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The Amphibious Aliens Index

The Story of
A Creature of Debatable Origins 
& The Children Who Tried To Protect Him From
The Drug Dealing Crime Lords of
Old Orchard Beach

You people asked for a 10th anniversary update. Well, here it is.

It has been 10 years since the publication of the Squidoo article known as Amphibious Aliens: The Story of Etiole & The World's Most Haunted Car. (April 15, 2007) And 3 years since it was taken offline (August 2013). Today's date is March 4, 2017, and this new page and series of videos is being made in answer to fan requests for an update on the situation surrounding the events mentioned in the article.

The Original Amphibious Aliens Article & the first draft edition of The Amphibious Aliens 10th Anniversary Update, can be found all on one very, very, very long page HERE. It'll take you about 8 hours to read it. Yes, it's very long.

The page you are on now is the same article as is linked above, but cut into sections, and each section expanded long, with more details and information that was not included in the original.

Here is an index to help you navigate from one section to the next, of this massive, many pages long series. Enjoy!

Amphibious Aliens Part 1 - Lives Destroyed 

Amphibious Aliens Part 2 - Helen Pearly's White Monkey

Amphibious Aliens Part 3 - For Fear of Little Men

Amphibious Aliens Part 4 - 

Amphibious Aliens Part 5 - 

Amphibious Aliens Part 6 - 

Amphibious Aliens Part 7 - 

Amphibious Aliens Part 8 - 

Amphibious Aliens Part 9 - 

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The Additional Pages In This Series:

The Amphibious Aliens Squidoo Page:
Video Edition
The Original 2007 Article Uncut, and
Without Any of The 2017 Update Added
NOTE: This Video Is 2 Hours Long And Contains ALL The Original photos and illustrations that were seen on Squidoo
(If you remember there being more then this.... this is the page that had the url: there were an addition dozen more pages with Amphibious Aliens in the title, but this is the actual original article which inspired the series of articles)

The REAL White Monkey Story:

The Battle of 4-5-8:

Maine's Largest Drug Raid

The Battle of 4-5-8 was a shoot out between the Atwaters and Halls vs the Dutrumbles and Cyrs. Aproximatly 70 adults took part in the shoot out. I was 8 years old and a boy standing beside me had his eye shot out of his head. I have PTSD as a result and a raging phobia of guns.  

A trio named Anne, Donald, and Bryan (a Dutrumble man and his Cyr wife and brother in law) started the shoot out. They were growing marhawana in Etiole's Swamp and operating a meth lab in the back room of the big yellow dome house at what is now 142 Portland Ave. (Was Old Orchard Beach Rural Rought 860 at the time).  During the shoot out Anne took 3 cans of gas out of her yellow hatchback car and poured it all over the dome house then set it in fire.

The shoot out was started when Anne's daughter was riding her bike and drove it across the street and was killed by an on coming car. We children witnessed as her brain was squeezed out of her head when the car wheel drove over it.

Anne claimed that a demon living in my car possessed the 10 year old girl to kill herself and pulled out a shot gun and started shooting at the Atwater children (the Atwaters who call themselves "The Royal Highland Atwater Clan" are known in New England at "The Scottish Mafia" and are known in Colorado and Wyoming as"The Scottish Traveller Crime Family of America"). The Atwaters were squatting on our farm at the time and had tents and RV full of their Heaven's Gate stock pile of guns. Soon as Anne started shooting at them, they all started hooting back.

The Horror of Having Autism & A Photographic Memory That Replays A Car Smashing a Brain Out Of Skull, over and over again...

Autism... Think you know what it is?
Chances are high you don't.
Did you know:

That REAL Autism (Kanner's Syndrom) is caused by extreme childhood trauma and only 1 in every 10,000 children ACTUAL have it? Did you know that if you are not the survior of child rape, human trafficking, or cult torture that you CAN NOT be diagnoses with Autism?


That Asperger's is NOT a TYPE of Autism, and That Autism Spectrum Disorder is also NOT a TYPE of Autism?


That 80% of people who claim to have Autism are self-diagnosed, can not name the actual symptoms of Autism, and in fact DO NOT have Autism at all?

(March 4, 2017)

If you are someone new to me, my site, or my experiences, then you are probably wondering what this page is. Of course if you are a long time follower, then you already know (And welcome back!) For those of you new to me, my site, and of course Etiole, a quick summary of what this page is about:

In 1978, a group of about 25 children ages 3 to 12, went looking for frogs in the swamps of the Ross Forest of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, where they encountered a creature of debatable origins, whom is often thought of by most people who heard the childrens' story, as an alien. Most adults discredited the story as children with wild imaginations playing with an imaginary friend... until one after another these children began dying horrific deaths, several of which involved their bodies turning up headless. Today 40 years later, only 2 of these children are still alive. I am one of these two children. 

What you will find on this page is details of the original encounter, the hundreds of encounters to follow over the next 4 decades... and the response from the terror crazed adults of Old Orchard Beach, Maine who, believing they were fighting a demon that was eating their children, lashed out at what they claimed was a demon possessed car. (The real life Christine, a 1964 Dodge 330, that had been the inspiration for Stephen King's Christine book and movie, a car which I bought in 1983, and was the same car, that the little man we children had met in the swamp had started living in shortly after I bought it.)

What you are about to read is Amphibious Aliens: The Story of Etiole and The World's Most Haunted Car - The 10th Anniversary of the Squidoo Lens Edition, including an update on the events to occur in the past 10 years since the original April 15, 2007 release of the Squidoo edition of the article.

{{{{Hugs}}} and a great big thank you to all my wonderful fans!

As of March 2017 is now getting 44,000 views per month!

We've come a long way from the 300 views a month I was getting 10 years ago when the Amphibious Aliens article was first published.

We are also now the #1 web site on Google for almost every search term containing the words "Old Orchard Beach", receiving more then 7,000 hits per month just on that one search term!

With 6,000+ pages and 44,000 views per month, we are now both the largest and most trafficked website headquartered out of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Yay!

These amazing results are all thanks to one article: Amphibious Aliens, which now ranks as my most read article ever, as well as the most visited page on my website. Thank you to all my wonderful readers for making this possible. Without all you wonderful people this website wouldn't even be possible.

{{{Hugs}}} for you all, and thank you once again for taking the time to stop by!


Come see the KKK Cross standing in the shadow of the 30 foot hole in my yard, that is all that remains of my house after demon hunting religion crazed lunatics blew it up with a bomb

Let's Play Count Von Count & Count The Missing Heads

Of the 30+ children who witnessed the 4-5-8- battle, only 2 non-Cyrs are  still alive. Most were beaten, shot, beheaded, or otherwise grusomely murdered before reaching the age of 30. Me and my cousins Mike and Murphey are the only 3 to reach 30. Murphey was murdered by a man in a 4-door white pick up truck July 2013, 2 weeks before the same white truck arrived in my yard, days before a backhow owned by the man who owns the white truck (who is also married to Anne Cyr's sister) drove a back hoe over my house. The same white truck would arrive at college November 14, 2013 to paralize and cripple me in attempted murder.

Heads Roll Down The Bloody Streets of Old Orchard Beach As A Deranged Man With a Backhoe Drives Over EelKat's House

The only children to reach adulthood unharassed and without ever being brutalized are Anne's remaining 3 children: Troy, Noel, and Michelle.

Because the Cyr Gypsy clan are  part of the FBI's 3rd most wanted crime family, they are considered EXTREMELY DANGEROUS... if you see ANY of them in Old Orchard Beach, FBI agent Andy Drewer wants you to call him immediately: (207) 774-9322

Several members of their gang of drug lords are wanted for murder.

The Feud Between The Atwater Clan And The Cyr Clan Sparks A Deranged Serial Murderer In Old Orchard Beach

More Then 30 Atwater/Allen/Murphy Clan Children In Old Orchard Beach Have Been Beheaded Now...

The 4-Door White Truck In The Photo Above Has Been Seen At Every Crime Scene

FBI Suspects The Truck Belongs To The Violent Cyr Clan

Only 2 of The White Monkey Children Who Witnessed
The Battle of 4-5-8 Shoot Out Are Still Alive

Meet The White Crosses Of Old Orchard Beach:

Need Directions?

Rather then ask the crazy gun-toting neighbours, and risk get shot by the psychotically deranged, white power gay haters that live up and down my street, patrolling obsessively by my driveway every 15 minutes in a 4 door white pick-up truck, just get directions from Google Maps. Here, you can find 146 Portland Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, ME right here:

Home Again!

May 15, 2010

Five days after being stolen, cut up, and sold to a car crusher, by the religion crazed, demon hunter residents of Old Orchard Beach, The World's Most Haunted Car is found and it's battered remains are brought back home.

Lives Destroyed
By Busy-Bodies, Superstitions, & Hate

The request has been made for the Amphibious Aliens article to return back online, after 3 years offline, since the death of Squidoo, with fans of the article saying it is "the greatest alien abduction story" ever known.

The problem with this being, I actually do not believe I was abducted, never claimed I was abducteed, and was clueless as to what people were talking about when they showed up in my yard to interview me. So I do not use the term abductee. I had not heard of the term before people started contacting me, after my uncle wrote several articles online about things that had happened to me and several of my cousins back in the 1970s.

One of the most frustrating parts of this whole ordeal is how much rude, inconsiderate, and in some cases outright violent, mostly religion crazed,  hate filled people have disrupted my life over this one thing, which I never thought was a big deal, until total strangers, gossiping busy bodies, and house bombing, car vandalizing, cat murdering vandals took it upon themselves to cleanse the world of what they called "a demon", with them originally calling him a transvestite and progressing to calling me one.

It says a lot about the state of society, or rather the state of Old Orchard Beach's mentality (or lack there of?) when crimes that were obviously committed by a human (one of THEM) turn an entire town of Old Orchard Beach into a terror crazed war path of destruction against a half blind crippled woman (crippled, might I add, by THEM beating her up), her car, her cats, her home, all because they believe she's hiding a demon from them?

Religion Crazed "Demon Hunters" Kidnap EelKat's Cats

& Nail Their Heads To The Door

Etiole never hurt any body. He's quiet, gentle, and peaceful. He never leaves the forest.

My cats never hurt any one.

I never hurt any one.

And yet, the residents of Old Orchard Beach put a bomb in my house.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach cut my car in half.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach beat me up, left me paralyzed for 5 months, 18 months relearning to walk, and crippled on a cane for the rest of my life.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach filled my motorhome with feces 3 feet deep.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach kidnapped my cats and are currently holding them hostage.

The residents of Old Orchard Beach cut my cats heads' off and nailed them to my door

Why? Because the residents of Old Orchard Beach are insane, narrow minded, hate mongers, who see nothing wrong with terrorizing women, murdering cats, and doing it in the name of God and religion. They claim they are justified in their terrorist attacks and hate crimes, because they say, a demon lives in my yard.

Well tell me this, if you REALLY think he's a demon, do you REALLY want to get him mad? If you REALLY think he's dangerous, do you REALLY want to piss him off?

Come see the KKK Cross standing in the shadow of the 30 foot hole in my yard, that is all that remains of my house after demon hunting religion crazed lunatics blew it up with a bomb

The worst part of all of this, is I never told any body about Etiole. The story was spread to the world by a toddler raping uncle who was taken to court on child rape charges, by 4 of his nieces, and he retaliated against ALL of his nieces by creating wild stories about them and posting them all over the internet along with the girls' names, photos, and home addresses. I was one of the 64 nieces he had done this to... and while each girl was targeted with a different attack, it was the amphibious aliens story that was the attack he lashed out at me with.

I wonder if he knew, what simpleton's this town was, how very little intelligence existed in Old Orchard Beach, a town, where people think nothing of murdering cats, cutting up cars, a building bombs to try to kill an elderly woman, who they in their infinite Christian wisdom, believe MUST die, because the little homeless man living in her car MUST be a demon. 

Could he ever have imagined, the level of violence and terror the residents of Old Orchard Beach would turn to, as a result of his lies?

The problem with Richard Merlin Atwater's story was, I had never heard of amphibious aliens, alien abductions, MUFON, or any of the other things he would accuse me of.

The other problem was it was three brothers: David, Richard Merlin, and Mervin Bruce... all members of Heaven's Gate, all high priests who had daily visits with God one on one, all on drugs, all drug dealers, all involved in a child sex slave ring, all wanted by the FBI, and all started referring to Etiole as an amphibious alien during a court case shortly after their illegal hoards of military guns were confiscated from the barbed wire fenced in compound, where the dozens of 4 to 8 year old prostitutes were also confiscated.

They were also men whom I had not seen since the drug raid when I was 8 years old and they fled the state of Maine with drug enforcement state police officers on their tails.

In other words, the amphibious alien rumors were made up by a group of men who were trying to discredit anyone who might have been a witness to their crimes. Keeping in mind that the amphibious aliens story they made up about me, was one of only dozens of such wild tales they made up about EACH and EVERY one of their nieces and nephews and ANY ONE ELSE whom they thought might have been a witness to the shoot-out in Old Orchard Beach, in 1980.

The FBI's 3rd Most Wanted Organized Crime Family:

The Scottish Traveler Crime Family of America

aka The Scottish Mafia:

The Royal Highland Atwater Clan of Nova Scotia

The issue is further complicated by the fact that 3 of David's adult children are founding members of a group that calls themselves "The Loyalist White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" and have made a name for themselves in the Bangor region, by cutting off cat heads and dumping buckets of feces in people's beds. Though not recognized by the official Ku Klux Klan as an actual branch, the Loyalist White Knights mimic many of the actual KKK's activities.

The Loyalist White Knights of The Ku Klux Klan

What you are dealing with is a small group of criminals, wanted by the FBI for human trafficking, domestic terrorism, stockpiling illegal weapons, drug dealing, and UFO suicide cult affiliations.

In other words, the men who started the rumor were a group of brothers who are radical conspiracy theorists, known for starting UFO cult groups, spreading terror, and coming up with some of the most outlandish theories out there. One of the many cults they had affiliation with over the years was Heaven's Gate. This tells you up front the type of fear mongering, doomsday prophet mind set you are dealing with.

Knowing the history of the men who made up the amphibious alien story AND knowing their motives for doing so, changes the story quite a lot.

The REAL White Monkey Story:

The Battle of 4-5-8:

Maine's Largest Drug Raid

I knew absolutely nothing about aliens and the concept of abductions was something I couldn't even begin to comprehend. Even today now that I have been introduced to these concepts, I do not believe in them and find the idea of aliens utterly illogical. 

I was 8 years old last time I had heard from these uncles, my memories of them were that they were monstrously violent bullies. I would not find out about their UFO, KKK, Heaven's Gate and cult connections until after they sent MUFON to my yard and after the FBI arrived looking for them.

And yet, in spite of my knowing nothing of aliens, UFOs, and other similar things, 30,000 people have arrived in my yard since 2007, all hailing me as an alien abductee. My identity plastered all over the internet by a mad man, my privacy ripped away by his fans, his fans being as delusional as he was, resulting in... 

...a bomb blowing up my house, car being cut in half,

...thousands of gallons of feces being put in my motorhome home, cats being kidnapped,

...the heads of my cats being nailed to my door,

...all in the name of religion,

...all in the name of killing demons.

My life has been destroyed by Richard Merlin Atwater and his hoards of MUFON fans. His brothers David and Bruce keeping his legacy going.

...and no one cares, the damage they have done.

Etiole's life has been destroyed by Richard Merlin Atwater and his hoards of MUFON fans.

...and no one cares, the trauma they have caused for a peaceful creature who never hurt any of them and who now lives in absolute terror of the psychopathic town that has made multiple violent attempts to murder him.

Let's Play Count Von Count & Count The Missing Heads

Heads Roll Down The Bloody Streets of Old Orchard Beach As A Deranged Man With a Backhoe Drives Over EelKat's House

No one cares to do a background check and find out that these men were monstrous criminals, drug dealers, child rapists, human traffickers, and are nothing short of monsters. No. Not one of these UFO seeking MUFON people, did their RESEARCH into the men telling them the story of amphibious aliens...

Meet The 1974 AMC Gremlin That Drug Addicts Killed Thinking It Was a Demon...

The Five Cars Killed By Drug Addicted Demon Hunters of Old Orchard Beach

wait.... aren't MUFON members supposed to be scientists... you know... people who do RESEARCH and get the FACTS? Uhm... yeah, but then again, I did a Google search for MUFON and they say they only have 3,000 members, and they do all seem to be real scientists and I looked at their pictures and I don't think a single one of them were among the looney toons in my yard, so who in the heck were these people claiming to be from MUFON? 

I don't think they were who they said they were. I think they were just crazies looking for aliens and introduced themselves as MUFON to try to make themselves sound official.

But what the heck happened? How did it reach this point? Where did this all start?

The White Monkey

Amphibious Aliens: How It All Began

The White Monkey

The whole thing started with a white monkey...

I was 4 at the time of the original event

The first event involved multiple children (mostly cousins, along with some neighbourhood kids- about 20 or 25 children in total, the youngest being aged 3 and the oldest being aged 12) in the forest, in a swamp (very old growth, dense forest, in very isolated location) looking for frogs and encountering a white monkey. We children had tried to catch it.

Unable to, we ran excitedly back to the farm to tell the adults (several dozen total, as it was a group of 12 siblings - 8 brothers and 4 sisters - my mom being one of the 4 sisters - and their at the time 60+ children (keeping in mind some of the uncles were polygamists, so multiple wives each with lots of children.)

We told the adults of the monkey.

The adults had various reactions, ranging from thinking it was an alien, a demon, a faerie, and other weird ideas. Grammy Helen, however, pointed out she had a friend, Helen Pearly, who had a pet white monkey and that it was probably hers. She went and asked and indeed her monkey had escaped.

We children spent most of the rest of the summer scouring the swamps in search of the monkey, trying to catch it for the little old lady it had escaped from. We saw it many times but were never able to catch it.

We came home from the swamps with stories of white monkeys, white owls, bright lights in a swamps (that the adults called will-o-the-wisps), and something the adults called our "imaginary friend".

We Dare Not Go A'hunting
For Fear of Little Men

One day in our search for the white monkey, we stumbled across a den full of bones. We rushed to tell the adults. The adults went to investigate. Terror stricken the adults made the claim that it was a wolverine den, one uncle (Mervin Bruce) called it a Chupacabra den...

Closer examination of the bones, revealed them to not be randomly placed, but rather sorted by size, shape, and type, carefully lined in neat rows of piles, with the skulls all separate.

The terror stricken adults forbid the children from entering the swamps again and began spreading the wild rumours of a cannibal hermit living in the swamps.

Whatever it was we found in the den, it followed us home. Each of us children reported a ghostly man appear in our bedrooms at night, sometimes peering in the door, sometimes standing at the foot of our beds, sometimes standing and gazing out the window. We all reported that he was what lived in the den of bones and that he had followed us out of the forest, because we had disturbed his territory.

Grammy Helen said it was Faeries. Said we had angered Faeries and told us what to do to appease them. In following her instructions, the little man stopped arriving in our houses and we children could sleep again....those of us who followed her instructions that is.

The incident became a memory of  a distant past... largely forgotten due to the fact that most of the children involved would die horrible deaths, including several beheadings, leaving almost no one left alive to tell the tale. All the children who did not leave gifts for the Faerie, whom Grammy Helen said was a Phooka or a FarDarrig, did not live to reach adulthood.

Skip ahead 30 years...

Amphibious Aliens: MUFON

The Arrival of MUFON

Trespassers claiming to be members of MUFON suddenly show up in my yard. I had never heard of MUFON before. Had no clue who they were, how they knew who I was, how they had found my home address, or what in the hell they were talking about when they said they were here to catch an "EBE". (I had no clue what an EBE was.)

They also spoke of what they called "an amphibious alien", stating that Etiole was one and they were intent on trapping him an capturing him. 

They refused to believe that their intrusion was uninvited.

I became even more clueless, as the weeks went on and MORE people claiming to be from MUFON showed up with the same story, and even more as the weeks continued.

I was utterly baffled by these trespassers and it became frustrating and infuriating the amount of damage they were doing to my farm, crushing crops and destroying harvests as they tramped around the yard like rabid buffalo in heat, staring at beeping machines and babbling about radiation levels being off the charts.

They were of the opinion that they had permission to be there and were clueless as to why I was clueless of their arrival. They explained some nonsense about being given permission by a NASA astronaut who had given them my name and address and said I knew they were coming.

Utterly baffled, I went to the internet in search of answers, and found the NASA astronaut in question. I found his hundreds of forum posts, facebook posts, myspace posts, etc, and had a hell of a time tracking down all the site owners to send take down notices to stop him from posting my name, home address, photos of me and my email address all over every inch of every paranormal site on the internet (at the time - 2005).

As it turns out, the man in question was one of my uncles, and was NOT a NASA astronaut. He was a man with a brain tumor and a serious mental illness caused by the pressure the tumor was putting on his brain. He never worked for NASA and was full of wild delusions, so discovering that he was behind the posts on the internet was no real surprise as he had a history of doing similar things to other nieces and nephews of his.

When I confronted him on this and asked him to stop slandering me online, he began referencing back to when I was 8 years old and had refused to marry him, stating that because I had refused to be his wife, it was his god-given duty as a high priest of the lord to do everything he could for my high treason crime of having not married him.

The man was delusional. Yes, he had tried to force me to marry him when I was 8 years old and my parents had the sanity to drive him off when he stormed in and made those demands.

He raved on, claiming he had been knighted "Sir Richard Merlin The Magician, Astronaut to the Stars" and that he "Lord RMA", would have me for his wife or destroy me.

Richard Merlin Atwater was insane, a clinically proven fact that no one who knew him personally questioned, however, his fake NASA CosPlay costumes posted on his profile pictures online, was fast gaining him followers in UFO Conspiracy circles, and his delusional ravings, accusing me of being an alien abductee put me in a spotlight I neither asked for, nor wanted.

The problem was the amphibious aliens story he was telling, was dramatically different from what had actually happened.

He was telling people that we children had been abducted by an amphibious alien, "Joseph Smith's White Salamander", he called it, saying that it had pretended to be a white monkey and a white owl and a will-o-the-whisp and that it was now living in my car, on my farm. A real live EBE, just sitting out there waiting to be caught.

You do know that white monkeys are real and really do exist, right? They really can escape from zoos. And, up here in the snowy north, we have things called snowy owls. They're big. They're white. And they are real live owls.

Not every blue eyed white thing is an alien. You know that, right?

It's called nature, biology, zoology. It's part of science. You know, that logical, reasonable, rational thing you do with your brain. That thing called thinking and looking at facts.

You do have a brain in your head? Don't you? The aliens didn't suck it out yet, did they?

Oh wait... considering how Richard Merlin died, maybe aliens really are out to get you and are sucking out your brains to do it. Who knew the aliens really did what his brain that bad?

