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Creating Your Magic System:
What rules of magic should you use in your world's magic system and why?
A look at how I create Quaraun's magic system.

By EelKat Wendy C Allen

Author of Cozy & Gothic Fantasy, Sweet/Fluffy M/M Furry Romance, Cosmic Horror, Space Opera, & Literary SoL genres. I write Elves, Fae, Unicorns, & Demons.

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I write a series that delves heavily into magic. I'll tell you how I've dealt with these things and you can see if that gives you any ideas for what to do in your own story.

Okay, first a quick backstory of the world I write, so you have a point of reference, for understanding why and how these the laws got put in place: The main character is a wizard. He and two other wizards are travelling together on the run from a group they refer to as "The Guild". They are very old, non-Humans (an Elf, a Faerie, and a Demon) and were once (centuries ago, when they were much younger - the oldest of them is the Fae who is more than 3,000 years old) seen as the most powerful, most feared wizards to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Each of these 3 wizards has near-god-like powers and can manipulate anything or anyone to their will. Among other things, they can control the weather, cast illusions, grant wishes, raise the dead, and cause entire nations to drop dead simply by looking at them and saying: "DIE!"

Because of his god-like abilities, many religions and cults have risen up to worship Quaraun, believing him to be in fact a god walking among Humans.

The most powerful of these insanely overpowered wizards can call down lightening, channel it through his body, and cast lightening bolts from his fingers, a feat that kills most wizards who attempt it, but leaves him unharmed.

Quaraun is also one of the only wizards to ever successfully create a Lich, and has in his comand 13 Lich Lords and a DracoLich.

Because he is an Elf and can talk to nature, Quaraun possesses the ability to cause forests to rise up and march into battlefields, letting giant pine trees crush his enemies under their roots by walking over them, once calling up a flock of hummingbirds to pick out the eyes of his attackers, and rather then an army of zombies, this Necromancer has an army of roses - dead flowers resurrected as bloodthirsty, thorny harbingers of death. Quaraun is basically a tree hugging, animal rights activist hippie turned super villain.

Summer 1854, Somewhere in the Uncharted Regions of the Amazon Rainforest

Remington B. Madison stopped to catch his breath. He looked behind him. There was no time to stop, he must keep going, he must get out of this God forsaken place. They were coming. He could hear them coming. They were getting closer, closer. They'd be upon him at any moment. He had to think. He had to get out of here. He had to get back to the states. Must think fast. Why had he sent the artifacts to the museum already? He should have waited. He should have found out more about the natives first.

Their traditions.

Their gods.

The birds.

Oh god, the birds!

He should have considered the sacredness of the birds.

It had only been a bird, a simple black bird, nothing to be missed, not worth this fuss. He hadn’t realized, he hadn’t known, it was just a mistake, his men were hungry. It was just one bird. Why hadn’t he listened more closely to the words of the priestess?

Original cover art from the 2007 edition

The birds!

He stopped thinking and started listening. A strange whirring sound was coming from the forest behind him. The sound of hundreds of tiny wings beating at lightening speeds.

They were coming.

They were coming for him.

Thousands of tiny hummingbirds, with gleaming ruby wings, and shining golden beaks. He started running. Running faster and faster, farther and farther. His mind was racing. Must get away. Must escape.

The birds.

The maddening whir of their thousand beating wings.

They had killed his porters.

They had killed the rest of the dig team.

They had killed the local native guides.

There was no one left.

Just him.

He was the only one left, he had to get out of this place alive. He must escape the wrath of Huitzilopochtli. He must get back home. He had to tell the world what he had found. He must warn them. Warn the world. No one must ever enter these forests again.

~From "The Ruby Hummingbird" 

Quaraun had made a new wand.

A strange wand.

A wand with powers no Elf had ever seen before.

Rumours of what the wand was for, galloped through the town.

As Quaraun slowly drifted through the town, he walked pass houses touching them with his wand, and instantly window boxes heavy laden with pink geraniums filled every window.

No one dared take the flowers down, they feared what the mad Elf would do if they did.

Rumours spread through the town about the few Elves who did take the flowers down.

The Elves had vanished, eaten by the undead pink flowers, so the rumours said.

Pink creeping phlox crept over the sidewalks behind Quaraun as he walked.

Their vines and tendrils lashing out at other Elves tripping them and pulling them down, the hungry pink flowers devouring them.

The fields around the village were suddenly filled with pink snap dragons, but instead of flowers actual tiny pink dragons grew from the steams.

The Elves now found themselves trapped in their village, unable to escape, eaten by hoards of tiny pink snapping dragons dare they set for out of their town.

Quaraun's wand was filling the village with beautiful pink flowers.

Beautiful pink flowers that eat any Elf that got near them.

~From "BoomFuzzy" 

The Elf suddenly stood up, his long thin ears perked up high over his head, listening for danger.

"What ya hearing?" Unicorn asked.

"People. A wagon's coming."

Unicorn sniffed the air. "Humans. I can smell em."

"There's a turtle in the road."

"Is there?"

"They'll kill it."

Quaraun jumped up and started running down the glade back to the road.

"Hey! Where is ya off to?"

"Got to move the turtle out of the way of the wagons," Quaraun called back.

"Ya crazy Elf. Get back here!"

Unicorn stood up and followed the Elf. He wasn't in any hurry, so by the time he reached the road, Quaraun was standing in the middle of the road, yelling at the band of Humans and refusing to let them pass until the giant snapping turtle had finished crossing the road.

"Thought ya was gonna move the turtle?" Unicorn asked.

"It's too heavy, I can't lift it and it's a snapping turtle. Pick it up wrong it'll bite your hands off."

"That a damn big turtle," Unicorn said, looking at the giant snapper. "Would take five people to lift her."

Quaraun went back to arguing with the Humans while Unicorn watched the turtle slowly make it's way across the dirt road, towards the swampy Witch Pond. The turtle was so big that it wasn't possible for the wagons to fit by without hitting it. 

"I does no remember an island in the pond earlier," Unicorn said. But no one was listening.

The Humans with the wagons were in a hurry to get to where ever they were going before nightfall and did not want to wait for the turtle and suggested the turtle would make a good stew for tonight's super, which in turn sent the vegetarian Elf into a fit of hysterics.

"Quaraun..." Unicorn tried to talk to the Elf.

Quaraun now had his wand pulled out and was threatening to kill the Humans if they killed the turtle.


"Not now."

"Now is good time."

"I'm busy!"

"Un I is hallucinating wid ya now."


"Uhm," Unicorn said, trying to get Quaraun's attention. "The island is moving."

"Islands don't move," Quaraun sputtered, not paying attention to Unicorn as he glared at the closest Human and pointed his wand in their face.

Unicorn took a few steps back, staring up high above them.

"Ya right, it no island." 

A large shadow went across the road.

"Quaraun. We needs to run."

"What? Why?"

Quaraun turned to face the pond, just in time to see a giant turtle, big as a house, rising up out of the water, on her way to the shore to protect her baby.

"Oh dear!"

Quaraun didn't have a chance to say any more, before Unicorn grabbed his arm and ran off the road towards the forest. 

"We needs to get to da trees, it too big to pass t'rough 'em."

The Humans were screaming and yelling and instead of running, drawing swords and arrows to battle the beast. Quaraun looked back into to see the massive turtle open it's mouth wide and scoup up a wagon filled with Humans and swallow it whole.

"It just ate them!"

"Yeah, well lets get oot of here before it eat us." 

ZooLock, who had been watching all of this from the meadow ran into the forest to catch up with Quaraun and Unicorn. The Elf stopped to catch his breath.

"What if the Humans follow us," ZooLock asked.

"What if they do?" Quaraun said, gasping for air. "I am so out of shape."

"They was pretty mad at you for making them stop, if any of them survive that turtle beast, they'll blame the deaths of the others on you."

"Good point."

Quaraun stared at the swamp's deadwod trees towering above him.

"Don't let them follow us," the Necromancer said to the trees.

Instantly every dead tree in the forest, uprooted itself and went marching off towards the Humans. The Humans worked frantically to drag their wounded from the pond's edge and avoid being eaten by the turtle, as the forest began to eat their dead.

"Great!" Unicorn said sarcastically. "And now if any survive they will just kill ya no questions asked."

"Come on," Quaraun said as he turned and walked deeper into the forest. "The more distance we put between us and them the better."

"What if some of them Humans survive?"

"They won't."

"What if they do?"

"They won't. The trees will eat them if they try to follow us."

"So what happened to all ya, live and let live, harm none crap?"

Quaraun shrugged.

"I'm a Necromancer. Besides, they're Humans. I'm an Elf. My job is to protect nature from Humans." Quaraun stopped walking and stood thinking for a moment.

"Thought Humans was part of the nature ya Elves was supposed to be protecting?"

~From "The Summoner of Darkness" 

 “I resurrect dead things and bring them back to life as beautiful things to bring colour and happy, cheerfulness to the world. The rumours are true, I can restore life to any dead thing, but I learned a long time ago there are terrible consequences to restore life to large complex beings, like Humans, Elves, Dragons... so I stick to small things... birds and butterflies, trees and flowers. It doesn't always work out right. There's a school of pink, flying flesh eating goldfish travelling through clouds off the coast of Canada and a flock of vampire turkeys roaming through the forests, not far from there...”

“Vampire turkeys?”

“Yes. I was new to Necromancy. There's a flock of nzambie chickens around somewhere as well. And Lich lichen growing on trees off...”

“Lich lichen? You mean fungus?”


“You resurrected dead mushrooms?”

“Well they're not mushrooms...”

“They're mushrooms if I say they are and you resurrected them?”

“I use magic to plant roses in barren waste. I resurrect dead brush and dying dune grass as rose bushes. All the pink roses growing in the dunes along the coast... I made those out of dead brambles...”



“Why roses?”

“I like roses...”

“So, you're telling me that you're a pink sissified, pansy, panty waist of a Wizard who plants roses on the coast?”

