How To Become A Writer
How To Become A Better Writer


Below are questions which have been sent to me from my readers via the Ask EelKat advice column. Each question is a link. Clicking that link will take you directly to the article which I wrote to answer said question. I have tried to arrange them by category in order to make it easier for you to find the answers you need.

As my long time readers will already know a server crash took down most of the old free-hosted site on June 4, 2013 (which was online since 1997 and had reached 6,000+ pages). Thankfully everything was saved on a separate hard-drive and the site is being rebuilt with a new host and for the first time on it's own domain. YAY!

I am currently moving all 6,000 questions&answer articles to this site one page at a time, at a rate of about 4 to 7 new pages being added each day, so be patient. Not all links are yet clickable. This process started on September 2, 2013 and will be ongoing at least through to January 2014. (And it may be well into 2017 before all 6,000 pages will be back online if I continue at this rate of 5 a day.)

Mistakes New Writers Should Avoid

600 Pages: Epic Big Super Sized Novels and Why You Should Never Write One (And what to do with it, if you have written a 600 page novel.)

Your Questions Answered

Who can I contact if my questions are not answered here?

What is a writer and how do I become a published author?

Will you help me become a better writer?

I keep getting writer's block and losing my creative flow. What can I do to enhance my creativity?

How Do I Write & Sell Short Fiction?

How do I apply to be a writer?

Can you help me get published?

Is It a Novel, a Novella, a Short Story or Something Else?

Can you help me write a cover letter?

What books are available to help me with my writing?

I need help with my writing. Do you offer any education programs?

What is your writing routine?  How do you discipline yourself to keep at it?

I want to become a writer to make lots of money. How writers make money? How much money can I make? How will I be paid? How often will I be paid?

Is traditional publishing better than self publishing; which costs less; of course there are pros and cons for both?

Do you write for money, pleasure, or both?

Do you write every day? Should I?

How do I handle taxes?

Hello English is not my mothertounge, Can you give me tips on how to improve my (story) Writting? Thankyou?

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