The thing people overlooked was the lawsuit against Richard Merlin Atwater, a lawsuit brought against him by a group of women, whom had been raped by him, when they were 4 and 5 years old. And the fact that he called ALL of these women AND 60 others, alien abductees in his attempt to discredit them. 

One also has to consider too, that rape, was only one of the long list of child abuse charges being brought against this man.

Jump back to the 1970s and the group of children running through the forest looking for a white monkey. We also sighted a white owl. And we did see what we called will-o-the-wisps and also Faerie orbs. Many of the Faerie orbs we have caught on camera. I have several hundred photos of the floating white orbs that hover around the swamp and stay around the car in question. While the orbs remain a mystery, the monkey was a monkey and the owl was an owl. The will-o-the-wisps were likely swamp gas, as we were in a peat bog swamp.

But those things were all separate from the creature we had found in the den full of bones.

A Request For Alien Abduction & UFO Researchers

#1: Don't lie and say you are from MUFON unless you have the actual certification badges and membership papers to back up your claim. I've encounter 30,000 people claiming to be from MUFON and I can guarantee at least 27,000 of them were lying as MUFON only has 3,000 ACTUAL members.

#2: Try to tone down the yippie-skippies, piss-pants excitement, stop running around like a fangirling idiot, and act like a professional. It'll make me more willing to talk to you if you are acting like an actual researcher.

#3: try to get it through your head that a "No Trespassing" sign actually does mean no trespassing and it was put there for YOU. 

#4: Also "Keep Out" signs, really do mean KEEP OUT. And not just the other guy, but YOU. Yes. That sign REALLY IS there to keep YOU out.

#5: Consider the fact that if a person is being disturbed by so many trespassers that they put up 144 "No Trespassing" signs across the end of their 20 foot wide drive way - including one "No Trespassing" sign made out of a queen sized bed sheet, with letters 4 feet tall, you might want to consider the fact that maybe YOU are the reason they put those signs up and they want to be left alone.

#6: If you REALLY want to talk to someone who has 144 "No Trespassing signs in a 20 foot space of driveway, you might want to consider, acting like a professional and asking for an appointment, rather then climbing over the chain link fence that was very clearly put up to keep YOU, yes, YOU, out.

#7: No. Climbing over a chain link fence is NOT a professional way to seek an appointment.

#8: If the land owner tells you to leave - LEAVE.

Bonus Tip:

Alien abductees are considered by many to be lunatics.

If an alien abductee accuses you of being a lunatic, you might want to stop and think about how utterly insane you have to be acting before someone who most people consider to themselves be insane, to then call YOU insane.

If YOU are acting crazier then a "crazy" person, to the extent that the "crazy" person calls YOU crazy, then YOU probably need psychiatric help and shouldn't be climbing over fences covered in "KEEP OUT" signs.

The White Owl

Owls, Frogs, Monkeys, Salamanders, & Amphibious Aliens

The fact remains that there were very simple facts being over looked.

Facts like maybe when a white monkey escaped from a zoo, it REALLY WAS a white monkey that had escaped from a zoo and never was an amphibious alien at all!

I mean, normal, sane, rational people had no trouble believing that the white monkey really WAS a white monkey. 

Every one who has ever lived in Old Orchard Beach, knew Helen Pearly and her several hundred animals, most of which were white albinos, thus why the zoo she owned was named "White Animal Farm".

And things like, up here in the cold North, white snowy owls are something you'd expect to see. And so when a white owl sat on the roof of the barn all day, no one with a brain that was being used had any trouble thinking the owl on the roof of the barn was anything other then an owl on the roof of the barn and never was an amphibious alien at all!

And I can I point out that the barn in question was a poultry barn with a few hundred chickens in it, and the barn was surrounded by a vast fenced in yard, and all the chickens were outside, and the owl spent the day hoping from post to post looking for a way to get under the net roof so he could get in the yard and eat the chickens.

And this is a frigging swamp. Will-o-the-wisps are a common every day occurrence in swamps. Look it up. It's caused by swamp gas.

Etiole: The Amphibious Alien Himself

Etiole De Azure Swanzen...
Amphibious Alien? Or Victim of Horrific Nazi Brutality?

Etiole is the name of a little man who lives in the Ross Forest of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. A small elderly man who appears to be nothing more then a horrifically disfigured Holocaust survivor, living ironically in a town that saw a mass influx of French Jewish concentration camp survivors in the mid to late 1950s.

One has only to walk 3 minutes from my driveway to reach the Synagogue at the end of Walnut Street, a tiny side street off of Portland Ave, where I live.

Around the Synagogue you will find Old Orchard Beach's large and thriving Orthodox Jewish Community, with the streets lined with men with big beards, long locks, blue and white aprons, big beaver skin hats, and long black coats and women in many layers of long dresses, their hair carefully tucked away in elaborate head wraps and veils.

Most of them speak French and Hebrew.

Every single one of them is the child or grandchild of a Holocaust refugee who arrived in our town between 1953 and 1957.

Every Sabbath you can see the Rabbi with his giant scrolls.

I don't know why, but all the men walk on one side of the street and all the women walk on the other.

Try talking to any of them, and they drop their eyes to the ground and run away in terror.

Almost none of them speaks English and they keep to themselves, completely cut off from the rest of the  town of Old Orchard Beach's residents, refusing to even make eye contact, let alone speak to any one outside of their little French Jewish circle.

This group are not just victims of Hitler's insanity - they are survivors who were subjected to some of the worst atrocities of the entire Nazi regime... and they are here in Old Orchard Beach. A whole boat load of them arrived at once. The eldest ones scared and crippled from the tortures they had to survive.

Keep this VERY IMPORTANT FACT in mind as you read the rest of this page, and meet Etiole: Old Orchard Beach's hermit...

A man covered in scars. A man who's skin has turned white and has a completely hairless body from what appears to be massive radiation burns. 

A man who speaks in a muddle of French and Hebrew, has vast knowledge of ancient Jewish folklore, tells of having been tortured during a war, a man who paints a blue star on his forehead, and... claims to be an obscure Archangel from ancient non-religious Jewish texts.

A man who lives in the forest, just a 3 minute walk, from a refugee center for French Hebrews who survived the Holocaust...

My uncle, in his jumble of a mess posted every where, had mixed up multiple events and tried to pass them off as one thing. It's called, not using your brain, not looking at the facts, and jumping to false conclusions based on stupid superstitions, while completely ignoring science and simple, basic logic.

The white monkey had a simple and logical explanation.

The white owl had a simple and logical explanation.

The bright lights had an explanation.

The white monkey had no alien connections, nor did the white owl, or the lights in the swamp. Science, logic, intelligence, common sense, and level headedness proved all of these things to have nothing to do with aliens at all, much to the deep disappointment of "Lord RMA's" adoring fans.

Likewise the white owl and the will-o-the-wisps turned out to be proven nothing of paranormal repute.

In fact the only part of the events that could have been actually seen as paranormal, the den of bones, was oddly missing from my uncle's version of the story.

The one thing that really was connected to this so called amphibious alien, was the one thing he left out of his story. And when people found out about it, they were struck with terror, driven crazed with fear, and began to violently attack my yard while screaming "kill or be killed" and making wild claims that the various violent hate crimes were "exorcisms" and attempts to "kill a demon".

My Uncle also did not live here. He knew nothing of the  town of Old Orchard Beach's history and was clueless as to the little French Jewish community just down the road.

Richard Merlin Atwater was also a selfish, self-centered child rapist who cares nothing about any one and had a history of putting himself first at the expense of every one and every thing unfortunate enough to be between him and his often delusional goals.

The Uncles were here visiting, for what they called a family reunion, but a reunion that they never announced, and we knew nothing about, when they barged in uninvited, set up army tents all over our farm and then squatted there for months, refusing to leave and pulling guns on us if we tried to get them off our land.

The Cannibal of Old Orchard Beach

Before we get into talking about Etiole aka The Amphibious Alien... first let's talk about WHY people are so terrified of him. 

For decades now there has been a local myth which says there lives in these woods a cannibal who kidnaps children and eats them. The rumor is old dating back to the 1600s. It resurfaces every few years. There has never been any evidence to support the rumor.

The rumor stems from the harsh region we live in. Peat bogs, swamps, and salt marshes are full of quick sand that sucks you up into bottomless pits and drown you before any one knows you are missing. During floods and hurricanes, human bones surface as the peat gets churned up by the storms.

It is believed that the cannibal rumor originally started as a way for parents to frighten children out of wandering into the swamps and being killed in the murky muck of the dangerous quick sand hidden at every turn.

However... when news of a hermit, living in the forest surfaced, the locals immediately jumped on the centuries old legend of cannibals and pointed the accusatory finger at a man who never did any of them any harm.

And then when people saw him, hairless, white, and disfigured - rumors of a baby eating demon, an amphibious aliens living in the swamps, set lose like wild fire...with no evidence to support any of their claims that he was either cannibal, demon, or alien.

Since the 1940s a rumor has been whispered around Old Orchard Beach of cannibals living in the Ross Forest. Rumors of cannibals had surfaced in the 1800s as well, but the rumors died out for a bit, returning full force in the 1940s, and surfaced again in 2015, resulting in a SWAT team launching an attack on my family on April 10, 2015, when they arrived in search on cannibals.

The Legendary Googins Cemetary: 1648
The Graves Of Old Orchard Beach's Founders

Over the centuries many have vanished never to be seen again, most vanishing after last being seen heading into the Ross Forest in search of The Googins Cemetery.

The Googins of Googins's Rock, the founders of Old Orchard Beach, are buried in the Ross Forest, under grave markers dated 1648.

They are also my great-great-great-great grand parents.

And the location of a few things:

What Lies Between Portland Ave
& Googins Cemetery

Dangers You WILL Encounter In The Ross Forest

1: Etiole & Etoile's Swamp, the location we first found him, the location he is seen most often, and the location of one of the dens that contains skulls. While he quickly abandons his temporary dens, he does snarl, lash out with his claws, and bare his fangs if you approach one of his primary dens. He DOES bite. Yes, he has bitten me before. He does act like a wild animal, something few people stop to consider. While normally gentle and usually quick to run away rather then fight, he is easily frightened and will defend himself if cornered. You should not consider him either tame or domesticated.

2: Etiole's Swamp is a beat bog full of quick sand - to get to the graves one has to cross the swamp and do so without getting trapped in quick sand. If you get stuck in the quick sand and no one is with you, the next time you will be seen is when a hurricane washed your bones up a few decades from now, if you are ever seen again at all.

3: A sink hole lays just to the side of Etiole's swamp; the land owner, put branches acrossed it and raked leaves over it... it now is not visable and easily fallen into if you do not know it is there

4: Right behind the graves is a "bear tree" and a bear den - a male black bear, marks these trees as his territory. There are at least 5 black bear in this forest. Likely more, as I've seen females with cubs.

5: The land owner (The Powder Horn Campground) of this section of the Ross Forest is a trapper; he traps bears; steal jaw foot hold bear traps are all over the Ross Forest; he uses steal jaw, leg hold bear traps - MASSIVE metal jaws, made to do one thing: cut the leg of a giant bear to cripple it. The land all around Etiole's swamp and Googins Cemetery is covered with these dangerously lethal bear traps

6: Again, the land owner is a hunter, he also raises a pack of blue-tick coon hounds, has a dozen or more of them, roaming the forest UNLEASHED and trained as guard dogs - these dogs are trained to hunt bear, wolves, deer, coyotes, and moose - they run down and tear to shreds anything in their path; they've been known to run in a mass pack after tourists roaming this section of forest

And finally, the single most dangerous thing
you will encounter, is right in the cemetery itself...

7: Just to the West of the graves s a small field and very large boulder, beside some mega giant 500 year old pine trees. Don't go near that section at night.

In the day time you SHOULD be okay. MAYBE. It's a big maybe.

If you find Googins Cemetery - look at it fast, then turn around and start running, because you've also found the Ross Forest's most dangerous resident.

See the boulder? Good. Now get away from it as fast as you can. And don't be any where's near it at sunset.

In the day she's usually asleep. Don't wake her up.

At night - the strangled shrieks of a murdered women yelling down from the tree, is the only warning you'll get before a mountain lion swoops down onto the boulder then tears you apart.

There are at least 2 different mountain lions in this forest. Both not native, both escaped from a zoo.

This one who stays near the boulder is a female. A fact known because she once had kits with her. This means the other is male and there are now more then 2 of them out there.

When you head out into the Ross Forest - assume everything out there wants to kill you and eat you or suck you down under the ground and drown you or suffocate you, because that is the reality of this forest.

Nature is hostile, wild, and feral, and cannibals are the last thing you need to be worried about when you head into the Ross Forest. The Maine woods are wild and untamed. Don't be fooled into thinking just because we (the town of Old Orchard Beach) are a beach front tourist resort town, that our forests are tourist friendly.

They are not.

Far from it.

And one only has to watch the Moose walking down main street to the beach, to realize, how close to the forest, the beach really is.

Heck, the peaceful moose and caribou (reindeer) wandering around out there are big enough to kill you if they accidentally step on you while grazing on swamp grass.

Even a flock of turkey, normally peaceful and quick to run, will turn on you and try to beat you to death with their wings if you get between momma turkey and her flock of chicks.

Have you ever seen a flock of 30 angry turkeys chase a mail man down the driveway then stampede the mail truck down the road, just because he walked by their nest? I have. The poor mail man had to call the police to make it back to his truck. Do you know how BIG a full grown turkey is? Believe me, you don't want a flock of angry turkeys hunting you down. The entire flock will band together and fight to the death to protect just one chick.

Assume everything in the forest wants to kill you, trust no shadow, and don't get out of sight of the main road. It's the only real way for an outsider to survive these woods. Even we who live here don't tread out into the deepest parts of the woods.

When people around here tell you stories of cannibals, it's not cannibals roaming these forests: it's bear and coyotes and mountain lion.

When people say people go missing because of cannibals, that's silly foolishness, people go missing from quick sand, swamps, bogs, marshes, and sink holes.

People want to point the finger at superstitions and folklore when reality  and nature are the true dangers.

The rumors are only made worse when you have people like Richard Merlin Atwater's brother Mervin Bruce and David, running around bragging that they ARE cannibals and making the rumors worse.

There has never been any proof of the cannibal rumors being true. 

The Googins Grave

Ross Forest, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

To the West of Bachelder Brook, in Etiole's Swamp

If you want to find the Googins' graves, I can lead you safely through the swamp, avoiding the quick sand, by passing the sink hole, avoiding the bear trees, and not disturbing Etiole. They are quite easy to find when you know where to go. But, one wrong step and you are dead: drowned in the bog, crushed at the bottom of the sink hole, eaten by bear, or if you believe the rumors, eaten by Etiole. The bears, I can usually get past without them bothering me, but the mountain lion... just run and don't look back. She'll eat you before you know what hit you if you don't.

While there is no evidence to support it, one of the many rumors about Etiole, is the rumor which says he is the ghost of one of these early settlers, thus why he "haunts" this particular graveyard.

In spite of these known dangers of getting to the historic graves of the first white folks to set foot in our town, (the actual founders and settlers of the town of Old Orchard Beach) hundreds of people head out into the Ross Forest every year looking for the location. Most will tell you it is impossible to find.

Nope, you're just looking in the wrong place. I go out there every day in the summer, I've been tending my grandparents' graves for decades. I know exactly where they are and the safest and quickest deer paths to reach them.

But the fact remains the forest is huge - thousands of acres, and if you don't know where you are going, you'll be lost in a matter of minutes. The Ross Forest is big enough for you to get lost for days, possibly weeks, before you wander around enough to get back on to a main road.

I have found entire camps of people - homeless shanty camps, built up in the Ross Forest. It is quite possible they lived out there for several years and no one knew it. It would not be hard to do - one can live in the Ross Forest for years.

I know. 

I've done it myself.

I lived under a 8x6 tarp for 9 years and almost no one knew I was there, to the point that several locals assumed my land and my cars in my driveway to be "abandoned" as there was no house visible from the road.

The fact remained, there was no house at all, a bomb had blown it up in 2006 and I was living under a tarp.

Welcome To Maine
Now Go Home

Is This Really The Way Life Should Be?

The problem with most of the MUFON types who come up here looking for me or Etiole, is they fail to realize that they are entering Maine... a state known for it's wild mountain men, insane hermits, feuding shoot-outs, militia take overs of small towns, and KKK marches.

Thousands upon thousand of acres of vast old growth forest that has yet to be explored and still sits untouched by Human hands. Actually, this one actually is a GOOD thing.

I know, let's make a list of the things that make Maine GREAT!

Ten Things You'll Find In Maine:

#1: It's White Power Governor Paul LePage who is currently trying legalize slavery, stating that blacks are monkeys not humans and don't deserve to be anything other then the beasts of burdens they are AND who is trying to succeed the union and make Maine it's own sovereign nation, so that he can legalize slavery without having to deal with the federal government. (Is THAT REALLY the way life should be?)

#2: Illegal stills and moonshiners on every corner. Usually on front lawns in plain sight.

#3: Nation's largest producer of Opium and Heroine, with drug dealers in such prevalence that the police turn a blind eye to the bulk of the "small timers" to focus only on the most violent ones.

Side note: The town of Old Orchard Beach being the state of Maine's top producer of both.

#4: The Lobster Wars: Lobstermen shooting each other, while cutting lines, smashing traps, and stealing Maine's #1 commodity from each other's hauls.

#5: The largest group of active Neo-Nazi's in the country.

#6: The largest group of active Ku Klux Klan in the country.

#7: The largest homeless population in comparison to overall population of the state, of any state in the country.

#8: Minimum wage is $5.13 an hour. 4th Lowest in America. (Yes, there are 3 startes where minimum wage is UNDER $5 an hour). Residents have voted to increase minimum wage every election. Governor over tunes vote of the people every time. November 2016 election was record breaking in it was the first minimum wage increase vote to not be vetoed. In 2018 minimum wage will be raised to $9, if it doesn't get vetoed again first.

#9: Going down your driveway to get your mail, is decided based off if you think you can out run the bullets while feeders on either side of your driveway shoot at each other... providing of course your mail man was first able to get past the shooters himself to put your mail in your mail box.

#10: Has towns that have passed ordinances making it illegal to own property if you are LGBTQ. Old Orchard Beach being one of them from January 6, 2016 until it was thrown out of Superior Court October 18, 2016. (Notice that it was passed by a judge at Biddeford District Court. Biddeford being a town as equally gay hating as Old Orchard Beach is.)

Bonus Thing: When you go to Biddeford WalMart to shop for your trusty red flannel shirt, you can also buy your trusty automatic rifle from WalMart's massive selection of guns of all shapes and sizes, all of which are for sale over the counter without any need for background checks or permits. 

You'll also note while there a large portion of the shoppers carrying rifles on their backs while doing their daily grocery shopping.

Welcome to Maine.

Maine is the Wild West of the Cold North - yes even in 2017.

A state with 2 million residents, 300,000 of which are homeless living in tents and cardboard boxes in city parks, alongside train stations, and under bridges... and what counts as NOT homeless in Maine is seen as homeless outside of Maine, with close to 900,000 residents living in RVs parked in the forest.

Maine boasts towns like Biddeford, Lewiston, Damrascotia, and Auburn - all proudly vying for #1 spot as the town in America with the most incest, a record currently held by Biddeford, a town with 26,000 residents, 75% of them related to each other by siblings marrying siblings, fathers marrying daughters, mothers marrying sons, and uncles with harems of nieces.

Here in Old Orchard Beach you can find lobstermen armed with machine guns who do more shooting of fellow fishermen then they do catching actual seafood.

Welcome to Maine.

No, Maine is not even close to what the rest of America calls civilized. People in suburban areas like to pretend they are, but even they are rednecks chugging beer on their lawns while shooting at cars driving by. What passes for "suburban" around here is really just hicks in bigger houses with less land, all in a row.

Ah! But you were here to trespass on my land and look for Etiole weren't you?

Have you REALLY considered what it is you are doing and WHERE exactly it is you are planning to look for him?

You do know I don't own the land you are trespassing on right?

Additional Facts To Consider

#1: Contrary to what my uncle told you I only own a 1/4 acre patch of land, which is situated along side the only road access point to the East End of the Ross Forest. My driveway is the ONLY access point, between the road and that massive chain link fence, you'll have to climb over to reach where you want to be.

#2: I did not put up, nor do I own that chain link fence. It belongs to my abutting neighbour, a man with a massive stock pile of every type of gun you could possibly imagine.

I repeat: I DO NOT OWN that chain link fence or the land inside of it.

#3: The signs on the fence are also not mine; they belong to my neighbour. Pay careful attention to the ones reading:

"Trespassers will be shot; survivors shot again."

My neighbour is not joking. He WILL shoot you if he catches you out there looking for Etiole.

#4: The forest, the swamp, the sink hole, and all that land closed in by that giant chain link fence, belongs to a hunter who has covered the perimeter of his land with steal jaw bear traps - which he covers in leaves and you CAN NOT see them.

#5: I ONLY own the access point to the Ross Forest. I do NOT own the Forest itself nor the swamp within it.

#6: While I am friendly towards visitors (MUFON and otherwise)... the man who ACTUALLY OWNS the land you are trying to get to IS NOT.

#7: Yes, my land is ONLY 1/4 of an acre.

Common misconception is the fact that the two properties to either side of me, and the massive forest to the back of me are also mine. They are not. The driveway between the two giant pine trees, including the brook, and both trees, is the ONLY parcel of land I own. All the land to the back and both sides, belongs to my 3 abutting nieghbours.

MOST of the trespassers who come looking for me, are USUALLY on THEIR land, not mine.

You simply see all 4 of us land owners using each other's land, as we are all very friendly neighbours with one another. Each of us looking out for the other and each of us having permission to be on each other's land. 

Just because we 4 neighbours share each other's land, does not mean YOU have an open invitation to be any where on any of these 4 connecting properties.

I own the brook, the driveway beside it, the giant pine tree, the giant 30 foot rock behind the driveway, and the small swampy field behind the rock. And that's it.

Yes, that does mean that the house I lived in, the one a bomb blew up, was NOT owned by me. My neighbour simply let me live there with them. They did not have insurance on the house, thus why they could not afford to rebuild it, and I moved under a tarp on my own land.

#8: One of these 3 abutting nieghbours, is the Atwater Clan themselves. I don't really need to say anything else. That alone should be enough to send you running.

While David Henry and Richard Merlin are both now dead, Uncle David and Mervin Bruce are frequently encountered setting up massive tent villages and camping out on my neighbour's land.

In addition to owning the abutting property, their also own several other properties up and and down Portland Ave. You can't throw a rock without it landing on Atwater property around here. NOTE: that MOST of them are using aliases and fake IDs and are NOT using their Atwater name on their mailboxes. However just about every other house on this street is owned by one or another of them.