“Yes,” Quaraun answered quietly. “They're undead roses. They bloom, all year long. Even in winter...”

“You resurrect dead roses?”



“I like roses.”

“You're pathetic, Quaraun.”

~From "GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover" 

The last of the pure blooded High Elves, Quaraun hails himself as a heroic protector of nature, citing Humans as the plague sent to destroy plants and animals. Being the last High Elf, he's now gone overboard in his whole protecting nature thing, out of his fear that if he dies all plants and animals will die with him.

Seeing himself as good, Quaraun is seen by Humans as the evilest creature to ever live. Armies now march across the globe with one goal in mind - to find and cut down The World's Most Powerful Wizard.

Quaraun The Insane aka The Pink Necromancer: The World's Most Feared & Most Powerful Wizard

He is also the main character whose perspective the series is told from, thus the reader sees the story show Quaraun as the hero, while the Humans are shown as the villains, even though the reverse is true.


They came from a time when Humans were rare and magic was second nature. The planet was invaded by a race of alien-like squid headed Demons from another realm, a hell dimension only accessible by a portal, resulting in a war between the wizards, that was more or less an apocalypse, leaving Elven and Fae races nearly extinct, and wiping out completely nearly every other non-Human race (Gnomes, Dwarves, Orcs, Dragons, Unicorns, Goblins, etc are all extinct from this war), thus allowing the Human race to rise up and take over the planet.

The world of magic wielding wizards is gone, precisely because wizards DID get too powerful and they DID destroy the planet. This event is mentioned briefly at the start of the series, and comes up in conversations throughout the series. The Elven empire is gone (thus why only 1 High Elf remains), the Fae Realm lays in ruins, and the portal to the hell dimension has been sealed.

At the time the series starts, fewer than a thousand Elves, Fae, and Demons (combined) are known to still be alive, and of them only a dozen or so wizards still remain, including the 3 who were the most powerful and most feared of all (and these 3 being the main characters).

Anyone, Humans included, can learn to use magic, though it takes many years (centuries) of study to learn how to use it properly and without side effects, thus only the longest lived races/species ever become very powerful wizards. Because of this mass destruction of most all life on the planet, the Humans live in mortal fear of Elves, Faerie, Demons, and anyone who uses magic regardless of race/species, thus a militant group, known only as The Guild, rose up to power, took over the government and wields hefty punishments on anyone even remotely suspected of using magic. Once The Guild of Wizardry, a more or less eletite club for wealthy, nobleman, mostly Elven wizards, The Guild is now run by Humans and is more or less a group of witch hunters, running rampant across the land slaughtering and torturing anyone accused of witchcraft.

So, there's the world these rules are laid down for... let's look at your rules and see how I've dealt with these things in my world:

Quaraun and Unicorn, suddenly found themselves in another building, unlike anything they had ever seen before. Big as a town itself and filled with aisles of food. Fluorescent lights, blinking and flickering above them.

"Where the Hell are we?" Quaraun asked Unicorn.

"Does nah know. But people all is frozen."

21st century Humans stood around the freezer department, loading their shopping carts, but time had stopped for them, so now none could move.

A familiar bleating sound came from the next alise.

"Sheep. GhoulSpawn."

Quaraun and Unicorn ran down the aisle to the next, but GhoulSpawn was not what they found....

"You!" Quaraun pointed an accusing finger are the ancient orange robed wizard, whom many centuries ago, used to be GhoulSpawn, but no longer was. "You did this!"

The wizard did not answer them, instead, he sat in his red armchair and unwrapped Hostess Twinkies, breaking them apart and feeding them to his sheep.

"Where are we?"

"Earth. America. Maine. Biddeford. WalMart. Hostess Twinkie alise," The Gremlin said, not looking up.

"What is tis place?"

"It's like a market. A big one. Merchants sell their food to WalMart at a discount and WalMart sells it to the people. The merchants name was, Walden or Walton or Waldorf or Waldo or something. It's his market, thus the name WalMart. He also owns Sam's Clubs. His name is Sam. Sam Walden. I think. I'm not sure."

"What year is it now?"

"2016. November."

"Send us back."

"No. You don't want to go back."

"Yes, I do."

"No you don't."

"Send us back, right now!"


Gremlin handed Quaraun a squishy yellow pastry.

"What the Hell is that?"

"Food. You'll like it. Sugariest thing ever made."

"Last time I took food from you it was poisoned."

"Posioned? I'm sorry, that should not have happened. What did I give you?"

"Pink sugar cubes."

"Ah! LSD. Oh dear. I should have told you how to take them. You melt one in Faerie Wine then drink the wine. Eating them like candy can be dangerous. I'm sorry. I had not meant to hurt you. You were in pain. As I recall, you were wounded. I gave them to you to help ease the pain. But a Twinkie is not medicine. It's cake, with it's frosting on the inside. The sheep love it."

"You and your sheep. What are we doing here?"

"Not dying."


"I had to change your past again."


"I can't let you die."


"Had you continued on where you were, you would have died. Now you are here with me instead. Alive."

Gremlin ate the Twinkie that Quaraun did not take from him.

"What happened to all these people?"

Quaraun pointed to the shoppers all standing frozen stiff.

"I've stopped time. More or less. Or rather, time is moving so slow for them and so fast of us, that we move among them invisibly. A spell you taught me, when you killed my people. The day we meet. I've learned how to do it now. They can neither see nor hear us. Makes it easier."

"Makes what easier? Stealing from them?"

Gremlin shrugged as he pulled another Twinkie box off the shelf and began opening the cellophane wrappers and feeding more Twinkies to his sheep. The sheep, with pastel coloured wool, were all gathered around him begging.

"It's been how many hundred years since I meet you and you're still a thief?"

"Some habits die hard."

~From "The Summoner of Darkness"

>>While food could theoretically be conjured to end world hunger, conjured food has no nutrition and so hunger still exists

In a similar sense, my world has a thing that is known as Faerie Food.

There is no regulations or laws or rules governing Faerie Food as there is much speculation over the reality of its existence. In other words the government has never been able to prove Faerie Food it a real phenomena and therefore is unable to make laws governing it's use and production.

Magic can not make something out of nothing. Magic is energy that is used to manipulate the world around you. Thus conjuring up food out of nothing is impossible. However, one could take a handful of dirt and turn it into a bowl of cherries. The person would eat them and they taste and smell like real cherries, but they have the same nutritional value as the dirt they were created from AND you'll end up with the same stomach upsets and digestive issues, caused by sitting down and eating a handful of dirt.

Magically created food is called Faerie Food, because it is common practice among trickster Fae, lure weary travellers into their homes, and then create vast feasts. Tables filled with fruits and pies and cakes and meats and vegetables, but are in reality made out of poison mushrooms. The person who eats Faerie Food is sent into a hallucinogenic nightmare, just before dying in agony.

The world they live in, is very "medival" in technology, and so has no mass production of food, no super markets, or WalMarts. Although due to time travel, WalMart does make a cameo apearance in the series.

People rely on farmers to have good harvests, and pray that droughts, floods, famines, and blizzards do not destroy the crops before harvest comes. Many in this world go hungry. Starvation is a problem. Thus is is easy for Faeries to tempt Humans to their doom with promises of full bellies. Faeries look so similar to Humans that they often pass for Human and so rarely is anyone aware, until it is too late, that they are being offered food made by Faeries.

The Faeries themselves are monsters in the truest sense of the word. Vicious predators, they rank highest on the food chain, and Humans are their primary food source. The Fae are immune to the side effect of poison mushrooms, thus, they can eat the flesh of a Human who died from poison mushrooms, without any harm coming to them.

Common advice said by everyone to everyone, throughout the entire series is: "Never take food from strangers."

Quaraun's lover, is the Fae wizard, BoomFuzzy the Unicorn, who is also a chef, and is hailed in the Realm of Fae as the finest baker and candy maker of them all. In a very Hansel and Gretel fashion, he is commonly seen dropping gingerbread houses into starving villages, and luring hungry children to come eat his house, so he can in turn eat the children. He is not the only Faerie to do this, though he is the boldest.

Most Fae put their candy and cake houses in the forest outside of a starving village (not right in the middle of the village like he does), and then hang sugar cookies, toffees, fairy cakes, and chocolates in the trees, along the path leading to the house. These Faerie paths are known as "a trail of treats" and most adults know if they find one, it leads to doom, but most children, giddy with the discovery of trees decorated with cookies, quickly gather them up, following the trail to the Faerie's house.

This world exists in a time when hungry is a serious problem, starvation is a daily event, and families with large numbers of children. A family typically has 8 to 12 children, but only 2 or 3 survive to adulthood. In areas where the famine has hit the hardest, you hear parents talk to one another about "a trail of treats", and often sending their children into the forest telling them to look for the trail of treats, and if they find it to follow the trail as it will lead to a house made of cake. This is a parent's way of getting rid of their excess children, and avoiding having to watch their children starve to death.

>>Healing powers are very dangerous and thereby banned so disease still exists

In my world, magic can heal, but only by transference. Meaning, if you heal a sword wound on one person, that sword wound will show up on someone else, specifically the wizard casting the healing spell. In order to heal someone, the wizard must be prepared to take on that sickness, disease, injury, or wound themselves.

In this world Healers exist. A Healer, is similar to a cross between a priest, a doctor, and a wizard. They use a combination of actual medicine, actual medical procedures, holy rituals, prayers, and magic, to heal people. They still have to deal with the transference issue, but, by using actual medical practices, they lesson the amount of illness they transfer to themselves. Also, the prayer and holy rituals, allows them to cast some of the illness out of the sick person and into a doll, stature, or holy relic, further lessening the amount of transference to themselves.

Healers are rare as the job is quite dangerous and they could die from the transference process, if they have not done their holy rituals and medical procedures correctly before casting the healing spell.

A controversial thing to exist in this world are Faerie Healers who specialize in assisted suicide.

