November 14, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of the November 14, 2013 murder of my 8 month old infant son, at BugLight Lighthouse Art Studio of Southern Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. If you have any information about who his killer is, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322


My Son Was Murdered, The Killer Walks Free, Your Child Could Be Next!

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 TRIGGERED! I'm a Straight Cis Woman, but I am deemed Too Gay For Old Orchard Beach, Are you too gay for the bigoted, minority harassing, white power, gay hating psychos of The Old Orchard Beach Town Hall Too? 

What is the Mafia connection?

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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FAQs: So, what exactly is the Mafia connection?


#FAQs: So, what exactly is the Mafia connection?

I don't know.

Like I've said before, I've never witnessed anything that could be classified as a Mafia connection, unless you count Honey Fitz back in the 1920s.  Honey Fitz, if you don't know, WAS an ACTUAL Boston Mafia leader who was married to one of the Kennedy girls and was JFK’s grandfather. My mom's father, was David Henry Atwater, Honey Fizt's driver during the 1920s and 1930s. He went blind at age 31 from a combination of bad moonshine and having had Scarlet Fever at age 12. Which technically makes my grandfather an ACTUAL Mafia employee, BUT, as he was not a blood relative he was not himself ACTUAL Mafia. So, YES, there is SOME connection between my family and the Boston Mafia, specifically that my grandfather was Honey Fitz's moonshine driver for about 10 years.

If you don't know Honey Fitz, here info about him:

* [John Francis "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald - February 11, 1863 – October 2, 1950 - an American Democratic politician from Boston, Massachusetts. ](

* [Meet Honey Fitz: The ‘pixie like’ mayor of Boston and JFK’s grandfather](

Honey Fitz owned a night club in Boston, during the Prohibition. My grandfather (born in Nova Scotia to moonshiner parents) drove the moonshine from Canada to Honey Fitz's drop off point (Old Orchard Beach Maine) where he hide the bottles inside the carousel horses at Palace Playland Amusement Park (which is still there today and can be seen from my yard). The horses' tails unscrew, and the horses are hollow. He put the bottles in at the tail, than later one of Honey Fitz's Boston drivers would open the stomach of the horses up and remove the moonshine and deliver it to Boston.

And THAT is the extent of the ACTUAL Mafia connection.

However, my grandfather bemoaned greatly having gone blind and no longer being able to drive moonshine from Canada for Honey Fitz and spent several decades telling his children, my 7 violent crime lord uncles, how much he wanted them to grow up to work for the Mafia like he had done. Uncle Bruce, Grandpa's favourite son, went on to be the worst criminal of all the Atwaters, his crimes a tower of endless atrocities, and, by the 1950s, most Americans had started referring to the Atwater family as "The Scottish Mafia", which, also causes American to call ME, the current leader of the Scottish Mafia, as I've been the clan queen since 1997. Which is WHY the FBI shows up s frequently, to ask if I am aware any info, that could help in the arrest of an uncle or aunt or cousin, depending on which one they are looking for at the moment. We are Gypsies not fucking Mafia, and I’m so sick of people calling us that.

While I myself do not personally claim to be such, all the Americans in the Greater Boston Area refer to me as "Greater Boston's Most Fear Mob Matriarch" or "The Female Head of Boston's Scottish Mafia". It's a title I don't and don't want. I want no part of my uncles life of crime. I disowned them, and ordered them shunned, it was the very first thing I did when I took over as leader of the clan. And the next thing I did was to turn over to the FBI information that put 14 so-called "Mob leaders" in prisons. I've shut down more than a dozen child prostitution rings, shut down several drug rings, shut down 3 bank embezzling/money laundering rings, and I won't stop until every last criminal in our clan is in prison where they belong. I run the family now, and I will not allow any crime in it. I've shut down more crime rings than any other clan's leader ever has. That's WHY people refer to me as "Greater Boston's Most Fear Mob Matriarch". Only this and nothing more. I'm not a mob leader, I just answer the FBI's questions every time they show up and they've taken down a lot of crime rings because of my answers to their questions. 

I'm afraid the reality is not as glamorous as the rumours. And there's a lot of rumours. Every one you met is going to have one rumour or another to tell you about me. They will tell you I a viscous, vengeful and will cut down anyone who gets in my way. They forget: 

* I have agoraphobia and rarely leave my bedroom, let alone go outside. 

* I'm a hermit, I go years between face to face contact with another human. 

* I have stage 4 PTSD (2 levels higher than front line soldiers) and prefer to keep 12 or more feet between me and any human. 

* I grew up with people who loved their guns and had near daily shoot outs and I developed a massive phobia of weapons in general and guns in particular by the time I was 8 years old.

* I have stachybotrys poisoning, a side effect of being locked in a raccoon trap/cage from the time I was 8 until I was 31 – 27 years, in a rusted cage too small for most dogs, in a woodshed that had 2 inch wide spaces between the boards and only tar paper over the roof, so I was soaking wet every time it rains, covered in snow every time it snowed, I suffered server frost bite which effects my ability to walk, I have nerve damage to my hands also from frost bite, and at the time I was rescued, the stachybotrys mold on the boards was over 8 inches thick, and stachybotrys was growing in my lungs as well and causes me to have a 24/7 runny nose, a constant hacking cough all day long, and vomiting up blood several times a day, and causes me to have a voice that is barely above a whisper and I can't yell or laugh or do exercise that causes increased breathing because is causes coughing and bleeding.

* I've had hip dysplasia since I was 4 years old, a side effect of a 2 foot long iron foundation nail being driven through my hip and, forced to continue walking on the broken bone, never being taken to a doctor

* I am blind in one eye and can't see well in the other, a side effect of being beaten in the face by a pine tree limb with lots of sharp branches, and handfuls of pine needles being jammed under my eyelids and than my eyes taped shut, for 3 weeks.

* I was classified as mute from the time I was 14 until I was 42, when an MRI revealed the reason I was "mute" was because my jaw and teeth were shattered... extensive surgery to rebuild my jaw, implant fake teeth, and rebuild the flesh of my lower face and lips, resulted in my talking for the first time in 30 years, and allowed people to discover, at the age of 14 I had been beaten in the face with a brick

After escaping the clan, the FBI discovered that I was more than willing to tell them everything my uncles, aunts, and cousins had done all those years of torturing me. 

I never set out to send them to prison or take down massive crime rings. I simply answered the FBI questions about: "How did you get this injury?", "How did you get that injury?" which gave them enough evidence to get warrants for child abuse and the FBI found whatever else they found in each case because of that.