#9: Not previously mentioned, is the fact I have 4 abutting neighbours. The 4th one is the Cyr Clan who are feuding with the Atwater Clan, armed to the teeth with more guns then you knew existed and shoot DAILY at every thing and every one they see. They own the BULK of the forest, for many miles and on both sides of the road. They are millionaires with access to guns the military can't even afford. The feud between the Cyrs and the Atwaters has been going on since at least the 1950s and I think it started in the 1920s.

At any rate the feud started decades before I was born. I don't know the details o why they are fighting. I've purposely stayed out of it and tried being friends with both sides, though neither side is especially friendly to any one at all, the Atwaters tend to be far more civil and less savage then the Cyrs, though I wouldn't turn my back on either clan. They are both as a general rule lawless, have militant mentality, and see themselves as "sovereign".

There are ex-Marines and Vietnam Veterans in both clans, and both sides have extensive "unofficial" military training by the ex-military men of their groups.

I don't know what they are fighting about or why these two clan so viciously hate one another, I only know that one is my abutting neighbour on one side and the other is my abutting neighbour on the other side, with my land being right front and center in the cross fire of the guns from either side.

It is these two Traveller "Gypsy" clans that live on either side of me that is the reason for all the signs in my yard with read: "No guns", "No shooting", "Love one another", "Love thy neighbour" and "Peace Not War"

If you trespass on my land, you risk getting shot by either clan during their shoot outs with each other.

Thanks to a bigger police force in recent years their shoot outs are less frequent, with the Atwaters who actually own the land no longer owning any guns at all (those the ones who visit them do)and the bulk of the shooting now only being one way, with the Cyrs shooting at the Atwaters.

(And 42 police officers for a hick town of 3,000 residents, in a state where a BIG police force is one that has 3 officers instead of 2, tells you the state of the violence around here in the town of Old Orchard Beach.)

Ah, yes, but you are a trespasser, here to find Etiole. What need have you for respecting the privacy of others?

And then there is Etiole. He's lived out there for decades. No house. No electricity. Eating whatever he can find or catch or pick. We know he's been out there since at least 1978 and it appeared he'd been there for several decades at that point.

And when it was discovered he was out there, it was him, whom many people pointed the finger at, saying that HE was Old Orchard Beach's infamous "Cannibal of the Ross Forest."

But what caused them to say this?

The dens.

Dens full of bones.

You want to find Etiole, the first thing you need to look for is a den full of bones. And in that.... you are on your own.

While Etiole scavenges the forest for food and finds deer deer and moose to pick clean, I certainly don't want to run into whatever it is out there that is big enough to take down a moose.

Did I mention there is also a wolverine out there? No? Well, I've mentioned it now. It's the wolverine that hunts the deer and moose. Etiole finds the bones and drags them back to his dens. There's dens every where. But I'm not to in any big hurry to run into the wolverine.

Even I who have roamed these woods daily for 50 years, only know a small 30 acre section of the forest and would get lost if I branched out into the deeper sections of it.

I can guide tourists through the sections I know, but I'd never venture out into the deeper parts, and I'd never take any one near to one of the dens.

The Den of Bones...

A new den found in the Blueberry Plains

Hundreds of sawed up bones found in

Old Orhard Beach's Goosefare Brook Ravine

(Found June 13, 2016)

Throughout the Ross Forest, you can find small dens, some times in dug out caves in sides of hills, other times under the roots of uplifted trees, other times in crypts in old cemeteries, sometimes under bushes in dense groves of pine trees. No matter where you find them, these dens are always the same: a small patch of ground, rarely more the 8 feet across, where the grass has been packed down, piles of pine needles mounded up, branches laid out encircling the outer edge, and shreds of fur and piles of feathers building a bed at the center.

These dens are always in muddy areas, often at the edges of swamps, marshes, brooks, and bogs. Dozens of them can be found along Bachelder Brook, GooseFare Brook, and the Saco River. They are also scattered throughout the Blueberry Plains and the Cranberry Bog, both on the Ross Road in Old Orchard Beach. More can be found around Millikan Mill Pond and the Scarborough Marsh.

Hundreds of these dens are scattered throughout the forests and swamps of Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Scarborough, and Biddeford, and the thing that terrifies people when they find one, is not the den itself, but rather, the bones. 

Lots of bones.

Scattered around every den, there are always dozens, some times hundreds of bones.

Almost never will you find a skull. When you do find a skull, you'll find dozens of them lined up in a row at the back of the den.

The dens are places where Etiole sleeps at night. The few dens which have skulls in them, are his primary dens, places where he spends the majority of his time - his home.

Are the bones ever human? Some time. Twice human bones have been found in the ravine. Both times in the 19970s, and both times proven to have been bodies dumped there by the drug lords who frequent Old Orchard Beach ever summer since the 1920s. Old Orchard Beach has been a drug haven for 8 decades now, fresh bodies are always washing up on the gully at the mouth of the ravine. It's not often the bodies stay down long enough to turn into bones.

The bones in the dens are nearly always small animals - squirrels, rabbits, partridge, crows, etc. The bones of frogs and fish rot quickly, so are never seen, but if you find a den with fresh kill, you often find the remains of half eaten frogs and fish tails as well.

Some times large bones are found: deer or moose. These are never things he killed himself, but rather remains hunters left behind.

What few times human bones have been found in his dens, they've been ancient, worn white and full of holes, and always in dens that are in cemeteries. Maine has many old graves that were dug too close to rivers and brooks, and these graves wash out during storms, sending bones out into the water. The rare times you find human bones in his dens, they are from ancient washed out graves - bones dating into the 1600s.

What was it about the den of bones had inspired this rampant house bombing, car vandalizing, cat murdering religion crazed fear?

The little man who lives in these dens.

Though he collects bones and uses them to decorate his dens, there is no indication that he has ever hurt anyone and nothing to indicate he is the cannibal, locals claim him to be. Along with the bones one also finds stones, especially white pebbles, feathers, driftwood, shells, glass jars (probably taken from trash cans), as well as empty lipstick cases, beads, ribbons, and Christmas ornaments (which he hangs in trees around his den). 

A little man who is horribly disfigured, covered in scars, and is so terrified of humans, that he lives deep in the forests and has no contact with any one.

A man who claims to have been beaten and tortured horrifically, and has the hundred of terribly disfiguring scars to prove it.


Old Orchard Beach's Mysterious Hermit
aka The Amphibious Alien

The fear people have is unjustified and unfounded.

While on first appearances, he looks to be not human, researching the type of scars and disfigurations he has, can nearly all be explained from a combination of being tortured in a concentration camp and by being in close contact with serious radiation. One has only to Google images of children disfigured by the Cynobal Meltdown to see pictures of humans who look exactly like Etiole.

Etiole is a tiny, little man, about 4'8", with horribly scarred white skin, a crushed flattened nose, woolly white hair, over sized big blue eyes, strange tattoos on his arms, and looking half starved, a near skeleton from too many years without enough to eat.

We children called him a Faerie, sometimes calling him a Dryad, a FarDarrig, or a Leprechaun as well.

Because of our Scottish culture, and Gaelic Grammy Helen, we children had been taught of Faeries since we were in the crib, and knew if we met one to leave milk, cake, and red ribbons for it as gifts, so it'd leave us be and let us play in it's territory.

Those of us who believed this was a Faerie, it became a habit of ours to leave such things on a moss covered stump in the swamp and then wait for the little old man to creep out and take them. We did this for several years.

When his love of tapioca was discovered, pudding cups became a daily thing placed on the stump. One day with no red ribbons, we put red lipstick on the stump instead, something he now wears, and something I continue to leave for him, now 40 years later. We also left beads and glass Christmas ornaments for him as well.

While we children left these things, thinking we were obeying Faerie laws, looking back years later it was evident that Faerie laws had nothing to do with his creeping out to take these things, but rather, he was very clearly starving to death, in desperate need of food, and food is what we were leaving for him every day. In recent years, he no longer has the frail, skeletal, starved appearance he had when we first encountered him. He's plumped up and fleshed out and looks far less "alien" now that his bones are no longer visible through his skin.

Looking back, it is clear that when we found him, he was sick and likely dying from starvation and probably would have died that summer had we not started leaving food for him on that stump.

Normally he moves very fast, runs at the slightest sound, and is almost impossible to get a glimpse of. He scurries away like a frightened deer or a scared rabbit. That we ever saw him at all was a wonder. However, in comparing how he looks now, 40 years later, to how he looked in the 1970s when we first encountered him, it is very likely, that the reason we had encountered him in the first place was because he was injured, sick, and too weak to run away from us.

His sanity has been something I long questioned. Though harmless, he does tell wild tales of once having wings and of being an archangel imprisoned on Earth.

There is no reason to believe his story is true and yet at the same time there is no proof that it is not.

He does have horrific scars running down his back that do in fact look as though he once had wings that had been ripped from his back. Then again, these scars could just as easily have been made by a sadistic person whipping him with chains - something he also claims was done to him.

He has tattoos on his face and arms, tattoos that look like Hebrew letters and possibly numbers. Tattoos which he says were branded into his flesh by prison guards, tattoos which he claims are sacred spells used to bind him to Earth to prevent him from leaving it and going back home. Tattoos he claims were put on the Fallen Angels, by the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, as a way to bind their powers preventing Fallen Angels from using their full strength.

He claims to have once been known as Ertael the Archangel, but was stripped of his rank for the sin of marrying human women, and now goes by the name Etiole instead.

The tale Etiole himself tells is just as strange, if not stranger, then the amphibious alien story told by my uncles.

Ertael The Archangel

with his six blue feathered wings covered in eyes

aka Etiole the Amphibious Alien

The World's Most Haunted Car Becomes Demon Possessed

Etiole Moves Into The 1964 Dodge 330

In the 1980s, most of the uncles packed up their families and moved West. After a while, it was just my parents, my 2 grammies, and me, still living on the farm. Then Grammy Helen died and Grammy Eva moved to Hawaii, and my parents started fighting (to reach the point of divorce in the 1990s).

(Keep in mind to, that no children in our clan were ever sent to public school, so I had no friends from school to spend time with either. Gypsies as a general rule avoid any affiliation with anything owned and operated by the government, especially schools, and the clan I grew up in was more extreme in that aspect then most clans.)

Etiole's long red coat

Basically what happened was, by the time I was 8 years old, I had no one to spend time with, so every day, I would gather up pudding cups, ribbon, poptarts, and Avon lipstick samples (my mom was an Avon Sales Representative) and head out deep into the swamp, place them on the stump and wait for Etiole to come out.

(Etiole being the word he said when I had asked his name.)

I think it was his addiction to lipstick more then anything else that kept him coming back in those early days.

While he accepted make up of any type or colour, it was brilliant, eye blinding shades of poppy red lipstick, that he started wearing and wears almost daily.

Red seemed to be his colour of choice for everything, not just lipstick.

When he wears clothes, (which isn't often as he is usually naked) he often wears a long orange dress, over which he wears a long red coat, that is way too big for him, the sleeves hanging far over his hands, and the hems dragging about two feet longer then he is tall. He uses the ribbons to tie up the sleeves at his wrists, creating billowing poufs. The red coat is gaudy and impractical and not always the same coat.

It appears he has several of a similar cut. In the winter he wears one made of wool and in the summer he wears one made of silk.

Interesting to note, that the car he picked to live in, out of the 28 cars that were parked in a row, was the one with orange metalflake paint and lipstick red vinyl interior.

I had a car, parked in the back of my yard, near the edge of the swamp. The back passenger side door had a broken lock, so it didn't lock and so even with the doors locked, you could get in and out of this car, via this door. One day I discovered that this little old Faerie man was sleeping in the car at night. He also started staying in it on rainy days and during the winter. Because he took to living in the car, I let him have it for his "house".

The car was already rumored to have been haunted before we bought it. And it didn't help the rumors none when Etiole started living in it and people started saying he was the car's demon manifested in the flesh.

Etiole has many deformities, some more obvious then others and again, at first appearances, most of them look alien and non-human, but in researching to find out if they were possibly natural I did find medical, scientific explanations for every one of them, including his strange teeth, his cawed fingers, his webbed hands, his gills, his fins, his white skin, his hairlessness, and his very unusual hemipenis.

In fact, I've not been able to find ANYTHING about him that science doesn't have an answer for.

While unusual to find all of these deformities in one single person, it is not impossible, and he has said he was subjected to science experiments by soldiers during a war, which could in fact explain how one person came to have the deformities he has.

The fact remains, as strange as he is - I really can not find anything about him that science doesn't have an answer for and continue to have no reason to believe him to be an alien or anything other then a horrible deformed human.

Much of what Etiole says, the tattoos on his arms, the type of torture he describes being done to him, combined with his apparent age, considering the location where he was found, all things combined indicates him to actually be a Holocaust survivor.

He very clearly has a deep knowledge of Jewish mythology and speaks of Angels by name - angels that are not in the Bible, Torah, or Koran and whom took me several years of digging through ancient Hebrew texts in order to find any reference to. Angels whom I did eventually find, but easily, indicating him to have once been a scholar of ancient Jewish/Hebrew folklore.

His claim to actually be an angel, can easily be explained by the trauma he has clearly suffered, mixing up his mental state and becoming confused with reality. Thinking himself an archangel possibly even being a coping mechanism to explain why he survived the horrors of the Holocaust while so many others around him did not.

In any case - this, like everything else, can be explained by science and draw the conclusion that he is nothing other then a human whose mind and body were warped by tortures no one should ever have to face.

The Silent Salamander

Etiole Speaks

In the early years he did not speak to me, which I think may have been a combination of him being too scared of humans to speak, along with English not being his native tongue making it difficult for him to either understand what I was saying to him, or answer me.

Communication with him his rarely spoken, verbal words, and relies heavily of translating high pitched bird-like chirps, cat like purring, and deep throaty lizard/frog like sounds, mixed with a lot of body language, not just hand signs and facial expressions, but full body movements that most humans wouldn't consider to be a part of communication at all.

He is most definitely "alien" in the sense that he does not act even remotely human, nor does he try to communicate in ways that could be considered human. His communication methods are comparable to those of animals. It must be understood that there are vast differences between his "alien" and our human society.

So many people send me emails or FaceBook messages or arrive in my yard and ask me questions about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, asking me if I can take those questions to Etiole to get HIS answers on them.

What these people are falling to realize or even trying to understand is the fact that most of their questions are completely meaningless to Etiole. He is very much "a part" of nature and if he was ever once part of human society, he has been so far removed from it for so long now, that he's no different then any other wild animal you meet in the forest. He has more in common with squirrels, deer, and bobcats now, then he does with humans.

You must try to understand that we are not dealing with some wise old sage or all knowing spirit being or secretive super deity, as many people seem to want to think he is, but rather a man who is wild, feral, and closer to a cave man than a teacher. 

And so, when you people come to me with "Can you ask Etiole his thoughts on...[insert topic varying from global warming to President Bush to crop circles to alien abductions to 911 to acid rain to UFO cover-ups]"... you need to realize, he has no clue what year it is, no idea of what country he's even in, let alone who the president is. He has no access to TVs or radios or computers. He can't even begin to understand the concept of global warming or acid rain.

While is very intelligent an possesses a vast IQ with an ability to learn things very quickly... he also has very limited education and when it comes to speaking, reading, or writing English, he's practically illiterate.

He seems to have been well educated in his native tongue and possesses a vast knowledge of very ancient mythologies and folklores, especially Jewish and Hebrew ones and some Egyptian, Persian, and certain South American (Mayan, Aztec, etc.), but the scope of his education seems to have been limited almost exclusively to those things and trying to branch out to any other topic, leaves him baffled and clueless.

His knowledge of Angels - all angels, of all religions, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc. (including the bird people of the Native Americans, Egyptians, Aztecs, etc, which he says are also angels) is exceptionally vast, with him having a lot of detailed information of angels, archangels, and fallen angels, including ones so obscure that it took me years to find and references to them at all, when I went looking for information to back up the things he was saying about them.

The knowledge that he has of angels, archangels, fallen angels, bird people, etc, he claims he has, from being a part of their society, claiming to himself be a Grigori Archangel, stating himself to have been a Captain in Azazel's army, formerly known as Ertael. 

So when you ask me to ask him for sage advice and answers to questions about secret societies and government cover ups, you must try to understand that he possesses no knowledge of such things. But even the things he does know, it is difficult for him to speak of, because of the communication barrier caused by his native tongue being so vastly different from ours, that it makes it difficult for him to communicate with us at all.

The short of it is, he is very smart in some things, very dumb in most things, and regardless of topic, the communication gap prevents much of what he does know from being easily translated at all.

He almost never talks, most of his communicating is done through the purring and chirping and gurgling and chittering sounds he makes.

The tone and speed and volume of his chirps and purrs changes with his moods. I've been around him long enough I don't really need him to talk to know what he wants.

I guess most people would just hear random chirpy purring, but it's like an entire language. Every chirp and purr sounds different and after a while, you start to realize it's translatable.

He's got happy chirps and sad chirps and soothing chirps and angry chirps and frightened chirps and aggressive chirps and threatening chirps and little excited "come look what I found" chirps.

I'm not sure how he actually make the sounds he makes. He's not doing it with his mouth or tongue, I think he does it with his throat somehow.

He's also very touchy-feely. He touches everything and sniffs everything. And that seems to be a way he communicates as well.

He doesn't just touch you at random. Everything he does, when touching is all very ritualistic almost like a form of sign language.

Early on, he was always putting his hands on my face, and stroking my hair with his claws, while nuzzling his face against me and purring. Which back then, I didn't understand, but looking back, I think it might of been some kind of courtship ritual.

When he does talk though, it's almost always about sex or breeding. 

Every once in a while he'd say he was waiting for me to be ready to breed.

I'm not sure what he considers as being "ready" to be bred. Not age. He started "testing" me for "breeding" when I was 12. I was 14 when he decided I could be bred.

Testing me involved him randomly putting his fingers up my vagina and watching to see how I responded, in between sniffing between my legs and purring.

I was too young to really know what he was doing back then. 

I can look back now and think, yeah he was doing a lot of sexual stuff to me, that I just didn't see as odd or unusual, because it really wasn't any different then the stuff my uncles had done to be a few years earlier.

When I was young and trying to explain to adults what Etiole was, and they'd ask "What does he do?" I'd say "He acts like Uncle Dickie." (Dickie being the name Richard Merlin demanded children call him.)

It was not until 1991 that he made any real attempts to speak in English or try to communicate with me, and this was due largely to the murder that occurred August 21, 1991. A murder I witnessed and an event that sent me out into the swamps, to sit in the car, keys in hand, locked inside, refusing to come out.

I stayed there for weeks. When adults dragged me to the court trial, me being the primary witness, and lawyers interrogating me up one side and down the other, I shut down in court and began drawing on the floor. While I had rarely ever spoken to begin with, due to my having Autism and Selective Mutism, it was this event that shut me down contently and stopped me from talking at all, going completely mute and at times nearly catatonic, sitting for hours on end not moving at all.

Tajid had been my only friend and his murder shut me down completely.

This left only Etiole, as anything close to a friend, and he by all appearances was barely human and hardly able to function. He was mentally and emotionally crippled so bad that he had no ability to function in human society and had lived who knows how many decades as a hermit hiding deep in the forest, with no contact with any one for decades.

His only contact with Humans in at least 2 decades, had been me, and with me shut down after Tajid's murder, I was also no longer taking daily trips out into the swamps t leave food and baubles for him.

My disappearance from his life, brought him out of the forest, into the open for the first time, with him boldly venturing into the rose gardens during day light, and wandering about looking for me.

It was now that he made his first attempt to speak with me, in what was obvious him being deeply concerned and worried by my sudden change of habits.

Etiole suddenly was no longer a distant curiosity I waited in the swamps to get a glimpse of. He was now a friend, a companion, and fast on the path to becoming a lover.

I had tried communicating with him many times, in the years prior to this, but he did not appear to speak English and it was difficult to get close to him as he ran away if I made any fast movements or got too close.

He started talking to me and his speech is "difficult". At first I thought he was French, but living this close to Quebec, you encounter a lot of French people and while I could make out some French words in his speech, most of his language does not sound French. 

In recent years, I've come to think he might be Jewish and speaking in an old dialect of Hebrew.

English is very clearly not his first language and he speaks in a strange garbled grammar. His words are often reversed, articles removed, prepositions used wrong, horrifically bad broken English, that's very hard to translate. He does not always appear to be aware of how very wrong his English is either.

EelKat: Etiole's Friend

It wasn't until I was a teenager, and not until after Tajid's death, that Etiole started approaching me on his own. He would creep up close to me, then make strange purring noises, that sounded somewhat like a cross between a cat and a lizard (which I've since learned is some kind of "mating ritual" thing - not sure what else to call it).

His inability to communicate verbally was replaced by his soft gentle touch, the strange purring soothing sounds, and nuzzling against me.

Those who had read the original article back in 2007, often reached this point and suddenly cried rape. But that is not the case. For this was not a sudden "attack" as many translated it, but rather an event that repeated itself daily for months, without any sexual advances at all.
 myspace graphic comments

Thoughts of Children That Never Were
(Amphibious Aliens Part 2)

The most controversial part of the amphibious aliens series was the second Squidoo lens. Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens.

It was the section that introduced the world to the fact that Etiole is extremely sexual, in an almost predatory way. Self proclaimed to be one of the few male who survived the war and was not made sterile by it, he also described being used by the orverlords as a breeder, something he both loved and hated. His reputation for having many wives and concubines before the war, lead the rulers after the war to force him into a breeding program that he wanted no part of. 

It was here that he described his people as divided into two factions:

One that was breeding humans for food, with no care for anything else.

A second that was breeding humans and taking the babies back to the future to repopulate life on earth after having destroyed it.

It was the first group he was a part of, but unwillingly, with them having enslaved sterile males and forcing them to breed with female humans to create a food supply.

It is these tyrants whom he fought against, and whom cut off his blue feathered wings, branded him with the tattoos he now wear, and tortured him resulting in the scars he now has.

He calls then "The One God", saying "The One God" is a gang of tyrants and not a single being, but rather a group whose one goal is to gather up as many humans as possible, to take back to the future and enslave in slaughterhouses as though they were sheep and cattle.

The MUFON people ask me to ask him questions, thinking they'll get some profound mystical advice from a Pleadian sage, and all they get back are snippy remarks and snide comments, laced with the words "Fuck you." He calls them "loofs" and refers to them as "Fucking loofs with Bibles for brains and their fucking brains stuffed up their fucking asses."

Ask him why he's here and he says: "To fuck women, ain't nothing else worth doing."

He hates being bothered, and his snippy remarks in answer to MUFON requests are very bitchy and said with a tone of being very pissed off at their rudeness for thinking of him as being godlike. 

And yet, take MUFON and spectators out of the picture and the snippy, snide, bitchiness goes away, revealing instead a calm, quiet, laid back, peaceful old man who really does have only one thing on his mind: fucking women.

He makes no secret of the fact that there really isn't anything else he'd rather do, and points out that it was precisely for that reason that he had had so many wives to begin with.

