Life As A YouTuber: How To Earn An Income From Making Videos

I was over on Reddit today answering questions and ended up writing an entire article.

Here's the question that I set out to answer... (my 2,059 word answer follows)

How Much Does View:Sub Ratio Really Matter?

How Much Does View:Sub Ratio Really Matter? from letsplay

>>>But here's what happened: I took the advice of some other YouTubers back in the day to make videos that would bring in traffic. So I made some tips and reviews videos periodically, and one of them has over 100k views. But then people subscribed ONLY expecting me to make more of those videos and not actually giving a flying f**k about anything else on my channel.

Yep. Been there.

I have a video that gets 700+ views a day, is fast on it's way to 100k views, brings in 20 or so new subs a day...

...but that video is a unique one of a kind video, unlike anything else on my channel, so people who sub from it never watch any of my other videos.


And you know what the stupid thing was? It was just a test video I made to test out a software program I had. It wasn't even a proper video, is shit quality, has terrible editing... and it's top rated video?!?!?! Why? I don't know.

I'll be at 3k subs in a week or 2 and most of my videos get only 30 to 50 views each. That's only a 10% sub to view ratio. which I thought was bad, until I realized Jacksepticeye will cross 15 million subs in a few weeks and he struggles to get 200k views per video... ihm... I guess that means I'm doing good if I'm getting a 10% view to sub ratio then?

I don't know.

>>I wish I could just purge the ones that never watch anything but unfortunately I can't.

Yep. I actually contacted YouTube and suggested they give us the option to block subs that don't view any of our videos after 6 months. Never heard back from them of course, but, at least I put the thought out there to them. Maybe if enough of us request it they'll make a feature like that?

>>I could potentially delete the big view videos that are still bringing in dead subs even though those people should see I'm not making those videos anymore...but then again maybe views on those videos are still better than no views at all?

Yeah, I had considered that too, but then I realized my analytics says that one video is bringing in 54% of all my AdSense income...even more income then my websites are bringing in from AdSense.

So I left it up. It's getting views, it's gaining subs, it's making money... I just wish it's spread some of those things to the rest of my channel, you know?

I have found that changing tags helps, but I have 2,000+ videos so kind of not practical for me to go back and change all the old tags.

There is a way to turn off the subscription counter, so that no one sees your sub count and only sees you view count. Can't remember how to do it, but I know it's in the dashboard somewhere. That might help if you are worried people will think you sub4sub.

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