Orange Wedding Dresses

I just got a request, asking if, seeing how I was putting my old Squidoo Lens pages up here on, if I could put my "Blue Wedding Dresses" page back up.

You know, I had completly forgotten about the wedding dress series, so, no, I was not planning to put it back up online, but since there has been a request for it, I will.

The Wedding Dress series and the Fetish shoe series went together. There was also a series of Japanese street fashion and a CosPlay costume series as well. I have put a few of them back up, but they are incredibly time consuming to build and maintain, which is why so few have gone up as of yet.

I had originally made these, because at the time I was designing new wardrobes for several characters in my novels. At the time I was working on the stage play rendition of my short story "The Pearl Necklace" and thus you see a lot of dance wear included in this series, because the play was intended to be a ballet/modern dance mix.

Because of the heavily Persian influence of the way many characters of both The Twighlight Manor series and the Quaraun series dress, you also see a high rate of Persian, Indian, and Pakistani wedding dresses here as well.

The original series had not been published at first, but remained private, as it was being used as a database of ideas for doing costume designs for my characters. However, in 2007, I had mentioned it in a forum post, in answer to a young writer, asking how to go about designing clothes for their characters to wear in their novels, and most people were telling them clothes don't matter and don't need to be described in novels.

Well, I disagree with that, and cloths in fact can plan a huge role in a character's life. For example, my main character, Quaraun, is constantly bullied and judged harshly by other characters because of the way he dresses. He likes pink and he likes dresses, and so he wears pink dresses. His pink dresses take centre stage of most every story he's in. Thus it becomes important to the story to describe in detail his dresses. Thus it becomes important for the author (me) to have reference images of dresses so I can describe them properly. Thus the creation of this series.

The end result of that particular conversation was the person asking if I could share my data base of dress images, thus the Wedding dress and Fetish Shoe pages went live to the public. They remained online form 2007 til Squidoo went out of business in 2013.

By the time Squidoo went offline, I no longer needed the photo reference points, because I had by that point written so many descriptions of my characters' clothes that I now had a clear image of what they wore in my head. Thus, I did not rebuild the pages when I moved my Squidoo pages here to SBI.

Each one is a series of affiliate links to places where you can buy said items. This requires I spend several hours of several days, often, for several weeks to track down the items, request the affiliate codes and get permission to post said images on my site. It can take as long a a month to build a single page, whereas most of the pages on my site can be built in an hour or less. After building it, I then have to constantly be checking the affiliate codes to make sure the items are still available for sale, so while my other pages are put them up quick then forget about them, the affiliate pages are weeks of work and then lots of ongoing maintenance.... so that it why so few of them have returned.

But anyways, yes, the pages that are requested, are the ones that go up soonest, while pages that have not been requested get set aside for later, and as the Blue Wedding Dress page has been requested, that one is now returning. The series on wedding gowns featured a page for each colour:

So the Blue Wedding Dresses was part of a set.

Because the original page had not text or intro (like what you are reading now) and was straight up nothing but affiliate links, I therefore do not have the original page. Those affiliate links were from 2007, and many of the companies were through the PepperJam network, which went out of business in 2014, after Squidoo went out of business in 2013 so, I have to completely rebuild this page all over again from scratch, thus, the dresses will not be the same ones, though I will try to find ones as close as possible to the ones I had originally featured on the original page.

In addition to traditional wedding dress styles, the original page also featured casual dresses for use in casual weddings, and costumes for use in CosPlay and themed weddings, as well as ethnic dresses for various non-Christian weddings. I will include those types of dresses on this new page as well. 

I am uncertain how long it will take me to track down all of the links and permissions to post them all here, but I'm putting this page live now, and will continue to add to it over time. Expect it to expand on a near daily basis for the next few weeks while I track down more dresses to feature here.

In any case, hopefully, the dress you were looking for or one like it will show up here again, and good luck with your wedding!


Need More?