My uncles are the source of the wild rumours. telling you I'm some vengeful mob leader, and they only say that because so many of them got arrested by the FBI and ended up in prison. 

But the fact remains, the FBI asked for permission to have copies of my hospital records, x-rays, MRIs, etc., and than asked: "How did this injury happen?" -I was beaten with a brick.- "Who beat you with the brick?" -My uncle Bruce.

That's all there is too it.

I had no knowledge of most of the crimes my uncles committed. They were arrested because they beat in the face with a brick and the FBI found everything else on their own in the searches.

99.99% of the wild rumours. people tell about me are not true and the reality is far from sensational or glamorous.

I was tortured by evil men and I simply explained in detail, what they did to me. Only this and nothing more. And I never went out and sought the FBI either. They came to me. I don't know who sent them. 

My uncles and their families are horrible criminals, yes, but they ain't Mafia, they are Gypsies. Grandpa may have been Honey Fitz's Nova Scotia moonshine driver, but he wasn't part of their family, so he was NOT Mafia. He was just a moonshine supplier to the Mafia in the 1920s, and that's it, nothing more.

He glamourized and glorified the rum running gangster life of his youth and wanted his sons to be the same as him, and he did a good job raising them into terrible criminals. But that doesn't make any of them Mafia. And me being related to them, that doesn't make me Mafia either. So I don't like it when people call my family The Scottish Mafia and I don't like it when people call me a mob leader, because I'm not.

That said, 4 FBI agents, 1 Old Orchard Beach police officer, and 2 Biddeford police officers, have all said that my Uncle Bruce and his sister Barb and her husband Paul, started going down to Boston and picking fights with anyone and everyone they thought might possibly, maybe, be Mafia, and apparently somewhere along the line, they ended up owing an ACTUAL Boston Mafia person a lot of money, ran off with some money, something of that nature, and ended up in Rhode Island, got in trouble with some gang down their, fled to Illinois, got in more trouble there, then ended up in Florida and ran in with more criminals down there. Other than that, I don't know any details, and I only know that much because, 4 FBI agents – 3 men and 1 woman - he me go into the Portland FBI office and spend several hours being questioned, what I knew: Why was Bruce in Boston? Why was Barb in Miami? Why was Merlin in Illinois? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I didn't know they were. I've seen or heard from any of them since 1997 when I kicked them all out of the clan. They are disowned, shunned, cast out. They aren't part this family any more.

That's all I know.

Did my Uncle Bruce get messed up with the actual Mafia, like the police and FBI are saying her did? I don’t know. But I certainly wouldn’t it past him.

I don't know what my uncle Bruce got himself involved in. But what I do know, is we ain't Mafia, we are Gypsies. They only people who call us Mafia are paranoid Americas, who just call every culture they don't understand "Mafia". 

Have you ever LISTENED to an American talk? Mafia is all they talk about. Scottish Mafia, Irish Mafia, Chinese Mafia, it's ridiculous. The Mafia is Italian, and there ain't no group by that name because, guess what mafia is just a none-English word that means "family". Mafia's not the name of some group, and anyone with half a brain, is capable of doing enough research to find that out. 

Americans have an anti-family culture, they hate marriage, glorify divorce, throw their children out of the house at 18, toss their elderly in nursing homes, go off living in separate houses, and mass murder 5,000 unborn babies every day.

Americans so rarely see a family, and ACTUAL family, with married couples and 10 to 12 children for each of the husbands wives, and 200+ cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all living under one roof, they are horrified and terrified, and scared shitless because their aversion to families is so great.

Because Americans are terrified of families, every time they see a family, no matter what family it is they automatically start calling them Mafia and spreading stupid ass mob rumours.

Just because family hating paranoid Americans call every family they see "Mafia" doesn't automatically make that family Mafia and anyone with any common sense knows that.

Likewise there are millions of criminals out there. Just because someone is a criminal, doesn't make them Mafia. My uncles are evil bastards. They are criminals. And that doesn't make them Mafia, that just makes them evil bastards who belong behind bars. Only this and nothing more.

I think Americans with their TVs, glamorize the word Mafia way too much and end up seeing Mafia everywhere when, Mafia is actually almost no where at all.

Around Old Orchard Beach, there was a man (until his entire family died/was murdered in 2019 - karma?) Dan, who went around the town bullying elderly, disabled, and mentally handicapped citizens. He'd knock on the door, claim to be a code enforcement officer, hand them a court order saying he was allowed to confiscate something (their car, RV, boat, etc.) and if they challenged him, he'd start saying he was Mafia and would send his thugs to get them if they didn't had over everything he demanded. A few days later the back hoe would show up and drive over their house. 120+ families in Old Orchard Beach were made homeless that way - myself included.

He tried to take my motorhome, and I handed his "court order" over to FBI agent Andy Drewer. So FBI started investigating Dan.

Turns out, the Town Hall was paying him to do that, but he wasn't actually code enforcement, and the court orders weren't real, but rather they were printed up off a home printer, judge signatures and notary stamps were fake. Nothing was actually officially filed with any courts. Maine requires a code officer to have a Master's Degree in one of various approved courses, they must have been licensed by Augusta, they have to go through 2 years of training through the state... Dan had none of those things.

His so-called Mafia connection, turned out to be The Cyr Clan, 4-5-8 herself in fact. They ain't Mafia. They are a French Gypsy clan from Quebec. And in-laws of the Atwater Clan through the Hall Clan.

Once we found that out, well, next time Dan showed up at my door... I asked him if he knew who I was. "Wendy Allan, autistic retard." was his answer. "I'm Empress EelKat, Queen of The Royal Highland Atwater Clan of Scotland". He didn't know that. He practically had a heart attack when he realized that the "Mafia clan" that he was pretending to be a part of, I was the actual leader of.

He never bothered me again.

He went to prison for court paperwork fraud and impersonating a government official and then a year later his entire family died in a murder/suicide, his nephew shot everyone in the house than hung himself.

He convinced everyone in the town he was Mafia and when he came face to face with the family he was pretended to be, he turned tail and run and we put him prison for fraud.

Because my last name is Allen, not Atwater, a lot of people don't immediately connect me with the clan, let alone being it's leader, that was the case with Dan.

But again, we are not Mafia. He was pretending to be part of our clan, and he was doing so by calling himself and us Mafia. But that doesn't make us Mafia. He was a scam artists. He wasn't part of our clan and wasn't Mafia either. He was Greek, so he "looked" and "sounded" like the movie-style Italian mobster, and he dressed up like one, and Americans have this stupid mass-phobia of Mafia, that's why they think they see Mafia everywhere when there is Mafia no where.

