Due to the murder of my family and the resulting court cases, police investigations, and FBI investigations, I no longer have time to daily update this website.

Likewise ALL novel, short story, and article writing projects are on hiatus.

All book releases, book signings, workshops, and convention appearances for 2015 (and unknown amount of time after) are on hold while the murder investigation of my family is ongoing.

Writing advice for the worldbuilding, character creation, and other writing how to articles are on hold.

From now on, the bulk of updates here will be about the investigation into the murder of my family.

No, NOT just THIS author website, not JUST the EelKat pename, not just self published books: ALL 15 (fifteen) of my penames are on hiatus, that includes traditional published books as well, newspaper reporting jobs, editing jobs, my work for Harlequin Romance Novels, my work for Disney... EVERYTHING is on hiatus. Every publishing house I work for, every series I write, every penname I write under: they are ALL on hiatus, ALL projects.

There is NOTHING being published under ANY penname, not for ANY series, not for ANY publisher, from 2015 onward. EVERYTHING is on hold due to the murder of my family. I do not know when or even if, any of the projects will be restarted or finished.

Yes, BOTH the magazines I owned are indefinitely shut down because of this as well, with no plans for either magazine to return. The publishing house I own is also closed to submissions from now on, we will no longer be publishing anything. It is unlikely we will reopen the publishing house either.

All book signing tours, workshops, letures, PAX events, ComicCon events, carnival/festival/state fair/car show events are also canceled. I will not be attending ANY of them. If a venue still has my name listed as a guest/speaker/etc it is because they've not yet removed it. I WILL NOT be there, no matter where it is! 


The ONLY thing continuing from this point on, is THIS website, where I'll post updates on the murder investigation, hopefully every week, but, you know how it is when 10 members of your family are beheaded, it's kind of difficult to have a schedule for anything anymore.

Favorite Authors

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"Who are your favorite authors?"

Edgar Alan Poe, who created the best anti-hero ever of all time: Roderic Usher

Rumiko Takahashi and her InuYasha series

Don Rosa and his Uncle Scrooge series

Keith Laumer's Retief series

Paul Galdone's Tailypo

Dr. Seuss, yes, as in Green Eggs and Ham and How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Douglas Addams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

James Blish's Star Trek novels (and all Star Trek novels by other authors too)

Gaston Lurox's Phantom of the Opera

Bram Stoker's Dracula

James Flora's Grandpa's Ghost Stories

The Brother's Grimm, unabridged and unedited

Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators series (which had multiple authors)

J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series

James Howe's Bunnicula series

Bruce Coville's Alien Teacher series

Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland

Roald Dahl and his Chocolate Factory books and the BFG

Robert C. O'Brien's Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

The Bronte sisters with Jane Eyre and Withering Heights

Each of these authors and their books have been huge inspirations to me and you can often find "tributes" to them hidden within my stories.

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