CosPlayer's Supply Index

I am an OtherKin Life Actor, which means I'm a CosPlayer who dresses in full CosPlay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. I own no "normal street wear". I started doing this February 4, 1987 and have now been doing it for more then 30 years. The bulk of that time I CosPlay a transvestite Elf wizard. My mother was a professional seamstress who specialized in pageant dresses for little girls and very elaborate Halloween costumes. She taught me to sew when I was 8. I made my first ball gown at age 12. At age 16 I graduated college with a degree in Fashion Design, Dressmaking, and Theatrical Costumes. I've gone on to make some of the most insanely detailed, over the top CosPlays ever seen at many conventions.

Because of this I am frequently asked by others looking to get into CosPlaying, LARPing, SAC, OtherKin, and costume making for advice on how to make and where to buy supplies. This resulted in a series of Squidoo pages on the topic of CosPlaying and included Squidoo's #1 most visited and highest paid Squidoo Lens of all time: "The Lord Sesshomaru CosPlay" If you remember me from Squidoo, chances are high you knew me as "The Bride of Sesshomaru" rather then "EelKat" (Bride of Sesshomaru is the other online username you see me using across the internet - and was the username I had on, when I wrote my long running short story series "The Bride of Sesshomaru", featuring a pink clad Lord Sesshomaru gone mad, which has since been renamed "The Adventure of Quaraun the Insane").

Squidoo went out of business in 2013, leaving most users with their hard work lost forever. Fortunately, I had backups of everything, and so all of my Squidoo pages are slowly returning to the internet here on Eventually they will all be back.

Anyways, fans of the Squidoo CosPlay series, have been emailing me and asking if I'd put it back online the Gallery pages I had built for shoes, hats, lolita, goth, cyberpunk, clubbing, and costumes, which had featured links to suppliers of a lot of very hard to find, fetish items. These pages were very specifically, links to the actual products I had used to make my own CosPlays. Over time my CosPlay Squidoo series became the go-to spot for many con goings seeking to find suppliers for making their CosPlays and they were deeply saddened by the lack of this resource. Seeing the return of my other popular Squidoo pages Amphibious Aliens, Autism & Me, and The World's Most Haunted Car, my Squidoo followers have been asking is I can bring the CosPlay series back next.


Yes I can.

And here it is...

Costume Supplies: Shoes

Fetish Shoes (A General Mix)

Disabled/Handicap Friendly Flat Soled Fetish Shoes

Fetish Shoes - Red

Fetish Shoes - Orange

Fetish Shoes - Yellow

Fetish Shoes - Green

Fetish Shoes - Blue

Fetish Shoes - Purple

Fetish Shoes - Pink

Fetish Shoes - White

Fetish Shoes - Grey

Fetish Shoes - Black

Fetish Shoes - Sliver

Fetish Shoes - Gold

Fetish Shoes - Cream/Beige/Nude

Fetish Shoes - Brown

Fetish Shoes - Animal Print

Fetish Shoes - Multi-Print & Florals

Over the Top Gypsy Style Wedding Dresses

Red Wedding Dresses

Orange Wedding Dresses

Yellow Wedding Dresses

Green Wedding Dresses

Blue Wedding Dresses

Purple Wedding Dresses

Pink Wedding Dresses

Silver Wedding Dresses

Gold Wedding Dresses

Brown Wedding Dresses

Black Wedding Dresses

Gypsy Fashion

Real Gypsy Wedding Dresses

Gypsy Veiling - Hijab Head-covering - Dupatta Modesty


Aristocrat (J-fashion)

Kogal (J-Fashion)

Visual kei




Decora/Dekora (J-Fashion)

Mori Kei (Forest Nymph)

Yamanba (J-Fashion)