In Fae culture suicide is an accepted form of death, and is one of the ways that Fae are seen by other species are bizarre, because most non-Fae are horrified by the thought of suicide, while Fae embrace and accept it. However, there is some question as to the Fae concept of suicide, givemn that Faeries are nearly immortal, and live many thousands of years, and rumours exist that Fae can not truly die, and only come back to life younger and healthier after killing themselves.

Theories exist that the Fae kill themselves as a method of healing and rebirth, to regenerate younger bodies for themselves after their old one wears out. Very little is actually known about he Fae, who remain the most mysterious and least understood of all races in the series. Some races speculate that it were the Fae who created the universe and that they are far more ancient then could be imagined, and that their child-like ways are simply because they are gods who've become bored after having lived for eons. Some races speculate that the Fae suicide rituals are nothing more then games Fae play in hopes that someday they will be able to experience true death.

The series' primary villain is a 3,000 year old Fae, who commits suicide in every novel of the series and comes back in the next novel, younger then he was in the previous novel. The series gives no definite explanation for how or why this is possible, leaving it as being one of the many mysteries that exist about the Fae. 

But back to the topic of Fae Healers who specialize in assisted suicide. As previously mentioned, there is a thing known as Faerie Food, which if you eat it, you will die, unless you are a Faerie and are immune to the toxins found in Amanita muscaria, commonly known as the fly agaric or fly amanita (the same mushroom used to make LSD.)

If a person is very ill, mortally wounded, or just doesn't want to live any more for some other reason, they can seek out a Fae Healer and request to be invited to a Fae Feast. Quite simple a funeral feast is made for the person, allowing them to have a glorious last meal, before dying in what is rumoured to be one of the more peaceful and pleasant ways to die (though no one knows for sure.)

Doctors exist, but medical science is still primitive, medieval, and risky.

Witches (women who brew herbs and make healing potions from plants and roots) are generally seen as the safest form of healing magic, as they use teas and poultices to heal with.

Seen as a type of minor wizard, both Healers and Witches, are now banned by The Guild and are executed without trial. And horrifyingly, any family who took their sick or injured loved ones to a Healer or a Witch, are also executed for the sin of consorting with mages.

Glass Dildo Wands Are A Real Thing.
If you've never seen one, here's what they look like:

>>Wands magnify the power of a magic user to the point where it is unwise to allow anyone to have one, so a test must be passed before purchasing one

From what you say, I'm guessing your world has a Harry Potter vibe going on, with there being places for wizards to buy wands and such. My own world does not lean that way, so the concept of buying wands does not exist.

In my world, not all wizards have wands. If he has a wand, he made it himself and it has special meaning to him.

Because my series is Yaoi (gay erotica, though the series is not erotica) the main character has a wand that is also a glass dildo.

Yep. You read that correctly, Quaraun's infamous rainbow wand is a glass dildo. Hand blown glass with a twisted spiraling corkscrew rainbow going through the length of it.

My three male wizards are very horny and they only have wands because wands are cough fun in bed. :P

That said...

High powered, big ass spells have to be cast manually, without a wand, many of these require fresh picked ingredients/herbs, not dried, not wilted; there's the process of making a magic circle out of salt and cornmeal and it's not a simple circle, but rather has hundreds of specific runes, sigils, and veevee in it.

It can take 2 or 3 hours or more to make one of these protective magic circles properly.

There is then a process of candle lighting, anointing the candles, prayers and chants, offerings to deity, and this is just preparations for casting the spell.

It can take 12 hours or more for a wizard to go through the whole process of casting a mega sized spell. Also, many spells require alignments of moons and stars, casting on specific holy days, etc... none of this is feasible for use on the battlefield.

So, even though wizards are deadly weapons that can cast horrifying spells of devastation, they are also limited by both the lengthy process of casting a spell, and the devastating health side effects a spell has on them physically and mentally, which for the most part prevents the bulk of magic users from becoming undefeatable war lord battle mages with unlimited access to energy.

GhoulSpawn glanced down at Quaraun. The Elf had not yet gotten back up and GhoulSpawn wondered if he was even going to.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," Quaraun muttered.

"You sure?"


"What just happened?"

"I used the wrong wand."

"Wrong wand?"

"Yes. Happens frequently."

"You're an idiot."

"I know."

"How the hell did you get to be the most powerful wizard on the planet?"

"I killed Gibedon."

"So? Any body could have done that."

"He was the most powerful wizard on the planet."

"Is that really the only reason people are scared of you?"

"Apparently. I can't think of any other reason."

"I'm more powerful then you."

"You're bigger then me."

"Size has nothing to do with it."

"You're stronger then me."

"Everyone's stronger then you. You're a whimp."

"You're not even a wizard."

"I'm a Chaos Wizard."

"You're an Alchemist."

"I'm that too. I'm also a scientist. I was also born in 1974 and I'm stuck here with you in 14 whatever the hell year this is!"

"I remember it once being 1458."

"And how long ago was that?"

Quaraun silently thought for a moment.

"Three hundred years ago?"

"If it was 300 years ago, this would be the 1700s and this is most certainly not the 1700s."

"I don't know. I can't count."

"You can't count?"

"I don't know maths."

"You're the world's most powerful wizard and you can't do math?"


"How do you do anything with magic, without math?"

"You don't need maths for magic."

"Yes you do."

"No you don't. I've never used it."

"That would be why your wand just blew up in your face. Math would have solved the problem. Using the correct equations, prevents things like this from happening."

"No. Not reaching into my bag blindly and pulling out the wrong wand, prevents things like this from happening."

"Are you gonna get back up?"

"It's quite comfortable down here."

"How are you the world's most powerful wizard?"

"You already asked that."

"And you gave me a stupid answer."

"I gave you the correct answer. And I never said I was a powerful wizard. I don't use magic often. I try to avoid using magic."

"That's for sure."

"You're a wizard, why don't you use magic more often?"

"Because I'm trying to keep a low profile. I don't exactly belong here in the 1400s and every thing I do while I'm here changes history, which I'm trying not to do."

Quaraun didn't answer. GhoulSpawn looked to Unicorn, hoping he'd say something useful, but he was just standing there grinning and holding back some secret thing he found to laugh about.

"What's your problem?" GhoulSpawn asked.

Unicorn shrugged.

"It bemuses me dat whole fucking world is scared shitless of me sissy of an Elf here."

"Is he really the most powerful wizard in the world?"

"Aye. Him is."

"And he does things like this?"

GhoulSpawn pointed an accusing finger at the fallen Elf.

"Aye. Him stupid Elf."

"I'm not stupid," Quaraun said. "And I am the most powerful wizard out there."

"He's more powerful then you!" GhoulSpawn yelled at Quaraun and pointed to Unicorn

"Course I is," Unicorn answered. "I Elf Eater of Pepper Valley."

"You just said he was..."

"Him have more magic ability dan any one I ever knows. I is most powerful wizard world ever knew. I held dat title for centuries. Him come along un trap me in spell binding me too him. Now I can no use me magic. I must wait for him to give me permision to do magic. Him has power to contain me un no lets me use me magic no more. Him world most powerful wizard. Him stupid, eejit, clutz, but him very powerful stupid, eejit clutz."

Unicorn pointed to the blackened bunrt up, slime bubbling on the ground.

"Besides, him did what him set out to do. Even if him did do it wrong un it backfired in his face. Slimes is dead. So why ya complain?"

"Why do I complain? Oh I don't know, let me think... there's a hoard of pink feathered, zombie turkeys terrorizing Quebec..."

"I didn't mean to do that," Quaraun said.

"I know. That's my point. You're not the world's most powerful wizard, you're the world's most bumbling wizard. And I'm the one stuck with flying, pink finned, Elf eating goldfish following me every where I go. Hiding in clouds and trees, waiting to eat me like damned piranhas!"

"I'm sorry. I was resurrecting a flock of dead butterflies. I'm not sure how they turned into fish or why they latched on to following you."

"And, that's my point. You can't get your damned spells right. EVER!"

"The slimes are dead."

"Yes... only because of an error on your part." GhoulSpawn turned to Unicorn. "How do they rank wizards around here?"

"Ya mean here in Slushiville?" Unicorns asked.

"No. You know what I meant," GhoulSpawn yelled at Unicorn. "Stop trying to be stupid. You are are not stupid. Him? He's stupid. He's practically retarded. You? You're not. You have an intelligence like I don't know what. You are an evil mastermind, hell bent on destroying everything. You prance around all cute and cuddly to deceive people.  You just pretend to be stupid because you're a deviated sneak, always plotting something up your sleeve..."

"Harvey?" Unicorn pulled a snarling, long toothed, vampire rabbit out of his sleeve and handed it to GhoulSpawn.

"Why are you trying to drive me crazy?"

"Ain't ya name GhoulSpawn de Crazed?"

"That is not my name!" GhoulSpawn was now yelling hysterically. "I don't have a name! I'm a half-Elf. No one thought I was worthy of being given a damned name!"

"Yar swore."

"So what! You got the worst potty mouth I've ever seen."

"Aye. I knows it. But ya does no swear. I t'inks I hit a nerve, if I can gets moral, unright, standing yis to swear."

"We are supposed to be looking for a portal out of this god forsaken place..."

"I t'inks dey got too much god here."

"...and he's laying on the ground..." GhoulSpawn pointed at Quaraun again.


"So, why don't you try to get him up?"

"Does ya know how hard it be to gets him ta stop walking un lays down?"

Unicorn sat down beside Quaraun.

"We can do wid a break."

"A break? HERE?"

"What wrong wid here?"

"We were just attacked by slimes."

"Aye. Un we gots world's most powerful wizard here to save up from them."

"He's incompitant."

"He killed the slimes."

"Only by accident. Because he's an idiot!"

"I'm right here, you know," Quaraun said.

~From "The City of The Slushies"

A wizard often has a "focus", which is an object he mentally concentrate on while casting a spell, and uses as a means of pointing the spell in the right direction.

For example, a spell cast, while flinging your hand in a certain direction, is going to result in a wide spread, spell, effecting in a radius, equal to the wizard's five fingers. Whereas pointing with one finger, directs the spell to one place. It is for this reason some wizards use wands. In most cases the wand itself contains no magical properties and is just a device used by the wizard to narrow focus the direction of the spell he is casting.