But because Americans have this mass fear of the word Mafia, it's easy for scam artists like Dan to pretend to be Mafia and go door to door scaring people into handing over their cars and boats and electronics and jewellery. And in the Greater Boston area, that's a big scam. Any deep voiced, dark haired, olive skinned criminal who who can fake a Boston Italian accent, can put on a dark suit lease a big black Lincoln or Cadillac and drive around various small towns threatening people into handing over property, by claiming to be Mafia and threatening their family. 

It's one of the most common scams in this area. 99.99% of the time is someone like that is knocking at your door, they ain't ACTUAL Mafia and all you have to do is slam the door in their face and call 911. Police know this scam is out there and they are constantly arresting these fako-Mafia scammers. 

We are just outside of Boston here. We are only 20 minutes from the boarder, and Boston is under a 2 hour drive. People pretending to be Mafia is one of if not THE biggest scam in Southern Maine.

And THAT is why I roll my eyes every time I hear some idiot calling themselves or someone else "Mafia". The word gets tossed around here, because, well, yeah, the ACTUAL Mafia DOES in fact live here in this area, but, they keep to themselves, they ain't like what the movies tell you they are... and THAT is the biggest red flag of all. 

How is it, that Dan bullied this town for so many years and not one damned person ever stood up to him?

Did none of you ever stop to think the court papers he handing you might be fraudulent?

You never stopped to think, those papers might be forgeries?

Do none of you know basic American laws?

The government can't walk into your house and order you to give them all your TV, radios, jewellery, cars, boats, and threaten to drive a back hoe over your house if you don't hand you belongings over to them.

American government doesn't run like that.

Don't you know that.

There's a thing called Due Process and goes like this:

* By law, code enforcement has to issue you a warning first, AND they must cite the law you broke, the code you violated, and give you 90 to correct the problem. 

* If you don't correct the problem, you are issued a fine, which is only going to be $100 or so... NOT the $30,000 per day fine that Dan was charging you all on official Old Orchard Beach Town Hall letter head that he stole!

* If after a 2nd set of 90 days you did not pay the fine, they can double the fine, now $200, instead of $100, ONE TIME FEE, not $600,000 per day, like Dan charged you

* If after a 3rd set of 90 days goes by, the fine is tripled

* If a 4th set of 90 days goes by, the county sheriff issues a warrant; now you must appear in court and 9 months has passed




Here's some facts, that you might have missed, and you CAN act on to get your belonging back:

* **EVERY code violation document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1!**

* **EVERY home foreclosure document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1!**

* **EVERY car repossession document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1!**

* **EVERY building permit document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1!**

* **EVERY house demolition document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1! Including EVERY house torn down on Walnut Street, in Acorn Village, and on Portland Ave.**

* **EVERY deed restriction overturning document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1! INCLUDING every house illegally built on Portland Ave's deed restricted Native American burial grounds at 139 Portland Ave and Red Oak Drive. Your houses are sitting on top of hundreds of Gypsy graves - my family is buried, every generation since 1530. That land was protected by federal law, you CAN NOT build houses on an Kickapoo burial ground, that's why it was deed restricted, and the ghosts of my ancestors are going to haunt you all.**

Did you all forget we so-called "Scottish" Gypsies are Native Americans? The Kickapoo tribe, whom have guarded the apple orchard of The Old Orchard Beach for more than 2,000 years? This town was burial grounds, remember? MOST of the forest, was deed restricted that THAT very reason. You can't walk more than a few feet in any part of any forest on Portland Ave without stepping on Native American burial grounds.

From my driveway you can see well over a hundred grave markers. Those small granite and slate stones... those are grave markers of Civil War soldiers who were Native Americans. Those few are the last ones to have stones still standing, so common error of White Men is to think those stones are the ONLY graves. No. The burial ground span ALL the land that was owned by Whitham. His family owned the land for nearly 200 years and they NEVER built on it for that reason. And whoever bought the deed from him KNOWS that because it's written right on the deed, that the land deed restricted for being the sacred burial grounds of the Kickapoo Indian Tribe.

White Men marooned Persian Mountain Jews whom they enslaved out of Scotland, marooned us on this land in 1530, and they married into the Kickapoo tribe that lived here. And they never moved. We still live here to this day. 

I am what the Americans would call the tribe Medicine Woman... the exact same job they also call "Gypsy witch" or "Gypsy Fortune Teller". I am the class Spiritual Leader, I speak to the spirits, both the those who are dead and creatures from beyond our dimension. It is WHY I am the one who lives here. Protecting the graves is my job. It is what I was trained to do by the clan elders since I was 3 years old.

You spent so much time spreading rumors, gossip, and lies about me, calling me a Mafia Matriarch, a Mob Leader, that you forgot what I ACTUAL am.

We are NOT Mafia.

We are Gypsies.

I am not a mob leader.

I am EelKat, Etiole's Friend, The Faerie Sighted Gypsy Queen.

In your fear of Dan and Mafia rumors, you forgot who I really was and why I live where I do.

You've forgotten the old ways and the old ones, and it's literally going to comeback to haunt you... because in your obsession with Mafia, you forgot about the Ghul who lives in these woods and guards the Kickapoo graves.

Building a house on ANY graves is going to piss off the spirit, but building a house on the graves that have Ghul protecting them, is never wise. This land has a Ghul protecting it. It is a Djinn brought here from Persia hundreds of years ago. The Magi took it with them out of Persia 5,000 years ago. It went with them to Egypt, to Mongolia, to Scotland, and came to rest here when White Men left them here to die. They married into the Kickapoo tribe and survived, and the family Djinn, the Ghul, they brought with them from Persia, they let it lose in these swamps, so it could guard the family graves. I am the spirit medium who protects the Ghul, the Djinn, who guards the graves of every Gypsy and every Native American buried on this land.

Dan knew what was written on the deed. He new WHY the 3,000 acres across from 146 Portland Ave sat undeveloped and empty. But Dan did not care, and he forged illegal new deeds to overwrite the deed restrictions that protected the Native American burial grounds of Old Orchard Beach.

No one who lives in those houses will ever know peace.

They will be haunted and tormented, not only by the ghosts of the dead, but also by the Ghul, the Persian Djinn who guards their graves.