Fairy Kei

Dolly kei

Cult party kei

Angura kei

Oshare kei


Elven Kin/Elf Kin

Dragon Kin

Unicorn Kin

Fairy Kin

Demon Kin

Doll Kin

Wolf Kin

Fox Kin

Cat Kin

Dog Kin


Big Fancy High Fashion Hats

Red Hats

Orange Hats

Yellow Hats

Green Hats

Blue Hats

Purple Hats

Pink Hats

White Hats

Grey Hats

Brown Hats

Black Hats

Silver & Gold Hats


Red, Orange, Yellow Capes

Green, Blue, Brown Capes

Pink, Purple Capes

Black, White Capes

Butterfly, Bird, Wing Capes

Silver, Gold Capes

Isis Wings & Dance Capes

PreMade Costumes

Sexy Ghosts

Sexy Vampires

Sexy Pirates

Sexy Fairies/Faeries

Star Wars Costumes

Wonder Woman Costumes

Disney Princess Costumes

Lolita Supplies

Gothic Lolita

Elegant Gothic Lolita

Steampunk Lolita

Amai Lolita or Amarori (Sweet Lolita)

Pastel Goth Lolita

Guro Lolita (grotesque)

Wa Lolita

Kuro Lolita

Sailor Lolita

Qi Lolita

Pankurori/Punk Lolita

Himerori /Princess Lolita

Country Lolita

Kurashikaru Rorita (Classical Lolita)

Erorori/Ero Lolita

Shirorori (White) Lolita (Shiro Lolita)

Kurorori (Black) Lolita (Kuro Lolita)

Pinkurori (Pink) Lolita

Mizuirorori (Light Blue) Lolita

Itarori (Painful Lolita)

Housewife Lolita (Also Obarori): Mother and child lolita

Decora Lolita

Pirate Lolita

Mori Kei (Forest Nymph) Lolita

Yamanba Lolita

Fairy Kei Lolita

Dolly kei

Cult party kei Lolita

Oshare kei Lolita

Dance Wear

Belly Dance Skirts: Red

Belly Dance Skirts: Orange

Belly Dance Skirts: Yellow

Belly Dance Skirts: Green

Belly Dance Skirts: Blue

Belly Dance Skirts: Purple

Belly Dance Skirts: Pink

Belly Dance Skirts: Black

Belly Dance Tops: Red

Belly Dance Tops: Orange

Belly Dance Tops: Yellow

Belly Dance Tops: Green

Belly Dance Tops: Blue

Belly Dance Tops: Purple

Belly Dance Tops: Pink

Belly Dance Tops: Black

Belly Dance Scarfs: Red

Belly Dance Scarfs: Orange

Belly Dance Scarfs: Yellow

Belly Dance Scarfs: Green

Belly Dance Scarfs: Blue

Belly Dance Scarfs: Purple

Belly Dance Scarfs: Pink

Belly Dance Scarfs: Black

Costume Supplies: Wigs

Wigs (A General Mix)

Wigs - Red

Wigs - Orange

Wigs - Yellow

Wigs - Green

Wigs - Blue

Wigs - Purple

Wigs - Pink

Wigs - White

Wigs - Grey

Wigs - Black

Wigs - Brown

BDSM Fetish Wear & Stuff

BDSM Fetish Wear For Women

BDSM Fetish Wear For Men

BDSM & Biker Masks

French Maid Costumes

Sissification Gear

Whips, Chains, Restrains, Etc

Flamboyant Nipples: Nipple Rings & Pasties

Flamboyant Penises: Penis Rings & Scrotum Pendants

CBT Supplies: Penis Sleeves, Cock Cages, Ball Chains, etc.

Dildos. Lots and Lots of Dildos

All Things Penis: Penis Pops, Penis Shaped Cake Pans, Penis Shaped Balloons... Yeah, they exist and here they are. 

There were over 200 pages in this series back on Squidoo (listed above). It'll take me a bit of time to get all of them back up, as I have to go through each list and check every single link, to make sure the supplier is still active, the items are still available, and remove dead links, etc. It takes 2 or 3 days to go through each list, so it could be a while before all of the pages are back online for you, but I'll try to get up as many as I can, as quickly as possible for you guys. The pages listed on the list above will be turned into links as each page goes live.

(Sadly, as some of you may already be aware, my favorite supplier of Goth fashions has gone out of business, and as such, the Drac-In-A-Box series of Squidoo Pages will not be returning.)

And... Yes, The Lord Sesshomaru CosPlay Squidoo Lens will be returning to the internet. When it does, the link to it will be here.

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