Some wizards, my main character included, load their wands with "pre-made" spells, so that they can cast them quickly. This is because spells require lengthy rituals to cast, and properly casting a spell can take several hours to do. By pre-casting a spell and loading it into a wand, the wizard is now able to activate that spell at any time by saying a specific word, phrase or chant to unleash the spell.

Because of this, some wizards have many wands, one for each spell, as multi-loading multiple spells into a wand can be risky. Risky, because casting one spell, may inadvertently cast all the spells loaded in the wand, instead of just the one he wanted to cast. Quaraun's Rainbow Wand is multi-prepped with spells that are triggered by colour coded commands.

Unfortunately, he is often drunk, in a tavern, when Quaraun gets mad at someone and starts flinging these pre-cast spells at them... drunk and unable to remember which colour casts which spell and too drunk to say any word correctly. A common scene seen in the series is him flying off the handle, his hot tempered aiming of a wand at someone, and his wand either casting the wrong spell or all of the spells loaded in it at once.

>>In my setting, magical people are hunted by a third party and muggles remain ignorant to their existence and when made aware if not mind-wiped have the option to learn magic

Uhm... just so you know... if this is fanfiction, it's not a big problem, but if you are planning to publish this, find another word for your non-magical people. 

Muggles is one of the MANY words that J.K.Rowlings has filed as copyrighted and trademarked, and she has a nasty reputation for suing people (children) to hell and back if they use any of her copyrighted words in their published works.

Also, if this is something going on, know that she has sued both and it's members on multiple occasions and has successfully gotten tens of thousands of Harry Potter fanfic deleted from the internet for using the words she owns the trademark to.

After anything made by Disney, Harry Potter is perhaps the riskiest series to write fanfiction for, because of her glut lust for squeezing every last penny, car, and house out of her 10 year old fans AND their parents. Please tread carefully when using ANY word from the Harry Potter series. J.K.Rowlings has a reputation for being one hell of a nasty assed bitch when it comes to her money lust for lawsuits against her fans.

>>Unlimited Energy. Many fantasy settings place a limit on the number of spells or magical force that someone can use up before they need to recuperate. What is to stop someone from extensively studying sooooo much that they have infinite ability to cast unlimited spells? Even the physically strongest athlete will tire eventually.

>>I was toying around with the idea of a magical overdose being a potential effect of reaching beyond your magical capacity

In my world, magic exists in nature (not in someone's genes) and is more or less energy. Using magic (casting a spell) means, harnessing that energy into one's body, manipulating/bending/altering it somehow (via rituals, runes, prayers, sigils, chants, enhancing it by taking drugs or drinking potions, etc), and then channeling it elsewhere to come to a desired end result.

Because of the nature of how magic is used, it is physically draining on the mage/caster. A wizard is pulling magnetic, gravitational, electric, and gamma ray energy out of the planet's core and into their body. The effect is like sticking a fork in an electric outlet. If someone not trained in magic, tries to cast a spell they could easily kill themselves and be found as a charred burnt crisps. Wizards go to great lengths to protect themselves. Things like magic circles, lighting candles, using a compass to ensure facing proper directions, wearing specific fabrics and protective clothing, all contribute to protecting the wizard's body from physical harm.

Few mages ever go on to become wizards. A mage is a person who studies magic, hoping to learn it. Many will either seriously injure themselves or die, within the first few years of training. Advanced magic arts take centuries to learn and perfect, thus why wizards are always either Elves, Fae, or Demons, because they are the only races who live long enough to learn the advanced arts and move on to becoming wizards.

All wizards are at minimum 300 years old before receiving the title of wizard, as no one has ever learned the advanced arts in a lesser time frame. A wizard is a spell caster, who has succeeded in casting super-powered god-like spells. They are often seen by cultists as demigods, and some cults spread rumors that wizards have the blood of the Elder Gods (yes, as in, Cthulhu Mythos type Elder Gods). Basically, a wizard has to sort of build up an immunity to the side effects of pulling the earth's energy into their bodies.

However, there is a trade off here. The more powerful a wizard becomes magically, the more sickly he becomes physically. Pulling energy into one's body, causes deep stress on the brain, muscles, organs, and nerves. Wizards often suffer from ruptured organs, burst blood vessels, and nerve damage, as a result of their spells. Wizards suffer psychosis similar to the real world "test pilot syndrome", where the high stress levels from manipulating energy causes them to slowly go insane. As a general rule the more magically powerful a wizard is, the more mentally unstable and schizophrenic he becomes. Most every high level wizard suffers from PTSD, schizophrenia, OCD, and severe crippling levels of anxiety.

A wizard can't just cast a FireBall and expect to suffer no damage. If he didn't take precautions, he'd easily burn his hands to the bone, or set his clothes on fire and burn to death before anyone could help put the fire out. When a wizard casts a lightning bolt spell, he risks being charred to ash, from his own lightning bolt. Wizarding is a very dangerous, very high risk job.

Also, this means too, that wizards can not be used in battle to fight alongside soldiers. They are a serious liability. They are physically weak as shit, do not have the strength to wear armour, and require bodyguards, shield men, and shieldmaidens to surround them and protect them from enemy attacks at all times. While simple spells can be premade and put in a wand for casting later, any spell that is simple enough to load in a wand is not powerful enough to be effective in the battlefield.

>>Teleportation allows instantaneous travel to anywhere on the globe, as such the magical leaders of countries/territories monitor who comes and goes

Some Fae have the natural ability to teleport a limited distance. Usually only a few feet or from one room to the next, but some who have trained to better this skill can travel a few miles distance. This ability is known as "Blinking" because they blink out of existence to blink back into existence someplace else.

Similar to Blinking is a spell known as Fae Step, used by wizards to dodge an attack. It's limited, and only allows movement to a few feet away. Rarely does Fae Step move a person more than 10 or 12 feet away. Essentially, if you was to run at a wizard, sword out, intending to strike him, he could simply take a side step and move ten feet instead of a few inches. By the time you realize what he's done, he's done it again and is not behind you, driving a dagger into you back, before you've had a change to realize he even jumped out of the way of your sword.

Similar to Blinking and Fae Step, is Stray Sod. A bit more complicated, this is ritual magic and an advanced art. The basic gist of it is, a wizard takes a jarful of dirt from a specific place (the front lawn of his house for example), casts a teleportation spell on it. He carries the dirt with him in small glass vials. Then later, if the wizard is being chased and comes up a dead end or needs to get away fast, he smashes the vial on the ground, steps onto the dirt and instantly is transported back to the spot where he gathered the dirt. So, he he gathered the dirt from his front lawn, the spell transports him back to the lawn in front of his house.

Portal magic, the art of opening a hole/doorway in mid air, walking through it and coming out someplace else, is extremely dangerous and strictly forbidden, and comes with worse punishments from The Guild then Necromancy does.

Moving through portals has serious side effects, causes brain damage, nausea, vomiting, bloody noses, seizures, and disorientation. Wizards are often trained in how to deal with this and are able to move through portals with limited side effects, but common folk who try to use portals often end up suffering concussions, strokes, or heart attacks upon stepping out of the portal. It is not uncommon for a person to jump into a portal, and fall out of the other side, dead from a brain aneurysm. Even wizards trained in portal magic, have to rest for a few hours to a few days after using a portal because of the amount physical stress on their bodies, causes them to be weak and loopy for a while.

Quaraun stopped talking and walking and stood staring down at a clump of purple violets, beside the road.

“Flowers,” the Elf said quietly. "Unicorn, look! Flowers!"

“Aye. I sees dem.”

Unicorn looked at the flowers trying to determine why it was they had attracted the Elf’s interest.


"Why ya getting emotional over flowers?"

“They’re alive.”


Quaraun knelt beside the flowers, cupping his hands around them.

“Live flowers.”

“Yi act like ya ain’t never seen living flowers.”

“What?” Quaraun looked up at Unicorn. “Oh.”

Quaraun stood back up and looked around. Green grass was growing on the edges of the road. Some of the trees still had leaves clinging to the branches. Ramshorn sumac towered over the little Elf.

“There’s life here,” he said as he stared out over a pasture. “There is so little life on this planet. I wonder why there is still life here?”

“Ya keep gibbering about dis planet being lifeless.”

“It is. And I don’t gibber.”

“Why it dead?”

 “I don’t know. Something bad happened here. This is a bad future and we need to get out of it as soon as possible.”

“Any idea yet on how we does dat?”

“No. I never studied portal magic. It’s a lost art. The portals were sealed up.”

“Until Ghouly came along.”

“Yes. Poor GhoulSpawn. I wish I knew how he was doing.”

“Ya wishing again.”

“Am I?”


“I gotta remember not to do that.”

Quaraun turned to look back down at the flowers, then jumped back startled.

"Oh my!"

No more were the leaves green and lush. The stems no longer nodded joyfully in the breeze. The flowers had lost their purple hues. Slowly Quaraun knelt down beside the plant. It looked to be made out of glass. Clear blue glass. He picked one of the stiff crystal blossoms, pricking his finger on it’s broken glass, shard stem.

“How odd.”

Quaraun held his hand up to Unicorn.

“I cut my finger.”

The undead creature immediately lunged on the Elf’s hand, sucking the blood from the wound.

Phookas eat Elves and Quaraun was of the habit of letting the beast drink his blood. A habit that most people found disturbing.

“I spoke too soon,” Quaraun said sadly, looking down at the crystal flower in his have, while the Phooka sucked the blood from his other hand. “This flower is dead as well. They are turning to crystal. Some sort of quartz.”

Quaraun looked up at the Phooka.

“It’s the same type of crystal, you are.”

Quaraun pulled his hand away from the Phooka.

“No. Stop. It has stopped bleeding. If you take too much, I’ll be too weak to travel. And we must find a way out of here first.”

The Phooka obediently released the Elf’s hand, then helped him back to his feet.

