and have them following him around like puppies during the "Battle Preparations" and "On Thin Ice" quests. 

Here, have a picture of THAT scene:

The Battle Preparations Quest: Avallac'h with Ciri, Triss, Yennefer, Margarita, Fringilla, and Philippa, and Geralt walking into the room, wondering why all of his (Geralt's) women are naked and standing in a circle around Avallac'h, obediently obeying his every word, about to rush off and help Avallac'h start the apocalypse.
And again... this one is from my FOURTH playthrough of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Yep... as of May 20, 2018, I'm now on my 4th time through the game.

Of course there was his long standing relationship with Lara Dorren, which is why he's now nuts. The fastest way to send Avallac'h into a raging, hellfire, of flaming inferno fury is to mention Lara Dorren. Do not mention Lara Dorren in Avallac'h's presence. Ever. Just... don't. You may find your brain on the opposite side of the room from your body as he freezes you with White Frost, blasts you with Ard, then shattered your skull with his staff, while lopping off your head with his sword. Never mention Lara Dorren.

Avallac'h, Ge'els, and Lara Dorren promedarding through a field of dead Human Witch Hunters that Avallac'h just killed.

Avallac'h is insanely in love with his brother Auberon's daughter, Lara Dorren. He intended to marry her but she married a Human, and he had a psychotic breakdown over it and immediately responded to the situation by going to the world of humans and committing mass genocide murdering thousands of Humans. He is rumoured to have then murdered Lara Dorren a few months later, because she gave birth to a half-Elf.

He's also had relationships with ALL of Lara Dorren's female descendants over a period of some 200 years. It is unknown how many prostitutes he has racked up over the centuries, though it is known he has quite a lot of them.

And that list, that's just his Elf, half-Elf, and Human women. He also has Succubi and Vampires, and as I'm only 300 hours and 47% into the game, we'll probably find others.

We are left to wonder are there any women in the books or game, Avallac'h has NOT been with and is he trying to compete with Geralt to see who can jump into bed with the most women before the end of the game?

Avallac'h, an Elven Mage, walking through the streets of Novigrad... the city with a full on ban of both mages and Elves. Seen here, boldly walking through the square, crowded with Witch Hunters, as Elves and Mages burn on pries to either side of him... yet no one has noticed the Elf Wizard as they are too busy wondering why all the women in the square are suddenly naked... and Geralt wondering "Why the fuck am I travelling with this guy? He's gonna get us both killed."

A very old Elf, many centuries old, he now has trouble with physical sex, and being a psion (psychic) has devise a way of having sex with women, without actually having sex with them anymore. He links minds with them, like Spock does on Star Trek, to fuck their brains while draining their will power, thoughts, memories, and replace their now empty brain, with anything he wants to put in there. Then strips their clothes off them, and has hoards of nude, mindless zombie women just following him around for no reason at all...because...well... I don't know why. But hey, this is Avallac'h, what else is he gonna do?

Geralt has decided to take a break from fighting and is now sitting and watching the naked women dance around Avallac'h as Avallac'h stops using magic to fight and is now beating a shalmear over the head with his staff. He is so damned violent....Geralt is also wondering: "What the fuck? Is he high on fisteck? That's not how you fight a shalmaer. And he's working himself into a psychotic bloodlust frenzy... do I need to have my sword ready when Avallac'h gets done beating the shalmaer to death?"
Geralt, once again, wondering why he's traveling with a crazy Elf... and wondering where Avallac'h's clothes have gone.

Clearly Avallac'h is insane, and we actually know why, because both the games and the novels the games were based off of tell us why: he fell in love, she married someone else, and he went nuts.

Avallac'h is the geneticist (Dr. Moreau style mad scientist) who created The Wild Hunt (a group of mutated 7-foot tall, super soldier giant Elves - including Ge'els whom Avallac'h also created) and is hell bent on creating "A Child of the Elder Blood" with Ciri, who possess Elder Blood.

Ciri, the half-Elf/half-Human whom Avallac'h claims looks exactly like Lara Dorren.

Avallac'h is convinced he can create a god-child with her and with said god-child control the universe.

He has already succeeded in creating one such god-child using synthetic Elder Blood, Wild Hunt General Caranthir, unfortunately, Caranthir turned out to become a mass murdering madman, or as Avallac'h calls him "The Golden Child turned criminal." So now he's trying again, this time with Ciri, as he's concluded only real Elder Blood will work, as all his experiments with synthetic Elder Blood failed.

Avallac'h intended to marry Lara Dorren, the original Elf to be born with Elder Blood, however, she married a Human and Avallac'h had a psychotic breakdown over it.

Avallac'h and Ciri at Kaer Morhen. The Elf is only happy when he's with Ciri. Avallac'h is aloof and bored most times we see him, in both the books and the games, however, around Ciri we see him "come alive" chattering happily, and seemingly, his excitement for life restored.


Ciri, unlike everyone else, is NOT afraid of Avallac'h. She stands up to him, yells at him, disobeys him, challenges his authority, raped him (yes, that happened in the novels), twice in the novels and once in the game she runs around smashing everything he owns, she punches him, hits him, tells him EXACTLY what she thinks of him (which isn't always nice). We often see her going out of her way to spitefully hurt his feelings and him leaving upset.
.. and he seems to thrive on this, with all these things triggering his raging lust for her, as he's faced with interacting with the first person he's ever met that doesn't cower at his feet and obediently obey his every whim. He finds Ciri thrilling to be with and goes out of his way to obsessively be around her as much as possible.
Avallac'h seen here, going out of his way to deliberately trying to get Ciri mad at him, needling her endlessly, just so he can watch her yell at him, as no one else has ever dared stand up to him before and he finds her defiance exciting.

After Lara Dorren's death (multiple versions of how she died are told, including one version that suggests Avallac'h killed her because she was pregnant with a half-Elf), Avallac'h married her best friend (who was also his favourite prostitute) instead, and then spent 200 years largely ignoring her while obsessively stalking all of Lara Dorren's descendants.

Geralt's adopted daughter, Ciri, is Lara Dorren's 4th-great-granddaughter.

Ciri, like Lara Dorren has Elder Blood.

It is now 1272 and Avallac'h is now driving his wife, Isilira, crazy, with his obsession with Ciri, and he has built a massive shrine to Ciri in his house, while drawing nude pictures of her, which are also, all over his house and pissing his wife off.

When not living with his wife in Skellige and playing the flute, writing poetry, drawing Ciri porn, vandalising human art with purple bison and penis graffiti, and painting pictures of unicorns fucking, he lives on the 3rd floor of a brothel in Novigrad, where he spends his time watching Humans fucking and drawing even more porn of that.

Avallac'h concept art. Used as an in-game loading screen.

I did mention Avallac'h is the single most perverted character of the Witcher series and has a serious sex addiction problem, right?


Well, you've probably figure that out on your own by now, anyways.

Ciri meanwhile is a lesbian, has a girlfriend, and wants nothing to do with Avallac'h, but has discovered he's so insanely obsessed with her, that she can make him do ANYTHING.

So while Avallac'h is using Ciri to create a god, Ciri is using Avallac'h to take control of the universe herself, which Avallac'h is aware of and is perfectly fine with.

Avallac'h has not informed ANY of his women, that, he, like ALL mages in the Witcher universe, is infertile, due to too much prolonged use of radioactive magic. 

A strange scene in the game, when a random old woman asks Ciri, out of the blue, if she's ever had sex with a man, and Ciri becomes agitated, frightened, and turns to Avallac'h to see him glaring angrily at her.... before either of them can say anything the woman says: "Ah, I got my answer."
...and then in the very next sentence the old woman tells Ciri that Avallac'h is infertile... which is the first time Ciri is informed of this... Ciri, who is now 33 years old in this scene, has been being blackmailed into having sex with Avallac'h, for the past 21 years, on the promise he'll let her go (he's keeping her prisoner) once she gives him a baby. (Though he has also stated he doesn't care if he's the father or not, thus why he tossed her in bed with his brother Auberon as well.)

So, he is now blackmailing Ciri into having sex with him. He'll help her take over the universe, if she lets him get her pregnant, then give him the baby to raise as god. Except she doesn't know he can't get her pregnant, which he does know, but has decided not to tell her. His brother, the king, knows Avallac'h can't get her pregnant, so, he comes up with the idea of, "Hey, I'll get her pregnant for you!" Now Avallac'h, instead of trying to impregnate her himself, is setting up sex orgies in his lab, so he can watch other Elves breed Ciri. (He uses the term "breed", classifying her as a "breeder".) And he draws porn pictures of that too.

Viceroy Ge'els and Chancelor Eredin, are all, "You can't do this, Avallac'h and King Auberon are insane, they've both lost their freaking minds!" So Eredin kills the king, crowns himself king, orders Ciri executed, strips Avallac'h of all his titles, palaces, and lands, and orders him executed too. Avallac'h and Ciri escape King Eredin, and spend 21 years jumping portals from one planet to the next, fleeing The Wild Hunt every step of the way.

The Wild Hunt = King Eredin's army, also known as The Red Riders. The Wild Hunt are those previously mentioned, 7 foot tall super soldier giant Elves that Avallac'h has created in his lab.

Somewhere along the line, Avallac'h abandoned his goal of creating a god-child, and now has made the only goal of his life to protect Ciri at all costs, becoming a psychotically deranged, vicious, bloodthirsty, Human killing, Elf murdering battle mage, ready to kill anything and everything that even looks at Ciri...and gaining him the title of the most powerful mage in the galaxy, with entire planets trembling at his feet.

All the while, Avallac'h is teaching Ciri how to do everything he does and the student who is hell bent on taking over the universe, is fast becoming more powerful than the master, as he turns her into the universe controlling god, he intended their child to be. Thus, Ciri is now a god in training, with Avallac'h hatching plots to us her to take control of the universe.

Avallac'h's wife, Isilira surveying the carnage of the Human Avallac'h just massacred and wondering, "Why the fuck am I travelling with my psychopathic husband, and why the hell is he dragging Ge'el's Tulip around with us?" While Avallac'h runs off to find more Humans to kill and Geralt wonders: "Why didn't Tulip's panties vanish when the rest of her clothes did?"


Ciri, who still is unaware Avallac'h has a wife, has now fallen in love with Avallac'h and becomes just as fiercely protective of him, as he is of her. 

Basically Avallac'h and Ciri become the Bonnie and Clyde of the Witcher Universe, as they make their way across the universe, simultaneously saving and destroying planets as they go.

We see Avallac'h have two starkly differant personalities.:

One: gentle, kind, loving, calm, quiet, a lover of art and history, spending hours in his books reading, content to live his life doing nothing but sitting in flower gardens painting and drawing pictures of women.

The other: deadly, brutal, vicious, ready to kill anything and everything that threatens anyone he loves and has vowed to protect.

While his sexual morals are questionable, he's very protective and devoted to the care of ALL of his women, even his prostitutes. He's not in the habit of using women then abandoning them, and any women once she's been with him once, gets added to his list of women he takes care of and looks out for. Though at times he does this to such extremes that he comes off as stalker creepy, insanely jealous, and overly possessive.

And while we also see him as the deranged mad scientist, we see too that a lot of that was King Auberon's doing, with Avallac'h giving up that part of his life upon Auberon's death.

Avallac'h with all 5 of his (canon to the books and games) lovers. In this picture in order: Ciri (half-Elf/Elder Blood), Corinne Tilly (Human/Sorceress), Avallac'h (High Elf/Aen Saevherne Aen Elle Elf), player character Geralt (Wolf-blooded Mutant), Isilira (Aen Elle Elf), Margarita (Human/Sorceress), Tulip (Aen Elle Elf)...and weird fact: You NEVER ONCE see Avallac'h's wife naked. He NEVER strips her naked like he does all the other women. With her temper, I'm guessing she'd kill him, if he did, so he doesn't.

It appears that, left to his own, Avallac'h is content to surround himself with beautiful women, art, history books, and obsessing over obsessively with sex and never do anything else.

In fact we only see him become violent when one of his women is threatened, in which case he fiercely defends and protects her. We are left to believe that if no one was to ever threaten any of his women, he'd never show any level of aggression at all.

He also is EXTREMELY honest, when asked questions directly, though he'll avoid answering if the question is not worded to be very specific and very direct. He does not deny anything he's done, not when Ge'els accuses him of blackmail and rape, and again not when Geralt accused him of being a murderer.

Geralt calling Avallac'h a murderer: "Tell me, how do you do it? Sit around playing the flute, painting pictures of rutting unicorns in gorgeous landscapes, building ornately sculptured towers... and than mass murdering us Humans." Avallac'h does not deny the accusation, and responds to tell Geralt he kills Humans with the same ease Humans kill Elves and Witchers kill Monsters. ...and now we know that in addition to visiting brothels to draw pictures of Humans fucking, Avallac'h also paints pictures of Unicorns fucking as well. Weird sex-crazed Elf.

Meanwhile, Geralt is trying to find his daughter, Ciri, who we learn was kidnapped by Avallac'h and tossed into his sex crazed lab experiments when she was only 12 years old. With both Geralt and the Wild Hunt on their trail, Avallac'h and Ciri become desperate to escape...and make the mistake of turning to Avallac'h's son Caranthiar for help. 

Avallac'h's son Caranthiar, the powerful battle mage who cast the Uma Curse on Avallac'h.

Avallac'h is allergic to dimeritium and silver. Weapons made of either metal are deadly to him. If captured, he can easily be restrained by chains and shackles made of dimertrium, which leaves him suffering seizures and drains him of his ability to cast magic.

 Because he casts both hand signs and verbal spells, in addition to alchemy potions, rune stones, and ritual magic, it requires dimeritium handcuffs and a gag to disable his ability to fight back. Even than he is not totally without defence, as he possess psychic abilities and can still cast limited spells without any potions, rituals, spoken words, or hand gestures, thus knocking him unconscious after binding and gagging him is the only way to completely disable him.

It is for this reason Carathir cast the Uma Curse on Avallac'h, as it took away his ability to speak, crippled his hands, and scrambled his brain's ability to focus.

Avallac'h as The Mysterious Masked Mage

A very vain Elf, considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the Elves, Avallac'h is devastated when the Uma Curse starts to take hold of him, transforming him into a hideous creature. In the time period between the casting of the Uma Curse and it fully taking hold of him, he begins to wear a mask to hide changes the spell has caused.

Avallac'h as Uma

In one scene Ciri tells Geralt that she did not believe Carathir was actually trying to hurt Avallac'h, as the Uma curse served only to humiliate him and make him unable to protect Ciri. Carathiar could have killed Avallac'h while he was crippled by the Uma Curse and choose not to.

The Uma Curse turns Avallac'h into a deformed, mute, midget, who is captured by a circus, and put on display as a side show freak, until the circus owner loses him to the Bloody Baron in a card game.

Crippled by The Uma Curse, Avallac'h's last breath went to sending Ciri to The Isle of Mists, a place that exists outside of time and space, putting her into a coma, and trusting her care to the guard of 7 Dwarves. Years pass with no one able to find either Ciri or Avallac'h, until Geralt finds Uma and takes him back to the other Witchers.

Avallac'h, as Uma, is bound in dimetrium, tortured, vivisected, his blood filled with poisons, and left permanently crippled, in a ritual known as The Trial of Grasses, that breaks the Uma Curse, but leaves Avallac'h in a coma, permanently damaging his nervous system, leaving him with trembling hands and frozen pupils that no longer respond to light (thus why he wears a hood outside). Had he been left to the Witchers, they would have continued to torture him until they killed him, however Yennefer stepped in and decided to take the injured Elf and nurse him back to health.

Avallac'h as Uma - tortured by the Witchers. (Concept art used as in-game loading screen.)
The same scene in-game: Avallac'h as Uma, Yennefer lifting the curse.
The same scene in-game: Witchers Vesemir, Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert, with Sorceress Yennefer. The dying Avallac'h passed out and strapped down with dimeritium bonds, on the torture table, after having been vivisected, and his veins pumped with poison, while the Witchers decide what next to do to him.

Avallac'h is severely allergic to dimeritium which causes violent seizures and vomiting, exposed to enough of it puts him into a coma, and prolonged exposure to it could kill him; also allergic to silver on a lesser degree; suffers from nerve damage which causes trembling hands, twitching fingers, and frozen pupils that do not respond to light; lacks physical strength due to his advanced age; frequently collapses after casting large spells, remaining bedridden for days or weeks to a time requiring the care of someone he trusts during that time; like all mages in the Witcherverse Avallac'h is infertile, which infuriates him as his primary goal in life is to get Ciri pregnant.

If one seeks to capture Avallac'h, dimeritium bombs (which scatter dimeritium dust in the air) will quickly weaken him, send him into convulsive seizures, and temporarily cause him to lose his ability to cast spells or otherwise use magic. This effect lasts until the air clears, at which point he'll start using healing spells to heal himself once again. To prevent him from healing himself, one must work quickly to bind him in dimeritium handcuffs.

When captured by the Witchers, Vesemir put dimeritium shackles on him, then tied the chain to a crate that was filled with dimeritium ingots. When Geralt questions him on this, Vesemir, then explains that he discovered the creature to be terribly distressed by coming into contact with dimeritium. He next proves this to Geralt by moving more crates of dimeritium ingot into the area and watching the dying Elf scream in agony, lashing desperately against the shackles trying violently to claw them off his arms to escape the sering pain he's being subjected to. Avallac'h, as Uma, is kept chained up like this for several weeks in Kaer Morhen, and we see over the course of this period, Vesemir, Lambert, and Eskel all bringing more crates of dimeritium in and piling them around the trapped creature, increasing his suffering.

When Avallac'h was tortured by the Witchers during the Trial of Grasses, they were able to restrain him by using dimeritium bands, to strap him down to a metal torture table that was also made of dimeritium.

The Trial of Grasses aka The Va Fail, Elaine quest: Avallac'h strapped down to the dimeritium torture table... and as you can see from the "Quest Complete" achievement on screen, the player themselves has to torture Avallac' get step by step instructions on how to do it, have to go gather all the ingredients, brew the potions, slice him open and put those glass tubes in his arms... and... then there's a whole section of the quest that involves, you have to go clean Elf vomit off the floor and Yennefer.... it's one of the strangest quests in the game, and it would have been even stranger except the dev decided to cut out 15 minutes of Geralt as chef cutscene.

While the witchers had him strapped to the dimeritium torture table, they sliced open Avallac'h's viens, inserting glass tubes into his arms and then pumping poisons into his blood. The poisons used were: Forktail spinal fluid, Manticore poison gland, Albino bruxa tongue, Bryonia, Ribleaf (hosta), and Mandrake root. This process of forcing toxins into his bloodstream continued for some 48 hours, while the dying Elf screamed in agony the entire time, begging for mercy. Being vivisected in this manner resulted in causing permanent damage to the Elf's nervous system and is the cause of his trembling hands, twitching fingers, and frozen pupils that no longer react to light.

The 3 glass tubes used in The Trial of Grasses
A Forktail
Albino bruxa tongue
Mandrake root
Manticore poison gland

During the Trail of Grasses, we see Avallac'h wracked by terrible seizures, vomiting uncontrollably, and at one point his heart stopping and the panicked Yennefer desperately trying to revive the dead Elf, which she is successful in doing, but he quickly slips into a coma, which he remains in for several weeks.

Avallac'h - tortured by the Witchers - passed out and slipping into a coma. Yennefer's words as she decides to take care of him and nurse him back to health.


If you want to read some weird fan ...uhm... *cough* comment conversation discussions on fanfiction stories *cough* about the Witcher series, try Googling "vomit on Yennefer"... that's a thing.

There's a *cult* of people who fetishize vomit on Yennefer. And you know... I know I have some weird fetishes, especially when it comes to Elves, but Elf vomit, is just not one of them.

While the fanfiction world has a field day over the vomit scene, what actually happened was Avallac'h vomits all over Yennefer while she's trying to magically treat his injuries and then Eskel and Geralt have an argument over who gets to undress and bath Yennefer, because she now can't move without hurting Avallac'h and just kind of stuck there where she is, covered in Elf vomit while 2 Witchers argue.

According to the fanfiction world, that very cannon, Avallac'h vomiting on Yennefer scene is supposed to be very erotic. I don't see it, and I'm like the biggest Avallac'h screaming fangirl on the planet. I'm sorry, but an Elf vomiting on me, would not be anymore erotic than anything else vomiting on me. You people who took the vomit scene and turned it into erotic fanfiction are weird. Just saying.

Avallac'h, shortly after vomiting on Yennefer. I think one of the reasons fanfiction went wild with this scene is because it's also one of the few times we see Avallac'h butt naked.

The prolonged contact with dimetrium, leaves Avallac'h crippled for the rest of his life, causing him to now be weaker after casting spells, then he previously had been. This is how bad a problem dimeritium is for Avallac'h and why he avoids contact with it.

Elves in general have allergies to dimeritium, thus why Witchers use dimeritium in their armour, weapons, and bombs, when planning to go up again either The Wild Hunt or Scoia'tael, Aen Elle or Aen Seidhe.

Since the Uma Curse and then The Trial of Grasses, Avallac'h can not travel very far between resting and is frequently bedridden for several days to a time.

The now crippled, invilade, Avallac'h stopping to rest.

Avallac'h is physically very weak, with the game and books describing him with the words: "ancient", "elderly", "crippled", "invilade", and "suffering from serious nerve damage", while also describing him as having difficulty using his hands due to "violently twitching fingers" and wearing a hood when outside because of having "pupils that do not react to light"...both his twitching fingers and dilated/frozen pupils are attributed to nerve damage caused by the toxic poisons Vesimer vivisected into Avallac'h's bloodstream while the Witchers were torturing him during The Trial of Grasses.

Not yet recovered from the Trial of Grasses, Geralt has to frequently stop and wait for the crippled Avallac'h to rest. Seen here, Avallac'h is too exhausted to move forward and has built a fire to rest by, while Geralt sits and listens to the Elf talk about the White Frost which is destroying his home planet:

We see Avallac'h in this scene, speaking in Elvish, then remembering he is talking to a Human and correcting himself, while trying to come up with a Human translation for what he is saying. Avallac'h does not know the Human language well and has trouble communicating with Humans. Because of his difficulty in speaking the Human language, Avallac'h remains silent through most of the game, rarely speaking. When given the opportunity to talk though, he becomes a chatterbox and chatters happily about whatever thing it is he focused on. Avallac'h is also a portrait artist and painter, and loves Elven history. Get him talking on these things and you can't get him to shut up...even when Ciri tells him to shut up, he just ignores her and keeps on talking.

Avallac'h has a vampire-like ability to absorb other nearby mage's magic powers, which gives him his brief, wild, psychotically deranged, excessively violent bursts of energy in battle. However he can not sustain prolonged fighting and is quickly exhausted only 2 or 3 minutes after starting to fight; this however is usually enough time for him to call down The White Frost, freeze his enemies, then blast them to pieces with an Ard like blast from his staff. Any enemies who survive this are quickly bludgeoned with the staff while simultaneously beheaded with his sword.

Though said to be the galaxy's most powerful mage, with no sorceress or wizard of any species able to come close to matching his abilities, Avallac'h is physically very weak, and in poor health, a result of his advanced age. Most Elves live to 500 years old. His brother King Abueroun lived to 650 before being murdered, and Avallac'h is around 2,000 years old, making him the oldest known living Elf .

There are several inconsistencies here... because we are also told Avallac'h is YOUNGER than Auberon, and that Auberon is Lara Dorren's father (which makes Auberon's relationship with Ciri incest; and also makes Avallac'h's relationship with Lara Dorren, Cri, and the rest of Lara's decendancts incest as well) and she died only 200 years ago, while Auberon was still alive 20 years ago when Avallac'h first met Ciri. We are told that Avallac'h travels through time and space and are left to assume that the Avallac'h we know in the game, is from a far distant future, AFTER the White Frost has destroyed his home planet, and is back here in the past trying to prevent this. (This is the only possible explanation for how he can be BOTH younger then the 650 year old Auberon AND also be 2,000 years old, and well as explains WHY he knows future events like the fact the White Frost will destroy his planet, something he claims to have ALREADY SEEN HAPPEN.)

The Witcher series suffers from A LOT of inconsistencies like this, where it says one thing in one novel, something different in the next novel, changes to say something totally different in the comic books, then changes again to say something completely different in every single game. There is absolutely no consistency from one novel, comic book, or game to the other, even though the same author oversaw all of it.

The series DOES however give a logical explanation for these rampant inconsistencies, and explains that each version of something Geralt learns, is just a rumor he overheard from someone and may or may not be what actually happened, leaving Geralt with lots of different versions of the same thing.

Avallac'h one hit dropping 30+ hanse bandits on Death March settings... whoops, I forgot Avallac'h was a villain and didn't realize that by changing the game to Death March (which increases enemy attack power) I would also increase Avallac'h's attack power and turn him into a Death God.

Avallac'h avoids confrontations unless he is positive he can win. Spell casting weakens him, with Avallac'h often collapsing unconscious after casting a large spell. Casting very difficult and powerful spells can leave him bedridden for days even weeks afterwards, at which point he requires someone he trusts to take care of him until he recovers. This job usually falls to his lover Ciri or his favorite prostitute Isilira, and once Yennefer. He can not cast a large spell, then run into a fight. Avallac'h is quick to flee from fights, if he has recently cast a spell. 

Also, when Avallac'h is high on fistek (cocaine) he runs around in his underwear.

Avallac'h running into battle wearing only his skivvies, and Geralt trying to run out of the way of Avallac'h's overpowered Ard blast.

And speaking of Elves on fistek, have you ever wondered what happens when Geralt takes fistek?

Our gentle giant, Ge'els is having a nervous breakdown because he just stepped on and killed Thumbelina. Tulip is dead, we don't know why. Rapunzel is hanging from her tower in a noose made of her own hair. The Emperor is running around naked. A little matchbox girl is trying to sell us fistek. A timer is telling us our magic testicle superpowers are 50% worn off and we'll need to go rub our brass balls again soon. Avallac'h is happily killing villagers of the fairy tale book we just popped into. And Geralt is wondering "What the fuck did Avallac'h put in my drink? Why am I standing in a field of poppies and giant magic mushrooms?"

While fierce, temperamental, and headstrong in battles he knows he can win, Avallac'h is easily frightened against a foe he thinks can actually injure or kill him. We know Avallac'h has been seriously injured, nearly killed, on multiple occasions, and is now in ill health and crippled because of it.

On multiple occasions we see him display PTSD levels of fear when faced with the possibility of having to fight someone who has an upper hand, physically, over him. Such is the case when we see him briefly, become absolutely terrified of Ciri in the scene with Ge'els and Corinne.

(As you know, I'm making this page because I'm CosPlaying Avallac'h and most of my followers never heard of him before. Ge'els is my 2nd fave character of the Witcher franchise, btw. Expect to see me CosPlaying him as well. You'll likely see a page about Ge'els show up here on my site too. I wish Ge'els had more on screen game time. We see him in game for a grand total of just 7 minutes of a game that is 612 hours long!)

My 2 favourite Elves together- In order: Geralt, Ge'els, Avallac'h, & Ciri. ... Viceroy Ge'els trying to pit Ciri against Avallac'h, reminding Ciri that Avallac'h kidnapped her, locked her in a cage, kept her his prisoner, used her like a lab rat in his experiments, raped her, then blackmailed her into letting King Auberon rape her as well. Avallac'h, scared Ge'els' words will turn Ciri against him, backing away and looking for an escape route.

Ge'els doesn't like Avallac'h and is quick to try to pit Ciri against him. In this scene, we see Avallac'h at first very bold in introducing Ge'els to Ciri, Avallac'h displaying quite an alarming level of arrogant dominance over Ge'els, then suddenly become terrified and quickly putting a large space of distance between himself and Ciri, when Ge'els changes the conversation to accuse Avallac'h of raping Ciri and telling her, she should be fighting against her attacker and kidnapper, not helping him.

Avallac'h continues to back away as Ge'els' accusations fly. Avallac'h is clearly very scared of Ciri and is afraid Ge'els' words will turn her on him. As Avallac'h slowly backs his way to the nearest door, we see his eyes darting from Ge'els to Ciri, as he becomes very openly and visibly terrified that Ge'els will convince Ciri to attack and kill him, which is Ge'els intention. However, the tables quickly turn against Ge'els, when, yes, Ciri does in fact lose her temper and lash out... however at Ge'els, not Avallac'h.

Ciri starts yelling at the giant 7 foot tall Elf, boldly lunging at him and screaming that she will not turn on Avallac'h, in spite of what he did, openly admitting that he did in fact rape her and she doesn't care, because unlike Ge'els and Eredin, Avallac'h has never hurt her, isn't murdering her friends, has been the only person to risk his life to help her, and almost died trying to save her life from the Red Riders, whom Avallac'h had once been the commanding general of.

Avallac'h, now glaring daggers at Ge'els as Ciri turns on the viceroy.


It is through this conversation we learn that like Ge'els, Avallac'h once was a ruling nobel of the Aen Elle Elves, with palaces, and was a commanding officer of The Wild Hunt... and now, he is outcast from Aen Elle society, lost his titles, his property, his home, his family, his friends, has lost the respect of the Aen Elle, is living on Earth with Humans, constantly on the run, wandering the galaxy searching for someplace to hide, left with nothing, all because he (one of the purests blooded of all the pure blooded Elves) chose to defend Ciri (a half-Elf) when Eredin tried to have her killed.

We also see in this scene, Ge'els acuss Avallac'h of killing Auberon and stating that no matter what lies Avallac'h has come up with this time, he still refuses to crown Avallac'h king of the Aen Elle. This one line, gives us a look into Avallac'h's ambitions that we hadn't seen before, as we realize he's the Herbalist who drugged the aphrodisiac that Eredin used to kill King Auberon with.

With Ciri's open defense of Avallac'h, Ge'els now backs away scared, while Avallac'h moves to stand beside Ciri and his facial expression changes to absolute pure hatred for Ge'els. We see Avallac'h's bipolar nature as he goes in a matter of seconds from trembling in fear to going full swing psychotically enraged and ready to kill.

But... wait a minute... then Avallac'h gets bored with the conversation, (which is taking place in his room at the brothel in Novigrad) leaves Ge'els and Ciri to argue if it's worse to be a perverted sex-crazed deviant or a mass murdering lunatic, while he goes off to rip Corinne Tilley's clothes off, toss her on his bed, and psychically mind fucks her, having an orgasm in front of everybody while he does it and, doesn't care who sees him doing this.

However, just to piss Ge'els off, you know, because that's what Avallac'h does best and it is after all his favorite thing to do, Avallac'h has just drained Corinne's brain, put his own thoughts into Corinne's head, and then teleports them back out of Corinne and into Ge'els. So, not only is Avallac'h psychically brain raping this woman, he's sending bloody thoughts of murder into Ge'els' head while he does it. (And we know this because this cutscene next cuts out and goes into Ge'els' head where we see exactly what Avallac'h is forcing him to see.)

Poor Ge'els.

I'm thinking, seeing into Avallac'h's head is, kind of, is not something Ge'els really wants to be doing.

Actually... I'm not sure ANYBODY really wants to see into Avallac'h's head... he's got some weird freaky ass shit going on in his head.

Avallac'h, having an orgasm while he psychically mind fucks Corinne Tilly, drains her brain of her memories, puts his own memories into her head, then teleports them back out of her head and into Ge'els' head. Weird, brain sucking sexless group Elf sex happening here.

But, poor Ge'els, has just had Avallac'h's memories of the day Auberon died, zapped into his head, via, Avallac'h having an orgasm over a naked woman.

That's so very Avallac'h of him.

And, I've played through this scene 4 times now and I still  haven't decided yet, if this scene is supposed to be erotic or disturbing or both.

You know, for an Elf who is secretive and hides his private life from everyone, he's damn bold and ballsy when it comes to how overly sexual he is with women in public.

But hey, there's two women in the room here with Avallac'h... why should he stop with ripping the clothes off just one woman, when he can rip the clothes off Ciri as well...

After Avallac'h gets done mind fucking Corinne, Ge'els is off to be deeply disturbed over the images Avallac'h teleported into his head, while Ciri has now lost her clothes as well.

This scene contains two typically Avallac'h features:

  1. Avallac'h can not be in sight of a woman without teleporting her clothes off of her and sending them to who knows where.
  2. Avallac'h can not be near Ge'els without purposely going out of his way to do something to upset and deeply disturb Ge'els. Poor Ge'els.

Poor Ge'els. It just can't be said enough. Look at him. He's freaked out almost as bad as he was the day he stepped on Thumbalina.

And then after Ge'els accidently killed Thumbalina, Avallac'h goes a drops a whale on him. Then he gets kicked by a donkey, while Avallac'h laughs at him. And then, while Geralt was trying to unlock a door Avallac'h thought it would be funny to push Ge'els off a cliff.

Avallac'h is supposed to be helping Ge'els find his stolen paints, but Avallac'h is right now too busy looking down the blouse of the woman bending over picking flowers.
Ge'el has stepped on Thumbelina, and is crying hysterically over it, while Avallac'h kills everyone else, and Geralt wonders what the fuck is going on?
Ge'els really should have known better then to stand this close to the edge while Avallac'h was standing behind him.
It's raining whales and petunia pots. With a wizard like Avallac'h around, it's a wonder Ge'els ever goes outside at all.
Poor Ge'els, even the donkeys are out to get him...or did Avallac'h do it? He is a telepath that can make others do whatever he wants them to do and he is standing there staring intently at the donkey.
Ge'els is a Griffin magnet... they attack him so often.
Ge'els is running from a Griffin, while Avallac'h just lays on the grass casually watching and does not a damned thing.... he appears to be too comfortable to get up and is waiting to see if Ge'els can outrun the beast that's fast overtaking him.
Avallac'h watching Ge'els run by screaming, while a griffin swoops down at him.
Avallac'h has decided to stand up, but he's still not doing anything, but watching, while Ge'els is screaming: "Dearest mummy! Aaaa!"

Yes. Poor Ge'els. Ge'els is on the wrong end of Avaalac'h's sex-crazed jerkass antics far more often then he'd like to be.

At least now we understand why the first time we see Ge'els it's like this...

Ge'els hiding behind his painting as he stares in horror at the visitors who've just teleported into his house. "Oh god, no, why is Avallac'h in my house? Anybody but Avallac'h. I thought we got rid of him. Why is he in my house?"

I think of any character in the series, Ge'els deserves the most pity and sympathy, just for what he has to put up with from Avallac'h. You know, here's Ge'els just minding his own business, happily killing Humans and eating Unicorns, while painting creepy dissected Salvador Dali style pictures of naked women, and then Avallac'h breaks into his house, kidnaps him, takes him to the world of humans, and starts zapping freaky henti shit into Ge'els' head.

Yes, poor Ge'els, is all we can think to say here. Look how distressed Ge'els is in this picture, while Ciri glares daggers of hate at Corinne thinking: "I know why he took my clothes off, I look like his Lara, what the hell is he taking your clothes off for too?"