And while he gives an air of being superficial, he also often bemoans missing his children, constantly speaking of how he loved being a father and and regrets not being able to protect them against The One God when they attacked.

His crude talking seems more a stand offish cover up for the fact that he's far more emotional then he wants to let on. And for all his talk of women, there seems to be very little motive beyond talk.

Lazy is probably the best word to describe him. He refuses to do anything he doesn't have to and won't go out of his way to make an effort to do anything that requires him to actually get up and leave his den. Indeed he is rather content to do nothing but sit in the swamp all day long.

He can however be quite bold and very persistent once he gets a notion to do something in his head. And it was in this time period that he got it into his head I was his mate and nothing was going to sway that idea out of him.

Breeding VS Mating VS Sex

I was 14 when, Etiole grabbed me one day and pulled me up close to him. He was purring like he does, but it was different, more erratic, and hyper, not the usual soothing. Which I now know he does when he's sexually excited. He'd never been rough with me before, which scared me and I pushed him away, and he just let go of me and backed off. 

That was the first time I realized he was a male. I mean, I knew he was, but it just never registered until I felt him pressing his hard cock between my legs. He'd never made sexual advances toward me before, though looking back I think he actual was getting increasingly sexual over time, but it was little things that I had not picked up on.

We wasn't home. We was in  Kennebunk Port, which isn't that far away. There's this bridge down by the docks and I had wandered away from the others to feed the ducks, and I don't know why Etiole was there.

But he just grabbed me and dragged me under the bridge, and was purring very aggressively, almost a growl, and pushing against me really hard, but I shoved him back and he just let go of me.

I remember he looked confused. He didn't expect me to push him away like that. I don't think he really understood how young I was or how little I knew about sex and I didn't really have a clue why he was acting like this.

In Gypsy culture, no one teaches you about sex. You learn about it by doing it on your wedding night.

That's the way it is in Gypsy culture.

So, I guess, in American culture a 14 year old girl would know how babies are made and stuff, but I didn't and so I didn't really know what it was he was trying to do to me and he recognized that and it confused him, because he had also determined I was ready to be bred.

Later that same day, we was back home, and it was sunset, I was locking up the barn for the night. And I had just locked the door, and turned around to go back to the house (which was a  full acre away from the barn)...

...and there he was, right there behind me, almost on top of me, he was so close. He had this wild look in his eyes and started doing that aggressive purring again.

There's these 2 huge pine trees, each over 100 feet tall, standing beside each other, and we were right beside them.

It happened really fast, I didn't have time to even think, he just grabbed me and spun my around, slammed me back against the tree, holding me several inches up off the ground...

...that was the first time I realized how strong he was. He looks so small and frail, but he's got the strength of a python.  He went wild. He was in some kind of a frenzy, totally out of his head, like a rabid animal.

He started biting me, clamped his teeth around my throat, it felt like he was gonna tear my head off. I couldn't breath. I couldn't scream, he was holding down on my throat so tight. It was as if I was being strangled by a giant snake.

It was a side of Etiole I had never seen before. One that had him acting suddenly very aggressive.

He started humping up against me like a dog does. He was wicked excited and he wanted to rape me, there was no question of that, but he didn't. He just stopped.

It was like he just suddenly came to his senses and snapped out of the frenzy he was in.  He was still holding me against the tree, but he wasn't looking at me, he was breathing heavy and looking away, like he was embarrassed.

He seemed very confused. I think he knew I wasn't mentally grasping what it was he was trying to do while at the same time, my body was ready to be bred, (according to him).

He seemed to be expecting me to react to what he was doing,and whatever he was expecting me to do, I wasn't doing it and he didn't know how to deal with it.

He won't rape me. He never has. And he's wanted to several times, he's admitted as much, he nearly has several times (again a confession on his part), but he always backs off.

At the time, there was a swing seat between the trees, and he set me down on that, then sat beside me, staring up at the stars. I think he was trying to process why I wasn't responding how he thought I should be.

I wasn't sexually excited, which is I think what he was trying to do. I'm demisexual, a type of asexual. It's very difficult to sexually arouse me. Nothing does. If anything was going to excite me, it would certainly be him, but my uncles were toddler raping monsters so I had become desensitized to sex by the time I was 8 years old.

I have to have a very strong emotional bond to someone before I feel any type of sexual arousal at all.

I think it's a side effect of  growing up early on with my perverted uncles. By the I was 8 years old, I was so used to be touched and groped that I just get no pleasure out of sexual contact at all.

I think he was starting to realize I was completely desensitized to sex and that at the same time I had no clue sex was how babies were made.

My impression of sex was quite simply that it was what the evil monsters who called themselves Humans did to children and therefor I wanted no part of it.

I think that was when Etiole started to realize how badly I had been damaged, emotionally by my uncles. I wasn't able to form a sexual attachment to anyone, not even someone I loved. My ability to become sexually aroused was completely turned off.

After a while, he started purring soft and quiet and gentle, while stroking my hair and nuzzling against my neck. He started kissing me and rubbing his hands all over me. He did that to me most of the night, several hours, til about 1AM.

My parents didn't think anything of my not coming inside after dark, I was terrified of beds and sleeping indoors and had a few tents pitched up around the yard, so no one came out looking for me.

It wasn't obvious to me at the time, (it is now) but he was trying to get me aroused. He started touching me everywhere, rubbing my arms, rubbing my legs, took my shoes off and rubbed my feet. He went on this overload of none stop touching me.

He did it for hours. And he lulled me into this euphoric state, and he finally did get me aroused by what he was doing and once he did, he stopped touching me and he started purring aggressively again.

Next thing I knew he had his hand inside my panties, and he was doing a harsh growling purr while he rubbed inside of me really hard with his hand.

That was the first time I ever remember feeling sexually excited. I didn't know what he was doing, but I didn't want him to stop either. 

Once he knew he had me close to orgasm, he started purring in a high pitched excited, happy, chirpy way, then got on top of me and started fucking me that made him very happy, he started purring again, and said I would be ready for breeding soon. Then he just went back into the swamps.

The next day, something really strange happened. My mom got very sick and blacked out and was taken to the hospital and was kept over night for observation (they said she was dehydrated and wanted her hydrated before sending her home.)

My dad stayed over night at the hospital with her, and left me home alone, for the first time. There was no siblings yet (I was an adult before they were born.)

No parents, no uncles, no cousins, no one. Just me...

...and Etiole.

...who showed up in the house. Something that was very out of character for him.

I was in the kitchen, washing the  dishes, when all of sudden, I felt Etiole behind me, he put his hands on my hips and rubbing my belly.

He was rubbing into my belly really hard, like he was feeling around for my ovaries. I think he has  some sort of ability to know when a female is ovulating. It's like he can pinpoint exactly when she can be made pregnant. But he has also said he was used as a breeder, something he was not given a choice in. 

He rarely ever came in the house, so I was surprised to see him there, but I did not have time to think before he pulled my skirts up, my panties down, slammed me face down on the counter and started fucking me from behind.

After a while he stopped to rest,  and let go of me. And I got off of him and I fell over, I couldn't walk, and I said I had to finish washing the dishes, and he started laughing and said the dishes could wait, my eggs couldn't.

Apparently, he can somehow tell when a female is in ovulation and is able to pinpoint exactly when she's "ripe for fertilization" (a term he uses) and he said I was ready right now and that he wasn't gonna let me leave until I had a baby planted in me. 

His reference to eggs confused me, because I had no sex education at all and so I was thinking, chicken eggs in the fridge and wondering what he was talking about.

He knew I was confused and didn't understand what he meant and he thought that was absolutely hilarious. He couldn't stop laughing about it. 

He was just over all very pleased with himself that day, I think he would have found any thing funny just then. The whole act of spending an entire day and then an entire night fucking me had him deliriously happy, an emotion he rarely displays at all.

Etiole grabbed my arm and dragged me to my parents' bedroom and tossed me on their bed.

He said he was gonna fertilize me  and I needed something soft to lay on while he did it, because he  didn't want to hurt me. And he said it would hurt. It would hurt a lot.

I remember the whole time this was going on, feeling like this was all just the most natural thing in the world. But looking back, the whole thing seems kind of strange now.

He made me lay face down on the bed, then climbed on top of me and pushed up into me. It was different now. He'd physically changed. I think the first time was more illusion to ready me for his real physical penis. 

He was right. It hurt. And he wouldn't let me scream.

He put his hand under my chin and every time I tried to scream, he'd strangle me so I couldn't breath and thus no sound came out.

He is, really, really, really, wicked strong. He had his hand round my throat and squeezed so tight.

He'd whisper in my ear: "I don't want to hurt you. Don't scream and I won't  have to hurt you."

I don't know how to actually describe what he does. He's got like these tentacle claw thorn things all over the end of his penis and he can get them way up inside, much deeper then a Human man could do.

It's like he can use his penis to reach up through your fallopian tubes and grab hold of your ovaries, and put his seed right directly into your ovaries. 

Both of them at the same time.

Which he says is why most of his women have twins.

It felt like his penis turned into two snakes and just went all the way up into my ovaries. Which is the weirdest thing I know, but that's what he did.

But he also stays attached to you, from the inside and you really can't get unattached until he relaxes. Which he doesn't do because  he gets so hyper excited.

It's this really weird sensation, because I could feel exactly what he was doing in there. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever felt.

What exactly happened that day, remains a blur and most of the MUFON people who arrived, said this one event alone was proof that Etiole was the amphibious alien they claimed him to be.

However a more logical explanation is to assume he drugged me, which, knowing the way he is, I actually wouldn't put past him. He knows how to make every possible drug you could imagine out of every plant in the forest. Not going to doctors, he makes use of plants in the forest instead.

On that same note, with my parents refusal to ever let me go to a doctor, it was often Etiole who alleviated my many sicknesses with one tea or another. It is not an uncommon thing for him to just hand me a cup of tea for no reason at all. I can not recall if he did that day or not. He probably did, he usually does and I don't often think any thing of it, so he probably did that day as well.

It is important to consider here that the previous night he had also approached me, as stated previously. It was clear that he was disappointed by my reception of him the first night, my lack of a sexual response made him leave, and he made no secret of his desire to have me more receptive of him during intercourse. After an unsuccessful attempt to arouse me, he had spent quite a bit of time lost in thought, very clearly trying to think of a different way to approach this situation.

When he returned the second night, the night my parents were at the hospital, the entire event passed in a weird dreamlike state, andd Etiole himself was acting out of character, continually asking if I was all right and going back and forth between being worried I was going to pass out and being pleased with himself over finding a way to get me receptive of his sexual advances. Both things indicate he likely drugged me with some herb, mushroom, or frog slime found in the forest.

Keeping in mind here that Etiole himself admits to using various seeds, berries, fruits, roots, leaves, lichen, mushrooms, and frog slimes to "take away pain" and "alter" his mind. It is not illogical to think that someone who makes and uses mind altering drug himself would turn to drugging a teenager who had been unwilling to have sex with him the day before.

The fact that he returned the second night and apparently drugged me in order to spend the night fucking me with endless abandon, is the fact that had many of the non-MUFON people who contacted me, screaming rape, and seems to also be the fact that triggered many local women to come forward claiming he had read them.

The fact they are overlooking here is the fact that it was not a case of me not wanting to have sex with him, it was a case of, I had been raped so many times by my uncle between the ages of 4 and 8 years old, that I was simply not receptive of sex from anyone, not even someone I would normally have wanted sex with. And so it was not a case of a predator (like my uncle) going after an unwilling victim, but rather a case of a lover trying to find a way to help his partner overcome a mental block that had been caused by being previously raped.

The fact also remains, that he does stop when I ask him to and at no point has he ever forced me. While he does get very rough, he also frequently stops and asks if I want him to stop.

The problem with the people who translated this event to be rape, is the fact that they only had the details of the parts where he seemingly shape shifted into a snake, something that was very clearly a hallucination and very likely caused by whatever was in the tea he made. However this was one small slice of a very long event. It was details of a few minutes, of an event that lasted most of the day and into the night - ten or twelve hours.

It was not a quick "attack" with him taking sex and leaving. It was an event that included quite a lot of him doing very ritualistic courtship, foreplay, and seduction and was not, as many falsely assumed, a quick five minute event. 

He also wasn't attacking some random stranger, but rather was trying to advance a relationship that had been around well over a decade by this point, but was being held back by the fact he was dealing with a lover previously traumatizde by rape.

While his hemipenis is unusual, there are perfectly normal, none alien explanations for it as well, varying from birth defeats to a botched circumcision to a form of body modification surgery called "penal sub-incision". Any one of these things is a logical, rational, and completely plausible explanation that does not involve aliens, amphibious or otherwise.

That was when I realized he had two penises like a snake, something I know because, I had a pet snake at the time. He'd never seemed snake like to me before, but I also compared him to a snake when I realized how strong he was.

He's hemipen. He's got two penises, which normally are not seen and stay tucked inside their sheath. Which only snakes and lizards do, which kind of indicates he's a snake or a lizard of some sort.

I had seen snakes mate before and I knew the male has two barbed penises covered in thorns, and can attach himself to the female for days or even weeks, fucking her endlessly for days on end and not releasing himself from her until she's pregnant.

I don't know why, but as he was breeding me, I just got this overwhelming feeling, that he was a giant snake and he wasn't going to let go of me and would just fuck me endlessly until he was good and sure I was pregnant.

During what he calls "the pangs of ecstasy" Etiole loses his ability to maintain illusions and shape-shift, becoming far less Human looking...

...his skin covered in smooth, shiny pure white scales, his tongue becoming long and red and very snake like...

...his eyes still bright blue but rounder and very reptilian. Looking very much like a white bipedal snake.

It was the first time I questioned what it was he really looked like, and if this was real or not, and if he had an ability to shape shift, because he very much looked like a blue eyed, white scaled snake-man with cerulean blue dorsal frills.

He actually makes a distinction between having sex and mating  and breeding. He considers them  to be three completely separate things. All can result in babies but only breeding is guaranteed to nearly always make the girl pregnant.

Thoughts of Children That Never Were
(Amphibious Aliens Part 2)

Attacked By Archangels
The House That Is No More

I was in the shower. I had just turned 15. It was an August heat wave and had been 5 months without my period and had a bulging belly that not only said I was pregnant, but was heavy bearing, proclaiming the likelihood of twins.

I do not do well in the heat, and the temperatures were raging past 100F that day, so I went off to take a cold shower, basically to just stand under the cold water and hope sunset came soon to take away the blistering noon day heat.

I don't have a clear memory of what happened.

I remember standing under the spray of water, when a blinding white light filled the room.

I woke up a few hours later, as it was nearing sunset. The floor, walls, shower stall, closet, and toilet were all covered in blood. It looked like someone had thrown buckets of blood all over the room.

All over the floor of the shower stall, was blackish red jelly-like clumps of tissue, mashed and smashed, to unidentifiable pulp.

And my belly - though still larger then normal, no longer looked so very pregnant.

My baby(babies?) was gone and there was no clear explanation for how or why.

One of this people who read the article said was the most disturbing part of this event, was my parents reaction: to punish me for "making a mess" by locking my in a tiny room full of rats and refusing to take me to the hospital, in spite of the fact that I was bleeding profusely.

The pain increased as the days went on, and a side effect that I have to this day, is a large swollen, tumor like lump about 8 inches across and 4 inches tall, that spreads across my belly and hurts so much, that I can not even wear pants or skirts (things I did used to wear, back then.) The slightest touch causes excruciating pain, and the band of a skirt or pant sends shock wave pain through my side causing me to pass out.

In spite of 7 pregnancies that did not go to full term, two of which in this identical blood bath... my parents completely refused to take me to a doctor.

I would be 31 years old, before I would finally be able to sneak out long enough to get to a doctor. A local doctor on Saco Avenue, confirmed the (at the time, most recent) miscarriage, and found the tumor like swelling in my belly alarming. He also found the fact that I was 31 years old and had never been allowed to go to a doctor, and was STILL at 31 not being allowed by my parents to set foot off the farm or have contact with humans on any level at all, to be what he called "child abuse on horrific extremes".

The outside of the house the bomb blew up

He said he was starting an investigation with the state Department of Human Services, into my parents, and the uncles that were refusing to allow me freedom - a woman in my 30s, should have had AT LEAST SOME type of human contact over the years he said. He was also horrified by the fact that I'd not been allowed to go to school, was being denied any form of medical treatment at all for a VERY long list of illnesses that all had simply cures had they been treated, and the fact that I lacked even the most basic in things like a bed to sleep in or proper necessities.

He died before he got a chance to contact DHS. And so no investigation was ever done.

The inside of the house the bomb blew up -

The floor of my "bedroom"

The ROOM my uncles did not want the world to see

In his going over things, he said I had an anomaly in my blood, which suggested that I had had small pox at some point... I had something when I was 13, that my parents said was "just chicken pox" (something I had already had at age 6)... like chicken pox, I was covered in boils; but unlike the chicken pox I had previously, the 2nd time was on the souls of my feet and palms of my hands, and the boils were all an inch across or more. I was bed ridden with "chicken pox" for 6 months, on a liquid diet the entire time, because the boils were almost inside my mouth and throat. I have had sinus and breathing difficult since then.

When testing my sinus and lung issues, the doctor said I tested positive for what he called "stackibotrin poisoning" stating that in order for me to have the level of respiratory problems I had, I had to have been exposed to stacibotine on a daily basic for several years. He said the damage to my respiratory system caused by prolonged exposure to stackibotrin is permanent and has no known cure.

When I showed him pictures f the room I was frequently kept locked in for days to a time, he said he could see stackibotine covering the walls and floor and ceiling, several inches thick in some cases. He pointed to a thick black fungus that was growing all along the walls of the room and said "That is stactibotrin, a very deadly toxic mold."

The inside of the house the bomb blew up -

The boarded up window in my "bedroom"

The ROOM my uncles did not want the world to see

According to the doctor, small levels of stacibotrine cause sinus damage, larger levels cause lung damage, and prolong high level exposure causes miscarriage, birth defects, and infertility. In extreme cases, people die from over exposure.

He said however, more disturbing then the mold in the room, was the room itself, and it's very clearly boarded up windows, the rows of padlocks up and down the outside of the door, and the fact that the gaping hole in the ceiling let in both rain and snow, while the bare dirt and ledge floor was covered in cinder blocks and boards full of nails.

He asked why I had never told any one about this horrific room before and I told him that I have: 16 different Mormon bishops of the Saco Ward & Cape Elizabeth Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as well as 3 Old Orchard Beach Town Managers had ALL been told of this room, by me, on various times when I escaped briefly and ran to them begging for help. Not one of them would come to the house to see the room. Not one of them believed that my Uncles - all High Priests in the church, were the child raping monsters I had described.

When photos of the room went public - the entire town of Old Orchard Beach fell back in horror at the levels of child abuse that had gone on, right under their noses.

The inside of the house the bomb blew up -

One of the many locks on the door.

The ROOM my uncles did not want the world to see

The Saco Avenue Health Care Clinic doctor of Old Orchard Beach, scheduled me for tests, stating that I appeared to have what he called "an infected cyst" in my "left ovary" in "immediate need of surgery".

I was scheduled to go back for more tests in 7 days.

7 days later I arrived at the office, or rather the place where it had been the week before, to find police cars all around, the parking lot roped off by crime scene tape, and a giant hole in the ground, where there used to be a doctor's office.

The doctor was dead. So were several others whom had been inside. They think. They weren't sure. There was not enough left to tell. Beside the empty lot had sat a 40 foot boat in the neighbour's driveway. The boat was melted, a giant blacken piles of bubbling white goo.

The tar of the parking lot was boiling like magma and flowing red hot and glowing around the massive hole in the ground

The inside of the house the bomb blew up -

Another of the more the 10 locks on the door.

The ROOM my uncles did not want the world to see

When I asked the police what had happened, they told me the building had been struck by lightening. Because of the chemical lab inside, the whole building turned into a massive series of explosions. They presumed every one in the building to be dead, considering there was no building left to even examine, due to the fire having been so hot, every thing had been turned to ash.

According to Etiole, Archangels destroyed the building with the same brimstone and fire from heaven, that had leveled Sodom and Gomorrah. He said they refuse to allow humans to find any evidence of their existence.

While Etiole says angels did it, police said is could have been a bomb... if so, it would be the first of 2 bombs, because shortly after the doctor's office blew up, so too did my house, with the bomb having been placed, at the door of that horrible room in what was a blatant attempt to hide the evidance of what went on in there.

Who killed my doctor, days after he started investigating that room?

Who bombed my doctor's office 

and then bombed the room...?

Who didn't want the world to know what was inside the house that is no more?

Etiole says Angels... I say my uncles, especially given their history of violence, including bombs, and the fact, no one had more to hide then the men who used that room to lock children away from the world.

My uncle Richard Merlin Atwater's story of Amphibious Aliens flooded the internet in multiple THOUSANDS of posts, posted EVERY WHERE, immediately following the bomb that blew up my doctor's office ending the investigation of that terrible room, and just before the second bomb that blew up the room itself.

That same year, Mervin Bruce suddenly and inexplicable arrived from Utah... with... Uncle Johnny... a man wanted for murder, a professional hit man for hire... and one of only 2 times in my entire life that I ever saw this infamous most wanted member of the Scottish Traveller Clan, He was here when both bombs went off, and vanished quickly back to Oregon. 

Interestingly that same summer Uncle Joey arrived - no longer hiding in Australia, here for only a few weeks, then fleeing back to Australia once again with the FBI on his tail.

The two most dangerous criminals of the clan, were BOTH here in Old Orchard Beach, Maine when both bombs went off.

David arrived as well that summer, and so to did retired 1920s gun running gangster, Grandpa David Henry Atwater himself.

They were ALL here that summer. Even the Halls and the Cyrs. They came without reason or warning and left like they came with no one knowing why.

And as happens every time they arrive, they left a bloody trial of death and destruction in their wake... this time leaving behind a dead doctor, a bombed doctor's office, and the destruction of the house which held evidence that could put any one of them in prison.

Who alerted them to the doctor's investigation of that room? I don't know. But when they found out I had committed the vile, evil sin of going to a doctor, the whole kit and kaboodle of them arrived in our yard with a raging frenzy full of death threats and terror, demanding I never go back to the doctor. Is it a coincidence that the doctor's office blew up just a few minutes from my scheduled appointment? Had I not been a few minutes late - I'd have died with my doctor that day.

I have always known my uncles were insane, but that's the day I suddenly realized, just how dangerous they really were and what lengths they were willing to go to, to not let any one find out what they had done, the summer of the white monkey, the battle of 4-5-8.

I learned something very important that summer: never turn your back on a Hall or a Cyr... David's in-laws are worse they he is. They are the most viscous, most violent, most deadly, most lawless, most outwardly sweet and innocent looking, least likely to be suspected members of the entire clan.... the majority of them being young females who worship David like he was a god, and like a kamikazes of WW2 are willing to die for him, insane enough to strap on bombs and kill to protect him. David's wife is a Hall, her family the Cyrs and see herself the crier that incites them ever onward.

