RE: Some questions for bloggers who get 25k+ pageviews a month. 

  • 1) What is your blog name?.

Space Dock 13

also known as

EK's Star Log

have changed hosts and url names multiple times before finally settling on in 2013

The reason for settling on that url was obvious - it's my name.

In the early days I was using a place name from one of my books. (Space Dock 13 is a space station in one of my novels). By 2003 fans were call me "EK" and referring to my blog as a "Star Log" (a term from Star Trek) so in 2003 it was renamed EK's Star Log and some people still call it that.

If you are asking about names to try to figure out your own name...

It's actually best practice to create a brand name of under 8 letters. When I say brand name, think: (4 letters) (6 letters) (6 letters) (8 letters) (6 letters) (10 letters) (8 letters) (7 letters) (6 letters) (4 letters) (6 letters) (4 letters) (5 letters)

In every case a made up "gibberish-type" (on first appearances) name with no connection to the site topic at all (until you read the About page that tells how they came up with the name and go: "wow, that's actually makes sense!"). But easy to remember, easy for visitors to manually type, and unique enough that it's hard to mimic.

My own SBI site? In 2013 I was changing hosts and changing urls. The niche seed word topic I originally started out with is: "How to be a better a writer", which then evolved to "How to write dark fantasy novels".

So, you'd think my url would be either: (31 letters)

So what is my current url? (6 letters)


Because 6 letters is easy to remember and promote.

For the first 3 years of my site I had bot-blockers in place and refused to all Google, Bing, etc to index my pages. Instead relying 100% on organic traffic instead of search traffic. (organic traffic means, the visitor typed the url directly, as opposed to typed a search term and found the url). How did I get traffc those first 3 years?

My website is painted on my car as can clearly be seen in these pictures of my car:

and as you can see I repaint it every year so you never know what it'll look like from one picture to the next.

It's also painted on my motorhome, as seen here:

As you can see the letters on the side of the motorhome are over a foot tall and can be seen from quite some distance away.

Now, think of how hard it would be for to paint in foot tall letters across my mototorhome, verses instead?

We being carnival Gypsies, the RV gets parked at festivals, carnivals, fairs, side shows, etc all over New England, and why have a plan white RV when you can have a 22 foot long neon pink billboard that screams across the side?

Bigger then on the side of my motorhome is the "billboards" in my yard. (currently 3, they change constantly) and are made out of queen sized bed sheets:

Because I live on a beach

in a town that gets 2 million tourists every June/July/Agust, and as many as 10,000 people walk by my driveway/car/motorhome on their way to reach the beach, that means, a lot of people see the url and wonder "what the heck is that?" and search it on their phones while sitting on the beach.

Now, think of how hard it would be for eople to remember verses instead when it comes to typing it in on their phone once they get set up on the beach?

Because I am a retail merchandiser and travel 100+ miles a day to multiple WalMarts, walGreens, & CVSs all over the state, my car is seen by a lot of shoppers as well.

Because I'm an author who CosPlays my novels' characters at gaming/comic book conventions

and, just around town when going shopping at walMart, eating at McDonalds, etc and stuff because I'm OtherKin

(Yes, that is how I dress every day, 24/7 - since 1987)

this results in me handing out 100+ business cards a day, as people are constantly running up to me asking to get a picture with me and my car, and wanting to know where they can find out more about me, my car, and my over the top outlandish costume, and I just hand them a business card.

Now, try to imagin what looks like printed on a business card - long and clunky, vs instead, short and sweet. I mean think about it... on a business card, you ain't got much room to work with... most companies have a limit to how many characters per line and the limit is usually 18 characters or less.

Yie! :( :o :shock:

That means if I had gone with (31 letters) instead of (6 letters)

I wouldn't be able to print up business cards, due to the fact that a 31 letter url is longer then the 18 character maximum space limit per line.

To get business cards with a long url, I would have had to break it up putting half the url on each line!

Like this:



THAT^ it was that looks like! To fit that url on a business card, it would need to be broken up into 3 lines! Look at that poor lonely "m" all by itself.

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