Avallac'h has stripped all the women in the room naked, had psychic sex with them (you know because he's Muslim and Ramadan is going on right now, so he's not eaten anything in 3 weeks and is not allowed to have actual sex for a few more days yet), then he freaked out Ge'els, and had himself a public orgasm over the whole thing, so he's all set now. 

And Geralt is just standing there looking back and forth from Avallac'h to Ge'els wondering: "Why the fuck am I in this Elf's brothel apartment, and what the hell am I watching him do to everyone, where did all the women's clothes go, and why is Ge'els having a nervous break down over there? Look at all those porn pictures Avallac'h's been drawing on the floor over there. Wait, didn't Dandelion say this was a cabaret now, not a brothel anymore? Does Dandelion have any clue what Avallac'h does in this room? Damned crazy Elves and not a drop of Vodka anywhere in this place!"

Supposedly Avallac'h and Ge'els grew up together, are around the same age, and for several centuries ruled the Aen Elle side by side under the reign of King Auberon. It seems they were once the best of friends and we are left to wonder, what the heck happened to cause the falling out, that has now resulted in this weird twisted rivalry they now got going on between them. 

Actually we don't have to ask... we know. The novel Lady of the Lake, tells us what happened:

Avallac'h is the drug dealer who was making the fistek that Auberon was taking the day he died of what was supposedly a drug overdose on drugs Avallac'h made. Ciri was with Auberon when he died and was seen running from his room. She escaped the palace via jumping on board Avallac'h boat, while being chased down by Eredin.

The enchanted boat can only be moved by Avallac'h's will, and he was no where to be found, but was nearby enough to know what was going down as the boat mysteriously takes off, leaving Eredin behind, taking Ciri out of the city, as Avallac'h's barrier collapses, letting her escape to the field of unicorns, where she joins forces with the unicorns and escapes the world of the Aen Elle, while Eredin and the Aen Elle army scramble to catch her before she gets off the planet only to be thwarted by Avallac'h's barrier that goes back up after Ciri is safely on the other side of it.

Chaos ensues as the Aen Elle empire is brought crashing down in total chaotic panic, with the death of The Alder King, seemingly at the hands of Ciri and Avallac'h, who were in fact framed by Eredin.

With Eredin claiming himself a witness to the murder that he in fact committed, Ge'els crowns Eredin the new king, and and all out manhunt is called up as the Aen Elle army (The Wild Hunt) is sent out to travel the multiverse in search of Ciri and Avallac'h to bring them to justice for the crime they are accused of by did not commit.

Auberon's death leaves Viceroy Ge'els in control until a new king is named, and with Avallac'h both next in line to be king AND the one every finger is pointing to while screaming murder, Ge'els is forced to order Avallac'h executed for murder and crown Eredin king.

But try to catch a planeswalking psion who can teleport through time and space. Avallac'h and Ciri are thrown together, both forced to flee in a whirlwind panic as the entire Aen Elle world turns on them naming them the world most wanted criminals. Avallac'h gets Ciri to the safety of the unicorns and then is left to face the army alone. We do not know, as we are not told what happens. The story is told from Ciri's point of view, so what happened after she with the help of the unicorns fleed the planet, is unknown to us the readers.

We know from the Isle of Mists quest of the game, in the story Ciri tells Geralt, that as the Aen Elle turn on Avallac'h, he flees through a portal and is nowhere to be found, until several months later when Eredin finds Ciri, Ciri is cornered by the Wild Hunt, and about to be slaughtered, when a portal opens between her and Eredin, and Avallac'h jumped out, grabbed her and dragged her away from Eredin, while opening another portal and jumping into it, dragging her with him. She then spends the next 21 years (though only 4 years have passed for Geralt) living with Avallac'h as they flee from one world to the next with the Wild Hunt on their heels every step of the way.

Interesting fact is that Avallac'h has no real reason to be defending or helping Ciri through any of this. Had he not helped her escape and reach the unicorns, he likely would have had no trouble proving his innocence. He could have easily left her on the boat, unable to find a way to make it move, as Eredin comes running up the shore and boards the boat with her.

So why does he help her, a human, and unnecessarily cause himself to be blamed as helping her murder the king? Do we know? Yes we do.

As the weeks have passed, since Ciri fell through a portal and landed at Avallac'h's feet in the world of the Aen Elle, they've developed a bitter friendship. Neither really likes the other, both tolerate each other, because Avallac'h is a religion crazed lunatic who believes an ancient prophecy that says a Child of the Elder Blood, born to an Aen Saevherne, will end the White Frost and save everyone. Avallac'h believes he is the Aen Saevherne mentioned in the prophecy and he believes Ciri is the mother of the Child of the Elder Blood.

And as the weeks have passed, the two have bonded in a rocky friendship, that has them fighting constantly, but also both confiding in each other. It's hard to tell if they hate each other or are in love with each other, though the fact that they both get hornier over each other the more they fight with each other is very clear. Their fights are constant, in both the novels and the game.

Avallac'h and Ciri fighting. Again. Like usual.

While you only see them yelling at each other in the game, in the novels they were often hitting each other, with Ciri not beyond punching, hitting, and kicking Avallac'h and Avallac'h seen strangling and throttling her, while viciously dragging her to the ground and punching her.

Their fights in the game are mild and tame, while their fights in the novels were bloody and violently brutal.

While Avallac'h is shown as gentle and patient with Ciri in the game, he neither gentle or patient with her in the books, and Ciri is warned by unicorns, Eredin, and King Auberon, that he's very violent with his women and has been known to beat them to death in the past - Ciri is even shown a boneyards of what she is told are the remains of the THOUSANDS of human lovers Avallac'h has brutally murdered in the past 200 years.

"You'll die here, little butterfly, he'll never let you leave."

~ Eredin to Ciri, warning her of Avallac'h's human victims.

Lady of the Lake

 page 188

"You foolish maid! You're doing it for yourself. You come here for yourself and vainly try to give yourself to me. For it's your only hope, your only chance. And I'll tell you one more thing. Pray, pray zealously to your human idols, godheads, and totems. Because it'll either be me or Avallac'h and his laboratory. Believe me, you wouldn't want to end up in the laboratory and become acquainted with the alternative." 

"It's all the same to me. I'll agree to anything as long as I regain my freedom. To finally free myself from you!"

~ King Auberon to Ciri, warning her of Avallac'h's human victims.

Lady of the Lake

 page 191

Lightning flashed and Ciri cried hollowly. She was standing in a sea of bones. A boneyard. Huge heaps of bones. Shin bones, hip bones, ribs, and thigh bones. And skulls. Which bore the marks of a blade.

"Now you know. They did it. The Aen Elle. The Alder King. The Fox." 

~ Ihuarraquax the Starry Eyed Unicorn to Ciri, showing Ciri the bones of Avallac'h's human victims.

Lady of the Lake

 page 202

We see them in the game, fighting almost every single time they are together...

Ciri flipping out again, Avallac'h is not saying a word now, he's just silently staring at her while she yells at him. This scene is the first time Geralt witnesses them fighting, btw.
Avallac'h on top of Ciri, holding her down, while she screams and yells and kicks him.
Here Avallac'h is horny and trying to get Ciri mad at him so they can fight then have angry sex.
Avallac'h actually angry and ready to kill.
While you never see him hit her in the game, you do see scenes of them fighting, which include her face bruised.
Scenes when you see bruises on her face, you also see her pulling away from him, looking the other way, and avoiding eye contact.
Now they're hitting each other...or rather, Ciri's hitting Avallac'h. He's just trying to hold her back.
Ciri pissed off and Avallac'h backing away from this fight.
It's actually difficult to find scenes of them together and NOT fighting.
Avallac'h bullying Ciri, trying to get her more angry then she already is, because he's just horny again.
He's had about all he can take of her endless bitching at him, so now he's just dragging her along on the ground while she screams.
There are boulders falling from the sky and Avallac'h is trying to push Ciri back out of harms way, because she's so busy yelling at him that she's not noticed the rocks falling around them.
Avallac'h long ago discovered the best way to deal with spit-fire hell-cat Ciri, is the slam her to the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of her, then sit on her and wait for her to calm down.
Avallac'h's bullying Ciri again, because he's horny and wants sex and gets off on her bitching at him.
Ciri and Avallac'h just never stop fighting.
They are fighting again... who knew?
...yeah, Avallac'h's a sex crazed Elf and he just like getting her fighting so he can climb on top of her and hold her down while she thrashes franticly under him...and she's fully aware he gets excited by this, so you'd think she's stop kicking him, but no, they are both horny as hell, that's why they never stop fighting.
And in this one, they just got done having sex (on the corpse of a cloud giant they just killed) but were fighting just before having sex, were fighting right up to the point Ciri, shoved Avallac'h on the ground and tore his clothes off, and now that they are done fucking the hell out of each other, they are right back at each other's throats immediately fighting all over again... and this particular sex scene that just ended and erupted in them fighting again, is a CBT sex scene. As if I didn't already have enough reasons to like him. Cock and ball torture is a thing they do and one more thing we can add to Avallac'h's ever growing list of perverse things he likes...and I found this scene long after finding the rope in his bedroom. Guess we got our answer. He's kinkier than we thought he was. Avallac'h DID tell Geralt in Tower of Swallows that when it came to sex there wasn't ANYTHING he hadn't already tried....there are so many ways that can be interpreted.
The most physically violent you see them get in the game.
They got an all out brawl going on now...and in spite of what it looks like here... she's actually the one throwing the fireballs at him, while she attacks him. He's just trying to hold her back.
Now they aren't talking to each other and Geralt is really wishing he wasn't standing between two hot tempered volatile mages while they are having a lover's spat.
He's trying to walk away from this fight, but she's cornering him and not letting him leave, so, he's about to throw her on the ground again.
Ciri seen here, punching Avallac'h in the stomach and kicking him in the balls.
We also see that Avallac'h is terrified of Ciri and is quick to submit to her if she gets violent enough with him.
He just likes throwing her on the ground and climbing on top of her while she screams.
This one is hysterical, and, keep reading, in a few minutes you'll get to a point where you see this picture again and I'll tell you what's going on here. This guy supposedly has the most intelligent super powered mega brain in the universe... and yet he has no comprehension for sarcasm on any level at all... in this scene, where yet again they are fighting, Ciri is yelling insults at him and he's completely misunderstood what she said, in the most hilarious way possible.
Avallac'h is actually mad and ready to kill Ciri here.
Nameless Quest: Avallac'h & Ciri fighting. The only time in game you see Avallac'h hit Ciri. Seen here: Ciri hitting Avallac'h from behind.
Nameless Quest: Avallac'h & Ciri fighting. The only time in game you see Avallac'h hit Ciri. Seen here: Avallac'h punching Ciri back.
Nameless Quest: Avallac'h & Ciri fighting. The only time in game you see Avallac'h hit Ciri. Seen here: Avallac'h using Axii spell on Ciri.
Nameless Quest: Avallac'h & Ciri fighting. The only time in game you see Avallac'h hit Ciri. Seen here: Avallac'h carrying unconscious Ciri to boat.
Nameless Quest: Avallac'h & Ciri fighting. The only time in game you see Avallac'h hit Ciri. Seen here: Avallac'h taking Ciri to Isle of Mists.

While their fights in the game are limited mostly to yelling at each other, and Avallac'h holding Ciri back while she tries to hit him, their fights in the books are vicious, brutal, and bloody, and he can be seen punching her, hitting her, slamming her on the ground, strangling her, and sadistically choking her. 

If you've not read the novels and are wondering how Ciri got these scars on her arms, belly, and back, (though not the one on her face which happened before she met him)... Avallac'h did that to her. In the books he is VERY abusive and beats her up the novels Avallac'h is very bipolar and goes constantly back and forth between gently and lovingly hugging, kissing, and cuddling Ciri, to viciously punching, hitting, strangling, throttling, and pumleing her into the ground. While he is incredibly protective of her and won't let anyone hurt her, he is also himself very, violently abusive of her. He doesn't seem to have much control over his fiery, hair-trigger temper, and is seen afterwards feeling very guilty and tenderly caring for the injuries he did to her.

Their relationship is very rocky because of her childish self-centered bitchiness and his inability to remain calm in the face of her being a sharp tongued, mean bitch, spoilt brat. As a general rule Avallac'h is peaceful and docile, but he flips out every time Ciri starts tossing slurs at his dead lover Lara Dorren, and bitch mouthed Ciri doesn't know when to shut her damned mouth. I don't like Ciri and frankly, I've not seen her get a beaten from Avallac'h that she didn't deserve. Considering she murdered his son, I'm not sure why he puts up with her.

With the way they fight, steadily, almost non-stop, most would assume they hated each other and not realize they were lovers... lovers is the word Avallac'h uses to describe what he and Ciri are to each other, though getting him to admit he has a relationship with her is difficult and he'll rarely speak of it at all.

While they fight constantly, we see them in both the books and the game, very quickly making up after each fight and acting almost immediately like the fight never happened. And we see them hugging in both the books and the game.

When Ciri is scared, sad, or upset, Avallac'h is the one she runs to for comfort. This is not seen as often in the game, but in the books, she is daily, multiple times a day, running crying into Avallac'h's arms. (She is also only 12 years old in the books.)

And once in the books and 12 times in the game, they stop fighting long enough to have sex.

Ciri considers Avallac'h to be her best friend, and after she meets Avallac'h, the two are rarely seen apart. Oddly, in spite of how overly sexual Avallac'h is, the two of them, were sleeping in the same bed together for many weeks, without them ever having sex. Though we frequently see Avallac'h described as hugging, holding, and embracing Ciri, he seems quite content to simply have her close to him at night, and never have sex with her. Both described as falling asleep with their clothes on.

This is a stark contrast from the nights Ciri spent with Avallac'h's older brother Auberon, who is incredibly sexual with Ciri, who strips her naked, strips naked himself, and is described in graphic porn levels, fondling, petting, and molesting her, but then likewise never having sex with her, being quite content to simply touch her until she had an orgasm and then leave her alone. Which results in her running back to Avallac'h's bed to cry herself to sleep in Avallac'h's arms while he sings whale songs to her.

There are 2 sex scenes with Ciri and Avallac'h, the first one page 179 of Lady of the Lake, when a very horny Ciri rapes Avallac'h, after once again being molested by Auberon, and a 2nd one on the following page when the two finally stop fighting long enough to have sex consensually, and in spite of the graphic details that went into the almost-sex scenes with Auberon, the sex scene with Avallac'h fades to black.

They spend most of their mornings horseback riding together, most of the days fighting, most of their evenings by the lake or on a boat, Avallac'h quietly listening to Ciri talking, and their nights cuddled up together asleep.

In stark contrast to the other men in her life, Avallac'h is very gentle with Ciri and never forces himself on her, something which astounds her as most men she encounters are trying to rape her.

During the day, when they are together, Avallac'h is constantly touching her. Every single time Avallac'h is on the page, there is a sentence describing where his hand is. On her face. On her arm. On her thigh. Stroking her hair.

He is steadily, constantly, non-stop touching her. When riding there horses, he is described as taking the reigns of her horse and pulling it so close to his own horse, that Ciri's leg was pressed tight against his. There is never a scene with Avallac'h in it, where Avallac'h is NOT touching Ciri.

While Avallac'h's conversation is bold as brass and is non stop about sex, he is very shy, almost frightened, when it comes to actually having sex with someone and absolutely refuses to remove his clothes or be seen naked.

When it comes time for actual sex, Avallac'h acts more like a frightened virgin, then the sex god he boldly claims to be.

Also, pay attention to Avallac'h's hands, whenever he and Ciri are together. Both in the books and the game. He is ALWAYS touching her when they are together.

In the books... Every paragraph, of every scene, of every chapter, in the novels... you'll see a line describing where his hand is... on her hand, her arm, her leg, her knee, her thigh, her face, her hair... there is NEVER a scene in the novels of them together and him not touching her.

...and, watch his hands in the game... he does the same thing...

For people who wanted it, a picture of Ciri beating up Avallac'h, or rather she just kicked him in the balls...

For people who wanted it, a picture of Ciri beating up Avallac'h, or rather she just kicked him in the balls...

..not difficult to get these considering she's a violent, abusive woman who beats the hell out of him at every turn.

If you've not read the novels, Ciri is an extreme feminist, who considers men to be "parasites". She is a proud male hating lesbian, with a female lover, who dies before they ever have sex (because the Witcher novels suffer from a serious case of "kill your gays" unfortunately, and with the exception of Ciri, all LGBTQ chracters in the novels are killed within 3 pages of saying they are gay.)

In any case, she's not overly thrilled with Avallac'h's constant lusting after her, though she does rape him from time to time and you'd think the way he chases after her, he'd be okay with her fucking the hell out of him, but he actually isn't okay with it, and gets quite upset.

They have a very strange relationship. They both seem to thrive on beating the crap out of each other, which, poor Avallac'h, it's just one more thing that gets him horny.

I suppose the question is, does anything NOT get him horny?

And for people who hate Avallac'h and want to watch him die, or, you know, for us sadistic fans who just get off on watching him get tortured...

... I have no issues setting up staged screenshots for you to write Avallac'h killing fanfiction for. As you can see by the above screenshot I staged at the request of one of my viewers, who just really wanted to see Avallac'h die.

We've killed him off a lot in this playthrough.

I should note, this current playthrough is not a straight up playthrough, but is largely me setting up specific mods during specific quests, with the intent on getting specific screenshots for various websites I run.

If you have a request for a fanfiction screenshot to illustrate some fanfiction you wrote, go ahead and send the request to me and I'll try to get the screenshot for you. I can play as almost every main and secondary character from the game (not just Avallac'h and Ge'els), and can character swap most characters in most quests. I have 800+ mods just for that purpose.

And heck, if you've read the novels, you know what he's like... Avallac'h is probably getting so horny over being throttled by a vampire in this picture. I mean, he has so many fetishes, how do we know this isn't one of them?

Avallac'h and Ciri do not have what one could call a healthy relationship, but they seem to each thrive on their arguments, battles, and fights, and neither seems to want to ever stop fighting with the other. Indead the fights seem to be more a twisted method of foreplay for them, then anything else.

And speaking of unhealthy relationships...

Avallac'h and Ge'els doesn't seem to get along to well either. (Of course, we could ask: does Avallac'h get along with anyone? He is kind of bitchy with everyone.) But, as we see in this scene, though Avallac'h and Ge'els are close friends, Ge'els can step over the line, and get seriously fucked over by Avallac'h.

The scene started out with Avallac'h being concerned about Ge'els and asking how he was feeling.

Ge'els, who arguably is the President Trump of the Witcher universe, answers as he always does, by saying just exactly the wrong thing at just exactly the wrong time, because for whatever reason, he can't talk to Avallac'h without seething sarcasm and Ge'els and sarcasm just don't mix, because his brand of sarcasm tends to rub Avallac'h in all the wrong directions.

Avallac'h to Ge'els: "Seem a brit prickly... Something bothering you?"
Ge'els to Avallac'h: "Sorry, I know, I've been unbearable lately. But at my age, the menopause, what with the hot flashes and the violent mood swings..."

The video of it...

Ge'els, as we knows, HATES Ciri. And Ge'els is kind of hung up on Avallac'h and, if you didn't know (you will soon, because screenshots of the game's only gay lover, Yaoi quest are coming up, keep reading, you'll get there soon...)... if you didn't know, the reason Ge'els hates Ciri is because Ge'els is gay (perhaps bi-sexual, as he has Tulip as well?) and wants Avallac'h.

In any case, Ge'els hates Ciri and is prone to bullying her and trying to pit her and Avallac'h against each other, trying to break them up...which is what we see him doing here... and, well, watch how Avallac'h reacts to Ge'els bullying Ciri:

No... Ge'els. What are you doing? You're better than this. You know better than this. Don't do it, Ge'els. Please don't. Don't you know by now how psycho crazed defensive Avallac'h gets of his women?
He just called Ciri's father (Emperor Emhyr) a "lying whore".
Quit while you're ahead Ge'els. Avallac'h's still trying to be civil with you.
Stop, Ge'els, stop... this is Avallac'h you are talking to. You know him. That's the woman who looks like Lara Dorren that you are talking about. It doesn't matter how much he fights with her, he isn't gonna let you fight with her.
Okay, Ge'els just called Ciri a cunt. Ge'els... you idiot! What are you doing? You KNOW what Avallac'h is like.
Okay, Ge'els, you really needed to shut up... Avallac'h's got his psycho eyes on now, he's about to rip your freaking leg off.
After he punches you first.
Yeah, Ge'els, you really shouldn't have called Ciri a cunt. You know that right?
Ge'els, you KNOW he's crazy. You're the one who's always telling everyone Avallac'h is a dangerous psychopath. You more than anyone should know better then to piss of the psycho crazed elf.
See? There he goes. Right after your leg. Psycho elf with the strength of ten humans here. Did you forget that Ge'els? He's just gonna snap your leg in half like it was a twig.
Poor Ge'els... look how freaking scared he looks.
Poor Ge'els.
There goes Ge'els' leg, and look how sadistic Ciri is in this scene, how much she is enjoying watching Avallac'h beat the crap out of Ge'els.
Then he's gonna grab Ciri and run away, before your guards can get here to stop him.
And he gonna run right over you.
And leave you laying there, screaming in agony, until someone finds you here in this abandoned building he's just left you in.

We all know what Avallac'h is like. Piss him off and what is he going to do? Find your lover and fuck her just to spite you.

Avallac'h's a jerkass bastard. We know that. But no one knows that better then Ge'els, so why does Ge'els persist in pissing the spiteful bastard off?Poor Ge'els.

Can we say poor Ge'els often enough?

No... no, we can't.

Poor Ge'els.

You know, part of Avallac'h's problem, is his drug addiction.


I always got the impression fizztech was more of an upper/coke/speed thing and less of a psychedelic :D I haven't read the books though, so I don't know. Cool anyway!


I think Fisstech is absent from the books. But it's definetely an upper not a hallucinogen.

Stat wise I think it should have like buff effect for a minute or two, vitality (or damage threshold) stamina. After the trip really nerfing effect for 12-24hrs, and permanent nerf effect if addicted, only way to get rid of it would be Potion of Clearance.

Effect wise it should have really clear vision, like Cat. The surrounding world should have reduced speed ever so slightly (gained reflexion speed).

@koalaNalle: No fistek is in the books - Avallac'h makes it, Eredin gives it to Ciri and Auberon, and King Auberon supposedly overdoses on it (in reality Eredin poisoned his stash); Avallac'h in the books is accused of murdering Auberon, that's why in the game he lives on Skellige with the Humans and is banished from the world of the Aen Elle and why he's trying to prove his innocence to Ge'els (in the game quest "Through Time and Space"), because none of the Aen Elle believe Eredin killed Auberon, due to the fact Auberon died while taking drugs Avallac'h had made. Avallac'h was the next in line to be king after Auberon (thus Ge'els sassy statement to Geralt about refusing to make Avallac'h king even if he could prove Eredin killed Auberon), Eredin was next in line after Avallac'h, that's why Ereiden killed the king and framed Avallac'h for it, using drugs Avallac'h had made, resulting in Auberon's death, Avallac'h removal from the government, and Eredin being crowned king). 

In the books fistek is supposed to be a type of cocaine that is used as an aphrodisiac and creates a heightened euphoric state - it can cause extreme childlike behaviour, heightened sex-crazy antics, and incredibly violent aggression - after taking it, Auberon runs around like a toddler carrying a bubble wand and blowing bubbles over the river while chattering about the bright colours, and Ciri has a total sex-crazed meltdown freaks out because Auberon won't sleep with her so she runs off and rapes Avallac'h, resulting in Avallac'h brutally and violently trying to kill her because she said he ought to want her because she can be Lara for him. All 3 of them were high as kites on fistek when this scene happens.

Eredin witnesses the 3 of them having their drug induced frenzy in the public garden while half the city watches, then decides to use this to say Avallac'h raped Ciri (when in fact she raped him) to get her away from Auberon, thus Eredin's explanation for why the following night Auberon is found dead and all fingers point to Avallac'h, claiming Avallac'h did it because Ciri looked like his dead lover Lara Dorren and he couldn't stand Auberon with her. 

(See the novel "Lady of the Lake" chapter 5)

Thus how Avallac'h and Ciri come to be traveling together in the game, because Ge'els declared them both wanted for the murder of King Auberon and the 2 of them are now fugitives on the run, in the game both trying to flee The Wild Hunt (the Aen Elle Army) while trying to prove each other innocent of the murder they've been framed for. Avallac'h's son Carainthir is sent by Eredin to kill Avallac'h, because no one can get near Ciri while Avallac'h is protecting her and Caranthir is the only member of the Wild Hunt Avallac'h trusts, him being his son and all, but instead of killing his father, Caranthir casts the Uma Curse on him. Thus how Avallac'h and Ciri got separated, and then enter Geralt in the game to rescue both of them.

All because of fistek.

In both the game and the novels, it is always Ciri who starts the fights, and in most fights (game and books) we see Avallac'h trying to avoid the fight, except when he wants sex and then he lashes out at Ciri to make her more pissant bitchy then she was to begin with, but then he's not being violent and backs off if he gets her too mad... until she brings up his dead lover Lara whom he is still in love with, at which point he becomes extremely violent and starts beating Ciri. Avallac'h, though he rarely hits her, is EXCESSIVELY violent when he does get angry enough to hit Ciri, - we never see him in the game, hit her, but in the books, we frequently see him hit her, and in the books he is described as not only hitting her, but strangling her, throttling her, and slamming her on the ground while he does it.

As we saw, Ciri was warned by several people, in the books, that she was not his first Human lover, and that though mostly calm, when he does lose his temper, he becomes insanely violent and has in the past beaten his Human lovers to death. 

Indeed, we've seen him in fights with Humans in the game, and just as he's described in the books, he does grabb people and throw them to the ground while punching them in the face, very hard, very fast, and quickly shattering their skulls, crushing their brain.

Avallac'h, though seemingly docile and peaceful most of the time, is a very, very, very violent little Elf when someone pisses him off, especially when someone insults Lara Dorren or otherwise tries to harm her.

His fierce protective nature, when it comes to Lara Dorren, is very likely what pushed her away and sent her running to the arms of another lover. Avallac'h seems to be completely unaware of how excessively over powering his overly defensive, brutally protective nature is.

We see his excessive levels of violence in the game, when protecting Lara Dorren from Human bandits...

It must be remembered that while Avallac'h is seemingly peaceful and harmless most of the time, he is still an evil sorcerer, a brutally violent mass murderer (ho proudly claims to have murdered thousands of Humans) and sees himself as a protector of God, doing God's bidding, and in his mind, God is bidding him to protect Lara and her descendants at all costs.

He follows his religion on fanatical levels that defy logic and is willing to do ANYTHING to protect the women he believes are chosen by god (Lara and Ciri) regardless of personal harm to himself or how many lives he has to cut down to protect these two women.

And you don't have to be Human to piss him off, no. Elves, monsters, anything, even a fellow Wild Hunt general, who he's supposed to be on the same side with. Avallac'h goes into psychotic frenzies once he loses his temper, as seen here, when he, a tiny, 5'6" weak, elderly unarmed wizard wearing no armor, is attacking a 7 foot tall heavily armed and armoured soldier who tried to kill Ciri: (Avallac'h seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character.)

Imlerith, King Eredin's most trusted general.
Squishy wizard vs knight with a mace that's bigger then said wizard...should be easy fight of squash wizard flat and move on to the next guy.
Knight miscalculates powers of squishy wizards... Ard (lightning blast) from wizard's hand, blasts giant mace to other side of battlefield. Knight now must fight with fists.
So the easy solution it to strangle squishy wizard before he can cast another spell. ... And now you got a tiny little weakling of an unarmed hot tempered and unarmored spitfire wizard here, who just ran all hellfire, psycho frenzy into battle, one on one against a heavily armed and heavily armored 7 foot tall super soldier, who is now being strangled.
And now being held, several feet off the ground, being throttled, while he's being strangled...
But, you know, Avallac'h is a very close range combat fighter... he likes, wants, and NEEDS to be realy, realy, VERY close to his opponents to do the things he does in should never underestimate the puny dork in a dress... he's likely got some powerful book learning up his sleeve... or maybe just a fireball that he's just waiting to shove up your nose and he needed you to pick him up because he was too short and couldn't reach your nose before you started throttling him...
Knight has seriously underestimated the powers of squishy wizards...yes, bring the psychotically deranged, high on cocaine, very angry wizard inches from your face so he can get a nice good aim on you... see? he just needed to be a little bit closer to your face so he could shove that fireball up your nostril.
Avallac'h is being strangled and he still hasn't stopped fighting... no, he just threw a fireball inside this guy's helmet.... you know, one really shouldn't go up against a wizard who snorts cocaine seconds before running into battle...his spells, like his brain, just go through the roof.
Now, dropping the squishy wizard was a mistake. He just cast a fireball, seconds after Ard, and we fans of Avallac'h, know he ain't got much left in him after that. Those are both big spells. He can't do too many of those before he passes out...the whole reason we call squishy wizards squishy, is because they are mega overpowered nuclear bombs waiting to do off, most powerful weapon your army can have on it's team, but they are also soft and squishy, like Twinkies, easily stepped on squashed battle. They'll kill half the battlefield in seconds, but they'll also be killed seconds into the battle if you don't pull them right back out fast. Since Avallac'h is the classic squishy wizard: elderly, ill, crippled, studies too much to have time to exercise (other then having sex with everything that moves), and passes out after casting big spells, thus had big burly knight not let go, he stood a good chance of snapping Avallac'h's neck.
But, knight is too busy running around screaming, while he tries to pull his helmet off as a fireball dances around inside it. So, he's left squishy wizard laying on the ground, to recuperate and think what his next move should be.
See? Now THIS is why you don't go into battle against a squishy wizard... they may be easy to squash, but hell, they gonna shove fireballs up your nose and take you down with them.
Oh... now, he REALLY mad... tip... do not strangle the already pissed off wizard. Bad idea. Very bad idea.... you know, that little nerdy guy the jocks shoved into lockers during high school, he would also the AAA+ honor student in chemistry and physics, so he not only knows how to make fireballs to shove up your nose, he also knows how use every inch of his tiny body to whoop your giant bully of an ass... you really, really, REALLY should not have dropped the puny, little dork in a dress on the ground...
Because he's not only a chemist wiz, he's also a physics master and he's gonna find something laying on the ground, anything, even that big mace you dropped, you know the one as big as he is... much bigger then he is, that he can't even pick is up...he is barely even able drag it on the ground... as he makes his way back towards you, while you are still screaming in agony from that fireball he shoved up your nose a few second ago... and you do realize he just loaded his own nose up on cocaine before you starting strangling him right? He's out of his head right now, and you're about to lose yours...
because he's high on fistek and an adrenaline rush, and you just tried to kill his girlfriend, and then you tried to strangle him, and he's just so mad right now that he's forgotten about using magic, so, hell, he's gonna pick that thing up anyways... because who needs muscles when you got drugs and physics...
...and then run screaming straight for you, jumping up over you and bringing every ounce of his tiny little body right into that swing, as he brings that thing down on your head.
Bye, bye, brain. See? Told you, super brains with working knowledge of physics is dangerous stuff. He's got leverage on his side here. Ever notice how Avallac'h always goes for the head? Everybody else in battle, aims at a limb or the belly. Not Avallac'h, no, straight for their head, every time. Just bash their brain out.... do NOT be deceived by the fact that Avallac'h is your class squishy wizard... get him angry enough, and he proves to be a very effective battle mage as well. Though, he can't get in many brain bashing hits like this before he passes out... he is after all still a squishy wizard.

Squishy Wizards, btw, for those who never heard the term before (note this link goes to another site, that is not quote from that page tells us a Squishy Wizard is:

Armor and Magic Don't Mix: Wizards are often the fantasy equivalent of heavy artillery, capable of wiping out armies by themselves from afar. And like heavy artillery, you don't want them in close combat because they're relatively easy to kill if you can get to them. So why don't they wear armor so they last longer? Squishy Wizards are so squishy they can't wear armor without tiring themselves out, which would make some sense when applied to the very long-lived Wizard ClassicClosely related to Squishy Wizard. Compare Armor Is Useless. Contrast Magic Knight, the most common manifestation of this trope's aversion.

The fact that you can warp reality does not change the fact that you're still just a puny dork in a dress.

It seems that many who possess great magical, mental, or otherwise mystical might are also in the worst of shape. They may be sickly, horribly ill, crippled, or just physically weak and puny; in general, people who have reality-bending powers seem to suffer for it in other areas.

There are usually reasons. Powerful psychics may suffer from this, as they can do anything with their minds — for what do they need their bodies? It may also be the result of a magical Old Master experiencing the declining health that comes with age. Alternatively, physical health can sometimes be traded for magical power, be it through a bargain of some sort or the use of very draining magic... or it may be more mundane: rather than go outside or exercise, the magicians spent all their time studying spells, and are thus very weak physicallynote . From a DoylistPOV, it's about game balance. Without their physical weakness there often wouldn't be any reason not to use them.

In terms of characterization, this trope creates a duality and contrast with the strong, stupid guy. Since Squishy Wizards tend to focus on powerful offensive attack spells ("Nuking"), they are also contrasted by The Medic, a form of Squishy Wizard who focuses on healing and defensive magic to stand in for their frail defense instead. Squishy Wizards, because of their fragility, are often paired up with fighters in a Sword and Sorcerer ensemble or part of a full-blown adventuring party.

And speaking of psychopathic Elf wizards going nuts in battle and killing fellow Aen Elle Elves... hmmm, there aren't many Aen Elle Elves in this game and we already know the 3 biggest baddies, Caranthir, Eredin, and Avallac'h himself are the 3 bosses of the final boss battle... damn it... that only leaves one other Aen Elle elf to kill in this quest...

Have you ever wondered what happens when Avallac'h walks into a town and discovers it has a full on ban on Elves and wizards and that just one week before his arrival, all the Elves and mages of the city were mass murdered by the government and their bodies left hanging on spikes all around the city?

Did you know the answer to that is in the game when we trigger the quest to assassinate King Radovid? (Avallac'h seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character. With Ge'els and Ciri spawned in as travel companions.)

