Google Flagged My Site! What To Do? (Help For Web Masters)

Google Flagged Your Site? Here's What To Do... 
(Help For Web Masters)

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Google Flagged My Site! What To Do?
(Help For Web Masters)

Well, usually, I link to the question here, but in the case of this question, I'm not going to because I'm not going to drive traffic to the criminal's website. Ye. A criminal. Think about those words and then ask yourself: Are you a criminal too? Did you know you might be?

Here is the question asked. Link removed. Name removed. Name of site removed:

HI. Google flagged my site? what to do?

My website is flagged by Google as spam.

Google said

After reviewing your reconsideration request, Google still believes that website violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore, we have not reincluded the offending pages back in our search results in order to maintain a quality experience for users. Only submit a new reconsideration request after you have made the necessary changes to your content.

Fix this problem now::


Update your pages to meet Google Webmaster Guidelines

Remember: we reject reconsideration requests consisting of empty or blank sites. Make sure you submit revised content that is original and relevant to your site.

I had done some reviews, some linkclocking. While writing reviews I used product emages from vander. Is it causing my website?

I had got message like below.....

Pages on this site appear to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious violations of Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

Please guide me in this regard. Should I create new website and forget 4 years old website?

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