Unicorn looked at the blue crystal violet in Quaraun’s hand.

“Is de flower Lich?”

“It appears to be.”

“How dat possible?”

“I don’t know. The Crystal Plague."

"What dat?"

"Gremlin mentioned it once. He said, that Ongadada was the beginning of the end. He said the killed millions, but the Crystal Plague killed billions. This is the world after Ongadada. This is why he keeps trying to change the past. His past. Our correct time. He says it all the time. That he has to stop Ongadada from happening. He said the worst part of Ongagdada was the Crystal Plague that came after it. That has to be what this is."

"Why is bad t'ing?"

"I think the entire planet is turning into a Lich. This whole planet, is dying, and being reborn as an undead thing. What a horrible future this is. Whatever future we have come to... this can’t happen. It’s spreading over the planet like a plague. If it continues... every adult, every child, every animal, every bird, every plant, every tree, will rise up all undead. A planet of all nothing but Liches. This is worse than a nzambie apocalypse.”

~From "GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover"

Portal magic is used heavily in the Quaraun series, but it's very dangerous. Opening a portal, literally involves ripping a hole in the fabric of time and space. The more portals that are opened, the more unstable the planet itself becomes. No one knows exactly how all this works, but it is known, that a mystical veil or invisible bubble wraps the world and protects it from the dangers of space, meteors, and the sun's burning rays. Every time someone opens a portal, they rip a new hole into this protective outer sphere of the planet, causing devastation to occur at the sight of said hole.

Devastation as in, the sun's burning rays burn the plant life to a crispe during the day, while ice cold blasts from space's atmosphere, cause a thing known as "The Crystal Plague" happens at night.

Wizards figure out how to open portals, but even so they have no clear understanding of how they work. It's not possible to open a portal and have it go where you want. It could take you anywhere. Any place. Any time. Any dimension. And not always in your galaxy. The portals are wormholes through time and space, and many wizards have been lost to them, never to return.

While much of what the Guild does is unnecessary and downright evil, and most of the laws they've made, are wrong and unjust, they were right to seal up the portals and ban their use. The portals were discovered by a powerful Demon sorcerer, known only as The Ghoul. One of the portals he opened, went to a Hell dimension that unleashed eldritch monstrosities onto Earth. Thus he was tossed into this very same Hell dimension and the portals to it sealed. 

But the wizards were not the ones who made the original portals. The Faeries did. Thousands of centuries ago, the first portals were opened, from another dimension, acting as a bridge between that world and the Earth. The Realm of Fae. Faeries are not native to Earth. They came here through a portal connecting their world to ours.

But though the Faerie discovered them, no one knows, who built them. Thousands of portal exist all over the universe. Bridges through time. Bridges through space. An ancient roadway through space, created by ancient aliens. Wizards don't build these portals, they simply know how to look for, find, and either open or close them.

The Chrysal Plague is a terrifying alien plague, for which there is no known cure. It looks like innocent blue ice-like quartz crystals growing up through the ground. But touch it, and immediately it starts growing and spreading very quickly, turning you into a frozen dead statue, encased in crystal, while it drains you of your blood and inner organs.

Portals can be located, by the fact that these areas have these strange crystals growing from the ground, plants, and animals in the area. Not everyone dies from the Crystal Plague, in some it just grows on them, using them as a host. The plague then spreads from one person to another, when an infected plague carrier touches someone else.

The worst part of the Crystal Plague is its ability to make people seemingly immortal, but neither dead, not alive. It can not do this on it's own however. Wizards who are skilled in the very advanced arts, have learned how to take these alien crystal parasites, and transfer them into corpses, causing the dead to rise, and creating a near undefeatable undead beast known as Frost Liches.

The laws made by the Guild, have put full on bans on portals, and anyone found using them, is tossed into one of them, then it sealed behind them, trapping ing them forever in a place and/or time not their own. And while they could possibly find their way back, time moves differently between portals. Every day here, may be a year, or ten years there. By the time they find their way back, the world they knew, the people they loved are long gone. Distant memories of the past.

Only one wizard, GhoulSpawn, son of The Ghoul, has ever been able to successful use portals with any reliability. He has made extensive maps of them and knows when and where each one goes to, and now uses them daily to go anywhere, any time, he choices.

>>The dead cannot be brought back once laid to rest so people aren't constantly ressurected

Continuing from what I was just saying...

Undead are a regular and much feared part of this world. Vampires, Ghouls, Zombies, and Ghosts walk the earth. They do not require wizards or magic to cause them. They are the side effects of various diseases and plagues. Referred to as The Cursed Ones, they are often created by magic, as a way to curse, or punish someone. Undead who were caused by plague and disease, are quite different from undead caused by curses. Undead caused by plague can be killed. Cutting off a vampire's head kills it for example. Cutting off a Zombie's head, doesn't kill it, kills only the body, the head still lives, but at least it's not able to chase you anymore and can now be dropped in a vat of other zombie heads, safely contained ad no longer a danger to the village. Undead created by curses, require the curse to be lifted, before one can kill them.

Liches however are magically created undead, that can only be created by very advanced necromancy. They are very rare, and very dangerous. Made by removing a person's soul, seconds after they die, before the soul has a chance to leave on it's own, many Liches are either victims of murder or assisted suicide. Generally a victim of a wizard who kidnapped, then killed the person during a Lich making ritual, they are also created when a wizard commits suicide and has his assistant perform the ritual. Soul bound to the Necromancer who created them, a Lich can never disobey their master and are a slave to the Necromancer that created them. While they have freedom to live their own lives, should the Necromancer allow it, they can not resist or fight against any command the Necromancer gives them.

Unlike other undead, Liches are immortals and can not be defeated. Their bodies suffer pain and injury, and they can be killed and die, but minutes later they get back up again, like you never killed them. Liches are soul eater and can resurrect themselves as many times as they have souls inside them. Thus Liches either are, or have in their employ Di'Jinn wizards (Genies).

Di'Jinn are powerful trickster wizards able to grant wishes. Whatever you want they can give you - for a price. They give you what you wish for (which is rarely what you actually wanted, so word your wished VERY carefully) in exchange for a mere trifle: your soul.

The Di'Jinn, a type of Necromancer, are both the rarest and most powerful wizards of them all (the main character is a Di'Jinn wizard). They can do literally anything, but they also serve Lich Lords, and so, their goal is to get your soul, thus kill you as quickly as possible. They are charlaton, scam artists of the wizarding world, who seek out the desperate people in need of a quick solution. They offer to grant a wish, demand you sign a contract, neglect to tell you that you just agreed to give them your soul upon your death, and then swiftly go off to grant your wish, while plotting ways to make your wish kill you.

For example: if you wish for a house, you better be specific, otherwise the Di'Jinn will snap his fingers and house will magically appear. Too bad you didn't tell him where to put the house, as he dropped it on your head and now seconds after uttering your wish, you are dead and he has another soul to feed to his Lich. Thus is the nature of Necromancy in this world.

"I wish I had a house," the man said aimlessly.

"Really?" Quaraun asked.


"I can make that happen."


"I am a Wizard of the Di'Jinn Order. Granting wishes is what I do."

"You'll give me a house?"


"What do I have to do?"

"Nothing. Just sign this contract and I'll give you anything you wish for."

Quaraun held out a scroll and a quill for the man.

"You got any ink for that?"

"No need for any. Just stab yourself with the nib. Sign it with blood."

"You're kidding."

"No. I'm am Elf. I never joke."

"I do that, and you'll give me a house?"

"Of course."


"I'm a Di'Jinn. I'm bound to grant any wish , anyone asks of me. It's what we do."

The man thought about it for a moment, then to GhoulSpawn's surprise, stabbed himself with the pen and signed the scroll, then handed them back to Quaraun.

"So, when do I get my house?" The man asked.

"Right now."

Quaraun snapped his fingers, and instantly a house dropped out of the sky, landing on top of the man and crushing him flat. A large pool of blood formed around the edges of the house.

"What the hell did you just do?" GhoulSpawn asked.

"I gave the man a house."

Quaraun rolled up the scroll, then tossed it to Unicorn, who put it in his bag.

"You killed him with a house."

"Yes. He neglected to tell me where to put it."

"So you put it on his head?"

"As good a place as any."

"You killed him."

"You said that."

"Why did you kill him?"

"It's what he agreed to."

"No he didn't."

"Yes he did. Unicorn, give me that contract back. Look."

Quaraun took the scroll, unrolled it, and handed it to GhoulSpawn, pointing to a line near the bottom. GhoulSpawn read it:

" the event of my death after said wish was granted, I agree to give my soul..."

Quaraun rolled up the scroll and tossed it back to Unicorn again.

"He agreed to give me his soul," Quaraun said.

"You're a murderer."

"You knew that."

"I thought it was something in the past. I didn't realize you were still killing people."

"Have you never killed anyone?"


"Why not?"

"I'm not insane like you."

~From "City of the Slushies"

In order to kill a Lich, one must first kill it enough times that it uses up all the souls the Necromancer put in it (which could be hundreds or even thousands of souls), one must also destroy the phylactery that contains the person's real soul, the one they had before the Necromancer removed it and replaced with the souls of others, AND one must also kill the Necromancer that is controlling the Lich, otherwise he'll just keep on feeding it souls and bringing it back to life.

Thankfully, wizards who are skilled in the advanced levels of magic required to make a Lich are very rare, thus Liches are one of the rarest types of undead, and the creature you are least likely to ever encounter... of course, as the main character of the series is a Di'Jinn wizard, with multiple Liches at his command, that means every novel of the series also features Liches in spite of how rare they are.

That 3,000 year old Faerie wizard, I mentioned previously? The one who builds gingerbread houses and lures children down trails of treats? He's a Lich. The main character's lover, who died, and was resurrected by the main character as a Lich to make sure he'd never die again.

But back to laws regarding this Necromancy and resurrection of the dead.

