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What I'm doing for NaNoWriMo 2017

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What will you write about in NaNoWriMo?Write a tl;dr (too long; didn't read) of what you plan to write about. Try to sell us on it in one sentence. Still have multiple ideas? List them too.

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  • What will you write about in NaNoWriMo?

This will be my 13th NaNo. Started in 2004, and won every year since 2006

Title: Lost in a Space That Isn't There

Cover Art:

Planned Word Count: around 300,000 words; plan to write around 200,000 of then in November for NaNoWriMo

Genre: Epic Dark Fantasy

  • Write a tl;dr (too long; didn't read) of what you plan to write about. Try to sell us on it in one sentence. Still have multiple ideas? List them too.

After years of listening to Unicorn's stories of having lived in Santa's village, Quaraun finally agrees to visit the Jolly Old Elf. But when the Lich condemned to bring joy to children for eternity, discovers the world's most powerful wizard is in town, he hatches a plot to escape his endless Christmas fate.

Full details are here:

  • Where do you live (State / Country)?

Old Orchard Beach, Maine, USA

  • Male, female, other?


  • How long have you been writing?

I published my first book in 1978. It's now 39 years, 130+ novels, 2,000+ short stories, and a few dozen plays later.

  • What is your writing motivation?

I love spending time with the characters I write.

  • What programs do you use to write?

AceCad DigiMemo

EditPad 7

LibreOffice 5


  • How fast can you type?

During NaNo I frequently reach 175WPM, but my normal daily average is only 91WPM.

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  • Promotions:

I run a writing/author focused YouTube Channel. I record my NaNoWriMo planning and writing sessions, did over 100 NaNoWriMo videos in 2016, will likely do as many this year.

It features daily vlogs, that give you an in depth look into the everyday life of an author, and what it is like dealing with fans, haters, critics, publishing... all recorded live (for example - if I'm talking about dealing with fans interrupting my life - it's because I was vlogging at WalMart and you just saw a fan glomp me on camera. I cut nothing out... not even the shoot out in my driveway during last's NaNoWriMo. The camera is running 24/7 and the vlogs are quite literally - an author's life recorded. It's NOT me doing typical "how to write tips" videos. It's the everyday life an an author. If it happens in my life, you see it live. The videos are also very long, many are 1 to 4 hours, because it's my day uncut.. Quite a bit different from typical authortube channels.)

I do daily writing prompts on my YouTube Channel, I also read how-to-write books, do various #authortube, #writetube, and #booktube videos, in addition to random non-writing related gaming videos:

My author home page is here: There are over 9,700 articles on writing, world building, character creations, etc. Including my 13 Step Method To Writing, and this is also where you can find all the articles I've written specifically for NaNoWrimo since 2004. The site has been online since 1997, on it's current url since 2013, and new articles are published daily.

Many of my books have free sample chapters that can be read online, the index of those can be found here: There are more then 100 sample chapters (from a few dozen novels) currently available and I'm constantly adding more every month.

  • Discussions: Tell us what's on your mind.

I have no plot for this novel. Only a basic idea suggested by some of my fans on a FaceBook group. Throughout the series, Unicorn is constantly talking about how years ago he was Santa's chef and was the one who built the gingerbread houses that make up Santa's village. Readers started asking if Santa was real in Quaraun's universe or if Unicorn was just nuts and if Santa was real, if I would write a special Christmas edition novel for the series, where Quaraun meets Old saint Nick.

So, that's where the idea for this came from.

I'm spending October researching Santa myths from around the world, and trying to figure out how to take this idea and turn it into a plot.

I've never done a holiday special for the Quaraun series before, so this is a different slant from how I usually write the novels in the series. I'm not sure yet what is going

 to happen once Quaraun get's to Santa's village.