Ciri and Avallac'h in shocked horror as they discover all the Elves of the Novigrad Bits have been murdered by the Witch Hunters and their bodies now hanging on stakes lining the roads into the city.
Avallac'h, Amryth, Isilia, and Ge'els reading the posters nailed to the burned homes of the dead Elves.
Avallac'h's panicked running through the Novigrad Bits in search of survivors... we found only 3 Elves who survived the massacre (The chicken farmer and his wife, and the transvestite tailor Elihal are the only 3 Elves left in Novigrad - more then 500 Elves have just been murdered in this scene which is about to trigger the quest option to assassinate King Radovid in response to his decree to kill all Elves and Mages.)
Avallac'h's gone psycho
A field of dead Redanian soldiers, laying on the front lawns of the empty Elf houses of the Novigrad Bits, as Avallac'h now makes his way across the bridge and straight to temple square.
Avallac'h, Ge'els, Isilira, Amrynth, and the Scoia'tael on their bloodbath massacre march through Novigrad killing every last Redanian soldier as they make their way to King Radovid's ship, to meet Philippa, Thaler, Ves, and Roche during the quest to assassinate the Elf murdering King Radovid.
Avallac'h and a Scoia'tael woman killing the bridge guards while Isilira watches... Ge'els is dead (well not yet, but, he died here before he was supposed to die, so he'll be back).... the she-elves and Scoia'tael will soon be dead too... by the time he gets to temple square and the heart of the Witch Hunter empire, it'll be just Avallac'h and Ciri left alive...Avallac'h is the only elf that makes it to the end of this quest alive.
Well, speak of the devil... there he is! Playing Gwent with Thaler (another of our fave characters.)
Ge'els informing us of his plot to assassinate King Radovid and the need for our help.
Ge'els has just informed Avallac'h that Ge'els' spies have been following him, and knew he wanted to kill Radovid, thus why Ge'els' henchmen just dragged Avallac'h into this warehouse, so Ge'els could ask Avallac'h to help... Avallac'h respondes by telling Ge'els: "Your nosy, starting to piss me off, you know."... Ge'els, Ge'els, Ge'els... have you learned NOTHING yet? Don't piss this guy off. He's gonna kill you. Sooner or later Avallac'h is gonna kill you. Please stop pissing him off. You're one of our favourite characters. We REALLY don't want Avallac'h to kill you.
Roche, says he'll have his crossbowmen on the ready, let's go kill Radovid.
Quest Activated... NOW we can go kill Radovid.
Avallac'h in the heart of Novigrad, during the "Reason of State" Quest aka The Assassination of King Radovid quest. The angry Elf on his march across Novigrad slaughtering Radovid's soldiers as he makes his way to the Elf murdering King Radovid himself. Avallac'h is now the last Elf still alive - all the elves that started this quest with him were slaughtered in the streets before reaching the With Hunter headquarters - and he's having an absolute meltdown after watching every Elf around him be murdered.
Avallac'h at the Dwarf owned Vivaldi Bank, defending the bank's Dwarf owner Vimme Vivaldi against the onslaught of King Radovid's soldiers, as Radovid's army takes over Novigrad in thier non-human murdering march across the city.
This is now the 3rd hour long episode of us doing nothing but standing on the front steps of Vivaldi's bank, slaughtering soldiers as they just keep coming in the battle for control of the bank.
After 3 hours of gameplay (5 days in-game time) of steady onslaught of Radovid's men, the non-humans have regained control of the bank and pushed back the elf murdering soldiers out of the city center. The lesson here: don't kill elves...they've got a psychopathic protector named Avallac'h and he going to hunt down and kill every last one of Radovid's men now.
Avallac'h arrives at the docks of Novigrad... King Radovid's ship is nw in sight.
Avallac'h about to board king Radovid's ship.
Avallac'h on the docks, cutting his way through the king's guardsmen as he makes his way to the gangplank to board Radovid's ship.
After 3 hours of slaughtering 500+ Redanian soldiers on the way here, Avallac'h is finally on board King Radovid's ship...
...face to face with King Radovid at last.
Avallac'h, an Elven Mage, captured by the Elf murdering, Mage killing King Radovid, during the Reason of State (assassination of King Radovid) Quest. Seen here, in the final scene of the quest to kill Radovid, surrounded by Redanian soldiers and Witch Hunters, as King Radovid orders his immediate execution...this scene comes from about 30 seconds before the assassination of King Radovid and the blood bath slaughter of every soldier and witch hunter in this picture. Ordering Avallac'h executed was the last order King Radovid gave before his brutal death at the hands of Phillipa, while Roche and Ves rescue Avallac'h from the exicutioners.
Avallac'h looking down at the dead executioner, laying at his feet. Avallac'h was seconds from having his head chopped off by a Witch Hunter, until a round of arrows shot through the executioner's head. All Avallac'h has to say is: "Fuck!"
Roche and Ves kill the executioner, rescue Avallac'h, then turn around to go after Radovid... time to see Philippa assassinate the king who tortured her and cut out her eyes.
With Radovid dead, everyone gather's back at Ge'els' to celebrate, while Ge'els is on stage reciting poetry and about to have a psychotic breakdown.
Avallac'h's is talking to Thaler and not really paying attention to Ge'els yet.
We already knew Ge'els was a painter with an artist's' temperament. Now we are finding out he has dreamed of being an actor, inspired by Radovid's murder, and the play he is acting out, Ge'els has now decided to have himself an ego trip psychotic breakdown and declare himself king of everything...
Ge'els announces, now that Radovid's dead, we've got Eymhr to assassinate next, than Ge'els is going to crown himself king.

uhm... Ge'els... why?


You just told Avallac'h the next thing on your to-do list is to kill Emperor Emhyr? Have you absolutely lost your mind?

You really think Avallac'h is gonna let you kill Emhyr?

Emhyr, you know, Ciri's father, who Ciri loves a hell of a lot.

Ge'els, where is your brain?

Ciri, the girl Avallac'h is obsessing over because she looks like his beloved Lara Dprren - Ge'els is plotting to kill Ciri's father now and Avallac'h, well... he ain't gonna let that happen. We know him too well.

Well, NOW you got Avallac'h's full and undivided attention. He might not have heard anything else you said, but he heard you say you were next going to kill Ciri's father.

Let's get a close up on Avallac'h's "What the fuck?" expression he's giving Ge'els right now.

Can I pull you out of the story for a minute and ask you to take a good long close look at Avallac'h's sword in that last picture there.

You know that sword he doesn't use during fights?

That sword that has a Muslim symbol on it's hilt?

That sword he only uses for very specific rituals?

Pay close attention to that sword for the rest of this quest... you're about to see one of the few times this Muslim radical extremist ever pulls out his sword and uses it... as he's about to go up against another Muslim character and enforce a rather radical medieval Muslim law.

And just look at Avallac'h here...

he's speechless and looks like: "Ge'els what the fuck are you doing?"

Ge'els is now arguing with Roche.

Avallac'h is still shocked and speechless (which is never good; it means his brain is thinking deep thoughts and when his mega powered psionic super villain brain thinks deep thoughts, bad stuff starts happening.)

Oh my and when he does say something it's up to the player to pick what he says...

Oh god, it's one of these... the player has 10 seconds to decide who to kill... side with Ge'els and help him kill Roche, Ves, and Thaler, so he can go on to kill Ciri's father, or protect the humans and kill Ge'els.
Ge'els response to: "I won't let you kill them" is "Aww hard luck. Then you'll die with them."
Ge'els tells his guards: "Kill them all!"... so, everyone in the room is about to die on Ge'els' orders, that includes Avallac'h. No. Ge'els. Why? Why? WHY?

And look at Avallac'h there. He looks horrified. Ge'els is his best friend. He calls Ge'els his brother.

Let's get a close up on Avallac'h's "What the fuck?" expression he's giving Ge'els right now.

But Avallac'h won't break his vow to protect Ciri.

We know this.

We know this far too well.

Oh poor Avallac'h, he has to kill Ge'els.

Poor Ge'els, you're about to die.

And when I went into this quest, I had never seen anyone play it before, so I went into this quest blind, with no clue what Avallac'h was about to do... but uhm... there's those psycho eyes he gets just before he runs of and starts brain bashing everyone...

We are reminded that it was barly an hour ago that Ge'els dragged Avallac'h into a warehouse, and Avallac'h said "You're nosy, starting to piss me off, you know?"

Yeah, Ge'els, I think you pissed him off to much this time.

There he goes... Avallac'h's giving Ge'els those psycho eyes of his again.
So now Avallac'h, has to keep Roche, Ves, and Thaler alive, while cutting down Ge'els guards, while making his way to kill Ge'els.

Wait... Avallac'h's not fighting with his staff? What the fuck? Avallac'h's pulled out his sword. He doesn't do that. What the hell just happened?

OMG! Ge'els has got a weapon! He intends to fit back. We've never seen him fight before.
Ves and Thaler join in fighting Ge'els.
Now you're unarmed, so kind of fucked at this point.
Damn... this finisher just triggered on it's own... there are no in game mechanics to do this. The AI has just taken over and the announcement has already gone up saying Ge'els is dead and the quest is complete, meaning the player is no longer in control of the rest of the fight as the computer takes over Avallac'h...
Why are you chopping Ge'els up? What the fuck are you doing? Avallac'h is using his sword like a saw and sawing Ge'els arm off.
...uhm... he's already dead... there's is no reason to be now cutting his arms off like this... Avallac'h's lost his marbles...
Uhm... why has the camera gone into a cutscene close up on Ge'els' severed hand? Wait.. what am I missing here? This means something doesn't it? Is this somehow important to the critical path main quest, ending of the game? This game doesn't give us a close up on ANYTHING unless it's IMPORTANT for something pertaining to the end of the game.

and so Avallac'h kills Ge'els by running a sword through his belly, then cutting his arms off, and then pulls out his knife and chops Ge'els up in a psycho crazed gory bloodbath, that we are going to pretend didn't happen... because Ge'els is my second fave character, after Avallac'h, so, let's pretend he's not dead and Avallac'h didn't just have way too much fun killing him...

...moving on...

No... I cant move on... I need to now why did Avallac'h, after killing Ge'els, chop off his hands.

He's Muslim, they both are. We know this. Avallac'h holds Ge'els to higher standards then he does other people, other Aen Elle, because they both belong to the same religion. 

We know Ge'els is Muslim, like Avallac'h, because Ge'els himself is the one who tells Geralt they (he and Avallac'h) do not drink, do not eat meat, and are supposed to be living lives free of illicit sex, which Ge'els chides Avallac'h for, Avallac'h himself being a prophet of their religion, and having trouble refraining from sex with .... uhm... everyone.

We also see that when Ge'els wants to insult someone, he calls them "pork", pork being seen in Muslim culture as an unclean object to have no contact with.

We see also a scene when Avallac'h accusses Ge'els of being too righteous.

Is there a logical reason why Avallac'h, after killing Ge'els, cuts his hands off?

Actually, yes, there is, and as I mentioned before, it astounds me the level of research that went into the creation of Avallac'h's character, and leads me to ask: is the author of the Witcher series, perhaps Muslim himself? The levels of accuracy that went into the creation of tis radical Muslim character, are far beyond what you'd expect from normal research and indicate instead that this character was created by an author who knew the Muslim religion inside, from actually being Muslim.

To find out why Avallac'h cuts off Ge'els hands, after killing him, we have to go to the Qu'ran...

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

Qur'an 5:33

How does this verse apply here?

To fully understand it, we need to add a second verse to go in context...

There are some who await God's decree whether He will punish them or relent on them. God is All Knower, All Wise.

Qur'an 9:106

Now we have to go back to the novel Lady of the Lake, where we find that Avallac'h is known among his people as The Knowing One, and is seen as The Messenger of Aen Ithlinnespeath (Ithlinne's Prophecy) in other words the messenger of god's word.

Avallac'h is more then just a member of his faith, he IS the LEADER of his religion, the prophet, the voice of god on earth. He believes himself to be the right hand of and protector of god, and he believes that Ciri is god made flesh, like Jesus is to the Christians, Ciri is to Avallac'h. In the novels he refers to her as Savior and Messiah. 

He doesn't just protect Ciri, he worships Ciri. He believe Ciri is god.

He believe himself to be The All Knowing One, The Messenger of God.  

And what Did Ge'els do? He ordered the death of Ciri's father, which means, Ciri would become empress, and that means Ge'els would next target Ciri.

In Avallac'h's mind, Ge'els has waged war on god.

Next Ge'els orders Avallac'h himself to be killed. Avallac'h is The Knowing One, the Messenger of God.

And what does the Qur'an say?

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;

Qur'an 5:33

There are some who await God's decree whether He will punish them or relent on them. God is All Knower, All Wise.

Qur'an 9:106

In Avallac'h's mind, Ge'els has waged war against both Allah and His Messenger, and thus, why after killing Ge'els, he then cuts off his hands.

And, so is it important to the critical path, primary quest end of game? Important enough that the camera went into a close up on Ge'els' severed hand?


Yes. If you get the Dead Ciri Ending, it is.


Because in the Dead Ciri Ending, Avallac'h kills Ciri.


Because he no longer believes she's god, sees her as a false messiah, and, to understand how important his religion is to him, you need to see him execute his best friend, then cut his hands off, to realize, this guy is REALLY dangerous, and will not let ANYTHING or ANYONE, get between him and his religion.

Avallac'h loves Ge'els, we know this. We also know that it is not easy for Avallac'h to turn on people he loves. We've seen him defend and protect Ge'els, now only to kill him for the greater good.

And we've now been given a look at how, very, very, VERY dangerous Avallac'h really is... dangerous enough to kill his brother over religion... we are reminded too, that rumors exist, which say he himself killed Lara Dorren... and with these factors in mind, we now make our way to Skellige and the Final Boss Battle, immediately after killing Ge'els... now knowing that Avallac'h will do whatever it takes, kill anyone he must, to see to the fulfillment of Ithlinne's Prophecy... no one is going to come between him and the prophecy... NO ONE, not even Ciri, should she get in the way.

Originally posted by woof:

Originally posted by Suicide xD:

She is not a witcher. She is trained in their ways. She uses a silver sword and hunts monsters, but she technically isn't a witcher. Cdpr basically sets up a story with Lambert and Kiera.
And no that's not my way of thinking. It is stated countless times in the books and in the games that ciri is tied to Geralt and vice versa... They could make a game with ciri. But it would be a mess and probably ruin the story... Just leave it.

I don't think that merely her not having undergone mutations justifies her not being a witcher. She calls herself a witcher, and geralt calls her a witcher. Lambert and Eskel calls her one of their own.

Originally posted by woof:

Originally posted by Suicide xD:

She is too overpowered... Have fun fighting drowners and nekkers as ciri. She can't drink potions and she isn't actually a witcher... They can't go back and tell her story since we already know the outcome... It's a bad idea. A Lambert or Eskel game would be good though
Or that cat witcher you meet Gaurtam or something. He is in some trouble that could make a good game

If that's the only reason then it's kinda a bad reason. Avallac'h already states in the game that her powers are directly connected to the White Frost, and we don't see her using her powers at any moment in the epilogue, which may or may not suggest that her powers are weakened or gone.

I'm sorry, have you not read the books?

Ciri was CREATED by Avallac'h, a mutant himself (him being the only white skinned blue eyed blond among the black skinned, black haired, yellow eyed Aen Elle, who are sadly white, not black in the game, which removes the whole racist battle between him and Eredin,,, the Aen Elle are Drow in the books, not High Elves like they are in the game)... Ciri is a half-Elf mutant, built in the lab of The Knowing One, (Crevan aka Avallac'h) a mega brained Psion, who's hell bent undoing the damage he did when he, 2,000 years ago, built all those portals of his all over the damned universe.

Ciri does not know Avallac'h created her in his lab, until she reads his journals in his other lab on Skellige, which is why she trashes said lab.

Seriously, read the books. Ciri is way more of a mutant then Geralt will ever hope to be.

Avallac'h already states in the game that her powers are directly connected to the White Frost, 

No. He caused the White Frost when he enslaved the unicorns and forced them to open portals between world, which he did because the Aen elle food supply (humans) was running low and they needed to find more worlds with more humans.

He is Aen Saervhrn, a Psion with naturally mutated blood. After he realized the damage he caused by creating the portals, he became desperate to save the worlds he'd inadvertently destroyed, but the unicorns revolted and stranded him on the world of the Aen Elle. It took him 400 years to learn how to open the portals on his own without the help of the unicorns.

Then he discovered the Aen Ithlinnespeath (Ithlinne's Prophecy) and realized he was the elf mentioned in it, so he became obsessed with finding the mother of the Child of the Elder Blood, and decided to create her in his lab. He started keeping Aen Elle slaves and breeding them, while cross cloning his own Alder Blood into them. After 700 years of breeding mutated Elves and cloning his own blood into them, he created Lara Dorren. Lara Dorren was to marry him, he and she to be the couple who would create the Child of the Elder Blood, which would become god of the universe and defeat the White Frost.

Lara cheated on Avallac'h with a human and gave birth to a half-Elf, but both she and her lover were murdered. Avallac'h was there and rescued the baby taking it to it's human relatives to be raised.

Avallac'h then spent the next 200 years, obsessively stalking the children of Lara's child, waiting for another to be born with his Alder Blood gene, which was Ciri, thus why he kidnapped her, took her too his lab and started his breeding and cloning experiments up all over again... and in the books he's literally breeding her (raping her) and beating the hell out of her when she tried to get him to stop. Avallac'h is a psychopathic mad scientist villain in the books. He's not anything like the sweet grouchy Elf we see n the game.

Avallac'h believes she is more powerful them him (he being the most powerful elder brain psion of all the known multiverse), he believes this, because she is a genetic hybrid created from his own blood, then crossed back with a 2nd being (Lara) who also has his blood.

Read the novels. The game assumes you have already read the novels, so assumes you already know this info, thus the game does not tell you this info outright.

Ciri's powers are connected to Avallac'h, not the White Frost, which is why he's the only one who knows how to train her to use her powers.

Okay, now ...moving on...

Basically, don't piss off Avallac'h. He's a bitch in battle.

And if you are a Muslim, don't do anything against Muslim laws, because Avallac'h is a radical extremist who is going to dismember you according to the laws of his translation of his religion.

Also... the game never mentions fistek (a type of cocaine) in relationship to Avallac'h, but the books tell us that he makes the purest, most refined form of it known in the multiverse, and that becauses of it's straight up purity, it takes a lot less of it, to get a much bigger reaction from it. We also know from the books, that Avallac'h is pretty much high all the time, that he snorts it from powered strips off the table, mixes it with lard and charcoal then rubs it around his eyes (that's what his makeup is), mixes it with lemon verbena oil then sprays it all over himself, washes his hair in it, and puts it under his foreskin to get a viagra-type reaction from it before sex.

And, now we know Avallac'h is not circumcised. I'm not sure why we needed to know that, but hey, now we know. We also know from the books, that he puts fistek in Ciri's makeup, in her perfume, and likewise washes her hair in it, as well as, puts it up her vagina before sex... because... he's weird like that... and for some reason that's just what he does to his women.

Anyways, Avallac'h uses a lot of fistek in the books. And when going into a fight, he takes more of it because it heightens the power of his spells.

So, yeah, don't piss off Avallac'h. He's bat shit crazy, high as ten kites, AND a bitch in battle.

I suppose we should take a look at his fighting style, seeing how it is rather unique.

In the books, Avallac'h avoids battles, does not carry weapons, and will not allow people to enter his house while wearing weapons.

In the books, he is also prone to flee on horseback, with Ciri in tow, while his female bodyguards, block the way of whatever is attacking and fight.

This is one of the changes we see in the game adaptation of him, where he is quick to fight, has no female bodyguards and does now carry weapons.

We are however given a partial explanation for this particular change, and for that, once again we go to the Isle of Mists and Ciri's story to Geralt, when she is explaining to her adopted father how it is she came to travel with Avallac'h and why he's now so fiercely protecting her when previously she had been his prisoner.

We need to remember that in the novels, Avallac'h was a nobleman, who pretty much did nothing but sit around on his ass all day long painting art, writing poetry, and lusting after women. And that the last time we see him in the books, he is being accused of murdering the king and helping the king's assassin to escape. No one believes he or Ciri are innocent of King Auberon's death. No one believes Eredin killed the king and framed Avallac'h and Ciri for it.

Avallac'h was more or less a peaceful little elf mage who kept to himself, busied himself in his laboratory by day and the bedrooms of his women by night, and never had much reason to use weapons before the Wild Hunt set their dogs on him and Ciri.

Unlike a professional fighter who is trained to emotionally deal with the rigors of bloodshed and battle, Avallac'h is running on pure emotional energy. Hee's driven by a mix of fear and fury.  He's terrified Ciri will be harmed, and often attacks with way more force then is necessary, to ensure that no one gets near Ciri. He's as protective of her as a rabid bulldog. He's also scared of fighting, scared of his own physical harm, scared that if he gets injured there will be no one to protect Ciri. So you see him picking his battles, weighing the advantage of fleeing over fighting.

He will flee if he thinks he can get Ciri to safety without bloodshed. He will turn and fight if cornered or if he thinks Ciri is in immediate danger. The more danger he perceives Ciri to be in, the more deadly his attacks become. Fear for Ciri's safety, triggers a wild bloodlust frenzy in him, that turns him into a wild mass murdering killing machine.

And yet, in the books, he had just met Ciri, was aloof, docile, and afraid of swords. This change in him, from the books to the game, was triggered by Auberon's death and threats made on Ciri's life.

The game is set 21 years AFTER this event (Auberon's death) happened.

Avallac'h in the game, is outcast from Elf society, a wanted criminal, wanted for a crime he did not commit, desperately trying to prove his innocence, while desperately trying to protect Ciri from being captured as well. He's now living on the run and no longer has the luxury of sitting around doing nothing all day and leaving his own protection to a team of bodyguards.

Avallac'h now fights to protect Ciri. He's not a trained fighter, and this is scene in his fight style and methods of fighting. Avallac'h is a sorcerer, skilled in magic and alchemy, adapt at healing with herbs, and has a vast knowledge of history, literature, and art. He knows nothing of fighting or weapons and it shows.

He runs into fights with no clue how to properly wield weapons, using everything the same way - sword, staff, broom, shovel, mace, whatever he can get his hands on - by twirling it like a baton over his head, jumping into the air thus using the weight of his body as the driving force, then bringing it down hard on his opponents head forcing his own body weight into the jump down.

Though he is small, thin, sickly, weak, and not well muscled, by using this method on jumping up very high, than forcing his body down hard and purposely landing on top of his enemy, we see him consistently landing skull shattering blows, that even well trained fighters, who are bigger and better in battle then he is, landing deadly blows that even they can not dish out.

This means he is absolutely lethal in battle, but it also means he needs to get VERY close to his opponents, and then needs time to swing his weapon. 

Avallac'h in brain bashing mid-leap, as he slaughters King Radovid's soldiers in the Novigrad Bits, upon discovering all the Elves have been executed by Witch Hunters.(Avallac'h seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character.)

This blow, is hard on him, he lands back on the ground, but often falls backwards, landing hard on his back, sometimes knocking himself out if he lands hard enough to hit his head. He is briefly stunned by his landing, giving any other nearby attackers a brief window when they can attack him, before he has time to get back up on his feet and start his attack again.

If he knocks himself out, there is at least 10 seconds before he wakes up, another 10 seconds while he stands up and staggers around dazed, another 10 seconds while he regains his bearings and is able to start fighting again, for a full 30 seconds where he is wide open to attack. If he is hit during this 30 second period, he is easily killed.

Avallac'h laying in the middle of the road in Novigrad, after killing two guards with his brain bashing leap of death then landing too hard and knocking himself out...Three other guards wonder what just happened, why is there a crazy elven mage running around killing everyone and why is he now passed out in the street... Ciri is watching and thinking: "You nut, you don't know how to fight."

While Avallac'h looks dead, when he is knocked out, waiting about 10 seconds, you'll see him start moving again, struggling to sit up and too dazed to stand.

When he's actually dead (and you then need to respawn him into the game) you'll see a massive pool of blood forming around his body, that you will not see when he has just hit his head and knocked himself out. If he's dead you need to respawn him, if he's knocked out, you just have to wait for him to wake up.

Dead Avallac'h animation vs knocked out Avallac'h animation:

Avallac'h is laying in a huge pool of blood, and here is dead... He was also bleeding for several seconds prior to the hit that killed him, and just out of camera range in this picture, is a massive trail of blood, blood spatters in many places around the area, where Avallac'h was bleeding out just before his death animation.
Avallac'h has blood spatter on his clothes, but no pool of blood forming on the ground around him, and here is knocked out and will get back up in a few seconds.
Avallac'h passed out in a cut scene....he passes out, faints, gets knocked out, goes into comas, and is other wise unconscious quite a lot. Though insanely over powered as a caster of spells, he is a frail, fragile little weakling, a squishy wizard, far more easily squashed than the average squishy wizard.

Being a mage, he tends to thus fight with a mix of magic and will run into the fight casting Ard (lightning bolt) and White Frost (freeze and stun) quickly to knock any one within 30 foot radius off their feet, while charging at his opponent with his skull shattering blow.

He casts multiple spells in a row, one after the other, as he runs, leaving him a wide open path straight to the person he's aiming his brain bashing blow at. Each of these spells holds any one in range, frozen like statues for about 20 seconds, which gives him time to do his death jump, and fall backwards from it. He jumps back to his feet, once again casting spells very quickly, one after the other, while running back out of the line of attack, and making his way towards the next person he intends to brain bash.

He will do this successively over and over, and can systematically take out groups of 10, 20, even 30 monsters/bandits/guards on his own, without any help from Geralt, using this method, making him the single most efficient and deadly character of the entire game cast.

Avallac'h standing outside of Vimme Vivaldi's bank, Ard blasting a group of guards as he prepares to slaughter every last one of King Radovid's men in the city. He's got 3 major wounds here... gushing blood from his chest and both sides, and he's still going anyways... other characters would have dropped by now, but Avallac'h is high on fistek so he hasn't felt any pain yet. (seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character.)
Avallac'h's Ard attack in action at a hanse base in Toussaint, where he on Death March settings took out 30 hanse bandits before Geralt and Lambert even arrived at the camp. (Seen here as a travel companion to Geralt)

His spells are way overpowered and land crit hits. Being hit by his spells just once, kills many low level monsters, and 2 hits kills most human attackers. He can wipe of the game's hardest monsters (golems, elementas, etc) in just 3 hits, and the Eredin boss battle - took me 7 hours on Death March with Geralt to beat - yet when I sent Avallac'h running into that same battle, he had Eredin dead in under 10 seconds. 

Because Avallac'h is not a trained fighter, his wild, untrained method of fighting, running into battle like a madman, casting spells all willy nilly, then bashing brains in left and right, often using his weapons incorrectly (he is seen stabbing people with his staff and hitting people with his sword, carrying weapons from the wrong end, and using objects that are not weapons), leaves him a wild card, that the enemies don't know what to expect from.

Avallac'h running through Novigrad like a deranged madman, massaquering Radovid's elf murdering men. He just drove his staff straight through this guy's chest, through his armour, like he was running a sword through him. That's a damned powerful blow, for a wooden staff to pierce armour and go through a guy like this. We are reminded here that Aen Elle Elves are listed in the bestiary as type of very deadly monster, said to have the strength of 10 times a human of their same size. Though small and weak compared to other elves, Avallac'h is insanely strong compared to humans.

Fighting style, Primary/Close Combat: best at close combat, in both quest game play and non-quest, RPG sandbox gameplay, spawned in as Geralt's travel companion, Avallac'h is a fierce and very powerful close combat fighter who gets right up in the face of his enemy and bashes their head in. He run in very close, almost nose to nose, then leaps into the air, jumps up over his opponent, lunging every ounce of his body into his brutal head bashing staff attacks, bringing the staff down hard on the soft spot at the top of his victims' head, resulting in powerful skull shattering blows, that are made more forceful by the weight of his body slamming back down to the ground at the same time.

Against Humans this attack usually results not only in flattening their head down into their shoulders, it often splits their upper body in half down to their naval... see the images below of Avallac'h's visious brain bashing, skull shattering, head flying attack in action:

Avallac'h during the "Reason of State" Quest aka The Assassination of King Radovid quest. The angry Elf on his march across Novigrad slaughtering Radovid's soldiers as he makes his way to the Elf murdering King Radovid himself.(Avallac'h seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character.)
Avallac'h during the "Reason of State" Quest aka The Assassination of King Radovid quest. The angry Elf on his march across Novigrad slaughtering Radovid's soldiers as he makes his way to the Elf murdering King Radovid himself.

In battle Avallac'h casts a protection barrier around himself, allowing him to get very close to his foe, right nose to nose, inches from their face, then uses his staff to freeze them with White Frost, then casts the Ard hand sign to blast them down to the ground often killing them in the process; often this shatters them to lots of bloody pieces that go flying across the battlefield; if they unfreeze before the Ard blast, he swings his staff around like a baton over his head, then brings it down hard on their head, shattering their skull, while simultaneously pulling out his sword and slicing their head off.

He can take alarmingly HUGE hits, suffering almost no damage at all, in spite of the fact that he is wearing almost no armor, save steel bracers and a thin suede garrison under his blue robes. We do know that most of his tattoos are real world runes symbols of protection, and are left to assume that his multitude of body covering tattoos are what gives him this nearly invincible ability to take hit after hit from swords, bolts, knives, and spells.

Hit to the head, drop his health fast, and once a hit causes him to start bleeding, his health starts dropping fast. 

Avallac'h seen here taking a hit to the head, causing a vast amount of bleeding damage.

He will continue fighting, even after sustaining a gushing wound. He can often be seen in battle, nearly completely covered in his own blood, and still refusing to stop fighting.

He's got 3 major wounds here... gushing blood from his chest and both sides, and he's still going anyways... other characters would have dropped by now, but Avallac'h is high on fistek so he hasn't felt any pain yet. (seen here spawned in used the Geralt Doppler to delete Geralt from the game and use Avallac'h as the player character.)

Once he starts losing blood, he won't last much longer in battle, yet he won't stop until either his opponent is dead or until he himself collapses from blood loss.

If he starts bleeding, it means he's been crit hit hard enough to break through his psionic tattoo "armour". Once the spell of his enchanted tattoos is broken, he can't repair it in battle, and his health will continue dropping.

Avallac'h's psionic tattoo armour has been broken. Without his protective tattoo enchantments, he starts taking huge amounts of damage with each hit, and quickly begins bleeding very badly.
Avallac'h seen here in battle, with blood gushing from his side and leaving an ever growing trail on the ground.

He dies from blood loss, so to keep him alive, you have to get Geralt between Avallac'h and the attacker, as soon as Avallac'h starts bleeding. He starts bleeding if a monster hits him with a 2,000 point or more crit hit. His max health is apparently around 4,000 hit points as it takes only 2 hits of 2,000 points each for a NoonWraith to kill him. Most monsters hit between 400 to 700 per attack, while Avallac'h casts healing spells of around 120 to 190 points a piece.

If you can draw the monster away from him once he's crit-hit, he'll start casting healing spells on himself before running back into battle, thus preventing him from dying in battle. Once his health starts going back up, in continues to increase about every 3 seconds and will be full again after around 20 seconds, at which point the bleeding stops and he can safely rejoin the battle again...he however will not stop fighting and start healing himself on his own, you have to Geralt physically push him away, then draw the monster 30 to 60 feet away from him, in order to get him to stop fighting and start casting healing spells on himself. Once he starts bleeding, if you can't get him to start healing himself, he will be dead within 30 seconds.

If he's hurt bad, but survives the fight, then another monster shows up, in under 2 minutes of the last one being defeated, you need to get Geralt to run out of the mini-hud range of the monster, then use the command feature to call Avallac'h out of the battle, otherwise the next monster will kill him immediately straight upon going into battle, as he will not have had time to heal himself from the first battle yet. While his health fully refills in less time, it appear it takes around 10 to 15 minutes before his enchanted tattoo armour reactivates.

Avallac'h has the single bloodiest, most gore filled, stomach-churning finishers of any character in the game. Because he is a genetics scientist, builds golems, and works with dead bodies to create mutated undead lifeforms, he has a fear of other mages doing this same thing, thus he doesn't just kill his enemies, but also completely obliterates their remains.

Once the enemy is down (even if they are already dead) he stands on top of them, then uses his staff to pummel them into a shapeless bloody pump, bashing them heads in, while the gorefest finishers of the game splatter blood and guts across the screen. He stands on his victim, smashing their head in, dismendering their body, slashing off their limbs, and tearing out their entrails, leaving nothing behind to make sure no mage can use necromancy to resurrect them. 

Avallac'h's brutal bloody, brain bashing finisher in action.

Though a fierce and brutal fighter, he is old and weak, and is quickly exhausted, only able to fight a few minutes before collapsing. If he grows weak in battle, he can use his psionic brain drain, to absorb other mages' energy, allowing him enough energy to cast Fae Step or Stray Sod, and quickly flee the battle scene.

He will briefly leave a battle, to stand some distance away, casting healing spells on himself, then run back into battle and repeat this entire process all over again.

Avallac'h also has trouble going into Human cities... he attracts a lot of unwanted attention from the guards, due to his inability to walk past city guards and not attack them. I am frequently walking through a city, only to get the warning notice "You've upset the guards, they may attack you" and be wondering, why are the guards upset, then look around and see that Avallac'h has run off and is beating some guard over the head with his staff. I have no idea why he does this. It's just a thing he likes to do.

Geralt watches, while Avallac'h runs around killing city guards in Oxenfurt.
Geralt decides to loot the dead guards Avallac'h just killed while Ge'els reminds us: "See? I told you he was crazy."

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use Avallac'h as a travel companion for Geralt in the RPG sandbox version of the game, know that he has double Geralt's "witcher senses" range, and will pick up on enemy locations long before Geralt does. As an NPC controlled by the computer's AI, Avallac'h is a highly volatile wild card with an endless bloodlust, and as soon as he picks up on an enemy in the area, he will run off to kill them, often leaving Geralt unaware that he has wandered off. By the time Geralt becomes aware of what is happening, Avallac'h will likely have already killed the enemies and now be bashing in the brains of innocent city guards, villagers, and livestock while he waits for your to catch up with him.

Note too, that while Geralt is easily knocked out by city guards... if this happens while Avallac'h is with you, he will swiftly and effortlessly take out all the guards in a single hit, leaving Geralt not knocked out and everyone in the city block, guards, civilians, and stumpets alike, laying in a bloody mess on the street.

Geralt in Skellige, surveying the carnage, after Avallac'h got done slaughtering the villagers, with me thinking: "Damn you! You killed the bookie and the fist fighters! How the hell am I supposed to finish the Fists of Fury Quest now that you killed off all the characters I'm supposed to interact with?" (I had to reload the game to an old save file, you know, one BEFORE Avallac'h had his meltdown and killed everyone in the village, so that I could do the quest we had come to this village to do.) (5 dead villagers can be seen in this picture, btw.)
Geralt surveying the same scene from a different angle... you can see 8 dead villagers in this one... Avallac'h's nuts.

DO NOT spawn him into the game while you are still playing the main quest as he can, does, and WILL kill off the primary quest characters, (Yennefer, Triss, Zoltan, Ge'els, etc) thus canceling out your ability to play any quest with the now dead characters in them. Also, if you spawn him into the game while ANY quest with him is still uncompleted, you'll seriously glitch out the game any time it tells you to talk to Avallac'h as part of a quest.

This is what will happen...

The Geralt Doppler's cloning glitch in action...

Accidently clicking on the spawned in travel companion version of Avallac'h, while in Skellige... the quest I was doing completed and automatically updated to put Through Time and Space as the next quest to do, the next assignment being "talk to Avallac'h... unknown to me at this point, the computer can not tell the real Avallac'h from the spawned in Avallac'h and clicking on the spawned in Avallac'h, instantly triggered the Dandelion Brothel cut scene, with Doppler avallac'h, Spawned in Avallac'h, and real Avallac'h all in the same room together... as each fame of the cut scene progressed, spawned in Avallac'h begame cloning... 2 extra Avallac'hs, then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32... it crashed the game at, I think 76 Avallac'hs in the room...