True Necromancy is spirit communication and not the resurrection of corpses. This is not seen as nessacarily evil in and of itself, but calling up spirits of the dead to ask them questions, is still forbidden as it comes with many dangers.

For one thing, you can never be truly certain ho you are talking to. The spirit may or may not be the person you wanted to talk to and they may or may not tell you this. Most dead spirits do not like to be awoken and brought back to this life, often stating they were in a better place, then quickly cut off the communication so they can go back there.

When a spirit WANTS to talk to you, generally they are not in a better place and are seeking release, desiring to come back to the land of the living as it is better. This is where Necromancy gets dangerous. Often a spirit will pretend to be the person you called for, then will start telling the person who called them, how terrible a hell they are in and to please "bring me back, resurrect me".

This is where the confusion as to what Necromancy is and is not comes in. For Necromancy is simply talking to spirits and has nothing to do with resurrecting the dead, which is in fact a combination of Demonology and Blood Magic.

However... because it is Necromancers who are often duped into resurrecting a dead person, the word Necromancy is often incorrectly used to mean "one who resurrects the dead".

Necromancers are often sympathetic people, looking to help trapped spirits and ghosts move on to a better plain of existence, thus they come to pity the lost soul that begs for a release from the pain and suffering of the hell they are in. The spirit, knowing they can manipulate this person, will then give the Necromancer instructions "Here, do this, this is how you can save me".

Without realizing that #1: the spirit is not who they think it is; and #2: that the spirit is tricking them into performing Blood Magic and Demonology;the Necromancer will often perform the rituals, mistakenly believing that they are helping a suffering loved one.

In most cases, the spirit is not a spirit at all, but instead a Demon, just looking for a gateway into the Human plane of existence. The Necromancer will unwittingly put this Demon into the dead corpse of their loved one and the Demon will pretend to be that loved one, resurrected. Any difference in personality, will simply be explained as side effects of the ritual.

Thus ressurected bodies, are rarely the person who was originally born into that body and are in fact Demons wearing Human skins. Thus is the nature of Demon Possession in Quaraun's world.

The real danger comes in later, when the Demon, now realizing how much the Necromancer loved this dead person, starts to ask the Necromancer to do other things, and the requests coming from the resurrected body of a loved one, the Necromancer simply obeys without question. They are too happy to have their loved one back alive again, to ask questions. They are alive again and the Necromancer now has a second chance to be a better person to their loved one and is now willing to do anything they ask.

The Demon possessed, will tell the Necromancer sad tales of: "You remember ___? You know the one who died last year. He was there too. I can't bear to think that I escaped and he is still back there. Let's respect him too."

Thus the cycle begins, as the Necromancer, resurrects first one person then another and another... soon releasing dozens of Demons upon the world without realizing it, thinking they are restoring life to their dead friends and family.

If the Necromancer does figure it out, it's too late to do anything. Getting a Demon out of a body once possessed, is nearly  impossible, and a Necromancer, being only a person trained in how to communicate with spirits, do not have the skill or training to cast out Demons and send them back to Hell.

Needless to say, Necromancy, Di'Jinns, and resurrecting the dead are all strictly forbidden and any one caught doing it or even scholars just researching books on it, are executed. All books found mentioning Necromancy, Di'Jinns, and resurrecting the dead are burned, their owners and/or authors burned with them. It is because of the main character's ability to create Liches, that he is also The Guild's #1 most wanted criminal.

Quaraun held up a wanted poster with his face on it.

"You know these pictures don't do me justice. I should do a sit down with their artist. Pose for my wanted poster. Now I ask you, does this even look anything like me?"

Kelim looked at the wanted poster.

WANTED: QUARAUN THE INSANE: Wanted for Necromancy, Demonology, Sorcery, Black Magic, murder, rape, buggery, sodomy, cross-dressing, bathing more than twice a year... 

There were more things on the list, but Quaraun rolled up the poster and stuffed it back in his bag, before Kelim had time to read the rest.

"I am the most beautiful Elf the world has ever seen. Look at me! That artist, clearly never saw me. How does Finderu ever expect to capture me if he can't even find an artist that can capture my beauty?"

"You're very vain, aren't you?"

“You would be too, if you were as beautiful as me."

"Ofelia is as beautiful as you."

"No one is as beautiful as me."

~From "Kelim and The Necromancer"

Quaraun, is one of the few Necromancers, who DID start out advanced, before turning to Necromancy, and was in fact aware that the spirit he is dealing with may not be who it claims to be.

Throughout the series you see Quaraun comparing his beloved dead lover BoomFuzzy the chef, to his resurrected new lover BoomFuzzy the Unicorn. He sees that while the to are similar, many stark differences are there.

In life, he'd been a harsh, cruel, uncaring man. A ditector king who slaughtered his subjects on a whim. But the resurrected Unicorn, lacks BoomFuzzy's harshness and has a very hyperactive, child-like, jokester personality that is starkly different from how BoomFuzzy had acted in life.

The most notable difference between the two, being that BoomFuzzy, in life was King Gwallmaiic, a nobleman, who'd studied Dark Arts and became a Sorcerer, going on to write dozens of grimoires and spellbooks on the Dark Arts. Books that Quaraun now owns.

And yet, the resurrected BoomFuzzy the Unicorn is illiterate. He can neither read nor write. When asked to read the tomes, handbound books, penned with his own hands, Unicorn states he knows not what they say. When told the handwriting is his own, he brushes the notion aside, stating that resurrection, damaged his brain, erased his memories, and he not only forgot how to read and write, but also forget that he had written do many famous wizarding texts.

There are many times when Quaraun, questions if this truly is his dead lover back again, or someone else in his body, just pretending to be him.

Twice, in two seperate novels, you see Quaraun turn on Unicorn and attempt to undo the resurrect spell. Once attempting to sacrifice him on the altar the original BoomFuzzy had built for his bloody rituals (in the novel The Obsidian Idol of The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley), and once, by casting a runic spell to separate a golem from the Demon animating it (in the novel GhoulSpawn and The Lich Lord's Lover).

Both spells nearly succeed in in casting the Unicorn spirit out of BoomFuzzy's body, but in both incidents, Quaraun found himself unable to complete the spell. Knowing the spirit in his lover is not in fact his lover, Quaraun still could not face living without his lover by his side, even if it was the wrong spirit in the correct body. Thus he ended the spell before completion allowing the spirit to continue to live in the body of his lover, a fact which he reveals to his friends BeaLuna, FarDarrig, and Bullgaar in The Vulgar Alchemist Inn, where he explains why he tried to sacrifice the resurrected BoomFuzzy.

Before the attempted sacrifice, Quaraun was calling the resurrected one BoomFuzzy, but after the failed sacrifice, he starts calling him Unicorn instead, strictly forbidding the resurrected one, from ever calling himself BoomFuzzy again, thus how BoomFuzzy becomes known as Unicorn.

Quaraun and BoomFuzzy were together 30 years before BoomFuzzy's death. Quaraun is with the resurrected Unicorn for 400 years, and in the later volumes of the series, you see Quaraun stop trying to find BoomFuzzy's lost soul, stating that if he did find it, he'd have to cast out Unicorn from BoomFuzzy's body, but he now loves Unicorn, more then then BoomFuzzy, who had become nothing more than a distant memory to him.

This is a typical situation for Necromancers who get into resurrection spells. They start out trying to communicate with a dead loved one, and end up tricked into unwittingly summoning a different spirit into their loved ones body.

It is because of the dangers of bring back unsavory people or even Demons, that causes Necromancy to be banned.

>>In regards to time travel, the grandfather paradox cannot be resolved so yes someone can go to the past but they cannot change anything that would prevent them from having a reason to go back in time in the first place. (ie you cannot save person x in the past because if they never died in the first place you would have never gone back in time at all) it's basically the most useless form of time travel ever

Time travel is used heavily in this world, but only by very few people as fewer than a dozen people even know that time travel exists. The Guild has time travel banned as well, but it's all hush-hush, because no one wants it getting out. Chaos would ensue if the common folk suddenly found themselves able to travel through time.

The half-Elf suddenly stopped talking and looked very troubled.

"That is most definitely GhoulSpawn," Unicorn said to Quaraun. "Him be reading one of them cyclops oPiedias in his head again."

"No," he said shaking his head. "Forget everything I just said. It didn't happen yet. Not for you. Oh dear. I'm in the right place, but I'm in the wrong time. I don't know when I am. You died a long time ago. I forgot."

"I died?"

"Centuries ago."

"Are you sure you know who I am?"

Gremlin stared at Quaraun. Then stared at Unicorn. Then back to Quaraun.

"You're the Grand High Emperor of the Triple Planets."

"I suppose."

"And he's a unicorn. Though he doesn't look like one right now."

"Do you know our names?"


"Yes. We do have names."


"People in the future still use names don't they?"

"I'm sorry. I forgot your name."

"Really? How'd you do that?"

"You died four hundred years ago. I've forgotten a lot of things." 

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"They did something to my head."

"Who did?"



"He used to be ZooLock. He changed bodies. He's not a squid any more. No Thullid is now. Don't trust ZooLock. Never trust ZooLLock. He's not your friend."

"We seem to have lost him. AGAIN. He keeps running away."

"Is ZooLock with you?"

"He was. Highwaymen attacked us and he escaped."

"Escaped. I remember. You had him in chains. In the old cathedral."

"What old cathedral?"

"It hasn't happened yet."

"I guess not."

"That's good. That means there's still time. I'm not too late."

"Too late for what?"

"You're hurt. Your leg. The Hell Hounds bit you."

"Yes they did."

"How long ago did that happen?"

"A few hours ago."

"I'm in the right time. And the right place. This is where I should be. I didn't miss it."

"What are you trying to not miss?"

"Let ZooLock go and take GhoulSpawn instead."


"So they don't kill him. Please. Let him live. He's so scared. He needs your help, but he won't ask for it. He scared of everything. He's scared of you. He's especially scared of the Phooka. But he trusts HellBorne and he shouldn't. He needs to trust you instead."

"I don't understand."