Long ago, before the bombs, I once went to Bangor, looking for Stephen King's house. I stopped at the Hannaford to ask for directions. It's 75 miles North of me. The woman at the cash register said to me:

"You look like an Atwater. Are you an Atwater?"

I said: "David's my uncle, I think he lives near by."

The whole store went dead. Every worker, every customer. Silent as the grave. A few mothers grabbed their children and ran.

I asked the woman what was going on.

She said: "You have to leave. We don't want trouble. Just leave. Please."

At the time I did not understand it... but that was the same day I would see for myself, for the first time The Heaven's Gate Compound... if you can find Stephen King's house, you can find my Uncle David. As I would soon learn, he lives in the forest just around the corner from that little store I had just been in.

The first thing I saw when I got in the yard:

A dead black dog across the driveway.

The next thing I saw:

A fence, with black chickens nailed to the boards - 2 at each post, in the shape of X's.

Inside the fence, I say wooden stakes, each with a black cat's head on top... dozens more dead cats in piles on the front porch of the "house".

Huge oil barrels - full of raw sewage, feces, being pumped into smaller buckets.

Between the piles of dead animals and the many thousands of gallons of feces, the smell was horrific.

Little girls with rifles, women loading piles of guns.

At the center of it all, David, Book of Mormon in hand, raving and ranting something about temples.

I asked cousin Cindy, same age as me, what was going on. She said: "We are going to war. The gentiles need to be punished."

I don't know who they were fighting with or why, I just ran out o that place and never looked back.

My uncle David is insane and his followers as crazy as he is.

Etiole had an answer for the pregnancies that ended with blinding white light and me walking up in a blood bath as well. He said the white light I saw was Gabriel. He said Michael has more compassion and takes the babies alive, but Gabriel is sadistic and kills them  outright while still in the womb.

He says most of the Archangels are too old, they've lived too long and have gone insane with boredom. Killing babies has become a hobby of theirs.

Etiole says The One God and their Throne Angels have lost touch with emotions, no longer capable of feeling love or compassion and simply delight in hurting others for the pure joy and pleasure of watching others suffer.

He says Humans try to understand why babies are taken, but there is no  reason for it. They are simply monsters full of hate and take pleasure in killing babies and watching the mothers suffer.

I have been pregnant 7 times.

None have gone full term.

Two ended with me passing out and waking up in a pool of blood and slashed up tissue, five ended with the baby simply vanishing without a trace.

We still have regular sex, but he won't breed me anymore. He says he can't watch how upset I get after losing each baby. The last pregnancy was in 2006.

Etiole curses the Masters (The One God of Abraham) and his throne Angels calling them evil, baby killing psychopathic monsters.

The White Monkey OST 
The White Monkey Letters

The Story of The Baby Murdering, Child Rapist,
Mormon High Priest Uncle,
Who Went On A War Path...

The White Salamander Letters
of Joseph Smith 
of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

If you are a Mormon, you know there exist such a thing as The White Salamander Letters. A quick summery of what it is:

Two years before meeting the ghost of the dead Nephite (Native American Nephilim) Moroni, 12 year old Joseph Smith meet a white salamander, which he wrote about in his diary. Keeping in mind here that a Salamander is a type of Faerie, a tiny man, similar to a FarDarrig or Leprechaun.

According to his diary entry, Smith was led into the forest by a White Salamander which told him to draw runes on the ground and sacrifice a black sheep, then he (the salamander) would tell Smith where to find ancient buried treasure full of gold.

This brief diary entry is backed up by a court case the following week, when 12 year old Smith was tried for sheep rustling and the slaughter of several of his neighbour's black sheep. A charge he was found guilty of, and to avoid the hanging of their 12 year old son, the Smith family fled Vermont to resettle in New York.

Keeping in mind here that they had previously fled York Hill, Saco, Maine to resettle in Vermont.

Yes, Saco, Maine, York Hill. Home of the Saco River Curse. York Hill, being the island in the Saco River Delta, where the big chain link electric fence topped in barbed wire, covered in signs that read: "Government Property: Danger: Keep Out". THAT York Hill.

At the time they lived here, the Smiths were members of the Conchonite Church on the Heath Road at the corner of the Flag Pond Road, in Saco Maine (the building is still there today). The infamous polygamous church run by Jacob Concrin, a man with nearly 100 wives, and who was obsessed with Enochain Angels and Enochain Magick arts, and who had a habit of heading to the Saco River's edge to "Call up the Nephilim" (Etiole) out of the Saco River. Jabob Conchrin started doing this in the 1740s, making this one of the very early sightings of Etiole.

Smith's mother, (a Scottish Gypsy) as a child, grew up in this church, and grew up with the habit of leaving gifts for the "ghost of the dead Indian chief" (what she called Etiole) on the banks of the Saco River, offshore of York Hill. (Where currently sits the CMP Tower).

She raised her babies to fear and respect the Faeries.

Like all Scottish Gypsy women of the time period and region, she taught her children stories of little white haired men, whom were known as "Salamanders", a type of Gnome or Leprechaun and called FarDarrigs when they wear red coats.

The Amphibious Aliens Article featured excerpts from the book

"For Fear of Little Men"

These Little Men, often referred to as The Wee Folk, haunt swamps, grave yards, and lonely roads in deep forests. There are many stories/theories regarding who and what they are and different cultures of different regions have different names for them, varying from Wendigo and Memegwasi of North America to Kappas and Bunyips of the South Pacific to the Leprechauns, Phookas, Bogeys, and FarDarrigs of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

The names are different, the minute details are different, but the core story is always the same: a little man, with white skin, white haire, dark eyes, wild cloths, often carrying a wand/laser/beam is sighted in a forest, near a swamp or cemetery, and lures travellers off the road into the forest, while giggling and laughing... various trickster habits are described, mentions of promises of love or wealth or fame are promised to the traveller. The traveller follows into the fog, often meeting multiple little men, and in most stories the traveller was a youth - someone between the ages of 7 and 16 years old. The happy child follows the little man for hours, all through the night, never able to catch him. Come morning the child goes home... to discover they have been gone for decades... every one they knew now dead.

Perhaps the most famous and widely published of these stories of little men is Rip Van Winkle, where Rip wanders into the forest following 9 little men plays a few rounds of bowling with them, then leaves as it is getting dark, only to discover he has returned home 50 years later, not one night later.

Scottish Gypsy children are taught the Faerie Warning from the crib:

"We darn't go a'hunting for fear of little men"

Up the airy mountain,

Down the rushy glen,

We daren't go a-hunting

For fear of little men; 

Wee folk, good folk,

Trooping all together; 

Green jacket, red cap,

And white owl's feather! 

Down along the rocky shore

Some make their home,

They live on crispy pancakes

Of yellow tide-foam; 

Some in the reeds

Of the black mountain lake,

With frogs for their watch-dogs,

All night awake. 

High on the hill-top

The old King sits; 

He is now so old and gray

He's nigh lost his wits.

With a bridge of white mist

Columbkill he crosses,

On his stately journeys

From Slieveleague to Rosses; 

Or going up with music

On cold starry nights

To sup with the Queen

Of the gay Northern Lights. 

They stole little Bridget

For seven years long; 

When she came down again

Her friends were all gone.

They took her lightly back,

Between the night and morrow,

They thought that she was fast asleep,

But she was dead with sorrow.

They have kept her ever since

Deep within the lake,

On a bed of flag-leaves,

Watching till she wake. 

By the craggy hill-side,

Through the mosses bare,

They have planted thorn-trees

For pleasure here and there.

If any man so daring

As dig them up in spite,

He shall find their sharpest thorns

In his bed at night. 

Up the airy mountain,

Down the rushy glen,

We daren't go a-hunting

For fear of little men; 

Wee folk, good folk,

Trooping all together; 

Green jacket, red cap,

And white owl's feather! 

~William Allingham

Now, while few Mormons know the history of Smith's very early childhood and his family's connection to the Saco River curse, there isn't a Mormon on the planet who doesn't know The White Salamander Letters, which were the end result of these early events.

Smith only mentions The White Salamander briefly in a single passage of his diary, and LDS historians have long theorized and speculated if this was an earlier encounter with the "angel" Moroni or not. Decades of research brought up nothing more then the few facts listed above, and so The White Salamander remained a mystery in Mormon History...


until the late 1970s/early 1980s when a man came forward, claiming to have found, in the back of an old church, a bundle of letters, written by a young Joseph Smith... letters supposed written from Smith to The White Salamander. Letter rumors to have actually been held by the infamous White Salamander. 

Every one from the Prophet in Salt Lake City all the way down to the lowliness convert members was giddy with excitement as the letters surfaced, and a were put up for auction. A massive bidding war ensued as hundreds of historians and church officials from all over the globe fought to buy these elusive letters and find out what was in them.

Representatives of the Prophet himself were given orders to out bid every one no matter the cost, the church funds would cover it... the church MUST have those letters, proof of the existence of the White Salamander was vital, as the White Salamander had long been the church's thorn in the flesh... the thing that didn't add up. The thing that connected Smith to the occult, witchcraft, and Satan worship... the thing that MUST at ALL COST be proven to have come from God not Satan...

Many millions of dollars later, the representatives of the Prophet proudly presented the Prophet with the White Salamander Letters, which were promptly sent to a massive team of researchers, historians, and scientists for testing and studying, as every Mormon on the planet held their breath waiting for the glorious announcement that The White Salamander was NOT a Faerie Demon, but rather an angel of God...

The Biggest Hoax in Religious History

When the news broke what the White Salamander Letters were, it sent angry shock waves through out the entire Mormon community... and... resulted in the change of how the church did things...

They barred temple access from the public.

They removed actual swords from the temple rituals.

They changed the wording of the temple rituals - no more were you required to vow to slit the throats of any one who shared the "secrets of the temple"

And a vault was built in Salt Lake City, where the White Salamander Letters, Joseph Smith's diary, an Egyptian mummy, and several brass tablets, were all locked away from the public eye, never to be seen again.

What was in the White Salamander Letters to cause this reaction from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

The Church, in their desperation to prove the White Salamander to be an Angel and not a Demon, forgot to look at who it was who was auctioning off the letters: 

Mark William Hofmann

Mark William Hofmann (born December 7, 1954) is an American counterfeiter, forger and convicted murderer. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished forgers in history, Hofmann is especially noted for his creation of documents related to the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. When Hofmann's schemes began to unravel, he constructed bombs to murder two people in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been serving a life sentence at the Utah State Prison in Draper since 1988.


The Prophet, over the course of several months, had made several public announcements on TV, in letters sent to every church congregation world wide to be read by bishops to the members, in the Deseret News, in the Ensign Magazine...

LOTS of proclamations and including several "revelations from God" Himself, to the authenticity of The White Salamander Letters.

Changes were made to priesthood and Relief Society lesson manuals, to include new lessons about the White Salamander...

The Prophet was so 100% convinced that the letters were going to prove The White Salamander to be an angel of God, that he went forward with many public announcements reveling what "God had told him" was in the letters, months before the church even had the letters in their possession.

And when they did have the letters he spent several more months making several more public statements as to what they were, BEFORE any of his research team even had a chance to research the letters.

And then, when the research team DID finally have the letters, they proved to not be from Joseph Smith at all, but from one of his friends. And carbon dating tests came back dating the letters as only a few years old not a few hundred years old, and then... someone finally thought to ask the question:

"So who did you buy these from exactly?"

It went down in history as the biggest religious hoax ever made, when it was discovered that the letters were written by Mark William Hofmann in around 1980.

And the Prophet had spent nearly 2 years glorifying these letters as real because, he claimed God had visited him in visions and said so.

But so what does any of this have to do with Etiole and what are The White Monkey Letters mentioned in the title?


Have I mentioned my Uncle Richard Merlin Atwater was clinically insane? I think I have.

But, did I also mention he was a Mormon and a Church Historian and was one of the few people who actually saw The White Monkey Letters in person?

Yes, while my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater WAS NOT most of the things he claimed:

He was not a NASA Astronaut.

He was not Sir Richard the Lionhearted.

He was not Merlin the Magician.

He was never a Cold War solider in Russian.

He was never a Russian Spy.

He never went to Russia to tear down Iron Curtains (and any one who knows ACTUAL military history, knows there were no physical curtains made of iron in Russia and that the term "Iron Curtain" was a name of the events going on and had nothing to do with either iron or curtains. So anyone who ever listened to him tell of scaling curtains carved of cast iron and ripping them off the buildings with his bare hands, would have known how off his rocker he really was.)

He did however work in the Pentagon, that was true. He just wasn't a high ranking officer, No. He was Colonel Ollie North's secretary and go-for boy...a job he lost when Ollie North did his paper shredding thing, and my uncle never recorded the trauma of losing that job, so made up the NASA astronaut story, the Cold War story, and the Russian Spy story, to hide the fact that his REAL job in the Air Force was nothing more then a yes-man in an office... he fetched coffee and paper clips for officers in the Pentagon, only this and nothing more.

The ONLY true statement he ever made about his military career was the fact that he worked in the Pentagon. But he was NOT a Colonel as he often said he was. He worked FOR A Colonel. He was the well dressed, spit polished guy in a fancy suit, who ran around the office refilling coffee mugs for the heavily decorated officers, and he lost his job doing that, because he helped Colonel Ollie North, shred documents.

He was so ashamed of what ACTUALLY happened, that he created the wild stories about NASA and Russia to try to hide the fact that he lost his Air Force job in the Ollie North debacle. 

He had gone into the Air Force at age 16 (lied about his age to get in) with the GOAL of eventually becoming a NASA astronaut and going into space. He got stuck as a yes-boy for officers, with no hope of getting into space, and then lost that job because he was one of the office boys whose job it was t drop paper into a shredding machine whenever an officer said so.

While it was not technically his fault, he was simply obeying orders, and therefor did not lose his pension, he was however devastated by the fact that his dreams of NASA were now gone forever, and so he promptly moved to Roswell to try to get a job at Area 51.

And while he had a job "at Area 51" for a few years, it is unclear, if his job was actually on the military base itself or at one of the many shops in the area, all of whom were named "Area 51" this and "Area 51" that.

It appears that he had a job as a pilot, giving tourists rides around the area in hopes of seeing UFOs. He was in fact a pilot, and did have a license to fly small 2 passenger planes.

From there he moved to Utah, attempted to get a job at some Plane Hanger that supposedly houses a UFO. In failing to do this (because it is a military base.) he instead enrolled at Brigham Young University where he went on to become a Professor of Church History. Resulting in WHY and HOW he came to be one of the few people to ever see The White Salamander Letters.

Now, with all that information in mind, let's skip ahead to 1991, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The Cape Elizabeth Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, of the Augusta Stake of the State of Maine....

Enter Stage Right:
PineLand Center
Maine's Mental Health Institute
For The Criminally Insane 

When The Men In The Little White Coats
Came To Take Him Away...

A fittingly appropriate theme song for this page...

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my Young Women's Sunday School class in the Cape Elizabeth Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints, of the Augusta Stake of the State of Maine....


when a man knocks on the classroom door and asks the teacher, if Wendy Christine Allen is in the room and if she could come out to talk to him.

He introduced himself as Paul Peterson, Administrator of Pineland Center, Mental Health Institute For The Criminally Insane, from New Gloucester, Maine. 

A thin, professional looking redhead man, probably in his 50s, wearing a nutmeg brown suit and carrying an expression of grave concern and deep worry.

We head to the Bishop's office at the back of the church. He sits at a desk. I sit at a chair across from him. It's odd that the Bishop is not here, but I figure he's off doing something elsewhere in the church. Come to think of it, he didn't open services this morning, either.

He had in his hand a stack of envelopes and letters. Dozens and dozens of them. He asked me:

"Do you know a Richard Merlin Atwater?"

I said, "I have an uncle by that name, I avoid him because he's crazy."

PP of PLC said: "Yes, I had noticed. Have you ever seen these?"

He handed me one of the letters. It raved and ranted about demons, Satan, and lots of typical wild lunacies as could be expected from my uncle. It was one letter that was 68 pages long - 68 sheets of paper, double sided, and when he ran out of room, the words grew microscopic and spiraled in a big circle around the edges.

It was one of more then a hundred letters that this man had with him, all of this nature.

They were all signed "Captain Richard Merlin Atwater The Astronaut"

They were all nearly identical, except for the Dear ____ part at the top. The name was different on every one of them.

"Dear Bishop Morgan" was the name on the one I was holding. "Dear Stake President Earnshaw" was on the second he showed me. "Dear President Ezra Taft Benson" was on another. 

He took out a list, one that he had created. A list of names. More then 600 people whom had all received these letters. All of them various church officials, including all 12 Apostles, and all 70 Members of the Quorum of The Seventy; all the bishops of every church congregation in the state of Maine, all the stake presidents, branch presidents, and all of the council members of all of the above.

He said "And these are just the letters received by the leaders, it doesn't include the letters sent to church members and their families. We estimate he has sent more then 5,000 letters in the past 6 months alone."

Bishop Morgan
They Came And Took Him Away, Ha, ha...

Next he asked me: "Do you know a Bishop Morgan?"

"Yep, weird guy, who says he's gonna help Tommy remove all the non-whites from church. He's why there are no more black families in our church any more."

PP of PLC: "Has he even mentioned demons?"

Me: burst out laughing. Laughs hysterically for several minutes. Can not stop laughing. Finally catches my breath long enough to say: "Oh, hell yeah! He's been running around saying I have a demon living in my car. Says I put death spell curses on people then send my car out at night to kill them."

PP of PLC, nods and write down notes. "Do you know where Bishop Morgan is right now?"

Me: Looks around the office. "Obviously not here where he's supposed to be."

PP of PLC: "No. What do you know about the fire?"

ME: "What fire?"

PP of PLC: "On the Flag ond Road last night."

ME: "Flag Pond Road? My uncle lives there."

PP of PLC: "Does he?"

ME: "Not Dickie, Brucie. His brother."

PP of PLC: write down more notes. "It was hit by lightening near as we can tell. No one was hurt, but he broke both arms and both legs this morning. Skiing. Hit a tree."

ME: "Who did? My uncle?"

PP of PLC: "No, Bishop Morgan. They're holding him for observation. We're admitting him to Pine Land Center this afternoon. He claims you killed him. Sad you sent a demon. He gave us these letters as his proof that you are a deranged psycho killer with a pet demon. But, I rather gathered you were unaware of these letters. That's why I'm here. We weren't sure how dangerous Morgan was. At first I thought he wrote the letters, but the handwriting doesn't match. Can you confirm this is your uncle's handwriting?"

Me: "Oh, yeah. That's Dickie all right. Even right down to the weird spirals around the page. He always writes like that."

PP of PLC: "Based on what I see in these letters, your uncle has Schizophrenia and is likely a Sociopath. He doesn't live in Maine so, it's out of my jurisdiction, but I think you should consider him very dangerous and capable of murder. Morgan won't be coming back to church any time soon, I don't think he's safe to be on the streets."

Bishop Morgan never returned to church and was locked away in Pineland Center until it closed it's doors a few years later.

Had that been the end of it, I probably would not have given much thought to this event.

However, more letters would surface, as my uncle's decent into madness grew...

Over the next few years, several of the bishops, branch presidents, and stake presidents to receive his letters would reach out to contact me and ask me who this man was.

At first I was confused as to why they were contacting me about an uncle I had not seen in 20 years and who lived several dozen states away on the other side of the country.

But, reading the letters, I found the answer.

Each letter, told wild stories. In some they told of my being a demon, that I had been switched at birth and was not human. Others told stories of my being a Satan worshiper. Others called me a witch. Still others said I was sacrificing babies on altars. 

ALL of the letters ending with him demanding I be excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

A Look Into The Mind Of A Mad Man

At first I was asking: "Why me?" thinking I alone was being targeted.

But then I mentioned it to my cousin Tonya. She said, the same thing was happening to her. She had opted to fight against the Gypsy norm, and go to public school regardless of hat the clan said. And she told a tale of how she was daily being puled out of class by principles, superintendents, teachers, guidance counselors, because of "Uncle Dickie's letters".

Tonya was not a Mormon, not religious at all, and, so the letters were instead to her school, her teachers, her friends, etc. As he had done with me, the letters made wild accusations against her, and in her case demanded the school expel her.

In this same time period Dickie married a mail order bride from Russia. A sweet little teenage girl, who was 30 years younger then him. The marriage lasted almost a year before she ran to the police one night begging for help, stating that he had tied her down and made his male dogs rape her for a video.

The following year, she would visit Maine and I would meet her, when she was going from niece to niece asking if he had ever done anything sexual to them as children, as she had found thousands of pages of diaries written by him, where he bragged of his sexual exploits with 4 and 5 year old girls.

It was from Aunt Katya that we found out about the law suits - dozens of them. From girls, women, and mothers of little girls in Maine, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, and Florida. All suing him for various forms of sexual assault. In every case the women were LDS/Mormons whom had been members of one of the many church congregations he had attended in his rampant, inability to live in any one place for more then 6 months to a time.

Katya had made copies of the documents she had found and was going to all of his 64 nieces, showing them the documents and asking: "Is this true? Did he do this to you?"

Next Katya contacted all the women from all the court cases. What she found was horrific.

Letters. Written by Richard Merlin Atwater, uncover the true nature of the man at last.

The Letters...


Thousands of them.

Thousands upon thousands upon tens of thousands of them.

Written to all of the women who were living in mortal terror of Richard Merlin Atwater, a man who was on a viscous hell bound vendetta to destroy every female whom had ever refused to have sex with him.

All together well over 500 different women were located, whom had not themselves received letters, but rather had had letters sent to their friends, family, letter sent to their bosses at workplaces, their teachers at schools/campus, letters sent to their next door neighbours, letters sent to their town officials, letters sent to their state representatives, letters sent to the store owners of small businesses they shopped at, letters sent to their church leaders...

THIS was the reality of what happened to EVERY female whom Richard Merlin Atwater wanted to have sex with, wither she knew it or not. In many cases, these woman had never even seen him.

One woman he had done this to, turned out to be a sales clerk whom had waited on him when he bought a new rug for his house. He had asked her "Marry me" when she handed him the change back from his purchase. She, thinking he was joking, had laughed and made some offhanded remark.

It was a one time meeting that lasted under 5 minutes. Him a total stranger whom had never seen her before. It resulted in more then a decade of letters being sent to every person she knew, all saying wild things to destroy her reputation. The poor woman lost her job over it and moved several times, but the letters followed her to ever town of every state she moved to, and for years she could not understand who this "Lord RMA" was

"Lord RMA" was how he signed the bulk of his letters; though some letters were also signed: Sir Richard The Lionhearted; Merlin The Musician; Rich Atwater; or just The Astronaut. 

And then there were the restraining orders.

Hundreds of restraining orders, from all over the country.