Let me remind you, to make save files of your game before attempting to use the Geralt Doppler mod, ( it was built in 2015 for version 1.10 of the game and has NOT been updated. It WILL BREAK your game and DOES require a lot of manual code editing to get it working properly for 1.31a-GoTY.

Other glitches it does includes headless characters, clipping of body parts (floating beside a character instead of attached), and hysterical floating hair floating along behind the character. Seriously glitched out mod. If you play a quest with it on, then remove it, you will NOT be able to replay/load that save file without it.

It also breaks quests - particularly it is the cause of the ever common "Payback, keys not on the table" bug, and several other such bugs. You will NOT be able to complete many quests with the Doppler nod installed, unless you know how to manually key code quest items into your inventory via the debug console.

Please know how to write mod code before attempting to use the Geralt Doppler, otherwise you'll end up needing to reinstall your game from ground zero, after it corrupts your save files and wrecks havoc on your game code.

You should not attempt to use the Geralt Doppler on your first playthrough of the game. Finish your first playthrough, so you have vanilla save files to work with in case the Doppler corrupts save files after it is installed.

If you watch my YouTube playthrough... I record EVERYTHING I do in this game, including the installation of the mods, the rewriting of the mods, the merging of the mods... I in spite of the 12 mod limit this game has in place, I am currently playing it with 78 mods installed... all the instructions for how I do everything, from spawning characters, to switching out weapons, to rewriting inventory hacks and fixing bugs with the Doppler are all recorded and in the gameplay episodes, as they happen. I do not edit these videos at all, so absolutely nothing is removed.... meaning you get to see the glitches as they happen and watch me fix them step by step.

Fighting style, other/Ranged: has ranged attacks that he rarely uses; seen in the Battle of Kaer Morhen Quest, he can turn his hand into a vacuum sucking void, that sucks in EVERYTHING - people, trees, rocks, buildings, etc, in the area around him; and classic D&D style squishy wizard that he is, this spell is however too powerful for him and Avallac'h passes out and goes into a coma seconds after casting it.

Avallac'h's vacuum suck void attack in action.

If you want to play Avallac'h (Dopplered in as a player character instead of Geralt) as lore friendly to the books, then you want to have him carrying a crossbow, as the crossbow is the weapon he has in the books. He does not have either a sword or a staff in the books. In the game he only starts using a staff after he becomes injured and has trouble walking, an event that happens in game, so he never had a staff in the novels, but does have a reason for having it in the games.

Because the crossbow is his lore-friendly weapon, it SHOULD be a weapon he is proficient in, in the game... HOWEVER... if you've ever played Witcher 3, you know that there is a bug in the game that causes the crossbow to malfunction. ALL bolts do the same thing, regardless of what it says they do, all have the same lvl 1 hit damage of 9, regardless of if they are lvl 1 or lvl 100.

If you want to play with the crossbow as your primary weapon (regardless of what character you play as) you need the bug fix mod, which levels up the bolts, makes exploding bolts actually explode and set fire to things, makes silver bolts actually deal hit damage to monsters, makes split bolts actually fire 6 bolts at once in a radius around you, etc. You can find the bug fix mod that corrects the crossbow glitch error here:

With the bug fixed, you can actually use the cross bow as your one and only, weapon and not carry any swords, staffs, axes, knives, or other weapons at all. The crossbow, when working properly, is a very deadly and very efficient weapon.

Once you've reached the Prof. Moroue quest and have the ability to unlock mutagens and build a player character archetype, you want to give Avallac'h his signature White Frost attack (which he uses in quests, but you as a player character do not have access to). In the skills chart, it is the mutagen called "Piercing Cold". Lock that in as your primary attack, put all 4 slots as "Greater Blue Mutagen", then put all center slots as Aard skills, and the top 4 slots as Axii & Quen skills. Lore friend (novel) Avallac'h does not use Ignii and should not have any fire attacks, and has a weakness to wraiths so should not have Yreden attacks either. In the lower 3 slots, put your crossbow skills (red) and if you want to focus on them, then replace the nearest Greater Blue Mutagen, with a Greater Red Mutagen instead.

Because it's easier to show you it the describe it... to build a lore friendly attack system for Avallac'h as a player character, let me just show you screenshots of his ability chart, as I built is for him, and as you see me playing him after lvl 100+ (Note, I have the multi page chart here, instead of the single page chart... to have a seperate page for each skill, like this, you'll need the mod called Slots! Slots! Slots! which is required to build a Battle Mage Archetype like this.)

To get the mega high powered White Frost attach you see quest Avallac'h casting on the sandcrabs in the Through Time and Space trip to visit Ge'els, you will need to make your first slots page look like this:

Page 1 should be set up like this ^
Close up of Page 1
Page 2 set up like this ^
Close up of Page 2
Page 3 set up like this ^
Close up of Page 3

This allows you to play a lore-friendly Avallac'h that has the same skill set and abilities (and weaknesses and fighting handicaps) that he has in the novels.

Note too that Slots! Slots! Slots! gives you 8 pages of ability point skill slots, but I'm only using 3 of them. If you use all 8 pages, you'll end up with a seriously overpowered character who steam rolls through Death March like you were on easy mode (yes I tried it and it's no fun playing the game when you can one hit drop monsters that are 15 lvls higher then you - just no challange to it).

In this skill set layout, the character is overpowered on Aard and Axii, heavily signs focused, has a high leavel of Quen and Igni and Yreden, has higher then average crossbow skills, normal to average alchemy skills, but is VERY weak/seriously handicapped in using swords/axes/knives/etc, and had NO skills at all in fist fights.

A character with this set up is a beast in battle with signs and crossbow, but nearly useless with all other weapons and is going to struggle to land a hit in a fist fight. With this ability point skill set layout, plan on losing every fist fight, being quickly over taken in sword fights, but one hit dropping everything with Aard and crossbows.

If you wanted to, you could go ahead and add sword and fist fighting skill points, but Avallac'h would no longer be lore-friendly in fights if you did.

In the books, Avallac'h's weapon of choice is the crossbow and so if you want to play him lore-friendly and accurate to the books, you want to download the bug fix mod and give him the cross bow, then in the Abilities and mutagen charts, level up ONLY his crossbow skills, Aard signs, vitality, and adrenaline skill points. Because he is NOT trained in using swords you should not add skill points to ANYTHING that levels up swords or sword fighting skills. He is in the novels, highly skilled in alchemy and poisons, so secondary focus (when you run out of crossbow and signs skills) can go to alchemy, potions, and bombs.

If you know how to read those stats, you are floored by what I did here and seeing just exactly how insanely overpowered god mode level damage Avallac'h's Aard blast does when White Frost/Piercing Cold is turned on.

If you don't know how to read that chart, let me translate it for you.

A normal unboosted aard blast is going to land at max 100 points of hit damage on an enemy, with a 5% chance of crit hitting (1,000 points).

Avallac'h's boosted Aard blast with Piercing Cold activated is going to do this:

8552 crit hit damage, with a 25% chance of freezing damage on top of that, +40% intestity, +40% intestity, +40% intestity, +40% intestity, +30% intestity, +30% intestity, +10% intestity, +7% intestity (total of +237% intensity) meaning at MINIMUM he's landing a 20,268 point crit hit damage every time White Frost activates, which is 25% of the times he casts Aard. Meaning 1 in every 4 hits is going to one hit drop EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER (upto 30 enemies with one hit) in a 60 foot radious of him. Here is is casting that attack:

Piercing Cold Mutagen Attack activated.

If you know how to read that chart, you'll also see Exploding Quen is activated X5+40%, meaning the damage is multiplied by 5 and 40% added to that (so landing a 100 point hit would equal 100x5(40%)=500x40%= 700 hit damage instead of 100 hit damage. It means he has a protective barrier around himself, that makes him impervious to enemy fire, and when an enemy attacks, any hit damage they land on him, mirrors back and instead of hitting him, hits the person who attacked him.

Quen is a magic armor/barrier that floats around the character's body so they don't have to wear armor (thus how Avallac'h can run around in his underwear, which he often does). So if they hit him with a 900 point hit, it's going to deal no damage to him, and instead deal them 900x5(40%) or 6,300 hit damage dealt to them, by their own attack, with him not doing any attack at all.

Here is what that looks like in action:

Exploding Quen, activated, and deflecting attacks by temple guards and Redanian soldiers in Novigrad.

While his crossbow is now firing at a +20 +14, with double firing and automatic reload (meaning one shot will fire 3 times in succession with a +34% crit hit change).. and on a lvl 109 character, that means his crossbow is landing +10,000 point crit hits almost every fire, allowing him to walk through the streets of Novigrad mass murdering all the  Redanians, simply by firing his cross bow as he walks... with split action (6) exploding bolts in it, refiring 3 shots at a time, he can insta-kill 18 guards/soldier per shot fire. You can see him doing this in the pictures below...

Split bolt, crossbow attack.
Exploding bolt, crossbow attack.

frizzy Jun 16 @ 5:44pm

how do i use magic

how do i use the sign magic power things?

Originally posted by BuzzardBee:

Did you skip the tutorial at the very start of the game??

probably lol why bother with such boring mundane things

if keyboard and mouse hotkeys are default, use scroll-wheel on mouse to change between signs, and "q" to cast them; or 1,2,3,4,5 to select and cast manually

go into options to check your hot key settings f you've changed them, or are using a controller

as to what each does:

Aard is a lightning/wind/ice blast (depending on how you level it up with ability points over time), good for stunning, freezing, and knocking down enemies; early in the game it is weak, but at higher levels once you start building your archetype, Aard becomes more deadly then swords if leveled up all the way, and is by far your single most deadly weapon after you unlock a level called "Piercing Cold" (which you won't see until level 40 or 50+) 

Ignii is a fire attack, sets your enemies on fire. Early in the game, this is one of your best attacks. It doesn't level up to be insanely overpowered the way aard does, so later in the game you'll want to be using aard more then Ignii. 

Quen is a protect barrier, that you cast on yourself to deflect enemy hits; early on it is very weak, but over time you can level it up to insanely overpowered protection.

Axii is a hypnotism spell that similar to Jedi magic, allows you to change the wills of those around you; early on it just stuns, but at higher levels you can use it to create minions in battle, forcing your enemies to attach each other... you'll want to level Axii up before the rest of the signs, because it's needed for several early quests

Yrden is a trap spell; used mostly for specters, wraiths, ghosts, bargests, etc; you cast it on the ground then try to lure them into it, and for a few seconds it holds them in place so you can attack them with weapons, without them teleporting away; it's very weak and has several bugs and glitches, that require mods to fix as the game devs never fixed them in any update so far

Some monsters are immune to certain signs and some monsters are very weak when hit by certain signs, so be sure to constantly be checking the bestiary with each new unlocked entry to learn which signs are best against which monsters.

Places of Power, give a boost to the signs; each PoP effects a different sign. Walk up to the stone and press "e" to activate the boost. It only lasts about 10 minutes, so you'll want to do it just before a battle.

Fighting style, other/Siege: only seen in the game's final boss battle; can cast insanely overpowered fireball/meteor storm attacks that kill everyone on the battlefield (friend and foe alike) - only uses this when he's EXTREMELY pissed off; best way to avoid getting on the wrong end of his fireball attack is just don't mention Lara Dorren and never, ever, EVER say you want to kill his son Caranthir - as this is what triggered him to do this attack, which it appears he has very little control over and just does at random when he's super pissed.

Like his ranged attack, this siege attack is too powerful for him, and leaves him too weak to further fight or otherwise defend himself. We see Avallac'h, after casting this spell, not only too weak to fight, but also too weak to run away or flee from Geralt's wrath, and quickly throwing down his sword and begging for mercy.

While he has this attack in the quests, I've not yet been able to get him to do this attack as a player character... I think the ability is there, if you level up mutagens enough... I'm looking into it. If I can get him to do this attack as a player character, I'll update this page to let you know how to do it.

We also know that Avallac'h is prone to flee, if the option is available. He'd rather not fight if he doesn't have to, and he's quick to try to talk his way out of fights, quick to try to talk others out of fighting, and if he thinks there's any chance his attacker will be swayed by a mercy plea, Avallac'h is quick to surrender his weapons and throw himself at the feet of his attacker begging for mercy.

Fighting style, best against: In non-quest, RPG sandbox gameplay, spawned in as Geralt's travel companion, Avallac'h is best against Elementals, Golems, Wild Hunt, Arcaspores, Insectoids, Bandits, Pirates, and Hanse Bandits.

He takes out Cyclopes, Bear, and Wolves with a single hit.

He's extremely good against Griffins, Arch Griffins, Forktails, Shalamears, and Cockatrices.

His attacks are weaker against Grave Hags, Necrophages, Rotfiends, Bargasts, and the SpoonMan, and while he can push them back, he can not defeat them on his own.

Fighting style, monster handicap: In non-quest, RPG sandbox gameplay, spawned in as Geralt's travel companion, Avallac'h is practically undefeatable against most every monster; however, Vampires, Spectres, and Sirens can do serious damage to him and quickly overpower him. NoonWraiths drop him fast, the only monster that consistently kills him in gameplay, after just 2 hits. Alps cripple him, leaving him paralyzed and unable to fight; Bruxa do serious bleeding damage to him, taking his health down fast; Sirens and Harpies, if enough of them attack at once can take his health down fast and kill him if another character doesn't step in to help fight.

Avallac'h dead after 2 hits from a Noonwraith...

He's a liability in battles against Noonwraiths, Alps, Bruxa, Sirens, and Harpies, as you end up having to protect him from them, making it difficult to fight them and get him out of their line of attack at the same time.

And, did you notice how the ONLY monsters he can't fight are also the ONLY bare breasted, topless female monsters in the game? I don't think we have to guess as to why the game's resident sex-crazed pervert has trouble fighting Noonwraiths, Alps, Bruxa, Sirens, and Harpies. I find it rather hilarious that the game developers, put enough attention to detail into his character, to have the one character in the game who's obsessed with breasts, have fighting topless female monsters be his only weakness in battle.

But in the case of his prime nemesis Alps, we do see right in every single fight against an Alp what the problem is... here, have a look at HOW an Alp attacks our sadistic, masochistic Elf who likes being tied to beds...

To get scenes like the one you are about to see, you need to remove Geralt from the game and play AS Avallac'h, then spawn in Ciri as his travel companion.

As a player character, Avallac'h still has the same fight style and handicaps he had as a travel companion. His health is higher then Geralt's, his attacks do more damage, but he moves slower (MUCH slower - his NORMAL pace is the same as Geralt's staggered pace, so it takes a while to get used to controlling him if you're used to playing as Geralt - also, if you have him take fistek before a battle - yes - you can do that - his speed increases, his attacks are high crit chance 90%!!! BUT he's also starts hallucinating and his vision becomes blurred - same as playing Geralt drunk - give him fisteck and Avallac'h will land death blows EVERY hit IF he can see his target to hit it - also - it takes over a full game day for the fisteck to were off, so you'll have a couple hours of trying to keep him standing upright - not easy to do - as he also staggers badly and keeps falling over while on fisteck. Playing Avallac'h while he's high is a challenge to say the least; and if you are wondering where to buy it - the innkeeper at Cunny of the Goose sells fisteck.)

When playing Avallac'h as a player character, the first things you'll notice is his lame leg makes him VERY slow in battle. He can not run up to an enemy to attack, like Geralt does, and he also can't run away from an attack (no parry or counter attacks, either). He's gonna get hit, fast and often and he's not got any armor defense, so once he's hit, he starts taking bleeding damage FAST - if you do not have the Dumpling sword, with perogies activated, he WILL die within 10 seconds of EVERY battle, even against weak monsters like drowners. Remember, this is a classic squishy wizard classed character - he nukes entire cities, but he's easily squashed. Avallac'h is insanely overpowered, but has HUGE handicaps to make up for it, meaning that it takes only 1 or 2 hits for him to kill the enemy, it is also very difficult for him to land those hits, and easy for him to take HUGE hits before he gets a chance to land any hits at all.

It takes a lot of time and practice to learn to play as Avallac'h, with your moves being based largely on running away from the enemy while patiently waiting for your one open chance to land a crit hit.

But here... let's look at playing Avallac'h as a player character against an Alp and see WHY, he simply can not fight Alps...

Avallac'h as a level 79 player character, with Ciri as a level 77 travel companion... a level 83 Alp attacks. Ciri is hitting it, bringing it's health down VERY slowly, but Avallac'h can't even get close to it. It moves too fast and his lame leg is preventing him from keeping up at it's speed. He's yet to land a hit on this thing, as it now uses a sonic scream to paralyze the already slow wizard, stunning him and leaving him frozen, unable to move at all, as it now lunges in for it's close combat attack.
The Alp's close combat attack, is it literally jumps on you, and it being a vampire, tears into your throat. This attack is deadly to any character who takes crit hits on bleeding damage, which Avallac'h does - AND he can not move. He is totally paralyzed right now, nothing the player does can get this thing off him or stop this attack. If you DO NOT have a travel companion spawned in once this attack triggers, there is absolutely nothing you can do but watch this monster kill him, wait for the you are dead load screen and start the first again....

And while vampire oil, bleeding resistance armor, and black blood potions help Geralt swing through Alps like butter, none of these things work on Avallac'h even if you have them turned on while you're playing him. He has a vampire handicap coded into his character, so you he simply CAN NOT fight them. (If you've read the novels, Geralt's vampire buddy Regis explains Aen Elle Elves are easily killed by vampires, the day he introduces Avallac'h to Geralt)

The fact that the screen around him has started to spin into a greyed out blur, tells us that Avallac'h's health is dropping FAST and he's dying, he's about to pass out, as the vampire drinks his blood, leaving him powerless to fight back. And like I said, without a travel companion spawned in, there's nothing you can do to keep him alive now. This spinning blur will continue for about 7 seconds while the spin gets faster, the blur gets more clouded, and finally Avallac'h collapses, dead.... but notice we've got Ciri with us, and she's now closing in on this scene...
Ciri, is controlled by the computer AI and the player has no ability to influence or control her actions here... what you are seeing here is her pre-programed reaction to Avallac'h being attacked by vampires (note, she ONLY does this for Avallac'h... not Geralt or ANY other character)... as Ciri comes up behind Avallac'h and pulls him backwards, while blinking/teleporting, effectively moving him about 10 feet away from the vampire, while also dealing yet another crit hit on him, as the vampire's fangs tear open his throat, causing even more bleeding damage...
...Because this is a blink move, it happens VERY fast, and within 2 seconds, Ciri is in front of Avallac'h, now charging the Alp, while Avallac'h staggers around. You have to work quick here, as he's still losing health fast, and the player needs to be healing him, while continuing to move him AWAY from the Alp, as it's attack now swings into hyper speed, it now blinking faster then Ciri, trying to get back on him... you need to cast heal, 9 times, to get him steady enough to start fighting again, and then his health is still dropping while the Alp is alive.
Ciri will now, start her hyper attack... and you need to get Avallac'h healed fast, because once Ciri starts doing this, it's going to trigger you're ONLY open change to deal a death blow on this vampire...but if you are ANYTHING under 80% health when you do it, you'll kill Avallac'h along with the vampire, because she's gonna give him one last lash same time he hits her with his death blow.

Do not take your eyes off the screen once Ciri's hyper attack starts... it's very, very very, VERY fast... finger memory on the controller is VERY important here, if you lack it, you'll not keep Avallac'h alive through an Alp fight. You need to be doing a lot of things at once... while watching Ciri's hyper attack, you need to be smashing that heal button to get Avallac'h back up to 80% heath MINIMUM, it's gonna take 9 (NINE) heals MINIMUM to get his health high enough for him to deal the final death blow on this vampire, you need to be hitting that button STEADY none stop, while also moving him VERY close to the vampire, AND keeping him from being hit by the vampire's by hyped up frenzy attacks...

You've got 3 seconds TOPS to do this.

Let me repeat that... you have 3 seconds to heal him, get him back in the battle and AND attack.

If you are not fast on the finger memory, you are NOT going to get to the end of an Alp fight alive with avallac'h as the player character.

You can not read this sentence in 3 seconds.

This is a very, very, very fast paced fight... and pray all hell you don't have Ge'els spawned in as a travel companion when an Alp attacks, you'll have to try to keep him alive AND do this at the same time.

Ciri is running back and forth like Sonic the Hedgehog at super sonic light speeds,, and she's about to land a magor crit hit on the vampire with it... this hit, is the one that breaks the vampire's hypnotism spell on Avallac'h, and as soon as you see Ciri land this hit, Avallac'h is gonna be able to run again, but the vampire is at 2 seconds after Ciri lands this hit the Alp is going to start a sonic scream that's going to knock Avallac'h off his feet.

That means you have EXACTLY ONE SECOND to act, otherwise this whole thing is going to start over again, when the vampire once again bites him.

And while you are healing Avallac'h and moving closer, you want to be watching the screen for ^^THIS^^ move from Ciri... ^^THAT^^ is you're open...and it stays active for EXACTLY 1 (ONE) second.
In that one second open while the Alp is paralyzed by Ciri's hyper blink attack, you need to hit the Alp with Ard on Peircing Cold Mutagen (aka The White Frost attack)... it'll crit hit her health to zero and kill the vampire.
But ^^THIS^^ is why you want to get Avallac'h's health back up to 80% or higher, BEFORE you attack the Alp. As she's dying, she's gonna lash out one last swing at him, doing 70% damage in 1 hit.
And while you end up with a dead Alp after this.. you have a high chance of also having a dead Avallac'h too.

In addition to a weakness to bare breasts and bleeding damage, Avallac'h also can't take much in the way of poison damage. Toxins take him down fast, as can be seen when he went up against a poisonous toad...

While an herbalist who excels in making potions to heal, drugs to excite (particually fisteck), and perfums to sooth, he has limited ability to tolerate contact with toxic substances

However, because of his Aen Serhvrne blood, he is better at withstanding toxins then the average Human, or even the average Elf (Elves in general being immune to many toxins), and is considered a mutant with toxin immunity similar to that of a witcher. (We learn this in Geralt's notes, after Geralt discovers the lab of a mad scientist who  lived under Temple Isle and did horrific tests on an Aen Elle Elf who was a Cat School Witcher.)

And if you don't have a dead Avallac'h and if you've progressed far enough into the game to trigger the NG+ option, you'll discover, the game also unlocks the ability for Ciri to go running into Avallac'h's arms and hug him, after a fight...if you didn't know this option was there... look for it. It triggers at the end of the quest called "Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age" (the final boss battle - the one you have to fight Avallac'h)

"Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age" is a level 22 boss battle against 3 bosses one after the other with no break: Caranthir, Eredin, and Avallac'h. Caranthir and Eredin you kill, while Avallac'h you just avoid his attack until you can get close to him, at which point he surrenders without a fight. You'll trigger New Game Plus abilities after the end of that boss fight. One of the options that comes with NG+ is the ability to ask Ciri for a hug after a fight. Click on Ciri at any point AFTER you finish "Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age" and you'll see the option there.

And while you can literally spend hours, hugging Avallac'h after every single fight in the game, once the option is unlocked... 12 of these are full blown sex scenes... which... uhm... I may have to get a PornHub account to show them to you, seeing how I'm not sure I can upload the sex scene episodes to YouTube...

12 of those hugs progress into scenes like this... 

Clips of the sex scene from the Over Hill and Dale Quest... triggered by killing the Cloud Giant in the Over Hill and Dale Boss Battle
Clips of the sex scene from the Over Hill and Dale Quest
Clips of the sex scene from the Beyond Hill and Dale Quest
Clips of the sex scene from the Beyond Hill and Dale Quest

Beyond Hill and Dale is a level 47 quest from the Blood and Wine DLC, by the way.

Also, Alps are NOT in Witcher Wild Hunt 3, unless you have the Blood and Wine DLC. And you will not see an Alp before you are leveled up to 35 minimum, as they are level 35 monsters and won't start spawning before your character reaches level 35.

And if you are wondering, as of writing this (June 4, 2018) I'm playing level 89 on Death March with Enemy Upscaling.

Back to what we was saying...

Avallac'h has trouble fighting Alps and Bruxa... female monsters that look like nude female Humans. 

He also has trouble fighting Sirens... flying, swimming, sea monsters, who also have bare boobs on display.

AND... Avallac'h can be killed, quickly, and easily, by Wraiths. Yep, more topless women.  He was just killed by Wraiths, twice today. Two different battles. Not the same Wraith.

I find it rather hilarious, that the game devs went out of their way to program this character, a man who is overly obsessed with breasts, so that he couldn't fight any monster that was showing off a pair of naked breasts. Each time, almost immediately after starting to fight them

I've never seen a game mechanic like this. Usually a character (in any game) can fight monsters equally, one monster to the next, the change in difficulty, being the monster itself and not the character's reaction to the monster. In other words, if a bare breasted monster affected the character's ability to fight, it would affect ALL character across the game, NOT, just one character who is easily distracted by bare breasts.

The attention to small details like this, that the devs put into this game are amazing, because EVERY character in the game, has some sort of weakness that handicaps them in battle, that is unique to that character. And now we know that Avallac'h, a nearly immortal, practically undefeatable character in battle against everything, Avallac'h's weakness is he can't successfully fight a monster with bare breasts.

This leads to another question: is it the bare breasts or is it the fact that they are female?

Can he simply not hurt a female character? We do see him throughout the game, change his personality when around females. He is very dominant around other males, to the point of being a bully. His temper flares up constantly. We get the impression that Avallac'h when younger was probably your stereotypical nerd character: short, nose always in books, no muscle strength to be found; and with that in mind was likely bullies, teased, and picked on, quite a lot in his youth, which would logically explain his constant outbursts of aggression now, towards any male that gets near him. 

With women he is much more laid back and calm, except when Ciri defies him and gets on his nerves. Though aggressive and dominant with other males, he becomes very gentle, nurturing, and loving around females. He takes a mother hen attitude towards Ciri, Margarita, Corinne, and the Lodge Sisters, talking to them gently and hovering over their injuries, tenderly taking care of them. Though he says he hates Humans, we see scenes of him trying to heal Margarita's injuries and Ciri's scars.

Avallac'h's interactions with women are vastly different in the game then in the books.


IN THE BOOKS: Avallac'h is an evil outright super creep, scary monster villain

A villain is a character, who is not good on any level at all, likely hasn't got shred of decency in him, is just plain evil incarnate scum of the earth. Which makes it easy for readers to hate him and the hero to kill him without guilt.

In the books Avallac'h hurts people. He LIKES hurting people. He's gets off on hurting people. He's sadistic. He doesn't give a shit about you. He's will show you no mercy.

He's a psychotic drug dealer, with a rabid sex addiction, he's a wild animal that too high to know or care what he's doing to you, he's gonna rape you, he's gonna kill you, he's probably gonna kill you while he rapes you, and he's likely gonna keep raping you after you're dead. He's a research scientist and geneticist, he is the creator of the Elder Blood gene, he built those 7 foot super soldiers known as The wild Hunt... and when he gets done raping you, dead or alive, you're gonna end up in his laboratory, if you're still alive you're gonna be tortured, if you're dead, don't worry, you'll be alive again soon so he can torture you and rape you some more. If you are still alive when he's finally done with you, he'll take you back home, he'll return you back to your parents just minutes after you were taken, so no one will notice you were gone, except for the fact you were 10 when he took you and now you are 30, and your parents don't believe that you are the little 10 year old girl who went outside to play this morning, why would they believe you, you're an adult now?

^^THIS is Avallac'h in the books.

In the books, Avallac'h is a psychotically deranged, drug addicted, sex crazed, super villain, mad scientist, sorcerer with a laboratory.

Book version Avallac'h, as the author created him, is your worst nightmare. Evilest of all prime evils. Avallac'h makes the books' primary villain Vilgersfort look like a saint.

Vilgersfort, by the way, is also a psychotically deranged, drug addicted, sex crazed, super villain, mad scientist, sorcerer with a laboratory...he's the one Ciri was running away from when she ran into The Tower of Swallows and came out literally in Avallac'h's lap.

If you didn't know, drug crazed, psychotic wizards with evil time traveling towers are on just about every street corner in the Witcher franchise. You can't throw a stone in any direction without hitting one, no matter where you are.

High Elf Avallac'h is the most powerful and most feared mage of the multiverse. Vilgersfort is the most powerful HUMAN mage of Ciri's home realm. Half-Elf Kalkstein is by far the most psychotically deranged wizard of them all, but he's not evil, he''s just crazy.

And as bad as Vilgersfort was, Ciri in the books was only with Avallac'h 2 months before she was running screaming in terror back to the waiting arms of Vilgersfort.

In fact, it appears that Avallac'h's ONLY purpose of being in the books at all, was to show Ciri that hey: there are worse things then Vilgersfort out there, take this Elf wizard over here for example...

We are left to wonder, WHY the game devs took a character who was so extremely minor, used only as a diversion to show Ciri, her home planet was way better then that crystal paradise planet she escaped too... why did the game devs take a character that is so minor he's on fewer than 30 pages total of a series that spans 2,000+ pages, and make him into one of the game's primary characters, AND making him, who was Ciri's galor, kidnapper, and rapist in the books, making him her best friend, closest companion, and most trusted ally in the game?

But we are glad they did, because heck, you remember who my fave character in Hatoful Boyfriend was right? Even if you didn't know, you could guess just by the topic we are talking about right now. Oh yes! I loved Shuu Iwamine. Psycho chucka with a laboratory and the main character's head. I grew up on Vincent Price movies. So many psychos with labs. And then there's my favourite novel: H. G. Wells "Island of Dr Monroe", closely followed by H.G.Wells "Food of the Gods". There ain't nothing I love more then a psycho with a lab, unless it's a crazy Elf wizard... and what have we got here? A psycho Elf wizard with a lab and a sadistic streak. Avallac'h's a match made in heaven for me. 

IN THE GAMES: Avallac'h is a creepy, lovable anti-hero, a far cry from the madman we saw in the novels.

An anti-hero is a bad guy, almost a villain, but not quite because he has good intentions behind the bad things he does. He's trying to do the right thing, he's just going about it in ways that are questionable. The reder has a hhard time hating him and the hero is conflicted when it comes time to defeat him, often unable to kill him.

And yet... the game does constantly hint to his past actions from the books. Players who've not read the books, miss the clues the game devs put in every scene we see Avallac'h in: like the rope laying on his bed, the porn drawings under his bed, the shrine of Ciri in his bedroom, Ge'els' cryptic conversation outbursts calling Avallac'h a rapist and backmailer and liar, Geralt's telling Vesemir "keep an eye on Avallac'h, he's not a friend", Phillipa warning Ciri that the Elven Sage has a bad past and can not be trusted, the rows of human sized glass test tubes in Avallac'h's house complete with skeletons inside, Avallac'h's diary that Yennefer finds and reads with all his notes on the tests he's been doing on humans, Ge'els diary that Geralt finds and reads telling of the need to replace their country's ruling Sage with another Sage, Eredin's dying words "Avallac'h's decieved us both, he pits us against each other while he's made off with Cirilla", Avallac'h himself making lots of side comments under his breath to himself including the comment that he wants to tie Ciri up and teleport her away with him which Geralt wasn't supposed to hear but does...

...if you head into the game looking for the clues, you'll find the game devs peppered HUNDREDS of them, all references to the novels, pointing every incriminating finger possible at Avallac'h.

IN THE BOOKS: Avallac'h is a violent, abusive, sex crazed womanizer, who takes what he wants, and thinks nothing of beating a woman to death to get what he wants. And the only thing he ever wants in the books is sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex. And while we only see him in one (almost 2) sex scene ever in the entire franchise, the rape scene with Ciri (and a sex scene with Isilira that never happened as they were interrupted by Ciri entering the room), we know from things other characters say, that no one is shocked or surprised to see him rape Ciri. Indeed, Ciri was warned by 3 people to watch her back around Avallac'h because he had a well known reputation for his brutality with women.

Indeed we learn that Avallac'h's brutal reputation, makes it easy for Eredin to frame Avallac'h for King Auberon's murder. Avallac'h is so well known among the Elves, for his short temper, his violent rage fits, his habit of raping omen, his habit of beating people men/women/and children alike, his habit of killing people he gets mad at, that no one, not one single person believes he did not rape Ciri, then kill Auberon. No one questions the possibility of someone else killing the king. No one questions the event they saw in the garden.

That is something to consider... the rape scene... the reader knows that it was Ciri who raped Avallac'h, but he's so well known for his habit of raping women, that everyone who saw this event just assumes they saw him rape Ciri. They are so used to seeing him attack and rape women, that no one even considers that this time the woman is raping him.

And then, when that women is next scene running out of the king's bedroom, leaving the king dead from an overdose on drugs Avallac'h made... everyone automatically assumes Avallac'h killed the king in a rage fit over them both wanting the same woman. They are so used to him doing this sort of thing that they never once think it's possible someone framed him, for a murder he didn't commit, by using his know habits against him.

The fact that Eredin is able to do this, says A LOT about Avallac'h's pre-novel past, informing us that he has a history of rape, violence towards women, and murdering people he gets mad at. People are so scared of him, they let him get away with this sort of thing over and over again, and they ONLY react now because this time it's the king who is dead.

IN THE GAME: we never see Avallac'h hurting a female. He's very gentle with women. We see him in the game as very shy around women. We also see him in the game trying to hide his porn collection and not wanting people to know how very perverted he is.

There is one scene where we see Avallac'h tackle a woman, forcing her to the ground, then holding her there while she kicks and screams, but you do not see him trying to hurt her, in fact just the opposite, you see him trying to restrain her without harming her. The woman in question was Philippa and at the time she was shooting lightning bolts and fireballs at everyone in the room, had killed several people, and several people were trying to kill her. She was scared out of her mind, had just been brutally tortured having her eyes gouged out, and was afraid that the people in the room with her were the witch hunters coming back to torture her to death, when in fact it was her friends here on a rescue mission trying to save her. She was so frightened that she was simply attacking everyone with no clue who she was really attacking. Thus we see Avallac'h grab her, force her to the ground, while she is kicking him, and trying to swing around and claw him, after she just got done blasting him with lightning bolts, and him trying to hold her on the ground and trying to avoid getting kicked, until she calms down enough to recognize the voices of the people around her as being her friends, at which point he helps her back up. We see in this scene, that though he is incredibly strong and forceful and able to hold her still, he is also being very gentle with her and trying to restrain her without injuring her.

Here's screen shots of that scene (and somebody please take these pictures out of context and go write Avallac'h x Philippa porn-fic. I love shipping Avallac'h with Phillipa, they are so perfect for each other. She's as bitchy as he is. Phillipa's a much better match for him then Ciri.)