Had Dan done his research on the ACTUAL "Scottish Mafia" instead of getting his information from GodFather movies, he would have known about the Djinn and the dangers of building houses on Native American burial grounds. But Dan was too busy catering to American fears of phoney movie gangsters, and not paying attention to the REAL people he was pretending to be, their REAL culture, their REAL lifestyle, their REAL religion, and he'd have known there are far worse things then Etiole in these woods, there's the red eyed black creature so many children of this town have told their parents about. The Djinn, the Ghul, that guards the graves. The Phooka as it was called in Scotland. A Bogart they call them in England. They known as Kelpies in Wales. A shapeshifting creature that takes many forms, black dogs, black serpents, black horses, all with talons and fangs, it hides under beds and in closets, it walks through walls. It lives in graveyards and feeds on fear. If you don't fear it, it won't hurt you. But it sees into your soul, and knows your greatest fear and if you disturb it, put a house on it's home, the graves it guards, it will possess your home, your mind, your soul, Djinns are dangerous creatures, they will drive you mad with fear, until they drive you to murder suicide.

Do you remember the Cascade Murders. A little boy, chopped his mother, his father, his sister, his grandmother, and their dog, than set fire to the house. 

Did you know, if you are in my land and you enter Etiole's swamp and you go all the way through the woods, that you come out on the Cascade Road, at exactly that house where that murder took place May 2010?

Did you know that Old Orchard Beach has had more murder/suicides, a person kills their entire family, then themselves, than any other town in the entire planet?

That's what a pissed off Ghul does.

You simply can NOT build a house on a grave. The Ghul WILL haunt you - the developers, the builders, the construction workers, and the family who lives in that house, until it drives them to suicide.

For this is the nature of Ghuls, and is WHY they are known as "The Suicide Demon".

I can sit in my yard, and from there I can see at least 30 houses, still not completely built, and as many more behind them. All sitting on top of Kickapoo and Gypsy and Jewish graves. 

Dan overturned the deed restriction on that land, and what was it that happened to his family again, 3 years later? His nephew shot the entire family, than hung himself.

And what happened to the 4 police officers whom took orders from Dan? They moved from Old Orchard Beach to Wells and Sanford, and than shot their entire families, then shot themselves. All 4 of them did that, one year apart from each other.

That's what a pissed off Ghul does, when you put houses on the graves it protected.

You people call Etiole a Demon. He is not. But the Ghul is. It's an ancient Demon that was unleashed 5,000 years ago, and remains dormant and peaceful, if you provide it with a peaceful graveyard to live in. You've disturbed sacred ground, not just graves, but the home of Ghul. Heaven help you all.  

Not even Etiole can save you from a Djinn.

* **EVERY deed restriction overturning document issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1! INCLUDING every house on both sides of the Ross Road, in what used to be Reclaim Blueberry Plains. Dan was helping crime lords cover up the bones of murder victims. June 19, 2016, the saw up bones of 31 children where found in Reclaim Blueberry Plains, and an made fast work of illegally forging illegal building permits to prevent any more of the 140 other still yet unfound murdered children's graves.**

* **EVERY DOCUMENT issued by Dan in Old Orchard Beach – EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM was a forgery! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT FROM DAY 1!**

I fought Dan. I handed his forged documents to the State Police and the FBI. Dan's gone now. Less than 3 months after he tried to scam me, he was arrested.

And any one of you could have done exactly what I did.

Why didn't you?

Why did you allow him to terrorize hundreds of families in our town, for over a decade?

Why did not one of you ever question the legality of his threats?

How did this go on for so long?

How were so many of you able to be scammed out of your homes, your cars, your land?

Why did none of you know even the most basic of American laws?

Why did none of you know your basis human rights?

I'm a crippled woman, my spine shattered by the golf clubs of Dan's bullies, and even still, I've got more backbone than all 3,000 residents of this town combined, because I'm the only one who had the balls to stand up to Dan.

Why did you all let walk all over you and push you around for so long.

He's just one man.

Are you telling me that 3,000 strong healthy people couldn't stand up to ONE single, solitary bully?

What is wrong with this town.

Grow some fucking balls.

You let him Dan pus you around, because every other word out of his mouth was Mafia this and Mafia that.

He wasn't fucking Mafia.

He just used that word because he knew if he did, every one would be too scared to stop him and he was right. 

120 homes had a back ho driven over them, and not one of you stood up to him.



A back hoe drove over my house, and I called the police, and 2 men showed up with the police, Dan and 2015 Mark... and they showed the police the demolition permit and Mark said: "See? I got it legally. It has Dan's signature on it."

 Yes it did. But I'm the land owner, and it didn't have MY signature on it. And the owner of a construction company CAN NOT LEGALLY request a demolition permit WITHOUT the owner's WRITTEN PERMISSION. 

Also... WHY... when I called the police... WHY did the police go pick up Mark and Dan and bring them with him? Does that not seem like an odd thing for to police to do? I had never heard of Dan before that day, it was my first time encountering either 2015 Mark or Dan. I'd never seen or heard of either of them before.

They also had a $600 check paying for the demolition of my house. My Uncle Joey. His signature was on it.  He lives in Australia. Again, he's NOT the landowner.

At the time back hoe drove over my house, I had no idea that a week earlier it had driven over 40 other houses on near by Walnut street or that it had been demolishing half the town, ALL with these illegal forged demolition permits issued by Dan.

I found out when, a few days later a little red hatchback drove up into my yard and 2 women got out and asked me "Did you tear down your house, or did someone do it while you were not home? Both our houses got run over while we were gone to work and we wondered if yours had been too?"

A week later and elderly man, walking his dog, stopped and asked a similar question and said, it had happened to him to, and he knew of 64 others it had happened to the year before.

About a week after that, I was getting gas at the 7-11 and a man was sitting in the empty lot across the street, he came over and said: "Your the one with that little yellow house aren't you. Did they do it to you too. See that empty lot? There was a motel there last week. 36 units. It was my only income. They came in and crushed it. I don't know why. I've lost everything. I don't know what to do. I called the police, but officer W.W. came and started talking about the Mafia. And he had Dan with him. I don't know what to do. I'm homeless now. My tenets, they had pets. Cats. Dogs. Birds. They're all dead. They were inside the units. Look at this letter. I got it from Dan last night. I've been sitting here in all night trying to figure out what to do. They'll kill my family. Look at this letter. I called the police. Now Dan's pissed. They'll kill my family. It's the Mafia you know."