Bishops begging for letters to stop being sent to them.

Bishop wives begging Richard to stop barging into their homes whenever their husbands were gone.

Children drawing horrific pictures of "The Tickle Monster" attacking them. Picture parents took to police and were using in the lawsuits against this varousious sexually perverted man.

Here was a man, with a government pension, no job, and 24 hours of absolutely nothing to do all day long.

Tormenting women became his life. It was the only thing he did. 

And when confronted about it, he would laugh sadistically and say:

"They deserved it"


"They asked for it."

Along with to shrug and say:

"Well, that's what you get for not marrying me. It's her own fault, I told her she should have married me. If she had married me like I told her to, she wouldn't be going through this now would she?"

The man had no compassion, no empathy towards anyone and felt no guilt or shame in what he did and claimed the women (and often children) he victimized were to blame for his actions.

Let's look at what it was Pineland Center had said my Uncle had:


Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD), also known as dissocial personality disorder (DPD) and sociopathy, is a personality disorder, characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. An impoverished moral sense or conscience is often apparent, as well as a history of crime, legal problems, or impulsive and aggressive behavior.

Nomadic (including schizoid and avoidant features) Feels jinxed, ill-fated, doomed, and cast aside; peripheral, drifters; roamers, vagrants; dropouts and misfits; itinerant vagabonds, tramps, wanderers; impulsively not benign.

Malevolent (including sadistic and paranoid features) Belligerent, mordant, rancorous, vicious, malignant, brutal, resentful; anticipates betrayal and punishment; desires revenge; truculent, callous, fearless; guiltless.

Covetous (including negativistic features) Feels intentionally denied and deprived; rapacious, begrudging, discontentedly yearning; envious, seeks retribution, and avariciously greedy; pleasure more in taking than in having.

Risk-taking (including histrionic features) Dauntless, venturesome, intrepid, bold, audacious, daring; reckless, foolhardy, impulsive, heedless; unphased by hazard; pursues perilous ventures.

Reputation-defending (including narcissistic features) Needs to be thought of as infallible, unbreakable, invincible, indomitable, formidable, inviolable; intransigent when status is questioned; overreactive to slights.

ASPD commonly coexists with the following conditions:

Anxiety disorders

Depressive disorder

Impulse control disorders

Substance-related disorders

Somatization disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Histrionic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder

Sadistic personality disorder



Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices that others do not hear, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and a lack of motivation. People with schizophrenia often have additional mental-health problems such as anxiety disorders, major depressive illness, or substance-use disorders. Symptoms typically come on gradually, begin in young adulthood, and last a long time.


While we always knew Uncle Dickie was crazy, we were not yet aware of just how utterly insane and how very, very, very dangerous he really, truly was.

When people find out the FBI is involved in the Amphibious Aliens situation, they always take a step back and ask: "What the hell happened? It had to be something pretty big for the FBI to be called in. They don't just take any case."

Yeah. I know.

Like I said, we knew Dickie was crazy... we just didn't yet know HOW crazy he really was and how far he was willing to go, when one of the women he claimed was "destined" to be his wife... married someone else.

The White Monkey Letters

MUFON would arrive in my yard looking for Etiole, claiming my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater had sent them to catch an amphibious alien in 2005.

To fully understand the WHY behind my uncle's discontinuing to write letters and instead start writing online posts on forums, you first have to understand WHY he wrote the letters and what exactly they had said.

A List Of Events:

Uncle Dickie showed up on our farm when I was 4 years old.

His mother Eva Viola Atwater, my Grammy Eva, was frequently chasing him with a broom, beating him over the head with it while screaming:

"Get your hands off those little girls you sick pervert. You're not touching my grand babies!"

Grammy Eva became our "safe zone" - we children, we little girls ages 3 to 12, would run to her whenever "The Tickle Monster" would attack.

Tickle Monster was a term he called himself. Often his exact thing to say was:

"I'm the Tickle Monster, pull up your skirt so I can tickle you."

Then he'd grab the girl, pull her panties down, toss her skirt over her head, and stick his fingers up her vagina to "tickle" her.

Uncle Dickie returned when I was 8 years old, this time announcing "I'm here from Juno Alaska, Yu-konw, I'll-ask-her to marry me." Then began announcing to any one and everyone that I was his wife, I was going to be his wife, etc.

After that I started receiving daily/weekly letters and cards in the mail from him, all bubbling with joy of our pending wedding.

I was 12 years old when Uncle Dickie arrived in Maine again, stormed into my Sunday School class and started bossing the teacher around, stating that I was his "future wife" and didn't belong in this class. I should be in his class.

The teacher (who was also the Sunday School President) kept me after class to ask about Dickie.

A few weeks later, my parents suddenly refused to allow me to attend church, for reasons not related to any of this.

After about 4 weeks absent from class, immediately following Dickie's outburst, the teacher arrives at our house to ask if I'm okay. He becomes one of the few people ever allowed into the house, and one of the rare people to have ever seen "The ROOM" where I was kept locked up for much of my childhood, teen years, and earlier adulthood.

Horrified by the state of the room, shocked by the attitudes of the adults, and terrified of what Uncle Dickie would do if he didn't do something to intervene, this Sunday School teacher made a bold move, announcing he was taking me to church with him, and simply dragged me out of the house, quickly shoved me into his car and drove to church.

Dickie found out the name of the priest and began calling him on the phone - daily. Soon followed by letters to him.

Stating he refused to be intimidated by a bully, the teacher began to arrive every Sunday to take me to church, and began buying me food every week now that he realized why I was so very skinny and malnourished looking (I was not allowed to eat with the adults due to my being "demon possessed" and instead was given burnt scraps scraped off pans.)

He also taught me of the existence of things like: toothpaste, soap, and bathing. He is also the one who bought my cars, my fur coats, my kimonos, and funds the elaborate CosPlay costumes I make.

And when he found out in 2014, that in 1983 my grammy Helen had left me the land, but the scam artist uncles had forged the documents to move my land into their names without my knowing it - he's the one who bought the land from them and put it back in my name once again.

The most important event triggering the White Monkey Letters occurred in 2001, when on October 21, 2001, the teacher/priest simply announced to my uncles (without saying anything of it to me first) that he and I were getting married and they were not allowed to have contact with me again. I had no idea if he was serious or not, as he had never mentioned marriage to me and this was the first I'd heard of it.

Starting in January 2002, Uncle Dickie began arriving in Maine more frequently, and was attending ALL the various LDS/Mormon churches in the area.

In total 16 different congregations, would have members come forward claiming they received letters.

More then 750 church leaders and congregation members, have claimed they were contacted....


MOST of the people contacted between 2002 and 2003 were friends, family, co-workers, or somehow otherwise connected to this Sunday School Teacher, who by 2001 was now a High Priest Quorum leader on a fast track to becoming a bishop.

February 2003, weeks after a miscarriage, days after my doctor was killed by a bomb, I went to my bishop, asking for a blessing (a prayer ritual for healing, commonly practiced by Mormons). 

I was told I was "not deserving of healing", he explained that he was contacting Salt Lake City to request I be excommunicated on grounds of "witchcraft"...

...and then he pulled a letter out of his desk...

A letter that was signed: The White Monkey OST


The White Monkey Letters were written BY The White Monkey.

And when you look at the similarities between Richard Merlin Atwater's impersonating Etiole, and writing letters in 2003 while claiming to ACTUALLY BE Etiole...

... then you start to realize who truelt terrifying Kendra Silvermander's very similar letters were, when in 2006, she too surfaced, claiming to be Etiole, this time signing letters with the name The Silver Salamander.

And that is when you start to realize the connection back to the Mormon Church's "White Salamamnder Letter"

and that is also when you start to realized just exactly WHY the FBI got involved...

This was no longer a case of a crazy uncle writing letters, but rather it became a case of murder, house bombs, attempted murder, brutal beatings, the brutal deaths of two unborn babies, and a lot of hate crimes committed by this man, and his two older brothers who picked up a vigil in his name after his death.

When people ask why is Kendra Silvermander  and her Silver Salamander Letters so terrifying and perceived to be such an extremely dangerous felon, you first have to go back to the person she herself was mimicking: Richard Merlin Atwater and his White Monkey Letters.

The Sociopath Goes On A Murderous Rampage Leaving A Doctor Dead

A few key important facts to remember at this point:

#1: I had the 2nd "bloodbath" miscarriage January 2003; an event completely identical to the 1st one, 20 years earlier.

This was in January. I was bleeding profusely for several weeks, reached the point of being unable to stand up, due to extreme anemia and dehydration.

I was passing out several times a day, each time waking up in ever larger pools of blood.

#2: When my parents and uncles refused to let me go to the hospital, I snuck out and ran to the nearest doctor's office I could find. A doctor on Saco Ave, about 1/4 of a mile from my driveway. His office had a sign which read "First Care Health Clinic". He was a Russian immigrant with a thick accent.

He proclaimed himself "horrified" by "the levels of abuse, malnutrition, and extreme neglect" that he said I was suffering from.

#3: He said he was contacting the police and the Department of Human Services to turn the adults in.

I had an appointment to return for more tests, to find out what had caused the miscarriage, and given my description of what had happened, he said he suspected I had been poisoned, most likely someone had drugged my food or drinks with an abortive herb, most likely Arborvitae Cedar Tree (a common plant in the area)

He suspected someone had intentionally murdered my unborn baby with a forced abortion and had given me enough to almost kill me as well, based off the horrific symptoms I had when I arrived at his office.

#4: When I returned 7 days later... the doctor was dead, killed when a bomb had blown up his office.

An important part to consider here is no longer was it letters... a doctor was attacked and was now dead.

And this was the first of two bombs.

Amd that's the part the MUFON people in my yard looking for amphibious alien EBEs had completely over looked.... when they could not understand why I was so terrified of their rude, unannounced invaion of my farm, and them saying they were sent here by Richard Merlin Atwater...

People died.

A doctor had been killed. Along with others in his office that day.

A bomb blew up my doctor's office and then another bomb blew up my house.

Two of my babies were murdered by this man... murdered, because they were not his. Murdered because someone other then him got me pregnant. 

And he sent messages on forums calling Etiole an amphibious alien for one reason and one only: because it was Etiole who was the father of the babies.

And then you MUFON people arrive in my yard, telling me you were sent here by this MONSTER, Richard Merlin Atwater, himself, and you wonder WHY I was not overjoyed at your arrival?

The White Monkey
Starts Writing Letters

But then, what was in the White Monkey Letters, those letters all signed with the words "The White Monkey, OST"?

I don't know when exactly he started writing them. I first learned of them in February 2003, weeks after the brutal murder of my baby, and days after the equally brutal murder of the doctor whom had tried to help me.

That first letter, the one sent to Bishop LV, was very clearly written by my uncle. I recognized his strange tiny print block handwriting (that almost looks typed) and the spiraling around the edges of the page as he ran out of room, and then going back and forth, upside down, between the sentences already written. His letters were very difficult to read because of this strange flow of the words into every crack and crevice, but it made his letters immediately recognizable, no matter which name he signed to the bottom.

(this section is not yet finished; more coming soon)...

Thoughts of Children That Never Were
(Amphibious Aliens Part 2)

The Dreams Of Children That Never Were

Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, was the second Squidoo Lens in the series of Squidoo articles. It was the most controversial and the first to be taken off line. It also remains the most requested and the part of the story that has resulted in the most outreach to me from women claiming to be abductees.

Unknown to me at the time, was how wide spread this phenomena was, or that it was even a phenomena at all.

False Pregnancies 

As mentioned above. When I was a teenager, Etiole started approaching me, purring like a lizard, and rubbing against me.... I soon discovered this to be some kind of a mating ritual, as a few days of doing this progressed to actual sexual advances from him.

The original article on Squidoo, included a section that was titled: Thoughts of Children That Never Were (Amphibious Aliens Part 2). The section was later removed as a result of the multiple physical assaults by men arriving in my yard, at my home, at my workplace, or at various restaurants and libraries I frequent, all of them displaying serious mental disorders, and all of them making sexual advances, varying from lewd comments to outright rape attempts, most notable was the man who attacked me with a 10 inch switch blade in the hallway of my dad's apartment, resulting in the grand jury trial court case so many of you heard about, but never received detail of. 

Guy Gammon, now in prison, was a serial rapists, confirmed to have raped 27 women in Biddeford, Maine alone, bragged to having killed several, and on March 6, 2016, dragged a girl to my dad's apartment building and killed her on the 1st floor.

As it turns out the man made a habit of hunting down women who had alien abduction connections and rared them, he said "on God's comand" in order to "replace the babies aliens had stolen". He killed any woman who fought back.

It was how the FBI got involved and why from August 2013 to October 2016 I was in the Witness Protection Program, while the murder trial was going on.

It is also why n August 2013, this controversial section of the Amphibious Aliens article was removed from the internet.

The problem with Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, was that the perverted men who read it and then arrived at my home, my workplace, and in Guy Gammon's case, at my dad's house, focused only and exclusively on the sexual side of it, and completely over looked the true horror of the article: the disappearance of 7 children.

Now consider this:

The residents of Old Orchard Beach, kidnapped my cats April 10, 2015.


Ask yourself, why did I have 10 cats to begin with?

And ask yourself, why did they choose Mother's Day, as the day to nail their heads to my door?

I had 10 cats to replace the 7 children.

Seven children that the residents of Old Orchard Beach, believe to be "demon spawn".

And when you consider that, is it than any wonder why the self-proclaimed "demon hunters" of the Town of Old Orchard Beach, targeted my cats, cats they called "familiars", cats they said were "shape-shifter reptilians from the lizard illuminati, disguised as cats and not cats at all"

Is it any real wonder, that after their puting a bomb in my house did not kill Etiole...

after cutting my car in half did not kill Etiole...

after beating my up, paralyzing me for 5 months, leaving me on a cane for the rest of my life, did nothing to drive Etiole out...

after filling my motorhome with thousands of gallons of feces 3 feet deep, did not drive Etiole away...

is it any wonder then, that they next kidnapped my cats and cut their heads off?

The religion crazed, terrorist town of Old Orchard Beach, likes to bill itself as "family friendly" and yet this town runs around doing things like this?

Tell me this:

What is family friendly about building a bomb and blowing up an elderly woman's house?

What is family friendly about a church group cutting up an elderly woman's car while they scream that they are killing a demon?

What is family friendly about a Ku Klux Kan cross standing in elderly woman's rose garden?

What is family friendly about backhoe driving over an elderly woman's house?

What is family friendly about terrorists beating up an elderly woman leaving her paralyzed for 5 months, relearning to walk for 18 months, and crippled for the rest of her life?

What is family friendly about filling an elderly woman's motorhome with feces?

What is family friendly about kidnapping an elderly woman's cats?

What is family friendly about nailing cat heads an elderly woman's door?

Is Old Orchard Beach REALLY a family friendly town? Would YOU want YOUR family living in a town whose residents are so delusional, that they think an elderly homeless man, is a demon, and attack viciously and violently the elderly woman who let him sleep in her car?

And that's not even counting the rapists who crawled out of the woodwork, upon the publication of Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens. 

Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens
(A summery of what it was)

Thoughts of Children That Never Were, refers to the babies that simply disappeared. Seven total. Two confirmed miscarriages and five pregnancies that simply "vanished".

While Guy Gammon and the perverted men who attacked me had focused on the sex references in the article, there was only a couples of lines mentioning this aspect of it at all, with the bulk of the article focused on the children themselves and not the how of how they came about.

I have had strange "dreams" over the years of children that "never were". The dreams progress like a TV show, with the dream occurring rarely, only a few times a year. The earliest ones are of babies being taken. Later me visiting toddlers. Later small children. I can not explain these dreams as they feel very real and do not feel like dreams and feel like I am visiting the children and seeing them grow up. It's the strangest and most bizarre aspect of this whole series of events.

Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, was the story of children being kidnapped, but perverted men and attention seeking women, twisted it into a sexual thing, bringing into the picture, something that was never a part of the original story at all: RAPE.

Men took to attempted rape, proclaiming God told them to, while woman ran around town screaming hysterically that they were being raped by demons. The point of the story was lost in their deviated sexual obsessions. The point being the unexplained disappearance of 7 children.

The article was written in chronological order, starting with detailing the sudden change in Etiole's actions, followed by the miscarriages, and then moving on to what was the bulk of the article: a series of nightmares that went on for years, nightmare which I had referred to as "thoughts of children that never were".

It is very clear from local reaction to the article, that most people only read the first few paragraph of Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, and never read the bulk of the article which went into 10,000 words of detail, into strange out-of-body-style visits to see children, visits that occurred 2 or 3 times a year, with my seeing DOZENS upon DOZENS of stolen children in this strange place, and me being directed specifically to a small group of siblings - 5 girls and 2 boys, who were very obviously the 7 missing children, children who were older, every time I met them.

This section (Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens) included details of Etiole's ever growing sexual obsession with me, along with his change in habits that included his leaving the forest to show up in my garden, follow me around the yard, and begin entering my house. 

He has a curious nature of touching things, every thing, as though he is using his fingers to "listen" to what rocks or flower were saying to him. It was a habit he started doing to me. Simply coming up behind me and gentle placing his fingers on me, later stroking my hair or arms. His obsessively touching me was out of character for his previous actions.

Etiole's initial closeness to me was a result of his worry and concern when I disappeared from my daily visits to the swamp.

He has since referred to me as his mate. The first few paragraphs of the original article on Squidoo dealt with this topic, but because of the reaction by local men like Guy Gammon, this section is being skipped over in this 10th anniversary article, and the details of Etiole's very strange, elaborate, and ritualistic mating habits, no longer to be available online.

Also removed now are details of the pregnancies, Etiole's reaction to them, and the events surrounding the babies that vanished.

We shall instead, move right into what was the bulk of the original article - visiting the children that simply vanished.

While every thing else about Etiole, is things that happened in day time and while awake, Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens dwelt with the curious dreams that plagued my sleep in the days, weeks, months, and eventually years following the miscarriages.

I am someone who keeps dream journals. I have since childhood. Both of my parents did the same thing. It was something I was taught to do as soon as I was old enough to pick up a crayon. This has resulted over the last 5 decades, of me filling hundreds upon hundreds of diaries, journals, and notebooks, with thousands upon thousands of pages of dreams.

Because of this, I am able to tell you pretty much every detail of every dream or nightmare, I have ever had, including to tell you the date, my age, where I was, and often what I had eaten the night before (as my mother had believed you could influence your dream states by what food you ate, thus kept charts of her diet along side graphs of her dreams, a habit I was taught to do as well.)

Most of my dreams are very clearly dreams. There is no mistaking them as visions out out of body experiences. And due to my decades long training in dream rituals, I am also adapt at Lucid Dreaming and Programmed Dreaming (meditating before bed to "program" you mind on what you want to dream about) and Vision Questing or Dream Time Walking (a thing taught to me by my Kickapoo grandmother Grammy Eva, who it was who also gave me the spirit name EelKat, which means "Guided by Eels and Cats" - Eels and Cats being my spirit animals).

Because of the extreme spiritual nature of our culture (We are Gypsies) and my being trained by both grandmothers from the age of 3 years old to be the next "Gypsy Queen" (which means high priestess, more or less and has nothing to do with royalty or politics) I was considered a Spirit Walker by the time I was 4 years old. Which means, someone capable of leaving their body at night, to visit other dimensions or spirit realms.

And so with this in mind, it is important to note that I am trained in the ability to tell the difference between different types of dreams, dream states, etc, and so when these "dreams" began to occurred, they were not something I could explain as, in all my various dream states, I had never encountered anything like them.

The dream events of Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens is something I refereed to as out-of-body experiences, but I don't think that is what they actually were; that is just the closest thing I could find to describe them.

It was almost as if I had been hypnotized and was separated from my body, leaving it behind, to follow some guide, whose face I was never able to see, and take these strange trips to a place very far away, to visit children, whom I did not know.

The most terrifying part of these strange hypnotic, dream like experiences, was the fact that there were so many children in this place, which meant that there were hundreds of women across the planet, like me, whose children had been taken.

There was nothing scary about the "dream states" themselves, and indeed the children were very happy in this place where they were, but the fact remained - there were hundreds of children, meaning some where out there, there were also hundreds of heartbroken mothers, missing their children and I was left wondering - what if they were not like me - what if, they were not being allowed to see their children. It was such a horrible thought, that it turned what was a calm, peaceful, beautiful place, into a horrific nightmare.

Where they were, I do not know.

Every dream started the same way... going into a large house and continually going up one long staircase after another. The entire way there would be meet by various "workers" people doing their various jobs and not really paying any attention to me.

I would always be with someone, following them, but who they were I do not know, I never saw their face, but also never saw reason to fear. myspace graphic comments

Near the top few stair cases, children would start being seeing, running and playing and chasing each other through the hall ways.

We would reach a place where the house seemed no longer to be a house, the old wooden rooms, gave way to shiny metal-like rooms that were not metal, but rather some sort of highly polished stone, with symbols carved into it.

Beyond there was a tunnel, going away from the building, connecting it to a cave system, which I felt was underground, in spite of having gone up so many stairs to reach it.

For some reason I felt we were inside the heart of a mountain, some sort of inactive, extinct volcano that had been turned into this vast almost city-like place, that was carved entirely out of highly polished stone, which was polished to such an extent that on fist appearance it looked like gleaming silver metal.

I don't know why, but I always felt that this place was in Oregon, somewhere near Crater Lake and Wizard Island. I have never been to the West Coast, so do not know what it looks like or why I thought this is where I was, but I think if I ever saw this location in person, I would recognize it.

We would go through a series of cave like rooms and tunnels, all well lit by blue crystals growing out of the walls, floor, and ceiling. A foggy mist hovered heavily in some rooms and I got the impression that this was caused by some sort of underground water source, possibly a subterranean river or lake. I could hear moving water nearby.

As with the journey up the stair cases, we would pass various workers along the way, and the deeper we went into the cave system, the more numerous the laughing, playing, running children became.

A thing I noticed was the monotone colour of everything. The walls, cieling, and floor were all grey, but this was not unexpected, considering they were all carved out of rock. This of itself would not be considered out of place, given the material used to build these rooms.

However, every one in the rooms, every person we met, from the workers to the children, were dressed in shades of pale blue. All the lights were pale blue. What little furniture there was, was pale blue. And the toys the children had, were also pale blue.

Etiole in his brilliant orange robes and long red coat, stood out dramatically against everyone else in their shades of blue.

There was an indication of rank being displayed in how one dressed, and by what colours one wore. With the working class and the common folk all wearing blue. Different styles, different cuts, different fashions, different shades, but always blue.

And never dark blue. Never midnight or navy. But always periwinkle, dusty blue, sky blue, cerulean, cornflower, robin's egg blue, ocean blue, whisper blue, wedge-wood blue.... always light shades of blue.

I don't know why.

Another thing was women cover their hair. Wearing veils. Many times they have an almost "Catholic nun" look to the style of head covers worn.

