What Does "Top Left USA" Mean To You? 
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Today's question, comes from the SBI forum for web builders.

What Does "Top Left USA" Mean To You? 

Does "top left USA" = pacific northwest to most folks?

 #1354594  by Karen from raising-rabbits.com 
 22 Sep 2016 22:43

Hi everyone,
I've been building the domain: http://www.beautifulpacificnorthwest.com for several years. I like the domain name well enough; I chose it back when putting the site concept (pacific northwest) in the name was considered best practice. 

But, it IS a mouthful. On one hand, people search on the phrase, 'beautiful pacific northwest.' On the OTHER hand, the topic is incredibly broad. Good thing I enjoy it, however it'll take some doing to cover the pacific northwest from Vancouver Island BC to Portland Oregon (the arbitrary limits I thought I'd set, at least for the first 28 years lol). 

I'm plowing full steam ahead because I like the topic. But, if there were some way to narrow the site concept to something more manageable (via Move-It), that would still meet (current) best practices, I'd prolly give it some serious thought.

These two names I have parked already: 

BeautifulPNW.com - says the same thing, is MUCH shorter. Will everyone understand that PNW = pacific northwest? (Or at least, anyone who is interested in visiting the PNW) The area is so beautiful; I'm trying to provide the info tourists will need, as well as tons of beautiful photos. Changing to this domain will shorten the name, but will not shrink the topic. 

TopLeftUSA.com - Same question: will it be clearly understood that the top left of the USA is the PNW? It's a little tongue-in-cheek. Is it a dumb name? The advantage of this domain name is that it can be as big or little as I like. I live in Port Angeles, WA, which is as "top left" as one can get. As the pages mount up, I can provide a wider and wider scope of information and photos. 

With a site concept of pacific northwest, will moving the content to topleftusa (or beautifulpnw) result in any penalties for not including the site concept in the domain name? 

Thanks in advance for whatever insights you can provide. 



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