I read the letter Dan gave him. It was written on official Town Hall letterhead and said that the Old Orchard Beach Town Hall was charging him $30,000 a day, because he was sitting in his car in the empty lot where his motel had been. It said the town had seized the land because he, the owner was GAY and gay men could not own businesses in Old Orchard Beach. It said the town was going to put-up a family friendly no-gays allowed hotel where 2 days ago, his 36 unit motel had stood.

I met this man 2 days after FBI agent Andy Drewer arrived in town, so I gave him the FBI contact info and I told him, Dan was not a legal Maine code enforcement officer. The notary stamp he was using was fake, the Town Hall letterhead was stolen. The documents illegal forgeries. He was impersonating a government official and the entire Town Hall and Police Department were being investigated because of it. 

Dan was helping someone else, I don't know who, the FBI did not say, steal expensive beach front properties in Old Orchard Beach, they tried to take my land, but I know the law, and I immediately recognized that the papers Dan had handed me were forgeries. I studied law, I wanted to be a lawyer at one point. I know most of Maine's laws inside out. 

Dan and his partner police officer Will are responsible for more than 7,000 ILLEGAL seizures of homes, cars, boats, RVs, cats, dogs, horses, hotels, motels, and more in Old Orchard Beach.

Think about that... 7,000 ILLEGAL seizures of homes, cars, boats, RVs, cats, dogs, horses, hotels, motels, and more in less than 10 years, in a town with only 3,000 residents.

How does something like that happen?

The big mistake that Dan made, the REASON I took a closer look at the documents he handed me... he was claiming to be The Scottish Mafia, and well, he didn't realize, I'm the one is their leader and Dan is NOT a member of my family.

Dan and 2015 Mark and Police officer W.W, all made that claim, and yet, not of them is related to me. 

If you want to pretend to be Mafia, you might want to research WHO the ACTUAL Mafia people are and AVOID trying to scam them with your Mafia scam, because, well, we don't like you pretending to be us and we won't allow you to pretend to be us and oh look, Dan isn't terrorizing Old Orchard Beach any more is he?

The thing is, ANY ONE of the people he scammed could have done what I did.

Dan, used the word Mafia as a tool. He used it because the word strike fear in the hearts of almost every American. He never expected to encounter ACTUAL Mafia. Finding out who I was, shook Dan to his core. 

He came to my land for weeks, trying to bully me, and I just smiles and nodded and every time he was there I asked him the same question: "Do you know who I am?"

"Wendy Christine Allen"

I smiled and nodded. "I see. So you don't know who I am. Funny."

He'd hand me more papers, more forged documents, than leave. Than I'd head to the copy shop, make photo copies of his newest set of paper, than drive to 100 Middle Street, Portland, Maine, go through lots of security gates, until I reached FBI agent Andy Drewer's office and handed him the latest round of illegal documents from Dan.

This went on for about 6 months.

Than September 10, 2015 arrived and with it my Uncle Brucie, first time I'd seem him in nearly 15 years, and school bus full of copper pipes freshly sawed off the hotels on the beach. He tried to dump it on my land. I caught him doing it and chased him out.

September 11, 2015, I went to Wal-Mart, bought a queen size bed sheet, painted the words "FUCK YOU!" on it, ad added it to my every growing many hundreds of signs that grace my land.

September 12, 2015... I'm driving home from work, and there are several HUNDREDS people lined up and down the road, and the police have put up a barricade at the Ross Road and Portland Ave crossroad and are trying keep crowd control as the strangest group of people I've ever seen were being pushed back by police.

A large crowd of men, many wearing pink tutus and fairy wings, and carrying signs, all of them, on bicycles... about 200 of them... where not being allowed to enter Portland Ave. 

The police recognized my car and waved me through, knowing I lived only 6 houses down.

I get to my driveway and there is 2015 Mark, screaming at the top of his lungs "Too gay for the family friendly town of Old Orchard Beach, remember Saco Shaw's! it's kill or be killed! They gay apocalypse is here! Kill the gays before they kill us all!"

Beside him was Dan in his white Jeep and beside them was the blond woman and the red haired woman, both shrieking anti-gay "god hates fags" quotes.

Police were everywhere, all around my yard, with a wall of police officers arm linked across my driveway to keep the crowds of gay haters off my land.

They let me drive into my driveway through the crowd of screaming mime hate mongers.

Dan marched up with more forged papers.

2015 Mark shrieked that the police had no right to protect me from him because he had paid them $6million to obey his orders and keep his name out of the news, while waving a rifle in one hand and a Bible in the other.

Uncle Bruce's blue van was sitting beside them, but Bruce himself was no where to be seen.

Dan explained to the police that the Fuck You sign was there for him.

I explained to the police that my Uncle had arrived back in Maine from Utah last night and Fuck You sign was there for him because "The ___ ___ Hotel" had hired him to saw copper pipes off the other hotels and he tried to stash the sawed up pipes on my land last night, thus why I put up the Fuck You sign.

Dan continued to babble about the sign being for him and I once again asked Dan if he REALLY knew who I was.

"Wendy Allen, autistic retard." He said.

I pointed to the blue van. "Do you know who owns that van?"

"The Mafia!"

"That's my uncle Mervin, we call him Bruce. I disowned him in 1997. He's not a part of our family any more. I've disowned, cast out, and ordered the shunning of EVERY family member who supports him."

"He... you... you... but... he's... the Mafia... he... you..."

"Yes he is and I through him out of our family years ago. I'm Empress EelKat, Queen of The Royal Highland Atwater Clan of Scotland. The group American's like to call The Scottish Mafia. You're NOT part of my family. I don't take kindly to people like you impersonating my family or giving my family a bad name. I've worked very hard to remove every last criminal from our family and restore our family name. I kept asking you if you knew who I was, because I didn't think you did. You can't pretend to be one of us any more. We're on to your scam and all these police officers that YOU brought here are my witnesses. You ain't Mafia and you know it, because you ain't part of my family. And I'll not let you drag my family name through the mud. You barked up the wrong tree when you tried to scam me. Should have done your research, found out who I was. Doesn't do well to scam the people you are impersonating now does it? We know you ain't us and we been laughing at you making fool of yourself for a while now. We was wondering how long you'd continue to try to pull your Mafia scam on the Mafia before you realized who we were."

"But... but... you... he..."