And almost everyone, male and female, wear long flowing dresses, robes, caftans. Tight fitting clothes are rarely seen. When someone is wearing tight fitting clothes, the colour is silvery, bluish grey, almost metallic sheen, and these people appear to be doctors and/or scientists. myspace graphic comments

Military men, like Etiole, wore orange. But the orange is strange, unlike any orange we have, and the material "fluid" not solid, as cloth is. The orange robes Etiole wear, appear to be made out of an everlasting, liquid fire that never burns, is not hot to the touch, and protects him like armor, but doing so without any encumbering heaviness.

The long red coat, seems to be something afforded to him by birth, bloodline. He seems to be royalty of some sort, but on a very low ranking level, not thought of as very important on any political or leadership level, something akin to the youngest son of the youngest son of a prince. Someone who has royal blood and can therefor get away with more things then a commoner can, but other then that has no real importance.

While Etiole is flippant, arrogant, vain, lazy, and selfish, others we met, seem much less so, and have a culture that is focused on duty and hard work.

Like Etiole though, every other person we met has the same quiet, calm, peaceful demenur. Their culture seems very focused on family, with a large emphasis put on the importance of protecting their women and children above all else. Indeed, protecting women and children seems to be the ONLY reason they have an army. Military men, soldiers, guards, are always in every hallway, every room, every area in which you find women and children. Their men are of near paranoid levels of fear, always alert and ready to fight against an attack by The One God terrorist origination.

Their entire culture lives underground, hidden away, in mortal terror of The One God, a viscous terrorist group that raids their homes, rapes their women, slaughters their children, and eats their dead.

Etiole's culture appears to be somewhat of a communist society, where few have any "real" freedom, and your career in life is determined by your blood-line. But it also appears that this was a direct side effect of the constant terrorist attacks they have to live with, at the hands of The One God. Defeating The One God, gaining their freedom, and being able to live normal lives once again, seems to be the primary goal of their people. Keeping their families alive and safe and regaining their freedom from a tyrant, seems to be the ONLY things any of their people live for.

These are the things that stood out to me, as we wandering through the cave system that made up their home.

We would eventually come to a very large cave like room, again lit by the blue glowing crystals, and this room also had huge stalagmites and stalagmites, rising from the ground and hanging from the ceiling. In here is were the majority of the children were. It seemed to be a playroom, a vast open place were all the children gathered to play.

The children varied in ages from toddlers to teenagers, boys and girls, of various races and colours, but the majority of them appeared to be Caucasian. Nearly all of them had very pale, platinum blond hair, and all of them had either brilliant unnaturally blue eyes, or dark, equally unnaturally black eyes. There was no indication that the children were not well cared for and all of them seemed very happy.

It was always my feeling that who ever it was who was raising these children, they deeply loved them and took very good care of them and would do everything they could to protect them.

As I had said before, this place was a good place, it's only fault, being the lingering fact that so many children were here, meaning that some where, there were as many mother mourning their children.

Beyond this point, the dreams are always different - the children are older, doing different things, learning different things, wearing different clothes, etc. New children will have arrived, older children will have moved on and no longer be here.

The trip to this place is nearly identical every time. The actual visit is always different.

These dream states always end the same way... with me being taken to one group of children in particular - the 7 siblings - 5 sisters and 2 brothers... I wake up knowing more happened beyond this point, but never remembering what. There is always the sense that I was there to visit them and that I had been there for quite a long time, but all I can remember is fog. I can not remember their names or what they said or what we did.

The original article Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, was much longer and went into much more detail. It detailed each of these out-of-body experience states in detail, giving charts of the dates they took place, and describing in detail the surroundings, the people, the children, and the technology I encountered in each visit.

What is Etiole?
Is he amphibious? Is he alien?
Does it even matter?

While he's very, very small, only about 4'8" tall, and probably only around 70lbs, he's incredibly strong, much, much, much stronger then he looks or then his size would indicate. His grip strength is like a pythons. I doubt a full sized Human male could match him in strength.

It was during this time period (Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens) that I first noticed his skin has the rubbery texture of a salamander, along with the wet sliminess of a frog.

His fingers are tipped with sharp talon like claws, and instead of "human teeth" he has many shark-like rows of tiny, razor sharp piranha-like teeth. I think, had I meet him when I was older, rather then as a toddler, I probably would have been terrified of him and run away screaming, but the fact that I was used to seeing him in the swamps every day since I was 4 years old, I've never had any fear of him and always looked to him, simply as "my friend."

It is likely that I would never have noticed the strange texture of his skin, had he not started making physical contact with me. His skin is not thin like a Human's, but rather very thick and I would think quick difficult to cut. It feels almost armored, but is not scaled.

This went on for years. We being in a place extremely isolated from civilization, and my family being so extreme in the off-grid prepper lifestyle, I had absolutely no contact with people until I was 31 years old. I being raised by parents who were nearly hermits themselves, and my not having contact with humans on any level at all prior to the 2005 invasion from MUFON.

So from the time I was 8 till 31, Etiole was the only person I had any regular contact with and I never thought of him as NOT being a person, NOT being Human... until 2005 when MUFON people started showing up in my yard looking to catch him. Which was an absolutely terrifying event, when you stop to consider, they were acting like he was some kind of wild animal and I'd never once considered the fact he might not be Human at all.

You must consider here, that with Etiole my only person of contact for so many decades, right from early childhood, and HUMANS being very bizarre, strange, and alien to me - this 2005 invasion of MUFON people was an utterly terrifying event as I had no previous contact with HUMANS and absolutely no knowledge of how to interact with these horrific MONSTROUS CREATURES (humans) that had invaded my farm.

In 2010 a local church group arrived and cut my car in half while screaming that they were killing a demon and had to kill the car in order to kill the demon... and this was my second interaction with these vile, evil creatures that called themselves humans

When people call me a feral child raised in the forest with no human contact - they aren't joking.

And when I tell you I do not view Humans as anything but vile evil monsters who do nothing but kill, steal, and destroy... I'm not joking either.

In my entire life, I have NEVER ONCE had an encounter with a Human that DID NOT involve them barging into my farm, violently, without permission, and leaving a trial of death and destruction behind.

I have had not ONE single SOLITARY encounter or experience with a human to tell me that they are anything other then horrific monsters, scum of the earth, vile creatures who do nothing but destroy everything in their path.

I can list EVERY ONE of my encounters with the evil creatures that call themselves human:

When they invaded to try to capture Etiole in 2005.

When they invaded to blow up my house with a bomb in 2006.

When they invaded to cut my car in half in 2010.

When they invaded to drive a back hoe over my house 2013.

When they invaded to beat me up and cripple me 2013.

When they invaded to fill my motorhome with feces 2015.

When they invaded to kidnap my cats and cut their heads off 2015.

When they invaded to scream "too gay for Old Orchard Beach" while shooting gun and threatening to kill me in 2016.

I'm afraid you're gonna have a very hard time proving to me that there is such a thing out there as a human who is kind, loving, peaceful, non-violent, non-destructive, or non-evil.

You call Etiole evil. You call him a demon, but do you even know the definition of a demon?

Demon: noun: a creature that comes in the night to kill, steal, and destroy.


 noun: a creature that comes in the night to kill, steal, and destroy.

Who is it, who comes in the night, to 146 Portland Avenue, armed with guns, here to kill, steal, and destroy?

It's NOT Etiole.

It's YOU.

YOU humans are the ones killing.

YOU humans are the ones stealing.

YOU humans are the ones destroying.

And that makes YOU, not Etiole, the demons of Old Orchard Beach.

You want to hunt demons? Try looking in the mirror, because you ARE the very thing you hunt: a creature that lurks in the night, killing, stealing, and destroying.

Etiole has never hurt any one, neither have I.

By their fruits, yeah shall know them. You've proven by your actions, just exactly who and what you are.

Etiole is kind, gentle and loving. 

While Etiole is healing injured animals in the forest, what YOU doing? Cutting up my cats and sending them home in pieces. 

It's YOU who are monsters, not Etiole.

In recent years, as a result of locals attacking my car in an attempt to kill Etiole, I have asked Etiole what it is, exactly that he is (something I had never thought to do before, because, like I said, I grew up with him, just there all the time, and so never thought of him as NOT Human, until locals attacked my car while screaming that they were killing a demon.

According to him, he's what Humans call an Archangel, though, what most humans think archangels is, is wrong, according to him.

Etiole says his name is actually Ertael not Etiole and that he comes from the future, from a time when the Human race has evolved into what he is. He said we (Humans) progressed too far and destroy ourselves with a weapon that kills all life - kills all plants, all animals, all women, all children, and most all males, save a few "super soldiers" who survive due to experiments that scientists had done on them

He says most of them are sterile, only a few, like himself are able to reproduce, and are used as "breeders" with humans from the past. He said the ones who are sterile are called Archangels and the ones used as breeders are called Watchers.

The Watchers who abandoned the mission were tortured and punished (thus the scars and tattoos on his body) and cast out, and are now called Grigori. He says he used to have blue wings covered in blue feathers, but that the other archangels ripped his wings off while punishing him. He says he's exiled because left the mission, and in hiding from the other archangels. He says because of the war that killed all life, the archangels are cannibals, Humans being their primary source of food. They wanted to enslave Humans as a food source.

He says the Watchers, however being able to breed with the Humans took many Humans as wives and fought against Michael because they refused to eat the Humans. He calls the Bible a great deception, a cook book, meant to enslave Humans to angels who are great deceivers and seek only to enslave and eat Humans.

I don't know if his story is true or not, if he is what he claims to be, or is he just, as I had thought he was: an old homeless man who is horribly disfigured? I don't know. MUFON people think he is an amphibious alien and tell me they think I am an abductees. I don't know what to think.

If what Etiole says is true, they, his people, are not aliens, but rather are Humans from the distant future who have evolved into 2 factions: one that is sterile and eats Humans to survive, and one that is able to reproduce but are all male and so take Human females in order to repopulate the future Earth after some sort of war that killed off the females and left most male sterile.

I do not believe it was an alien abduction, but most people whom I've told the story to, believe Etiole is what they call a "Draco Reptilian", they point out the references I made to snakes, pythons, and salamanders when talking about him, and that he has white skin and blue eyes, plus he sometimes tells of how he used to have blue wings covered in blue feathers, which MUFON people tell me is a common trait among "Royal Reptilians". And according to the MUFON people - breeding Reptilian-Human-Hybrid and then taking the babies away, is exactly what Royal Draco Reptilians do.

Etiole with his son Phozeen

Because of the horrific, violent attacks by rapist men of Biddeford, Maine and the onslaught of deranged women claiming to be raped by Etiole, as a result of their reading this original article, I will not be putting Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, back online.

It was due to the terrifying response, from perverted, sexually deviant men, who suddenly came out of the woodwork to plague my life, that was the reason for this entire section of the article being removed from Squidoo.

Just as me writing an article is not an open invitation for MUFON to arriving in my yard uninvited, so to is it not an open invitation for men to crawl off the streets and demand sex. In both cases, I was astounded to discover that such simple minded, illogical, inconsiderate, self centered people existed.

An additional side effect arose from the Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens, section of the Squidoo article, which was the sudden rise of women throughout the area, most notably in the neighbouring city of Biddeford, Maine, suddenly coming forward with nightmarish tales of being raped by an Incubus and claiming it was Etiole.

It seemed that once the article went viral, everyone suddenly wanted in on the action...

Curiosity seekers were flooding into my yard, trespassing and destroying property in the search for an EBE, while low IQ sexual deviants were making unwanted sexual advances at me, and mass hysteria women were running around proclaiming they had been raped by a demon.

I have often said that Old Orchard Beach & Biddeford was populated largely by simpletons with low IQs and not enough brains to think for themselves, and they certainly proved it with there over the top dramatic response to the amphibious aliens Squidoo article.

Of course, what can you expect from a mill town that also proudly brags to having the highest incest rate of any town in the country?

And HOW is having the highest incest rate of any town in the country something to be proud of?

 - Did I mention the abnormal prevalence of abnormally low IQs in the area? According to the census of 2007 - the average IQ of Biddeford is 75. Ouch. In a town of 26,000 residents. That in itself speaks volumes.

You know what else speaks volumes? The fact that when the state mental health institute Pineland Center shut down, they simply opened their doors and let straight jacketed padded cell loony bin patients walk free - straight into Biddeford.

Welcome to York County, Maine, where raving lunatics who really are escaped from a looney bin, walk the streets.

It is utterly terrifying, the thought that there exist so many deranged lunatics, formerly interred in an insane asylum, many of whom are registered sex offenders - a fact that police deliver door to door in flyers, are now wandering lose on the streets. It is a constant dread for the residents of Biddeford to have the police knocking on their door, to hand out the flyers of the latest registered sex offenders in the neighborhood. (Biddeford has more registered sex offenders than any other town in Maine, the majority of them former Pineland Center patients.)

I was not aware of this fact, prior to the publication of Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens. The article was picked up by some local group that was promoting local/Maine authors and promoted in the area, thus it reached a lot of local people who normally did not browse sites like Squidoo.

This in turn brought wide spread attention to the article in the city of Biddeford, where I would learn that a local behavioral health group meeting, had used it for some sort of session, resulting in a half-way house, 2 blocks from my dad's apartment building, focusing on it at group discussions. A group that included Guy Gammon, and nearly a dozen other men, all registered sex offenders, all walking distance from my dad's building (where I went daily to visit my dad) and all of whom, deciding together, "Hey, that bitch must want to be raped, let's gang rape her." Resulting in the attack at my dad's apartment building, which in turn resulted in the Grand Jury til court case that I was involved in.

This entire situation was the most terrifying thing I've ever encountered. My dad, fortunately lives across the street from the Biddeford police department and I ran there, escaping my attackers who the police arrested within 15 minutes of the attack.

These men attacked me, armed with knives. A premeditated attack, in which they hide under the stairwell of my dad's building, waiting for me to arrive. All because some group session they attended, a group session they were required to attend due to their registered sex offender status, had used my article Thoughts of Children That Never Were: Part 2 of Amphibious Aliens in one of it's sessions, and the idiotic social worker had proudly boasted it was written by a local author who, hey lives down the street.

More Strangeness Arises As Women Crying Demon Rape Come Forward

The Incubus Attacks

Etiole is extremely sexual, in an almost predatory way, but is he as sexual as women began to claim?

As Etiole became bolder, leaving the swamps and coming out into the open on frequent occasions, more and more people began to report sightings of him. Up and down the Saco River, throughout the Blueberry Plains of Old Orchard Beach, in and around the Scarborough Marsh, more and more tourists began reporting sightings of a strange albino, a tiny little man, no bigger then a child, with strange big eyes, and vicious looking teeth.

And yet... the Etiole I know, has a mortal fear of Humans, scampering deeper into the forests at any hint of Human arrival. He never leaves the swamps. Only ventures into the river at night under the cover of darkness, and spends the bulk of his days, savaging for food, in between sleeping, curled up in his dens.

Reports of Incubus attacks began to rise as well. Women claiming a demon raped them at night, began to show up on every corner in Southern Maine, as the mass hysteria of amphibious aliens began to spread throughout York County, Maine.

With Richard Merlin sending MUFON to Maine in search of this mysterious EBE, a weird mass hysteria began to spread around the region, with hundreds of people suddenly coming forward with wild stories, claiming they too had encountered Etiole, and in most cases, they told violent tales of abduction and rape.

While these women pointed their deranged hysterical fingers at Etiole, there is no evidence that Etiole was what they encountered, and more disturbingly, most evidence pointed to them making up their attacks simply to get attention, with most of them unable to provide any details NOT found in the Amphibious Aliens article.

Many details about Etiole were NOT included in the article that appeared on Squidoo in 2007.

The details that did appear were the ones written to dispute the lies that had appeared in articles written by my uncle.

Strangely, most of the women who came forward to accuse Etiole of being a sex crazed demon on a raping spree, gave details of his physical appearance that appeared in Richard Merlin's articles and not the ones found in my Squidoo lens, further proving they were lying and had never encountered the so called amphibious alien at all.

When asked about his gills, a very prominent part of his physiology, they were quick to describe them in completely the wrong place, no where's near where they actually are, or to say he had none at all.

When asked to describe his fins, again, they either described something not at all like him or said their were none. The problem with this is his fins are so huge, so cumbersome for him, that they get in the way of everything he does, and it's a problem that gets in the way of his ability to easily copulate with a human... the fins are huge, and you are going to notice them. It's not possible to not notice them.

They likewise could not describe the many hundreds of disfiguring scars that cover almost every inch of his body.

When questioned as to his very distinctive sexual vocalizations (the purring and chirping mentioned earlier) not one of them had any idea of such a thing... but then again, this was not mentioned in the original article, and NOTHING that was not in the original article, was found in ANY of their reports.

Interestingly - they all reported him speaking in English, something he has very limited ability to do. English is not his first language. He has a very distinctive European accent. Near as I can tell his native tongue sounds like a mixture of French and some Ancient Dialect of Hebrew. He has very little ability to either speak or understand English. 

When he speaks it is very obvious that he has gone decades in silence (which causes damage to the muscles in one's throat, effecting one's voice - medical fact - it results in the voice being excessively quiet and unable to be raised above a whisper.) His voice is very, very, very, very quiet. Barely above a whisper. He has to extremely close to you, for you be able to pick up any sounds out of him at all.

It should be noted that most of these women reported their attacker as speaking and speaking fluently in American English and also as yelling, giving loud orders, and making demands. Yet, Etiole is not physically capable of raising his voice or barking out the commands the women described. And, a two year old can speak better English then he can.

And he rarely speaks with spoken words. As mentioned earlier, he had a language of chirps and purrs, mixed with body movements, that makes up the bulk of his communication. He sounds somewhat like a cross between a cat, a bird, a lizard, and a chipmunk when communicating.

None of them could describe his webbed hands.

None of them encountered the throaty, growling purr, the very distinctive sound caused by air being forced through his gills, a sound that is similar to that of how lizards purr during mating.

They could not describe the gills, what they looked like or where they were.

They could not describe his fish like fins, their colour, their texture, or their placement,

Most importantly, when asked:

"Did he have any tattoos?"

They all said:


Usually added with a laugh, something along the lines of:

"Aliens don't have tattoos!"

Really? Etiole does. Of course, I keep saying over and over again that he's not an alien, but who ever listened and heard what I said before?

Not mentioned in either article, not in Richard Merlin's or mine, is the fact that Etiole has tattoos. Several of them. To date every woman claiming to be attacked and raped by him, has said that whatever attacked them, DID NOT have tattoos.

While some of his tattoos have since been mentioned in various videos, not all of his tattoos have ever been described, and he has one very large, very distinctive one, that no one who ACTUALLY has seen him, could mistake or somehow miss seeing. To date, no women claiming to have been attacked by him, has ever mentioned this large, massive work of art, that covers a large portion of his body.

The other glaring fact came, when these women were asked to describe what an uncircumcised penis looks like, or more specifically, what Etiole's uncircumcised hemipenis looks like.

All of them gave descriptions of HUMAN penises and circumcised penises, and in most cases abnormally large penises, with all of them admitting they did not know what an uncut penis looked like as none of them had ever seen one.

Some facts to consider, is:

ONE: Etiole is uncut, his penis sheathed and only visible when erect

TWO: Etiole does not have a penis, he has a hemipenis and as such his "penis" does not resemble that of a Human's at all

THREE: even when erect and on display, his penis is abnormally small

FOUR: he has scars, that are very distinctive and effect his ability to have sex

Etiole asleep on the mossy bank of Bachelder Brook,

Ross Forest, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Note the feathery fins on his arms, legs, back, and sides.

When dry they hang to his sides in draped folds, like silken cloth; when wet they fan out like giant sails, expanding far larger then they appear to be when dry.

He claims to have had six matching wings as well, the same colour and texture, and covered with soft feathers.  When spread each wing was about 10 feet in length, giving him a 20 foot wingspan when fully unfurled.

Notice also the tattoos on his arms, shoulders, thighs, and face.

No fins.

No tattoos.

A very inaccurate description of his genitals.

And they expect me to believe they are referencing him?

I don't think so.

The other thing to consider is his age. 

While I do not know how old he is, Etiole is a very old man. Elderly. He is very, very, very old.

And in recent years, no longer moves around much. His joints hurt. His muscles ache. His movements indicate arthritis setting in. He's also going blind.

To think that an elderly man who likely in his late 80s or early 90s, and hasn't left the forest in decades due to a crippling fear of contact with humans, is able to physically or emotionally go running around to dozens of houses each night, raping women in a range that covers as much as 14 miles in a single night, is ludicrous at best.

It bothers me quite a lot, that soon as people found out he was out there, suddenly throngs of women were coming forward with stories of rape and blaming him.

Indeed, what most of these women described was a young, viral merman with jumbo sized cock, that completely lacked a foreskin. They often described a man much larger, much taller, and much more well muscled. Their descriptions were better fitting of Fabio or Arnold's version of Conan the Barbarian, and clearly were fantasy driven, not describing any real man you'd likely find around here, and certainly not matching the description of a four foot eight inch tall man who is almost a midget and doesn't weigh as much as a Golden Retriever, and closer resembles a skeleton then a barbarian.

That these women seemed more like they WANTED to have been raped by an alien, was the most utterly disturbing part of their stories of all.

According to Etiole, only Angels with an alliance to The One God terrorist organization are circumcised. It is how to tell the Angels of The One God from the Angels of Azazel.

The circumcised angels are sterile, thus why they were circumcised.

The Watchers & Grigori were left uncircumcised so that they could be used as breeders in an Earth re-population program.

If you want to know if you are dealing with a "Fallen Angel" or not - check to see if they are circumcised or not.

Etiole claims to be an Archangel.

He is also uncircumcised and admits having had alliance to Azazel, but now swears alliance to no one, wanting simply the freedom to be left alone.

Etiole is in fact what most people would term "A Fallen Angel"

And as most people believe the Fallen Angels to be "Demons", he is by Fundamentalist Christian definition a "Demon", though the original non-religious, pre-Paradise Lost meaning of the word "Demon" is something completely different.

I think one of the most alarming discoveries from all of this was the fact that in America, an uncut penis is so rare, that the average woman has never seen one and could not describe one, and these same women, when shown a picture of one, were shocked and dumbfounded, by the discovery that an uncut penis is hidden from view in a sheath, and that circumcision is much more then "cutting off a flap" but rather the full removal of a rather large section of skin.

In the course of talking to these women, a common phrase for them to say was "but I thought it was just a flap on the end! I had no idea what a foreskin looked like!"

I think the thing I found most disturbing was the fact that so many women were willing to come forward in bold faced lies, just because they thought it would get them in my next article. Did they really think, someone who knows Etiole as well as I do, wouldn't be able to see through their lies and pick them apart?

I've lived with this man for almost 50 years now - do you really think I put every single detail of him, his body, and his habits, in one single article online?