This is my fave picture from this set... his eyes here... she just kicked him and he's really trying not to kill her right now... I mean we know the type of person he is, we know how strong he is (Aen Elle elves are supposedly 10 times stronger than a human of the same size, which is why Avallac'h's able to hold her still when Dijkstra and a dozen of his henchmen couldn't even get a hold of her), the books describe his hands as having bones like steal that could snap humans in half with little effort, we know how bad he is at controlling his temper, and we know that he can just let out a high pitched shriek and blast her brain out of her head with telepathic sonic waves... so, we know how much danger she is putting herself in by kicking him, when he's not trying to hurt her and is just trying to get her to calm down... and even though we know what's actually happening here my mind can take this picture so very far out of context...
You know, I don't think too many men are bold enough to put their knee in a woman's chest like that.
Avallac'h: "Stop squirming. If I wanted to kill you, you'd be long dead by now."
by the way... Avallac'h needs her help to assassinate King Radovid... she a former lover of Radovid, wants him dead after he tried to kill her. Telling her of a plot to assassinate the king is what calmed her down.
I don't know what this look is, but he gives it to people a lot.

But this scene with Phillipa is the only time in the game we see Avallac'h in a physical confrontation with a woman, where he is using any kind of force, and he's going out of his way to try and not hurt her, while trying to not get hurt himself, and while trying to keep her from hurting the others in the room.

And this is DRAMATICALLY different from how he is in the books. 

Were this same scene in the books, he'd have had no trouble punching her in the face, then choking her until she passed out, as a way of restraining her. He is VERY abusive of women in the books, which is a part of his personality that is changed dramatically from the novel version of him to the game adaptation of him.

IN THE BOOKS: Avallac'h is VERY abusive to his woman and can be seen beating them up if they disobey him; he thinks nothing of beating up women very badly and has been known to beat his human lovers to death. Avallac'h in the books, has a sadistic streak.

We see him in the books strangling Ciri during the rape scene, taking great delight in watching her dying in his hands.

Also, in the books, he is not shy on any level at all, is very bold and publicly outspoken with his radical views on sex, flaunts the fact that he, an Elf, disobeys the law and fucks humans, there is never once a scene in the books when he is a NOT talking about sex, and he openly admits to Geralt that he has a sex addiction problem.

And you got to remember too, we have that interrupted sex scene in the books... which shows how very fickle and emotionally calus he is with his women. 

What interrupted sex scene, you ask?

Why, the one between Isilira and Avallac'h, when Avallac'h kicks Isilira out of his bed, and makes her leave the room, because Ciri walked in on them.

Yep. That would be the scene in the books, that is the REASON we see Isilira so very bitchy at Ciri in the game, when once again, Ciri has walked into Avallac'h's bedroom unannounced.

We see in Lady of the Lake, Avallac'h with Isilira, about to have sex with her, and Ciri enter the room and interrupt them, Ciri embarrassed, quickly leaves the room, but Avallac'h runs after her, brings Ciri back into the room, then tells Isilira to leave them alone.

Isilira is pissed in this scene, but obeys Avallac'h stopping at the door long enough to tell Ciri exactly what she thought of her. Which Avallac'h shrugs off, then tells Ciri to ignore the bitch as he'd rather spend time with Ciri then Isilira.

It is at this point that Avallac'h informs her "the walls have ears" and he'd rather be alone with her, where no one can hear them, so takes her to his boat and leaves the city with her.

As much as this guy likes sex and goes out of his way to have sex as often as possible with everyone (and everything, unicorns included) as much as possible, and apparently doesn't let anything get in between him and whoever or whatever he wants to have sex with - as he said himself, - the world is coming to an end? We are to die? You want me to save all your asses?  Well, the world can wait, I'll do it later, gotta go fuck around first - (Tower of Swallows)

And, you know how I like to find pictures to match what I'm saying...

Here's a picture.

Look at it and tell me what you think is happening here, then scroll down below the picture I'll tell you if you are right.

Keep in mind the current topic we are talking about...

If you looked at that picture and thought... it looks like he's checking his dick.... you'd have been correct, because that's EXACTLY what he is doing in this picture.

This is a guy, who has no ability to understand sarcasm on ANY level at all, and so if you insult him with dick slurs, he doesn't understand you're not ACTUALLY talking about his dick, and is going to check his dick, because he completely misunderstood you, and Ciri is the type of woman to use dick slurs to insult a man, so, the end result is we have a picture of Avallac'h checking his dick.

I love this game.

UPDATE: September 16, 2018: Because this is being asked to me daily in chat I'm adding this here... But we are TOLD that Avallac'h is evil! How can you say he's not evil when the narrator says he's evil?

Avallac'h is evil?

Says who?

And on what grounds?

The reader is TOLD that Avallac'h is evil, yes.

By Eredin, a Unicorn, Dandelion, Regis, and Geralt.

Let's look at the evidence used to proclaim he is evil.

One of the many things used to call him evil is that he is not circumcised.

Another thing used to call him evil is the fact that he remained faithful to one woman and wasn't running around fucking every female he saw.

Another reason his is called evil, is because he is an Elf and he felt compassion for and helped a human.

Yep. So many "EVIL" things there.

He has a foreskin. We know THAT makes him evil, because we are told his lack of circumcision is proof he's evil, so we just KNOW every uncircumcised man on the planet is evil by that virtue alone.

Let's rephrase that:

Eredn tells the reader that Avallac'h is evil, just before Eredin murdered King Auberon and frames Avallac'h and Ciri for said murder. Eredin runs around accusing Avallac'h of doing a thing and the Eredin himself is seen doing that thing and trying to make it look like Avallac'h did it.

Eredin corners Ciri, tells her Avallac'h is evil, and oh by the way, here's some fisstech Avallac'h made, why don't you give it to Auberon and help me frame Avallac'h for murder. When Ciri refuses to help and runs and tells Avallac'h, Avallac'h shrugs it off stating Eredin is always doing stuff like that and he's long ago stopped thinking about it. Angry that Ciri wouldn't help him, Eredin frames both Ciri and Avallac'h for Auberon's murder. 

While we are TOLD Avallac'h is evil, we are only shown that Eredin is jealous of Avallac'h's rank: the fact that Avallac'h is the royal court mage and the advisor to the king. Avallac'h is second in command of the Aen Elle world, and Eredin desperately wants to be king and needs Avallac'h out of the way to get to the throne. 

Avallac'h is next in line to be king. Eredin MUST get BOTH Auberon AND Avallac'h out of the picture if he is to crown himself king.  Thus Eredin starts rumors that Avallac'h is evil, so people will automatically assume it was Avallac'h who murdered Auberon.

Avallac'h takes Ciri to walk along the lake, which is very secluded, several hours horse ride from the city, and surrounded by endless fields of flowers. Avallac'h spends most of the day picking flowers and writing poetry, while Ciri races her horse around the lake. Avallac'h's nude female bodyguards march around him and bitch about how a pure blooded Elf of his rank shouldn't be seen fawning over a half-Elf Human like Ciri. He orders them to stay here and not follow him, then takes Ciri to the other side of the lake, citing he's sick of them bullying him about Ciri. Ciri tells him that they've been bullying her as well.

The Unicorns stalk Avallac'h on obsessive levels, they've been laying in wait for centuries to see him without his bodyguards. The old sorcerer lives in mortal fear of being killed and never goes outside with his army of vicious Amazonian she-elf bodyguards. He's now for the first time in some 700 years blown them off and stormed off alone, unprotected, with nothing by a Human child at his side.

Avallac'h is the last male of his kind. A rare type of Elf known as an Aen Saervhern. Much of his depression and suicidal tendencies stems from his being lonely and wishing there were others like him to spend time with. Ciri, being an Elder Blood Child, is part Aen Saervhern.

Unicorns are at war with Elves. Unicorns hate Elves. Unicorns want Elves dead. A herd of Unicorns spies one of the Elder Blood Children, Ciri, being cuddled in the arms of the last living male Aen Saervhern Elder Elf, Avallac'h. The Unicorns watch from a distance, and overhear Avallac'h tell Ciri he wants to have a baby with her.

Avallac'h was deemed not a threat in repopulating the Aen Saervhern, as he had not left the grave side of his dead ex-wife Lara, in 200 years, thus the Unicorns left the depressed Elf alive to suffer in his sorrow. It never occurred to them he'd leave Lara's grave and find another mate or contemplate fathering children, creating more Aen Saervhern Elves. 

We are told Avallac'h is evil because he is the last of his kind, is lonely, wishes for a companion, and desires to have a family. Such very evil sins, these.

The Unicorns become enraged upon learning that the Aen Saervhern  Elf has taken an Elder Blood child as his mate, has gone off alone with her, is now talking about having babies with her... and likely would have had sex with Ciri there by the lake, had the Unicorns not interrupted, because that was the direction this scene was taking. For the Aen Saervhern (aka as Sages) are the evilest of all evils and they must be killed to the last one, even those unborn in the womb... kill, kill, kill, kill them all, for all Elves are evil, the only good Elf is a dead Elf.

 Knowing that Avallac'h is the last of the male Aen Saervhern Elder Elves, the Unicorns, whom have mass murdered the rest of the Aen Saervhern Elder Elves and don't want to see more of them born, attack and try to kill the last living male Aen Saervhern Elf (Avallac'h).

Avallac'h instantly kills most of his attackers with a high pitched sonic whale song scream that shatters their brains inside their skulls. Weakened by this attack, he uses telepathy to put the scream into the mouths of his female bodyguards, killing the 2nd round of attacking unicorns, while he tries to ran back to where his bodyguards are on the other side of the lake, while dragging Ciri with him.

Terrified, Avallac'h grabs Ciri and flees as the Unicorn army's 3rd battalion attacks. Eredin seeing an opportunity to get Ciri to trust him, appears through a portal, Wild Hunt in tow, and rescues Ciri and Avallac'h, while slaughtering the Unicorns.

We are shown that Avallac'h has immense psychic powers, is very horny and highly attracted to Ciri, but we are not shown him being evil.

A Unicorn tells Ciri Avallac'h is evil, claiming he kidnaps human children, uses them in a human breeding farm, claims he eats the children he doesn't keep for pets. Ciri makes a point of looking at Avallac'h's teeth to find out if he's a meat eater and finds he's missing many teeth, thus why he is so thin and anorexic, and why his cheekbones are accented so much. He's practically a skeleton, nearly starving to death, unable to eat much due to a lack of teeth. Ciri spends an entire paragraph describing Avallac'h's over exaggerated cheekbones and the fact that Avallac'h is so skinny he looks more dead then alive and appears he's not eaten in weeks. Ciri becomes more sympathetic towards Avallac'h, realizing he is very old, very weak, and in ill health.

Infuriated that Ciri will not side with them and help them murder the Elves, the Unicorns take Ciri to see a massive pile of thousands of bones, and point out the sword marks on each skull, telling her that Avallac'h is evil, mass murders Humans, and brutally mutilated their skulls to destroy their brains. The problem with the Unicorns' story is Avallac'h has a raging phobia of swords on near PTSD levels and not only does not own a sword, also will not allow anyone to get near him if they are carrying a sword. His servants and bodyguards marvel when they see him give Ciri the gift of a Witcher sword called Zireal.

The narrator, Dandelion, a reknowned liar, letcher, drunk, and hater of Elves and religion, tells the reader Avallac'h is evil because Avallac'h a pious priest who abstains from drinking and sex. Dandelion reminds us that Elves are born evil and there is no good born among Elves. 

Regis tells the reader Avallac'h is evil, because Avallac'h is an ancient unseen Elder God who hides underground for centuries, rarely surfacing and MUST be evil on the grounds that no one ever sees him. Regis also points out that Avallac'h is an Elf and all Elves are inherently evil.

Geralt says Avallac'h is evil, because Avallac'h is an Elf and there is no such thing as a good Elf, all Elves are evil. Geralt tells Avallac'h this to his face and Avallac'h tells Geralt that Geralt is nothing but a talking ape, sarcastically throws feces at him stating that's all apes know how to do, then tells Geralt to be a good little ape and go shove a gnawed bone up his own rectum. Geralt states this proves Avallac'h is evil and Avallac'h says Geralt's brutish ways prove Geralt more of a mindless ape then Avallac'h had expected him to be.

Ciri tells the reader that Avallac'h is not like other Elves, that he is a good person, and says this can be proven by the fact that unlike other Elves, Avallac'h was born with white skin. Ciri goes on to say all Elves are born evil, because all Elves are born black, and you can tell if a person is good or evil by the colour of their skin. She then points out Eredin is the most evil of all Elves because he is the blackest skinned Elf she ever saw. Ciri ends her white power rant saying: "Avallac'h was as white as Eredin was black, and therefore Avallac'h was as good as Eredin was evil."

And there you have it - those are the people in the novels, who tell you Avallac'h is evil and their motives for doing so.

Now I ask you, does any of that stand as logical proof of his being evil?

Avallac'h is one of the single most minor character of the entire series, appear in only 2 chapters of the novels: Chapter 7 of Tower of Swallows and chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, gracing a grand total of only 32 pages total out of 2,000+ pages.

32 pages. That's not a lot of space to do evil acts.

Avallac'h is different. Eccentric. Keeps Echinops and Barbergizes as pets. Rides a knocker instead of a horse. Baths with his clothes on because he hates anyone to see him nude. Different does NOT equal evil.

Everyone is scared of Avallac'h because he's a powerful mage, but, you really never see him do anything even remotely evil. We see him throw feces at Geralt, graffiti paint penises on art, make fisstech, and prance through a field playing a flute while nude women run after him...  in between hugging, comforting, and cuddling Ciri every time she runs crying to him... beyond that, we actually never see him do anything else. 

In the novels we see him talk endlessly of sex, use the word fuck every few seconds, and glorify fantasies of fucking human women.

In the game we see him drawing porn, living in an apartment over a brothel, having an orgasm over a half naked human, and trying to hide the fact that he masterbates while watching whores.

In the novels, Avallac'h talks endlessly of sex, tells Geralt he spent 100 years trying out every form of sex possible, and has abstained from sex since Lara's death, then introduces Geralt to a statue of Lara frozen forever in a state of orgasm and tells Geralt what he does with said sex doll.

At best he's a troublesome prankster, at worst he's a perverted yet harmless old man. 

All the evil acts attributed to him, are things Eredin said to Ciri in an attempt to turn Ciri against Avallac'h... or things the Unicorns said to Ciri, again in an attempt to turn a powerful Elder Blood against the Elves the unicorns held much hatred for.

At no point is anything Eredin or the unicorns say, ever proven true.

Avallac'h himself only ever talks about his dead ex-wife Lara, whom he still loves and can't stop talking about. He seems rather to be so obsessed with her that he doesn't really notice anything else that goes on around him. He only notices Ciri at all, because Ciri looks like Lara and he's trying to get Ciri to pretend to be Lara.

In fact, if Ciri didn't look like Lara, it appears Avallac'h would never have given Ciri a second thought at all. He even says as much.

In the novels, the scenes that get fans upset the most, are the quick one-liners peppered throughout chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, which describe what Avallac'h is doing every time Ciri is near him.

If Ciri is with him, Avallac'h is touching her. There is never a point of them being in the same scene together, and him not with his hands on her.

Avallac'h is seen hugging, kissing, cuddling, caressing, and embracing Ciri. When riding their horses, Avallac'h is described as taking the reigns of both horses and keeping Ciri's horse Kelpie close enough that Ciri's leg is pressed against Avallac'h's. He's seen touching her face, stroking her hair, caressing her thigh, and holding her in a tight embrace nuzzling her neck.

While he never does anything outright sexual to her, the fact that Avallac'h is highly sexually aroused by Ciri is made quite clear.

The fact that he does this to her, is often what fans use to justify calling him evil. 

HOWEVER, Avallac'h is not the only male in the novels who paws at Ciri and if you compare these scenes with Avallac'h to the ones with other men, you'll notice stark differences.

With other men, Ciri pulls away from them. Ciri never pulls away from Avallac'h and indeed openly enjoys his attention.  With other men, Ciri reacts violently, and tries to make them stop touching her, with Avallac'h she snuggles closer to him and lets him touch her more.

In the scene when Avallac'h tells Ciri he wants to have a baby with her, she reacts violently. He shrugs it off. Eight days later she goes to him and says she'll have a baby with him, then goes into a rage when he tells her it's Auberon not himself who would get her pregnant. She states she doesn't want to have a baby with Auberon, because she wants to have Avallac'h's baby.

Auberon takes Ciri away from Avallac'h and sexually abuses her. Ciri keeps running back to Avallac'h for comfort. We see him singing to her in what she describes as whale songs and bird chirps.

During the rape scene, Ciri comes right out and says she wants to have a baby with Avallac'h, not Auberon, she's sick of Auberon sexually abusing her and Avallac'h not being sexual with her at all, so she's taking matters into her own hands, forces Avallac'h to the ground, tears his clothes off, and rapes him while demanding he make her pregnant right now.

The "evilest" thing Avallac'h ever does, is strangle Ciri, then punch her in the face, while trying to force her off of him, while she is raping him. He does this during his 3rd attempt to flee after she tackles him for the 3rd time. When he does get away from her he runs away in tears, only to be tackled by her again - a 4th time and this time finally gives up fighting against her and obediently fucks her.

Avallac'h is left deeply traumatized by Ciri raping him, goes into hiding, becoming the deeply depressed, nervous, paranoid, flighty mask wearing character we see in the game. 

Avallac'h is accused by other characters of being too emotional, and loving too much. He's bullied for not letting go of his loyalty to a long dead lover. He's told by other men that "women are like jobs, easy to get another" and laughed at for remaining faithful to a woman who was not faithful to him, to the point of remaining faithful to her even after she's dead. He's seen as evil, simply because he fell in love.

Avallac'h is also a priest, a prophet of his religion, and has deeply high standards for morals. Known for an extreme lifestyle that includes not eating meat, not drinking, prayer, and fasting, Avallac'h is also laughed at and bullied by everyone, Geralt and Regis included, because he strives to live a good and moral life. 

In the dark twisted world of The Witcher - men who remain faithful to their women are vilified on those grounds alone, while men who cheat on their wives are glorified for being good men to look up to.

Likewise, drinking, partying, gluttony, and living to excessive extremes, are seen as good, while piety and faithful devotion to god are seen as evil traits to be laughed at.

The reader is TOLD that Avallac'h is evil.

But WHY are we TOLD he is evil and WHO is telling us this?

Dandelion. The most immoral, biggest debauchery, lecher of the series, who is also the narrator of the novels.

Dandelion is the one telling the story, and Dandelion (or rather Buttercup, as his actual Polish name means) has a twisted sense of good and bad, right and wrong. When you consider that, it makes you question EVERYTHING you are told in the novels.

Dandelion is a known liar who revels in drinking, whoring, scuffing at religion, and making fun of Elves... Dandelion is an **UNRELIABLE NARRATOR**!

We are TOLD by the narrator (Dandelion) that Avallac'h is evil because:

  •  * Avallac'h refuses to drink, 
  • * is evil because he remains faithful to a lover who died 200 years ago, 
  • * is evil because he is pious and devoted to his god, 
  • * and of course is evil because he is an Elf which makes Avallac'h evil by birth, because he commited the sin of being born an Elf.

Every second page of the novels glorifies rape and puts rapists on a pedestal to be worshiped as heroes, Ciri herself is not shown as being heroic until after she to becomes a rapist.

Ciri is shown as a weak whimmering, child, incapable of standing up for herself, until the rape scene, when suddenly being a rapist gives her the superpowered self confidence to mass murder everyone.

Avallac'h is shown as evil BECAUSE he is NOT like everyone else, running around fucking everything with a hole for fucking.

Avallac'h's being morally weak and not someone worth looking up to is pounded into the readers head by the rape scene which shows him being victimised, as he "deserves" because he wasn't heroic enough to be a rapist along with the rest of the cast of main characters.

Dandelion, fetishizes rape, when he's retelling the glories of Geralt, Yen, and Ciri's life. He makes them out to be sex crazed maniacs, while vilifying characters like Avallac'h who are not perverted enough to be fucking and raping everything that moves.

There a dark, twisted sense of logic going on here because Dandelion is a lechter obsessed with whoring and over sexualizes EVERYONE when he writes his tales of them.

Remember the ENTIRE Witcher series is nothing but a series of ballads written by Dandelion, so NOTHING we read in the novels can be trusted to be true.

When you consider how backwards morals are in the Witcher world, you start to see that Avallac'h is not nearly as evil as everyone makes him out to be, when you consider the REASON most people see him as evil is precisely because he remains faithful to a dead wife and sees him as a freak for doing so.

In the Witcher world rape is good and glorified while love is evil and vilified, simply because the narrator of the tale is Dandelion and Dandelion has twisted logic. Thus Ciri is the hero of the story because she is a rapist and Avallac'h is the evil one because he was in love.


There is what Avallac'h did in the game...

In both the novels and the game, we see that Avallac'h is insanely in love with Ciri, to the point that he cares nothing for his own safety when it comes to protecting Ciri. 

Unlike Geralt, who we see abandon Ciri to go off drinking with Regis and Dandelion, every time danger arrives, Avallac'h never once turns his back on Ciri, never once puts others before her, never once puts his own life head of her.

And no place do we see this better then in the two interconnecting quests: Ugly Baby and Isl of Mists.

Avallac'h and Ciri were both trapped in Uma... but for Ciri it was only her soul. 

When Avallac'h knocked her out, during the Drowned Dead Rock scene of the Nameless quest, he separated her soul from her body, then hid her body where Eredn couldn't find it, and kept her soul with him in Uma. 

Eredin thought only Avallac'h was trapped in Uma so never thought to capture Uma, thus Ciri remained safe from the Wild Hunt. Ciri's body remained unharmed when the Uma curse was lifted, with Avallac'h's body taking all the damage. 

Once the Uma curse was lifted, her soul was able to guide Geralt back to her body. 

Avallac'h nearly died protecting her that way, but was able to keep her body from getting hurt by the Uma curse and keep her soul from being captured by Eredin at the same time.

LITERALLY no one else in the series, was willing to risk their life for Ciri. When push come to shove, every one, Geralt and Yen included, turned their backs on her and proved themselves too selfish to stand their ground for her life. Avallac'h is literally the one, single, solitary person Ciri can rely on to always be there for her and never abandon her in her time of need.

Avallac'h is not even close to evil in the game and to call Avallac'h evil, based on the info in the novels, is laughable. He could maybe be classified as annoying on levels of a mosquito at best. 

In the game? Avallac'h is good. To a certain extent. He's hell bent on helping Ciri save the world, but not exactly because he wants to save the world, rather instead because of what he'll get in return if he helps her.

In the novels? Avallac'h is neither good nor bad, he's just self centered and focused on his own agenda. He's not going out of his way to hurt anyone, he's also not helping anyone; he's just kind of getting in everyone's way and making things harder then they need to be.

The novels make Avallac'h out to be a pest, like a mosquito buzzing in your ear all night but you can never chase it away and it's too quick at fleeing for you to ever swat it out of your life. He's always there to get underfoot and trip you up, but he's too focused on his own image in the nearest mirror (literally - he hoards mirrors in the novels) to notice he's getting in everyone's way.

Avallac'h has a tendency to think he's helping, when in fact he's just being a road block making everyone's life more difficult then it need be. He's not trying to be in the way, but he's too oblivious to what's going on around him, and too in love with himself, to notice that everyone just wishes he'd shut up and go stand off to the side somewhere where they can stop tripping over him.

In the novels, Avallac'h is a pacifist who wants no one hurt, and desires to save everyone Elf, Human, plant, monster, and animal alike. He shuns the use of weapons, has a phobia of swords, won't eat anything that was once alive, and is ridiculed by other Elves for being a Human Rights Activist.

However we are also told that his current peaceful, pacifist state is a result of his trying to change from his past murderously violent habits of mass murdering Humans and that his peaceful behaviour is a lie to hide his true nature... at least this is what Eredin tells everyone when Eredin frames Avallac'h for Auberon's murder, and this is what the unicorns tell Ciri, when trying to convince her to use her powers to mass murder all Elves.

In the novels Avallac'h is portrayed by his actions and words as being very, very, VERY harmless, yet at the same time every character Ciri meets is there to tell Ciri that Avallac'h is the evilest of all evils to ever grace any universe.

Ciri herself, when asked if she trusts Avallac'h, states that "Avallac'h is as good as Eredin is evil." At no point does Ciri (in game or novels) ever see Avallac'h as bad or evil, nor does she ever stop trusting him. Likewise she never turns on him, though many try to make her hate him.

According to Eredin (who in the novels is not shown as evil, but rather boy of a classroom jock stlt bully), Avallac'h is is evilest creature ever known to exist. Eredin describes the horrors Avallac'h has committed this way:

>>*{Eredin to Ciri, warning her that she needs to escape from Avallac'h before it's too late:}* 

>>"You'll die here, little butterfly. He won't let you leave.  Get it through your head that at this moment not only places but time separate you from your world. Time passes differently here. Those you knew as children are now decrepit, those who were your peers died long ago. 

>>"Think back to your legends. Legends of people who mysteriously disappeared and returned years later, only to gaze on the overgrown graves of their loved ones. Do you think they were fantasies, fabrications? You're mistaken. For whole centuries people have been kidnapped, carried away by horsemen whom you call the Wild Hunt. Kidnapped, exploited, and then discarded like the shell of a sucked out egg. But not even that will befall you, Zireael. You will die here. You won't even have the chance of seeing your friends' graves."

~Lady of the Lake page 188

King Auberon, likewise tells Ciri that Avallac'h is evil and warns her to stay away from him, better she stick with Auberon and Eriden, then let Avallac'h have his way...

>>*{Auberon to Ciri, warning her that she needs to escape from Avallac'h before it's too late:}*  

>>"Doing it for whom? For me? For the Aen Seidhe imprisoned on your world? You foolish made! You're doing it for yourself. You come here for yourself and vainly try to give yourself to me. For it's your only hope, your only chance. And I'll tell you one more thing. Pray! Pray zealously to your human idols, godheads, and totems. Because it'll either be by me or by Avallac'h in his laboratory. Believe me, you wouldn't want to end up in the laboratory and become acquainted with the alternative."

~ Lady of the Lake page 191

Ciri is TOLD at every turn that Avallac'h is evil and told to get away from him. Both Eredin and Auberon as well as the Unicorns, tell Ciri that Avallac'h travels between world, through time and space, kidnapping young pregnant women, extracting their embryos, and leaving the women to die horribly in his dungeons, while he uses the embryos in his mad scientist experiments. 

In the novels Eredin is just a soilder, a city guard, waundering around Tir na Lia and noticing that Avallac'h has been parading his latest pet human (Ciri) around town. Eredin, is the one who tells Ciri of the Wild Hunt, and tells her that avallac'h himself is the leader of the Wild Hunt, that they work for him, helping him kidnaps children and young women, who Avallac'h uses, abuses, and tortures to death in his laboratories. 

Auberon and Eredin both tell Ciri that Avallac'h will kill her, after she gives birth to a baby.

Auberon tells Ciri the reason he WILL NOT fuck Ciri and get her pregnant is precisely because Avallac'h has no intention of letting Ciri go after the baby is born, and Ciri looking so much like Lara scares him, because he's fully aware how much Avallac'h loved Lara and that the only reason Ciri is not a test subject in Avallac'h's lab already is BECAUSE Avallac'h wants Lara back and can't is too crazy to tell that Ciri is not Lara.

Ciri is TOLD at every turn, that Avallac'h is evil.

And yet, not once is the reader SHOWN any evidence or proof to back up anything Eredin and uberon say. Every time we see Avallac'h he is quietly doing something by himself: painting, picking flowers, writing poetry, playing a flute, sculpting statues, sitting on his boat in the water, sitting in a field of flowers.

Every time he is interrupted by Ciri running to him, either angry or in tears. Ciri blabbers on about how mean Eredin or Auberon or one of Avallac'h's women is being to her and he responds by hugging her, stroking her hair, and humming whale songs and bird chirps to sooth her and calm her back down.

Avallac'h in the novels is only ever seen as very quiet, very gentle, and very kind and loving to Ciri.

In short, we simply do not know.

We see a quiet, peaceful, dociale Elf who is very shy, has speech issues, keeps to himself, busies himself with creative pastimes in art and writing, collects antiques, mourns a dead lover, and is very eccentric.

We see too, he has no friends, is very sad, very lonely, and lights up with giddy joy the moment ANYONE takes the time to speak to him and acknowledge him as someone worthy of being allowed to join a conversation.

He has a serious lack of social skills, talks in 3rd person plural monologue referring to himself as "we", "us", and "our".

Because he is different, people keep their distance from him, spread gossip and rumors about him, and don't allow him to be part of their social circles.

Avallac'h is singled out by others, the same way mean girls in high school single out the shy girl who reads too much. He's bullied by bigger elves like Eredin and Auberon the same way football jocks bully the little science geek and lock him in his locker.

None of this is evidence to Avallac'h being evil and all of it is evidence to people being scared of the "quiet one" excluding him for everything while spreading vicious, nasty lies and rumors about it.

We hear people say he is cruel, brutal, and murderous, yet we only ever see him shy, quiet, fearful, and nervous. Scared to be around others. Fearful of being beaten up. Quick to run and hide. Quick to flee.

People say he is a cold blooded killer, yet Witcher universal laws tell us that animals and monsters will walk fearless alongside those whom have never shed innocent blood. Animals and monsters walk fearlessly along side Avallac'h. They do not attack him, they do not run from him. Monsters that mindlessly tear others to shreds, calmly purr as they sway happily, not fearing the gentle Elf that walks among them.

We are told that Avallac'h drives a blade down through people's skulls; his so called signature way of brutally murdering people. We are shown a pile of skulls with blade wounds. But we also see an Elf with a phobia of weapons that is so great, he will allow no one in sight of him, if they are carrying a sword. He fears weapons on PTSD levels.

We hear rumors that he had a hand in the conjunction of spheres and the white frost, but no evidence supports those rumors.

Everyone, literally EVERYONE, has something mean to say about Avallac'h... but not once do we see him do a single, solitary, even remotely bad thing at all.

But by their fruits, ye shall know them. Look at the evil acts we see done by Auberon, Eredin, and the unicorns... the ones who are the biggest spreaders of rumors against Avallac'h.

  • We KNOW the unicorns caused the conjunction of spheres and the white frost, yet they alone say Avallac'h did it.
  • We KNOW Eredin leads the Wild Hunt and mass murders humans, but he alone says it's Avallac'h doing those things.
  • We KNOW Auberon is sexually abusing and molesting Ciri, yet he alone accuses Avallac'h of those things.

We hear lots of people gossiping about Avallac'h behind his back but we never once see him do anything to even remotely justify their cruel backbiting.  And in every case, we see that the person doing the accusing is themselves carrying out actions they acuss avallac'h of and in every case, it appears they only blame Avallac'h to try to turn attention on the "quiet one" the freak, to hide their own actions and lay blame on an "easy target" because he's "different".

In the end, we are left really not knowing.  We never see him do anything bad and we are told by every second person that he's the evilest thing to ever exist, but with no evidence to back up their claims.

Like everything else in the Witcher universe,  Avallac'h is one of those things where there is no consistency.

When I say the novels have no consistency, I mean for example:  

  • * we are told Ciri is born in 1251
  • * we are also told Ciri lived at Kaer Morhen in 1251 when she was 10 years old
  • * we are later told Ciri was kidnapped by Avallac'h in 1251 when she was 12 years old
  • * we are also told Ciri rapes Avallac'h in 1251 when she is 16 years old
  • * the game tells us Ciri was born in 1251 AND tells us the current year is 1272 AND tells us that Ciri is 33 years old

The books AND the games are all filled with these sorts of inconsistencies that leave us wondering if the series had an editor checking chronology facts.

If we are to believe what we are told, by every character, we are left to assume that Avallac'h was excessively violent and very brutal in his youth, acted as court mage, advisor, spy, and assassin for King Auberon and several kings before Auberon. Had a hypnotic personality that got anyone and everyone to trust him, seduced everyone, male and female alike, to get information from them, then lured them into his bed, then sexually tortured them and killed them without ever having sex with them. Additionally he ran a human breeding farm, that supplied prime meat for the food industry (elves eat humans) and specially bred children for the pet industry.

If we are to believe what Avallac'h himself says, he suffers from an insatiable sex addiction that lead him to try every possible version of sex he could think of. He claims there is nothing sexual he has not done or tried, and he's had everything. He says he is bored with female elves and their lack of sex drive and instead switched to humans, both male and female because, as he put it "the always willing human, fetisi being fucking by an elf; I let them die happy".

And yet, if we are to believe what Witcher lore tells us: animals, beasts, birds, and monsters will flee from the presence of evil, will not get near anyone who has ever shed innocent blood. And Avallac'h is the only character of the novels, whom animals flock to. TENS OF THOUSANDS of animals, beasts, birds, vampires, monsters, undead, and other creatures, flock to Avallac'h's side, protect him, obey him, adore him, and classify him as "the only good male" stating that he has never touched a sword, never harmed an animal, never hurt a best, never killed a monster, and has only ever killed those whom were evil, has only killed those who hurt others, and has only made the worlds bette places, by making the worlds safe for elves, animals, beasts, and monsters, by ridding it of evil.

And yet the elf we see on page, is old, frail, weak, gentle, kind, compassionate, and loving. He's easily hurt, easily frightened, and is quick to turn tail and flee rather then stand up and fight. He's as harmless and as fragile as a snowflake on a summer day. Until he's backed into a corner and forced to fight and then we see him turn into a vicious creature capable of killing everything on the entire planet with a wave of his hand, revealing himself to truly be the Elder God he claims he is.

Is Avallac'h good or bad?

He is neither.

He is a multi faceted character who has done good things and bad things and ultimately just wants to be left alone. He has powers and abilities that brand him an outsider and a freak, leave him without friends and cause people to spread gossip and rumors about him. He wants to be normal and have a family like everyone else, but is denied a family at every turn, and frustration and loneliness drove him to use science to build the family, society refused to let him have.

His life was spent desperately trying to find someone to love him, but being able to read the thoughts of everyone, he learned that love does not exist for no one ever truly loves anyone and each only uses the other for their own purposes. He clung desperately to tales, poems, and legends of romance, while cloning himself to create Lara Dorren.

With Lara he thought he could at last have a family like everyone else and someone whom he could love who would love him in return. He spent 700 years building her, only to have her grow up and leave him for a human. 

Avallac'h, able to see the thoughts and minds of everyone, saw that Lara and Creaggan truly did love one another and walked away from them refusing to hurt either, stating he could not separate lovers, not when he knew how hard it was to find love. 

Avallac'h locked himself away becoming a hermit, devastated by Lara's leaving him, yet living in the hope she'd one day return after the short lived human died, stating humans only live 60 years, and he'd already waited 700 years, what was 60 more.

Avallac'h was devastated when Lara and Creaggon were murdered by an angry mob, just 8 months after Lara had left him. He tried to bury them in his family crypt but was attacked by elves, so moved their bodies to Creaggan's family crypt and was attacked again. 