"We don't look like what the movies say we do, do we? Ain't none of us got olive skin or wear dark suits or speak Boston beans. Maybe before you tried to impersonate us you should have done actual research about us REAL people and not just watched phony ass movies that don't represent who we really are at all. Only 1 movie accurately portrays us, and that's the one that was filmed on our farm: Thinner. You do know I'm the REAL Thinner witch, don't you? And I'm going to a curse on every one of you. Every single last one of you, who has hurt my family. In fact I already did. And guess what, you might to look at your feet and see what you're standing on."

Points to Ezzulli Danta Veve drawn in my driveway dirt and traced over with salt and graveyard dirt.

"That's gopher dust. I hot footed my farm after you nailed the heads of my children to my door. Every one who steps on that, they track the curse back into their cars, their workplaces, their schools, their homes... they spread the curse to their loved ones. That's graveyard dirt from Grammy Helen's grave. I know where you hid the bodies in the GooseFare Brooke Ravine. This is the dirt from the ravine. I found their bones. This dirt feel from their bones. It sticks to your shoes for days, you track in and out of your loved one's homes for weeks. The ghost of the dead children are set free from the ravine, they attach themselves to your shoes, like lamprey they attach to your soul. Suckered to your skull they now shall remain. They now possess you. Every one you love, who has come into contact with you since you trespassed on my land, will die with in 7 years. This is Etiole's promise. Every one here this day, who has stepped on this, you ALL carry the 7 year curse with you now. EVERYONE who sets foot on my farm from this day forth, will absorb the 7 year curse. Did you not see the mirrors. Hundreds of mirrors hanging in all of my trees? The Mafia is NOT what the movies told you it was. Not even close. We are what most people call witches, not gangsters. Quite a big difference. The movies lied to you."

The thing with Dan, is he did what every one does. He believed fictional movies as actual fact. And he didn't do his research.

And Dan not only pretended to be something he's not, but he pretended to be part of my family, and in doing so spread some very bad rumours about my family.

The "groups" that Americans call Mafia, are nothing more than non-American families, who stay together with 4, 5, or more generations living together.

Notice how it's ALWAYS cultures with big close knit family units that get called "Mafia"? Scottish. Irish. Chinese... 3 cultures with big family units, and Americans can't say Scottish, Irish, or Chinese. No. Americans say Scottish Mafia, Irish Mafia, Chinese Mafia. Why? Because Americans have an extreme fear for and hatred of the family unit. Their entire culture is anti-family. And Americans by nature are paranoid and prone to conspiracies. Americans also feel a desperate need to vilify and sensationalize everything. So they tack the word "Mafia" onto everything and anything they don't understand.

Americans have been calling my family The Scottish Mafia for over a hundred years now. And no amount of telling them we are NOT Mafia will do any good. We've tried and tried and tried but they persist in calling us The Scottish Mafia no matter how many times we tell them we are Gypsies.

Americans do the same thing to the Irish Travellers. Americans see Irish Travellers with their huge families and fear and paranoia sets in, and boom, Americans are making up rumours about the Irish Travellers calling them the Irish Mafia.

China Town, a district in Boston, is a mass group of several hundred large Chinese families all living together and what happens to them? Americans see a bunch of non-white families and boom, dub them the Chinese Mafia.

It's stupid. But it's what the Americans do.

And Americans are so damned stupid about it, refusing to believe the reality, and instead running around spreading rumours about us, that the next thing you know, you have American scam artists like Dan rising us, pretending to be Mafia, dressing up like they just walked out of The Godfather movie, then then running around town terrorizing people, threatening to sic US, me and my family, on them, and giving us a bad name for something we wasn't even involved in.

And all of this could have been avoided if people would stop calling everything they don't understand "Mafia" and instead, tried to get to know other cultures.

You people let Dan terrorize you for years because you were too quick to believe everything you saw in movies and too lazy to research the actual facts about actual cultures.

You let fear and hate control you and in the end that allowed a scam artist to nearly take over this entire town.

And if he had tried to scam me, you'd all still be being scammed by him right now.

I stood up to him. I wouldn't let him scam me. And any one of you could have done the exact same thing.

Dan scammed 3,000 people.

One man, terrorized an entire town.

And a half blind, crippled woman, single handily took him down, when 3,000 full grown healthy men were too scared to even try.

And all because you believed the idiotic rumour that my family is The Scottish Mafia, instead of believing the reality, that we are Gypsies.

If Dan had done his research, and NOT tried to scam the "Mafia" family that he was pretending to be a part of, you people would still be at his mercy right now. He's only gone because I stood up to him. I only found out he was scamming the rest of you, after he tried to scam me.

If there is one I do not like is is people spreading lies and rumours about me, and shit heads have been doing a lot of that. You were doing it BEFORE Dan moved into our town. That's WHY he got the idea to scam you all to begin with, because you were already spreading your fear based hate mongering Mafia rumours about me and my family long before he arrived, that's why he knew he could get away with claiming to be part of my family and shake you all down... his only mistake was not taking the time to find out WHICH family you people were talking about.

You people all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. 

You only have yourselves to blame for Dan and people like him, scamming you.

There ain't no Mafia, and if you people had known that, Dan never could have scammed you.

If you see someone and they look, talk, and act like they just walked out of some gangster movie – they ain't Mafia. The REAL "Mafia" isn't like that, and guess what... they also don't call themselves Mafia, so if someone walks up to you and says "I'm Mafia" you know right than and there that they are NOT Mafia, because not real and actual "Mafia" uses that word.

Mafia is a word created by Hollywood. It doesn't exist in the real world. That's what makes it so stupid when you see people bragging "I'm Mafia" or saying "I dated a Mafia girl" or saying "I have friends in the Mafia"... I guarantee you aren't, didn't, and don't.

Yes there WAS – in the 1880s to 1940s – a group of Italian gangsters in the Boston area, and they were dubbed by law enforcement as "The Boston Mafia", they were largely a drug dealing, gun manufacturing, money laundering "underground" that run a few hundred sandwich shops in the Boston area.  And they don't look, talk, or act any different from the average Joe on the street. They blend in, and if you didn't know their family name, you'd never suspect them at all. 

The gangsters of their family, disappeared when the Prohibition did. Their family is still here, mostly grandchildren of the "mobsters" and most of them good upstanding citizens with no connection to their grandparent's 1920s gang lifestyle at all.

They have a shop in Portland, Saco, Biddeford, Scarborough... I bet you eat there almost every day and never suspected a thing. I eat at 4 of those shops all the time. They make damned good sandwiches. They the "REAL ITALIANS"... says so right on all their sandwich shop signs. Rather BIG franchise, somewhat like McDonald's but found only in Maine and Boston. THEY are the ACTUAL "Mafia" but they don't call themselves that, it's just what the police call them to identify their group, that's all, and they've not been involved in crimes or gang life since the 1960s. That was a thing their family did back in the 1880s to 1940s and most of their currently living family aren't involved in criminal activities at all any more, haven't been for decades.