"There isn't time to explain. There's a hurricane coming. It'll be here soon. Here..."

"Do you... Need help... Or something? You... You seem out of sorts. Are you okay?"

"No. I'm barely surviving these days. I can always find Black Tower. It exists in every space of every time of every dimension, on every planet, in every galaxy. I don't know how. Or why. It's like that volcano, your Lich used to live in. It exists everywhere and no where at the same time."

"What's Black Tower?"

"You'll see it soon. Don't go there. Just take GhoulSpawn away from HellBorne. Don't let them kill him. It's good to see you again. I miss you. I miss both of you."

"Are you GhoulSpawn?"

"GhoulSpawn's dead. I just live in his body. I'm not GhoulSpawn. I'm The Gremlin who lives in his body."

"Are you a Thullid?"

"What year is it?"

"I don't know. I can't count. I don't know numbers."

"You look young."

"Do I?"

"How old are you?"

"I'm 400 hundred. At least."

"You are young. You're too young. I'm in the wrong time. It's hard to control the portals. I can get to the right places, but not the right times."

"Are you okay? You sound confused."

"Have we met yet?"

"You already asked that."

"You didn't answer. What's my name?"

"You said Glinter the first time we meet and GhoulSpawn the second time."

"Glinter? Have you recently met Glinter?"

"Uhm... Why are you talking about yourself like you are not yourself?"

"Time travel. Though I probably shouldn't have said that. Oh dear. You're not supposed to know that. I so am so differently in the wrong place. Have you recently met Glinter? Are the Sun Elves still alive?"

"I'm not sure what you mean. Are the Sun Elves dead? There's still time to stop you."

"Stop me?"

"You can't do what you are going to do."

"What am I going to do?"

"You're gonna meet an evil wizard and you're gonna kill him, which is a good thing, it's gonna save a lot of lives, but... you can't do it."

"Why not?"

"You have to stop him from killing GhoulSpawn instead. It's going to set in motion the events which cause Ongadada to happen."

"What's Ongadada?"

"Every one dies. The whole planet. The whole solar system. Billions of people. Dead in the blink of an eye. It's how King Vielder's reign of terror got started. We have to stop Ongadada. Please. Go back. Don't keep following this road. Just go the other way."


"I can't... I've told you too much already. It's not good to know your future. I can't tell you more. Just find a different road. Please. I have to go."

"Who are you? Are we friends?" Quaraun asked. "In the future."

"We were."

"But not any more?"

Gremlin shook his head and looked away.

 "You forgot my name. That means you haven't seen me in a long time. You said I died. What happened?"

"You died. You died a long time ago. I'm sorry."

"Was it your fault I died?"

"No. But I think I could have saved you and I didn't. I was scared. I could have saved you. I chose not to and I regret it. I was too scared of Harrier. He did what no one else could do. I didn't think he would kill you. I didn't think he could. I didn't know any one could. I'm so sorry. I didn't know what he was gonna do."

"What did he do?"

"He killed his grandfather." 

Gremlin's eyes gazed to Unicorn. 

"Permanently. So he couldn't come back. He knew how to kill Liches." 

He looked back to Quaraun. 

"They killed him. HellBorne's gonna kill him. He's innocent. GhoulSpawn doesn't know what HellBorne is doing. He's not involved in what they're doing. He doesn't know what they're planning. Please, get him away from HellBorne. He won't leave on his own. Don't trust ZooLock. Keep him away from GhoulSpawn. I'm The Gremlin. GhoulSpawn died centuries ago for me, but I think for you, it's about to happen. The Kats think I'm trying to help them stop Ongadada to save the galaxy. I'm not so noble. I loved you very much. I still do. I never stopped loving you. If I can stop Ongadada, Harrier won't have reason to come after you and you won't die... or at least not how you did."

"You watched me die. I can see it your eyes."

Gremlin's eyes glazed over, staring off into the distince as the horrors of Quaraun's death played over again in his mind.  He closed his eyes trying to block out the image.

"I'm not trying to save the world. I just want to change the events of the past, so you don't have to die. You shouldn't have died. Not like that. I will lay a thousand years of legacy and tradition at your feet, if your heart will beat but once more."

Gremlin's voice cracked as he fought back tears.

"I have to go. Don't follow this road. Please."

Before Quaraun could say anything, the strange orange robed wizard vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

"What were that?" Unicorn asked Quaraun.

"I'm not sure."

"Him look very old."

"He did."

"Was that GhoulSpawn?"

"I think so."

"Him must be nigh on a thousand years old."

"I noticed."

"He still has sheep."

"I noticed that too."

"Him were so very young last time we saw him."

"He was."

"That were only a day ago."

"It was."

"Him really is time traveller, yes?"

"I think he is."

"T'ink what him says be true?"

"I don't know. But I think," Quaraun turned around. "I'm not gona tempt fate and we'll go this way instead, in case he was telling the truth. Glinter helped us before and so did GhoulSpawn. No reason to think he isn't helping us again now, no matter who he calls himself. Let's go."

Quaraun went back in the direction they had come from. Unicorn followed him.

~From "The Summoner of Darkness"

Time travel is a particularly dangerous form of magic, for the wizard casting it, as it requires the use of high doses of hallucinogenic drugs. It's easy to overdose, causing serious brain damage or death. The basic principle behind this is the act of moving through time causes insanity, and the drugs prevent this.

One of the 3 main character wizards, the Demon, specializes in portals and time travels. Though is past portal using self is not a time traveler and lives in the 1400s, his future self from the 1970s, is a wizard turned mad scientist and drives a time machine car, built out of a 1974 AMC Gremlin that is powered by LSD. This because his father was one of the Demons sealed away in the hell dimension and he is attempting to open a new portal to Hell to help his family escape and return to Earth. However, his goal changes near the end of the series when the Guild finally does capture and kill both the main character and his Lich lover, leaving the Demon wizard to be the last wizard on the planet still alive. He was forced to watch ass his 2 lovers were tortured to death. Deeply traumatized by this event, he throws himself obsessively into the idea of going back in time and changing history to prevent ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that ever happened, any place, any time, to lead to the Elf and the Faerie's brutal murder.

Because of this, the entire series (which spans 130 novels published so far - I started publishing these in 1978) can be read in any order. Every novel in the series can be read either before or after every other novel in the series as time is completely disrupted and not moving chronologically. In his obsession to stop the murder of his friends, the Demon wizard had literally broken time, and like a broken watch, the world now moves at a jittery, glitched up pace, with things happening over and over and over again, and the reader, never knowing the order of events to know which happened first, or which event is the true, correct, original event. You see the Demon wizard occurring twice in each novel, once as his younger self travelling with the Elf and Faerie ad once as his ancient time traveling future self, desperately trying to change the past to stop the future from happening.

Unfortunately.... while he can and is changing history, he can not change the end result. Minor things are changed. But save one person and someone else dies in their place. Stop a woman from being hit by a bus on Monday and she instead is hit by a train on Tuesday. The details can be changed, but the end result is always the same: she still died.

You see things repeated in every novel. The tavern scene from this novel here, is also in that novel there, but pay attention and you see the details are different. He's changing things. Moving things. Stopping certain people from getting into the building. The same scene, now done different. Every novel, something changes. Every novel he returns back to his future, and his friends still die anyways. He's trapped in an eternal loop of watching his friends be murdered again, and again, and again, not always the same way, not always by the same people. The details change. They may die at noon this time but died at midnight last time, maybe they wore blue this time and red last time, maybe they eat crumpets this time but omelets last time, be killed by a different person, die a different way - beheaded this time, hung the next time, he stops one method of them dying only to watch them die in yet another equally horrible death instead. Minor things change, but significant things remain. He changed how they died, but they still die. Only the details of how they die ever change, while their deaths remain a fixed point in history.

Because their murder is the event that causes him to go back in time, he can't prevent the murder from happening. Had they not been murdered, he never would have started using time travel. He realizes this, yet he hopes against hope that there is some loophole he's overlooked, and so he continues to go back in time hundreds of times, in a mad, failed attempt to stop their murders from happening.

The Guild has not only banned time travel, but has banned all mention of it. Anyone who knows it exists is locked up in an insane asylum, White Rock, and never seen again. This is what happened to GhoulSpawn, and how he ceased to exist and became The Gremlin. Decades of torture, being straight jacketed in solitary confinement, and multiple lobotomies, resulted in the poor wizard going mad.

When he was truly, deeply, unquestionably insane, they let him go. After 400 years of torture. Because White Rock exists in the Realm of Fae and can not be seen by Humans, no one believes the place is real, and no one believes GhoulSpawn when he tells them what was done to him there. Thus some wizards survive and are allowed by the Guild to live.

Even though he was one of the most powerful wizards, and rivaled Quaraun in his abilities, GhoulSpawn was not seen as a threat. His temperament and personality was docile, shy, peaceful, and nervous. He was too scared of most magic arts to use them, and too peaceful to ever harm anyone. While most wizards have killed people (accidently or on purpose) GhoulSpawn had never taken a life, and in fact was known to have rescued many from other wizards. He often stood up to other wizards and became seen as a protector.

Because wizards were too magically powerful to fight, the Guild needed a wizard on their side to fight for them. They thought they had found this in GhoulSpawn. Unfortunately, GhoulSpawn refused to help the Guild, thus he was tortured for 400 years, before finally being set free.

Time Travel in this world has some interesting side effects, in that, each time you go to a new future, that future remains, essentially creating a completely new world, within another dimension, resulting in many "alternate realities" existing side by side.

You see Quaraun mentioning this, when he says things like: "We need to return to the future without Unicorn. I left something behind there." The term The Future Without Unicorn, refers to an alternate future they discovered, when Quaraun accidently fell into a random portal that opened up in his garden one day. Though only gone for 4 days in his proper world, he lived in this portal world for 4 years, as time moves differently in each portal world, this one, at a rate of 1 day here equals 1 year there.

