So I just filled out the Obamacare Subsidy Calculator. The official results are:

"You will not be eligible for subsidies in the exchanges because your income is below 100% of the federal poverty level. Amount you pay for the premium:$3,451 per year (which equals 172.57% of your household income of $2,000 per year and covers 100% of the overall premium) Your out-of-pocket maximum (not including the premium) can be no more than $6,350. If your state chooses to expand Medicaid to everyone under 138% of the poverty level under the ACA, you will be eligible for coverage under the program."


Nice. So the only way I can get health insurance is if I pay 1 and a half years income for it, otherwise the IRS will charge me $2,000 on my taxes (I just read the Obamacare Bill all 280+ pages of it as posted on the WashDCgov website, and it says if we don't have health insurance we will be charged a fine of $2,000 that the IRS will put on our tax bill.).

The IRS fee is actually cheaper. Both are more than my yearly income, so either way it leaves me with 0 income.

I have Autism so I'm not eligible to Medicaid or disability or food stamps or TANIF or welfare or housing or anything else, every 6 months a social worker fills out every aid form she can find hoping that something has changed, but they all keep coming back saying I am ineligible for any type of assistance at all, and no one will hire me (I average 400 job applications a month for the past 7 years).

The $2,000 I make from selling my art, my books, and affiliate links off this site. It pays for 1 to 2 meals a week, not a day: a week.

I live under an 8x6' tarp, without electricity, water, or toilet. I've lived here since Hurricane Katrina took my house and my family and left me alone - I am in my 40's but require "adult supervision" but I have been alone since the hurricane. (We never got HUD, RedCross, or FEMA help up here in Maine, even though 80 families in my town - Old Orchard Beach - where made homeless by Katrina - almost no one even knows Katrina hit anyplace outside of New Orleans!) Because I don't have any rent or utility bills to bring in with me, I am not eligible for food at food pantries or a bed at homeless shelters. The system is so messed up. How do they expect homeless people to have utility bills? I don't get it.

Ever check the .gov census bureau website for Maine - I just did - average income is $15,000 to $25,000 for family of 4, with 58% of the state living at or below 175% below the federal poverty line. Does this mean that at least 58% of the state of Maine will no longer be eligible for health care starting in 3 days? (October 1, 2013.)

I don't understand Obamacare. I keep being told it's going to help me, but so far everything I checked says the same thing this calculator said: that I'm not eligible for Obamacare because I'm more than 100% below the poverty line. I thought Obamacare was meant to help people like me who are not getting health care? How is telling us we are still not allowed care, but now on top of that we are being forced to pay a $2,000 fine for not being able to afford health care, going to help us? I don't get it at all. I wish somebody would explain how exactly this is supposed to be helping me, because it looks to me like it is going to make things worse by taking away what little income I do have and leaving me with no way to get food.

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