Avallac'h fled into the caves, going deep beneath the ruins of an ancient elven temple, and buried Lara and Creaggon in a single coffin, their bodies locked together in eternal embrace, saying "I could not separate the lovers in life, I will not seperate them in death.' He then lay down on top of the coffin and never got up, dying from sadness, grief, and a broken heart, becoming the wraith that protected Lara's grave and haunted the caves, crypts, and ruins of Skellige.

He stayed there for 200 years, leaving only when meeting Ciri, Lara's 4th great-granddaughter, who looks and acts exactly like Lara. Avallac'h now protects, defends, and guards Ciri, acting as her teacher, lover, and bodyguard.

In spite of being a very minor, one-shot character, appearing in only 3 scenes, of 3 chapters, for a grand total of 32 pages, in the NOVELS, Avallac'h is an incredibly multi-faceted character, with a very well written and carefully planned out backstory. He can not be considered fully good or heroic, because he is a mass murderer. He has personally killed several thousand humans.

He also can not be considered fully bad or evil, due to his obsessive desire to help everyone and anyone who is hurt or injured.

He has somewhat double standards in his ease at killing a human on one hand and then taking care of and healing an injured human on the other.

He is incredibly compassionate towards everything, yet just as incredibly vengeful when he feels wronged.

The novels tell us that Vilgefortz, the novels' primary villain, is the most evil sorcerer in the world. That there is no evil, more evil then him.

However, rumors exist of a darkness so terrible no one dare think of it: 

###Faeries - Ancient Elves, more demon then Elf, who long ago went insane from centuries of boredom. Creatures who merrily sing and dance their way through the night sky, leaving mischief, death, and destruction in their gleefully playful prank filled wake.

Faeries: The Fae also known as The Wild Hunt are ancient Elves, so old, that they existed before time. Chaotic and evil, they've lived so long that they've grown bored and went insane from their boredom eons ago.

The Fairies now roam the universe on the backs of enslaved unicorns, killing for the sake of dancing in blood and listening to the screams of their victims. Logic long ago left them, madness rules them, chaos follows in their footsteps.

The Fae are ancient Elves. Dark lustful creatures from another dimension who cheerfully waltz into bedrooms and steel young children out of their bed at night, only to return them days later, as adults. Adults who tell tales of living with The Elder Folk - ancient alien creatures ruled by lust who keep Humans as sex slaves, vicious bloodthirsty creatures who feast on Human flesh and drink Human blood. 

Thousands of children are taken away, few ever return, but all who do, share the same tale: that there exists a demonic creature, so evil, so terrible, that not even your worst nightmares could conjure up something fearful enough to compare. 

They call him "The Knowing One" for he sees all, knows all, hears everything you say, sees everything you do, feels every thoughts you secret made. He knows if you've been bad or good, - an ancient red robed, jolly old white haired elf... Santa Claus, nah, not Santa, but Satan ... the real one... but he's not good, and he's not here to bring you presents.

The Knowing One:  Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha aka The Great Avallac'h, the psychotically deranged Faerie Sorcerer, the real leader of the Aen Elle, who rules via his job as the Alder King's court mage and advisor. The most vicious, deadly, bloodthirsty, evil creature known to man.

Avallac'h is supposedly the embodiment of pure evil made flesh, and is capable of being as good or as evil as he wants to be.

We are shown in the novels a kind, gentle creature who loves and takes care of Ciri, protecting her from harm, showering her with gifts, and spending most of his days signing to her and cuddling her.

The novels also show us a creature that sets foot in the street and every living thing, elf, man, beast, and monster alike steps back trembling in fear and holds it's breath, praying The Knowing One walks past and they live to see tomorrow.

With the flick of his finger, Avallac'h can throw the city into full lockdown, casting a barrier that traps every one inside, while calling up tens of thousands of monsters to attack and tear everyone to shreds on his command. He does this in his final scene in the novels, on the night of Auberon's death, when helping Ciri get to the unicorns and stopping the Wild Hunt from catching her.

Though mentioned (known only as "Lara's Elven Lover whom she betrayed, during the first 5 novels and the first 2 games) Avallac'h is first seen on page/is introduced in the 6th novel Tower of Swallows.

  • >>In Toussaint, Geralt and Regis are suddenly hit by a massive and unnatural, magically created freak blizzard that forces them to take shelter in a cave that they could have sworn wasn't there moments ago.
  • >>The first time we see Avallac'h, he is defacing art (an ancient cave painting) by painting giant penises and purple bison on it. Geralt interrupts him and Geralt is promptly greeted by being pelted with feces and threatened with having a bone rammed up his rectum. 
  • >>Reaching for his sword, Geralt finds his sword gone, while the deranged elf laughs maniacally as tens of thousands of furry pumpkin-like beasts surround him baring their teeth, while giant Echinops sprout from the ground ready to kill.
  • >>The vampire Regis, who is with Geralt in the cave in Toussaint while a massive blizzard rages outside trapping them with the crazed Elf, recognizes this as no ordinary Elf, but rather one of the ancient Elder Gods, a Faerie, who rules the Wild Hunt - the infamous Knowing One himself.
  • >>The reader now learns that this creature, this impossibly ancient god-like Elf, is Ciri's ancestor, the one from who she gets her powers, the original Elder Blood, the one from who all other Elder Bloods were created. AND as powerful as Ciri is, Ciri is only a mutated spawn of his and hasn't even a tenth of his skills, powers, or abilities. 
  • >>This is not just another Elder Blood - this is an Elder Brain, an impossibly powerful psionic Elder God, capable of controlling the minds and will of everyone for miles, and controls the thoughts and actions of the entire Aen Elle from his underground lair beneath Tir Na Lir.

THIS is how we are introduced to Avallac'h in the novels.

And this is why you are never able to fight or kill Avallac'h in the game. Lore-friendly to his character, he can not die and you can only get close enough to hurt him, if he let's you. And if he wanted to, he can simply snap his fingers and make all life, planets, galaxies, and universes in the multiverse simply vanish - he merely let's these things exist, because it amuses him.

And thus Avallac'h is neither good nor evil, for he is chaos brought to life.

And THEN, there is the rape scene, when we see The Knowing One, The Great Avallac'h, The All Powerful, The Undefeatable, cut down and overpowered by Ciri, whom he can not escape.

Ciri rapes Avallac'h in the novels and that scene is NOT there at random.

The rape scene is a pivotal point in the novels, as it shows Ciri is now more powerful then Avallac'h. And when you consider how powerful Avallac'h is... THAT is truly terrifying.

Avallac'h is in control of his powers. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He is dangerous and deadly, but for the most part calm and peaceful and thus not a threat.

Ciri on the other hans is a bubbling, boiling, endless pit of cruel, heartless, rage filled hate for everything and everyone. She lacks empathy or compassion and kills for the sake of killing. Her powers manifest with her temper. She has no ability to control either her powers or her temper and like Avallac'h is fully capable of obliterating entire galaxies with nothing more than a thought.

Before being raped Avallac'h was absolutely fearless. After being raped, he is traumatized and lives in mortal terror of Ciri. THIS is why we see him taking orders from Ciri in the game.

When Avallac'h meets Ciri in Tower of Swallows, he's aware that she rivals him in power and is overjoyed by this, because at long last he is no longer alone in the world - there is finally another creature of his own kind.

We see Avallac'h running around hyper puppy, yippy skippies upon meeting Ciri, seeing her as his equal, immediately taking her in and treating her like a long lost friend, without really knowing her at all.

And then she rapes him and he realizes she is most certainly NOT his equal, in fact, he's not even close to having her powers, AND he's suddenly realizing she has no control of her abilities. She quickly and easily took him down and he wasn't able to use magic to fight back. She completely disabled his ability to defend himself and Avallac'h realized for the first time how mortal he really was - it never occurred to him before that he could die and yet here he was now forced to fight with his hands to try to get this monstrous beast bitch off of him.

Something actually existed that could hurt him, kill him even. But worse: Ciri caught him off guard, meaning she was blocking his ability to see her thoughts and was control which thoughts he could see. This terrifies him.

The rape scene showed us that Avallac'h, though nearly a god, is mortal, and can be hurt. He truly did believe he was a god. The discovery that he is not a god, changes him, causes him to become the paranoid, fear filled Elf on the run, that we see in the game.

Back to the game...

In regards to changes in quests that do not affect the ending, but change how you get to the ending, keep in mind:

>>Almost EVERY dialogue choice you make with Avallac'h has a pivotal effect on something in the game.

Most characters have 2 to 5 dialogue options, each time you talk to them, and you can chose all of them. Not so with Avallac'h. You can NEVER choice more than one option when talking to him, no matter how many options are there to chose from. This is because every choice you make with him is going to change things you do, say, or encounter in the game on your way to the end.

Avallac'h himself changes dramatically depending on your choices. The more you piss him off, the bitchier he gets at you as the game progresses. The more you side with him, the less bitchy and more cheerful he becomes the closer you get to the end.

If you are an obsessive looter, you can find letters that Avallac'h wrote to Geralt, throughout the game. They are VERY hard to find. 

When looting desks and bookshelves, look for letters that are signed simply "Your Friend A."

These letters to Geralt, include a very long one, in which Avallac'h begs Geralt for forgiveness for what he did to Ciri back on Tir Na Lia. Another where he states he regrets what his brother Auberon did to Ciri and vows to make up for it by devoting his life to protecting Ciri at all costs. 

Most players mistake Avallac'h for being evil or a villain, because he is not a good or heroic character, then mistakenly assume Avallac'h must be bad and therefore can not be trusted. He has a serious porn addiction, uses drugs, makes drugs, is a womanizer, has strange sex fetish habits, graffiti paints penises on art, and over all comes off as a selfish, self centered, arrogant prick - which, he is. These are traits normally seen in villains, not heroes. (In the game guide you can find Avallac'h's character bio under "heroes, friends, and allies".) Avallac'h is an anti-hero, a good person, who does bad things, and could stand to be a better person, but isn't actually a bad guy. 

Because he walks the grey area of being not good, but also not evil, it makes it difficult for gamers to trust him while playing the game. In essence he becomes the game's "red herring".

If you've read the novels, you know Avallac'h is deeply religious and inspite of lack of morals elsewhere, he has strong morals when it comes to honesty. He can not and will not tell a lie. Literally. His ability to use magic is tied to a vow he made that forbids him from telling a lie. 

Avallac'h is the most powerful mage of the Witcher universe and he intends to stay that way so  he is VERY careful in choosing his words and always speaks the truth, though he often does so in riddles. He will lose his powers if he lies, thus he is the single most honest and most trustworthy character of the entire series, in spite of appearances otherwise.

If Avallac'h tells you something and another character tells you something different, you can ALWAYS trust that Avallac'h is the one speaking the truth. When in doubt, side with Avallac'h on everything. He is never lying to you.

If Avallac'h does not answer you or tries to change the subject, it is because he does not wish to reveal something, but is unable to tell a lie. Pay attention to those times, as they do affect minor changes throughout the game.

Also, watch for him to drop eye contact. He maintains intense eye contact during conversations, but if he looks away and refuses to look at you - this is because he wants to lie and can't and is taking the time to think of a way to say the truth without telling you something important. You can't get him to reveal what he's hiding, but if you pay attention to what he is NOT saying to you, you can figure out the answer.

In Through Time and Space, watch him do this every time Geralt says either Caranthir or Ge'els' name. Caranthir is Avallac'h's son. Ge'els is Avallac'h's brother. Geralt keeps saying they need to kill Caranthir and Ge'els - at that point in the game Avallac'h has not yet mentioned these Elves are his family. He's trying to hide room you that he is himself a member of the Wild Hunt. Avallac'h is the Hunt's most powerful mage, but they now see him as a traitor because he's helping Ciri against them. Avallac'h is trying to help you defeat the Wild Hunt, while trying to hide that his son and brother are members. He wants to protect his family. Any time you mention harming Ge'els or Caranthir you trigger Avallac'h's temper.

However, no choice you make with Avallac'h himself, has any effect on the final outcome of the game. Only 5 choices you make with Ciri, determine the end you get.

The 5 Path of Swallow quest choices that determined the end are: 1 - snowball fight vs drinking; 2 - go to emperor or no; 3 talk to Phil or no; 4 trash Avallac'h's house or no;  5 go to Skjall grave or no

Viewer Question From Twitch: How can you like Avallac'h when he's a lying, cheating, bastard?

Is he?

If you have a dictionary nearby, would you please go take a look at it, educate yourself, read it. While you're there look up the definitions of the words: "lying", "cheating", and "bastard".

There is never a point when Avallac'h tells a lie. Not in the game. Not in the novels. And there is a reason for it.

Important thing to remember is Avallac'h never lies, he ALWAYS tells the truth. Witcher-series mages, take a vow that binds them to magic, if they break the vow they lose their ability to do magic; the vow is different for every mage and is always something difficult for them; Avallac'h took a vow of honesty - he literally CAN NOT tell a lie; 

Avallac'h rarely told the truth before becoming a mage (2,000 years ago), which is why no one trusts him, he was a known chronic liar, 2,000 years ago. 

His inability to tell the truth, was why a vow of honesty was put on him, because it was something he was expected to fail, but he really wanted to be universe's most powerful mage, he's very goal driven, now he is extremely honest because vow forced him to never lie.

In 2,000 years Avallac'h has spoken the whole truth and nothing but the truth and has not waivered from the truth, not even for a hint of a white lie. 

Avallac'h is extremely power driven, he likes having everyone scared of him, and he will lose his powers if he ever tells a lie; Avallac'h is described in novels as both the most powerful and most evil sorcerer of the known Witcherverse, because of his refusal to break his vow and keeping that vow for 2,000+ years.

Everything Avallac'h says is ALWAYS 100% true. He is the single most honest character of the franchise.

And so I ask again, why is it you say he is a liar when nothing he has said was a lie?

Likewise, there is never a point when Avallac'h cheats anyone, not in the conventional terms of cheating someone out of something (money, possessions, etc) nor in the sexual term (cheating on a wife or lover).

I assume you are referring to the she-Elf in his bedroom at Pali Gap. Isilira. Ciri and Isilira are both fully aware of the existence of the other.

Islira is one of the 5 wives that ganged up on Ciri in the novels. These 5 were just a few of the HUNDREDS of wives Avallac'h is described as having.

Avallac'h is a polygamist.

If you want a full and detailed explanation of how and why Avallac'h came by his wives, here on this page in the "Avallac'h In the Game" section.

As stated there, polygamy is the standard practice among Aen Elle Elves. The wealthier a male elf is, the more females he has in his care, simply because he can afford to provide for them.

That Avallac'h has HUNDREDS of wives shows that he is immensely wealthy.

The reason for this lifestyle is the fact that the Aen Elle Elves are nearing extinction. Only around 10,000 elves survive, only a few hundred of these are male. Leaving THOUSANDS of females alone and without a male mate, if a one-wife society was practiced.

Males who are able to afford to do so, take in hundreds of females. 

Avallac'h himself, tells Geralt that he lets his women do what they want in terms of who they choose to have sex with, citing that he has no interest in sex with any of them, and is merely providing a safe home for them as part of his family, because he's wealthy enough that he can support that many women in his household.

Avallac'h also states that while he was younger he had sex often, was addicted to sex, had tried every possible way, form, and type of sex there was to try, and after 100 years of none stop sex, got bored with sex and sought out love instead.

Avallac'h tells Geralt that he fell in love with Lara, and they were to wed, but she cheated on him with Creaggon and left him. She died 8 months later in childbirth.

Avallac'h has abstained from sex since Lara's death, remaining faithful to her, now 200 years. Ciri is the first and only person Avallac'h has had sex with since Lara's death, and that was only because Ciri raped him.

There is no evidence of Avallac'h ever cheating on anyone.

And I'm sorry, if you are a narrow minded ingrate, but the fact remains, polygamy does not = cheating. I grew up in a polygamist culture and am well acquainted with polygamist lifestyle.

There are 400+ people in my family. My mother was child #8 of 12 children, her father had with his 1st wife. He had 2 wives. My mother had 2 husbands. The man in my family with the most wives has 5 wives, while the woman in my family with the most husbands has 8 husbands. There are no women in my family who've given birth to fewer then 4 children, most have had 8 children. The female who has given birth to the most children had 23 children

We are Gypsies of Persian descent and polygamy has been a part of our culture for some 5,000+ years.

Part of why I like Avallac'h is because of the extreme levels of accuracy that went into his character... if you didn't know, Avallac'h's character was based off of Middle Eastern Gypsy culture. Everything from his clothes to his hair to his religion to his diet to his magic practices to his personal family life, mirrors near exactly to real world Gypsy culture. 

Do you have any idea how rare a thing it is to see Gypsies portrayed in fiction ACCURATELY? 9 times out of 10 Gypsies in fiction are nothing but white trash, slutty assed, belly dancing whoreish bimbo prancing the boobs and booty around. Immoral, indecent, and a total mockery of everything real Gypsies stand for.

And Avallac'h is quite proud of his pure-royal birth. 

His real name is Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha. Which translated to English means "The Silver Fox, son Caomhan of Macha"

The Silver Fox (Crevan Espane) is the name he was given at birth, by his mother.

Because he is a pure-blooded Elf (a rare thing, as most Elves now have human blood) he uses a lineage title with his name (the same way race horse breeders and AKC dog breeders do) thus the name Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha to show his blood line.

Crevan means fox.

Espane means silver.

Caomhan is his mother's name.

Macha is the town where he was born.

No, Avallac'h is not a sweetheart, but if you want to accuse him of something, why don't you try accusing him of the things he ACTUALLY DID?

He ran a human breeding farm for the food industry. Daily slaughtering them in the thousands without a thought, thinking of humans as no different than humans think of cows.

Elves are higher on the food chain then humans. Humans are nothing but mindless brutes easily herded into pens as long as you give them something to fuck. Better to keep them clean, happy, and healthy so they can be safely sliced and diced into steaks, then let them viciously murder each other and everyone around them on the battlefield.

But that's not something he did maliciously. Killing humans for him is no different than you going to McDonald's and ordering a cheeseburger. Someone out there killed the cow you are eating and sold its meat to MikeyDs. Are you maliciously eating those cheeseburgers? You do realize if you were an elf, the meat in those burgers would be human?

He also took up the habit of kidnaping pregnant women to extract their embryos for his project to clone himself.

And he took to kidnapping male and female elves alike to force them to fuck each other, for the purpose of creating specific types of embryos he needed for his project to clone himself. 

He used the humans in his human breeding farms as test animals in his lab, before doing the final tests on his captive elf hostages.

Oh, by the way, do you recall back in 1983, when a little girl went head to head with Proctor and Gamble, founded the Proctor and Gamble Boycott, got 30 million people to follow her protests, and spent 27 years running those protests against P&G, until they shut down their animal test labs in 2013.

*WAVES* I'm that little girl. I'm the reason you have the words "Not tested on animals" on your shampoo today.

I'm EelKat, the one and only, voice of the voiceless, founder of the Proctor and Gamble Boycott. 

Pivotal in my protests was a series of short stories I wrote from 1978 to 1996, about alien elves who did tests on the humans whom had done tests on animals. The Twighlight Manor series also known as The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane. 40th anniversary editions are up on Amazon if you ever want to read them.

Do you really think I could create Elves like Quaraun the Insane and Roderick Swanzen and NOT like an Elf like Avallac'h who mirrors them so exactly, I'm going to assume Sapkowski read my novels?

And, how RARE do you think we Persian Gypsies are? You do realize the elves in my novels from 1970s were based off MY OWN CULTURE? The fact that Sapkowski used us Persian Gypsies as the basis for Avallac'h, also points to the fact he was heavily influenced by my own novels.

Quaraun is a Persian Gypsy Elf with an obsession for Unicorns. The world's most feared Necromancer. A former prince, next in line to be king, cast out by his people because they could no accept his lover's race, and he retaliates by freezing them to death in a massive Lich Frost blizzard, turning them into a group of murderous undead wraiths known as liches. An eccentric with harmens of women and no sympathy for humans. Ever read one of my novels?

Let's Look At Avallac'h in the Game...

QUESTION: I  played Witcher 3 and never seen this guy? Where is he? .... 

You didn't play far into the game if you missed him. He joins the main quest about 35 hours into the main story in a quest called Ugly Baby: I watch EVERYONE who steams Ugly Baby and about 70% of them shut the game done half way into the Trial of Grasses... just 4 minutes before Avallac'h enters the game... He IS Uma. You MUST lift the curse to bring Avallac'h into the game! The Ugly Baby Quest: If you can't make it through this scene, you'll never meet Avallac'h.

If you are doing a 1st time playthrough... I WILL be there once you reach Ugly Baby and Through Time and Space - and I WILL be hosting your channel while you do it - I've been near exclusively hosting these 2 quests daily since February 2017 - to date I've watched 360+ streamers playthrough those 2 quests - and yes, how you react to those quests, is going to determine if I keep following your playthrough or not.

I've seen DOZENS of streamers not make it through Ugly Baby and therefore never meet Avallac'h before they finish the game never to play it again.

I've seen DOZENS of streamers, get half way through torturing Uma and and quit the game in tears, saying they couldn't play a game that forced them to play through such a horrific scene.

I've seen streamers break down in tears during this scene, stating they can't torture the poor baby, he's suffering, he's so much pain, I can't listen to his screams...

...of course 91% of people who DO make it through this scene... within 5 quests are asking: "Why the hell didn't I kill him while I had the chance?"

Once you finish Ugly Baby, you are 5 quests away from Through Time and Space and walking in on Avallac'h at his brothel apartment, masterbating to his porn. 

Yay you! 

You're about to go from "OMG! I can't hurt him!" to "OMG! Why didn't I kill the bastard while I had a chance!"

I find it hilarious how many streamers get to this scene and go: "Awwww, that poor Elf, can we save him?"

...then quickly regret saving him just a few quests later.... and by Tedd Dearith be screaming "Kill the bastard!"

Well, he the game's final boss villain, so, yeah, there's that.

But then you can't kill him because he's an Elder God.

Wait, he's supposed to be a demi-god?  He seemed pretty weak in the game.

He did. I noticed. Everyone who read the novels has noticed.

It was a character change that everyone who is a fan of novel version of Avallac'h questions and usually hates.

Avallac'h is an all powerful, undefeatable Elder God on par with Cthulhu. ..and yet in the game, we see him crippled and weakened to the point that he can barely get out of bed, let alone stand up, and when he is standing, he's leaning heavily of beds, tables, wall, chairs, or his staff.


There does seem to be a logical reason for this.

First of all, it's rather difficult to use a god, who truly has god powers in a video game. Someone who can snap his fingers and obliterate the entire galaxy is rather too overpowered to set foot in a video game... he's almost too overpowered to set foot in the novel, thus why we hear rumors about him in the 1st 5 novels and then only see him in 3 one-shot scenes in the last 2 books.

Do remember Avallac'h is one of the most minor characters of the novels, appearing on a grand total of 32 pages, from a series with 2,000+ pages.

The fact that Lara Dorren is insanely overpowered because she was born of the blood of an Elder God, is emphasized and over emphasized, throughout every chapter of the novels.

Lara become mythic, with people not believing her sorce story, because no one has ever seen this elusive underground dwelling god that rarely surfaces to set foot in daylight.

It reaches a point that no one, not ever Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, or Regis believe such an ancient, Elder God Elf exists.

In Tower of Swallow, chaos desences fast on Geralt's life, as he watches everyone around him hacked and slashed to shreds, and him unable to save any of them.

Meanwhile on Skellige the same thing is happening to Ciri as Vilgefortz rises to power and the Rats are cut down rats.

The first 4 chapters of Tower of Swallows, build up death and blood shed on levels not before seen in the series, as the apocalypse clearly is breaking down on them.

Vilgefortz is out of control - a sorcerer, who is drawing on the powers of everything and everyone around him.... and the Druids are in a panic... because Vilgiforzts has gone to far and awoken a dark evil. He is now attempting to draw on the power of an Elder God.

Geralt receives a message to meet with the Druids, and he and Regis head to the swamps in search of a group of terrified Druids, who in a panic tell Geralt and Regis "He's back!"

Geralt asks who is back and gets no answer. The Druids continue to panic: "He's here." - "The Knowing One, The ancient Unseen Elder God has come back."

Clearly terrified out of their minds, the Druids point to a cave that has appeared out of nowhere and tell Geralt "He summons you."

Geralt turns to see what is clearly a portal, a large glowing blue cave, illuminated by crystal orbs hovering in the sky, as giant Echinops start sprouting out of the group and surprisingly for Geralt start talking to him.

Wave after wave of what can only be described as blood thirsty Tribbles straight out of Star Trek, tens of thousands of them state rolling out of everywhere forcing Geralt into the cave.

Geralt enters the cave, expecting to be come face to face with some giant monstrous beast.

Instead, in the cave Geralt is greeted by a deceptively small and frail looking Elf, happily painting a purple bison and giant penises on cave paintings.

The Elf is mute and can not talk using his own voice, as all audible sounds from his mouth are nothing more then illegible bird chirps and high pitched whale songs. He uses telepathy to talk to Geralt, but the demonic elf's brain is too overpowered for Geralt and threatens to explode his brain... so the elf uses his Echinops and furry pumpkin beasts to speak for him.

Geralt is stuck trying to focus on one voice, with now hundreds of monsters all talking at once, obeying The Knowing One's command to speak in his stead.

Geralt tries to have a sensible conversation with the Elf, and instead has trouble getting the sex crazed Elf to talk about anything other then sex, penises, and the joys of fucking female humans.

Geralt is stunned and shocked to find everyone outside was so terrified of this clearly psychotically deranged Elf that is acting like a ill manners child. He tells the Elf this and gets feces thrown at him, as the Elf laughs like a crazed lunatic and prances around the room reciting poetry about fucking. 

Geralt assumes the Elf to be a mage, given his feet are not touching the ground and the Elf is hovering on what seems to be clouds of light.

Further attempts to talk to the Elf, result in the Elf talking time to write poetry about ovulation and orgams, in betwee playing a flute and painting more penises on the wall and seemingly not listening to Geralt at all.

Geralt comes to the conclusion that this Elf is stark raving mad out of his mind bonkers and tries to leave only to find they are no longer in a cave, but rather a stone room with no doors or windows.

The crazy Elf becomes gravely serious and tells Geralt he's not leaving. He can't. He won't. Too much is at stake. When Geralt asks why, the Elf asks Geralt if he knows what Aen Searvenh means.

Geralt recits a legend about the Elder Blood and the ancient Elf god a create known as an Aen Searvenh from whom that blood comes.

The Elf now introduces himself as The Aen Searvenh Crevan Espane aep Caomhan Macha. currently using the alias Avallac'h, the than quotes the Elder Blood prophecy of the White Cold and asks where Ciri is.

When Geralt replies he does not know where Ciri is, Avallac'h becomes angry and says that he's fully aware Geralt has lost Ciri and has proven himself too incompetent to keep her safe, thus the job of protecting her is being taken away from Geralt.

Avallac'h accuses Geralt of not caring about Ciri, but instead caring too much for his own lusts, sex, drinking, and partying with crude Humans, instead of doing the job he was born to do which is look after and protect Ciri.

Geralt tries to explain he's looking for Ciri and Avallac'h tells him, Geralt's not trying very hard, then tells Geralt to stop looking for her as Geralt has been replaced, Ciri has a new protector and Geralt's not needed anymore.

Avallac'h tells Geralt that because of his incompetence, tens of thousand will now die, who would not have died otherwise.

Geralt tries to leave, says he has to find Ciri. Avallac'h tells him, that if Geralt leaves, the number will change and millions will die instead of just tens of thousands. Geralt says he doesn't care, he has to find Ciri.

Avallac'h takes Geralt to the grave of Lara Dorren and tells Geralt the true story of who she was, how she was created, what she was intended to do, how she betrayed him, how she died, how her child survived, why she's buried her, why there is a sex doll statue of her here, why Ciri is important, and why Geralt has failed his mission.

Geralt in the novels doesn't give a shit about anyone. Not Yen, not Triss, and especially not Ciri. No daddy + daughter relationship exists between Geralt and Ciri in the novels.

Geralt cares about 3 things and 3 things only:

  • * who can I fuck next?
  • * where can I find the next drink?
  • * how much money can I get out of them?

When it comes to Ciri, Geralt would be the first in line to sell her ass to the highest bidder.

And ^ THIS ^ pisses Avallac'h off to no end, because Avallac'h does care about Ciri and he's sick, tired, and fed up of the shitty way Geralt treats Ciri.

At first appearances Avallac'h's over the top display makes him seem insane, until you realize he's being sarcastic and is painting penises on the wall while talking endlessly about sex, to mock humans. He says as much, stating that humans are too obsessed with drinking and fucking to take care of things that actually matter, like their families.

Avallac'h tells Geralt that Ciri was taken by Vilgefortz, while Geralt was fucking a prostitute and Geralt was too busy following his penis to use his brain, thus now Ciri has had half her face cut off, her friends (including her female lover Mistel) have been murdered, and Cri right now hangs in a gallows being sexually tortured for the pleasure of Vilgefortz court.

Avallac'h is furious that Geralt was so focused on fucking whores that he let Ciri be captured, tortured, and mutilated. Thus why the Elf reacts by destroying human art graffiting penises on it, because he's angry that humans can't stop focusing on sex long enough to take care of their families.

Geralt tries to leave and Avallac'h says, he'll let Geralt leave, and he'll not only do that, but he'll send Geralt straight to where Ciri is right now... then hands Geralt a magic stone, tells Geralt that soon as he touches it, it'll take him to his heart's true desire... 

... when Geralt touches the stone, a movie like projection of Geralt's true desire play across the wall of the cave... drinking with Dandelion.

The smug Avallac'h takes the stone from Geralt and tells Geralt THIS is why he'll never see Ciri again, pointing to the image of Geralt drinking with Dandelion, because Geralt DOES NOT care about Ciri.

The angry Elf transports Geralt to Dandelion, not Ciri and promptly vanishes.

Meanwhile Vilgefortz has captured Ciri, murdered her lesbian lover Mistel, killed her friends The Rats, has chopped off half her face, and now has her locked in a cage stuffing her full of fisstech while removing her eggs from her ovaries saying he's going to build an army of Elder Blood minions.

The story follows Geralt, Regis, and Dandelion, as they now hunt for, not Ciri, but Avallac'h in an attempt to get the Elf to send them to where Ciri is.

In between scenes of Ciri being tortured and Geralt and Regis trashing caves apart... quick lines jup by saying: "The flaxen haired Elf watched them" - "The blue eyed Elf saw all they did." - "The Elf with the triangle cheekbones played his flute and waited."

Suddenly one night Ciri has a dream of a vast tower rising up out of the mountain. Mixing lard with fisstech and charcoal, Ciri blacks out the upper half of her face like a mask, then runs smash and trash through Vilgefortz lair, slaughtering every man she sees.

In a mad dash horse chase across Skellige, Ciri on her black winged pegasus Kelpie, flees Vilgefortz, with his army on her heels, making her way to the mountain in her dream... arriving to see that unlike in her dream, there is no tower.

With the army bearing down on her, and she now trapped on a cliff, the mountain suddenly opens up like a volcano, and a massive tower rises up out of it, opening a gateway portal between worlds... Ciri spurs her horse into the portal, as a whirlwind swallows up Vilgefortz army, tossing them into the sea, drowning them.

The series changes dramatically after this pointt, gone is the dark world of the Witcher, and now is the bright coloured, mostly pink, fairy tale wonderland world of the Aen Elle Elves of Tir Na Lia, with it's fields of unicorns, orchards of pink cherry blossoms, and a flaxen haired, blue eyes Elf, sitting surrounded by naked women, playing a flute, as Ciri falls out of the sky and lands in his lap.

Ciri now finds herself not only on another planet, but in another galaxy, several thousand years in the a world where every day passed here is many years passed in her world. By the time a week has passed in Tir Na Lia, a hundred years have passed back on Ciri's home planet.

The world seems a paradise, until 8 days later when she and Avallac'h are promenading around the lake and are attacked by a herd of unicorns... and Ciri is stunned to see Avallac'h unleash his deadly brain shattering sonic scream, killing most of the unicorns by shattering their brains inside their skulls. He than grabs Ciri and flees as yet another onslaught of unicorns charges at them.

Surrounded by Unicorns, and Ciri is puzzled as to why the normally peaceful and docile Avallac'h is acting both very aggressive and very terrified, a portal opens up, and Eridan and The Wild Hunt appear to fight the unicorns and rescue the ancient Elven mage and his Human ward.

When Ciri tries to find out what's going on, citing that Unicorns are good, after Avallac'h calls them evil, he tells her: "We've had a lover's spat."

Most of Ciri's time spent with Avallac'h is peaceful, with her growing to trust the old Elf, but Ciri continually witnesses small glimpes of Avallac'h's temper, and how terrified everyone is of him, brushing these things off, until the night of the rape scene, when he viciously throttles her, in a psychotic meltdown raging fury that leaves her terrified of him.

Ciri remains here, living with Avallac'h, until the night of Auberon's death, when she is forced to flee Eredin and his Wild Hunt. With Avallac'h's help, Ciri makes it to the unicorns who take her back to her correct time and place. The Wild Hunt is unable to follow, because Avallac'h casts a barrier spell on the entire planet, and holds it there, not letting the Wild Hunt follow Ciri.

And yet, in the game...

Avallac'h is not shown as the wild, hyper, psychotic undefeatable Elder God with control over time, space, and the orbit of planets.


Avallac'h is an all powerful, undefeatable Elder God on par with Cthulhu. ..and yet in the game, we see him crippled and weakened to the point that he can barely get out of bed, let alone stand up, and when he is standing, he's leaning heavily of beds, tables, wall, chairs, or his staff.

Ciri tells Geralt in the Isle of Mists that after her escape, Avallac'h was captured and tortured by the Wild Hunt, he later escaped and rescued Ciri from Eredin. Together they fled to the world of the CyberPunk 2077 game, and lived there 21 years, before returning to look for Geralt and Yennefer, where the Wild Hunt caught their trail again, this time Ereiden employing Avallac'h's son Caranthir to cast the Uma curse on Avallac'h.

The Uma curse jumbled the mind of the Elder Brained Elf, leaving him unable to communicate with anyone and unable to cast spells. The Great Avallac'h seemingly defeated at last, Avallac'h spent his last strength hiding Ciri's body on the Isle of Mists, but ripping her soul out and medling it with his own, thus both Ciri and Avallac'h were trapped inside Uma's twisted body.

With Eredin believing Uma to be ONLY Avallac'h, Ciri was suddenly safe, as Eredin cast Uma aside, and set out to find Ciri, not realizing what Avallac'h had done with Ciri's soul.

Ciri's body was safe from harm, but Avallac'h's body was trapped in Uma. Thus when the curse was lifted, Ciri's body remained unharmed, while Avallac'h's body was as Yennefer put it "disintegrating from the inside".

The Witchers and Yennefer use the Trail of Grasses to reverse the Uma curse, but in doing so, they do serious damage to Avallac'h, leaving the already weak, elderly Elf, now crippled, suffering nerve damage, and brain damage.