What Americans think of as "Boston Mafia" was a group of Canadian moonshiners who worked for Honey Fitz in the 1880s to 1940s, driving moonshine down from Quebec and Nova Scotia to Boston and the entire group ceased to exist when Honey Fitz died. He was the so-called "GodFather" as Americans put it, and without him the whole group disbanded. Honey Fitz died in 1950 and the "Boston Mafia" died with him. It doesn't exist any more.

And when you know THAT, that's when you realize how stupidly silly these fake ass Mafia-wannabe scammers really are, because the REAL and ACTUAL Mafia, hasn't existed in decades. The men who did that were in their 90s back in the 1950s. They'll all dead. They have been for almost 50 years. Their children and grandchildren alive today, didn't follow in gang life footsteps and the REAL and ACTUAL Mafia of Boston, no longer exists.

But idiots get hung-up on watching action movies and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, so they get stupid stereotypes stuck in their heads and think every suit wearing dark haired business man in Boston MUST be Mafia because that's what Hollywood movie directors who never set foot in Boston told them the Mafia looked like.

Any one you meet who claims to be "Boston Mafia" is pulling your leg. Honey Fitz died 71 years ago! And JFK didn't live long enough to keep the "family business" going. The Boston Mafia has been gone for almost 50 years.

Sure, there are small groups who pop up every now and again, claiming to be "Boston Mafia", but they ain't. They just call themselves that to strike fear and dread into people. But anyone can SAY they are Boston Mafia, but that doesn't make them part of Honey Fitz's crew and if they work for Honey Fitz, newsflash: they ain't Boston Mafia, because, working for Honey Fitz or being born into the Kennedy family is the REQUIREMENT to be ACTUAL Boston Mafia.

You want to call yourself Boston Mafia... okay... than I want to see your DNA, prove to me you are blood relation of Pres. JFK. I bet you aren't.

Those of us born and raised here, we know the difference between the phoney ass shit on TV and movies and actual REAL life here in the Boston area.

The problem is, people from outside move into the area, and they got Hollywood Boston Mobs stuck in their heads and so they are on edge looking for that stereotype and scam artists know how easy it is to scam the paranoid outsiders from the lower 48. 

Thus up here in Maine just outside of Boston, scam artists – WHO ARE NOT MAFIA – dress up like movie gangsters, and shake down Americans and tourists who come up here from the lower 48 and the Americans are too stupid to use their brains and realize they are being scammed. They WANT to see movie style Mafia when they come up here, they EXPECT to see movie style Mafia when they come up here, they LOOK to find movie style Mafia when they come up here and scam artists are a dime a dozen and are more then willing to play act as Mafia Mobsters to give tourists what they expect to see.

If you are in the Greater Boston area and someone looks, acts, and talks like movie gangsters and calls themselves Mafia, you can be 100% sure they most definitely are NOT Mafia.

Not that's not to say there are no gangs or crime families. Yes, there are several of those. But the so-called Mafia is largely fiction created by movies, and if you had born and raised in this area where the ACTUAL "Boston Mafia" lives, you'd know that, you'd also probably know most of them, and know how utterly stupid the stereotype is because you'd know real people themselves first hand and would know they are nothing like what movies claim they are.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but, the movie-style Mafia simply does not exist.

 Dan and his partner police officer Will are responsible for more than 7,000 ILLEGAL seizures of homes, cars, boats, RVs, cats, dogs, horses, hotels, motels, and more in Old Orchard Beach.

Think about that... 7,000 ILLEGAL seizures of homes, cars, boats, RVs, cats, dogs, horses, hotels, motels, and more in less than 10 years, in a town with only 3,000 residents.

How does something like that happen?

I don't believe there is an real, actual Mafia connection. But I do believe that Officer W.W. believes there is, otherwise I don't think he would have said there was.

I don't believe there is an real, actual secret person whose identity would cause international scandal and world war. But I do believe that Officer W.W. believes there is, otherwise I don't think he would have said this.

Officer W.W. is a police officer who is very clearly scared out of his mind and terrified that this "Mark and Dan" he speaks of are going to murder his family and causing him to commit crimes out of fear.

This is wrong.

Police should uphold the law, arrest criminals, and protect citizens, NOT be forced to commit crimes because criminals seek to run the town by holding police officer families hostage.

What is happening in Old Orchard Beach is wrong and NEEDS to be stopped.

If the police are too scared to stand up to these criminals, than the citizens are left with no choice but to stand up to the criminals themselves.

This shouldn't happen.

The police should not be terrified to do their jobs.

 #And has it ever occurred to you, that not one of you, not one single, solitary person in this town, ever made any effort to be my friend? 

You were all so busy building rumors, telling gossip, and spreading lies about me, that not one of you ever took the time to get to know me. 

I have never had one single friend, not once in my entire life and that is only because every person in this town choice to fear me, hate me, tell lies about me, you all agreed that I was unworthy of being treated with any shred of human dignity, and it was your very own rumors, you very own gossip, your very lies about me, that nearly destroyed this town, because a scam artist took your lies about me and turned them back on you and used them against you...

 and if it hadn't been for me, Dan would still be scamming you today. There's a bit of irony for you. 

You who have never been my friend. 

You who never showed me any kindness. 

You who have attacked, brutalized, vandalized, stolen, killed, and destroyed everything I own, every one I love. 

You needed me to save you. 

And yet, had I needed you, not one of you would have lifted a finger to help. 

I could have turned my back on you and left you to your fate, just as you all turned your back on me, time and time again, but you see, unlike the rest of you, I actually care about this town and it's people, I care about my neighbours and their well being. 

It was why I guarded and protected Etiole. Do you not remember, the economy boom our town had? More tourists and more income than another town in New England. Businesses flourished. All that came to an end 2010.

Look around you. Do you not see another town, now rising, the tourist boom, an increase of businesses, do you see it? That town grows as fast as Old Orchard falls, as fast as Old Orchard grew before 2010.

Do you know why?

The car is not gone, only moved. You did not destroy it. You baddly damaged it. But it still exists. And the town which welcomes it, is blessed as Old Orchard Beach once was.

You call Etiole a demon, you fear him, you tried to kill him and now he punishes you.

