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FAQs: Where do you get a DD? And how long does it take to get?


FAQs: Where do you get a DD? And how long does it take to get?

Posted on Sunday, November 11, 2012 | Comments Offon

FAQs: Where do you get a DD? And how long does it take to get?

Well here’s an interesting question, I don’t get asked ones like this very often. More like it would be good. (and by that I mean, LESS Wiccan related questions PLEASE! I am not Wiccan, know nothing of Wicca, and fail to understand the endless amount of Wiccans related question you folks keep sending to me. I mean, why the heck are you asking a Christian minister advice of how to be a better Wiccan? Anyways…) This is a question I know something about and can answer:

You said you are working towards a DD. Is Doctor of Divinity an honorary degree I’m having a hard time finding a place that offers it? Where do you get a DD? And how long does it take to get? I’m looking into seminaries in my area, including CTS where I got my Masters, but they are all pretty much mainstream, and I’m interested in a broader (read: comparative religion) education. And, of course, my dissertation would be in wedding traditions.  I always tough that the first study would be Philosophy and you specialize in theology with courses in psychology and sociology. What is your focus?  I took a lot of comparitive religion at Emory for my BA, and some “book-based” (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) at seminary. I’d like more, though. Do you think it’s helpful to take the time, money, and effort to get the DD? I learned lots at seminary, and even more everyday in my wedding ministry. Sometimes I wonder if I’d learn more just “doing what I do” than to sit in a classroom?  I could happily spend the rest of my life studying religion, and not have time to put it into practice. And what good would that do? BTW,  Where’s your religious training from? Just curious. My undergrad is basically Methodist & Jewish, my Masters is Presbyterian.  

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