Creating an Author Website With SBI (Site Build It)

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Thanks, both of you! I realize having a website is crucial, and I think I was becoming a bit overwhelmed with the content. I've studied many author websites that have done wonderful, but I think I've gotten hung up with the numbers,(i.e., profitability) when I should be looking at it as building a platform and brand. Speaking with an author friend a few moments ago helped me to understand it IS about the numbers, but not monetarily from the get go. I'm going back in with a better perspective thanks to your feedback. I needed it.


Brand building is the way I go. my sbi site is my author homepage. I don't think an author site is going to bring in much income from ads; I think it's more about having a place for readers to look you up and find out what else you wrote, so more about marketing yu books, then gaining income other ways.

What do you want to become? 

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My dad launched his site in about 2008. Over the years, he has alternately spent time working on his site and working on his writing. His top priority is his writing, and the website comes second. When he spends time on the website it takes time away from his writing (lots of time), and he'd rather write. But, aside from the cohesiveness issues. The website does serve as a resource for someone who picks up one of his books and wants to look him up on the web. A Google search brings back his website on page one, so people can find him. However, if they don't have one of his books in hand, they are not likely to find him.


I am the same way writing first; site second. However I make sure to add at least one new page to my site each week, with a goal of one a day. Usually what I find best to do, set aside 1 day to do my sbi site.

I do my writing as a business. I set aside 8 hours a day to write/edit/format/design covers/etc. So I have 4 days of writing 8 hrs and 1 day of web page creating for 8 hrs. usually I can created 3 to 7 pages during that time.

I have

Even recipes for food mentioned in the books. (This has resulted in 400+ pages)

I also have pages

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But if you are willing to research keywords through Brainstorm It FIRST and then write pages that people are searching for, then SBI is a good choice. Most likely, if you follow the SBI method you will create a website [i]about[/i] writing:

[list]How to write better 

How to get published 

Best fiction 

Reading lists[/list]


I do this as well. For example, I write fantasy, so I have an entire section on "Fantasy world building" , with a page on culture, one on planet building, one on religions, one on plants, etc(about 40 pages)

Because I write a lot of short stories, I have several pages on writing short stories.

A year ago one of my series got hit by Amazon Adult Filter and I got then back online, so wrote a page on how I did it. 

A year before that one of my books got attacked by an author who created 52 fake Amazon accounts so she could create 52 fake 1-star reviews on my books, and so I wrote a page about that.

I figure, I'm not the only author who had these things happen and so I should write about the experience and share how I dwelt with them, so that when other authors run against things like that, they could have a reference for what someone else had done when it happened to them

I try to keep a record of everything I do in my writing career and share as much of it as I can

In total, there are 784 pages that I have been able to create so far, just in yapping about myself, my characters, my experiences as a writer, and my books.

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