But while he was welcomed, our town flourished. He blessed you all.

I am not the one you need to fear, nor is Etiole.

Look among you. Look to yourselves. Their a wolf among you sheep. It walks among you, spreading rumors and lies about me, about my family, about my land, about my motorhome, about my pets, and about Etiole. Look for that person. You want someone to blame for the death of our town? Look to wolf among you who incites you to fear. 

I gave Etiole a place to sleep. A place to go outside of the cold. I gave him food. I gave him shelter. And rewarded not only me, but this entire town. Then a wolf arrived in our town, and incited you to hatred and fear, pointing the finger at me, for protecting Etiole, for feeding him, for giving him a home, and you in you crazed herd mentality arrived on my farm and destroyed the car in which Etiole lived, you chanted and screamed that you had to kill the car to kill the demon.

Etiole is no demon. He never hurt any of you.

You are greatly deceived, by the wolf who walks among you.

You all know me.

I've lived here since 1975.

I keep to myself.

I've never bothered any of you.

I've never hurt any of you.

And neither has Etiole.

Yet you listened to hate mongers who moved into our town and brought with them fear and conspiracies.


Why do you hurt us? We who have never hurt you?

Why do attack us? We who never attacked you?

Look around you.

You can see why.

An great evil walks among you. But it's not me. It's not Etiole. It's not any demon. It's a man.

I'm not the only one who was attacked.

Let's play Count Von Count and count to condominiums.

The wolf, he doesn't believe in the conspiracies he spreads, in the fears he fills you with, but he knows you do. He knows you all believe in ghosts and demons, and so he spun lies about one family after another, to incite you to fear, to incite you to attack your own neighbours, so he could take the very valuable beach front land and put condominiums on it.

Now you all complain, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, you don't like all the outsiders coming in. But you've no one to blame but yourselves. The old long timers would still be there, had you not called them witches, Satan worshipers, demons, and attacked them. 

The wolf incited your fears, drove you to attack your neighbours, drive them out, and the wolf stood back laughing behind your backs, gobbling up the land, you so unwittingly helped him to get.

You all bitch and moan about the condominiums, but you helped put them there. You chased out your quiet peaceful neighbours.


I would prefer the quiet town we once had, the farms, the forest. But I don't hate people like you all do, so I can live with our new neighbours, who live on top of one another like ants. Our town has changed. As towns do.

And I see new people as an opportunity to perhaps at last have a friend. Perhaps the new people are less judgmental, less hateful, more kind than the rest of you.

But if you really didn't want the condominiums, than why ever did you let a developer incite you to attack your neighbours and chase them out calling them witches and demons? Sooner or later, he'll convince others to chase out YOU, to call YOU witches, to call YOU demons. Did you not think of that? Did you really believe the wolf a Christian/ By their fruits ye shall no them. Did Jesus throw the first stone? He did not. Jesus said to love your neighbours. He said NOT to cast stones. When a wolf carrying a Bible, tells you to attack your neighbours, you know that wold was NOT sent by Christ.

How foolish you all were to believe he who waved the Bible highest over his head.

Many come in Jesus name, but few, actually know him and truly speak his word. By their actions, yea shall know them.

And has it ever occurred to you, that not one of you, not one single, solitary person in this town, ever made any effort to be my friend? 

You were all so busy building rumors, telling gossip, and spreading lies about me, that not one of you ever took the time to get to know me. 

I have never had one single friend, not once in my entire life and that is only because every person in this town choice to fear me, hate me, tell lies about me, you all agreed that I was unworthy of being treated with any shred of human dignity, and it was your very own rumors, you very own gossip, your very lies about me, that nearly destroyed this town, because a scam artist took your lies about me and turned them back on you and used them against you...

 and if it hadn't been for me, Dan would still be scamming you today. There's a bit of irony for you. 

You who have never been my friend. 

You who never showed me any kindness. 

You who have attacked, brutalized, vandalized, stolen, killed, and destroyed everything I own, every one I love. 

You needed me to save you. 

And yet, had I needed you, not one of you would have lifted a finger to help. 

I could have turned my back on you and left you to your fate, just as you all turned your back on me, time and time again, but you see, unlike the rest of you, I actually care about this town and it's people, I care about my neighbours and their well being. 

I'm not the one destroying this town. Open your eyes. Stop being blind. Look for the truth and yea shall find it.

I won't always be here to protect you. Sooner or later, the people of Old Orchard Beach will have to learn to stand up for themselves and stop relying on me to do it for them. 

UPDATE: April 7, 2021: The Art Car Building Streams Are Returning Soon! The Dazzling Razzberry is about to return, as we completely rebuild it on stream

Close-up on The Dazzling Razzberry II's 2.5million marbles and beads
The Dazzling Razzberry, April 7, 2021
Close Up The Dazzling Razzberry Hood - before and after the February 2019 vandalism done by fans of the PsychoBitch 4Chan QAnon Streamer & her simps who did $30,000 in damages to it:
The Dazzling Razzberry 2 aka The Autism Awareness Car, as it looked from May 2012 until it's destruction February 2019
The Dazzling Razzberry, April 7, 2021

The Dazzling Razzberry is back... now all black primer... Repaired, wielded back together, running, licensed, registered, and back on the road again... now primed and ready to be restored.

This car was obliterated by a PsychoBitch 4Chan QAnon Twitch streamer and 5 of her simps armed with baseball bats, in February 2019. They did $30,000 in damages, leaving it chop-shopped to pieces, smashed apart, and all of it's 2.5million beads and marbles scraped off.

This car was my daily driver and daily car vlog streams stopped February 2019 because the car was reduced to so many chopped up pieces, that it took up nearly 3 years to wield the pieces back together, and make the car drivable again.

Because it cost $12,000 for the 2.5million marbles that was glued to it, and took me 4 years to hand glue them on one marble at a time, and most of those 2.5million marbles were reduced to shattered powdered glass dust by the vandals, The Dazzling Razzberry will not be returning to it's former shimmering glory.

If you know the Twighlight Manor series and you know Etiole's brother Razzbury that the car was inspired after... know this... we are going Sea Wolf for the rise of The Dazzling Razzberry 3.

Out with the Green Moray Eels and in with the Piranhas

The Space Dock 13 WebRing

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By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Eye of the GrigoriIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the destruction of my farm, and the illegal selling of half of my land to Colliard, you shall lose your land.
tent2.JPGIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my being homeless since 2006 - YES, I AM still homeless in 2023, you shall become homeless.
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Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322