**THAT** is important. Upon lifting the curse, they immediately realize that though they've saved the Elf's life, they've also damaged him badly, Vesimier noting immediately that Avallac'h's hands are wracked with tremors, him no longer able to use his hands and fingers properly... indicating serious nerve damage has happened. Then noting that Avallac'h's pupils are frozen, no longer reacting to light, indicating that he's suffered brain damage. Eskell points out that this will likely make him "emotionless and not right in the head".

Yen adds to this, telling Geralt that Avallac'h will never recover from what the Trail of Grasses has done to him, stating they can heal him with magic, but only on a limited level and he's never going to be the same again.

If you watch the dates and passage of time at the bottom of your screen... from the day the Trail of Grasses happens, til the day Geralt kills Eredin... a total of 9 months passes.

If, before the Battle of Kaer Morhen, you go back to Yen and ask her how Avallac'h is, she will tell you that she has moved him to her bedroom and he has slipped into a coma, sometimes waking, but unable to respond to his surroundings.

You can then go to her bedrrom in the tower, find Avallac'h there and attempt to talk to him. He recognizes you as Geralt, and tries to sit up to talk to you, then quickly collapses back onto the bed, his body trembled in a seizure, before he passes out again.

To date I've watched more then 200 streamers play this game and I've NEVER seen a single one of them, go back to the castle and ask after Avallac'h, then go try to talk to him. You have to do this BEFORE you go to the Isle of Mists to get Ciri, otherwise the option to do so disappears.

If you go to the tower and try to talk to him, you see very clearly how badly he's injured.

During Isle of Mists, Ciri asks after Avallac'h and Vesemir responds to say: "He's resting in the tower. Still in pretty bad shape."

During the Battle of Kaer Morhen, we see Avallac'h, weak, barely able to stand, drag himself out of bed and to the balcony, to unleash a vortex black hole in his hand, that stops Ciri's out of control sonic scream. THIS is terrifying, when you realize how badly injured he is, and he can STILL do something on this level.

However, doing this spell in his already weakened state, sends him back into a coma, leaving him once again unable to wake up.

All of this is out of character for the way Avallac'h was portrayed in the novels, but all of it fits for the level of damage that was done to him during the Trail of Grasses.

The wild hyper Elder God Elf, was absolutely too overpowered to be logically seen in the game as a character, because of his ability to wipe of entire galaxies on a whim.

What use is there for the player to play Geralt on his way to fight Eredin, when Ciris protector is an Elder God Elf who could easily stop Eredin by blowing up the planet?

Thus we see the game devs, use the final scenes of Avallac'h in the novels as a stepping stone to assume, that Eredin and the Wild Hunt someone stopped Avallac'h and got through his barrier around Tir na Lia. 

Using the fact that the rape scene showed us Avallac'h was in fact not a god, but rather just an insanely overpowered and very ancient elf wizard, who could in fact be hurt, the game devs, used this to conclude that casting the planet encompassing barrier during Ciri's escape, weakened Avallac'h to the point Eredin was able to capture him.

Thus the Uma spell could logically weaken him more, and thus the Trial of Grasses could bring him down to a level of being able to be used as a primary character in the game, without the threat of him just wiping out the planet on a whim, allowing the player to fight Eredin.

And there you have your answer to why the overpowered Elder God Elf of the novels was seen as more or less weak and helpless in the game.

And I've seen DOZENS of streamers reach Through Time and Space, and have a total hate fest meltdown the moment they walk into the Ruby Room and are greeted with... well... Avallac'h being Avallac'h, as only Avallac'h can be.

I should probably mention, he masterbates too. Yeah. Wait til you catch him doing that in Through Time and Space.

I did mention Through Time and Space is my favorite quest, right?

If you can't make it past his porn collection in his brothel apartment without flipping out... I know you'll never make it through visiting his house or meeting his sister/wife or seeing the REST of his porn collection.

Avallac'h defending Geralt in Through Time and Space.Avallac'h defending Geralt in Through Time and Space.
Avallac'h is a close combat fighter, and gets right up on top of his enemy before attack.Avallac'h is a close combat fighter, and gets right up on top of his enemy before attack.
Avallac'h's signature brain-bashing-leap attack in action in the desert battle against the Giant Sand Crab attackAvallac'h's signature brain-bashing-leap attack in action in the desert battle against the Giant Sand Crab attack of the quest Through Time and Space. This is the same attack the unicorns described him using in the novels.
Avallac'h defending Geralt from the Giant Sand Crab attack in Through Time and Space.Avallac'h defending Geralt from the Giant Sand Crab attack in Through Time and Space.

Because he is elderly and weak and lacks combat training, Avallac'h has a unique style of attack in battle, where he slowly creeps up on his target, then throws all of his weight into a high leap over their head, bringing his weapon, usually a staff, down on the center of their head, throwing every ounce of his body weight into the drop back down, crushing their skull and shattering brain.

Avallac'h's finishers are among the goriest in the game with a blood spatter pattern that slashes across the player lense, unlike any finisher seen by any other character.

Important thing people often overlook is WHY Avallac'h is sullen, silent, doesn't talk much, and acts secretive and shifty...

Avallac'h is scared of Humans.

Avallac'h is terrified of Ciri.

Avallac'h is old, weak, and crippled. He collapses and passes out easily, from very little exertion.

Avallac'h has now been critically injured and is trying desperately to hide how bad his injuries are, from the Humans around him.

For centuries Avallac'h believed Elves were superior to humans because Elves were not cruel, brutal barbarians... and then his own people turned on him, brutally torturing him, casting him out of their society.

Humans hate him because he's an Elf. Elves hate him because he dared love a human. The human he loves, does not love him in return.

Avallac'h is depressed and suicidal. In the novels, he openly admits to Geralt that he wants to kill himself as he can bare his life of loneliness no more.

The crippled, elderly Elf stopping to rest, while Geralt impatiently tries to continue their trip to Tir Na Lia.The crippled, elderly Elf stopping to rest, while Geralt impatiently tries to continue their trip to Tir Na Lia.

Avallac'h is fully aware that every one hates him, no one loves him, and nt only will no one mourns his death, most would be overjoyed to be rid of him.

Avallac'h is The Knowing One. He can see and hear the thoughts of everyone around him. He is daily bombarded with the true thoughts people have about him, that they hide behind their fake friendships.

Avallac'h retreated to the underground caves, to live deep below the mountains, in an attempt to try to block out the endlessly hearing every thought in every head of every person around him.

He desperately desires for someone to love him and is fully aware no one does.

There are 3 paths you can take with Avallac'h, in the game, depending on how you treat him in your dialogue options with him, that dramatically change how he acts around you, things he says to you, and wither or not you have future options to speak with him.

If you gain his trust, he will confide in Geralt, talk to Geralt more frequently, reveal more clues you need to know about the final boss battle, and not act so bitchy around Geralt.

If you stay neutral with him, neither winning his trust, nor getting him upset, he will continue as he was, sullen and moody, and you will not lose options to talk to him, but you also won't gain extra options to talk to him and be left in the dark about important clues that would have vitally helped you in the final boss.

If you piss him off, get him angry, lose his trust, he'll shut down, become even more moody, more sullen, more bitchy, and you'll lose most or even all future options to talk with him.


Avallac'h wants a friend.

More then anything else in the world, Avallac'h wants there to be someone who he can talk to and just be himself with. He doesn't have that.

Throughout the novels Avallac'h refers to Geralt as "my friend" and Geralt laughs at the idea that someone like Avallac'h could ever have a friend, let alone think of a near stranger like Geralt as being his friend.

Geralt has never done anything in the novels, to make Avallac'h not think of Geralt as his friend.

When in the game, Avallac'h continues to think of Geralt as his friend....

...until Geralt said, in front of a wounded and dying Avallac'h, to the other Witchers "keep an eye on Avallac'h, he's not a friend".

This phrase was the first thing that starts Avallac'h down the road of not trusting Geralt.

You as the player, have to option to continue down that path and make Geralt drive Avallac'h away, or repair their friendship and win Avallac'h's trust back.

How you play out your interactions with Avallac'h, determines how much or how little important info you have ahead of time, about the final boss battle.

Avallac'h kidnapping Ge'els and stomping around bold as brass balls about it.Avallac'h kidnapping Ge'els and stomping around bold as brass balls about it. Ge'els terrified and traumatized as he finds himself on the world of humans, in a room surrounded by humans, with the only other elf for miles, being his sadistic kidnapper Avallac'h, who is about to start zapping freaky hentia shit into Ge'els head.

What did Ge'els mean when he said Avallac'h blackmailed Ciri and forced her to warm the king's bed? .... Also The Purple Cat Potion Mod and Avallac'h's Fisstech Problems...

Ge'els is referring to Chapter 5 of the novel Lady of the Lake, when Avallac'h put Ciri into his breeding program and tried to breed her to King Auberon.

Neither Ciri nor Auberon were willing participants in joining Avallac'h's breeding program.

Auberon was old, weak, and in failing health. Avallac'h told Ciri that most Aen Elle only live to be around 400 and that Auberon had just passed 650 years old. He warned her that she needed to be gentle with Auberon due to his aged, weakened state.

Fisstech in the novels is described as a psychedelic drug created by Elves. that causes bright coloured hallucinations and fills the mind with a sense of euphoria.

According to Avallac'h, who makes what is said to be the purest fisstech, he created the drug intending it to be used as an aphrodisiac during sex.

Avallac'h runs a breeding farm out of his lab where he breeds Elves, and sometimes Humans, who are born with rare magical abilities. 

His breeders are rarely willing participants, in most cases he has kidnapped them, often from a wrld galaxies away and from a time in the distant past or distant future.

He is known to initially treat his subjects well, letting them live in his palace with him and sending the couple in bed together over a period of weeks or months, "letting them fall in love naturally".

Ciri was warned by multiple people that it was in her best interests to willingly do what Avallac'h said, stating that there were far worse things he could do then asking you to have sex with a stranger he had pre-selected for you.

Though never shown on the page, what specifically he does, Ciri was warned that females unwilling to be bred by the males Avallac'h had selected for them, would find themselves in the dungeons of Avallac'h's lab, and bred by Avallac'h himself. 

The warning implied that Avallac'h was brutally sadistic and known for raping his female test subjects to death long before they became pregnant. 

REMEMBER: in the game, Avallac'h's ONE novel character was divided up into 3 characters:

  • * Avallac'h
  • * Guantar O'Dimm
  • * Whoreson Junior

Guantar O'Dimm and Whoreson Junior are game only characters who DID NOT EXIST in the books. Both of these characters were created based off of Avallac'h's character in the novels, as a way to make Ciri's best friend Avallac'h "less evil", while retaining Ciri's interaction with a sadistic murderous BDSM freak who gets carried away with his fetishes. 

Avallac'h's habit of killing women in his sex fetish frenzies was seen as "too dark" by the game developers to be left in his character in the game, thus they created a new game only character (Whoreson Junior) to allow Ciri to still get tangled up with a sadist without it being her best friend and lover Avallac'h.

It was implied that the REASON Avallac'h had other males fuck the female breeders then add his own DNA to the embryo after, was because Avallac'h had such a difficult time NOT killing females while having sex with them. 

Avallac'h was said to take great delight in torturing women and often got carried away with it, killing the female without meaning too, thus he did not trust himself to fertilize Ciri out of fear he'd lose control of himself and torture her to death.

Avallac'h refers to what he does as "bringing lovers together to create the perfect golden child". 

However, Avallac'h also is known to become bored with waiting for nature to take its course, so is in the habit of making special make-up and perfume for the "lovers", both being made out of fisstech, which accelerates sex drive and generally works best at "getting the job done" (getting the unwilling breeding pair to start fucking each other).

We see in Chapter 5 of Lady of the Lake, a scene of Avallac'h playing dress up with Ciri like she was a Barbie doll. Him undressing her, bathing her, washing her hair, and dressing her up in a very slutty, topless outfit, with a skirt slit near to the waist, thigh high lace stockings, and way to much time spent on rubbing her through the gossamer panties.

Pay attention to this scene, you also learn that Avallac'h has made a verbena perfume that is largely nothing but liquid fisstech scented with verbena, and he is rubbing this into her skin and hair while he's dressing her. We are also told that fisstech, when in contact with the sensitive skin of the genitals, causes an extremely heightened sexual response, inducing the need sex as a way to alleviate the sensations he fisstech causes.

This scene happens just before Avallac'h takes Ciri to meet Auberon, and stands out among other such scenes with Ciri. By this point in the novels we've seen 5 dozen different men pawing at Ciri in similar fashion, including that many of them also shoved fisstech up her vagina, and in each case we saw Ciri fight back, often murdering the man who touched her. In this scene with Avallac'h, we see Ciri start masterbating hersef in front of Avallac'h and helping him with those gossemere panties that he is spending to much time putting on her.

In the very next scene we see Ciri with Auberon, horny out of her mind from just leaving the scene of Avallac'h applying the verbena perfume to her.

This is the only time we see on page Avallac'h putting the verbena scent liquid fisstech on Ciri, but we later see 8 more scenes of Ciri entering Auberon's bedroom over the course of the next several weeks, and each time we are told she has just come from Avallac'h and is both overly ready to be fucked by Auberon, and smelling of verbena.

The novel implies that Avallac'h does this to EVERY female around him, from his servants, to his wives, to his test subjects, to his prisoners, to his pets.

Interestingly, while the novels imply that Avallac'h delights in touching, embracing, and bathing females (both elf and human) and that he gets off on watching other elves fucking the females after he gets done rubbing them... the novels also imply that Avallac'h is himself a virgin and has never had actual intercourse with any of his women, and this being why he kills the women who don't breed with the male he gave them, and instead get bred by him.

He is never shown to actually breed any female in his lab's dungeons, and we only know the women are brutally sexually tortured to death from rumors.

In a scene from Tower of Swallows, Avallac'h tells Geralt he abstains from sex because of his religion. 

In the rape scene of Lady of the Lake, Avallac'h overy stunned, shocked response, and his extreme violence with Ciri afterwards, also lead the reader to believe, Avallac'h has never had sex before and that being raped by Ciri is an even bigger blow to him, because he has now also lost his virginity.

Avallac'h has many strange beliefs about his magic abilities, including that he can not tell a lie or he will lose his powers. While not specifically stated, it is implied that Avallac'h believes virgins to be far more powerful, magically, and that he runs his breeding program more because he desperately wants to have sex and fears losing his magic abilities if he loses his virginity, so developed this breeding program as a way to have sex vicariously by watching others do it instead.

His twisted mind becomes even more twisted by the fact that he wants to father children and can not do so without sex, so now he forces his kidnapped females to breed with captive elves, and then steals their babies from their wombs to create clones of himself, thus he has found a way to father children without losing his virginity.

Once the female is pregnant, Avallac'h as known to remove the embryo, and then experiment on the growing fetus by mixing his own Elder Blood and the blood of unicorns with the embryo's DNA. This was how he created the Elder Blood gene, as well as how he created both Lara Dorren and Caranthir.

Avallac'h put Ciri (Lara's 4th great-grand daughter) into this breeding program, pairing her with Lara Dorren's biological father King Auberon, in hopes that said pairing would create yet another Lara Dorren.

When Ciri refused to cooperate, Avallac'h made a special eyeliner for Ciri out of lard, charcoal, and fisstech, and a perfume made of verbena and fisstech that he put in her bath water and used to wash her hair; which made her horny as hell and had her running around trying to get anything and everything to fuck her.

You can find references to this in the game.

* In Avallac'h's Velen Hideout, while looking through his things, look for a pile of burned papers on the floor, beside a bookshelf, near a brazier. Loot the papers and you will find among them a note called "Eyeliner recipe". The recipe starts out as a recipe and ends with rambled ranting of forcing test subjects to ingest it.

* Not far away, on a nearby-table of herbs, you can loot another recipe, which Geralt translates to being a "pain relieving liniment rub"... but read what the note actually says, and knowing what Avallac'h does in the novels, (he mixes fisstech with oils and shoves it up under his foreskin) gives that lubricant recipe a whole different meaning.

* In Avallac'h's laboratory in Pali Gap, one of the first things you find is an innocent looking distillery which Geralt identifies as being used to make verbena perfume. He than laughs and makes fun of Yennefer stating there is "nothing incriminating about verbena perfume".

In a scene when he is talking to Geralt, in Tower of Swallows, Avallac'h admits having sexual addictions, and seeing nothing wrong with "fucking the ever will human female". Other Elves accuse Avallac'h of practicing beastiality, because most Elves see humans as beasts of burden with less intellect then horses and cows. Avallac'h is seen as a freak, in the eyes of other elves, because he likes what he terms "fucking around with humans".

Because of his own lust for human females, Avallac'h had difficulty understanding that Auberon saw Ciri as a mindless animal and was unable to become sexually aroused by one of Avallac'h's human pets. 

Avallac'h's incistance that Ciri was half-Elf and that she was "Lara's daughter" (Avallac'h refused to acknowledge Ciri was several generations from Lara and instead believes her to be Lara's daughter) was intended to help Auberon to breed Ciri, however, this brought to Auberon's mind incest, as he was Lara's biological father.

Avallac'h had intended Aubeon to seduce Ciri, not realizing that Auberon would translate this as sexually abusing Ciri instead.

Avallac'h sees nothing wrong with incest, indeed, Lara is his daughter on some levels of science and it was this fact that made him more attracted to her. Seeing Ciri as his granddaughter, contributed to his lust for her, as Avallac'h is obsessed with purity of blood and finds the idea of incest highly sexually arousing.

Unlike Avallac'h, Auberon was completely turned off by the idea of fucking a blood relative. King Auberon molested Ciri every night, but refused to fuck Ciri, so Avallac'h gave him pure fisstech, which he snorted off a mirror he kept for the purpose. This however made Auberon brutal and violent with Ciri and increased his refusal to have intercorse with Ciri, while makeing him sexually molest her even more.

Avallac'h was quite content to watch the whole thing and not only never did anything to stop Auberon from sexually abusing Ciri, but also encouraged it, telling Ciri that Auberon needed time to get used to the idea of fucking a Human.

Ciri, frustrated by nightly being sexually abused by Auberon, and Avallac'h getting off on watching it happen, one night took matters into her own hands and raped Avallac'h, while demanding he make her pregnant instead of Auberon doing it, stating that it was clear he was the one who wanted to fuck her and since it was him who wanted the baby, Avallac'h should then be making it himself.

Seeing that all 3 of them were too high to be fully aware of what they were doing, Eredin used this opportunity to poison the fisstech Auberon was using, then set it up to look like Avallac'h had made Ciri kill the king.

Being raped left Avallac'h deeply traumatized, but also resulted in him shutting down his breeding farm as he now realized how badly he'd been traumatizing other. He had not seen what he was doing as rape or sexual abuse until the tables were turned and he was put in the same situation he'd spent centuries forcing on others.

Later Avallac'h admits he is in love with Ciri and had not intended to hurt her, nor had considered her feelings when he sent her to Auberon, stating also that he had not been aware of how Auberon would treat Ciri, stating that he regretted letting Auberon abuse Ciri and wished he had taken Ciri away from Auberon. 

We see in this scene, Avallac'h state that the breeding program had been Auberon's idea, because Auberon wanted to create a race of super soldiers, and without Auberon forcing him to building Wild Hunts any more, Avallac'h destroyed his lab, set fir to his notes, and left his experiments abandoned.

In this same scene Avallac'h states that he wants to restore the original relationship he had with Ciri in the fields by the lake, before taking her to Tir na Lia, before taking her to Auberon. It is here that you see Avallac'h completely turn his life around,, turn his back on his people, and start traveling with Ciri as her fierce defender, protector, and bodyguard, with him now becoming a sword wielding battle mage.

After this point Avallac'h is seen, more as Ciri's servent taking orders from her and doing anything and everything she tells him to do, stating that he will do anything to restore her trust in him and make her love him.

Avallac'h in the game... Pali Gap - In Avallac'h's House: Geralt & Ciri Horrified By Avallac'h's Porn Collection and the fact that it's all pictures of Ciri...Avallac'h in the game... Pali Gap - In Avallac'h's House: Geralt & Ciri Horrified By Avallac'h's Porn Collection and the fact that it's all pictures of Ciri...

(Unmodded image from Child of the Elder Blood.)

...of course, there is no evidence that Avallac'h was obsessively sexually attracted to Ciri before she raped him, and his obsession with drawing porn of her seems to be a direct side effect of her having raped him.

Early in their relationship, Avallac'h is focused fully on getting Ciri to have a baby so he can rebuild Lara. After being raped by Ciri, Avallac'h starts seeing Ciri AS Lara reborn and begins obsessively just wanting Ciri, with or without a baby. The baby becomes less important to him after Ciri raped him, as getting Lara back is all he really wants.

I wonder if Geralt and Yennefer ever found out about what Ciri did to Avallac'h to cause him to start obsessing, so obsessively over her? 

Avallac'h in the game... At Pali Gap - Geralt - Jaw-dropped, the first time he sees the shrine of Ciri that Avallac'h has built in his bedroom..

(Unmodded image from Child of the Elder Blood.)Avallac'h in the game... At Pali Gap - Geralt - Jaw-dropped, the first time he sees the shrine of Ciri that Avallac'h has built in his bedroom.. (Unmodded image from Child of the Elder Blood.)
Yep. Every man has a 130 foot tall shrine of the woman they are stalking, just sitting there in their bedroom, with thousands of candles all over it.Yep. Every man has a 130 foot tall shrine of the woman they are stalking, just sitting there in their bedroom, with thousands of candles all over it.

The Shrine Inside Avallac'h's house... at Pali Gap...

Why is it psycho stalker characters, spend years writing their obsessions over the woman they are stalking, all over their walls?

But damn... how did he reach those walls? He's so short and that writing is 3 stories of wall tall!

*Avallac'h's wife telling Ciri to hurry up and do what she promised, so Avallac'h can finally be free of her.**Avallac'h's wife telling Ciri to hurry up and do what she promised, so Avallac'h can finally be free of her.*

Avallac'h in the game... What is the she-Elf at Pali Gap talking about? What must Ciri do for Avallac'h to be free of her?

What Avallac'h's wife (Isilira) was talking about - Avallac'h is the last of his kind, and was lonely, so cloned himself to create Lara for a wife, but Lara left him for a human and he didn't deal with it well (basically went insane); Ciri is Lara's 4th great-granddaughter and she looks just like Lara, so Avallac'h believes Ciri is Lara reincarnated, and is convinced he can keep Ciri as his wife.

Avallac'h kidnapped Ciri in novels that's how she came to live with him; he promised to let her go only after she had a baby, but neglected to tell her he's infertile cause of being a mage, to trick her into living with him forever; that's why they are still together in the game; 

Ciri has not told Yen and Geralt the promise she made to have baby with Avallac'h; Avallac'h's wife is mad and hates Ciri, and was telling Ciri to hurry up and get pregnant so she could go back to life with Avallac'h without Ciri in the way.

And before you get down on Avallac'h for cheating on his wife, consider too that the novels state he has HUNDREDS of wives, elf and human, living with him. It uses the word HUNDREDS. In the novels, when Isilira was bitching at Ciri, she was one of FIVE wives who ganged up on Ciri together, all 5 of them angry that Avallac'h was ignoring ALL of his HUNDREDS of wives and focusing his full attention on just one woman: Ciri.

They considered it out of character, and un-Elf-like for him to be with ONLY one woman, and NOT be lavishing MANY women at once with his affection. His wives were not only bullying Ciri, they also started bullying Avallac'h, saying that he was starting to act like a human, because he was wanting to be with ONLY ONE woman: Ciri.

Avallac'h's wives were not upset that he had added yet another female to his harem, they were mad that for the first time in 200 years, he wasn't sharing his affection with ALL of them. Polygamy is a common and accepted practice in Aen Elle society, and the more rank and social status an Elf had, the more wives a he had.

In the novel Tower of Swallows, Avallac'h comes right out and tells Geralt he is bored with his life, bored with his wives, bored with sex, and only has his mass harem of females because Elven society expects him to. He states bluntly that he loves none of his women, none of them love him, and he can't bear to live this life anymore because all he really wants is to love someone who will love him in return. He states he loved Lara, but she did not love him in return, and now he loves Ciri, but Ciri likewise does not love him in return. Avallac'h admits to feeling unloved, unwanted, and desiring death over live without love.

Most of Avallac'h's wives were gifts. Daughters and sister of kings and princes, given to him for reasons of politics. He admits that he hates this, that he doesn't want to live this life, but he's forced to because he is King Auberon's advisor and court mage, so he has no choice. 

Avallac'h WANTS to be with only one woman and he's not being allowed to do that because of the laws of his people. Fleeing with Ciri and living with her, even if that means life on the road, becoming a homeless wandering vagabond, is something he's willing to do, just to escape the life he's been forced to live, and so he can live as he wants - with one woman, not hundreds. 

And THIS is precisely why his wives are angry. They don't care about him, they care only for the status they get from being part of his harem.

Being a woman in a nobleman's harem, was the highest status a female could get. It meant they could live a life of luxury, wanting for nothing, with servants at their beck and call and many sister wives to be best friends with. Avallac'h was not only a nobleman, he was next in line to be king AND he was branded as the most powerful sorcerer in all the known universes. To become a part of his harem was something she-elves were willing to kill for. His desiring ONLY ONE female (Ciri) instead of a harem, was seen as a threat by she-elves everywhere, whether they were part of his harem or not.

Male elves were rare, there were hundreds of females for every one male. If males started desiring only one female, it ment THOUSANDS of females would have no male to take care of them, and they'd be forced to get off their lazy asses and work jobs for a living. She-elves couldn't have this, thus Ciri was seen as a serious threat.

Avallac'h is belittled, ridiculed, and vilified, because of his desire to have only one woman. His desire to be with only Ciri and no one else, brands him as foolish and less of a male, in the eyes of others in the Witcher universe.

Avallac'h is not in the habit of cheating, nor will he break up a couple. When Lara left him, he was brokenhearted, but also stated it was wrong to not let her go, not let her be with the one she loved.

Ciri on the other hand was in a long time habit of chasing after married men and breaking up families, by whoring her slut assed vagina in the face of every man she meets. Ciri can be seen in practically every other character of the novels, pulling up her skirts and masterbating herself in front of married men, just because she's a mean spirited spiteful bitch who likes to laugh in the face of broken hearted wives whose lustful husbands fell for Ciri's well oiled, fisstech stuffed pussy. 

Ciri enjoys doing this as a way to PROVE that men are bad and must be killed and or raped, to show them lesbians are the boss because the only good man is a dead man and lesbians will rule the world by killing all men, after tempting them with dripping pussies first.

Like I said - Ciri is a MAJOR bitch in the novels, a sex crazed brazzen, hussy who can't get enough of shoving her pussy front and center in every man's face. She's nothing close to sweet or innocent in the books. Ciri is nothing close to the character you see in the game.

Ciri runs through the novels, shoving her vagina is the face of every man she meets, then wonders why some FIVE DOZEN men try to rape her over the course of the novels.

Ciri LIKES Avallac'h, precisely BECAUSE of the fact he dresses her up like a slut and parades her around half naked in front of other men. Ciri LIKES acting trashy and WANTS to be a high class whore in a fancy brothel. She relishes in the fact that Avallac'h treats her like a 10 bit prostitute and is ANGRY with Avallac'h because he REFUSES to have sex with her, thus WHY she raped him.

The fact that Ciri is a lesbian, is said, and the fact that Ciri loves the female, Mistel, is clear, HOWEVER, the fact that Ciri spends 90% of her on page time shoving her fingers up her vagina, while spreading her legs in front of every random man she meets, speaks loud and clear for the fact that she is NOT a lesbian.

Avallac'h's wives see Ciri as exactly what she is: a lewd, immoral, debauched, slut and whore. They chide Avallac'h because of Ciri's undiginfied, lewd, slutty, whorish behaviour. Avallac'h's wives feel that Avallac'h is acting like a lowly human, because he's letting a trashy, half naked slut take control of his life.

In the novels, Avallac'h's wives are described as wearing long gauzy dresses, under high necked tunics. They were well covered, and very modest. It also states that sex was not a part of his relationship with his wives, that the she-elves found the act of sex degrading. He's also shown using a flute to axii-hypnotize his wives, because this was the only way he could get them to undress for him. Avallac'h tells Geralt that she-elves lacked a sex drive and could go several centuries between having sex. He also tells Geralt he's not had sex for some 200+ years, since the death of Lara Dorren, as he could not bare the thought of cheating on her, even though she had cheated on him.

Ciri's running around naked, flipping her pussy open every five minutes, was half the reason Avallac'h starts chasing after her. Ciri spends spends some 2,000 pages of the movels, running around flashing men and masterbating in public, before she ever meets Avallac'h. 

Avallac'h DID NOT make Ciri run around topless against her will. He just gave her fancy silks to do it in, instead of the dirty rags she was doing it in before she meet him.

Avallac'h was more then happy to give Ciri what she wanted and dress her up like a high class prostitute. Had she wanted to dress like a modest, descent woman, he would have just as willingly given her modest decent clothes. He gave her the type of clothes she WANTED to wear.

Avallac'h was also fully aware that Ciri was a lesbian, or rather claimed to be a lesbian, (Ciri has no clue what a lesbian is since trying to get men to fuck you every 5 minutes is not a habit of lesbians)and this was why he WAS NOT trying to get her in bed. He was perfectly willing to remain friends with her and be content to watch her run around like a half-naked whore. 

Avallac'h was used to living a life fully abstinent from sex and accepted the fact that Ciri would never have sex with him because she was a lesbian. That Avallac'h knew Ciri was a lesbian is WHY he was taken by surprise when she raped him. 

Being raped by Ciri, left Avallac'h deeply traumatized, shattering his ability to trust Ciri. The rape scene shows Avallac'h as far more frail and weaker then he'd let it be known he was, while also showing us Ciri's true evil nature.

That anyone could read the novels and not be utterly repulsed by Ciri's slutty, whore bitch character, is beyond me.

Ciri is not anything close to being good, kind, loving, identifiable, or sympathetic in the novels.

In Avallac'h's bedroom at Pali Gap... hey look, there's the rope you didn't notice...In Avallac'h's bedroom at Pali Gap... hey look, there's the rope you didn't notice...

Avallac'h is about to send Geralt on a wild goose chase after the sunstone, to kill Eredin, with all the sorceresses helping... so that no one will notice what he's getting ready to do.

If you pay attention to the hidden clues, you'll see Avallac'h has planned this for a while, and has that rope already to tie Ciri up and run off with her...

...that day he ran off to Pali Gap and left Ciri behind... that's what he was doing.


Back to where we left off...

In the books Avallac'h brags to having done (fucked, ploughed, co-existed frequently, copulated, orgasmed, had sex with, and other terms he uses to describe the act of sex - which he talks about steady, non-stop in the books; in the books every time he opens his mouth, he's talking about sex, sex, sex, and more sex) everything and everyone, using every possible method he could find, bragging there isn't anything one can do during sex that he hasn't tried - and yet, in spite of his never letting anything come between him and whoever he's about to fuck, we see him, kick a woman out of his bed, moments before having sex with her, so he can spend time with Ciri, in a scene that doesn't involve sex and is just him spending the entire day (from morning, until well after sunset) silently doing nothing, but listening to her talk. 

And THIS scene from the book, says a LOT about how he feels about Ciri. While he treats most women as sex objects, mear toys to be fucked then tossed aside, he actualy does care about and is in love with Ciri.

The reader who has read the books, before getting to the Isilira vs Ciri scene in the game, knows that Avallac'h doesn't give a shit about Isilira and only uses her for sex when Ciri's not around, and knows that he's quick to quite literally kick Isilira out of his bed, when Ciri shows up.

Thus the reader who plays the game knows what Isilira, alone, without Avallac'h there to punch her in the face, beat her up, and shut her up, now let's out bitter venom of hate towards Ciri that is Isilira's hatred for Ciri alone and is NOT Avallac'h's feelings at all.

IN THE BOOKS 20 YEARS BEFORE THE GAME: Avallac'h hates Humans, keeps them as slaves, breeds them as pets, and gleefully, sadistic, sexually tortures Humans to death in his laboratory.

IN THE GAME 20 YEARS AFTER THE BOOKS: It appears he does not actually hate Humans, but rather hates their brutal ways and savage tendency towards violence. He also seems to treat most Humans as though they were animals to be kept as pets, animals in need of being cared for.

In both books and game: We see Avallac'h have two starkly different personalities.:

One: gentle, kind, loving, calm, quiet, a lover of art and history, spending hours in his books reading, content to live his life doing nothing but sitting in flower gardens painting and drawing pictures of women.

The other: deadly, brutal, vicious, ready to kill anything and everything that threatens anyone he loves and has vowed to protect.

We are left to ask why? Why does one character have two such starkly different personalities?

While his sexual morals are questionable, he's very protective and devoted to the care of ALL of his women, even his prostitutes. He's not in the habit of using women then abandoning them, and any women once she's been with him once, gets added to his list of women he takes care of and looks out for. Though at times he does this to such extremes that he comes off as stalker creepy, insanely jealous, and overly possessive.

And while we also see him as the deranged mad scientist, we see too that a lot of that was King Auberon's doing, with Avallac'h giving up that part of his life upon Auberon's death.

It appears that, left to his own, Avallac'h is content to surround himself with beautiful women, art, history books, and obsessing over obsessively with sex and never do anything else.

In fact we only see him become violent when one of his women is threatened, in which case he fiercely defends and protects her. We are left to believe that if no one was to ever threaten any of his women, he'd never show any level of aggression at all.

And then we take this and look at how he fights monsters and which monsters it is that he has trouble against and it begins to look like Avallac'h very simply can not bring himself to hurt a female, regardless of what she is, even if she is a monster trying to kill him.

He really needs to stop trying to fight Noonwraiths.

Fighting style, handicap; possibly a game glitch that is not actually programed into his character: Goes into psychotically deranged, D&D Jarlaxle side switching, Elf on drugs style bloodlust frenzies and forgets what side he is on;

Don't know Jarlaxel? He's another of my favourite Elves. Differant franschise. He comes from Dungeons and Dragons.

Here, have a Jarlaxel...

Jarlaxle is known for being a spy and switching sides during battle constantly, killing parties of both sides, with no one ever really sure what side he's actually on. He then goes into an adrenaline rush blood frenzy, where he starts running around killing everyone, even innocent bystanders who were not fighting either side. As a general rule, if Jarlaxle pulls out his sword, it's best to drop yours and start running as fast as you can, because he'll kill friend and foe alike - sword  are like drugs to him. He can't help himself, once a sword gets in his hand, he just has to start swinging at whoever and whatever is within reach.

And, well, where would psycho crazy sidekick Jarlaxle be without Drizzt?

Here, have another of my favourite Elves...

Have I ever mentioned I love Elves?

I think I have.

And now you can see why my Geralt wanders the countryside accompanied by a panther and a psycho crazy Elf sidekick.

In any case, the term "doing a Jarlaxle" is common in D&D game groups, to describe your character, acting chaotically unpredictable in battle, killing members of both sides, and seemingly acting as a spy for both sides, willing to kill anyone on either side, just for the fun of it.