Quaraun goes to this particular portal to return to it's alternate future on many occasions, because while there the first time he got a young Human pregnant (in the novel The Haunted Lighthouse), and he returns to check in or her and her baby. However, he has to return every single day, in order to visit his daughter once a year in her time. This difference in time result in him taking a woman and her child, from this alternate future, and bringing them to his timeline so he ca see them daily and them not be a year older every day.

However, the baby, is the baby in the series often referred to by Gremlin as "the baby that should never have been born". This baby is a product of a man from on time period fathering a child with a woman from another time period, and has created a fracture in time, that starts to cause portals to open all over the planet sending people into them.

In some cases, such as the lost city of Roanoke, entire cities are swallowed up by these portals and never seen again.

People from yet another future, try to prevent this portl chaos by going back to Quaraun's past and kidnapping the baby (in the novel A Baby For The Necromancer),  casting her into a Hell Dimension to get rid of her and stop the chaos of random portals swallowing people.

Because Quaraun never sees his daughter again after this, not until decades later when she is grown up, he is unaware that she is his daughter, when he meets her once again (in the novel Zebulon's Captive) and she goes on to become his 3rd wife, as well as being the mother of his twin sons King Vielder and Melaca (in the novel The Battle of Ongadada as well as in my volumes of The Twighlight Manor series which the Quaraun series is the pre sequel too).

>>Dragonball Syndrome. Yep, based on the Dragonball anime. How do you stop someone from becoming so powerful that they can destroy a planet, and thereby destroying your story? Kind of like flipping a table when you lose at a board game. "Fuck you all. I cannot lose. I choose the Nuclear Option. MAD Theory. Your planet is now destroyed. Deal with that, tough guys."

Okay, for anybody reading the series and not wanting to know spoilers. Skip what I'm about to say and don't read the rest of this article as you are about to get major spoilers for how the series ends...

Quaraun literally is a magical time bomb slowly waiting to go off. He gets more bitter and pissed off as the series progresses. How the series end? He finally decides he's had enough, and just says: "Die!" and 3 solar systems blow up, taking 31 billion people out in a split second. The end.

The lesson?

Don't piss off the world's most powerful wizard.

But what exactly happened? We find out that by looking at your next rule of magic: shae shifting... or one person living in the body of someone else, pretending to be them.

If you are reading the series, you've probably figured out by now, that Quaraun is not quite "right" and noticed that he frequently tells people he has no brain because a pink jellyfish ate it.

People laugh at Quaraun and call him "The Insane" largly because of his claim that God is living in his head in the form of a tiny brain suck pink jellyfish...


...but what would happen if he was telling the truth this whole time, and god really WAS a tiny pink jellyfish, and she really WAS living in the hollowed out remains of his now brainless skull?

The fact remains, Quaraun is telling the truth, and God in fact has decided to live on Earth and walk among mankind, and God is a pink jellyfish, and she did pick his body to live in. The Sacred Pink JellyFish is a female demon, living in the body of a male Elf.

Let's look at what happens, when the series finally reveals this to be the truth about Quaraun:

>>Shapeshifting. What is to stop someone from pretending to be the President or Leader of your Magical World Government (who I assume oversees things like the Magical Law Enforcement bureau who enforce your world's bans on illegal magic). If anyone can murder someone and assume their form at will (like a doppelganger), how can this managed?

In my world, true shape shifting is rare. It is a natural ability of certain races of Fae, especially common in Faerie Horses (Unicorns, Kelpies, Hippogriffs, Phookas, etc) who can shift back and forth between horse and human forms.

There is no ability to shape-shift in magic. There is instead the ability to cast illusions. When one casts an illusion on oneself to "shift" into a different form, this is called a Glimmer Spell or Glamour Spell. Basically it's like wearing a costume because you haven't physically changed, but rather an aura around you causes people to see you as someone or something else.

There is a danger of shape shifting, and that is the changes, physical stresses, it puts on a person's organs, particularly their brain.

While true shape-shifting magic, actually molding your body into another shape, does not exist, that hasn't stopped many a wizard from turning to Alchemy and Cryogenic sciences to attempt to make such magic possible.

Knowing the dangers, these wizards do not test it on themselves, instead testing it on their victims. Many eldritch horrors, twisted, blobby, tentacle beasts, have been created this way. Once men, these squid headed, malformed beasts, are often mindless hulks of destruction, as warping their bodies, also warped their minds, destroying any thinking capacity in their brains, creating Gibbering Hulks and Mouthing Jabbers.

In the 1980s, Quaraun's grandson Al-Keeme rises up as the worst for this. Also known as The Lansquin, he combines magic, religious rituals, medical science, and alchemy, mass murdering thousands in his obsessive lust for immortality and eternal youth.

Quaraun uses Glimmer Spells constantly. He appears to forever never age. This is an illusion that he started doing once he started to look old. At first he was using small Glimmer Spells, to erase wrinkles and  smooth out imperfections of his skin, but over time he sustained several injuries, and begane using bigger Gimmer Spells to hide those as well.

In the book My Two Favourite People, the only book cover to feature him on the cover art, the cover art shows a very young, seemingly female Elf that looks to be a teenager. Yet, in this novel Quaraun is well over 750 years old, AND now no longer has a face, his face having been burned off and his tongue being cut out, while being tortured in prison.

From volume 119 onward Quaraun is mute, and thi is the beginning of the end as his insanity reaches levels none of his friends ever imagined possible, with him tuning wild and feral, viciously attack people, tearing them apart and eating them, as his descent into madness turns him into a wild, cannibal.

In My Two Favourite People, Quaraun starts using full on Shape Shifting spells, reverting his now badly deformed body into what he looked like at the age of 15, thus the picture of him on the cover of this volume reflecting that.

With his mind, snapped beyond repair, this novel is a set, just 19 years from The Battle of Ongadada, when he unleashed his deadly spell that annihilates 3 solar systems, causing a giant black hole that starts to swallow up the entire galaxy. 

His attack on the nation of Ongadada, results in alien races, from distant galaxies all across the universe, to join forces in capturing and seemingly executing not the wizard, but the deadly parasitic jellyfish that has burrowed into his skull and his controlling his brain.

The entire series changes full swing, with the revelation that wizards never existed, the Guild never was, and Quaraun himself never existed either and was in fact the reanimated corpse of a 9 year old Elf who was murdered over a thousand years ago, as the novels suddenly jump out of the 1400s, all hallucinations and illusions striped away, to reveal that the entire series has taken place in the year 2525 a solitary confinement cell inside of White Rock Asylum for the Criminal Insane, and is nothing more then an interview between a psychiatrist and the Twighlight Manor's mysterious "boy in the attic" Sunta Swanzen.

Outside the world lays in shattered ruins under a fracture moon that is fast crashing, while The Crystal Plague wipes out every last living thing on the planet, the remaining fragments of this apocalyptic world, scrambling to escape a sun that is about to supernova, and all of them trapped by a deadly Elder God, The Sacred Pink Jelly Fish, who has put up a barrier around the planet not letting any one leave.

Of the three inhabited planets in the solar system, two have already been sent spiralling off their orbits, both now in rought to crashing into the center planet.

Outside White Rock two rival cults are fast breaking down the walls, one come to save the Elder God, the other to kill her, while fissures open up across the planet unleashing tentacled horrors onto the populations.

There is no happy ending in what turns out to be very much a Cthulhu Mythos tale of how the Earth was destroyed by a tiny pink jellyfish living in the brain of a long dead Elf.

And while panic descends... Sunta, the thousand year old boy who looks 15 year old girl, does nothing but sit and laugh, while telling the psychiatrist Harrier, he is The Grand High Emperor of The Triple Planets, the hive mind Elder Brain goddess, The Sacred Pink Jelly Fish and there is no mercy for what they did to her.

Long thought to be the ravings of a lunatic, the story that a jellyfish is in his head eating his brain is at long last proved to be true when White Rock's guards attack the Elf, shattering his skull, only to find he has no brain, and was already dead. Instead of a brain, a ink jellyfish-like alien beast is found living in his skull.

There series stops in the Year 2525, because in the year 2525, the world ceases to exist...a side effect of casting a Glimmer Spell that twisted not only his body, but also his mind.

In the end, when all is revealed, Quaraun was simply the husk that God lived in, for The Sacred Pink Jelly Fish, truly was God, millions of years old, the creator of the universe, the Elder Brain that kept the planets in orbit, the life force for all life, and without it's creator there to keep the universe alive, everything ceased to exist upon her death.

But anyways, that's how I've dealt with these sorts of magic rules issues in my own series. Hopefully it'll give you some ideas you can use for your own story. Good luck with it!

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eelkats_house_before_after.jpgIf you ever made fun of or had any part in the backhoe driving over my house, you shall lose your house.
home again the return of the goldeneagle dodge 330If you ever made fun of or had any part in my car being cut in half, you shall lose your car.
volvo-art-car-eelkat-Dazzling-Razzbury-3-artist-wendy-c-allen-painting3.pngIf you ever made fun of or had any part in my becoming crippled, you shall lose your health.
If you ever made fun of or had any part in the murder of my son, your child shall die an equally horrible death.

Evil men go out of their way to try to drive a person to suicide.

Are you an evil man?

Are you sure you're not?

How many people have YOUR hate filled words killed?

Next time you go to do a mean thing to a fellow human, stop and really think about the consequences of your actions.

Did you ever notice how every one has a story to tell about me, yet not one of them ever speaks the truth?

What lies has YOUR gossiping tongue spread about me?

Did you know...

October 16, 2006, bomb blew up my house because of YOUR lies.

August 8, 2013, the house which replaced the one the bomb blew up, was driven over by a backhoe.

November 14, 2013, my 8 month old infant son was murdered because of your lies.

November 14, 2013, I was beaten up, paralized for 5 months, spent 18 weeks relearning to walk, I'm now crippled for the rest of my life, because of YOUR lies.

Are you proud of what you have done?

Enjoy your eternity in Hell. You earned it. You've certainly worked hard for it.


If you have any information about any of these events, please call FBI Agent Andy Drewer at 207-774-9322