I seek out people who actually have encountered Etiole, not delusional liars making up tales to get in an article. Sorry, but you're gonna have to do better then that.

But all of this begs the question:

What if they were not lying? What if they were telling the truth?

What if, something, similar to Etiole, was in fact on a sex crazed woman raping spree here in York County, Maine?

That would mean that Etiole is not alone. Or at least that he is not the only one of his kind in this area.

And that is a fact to consider as well...

There have been sightings attributed to being Etiole, up and down the coast, throughout New England, and all the way up through Canada. Sightings that have been happening since the 1500s.

The fact remains, Etiole can always be found in a very small 26 acre area and has never been seen by me outside of this small area that seems to be his territory. I can find him every single day, if I make an effort to do so.

And so if he never leaves this one, rather tiny spot, what then is it that other people are seeing in areas as far south as Florida and as far north as Newfoundland?

Others like him.

Etiole has said, there are more out there. He doesn't know where they are and he doesn't care. He does not want to see them and does not want to be around them. He has said many times that he was exiled by his people, that they forced him to watch while they murdered his wives and children, that they tortured him and brutalized him on levels that are horrific.

Etiole himself has always remained gentle and peaceful with me, but I have seen his temper, his jealousy, his possessiveness, his territorial nature, and the fact that when cornered, he does stop running and turn to fight.

While he is smaller and weaker then others of his kind, (according to him) I don't think any Human would stand a chance one on one against him. He is deceptively strong, and his claws and fangs are very clearly made for ripping through flesh.

Etiole himself remains peaceful, until backed into a corner. But it appears this is not the norm for his species and that others of his kind are quick to extreme violence.

And so, we have to ask: Is there another creature, like Etiole, in the area, one that is violent and does rape women left and right? It is defiantly a possibility.

The Craziest of The Crazies:
Kendra Silvermander

The Woman Who Claims To Actually BE Etiole

In 2007 when I published Amphibious Aliens to Squidoo, I never could have imagined the many reactions the various readers would have, nor could I have ever dreamed that someone as psychotic as Kendra Silvermander existed.

You know you are dealing with a raving lunatic when a woman comes forward calling herself The Silver Salamander and claiming not to have seen Etiole, but rather, to actually BE him.

While other women were claiming to have been raped by the silver salamander of Old Orchard Beach, there arouse one women, who made the claim that she actually was The Silver Salamander.

Meet Kendra Silvermander, the most insane UFO nut I ever encountered.

Kendra Silvermander: The Woman Who Claims To Be Etiole

Time Travelling Vampires? What? I'm a Time Travelling Vampire Stealing Books From The Future To Publish In The Past? What?!?!?

A Golden Rooster, A Silver Salamander, Lobsters, & Lenny The Moose:

My First Introduction To Kendra

Lobsters! Lobsters! Lobsters! Lobsters! LOOOBSTEEEEEERS!

I Finally Meet Kendra Silvermander Face To Face

Art Bell, David Ike, Lobsters, The Illuminati, & Visits To Hell

OoooH Boy! Kendra Is Crazier Then I Thought She Was

Wait - The Travelling Shovel of Death?

How did she know my uncle's shovel?

Is Kendra Silvermander One of The White Monkey Children?

The NaNoWriMo ML's Reign of Terror:

National Novel Writing Month'S Bomb Building, Cat Murdering, Etiole Impersonating Municipal Liasion

Kendra Tries To Kill Me

Kendra Arrives In My Yard (September 2016)

Kendra Arrives At My Dad's House (October 2016)

Again (November 2016)

And Again (November 2016)

Do You Know Who Kendra Silvermander Is?

The FBI Needs Your Help To Capture This


Wanted for attempted murder, 10 years of stalking, building the bomb that blew up my house & murdering my cats.

If you have any information about the identity of this

seriously Mentally Deranged Criminal 

Please Call FBI Agent Andy Drewer
@ (207) 774-9322

When Demons Attack...

The Death Toll Rises...
Old Orchard Beach, The Town That Believes
They Are Being Killed Off By A Demon

It has become clear in recent years that Etiole thinks of me as his mate and becomes very protective of me. And because of this, rumors have surfaced around the terror crazed town of Old Orchard Beach - rumors which claim either Etiole or my car (depending on who is telling you the story) is responsible for, at last count, 47 deaths... this is triggered by the fact that these 47, now dead residents of Old Orchard Beach, supposedly somehow did something intended to hurt me. (Though if they did, I was never made aware of it.)

It is the 47 very violent deaths of people whom have supposedly hurt me in the past decade, that has caused sheer terror in the hearts of locals in Old Orchard Beach.

Deaths that in every case have been due to being struck by lightening, being crushed by trees that crashed down on top of them, and the bizarre number of people whom have lost their heads in freak accidents -

driving their cars under 18 wheelers

or driving their ATVs under barbed wire

and leaving their heads behind.


oooo kaaaay...

You do realize you people sound absolutely insane when you run around saying my car or a demon or whatever is on a killing spree around town, right?

I'm sorry, but could some one please explain to me, how it is exactly that Etiole is supposedly killing everyone with lightening bolts?

The fact remains, again, as with everything else, the deaths all had simple, logical, scientific explanations, none of which had anything to do with me, my car, or Etiole at all. It is stupid, superstitious people with low IQs, looking for connections that aren't there. In most cases, the people who died, I had never heard of prior to their deaths and in nearly every case I was unaware that any of them had ever done anything to or against me or Etiole. 

In fact, I can not prove a connection between any of the people who died and me or Etiole at all!

So how then am I being called a witch casting death spells and sending demons to kill people?

I don't know.

You'll have to go ask the people who are running around the terror crazed town of Old Orchard Beach saying these things. I'm sure somewhere in their conspiracy filled brains they've got an answer for you. I'm just not insane enough to be able to decipher the cryptic messages God is sending them.

And so, I remain clueless as to how it is me or Etiole have supposedly killed these several dozen people by tossing lightening bolts at them. I've yet to figure out how it is, me or Etiole are supposed to be able to capture lightening bolts to begin with. Don't we have to catch them before we throw them at people? Or are these silly residents of Old Orchard Beach also suggesting that I somehow am able to make the lightening bolts before sending Etiole off to shoot them t people?

When you really stop and look at the rumors these people are spreading about me, you can start to see just how very mentally handicapped these people really are.

Heads continue to roll down Old Orchard Beach's bloody streets, as headless bodies are ever on the rise, and every one of them being some one who some how hurt me.

More bizarre then the uncanny amount of lightening strikes and beheadings that surround me is the fact that every death of all 47 people, has happened on exactly 7 years from the date they committed whatever hate crime act of violence they committed.

Or so say the people who said a demon killed them.

I've yet to determine who these dead people are, what exactly they supposedly did to me 7 years before they died, and how it is me or Etiole is to blame for the deaths of total strangers I have never heard of before.

Demons? Aliens?
Are you sure it's not just all those drugs you are on? Old Orchard Beach is the Opium and Heroine capital of New England after all...

Was I abducted by aliens, amphibious aliens,
as these deranged drug addicted lunatics
calling themselves MUFON claimed I was?

The people calling themselves MUFON, never seem to bother getting their heads out of their asses, long enough to ask if I thought I was abducted or not. No, they just jump right into the conversation with their heads stuffed full of delusions and false assumptions and never once stop to consider the fact that my uncle might have lied to them.

MUFON: Before being abducted, did you have prior knowledge of the phenomena? Where you a skeptic? A believer? Clueless? Something else?

No. None. I had uncles who were well versed in such things, but they had been out of my life since I was a small child,, so before MUFON people arrived in my yard I had no knowledge of aliens and abductions.

But can you see HOW the question was worded?

Before being abducted,


Where you abducted?

They jump right in, assuming my uncle told the truth. Assuming I had any clue what they were talking about.

I was never kidnapped. I can't figure out why they said I was. Do they even know what the word abducted means? That is what I said to them...

MUFON: Before being abducted, did you have prior knowledge of the phenomena? Where you a skeptic? A believer? Clueless? Something else?

ME: I was never kidnapped. I think you've mistaken me with someone else.

MUFON: I didn't ask if you were kidnapped. What are you talking about?

ME: You accused me of being abducted. Abducted is another word for kidnapped. What are you talking about?

They were overjoyed to interview me and I was clueless as to why they were even in my yard.

They babbled nonsense of talking reptiles, reticulains, small greys, tall greys, and amphibious aliens, and I jut stood there clueless not knowing a single word they were saying. 

A grey?

A grey what?

A grey rabbit?

A grey cat?

A grey goose?

A grey horse?

A grey car?

A grey house?

They weren't making any sense. There are lots of grey things out there and any one of them can be tall or small. Who are these people and what are they talking about and why are they in my yard?

When I discovered it was Richard Merlin Atwater who was sending these people to my yard, I said to him:

"Stop sending your MUFON people to my yard, you idiot. Aliens aren't real. Try using your brain for once. You have a brain, use it or lose it."

A line that he would put in letters, emails, forum posts, and blog posts by the thousands, all while proclaiming I was a witch and had put a death spell on him... with him ending his rants every time by saying:

"You wait and see! She'll send that demon to kill me! It's gonna take my brain! Watch and see if I don't die from losing my brain! You heard it here! RMA Out."

September 11, 2013
The 7 Year Anniversary of The Arrival of MUFON In My Yard

Shock waves sent terror through the town of Old Orchard Beach, when September 11, 2013, exactly 7 years from the day he had sent MUFON to my yard, news went out, that Richard Merlin Atwater was dead.

Dead, ironically - from literally losing his brain.

September 11, 2013, doctors announced Richard Merlin Atwater had died from a brain tumor that had over night doubled in size, causing his brain to rupture, exploding inside of his head. As he predicted, he died from losing his brain.

The words "You have a brain, use it or lose it," were suddenly on every tongue. And the residents of the terror crazed town, once again gave rise to rumors of curses, witches, witchcraft, and the fact that the demon wasn't dead as they had believed. Killing the car to kill the demon, had not worked. Their mission to slaughter the demon had failed. And now with Richard Merlin Atwater, himself dead, a brand new wave of fear mongering rose up among the religion crazed simpletons of Old Orchard Beach.

Richard Merlin Atwater's death at exactly 7 years after sending MUFON to my yard, his death being caused by his brain exploding inside his skull, being the death that triggered many into the violent cat murdering frenzy they took immediately following my uncle's bizarre death.

January 26, 2017 - Seven Years After The Car Was Cut In Half
The Old Orchard Beach Town Counsel Is Now Dropping Like Flies

The most recent deaths to occur came January 2017, when the members of Old Orchard Beach Town Council, who were involved in my car being cut in half May 10, 2017, were found dead, exactly 7 years from the date they mailed out the $25,000 blackmail threats to local church members, inciting them into the infamous car vandalizing frenzy. 

I am writing this, March 4, 2017, one day after the wild freak storm that hit Old Orchard Beach, all 13 pine trees on the town manager's front lawn were downed by lightening last night, and the woman who physically cut the car in half, today finds a giant oak tree shattered across her yard. 

Well, if what the locals are saying this week is true, then it is safe to say that Etiole is pissed and wants his car back and now that 7 years has passed, will continue to lash out in this manner on every one involved until the car is returned...

...and if he's this angry over the car... how will he respond at the 7th anniversary of the cats being kidnapped and murdered?

Did you think about that?

We are now ushering in the 7th anniversary of the destruction of the car, I doubt his anger we see now is anything more then, just the beginning, and I await to see what he does in 2022 at the 7th anniversary of the cats.

I pity any one foolish enough to anger an archangel, even a demonic one.

Especially a demonic one.

Did people really think, they could kill an archangel?

Did they really think, the very same angel who rained brim stone and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, wouldn't do the same thing to them?

For all their quoting of Bibles and waving Bibles in the air, perhaps, they should have taken the time to sit down and read it, especially those lines about one of God's bitchiest hot tempered angels, known in the Bible as Ertael The Avenging Angel, who had one assignment: watch over the Humans and punish any one who hurts women and children.

My question is, if they REALLY BELIEVE this load of bullcrap and REALLY do think that he's killing off everyone who's ever hurt me, striking them down at exactly 7 years - then WHY are they trying to hurt me to begin with? I mean, they already know what he'll do to them in 7 years, so, why not just leave me alone?

Maybe they should try reading those Bibles instead of waving them in the air like flags.

I've read the King James Bible 31 times, cover to cover like a novel, in addition to daily studies of it and weekly Sunday School classes besides. And that's just the KJV. I've read 16 other translations as well.

Oh, and...did you also know I'm an ordained minister? I don't suppose you took your heads out of your asses long enough to notice that part did you?

Did they think of that while they were sitting there coming up with these conspiracies about a man, who in all likelihood is nothing more then a very crippled and seriously deformed 90 year old Holocaust survivor hiding in the woods because he's scared out of his mind?

The Strange Tattoo: A Reptillian Insignia?

David Ike and the Lizard Illuminati

I laughed at the belief MUFON people have, claiming Etiole is an alien.

I laughed when they compared him to Reticulians, the Greys, the talls and the smalls.

I laughed in the face of the Pleiadian Channelers and their ludicrous brain zapped messages of woe...

And then came David Ike and the Lizard Illuminati...

There is no one on the planet more worthy of being laughed at then David Ike.

At first I laughed at David Ike.

And I laughed at the Lizard Illuminati.

The idea of a race of super powerful lizards controlling the planet was beyond insanity.

I thought David Ike a raving lunatic...

Until I one day received an email...

from a very frightened woman...

a woman with a story...

of a blue eyed, white skinned, blue winged alien... with a strange and very distinctive tattoo.

For the first time in 5 decades, I was about to encounter a woman with a story very similar to my own... a woman who took a walk in the woods and stumbled upon a den full of bones, and a blue eyed, white skinned creature, with a very familiar tattoo...

A Hiking Trip Gone Bad

I will not publish her name or identifying details of her story, but here is a summary of the story she told...

One day while hiking in the mountains with a friend, she spotted a cave in the distance. While her friend stopped to rest, she went on to get a closer look at the cave, a cave full of bones, a den, not unlike the one I had found Etiole in.

In this cave she encountered a creature, with snake like scales on albino white skin, brilliant blue eyes, and blue feathers on his back, that hung like a cape, but she said, could have been wings folded back.

She said he was not alone, and was giving orders to others, alligator like lizard men with green scales and yellow eyes.

Her story took a dark turn, when she said they turned and saw her watching them, and the white one gave orders to attack, she then being captured by the green ones and raped repeatedly over and over again by all of them, while the white one laughed in sadistic glee.

The woman said, her friend later found her in the desert not far from the hiking trail and that she has since developed agoraphobia, refusing to leave her house for fear of getting close to the cave that is so near her home.

It was the first time I had encountered another person who was describing events similar to my own. But in all the times people have come to me with similar tales, this one alone, is the only time, any one described the one detail, I left out when describing Etiole...

A tattoo.

A very distinctive tattoo, one that looks like some sort of military insignia. A branding that marks him very clearly, as a high ranking military officer.

The white skinned, blue eyed, blue feather Reptiillian this woman described, had many similarities to Etiole including, the exact same tattoo.

I stopped laughing at David Ike's Reptillian Illuminati that day.

For the first time, I looked into the alien abduction possibility, and found some startling things I had not expected to find...

...stories of two armies, fighting for Earth army divided, now fighting each other army that wants to eat humans

...a second army that wants to breed humans

...both armies led by white skinned, blue eyed, blue feathered overlords known as "Royal Draco Reptillians"

Is Etiole a Reptillian?

In all the many hundreds of people who have come to me with tales of abduction, none has ever described in such vivid detail... an alien with a tattoo.

...a tattoo that is completely identical to the tattoo Etiole wears.

I have never described Etiole's tattoos. It is the one detail that remains unrevealed, the one thing I have refused to make known, and yet, this woman, unknowingly, describe it in detail, every line, every symbol, every image... 

While I am skeptical about most alien abduction stories and believe very few of them... this one woman, I believe without a doubt, because what she saw, I saw too.

In all the people whom have contacted me claiming to have encountered a creature like Etiole, I always ask them about the tattoo. 

Was there a tattoo?

They always say:

"What tattoo? You never mentioned a tattoo in the article?"

No. I did not.

Again, do you really think I could fit every detail of 50 years of someone's life in one article? How brainless can you be? Then again, the article had plenty of nude drawings of him in it. You only had to look at those to see the tattoos.

As I said. Not all details were made public, and it was for that very reason - to weed out the fakers and wannabes, from the people who had actually had an encounter.

Etiole was a solider and he has tattoos that were given to him without his will. He was a soldier for a cause he did not support or believe in and rebelled against it. For that he was given even more tattoos. Tattoos branding him a traitor. For that his wings were cut off.

If you encountered a creature like Etiole, it'd have tattoos, because he says, ALL of his people do - they are tattooed at birth, to identify them, much in the way Americans have social security numbers - Etiole's people assigns tattoos, each one has a different tattoo according to rank in the community, social standing, etc. The one you encounter may not have exactly the same tattoo as Etiole, but, if it is one of his kin, it'll have tattoos.

Whatever it is, that Etiole is, he is not the only one out there. There are others like him, and he has described his kind as vicious, human eating monsters... creatures that punished him, by ripping off his wings when he refused to eat humans and instead bred with them.

Is Etiole a Reptillian? I don't know.

He is not the only one out there...

For years Etiole has described the brutality of his people, the monsters they are, and the mortal fear he lives in from them.

He has long said he was a solider, one who left the cause he started fighting for, one who is seen now as a traitor, because of his lusts for bedding with human women rather then eating them as the others of his race do.

He constantly bemoans the loss of his beautiful metallic blue feathered wings, that rivaled peacocks.

He bares the horrific scars of the torture he was subjected to.

And he wears two kinds of tattoos...

Royal Insignia: tattoos given to him at birth, marking his family, boldly displaying his allegiance to a ruler, he never truly followed; according to Etiole the brand he has, marks him as the son of a something akin to a prince (a lesser aristocrat of no real importance) 

Prison Brands: tattoos given to him in prison, branding him as a traitor, branding him as an enemy to the crown 

Etiole has long told chilling tales of terror, of the human eating monsters he refers to as "The One God of Abraham" - a group that he was once a part of, the group that he now wants nothing to do with, a group he says, is NOT what the poor deceived humans have been lead to believe; a group that he says is not a single being, not a god, but rather a blood thirsty gang that seeks only to gather up the humans as a massive food supply, so they, The One God, will not starve to death after the war of Armageddon.

Etiole warns that Humans are deceived, that the Angels are not what we think, they are neither good, nor friendly, that the One God is far from what they claim to be, and that their armies are so big, so prevalent, that not even the army he fought with could stand up to them.

Aliens? Demons? Angels?
What Do I Believe?

I am one who does not believe in aliens, or rather, does not believe that aliens are extraterrestrial or from outer space, but rather believe they are the Grigori angels (the fallen angels) from the Books of Enoch. I likewise, however, do not believe the fallen angels are Demons, but rather demons are separate entities entirely.

But I go a step further, and also do not believe that angels are what we (the human race in general) commonly think them to be. Rather, I believe they are nothing more then "super soldiers" from the future, who are humans like us, but come from a future so far ahead, that they (we humans) have evolved as a species and have advanced in technology, to the point, we (humans of our time) no longer recognize them (humans of the future) as being us (humans in general), and therefor, religious superstitions were built around them (humans of the future) because we (humans of the past) were unable to grasp the concept of time travel or evolution, so incorrectly assumed them (humans of the future) to be gods and thus created stories of gods, deities, angels, and demons, as a way to describe these highly evolved, technically advanced humans from the future.

I think aliens, angels, faeries, demons, Jewish/Muslim/Greek/Roman/ Egyptian/Hindu/Mayan/Etc mythology/gods, and all similar such things, were stories written by people who encountered humans of the future whom had traveled back to the past, and we not being able to explain them otherwise, explained them as gods/angels/demons/ faeries/aliens/etc because they were humans who were evolved so far in advance of what our present minds were able to grasp as being human.

I think all unexplained/paranormal/spiritual/etc events can be explained through logic and science, but the reason we are not currently able to explain such things is simply because our science currently is not evolved enough for us to have an ability to explain them yet.

I believe that at some point in the future, we humans will look at "magical" or "spiritual" things and go:

"Ooooooh! So THAT'S what it was! How silly of us to think it was anything mystical."

For the present time we as a whole will continue to see these things as religious and mystical or spiritual, but eventually that Eureka moment will hit and we'll all realize the actual science behind it and realize it was really nothing that mystical at all.

Think of it as the discovery of electricity.

For centuries, we Humans believe lightening was punishment from god... now we know it's caused by changes in atmospheric pressures, which in turn lead to realizing electricity could be harnessed and used. In the 1600s/1700s this was a radical theory that caused religious people to accuses scientists of witchcraft, claiming they were trying to play god.

Now 500 years later every household has electricity and no one gives it a second thought. Something that used to be thought of as  being a power of gods and angels, is now known to have simple scientific explanations and is no longer worshiped or feared by religions.

I think aliens, angels, and demons are the same way - like electricity was for us in the past, we do not know how to explain them, so put superstitious and religious values on them; but like electricity, a day will come that science explains what they are, and the deities and entities will then be seen as nothing more then simple natural occurrences that we simply mistook for something mystical, when in fact it was nothing more then us, misinterpreting what they were because we did not yet have the science to explain them.

So in the end, yes, I do believe that aliens and angels and demons are all the same or similar things, but I don't believe they are anything unnatural or extraterrestrial or spiritual and I believe that someday science will have the ability to explain what they are in a simple, rational, logical way, that'll have us wondering why we never thought of it sooner.

I'm certain the humans of the future will look at us and laugh, calling us superstitious idiots for not knowing the answer, because they'll think the answer is so simply and obvious, but for now, we (humans as a whole) remain clueless and mystified as to what it is aliens, angels, and demons are, and without a scientific answer, religions will continue to put mystical reasoning around them.

Well, my thoughts on it at least. 

In the end, the sad fact remains that lives have been destroyed by busy-bodies, gossip, rumors, and hate.

Had my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater never started spreading rumors about aliens, I'd still be living in a house, because no bomb would ever have blown it up.

Had my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater never started spreading rumors about aliens, I'd not have lives 9 years under an 8x6 tarp, because no bomb would ever have blown my house up requiring me to do so.

Had my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater never started spreading rumors about aliens, I'd still be driving my 1964 Dodge 330, and it wouldn't be hidden away in storage, chopped up in peices waiting for me to have the $57,000 it requires to repair it.

Had my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater never started spreading rumors about aliens, my cats would not have been kidnapped or their heads cut off.

Had my uncle Richard Merlin Atwater never started spreading rumors about aliens, no one any where on the planet would have ever known that Etiole was living in the forest behind my house, because I never told any one he was there and I never would have.

And the fact ever remains: I still don't believe in aliens, demons, or The World's Most Haunted Car

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