Elves in D&D are typically one foot away from the brink of insanity, especially High Elves, who it is commonly joked are called High elves, because they are too high on drugs to know what they are doing. In short, the High Elves in Dungeons and Dragons are insanity on a stick, waiting to explode their insanity on the first person they meet, leaving common Elves to wonder, what the fuck is wrong with them High Elves?

The High Elves of the Witcher Franchise (the Aen Elle) are no different, and in fact are even more psychotic and chaotic then the High Elves of D&D, and the Common Elves (Aen Seidhe) of the Witcherverse are just as clueless as to why the Aen Elle are all raving lunatics.

Back to our on-topic psycho crazy Elf of day, Avallac'h...

I'm not sure what triggers this, but Avallac'h suddenly stops casting magic and runs around the battlefield like a mindless maniac bashing heads in with his staff.

He will just start randomly smashing the skulls in of everyone around him, friend and foe alike, including the villagers he's supposed to be protecting, city guards, witch hunters, cows, dogs, chickens, goats, geese, and even Geralt.

When this happens, it's best to just flee the battle and wait until he winds done on his own and comes back to his senses. It appears he can not control this and is unable to stop it, once it starts. Since he makes and uses fistek (cocaine) it is assumed that this is some sort of side effect magic and drugs have on him when mixed together with the adrenaline rush of being in combat.

He apparently doesn't calm down well on his own and takes opium as well, considering what we found in his house, beside his bed. A hookah and lots of poppy flowers scattered around it... this Elf has a strange bedroom. We'll talk about that later.

So apparently he's taking uppers in battle and downers at night, and we are wondering, is there ever a time when he's not on drugs? And why is every other character in this game a drug addict?

Avallac'h's fistek induced, brain bashing attack in action against a shalamaer, while his mind-drained nude women dance around him and Geralt wonders what the fuck is going on.

This happens every time he approaches a bandit camp, in the non-quest, RPG open sandbox version of gameplay. He kills the bandits then turns on the villagers and kills them too. Then kills all the livestock as well. 

It also happens when he encounters two packs of wolves (20 total, 10 wolves each pack) in a Human village, in which case he kills the wolves then runs into the village and kills the guards and villagers as well.

Also happens every time a pack of Barghests show up.

It is unknown if this is a glitch in the game or if it was actually programmed into his character.

Avallac'h doing a Jarlaxel: Geralt fighting a pack of Barghests in Crow's Perch, in Velen, while Avallac'h slaughters the villagers that Geralt is trying to protect.

Fighting style, weird Toussaint glitch handicap, believed to be a glitch caused by game errors and not actually programed into his character: In Toussaint, when uses Avallac'h as a spawned-in travel companion of the non-quest RPG sandbox game, walking past one of Toussaint's glitched out horses, causes Avallac'h to glitch out and become a homicidal maniac. Starts one-hit dropping EVERYONE: Zoltan, Triss, Yennefer, Lambert, Eskel, Vesemir, Keria, Ves, Dandelion, Ge'els, Tulip, Geralt... kills all primary game characters EXCEPT: Ciri, Isilira, Corrine, and Margarita. 

IMPORTANT: characters do not change how they act in the primary quests, once spawned into the RPG game...

Do know that if you spawn Avallac'h and multiples of his women (Ciri, Isilira, Tulip, Corinne, or Margarita) at the same time, they don't get along.

Geralt wishing he was standing anywhere but between Avallac'h's wife Isilira and Avallac'h's girlfriend Ciri, while Avallac'h's mistress (Ge'e's' girlfriend) Tulip, hides behind Avallac'h.

If you are not familiar with the game, let me point out here that Avallac'h is a NPC (non player character) meaning I have no ability to control his actions. Even when travel companions spawned in, Geralt is still the ONLY character you as a player can control. All other characters are still controlled by the computer and do whatever it is the developers programed them to do. Thus Avallac'h is controlled by the computer AI of the game. What you are seeing him do here ... that's the computer controlling him as if another player just jumped into the game and took control of his character.

Phillipa attacks Ciri, Ciri fights back, and seconds later Geralt is watching a massaqure as Avallac'h steps in to help Ciri and kills EVERYONE, except his 5 women (including Zoltan, Ves, Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion, Vesemir, Eskel, Lambert, and Geralt)
Geralt, staring at Avallac'h in shocked horror, wondering: "What the fuck is wrong with you, you crazy Elf? Why did you kill Zoltan?" While Avallac'h runs off to kill Yennefer next.
Geralt trying to run out of Avallac'h's line of fire, as Avallac'h now focuses on Ves. The bloody remains of Zoltan, Vesemir, and Yennefer, lay scattered around Geralt's feet.
Avallac'h kills Regis.
Avallac'h kills Seyanna and Triss.
Avallac'h kills Geralt; Eskel and Zoltan, dead in the background.

Avallac'h's psychotic breakdown was definitely one of the most memorable episodes I've ever played.

Because I was still playing the quests of the game and needed those character alive in order to play said quests, I had to reload an old save file from before Avallac'h killed everyone off... because by killing off the main characters he also triggered a slew of "quest failed" announcements, canceling out my ability to do any quest those characters appeared in. Damn crazy Elf.

Interestingly,when  I reloaded to an older save file and went we got to this very same field a few minutes later in the next episode, he did the same thing all over again. Thus I had to reload the game AGAIN, and this time, just take Avallac'h alone with me, no one else with us, and was on the third attempt, able to get through this field without cancling the ability to finish quests. I've not tried taking Avallac'h back through this field a fourth time, yet, as we had no more quests to complete in this are, but I will likly head back here at some point to see if he does this in this field every time or not, as it seems the field itself may be what caused the glitch.

I've never noticed, but does anyone know, do Toussaint's glitched out horses alway appear in the same locations? Perhaps it is not the horses that are glitched? Perhaps it is the fields themselves that are glitched?

I have discovered since that that you can make him do this any time bandits on horseback attack, and one of the horses glitches out. This Avallac'h having psychotic breakdowns seems to be a glitch that is somehow caused by his getting too close to a glitched out horse. While it is easier to trigger this massacre glitch in Tousant where glitched out horses are on every street corner, twice now we've encountered glitched out horses in Velen and he did the same thing there as well.

We have concluded that Avallac'h is insane and can't help himself, when it comes to killing Humans, no matter who they are, every time he runs past one of Toussaint's glitched out horses.

Interestingly too, if you try to hit Avallac'h with a sword or with signs, you get an error message saying "you can not attack this target"....Why? Why can't I attack him? He's running around like a madman slaughtering an entire village, and because he's a NPC, I can NOT control him... I can't get him to stop! Try to stop him and he turns around and kills Geralt as well. The only way to stop him is to attack him, and it gives me a damned message telling me attacking him is not allowed? How do you stop him when he does this? There is no way to stop him from killing everyone!

Considering he leaves ONLY his canon in game lovers alive, it is unknown if this is a glitch or something the devs actually programed into the game. But upon discovering he does this, I've now been going out of my way to try to get him to do it again, and, like I said, I'm finding several things trigger this psychotic meltdown reaction in him and we can repeat it by putting him in certain situations, which indicates this is NOT as previously assumed, a glitch, and is in fact something the game developers programed into his character traits.

And so we sidetracked quite a ways from what we were talking about - you know what happened to make Avallac'h and Ge'els at each others' throats.

Back to the fights between Avallac'h and Ciri in the books...

As the weeks have passed, since Ciri fell through a portal and landed at Avallac'h's feet in the world of the Aen Elle, they've developed a bitter friendship. Neither really likes the other, both tolerate each other, because Avallac'h is a religion crazed lunatic who believes an ancient prophecy that says a Child of the Elder Blood, born to an Aen Saevherne, will end the White Frost and save everyone. Avallac'h believes he is the Aen Saevherne mentioned in the prophecy and he believes Ciri is the mother of the Child of the Elder Blood.

And as the weeks have passed, the two have bonded in a rocky friendship, that has them fighting constantly, but also both confiding in each other. It's hard to tell if they hate each other or are in love with each other, though the fact that they both get hornier over each other the more they fight with each other is very clear. Their fights are constant, in both the novels and the game.

Somewhere in the middle of it, in the books, they (Avallac'h and Ciri) end up in a fight, in which they are literally tearing at each other's throats, in what is unquestionably the single most violent fight we see happen between Avallac'h and Ciri, with Avallac'h strangling Ciri, throttling her, intending to kill Ciri, and what happens instead is a strange twisted rape scene, that ends up with her raping him, him raping her in response, and then them just having sex because for whatever reason the more they attack each other the hornier they each get over the other..., we had just seen Ciri snorting Avallac'h's stash of fistek about 2 paragraphs before this particular fight started, because King Auberon just slammed her face down on the table and forced her to... then told her she was going to get pregnant by either him or Avallac'h, and she should rather choose him, because Avallac'h was crazy and violent and would likely kill her rather then get her pregnant, and which point she runs off screaming she'd rather do it with Avallac'h then Auberon... runs out of the palace, into the streets, into the gardens, finds Avallac'h and tackles him to the ground demanding he make her pregnant...

...and now Ciri, who is high on fistek, has got Avallac'h on the ground, ripping his clothes off, punching him, straddling him, and screaming "Make me pregnant right now, you ought to want to because I look like Lara" while Avallac'h is wringing her neck, screaming hysterically because she insulted Lara Dorren, while the citizens f the city are gathering to watch a very public display of "who is raping who? somebody is getting raped here, but I'm not sure which one it is?", while King Auberon sits back and blows bubbles from his bubble wand and talks about the colours of the river reflecting off the bubbles... uhm... What? Wait? Why? Why is King Auberon calmly blowing bubbles while Avallac'h tries to rip Ciri's head off, because she's trying to rip his pants off, in the middle of the town square, while half the city watches them doing it.





Yes... ^^^THIS^^^ perhaps one of the weirdest scenes in the book, is what drugs do to Elves.

This weird, violent, quasi-rapey sex scene happens just 12 hours before Auberon's death, and is the fuel Eredin is using to say: "See? They murdered Aubeon together. Avallac'h planned this whole thing. He's fucking around with the she-human bitch, then sent her off with Auberon to kill him. He never planned on Auberon fathering a child with her, he just said that to get her close to the king so she could kill him."

Everyone knows of Avallac'h's temper, his drug problems, and his raging obsessive behaviour when it comes to women. He doesn't deny these things.

And Avallac'h can't really deny the sex with Ciri part, seeing how it was only hours earlier the whole city watched him and Ciri, thrashing each other, while ripping each others clothes off.

Avallac'h, noted for his extreme honesty, doesn't deny the things he does, or the things he did, but he adamantly denies killing the king or having and hand in any plot to do so. He also believes Ciri's innocence and refuses to let an innocent be punished for a crime they did not commit.

Though certain parts of his moral makeup are questionable, Avallac'h has a very strong sense of honesty, justice, and deafening innocents. He's more or less a villian with morals and standards that he adheres to rigidly even if he has no morals anywhere else.

The problem here, is the fact that Avallac'h, one of purest blooded of the pure blooded high elves, perhaps the most purest blooded of all elves, has now had sex with a human... though this is not the first time he's had intercourse with a human, it's the first time it was not done in the privacy of his laboratory, done rather in public, during a heated, drug induced fury, in the middle of the city central garden, in front of most everyone in the city. 

Among the Aen Elle, there is no greater sin. There are many times we see that they are willing to overlook murder, but they are not willing to overlook an Elf mixing their bloodline with a human, not after what happened to Lara Dorren, and now here, of all people, is the pure blood elf whom Lara Dorren was destined to marry, now like Lara, caught copulating with a human.

The reader, has to understand the significance of this event. Lara Dorren was the hope of saving the multiverse. She and Avallac'h were the "chosen ones" whom had been declared the two purest blooded elves of all the known realms. Their purity was going to create The Child of the Elder Blood, an Elf whose blood was so pure, that it would contain both the Elder Blood gene and the Aen Saervhern gene, and more or less create a god.

Lara disgraced every one when she cheated on Avallac'h with a human and gave birth to a half-elf... keeping in mind she-elves only ovulate once every 20 or more years and rarely will give birth to more then 1 child in their lifetime, making the chance of her getting pregnant again, this time by Avallac'h almost impossible. But then, she was murdered before giving birth to her baby, killing with her any hope the elves had of salvation from the White Frost.

Avallac'h has spent 200 years since Lara's death, hoping against hope that fate would intervene and bring him Lara's descendant... and it has: Ciri, but the horror of the situation is so many generations have passed that she's nearly full-blooded human. And while Avallac'h, still firmly believes in the prophecy... two issues have resulted in a problem: 

  1. Ciri is a human and has no way to produce a pure blooded Elf baby
  2. Avallac'h, now a mage, is infertilite, a side effect of the radioactive magic he wields

Avallac'h however has determined not to let these things stop him in believing the prophecy, thus why he gave Ciri to King Auberon... believing Ciri's child would have enough Elf blood through Auberon, to then move forward with his plans, via a lab created test tube baby he plans to make from Ciri's baby... more or less he's planning to clone himself.

The fact that Ciri is human and he is infertile has not straied Avallac'h off his religion crazed path one inche, and he's now percieved by the rest of the elves as a madman, a raving lunatic who lost his mind upon Lara's death and is not coming to terms with her death very well at all, as he slowing goes out of his mind.

And if they thought he was crazy before, his very public, psycho-rapey sex scene with Ciri in the garden, has now convinced them without a doubt he's dangerously out of his freaking mind... just look at him, having sex with a Human... and now a few hours later the king is dead? Well OF COURSE the crazy Elf who boinks humans just MUST be the one who did it. Who else is crazy enough to kill the king, but the elf who we just saw ploughing a human?

Ge'els, like most Elves, is horrified by the thought of an Elf having sex with a Human,which is seen as a grave sin almost as bad as murder. So Avallac'h has got two major crimes pinned on him now: killing the king and fucking a human. Either way he's outcast and/or dead. Both crimes result in the same punishment. Fucking humans, killing kings, one as bad as the other, both come with a death sentence. Even if the king hadn't died, Avallac'h would still be facing the death penalty for getting caught with his pants down, while Ciri was on top of him.

Interestingly too, we see JUST BEFORE the sex scene, Eredin, attack Ciri, and then tell her all sorts of mean things, deliberately trying to work her into a frenzy, needling her with carefully planned words, knowing that he's sending her raging fury straight back to Avallac'h, knowing what Avallac'h's perverted mind is like, and knowing, hoping, that he's got the both of them in a frenzy enough to trigger Avallac'h into raping Ciri, so that Eredin can then kill the king, and say, they did it because Avallac'h wanted Ciri and was mad that the king had her.

Thus we see how Eredin, played his cards right, got Ciri and Avallac'h in a situation, that he knew would end up with Avallac'h raping Ciri, and then got Ciri in bed with the king hours later, making sure that the king had taken drugs made by Avallac'h but poisoned by Eredin.

With Ciri seen fleeing the king's bedroom moments after his death, followed by Avallac'h helping her escape, and no other witnesses to say tell Ge'els what happened, Ge'els is left with Eredin's word against Avallac'h's word, with Eredin having a lot of (planted) evidence against Avallac'h and Avallac'h having nothing but the claim he didn't do it and no way to prove his innocence.   

Thus how two close friends, Avallac'h and Ge'els, became pitted against each other and are now bitter rivals, with Ge'els accusing Avallac'h of being a liar, rapist, murderer, and blackmailer, and the frustrated Avallac'h tired of trying to prove his innocence, now just bullying Ge'els every chance he can get.

While Ge'els is the driving force who is sending the Wild Hunt after Ciri, thus why Geralt wants to kill Ge'els, Avallac'h is aware that Ge'els is not evil and has been deceived by Eredin. Thus why Avallac'h pleas for Ge'els' life and convinced Geralt not to kill the gentle giant, who is seemingly evil at first, but we find out is not evil and is just trying to track down the murderer of his older brother.

Oddly, while Avallac'h is adamantly against regicide and denies any involvement in the plot to assassinate King Auberon, here is Avallac'h in a meeting with Philippa, Dijkstra, Roche, and Thaler, plotting to assassinate King Radovid... but then again, Radovid is not his king and Radovid is the one who is mass murdering the Elves in Novigrad...

Interestingly, though they seemingly hate each other and are at each other's throats constantly... we also see that Ge'els is on Avallac'h's list of people to protect, same as Ciri, as seen in this scene when Ge'els is standing too close to the water's edge and is attacked by Drowners, and surprisingly, it is Avallac'h who throws himself between Ge'els and the Drowners to defend Ge'els from the monsters.

Avallac'h throwing himself between Ge'els and the 4 oncoming Drowners.

We also learn from this scene, that Ge'els is not as fearless as people perceive him to be and that outside of his palace, he's more or less a defenceless coward.

A true pacifist, he carries with him, no weapon, and absolutely refuses to fight when attacked. He also has no body armour and can't take any hit damage, one hit from ANY enemy is going to kill him. Since bringing him into the non-questing open sandbox game play, we've yet to get through a 1 hour episode without Ge'els being killed at least 5 times. He's been killed over 100 times just in the past week. 

That includes the time Avallac'h got bored and pushed Ge'els off a cliff for no reason at all, other then Avallac'h was bored and he hadn't tried pushing Ge'els off a cliff before, and Avallac'h has trouble resisting the temptation to try new things in hopes it'll give his over-hyper mind some new experience in excitement.


Poor Ge'els.

Interestingly, though Avallac'h bully's Ge'els and Ge'els is terrified of Avallac'h, when danger strikes, if Avallac'h is near by, Ge'els is quick to run to Avallac'h and hide behind him, while Avallac'h, true to his bantam rooster nature, is quick to take on the role of Ge'els personal bodyguard, fiercely defending him and viciously lashing out at whatever or whoever it is that is attacking Ge'els.

And so we see that though scared of Avallac'h's hyper boredom and raging temper tantrums, Ge'els still trusts Avallac'h to keep his word and protect him, for as we know, in spite of everything else, Avallac'h prides himself of being an Elf od his word, and even if he hates you, he'll still keep whatever promise he made to you.

And while we might be inclined to think this a one time incident, we see it happen, again, and again, and again, and again...

When a Siren attacks Ge'els...

Avallac'h, bludginging a dead Siren, after he shot it out of the sky with Ard.... What are you doing? Why? It's dead. Why are you still beating it?... And why is Ge'els still screaming? Poor Ge'els. I think Avallac'h is traumatizing him right now. It's bad enough he just got attacked by a monster, now he has to watch Avallac'h dismember it and gross him out.

When a Cloud Giant attacks Ge'els...

...and Avallac'h is critically wounded and bleeding to death here, but, he's protecting Ge'els anyways.

When a pack of Giant Centipedes attack Ge'els...

Yes, Avallac'h is running around in his skivvies again. Apparently he doesn't need the protection of armor when he's high on fistek...or so he thinks.

When a pack of wild boars attacks Ge'els... and everyone is too busy protecting him from the wild boars to notice the Cockatrice that just came up behind him...

When a Wyvern attacks Ge'els...

Avallac'h about to use White Frost to blast an Wyvern out of the sky.

When a Golem attacks Ge'els...

Note that we are in Avallac'h's house and he's killing his own guards, which he built... I'm not sure why, other then it attacked Ge'els. He got mad at us when we killed one of his Golems, now he's just lashing out at them himself.

When a Cyclops attacks Ge'els...

Yep... there he goes streaking into battle again...

When an ArchGriffin attacks Ge'els, while Geralt eats perogies off his pierogi sword...

Yay! I got the pierogi sword! But I have no clue what advantage there is to having it... ??? ... If you don't know, it's a rare magic item, takes forever to track it down, I actually found Aerondight first, and the only thing it does is turn all your food into perogies so you can eat perogies while fighting monsters... which... uhm... what exactly is the point of eating perogies while I fight monsters again? Is this some easter egg reference that has completely gone over my head? It regenerates 100% more vitality ...our magic brass balls do that too. So in theory, you rub your brass balls, slap perogies on your sword, and eat gourmet level food to become invincible in battle? You know, I could just stand back and let Avallac'h do the fighting for me. He seems more than happy to slaughter everything he gets near. 4 pierogi icons at the top show the sword is activated right now. But our magic testicle superpower icon is gone, meaning it expired - time to go rub our brass balls again.

When the Wild Hunt attacks Ge'els...

Even though Ge'els is a Wild Hunt general, he sided with Avallac'h against Eredin, and now the Wild Hunt is after Ge'els too. Avallac'h seen here, blocking the way, allowing Ge'els to escape on a pink unicorn, while Avallac'h makes ready to take on a pack of Caranthir's frozen hell hounds.

When Rapunzel attacks Ge'els...

Our 7 foot tall giant, just ran away screaming like a little girl, while our tiny bantam rooster charges Rapunzel head on. No... don't, you can't fight Wraiths you idiot...get out of the battle and let Geralt fight this one.
Avallac'h fighting Rapunzel...except Rapunzel is a Wraith, so Avallac'h is taking huge amounts of hit damage...he's now bleeding all over Rapunzel's tower. Not really expecting to see him live through this Boss Battle.
In spite of the amount of blood he's losing, Avallac'h is surprisingly still fighting in the battle against a Wraith... we've never seen him last this long in a Wraith fight before.
Damn. He just took a hit to the head, that now has him gushing blood. He's literally bleeding to death right now... how is he still fighting? Why is he not dead yet?
Ah!... I see why he's not dead yet. Unlike NoonWraiths, this Wraith, ain't topless with her bare boobs hanging out, getting in his way.... I suppose that answers our earlier question of is it just topless monsters he can't fight or is it all the female monsters in general? Nope. It's just the topless ones he can't fight... Avallac'h survived this fight by the way, though Ge'els did not.

When a Forktail attacks Ge'els...

Avallac'h abandoning magic and swinging his staff around, to start beating a Forktail over the head with it, as his fistek induced psycho attack kicks in.

When a Noonwraith attacks Ge'els...

Avallac'h fighting a Noonwraith...
...almost. Avallac'h can't fight Noonwraiths. Their naked boobs distract him. They kill him every time. Ge'els wondering: "You perverted idiot! Now who's gonna protect me?"

In case you were wondering... Ge'els appears to be the "damsel in distress" of this game. EVERYTHING and EVERYONE automatically attacks him first. Just dives straight for him, no matter who else is around. Even if there is someone closer to the monster, it always runs for Ge'els.

I'm assuming it's because he's 7 feet tall, so any monster looking at the group for food is thinking: "Let's get the biggest one, more food for all!" while bandits and pirates are thinking: "Go for the giant first, he MUST be the most dangerous one."

Although that doesn't explain all the times he's been killed by horses and donkeys...

Ge'els, seconds before he gets kicked and killed by a random donkey. Though we don't know why this random donkey, just randomly suddenly decided to kick him. Perhaps it was spooked by that whale that just fell out of the sky?

You know... the way everything in the game is out to kill Ge'els, I'm surprised the falling whale didn't land on him and crush him... it's not like everything else hasn't tried to kill him already.

Poor Ge'els, he survives the falling whale, only to be killed by a donkey while everyone is wondering where the pot of petunias is.

July 8, 2018 update on Ge'els...


Apparently Ge'els is allergic to bees.

Yes, a bee alergy is how we are going to explain the fact that today during our Twitch streem, Ge'els died in excess of 20 times while Avallac'h was looting honeycomb from beehives in White Orchard.

Now granted, Avallac'h and Ciri also died in one of these scenes, because Avallac'h aarded the bees instead of igniing them, thus Avallac'h, Ciri, and Ge'els all 3 got stung to death by a mass hoard of angry killer bees. Logical. Getting stung thousands of times by killer bees, is definitely gonna kill you.

That does not however explain why Ge'els dropped dead, every time we walked by a bee hive... EVERY SINGLE TIME. Avallac'h and Ciri stroll on by, no trouble. Ge'els gets within 10 feet of a beehive and suddenly we hear his blood curdled shriek of death behind us, turn around and there is t-pose zombie Ge'els dead as a doornail, for no damned reason at all.

I assume a bee must have stung him, and he instantly dropped dead... but how the hell does a single bee sting kill him so fast? Or did he just drop dead of a heart attack because he saw a bee and wasn't actually stung by it at all.

I didn't think anything of it at first until I respawned him and we continued on, and BOOM... I hear Ge'els blood curled scream again. I'm looking around for bandits or wolves or cockatrice or neekers or something, ANYTHING to explain why Ge'els is suddenly dead, but nope. Nothing... except, a little ways away, I see a bee hive. So I respawn Ge'els and he's still got Axii glow and barely half a second from spawning him, there he goes t-posing again.

What the hell?

What? Is he so scared of bees that he just drops dead from seeing one?

Damn! Ge'els dies so easily.

I spent half the morning respawning Ge'els. Do you have any idea how many bee hives there are in White Orchard? Hundreds! In every tree, on every house, under every bridge, in every log... it's an orchard for crying out loud! Bees love orchard flowers.

Poor Ge'els.

We didn't know he had a bee allergy until we took him to White Orchard. It's become harder then ever to keep him alive.

On average, Ge'e's dies once every 4 minutes of gameplay... yes, I started keeping track of how long he stays alive... I've made it a goal to try to get to the end of an episode and keep Ge'els alive for a full hour... I'm 515 episodes into that goal, and we've yet to keep him alive for longer then 7 minutes.

Poor Ge'els, everything really is out to get him. He's not just imagining it.

This here is from my 3rd playthrough, when still playing as Geralt and with real Avallac'h and real Ge'els spawned in as travel companions.

Someday we'll get better at keeping Ge'els alive for more then 4 minutes of gameplay.

And someday we'll figure out why Avallac'h's game mechanics, trigger him to run in front of Ge'els and go psycho battle defence mod, every time a monster shows up.

We are being attacked by drowners... this is the first time I saw this weird game mechanic trigger, where Ge'els runs behind Avallac'h, and Avallac'h goes into his brutal, blood frenied psycho attack mode (he lands up to 20,000 on crit hit damage - by comparison Geralt rarely lands over 800 - and can take out up to 30 bandits at once with 1 hit - his battle mechanics are insanely overpowered and I don't know why because we never see this feature used in the game. Apparently there was a quest planned but never put into the game, which has you playing as Avallac'h and defending Ge'els.)

Avallac'h's combat mechanics are so OP that on Death March, he can one hit drop Eredin. I spawned him in, then had Geralt run and not fight, just watched to see what Avallac'h would do... he simple pointed at Eredin and Eredin dropped dead from a blinding ard blast that froze him and shattered him to pieces.

Avallac'h also can't fight Noonwraiths, Alps, Bruxa, or Sirens... these topless female monsters have too many very distracting bare boobs flashing at him in battle. (Not a mod, no, this is actually written into his vanilla game mechanics, which surprisingly were made to be used as a player character same as Geralt and Ciri... apparently the game devs removed (or never finished?) a quest where you were intended to play as Avallac'h. Interestingly too, his code is written to defend and protect Ge'els, and Ge'els' character code matches the codes found in characters you have to keep alive in protection quests.

Likewise, The Wild Hunt has code in them, so they target Ge'els and attack him. And yet, Ge'els is never in a battle quest. It appears the game was originally intended to have a quest where you play as Avallac'h and try to keep Ge'els alive in a Wild Hunt attack. It is fascinating opening up the game code and discovering things the game devs made but never activated in the game.)

I'm fascinated that topless characters are written into his game code as characters he can't fight. I suppose that does match his novel character. The most powerful wizard in the known multiverse, foiled by naked boobs every time.

Real Avallac'h spawned in as Geralt's travel companion - Geralt watching as Avallac'h goes into a psycho killing frenzy when Tulip is killed by bandits, while Ge'els has a total meltdown...

I continue to marvel at this game mechanic, and wonder why the game devs wrote this feature into Avallac'h and Ge'els' character codes, when it's never used in any quest.

If you ever want to watch some amazing character interactions... spawn Avallac'h, Ge'els and Tulip (file name geels naked evlen woman) into your game play, and watch how insanely over the top defensive Avallac'h becomes of Ge'els and how freaked out total meltdown Ge'els becomes when Tulip dies. These reactions are things the game devs put in their codes, yet for some reason the quest they were intended to be used in, was either never finished or removed from the finalized version of the game.

After spawning Ge'els in as a travel companion, one of the first things we discovered was EVERYTHING in the game is programed to kill him. If he is with you, monsters target him, not your player character. This is a game mechanic written into his code, but I have no idea why, as he is never in a battle quest. Again this indicates he was originally intended to be used in much more of the game.

Ge'els is a fascinating character and we know very little about him, other then what we are told in a quick 7 minute cutscene and a brief interview with the game devs.

I would like to know what was removed and how much was he intended to be used in the game... had the game devs not run out of time before the game's release (A lot of things they planned to put in the game, got cut because they ran out of time.)

I'm gonna make a "Ge'els is Dead" compilation-montage video for you guys. I'll post it here once it's done. So you can see how many times he dies in my gameplay.

The one time I understand the least, was when we are in Elven ruins, trying to figure out how to unlock a puzzle locked door, I'm focusing on the door lock and and all of a sudden I hear Ge'els' scream of death. I'm looking around expecting to see some monster charging at us and all I see is Avallach standing on the cliff behind me and Ge'els dead at the bottom of the cliff. No monsters in sight. I think Avallac'h got bored waiting for Geralt to unlock the door. Avallac'h is so hyper. He has to be doing something constantly. Make him stand around waiting for you and he passes the time by killing Ge'els - AGAIN.

Geralt, heads for the locked door, leaving Ge'els standing on the edge of a broken bridge, staring fearfully down into the gorge below, while Avallac'h, stares at Ge'els.

Avallac'h about to push Ge'els off a cliff. Oddly, it's coded into his character to push Ge'els off cliffs and he will do this every time you spawn him and Ge'els as travel companions, then leave them standing near a cliff.

Again, this matches no quest in the game and I wonder what the quest was that the devs removed or left unfinished. Clearly there was originally intended to be a quest where you play Avallac'h, try to protect Ge'els from attacking Wild Hunt, but have the option to shove Ge'els off a cliff... otherwise these things would not be in their codes.

Geralt finds the door with 4 puzzle encrypted locks, and begins trying to solve the puzzle... 15 minutes of gameplay later, 3 are unlocked and Geralt begins work on the fourth one...
Geralt, focused on the locked door. 3 of the 4 locks are now unlocked, the last one is on the other side of the broken bridge. Geralt is trying to figure out how to reach it, when his train of thought is interrupted by Ge'els' blood curdled screams...
Geralt running back to where he left the 2 Elves, wondering why he can only see Avallac'h, where is Ge'els, and why is Avallac'h staring down over the edge of the cliff.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's NEVER, ever, EVER turn your back on Avallac'h, especially not when Ge'els is with him. Avallac'h suffers from a serious case of a Chronic Backstabber Syndrome and will kill Ge'els every time you turn your back on him.

We have to say it again: poor Ge'els. We knew he was paranoid, now we know why. Everything REALLY IS out to get him. No wonder he rarely sets foot outside of his palace and hoards up bodyguards all around him.

While he is said to be the most feared of all the Aen Elle (after Eredin and Avallac'h), there is NEVER a point where he is actually shown as  being deserving of that reputation. While ruthless in the political side of things and good at getting government things - done passing laws, welding sentences, and demanding justice - from the comfort of his palace, and Ge'els is most definitely the outspoken President Trump of the Witcherverse, we also see that Ge'els is a pacifist and takes the peaceful, least violent option when options are available to him. He gets things done, says whatever needs saying to make people back down, then turns tail and runs when someone actually challenges his authority.

Our gentle giant, Ge'els, seems to prefer to do nothing but paint. Indeed, it's all we ever see him do, and all we ever hear him talk about. How Ge'els got into politics at all is a wonder, and it appears that he was born into his position, and it was not a title he actively sought out, as when left to do as he pleases, the only thing he pleases to do is paint.

In spite of their differences, we see that Ge'els and Avallac'h remain close friends, and also, Avallac'h, even when being friendly towards Ge'els, can't stop finding ways to annoy him. Take for example the day Ge'els decides he's going to paint Avallac'h's portrait and won't take "no" for an answer, even though Avallac'h has no interest in having his portrait painted...

And for the SECOND time in the game, we get a quest telling us to visit Reginald's Genitals Museum, home of gay art, and the infamous magic testicles that grants us super powers every time we rub them.

Here... meet Reginald, the museum's pride and joy, while Avallac'h rubs his brass balls...

Great Balls of Fire aka The Reginald's Genitals quest, is a rare easter egg, that has only been unlocked by fewer than 2% of players of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The statue is hidden away inside a gay history museum, and you can not just walk in and see it, you must first find and trigger the quest to recover Reginald's stolen testicles. Completing this quest gives you a lifetime pass to the museum and the ability to have Magic Testical superpowers added to your inventory. To activate these superpowers, you run to the statue and rub it's brass balls before every battle, gaining you 100% vitality regeneration, making you almost invincible in even the the hardest Death March Boss Battles.

To trigger this portrait painting yaoi fiasco easter egg quest, you must first END the Blood & Wine DLC, watch the end credits go by... take to Regis about that day you got stuck in the cave with Regis (which is a reference to the purple bison scene of Tower of Swallows) then head back into the city, to the Reginald's Genitals Museum, (at the Duchesses stature is you killed the Duchess or the empty town square if you didn't kill her) where you will suddenly find yourself pulled aside and forcibly dragged to Toussaint's infamous gay history museum... and told you and you're glorious body that is the epitome of manhood are the prime subject to be featured in the museum's next art exhibit, alongside Reginald's magic genitals..

You'll see in this quest, why so many people who are fans of either Avallac'h or Ge'els, love the weird twisted relationship going on between the two of them. AND why there is so much pink unicorn infected Ge'els x Avallac'h Gay erotica Yoai fanfiction out there.

If you didn't know, Ge'els is gay, or bi-sexual, we aren't sure which. Either way, he's definitely got a thing for Avallac'h and we see his lust for Avallac'h loud and clear in the quest to paint a portrait.

This is NOT a notice board quest, not a treasure hunt, and not a witcher's one of those VERY difficult to locate "exclaimtion point" easter egg quests that can only be triggered by doing specific things and then walking by the right person at the right time, to trigger an exclaimation point over their head... once the exclaimation point shows up, you've got about 3 minutes to click on it, before it vanishes and you are never able to access the easter egg again.

Easter egg quests are rare, hard to find, and are seen by fewer than 2% of players... so if you are one of the rare few who've ever triggered this quest, you know what's coming, but for everyone else, this is probably the first time you've been alerted to its existence...

This quest starts out, with Ge'els pulling Avallac'h aside and asking to paint his portrait, which Avallac'h at first says "no" to, but this insites Ge'els into a very long monologue as he one by one, starts listing off EVERYTHING about Avallac'h from his skin to his eyes to his hair... telling Avallac'h how he is the most absolutely perfectly built, most beautiful person to ever live... in what becomes one of the strangest and most hysterical quests of the entire game... I believe this is the ONLY Yaoi/gay quest you can find in the game, as we suddenly learn that Ge'els is gay and