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The Best Alice Cooper Music Videos
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Well, this is new... I have absolutely no reason for making this page, other then, I was just on YouTube looking for an Avatar video for my Absurdism page, and I then I kept adding more Avatar videos to that page and I started thinking - maybe I should make a page just for Avatar videos, that way I can find them easy, since I'm always looking them up. So, now I have a page for my favourite Avatar music videos, for no reason other then Avatar is one of my favourite bands, and this page is another of my favourite bands because I figured why have only one of my fave bands? This page is Alice Cooper.

Official Alice Cooper

Go To Hell

Alice Cooper - House of Fire

Alice Cooper & The Muppets - "Welcome To My Nightmare"

"SCHOOLS OUT" ~ Alice Cooper & The Monster Muppet Players ~ Muppet Show

Alice Cooper -"Along Came A Spider" The Movie

Alice Cooper - Poison

Alice Cooper - Lost In America

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (from Alice Cooper: Trashes The World)


You and Me - Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper - Bed of Nails

Relationship Advice With Rock Legend Alice Cooper & Sheryl Cooper

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